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FF: Diye Pyaar Ke (continuation)

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Hello BMTD Fans! It's been a realllyy reallly reallly long time. And because it's been so long, my FF topic has been locked :( Boo. My deepest apologies for that!

Anywho, for those of you who have been following - I've done a reallly reallly long update this time. And for those of you who have just started, here's the link to my first post :) Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Saagar is Divya's boss. Divya lives alone in an apartment, and soon enough her and Saagar fall in love. Recently, they've been living together in Saagar's apartment. Divya has a brother - Tusshaar - and a sister-in-law, Maya. Sameer is Saagar's business partner and his friend as well. There has also recently, been a new character introduced: Rohit Dubey. For more information on him, please read the previous parts in the above link.

Rohit asks Divya to pick up Avinash from school since he was busy in a presentation, and upon arriving Divya realises Avinash has been "kidnapped." The kidnappers call Rohit's phone asking for Divya as ransom. When he speaks to Divya about it, she immediately agrees.

After disconnecting her call with Rohit, Divya clenched her steering wheel once again in agony of the events unfolding. Wow, what a day. Moments of epiphany just could not get any better, could they. Unfortunately, her train of thoughts was interrupted by yet another call, but this time it was not Rohit (as she may have expected with news about Avi) but it was Saagar. It immediately dawned on her that between everything that was going on (including her thoughts) she had not told Saagar even the slightest bit of information. Determined to confide, she answered the call and put it to her ear. "Saagar," she said, trembling with worry. "Hey listen, I've got some urgent business to take care of - internationally." He paused for a few seconds until what sounded like light sobs. "Divya," Divya covered her mouth so to lessen the affects of her sobbing, but clearly it wasn't working. "Divya are you okay?" She braced herself by the reminder that this was not a situation she could escape from. She needed to tell Saagar about Avinash. Not about her suspicions and her history with Rohit, - that, not just yet. But about his disappearance. "Saagar, Avinash is missing." "And they need me to go as ransom."

Saagar was equally shocked on the other end of the line. He repeatedly asked her why, why her? But every time she only replied in the negative, and that since Rohit was a good friend of hers she was willing to do this for him. Saagar understood the situation, but in the back of his head, somewhere, 2 and 2 did not add to 4. He decided that he was going to delay his international trip and meet Divya where she was waiting, but Divya assured him that once she reaches the place where Avinash was, and once she sees he's okay she'll let him know for sure. Yet, Saagar cancelled his international trip for the time-being and jotted down the address for where Divya was expected, to act as hidden backup.

Divya's car slowly pulled up to the place where the ransomer had asked her to show. She stepped out of the car and saw that it was some run-down building that looked like a school, and feared of the state that Avinash could be in.
No, don't go there! She restrained from keeping to such thoughts and tried to stay as positive as she could, proceeding towards the building simultaneously making the call to the ransomer. "I'm here." She avoided using any derogatory terms fearing what steps he may take in response. "Come to the back. You'll find your precious sitting at a table."

Divya proceeded, stepping on broken glass, broken bricks, broken chairs and benches, you name it.  She dreaded the fact that some disgusting, pathetic man could even think of holding a child at such a place. When she stepped through the back room, she could see a faint bulb hanging from the ceiling, below which sat Avinash in his school uniform, resting on a table. He had fallen asleep. Divya's heart immediately melted and sighed a relief, but as soon as she took the next forward she was bolted back and a hand covered her face, dragging her back into the darkness.

A few hours later, Rohit and Saagar were at Saagar's apartment with Avinash. There was no sign of Divya.


When Divya was bolted such, she was grabbed and tossed in another room in the building where again there was only one bulb hanging from the ceiling.
Man, these people must be really cheap! She thought to herself. At the center of the room however, lay a chair with a familiar figure sitting with her legs crossed. As Divya was thrown and landed on the floor, she stabled herself and lifted her head to find none other than the woman who had destroyed her life: Aarti.

"You b*tch," Divya muttered. Aarti looked at Divya with an unrelenting expression and stood up off the chair, beginning to make rounds of the room. As Divya followed her expressions, she noticed a husky looking man standing by the door - the very man who dragged her in here. "Did you really think it was over,
Divz?" She really put the emphasis on the 'Divz.' "No one calls me that except for Rohit." Divya replied. Aarti gave out a little chuckle. "Oh really? Does he really? As far as I remember, you were trying to get pregnant with Saagar, right? Then why would he still call you Divs, Divya?" she replied in a sarcastic tone. Divya didn't think it necessary to reply to that. Then before she knew it, she was having her hair pulled by back Aarti demanding answers. "You, have tortured me all my life! First with Rohit's love, then with Rohit's baby! And now, after all these years, when I've finally gotten my hands on the two of you, you really think I'll let you go that easily?" Divya was surely in pain, but she knew it all came at a cost. Not a single word came out of her mouth.

