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ArHi FF:You may now kiss the bride: [Chp19 pg128]

beautifuldreams IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 October 2011 at 3:02pm | IP Logged

All works belong to me! So no copying:)

HEYY:D My name is Iqra and I've been writing for a while:)
I love writing this FF. I hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I love to write it:L

nothing much to say LOOL:)

But just becus I don't read any FF's doesn't mean you can copy mine:L


page 106 - chapter 16
page 111 - chapter 17 
page  120 - chapter 18

-if you don't like my work then don't read it. simple as
-no cutting things out from my work.
-no copying.
-get a cup of coffee and enjoyy:D

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beautifuldreams IF-Dazzler

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Looking foward to ur FF and 

NOte is noted :PLOL

ok jus one thing what is Abbs Confusedconfused 

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beautifuldreams IF-Dazzler

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Abs are like err 6 pack meaning good body:)
bookadict303 Goldie

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Hurry up and write haha:)

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beautifuldreams IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 October 2011 at 5:38am | IP Logged
already got 365 views and 6 likes! 2 comments:( hehe
First chapter maaybee monday or maye tomorrow:P
it depends;)
beautifuldreams IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 9:28am | IP Logged

Chapter 1

"Khushi!" I could hear my mum from downstairs screaming from the top her lungs making me huff in fustration.

"Yeah?" I shouted back at her in the same tone whilst applying lip gloss. I'm going to be so late.

I turned looking through my closet to find my shoe when my screamed again. " Khushi he's here." 

 I put my shoes on and grabbed my bag and ran downstarirs when I saw him my Mr.Perfect  talking to my mum as she laughed.

I straightened my dress and took a deep breath. "I'm so sorry." I frowning I went and stood besides him holding my ears.

"Babes I am not angry relax. By the way you look gorgeous!" He smirked as I could feel my cheeks burning making me shift my gaze on to the floor

"Thanks." I muttered hearing his husky throaty chuckle as though it was music in my ears

He raised his hand bringing to his chest pouting. "Just good?" he asked pretending to be hurt making me roll my eyes in amusement.

"Whatever? Shall we go?" I asked him laughing at his childishnes. I looked over at my mum she had that 'I need to talk to you' look on her face. Gosh really mum now? I though to myself.

 "Listen, I will be out in a minute I just need to ask my mum something in the kitchen. Please excuse me" I said with putting my puppy dog face on which I knew always works on him

"Hey its fine go ahead I don't mind!" He said smiling.

"Mum kitchen please now?" Pointing at the kitchen I led the way.

 "what's wrong mum?" I said sighing.

"beta please I have to tell you something! I don't want you to go out with that guy!" she said in a very annoyed manner.

"But mum why? Hes a good guy he makes me happy and you like him as well so then why?"  I said. I really could not believe she was saying this.

"khush, I know he is a good guy, yes I do like him but you can't go out with him. Beta please try to understand the situation!" What sitition?

"mum what situation I don't understand? What is happening what are you talking about?" I asked clenching my teeth to stop me from shouting

"Okay just go now and when your Father comes back tomorrow we will discuss it. Okay?" She said.

 "Yeah okay. Can I go now?" I asked her and in reply to nodding her head.

"Bye" I said.

 The date was awesome eh was his usual romantic sweet guy always helping me. He truly was the best boyfriend. Prem Juneja.


"Jus ten more minutes mom!" I said throwing the alarm on the floor and the ringing stop.

"Khushi get up!" My mum said shoving me

I looked at the alarm clock which was now laying on the floor making me jump out of bed. "It's 8! I'm going to be late." I screamed running into the bathroom.

I quickly when to my wardrobe and took out some black legging a long top that just covered my bum and I decided to throw on a adidas hoodie, it was slightly big for me but I liked it big.

I got some flats on put a little mascara on and eyeliner. 

As soon as I had finished getting changed and heading downstairs my phone rang.

It was Payal.

"Khushi im outside your house man hurry the heck up!" she said. She always picks me up and we go together to high school, it was our last year so we have exams and some people already decided which colleges they want to go to. Payal disconnected the one I grabbed my iPod and got an apple kissing my mum goodbye and heading for the door when I heard my mum say to me shouting from the kitchen "Beta don't be late today remember your papa and I have something to tell you!"

I had completely forgot about that and I replied "yes ma im going now okay"

I picked my bag and skipped to payal. School was just ten minutes of a walk from my house but I always ran so it took us 5 minutes.


We stepped into school when the head cheerleader also known as the sl*g of the high school walked up to me and I knew she was gna say something to me but I just stood brave ready to sort out this B****.

"What up nerd?" I hated it when she called me a nerd I mean just because I get A* in my test it doesn't make me a nerd I just try really hard.

"Whatever s**t where is your so called boyfriend oh wait he's probably making out with another girl!" I answered back in a disgusted tone and I could see the evils she was giving me.

"Argh I hate you so much! You stupid loner." She looked proper pissed off she was turning to walk of when I said " by the way Lavanya one of the nursery kid came up to me saying someone took their skirt, looks like you have stolen it!"

