Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

~KashMakash~ Fanfiction

ManishaRox IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 4:19pm | IP Logged
I'm a silent member of this forum. I read many of the posts on this forum but haven't as of yet posted anything. I love the chemistry between Arnav and Khushi and think Barun and Sanya are fantastic actors. I am so in love with this couple that I have written a small fan-fiction which starts off where fridays episode finished. EmbarrassedI really hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your comments about the fan-fiction. Its not near as good as any of the other on the forum please do forgive any typos or any grammatical errors.

Fanfiction: Kashmakash ~ Part 1 ~

Khushi is sitting in her room thinking.

Khushi: Kyon mujhe har vaqt us lad gavarnar ke yaad ate hein! Ye mujhe kya ho raha hein?? Humara to bachpan ka sapna tha. To phir kyon hum shyam ji se shaadi nahin kar sakte!

Buaji: Haye rei Nand Kishor! ye parmeshwaree ab tak jag rahe hein' Kya soch rahee hein titaliya?

Khushi replies Kuch nahi buaji hume neend nahin aa rahee thi.

Buaji: Titaliya tumhare babuji kitna pareshan hua rahein dono bitiya ghar betat hein aur dukan bhi bhechne pare. Kya tum chate ho ke tumhare babuji har waqt tumhare bare mein soch soch kar pareshan rehaye. Shyam ek acha ladka hein vo tumhe humesa khush rakega. Shyam bituwa se shaadi kar lo titaliya. Tumhe us se acha ladka nahin milega.

Khushi: Mujhe Sochne keliye tora or vaqt chahiye.

Buaji leaves without answering. Khushi is in a dilemma, On the one hand she wants to listen to her family but on the other hand, she feels there is something stopping her from marrying shyam ji. She has no explanation as to what the reason is but she feels as if she should give herself a chance to understand the reasoning behind this decision.

She drifts off to sleep and that night dreams about marrying Arnav "Lad Gavarnar" Singh Raizada. The first night of many. :P

Morning: (At home)

Khushi wakes up with a smile on her face. Khushi: Merein aur Lad Gavarnar ke Shadi! Or mein itna khush kyoon ho rahein hoon' Kayein mein pagal to nahin hogayein. Lagta hein ke aaj mere tabiyat kuch teekh nahin hein. She touches her forehead to check and touches a cold forehead. She shouts out Didi Yaha ana lagta hein ke merein tabiyat kuch karab hein.

Payal comes running in and touches her hand to Khushi forehead and says Khushi tu bhi na pagal hein chal ut kar teyar ho ja kam par nahin jana hein kya.

Khushi rushes around the house in a hurry because she is getting late. Buaji walks past her with an annoyed look on her face. Khushi thinks to herself kya mein sahee kar rahee ho SHyam ji se shaadi nah kar kar.

Raizada House:

Khushi is just about to press the door bell when Arnav opens the door and walks right into her.

Khushi is about to fall when Arnav catches her and holds onto her. They stare deeply into each other's eyes' Khushi's heart is pounding so fast she thinks I'm sure that Arnav must be able to hear it. Arnav on the other hand, is oblivious to the world and is lost deep in Khushi eyes thinking ye mujhe kya ho rahein hein kyon jab bhi mein khushi ko dekh ta hoon to dekhte he reh jata hoon. Yeh mujhe kya ho rahein hein.

Mamiji is walking past the door and realises the door is open. She says pata nahin kisne ye darvaza openiya diya hein. Mami's wakes Arnav and Khushi from their eyelock' Khushi quickly straightens her dupata looking really awkward and embarrassed. Arnav is equally embarrassed and quickly leaves for the office. Khushi walks in still thinking about Arnav and walks straight into mamiji.

Mamiji: Eh fatee saree e-eyes nahin hein ka. Deekta nahin hein tujhe.

The day passes with a blare Khushi and Arnav continuously thinking about each other. Finally, Arnav is home and there is still an hour before Khushi is to leave. Tomorrow is Diwali and Khushi is teaching Lavanya how to make mitaye (indian sweets).

Lavanya: Ye to kitna muskhil hein chamkeli pata nahin tum ye sab kese kar lete ho.

Khushi: Itna bhi muskhil nahin hein lavanya ji ap bhi kar saktee hein.

At that very moment Arnav walks into the kitchen and overhears the conversation. He is come into the kitchen for a drink of water because he is feeling rather parched.