"Why Divya, why do you have to be so intruding, huh?!" She had started her rounds around the room again. "I could have started my life with Rohit again! Asked his forgiveness, shed a few tears or so, and all would have been swell. But not with you in the picture again, oh no no. If you wanted to see  your son again so much you could have just told me you know - " and when she had uttered those last few words, she turned to see Divya's expression turn into one of shock. Aarti was mighty pleased to see that. She bent down to be at Divya's level, and cunningly whispered, "Oh, you didn't know did you?" Divya looked at Aarti's smug looking face with disgust as tears began to swell up, but she still kept her courage. "You're a conniving little b*tch aren't you?"

Aarti immediately shot up and gazed at Divya with anger, while a victorious smile appeared on Divya's face knowing she had hit her ego where it hurt. Frustratingly Aarti kicked Divya hard in her abdomen making her double over in pain, holding herself with all her might. "Call me whatever you want b*tch, you know I'll always have the upper hand." She dreadfully turned to look at the man standing by the door. "Teach her a lesson, will ya?" But before she left, she had one more thing to do. She turned towards Divya and reached for her pockets in search for her cellphone. When she found it, she opened it and dialed a number. Unbeknownst to Divya, it was Rohit's. "I want you to call your lover, and tell him you're okay. You'll be home within a few hours." Divya looked disgustingly at Aarti and then spat in disgust. Aarti was taken aback, but it only enraged her even more. She slapped Divya hard, making the colour on her cheek instantly go red. "You tell him so RIGHT NOW or I will make his, and your son's life hell. Worse than he went through today." She pointed toward the phone. "NOW." She held the phone up to Divya's ear as she spoke, immediately the other line answered. "Divz, where are you? Are you alright? What about Avinash?" Divya's heart cried as she heard the worry in Rohit's voice. "Rohit, Avinash is fine, he's here. Can you come pick him up please? Get him out of this place." Rohit was surprised when she said that. "Divya, are you okay?" Divya's heart melted yet again. Trembling, she managed to speak, "Yeah, I'm okay. I just need to get a few things over with, so I'll be busy for a few hours. Avinash is okay. Come get him please. Don't worry about me." And with that, Aarti cut the phone and threw it in the corner of the room. With that, she was out the door, leaving only Divya and the man in the room. The man wrapped the leather strap around his fist tighter, as he approached Divya with a determined look.

When Divya woke up, she was in the room alone and the door to the horrific place was open. She couldn't exactly remember what had happened, but all she remembered was 22. The number 22. When she was 22, she had a lavish party, lotsa drinks and a bunch of happy friends. But today, the number 22 only meant one thing: 22 lashes in 2 hours. That's how many times the man had whipped her. Maybe it was predetermined she thought, because as soon as he had slapped the whip for a 22nd time, he picked up his phone and called his "madame" and spoke in some foreign language (really? Since when did Aarti know how to speak foreign?) and was out the door. After that, Divya blacked out and woke up now.

She looked around the room and found her phone lying in the corner that Aarti had threw it in a few hours ago. It was still intact, thankfully.
Yeah, thankful for blackberrys - hard as a brick. It wasn't until she reached over to grab it that she realized how bad her wounds were. Her body ached all over. But she was determined to get out of this place and be with her baby. Her Avinash. After lots of excruciating pain she managed to reach the cellphone and checked. 2 missed calls and 7 text messages. She first checked the missed calls, one was from Rohit and the other from Saagar. She opened the text messages and saw that most of them were from Saagar, only 2 were from Rohit.

Saagar's messages told Divya that he had gone on that international trip he had mentioned earlier. It was a little last-minute, but circumstances called for it: one of their international firms was on the verge of bankruptcy. Saagar had to get there and handle things fast, before matters got worse. He also included alota "I Love You"s and "I will miss you" and "Take care of yourself." Most importantly however, he mentioned that he wasn't going to have his cell for a few days. Bummer, Divya thought. Still, she tried calling him and upon ringing the only thing she heard was the automated voice message - "
The number you have reached is unavailable, please try again later." Dammit, she cursed. Her only other option was Rohit. His text messages were short yet full of worry.


Where are you Divz? I need to know you're okay. Call me if you get this message.


It's been a few hours Divz. Have I done something wrong? I'm sorry. Call me when you get this message?


Short, yet so heartfelt. She immediately dialled his number and the phone was picked up within one ring. "Divya? Thank goodness, you finally called. Where are you? I've been trying to get a hold of you for hours." Divya's heart sank once again. Gosh, why does he have that feeling on me? Her voice trembled as she tried to speak, more so with the gashes on her body. "Rohit'" she tried to say more but her wounds were getting worse by the moment. Rohit noticed the anxiety in her voice. "Divz, are you okay?" When he didn't here a response, he asked again. "Divya, what's wrong?" He now heard her sobbing as she tried to control herself. "I'm here." Is all she could mutter. "Where are you? I'm coming to get you right now," as he began gathering his coat, heading towards the door. "There' Avinash was'" Divya tried to say it a bit more clearly but her senses gave up on her and she collapsed once again. Rohit cursed himself in his head for not being more careful about her earlier. He immediately got in the car and set off to where he had picked up Avinash, hoping to find Divya there. Hoping to find Divya there in good condition.