She just turned back and had that 'im gna kill you' look on her face


I was walking to class first period was Chemistry with Mr Jiwa I could not be assed man I didn't want chemistry the guy is always moody.

I was reading a book called Hades when I bumped into this guy and all my books/files and some water fell on him.

I bent down to get my books and I saw the guy was helping me I looked up and I caught in his green eyes after a few moments the bell rang and I jus jumped up in shock!


'Watch where you're going chicken legs you got my whole shirt wet" he was standing there with a blue top on and some black jean ohmygod he looked HOTT!

I was shaking. " I'm sorry." my voice sounded trembly and shaky just like my body.

This guy was like the god of the school Lavanyas boyfriend a player and a big fat jerk. Since the beginning of high school he was always bullying me. He was always snogging different girls every day.

He was such a player I hated him. I hated Arnav Singh Raizada

"Whatever loser just get out of my face I can't stand seeing something so ugly!" he said in a harsh tone.

My throat felt stuffy as though there was a ball of cotton in my throat. I could feel tears coming up.

The day dragged and I didn't even get to see Prem today because he has gone to Manchester something to do for college he wanted to be a footballer he was one of the toppest football players in our school and he hated Arnav and I knew Arnav hated him to I could tell it was obvious.


I walked home with payal but stopped on the way back home for some coffee from Starbucks I was getting cold it was extremely windy and looked like its gona rain anytime soon. We took our coffees with us and we just talked about stuff today and I told her what happened with Arnav today she hated him too but she had a crush on his best friend Akash. Payal was my best friend so I always tried to stop liking Akash because I didn't want payal to get hurt but Akash wasn't like Arnav he's nice but still distance was good.


I walked home and my mum and dad where stilling on the sofa discussing something. I loved my dad I was daddys girl! I was the only child. I didn't see my dad everyday because he's was always busy in work he's a lawyer owns a firm but when I did see him, he would always spend the time he has with me and I loved him for that.

 "Heyy what's up ma and pa!" I said trying to lighten up the mood because frankly I could tell something is wrong.

"Princess we have to tell you something!" my dad said in fear.

"Pa what's wrong?" I always called my dad Pa and he always called me princess I shared a special bond together.

"Princess erm your getting married!" my dad said looking on the floor then in my eyes.I laughed. "Yeah and my grandfather is Gandhi. Good joke." I looked over at my parents and they both had the serious look on their face. They weren't lying.

"no no no no no!" I said vigorously shaking my head.

"no! I don't want to get married to someone I don't know! I wnat to fall in love have the guy I love propse to me! Promise me that he'll love me forever I don't want a force marriage! You can't do this to me I thought you all loved me." I said crying.

"Go freshen up, I don't want to hear a word the guy's side is comin in about an hour to meet you . Seen as you don't want to take up the business  Mr Arjun asked us to join businesses with him and I couldn't say no to them because they helped me to set up this business." My day said in a serious tone

"but." I started to speak again.

"NO BUTS NO IF'S..." I mum said pointing to the stairs.

I jumped on my bed crying. I was broken my parent's were forcing me o marry him.

 I got changed into a yellow dress and applied some mascara and eyeliner.

I couldn't belive my parent's are forcing me to marry someone! I mean I don't know him. Will he love me? Will he hate me? What does he like? What does he dislike? Gosh I don't even know his name I thought as millions of questions were spinning through my head making me frown and feeling nauseous.

I heard the door bell rand. Shit! They're here! I inhaled deeply as I paced around the room.

I slowly walked down the stairs just 5 minutes later when  my mum walks up to me "Here she is!" a young lady stood up and walked up to me and gave me a light hug. She must be Mrs Singh.

"Im glad to see you. You are really beautiful!" okay well she was nice I hope her son was nice.

"Thank you, im glad to see you too..."  I finally managed to speak.

 I could see the guy but he has his back to me. How ignorant he didn't even get up to greet me. He had his hands in this pocket and from this posture I could see that he didn't wnat to be here just as much I didn't wantt to be here.

Mrs Singh pointed towards this middle aged man who would proably be about 35 years old.

"This is Arjun... My husband". I smiled at him and he smiled back okay so good so far the mother and father are nice I wonder if he is then.

"And my son-" I wanted to see how he looks but he still hadn't turned to see me.

"Mom come on!" the guy interrupted his mum. The voice sounded so familiar but I couldn't exactly pin point where I've heard it. "Mom, I told you this isn't guna work! I'm ner- he said while turning around but stopped when we both saw each other... ohno!



That's all for today.. I hoped you liked it! I know it sort of dragged but I did it so you could understand khushi's, lavanya's, arnavs, payals and prems character..


Sorry I left you at a cliff hanger...

To unlock the 2nd chapter press LIKEEJ



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beautifuldreams IF-Dazzler

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If you would like to recieve a pm for when i update please press the like button:)


love beautifuldreams.

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