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Taming The Wild- All parts till now (Page 8)


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Congo on the new thread!! Looking forward to the next update!!

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update kaab miley gaaa

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                                    Taming the Wild

                                    The Hard Worker

Precap:- Armaan Ridhhima become soulmates.

He drove on. An arm around her, resting her head on his chest she secured him by his waist.. Life was so beautiful unlike anything before.. Neither uttered a word but silence never spoke so much ever.. Fulfillment contentment something like achievement filled them from within. Both held their precious than life in their arms reliving the past, again.

Ridhhima smiled remembering, still convincing that all was real wondering that can life be so dreamlike beautiful.. What if it turns out to be dream after all ,what if someone tries to snatch it away.. Him away.. From her. The sudden thought scared her, an unknown fear seeped in..

Armaan felt her hand tightening around him, it felt different.. He wondered what caused the reaction, gazing down at her face he was surprised to see her worried.. almost fearful. Concern took over immediately " Ridhhima.. Heyy, what happened ?? " he pulled over by the road side " Ridhhima..look at me.." holding her face in his palms he tilted it up only to see her eyes misty, tears ready to spill any moment " honey what happened ? Are you okay ?? "

Emotions flooded and dam of control cracked, embracing him tightly she spilled out those silent tears.." Armaan.." she sniffed " yes sweetheart.." holding her close he caressed her head waiting for her to speak " I'm scared.."

" Scared ? " he pulled out a little " why Princess, what happened ? Cmmon tell me " wiping off the tears he kissed her forehead assuring her.

" I.. I don't want to lose you " her voice cracked, she was scared to even say it out loud " lose me ? How ?? " she looked into his concerned perplexed eyes " I.. I just had a very bad thought... About us.. That I might.." she gulped

" Lose me " he completed the sentence, the smile returned as she nodded. Taking her in the embrace again he said softly " I know what you must be feeling.. I had the same thoughts too.. Since the day I met you.. I was afraid to lose you but you know now I'm not.. All coz of you " she looked up questioningly " it started going away little by little since you came into my life as mine, took me as yours.. as friend love soulmate.. I thought it was all too perfect and the dream might crash but trust me love as long as we are together this will go on forever.. And I promise you with all my being " he looked into her eyes, his own hardening with resolution " nothing and noone can ever do us apart. I'll be here by your side till I breathe my last "

" Armaan please don't speak like that again.. How can I survive without you.." squeezing him tighter she wiped off her tear on his shirt " I love you "

His smiled broadened seeing her cute face " I love you 2 3 4 .. Infinite..Remember the 7 vows we took together.." she chuckled " 14 to be precise " he grinned softly " I'm going to keep every one of them " she sighed, bit relieved, both knew the more you love a person the more you worry about losing them but one thing was for sure.. Neither of them was leaving the other... Ever.

A soft tinkling of bells caught her attention, her eyes fell on a small temple across the road a little into the fields.. They were still far away from the city and the place seems to call her " Armaan, can we go to that temple please " any other time he might have given an excuse but not today... Whatever makes her happy..

Holding her hand in his he led the way climbing the small flight of stairs.. With every step her assurance got stronger and all the fears of moment ago looked trivial.. Even silly.. He wasn't going anywhere.. She wasn't going to let him.. Her heart filled with love and devotion prayed to god to keep them together that way forever.. Armaan looked at her face, eyes closed hands folded in prayer head bent a little covered in her dupatta.. What would he not do for her.. For her happiness.. His own closed in a prayer asking god to get her whatever she was asking for.. The smile was back again, getting the blessing from the priest they started again on their journey.. To their home..

She couldn't stop from thinking that how the house.. Its people became part of her so intricately and yet she couldn't pinpoint a day, a moment when it actually happened.. It was so subtle that she didn't even notice till it was impossible to live without them.. Smile refuted to leave her face reflecting the happiness of her heart. And amongst everything and everyone four eyes kept stealing glances at each other, Muski's latest gossip BP's fight with Angel Rahul and Virendra's general to world issues and even Martin's witty comments missed them completely.. Taking the seat next to him she suddenly remembered something.. A naughty grin spread on her face and she decided to tease the prankster a bit.. Didn't had to wait long for that, as soon as he put his hand down to adjust the napkin she quickly held his hand in hers.. Just like he did once, surprising him totally.. Incidentally she was sitting on his right side, perfect place, perfect opportunity. His brows shot up at her unexpected naughtiness " Ridhhima what are you doing ? "
" Nothing. Just felt like it " she answered nonchalantly but Armaan obviously wasn't used to of being on the receiving end, he whispered again " Ridhhima sab dekh rahe hain.." actually noone was, they were all busy but not for too long.." so..? " came the indifferent reply " so you aren't going to leave my hand ? "

" No "

" Are you sure ? "

" Absolutely. Think of some other way to eat " She looked straight into his eyes, he could see she was really in a naughty mood but it relieved him to see that she was feeling better now. He gave a broad smile " haaye ,wifey.. Promise me to hold my hand like this and I would never bother with the food ever "

The plan backfired " You're such a shameless person " she let go of his hand " but I'm not "

He grinned " You started it and let me tell you wifey you're going to pay for your naughtiness.. Later.. In my way " he winked making her blush..

Though it was a hush hush conversation someone didn't miss it... Leo was keenly observing the two and the moment she entered the house something told him that Armaan had gained the favour of his fair mistress greatly. Poor dog lost coz he had two extra legs a tail and no speech.. But didn't Armaan used to go all dumb before her wagging his non existent tail and drool like him.. Huh he sighed man's world is so unfair.. Walking upto Armaan, whose eyes were still fixed on Ridhhima, he raised himself on his hind legs resting his paws in Armaan's lap whimpering softly.. Looking straight into his eyes trying to know why the hell he was smiling so much ??.. And what was that hand holding thing about ? Was he trying to steal his lady ? If so he was ready for the challenge..

" Leo ! Get down, no sniffing. bad boy ! " Leo was used to of strict instructions, coz he never followed any and everybody had to yell.. But this one hurt.. Coz this came from his darling mistress. Then he knew he'd lost the war.. Dejectedly he pulled back. Any other day Armaan would have been happy, Ridhhima scolding Leo was rare case scenario but today he knew what to do. The champions are always humble.

" It's okay Ridhhima he just need his walk. I'm done, I'll take him " all the heads turned to his direction, Ridhhima's mouth fell open.. Everybody knew and had witnessed Armaan-Leo duels so Armaan taking Leo for a walk was a shocker ! The only one happy here was Leo ,getting unexpected attention from rival master, he wasn't complaining.. Soon both of them walked out for some man dog talk..

Drawing a chair by the pool Armaan made himself comfortable, Leo sat before him like a disciple waiting to grab the pearls of wisdom from his master..." Leo, my friend.. They say it's a dog's world out there.. But for you I would say it's pretty much still the man's world.." he bent forward holding Leo's face in his hands " you know Ridhhima is mine. Now in every way " poor Leo's heart broke in thousand pieces " but I have a good news for you. The day you come of age I'll get you the best bird out there and then it'll be your dog world again.." now that was the best part of it, Leo wondered why he couldn't say this before no wonder it took him so long to win from me. Always saying the important thing late.. Leo's tail wagged energetically and Armaan knew his message had been delivered. After all there's another saying too.. Men are dogs.

With things clear and settled with Leo he felt impatient to get back to Ridhhima.. Leo's enthusiasm at his future gift reminded him of something.. His gift, he wondered what she could've brought for him. It wasn't too long since he went out and found everyone sitting and chatting in the hall.. He got the opportunity to remind her of his gift as she extended him his glass of milk. " Armaan have patience, don't be greedy " glaring she left him frowning giving him no choice but to wait, everybody was around and he was worried about gift !.. The general discussion turned to business and he didn't realize when the ladies slipped away calling it a day.. Without her around he lost all the interest, desperate to feel her in his arms again he made his way to the room as soon as he could..

His smile broadened when he found her standing with her back to the door, busy looking at something.. Planning to surprise her he tiptoed to see what held her attention.. Craning a little he found himself grinning back, it was his photograph.. Her fingers ran over his face while she smiled thinking.. Obviously about him..

" I think I look more handsome in person " startled she turned around landing straight into his arms " can I have some attention from my lovely wife " he grinned tightening his hold. She first thought of scolding him for scaring her like that but then she was missing him too and as soon as he took her in his arms she forgot everything.. Wrapping an arm around his neck she rested her head on his chest. The best place to be " I love you "

" I love you too.. missed you "

She chuckled pulling back a little " I was with you all the time "

" Not the way I wanted to " his gaze turned intense making her blush " you teased me so much down there, trying to play my act on me.. Thank god it worked.. For me " he grinned at her puzzled look " now it's payback time "

" Arma.." before she could even complete he brushed his lips with hers.. Her heart did that flip flop dance again that it did whenever he touched her. Her eyes closed with sensation while she fisted his shirt pulling him close, inviting, wanting him.. he smiled getting the message but he wasn't going to let go of the opportunity to tease her.. She frowned as she felt his kisses on her cheeks forehead tip of nose the corner of her mouth.. first she waited enjoying the brushes but then how can anyone miss a target as big as someone's mouth ! She knew he was teasing her, avenging for her dinner act enjoying her impatience but she couldn't take it anymore.. His caresses on her skin were driving her crazy.. Well, it was time to take things into her hands or god knows how long she'd have to wait..

Not wasting another second she held his face looking into his surprised eyes, hers twinkled with that same hint of naughtiness this time mixed with passion.. He didn't get much time to be surprised as she took him a deep passionate kiss.. He wasn't complaining, at the moment he was all for women rights.. Let the lady be in-charge and decide..

She smiled through the kiss feeling him getting engrossed completely.. Her fingers threaded his hair as his hand slipped inside her shirt caressing her slender waist pulling her even closer cherishing her luscious lips.. Though she loved the moment but something kept playing in her mind, knowing well that in a moment or two things would turn into something different. And she didn't wanted that.. Not this way..

Armaan frowned, she wasn't like a moment before, she suddenly, it felt, stopped. He was proved right the next second when she pulled out of the kiss..

" Armaan, Wait.." she gasped trying to catch her breath. He couldn't understand why she looked.. excited " let me bring you your present " declaring it with a broad smile

" Present ?? " now where the hell did that come from ! That too in the middle of something so good " Ridhhima.. Now ? I'm sure it's something nice but.. Can we have a look at it later.." he suggested, gosh why did he had to pester her for that present ! He mentally kicked himself.. What a time to bring on the topic..

She just smiled mysteriously and also because he looked cute with that frown " just wait for a minute " pecking his cheek she slipped out of his arms. He sighed, consoling himself " okay Armaan, its okay, she bought that for you.. Just have a look and then, start up again.." his grin returned at the thought.

Pacing around he glanced at the watch impatiently.. She said a minute, now they were ten and she still wasn't back.. taking off his shirt he stood by the window the garden outside was covered with a sheet of shimmering moonlight.. His lips curved in a smile remembering the weekend.. The two days were pure bliss.. And the life ahead looked so beautiful.. Promising..

He was startled when suddenly someone covered his eyes from behind.. But then he instantly recognized the touch.. She was back. " so, are you ready for the surprise ? " she whispered in his ear, the soft sensuous voice sent a wave of excitement running down his body.. she didn't wait for an answer, knowing it well " now turn around and keep your eyes closed.. Don't open them till I say so " now that definitely was something, he wondered what it could be.. feeling her hands sliding away he waited.. taking few steps back she called softly " now very slowly open your eyes "

He did so and..

His mouth fell open. It was few seconds before he realized that he wasn't breathing and speech.. What was that !?..

There she stood in that sexy nightwear that stopped just little above her knees, it had layers. 2 ,he did quick math.. The longer one was something sexy silky red gown with open front ,a belt to hold it in its place which was bit loosely done. The way she stood showed her sexy leg sneaking out till just little above her knee.. With a shy nervous smile on her face and a hand on her waist she looked incredible ! Hot ! Gorgeous ! boy what a sight it was ! He could have just eaten her up.. He looked again, taking a step ahead.. Now even more closely.. the inner had some red lacy stuff with beautiful pattern of flowers in black that peaked out of the first, it was little see through kind and as his shy wife adjusted the robe he got a sneak peak of what was inside and that just knocked off his breath... Again.

There was no doubt.

He absolutely loved the surprise gift.

" So.." she raised a brow trying to control her blush " what do you think ? Do you like it ? "

" Sweetheart, do you even have to ask ? " he was right, the moment she felt his eyes on her she knew the answer but still.. " you.. You.. Gosh I don't know what to say. But wifey, I absolutely love this gift. Floored ! " closing the space in between he wrapped her in his arms " Now will you let me unwrap my present " and in an effortless sweep she was in his arms, happy beyond words. It was time for present sharing...

