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saravanan-meenakshi October 24-28

sowjanya32 Groupbie

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Posted: 22 October 2011 at 4:43am | IP Logged
SmileSmileMonday Episode No:24 (Kalakkal comedy)LOLLOLLOLLOL

Saravannan namma Hero back to chennai after a sweet love proposal but more and more sweet news to him.Ennanu guess pannunga...aiya.ClapClapEngagement canceled..Whole family in disappointment.But it is a full fledged comedy to see.Saravanan mother and sister oppari.

Hearing the news that his engagement got canceled, enna oru happiness saravannan facela kankolla katchidhaan.He is laughing , laughing and he was unable to control it.OMGROFLROFL.
Though he is unable to express sema comedya irrundhudhu...LOLLOLLOLLOL.All are literally confused.All are thinking "ivan enna loosa" but in vain he is unable to control his laughing.

Then saravanan calls his lady loveEmbarrassedEmbarrassedHeart.Verayarru namma heroine meenatchi dhaan.He gives her the good news of his engagement got cancelled and she asks the reason and he says the girl hates me it seems and meenatchi slowly says "Will be there a girl who hates you".Idhu over meenatchi.LOLLOLLOL.Then some poda , podi teasing and she says i am feared but he consoles her that i will look after everything and he lovely ask her to tell his name but she cuts off the phone...WinkWinkWinkWink.Love slowly starts betwen them so softly will it continue for ever?

Cha sema scene illa...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Now comes the most funniest part.Saravanan and his father conversation.Rajasekar i mean saravanan father bottlum kayuma irrukaru and tryies to hide the bottle because he is scared of his sonaam.Ayyo ippidyum oru appa pullaya.Good keep it up.ClapSaravanan opens the matter of his love story that he has already seen his lady love cum wife and rajasekar asks who is she but he is shocked to her that she is none other than meenatchi.ROFL

Sema comedy en stomach was paining like anything.LOLLOLLOLLOL.At last saravanan gave the entire responsiblity to talk to his mother , sister and also meenatchi family.Obviously yaruuko adi irruku.Yaruku?idhula rajasekar sir dhaan bali adooo????LOLLOLLOL.Saravnan warns if some problem comes then thats all.Nalla kadaya irrukae.Neenga love pannuveenga aana adee vaanga rajasekar madiri appaviya..So sad innocent rajasekar sir be careful.Meenatchi brother is so short tempered.
    Now enters "Inspector mapillai" ayyo pavam though he is a nice guy , going to face so many avanam when meenatchi breaks her love story with saravanan.But it is better to tell the truth.
Inspector enters meenatchi house searching for her but poor guy her parents welcome him.

He tryies to give some lame excuses i mean some waste talks and his main purpose to take meenatchi to the temple and though her parents accepts it "Main character meenatchi must accept illa".Meenatchi heart fulla saravanan memories dhaan.She is stuborn and refuses to go with him and her mother says that she is not well and inspector goes with sad face.CryCryCry
Meenatchi sisters give a apt advice of telling everything to that guy but meenatchi says i know to tell and screen freezes on meenatchi confused face..


October episode no:25 - Love struggle arambamm...

Episode starts with rajasekar vs saravanan amma ,sister conversation.As usual listening to old saravanan dialogues they started to see other alliance.But rajasekar sir namma stomachla milka valatharu...LOLLOLLOLLOL.He breaks the secret of saravanan , meenatchi kadhak kadhai.

Adhu ennamo theriyala this saravanan sister is not having a nice opinon on meenatchi.Future la problems varum ivangalukkula..ConfusedConfusedConfused.But rajasekar is adamant that my son wish is important for me and he decided to go to nellai and speak to meenatchi father.But all in vain saravanan amma and sister has no ears for his words as usual and also rajasekar never cares and decided to speak of what he can do from his side to help his son.Cha saravana you are so lucky to have a father like this.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

   Now Inspector comes with a news of having doubt whether meenatchi is interested in this marriage to her brother.But meenatchi brother is not aware of what is in meenatchi's mind strongly says nothing like that but inspector tells to speak to his sister and meenatchi brother is sad and ask his mother about it.Since except his younger sister no one is known about the fact of meenatchi is in love with saravanan he belives meenatchi is happy marrying the inspector.Ayyo saravanaaa un future Brother-in-law kooda unkku villandaaan.Eppidi samalikka poreenga????CryCryCryCry

 Now comes the most important part.Rajasekar and meenatchi father conversation.Both  are Gem of the person.They want their son and daughter wish to be fulfilled and obviously every parents wish.SmileSmile.Rajasekar brief him of what happened between saravanana and meenatchi , meenatchi father says i need to consult my daughter.Now scene switch to rajasekar-Meenatchi-Meenatchi father.Meenatchi is about to answer of the question asked by her father.Cha adhoda enniku episode over.omg innum 48hrs kathirukannum.What is meenu going to answer???Cha naan oruthi saravanan naan love panraennu sollapora veraenna illa?EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Point to be Noted:

From today's episode onething is so clear...not only today when saravanan proposed meenatchi , he is ready to face any odds which comes in middle of their love..What about meenatchi , obviously she too but kadhai naa villan , villi irukannum illa?But this story is about two different opinion people can lead a happy life...Letc how their love is getting deeper day by dayEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Happy Diwali My Dear SM Teams and Friends!!!!

October 26th

No SM serial due to deepavali specials
October 27th thursday-Episode 26(Villangam started...)

