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Hi everyone as i showed u 2 trailers of my upcoming FF, i told u all that i will first FINISH writing all the 5 chapters n post it and here i ammm!! I finished writing the 5 chapters n now im going to start my FF...i hope u all will like it!!!! And wont get boredOuchEmbarrassed wont take much time of u as its a short FF...but the chapters r not short lol hehe
This is my 1st FF so i tried my best to make it interestingTongue i did like it so i hope u all willl like it alsoTongue 
first of all here's a poster of my FF
The 2 trailers of my FF
...characters intro cuming up in a bit...

plzzz everyone tell me if u want to follow my FF or not as i will send my updates to my followers ONLY
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My cast + Intro of my FF

Arhaan Behll
A shy person, very kind hearted and gets very free with his special experience in the tellydom, this is his 1st show/drama, which is going to be aired on Star Plus, he luvs to act n believes to get success by giving hard work...hes playing a role which is very different to his real character...but sumthing will be similar, he will change, to know how! read my FFWink
Pooja Gor
A very fun loving person, who loves to chat with everyone, she luvs to hang out, sumthing will make bring a change in her n she will be focused to that onlyEmbarrassed she is familiar with the tellydom as she starred in the Sony Televions show > Kitni Mohabbat she wasnt the main lead, but in Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya, she IS the main lead...
On screen friends of Krishna/Arhaan, also playing the same role in my FF > friends of Arhaan, naughty boys, naughty??? But why? to know, just wait n read my FFBig smile
Special appearances:
Kunal (Angad)
Avantika (Arushi)
Anupam (SS)

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Updates (chapters)
Chapter 1, click here
It was a sunny day, Arhaan was getting ready for the introduction with his co actors of his 1st show Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya, he was a bit nervous as it was his 1st show! On the other hand Pooja was already familiar with the tellywood and was just excited about her new show as a lead! Both of them were ready n went out for their shoot

Arhaan rushed to his n started driving'He was on his way n suddenly saw the traffic jam which was caused due to an accident
Arhaan: what should I do now'.director ko phone karu? Nei par wo kahi naraaz na hojaye'.par batana to parega'he called up his director n told him that due to an accident he will be late
Director: but i need to introduce each n every character n everyone will get the shooting dates and this is not a good impression mr Behll
Arhaan: Sorry sir, this wont happen againConfused
Director: make sure it doesn't, otherwise there r many other actors ready to work with a famous director like me and he disconnected the phone
Arhaan: Phewww, I hope I will reach on time nowConfused

On the other hand Pooja n all the other actors reached the shoot, everyone was getting introduced to each other'.Pooja was luking around and wondering where Arhaan was, as they were the leading pair'.Ouch

Pooja went to Kunal (angad) and said:
Sabse introduction hogayi, par Arhaan kaha hai?
Kunal: I don't know, he was supposed to be here at 9.00, its already 9.15
Pooja: Yea,he should be carefull as its his 1st show na'
Kunal: You don't worry, he might be on his way
Pooja: I hope so n went

Now it was 9.30 n everyone was called up n the director was about to giv his speech about the show, but noticed that Arhaan wasn't there, he was about to call Arhaan and suddenly Arhaan knocked the door, everyone looked back n saw Arhaan
Arhaan in himself thought:sab ke sab aage and started walking towards the director, im sorry sir, the traffic'
Director: Oke oke, now take a seat as I need to explain everything to u all

Arhaan wasn't introduced to anyone, including Pooja and he sat next to her, he didn't know that Pooja was the main lead with whom he was paired up and Pooja just looked at him and thought:
Hmm to ye hai janaab! Tongue
Arhaan luked back at her n he was too shy around girls so just luked down, Pooja was about to say sumthing n suddenly the director started speaking n she focused to what the director was saying
Everyone was listening carefully, the director gave the dialogues to everyone n the dates n timings of shooting'.and wished good luck to everyone.

As Arhaan was late, the director called him to stand next to him for an introduction'.The director introduced everyone again and Arhaan was happy to have such a great co-actors. Pooja was the last one and they shaked hands n greeted each other, the director left n Pooja n Arhaan were standing together

Pooja: So, nervous??
Arhaan didn't really luk at Pooja as he was too shy around girls and said: Ha? A little bit
Pooja: Why did you come late?
Arhaan: Traffic
Pooja: Traffic, ya koi or baat?Tongue Pooja just teased him to make him feel comfortable as it was his 1st showBig smile
Arhaan:  Nei or koi baat nei, excuse me n walked away
Pooja wondered why he didn't speak much n just luked at him while he was walking away
Pooja: never mind'.n she luked around n went towards Anupam (SS) and was having a long chat with him about the show

