LAST CHAPTER (5)@pg25- ARJA FF Pyar To Hona Hi Tha (Page 25)

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gonna update in the eveningEmbarrassed
sorry wont be able to update as i wont be homee in the evening:) but surely tommorow u will get to see the last chapter

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Waiting for my comment?LOL
So Sorry i couldn't read it any earlier even when i knew it was updatedOuch
I've been ill since the holidays startedAngry now holidays are going to finish but my cough is still gonna stay with meAngry Ugghhh forget that!! i feel a bit better now so i read it all Big smile
Amazing! ClapClapClap
Sorry i know i'm not typing up something funny cuz i'm really not feelig well. But i just loved this update!! Big smileBig smile C&T Really deserve a standing ovation LOLWink And ArJa are sooo adorable!! IDK Wat these options people were commenting about but i'm  guessing *Not Sure if it's the option* that  Both Are Gonna Look at eachother...then look away and then laugh ROFL best way to express each other's loveLOLWink

Update JaldiiTongue
Ughhh Lousy Coughs! Angry Don't Wanna be coughing my lungs out in class Cry

Sadiie x

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sorry i promised to update 2 days a go, but couldnt as wen i wanted to open the document, it wasnt there, my dad deleted by mistake, i will rewrite it wenever i get timeEmbarrassedOuch

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for both chapter 3 and 4 di..ur simply fabulous

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sorry to my dear followers, i will rewrite the last chapter today n willl post the chapter in the eveningEmbarrassed

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Chapter 5 (LAST)
Arhaan was standing behind Pooja n Pooja was just laughing in herself, unknown Pooja didnt notice Arhaan standing behind her...Arhaan was just wondering how to say sumthing, he was all alone with Pooja...Chandu n Tunna told the workers not to disturb them n just serve them wen they ask...Arhaan was totally out of words n didn't know how n wat to say, he moved a bit forward but again stepped back, now Pooja felt that Arhaan was standing behind her, she stopped laughing n her heartbeat became fast'Arhaan closed his eyes n took a deep breath and moved forward n wen he touched Pooja's shoulder, he was lost in the feeling which he got after touching her n even Pooja felt sumthing different than she normally felt wen Arhaan touched her during the sets'

Pooja closed her eyes n Arhaan was still holding her shoulder n said Pooja, Pooja didn't know how she will face him and she didn't open her eyes, the time wen Arhaan turned Pooja towards him, Pooja hugged him, her eyes were still closed n Arhaan just didn't know how to react n he just raised his hands to Pooja's back n closed his eyes, both felt the warmth n the love which they got for each other, for 1 minute they were quiet n just felt each other'

Then Arhaan made Pooja stand infront of him n he just luked at her, Pooja luked in his eyes n Arhaan held her hand n sat on his knees, Pooja just luked at him n he said:
Pooja, i didnt know that i could ever say this to you, but ur always in my mind n wenever you cum in front of me, i dont know why, but my heart feels very happy n i always want to be with you...Pooja i love you
Pooja had tears in her eyes, she just couldnt imagine that shes so special for sum1...Arhaan kissed Pooja's hand n Pooja's tear fell on Arhaans hand, he saw her tear n stood up n held Pooja's face...
Arhaan: i cant see tears in your eyes, i want to see ur smile always, the smile which made me fall for you
Pooja gave a cute little smile n again hugged Arhaan
Arhaan: Ouch
Pooja: Kya hua
Arhaan: Itni khushi dil se bardaasht nei horahi
Pooja again smiled n punched Arhaan at his chest
Arhaan hugged Pooja
Pooja: I love you Arhaan
Arhaan: I love you 2

Suddenly the lights went off n the light was focused on ArJa...both Arhaan n Pooja luked here n there
Arhaan: Ye Kya Hua?
Pooja: Pata n...
Suddenly the song was played:
Ye Kya hua, teri meri pyaar ki baatein, kyu dunya ki nazron me agayi

