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Maaneet OS& SS (Only Mine) Thread 1 .. (part 1-25)

NaimaMSK1 Senior Member

Joined: 18 October 2011
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Posted: 18 October 2011 at 5:24am | IP Logged
Heyy People ! Smile
I am Naima !! And a die heart fan of maaneet WinkWell i was always a silent
reader and loved these fan fictions Tongue..
These actually motivated me to create my own if account and talk to all of you ! You people are soo sweet and friendly that i would love to chit chat and know you all better WinkAnyways for now i wanted to introduce and ask you people about your opinoin about my fan fictionSmileWinkWink
I will post a scene tonight and mostly it will be one shot as i can't keep up with looonggg stories lol .. Then i'll write all one shot scenes or stories on the theme you people will suggest !! Hopefully will see some replies and suggestions once i log in again to give you people an update Big smile And i will try my best to fulfil your demands on the scenes :)
Thank you sooo much !
Hope to get your support :)
Naima ! SmileSmileSmile



OS #1 Maaneet SR .. (below)
OS # 2 Morning After .. Page 4

OS # 3 Maan Jealous .. Page 7

OS # 4 Maan's Revenge .. Page 11

OS # 5 Milaaan... Page 13

Only mine .. (MG)
Character sketch .. Page 15

Part 1 .. Page 19
Part 2 ... Page 23

Part 3 ... page 26

Part 4 .. page 30

Teaser 32

Part 5 .. page 34

Part 6 .. page 38

Part 7 .. page 42

Part 8 .. page 46

Part 9 .. page 52

Part 10 .. page 59

Part 11 ... page 67
Part 12 ... page 69

Part 13 .. page 71

Teaser .. Page 77

Part 14 .. page 79

Part 15 .. page 85

Part 16 .. page 89

Part 17 .. Page 93

Part 18 .. page 99
Teaser ... page 104
Part 19 .. page 107
Part 20 .. Page 113
Part 21 .. page 119
Part 22 .. page 124
Part 23 .. page 132
Part 24 .. Page 138
Part 25 .. page 146

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sampa Groupbie

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Posted: 18 October 2011 at 5:35am | IP Logged
Hi Naima,welcome to the forum

