Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Chaha Bahut ki Tujhe Na Chahoon--FF-Part 4 updated

NiharikaMishra Goldie

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Posted: 21 October 2011 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Hey People,
I know many of you don't know me, but I've always been a silent reader of the IPKKND Forum and a huge fan of  Arhi, as well as almost all the characters of this forum.
Writing has always been my hobby but I've never dared to write a Fan Fiction since I didn't really have a mindset of writing stories worth being converted into soaps.
But now that I've got a script that can perfectly dwell into the spirit of "Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon", I mean the love of Arhi, which was never, never meant to happen, but was Destined.

Please readers, especially Arhi fans do bear with my minor mistakes as, inspite of knowing all norms of FF's, a first attempt is sure to come up with mistakes. Please do guide me via comments and PMs for they'll be my only sources of responses I'll get. You may also hit the like button if my story is worth it. Since its a 1st attempt, I plan to keep it short, so let's begin.
Another thing I'd like to state is that, the story is full of shocks, yes shocksWink but I assure my Arhi fans won't be disappointed. Steaming chemistry in storeDay Dreaming but please bear with the initials till the suspense reveals



Bubbly, chirpy and always spreading joy. That's Khushi Kumari Gupta for you guys. Her life's perfect. She's the apple of the eye of her sister Payal, her parents adore her and if you think love is what's missing? Let me prove you wrong. Didn't I tell you she has all that she wanted? The fragrance of love, perfect understanding and everything else a girl seeks for in her partner was in Shyam. Handsome, intelligent, caring, an undisputed perfect bachelor in every sense, Khushi couldn't ask for more and nor did her parents. So finally it was happening. Khushi was marrying Shyam. But was this all? A happily ever after?

Coughing like crazy trying to evade all the dust before her eyes, Khushi tries to see the guy who had fallen over her from the tree. Eyes wide open, with a whole apple in his mouth waiting to be eaten up, he wore the most peculiar expression like that of a child who had been caught cheating in the exams.
Khushi exclaims in a very angry tone "
He gets up instantly and folds his hands and lowers his eyes waiting for more to come. Khushi comes up close to him and gives him another dose of her temper, "
Kya soch ke aaye the, abhi bulayein police ko? Do chaar dande padenge to saari akal thikaane aa jayegi"
She grabs his arm to drag him and then a voice is heard from a distance "

The guy looks in that direction, his eyes widen and the apple which was still in his mouth all that while drops, and drops on Khushi's toes. Khushi lets out a shrill groan of pain and lets go of his arm, which he uses to his advantage and runs in the direction from where the voice came shouting "
Aaya Didi..."

Khushi tries to chase him and sees him go up to a young girl who was coming that way, "
Tu bahar kaise nikal aaya, pata hai na Dadi ne dekh liya tujhe ghar se bahar to kitni pitai hogi? Chal ghar abhi, isse pehle ki koi dekhe"
She looks around here and there to see if somebody had been watching them, Khushi notices this and hides herself, and then she grabs his hand to take him away but he protests, "
Thode seb hi to khaane ka mann kiya tha to aa gaya, koi nahi aata milne mujhse, tum bhi sirf do baar aati ho khaana lekar"
She replies, "
Tu nahi samajhta na Chote, tujhe abhi bahar nahi nikaal sakte, tere saath wo saare raaz bhi bahar aa jayenge to Raizaada parivaar ne apne andar kahin chupa rakhe hain"
Then he hits back, "
Sab log bahut gande hain, koi mere baat nahi sunta, tum bhi nahi, aur kya mujhe Chote-Chote kehti rehti ho, Arnav naam hai mera, Maa kitne pyaar se bulati thi mujhe, Didi Maa ki bahut yaad aati hai..."
He keeps speaking like a never ending orator as the girl takes him away and his voice fades out.

To ye Arnav hai, Arnav Raizaada? Aur wo ladki? Didi keh raha tha wo use, shayad wo Anjali hogi" Khushi tries to put two and two together, "Shakal se kitne masoom lagte hain ye saare, par haqeeqat to kuch aur hi hai, aur ye kis raaz ki baat kar rahe the? Kisi tarah inke ghar mein pahuch jaayein to kuch pata chal sakta hai"  she decides and leaves the place.