Beautiful nights make perfect mornings. So true. The smiles on their faces proved it.. The present was truly liked highly appreciated and lovingly admired.. And not to forget the selection and selector were heartily praised.. Specially the latter.. " Armaan plz, can't you stand still for a moment, this is the third time I'm making this knot " she slapped his arm making another failed attempt to make him stand properly for the morning tie ritual while he was all focused on making his morning extra special.

" What ? What did I do ? I think you need more practice sweetheart " he kissed her bare shoulder while she tried pushing him back.

" Yeah right, more practice to keep you in check. Now stop moving or forget about your morning kiss " getting up late delayed his morning dose and he was wise enough not to risk that.. Wifey could be real Hitler at times " huh, finally ! Now hurry up or you'll be late "

He grabbed her hand as she turned to go " hey ! Where do you think you're going ? Where's my kiss ?? "

" Sorry darling, if only you'd have got that knot tied bit early " she patted his cheek smiling at his you-cheated expression

" Heyy ! That's unfair " she was expecting the protest

And was ready for it " Yeah, whatever. Now cmmon. I'm gonna be late otherwise " least affected with his protests she pulled him down for breakfast..

Covering her mouth she hid her grin at his grumpy face, angry with her rule breaking crime he stubbornly refused to answer any of her questions or comment " Armaan can you drop me at the parking lot Sapna has to go out for a surgery and I want to meet her before she leaves " again no reply but he turned to the place anyway. She so badly wanted to pull his cheeks and give him his morning quota right away but that would carry the risk of accident, since he was driving.. The car came to halt with rather a rough jerk courtesy a certain angry husband who still refused to look at his wife.

" Oh cmmon ! Stop being such a baby ! " she couldn't take anymore of his silence

It seemed he was tired too " great ! First I'm not given my promised kiss then I'm not even allowed to complain and over that I'm call.." he would have continued but she grabbed his face shutting him up with her lips. Something raised a doubt about the so called meeting but then.. To hell with that, this was way better.. they fell back on the seat wishing each other a very good morning..

" That was the bestest morning kiss ever " he took a deep breath highly satisfied

" Hmm I've noticed making out in parking lot is highly rated by you " both chuckled while she straightened herself wiping off the lipstick from his lips, she pecked his cheek again whispering in his ear " this is the beginning darling.. The surprise isn't over yet.." his eyebrows cocked up at her words that ended with a suggestive wink, before he could completely register her words she got out of the car " love you " blowing another kiss from the window she made her way to the entrance.. Now how can she expect him to concentrate on work after that !

He couldn't shake off that smile since he dropped her and that other people were smiling seeing him smile missed him totally. It wasn't before Sameer gave him a ' you're acting weird ' look that he noticed it, but the second he remembered the reason behind it it only got wider. Sameer left shaking his head muttering 'love !' under his breath.. And with a small smile on his lips.

But that was just the beginning. Like she said...

A vibrating cell phone caught Armaan's attention. It was a text from wifey " hey baby ! Patients doing well, came back early.. Missing you : * "

Smiling broadly he typed a quick reply " missing u 2.. But stuck in a boring presentation thing :( "

Seconds later phone buzzed again " aww poor baby.. I was wondering if we can go out for dinner today ?? "

He sighed at the executive blaring something about cost of production something blah blah. He typed back " of course sweetheart wherever you want "

" Great :D, I'll make reservations. Now help me decide on something " he'd have rather talked to her but the man got to some important point.

" Darling I'd love 2 but this is kinda imp. "

" Armaan.." Rahul whispered from his side " what are you doing ? " Armaan was rather thankful for the darkness in the room but glow from the cell phone must've given him away " Nothing bhai.. Uh another project " Rahul fell back on his seat, staring at him for a moment before going back to the presentation. He stared at the reply, it surprised him " it's okay. Just tell me should I wear red or black ?? "

His fingers ran on the keypad " I love both.. Is it about not-yet-over- surprise ?? ;)"

" Maybe.. But you're not helping. Black is slip in kind and red is strap thing.. Damn sexy but bit delicate "

The slide changed but all he could see was red and black " Red. Go with red " hitting the send button he waited for the reply but then something striked, black would be less time consuming and looked so sexy on her milky skin. He typed again " black, go with black "

He got an exasperated reply " jaan you're confusing me totally...leave it. I'll wear the sandals di got me from London "

What the heck ! Where did sandles came from ?? He typed again " Sandles ? What sandals ?? "

" The sandles to go with my dress. What else ? Couldn't decide for the evening so asked you, bhabs is also out " there was a loud plop ! It was his bubble of happiness which just burst.. What he thought of and..." what did you think I was talking about ?? "

Disappointment led to honesty " I thought you were talking about.. You know, sexy stuff "

Soon he got what he was afraid of " Armaan ! You're in the office, don't you have something else to think of !? Go back to your imp presentation "

He sighed. Now why would she admit to her part of luring him into thinking that ! Wives, You can't win from them ever ! But next second his smile returned " meet you in office at 7.. Love you :* "

Sending the same back he glanced at the watch.. 4o'clock, three more hours to go.. It was then he realized that room was bright again and few curious eyes were staring at him..

" Armaan are you okay ? " Rahul asked again

He realized he had a goofy grin on his face, which he quickly adjusted " yes bhai.. I told you naa.. Interesting project looking forward to a favorable reply from other side " not a total lie

Rahul eyed him for a moment " Hmm, I'll handle things here you go and take a break " Armaan thanked god for he was unable to pay attention to anything now and Sameer was still looking at him suspiciously.. Coming out he exhaled deeply then chuckled shaking his head at what happened inside " wifey you're going to land me into trouble someday " grinning he walked back to his office waiting for 7o'clock.

He never felt so grateful for the workload, ever. It helped him pass half of the agonizing waiting period, the watch striked 6 and he thought of calling her but was interrupted by a call " sir there's someone to meet you " was he just imagining or his secretary sounded chirpy " Kavita didn't I tell you to cancel all appointments after 5. Hasn't everyone left the.."

" Can I come in Mr.Malik ?.." the door opened letting in the most beautiful face. Was he dreaming.. No he wasn't.. " Ridhhima ! You're early ! " he almost jumped seeing her, she chuckled getting the expected reaction but then pointed to the receiver that was still in his hand.. " oh.. Kavita, you can leave " like she didn't knew, she was all ready with her bag on her shoulder ready to dash to the door as soon as she saw Ridhhima walking in after office hours..

Before he could put the receiver back Ridhhima took the best place in the room, his lap. Locking her arms around his neck she looked into his eyes, they crinkled with happiness " another surprise of yours " she nodded smiling broadly.

" A good evening surprise.." keeping a hand behind his head she pulled him close covering his lips with hers.. he couldn't have asked for anything better.. His arms snaked around her waist deepening the kiss, taking in her beautiful fresh fragrance while her fingers threaded his hair kindling up fire in him.. He went crazy as her hand slid lower to his chest opening up the buttons of his shirt while pulling him to herself from his nape feeling out of control with that muscular smell of his cologne, it always drew her wild.. pulling out of the kiss leaving him breathless she brought her lips close to his ear " you know I have both red and black.. Which one would you prefer ? " he smirked, so it wasn't about shoes after all.. her seductive tone and an open invitation was enough to send his excitement over the roof. " I'd see and decide " securing her in his arms he got off the chair in one lithe movement making way to the private room..

Snuggled up under soft satin sheet he squeezed her in his embrace looking into her eyes " I guess now I can never decide between Red and Black " she chuckled kissing his neck. " Don't worry I'll select some other colour next time " he grinned " ohhh, I see surprise continuing.." adding a wink. His spirits quiet high after a great love making..

" Why should I spoil the surprise "

" Can't wait.. So, shall we.. " tightening his hold around her waist he pulled her close " Armaan.." she blushed " Aren't you hungry ? we've reservations for dinner jaan. And too much of snack before dinner would kill the appetite " pushing him back planted a kiss on his neck, still flushed " in a minute.." he cuddled up tighter..

" Jaan this way we're going to go hungry " she kissed his nose at the cute frown on his face

" Are you hungry ? " he looked up in her eyes " Not much "

" Then dinner can wait " he rested her head back on his chest. Ridhhima sighed, not interested in going anywhere either..

" Ridhhima " he called rubbing her back " I was wondering if.."

" No Armaan, I'm not coming to pick you up every evening "

" Darn ! How did you know I was going to say that ? "

She chortled " coz hubby dearest you are part of me. I know you that well "

" Only part ? " she laughed pinching his nose " a big part, biggest okay " this was better but he still wasn't giving up easily and while he was busy convincing her that he was everything in her heart, which she agreed to, his cell phone buzzed out.

" It's bhai " he picked it up

" Armaan where are you ? I called Kavita she wasn't picking "

" Bhai I'm in the office. I told Kavita to leave early "

" Oh, but didn't you had meeting today ? "

" Uh, It got cancelled " Ridhhima on the other hand found it a very appropriate time to kiss him everywhere.. His phone almost slipped away when she reached his stomach her hands drawing imaginary patterns lower still..

" Fine then don't leave, we're coming we will go together."

" T..together ? Bhai " but the phone was disconnected..

" What happened ? " she asked raising herself on the elbow " bhai said he's coming so we can go back together. Shit ! He said we're coming ! " jolting up he grabbed a remote by the bedside and flicked open the tv screen on the opposite wall. Connected to a CCTV camera it showed Rahul coming out of his office.. " O god, bhai's coming here ! And you're here "

" Armaan I need some time, I can't just rush out there like this ! What will they think " she pointed at the screen which now showed BP and Virendra talking to Rahul..

" Fine you stay here, I'll handle them " he got up putting on his clothes at record speed.. She giggled at the sight.." Ridhhima what are you doing ?! " standing before him she suddenly blocked his way while he was about to leave.

" Nothing, just don't want you to leave me alone " she made a cute face rather tried but that naughty twinkle in her eyes gave her away, with an impish smile on his face he pushed her back pinning her to the door " really.. so let them come I can't leave my wife alone " he kissed her neck tracing his fingers down her back.. she blushed badly realizing what she'd put herself into " Armaan " she pushed him back " as much as I love to be with you I think we have situation to take care of "

" Are you sure ? I can stay " he pushed back a wayward strand from her face while she wriggled in his hold hiding from his intense gaze..

" Yes I am sure, now go " finally managing to push him out just at the nick of time. Seconds later the trio Virendra, Rahul and BP entered the room..

" Hey, what happened to you ?! " Rahul shot him a question. Who wouldn't, half of his shirt was hanging out hair were mess tie hung loosely half out of collar and Armaan wished they don't notice his feet coz he wasn't wearing any socks or shoes.. " this is the third time I am asking you, are you okay ? "

Armaan prayed she'd taken care of lipstick and by the lack of comment on that he thought he was safe from that side " um bhai I was just working " only if they knew what work..

" Were you working or fighting " he groaned inwardly, why his brother have to pester him so much, though he was kinda right.. He was with a wild cat.

" Bhai wo I got tired so started doing some exercise " that eased the questioning glares of BP and his dad. " See guys like I told you he works so hard.." Armaan got hot under his collar thinking about the actual work.

This wasn't all " I can see Rahul, my boy really puts himself into things " Armaan closed his eyes.. Rahul seemed to be in high spirits, new projects always did that to him " you're right chachaji my bro is such a hard worker he just keeps rocking between one thing and another " Armaan gulped wishing for the first time to sink in the floor.. BP continued the flow " don't push yourself so hard son.." He couldn't take it anymore were they deliberately saying these things. " work is important, its fine but I'm rather waiting for the special announcement " Armaan breathed in, finally change in topic.

" Yes dad everything is in order this year we'll surely get better profits than before "

Virendra sighed " not the work again ! " BP grinned at his brothers poor attempt to convey what he actually wanted.

Virendra tried again " what I mean is don't be such a workaholic, Rahul was just telling me that you're handling another project " Armaan bit his tongue remembering the conversation, some project that was " what I want to say is that have some family time too.. think about Ridhhima " he groaned inwardly there they go again. Only if they knew that these days she was the only thing in his mind 24*7 " you have some responsibilities towards her.. And us "

" But dad.." he must make them go away, they were embarrassing and confusing him.

" Oh cut the crap Veeru." he sighed, great ! now enter The BP " Armaan, sonny boy, what he wants to say is that you should work little less and work little more." Armaan looked unsure, he didn't knew if they were on the same page " let me get it straight, your father wants to join the grandpa club. The man is dying to get whatever is left on his head pulled out by your babies and he just can't wait to get his clothes soiled by their puke and shit.. Not to forget, inhale that breathtaking smell."

Rahul kept a hand over his mouth to stop from puking himself. Virendra made a horrified face " thanks a lot for helping out here brother. You make it sound such a nice experience."

