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AR FF~ "IT WAS'NT MEANT TO BE"PG54-14/01/13 (Page 4)

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 "Hey nikki...can I drop you?"

This was abhi waiting for her for life time when he found her standing with books in her hands on the college gate.

" abhi thanks...i am waiting for armaan".

"ohh okay...cya then".

He was disappointed but it was nothing new for him now, he was forced by his heart to do such things which he never wanted to do when he knew the consequences of it.



"haan dii..i am fine here"

"nahe...kuch problem nahe hai"

'haan baba...khana kha lia". 

"stop it di...'.stop treating me like a kid...bii hain na mere sath mera khayal rakhne kay lie or vese bhi I am big girl should stop worrying about me".

"I will...byee take care you too".


She cut the call and remember one face only when she thought about her problems armaan mallik.




He was half conscious when he asked her, as she was hanging on his neck both of them were drunk enough to even stand thats why taking support of each other on the dance floor.


"tum red saree kiun nahe pehnte".

"Red saree...kiun?".


If she was not drunk she would have make this request of him, a disaster but he was lucky to asked her at the perfect time when both of them never knew the hided meaning of this question, he did not know why the hell that question came in his mind what he wanted actually and she never know what red saree all of sudden came between them when the last thing she could remember that time was their new English teacher wearing red saree toddy morning.


"aise he...I like red"


"but you liked black till yesterday what happened today".


She pouted to get what she wanted and she did get it in response,he kissed her before her sleeping mind start working and she guess the color game of his mind.


"so class...after two weeks you are going to have your mid term exams so I want all of you to complete your notes by then...if any one having any problem regarding notes please consult me personally or nikkita malhotra for it".


She gave a genuine smile to nikki who returned it back... after a week only she got to know nikki was one of few serious students in a class she knew she can depend on her for anything but surprisingly when she was showed last year results of the same class she was shocked to see armaan mallik as topper and abhi on second spot with the difference of points and nikki on third place this was something she could not believe ever but since it was annual college report she was left with no choice but to believe it.


Coming out of her thoughts she noticed armaan's hand caressing the bare thigh of ria... she was mini skirt girl that was the only reason for her to be girl friend of armaan, riddhima felt disgusted she wanted to slap hard on his face or may be on both of them faces because she was the one who was allowing him to do it happily.


"armaan mallik...OUT".

She got red with anger as she shouted on him.


"for what?".


He knew she caught him for what so ever but he wanted to see how she is going to proceed with this..the ever so miss nervous.


"you know very well for what''.so please leave the class...NOW".


She was firm enough in her voice to make him leave the class , he gave him one angry look it was first time some teacher insulted him like this, it was not first time he was doing such things during lectures, but none of the teachers dared to catch him if they did even none of them had boldness to show him the way out for his cheap act in the class.


"why mrs gupta make you leave the class".


One of his class mates asked him as they finished their lecture and came out.


"I don't know...that how dare that B**"


He closed his fists in anger, nikki could see he was out of his sense right now.

"please guys leave him alone for sometime...i need to talk to him".

As they left she confronted him.


"kab sudhro ge tum ammy".

"what...mai ne kia kia?".


"stop this drama before me okay...i know very well of you...dont make me say what exactly you were doing".


She was right they were childhood friends... she knew him more than himself, so he decided to not to argue more wit her on this at least.

"yeah..whatever...i wont leave that miss gupta I swear".


"you wont do anything ammy...she is new here...other teachers do ignore your acts because they don't want to get insulted themselves by mentioning what you do actually or others ignore you because uncle is one of the major trustees of the college but she is new here, she doesn't not all this, please next time don't do anything like that in her lectures ".


"what rubbish are asking me to change myself for that new bloody teacher".


He knew each and every word of her was so true but even then what she wanted him to do he could never follow it in his dreams even.


"no ammy...I don't want you to get insulted daily like this".

WT**'. I will show you now who will get insulted now in front of whole college".


She knew what will come after this was not a only threat he was armaan mallik..he will stand on his words no matter what and something words was on the way, she has to stop this but how this was a question.


As she entered in the college gate she could sense something was wrong with her, she checked her dress, her hair, her shoe every thing was fine but then why every one was starring on her, whispering and giggling to each other, as she saw nikki on the way she called her

"hi nikita".

"hi ma'am".

"can you please tell me whats going on?