Arnav tries to make Khushi jealous by saying Koyee zarrorat nahin hein tumhe ye sab karne ke mujhe tum asein he ache lagtee ho. Arnav moves closer to Lavanya. Lavanya on hearing this smiles saying par ASR mujhe pata hein par mujhe naniji ko impress karna hein and puts her arms around Arnav.

Khushi on hearing this turns red with anger and walks out of the kitchen overhearing Lavanya saying

Lavanya: Tum bhi nah ASR chamkeli to sirf mere madat karne ke koshish kar rahein hein.

Khushi is really upset she thinks ye mujhe kya ho rahein hein. Lavanya lad gavarnar ke hone valein bivi hein to us ka hakh ban ta hein ke vo ye sab karein to mujhe itne dukh kyoon lag rahein hein. Kyoon mujhe itne takleef ho rahein hein. Kyoon mein un dono ko sath nahin dekh par rahein hoon. Kya mujhe os "Lad Gavarnar" se pyaar to nahin' Ye keise ho sakta hein :S

FF Index:
Part 1 Click here
Part 2 Click here
Part 3 Click here

Yours comments would be appreciated. Thank you. Smile


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AquaBluez17 IF-Rockerz

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plz pm me when u update! this is amazing!

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parul-fan Senior Member

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 4:36pm | IP Logged
Awesome plzz pm me next time u upload

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littlemoi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 6:53pm | IP Logged
 this is fantastic!!!
plzzz plzz plzz plzz add me to your pm list!!
i love the first chapter!!

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WiseGirl Senior Member

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 7:01pm | IP Logged
Loved it so far! Plz continue soon!

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ManishaRox IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 2:25am | IP Logged
Thanks guys.Thumbs Up The comments are much appeciated. I will try and update soonish...Big smile
ManishaRox IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 2:32am | IP Logged
Here you go the part 2 of the fanfiction. I hope you enjoy reading it. Please forgive any typos or grammatical errors.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The following morning: Diwali J

Buaji: Payelia is lakdi ko betado ke aj ghar jaldee aye sham ko ghar mein puja hein.

Khushi runs up to Buaji from behind and places her hands on Buaji's shoulder. To placate Buaji Khushi says sweetly Teek hein buaji par aj humare buaji humse itne gusa kyoon hein. TongueTongueTongue

Buaji on the other hand, is not placated and replies in an angry tone: Hum tumse bat nahin karna chahte Hum tumse kitne bar keh chukein hein.Angry

Buaji leaves with an annoyed look on her face. Khushi leaves for work dismayed that buaji is upset with her and is not talking to her.

Raizada House:

Anjali is giving instructions to the servants of the house.

Anjali: Aj humare ghar par ek puja hein or us ke bad ik party hein. Puja ki samagri to hum dekh lenga ap sab sham kee party ka intezam dekho. Khas kar khanein or drinks ke intezam vaqt par ho jayein chaheye.

Khushi enters the Raizada House.

Anjali: Khushi tum agayein? Kya tum dekhogi chotein kya kar rahein hein or use lights lagane mein madat karogi. Khushi walks towards Arnavs room and stops outside when she sees Arnavs room door ajar. She overhears La saying.

Lavanya: Arnav ji mein sham kee party keliyein kya pehnu. Yeh red dress ya ye black sari?

Arnav can see Khushi outside through his mirror to make her jealous he says: Lavanya tum jo bhi pehno us mein achi lago gi. Evil SmileEvil Smile

Lavanya: I love you ASR.

Arnav awkwardly replies I love you too seeing Khushi's red face through the mirror. Lavanya hugs Arnav and Arnav puts his arms around Lavanya holding tightly onto her.Evil Smile

Khushi turns red with jealousy and immediately turns around to leave. Arnav on the other hand, has more plans in mind to make Khushi jealous so he shouts Khushi tum yaha kya kar rahein ho. Evil SmileEvil Smile

Khushi thinks hey devi ma mere raksha karne mein yab sab or nahin dekh saktee. Khushi replies vo mujhe Anjali ji nein bheja tha ap ko betanein keliyein ke rat ke party ke lights ka intezam dekh lena.Cry

Khushi runs down the stair and misses a step. She closes her eyes and clutches her hand onto something. She opens one eye and peeps to find Arnav holding her around the waist stopping her fall. Arnav and Khushi have an eyelocking scene.Embarrassed Anjali di sees chotein and shouts chotein tum lighto ka intezam dekh lena. They both break out of their eye-lock and they resume their tasks for the party in the afternoon. Arnav fixes the lights for the afternoon whilst Khushi helps prepare mitayein for the afternoon whilst alongside teaching Lavanya.

