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AR FF~ "IT WAS'NT MEANT TO BE"PG54-14/01/13 (Page 54)

zara-KSG-malik IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 21

Something New, Something Old

"ray listen to me one time plz"

This one time, he was asking for 15th time almost, but she was not ready to hear anything from him, boy!! she was angry or what, even if she was acting to be angry she deserved Oscar for it, she was doing it so brilliantly.

"listen now we are engaged, you cant behave like this with me"

He tried with lame excuse one last time.

"listen. We are engaged now and I definitely can behave with you, the way I want"

She was not buying anything, what he was supposed to do now. He lied on the bed beside her, that's what made her alarmed at once, he smirked'.at last something worked in his favor.

"what are you doing armaan, what if massi comes"

"you are not leaving me with any choice yar, I told you I am not leaving until you listen to me, after a long flight I am really tired I cant sit more so I have to lie down na, if you cant sit with me like this, its your problem not mine"

"ok fine tell what it is"

She had to agree, she could not afford an awkward moment with massi when they were even not doing anything .

"I went India"

He started.

"what?? You were in India, why you did not tell me armaan, when you left and why you left all of sudden, you could have tell me at least"

She started with her quiz round, that made him smile only.

"take a breath sweet heart this is what I am explaining only" he bent on her , kissed her cheek lovingly but she pushed him away.

"I wanted to talk to your massi as soon as possible about us , I did not want to take any risk and why I did not tell anything to you, I thought to give you a surprise but unfortunately it came as a shock to you rather than surprise, so sorry for it, I did a mistake to leave matters on you, I should have handled it myself it from the start only but when I realized my mistake I did not want to waste a minute or I should say when you left my house, I realized I cant live without you for a minute"

He held her hand and the blush on her face indicated he was forgiven , just to save the moment he brought her fingers to his lips and kissed looking in to her eyes

"I am sorry"

looking back in to his eyes she knew he was genuinely sorry , she had gone through a lot but it worth it now, as he entered the home at right time when she was counting, she rushed to him immediately hugging him in front of all the family, embarrassing him, he stood there giving coy smile to massi and same sometimes, finally when she realized they had company, she parted away with teary eyes, what followed after that it was a mere dream for her, massi made of them sit together, forwarded them rings'with wide smile he put the ring in her finger, she followed same fashion'everything was too much for her to absorb or to even react bcz few minutes back only she figured out it was prank played on her by the joint effort of armaan and her own massi, when she overheard their conversation so she decided to play along'..and as she expected armaan was there at the right time at right place.

There was no doubt she was on top of the world after wearing his name in her finger, but she had to act angry for the sake of girl's community but when he started using his most dangerous tactics , his deep voice just close to her ear, his deep true eyes and when this was not enough he was leaving soft kisses on her cheek "stop doing this armaan" she was melting, he knew she knew but she did not want, so easily at least, she had been worried like hell for two days and one sorry could not enough for it.

"doing what?" he faked innocence.

"you know what I am saying".

"I really don't know'please tell na"

"stop kissing me, is it fine now, now you got it, please leave my room now, I have heard what you wanted to say"

"ok'.call me when you want to talk, I'll be waiting"

He said with sullen face, she looked at him surprised'.he gave up so easily, may she was taking it too far, she thought.


"its ok ray, take your time, I know I have done a mistake you went through so much bcz of me, I deserve all this and more"

He was actually feeling bad and guilty now, she could see it on his face.

He stood up to leave when she held his hand.

"don't go plz"

Their eyes met for a moment, she hugged instantly'giving way to all her anger, all worries, all insecurities  which she experienced in last 48 hours but now when she was in his arms she was sure of nothing wrong will happen, he was there holding her, close to his heart which was beating for her only.

"you have no idea armaan, how I scared I was'..i felt like I have lost you, I wont be meeting you again ever, only this thought was enough to kill me inside'please don't leave me ever like this again"

"I will never"  pulling her more closer to him if it was possible, taking all the pain from her heart to his own.


"massi I am ready"

With big smile, she was standing before massi, next day evening'finally she was getting the feeling engaged with armaan and now when she realized all she wanted to meet him, she called him in the morning but as expected he was busy, being away from his work for 2 days'.he was going to work to work more if it was possible but she did not care, he had to take out time for her after all she was his fiance now she had all the rights reserved to herself but question was how to meet him 'the only instant idea she got was to show massi his home so here she was.

"for what?" massi had no idea of her plan.

"don't you want to see armaan's home?"

Like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"I want to see but should not it be armaan inviting me?"

"I know massi, he called me and asked to invite you he is busy na"

She was ready with quick reply.

"ok give me five minutes"




As he opened the door, with laptop in his hand, he saw her big smile'his heart jumped on the sight how much he had missed her whole day even when his mind was occupied with office work he could not  ignore her thought for a slight moment'.now watching her here at his door at that moment he could not ask for more all he wanted to take her in to arms but he had to change his idea when massi appeared in front of him.

"ohh'.app'..come please"

"why do you look surprise armaan, you invited us right"

Anjali did not miss the surprise look on his face.