On the pretext of thanking the Raizaadas for helping Akash, Khushi convinces him and Payal to pay a visit to them. They go to their house which is more or less like a palace, unlike other houses there. Khushi inspects every corner with an ironical and hateful look and soon they reach the living room where a tall middle-aged man with a stern look on his face and Akash says, "
Namaste Raghav ji" and Payal follows suite. Khushi does the same in an unwanted way and they sit down.
As Akash and Raghav chat, Khushi keeps looking in the entire place to get a glance of Arnav or Anjali whom she had seen that morning. Payal notices this and asks "
Kya dhoondh rahi ho Khushi?"
Khushi covers up, "
Kuch nahi Didi bas is shandar haveli ko dekh rahe the ki kitni sundar hai"
Raghav and Akash's chat is interrupted by the entry of a little boy with a card in his hand which looked like his report-card, and Raghav calls the boy "
Ansh, result aa gaya hai na? idhar dikhao"
Ansh comes to him trembling as if it was mid-winter with freezing tempertatures and hands the card over to Raghav. One glance at it and Raghav's expressions change.
He picks up a cane and begins hitting Ansh incessantly accompanied with a lot of scolding. Khushi finds the sight awful and advances to stop him, but Payal stops her "
Raghav ji ka gussa tum shayad janti nahi, bataya tha na humne tumhe inse poora gaon darta hai"

But then someone else stops him, "
Bhaiya bas bhi kijiye, jaan le lenge aap iski?" Khushi recognizes the voice, she was the same girl she had seen in the orchard.
Raghav is in no mood to listen, "
Nahi Anjali, phir se itne kam number, aur Maths mein fail? Do chaar nahi pade to ye aur bigadega"
Ajnali hides Ansh behind her back saying, "Kya karega bhaiya, koi to padhata nahi ise, na aap, na Dadi na main, Arnav tha par ab to wo..." she sees guests around and changes the topic "
Maarne ki jagah aapko chahiye ki ise ek accha tutor dein"
Raghav: "
Is gaon mein kaun hai itne padha likha ki ise padhaaye?"

It was an opportunity for Khushi now and she grabbed it, "
Eeveryone began looking at her and she spoke further, "
Haan hum padha sakte hain ise, Maths aur baaki sab bhi"
Akash found it as a way to pay back, "
Haan haan, Khushi padha degi Ansh ko, agar Raghav ji ko koi aitraz na ho"
Raghav looked convinced, he declared, "
Kal se aa jana, shaam ke waqt Ansh ke school ke baad"
The trio takes the leave of the Raizaadas and Khushi returns home with an expression of satisfaction on her face that she had finally found her access into the Raizaada residence and the first door to her path of revenge had opened.


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shilparoxx IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 October 2011 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
Hmmm! Very interesting!!Tongue I really like it!!!
A very different perspective as you said!!

kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 October 2011 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
the story and the title make me so want to read more 

great start
sharneil92 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 October 2011 at 2:07am | IP Logged
awesome! can you make a PM list and PM us when you update...
this is super interesting...
Jyo. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 October 2011 at 2:14am | IP Logged
Wow! This is super interesting! Do add me to your PM list. This is fab Embarrassed
.Jazz. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 October 2011 at 2:18am | IP Logged
Very interesting , i wanna read more!! Do you have a PM list?? Please add me if you doSmile Very well writtenClap
..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 October 2011 at 3:10am | IP Logged
wow!! thats interesting!! why i have a feeling that arnav is the one who killed shyamShocked *well good that he killed that jerk..if not in serial here at least* just guessingLOL
continue soon and ya dont forget to add me to your pm listEmbarrassed
NiharikaMishra Goldie

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Posted: 22 October 2011 at 4:54am | IP Logged

The doorkeeper at the marriage hall entrance greets me with sprinkles of rose water and sweet gestures as I enter the ceremony and almost all the who's who of Lakshminagar is present, not because Shashi Gupta is a super-rich man, but because Khushi was the super-girl of Lakshminagar. Anyone in trouble could count on Khushi and hence almost the entire colony was present to celebrate the saddest day of their life when Khushi will marry Shyam and depart.