A few days later, Divya woke up in the hospital, covered with bandages in all places. Her recognition senses hadn't quite kicked in yet, so everything was still blurry for her. What she could make out was a man sitting on the couch next to her, more like sleeping. She squinted her eyes to give her brain a few seconds and recognized that man to be none other than Rohit. She smiled a soft smile, and attempted at sitting up in her bed, but it only made her pain worse, which resulted in her groaning loud enough to wake Rohit up out of his seat. He saw Divya trying to get up and rushed over to help her, "Careful, the wounds are still fresh. You need to take it easy Divz." She looked him up in the eyes to see the compassion, to see that love. It was the same love and compassion she had seen many years back. And yes, it was back again. Rohit looked to her and smiled, sitting down beside her on the bed's ledge. "I guess you really are superwoman after all, huh?" Lightening up the mood a bit, Divya chuckled as did Rohit, and he calmly took Divya's hand into his. "Did you recognize anybody?" Divya's calm face turned into a resentful one immediately. Aarti had left me alive. She didn't think I wouldn't tell Rohit, right? We don't even know where she is. What could she possibly do?  Divya's voice began to break as she started speaking, "It was Aarti." Rohit looked equally surprised and devastated. "Are you sure?" he said with sternness. Divya replied in the affirmative, but added that now her whereabouts were unknown, and there was no obvious way of tracking her anyways. "We need to put the past behind us, Rohit." She put her other hand on top of his, which was on top her first. He looked down to their hands, then back at Divya again. "Not entirely Divz. I ' I haven't been completely honest with you about things between us." His eyes reflected regret and guilt. Divya slowly retreated her hands from his. "I know, Rohit. I know about it all."


How did she know? Guessed? Or did Aarti tell her? Must have been Aarti. That conniving woman. "I don't want this to ruin things between us. I want it to be a way of bringing us back together again." Divya looked to him when he said this. "If you want, that is." Divya's face still had no certain look to it. "I want you to be a part of Avinash's life again." At the sound of that, Divya's uncertain face turned into a look full of happiness, and her eye's reflected it all. "I want you to get to know your son a bit better, all that we've missed out in the past 4 years." Divya's eyes started slowly tearing up. "I want us to be a family again."


Those last few words had a different meaning than before. Divya, don't be hasty and think. What about Saagar? He doesn't deserve you walking out on him like this.


Divya knew how much she wanted to say yes ' wait, why!? ' but her commitments held her back. She lowered her eyes as the gleam started to disappear. "But I know you have your commitments. And I know how important Saagar is in your life. But I still want you to know that you will still be a part of our lives. Avinash is your son. He's our son. And that will never change." He put his hand to her cheek and she looked into his eyes again. "You won't be obliged to anything." Divya's hand reached to put over Rohit's hand, but just then the doctor came into the room to examine how she was doing. Rohit and Divya immediately broke apart.


"So, how's superwoman doing now? Much better?" Rohit stood up beside Divya's bed, still with Divya's hand in his. "Actually, it hurts when I try moving." The doctor looked through the papers, and sat down on his stool beside the bed. "Okay, let's take a look. What exactly pains?" "Everything," Divya answered. The doctor decided to give her some strong painkillers and antibiotics to heal the wounds. "You should be okay in a few weeks. I'll say four weeks. Till then, you'll have to give yourself complete bedrest." Divya looked shocked at that. "Four weeks?! I can't stay in bed that long, I have the company to handle. And even Saagar's gone abroad." She looked to Rohit for some side-taking. "Complete bedrest is very crucial to a good, and speedy recovery." Rohit interrupted, "Doctor, don't worry, I'll make sure she keeps to bedrest until fully recovered." Divya shot her eyes at Rohit. "It's for your betterment Divya." Oh, it was that tone again. She could never go against it. Why didn't Saagar ever have that tone with her?


The doctor gave them their prescription and told her she could be discharged tonight. The nurse would frequent their home for ivy and of the sort. When she got into the car that night to go home, she remembered the date. "What's the date today?" Rohit turned towards her and told her it was the 14th. Saagar should have been back by now, she thought. She tried calling his cell, but this time the message was something else: The number you have reached is out of service. Out of service? That was weird. She tried dialing again. Same message.