"about what ma'am?".

she said hesitantly.

"I know you know very please do tell me".

"actually maam...actually  vo..."


"vo what..."

Nikki gulped, it was going to be tough for her..dont know how tough for her after hearing it.


"maam...armaan said the college that you went on a date with him last night".



Nikki closed her eyes in anticipation, riddhima was angry, how much she wanted to hand him till death only she knew or may be nikki had some idea about it too.


"ammy" clap clap "ammy" clap clap

Whole crowd cheered him as he entered in the class with victorious smile.

"bol na yar...ek din mai kaise kia ye sab?".

One of fellows asked him.

"its THE armaan mallik...remember".


He winked at nikki, she gave him disgusted look and dragged him to corner.

"ammy...stop this drama..right now".

"what drama".

He faked innocence.


"stop nutanki before me okay...tum pore college ko ullo bna sakte ho par mujhy nahe...i know kal raat aisa kuch nahe tha...all the bakwas you spread around".


"its not my fault if people believe me blindly".


"this is not right armaan...please tell the truth every one and apologize to maam ridhima please".

She tried to convince him what looked impossible.


"haaa...apologize and me...u know me nikki sorry never goes with me"

"but ammy..."


She was about to say something when they noticed silence prevailed in the class all of sudden and its reason was riddhima has entered in.


"hey mrs was last night..had fun?".


Voice came from some where and echoed in the whole class, tears of humiliation appeared in her eyes but she pushed them back, she knew this was not the time to show her weakness so said in firm voice.

"armaan malik...can you come here please".


He was already smiling like a fool, he smirked widely and went to her to get only " SLAAAP"


"this was from my side and take this on behalf of principal".

She handed a shocked armaan a envelop, he opened to read it.


"WHAT THE F** cant be serious".


"I am very much...armaan are expelled for a week".


And the dead silence again spread in the class...not even the sound of breaths this time.


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zara-KSG-malik IF-Sizzlerz

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"I don't know dad…you have to do it for me".

"principal is a bloody liar…I did not do anything".

"How can I relax…because of that damn teacher I am sitting at home for two days".

"great….now you believe that principle but not your own son"

"I don't know anything I just want you to make her fire right now and I know you can do it"

"please this one thing for me…I will do anything for it"

"yeah…whatever you say…..anything".

"whats the point of changing the class dad…….i don't want her in college only"

"fine……….why I even thought to call you…I will handle it myself..bye".

He cut the call without waiting for any response from other side.

miss riddhima riddhima gupta….just wait to see real armaan mallik now.



"missing armaan?".

Abhi clicked finger before her to get her attention.


"may I".

He asked to sit with her on a bench.


"so when he is coming back?"

"2 days left now".

"but you have to is so much at peace without him"

"haha..very funny"

She mocked at him, however he was but he was her best friend and may be more than that.

"you do love him na?".

More than a question it was a statement.

"noo….yes..i mean I don't".

She was not expecting this so did not now how to respond, abhi was a class mate he was a nice decent guy, but she could not trust him that much to tell him secret of her life, she never shared with any one, not even with herself properly but in her heart deep down she knew it was true but accepting this truth will bring nothing more but pain in her life.

"I am getting late for class…cya".

She left, he smirked, knew very well how helplessly she was in love with armaan but it was not meant to be..just like both of them were not meant to be…he sighed.



"partyyy timeee"

As armaan entered in cafee of college after a week, ria shouted on her lungs and ran to hug him, crowd clapped there.

She brought a cake with in no time and made armaan cut it, he was not pleased with all this, he had to do so much to get his reputation back in college.

"show off" nikki mocked at ria face, did not even try to whisper it.

"its love babes….right ammy?"

She wanted to prove her importance to nikki but she got quite opposite response.

"ria could you excuse us please…I need to talk to nikki something important"

Nikki felt slap on her face, nikki smiled widely, she could never be his LOVE but as a friend none can ever take her place in his life, this was something she was sure of.



"I realized my mistake nikki…you were right…I should have been carefull"

She looked at him with open mouth, this was not armaan for sure.

"I'll apologize to miss gupta"

"wow… that you?"

He giggled at her response and more than her expressions.