Mamiji walks into the kitchen and shrieks Ey fatee sari tum phir se jalabeyein emaking. Ye tumhare ghar nahin hein ke tum jab bhi coming to tum jalabein making.

Lavanya stops Mamiji and says Mamiji ap bhi nah, vo Anjali di nein chamkeli ko mera matlab khushi ko kaha hein jalabein banana ko. Mamiji leaves muttering in her mouth.

Afternoon: In the Raizada House

Khushi is about to leave for the Puja in her house when Anjali stops her and asks her where is she going.

Anjali: Kaha ja rahee ho Khushi? Sham ki party kaleyei to ruk jao.

Khushi: Nahin Anjali Ji mujhe chalna chaheyein humare ghar mein aj puja hein.

Anjali: Tori der rukh jao phir chalei jana. Chalo aao mere saath.

Anjali takes Khushi up to her room and insists Khushi wears one of her sari's to the party. Anjali selects a pretty black saree with matching jewellery from her wardrobe and hands it to Khushi to change into. Khushi declines but Anjali won't take no for an answer and so Khushi is forced to change into the saree. The saree and jewellery look like this.


Arnav is wearing a pin striped black suit with a black shirt:

Lavanya is wearing a long red dress and Anjali is wearing a nice white saree.

Arnav and Lavanya are both deep in conversation when Khushi walks down the stairs. All eyes are on Khushi and the party atmosphere is ground to a halt. The women are eyeing Khushi with a jealous glint whilst the men are transfixed by Khushi's beauty. Arnav can't stop looking at Khushi he is in awe.ShockedShocked She looks beautiful is the thought that is replaying itself in his mind. Khushi slowly walks down the stairs towards Arnav and Lavanya.

Lavanya: Chamkele tum bhoot achi lag rahee ho.

Khushi: Thank you Lavanya Ji ap bhi bhot achi lag rahein hein.

Arnav moves closer to Khushi and quietly whispers in Khushi's ear Tum bhot Khoobsurat lag rahein ho. ShockedLOLKhushis' eyes widen in shock and she quickly moves away from Arnav looking for Anjali. All she can think is she has to leave she can't stay here any longer. She can't be around Arnav, his presence is playing with her mind and she's not sure if she likes it. She has to say goodbye to Anjali ji and make her way out of this party but Anjali is nowhere to be found. Suddenly the music stops to a halt and the lights dim' Lavanya speaks through the mic.

Lavanya: Ladies and Gentleman thank you for attending this party. I hope your all having a good time. Its time for us to play a little game now, there is a bowl encircling around the party which has numbers on it. Pick a number from the bowl and the people with the same numbers will dance together for the paper dance.

Arnav takes the number "17" out of the bowl. Then Lavanya puts her hand in the bowl and takes out a number. She grimaces and says to Arnav ASR I hope is mein number 17 ho. She opens the paper to find the number "5". Lavanya sadly says: Number 5 hein better luck next time. She moves away to find her partner.

Arnav walks around the hall looking for number 17. He stops at Khushi and asks her Tumhara number kya hein? Khushi thinks hey Devi ma iska or mere number same nah ho. Khushi replies mere number 17 hein or tumhara. Arnav  smiles and says 17. Arnav asks Khushi may I dance with the lady and Khushi hesitantly replies ji. They walk towards the dance floor and step on the paper. Embarrassed

The music begins. The song playing is:  I hate luv stories the title track from the film.

I know you like me, you know I like you
Let's get together girl, you know you want to
I know you like me, you know I like you
Let's get together girl, you know you want to

Raat din aate jaate, hoti hain sau mulakaatein
Aagey badti hai baatein, peechay chod de
Raaste mein hai thehre, aur bhi kitne chehre
Aaj phir apni aankhein unse jod le
Kho jaayega, lamha yeh kho jaayega
Mudke na phir aayega, raahon mein usko rok le
Ho jaayega hoga jo ho jaayega
You know you're so hot, you're on fire
1 2 3 go
Mil gaye jo chora chori
Huyi masti thodi thodi
Bas pyaar ka naam na lena
I hate love stories

The music is playing Arnav and Khushi, Khushi and Arnav' To find out what happens next read the next part of KashMakash! :p

Your comments would really be appreciated. Thank you.


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mystic@ Senior Member

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nice one... add me to ur pm list..

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