"Have you heard from Saagar?" Rohit replied in the negative, saying that he had told nobody in the company about his trip, apparently. Now that was really weird. Why wouldn't he tell anybody? And he didn't even leave me a contact number. How am I supposed to know he was okay? "I hope he's okay." She mumbled. Rohit recognized the worry in her voice and comforted her, "Don't worry, I'm sure he's just really busy in work." I hope so, was all Divya could think of.


Few days passed and few days became few weeks. Still no sign of Saagar. No phones, no emails, no text messages, nothing. That's why one evening, she finally decided to ask someone official about it. She called their senior head office and spoke with the General Manager. Pratap and Sons was originally a firm under their master division, "Keedsler Group and Co." "Hi, this is Divya Raj Sarin, CEO of Pratap and Sons firm. I was wondering if you had any news on my manager, Saagar Pratap Singh. He was supposed to go out of the country to one of our international firms, but I haven't heard from him since. Would you have any updates on that?" "International firms? Miss Sarin, being one of our CEO's you should be aware that we have no international firms as of yet. In the near future, maybe. You must be misunderstood." Divya sat frozen in her spot. What was she hearing? Had she been lied to? How could this be possible? Changes had come about Divya's life.


After that incident, Rohit had been a greater part of her life than she expected. She took proper care of her, came over every morning to help her with breakfast, stayed for lunch and then brought Avinash over in the evening, stayed for dinner and went home after 9. Life was different for the three of them. Divya was getting to know her son better, and Avinash got to know about the mom he never had. Often times Avinash on the weekends would demand on staying over the night, but to avoid any uncomfortable situations between Rohit and Divya, Rohit always stalled the matter and instead showed up at Divya's doorstep the next morning. The three did all sorts of things together ' family stuff. Went to amusement parks, went to lunches, breakfasts and dinners, went for movies, and even birthday parties. Life was pleasantly different, that was for sure. But certainly in one corner of Divya's heart, she wondered about Saagar. She worried about him. But surprisingly (and it hurt for her to admit this) it didn't ache for him.


Her heart ached for someone else. Her heart grew fond of someone else. How can this be? It's all God's play, she would remind herself. It is all God's play, and because of Him I am reunited with my son again. Her thoughts began to drift again as her and Rohit sat at the dinner table. "Hello, kahan kho gayee?" Rohit snapped his fingers in front of Divya's face again. She flinched and then came back to senses, smiling at her insanity, and looked up to Rohit with affection again. "I was thinking about you, superman." Rohit laughed as he put another morsel in his mouth. "Thinking about me in hot, summer nights, huh?" He winked to Divya who gasped in embarrassment and playfully hit his arm. "Rohit! Avinash is around! Behave!"


They continued their dinner in a similar manner, then finished up, cleaned and were sitting in front of the television as Avinash slept in the small room.


Divya sighed a big one. "Life changes so much, na?" Rohit's expressions changed as he turned towards Divya with a confused smile on his face. "You okay?" Divya sat there smiling, and turned to see Rohit's smiling face. She stared at him for a bit while his confusion set in. "I love you."


Rohit sat there with the remote in his hand and continued staring at her. "Divya?" Divya leaned in a bit forward and held his hand. "There's no obligation, remember?" Rohit turned off the television to turn his attention completely towards Divya. "Divz," he began, but Divya leaned in bit closer and was almost about to kiss him when he leaned back a little bit. "Wait." Sad, that he had ruined the moment, Divya fell back and sighed.


Rohit got off the couch and stood up. "Divya, are you feeling okay?" Divya threw her hands in the air and stood up beside Rohit. "Yes, Rohit, I'm fine. If a girl wants to tell you how she feels, can't you even let her do that?" Rohit's look reflected confusion, surprise, and happiness. He took both of Divya's hands in his, and gave her an affectionate look. "I'm serious Divya. You mean the world to me. I only want this if you feel the same about me." Divya looked into his eyes equally affectionate. "Yes, Rohit. I want you." 

Let your imagination drive you . . . lol.

The next morning, Divya woke up feeling like a new person. Last night had been amazing. Rohit was perfect. Her life now, felt perfect. Her memories of Saagar had been erased. Erased? Really? Yes, he was erased from her mind. She smiled to herself as she accepted a day into her new life. She turned to her side and saw Rohit laying beside her. Her smile grew into a bigger one, and she leaned in and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. He immediately stirred and turned himself to see her looking equally happy. He was just about to say something until they both heard some noises in the kitchen. First they thought it might be a burglar, but then recalled that their son was still here, and both said together "Avi." and climbed out of bed.

Avinash was grabbing a bowl of cereal from the counter and clearly struggling. Divya rushed to help him while Rohit went to freshen up. Divya got breakfast started, Avi turned the tv on waiting to be served breakfast, and Rohit was done brushing his teeth as well. They all got together at the table when breakfast was ready and ate together. After a long, long time Divya felt like they were a family again.

