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<font size="3">Note- Rated 16+ lol Please keep in mind this is all FF.. Stay tuned for the next part which is not done yet. Sorry to my AT friends for taking long as I was out of the house and I had to make changes to it. Sorry if my hindi or its not done well...I did not get time to edit it</font>

Amar has just broken his
relations with Champa(aka Charlie)and he is very flustered with himself...he
walks back and forth in his bedroom trying
to decide whether to call her back and apologize after lashing at her on the phone. He decides not to and heads to bed
as he is tootired to talk after a long day of shooting.
[Flashback'remember this is one of the many fights they are having lately]It
all started when Champa appeared on the
sets one day to surprise Amar. Shakti and Amar
are filming a romantic moment late night and Champa disrupts the scene by accidentally knocking over a glass. Shakti and
Amar's eye lock breaks as the glass
shatters to pieces...the people on set all turn
to face Champa as her eyes are wide and her hand holding her mouth in embarrassment. She says "I'm so
sorry" the people on the set forgive
her...except Shakti [Narrator-Shakti has
never approved of Champa as
Kunwar's friend]. Shakti and Amar are still standing in position...Shakti says to Palki "I need a 5 minute
break" Palki notices the sudden change
of tone in Shakti's voice and does not object.
Palki nods and Amar senses that Shakti is irritated as she takes off without looking at him. Shakti walks towards
the makeup room in annoyance.
Thinking...why is this girl always here and does she not have any common sense to meet Kunwar offset or in the
daytime! Shakti continues to cuss about
Champa.[Back to main set] the spot-boy
starts cleaning the mess and Amar walks up
to Champa...and pulls her to the side..."Tum
jahan kya kare ho?" Champa is taken back by Amar's words..."Obviously, tumko surprise dana tha and
our last fight I think we need to work on our relationship by being together
more often" Amar gets he
is thinking about Shakti and how Champa disturbed the shoot because of him. "Charlie you should not barg in like
that...hum yahaan itneimportant scene shoot kare the...aur tum
ne...Amar stops as he notices the change
in Champa's face...he decides to say no more but ends it off by saying "You should go...itni raat
hogayi.." Palki calls out Amar's
name...Amar turns away from Champa and walks back to the set.

Champa is feeling very hurt...she is also confused
by Amar's behaviour as he always would be
happy to see her...too hurt to think any
longer...she flees the scene. Amar and Shakti complete the romantic scene and they all pack up for the day. Shakti
looks around and wonders where Champa
went...her thoughts are broken as someone placed
their hand on her shoulder...she turns around to face Amar'Amar speaks,
"Shakti I am so won't happen again" Shakti acts oblivious "Kunwar tum sorry kyun bole re
ho?" Amar places both hands on
Shakti's shoulder and looks her in the eyes..."Shakti hum itne saalo se dost hai...mein tumko bohot achi se janta
hoon" Amar always brings a smile to her
face. Shakti speaks,"Aur mein tumko
bohot ichi se janti hoon...Kunwar you always cover up other's mistakes...but its okay this time..." Both
smile and he wraps his arm around her shoulder as they head outside towards
their cars.Both say their goodnights and drive home. Amar starts questioning
himself as he drives...why he got so anger at
Champa..and why does anything affecting
Shakti always affect him? (Amar has always stood upfor Shakti and can never see her in a bad mood).
His confusing thoughts end as he pulls up
to his apartment. He walks into an empty
he assumed Dharmesh and Kalpesh are out on a Saturday night. His phone rings and he sees it's from
Charlie...he hesitates to pick it up but
eventually gives in.

Before he could speak...he hears her sobbing through the phone...she asks him what she
did wrong as she was only there for good
intentions...he listens as she continues. He eventually cuts her off and says "Tumko paata hai
ke shoot ke time pe mein disturb ne hona
chaata...aur tumne humare shoot ke beeche mein aagi" Amar continues..."You know how
embarrassing it was for me...and Shakti ko
itna bura laga." Champa cuts in and says "aah ha...Shakti hai woh vaaga...I am so stupid...I was seeing it all
along. No wonder tum hamesha mere saath fight karte ho'chote chote baatein pe" Amar lashes
out at her.."Tum yeh kya bol re ho!! Shakti ko kyun beeche meinla reho!! You know that our relationship is not
working because of both of us'but don't you dare blame Shakti!!" Amar is so
angry at her but more anger at the fact that she may be right...Champa continues..."Jab woh Norway gaye tum hamesha mujhe ko set pe leker jaate the...ab mein have feelings for
Shakti!" Champa continues..."Shakti thinks she is always better than everyone...she is irritating
BLEEP!" Amar is so pissed off and
shouts back..."You know what it doesn't matter mere dil mein kya hai Shakti ke liye...but tum yeh jaanlo ke tum
mere dil mein kabhi be jaaga nahin bana sakti
and Shakti is way better person and successful..
than you will ever be!!" Champa is angered even more and yells "I never want to talk to you ever
again!" Amar shouts out "FINE!"
Both hang up the phone. [Flashback ends]