BP remained unfazed " You're welcome little bro. You see Armaan every old man, like your father, has this burning desire to pass on his legacy to his successors and it's his turn now." Virendra rolled his eyes at his brother while Rahul hid his grin " I thank god for that Angel of mine. That gal has some spark, she's already making me dance on her little fingers, I tell you she's taken after Muskaan. Thank god, warna this sissy boy of mine.." He shuddered dramatically. Armaan stared at BP, his all the time ' I'm cool ' BP was suddenly lovey dovey old grandpa. Though he wouldn't admit to being old part.

" What ?? Did you just call me sissy dad ?! " incredulous Rahul cried out.

" Of course I did. Want a proof " in his BP way he pinched Rahul

" Aaooww that hurts ! " Rahul took a step back rubbing his arm

" See. I told you, sissy boy "

" Thanks a lot 'father' " Rahul scowled

" Okay okay guys, I got it.." he couldn't take it anymore from his nautanki family " Dad I'm meeting Ridhhima for dinner and we'll definitely think about it. BP stop calling bhai sissy and Bhai.." he didn't knew what to say " well, you're greatest brother ever. Now if you guys will excuse me I have to get ready for dinner. So goodbye." And with that he pushed all of them out ignoring all their yells, advises and what not.

This time he locked the door.. Ridhhima was brushing up her hair wrapped in satin sheet when he entered " you're back. Is everything under control " he nodded " good,wait a second I'll be ready in a minute " but he just stared at his gorgeous wife wondering how she managed to look so pretty all the time.. he sighed " no need to hurry.. I think I'll have some appetizers before dinner.. With my wife.." taking the brush off her hands he picked her up in his arms, she raised her eyebrows at him but then, he didn't gave her chance to speak and both landed on the bed, again...

" Rahul Isn't that Ridhhima's car " BP pointed at the corner of deserted underground parking lot

" Yes dad, I think it is. the guards are there too. "

" Did you see her ? "

" No, has she come already ? He better get ready fast. Hunger always drive women crazy " Rahul opened the door. But BP's lips curved into an understanding smile " Ofcourse, he was getting ready for dinner."

" What ? " Virendra threw a questioning look at his brother

" Nothing. But you were late in your advice the work is already in progress." Virendra nodded smiling as he got in the car.

" Huh, as in ?? " Rahul stared his father, clueless

" Leave it Rahul !" BP threw his hand in air " I wonder if you've learned anything at all from me."

" Hey that's not true. I know stuff you don't " Virendra grinned at the bickering duo, he knew better than to interfere or they would team up against him.. and so their bickering continued..

 " Maria plz take this too " Ridhhima passed on the juice, but a second later a hand grabbed her covering her mouth " shh it's me "

" Armaan ! " she slapped his shoulder " aise darate hain kya ? And what are you doing here, cmmon " holding his hand she headed for the dining room " mch what yaar, you're so unromantic, you know how long I've been waiting here to get you alone " grabbing her from the waist he pulled her back.

" Mr. Romantic what if someone comes here. Chalo leave me " she tried getting out of his arms

" Noone's going to come. Now stop wasting time and kiss me "

" Armaan you know you're totally shameless "

" Don't blame me darling, it's all because of you. You bring out the best in me " he winked grinning while she was infected too.. Slowly he brought his lips closer.. She smiled and putting her arms around his neck brushed her lips with his..

They were lost in their world when some loud voices broke the spell. " did you hear that " Armaan asked " yeah, I think.. Someone's fighting.. Cmmon let's see "

Coming out of the kitchen they saw some servants peaking in the hall and grinning. Armaan tapped their back asking what's going on and within seconds everyone vanished... He noticed that today's highlights were his dad and BP.

" Why should I listen to you huh " Virendra asked

" Because I'm your elder brother and since I became dad before you did I have more experience in the matter "

" Yeah right, I can see that.. This is not fair you dictate everything here " Virendra looked angry

" Bhabhi.." Ridhhima whispered to Muskaan who sat there watching the duo " what's going on ?? "

" Shh chup. Come sit. This is way better than any saas bahu soap. New show, 2 oldies and a baby " Muskaan rolled a parantha and passed it to now grinning Ridhhima

" Just tell me one thing why do you get to do all the fun stuff. You can't even differentiate between baby power and milk powder, what happened to you experience here ? "

" Don't blame me, it's not my fault that they are both white and smell same " BP defended himself

" They do not ! If I remember clearly you gave me the food part and now you are butting in there too "

" My granddaughter isn't eating that sickly stuff ! " BP pushed away the bowl

" It's baby food !! Ask Muskaan " Virendra explained totally exasperated at his brother.

" Excuse me, you are fighting over food and dress part. What about me, I've got the puke and shit part " Rahul entered the battle

" Change of title, 3 men and a baby " Ridhhima covered her mouth from laughing out loud.".. Which BTW father was the shared responsibility " meanwhile the other trio, Muskaan Ridhhima and Baby kept rolling their heads from one side to another enjoying the match.

" Oh cmmon ! You're the father, this is how you bond with the baby " BP explained

" Fine, then you're the grandfather, why don't you bond with her this whole week " Rahul added

" This month ! "Virendra stepped ahead towering over his brother who fell back into the chair.

" Okay okay, geez why getting so cranky ! " BP surrendered at their glares.

" Hmm, chachu this week you decide on dresses and I'll go for play dates " he declared staring at his father making it really hard for ladies to control their laughter. But in their course of argument they forgot one thing.. Baby.. Which was now in Armaan's arms and who now demanded exclusive rights for spoiling the child.. Result, truce over and battle began again..

" Huhh, I guess one baby is just not enough. Isn't it Ridhhi " Ridhhima blushed at her comment, she knew well what Muskaan meant..

Somehow The great baby war was settled and they sat around for breakfast " Dad.. Is it okay if I take off for few days, I was planning for a break "

The sudden declaration from his workaholic son surprised Virendra who was rather happy " Of course son, infact you can take it from today itself "

" Thanks dad but I'll plan out few things before I take leave"

" That was quick. Atleast one planning is done " Muskaan whispered in Ridhhima's ear, while the latter blushed.

" How long are you thinking ? " Rahul asked

" Umm let's say about a month atleast " All eyes shot up at him in surprise.

" Don't look so surprise.. Europe takes time " he stated

" Hayye that's so romantic " Muskaan winked at already blushing Ridhhima " After you guys return ask Armaan to guide Rahul too "

" Why not son, after all your hard work you deserve a break " suddenly yesterday's events rolled by and he diverted his attention to the parantha before him, hiding his embarrassment. Ridhhima grinned knowing well what he must be thinking but the thought of finally going for a real honeymoon sent a wave of excitement through her body, all she could think of was spending time together.

She should've understood what he meant by, actually meant by, soon and taking care of few things before leaving.. For the past month he always was in some kind of frenzy.. Always running about yelling, of course not on her, ordering, going for one meeting or another plus those trips, she hardly got to see him properly !.. And then not to forget, those hush hush late night conferences especially when she asked him not to.. Fine, he got busted more than once but it was surprising that it did not deter him from doing that.. And in her heart she was proud, proud that he was so dedicated and didn't left one thing for another but it worried her too, he often forgot everything else when indulged in work and she had to make sure that he did not suffer coz of this madness.. Finally after a month she got the reward of her patience when he declared that 'everything was in order' and they can take a break..

She giggled remembering how excited he was that they can now actually go for their honeymoon especially when the workload didn't gave them much time to be ehem.. together, and how he was literally dying to be with her but then came another bomb, it was for him, they had to go for her di's daughter - Nandini's, naming ceremony, that delayed their trip for two days.. This wasn't all ,she still remember his angry pouting face when Anjali didn't let her go back home with him and how she had to explain and manofy him the whole night that it was just a matter of one day.. But now, with him sleeping peacefully in her arms, it felt that all that distance just added to their love for each other..

" Armaan.. Armaan wake up shona.. See how beautiful it is " caressing his head she called softly trying to wake him up, he stirred a little before snuggling closer hiding his face in the crook of her neck.. They left quiet early and considering he spent sleepless night before she made him rest a little.. blame it on tiredness or the sleepless night all it took was 5 minutes of her gentle head message and resting his head on her chest he went into the land of nod.. Listening to the music of her heartbeat..

Now after about 4 hrs, at the crack of dawn flying over white fluffy clouds in the blue sky streaked with orange glow of the morning sun, she felt out of the world.. Wanting to share it with him she tried again and this time was successful.. " good morning sleepy head " a big kiss on his cheek brought an instant smile on his face.

" Are we already there ? Why didn't you wake me up before ? " he sat up rubbing his eyes.. But she pulled him back again " no we still have couple of hours.. I just wanted to share this beautiful morning warna I'd have let you sleep more.. The way you were going in the past month you need more than just few hours " he chuckled " Work sweetheart.. You know naa "

" Yeah.. It felt like the honeymoon period was over already and the routine took over us.." he chuckled again but kept listening " you know out of 30 you were out for 20 days that left 10, out of which you dedicated 4 to work 2 to di and jijs and that left us with 4 out of which my work snatched another 2.."

" And you missed me terribly " he completed her sentence " trust me honey I know how I've spent the last month.. The sleepless nights I endured without you.. I'm sorry couldn't even utilize those 2 days together properly.. I was just too tired " suddenly she felt bad for complaining, if it was hard for her it was really tough for him.. " Armaan I didn't mean to make you feel bad.. It's just that I missed you so much.." squeezing him in her arms she kissed his head with all the love.

" I know sweetheart, but now I promise you I'll make it up to you and we're going to make love everyday starting today " he nuzzled her neck " yeah right ! " she laughed out at his declaration

" Cmmon yaar ! I'm serious.."

" We'll see " she pinched his nose grinning but he held her face in his palms " I promise you Ridhhima, I'll make this the most memorable time of our life " looking into his eyes she had no doubt that he would.. " I know.." she said softly and took him into a warm embrace..

" Welcome to Vegas Mr.Malik, Mrs. Malik.. Your limo is waiting for you " a beautiful blonde clad in an elegant business suit with a man, also dressed immaculately, welcomed them on Vegas airport.." Mr. Riveria has sent his regards " the man forwarded a bouquet of flowers to Ridhhima " he's looking forward to meeting you in the evening. This is for you sir, you can call me anytime " he extended him a swanky cell phone.

" Thank you Patrick.. Are all the arrangements done "

" Yes sir, Mr. Riveria personally took care of them " Ridhhima could make out from the conversation that the man was someone influential and close to Armaan but she couldn't remember who was Riveria, there were so many people at the wedding that she hardly remember anyone of them now " Natalie. Convey my thanks to Antonio and tell him we'll meet him tonight " the efficient chauffeur quickly opened the door for them and they left the airport with a small fleet of cars following them.

" That was quiet unexpected " impressed with the show " but I can't recall this Riveria guy "

" Oh he's one of the close one.. well and unwell known name here, owns some of the most grand casinos.." she raised a brow at that " some situations brought us together.. Anyway, leave that. Remember the wedding I told you about, it's his brother Armano's "

" Armano's ?? " He laughed " yeah another reason we're friends "

The hotel and casino were as grand as their name and the welcome was fit for any king & queen ,even better.. Antonio himself was present there, not very tall, he was a porky red faced balding man near the end of middle age dressed in all the elegance money can buy.. carrying an unlit cigar between his fingers and before she could ask he himself explained that he wasn't fond of smoking but liked his look with that thing in his hand, gives a kind of impression. He'd said. And she couldn't deny he did gave the impression.. of some kind of mafia head.. She would have been scared but, she wasn't.. the man did look intimidating but the way he was with Armaan it seemed like Armaan was the boss around here.. Armaan's words ' some situation brought us together ' rang in her mind but she didn't get much time to ponder over it as the beauty of their suite bowled her...

It was a complete floor with three rooms exquisitely furnished and decorated.. a very spacious hall personal kitchen with chef and butler at their service round the clock.. Outside, a pool with crystal clear blue water tempted her to take a dip right then and the view from the 23rd floor was breathtaking..

" It looks even better at night. One of the finest suite I have dear, hope it's according to your liking " now that she spent few minutes with Antonio, he seemed a really warm and affectionate person, she wasn't the one to judge him coz of his work which she wasn't even sure of.

Smiling broadly she turned to him " yes Antonio, it's amazingly beautiful.. haven't seen anything like this before " it pleased him immensely, taking her hand in his he kissed it lightly " thank you, I was rather after Armano to bring you here but he thinks it's all about gambling " he threw a mock angry look at Armaan who just laughed shaking his head " I'll make sure you see all of Vegas and you can play at any table as much as you want "

" Hey man I see you've found a fan but don't tempt her so much or I'll be forgotten in no time.."

" I don't think that can happen. When I see people, I know what they are.." he smiled, a wise smile.. she knew what he meant.. And he was right " all right you love birds, I'll see you tonight.. And Armano it's bloody tie affair.."