Her train of thoughts was interrupted yet again by Avi's silly questions. Sometimes it was, "mama, how come I can't watch television and eat my breakfast at the same time?" and at other times it was, "mama, how come papa and you don't have to eat cereal?" But his latest question was a bit surprising, "papa, how come we slept over here last night? You never let me stay over mama's. Can I stay over often now?" Rohit and Divya were a bit taken aback. Rohit looked over to Divya and cleared his throat, "We'll think about it Avi."

But, Avinash's questions weren't over yet. "Papa where did you sleep last night?" Rohit and Divya immediately looked at each other while Divya began blushing. Rohit didn't know exactly what to say, but fortunately Divya handled the situation before Rohit fumbled and said something awkward. "He slept on the couch Avi." Avi continued chewing on his breakfast, but looked confused. "But when I woke up today, he wasn't on the couch." Oops. Their lie had been caught. Rohit decided to take the matter from here. "Yes, I
was sleeping on the couch, but then my back started hurting so I went and slept in..." He couldn't have said Divya's room or else his questions would NEVER stop, and beyond that question he didn't need to know any of those answers. "I slept in the laundry room." Avinash laughed at his dad's comment. "Papa you're so funny! Laundry room mein koi sota hai kya?" Divya began laughing too and added, "Nahi Avi, people don't usually sleep in the laundry room. But your papa is kinda funny na, that's why only he sleeps in the laundry room."

Avinash's laughter was further enticed as Divya joined in on him. "Theek hai theek hai, breakfast karo tum." and he pointed to Avi to continue his breakfast. Divya too tried not to laugh and covered her mouth in an effort. There was silence for a few minutes, and Avi spoke again. "Mama, can I sleep with you tonight?" Rohit who had just put his tea cup to his mouth almost choked, and Divya who was just putting a sandwich to her mouth froze in her position. They both looked at each other, shocked and embarrassed - well, at least Divya. Uh-oh.

Now they
really didn't know what to say. Actually, not so much of what to say, because they didn't want to say no to make Avi suspicious and it was probably an impossible task to say yes. It was how to say it, and what would sound right.

Trying to change the topic, Rohit looked at the time and asked "Are you done your breakfast?
Now you can go watch television. Make sure you wash up first." And Avi  being just a child, immediately ran to sink to wash his hands, wiped them with the towel and then sat down in front of the television. Divya let the matter slip and took her and Avi's dishes and proceeded to the sink. Her back was turned when Rohit came and stood beside her with his plate. He placed it in the sink and washed his hands. "You know, he'll eventually find out." Divya said, as she waited for him to finish. Rohit finished washing, and grabbed the towel to wipe his hands. "Don't worry, I have a solution for that." Divya turned her face towards Rohit in amazement. "Don't call me superman for nothing." He flashed her a smile and proceeded to the living room where Avinash was. Curious about his solution, Divya continued washing the dishes.

A few weeks passed and Rohit and Avinash began "sleeping over" almost everyday now. Luckily, Avinash's school had come to an end so it was easier for him to adjust to the change. The routine was such: Rohit would wake up and go to work, and Divya would stay home with Avi. After that incident with Avinash's kidnapping, and ofcourse her history with Saagar, Divya had quit her job at Pratap and Sons. Rohit as well, had moved on from there since he had only joined the firm to meet Divya again. Rohit was working at a good position in another company. In the evenings, Rohit would come home at about 6. It was good that Avi was off from school these few months because it was easier for Rohit to slip out without being caught by Avi on where he slept the night.

One evening, Divya was making dinner while she waited for Rohit to come home. She had taken Avinash out to the amusement park all day - since 10 in the morning. Thus, he'd been exhausted and went to sleep - his mama would wake him up for dinner. It was 6:30 and Rohit still wasn't home. Divya didn't think much of it, so he finished up making food and turned on the television to watch something. She put dinner in the oven and went to the couch. A really old movie was coming on, so her eyes became glued to the screen. She took dinner out of the oven at 7, and sat back down to the couch. Her mind was so engrossed into the screen that she didn't realize it was already 8 and Rohit still wasn't home. When the movie was coming to an end, and she realized she had already seen that scene for the millionth time, she realized it was almost 8 and Rohit wasn't home yet.

She began to get worried.
Usually, he's not this late. And if he is, he always lets me know in the mornings or he'll call or text later in the afternoon. But today, there was none of that. Worried, she dialled Rohit's number and put the phone to her ear. Just then she heard keys in the doorknob and heard the knob turn and the door open, and in stepped Rohit. She immediately disconnected and put her phone on the counter. She first thought she'd ask him why he was late, but then thought that he might become irritated if she asked him that. Obviously there was a reason. But she didn't want to act like the stalker-girlfriend-wife type.