"I invited???"

"of course you did armaan, kitna kaam karte ho tum'sab bhol jate ho"

Ray pinched on his arm, asking him to shut up which he did instantly.


"massi, see this is my room, I mean this was my room"

Showing massi the whole home, she never gave armaan to chance speak to single word, like it was her home for ages, he was the guest here.

"ye sab to thek hai, but when you both are planning to get married"

This question was so sudden by anjali, both looked stunned at each other.

"kia hua, I have to go back and tell papa all the details what I am going to say?"

She asked again.

"actually'.we have not talked about it yet"

Armaan spoke first, ray started blushing for some reason.

"decide soon, tomorrow morning I am taking flight back, I cant stay longer, there is no one to take care of papa there and atul you know how gets all irritated if I am not around"

"I know massi, but thora time to rukti aap"

"I cant beta, you know how it is and btw don't do nutanki ok I know armaan is here you wont be even remembering anyone of us now"

She pulled her leg very successfully as she started blushing again.

"what massi, aise bhi koi baat  nahe hai"

"and armaan do take care of my bachi ok, she is your responsibility now"

"sure, you don't need to say it"

He was feeling so out of place in this massi bhanji one to one.

"we should go now, its getting late"

Anjali moved to the door, when ray said

"massi, aap chaliye I forgot my one book here, mai le ke ati hoon"

Anjali smiled, she knew very well what she forgot it was anything but that book so she left to give some time alone to newly engaged couple.

"what are you doing?"

When she saw him searching here and there something she asked.

"finding your book"

"which book?".

She asked him.

"you said na to massi"

"there is no book armaan" she was irritated why he was not getting the clue man, was it that difficult that she lied to spend some time with him.

"ray, why would you lie?" what an innocence.

"arghhh, I lied bcz I was mad but you know what, you are dumb"

"what I have done now"

"this is your problem only you don't do anything"


"matlab this don't you know how to wish your fiance a good night"

Ok!! He was slow but he was not that slow that he would miss that grin on her lips and shine in her eyes and that red color adoring her cheeks.

"I knowww but" pulling her towards him with her belt.

"but what?"

"but I guess it will take a way long time than your massi can afford"

His caress sent shivers through her body.

"I should go"

It was always difficult for her take his proximity.

"you cant until I wish my fiance a good night, the way she wants"

She closed her eyes in anticipation as he bent over her and taking her lips in to sweet kiss, it was well defined a good night kiss.

"massi is waiting" reluctantly she said.

"this is the only reason I am leaving you right now, but tomorrow can I have pleasure of dinner with my fiance only"

"where?" she asked.

"does it matter?" he said kissing her nose.

"it does not" she agreed he was right, it will never matter where they are when they both are together'.she already could not wait for tomorrows night when she will have her first ever official date with her fianc, she could not wait.

"bye" placing her lips on his cheek one last time she left.


"so massi left?"

It had been five minutes she entered in his specified place, it was not crowded'.it had dim light with soft music just like he was. So he had chosen place of his interest he did not make effort to impress her or anything who was she kidding he was not a college boy , he was a man, he was dressed in his usual office suits, may be he did not even get time to change but even then he was looking good enough to stop he breath.

On the other hand, reason of her awkwardness was she actually behaved like a teenage, she took off from college'.did all the girl stuff from going parlor to taking hours to chose a dress then troubling aunti from the lipstick color now sitting before him she was thinking of herself like a fool'how casual he looked even his behavior was so normal, so caring and sweet like always.

"are you ok?"

He asked finally, he had to ask'.the way she was behaving.

"ya, fine" she gave an half smile.

"so, lets order, what will you have?"

"umm' order I will take anything"

"is it you ray? What happened? the girl who is so fussy for eating is asking me to order, seriously"

"vo actually" she could not come up explanation for her weird behavior when she did not know herself what was it.

"listen, if you are uncomfortable we can go somewhere else, I know this place is really boring but I thought we should talk for sometime as I have so much to tell you"

"no no I loved this place, its just that'..forget it tell me what you want to tell me"

"I wanted to tell that''I love you"

That brought a wide smile on both of them faces, she forgot all the awkwardness, she was back herself.

"really?? Prove me"

"I can prove but not here please, I have some reputation" he smirked on her expressions.

"how besharam, I really thought you were a decent guy"

"but I am a guy in the last, don't forget that" he winked on her to make her blush even more.

"even I though you are a bold girl" he started again.

"that I am" she said confidently.

"ohh'this is the reason you keep getting redder on each comment of mine"

"no please, I never blush don't lie"

"o really, you should see your face when I kiss you"

"armaan shut up, its nothing like that"

"ok don't believe me, next time I kiss you I will keep mirror with me to prove"

"there will be no next time"

"and why do you think so?"

"meri marzi"

"yeah ok we will see your marzi" he grinned on her childish attitude.

"yes'we will see" she challenged back knowing well how lame it was.