Armaan laughed " don't worry I have someone to take care of that now " putting a hand over her shoulder her squeezed it gently. Lifting his hat Antonio moved out smiling " he too isn't fond of ties " he explained to perplexed Ridhhima.

" Armanoo !! " she was startled when a brunette suddenly appeared from nowhere while they were bidding goodbye to Antonio after attending the grand wedding. The lady held Armaan tightly while he struggled to get free especially when Ridhhima was giving him that deadly glare " Armano I missed you ! so happy to see you " her Mexican accent would have sounded charming in any other situation.. But not now..

Armaan laughed nervously and finally managed to free himself from her hold " Gloria ! What a.. Pleasant surprise ! I was just remembering you " he gulped at Ridhhima's raised brow look.

" Don't tell me, you didn't even call after that.." his eyebrows shot up and he quickly interfered " Gloria meet my wife.. Ridhhima " Ridhhima smiled plastering politeness.

" Ooh you got married ! What a shame.. She's so pretty " Ridhhima couldn't decided whether it was a regret insult or compliment or all.. but the next moment Gloria hugged rather squeezed Ridhhima " Antonio told me but I didn't believe him.. you're a lucky man Armano but sadly now you're out of my list " Ridhhima now started liking her " Ridima you lucky girl.. Take care of this gem many would kill to get him. Me included " she winked, leaving Ridhhima confused what to think of her.. " Bye Ridima.. Bye Armano " and then suddenly grabbing Armaan's face she planted a big kiss on his cheek.

" Hehe.. Um.. That's Gloria, Antonio's cousin.." Ridhhima crossed her arms giving him the look while he tried to wipe off the lipstick which he was sure can bring his death sentence " don't worry, wo aisi hai.." still a glare " that was just a friendly kiss " he added quickly.

" Hmm friendly kiss.. I'm now kind of getting what she's like.." She melted a bit, knowing that with him a case or two might arise unexpectedly from anywhere " cmmon lets go back before anyone else gets the idea to kill me for this gem.."

Back in the room things looked bit settled " You know darling, I think this holding hand thing is bit better than garland thing isn't it ? " he said pulling down his t-shirt

" Better ? How ? " she was sure he must've come up with one of his great theories.

" Well for one thing, it's less dangerous " that caught her attention, putting down the brush she turned to him, confused " You know why they exchange those garlands in Indian weddings ?.. It's a hidden threat which everyone miss in conviviality "

" A threat ?? Care to explain " sure that it's going to be something high on weird scale she waited giving him 'the look'. Which he missed.

" Yes. It means the bride and groom warn each other ' darling you are dead ' " making the James Bond pose he tried to put in visual effect. " So you mean when I placed that garland around your neck I was threatening you ?! "

" Well, you were at that time. Remember Vivek " he grinned while her eyes narrowed threateningly. He didn't leave any chance to tease her, not that Vivek's name bothered her anymore.. she knew he didn't mattered to either of them but still his name had somehow become a major tool in teasing her. It always sounded like she was a fool. Okay, that time she was, but things were way different then.

" Armaan if you take his name once again to tease me I will surely kill you. And that's not a threat " she had to put her foot down now.

" Hayye darling you've already killed this poor husband of yours, now if you'd care to give him something to revive " the threat seemed to have least effect on him as he wrapped his arms around her tightly..

" Oh you mean a kiss " he nodded eagerly, but she pushed him away, it was revenge time " to jaa kar us gori chudail se kyun nahi le lete jo tumse itna chipak rahi thi, she'd be thrilled to kiss you " he grinned but knew better than to show that..

" Sweetheart that wasn't my fault and the poor girl didn't even knew that I'm married.."

" Oh poor girl ! You know what, I think you'd have let her kiss you had I not been there " oops, it was going the wrong way.. Putting a broad smile he wrapped her in his arms from behind " Darling you know it isn't so plus no one can kiss like you.. It's just soo yummy "

It melted her a bit but he wasn't going to be forgiven so easily, turning around she looked into his eyes " Achha, yeh kab pata chala hmm ? "

" Since the day you kissed me on that beach in Australia. I can't forget that day, ever.." he pecked her nose seeing her softening moving ahead to cheeks.

" Hold on." before he could reach the lips she pushed him back " When did I kiss you in Australia ?? " he grinned, it was time to unveil one of the biggest secrets of Mrs. Ridhhima Armaan Malik's life..

" Oh god I was drunk !.. Me ! Drunk ?! " she couldn't belive it " well to have the guts to call the policeman motu muchhad you were surely drunk " the expression on her face was priceless.

" And you let me get drunk ! " still aghast.. " cmmon, it was nothing, you were pretty sad and it just.. Happened.. I was there the whole time so there was nothing to worry about.." he explained

" Why didn't you tell me before ? " calmed, she now rested her head on his chest while he caressed her hair wrapping her protectively in his arms.. " was waiting for the appropriate time.. just didn't get the right opportunity "

She fell quiet for a moment " Armaan.. My first kiss.. and I don't even remember it.. How was it ? " raising her head she looked into his eyes.

" Most perfect.. Magical.. Nothing like I've ever had before.. I still remember it so vividly " smiling lightly she rested her head back " and it was you "

" Yes sweetheart it was us " he smiled at the revived memory

" Armaan.."

" Hmm "

" Can I have a kiss ? "

" Sure my queen, your wish is my command " and he took her into a most loving passionate kiss.. Which did not stop there.

Vegas enchanted them.. The people its opulence it's magnificent structures which boasted of numbing your senses with their magic.. Everywhere they turned there was something new.. Night never visited the place, the people never slept.. and the magic seemed to be everywhere..

And to make the queen happy MGM catered to her every whim and fancy.. And when accompanied with your loved one, then the fun never stops.. Apart from enjoying Vegas and being with Armaan, Ridhhima was completely set on fulfilling her desire... to gamble as much as she wanted.. Not that hubby dearest was going to say no but she conveniently forgot that she lost 67,000 dollars in just two days on different slot machines !

" Armaan I want to play at that table " after trying roulette, rummy and even a stint at poker, something else caught her eye.

" Darling that's million dollar black jack, plus look at all those people they look professional.. experienced.. you wouldn't last for ten minutes there. Why don't you try those slot machines." he pointed to a corner where she hadn't been yet.

" Armaan I'm not a kid." he hid his smile at the thought that she remembered this after spending that hefty amount cursing the machines heartily that they were fix " And I want to play that." making a stubborn face she folded her arms. She was like a child in toy shop who was let loose to do what she wished.

He tried again " But.."

" Hey Armano ! " the booming voice interrupted him " you don't say no to a lady, that too your wife ! Learn from me, how do you think I've survived marriage for 38 years.."

" But Antonio.." he turned around half giving up already now that he was here to back her up.

" Now you keep quiet. Patrick. " one sharp call and Patrick appeared out of thin air " Take the lady to the table she wants and get her the chips "

" Oh thank you Antonio ,you're a darling.." scowling at grinning Armaan " Huh " she made way to the table. " just leave some for the return journey sweetheart " he called after her, she didn't find it amusing and turned her face away.

" Sir, the deposit.." Patrick asked.

" Patrick you fool, you don't ask the master if he has the right to enter his house. Get her whatever she wants." Patrick nodded and disappeared immediately.

" Forgive him, he's new "

Armaan grinned sipping his drink " that's okay.. but you're spoiling her, now she would want to be here every holiday... And just wait when Muskaan gets here again "

" Armano you surprise me.. For someone who owns 45% stakes in the most profitable grand casino's you are hardly seen here and you're even telling her to play low. That's a shame ! Infact you should try your hand too. It's fun ! You remember the word, don't you.."

Armaan laughed " you know Antonio I'm not big on gambling thing.. The reason I even have stake here is coz you wouldn't hear otherwise.."

" Armano.. I know I'm not a good man in god's eyes, you know my work, my ways but bad people have principles too.. You can forget but I can't.. If it's there it's coz of you.. I, my family owes it to you "

" Hey ,leave that now.. But don't let it slip.. It might trouble her.. she's sensitive to such matters " he looked at Ridhhima who was busy observing the game and the players.

" Ah, I know better than to do that.. And yeah the thing you asked me for, it's almost done.. Need just another couple of days "

" Hmm, thanks, but I need it done before we leave "

" Not a problem at all.. You'll get what you want " Armaan nodded and moved to the table.. Wife losing million dollars before husband's eyes was not something someone got to see everyday..

" Wifey I didn't knew that you're such a juari.." both headed back with a bottle of champagne. Unlike what he feared wifey actually won a million dollar game ! He couldn't believe his eyes and Antonio had to confirm it. Now after celebrations in the gaming palace they headed back for some privacy.

" Ha ! don't underestimate me hubby.. I observe things.. And once you get the hang of it, it's cake walk " as generous she was with losing money to the casino she was with her self appraisal too.

" Oh you do.. after last night I really don't doubt your observation powers " he winked

Ridhhima rolled her eyes " Why everything comes around to sex hmm ? "

" Hey don't blame me I'm on my honeymoon with my hot wife what else can I think of..? So shall we celebrate the victory " pulling her to a secluded corner he wrapped her in his arms.. Nuzzling her neck..

" Of course, how about in our room " she whispered sensuously

" You are such a hypocrite ! " he laughed pecking her nose.

" But you love me.." She giggled

" You bet ! " he pulled her up in his arms carrying her to the room " Armaan put me down ! what will people think "

" No one's allowed on this floor without permission and just wait till we get to the room " she beamed, excited for the upcoming surprise.

Entering the room her breath got stuck again.. The room was filled with candles all the way bordering the pool which was right outside in the balcony " To Mrs.Malik kya khayal hai.." she stepped down admiring the everything.. Beyond the pool the city glowed and the fountain show at the bottom sprinkled magic dust all over.. She was still looking when he wrapped his arms around her from behind " so kaisa laga.. It got hot inside so I thought you might enjoy a dip.. You know in the excitement I even forgot my hunger " he chuckled

But suddenly he was brought back on earth " Oh yeah, hungry se yaad aaya.. I'm hungry...what would you like ? " his jaw dropped " What ?? tumhe khana khana hai ? but you said down there that you're not hungry..."

" So ? " She raised her brows questioningly but he missed the naughty twinkle behind that straight face " now I am. You want to starve me ? "

" No but.. okay " he shrugged resignedly, she smiled trying to control her laugh, but then decided that was enough of teasing " Ohho ab aise muh mat banao chalo.." encircling her arms around his neck she ran a finger down his face pecking on his lips " lets do something about your hunger first.. It's too hot in here I might use a dip.."

His heartbeat raised and goosebumps rose with her touch.. he smiled " don't worry sweetheart. that can wait, let's worry about your hunger first "

" Mr.Malik," she must let him know that he was missing the point " who told you I'm hungry for food ? " running a finger along his jaw she added huskily " I'm hungry for you... starving, today's menu will be all your choice " His jaw dropped again " Now are you going to just stand here with that expression or going to do something about it huh ? "

" Absolutely madam. I don't want to starve my beautiful wife " and he covered her lips with his in a beautiful kiss...

The time seemed to fly away in the magic land and before they knew they were already there for ten days.. " Armaan are you going to tell me where are we going now ? " he'd maintained a strict secrecy about their next stop. He said he wanted to surprise her.. None of her tricks worked all she could make out was it was some place sunny.. With all those summer dresses he'd bought her.. But where exactly were they going..

" Okay honey.. I think you deserve to know now.. You've worked hard enough " he giggled taking her into his arms.. She waited " we're going to St. Barth's we've a yacht there and i think you'll like it "

" St. Barth's ?? " he nodded " hmm , I've never heard of it before.. But if you've thought of it I'm sure it's going to be lovely " smiling she pecked his cheek making his smile broader..

" Hey Armano.. My dear " he greeted Armaan and Ridhhima on the airport.. He'd come to see them off and Ridhhima was glad that in this time Gloria was missing.. She'd now come to know and like all of them.. Antonio's wife their children a lovely girl and a boy , both now away for studies.. His brother and his new bride who like them were now on their honeymoon.. She liked them all.. She was bidding goodbye to Antonio's wife when Antonio called Armaan away..

" Here, it's all done. Just the way you wanted. " he handed Armaan a brown Manila envelope. " Thanks Antonio.. I knew I don't have to worry when you're there "

" Anytime, my friend .anytime.." he then turned to Ridhhima who happen to watch this interaction from the corner of her eye " Hey Ridima.. Next time whenever you want to come and play just give me a call. I'll handle him and everything else "

" Yeah yeah, just make her an addict. That's thoughtful " Armaan threw his hands up in the air while they all laughed out..

Back inside the plane she sat cuddled up to him ,her head resting on his chest " Armaan.."