She went over to him and took his coat, proceeding to the closet took out a hanger. "Everything okay at work?" He didn't say anything at first, just proceeded to the bedroom with his bag. "Everything's good." He came out after a few minutes, this time without his bag. "I've got something for you. It's in the room." And with that, he went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. He saw that Divya was still standing by the closet, a bit surprised. "Go take a look, na." He motioned her towards the bedroom and gave her a smile.


Curious, she went to the room and saw what was on the bed. A beautiful, elegant lehenga and a blue velvet box closed, on top of it. She slowly walked towards the bed and reached down to pick up the box. Her heart was beating a thousand beats a second and her hands trembled as she held the box in her hand. She felt arms around her waist. And then slowly, she opened the box to find the most elegant ring she'd ever seen. Her eyes brimmed for two reasons: one, out of happiness. And two, because it reminded her of the moment when Saagar had proposed to her: but knowing that he wasn't a part of her life anymore, she pushed those thoughts back to her head. She could sense Rohit's breath beside her tangled bun. Goodness, couldn't she have been more appropriately dressed for this! "Rohit'" she began to say.


"So what's say. Let's make this 'sleeping over' business official?" She turned her head slightly as a smile appeared on her face. "Was this your solution to fixing Avi's suspicions?" She laughed as she said that, Rohit turned his head slightly. "Only if you want it to be." He paused for a second. "No obligations, remember?" Divya quickly turned around and wrapped her arms around him and chuckled in happiness. "Of course I do. Superwoman is incomplete without her Superman." They shared a laugh reminiscing the events that had taken place over the last few months and hugged each other lovingly.



The last few days before the wedding, Rohit and Avi stayed mostly at his place.  Divya's brother had flew in and with him around, there was no way the "sleeping over" business would've lasted. He would not have let it last. But before wedding preparations were made, Divya had one last thing to do.


She opened her closet and examined its contents. Saagar's things. His clothes, shoes, bags, papers, photos, little accessories you name it. She grabbed an empty bag and began gathering the contents. She put all the good clothes in one bag, and his papers in another. His accessories in yet another, and all other wearable items ' shoes, watches, ties etc. ' in yet another. She grabbed the bag with the papers and proceeded down her apartment building. Once she reached the main floor, she proceeded towards the back where all the trash belonged. She gave the bag one last look, and through it amongst the rest of the black trash bags. Turning her feet, she dialled a number on her cell as she reached the elevators and waited for it to come. "Hello, is this the goodwill centre?" She had all of stuff, but just because he had left it didn't mean she had no value for it either. She decided to donate it to charities, and in a few hours they were at her doorstep collecting the things. Her life, mentally, and now physically, had been completely erased of all of Saagar's memories.


The wedding ceremony was held a few days later. It was small and polite yet full of happiness all around. Avinash was looking especially cute in his little sherwani. The pundit started the sermons and soon the phare's had begun as well. Soon, that too was completed. Rohit tied the mangalstura and did the sindoor on her as she gracefully kept her eyes down in elegancy.


Everybody then congratulated the couple ' actually family, per se ' and commented that they looked absolutely amazing together. Followed, were the pictures and the reception ceremony. While they were sitting at their table during dinner, a couple came up to Rohit and Divya with an envelope in their hand.


"Congratulations, the two of you!" The lady came and gave Divya a tight hug. "Thank you." Divya replied, although she didn't know her, it wasn't surprising since a lot of the guests here were Rohit's acquaintances. The lady's husband came up to Rohit and shook his hand, taking him in for foa hug as well. "Hey, Sammy boy! Long time no see, buddy!" They both laughed, and Divya looked over noticing that it seemed they knew each other from before. "I've been busy, don't even ask." They broke apart as Rohit stood beside Divya. "Divya this is our neighbour from back home, Mr. Malik. And that's his wife Sapna." Divya smiled politely, thanking them for coming to their occasion. "Oh no, thank you for inviting us, it's an honour!" The lady seemed quite nice, Divya thought. "The food was amazing, and the ceremony ' oh, so elegant and pure. Your wedding planner did quite a nice job, I must say." Rohit and Divya both smiled as they told her they didn't have a wedding planner ' it was all the family.


"Oh, well that makes it even better! Tell your folks they've done an amazing job, the colour contrast is fantastic." Divya again, thanked the lady for the compliment. "Oh, before I forget. This is the reason why we came to you personally." Sapna handed Divya an envelope ' actually, it was a wedding invitation. The cover read "Disha Weds Apoorva." Neither of the names rang a bell in Divya's head. Rohit glanced over it and read, and looked up to his friend with shock. "Apoorv is finally getting married, huh?! He always had something up his sleeve, I just knew it!" The four shared a laugh. "Yeah, well. He's finally settling down. And we're all happy. You guys have to come to the wedding, okay? It'll be happening in Boston." Divya looked a bit amazed and turned her face towards Rohit. "Hey no no, no excuses! We flew all the way here without complaints, and we enjoyed it! I assure you, you will feel the same! Pehle aa jao, baad ka hum sumhaal lenge!" Divya and Rohit both promised that they'd make it. There was still 6 weeks to go. They had enough time.