"you really think na I am a bad guy"

"yes..i mean no no….you were so normal ammy when we were  in school but the time aunty left you, you changed a lot"

"I  know…lets not talk about that"


She knew this was topic he avoided even being closest friend of him, they never talked about it, she was sure he never talked about this to any one that was the reason in drastic change in him, she wanted him to tell her every thing, share with her every thing, every pain of him, every thought that trouble him but she could not do it unless he himself is willing to do it, she was ready to wait for that time.



"I am sorry"

He stood on his seat to say this loudly when she was start her lecture after ignoring her as she entered in the class, she had seen him, starring at book for change not ria.

When he did not get any response, he repeated again "I am really sorry"

Every one looked at new armaan before them, for the first time ever apologizing to any one, every one was shocked expect nikki who was smiling widely.

First time riddhima ignored it because she could not believe her ears but when he said it again in a louder voice this time, she had to turned back to look at him.

"miss gupta…I am really sorry for whatever happened…it wont happen again"

"you are brilliant student armaan….please do concentrate on your studies only"

"sure ma'am and thank you"

"no problem…so we should start with today's lesson"

She gave him small smile, relived in her heart but some doubts still in her head about him, how could armaan be a good boy that too all of sudden, she jerked all such thoughts for later and proceeded with her lesson.



"wow…ammy the good boy…I like it"

Abhi passed a comment when armaan was sitting among his gang as usual.

"insecure??? Don't worry I am not interested in your title of good boy of the college…that's so boring…isn't it?"

"so I was right…..this was all drama"

"Omg….why the hell are you so smart man"

He gave high five to one of the guys as all laughed their hearts out.

"it may hurt your close ones…do take care about it"

He left after mentioning it about nikki, armaan knew the meaning of his close ones, nikki was the only one close to him in this city, ria she was just a show piece, she had nothing to do emotionally with him, she was most hottest babe in the town so she had to be girl friend of armaan mallik, nothing more than that, his gang, just his chamchas he loved to have them around for support whenever he needed them, in all this nikki was only one close to him emotionally, abhi was aware of it, he had seen that smile on her face when armaan apologized, she was so happy for him, he was doing the right thing but abhi knew just a one week expel period was not enough for armaan to change and not after this conversation he knew he was right thinking like this and only thing he cared about was nikki in all this, when she would get to know, all this was nothing but just a fake drama for what ever reason armaan had in his mind, she gona be hurt for sure.

"she is nikki after all…she will understand"

He thought to himself and jerked all thoughts aside.



"ammy…kuch ho ga to nahe yar"

"mai ne pehle hi bola tha... is fatto ko sath mai nahe late"

"shut up guys…stop wasting time and open the damn lock"

Armaan shouted at his gang in whisper, it was 1 am  they were standing out the office of principal which was locked and trying to break the lock for ten minutes now.

"finally" he phewed as the door opened as he turned its lob, all of them entered in office in search of something, checking all the draws cupboards, tables and and then finally he got what he wanted, he flashed the light of torch on a paper and smirked evilly.



"hello…this is one of your students of college…I have a news for you, you new English teacher, ridhima gupta, sold the paper for money, congratulations every student gona top this time"

He put the receiver on phone both  and folded his arms on his chest, smile that never left his face... he was so close to his revenge.

"miss riddhima gupta…..i am really very very sorry this time..muhahaha"

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ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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omg...what exactlly  is Armaan dng..???
man he is ridiculously bad..:(
cont soon..:)

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Stupidcupid1234 Senior Member

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Add me to ur pm list please

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arooshee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 1:39am | IP Logged
Please add me to ur pm list!!!
its a nice ff to read
awww ...armaan is cunningly bad in this ff
but I think he will soon fall for her
or has already falllen???
want to read further
do pm me and continue soon

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Rumz_12 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 2:20am | IP Logged
Hai Just came across this FF. its amazing and man why is arman doing this i really dont have a good feeling abt this plz cont super soon and add me to ur PM list

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Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG OMG zaruu updated bak to bak u ok na lol
are u planning to end this ff soon ??
dont ever think about this Evil Smile
Armaan is a bad boy in this FF only
but i am  sure he will change sooon

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Originally posted by zara-KSG-malik

Originally posted by anjie22


u started a ff?????Shockedand din tell me...Cry

omg u r alive ShockedLOL if i can see u via this i have update this ff regularly Big smile

Yes I am alive...Angry LOL

And u better update ur FF regularly otherwise...Evil Smile

Btw damn good start to the fic ...Continue soon

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