" Hmm "

" What did Antonio gave you on the airport ? " she asked raising herself on the chin

He sighed but kept his eyes close " Nothing sweetheart, just some papers.. Business stuff " he shrugged pulling her back again. Getting the answer she went back to the earlier position but somehow it didn't satisfy her.. If they were just papers then why was Antonio so secretive about them and Armaan.. She knew he wouldn't think of work when she's with him especially when they are on their honeymoon and he'd promised.. He'd never break his promises.. She knew.. Then what was in that packet...

St. Barth turned out to be total contrast of Vegas.. It was quiet and peaceful though it wasn't far in opulence when it came to Rich and famous... The beautiful sea side could steal anyone's heart and the cozy line of houses invited to be part of their heart.. She could almost picture herself with Armaan walking their child each holding a hand.. Enjoying a nice walk in the park or making castles of sand at the beach... She sighed, this dream was way beautiful than anything.. But then her attention was diverted to the sites and shops which were full of stuff to cater all the crazy fancies one can think of, some of them were his which he enthusiastically narrated to her... not only the place she found the people warm and welcoming too.. Seeing the docking line she wondered which of the cute little one's was theirs...

But this was beyond her expectations " You gotta be kidding me ! Armaan, this is our yacht !? I thought.. you said yacht not cruiser ! " she imagined something when he told her.. but a 150 m long four story high 15 crew member cruiser was not in her mind.. And he said it was small ! " why would I kid about it sweetheart. And trust me compared to some, this is small." grinning at her surprised face " We got Summer long back.. Infact dad got it, he came in here one summer and voila ! we had Summer !. He's more into getting these fancy to his liking things " he explained while boarding where the Captain in spic and span white uniform and 2 pretty attendants in navy blue dress welcomed them, but this new information added to her surprise..

" Papa ?! this is totally unexpected. I can think of BP getting into this fancy thing stuff for once, but papa !.." he just smiled shaking his head " I guess every one has their fancies, dad like boats.. sea faring and stuff. Cmmon let me show you.. " as he showed her around she couldn't stop praising everything about the yacht and Virendra's choice.. he had to pull her out from the control room.. weren't the machines men's area of interest.. Apparently it wasn't so with her..

She was amazed to see their bedroom.. The king size bed was directly opposite to a glass that became a wide screen television on a touch of a button.. There was an opening at the roof too to see the night sky if one wished.. not a single corner was left uncarpeted and anything to everything was available on just a call.. It was like a fairy tale and that smile told him she loved it already. This was going to be best time and place ever..

Resting her head on his chest arms around each other they sat watching the beautiful starlit sky on the deck " Armaan, I'm going to be terribly spoilt " she sighed smiling

He chuckled " don't worry princess, that's exactly I want to do " and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. Their first day on the yacht was spent appreciating the surrounding with a cozy dinner on the deck under the starry sky ending with blissful sleep in each others arms..

" Armaan look ! " tugging his sleeve she pointed out at something. They came out in the city, much to his dislike.. He wanted more time in the bed but she dragged him out anyway, she wasn't going to miss seeing this beautiful place.." what a beautiful church " she whispered in awe " cmmon lets go in " her excitement bubbled up

" Ridhhima yaar, we're on our honeymoon not pilgrimage ! " what's with women and temples, plus a watch on a shop's display caught his eye and he wanted to check it out first.. But may be he forgot who he was with, his protests fell on deaf ears and was pulled away from there anyway..

"... My children so I say, if you confess, bare your heart.. to even your loved one you'll find yourself a step closer to god.. And remember he always listens..."

" Really ?! Was he cleaning his ears when I told you that I wanted to go to that shop " he grumbled making few heads turn but the next moment a sharp elbow punch quieten him, now he understood what the man meant.. A little more force and he would have been there with god in heaven by the hands of his loved one. Some heart baring that was..

The sermon went for another 15-20 minutes, years for him, but was more bearable after that elbow thing. And also when you doze off things get by faster.

Ridhhima shook him a little when everyone got up to pray, being Sunday the place was full of dutiful people spending some time with god except him, who counted every second before sleeping.. He got up with a jerk " huh, is it over ? Thank god ! This man took like forever ! "

Almost everyone turned to see, why ? Coz everyone was standing in silence. Ridhhima hid her face while he waved at them with embarrassed grin..

He ran after her while she walked away angrily " Ridhhima.. Ridhhima wait up yaar ! I said sorry na.. I told you I didn't wanna go "

" Really ! is that your excuse ? " he looked down, running his hand in his hair. But she wasn't going to let him off coz of that cute face she so badly wanted to kiss now... " you're turning into one of a kind shameless person. You were there in a church before god and you grumbled, slept and even criticized the priest !! "

" Achha baba sorry again. Next time no matter how boring the sermon is I won't complain or grumble or sleep. Happy "

She listened with arms folded till he finished " if I hadn't known you so well I'd have believed you " his mouth fell open. She was one of a kind, but it was true " now stop acting surprised and cmmon I want to shop a little " pulling his hand she dragged him into a nearby shop..

Hours later his patience gave up " Hey wifey, I didn't knew you are a shopaholic. You hid that from me ! " this was their 15th shop ..

" Huh, What did you think hubby ? couldn't let out all my secrets in one go." she winked patting his cheek and walked to another section.

" But how much more yaar.. I'm tired ! " he followed juggling about dozen bags.

" Achha.." she turned around very amused at his condition and least affected by the request " abhi se thak gaye ! Bas itna hi stamina hai ??, yeh muscles to tumne bekar hi banaye hai.." she teased walking away..

But the next second dropping the bags in hand he grabbed her arm making her crash on his chest " don't challenge me in the stamina department sweetheart, the marathon hasn't even started yet "

Colour rose to her cheeks " Armaan we're at a public place."

" So ?? " she gave him a look and he got the message, infact the rosiness of her face gave her away way before " Of course sweetheart, let's get back to the yatch. I think I have to demonstrate my 'stamina'... Plus those dresses look really sexy.." he whispered his hand snaking around her waist raised goosebumps on her skin " I want to see how you look with.. And without them.." she couldn't raise her eyes, colour deepened on her cheeks as they made their way out to the yacht..

" huh, I'm tired " she crashed on the couch while he followed struggling with the load.

" Hey what did you do ? I carried all the bags " dropping all on the floor he landed next to her

" You deserve some punishment especially what you did in the church today "

He grinned sheepishly " well about that, you know I was thinking something on the way back.. And since you were so angry for what I did in the church today I thought of actually doing something that that priest said.." She raised her brows in surprise.

" And that would be ?? " she sat up getting curious

" That would be, confession.. Since I made you angry I'll confess one thing to you that I think you should know and don't and you confess something that you know and I dont.." she smiled inwardly at his efforts for making it up to her.

" Hmm sounds interesting.." getting interested " so what's it that you know and I don't. Do you have a girlfriend ? " he rolled his eyes at her grin.

" No I don't. What I wanted to say is that.. I saw you naked " her grin vanished, folding a leg she sat up facing him.

" You wanted to confess this !? " he nodded smiling eagerly " that you saw me naked ? " nod again " Armaan you are.. Leave it, after all we did you wanted to confess this ! " hiding her blush she fell back resting her back on his chest amused, almost on the verge of laughing out.

" But sweetheart that's the catch, I saw you that way in the shower "

" What ?! " she sat up again " When did you see me in shower. You sneaked in ! "

" No I didn't. it happened that day.." she raised a brow at ' that day' " it was before things got.. you know, better between us, even before we confessed our love.." her mouth fell open " I swear it was accidental.. Do you remember when I was at home after that site accident.." now she remembered " I didn't tell you before coz I thought it would be.. Awkward.. but boy, you looked soo umm, the way water slid down those beautiful curves and i absolutely loved your humming " pulling her close he made her sit in his lap.. his hand slid down her waist while he breathed in her fragrant hair, and got an instant slap.

" Armaann you.. You go away.." she tried getting off but was secured. This was certainly a confession..

" Hey you can't get angry, and what could I do I didn't knew you were in there." she frowned at his grin " But you know I couldn't sleep for days after that. Every time I closed my eyes I saw you and.. And then it was so difficult and more than that everytime you touched me it got even harder. It was kind of automatic, my whole body sprang to life.. Why do you think I spent so much time in the bathroom " suddenly honesty did became the best policy, if one get to see that look..

" Armaaann ! get lost !. You are so gross.. So bad.." the hits by the cushions could hardly effect him

" Hey that was not what you said last night huh, that time toh you were like oh Armaan ah Armaan.." this time a cushion fell flat on his face.

" You are so disgusting ! " she blushed badly but unaffected he pulled her close

" Whatever I am, now you have to put up with that. No choice honey, I am all yours " tightening the hold around the waist he nuzzled her neck

" And you better be " his soft kisses made her go weak again

" So, am I forgiven for that accident " he grinned

She gave up, no point resisting now " Well, I would have been angry at that time but.. Now.. I guess it's okay."

" Okay ! You mean as in just okay ? " that was bit easy

" Yupp, even I admit I might have got a sneak peak of that cute tushi of yours.. Accidentally. While you may have been busy adjusting your towel and it slipped.." raising her neck she gave a I'm-not-behind grin

" You naughty girl ! You saw my butt !! " He looked rather excited like that was the first time " What else did you see ? care to give the details.. Anything special you liked ? " wagging his brows he gave an impish grin.

Ridhhima frowned, it wasn't the way she wanted it to head " okay. Fine. That did not happen. Closest I came to see you that way was in your swimming trunks and..." of course he knew when.

" And you couldn't take that off your mind." he interrupted " Admit it. You liked what you saw, you were ogling like you're going to pounce on me any second " that grin got wider.

" No, I didn't " she tried to defend

" Yes, you did " there was no use arguing, he knew it.

" Armaan, leave it naa. Don't you want to hear my confession ? "

" Yes yes of course " he jumped all excited. She meanwhile thought of what to confess and immediately his diary came to her mind but that she wasn't sure would be right thing to do right now.. It carried too much of his feelings which would be better if he let her know them himself.. " Ridhhimaa, you can't take that long ! " his voice broke her line of thought but then her eyes fell on something and another thought came to her.

" Ohho you're so impatient. come here, my confession is more of a show and tell.. I had this idea very recently but wasn't sure how to.. You know.. But promise me you won't laugh "

" I promise, I won't " and she whispered something in his ear and with every word she uttered his smile got wider.

" This is going to be one of the best confessions ever ! "

Scooping up the bags she took out a dress and jumped on the bed, rubbing his hands he waited eagerly " so this is the first.." she winked and slowly started unbuttoning her shirt..

Armaan sat spellbound mouth little agape, he couldn't believe his shy wife suddenly wanted to confess her wildest fantasy ! Though she termed it as 'trying on the dresses' but a slow strip by her was not in his wildest dreams. He couldn't thank god and praise himself enough for sleeping in the church.. He definitely listens.

Unbuttoning from the top she slowly pulled off her shirt, she was wearing a low cut black today. Then she unbuttoned her jeans bending to step out of them and surprising him with sexiest skin tight matching lingerie. His heart fluttered fastening his breathing. How that sight mesmerized him ! The skin tight stuff accentuated her curves leading the eyes to that ultra seductive triangle of black.. He wouldn't have cared if there was a nuclear explosion outside, she had her riveted.. As she bent again, putting a little emphasis towards him their eyes met, a small seductive smile crept up. She had the desired effect..

Slowly stepping into a dress she pulled it up putting her arms into its short sleeves. It had buttons in front, but Ridhhima started buttoning up from bottom button near the waist working her way up. She watched his eyes as they intently gave caressing attention to each one.. Bit by bit the b** disappeared.. When she finished, he gave a typical male appraisal from head to foot. It was a pretty dress, caressing her slender waist the skirt flared out down to the knees as she twirled " well, what do you think ? "

Armaan gulped surprised at himself when he actually spoke " it's beautiful honey, you look very cute in it "

Beaming she reversed the process to take off the dress, knocking off the little control he'd managed. She started unbuttoning from the top so that her inner became visible a little at a time her lingerie appearing in a slow ghost like spectre of desire... Attired in nothing but her inners she moved to the bags, now pulling out a skirt and a blouse...

The blouse went on first. The bottom was straight and round which probably meant that it was supposed to be left out instead of tucking in but as she stood there, it was another sight to behold, the blouse came down only little below the waistline and so came nowhere to cover her lowers. He would have whistled or said something but his breath got stuck somewhere.. However, the entrancing vision slowly vanished as she pulled on the skirt, subtly swaying her hips as she wriggled into it, a knee length one. " I think I need to put on those nylons with these " stepping down she pulled out a pair from one of the bags lying near his feet. Keeping a leg on the edge of the couch she pulled up the skirt to a breathtaking height. Armaan drew in a sharp breath, if she heard she didn't show.. Slowly she pulled up the stocking, he couldn't believe what he was seeing, a direct view up her skirt black lingerie and all.. Ridhhima stretched out her leg and lovingly smoothed the stocking up to mid thigh. This intoxicating process was repeated for the second stocking...