Amar wakes up with a headache...he sits up thinking over the events that
occurred the night before. He thinks he
said too many hurtful things to Champa...but convinces himself that she provoked him. His mind shifts
back to Shakti...he questions himself...why
do I always get so defensive when it comes
to her? Amar shakes his head and gets ready for the shoot. He arrives in a bad mood and his headache was not helping
his mood. He says his hellos but is in no
mood to joke around..Archie comes by and starts
doing funny things and jumps around Amar...Amar tells him that he is in no mood...and walks off to the makeup room to
change. He meets Shakti half way and she
says HI he mumbles a HI and walks off...Shakti
senses some problem with Amar as he is not in a good mood..she decides to get to the bottom this. They begin
shooting the "Kriya item number as she
is jealous of the ballroom dance teacher" In the scene Kriya heads to the rehearsal hall knowing Rey
would come there to practice on his own
like in Dil Se dance...Amar hasn't seen Shakti's
dance and is advised to stare at her with love and lost in her. Amar is thinking how this last minute shot is going
to happen...when he and Shakti have not
practiced together but rather have to
imprompt it. Amar is irritated even more because his head was aching too much for him to do an imprompt scene...he
continues anyways

trying to stay professional. He walks in and sees
Kriya dancing she turns around him doing
seductive moves...Amar forgets that he is Rey and shooting and is in awe of Shakti's hottest as she
was pretty much all over him. He had never
seen Shakti look so hot before and that towith him...the scene ends and everyone starts
cheering on the sets because Amar's
expression and love was executed so realistically...Amar
thinks to himself...I'm not that great of anactor...what has gotten into me? He leaves for
lunch and Shakti still in her short dance
outfit pulls him to the side.

"Kunwar what is wrong" he says "Nothing I'm fine" Amar
eyes look down and Shakti tilts her head to
the side and moves closer to Amar's chest to catch Amar's

eye...he can't help but laugh lol. But looks down
again...Shakti moves closer and grabs his
face with both hands so their eyes would meet. She looks deep in his eyes...Amar is getting lost in the
closeness of her body against his and the
softness of her hands on his face. Amar was
about to place his arm around her but snapped back to reality as Shakti spoke "You can hide your feelings all you
want..but you can't hide them from me"
Amar does not know what to say because he isconfused whether she is talking about his feelings
towards her or why he is upset. He places
his hands on hers (which were still rested on his face) and speaks "Shaki baas argument hogaya ek
dost ke saath..."Shakti raises her eyebrows and says "Charlie ke
saath?" Amar gets irritated by her
name turns around...Shakti walks around him and faces him...she is touched by the sadness in his eyes...she
touches his cheek and says "If you
want to talk about it I am here" Amar forces asmile as Shakti was being such a great friend...he
speaks "Charlie and I have broken all relations"
Shakti is surprised and relieved...but being
a good friend..she asks why...Amar tells her "She said very hurtful things when I told her she should not appear on
the sets like that...she was very rude and
insulting and she ended it."Shakti speaks "I am sorry but woh pehle
din se mujhe aachi ne lagi...she is very
possessive of you." Amar nods in agreement..Shakti advises him to still talk it out as he is losing a
friend...Amar protests..."Main uska
dost tha...woh kabhi nahin meri dost thi...she always tried acting like my girlfriend whenever we would
be out."Shakti speaks..."Kunwar mujhe pehle din se paata tha ke woh
sirf tumhare saath is liye ke tum ek
celebrity ho...her dream is to become an
actress"Shakti tries hard not to laugh...Amar speaks "Shakti you
are right...girls always understand other girls
better than guys" Shakti pats Amar on
shoulder..."You deserve better because you such an awesome dancer, actor and overall a sweet guy" Amar
smiles and teases "Is that all?"
He walks around with tashan...Shakti bursts outlaughing.."Dikhne mein tum teek taak ho"
Amar flirts back "Teek taak?" He
pretends to be Shakti laughs harder...she speaks "Kunwar you are hot and you know it" Both laugh and Amar
wraps his arm around her shoulder and pulls
her in a hug and whispers in her ear..."Thank

you Shakti I really needed this" Shakti
playfully hits his chest and says
"Don't say thank you...this is what I am always here for." Both
smile and head back to the shoot.

