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AR FF~ "IT WAS'NT MEANT TO BE"PG54-14/01/13 (Page 9)

Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zara-KSG-malik

Originally posted by Nori.KaShian

Originally posted by zara-KSG-malik

hey guys after the great mind suggestion of nori and srish i have created a page on fb for this FF so who want a notify of my update just like this post i will PM u that link
yes i can do that at least EmbarrassedLOL
OMG Big smile ZARU ... U MADE MY DAYLOLBig smile


is mein ouch wali kaun si baat thi LOLBig smileBig smileBig smile.

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged
i want it too

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged
awsome part

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
hey zara
congratulations for ur ff
iam loving the story
awesome concept
nd u r explaing it perfectly
what armaan did wasnt right
he shudnt spoil sum1's career
but iam glad he realised it
nd hope riddhima gets her job back
hope armaan falls for ridzy
nd ridzy also fall for armaan
update super soon
nd thnx fr d pm

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by zara-KSG-malik

hey guys after the great mind suggestion of nori and srish i have created a page on fb for this FF so who want a notify of my update just like this post i will PM u that link
yes i can do that at least EmbarrassedLOL
LOLLOL iam glad u loved the ideaBig smile

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zara-KSG-malik IF-Sizzlerz

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"GOD…how she manages to look so beautiful in all colors" he sighed when he saw her crossing him, files in her hand as usual, which she would always hug near her heart, he always admired those files for some reason , he was jerked out of thoughts when nikki patted on his shoulder

"class nahe jana kia?"


He was still in daze even after the several moments she has passed to him.


He stood up to leave for class it had been a week since all that happened, which he caused only but he made the things right on place, it took him confession letter to the principal, half and hour scolding from him then one call from his dad, dad also repeated the same lecture of principal more or less, but he was already ready to face all this...may be more than this, apology letter to principal and one sorry to dad really worked, dad wanted him to leave that place at once but it was last month of his graduation only, it would have mean for the loss of one year, which none was wanted of course, so he was left after the note of last warning but only thing which was done by the principal, and the only thing he was not liking it at all was that, riddhima's was given another section….he did not like it at all, he had said sorry to riddhima too before principal then what it made sense , everything is fine now, he thought but principal and riddhima's thoughts were different from him because he was being checked on regular basis by college staff now, he was so sure that principal had appointed some spy for him, and as far riddhima was concerned, in all this he had seen her with blank face only, not a single expression on her face she was ready to join college back and was relived that she was given another section, she was giving cold shoulder to him since then, he wanted to talk to her, say her sorry personally but she never gave that chance, he did not know himself why he was so desperate to say her sorry or may be that was just an excuse to talk to her, talk or see her more closely…he was jerked again at the right time by his fellow class mate

"sir is asking for assignment armaan"


"ammy…tum ho kahan? Kal se tum s baat karni ki koshish kar rahe hon, na call pick karte ho na he pub mai milte ho…hote kahan ho tum aja kal"

Ria bombarded him with questions as she found him standing near his bike at college gate.

"haan…ria tum kab ayen?"

He was not expecting her so did not knew what to answer her.

"are you avoiding me armaan?"

"no no baby….finals mai one month rehta hai na so I study at home"

"what……….armaan mallik...STUDY…you must be kidding me"

This was little too much for her to believe even if she was not his girl friend even then whole college knew armaan mallik never study until it is night of exam, at exam night no one can reach him, every one believed he had some formula or kala jado which he would drink on exam night, next day he would give exam and get highest marks.

"o yeah ….actually ria dad said…if I want to in this place I need to get know baby I can never even think to leave you….so its for you only"

As he realized that he lied too much for her acceptance so he had to do this flattering which melted her at once.

"awww…..ammy you are actually doing this for me"

She was literally with open mouth and hugged him instantly, he made a face on it.

Its going to be hard armaan mallik….how I am going to tell her your presence don't affect me anymore and after that what happened in last 2 weeks, he had realized his close persons in his life and that was nikki only, because he needed just nikki to be with him at that time , he never thought about ria for once, that made him very much clear how much space she had in his heart and in his life and moreover there was something else which was bothering him and attracted him these days and really wanted to know what was that actually, this feeling what was that.

"ohh…….i need to go now…cya"

He pushed her as he saw riddhima coming out of gate, he put on his helmet and started his bike as he saw her sitting in her rickshaw.

 "even her home is so cute" he uttered watching her from a distance when she rang bell and waited for bi to open it for her.


Next day was quite tiring for her, continuous lectures made her tired mentally and physically both, she just rushed to home and bumped in to bed for some rest but never knew surprise or rather shock was waiting for her at home as bi opened the door for her, she saw him sitting on couch with coffee mug in hand, she controlled herself from opening her mouth in shock but whispered to bi only "what he is doing here"

it was more of scolding rather asking

"mai btati hon beta…tum andar to ao"

"bii….ap ko kuch nahe pata"

"mujhy sab pata hai beta…armaa ne mujhy sab kuch bta dia hai"

"what….kia bataya hai use ne ap ko"

"beta mera baat suno…buhat acha larka hai vo…ghalti to kise se bhi ho sakti hai….par bechara buhat shrminda hai apni ghalti par….meri baat mano tum bhi use maaf kar do….ek muka to dena chahae na"

She was too shocked to say anything in her defense, how did bi come to know him in one day and that too so well that she was supporting him in front of him, what had happened in the span of 6 hours, when she left in the morning as far she knew bi was not aware of the existence of him even and now she was doubting if she was her bi for real.



"bi ap aise kaise kar sakte hain? Ap us ko hmare ghar mai ane kaise de sakte hain?"