Done with it she stood up smoothing the skirt " so, how do you like this one ? "

Armaan's mouth went dry, it took a moment before he could speak " yeah.. Very nice " the way it was going he knew he wouldn't be able to control himself for long.. This show and tell confession was just getting too torturous but something told him, may be that secret smile of hers, that she was enjoying this thoroughly. He decided to comment something on his condition " you know sweetheart.. Your doing this naughty dress up thing with your husband thing is driving me crazy. I think you have established your point.. So "

" Drive you crazy ? " she interjected faking the surprise " Oh cmmon its just dress up " yeah, just a dress up that was driving him nuts and why did she smile like that if it was just so. He knew it, it was her little adventure and it was perfectly timed.. She walked over to him sitting down in his lap putting her arms around him, drawing his face closer she gave him a sweet tender kiss " I thought you'd like to know my secrets.. I thought you might enjoy watching this " was she kidding ! It blew him off !! couldn't she feel his heartbeat. He was so right, that tone with definite lack of innocence told him everything.. There was no doubt that he was quiet aroused at this point but just as his hand started slowly moving up her leg she eased off his lap..

" Don't get carried away so soon sweetheart. Didn't I said 5 dresses "

" 5 !! I don't think I can last another one " so true.. She chuckled " we'll see " he let out a deep breath hoping to last that long but if it didn't ended soon he was sure he would be ready even to beg.. She went to the mountain of bags and pulled out a mini skirt.. The process of taking off the stockings knocked off his breath, the small skirt hugged her curvaceous bottom showing her shapely legs the shirt was tied with a knot showing her slender waist.. With the length of the skirt there was no way she could avoid flashing her lingerie, it seemed his desires and passions were about to explode..

" Phew ! This is little too short, I guess I'll keep this for our private meetings.." she chuckled adding a wink, probably remembering the visit at the office " Huh I'm tired " all of a sudden she fell in his lap. Her fingers ran through his hair while other hand caressed his neck. Smiling coquettishly she whispered in his ear " I don't think I can last till 5 dresses "

Almost delirious with desire he could just manage to make sense of her words. " thank god ! I thought you would make me sit for all 5 " and taking her into a deep passionate kiss he carried her to the bed " this was the best confession ever " he said resuming the kiss..

The confessions definitely brought them close..

Storming in the room she yanked off her slippers angrily. It was a lovely day and after the incredible confession day the day before the captain sailed them to a beautiful beach. Where it all happened..

" That's it Armaan, he was just a messuse ! "

" So ? I didn't like the way he was looking. No, ogling at you." He followed her back but her glare stopped him just near the door, which was good in case he needed an escape. The otherwise beautiful day didn't turn out to be so well when that messuse, the evil ogling white devil, started touching her.. Which in her words was massage but he saw the look and why the hell shoulders ? why not feet.. No No, not feet. Fingers, yes fingers were fine. But no. Does she listen ? Ever !.

" Oh cmmon ! It was just shoulder massage for god's sake !. None of the other ladies or their husbands or boyfriends had problem, but no, the Great Armaan Malik had to create a scene there." she knew how she had made him leave that poor fellow, he almost choked him !

" What could I do ? Turned blind eye to that pervert ?!. You didn't notice the way he was looking at you " if he had his way the man would now be the owner of 412 bones instead of 206 . He was lucky to leave with just a black eye.

" As far as I know you don't like the way 'any man' look at me. You are turning into one possessive jealous green goblin." she remembered how he grabbed that man shaking him from his collars giving him a punch, scaring the daylights off him.

" Hey that's not true ! I'm not jealous of any man. And from which angle do I even remotely look like a goblin ! " turning around he checked himself in the mirror on the opposite wall.

" That was a metaphor !! " Great, here she's discussing his jealousy and he's worried if he looked green ! " and coming from you it's like suddenly Osama declaring he has no issues with America. Heck you can't even bear Leo around me ! " he still didn't knew where this was heading. Bad, Very bad.

" No.. That's not true. Leo I can bear. At least I can kick him if he hangs around too long." She rolled her eyes, exasperated.

" There you go. You are just impossible ! " huffing she turned her face away " what do you want huh, that I stop talking to everyone else and stick around you every second. And trust me if I actually do that you'll be fed up in no time " she tried putting some sense into his thick skull.

Armaan smiled, slowly coming in he stood behind engulfing her " sweetheart, It's not that I want you with me everytime.." he said softly " but its just that.. I don't want anyone else to have you for a second.. I can't bear anyone else touching you and if I could have my way no other man would lay his eyes on you "

He still missed the point and holding a cushion she debated where to hit him but his cute face and those lovely words did their magic. Turning around she sighed " Armaan, sometimes I just don't understand whether I should hug you or scold you.."

" The first sounds better " his hope for getting by rose immediately

" No it doesn't." but was proven wrong next second " And as much as I love you, you need to work on your possessive issues." this needed to be corrected before it got out of hand and she knew how to treat this stubborn baby.

" But.." he protested while she pushed him out.

" No buts, and till then this room is only mine. Good bye "

" Hey you can't do that, I'm the husband yaar ! "

" Really !? watch me.." she was about to close the door when he blocked it.

" Where will I sleep ?? "

" Wherever you want to, just not here.." He managed to catch that pillow missile she threw at him at the nick of time.

" But this is unfair ! you can't fight with me, we're on honeymoon.. Ridhhiimmaa !! " desperate times call for desperate measures.

" Stop yelling ! you had it coming " she glared threateningly " oh stop acting now. I'm not carrying any weapon ! " he was just something ! keeping that pillow before him like a shield.

" But.. But my massage, you know I can't sleep otherwise.." peeking from behind the pillow he tried again.

" Forget it. Isn't it massage that got you in the situation. moreover, I see you're busy massaging your jealousy.." with that she slammed the door shut.

Poor guy had to sleep, Sorry, remain awake alone. That night and few more... It wasn't all, she didn't allow him to come near her for four days ! and it was driving him nuts especially when she roamed about looking all gorgeous and stunningly sexy in all those dresses and that super swim wear reminding him every minute of that beautiful confession day... But it was useless. She was turning into real devil, nothing compared to our poor love struck goblin..

Ridhhima on the other hand had cooled down the same day, who wouldn't, with such cute goblin husband. She wouldn't admit it before him but she kind of liked when he got bit possessive about her.. But then, that day it got bit out of hand.. Tiptoeing to his room late at night she found him sleeping awkwardly with a small frown clutching his pillow.. all her anger went down the drain at the sight.. tucking him properly and planting a soft kiss on his forehead she came back to her, their, room unable to sleep she started looking at their Vegas pics.. smiling lovingly seeing him smile back at her, dressed in a tux at Armano's wedding.. How handsome he looked.. She laughed out seeing the shocked face while Gloria kissed him and right next to her she stood with eyebrows lost in hair line..turning to next she grinned at his scowl when she refused to budge from the slot machine.. His surprised face when she won black jack.. Their celebrations.. The places they went together.. Their lovely moments.. Sweet memories came flooding.. She wondered if she could really stay away from him.. that it was actually her who wanted him every second of her life.. And she could never get tired of him.. Ever.. Restlessness filled her heart. She had to see him again, already missing him terribly. Sneaking into the room again she found him still asleep, sitting sat by his side she just admired him.. for long, pouring love with her eyes caressing his hair.. Even in sleep he could recognize her touch.. his sleepy smile told her. She would have woken him up asking him to come back but suddenly something hit her.. She was just remembering their confession day when it came to her.. If he loved the confession then this would surely drive him crazy..

By the time she came back to the room the plan was clear in her mind.. It would involve some torture but then what could be so sweet than the reward after.. " sorry jaan but I have to do this." planting a soft kiss she came back " You're getting too good at this Mrs.Ridhhima Armaan Malik " patting her back with hearty self appraisal she slumped into the bed, sleeping peacefully.. All set to make hubby dearest work little harder to get his Queen..

The days that followed were.. Weird, but fun. He had loved, laboured for it and he wasn't going to lose.. Our hero didn't had the word give-up in his dictionary. So he was all set to meet the challenge.

He started from apologizing, in his way.. Pouring as much charm and love he can manage.. The very next day of his room banishment Armaan attacked the kitchen.. Buttering and good food are the best weapons when it comes to melt angry wife. Of course there were usual disasters in the kitchen but they couldn't deter him from his resolve. Good for him.

With a hot steamy cup of coffee, scrambled eggs, the way she liked, golden toasts, butter and adding the touch to make the mood- single red rose stick.

Inhaling the aroma he smiled confidently " aah, wifey here I come.."

" Good morning ! " Startled she turned around to find - well, who else. Busy drying her hair with the towel she was mentally perfecting her plan, and thinking about him, when he stepped in. Think of the devil.. But this devil was cute " special breakfast for my queen " raising the tray he kept it on the table, patting the seat next to him he gestured her to sit by his side. Hopefully. Hiding her smile at his efforts she came and sat... opposite him.

He didn't like it.

He knew if he wanted to have his normal wife and life he had to be patient. Bracing himself he tried his luck..

" All your favourite darling.."

She took a sip of the coffee. It was heavenly, but she maintained straight face " hmm.. "

Getting up he sat by her side " hey " he said softly tucking back a wet hair lock " you look beautiful.. I missed you " looking into his eyes she had to summon all her strength not to hug him right away.

" Then you should've been more careful " She was well aware of his condition but to execute her plan it was necessary, telling him would have, kind of, lessened the impact.. Plus deprivation increases craving. The theory was working already.

" I promise sweetheart I'll never behave that way 'ever' again.. Plzz I'm sorry " holding her hand in his he made the cutest face ever.

Putting the cup back she looked into his hopeful eyes. Aww he looked so cute ! " I'll see if there's any improvement " freeing her hand she took a toast munching it lest her resolve dwindled.. But his smile broadened at the positive reply..

As the breakfast went on she kind of forgot about the fight, he had loads of stuff to talk about. Armaan was delighted at the plan going well especially when she fussed about his burnt finger giving it the healing touch of her lips.. He could've jumped over the moon. At least his heart did. Feeling lucky he moved ahead with caressing and kissing.. Ridhhima almost melted like an ice cube in the sun.. Every touch ignited passion fanning the desires.. She too had missed him terribly...

But then there was inner voice and Ridhhima with pointed tail and red horns appeared before her, reminding that there was a task at hand. It took humongous efforts on her part to push him back when she so direly wanted him.

Slapping the back of his hand that was trying to take liberties, she pushed him away " don't even think about it mister. I might not be that mad but I'm still mad."

" But I said sorry naa " Seeing his face fall made it further more difficult. Only the thought that there will be joys greater helped her out.

" That s not enough. I'll decide to revoke your punishment on your conduct.. If there's any improvement."

Armaan unaware of her plan was bit disheartened but if that would put him down then he wouldn't be our Armaan. It just made him even more resolute to win wifey's heart. He agreed, prepared to meet the condition.

" Now cmmon get ready I want to see everything here " sighing he got up to fulfill her majesty's wish " Armaan.." he stopped " aren't you forgetting something ? " puzzled, he mentally checked what she was talking about. But everything was in order and it wasn t any important day as well. Or was it..

" Forgetting what ? " he had to ask now.

" I knew it. You are so forgetful " he still couldn't recall what did he miss. He opened his mouth to ask again but she silenced him " don't fret, at least I remember it "

" But.." that was all he could utter before she pulled him down from his nape and captured his lips into a loving kiss. He was totally taken by surprise, it took him a moment to understand what was actually happening... And then it was all heaven.. Snaking his hands around her waist he pulled her close his lips urging hers to open up. She did. The kiss deepened..

And that was pretty much it.. A few moments.. and then she pulled herself away, little breathless " okay Mister, enough of good morning.. Now go and get ready before it becomes afternoon " poor man. Dazed, couldn't say a word when she pushed him out, again, and shut the door at his face.

For next three days he tried every trick every formula in the book. Did it work ? What do you think ?...

Fine there was substantial decrease in her anger, as if it wasn't there at all at the first place. She would wake him up, wish him, they would laugh shop eat enjoy everything... would also massage his head but everything remained at a distance.. She still made him sleep separately and wouldn't even hear of coming close. He missed her.. Missed sleeping next to her, his body curled against hers with that soft fragrance soothing his senses.. Or with her head resting on his chest an arm around him a leg over his.. Or that simple loving hugs.. He missed feeling that. It wasn't the same thing.. It felt like even though she was there she was still away and he didn't wanted any distance from her.

But one thing was for sure, no matter how angry she got, he knew he could never bring himself to not to feel so protective about her. She was just too precious to be careless, and if that made him possessive then he was. Thank god he was good liar too, and with little more practice he was sure he could convince her that he would not behave that way in future.