Arhaan was just sitting down n having a chat with Chandu n Tunna, he was quite comfortable with them n became very gud friends with them, suddenly Pooja came there with Avantika and said:
So whats up guys, again Arhaan looked down
Avantika (arushi) said: I really liked the story of our show, I hope our show will be a success, but now I need to rehearse for my 1st shoot, I will take your leave guys
Everyone said bye to her
Arhaan was having water n just luked down all the time when Pooja was there, Pooja noticed that n while talking to Chandu N Tunna she continuesly luked at Arhaan, she wondered why he wasn't luking at her while he was the main lead opposite herConfusedLOL
Chandu n Tunna suddenly shaked Pooja as she wasnt replying n Pooja said: Ha?Shocked Sorry guys and luked again at Arhaan n Arhaan just finished drinking his water n walked away
Pooja said to Chandu n Tunna: Yaar ye meri taraf dhekta kyu nei, apse kuch baat ki?
Chandu: Arre kya baat karri ho, humse to itni baat karra tha, hes such a nice guyBig smile
TUnna: Ha, hes a very nice, It will be fun to shoot with him
Pooja: Acha?? I don't know why he didn't chat to meConfused
Chandu n Tunna continued talking about their dialogues n script
N Pooja continuesly thought about Arhaan n wondered how she will manage to act with him if he wont talk to her at allOuch
Pooja: Huh boht mushkil hoga, anyways guys I will take your leave now, good luck!!! N Pooja left

Sum days passed n everyone was doing a fair job, till now no shoots were shot of ArJa together n they hardly saw each other'After a few episodes finally ArJa's scene was being shot, the scene where Krishna sees Pratigya for the 1st time and this was also the 1st time that ArJa were shooting a scene together!! Arhaan was already doing a fab job n even Pooja was, so they both were trained n didn't expect to giv a failure!! Everyone was prepared n the director said ACTION:
Arhaan didn't see Pooja at all as he was too busy in dressing up, Arhaan had to giv a long look and his scene was being shot wen Pooja came in the rickshaw, while giving the scene Arhaan was lost after seeing Pooja and couldn't take his eyes off, he kept looking at her, she was luking very beautifull in the purple shalwar kameez''.The feelings of Arhaan were exactly the same as Krishna had during the sceneEmbarrassed
Chapter 2, click here
The feelings of Arhaan were exactly the same which Krishna had during the scene, the scene ended n Pooja noticed nothing as the scene  was the same!! The scene ended n Arhaan had to take his helmet off, but he was too lost in Pooja and forgot to do that, the director suddenly said CUT n Arhaan came out of his fantasy world
Director: Kya karre ho yaar, kaha khoye ho
Arhaan: Sorry sir
Director: Cum on lets giv the last take again
N finally the scene was completed

After the scene everyone was off to their next shoot n Pooja came back n went towards Arhaan
Pooja: the scene was shot very nicely na
Arhaan was just luking at her beautifull face n  didn't hear what Pooja was saying
Pooja: When is ur next shoot?
Arhaan was lost in her eyes n suddenly Pooja shaked him
Pooja: Kya hua, tum kuch bolte kyu nei?
Arhaan: Sorry what did you say?
Pooja: I said'. HUHHH forget it, u don't even talk to me and Pooja directly asked him, don't u like me?
Arhaan couldn't speak anything as he really admired her
Pooja: now speak up!
Arhaan: he didn't know what to say n he didn't even know what POoja asked n he just said NO
Pooja: Whatt, u don't like me, I knew it, anyways who cares, im going
Arhaan suddenly holded Pooja;s arm n said im sorry I didn't mean to hurt u
Pooja: then what did u mean?
Arhaan: Ur very nice, I do like u
Pooja smiled n said thanks
Arhaan was again lost in Pooja's smile
Pooja luked at him n gave a bright smile n walked away
Arhaan was too simple n couldn't understand that he has started liking Pooja n went back to the director for the next shoot

After one successful month, the director arranged a party for the whole cast, Arhaan was wearing a white shirt n sky blue jeans'Pooja was wearing a purple top with black jeans, wen Pooja entered the place, Arhaan was lost again, Chandu noticed it n coughed:
Ahem ahem janaab kider dheka jara hai
Arhaan: kahi bhi to nahi
Chandu: acha??? Kafi der se note karra hu, jab bhi koi Pooja ki baat karta hai ya Pooja aati hai, tum khojate ho
Arhaan: nei nei esi koi baat nei
Chandu: Esi hi baat hai

Pooja was just walking around n suddenly noticed Arhaan looking at her, she gave a smile n just walked towards Avantika
Pooja: HI, how r u?
Avantika: Fine and what about u, ur lukign gr8
Pooja: Thanks and they were just chatting to each other
Arhaan was luking how Pooja was touching her hair n he was lost in her beautifull smile, suddenly Tunna joined Arhaan n Chandu
Tunna: Hey guys whatsss''up????? N  he just luked at Arhaan, which was luking sumwhere as if no one is sitting with him, he luked up to the direction Arhaan was luking at n he saw Pooja
Chandu winked at Tunna
Both Chandu n Tunna were lukign at Arhaan for 1 minute while Arhaan kept luking at Pooja, Arhaan was giving tiny smiles in himself, both Chandu n Tunna whispered to each other:
Daal mein kuch to kaala hai
Tunna: Kuch to??!! Boht kuch kaala hai and they started laughing n Arhaan stopped luking at Pooja and said, its really hot inside na?
Chandu: Yea, very, we r just wondering why? N gave a big laugh n Tunna also laughed
Arhaan: U both r just enough
Chandu: We will get u a drink, cum Tunna
They both walked away n were luking at Arhaan from a distance, Arhaan was luking around, he couldn't find Pooja, Pooja was gone to the washroom with Avantika
Chandu n Tunna came back with a drink n suddenly Tunna said:
Bhaiya, Pooja waha hai!
Arhaan was too lost n replied: kider????!!!
Chandu: WO UDER and pointed towards the door, where no one was standing
Arhaan suddenly noticed that hes caught by Chandu n Tunna
Chandu: kyun janaab, pakre gaye na
Arhaan: No no, there's nothing like that, I was just'Arhaan didn't know what to say n said giv me my drink
Arhaan decided to behave normal as CHandu n TUnna were starting to know that he likes Pooja'.