Baarat aa gayi" a shrill voice exclaimed and it sounded like a high alert siren was blown. And the next thing we see is a Payal barely panting for breath rush up to the bride's room to inform Khushi. In her room, Khushi's staring loving at her photograph with Shyam and Payal enters screaming, "Ye time hai is tasveer ko ghoorne ka? Saari umar to tere saath rehna hai Shyam ko, ab to choddh de aur chal"
And in a desperate attempt to snatch the frame from Khushi, Payal accidentally ends up smashing it. "
Ye Kya kia Didi" Khushi exclaims irritatingly. Just then Garima (Khushi's Mom) enters and makes a shocked expression "Ye bhi aaj hi hona tha?"  but then a call from her better half makes her ignore it and she instructs Payal to hurry up and get Khushi ready.

The Baarat is at the entrance, Shyam looks like The Prince Charming, straight out of fairy tales. All the young girls give jealous comments on how lucky Khushi was. "Kis baat ki Lucky? Wahan Shyam aa gaye hain aur yahan hume Maa ne kamre mein band kar rakha hai ki Mandap mein hi unko dekh sakte hain" Khushi tells Payal on overhearing the comments as she's giving last touch-ups to the looks of The Girl of The Day. "
Ye sab kya keh rahi hai, abhi photo frame toota hai uska to Maa ne quota poora kiya nahi, teri ye saari batein sunengi to ho jaayega Raam Naam Satya" Payal says in a tone of warning. "Raam naam Satya? Koi Maiyyat mein aaye ho aap? Are shaadi hai humari shaadi..." Khushi's trying to add humour to the situation but her conversation is interrupted by a sound...

A Loud sound makes her stop speaking, Both are shell-shocked. Khushi's about to get up but Payal stops her and moves to the window herself. But then? She herself trances into a speechless silence on seeing the view. Khushi calls out to her a number of times but, when Payal's shock refuses to allow her to respond, she herself moves to the window to see and she sees...

Shyam, who was some minutes before the star-attraction, was on the ground lying in a pool of blood. He had been shot. And Khushi could see a jeep blaring away into oblivion. Some baarat-companions were trying in vain to chase the jeep while others were calling up the police. Utter confusion spread in the marriage hall and the whole scenario change.

Khushi rushed downstairs and upon reaching the spot she stopped. Shocked and shaken to the core, nothing uttered from her lips, even tears were afraid ask permission to move out of her ears. Hushed silence prevailed as she walked slowly towards Shyam's body. Nobody had the guts to console her against the shock she had received. She sat beside the body, began shaking it frantically to find minute signs of life in it addressing Shyam repeatedly to wake up.

But realizing the futility of her effort she shouted "
SHYAM" and tried to get back to her senses. She asked everyone around how did all this happen? No one had an answer on who did this, "Do ladke aaye the,
kaala mask pehne the,
achanak Shyam ka collar pakadkar use ghodi se gira diya aur goli chala di,
humne koshish ki unhe pakadne ki, tabhi ek jeep aayi, kuch log utare aur humse maar peet karke unhe le gaye, Par hume number likh liya hai jeep ka
" Some people tried explaining to her what had happened.
Aapne unhe jaane kaise diya? Roka kyun nahi? Kaise hone diya ye sab?" Khushi's questions were innumerable.

Police arrived and moved everyone from the spot and started investigating. Khushi's eyes had a fuming uncontrollable rage for revenge. Payal was trying to calm her down. "
Nahi Didi, police nahi, unko to hum khud sazaa denge, gunehgaar wo humare hain" Khushi made her intentions clear.
Payal got scared and said, "
Bakwaas band kar tu apni, yahan itna kuch ho gaya tu aur kya karna chahti hai. Maa-Bauji ke baare mein to soch, unka khayaal kar aur ye sab apne dil se nikaal de"

Someone from inside, comes and informs Payal that her father had fallen ill. She rushes in but Khushi's still standing there staring at Shyam's body. Then, she notices something in his hand, and saving the eyes of the police, she picks it up.
Its a chain with a locket in it of an unusual design. Khushi hides it secretly and makes up her mind, "Jin logo ne humare zindagi ke sabse khoobsoorat din ko barbaad kiya, unhe hum nahi chodenge, Police se pehle hum un tak pahuchenge aur un sab ko sazaa denge"

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