It was the fourth day and the mission to win wifey, that started with great zest and zeal was now facing some strong gales. She even left him alone once and went for- some important work. She didn't disclose what. And it was futile to push that info. out of her..

Walking into the control room he looked for the captain but he wasn't there. His eyes then fell on the cross with Jesus Christ, on the wall, may be it was time to request for some divine intervention. Checking if he was alone he stood before it " hello god." waving he smiled broadly " I guess you are still mad at me for sleeping during the sermon huh.. but just be honest, wasn't he boring ? I bet if you'd have listened to it then you too would've fallen asleep " but then he realized what he'd said " oh no. I didn't mean that way. I mean of course you were there. You are everywhere but.. But.. Okay fine " he exhaled defeated " I'm sorry... It's my fault. But I thought we were good especially when I tried to follow that priest's words.. but then that blunder. Tell me, if I protect my wife then am I wrong ? No naa. But still. She thinks I'm over possessive. If being caring means so, then be it " folding his arms across his chest he huffed, for a moment " okay. I shouldn't have punched that man. He.. May be.. was doing his work.. But haven't I apologized enough !?.. Don't they say fruit of patience is sweet. Always sweet. And after 4 days it should be sweetest of all isn't it.? Wrong. I'm still not allowed in the room let alone anything else. Fine we go out shop enjoy. She even have allowed my morning quota, my massages. But that's it. It stops there. Nothing else. Zilch. Is this your way of punishing me ? Then I must tell you are going waayy over. I mean cmmon yaar I'm on my honeymoon ! After more than 7 months of our marriage ! Have some mercy man !, you know the word don't you ??... Don't you.. Oh, you were single. I forgot. But I'm married yaar ! " then something striked him " Say " he stepped closer to the figure, almost whispering " lets have a deal.. you cool her down and I'll go to church next Sunday, sit for the whole sermon and I won't sleep. Gentleman's Promise. Okay ? Done " he raised his thumbs " good, then it's a deal. I leave you now... to let you do...umm your stuff okay... Bye. See you on Sunday " raising a thumb he winked and left.

Tired after hours of scuba diving she lied flat on the deck " huh, that was just amazing ! I'm soo tired. Armaan.. Can you carry me to the room please " and spread her arms to lift her. He obliged gladly..

Running a hand over his strong torso she felt her heartbeat accelerating.. Tiny droplets of water flowed down from his wet hair down to his firm chest and the sculpted body was... She sighed consoling herself that wait is going to get over soon...

Armaan could feel her eyes on him but he resolutely kept his eyes in front.. He too can play hard to get, he smirked inwardly.. Finally wifey's resolution was giving away and by the look he was sure tonight, or before, he would be back in their room.. mentally he gave thumbs up to god, he was quick ! No wonder he's God..

" Armaan.. Where are we going tonight ? " she asked innocently, trying desperately not to lose her control..

" It's a lovely place.. La Plage. You'll love it " he smiled and in the pretext of turning the door knob raised her a bit.. Just inches away from his face.. so close that she could smell him.. Ridhhima prayed furiously.. ' Plz god plz god just till tonight.Why the hell he has to wear that cologne ! '

Thankfully the click of door lock broke the spell and she quickly gathered herself " Okay then, put me down " he couldn't understand why but did it anyway.. With that oh so smile on her face she opened the door. His heart somersaulted. He was so in the room. Heart jumping over the moon. Yes yes yesss !!

How wrong.

Getting in she turned to him keeping the door ajar just enough to show her face " where are you coming ? " he looked back startled " I'm so tired, I need a nap.. I'll see you at 7 okay. Be on time " throwing a flying kiss she shut the door at his face.

He stood there for a moment mouth agape, trying to figure what just happened and then he realized he was still outside!!. Putting hands on his waist he looked up. " Yeah right ! Some work you are doing here.. Huh " with a look at the closed door he went back to the other room.. Shaking his head mumbling, wondering if he should raise the stakes.. And they say God doesn't take bribes..

La plage lived upto its reputation.. The exclusive services and royal treatment made it a hive for rich and famous from all over the world.. He specially picked this place, anything less would be a disgrace for his queen.. While she enjoyed a live dance show with her dessert a business associate spotted Armaan asking for a word.. She obliged. Sitting at the bar they talked... Armaan listened half heartedly trying to focus on what the man was talking but he was rather more concerned with some other deal with someone else.. Few minutes later the man left. Thankfully..

" Good evening sir.." a blonde waitress came flashing her pearls while he was still at the bar finishing his drink " here's an invitation for you " she extended a silver tray.

" Invitation ?! From ? " his eyes followed the direction she pointed at... There the lady was, their eyes met bringing a curious smile.. What was it about ? Curious, he quickly flicked open the card..

" Something exclusive.. Just for you.. You know where to find me. Come alone.

P.S: Make sure you have exactly 7 pieces of clothing on you. "

Gulping down the drink he got on his feet immediately.. This was going to be hell lot interesting.

Walking through the small corridor he stood before a door. It has to be this place. Taking a deep breath he knocked and waited... His heart thumping against his chest with curious excitement. He again mentally checked that he followed the instruction in the card..

The door opened with a soft click and a pretty face appeared " So you're here. Come in "

Smiling he followed " Uh lady I think you should know something before we.. I'm a married man and I love my wife a lot "

Standing few paces away she turned " Oh really ? Then I think we're even.." coming closer she ran a finger down his face " coz I love my husband very much as well "

Circling the arms around her waist he pulled her close " is that why you banned him from the room... Keeping him away for days "

She giggled " He kinda deserved it, plus something else too " locking her arms around his neck she planted a soft kiss on his cheek.

His smile widened " but seriously Ridhhima, what's this all about ? " he flashed the card before her coming out of lets act mode.

" Well I think I got infected with Vegas virus " he raised a brow questioningly " yeah really, I mean you've shown some real improvement and this is your final test. If you manage to pass then.. You'll get the ultimate reward " she winked.. gosh this was going to be soo wonderful.

" Okay I'm ready for it. What do I have to do ? " He asked all excited

" Simple, you have to play a game with me " taking her hand she took him to the center of the room. There he saw something like a board game spread on the floor a bowl with few folded chits and a pair of dice.. All set for the players.. At first when he got the card he was super excited then he saw her walking away from La Plage and knew all he had to do was follow. The wait was finally over.. though the clothing part was bit odd but it was his last concern.. He almost ran to the yacht then to the room.. It didn't look like anything before.. There were candles lit everywhere a sweet smell hung around.. Some flowers, more than regular, placed at the corners and Ridhhima.. He was stunned for a moment.. She was wearing most provocative revealing dress of all and the way she talked phew.. It was like he was seeing a dream... this was totally transformed version of his sweet wife.. But whatever her motive was behind all this preparation he was sure she was on her way to success..

Ridhhima on the other hand was thinking on the same lines. The moment she saw him going along with that business associate she knew it was the perfect time to start with her work.. All afternoon she worked on the perfect setting and past four days she'd spend working hard on perfecting her plan.. This was really going to be a surprise for her hubby dearest.. the beginning seemed promising, the look in his eyes told her that she had it all.

" What game is it ? " he asked

" Have patience... Cmmon, sit down " she pointed to a place opposite her.

He did and as soon as she took the seat opposite him his eyes almost popped out.. Already he was finding it hard to concentrate on anything else especially with that rosy deep neck blouse giving him hard time to look anywhere else.. Plus her wearing the tiniest of skirts wasn't helping either, every time she walked it swayed a little giving just a hint of her perfect curves.. he sighed this was really a hard test... as she sat across with legs crossed he got the clear glimpse of her derriere.. It was impossible to avoid it when it was flashing itself so boldly in all it's purple beauty.. He wondered if the other thing was purple too.. Nice colour.. His typical male brain instantly started picturing it all..

" Excuse me." she snapped her fingers bringing his attention from there to up her " stop dreaming and pay attention " clearing his throat he sat up a little like a student eager for his favourite lecture.. " this is a sort of.. Love game. Invented by me.." she declared proudly " I thought why not make our time more memorable here and also after all your efforts it was only fair to give you another chance " he rolled his eyes amused by her explanation " so before we start I must clear the rules first and you must swear to follow them to T "

He couldn't bear to finish it let alone start so quickly took the oath she demanded " good. Now tell me are you wearing the specific number of clothes ? "

" Yes. Should I show them ? " he grabbed his coat ready to take it off but she stopped him

" No need, I can see that. So now.. the rules, listen very carefully.." like he wasn't " as you see I've prepared everything, first we are going to start with simple game of ludo but only with one pawn.. We'll play two games simultaneously.."

" How ?? "

" Mch, wait na. As there are two dices there will be no Number 1 and only six, in atleast one dice will bring the pawn out.. Without which real game won't start. Understood ? " he nodded " for every number we get there is a folded chit with directions to follow.."

" So how can we win ? "

" Well, one who gets the other to the minimum.. Dress wise.. wins the special prize "

His eyes lit up " So if I get you to minimum then.."

" You win me.. And you get to do something you like " she stated hiding her blush

His eyes twinkled with naughtiness " so that means if you get me to the minimum then.."

" Yes, then I win you.."

" And then we get to do something which you 'like'.." rubbing his hands he grinned impishly " I just love when you do something you 'like' "

An impish smile spread on her face " You still have to learn few things about your wife hubby.. you see, I don't spend my winnings, I like to save them.." He wondered what did she mean by 'saving them' does that mean they won't be doing it if he loses.. Oh crap ! suddenly losing wasn't that fun..

" But.. What if it's a tie ? " he asked

" In that case I have thought of a way to decide as well. But that's for later "

" And in case the number gets repeated "

" Then we'll move the pawns on the board until the unused number comes up. But remember when asked to.. do something, then you have to go in a systematic manner... Umm lets say not like superman. No underwear before pants. Is it clear ? " he chuckled getting clearly what she meant.

" Aye aye madam. No superman. So shall we start ? "

" Yes.." taking the dices she rolled them on the board.. The total of two dices was 5, a 3 and a 2.. She passed the dices to him, again the result was a non opener.. It carried on for a while when Armaan finally managed to break through.

" Yess I got it !! A six ! " and he got his pawn out in the game. Ridhhima wasn't far behind and in the next roll she was in the game too. It was his turn next, rolling the dices he waited anxiously..

" Number 5. Lets see what it has.." he picked up the chit with number 5 " take off 2 clothes " he grinned triumphantly " with pleasure " and took off the coat and socks.. in record speed like they were deadly infected.

Giving a mock smile she took up the dices and rolled them on board. " 2. Hmm lets see.."

" Yeah, like you don't know " he scoffed

" I did write them mister but I wrote the numbers randomly. After folding them. So I don't know which has what "

" Yeah yeah I believe you. Will you see what it is " he still had some doubts but didn't wanted to waste a second.

" Okayy " she opened the chit and her brows shot up reading it.

" What is it ? " he asked eagerly

" Uhh.." " don't try to stall, cmmon tell me " but when she fumbled for the words he snatched away the paper from her hands " Whoa ! This is awesome. Makeout for 3 minutes ! " she turned crimson, reprimanding herself for writing such thing. This might put a stop to game he thought, especially after four days of sabbath.. But she smiled inwardly patting herself. She was prepared for this too. Unaware of her plan he continued " best 3 minutes of the day. Cmmon honey, game rules " he grinned swaying the chit before her eyes. Giving a broad saccharine smile she replied " Exactly 3 minutes. Sweetheart "

He narrowed his eyes smiling confidently, probably thinking of putting a stop to the game there and then " We'll see " and pulled her in his arms locking his lips with hers instantly, forbidding another word...

For a moment it looked as if he would prove right.. She started melting with his touch and he knew exactly what she liked.. After a minute her own determination started swaying, he was kissing her crazy, not that she wasn't adding to the passion.. Two minutes later his tie hung loose and shirt buttons were open.. Nestled in his lap her small jacket was half way down her shoulders,hands busy messing his hair and he was fully engrossed in exploring her.. Seconds trickled by and intensity soared high... He was about to capture her lips again nuzzling up from her chest to neck when...

A shrill voice startled him, he almost jumped throwing her off his lap. " What was that ?! " he looked around for the source.

Ridhhima got a chance to come out of his spell, gaining control she grabbed the alarm clock " it's called Bringing-back-to-game device " shutting off the shrilly ringing alarm clock.

He couldn't believe it that she actually timed their makeout session " back to game ! You don't really mean it. Do you ?? " her mock smile gave him the answer. She was serious about the game.. Throwing his hands in the
air he expelled a deep sigh " This is so unfair ! "

" Really. Why didn't you say so when I got that chit ? "

" Do they have more of such things ? " he asked eying the bowl, getting excited again.

" You'll see if you play " she said, passing him the dices. He rolled again kissing them the way Shakuni mama would have felt proud of him..