After the days
shoot'Palki pulls both Amar and Shakti aside to let them know that they will
have to leave for Delhi tomorrow night together for the Footloose
auditions.[Narrator message- Big thank
you to Kriyanshfan for the idea and gave me inspiration to write this following
part, so guys thank her as well in your comments]
Amar asks Palki'"Shantanu
humare saath aaye ga?" Palki shakes her head' "It will only be you two as I
need at least one of the couples present for the current shoot'I know you guys
will manage it well. Your flight is at 8pm tomorrow'you will stay for 2 nights
there'.One day to watch the auditions and select finalists and the other day
you guys have a break to party or go sightseeing as a gift to me to you for 100
episodes. Please don't tell the rest of the cast, everyone is deserving but you
guys have made this show what it is today" Amar and Shakti are super excited
and thank Palki. Shakti promises to show Amar her childhood around Delhi and they plan to party. Shakti and Amar start
rehearsing for their act for the Delhi auditions'Amar is so excited to spend
some time with Shakti'just the two of them alone in Delhi. [At the airport]
Shakti and Amar take a taxi together to the airport and board the airplane.
They sit in silence tired from shooting and Amar and Shakti plan to watch a
movie together on his laptop to kill time. As they watch the movie'Shakti
starts to doze and she grabs his arm closer to her and she wraps her arms
around his and leans her head on his shoulder and sleeps. Amar cannot stop
smiling as she is so adorable that she doesn't even know what she is doing when
she is sleeping. Amar turns his laptop off and watches Shakti sleep on him'he
eventually dozes off and his head leans against Shakti's.

Shakti wakes up as
the plane is about to land'she notices how she is sleeping on Amar'she is about
to pull back but decides not to as Amar's head would fall to the side. She
stays in her position and her mind drifts to thoughts of Amar. She is thinking
of all the DID days and how far they come to now in D3. She smiles as they have
been so successful together'Amar wakes up and moves his head from hers'unaware
that Shakti is awake'he control himself and he kisses the top of her head.
Shakti does not know how to react'but she is very touched by his kiss'unaware
of the reasons behind it but she didn't care. His lips touching her head
touched her as no one has done such a thing before. She slightly moves her head
and her eyes meet Amar's. Amar is feeling awkward wondering whether Shakti was
awake when he kissed her head. Shakti reads Amar's face and says "Welcome to Delhi!" she smiles and he smiles back at her. She
releases her arms around his and they get up to board off the plane. On their
taxi ride to the hotel Shakti is lost in Amar's thoughts and kiss'she convinces
herself not to blow it out of portion as Amar is a good friend.

They arrive at
the hotel and they go and check in for keys. The lady at the front desk hands
Amar one key'confused they ask for the second key. She looks at them
confused'she says "Palki Malhotra has booked one room with 2 beds'there seems
to be some confusion" Amar calls up Palki and lets her know they arrived safe
and sound'and tells her about the room booking confusing. Palki goes "Oh shit..,I
think I must of said 2 beds instead of 2 rooms'I'm so sorry guys it was a busy
day that day I was booking" Amar informs Shakti and both agree to take the room
regardless as there are 2 beds and all. They head to the room and take turns
freshening up and putting on their Pjs. Amar starts laughing at Shakti's monkey
Pjs and starts teasing her on how she resembles one. Shakti grabs a pillow and
hits Amar across the face with all her strength. He gets mad as she hit him
right in the eye..she feels bad and apologizes and moves in and grabs for his
face to examine his eye. Amar known for his masti'was faking the injury'as
Shakti moves closer he grabs the pillow and hits her. Their pillow fight
continues and eventually ends as both are exhausted and they erupt in laughter
as they lie side by side on the ground.