Episode starts with both SM father questioning meenatchi , oru pakkam meenatchi father asking how come suddenly she felt saravanan is a nice guy , same time saravanan dad is tensed whether meenatchi will tell something in negative.But thank god meenatchi namma stomachla milka valatha.

Now meenatchi briefs why she suddenly fall in love with our heroEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.Saravanan dad is so happy about his son and after some more thinking meenatchi dad accepts to first speak about this to the inspector mapillaiShockedShocked and now everyone is happy i mean meenatchi , her dad , saravanan dad.Now the scene shifts to saravanan home where rajesekar wife i mean saravanan mother is not happy with the things going on...DeadDeadDeadAmmakku ego problem vera.Obviously...

Heated argument goes between rajasekar vs his wife and daughter.As usual worries of a mother and sister whether the future daughter-in-law would seperate their son from them.But ennapanradhu saravanan loves meenatchi more thna anything else illa.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.I am waiting for the promo scene of meenatchi jumping into the wall and reaction of our hero.CryCryCryCryCry
Cha ella parentsum indha egova vittukoduthadhaan enna...illa friends?

The most comedy part always it will be like this when scene switchover to rajasekar and his son adhaan namma herovum..Rajasekar singing old song and having whisky or anything and namma hero entry kodukurariuuLOLLOLLOL.Saravanan is tensed of what happened in nellai and rajasekar trying to test his patience by telling i spoke to the weakest person in that family and it is none other than meenatchi father and saravanan calls him a "Pullapoochi".cha saravanana future mamanara eppidiya tease panradhu...No no meenatchi kovapaduva illa... Saravanan is so happy to hear meenatchi confession of  accepting the fact of she likes him..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Now romba sad point ennadhunu kekkareengala friends...CryCryCry meenatchi father vs inspector conversation.Inspector is so angry when he says she loves saravanan and ask him to stop the marriage.But adding fuel to the fire he irritates us by yelling our hero saying does he have any sense to propose a engaged girl!!!!!Idhuu niyayum dhaan illa...

But as meenatchi father said manasukku pidikilaena eppidi life happya irrukum inspector sir????.Koncham yosingaa...Now tomorrow meenatchi annan alavukatti aadaporaruCryCryCryCry
SM Episode-27 (Kadhalin azhalam meenatchyin uruvilCryCryCry)

Episode starts with saravanan calling meenatchiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed romance starts..Meenatchi is alone stting in some parai..cha chancea illa.They both starts playing by giving missed call to each other.Podum unga vilayatu..Saravanan says to himself "Ennakae va".Then when Meenatchu tryies to cut he takes it immediately.Namma herova kokka illa friends????but romba cute romance and decent too...

Both start their vazhiyals and he constantly calls her "meenatchi , meenu" for each and every word.Ayyo saravanan un imsaikku alavae illaya!!!!EmbarrassedLOLLOLLOLLOL.Then meenatchi says you are a nice guy and saravanan asks really?then she says i am afraid of my brother...meenu naangalum dhaan...Then as usual our hero says dont worry i will look after everything and he forces her to tell "Saravana i like you" but meena vekkathula keeps the phone done.Hero sir vada pochae!!!!!ClapClapClapLOLLOLLOL

   Now comes our expectation i mean Meenatchi and her father vs her brother heated conversation...Meenatchi brother comes like a volcano inside the home and calls his parents and ask why the hell did he went to inspector home and told to cancel the wedding and without allowing his father he gives a lecture of about his inspector friend.Shebaaa...Podum unga friendship dramaa...This continues for some minutes and their father brokes the matter of meenatchi is in love with saravanan and we need our meenatchi wish to be fulfilled and not ours...
   But meenatchi brother as we expectes says i hate saravananaCryCryCry and meenatchi must marry only Inspector and meenatchi thinks about something and goes to the well.Oh no!!!! and thinking something and when her parents arrive she jumps into it..Idhu romba thappu meenu...

Now everyone in hospital due to meenatchi action ..Pavam everyone cryies and i accept meenatchi brother words..For meenatchi mistake everyone is blaming me and he goes to bring money.Pavam everyone and kadhal vandha yarumae pavama theriyadunnu eppadhan puriyudhu..

Letc what this action of meenatchi going to happen and definetly our saravanan will come..But will meenatchi brother accept our hero as his brother-in-law now????OuchOuchOuch


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AniSweety IF-Rockerz

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Super duper update sow.Saravanan superb expression and super chemistry with his father actually.More than the madurey serial it should focus in deep love , comedy.Meenatchi please dont hide your love otherwise you will get into more mess ma.AngryAngry

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pattuppudavai Senior Member

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 1:01am | IP Logged
sowjanya, doesn't look like it's your first update!! superb!! Clap

but the pictures are not coming!!

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sneha_v IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 1:22am | IP Logged
super and thanks for the update...sowjanya

S&M phone part was nice...

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-Cskluv- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 3:33am | IP Logged
samma episode i roflinfg throughout... mirchi senthil chanceless performer ...loved each and every scene of him yesterday ... even meenu was sooper cute... and saru appa aww he rocksss

best epi yesterday

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sowjanya32 Groupbie

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Yamuna u r exactly rite ma..Seems like not an easy task for saravanan and meenatchi to get married and some more mess going to come.How they tackle it let c

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pattuppudavai Senior Member

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 4:53am | IP Logged

 still I am not getting the pictures and it says:
Safari can't open the page "" because Safari can't find the server "".

are others also facing the same problem or it's happening only to me? 

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sowjanya32 Groupbie

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 5:04am | IP Logged
u dont use safari browser since it never support image plugins and you use firefox or flock browser and i asked some ppl here and they r able to see

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