Meawhile everyone was off to the dance floor n only Arhaan was sitting as he didn't like  dancing, Anupam (SS) dragged Arhaan in the dance floor n pushed him towards Pooja
Pooja was having so much fun n danced like mad, Arhaan was just standing there n luking at her n even Arhaan started moving on the beats, Pooja was getting close to Arhaan n holded his hand, Arhaan really loved it n he forgot everything n started dancing with Pooja
Both were dancing together n Chandu also joined them n he was just winking at Arhaan, Arhaan gave an angry look to Chandu to stop as Pooja would notice n Chandu started laughing

The party ended n everyone had fun, everyone left n before sleeping Arhaan was just thinking about POoja n fell asleep

Many episodes passed, ArJa became veryyy good friends, while Arhaan really liked Pooja'. during the sets Chandu n Tunna teased Arhaan like mad, but Arhaan managed to behave normal n concentrated on the scenes, on the other hand Pooja also noticed that the boys were up to something but she didn't say anything

Again a new day, new shoot n another new scene for KriYa:D the scene where Pratigya dreams of Krishna entering her room while shes asleep'.as soon as the director said ACTION Arhaan/Krishna had to enter Pratigya's room, he walked towards the bed n bent down, he had to giv a 10sec luk at Pooja, he was just luking at her beautifull face n admired her, Chandu n Tunna couldn't stop laughing as they knew that ARhaan was lost in Pooja's beauty n without controlling theiselves they both gave a good laugh, the director, Pooja n Arhaan luked at them as they disturbed the shot n both just said > SORRY SORRY, u continue, the director again said ACTIONNN!!!!!!!!! N this time the scene was perfect!!! Wen finished, Arhaan just went to CHandu n Tunna n said:
Why did u both laugh???
Chandu: Sorry u were soo lost in her, that we couldn't stop laughing
Arhaan: I (and looked back that no one was coming), I was not lost in her, I was just giving the shoot
Chandu: Just giving the shoot
Chandu also laughed like a clown
Arhaan couldn't stop laughing n held both of them by their arms n wasn't leaving them n said: BADMAAASH KAHIN KE, ab bolo, kya kehre the
Pooja was walking n suddenly stopped wen she heard her name
Chapter 3, click here
Arhaan saw Pooja n left Chandu n Tunna's arms, he stood like a statue n Chandu n Tunna were just luking at Pooja, Arhaan was totally red like a tomato n Pooja luked at him

Pooja: I heard my name, kya baatein hori he
Arhaan: No no, tum jao jaha jari thi'.Arhaan was standing in the middle n he pinched Chandu n Tunna
Chandu n Tunna: OUCHHH
Pooja: What happened??
Pooja: :S kya
ARhaan: Nei nei kuch nei, ye dono bas ese hi, scene ki rehearsal karre the
Pooja was totally confused n didn't know what these boys r up to , she gave a confused look n left
ARhaan caught both of them again n was hitting them and both Chandu n Tunna were doing ahhh OUCHHH, bhaiya chhordooo plzzz, POOJA BHABHIII HUME BACHAO, BHABHIII
Pooja heard her name again, she was just about to step out of the door n she stepped back

Arhaan, Chandu n Tunna weren't aware that Pooja was standing there
CHandu: Bhaiya chhordo warna hum Pooja Bhabhi ko batadenge ke aap unko itna pasand karte ho
Pooja was shocked:O n she continued listening what they were saying
Arhaan: Kya bataoge, pir se bolo
Chandu: Party wale din aap unko dhundre the'
Tunna: Or orrr jab b wo aapke samne hoti he, aap unme khojate ho
Arhaan: Acha betaaa, to Pooja ko bataoge n he continued pulling their hands

Pooja suddenly got all the flashbacks wenever she came in front of Arhaan n the way he luked at her...Pooja didn't know how to react n she continued listening their conversation
Chandu: Bhaiya, apko bhabhi ki kasam hume chhordo
After hearing this Arhaan left them
Tunna: Dheka dheka, wah kya pyaar hai
Chandu: BHaiya apka pyaar, apki aankhon se jhalak raha hai
Tunna: Kyun bhaiya, boht pyaar karte ho na:P
Arhaan didn't hav any words to describe his love, but he started saying:
Yaar I don't know what has happened to me since I saw Pooja in the 1st shoot'.her beautifull eyes, her innocent talks'.i don't know what has happened to me, whenever she cums infront of me, I just get lost in her