Shakti says "I have never had this much
fun before'over a kidish pillow fight." "Kunwar you are very entertaining and such
a kid at the same time" Amar: "Dil to baacha hai "Both laugh'they get off the
ground and decide to get some sleep as tomorrow is the auditions. Shakti wakes
up early showers and decides to get coffee and breakfast from the restaurant
downstairs as Amar slept. She sneaks back quietly in the room to not wake Amar.
But Amar was already awake with the bathroom door open and steam from a hot
shower escaping into the bedroomShe puts down the breakfast and can't help
but peak in the bathroom. As Amar is standing there wearing only his boxer
shorts. Shakti can't help drool as she checks him out'she is adoring his body
as water from his wet hair was dripping onto his chest. Her mind gets lost'she
is not aware of what she was doing next. She moves into the bathroom as Amar's
back is to her...she caresses his shoulder and he turns around in alarm..
spraying her face with water from his hair. He is wondering what Shakti is
doing in the bathroom and that to with him only in his boxer shorts'he ignores
his thoughts and he starts wiping the water off Shakti's face'their eyes lock
and they both are grasped in the moment. He moves closer'Shakti snaps back to
her senses and says "uhh I brought breakfast" He nods and she leaves the

She sits on the couch trying to shake off the sensation she felt in
the bathroom'Amar on the other hand smiles and feels there is something there
in Shakti's heart for him that is slowly revealing. He gets dressed and both
eat in silence. They attend the event'dance and select a couple of the college
teams who would later come to Mumbai and complete with other schools. They wrap
up the event and Amar tells Shakti that she promised to show him her childhood
in Delhi'she keeps to her word. Shakti takes him to her
school where she went to school as a child'.they share personal school moments.
They sit on the bench and they eat ice cream talking for many hours, unaware
that it was about 4 hours of personal talk. Amar talks "This was fun'mein aab
tumko aur zaada jaanta hoon" Shakti nods in agreement'"Kunwar mein yeh saab
share isi liye kiya ke tum mere bohot aache dost ho" Amar agrees "I know Shakti
you are very private and I am happy our friendship is growing stronger" Both
smile and decide to head back to the hotel. They plan to go out clubbing to
enjoy the last night before their afternoon flight the next day back to Mumbai.

Amar pulls on a t-shirt and jeans and a jacket on top and waits for Shakti to
get out of the bathroom. Shakti walks out wearing a blood red flowy strapless
dress with black flats with matching purse [Narrator message-MF this is for you lol no
blue bag I promise lol]
and hair open. Amar's jaw drops as Shakti was
looking HOT'She notices his stare'she smiles and raises her eyebrows at him. He
speaks "Shakti tum bohot aachi lage re ho"'Shakti asks "Sirf acchi" and she
poses like a model. Amar starts laughing as she was imitating from before when
he was giving her tashan. Amar moves closer and imitates her by saying "Shakti
you are hot and you know it!" Both bursts out laughing lol [narrator- both
indirectly find each other hot]. Amar goes and grabs his wallet and dog-tag
chain [Narrator-for the people don't
know what that it is'its the necklace Amar/Rey both wear on a daily basis].

He notices that its missing'he starts during the room upside down as he throws
blankets and pillow aside to check the bed for it. Shakti asks what he was
looking for'he tells her about his missing dog-tag chain. He goes to the
bathroom in search for it. Shakti notices it on under a pile of Amar's clothes
he wore yesterday. She picks it up and is about to call out his name'she stops
in her tracks and smiles. She decides to hide it and give it to him at the club
just as a means to freak him out. She is about to put it in her purse, but Amar
comes out the bathroom after destroying it. She quickly holds it in her hands
an puts her hands behind her back. Amar continues to search'his eye catches the
metal as Shakti is holding the dog-tag chain in her hand. She notices him
staring and smiles and puts her hands behind her back and clutching the chain
with both hands. He says "Shakti! Meri chain wapse karo" She runs around the
room as he chases her trying to catch her. He tries to corner her, she is too
quick or him and jumps on the bed. Leaving him confused on what side of the bed
to go to'Shakti is laughing so hard. His phone rings and Amar pretends to look
over as Shakti jumps off the bed. He grabs her by the waist and wraps both arms
around her trying to free her grip on the chain.