Chandu n Tunna started clapping n danced like a couple...Arhaan n Pooja couldnt stop laughing seeing Chandu n Tunna dancing like that, Arhaan ran towards them n held them by their necks
Arhaan: Tum dono to chalege the, kharre hoke baatein suni jari thi
Chandu: Bhaiya, we couldnt imagine u would propose Bhabhi like this
TUnna: Aap to boht hi chhupe rustam ho
Pooja was luking at them n just smiled
Chandu: Bhabhi, apko hume thanks bolna chahiye
Tunna: Ha, we made Arhaan tell u his feelings, otherwise he would never tell u his feelings
Pooja became a bit shy and Arhaan left them
Chandu: Pooja bhabhi cum here
Pooja walked towards them
Chandu took sumthing out of his pocket n even Tunna took something out of his jacket, both raised their hands n said this is for both of u:)
Pooja: Ye???
Arhaan: What was the need for this, whats this?
Tunna: Open it
CHandu: Yes open it na
Both of them opened the gift n saw a beautiful ring
Pooja: Chandu Bhaiya, this is...
Arhaan: Yaar, there was really no need for this
Chandu: Kya bhaiya, you both r not only our co-actors, but u both r our true friends
TUnna: r like a big brother for us bhaiya
After hearing this Arhaan had tears in his eyes, he became emotional about having such a gr8 friends, even Chandu had tears in his eyes n Tunna was just luking down
Arhaan: U both are just...and Arhaan just hugged them...after seeing this Pooja was so happy to see their bond
Pooja: Ahem ahem, hum bhi yaha hai abhi
All the three came out of the emotional hug n smiled

TUnna: Now dont delay n exchange the rings:D
Pooja luked at Arhaan n even Arhaan luked at Pooja, Arhaan held Pooja's hand n made her wear the ring n even Pooja did the same
Chandu: Bhaiya maza ajaye agar aap ek or baar same style me bhabhi ko propose karo:P
Tunna: Ha bhaiya
Pooja became shy n said: No uski kya zarurat he
Chandu: Plzzz, bhabhi plz for us
Arhaan: Oke, we cant deny ur request as u both gave us such a wonderful surprise
Tunna: ye hui na baat:D
Arhaan went on his knees n holded POoja's hand, Pooja luked down
Arhaan: Pooja i love you
Tunna: Arre neiii, ese nei, bilkul same style me, jese u did before
Pooja luked at Arhaan n raised her eyebrows:D
Arhaan: oke oke, huhhh...n he luked at Pooja n was still holding her hand
Arhaan: Pooja, u r very special to me, weneevr im with u, my heart feels complete, I LOVE YOU n he kissed her hand
Pooja became shy n made Arhaan leave her hand
Tunna: Bhabhi ese to nei chalega
Chandu: Aapko b i love you bolna parega:P
Arhaan stood up, Pooja luked in Arhaans eyes
Pooja: Arhaan i...
Both Chandu n Tunna were waiting
Pooja: I...
Chandu: Aage bhi to bolo naa
Pooja: I...i love you Arhaan
Tunna: Ye hui na baaat:D
Chandu: Now u both giv the gifts u bought
Tunna: HAAA, BIRTHDAY GIFT n all of them started laughing