Pooja was overhearing everything n she was just stunned
Arhaan: Yaar but I don't want to lose her as a friend, I don't want to let her know what my feelings are And you both also promise me, u wont tell her anything, I don't want to hurt her with any of my feelings
These words touched Pooja's heart, she could see how pure n simple Arhaan is
Chandu: But, u like her, so why don't you tell her?
Tunna: Who knows she might feel the same?
Chandu: Ha bhaiya, you're a nice guy n any girl would like to hav u as a partner
Arhaan: But noo'.this is not the right time n Pooja sees me as a friend only'.so there is no point to break this friendship coz of my one sided love
Pooja didnt know what to say, but she just respected Arhaan, his talks touched her heart n she started walking n got the flashbacks of what Arhaan was saying
Kya Arhaan mujhse itna pyaar karta hai? She reached home n just sat on the sofa n turned on the tv, the song: Aashiqui Mein Har Aashiq Hojata Hai Majhboor

was airing on the tv'n Pooja just closed her eyes n dreamed about Arhaan n all their moments/shoots they spent together n suddenly her phone started ringing n she turned off the tv'.it was Arhaan:O
She was shocked n she picked up
Pooja: Hi
Arhaan: Hi Pooja, how r u?
Pooja: Im fine and what about u?
Arhaan: Yes n both didn't speak anything for 5 seconds
Pooja: Arhaan, u want to say something?
Arhaan: Wo, I wanted to say sorry
Pooja wondered why Arhaan said that: Sorry, but for what?
Arhaan: Chandu n Tunna were just rehearsing n u came there, I don't want u to think anything bad, tumhe to pata hai they luv to pull everyone;s legs
Pooja didn't say anything n she was just feeling so nice to hear Arhaans talks
Pooja: U don't need to be sorry, I know u cant ever think of hurting me
Arhaan was touched by Pooja's talks n his love was increasing
Arhaan: Thanks Pooja, I need to hang up now, u take care, I will c u tomorrow
Pooja didn't want to hang up, but she had to  n said: Bye Arhaan
Pooja felt different n wondered why she felt like talking more to Arhaan:
Ye kya horaha hai mujhe, kyun kinchhi jari hu me uski taraf'.she stopped herself n went to the kitchen to think about sumthing else, but she just cudnt'.

Next day
Arhaan already reached the sets n was giving his shoot, Pooja entered the place n was luking at Arhaan for 1 minute, Arhaan was giving his shoot n suddenly noticed Pooja watching him n he cudnt complete his shoot as he forgot his dialogues
The director was moving his hands to make Arhaan complete his dialogue, Arhaan luked confused n luked at the director with a confused look n again luked at POoja
So sorry sir, can we do this scene again n he luked at Pooja again, Pooja cudnt stop laughing, she enjoyed it n walked away:P Poor Arhaan kept luking at Pooja while she was leaving'.Pooja had her shoot in KriYa's room with Kesar

As soon as Pooja completed her scene, she was all alone in the room, she was about to change but saw her pic with Arhaan (honeymoon pic), she walked towards the pic n she was just lost in her fantasy world, she saw Arhaans shirt at the cupboard n she just luked at it n was getting flashbacks of what Arhaan said to Chandu n Tunna'.Pooja didn't know what she was up to, but she totally lost it, she wore Arhaans shirt n went towards the shoes of Arhaan n wore those also, she was just imagining Arhaan everywhere, she just couldn't control herself'..she was just walking n suddenly Arhaan came inside:O
Pooja was wearing Arhaans shirt'. Arhaan kept luking at Pooja and Pooja just luked at Arhaan with an embarrassed look
Pooja: Wo me'.Arhaan'wo, she didn't know what to say n she quickly took the shirt off n gave it to Arhaan
Even Arhaan didn't know how to react n he just luked down n even Pooja felt sooo embarrassed n she just ran away
Chapter 4, click here
Arhaan was holding the shirt n was wondering why Pooja was wearing his shirt, Chandu n Tunna also arrived there at the time wen Pooja left'..Arhaan was luking at the shirt n didn't notice that Chandu n Tunna came inside