Both struggle and Shakti can't
help laugh as Amar was on some mission that he won't give up on. As they
struggle with one another'she extends her arms out making it difficult for him
to grab her hands. With that'Amar wraps his right arm around her back and pulls
her off her feet. She is pressed against his chest and at eyelevel to him. She
feels the passion forming again'as Amar is still holding her by one arm and
trying to grab her hands by his other hand. Amar is unaware how close they were
to one another. His eyes meet Shakti as he notices her not struggling anymore.
Both are feeling the passion and intensity as their lips are inches away from
touching. Shakti is so lost in his gaze that she doesn't notice her hands
unwind and the chain is released and falls to the floor. She brings her arms
forward and places them against his chest. Amar wraps his free arm around her
waist and tightens the grip bringing her face closer to his. Both are lost in
eachother's eyes'Amar leans in a bit and stops in the middle to wait for Shakti
to accept'she accepts by closing her eyes. He decides to play it safe not sure
if he should kiss or not'.. he quickly kisses her lightly on the lips. Shakti
reads his tactics and wraps her arms around his neck kisses him with all her
strength'he kisses her back as they make out with one another..Shakti is
feeling so light on cloud 9 as he is an amazing kisser. As they kiss'both fall
to bed as Amar is on top of her. Both let go as they are gasping for air'he
leans in and kisses her neck and then her bare shoulders. She grabs at his
jacket and he takes it off and continues kissing her. She closes her eyes and
she grabs her arms under his and places her hands on his back. Their lips meet
again and they kiss.. Amar's hands find the zipper on the back of her dress and
he starts unzipping it. Shakti does not care'she wanted Amar in that moment
that he was free to do anything. He stops half way and pulls the zipper back
up'Shakti breaks away his kiss and questions him with her eyes. He smiles at
her and starts playing with her hair and says "We are moving too fast, you know
how I think" She smiles as she knew what he ment and that he is traditional and
does not believe in doing such stuff
before marriage. She pulls him onto his side and she gets off her back and onto
her side to face him. She grabs onto him and hugs him and he hugs her back and
holds her. She let go slightly and looks into his eyes and her lips found his
again and continue to make out. Shakti lets go as Amar starts laughing in
between'she asks " What?" Amar continues laughing and say "Weren't we suppose
to be going somewhere" Shakti laughs as well and says "What do you mean' we are
here'in each other's arms'there is no other place I want to be in right now."
He holds her as they sleep peacefully with smiles on their faces. Shakti wakes
up and faces Amar and touches his cheek'he opens his eyes as he was awake. Both
say good morning and smile. Shakti moves in and kisses the top of his head'.he
is surprised and knew what she ment'she speaks "Did you forget this time..I'm
only going to have a good morning with my morning kiss." He smiles and leans in
and kisses the top of her head. They both take turns brushing. Shakti starts
preparing coffee and Amar holds her from behind and whispers in her ear.. "Last
night was amazing'you were amazing babe." She tilts her head around to face him
as he had just called her babe'he smiles and tights his grip around her and
leans down and kisses her as she holds his face with her hand. Both quickly let
go as they realize they are running late for their flight'both run around with
Amar panicking and throwing both of their clothes everywhere and Shakti
cracking up. Both pack and head down stairs and take their taxi to the airport.
They check in their bags and wait to board as they stare through a large
window' hand in hand watching the plane approaching the terminal. Shakti turns
to him and says "I will miss has given us a lot" Amar nods and says
"Don't be too upset'we will be back after one month..I promise" Shakti gets
excited and kisses him on the cheek as he was hinting their one month
anniversary. They have a romantic flight home and decide to hide their
relationship until they are ready to expose it to everyone.


<b><font size="3">TO BE CONTINUED</font>

<font size="3"></font>

<font size="3">PROMO: Shakti walks in on Amar holding Champa in his arms</b></font>


<font size="3">Enjoy please Like and/or comment your thoughts. I am open to criticism and offence taken at will help me grow as a writer. Please rate out of 5 (don't be biased guys or be nice about it...I want honest opinion).Also, any predictions? I have the scene in my mind just need time to write it</font>

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will cmnt when. I'll. Be OL through my lappy!!
gal m always at loss of words when it comes to ur wrork
gosh it was bloody hot
man it sounds so real
i was imagining it n i was believing it
for a moment, i felt my dream came true
it was so megical n roaking
my heartbeat was pacing so high when i was reading it
n i love the fact that u addressed her as champa
made me hate her all the more lol
it was so beautiful n realistic dude
oh boy i can't wait for the nexy part
u'll kill me in it na
tu to meri sachi me guru ban gyi hai robin
pair kha hai tere
guruji ashirwad doLOL
seriously it was tooo hot to handle
i m loosing my patience now
make amar n shakti read it
m sure they'll die of embarrasement first
n then we'll strike the cupid's arrow right into their butts lolzz
SEXYYY update

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Reseved. I wanna write you a awesome long reply. Will do when i come back online.

BuT this was AMAZINGLY HOT!. you killed me. Awsome!

bravo :D

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its just mind blowing it feels so good and this FF is really hot

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Originally posted by _sana.Magic_

<font face="'Comic Sans MS', Times, serif">its just mind blowing it feels so good and this FF is really hot</font>
Thanks dear :)
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omg omg awesome...

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haila robin maardala but the next part champa in amar arm ...omg 

ur awsum

ur minblowing


speechless again ...

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