She ran to him through the crowd, turning few eyes to her, like she cared. She spotted Armaan in black shirt and jeans , in last 3 weeks she has almost forgotten how good he looked in black or white or whatever he wears. He smiled first to see her running to her but when he guessed her move he hesitated but she did not give him any time to hesitate or whatever and crashed in to him making him lose his balance almost. He was embarrassed but anyway he hugged her back and whispered in her ear "we have audience here in airport" she hugged tighter "I don't care...I missed you" he laughed then dragged her outside in parking lot.


"btw I missed you too" after few moments of silence in the car he finally spoke and there she blushed and he went "oyeehuee"



After their surprise engagement she was brought back to India with massi only as Dr Shashank was not feeling too well, really wanted to see her but she only came back to know that he was all fine and wanted her to get married as soon as possible. What a nautanki family, she thought she tried to argue with bua but they said she had to go back to complete her studies so it was convenient if she gets married and lives with Armaan only rather than putting burden on someone. She was quite excited but she was very nervous how Armaan gonna react to all this, everything was happening so fast she was not ready yet and may be Armaan too. It was decided to call Armaan in India and talk to him about the matter and here he was.


"so when?"

She asked nervously " what when?" he acted "did you talk to massi" "yes I did..her hospital is going fine" " not that..."

"then what...?"

He was teasing her and she was falling for it easily "uff nothing"

She was about the leave the swing in the garden on which they were sitting but he held her hand in time and pulled her back "Wednesday" he said

"what Wednesday" she asked "our day"

"you are kidding right? This Wednesday u mean after 5 days" she was hyperventilating but he smiled on her reaction " yes this Wednesday I mean after 5 days"

"no wayyy...i need to do so much, so much shopping I even did not decide the color of my bridal dress, your sherwani need to match my dress and that curtain in background should not have my dress color and the flowers I need it all white orchids but but yellow too omg omg so much I have thought , what I am gonna do in 5 days, how when I mean..."

She was going on and on till he put his finger on her lips to stop blabbering "ssshh...sab kuch ho jaye ga don't worry, sab kuch vese hoga jaisa tum chahti ho, alright!! I just want to ask one thing" he said holding her hand in his both hands "what?" she whispered "when you were planning dress code,white orchids and curtains was I there, any where?"

"actually I planned all this wen I was 14 only and sorry but it was Edward cullen in the picture"

" wanted to marry a vampire"

"hey..he is not vampire"

"yeah yeah he is good,white and really hot vampire"

He made a face.

" are not less too" she winked.

" I vampire"

"no I"

Blush crept her face again, he smiled and took her hand close to his lips, kissing it ever so lightly making her shiver a bit. She tried to take away her hand but he held it and put it near his heart "I love you" she looked in to his eyes which was a crime as he leaned in to her cupping her face she closed her eyes in anticipation when she felt his lips on hers for a brief moment but then that feeling disappeared and she was not very happy about it so she opened her eyes to see him smiling lovingly then she heard " good night" in his husky voice and left her on swing for thinking what happened actually she had missed him so much they were away for 3 weeks it may looks like small periods for others but ask her how she counted days for him to come. She missed talking to him, watching him rather drooling him, his smile, dimples his small gestures his eyes his touch hell she missed everything about him she missed him head to toe and now they got a moment alone after real long time he even did not kiss her properly. Ok it was reality that they were in massi's home and bua,nano everyone was home but it was not like they would come so late backyard or they could. Whatever!!! she cared less about anything at the moment or about anyone she just wanted to be with him, be in his arms caress that face and touch those lips again. Woah!! Way to go ray, you have lost it,like completely, we are getting married anyways in 5 days and this much right I have on him now or may be more.

With a wide smile she left the swing too and headed to his room.



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Asad-Kii-Arzoo IF-Stunnerz

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Sweett Update...dey r engaged Dancing omggg challenge its cuteee...cant wait 2 read d remaining your writinggg zkm...Big smile

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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AR are engaged now.
Ray is such a sweetheart at times.I love her soo much.The whole engagement fiasco was mindblowing.
I loved the way Armaan tried to pataofy Ray.He is soo mischievous at times.It reminds me of the Armaan of DMG.Gosh! miss DMG so much.
I was smiling like a fool reading the whole part.
Ray's excuse of wishing goodnight to her fiance was soo cute.
OMG!! Armaan is soo dumb but I'm glad atleast he took her cue and kissed her.
The dinner date was awesome.AR are soo unbelievable.I can't believe that Ray argued with Armaan over such a lame thing.I wonder if Armaan is really going to prove that she blushes by using a mirror this time.LOL
A marvelous update Zara.
I loved it soo much.
Plz update the next part soon.
Take care!
love u
teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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u updated. Wheee
AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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plz cmplt it asap.
teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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complete it soonish
amruta04 IF-Rockerz

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nice update...
complete it soon
zoya-ammy Goldie

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Shockd shocked after ages u uptd dear 

Osm n engaged too gud 
Why on dinner mr in suit Asad ka asar ho raha hai kya?
W8ing  complete it soon but hot uptd ray n me missing something something ;  ;;;;;; so u. noe. u R.  intelligent enough to read our mind hahaha 

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