Chandu: KYa hua bhaiya, bhabhi barri hasti hui nikli room se
Tunna: Pyaar ka izhaar kardiya kya?:P
Arhaan: Ha? No, Pooja was'.
Chandu: Pooja was?? What?? Tell us, don't hide anything from us, come onn n was pulling Arhaan:P
Arhaan: Yaar, wooo'kya hua ke wen I entered the room, Pooja was wearing my shirt
Chandu n TUnna gave a shocked look
TUnna: REALLY???? Ur kidding
Arhaan: No, I swear, she was, but why was she wearing my shirt:S
Chandu: Aap dono bhi na, iska saaf matlab hai
Arhaan & Tunna gave a ? look
Arhaan: How can you say that??
Chandu: Bhaiya, aap boht bhole ho, wo kyun aapki shirt pehnegi? Kya koi larki kabhi kisi larke ki shart pehnsakti hai bina waja?
Arhaan: Hmmm 
Chandu: Believe me she also luvs u, im sure she does, I don't see any other reason'.
Tunna: Ha, even I think so!
Chandu: Bhel bhuddi, kuch to samaj me aya tujhe
Tunna: Dhek Chandu don't mess with me
Chandu: Kyu what will u do???
Both Chandu n Tunna were fighting n Arhaan was thinking whether its true or not...
The very next day, Pooja had a scene with Chandu n Tunna, she was reading her dialogues wen Chandu n Tunna sat next to her
Chandu: Hi
Pooja: Hi, did u both rehearse? 
Chandu:Actually we did but theres a thing we want to discuss with u
Pooja wondered if they were talking about Arhaan
Pooja:Yes tell me?
Tunna:Dont u knowww its Arhaans birthday today
Pooja:is it?but y doesnt anyone know about it:s 
Chandu:Yahi to baat he, his real birthday is today n luk hes all the time busy with shootings n alll, lets giv him a surprise na
Pooja: Hmmm shall we tell everyone to hav a surprise partty n we wont let him know? n just call him at the place
Chandu: Nei nei, sabko nei btama, as u know Arhaan doesnt like big parties n all, so only we will
giv him a surprise
Tunna:Yes, we hav already got sum gifts, why dont u buy sumthing also?
Pooja: But our shoot? I cant skip that na
Chandu: Dont worry we will handle it! 
Tunna: n make sure u get a surprise which willl make Arhaan very happy
Pooja: Hmmm okkk let me just go from here n u both plz handle it ok, i will b back soon
As soon as Pooja left both did: YESSS
Chandu: Now plan B n both winked to each other
They went to the director n told him that Pooja wont b able to cum today as she wasnt feeling well...
Director:Ohh let me call n ask her if shes alright
Tunna: Oh no no sir, we just came from her mansion shes asleep, dont disturb her, lets giv our next shoit, we already rehearsed for it
Director: Clevrr boys, cameraman get everything ready, we will shoot the scene in a bit
As soon as the scene ended, the director went to the TN, Chandu n Tunna would cum later...Arhaan was rehearsing for his shoot wen the director came there
Director:So rehearsing chalri he
Arhaan:Yes sir
Director:did u know that Pooja is unwell?
Arhaan was stunned n his heartbeat was getting faster coz he was concerned
Arhaan: But how? I will call her right now
Director: No, dont... shes asleep
Arhaan was really worried n the director asked him to get ready for the shoot but he didnt feel like giviing the shoot... While giving the shoot, Arhaan just cudnt perform gud n he giv the perfect shoot after 7 times n at the end he told the director that hes not feeling gud n he needs a break for sum time, the director agreed
Arhaan went outside n didnt know what to do, he cudnt call Pooja also as he didnt want to disturb her... what shall i do, while he was thinking, Chandu n Tunna came there
Arhaan rushed to them, yaar Pooja is not feeling well, do u know wjat happened to her?
Both of them started laughing
Chandu:Bhaiya esa kuch nei, u know its Pooja's birthdy today
Arhaan was like 'what'
Tunna: Ha n she just took a day off but the director wouldnt agree n she just made this excuse
Arhaan: But her birthday is on... he was about to say it wen Tunna interrupted
Tunna: Yahi to baat hai, thats nit her real birthday, her birthday is today
Chandu: Bhaiya apko bhabhi ke liye kuch karna chahiye
Arhaan:Par wo abhi kaha hai, how can i just go there?
Tunna: Oho dont worry about that
Chandu: Yes, u know Pooja planned a private party n invited us also, u were busy with ur shoot n she called us to inform u also
Arhaan: Acha?
Tunna: Ha n u plz get sumthing special for her, its the 1st birthday u will celebrare with her
Arhaan: But i need to giv my last shots n i told the director that i will b bk in a bit
Chandu: Ohooo dont worry about that, hum hai na, u quickly leave, u havent got much time
Arhaan: Acha sambhal lena
Chandu n Tunna shaked hands n said: PLAN SUCCESSFULL HAHA
They went inside n told the director that did u c that Arhaan is not well, we just managed to hold him as he was going to faint
Director: What? I also felt he isnt ferling well, for the 1st time Arhaan took 6 takes for a scene
Chandu: Yes sir, we told him to
leave as he was not well
Director: Pooja bhi nahi he, Arhaan bhi nahi, today i had shoots with them, i guess we should pack up as they r not here
The plan cudnt work better, Chandu n Tunna were sooo happy, the director n everyone left
Tunna: Now the last weapon
Chandu: Dishum dishum n took his cell phone out of his pocket n even Tunna took his cell phone out
Chandu called Pooja n Tunna called Arhaan
Both of them told Arhaan n Pooja to reach the restaurant at 8pm, they already arranged to make the reastaurant decorated n empty as they planned a romantic candle light dinner for ArJa
As the restaurant owners were a fan of ArJa they agreed n decorated their restaurant very nicely
On the other hand Pooja n Arhaan didnt know what to get, Pooja managed to get sumthing. 

As soon as Pooja bought the gifts, she called Chandu
Pooja: Hi chandu i got the gifts, but plzzz let me know if this is gud
Chandu: What did u get n winked at Tunna
Pooja: As u know Arhaans luvs shirts, i bought a purple shirt for him n a perfum, i really didnt know what to buy, is this okay?
Chandu: Ha ha bhabhi
Pooja:What n laughed in herself as she knew that he knows everything about Arhaans luv for her
Chandu: Sorry i mean, its perfect but as its Arhaans birthday, we should do sumthing more special
Pooja: Wo kese?
Chandu: U wear sumthimg special
Pooja knew why Chandu was saying this as they knew about Arhaan liking her
Pooja: Ummm sareee?
Chandu suddenly remembered that Arhaan told once that he wud luv to c Pooja in a pink saree as she wud luk beautifull in it
Chandu: PINK, wear a pink sareee
Pooja: Done, i will and hanged up