will wait for your OS

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NaimaMSK1 Senior Member

Joined: 18 October 2011
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Posted: 18 October 2011 at 10:30am | IP Logged
SmileHeyy this is the first scene ! As maan and geet are married so SR is very imp bcz no marriage complete without that LOLLOL so here it goes Wink
Maan and Geet's SRWinkWinkWink
P.s .. Sorry for mistakes :)
The wedding was fabulous and everything was exceptional bacuse it was The Maan singh Khurana's wedding so there was NO chance of any mistake . Here geet was siiting on the bed waiting for her price charming to arrive and blushing thinking about the events that will take place tonight . She still remebered maan saying main tumhari himmat test karoon ga she was nervous would he actually test it and .. she statred blushing not wanting to think more ..
Here Maan tried the thousand time to convince all the girls including pinky to tell hm whatever they wanted so he could enter the room . he was getting restless and wanted to see his geet and make her his forever . He wanted his geet so bad . He wanted to fulfill her dream but before that he wanted to have fun . He smirked thinking about what he was going to make her do tonight  . His chain of  thoughts were broken by pinky shouting and adi and that was it he had become enough of that sweet maan he was back to his MSK mode and gave a glair to all which was enough for them to shut up .
Maan : Adi ! give them whatever they want and i am going as i am very tiered . Samjhay ?
Adi : y y y y e e s s s s sssiiirrr !
Maan : Good
Annie jumped in and starting teasing im while others giggled .
Annie: Bhai ! U 're tiered acha chalay you go to sleep tou main geet bhabhi ko apnay saath sula laitee hoon wo kya hai na she'll get bored after u've slept ..
It was soo hard for her to control her laughter and speak with an innocent face but maan gave her a deadly glare and she bursted out laughing .
Shaking his head and irritated by all he entered the room into their world . where there would be him and geet . geet his mishty , his life , his jaan his world his everything . He scanned the room and saw it was beautifully decorated with candles all over the room and no light except the dim light from the candles . he looked at the bed and saw his mishty sitting there with a veil that was covering her face and bed was decorated with strings of roses . On the other side geet got alert and started to feel shy when she heard the door open and then the click of the door she was too shy to do anything and then she felt maan sit next to her .
He lifted her veil and saw her beautiful face . he was once again hit by her beauty and was memorized as to what perfect features she had . Not able to resist he brushed his lips agaist hers
Geet : Maan (she moaned)
That only turned him on and he took her into a deep log kiss ... sucking her lower lip ... he wanted access but she was not allowing rather she was too shy to react in this situation so he bit her lower lip and she gasped .. he took this oppurtunity and entered his tounge and played with each otheres ... They kept kissing each other giving them pleasure till they gasped for air .
Geet felt shy and turned a shade pink and hid her face in her palms . But maan got in a naughty mood and said
Geet ! Agar abhi se sharmaoo gee tou agay kya karoon gee ? (winking at her)
Now her already pink shade cheeks turned red and she wacked him lightly but maan held her hand and stated to take off the bangles one by one kissing the spot tht left bare . he did the same with the other hand also Now trailing how wet kisses on her arm .. He then took off her maang tika and kissed her forhead lovingly as to promising to be by her side always ... then came the earings . he took off her earings and nibbled on her earlobe . she was blushing and moaned 'Maan'  but little did she know he was no where to stop tonight . Tonight she was at his mercy . he did the same with the other other earring also .. He unclapsed her necklace and trailed open mouthed kisses all over her neck . he sucked on her collar bone and bit her just above the cleavage . She gasped . Hen then took off her dupatta . She felt really uncomfortable and more than that she felt shy beacuse her low cut blouse and with no dupatta sitting in front of maan she felt she shy but to her surprise maan pulled her closed nibbiling on her soft flesh of her neck and started to open the dori of her blouse . Her blouse was only held by dozens of sting he snapped open one 'Maan please" she managed to plead but all he said was
' Ajj main tumhari koi baat nahi manay wala geet ..Buhat bhaag liay tum mujh se .. Aaj main kuch nahi sunoon ga aur waisay bhi maine kaha tha na keh main tumhari himmat test karoon ka aaj wo din aa gaya hai tumhain kya laga main bhool jaoo ga ?? huh geet ? '
he winked at her and looked at her naughtily ' bolo geet .. jawab doo ! '
But obviously she was in no position to answer as he opened her stirngs and now he was creating havoc on her bare back .. roaming his hands here and there feeling her skin taasing her senses but the hook of her bra was a barrier and tonight he would not bear any hurdle so he without a single though snapped open her  hook . she felt too shy and hugged him tight while he got the chance to feel her back more and more . After breaking the hug he opened his shirt buttons and threw his shirt on the floor . She gulped seeig the perfect figure and the most handsome guy ever . He was soo hot that anyone could drool and without her consent her mouth fell open which didn't go unnoticed by maan and he smirked .
He then made her lie down and sucked on her belly button which was exposd due to the short blouse . He kissed every part of her stomach making her moan in pleasure even bit a few places as if caiming her to be his only his .. He them felt his mouth and touge take over the area where he had bit .he licked that part to ease the pain . But when he moved a little upward her shyness took over her once again and ' Maan aap' .. ' shh aaj kuch nahi geet .. i just want you to moan my name all night tonight ' he said sensously rubbing his thumb over her lip and finishing with a peck . Her lips parted slighty and not able to resist the temptation he kissed her passionately and more aggresively nibbling sucking and biting her lower lip . He then threw away the already loosened blouse and kneaded her b***** on top of her b** .. harsly pressing them .. realeasing and then again pressing taking her to the edge of madness . She couldn't help but moan his name and the little bit of self control in him also drowned . He ripped apart her bra and pinned her hands wanting no disturbance in doing the task which was haunting him the most . He bit her softest part and she gasped but soon her gasp turned into pain and pleasurable moans as he sucked and bit her curve ... leaving no place where his tounge or mouth had not reached . She wanted him to free her hands so she could feel him but he was not ready to give in . Finding no way out she bit his neck and he let her go . She imidiately grabbed him in an intimate hug with her hands roaming all over him back and chest feeling the perfect torso ever . She felt shy and pushed him but he was way tooo strong instead he pulled the strings and her lehenga was down in a jiff . He took off their remaining clothers and enterned her in a jerk . She screamed but her scream was surpressed by another hot passionate kiss . He then would thrust her harder and harder each time saying ' Ye mujhse bhagnee ki saza' she couldn't help but giggle at his saza and the way he made love to her .
After like hours of love making they lay in each other arms cuddled and happy with their life . :)
So anyone wants the morning after OS as well ?? WinkWink
But please suggest trackes and also do tell me if i should continue this further ??
Thank you :)
Naima !!Smile

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sehrish79 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 October 2011 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Clap Thumbs Up Hats of too u
Superb and amazing and hot update dear
Loved it very very much
Yes yes yes do give us the morning os plz plz plz do give us
Waiting for ur another update
Thank u xxx

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marvee-khan Senior Member

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Posted: 19 October 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
It's great NaimaBig smile do continue...i can see a hidden ff writer in youTongue


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mandymore IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 October 2011 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Its awsome n yes yes want morning after os,
u can write smthng abt maan again healng her marks by his kissess n all luvydovey stuff,new promises dey can make as new mrng come.
cont soon

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crazydevil87 Goldie

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Posted: 19 October 2011 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
amazing was really hot and romantic os...
and brilliantly written dear...
of course i want the morning continuation...jaldi se...

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Joined: 16 June 2009
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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 12:00am | IP Logged
pls contiune dear

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