Weeks passed, and times just could not get any better for the Dubey family. Yup, Divya had finally changed her name. From Divya Raj Sarin, she had become: Divya Raj Rohit Dubey. Longer it was, but that only made it sound even better.


The Malik wedding date was nearing, and so was Avinash's school date. Avi was to start school in a week, and the wedding was in two weeks. The entire wedding program would be 2 weeks, but Rohit thought it wouldn't be right to pull him out of school for that long. That too, during the beginning of the school year. "It's only the beginning na, Rohit? You don't even get into routine until the second month." Divya once asked him, while doing the dishes. "This isn't America, Divya. In India, school starts on the first day of school. It's nothing like the overseas." Divya knew the systems were poles apart, but she still didn't want to leave Avi back. Thankfully though, Tusshar and Maya were able to fly in for a few months since Maya's delivery date was coming near. That way, Rohit and Divya extended their trip to 3 weeks and let Avi stay with Tusshar and Maya till they were back.


When Rohit and Divya landed in Boston, the atmosphere had completely changed ' weather wise, and mood wise as well. Other than attending the wedding functions, Rohit and Divya felt like they were on their honeymoon. They spent their free time doing all sorts of stuff they would have missed otherwise. Then, the dates of the wedding neared.


Song Sequence: Meri Ada (Ready 2011) ' I recommend you watch this song sequence, so it plays out something like that.


Divya was wearing a beautiful, beige coloured sari: and Rohit wore a similar coloured sherwani:


It was getting quite late, and the ladies were in one hall chatting while the men were in another room talking about random stuff, teasing the groom. Divya was stumped. These past few weeks had been tiring. Today was just like the days in the past weeks. She felt queasy but didn't let that go noticed, but her tiredness could not go unnoticed. She yawned a little one (trying not to let others know) but Sapna immediately noticed and came over to her side. "Divya, you okay?" Divya felt embarrassed that she'd been caught. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a bit tired. I think I'm going to ask Rohit if he's ready to leave in a bit." She flashed Sapna a polite smile, and got up in search of Rohit.


She could hear their conversations from somewhere, but she didn't know exactly where and she didn't exactly know where rooms were in this building. But as she made her way down one of the hallways, she could sense she was getting closer to where Rohit and the gang were sitting. But as she passed one room, she heard that someone was on the phone and the voice seemed very familiar. Too familiar, Divya thought. She stopped in her tracks and stood by the wall, without making it seem like she was actually "eavesdropping." She only wanted to know because the voice sounded familiar. If it was someone she knew, she'd play a prank on them because they woudn't have expected each other at the wedding. If not, well, she'd be well on her way.


The voice sounded like a man, not a teenager and didn't sound he was really old either. She listened in a bit closer, realizing the man was speaking proper English too. "No Mr. Martin, I can't do that deal. I've told you numerous times, Keedsler Group and Co. cannot risk a $66 billion dollar business for your $14 million scheme. It's impossible." That company name rang a bell in her hand. Keedsler Group and Co.? Where have I heard that before? She tried hard to remember, and finally it hit her: Keedsler Group and Co. is the parent company of Pratap and Sons ' Saagar's company. Who was this man? The man continued his conversation. "Yes, absolutely. The fallout is way to risky. I suggest you stick to promoting your ideas word of mouth first, and then approach us with your business ideas. Or better yet, give me a few years ' maybe then, I will have changed my mind. Nice doing business with you." And with that, the man in the room hung up ' how did Divya know? He slammed his flip-cell phone shut. "Goodness. Log peecha hi nahi chodte. Mujhe, Saagar Pratap Singh ko, aisa vaisa business man thodi na samajh rakha hai? I've got a $66 billion business, come' on! You think I'd employ just anybody? Give me a break."


Divya was frozen at her feet. Had she heard what she just heard? Had she heard the name, she had just heard? It couldn't be. How could it be? When, how? A storm of questions overcame her mind. Suddenly though, she heard the man walking towards the door, and noticing that he was going to exit the room hid behind the corner wall, as to not be seen by the man. She saw him walk out of the room towards the hallway she just came from. There. She was able to see her face as he passed by here. It was indeed, who she thought it was.


Devastated with utter confusion, she dragged her feet in the direction she was initially headed, and found the room where Rohit and the rest were sitting. She composed herself before coming in their sight, and tried not to look so surprised. She slowly walked up, and stood by the door waiting for Rohit to notice her. Another uncle noticed her first, and when he motioned to Rohit that Divya was at the door, Rohit's attention fell on her. "Divya, aao na. Come inside, we were just having a few jokes." Embarrassed in front of so many men, Divya shook her head, and just notioned for him to come outside. Rohit looking confused, wondering if everything was okay, got up and exited the room as Divya moved aside behind the wall so the others would not hear their conversation.