On the other hand Arhaan called Tunna as he didnt get anything
Arhaan: Hi Tunna, yaar i really dont know what ladies like, i still havent got anything for Pooja, plz help me out
Tunna: Arre bhaiya, larkiyo ko kya pasand hota he ye to Chandu apko bataega n he handed over his fone to Chandu
Chandu: Kya baat he bhaiyA
Arhaan: Im in the shopping mall but really dont know what to get
Chandu: Get red flowers as girls luvvv flowers
Arhaan: Acha or?
Chandu: Get sumthing in which u want to see Pooja
Arhaan closed his eyes n saw Pooja in a pink saree
Arhaan: Saree
Chandu: Yes get a beautifull saree for her with matching jewellery
Arhaan: Thanks yaar n rushed to tge lady shops

Now the gifts were bought n both of them went home, it was already 6pm n they both had a quick bath n were getting ready, as soon as they got ready, Pooja called Tunna to know whether they r ready or not
Tunna: Yes we r ready but we will be a bit late as Chandu needs to get a gift for Arhaan, but u reach the restaurant
On the other hand Arhaan just went to the place n he reached the restaurant at 7.30, he entered the place n wen he saw the decoration he got amazed, but no one was there n he just wondered where Pooja is
Arhaan: Jaga to yahi thi, par sab hai kaha
The waiter was already told by ChsnduTunna what he had to say: sir take place, the others will reach soon
Arhaan sat next to the bar n was luking around
Arhaan in himself: Ye ek hi table kyu hai, haan to cut the cake mayb
He was just sitting n the waiter gave him a glass of coke
Arhaan was drinking and suddenly he heared payal's khanak
He luked towards the door n saw Pooja, he luked at her with open eyes n he cudnt control himself, Pooja was walking towards him n was holding a packet, Arhaan was admiring Pooja n he cudnt control the glass he was holding, Pooja held the glass n both had a long eye lock
Chandu n TUnna already arrived but both of them were hiding there n were luking at ArJa
Chandu: Dheka Tunna, dono kese ek dusre ko dhekre hai
Tunna: Ha, im sure Pooja also loves Arhaan
Chandu: Im so happy for them
Tunna: We should go inside now
Arhaan saw both of them n coughed
Pooja luked back n saw Chandu n Tunna
Pooja: Hi guys n luked back at ARhaan with a shy look
Arhaan: Hi
Chandu n TUnna: Hi, both of u r luking gr8, made for each other
Arhaan luked at both of them n raised his hand that he will slap him
Pooja luked back at ARhaan n he putted his hand down n gave a fake smile
Chandu: Just kidding yaar, bigarte kyu ho:P
Pooja just gave a smile
Arhaan: Pooja, inko chhoro, Happy Birthday and handed over the gifts to POoja
Pooja gave a confused look
Pooja: Arhaan apni birthday par mujhe kyu gifts dere ho
Arhaan was like ??: What??
Chandu n Tunna were enjoying it n they were giving big smiles:P
Pooja: Happy birthday Arhaan, but why r u giving me gifts, here u go, this is for uu
Arhaan: Pooja, its not my birthday, its ur birthday
Pooja: No Arhaan, its ur birthday, hai na Chandu
She luked at Chandu n he luked just around and give no response
Pooja: Tunna?
Tunna also luked at Chandu
Tunna: Wo wo, hume to kuch nei pata
Arhaan suddenly got to know that this was their plan
Arhaan started beating them, u both r just enough
Pooja stopped Arhaan by holding his arm
Pooja: Arhaan chhoro unko, chhoro
Arhaan again luked at Pooja n POoja was holding his arm, she also luked back at him, they had an eye lock again
Chandu n Tunna were luking at them
Chandu: Ahem ahem
Pooja left Arhaans arm n touched her hair n just luked down
Arhaan took Chandu n Tunna to the bar n said:
Ye kya mazaq hai
Pooja was just luking at them n she also knew that this was their plan for arranging something for ARhaan n her
Chandu n Tunna: Bhaiya, we r ur friends n we know that POoja also loves u, so we decided to arrange sumthing for u both
ARhaan: But, what will u tell Pooja, u both r just enough, what will I say to Pooja now
Chandu: bhaiya basss n luked at Pooja n said: Bhabhi, cum here
Arhaan was shocked n tried to stop Chandu but he just cudnt
Pooja didn't know how to react but she just came towards them
Arhaan was kicking Chandu, but Chandu just didn't stop
Chandu: WE both r really sorry, but jokes apart, we both know that u both love each other n there is no point to hide this anymore
TUnna: Yes, just luk at u both, u both care for each other n we know 100% that u both luv each other, so why hiding it
Both Arhaan n Pooja were luking down n didn't know how to react
Chandu: Bhabhi, bhaiya boht ache hai or aapse boht pyaar karte hai
Tunna: Or aapke begair wo hamesha apke khayalo me khoye rehte hai
Pooja luked at them n she didn't know what to say n she tried to walk away, but Chandu held her arm
Chandu: Bhabhi abhi kaha jari hai aap:P
Pooja gave a big smile n got rid of Chandu n ran towards the table n turned her back to them
Chandu: U still need sum proves for Pooja's love?
Arhaan didn't know how to react
Tunna: Bhaiya, HASSI TO PHASSI, please today is the right time, just express ur love
Chandu: HA bhaiya, plzz this is the RIGHT place also, no one will disturb u both
Arhaan: But, what'how will I tell her
Chandu: Bhaiya just gooo, we r leaving now
Arhaan: No stay here
Tunna: No we r leaving n they dragged Arhaan towards Pooja n Arhaan was standing behind Pooja
Chandu n Tunna showed their thumb to ARhaan n whispered good luck
Chapter 5, click here
Arhaan was standing behind Pooja n Pooja was just laughing in herself, unknown Pooja didnt notice Arhaan standing behind her...Arhaan was just wondering how to say sumthing, he was all alone with Pooja...Chandu n Tunna told the workers not to disturb them n just serve them wen they ask...Arhaan was totally out of words n didn't know how n wat to say, he moved a bit forward but again stepped back, now Pooja felt that Arhaan was standing behind her, she stopped laughing n her heartbeat became fast'Arhaan closed his eyes n took a deep breath and moved forward n wen he touched Pooja's shoulder, he was lost in the feeling which he got after touching her n even Pooja felt sumthing different than she normally felt wen Arhaan touched her during the sets'