Arhaan gave the saree to Pooja n even Pooja gave Arhaan his shirt n perfume...Arhaan opened the gifts n saw the purple shirt
Arhaan: Pooja this is very beautifull, thanks n he also loved the perfume
N then Arhaan gave the gifts to Pooja, POoja luked at Arhaan
Tunna: Sharmaiye mat, kholiye:P
Pooja opened the gifts n saw a beautifulll pink saree with matching jewellery
Pooja: This is just so beauitfull, she was about to hug Arhaan, but suddenly stopped
Chandu: Ahemmm, go on, go on
Tunna: We will close our eyes:P
Both of them closed their eyes n Pooja hugged Arhaan:P this made Arhaan a bit shy
N then Arhaan said close ur eyes
Tunna: humari aankhen to band hi he, kyu Chandu?
Chandu: Ha bhaiya
Arhaan: Arre, tum dono nei, POoja u close ur eyes n u both open ur eyes
Arhaan whispered: Wo flowers bouquet kaha hai?
Chandu: Oh ha, wo waha bar ke piche
ARhaan: Tunna u go get it fasttt
Chandu: Wait i will cum with u also
BOth of them went together n got the bouquet
CHandu: what about the other arrangement?
Tunna: Ha thats done too
Both of them walked back to ArJa with the bouquet
Pooja: Can i open my eyes now?
Arhaan: No, not yet
Chandu: BHaiya, go on that place na, on the podium
Pooja: Kyun, kya karne wale ho aap
Tunna: Bhabhi, just cum there naa, Bhaiya cum
Arhaan whispered waha kya hai yaar
Chandu: Ssshhh chalo bas n they reached the podium
Tunna: Ji  ab aage bharo:D

Arhaan was holding the flowers n then siad to Pooja, open ur eyes, Pooja opened her eyes  n saw Arhaan with a beautifull bouquet of red flowers
Pooja: Arhaan, this is...this is so beautifull n suddenly rose pattles started falling on Arhaan n Pooja, it was like a heaven, Chandu n Tunna were sooo sweet to arrange this for ArJa
Arhaan: yaar ye to, how shall we thank u both for making everything so special
Pooja: Yes, what was the need for all this
Chandu: U both dont need to thank us
Tunna: N bas humara kaam hogaya, now u both carry on n we will take ur leave nowww
Arhaan: Now stay here n lets hav dinner together na
Tunna: No no, we arranged it only for u both, so please carry on:D
Pooja: Thanks a lot to u bothh, u both r really sweet n hugged both of them...even Arhaan hugged them n both of them left
Pooja was standing with the flowers n was luking luvlyyy in the pink saree...Arhaan luked at Pooja n gave a kiss on Pooja's cheeks
Pooja: Arhaan...:$
Both of them walked to the table n the waiter came with the food
Pooja: Chandu n Tunna are so nice
Arhaan: Yea, they r very sweet, they arranged everything so nice n just perfect
Pooja: Ha ha, if they wouldnt do this, u would never express ur love:P
Arhaan: Thats not true
Pooja: It is n i know everything why u did this
Arhaan: What do u know?
Pooja: Bas i know everything
Arhaan: But what??
Pooja: Yahi ke tum mujhse kitna pyar karte ho n that u didnt want to hurt me with by expressing ur feelings
Arhaan was stunned that how Pooja knew all this
Pooja holded Arhaans hand n said: Arhaan i know that u love me a lot n the day u expressed ur feelings in front of Chandu n Tunna, i really respected u n made a special place in my heart
Arhaan: Did they tell u?
Pooja: No no, i heard everything wen i came back n Pooja held Arhaans hand more tight
Pooja: Arhaan i really luv u n i cant tell u how much i do
Arhaan: Pooja, tum...he stood up n walked to the other side of the table where Pooja was sitting n made her stand up too
Arhaan: Ur the 1st n last girl in my life, thanks for accepting my luv n kissed Pooja's forehead n hugged her, the moment wen Pooja wanted to sit again, Arhaan held her hand, both of them were luking in each others eyes n both of them were cuming closer n closer, Pooja turned her face wen Arhaan was about to kiss her, but then Arhaan held her face n made her luk in his eyes n Arhaans lips were only 1 cm far from Pooja's lips n he came closer n closer 

-end of chapter 5-
link to chapter 3

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N the winners for guessing how ARhaan would express his luv are:

the corrects answers were B and D
(Pooja hugging Arhaan before he speaks up n Arhaan on his knees)

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