"Kya hua? Everything okay?" "Can we go home? I really don't feel too well." Rohit look a little worried and held her hand, checking her wrist, then forehead and neck for signs of fever. "You look drained." Divya sighed a big one, "I am. Really. I just want to get back to our hotel and get some sleep. Are you okay, or do you want to stay a bit?" Rohit realized that as bad as she wanted to go home, she didn't want to keep him from missing out on any fun either. He looked at her affectionately, "Don't worry about me. You seriously look like you haven't slept in days. I'll just tell the uncles and I'll meet you outside. Good?" Divya nodded as Rohit stepped back into the room, and she made her way back down the hallway.


Divya told all the ladies that they were gonna go now as it was quite late, and by that moment all the men had come to the main room as well. Rohit came by Divya as they said their goodbyes to all the uncles and aunties. They were just on their way when one of the uncles stopped them in their tracks, "Arrey beta, I haven't introduced you to my nephew." A man was just making his way down the stairs when he caught the attention of his uncle. "Saagar, idhar aao please. Thoda time family ke liye bhi nikaalo, bhai." Rohit and Divya turned their attention to the uncle as his nephew joined him. "Kya mama-ji aap bhi, you know I've always got time for my family." He said with a bright smile that made everyone else in the room glimmer. Except for you know who.


Rohit and Divya stood taken aback in their places. "Kisse milwana ' " As Saagar tried finishing his sentence, he turned towards where his uncle was pointing and saw who was standing there. He too was taken aback by who he stood there facing.


There they were. Face to face. Rohit and Divya on one side, and Saagar on the other. All three are equally shocked. Imagine the sad version of "Tere Naam" playing in the background.


Saagar remembers all those moments spent with Divya. From the time he met her, to the moment he fell in love with her, to the moment he realized she was the only woman he loved in her heart. All those promises they had, all the commitments they had made, it all came rushing back after so long.


Mar ke bhi na vaada apna todenge (Saagar's thoughts)

Ek dooje ka saath kabhi na chorenge (Saagar's thoughts)
Apna to sadiyon janmon ka naata hai (Saagar's thoughts)
Jaan se jaan ko kaun juda kar pata hai (Divya's thoughts)
Tere siwa... tere siwa... (Rohit gently takes hold of Divya's hand)
Tere siwa is dariya ka nahi koi kinaara sanam
Nahi koi kinara sanam (At this point, Rohit and Divya start walking towards Saagar)

Tere naam ham ne kiya hai jeevan apna saara sanam . . .

Jeevan apna saara sanam (Divya and Saagar are standing right in front of each other)


As she meets his eyes, memories come flooding back. Betrayal, hurt, anger, guilt, depression, joy, happiness. Love. Why did it have to happen this way? Why did it have to happen in the first place? Divya held Rohit's hand tighter, unbeknownst to others. Rohit kept his grip on Divya's hand.


As she stood there staring at her, her head began to spin. No, correction. Everything around her began to spin. She held her temple flinching, trying to clear her mind but to no avail. (Song: 1:41) She couldn't take the merry-go-round going on in her head, and her senses failed her. Rohit immediately grabbed her in his arms as she slipped to the ground, easing his lap underneath her head for support. At 1:44 in the song, Saagar momentarily reaches forward in solace but realizes there's already someone there to comfort her. He's no longer the one she falls back on. Feeling remorseful, guilty, and of course shock, he brings his hand back and takes a step back.


Catching a hold of her as she collapsed, he became even more worried about her health. "Divya, you okay? Can someone get some water please?" He requested one of the girls, and immediately she brought a glass of water. Divya wasn't completely knocked out, she was still a bit conscious. Just, really tired, he thought. That's why he didn't bother sprinkling any water on her face. He gently brought it to her lips so she took some in. After a few seconds, he tried steadying her, but she was still quite dazed. "Divz, you okay jaan?" Everyone around looked extremely worried, but behind the worried crowd stood a frozen, shocked Saagar. What was going on! His senses refused to believe what was happening. Yet his mind repeatedly told him it was true. Just absorb it.


"Beta have you been to the doctor lately?" one of the auntie's asked. Divya had came back a bit, and slowly opened her eyes. "No auntie, it's just the week's tiredness, that's all. Abhi bhi woh keh rahi thi keh ghar jaana hai usko. She looked drained, waise bhi" Rohit told them. He helped Divya up to her feet and brought her to the sofa. "You alright?" Divya gathered herself a bit before replying, "Yeah, just really needing some sleep." Divya glanced around the room and saw that Saagar was nowhere to be seen. "Come, we'll just go now." He helped her up the sofa and told everyone they were going to take leave. Just like that, they were out the door.

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