Pooja closed her eyes n Arhaan was still holding her shoulder n said Pooja, Pooja didn't know how she will face him and she didn't open her eyes, the time wen Arhaan turned Pooja towards him, Pooja hugged him, her eyes were still closed n Arhaan just didn't know how to react n he just raised his hands to Pooja's back n closed his eyes, both felt the warmth n the love which they got for each other, for 1 minute they were quiet n just felt each other'

Then Arhaan made Pooja stand infront of him n he just luked at her, Pooja luked in his eyes n Arhaan held her hand n sat on his knees, Pooja just luked at him n he said:
Pooja, i didnt know that i could ever say this to you, but ur always in my mind n wenever you cum in front of me, i dont know why, but my heart feels very happy n i always want to be with you...Pooja i love you
Pooja had tears in her eyes, she just couldnt imagine that shes so special for sum1...Arhaan kissed Pooja's hand n Pooja's tear fell on Arhaans hand, he saw her tear n stood up n held Pooja's face...
Arhaan: i cant see tears in your eyes, i want to see ur smile always, the smile which made me fall for you
Pooja gave a cute little smile n again hugged Arhaan
Arhaan: Ouch
Pooja: Kya hua
Arhaan: Itni khushi dil se bardaasht nei horahi
Pooja again smiled n punched Arhaan at his chest
Arhaan hugged Pooja
Pooja: I love you Arhaan
Arhaan: I love you 2

Suddenly the lights went off n the light was focused on ArJa...both Arhaan n Pooja luked here n there
Arhaan: Ye Kya Hua?
Pooja: Pata n...
Suddenly the song was played:
Ye Kya hua, teri meri pyaar ki baatein, kyu dunya ki nazron me agayi

Chandu n Tunna started clapping n danced like a couple...Arhaan n Pooja couldnt stop laughing seeing Chandu n Tunna dancing like that, Arhaan ran towards them n held them by their necks
Arhaan: Tum dono to chalege the, kharre hoke baatein suni jari thi
Chandu: Bhaiya, we couldnt imagine u would propose Bhabhi like this
TUnna: Aap to boht hi chhupe rustam ho
Pooja was luking at them n just smiled
Chandu: Bhabhi, apko hume thanks bolna chahiye
Tunna: Ha, we made Arhaan tell u his feelings, otherwise he would never tell u his feelings
Pooja became a bit shy and Arhaan left them
Chandu: Pooja bhabhi cum here
Pooja walked towards them
Chandu took sumthing out of his pocket n even Tunna took something out of his jacket, both raised their hands n said this is for both of u:)
Pooja: Ye???
Arhaan: What was the need for this, whats this?
Tunna: Open it
CHandu: Yes open it na
Both of them opened the gift n saw a beautiful ring
Pooja: Chandu Bhaiya, this is...
Arhaan: Yaar, there was really no need for this
Chandu: Kya bhaiya, you both r not only our co-actors, but u both r our true friends
TUnna: r like a big brother for us bhaiya
After hearing this Arhaan had tears in his eyes, he became emotional about having such a gr8 friends, even Chandu had tears in his eyes n Tunna was just luking down
Arhaan: U both are just...and Arhaan just hugged them...after seeing this Pooja was so happy to see their bond
Pooja: Ahem ahem, hum bhi yaha hai abhi
All the three came out of the emotional hug n smiled

TUnna: Now dont delay n exchange the rings:D
Pooja luked at Arhaan n even Arhaan luked at Pooja, Arhaan held Pooja's hand n made her wear the ring n even Pooja did the same
Chandu: Bhaiya maza ajaye agar aap ek or baar same style me bhabhi ko propose karo:P
Tunna: Ha bhaiya
Pooja became shy n said: No uski kya zarurat he
Chandu: Plzzz, bhabhi plz for us
Arhaan: Oke, we cant deny ur request as u both gave us such a wonderful surprise
Tunna: ye hui na baat:D
Arhaan went on his knees n holded POoja's hand, Pooja luked down
Arhaan: Pooja i love you
Tunna: Arre neiii, ese nei, bilkul same style me, jese u did before
Pooja luked at Arhaan n raised her eyebrows:D
Arhaan: oke oke, huhhh...n he luked at Pooja n was still holding her hand
Arhaan: Pooja, u r very special to me, weneevr im with u, my heart feels complete, I LOVE YOU n he kissed her hand
Pooja became shy n made Arhaan leave her hand
Tunna: Bhabhi ese to nei chalega
Chandu: Aapko b i love you bolna parega:P
Arhaan stood up, Pooja luked in Arhaans eyes
Pooja: Arhaan i...
Both Chandu n Tunna were waiting
Pooja: I...
Chandu: Aage bhi to bolo naa
Pooja: I...i love you Arhaan
Tunna: Ye hui na baaat:D
Chandu: Now u both giv the gifts u bought
Tunna: HAAA, BIRTHDAY GIFT n all of them started laughing