She blasted on bi as he left himself feeling the cold atmosphere, he really need to work more hard to just talk to her , he thought and decided to leave only before riddhima throw him outside like literally.

"ridzi…meri baat to sun le ek baar"

"kia baat bi…..ap jante kab se hain use…main jante hon use achi tarah….ap jante hain us ki kia reputation hai college mai…agar kise ko pat chal gae kay vo mee ghar mai tha….college mai kia kia batain hon gen….already mai buhat kuch suffer kar chuke hon sirf us ki vaja se….but no more"

Bi sighed and sat down, may be she was right, only after one day short meeting with him, did not make it sure that he is good boy, but she was aged and her intuitions was saying that he was very true on his words…..whatever he said to her , that looked so true and straight from his heart only…… he helped her in grocery shopping , held all her bags and made her comfortable till home, it was after then she thought to call him inside and offered him coffee, he told her each and everything ….the real story what actually happened. Admitted his mistakes and asked for apology from riddhima but after watching riddhima's live expressions he knew it was not going to be easy for him but he was not going to give up too easily.



She stopped on her way when she heard familiar voice in a corridor just after when  she finished her lecture. She turned to confirm it and yes she was right it was him but what made her more surprised was that he was actually calling her mam for the first time.

"mam…can we please talk for a moment"

It was so much sincerity and request in his voice that she just could not deny to it, just folded arms on her chest, making sure she was ready to listen to him now and that makes his smile wider…phew finally he thought.



"morning mam"

He gave her his dimples smile which was never leaving his face as the time she agreed to listen to him and finally shaken hand with him when he apologized hundredth times and asked for friendship, he was definitely on ninth cloud these days for this reason and that was his daily routine since a week now, he would come college early actually very very early for armaan mallik to come, people around him will watch him like he was bhoot, some will stare him only, few would just asked each other, is he armaan?...few would come to him personally to confirm…is it really you armaan…so early at come?" shock would be so visible on their faces that would just make him crazy only and he would shout back at them "yes…….its me……….any problem?" how he was supposed to tell them he wanted to see her face first in the morning and just to wish her morning, and that smile which she would return to him saying him "morning armaaan" that will just made his day, its not like he would not try to talk to her with excuse whole day but this morning smile was just like oxygen for him now, he just could not live without it.



"oyee ammy…where are you ghayab man? Darsh he nahe hote ap kay to…or vo ria is bitching pore college mai kay you ditched her…is it  true…please say yes pleaseee"

He smiled, nikki never liked ria he knew very well.

" is almost"


"I did not ditch her because right now I am very much single plus I have made her clear long back that don't expect anything from me and she agreed to it happily and now I have made her clear that I am not interested in her anymore so vo pane raatse or mai apne raaste….thats it"

And what makes you do this right decision"

"I don't know….just dil ki awaz"

"omg…..what I missed?"

"nothing nikki"

He was not going to tell her when he himself was in the process of trying to find out what that was…what was that new feeling in him, what was that was making him a new person altogether, he was not himself anymore, he wanted to be a good boy, wanted to impress someone, wanted to see someone 24*7, wanted to cherish that smile, wanted to inhale that fragrance in him, wanted to feel her breathes close very close……..

*cough cough*

Nikki asked for his attention and he blushed only on his thought.

"omg….armaan mallik is blushing….THE ARMAAN MALLIK…breaking news"

"shut up nikki…….i am late for class…see you later"



"excuse me…ma'am"

He said it loud at the door of staff room, getting attention from all the teachers, ridhima was embarrassed but came to him.


"vo actually……vo actually"

"what armaan….bolo na"

He loved his name when she would say it.

"I got highest marks"

He blurted like it was some crime had done by him.

"that's great….congrats…..keep up the good work for finals okay…they are very close"

"I will……..for sure"

"anything else?".

She asked when he did not say anything for long time, just standing before her, looking at her, that was making her uncomfortable with all the glares of teachers also on them.

"I love red"


Whole staff giggled as he blurted this out and bite his tongue what a blunder he had made.

"I mean…no sorry….thank you…sorry….shit"

He left as all were still giggling what he had done just now, riddhima was just embarrassed before her colleagues.

"he is right…miss ridhima….this red saree is really very beautiful"

Commented one of her colleagues, she was very much friendly to that one, so she was allowed to make this comment for her, she could not stop herself from going red.


"what was that armaan….care to explain please"

He questioned himself as he sat down on a bench in a alone corner.

"no idea man…I have gone nuts for sure"

"or may be it is LOVE"

"what are you made…….me and love..that too with that way"

"all symptoms are proving that only…its looks like dear you are in LOVE"










Finally he surrendered himself before his dil ki awaz, like he had any other option, it was something meant to be happen, falling him for her, but there was a lot more which was not meant to be and he was not aware of that fortunately or unfortunately.

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 November 2011 at 3:01am | IP Logged

yupieee me first me firstDancingParty

hey zara
it was an awesome update
wao finally armaan managed to 
take forgiveness frm riddhima
nd am glad she gave
wao frndship hhmm
frndship pyaar ki pehli seedi (staircase) hoti hai Wink
yaaayyy armaan realised that he luv riddhimaEmbarrassed
its getting interesting
update super soon
nd thnx fr d fb notifcationSmile

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2011 at 6:31am | IP Logged
Lovely part...
Finally finally Arman got the forgiveness and they became friend. Arman was too cute... "i Love Red" that was awesome. So he is in love and realized the same. Can't wait to see Ridhima's side of story and how Arman make her fall in love with him

Continue soon... 

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