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(Ipkknd)ArHi FF - Forever Mine -NOTE pg 53 8/11/12

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
Hey guys i am Hershi! Okie so I saw all these amazing FF's and OS's on this forum and I was like hmm I think I wanna write one lol! I have read so many ff's its crazy! And each one is better then the other! Simply Amazing! So i was like okie let me write one too! As of now this is an SS but i might turn it into a short OS if no one is interested or a fan fic if people are really interested LOL! 

But yes i do have to thank someone for this...its none other then Mya aka Soumi aka aquablue17 for being an awesome inspiration and motivating me to do this. Thanks soumi love for your kind words, threats, warning and everything in order to make me write this haahah! 

Okie so now without further ado i shall let u read =D

oh and just to let u know...this is after the last epi...after the whole lights scene...and Khushi and Arnav thinking of eachother...and everyone at home forcing Khushi to marry Slimy Shyam and her heart to heart convo with devi maiya. Its the day after =D

PS: this is my first SS that im writing lmao! haven't written anything like this before! well i have a ff but write that with a friend lmao! so yeahh...okie im done

i bring to you

Forever Mine


Arnav Singh Raizada. The name held Power. He meant Power. No one had the courage to stand up to him. He didn't care to bother about anyone except his one and only sister. Not even his so called girlfriend mattered to him. Everyone knew ASR was not one to care. Yet this one girl had come into his life and created havoc. When and how?! He had no idea. All he knew was that she was really screwing with him, his brain and his LIFE!  And now here he was thinking for the past 3 hours about nothing but her. The man who had written his own destiny was now worrying about what the destiny of this girl would be? 

He walked down the stairs and went towards his plants. The one place he knew he could find solace and peace. However, it seemed like even they wouldn't be able to help today. He picked up the spray bottle and started spraying his plants as his mind drifted back to today morning.

[FLASHBACK to the morning]

It had been like any other day. He was getting ready in the morning when his Di had come in his room and told him he was not to go to the office for the rest of the week as it was Diwali time and she wanted him home. At first he looked at her as if she was crazy. He had never stayed home. She knew he didn't believe in all this. But the moment he saw her face, he saw that she was annoyed and when his di was annoyed, it was not a good idea to be on her bad side. She never really got annoyed, but when she did, boy it was bad.  So instead he just nodded and told her ok. He decided it would be better to talk to her and ask her what is wrong once she calms down. Though he kind of had an idea, probably his jijaji had called and said he wouldn't be able to make it today, as usual. He knew how much his Di hated when jijaji wouldn't show up on important days. 

"He is busy di. You know work is important. I am sure jijaji will make it in time for diwali." He said to her as he saw her reach the door. Anjali turned around to face her brother and sighed. He was the only one who knew how to say the right thing. She smiled and said "yeah yeah, of course you are sure. You and him don't see anything but work." Arnav smiled back at her and teased "Yeah well if we decide to stay home, you make us clean the house. So I really don't blame him for not coming"She laughed at that and stuck her tongue out at him as she left. He sighed contently to finally see his di back to herself. 

Arnav was roaming around the house making sure all the workers were doing their work properly. He had wanted to make sure everything would be perfect so that Di would be happy. She had left to go do some shopping with Lavanya and had told him to watch over everything and to make sure he didn't offend Khushi. He scoffed thinking about what his Di said. As if he was always trying to find ways to yell at her. It was her who would always do something or the other wrong. But he knew, she was upset now a days due to her Bauji being in the hospital, so he had kept calm. He realized that thinking about her he had walked to the lights area where she had got her self stuck yesterday. A small smile appeared on his face as he remembered how heavenly she looked with all those lights around her. Though she did give him a heart attack for a second when he saw her all lighted up. What if she would have been electrocuted? He stopped his train of thoughts as he realized what he was thinking and heard the door bell ring.

"This girl is definitely going to drive me crazy." he murmured to himself as he went to open  the door to see who had showed up at this time. He felt the wind blow as he saw her there. Beautiful and Serene. He had just used those words for her. He had been using words like that for her quite a few times in the past few days. After she had hugged him in the hospital and he couldn't comfort her. He realized whenever she was around, he would automatically turn off the ASR switch. He would be Arnav. Her Arnav. Wait what?! Great now he was talking to himself. Giving himself a mental shake he looked at her again she looked so peaceful. But then at a second glance he realized she looked'.Scared? He tensed up thinking what could have happened? Was her father'.no no he didn't want to think that far. 

"Khushi are you'" He started to ask, but before he could she just walked past him and went by the poolside. Confused, he closed the door. He didn't want to follow her but a tug in his heart made him walk towards her automatically. He stopped in his tracks as he saw her. Just sitting there on the floor. As if all life had been sucked out of her. What was going on? He couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to help her. Shield her from whatever it was that she was hurting from. As if on impulse, his hand lifted to touch her shoulder. Before he could say anything he saw her lips move. And he froze. The words that came out of her mouth, made his heart clench. He felt like he would suffocate as his mind registered what she just said.

"They are making me get married to him next week." 


You left me there, broken and helpless. In a world full of people, i was left alone and breathless.


hehehe yes...i wrote that little poem thing all by proud...never thought i could come up with something like that!

And thats where i end it. LOL! those of you who read it this far...thanks a bunch!! you all rock!! Please leave a comment and "like" it if you enjoyed it! Criticisms welcome =D and do let me know if you want this to be an SS or a FF or just something that needs to be thrown away! LOL

thanks a bunch again u guys! <33

much love



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YAYA!! it worked Hershi!! Me 1st!!! Kay now that I have totally failed at stalking skills since it took me forever to reserve a post AngryAngry IF kept saying I was spammingShocked

Well I will read and comment more 2morrow I promise!! Right now I am SleepySleepy So nite!!!

RES <-- ya! me 1st! whoop Big smile

~~~~~ Edit~~~~~~~~~~

N you were thinking of not posting that!! ShockedShockedHow dare you even think that? You are such a good writer!!!!!!SmileClapClap

Tht wuz just amazing!!! I loved how he said "her Arnav" <-- AWWW see his heart already knows where it belongs!!! but the stubborn mule refuses to say so himself AngryAngry

Dude that wuz just brilliant! Keep writing and I am sure every1 can see that this is a SS material plot!!LOLWink

Soumi Heart


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I'm trying to reserve but it keeps telling me I'm double posting =/

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Forever Mine

PM list

OK so no PM list lol! i realized its too much to deal with sooo if you want a pm just ADD ME AS A BUDDY and you shall get a PM =D Also "LIKE" my posts or leave a comment that way i know im not adding random ppl...with comments i know there are silent its just one time i ask u to comment and tell me u want a PM if u don't wanna press the like button. I just feel weird adding random ppl...who i dont know...cause i dunno if they are reading my ff or just wanna stalk me on IF lol!! so please do that and make my life easier! 

And thank u so much for all your support and awesome comments! 

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
That truly beautiful!!! Amazing piece of writing!! 
Please do continue..cant wait to find out what happens next!! 
Please pm when u do update:)

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A great start for suree and very convincing soo please do pm me hershie. And missy, hows Bepanah coming along? You two need to update that ASAP! But doo continue writing heree =) Will be waiting.
- Dee

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
Hats off Clap
Pls Continue
I'm already looking forward for the next part Wink

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
Loved the first part! It's left me wanting to read more and know what's gonna happen next! :D Do add me to your PM list :D

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