Arhaan gave the saree to Pooja n even Pooja gave Arhaan his shirt n perfume...Arhaan opened the gifts n saw the purple shirt
Arhaan: Pooja this is very beautifull, thanks n he also loved the perfume
N then Arhaan gave the gifts to Pooja, POoja luked at Arhaan
Tunna: Sharmaiye mat, kholiye:P
Pooja opened the gifts n saw a beautifulll pink saree with matching jewellery
Pooja: This is just so beauitfull, she was about to hug Arhaan, but suddenly stopped
Chandu: Ahemmm, go on, go on
Tunna: We will close our eyes:P
Both of them closed their eyes n Pooja hugged Arhaan:P this made Arhaan a bit shy
N then Arhaan said close ur eyes
Tunna: humari aankhen to band hi he, kyu Chandu?
Chandu: Ha bhaiya
Arhaan: Arre, tum dono nei, POoja u close ur eyes n u both open ur eyes
Arhaan whispered: Wo flowers bouquet kaha hai?
Chandu: Oh ha, wo waha bar ke piche
ARhaan: Tunna u go get it fasttt
Chandu: Wait i will cum with u also
BOth of them went together n got the bouquet
CHandu: what about the other arrangement?
Tunna: Ha thats done too
Both of them walked back to ArJa with the bouquet
Pooja: Can i open my eyes now?
Arhaan: No, not yet
Chandu: BHaiya, go on that place na, on the podium
Pooja: Kyun, kya karne wale ho aap
Tunna: Bhabhi, just cum there naa, Bhaiya cum
Arhaan whispered waha kya hai yaar
Chandu: Ssshhh chalo bas n they reached the podium
Tunna: Ji  ab aage bharo:D

Arhaan was holding the flowers n then siad to Pooja, open ur eyes, Pooja opened her eyes  n saw Arhaan with a beautifull bouquet of red flowers
Pooja: Arhaan, this is...this is so beautifull n suddenly rose pattles started falling on Arhaan n Pooja, it was like a heaven, Chandu n Tunna were sooo sweet to arrange this for ArJa
Arhaan: yaar ye to, how shall we thank u both for making everything so special
Pooja: Yes, what was the need for all this
Chandu: U both dont need to thank us
Tunna: N bas humara kaam hogaya, now u both carry on n we will take ur leave nowww
Arhaan: Now stay here n lets hav dinner together na
Tunna: No no, we arranged it only for u both, so please carry on:D
Pooja: Thanks a lot to u bothh, u both r really sweet n hugged both of them...even Arhaan hugged them n both of them left
Pooja was standing with the flowers n was luking luvlyyy in the pink saree...Arhaan luked at Pooja n gave a kiss on Pooja's cheeks
Pooja: Arhaan...:$
Both of them walked to the table n the waiter came with the food
Pooja: Chandu n Tunna are so nice
Arhaan: Yea, they r very sweet, they arranged everything so nice n just perfect
Pooja: Ha ha, if they wouldnt do this, u would never express ur love:P
Arhaan: Thats not true
Pooja: It is n i know everything why u did this
Arhaan: What do u know?
Pooja: Bas i know everything
Arhaan: But what??
Pooja: Yahi ke tum mujhse kitna pyar karte ho n that u didnt want to hurt me with by expressing ur feelings
Arhaan was stunned that how Pooja knew all this
Pooja holded Arhaans hand n said: Arhaan i know that u love me a lot n the day u expressed ur feelings in front of Chandu n Tunna, i really respected u n made a special place in my heart
Arhaan: Did they tell u?
Pooja: No no, i heard everything wen i came back n Pooja held Arhaans hand more tight
Pooja: Arhaan i really luv u n i cant tell u how much i do
Arhaan: Pooja, tum...he stood up n walked to the other side of the table where Pooja was sitting n made her stand up too
Arhaan: Ur the 1st n last girl in my life, thanks for accepting my luv n kissed Pooja's forehead n hugged her, the moment wen Pooja wanted to sit again, Arhaan held her hand, both of them were luking in each others eyes n both of them were cuming closer n closer, Pooja turned her face wen Arhaan was about to kiss her, but then Arhaan held her face n made her luk in his eyes n Arhaans lips were only 1 cm far from Pooja's lips n he came closer n closer 

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Complete Video Updates
Trailer 1

Trailer 2

FF Intro
Cuming up (precap of chapter 3)

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Abi darling. .jz caught up wit the trailers. .n im already in lubalub wit them. .esp the second one. .plz continue soon. .we r waitingWink

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Hey Iam with u go ahead yaar!

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ABI, we r all waiting here egarly since u hav given the trailer... Still u r asking, not anymore... Update soon...

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