But the next number was 2 again, disappointed he gave back the dices to giggling Ridhhima mumbling that game is fixed.. He was proved wrong when she got a 3..

" Aha 3 ! " and before she could even extend her hand he picked up the chit " take off 1. Yess, I love this game " and eyed hungrily as she took off her mini jacket.

Now three numbers were gone, 5, 2, and 3.. The next turn was his which brought lucky number 7...

But that frown on his face said something else " What is this ? This is cheating ! " she took the chit from his hand and smiled " this is not cheating and you have to do it, cmmon hurry up " frowning he picked up his coat and wore it again. Yes, the chit said that he had to put back one piece of clothing. Apparently he wasn't happy with the condition, 7 was suppose to be the lucky number !.

The next few rolls gave the repeated small numbers and finally Ridhhima broke the chain " hmm number 9. Lets see " he was getting impatient and a new number instantly grabbed his attention. Ridhhima read it out " take off 1 " he celebrated raising his hand up in the air, but she was clever enough.. Raising a shapely leg she slowly rolled down the thin black stocking.. Her milky skin appearing like sun from the dark clouds held his eyes completely, heart thudding mouth agape he just painfully watched the process repeated for the other leg.. This was torture, like his favourite sweet kept behind a glass where he could see but was unable to touch.. No wonder she made him take oath to stay at his place till the game ends.. He sighed praying.. How long god ??..

As soon as the stocking show was over she sat up again facing him, hands in her lap and a rosy smile on her lips.. Extremely happy seeing the desired effects on hubby dearest, mentally praising herself.. May be god listened to this wife tortured husband and the next roll got him something to rejoice..

" Take off 2 ! Yippee " and threw away the coat and tie. rejoicing that now only 4 clothes were left on him, shirt trousers and 2 inners whereas she had her skirt blouse a slip and the sexy purple inners.. But then he remembered, he had to bring her to the minimum or she would 'save' her winning. This thought dampened his happiness a little.

The next few rolls were again no show but then again it was her turn and she got a 4.. This scared him wavering his faith in god.. She had to put on 1, making her dress in more than he was in.. He frowned as she put on her jacket.

It was his turn and luckily he drew out number 8 " hmm, both have to ask one question from each other for right answer questioner take off two and incorrect take off 1. Hmm this isn't bad. Okay, ladies first.. What do you want to ask ? "

She thought for a moment " uh okay, what was I wearing on our first date ? " she challenged wagging her eyebrows.

" Ha ! this is easy. But since you didn't mention official or unofficial I'll tell the answer to both. On our first unofficial date, that was the breakfast on Sanjivani's roof you wore a white suit and on our official, one sided date, Pauls' party you wore a red saree that I got for you " he smiled smugly sure of the answer. She scrunched her nose ofcourse he was right. He and his elephantine memory ! " so now sweetheart bid goodbye to two "

" Not so soon jaan, your question is still left.. So ask "

" Okay then tell me.. When did you fell in love with me ? " he said rather softly

This was rather unexpected, looking into his eyes she felt that this was just an excuse for something he wanted to know probably for long.. And it was time she told him the truth..

" Well, unlike what you think I fell in love with you long back when we were just kids.." it was his turn to be surprised. She smiled softly walking through memory lanes " I fell in love with you the day we ate food in the moon light stealing from the kitchen.. When we had war over our stuff toys.. When we shared the swing on that old mango tree at home.. And now.. whenever we are together I fall in love with you over and over again for every little thing you do for me or for just for being you and being there with me.. But yes.. it all started the day when world started making sense.. Probably this was why Vivek's cheating never hurt that much coz I had my true love with me.. forever " she smiled softly, eyes looking deep into his.. For a moment neither spoke.. Both overwhelmed with emotions..

Desperate to hug him she leaned forward.. But..

Her hand fell on the Alarm clock which instantly rang out shrilly.. Breaking the beautiful moment " damn ! This is seriously a spoiler " he cursed the clock and while he was busy cursing she quickly pecked his cheek grinning " hey ! That's too small. I deserve a big one "

" Then win me and you'll get whatever you wish " she winked

" Oh I will, just wait. And by the way that was correct answer take off two " he grinned impishly

" So were you sweetheart. So kiss your shirt and trouser goodbye " he did that but not before making her take off her jacket and blouse..

He now sat in his inners while she had her slip skirt and inners. This was getting really close.. She had to remind him several times that he should look at the dices rather than gawking at her.. But how can she know how hard it was for him when she sat right before him in all her feminine glory. Poor man..

The game was getting real close with only 3 unused numbers and 2 clothes on his part and 4 clothes on her, one just couldn't tell who would win..

Ridhhima won the next unused number.. It was 11. " hmm, I have a good feeling about this one "

" That sounds like a punishment for me "

She ignored the comment and giggled reading it " You were right " she forwarded the slip " Partner, that is you, must make love to the winner of this number, which is me, at an uncommon place "

His ears shot up hearing it " This is a punishment ?! You name it sweetheart, I can make love to you anywhere " he declared happily

" Haha, you want me to do everything. No way. You decide the place, get my consent, only then we'll go ahead, okay. And yeah I'm telling you in advance I don't want any closets plus balconies and cars inspired by
movies like Murder and Titanic are also out of question " he looked incredulous.

" Cmmon yaar ! Why do you have to make it so tough ?! Now how am I suppose to find this unusual place "

" I don't know how, but you have to or else you know me well " he gulped at those scary narrowed eyes and deadly smile. Another task at hand only good thing, this wasn't required to be done immediately.

As maximum numbers were used the game got bit slow and tension rose, there were still clothes to bid goodbye and Ridhhima was clearly leading whereas poor man was reduced to merely vest and underwear..

The god couldn't have been more unfair. She won another unused number. A 12. " yess !! " she did a small victory dance sitting on the spot

" yeah yeah I can see you are in a strong position but can you atleast read it out first "

" With pleasure jaan... Partner has to do something that the winner of this number likes no matter how much he/she dislike are terrified or disgusted by it. Yess !! " she continued her dance.

He sighed " I should've got that. Have a perfect thing in mind for you.. Not something you'd exactly experiment, pretty disgusting for you " he winked

She stopped dancing, her mouth fell open " Armaan you.. You are really disgusting ! "

" Hey crabs are considered a delicacy you know "

" Crabs ?? "

" Yess crabs." he raised a brow " What did you think I was going to ask ? "

" I.. I.. Nothing I was just.." bloody hell why did she open her mouth. mentally kicking herself. But the damage was done " Wait a minute.. you didn't think that I was... You seriously thought that.." his impish grin broadened by second.

" Oh please ! I never go that way " she rolled her eyes hoping to wave it off.

" Yes I'm right, you actually did go that way.." she was caught, no use. He burst out laughing " Wow sweetheart, I love the way your mind is working these days.." he winked catching the cushion she threw at him.

" You want to continue or not ? " she must do something or this embarrassment would kill her.

" Of course, you have my complete attention my love. I can do anything for you " and squeezed the pillow in his arms fluttering his eyes.

Ignoring his antics she picked up a pen " here. Sign it. "

" Don't you trust me ?? " he said in a mock hurt tone

" Don't act now. I would've signed it as well if you'd won. Rules of the game " he chuckled signing it. Happy, she folded the paper keeping it in her purse safely " Well for this one, I will think about it and let you know what I want as it can be redeemed anytime and you have to fulfill this condition. And for your information, under no circumstances I'm going to eat crabs " he sniggered again, this was really fun.

" Aye aye madam.. Anything you like " He winked

Now the result rested on one single number.. The fate, it seemed was puzzled whom to support.. Both rolled on feverishly getting a number after another pushing the pawns for that one magical number 10..

And then it happened..

" Yahooo !! " she fell back startled. It was a sight, he was dancing crazy like a monkey in a vest and underwear ! " Yesss ! I got it now be prepared for the revenge of the Underwear Man with lucky number 10 "
adding to his craziness he laughed like a devil.

Ridhhima rolled her eyes, he was one of a kind that she knew.. But this reaction !it was totally unexpected " okay Mr. Revenge. Will you sit down first " but he grabbed the chit and opened it quickly " yess yes yes.. You. Take off two. Dhinka chika dhinka chika " she was amazed at the sight. He could clearly give any south indian hero run for his money..

Nonetheless she did took off the two clothes..

And instantly his antics stopped..drawing in a sharp breath his gaze riveted on the sight before his eyes, Ridhhima turned crimson under his intense gaze.. " Armaaan plzz. Can you not stare at me like that " she had to say it now.

" I can't.. You look amazing. And this colour.. Awesome " he sighed..moving next to her, tucking her hair behind her ear he whispered huskily" finally I got you "

But when she giggled in response he got confuse " hey what happened ? Don't spoil the mood yaar "

" Sorry sweetheart, have to make a tiny correction here " he was still confused " you did not win me "

This was no less than thunderclap " What !? But.."

" Look again jaan "

And then he noticed. She was right they both were left in their inners only.. It was a draw. " Damn ! But what now ? "

" Well since it's a tie I think its time to take out the wild card " she cleared her throat, colour rising to her cheeks.. The look itself was worth it but he wondered what she had in mind that caused it, must be something interesting.. " well you see here are two folded sheets, each has some clues. First will lead you to second, second to third and so forth, there are 5 in all. But.. only one sheet's clues will lead you.. to me..."

" And the other ?? " he didn't like the sound of another chance game, first one was draw what if he loses this one.

" The other will lead you to the couch, in other room, where you'll have to spend rest of the night. Alone. And until you fulfill that uncommon place condition there will be no.. Lets say, coming close. Not even good mornings. " though she said it with full sunny smile it was no less then death sentence for him.

" Crap ! " this wasn't as easy as he thought. But he wasn't giving up so easily " but why do I have to pick, why not you ? "

" Because darling you rolled the dice last, you got the tie number. And now you're simply wasting time " she clarified

" Okay, fine. I'll be back in no time " being Armaan he readily accepted the challenge. And also because he knew well he can not win from her. Praying in his heart he selected one sheet and got on his feet.

" Wait a minute. What are you doing ? " getting up she walked to his side.

" What does it look like ? I'm putting on my pants " but before he could put in one leg she pulled it away. " Heyy ! "

" No, you can't. Game rules. Once it's off, its off. You can't wear them back on your own "

" You gotta be kidding me ! You mean to say I have to move out like this ! In my underwear !! What if the staff see me like this ?? "

But this had no effect on her, with a broad saccharine smile she pushed him from the back out to the door " Don't worry darling, I'm sure you'll come up with something.. After all like you said you are 'The Underwear Man', better than Superman isn't it " he scowled at her mocking grin and wink " and oh one more thing, if you take more than 30 minutes to solve the clues then you won't be getting in.. even with the right clue sheet. So good luck ! " he opened his mouth to say something but she slammed the door shut shouting from inside " your time starts.. Now "

He gave up the idea of pleading, it was Do or Die situation and he was just not ready to lose. Praying again that he had the right sheet he opened it and read the first clue " I'm at the season's door. What the hell is this ! Now where the hell is this season !! " the first clue dampened his spirit, if this is his condition in first what will happen in other four.. If he cracked the first that is.. But he couldn't just stand here, he has to find this 'season's door '. " cmmon Armaan. Think man think.. Okay cool down first " he took a deep breath " seasons, how many seasons are there. Winter, Summer, Spring, Rain. 4.." he did the math " I'm at the season's door.." he thought hard repeating the seasons.. Suddenly something striked " of course ! What else ! You are genius Armaan Malik " and hiding from the staff and patroling security men he made way to the deck and jumped with happiness seeing an envelope with just a corner peeking out of the main door. He was right, the yacht's name was Summer that was also a season and all he had to do was to go to the main door and get the second clue. Simple. Grabbing the envelope he ran to a nearby closet.. Switching on the light he brought out the second clue.

" Congratulations, you crossed the first hurdle " he patted his back and continued " now I'm in control " he turned the page there was nothing else. He sighed " Wifey you are always in control.. Couldn't you had just
elaborated it little more " he whispered to the sheet, lest anyone passing by hear him. He checked the watch 10 minutes were already up, he had to hurry.

" Think man think. I'm in control.. Yaar pehle mausam dhundo phir control.. Upar se my wife is total out of control " he sighed and closing his eyes fell back on the wall. But suddenly his eyes popped open " Armaan, you idiot ! "

Running out as stealthily as he could he made way to the second floor of the yacht. Unfortunately there he met the captain who was busy tinkling with the computer. For a moment he stood behind the door scanning the control room for the envelope and then he saw it, right there on the file table under the paper weight.. The clock was ticking and he couldn't afford to waste time. Tiptoeing he walked behind captain's back and secured the envelope, turning back the same way..

Coming out in a secure area he gave million thanks to god for saving his izzat before his staff " Wifey I'll have my day someday.." opening the envelope he got his third clue " Wonderful ! You are a genius ! And trust me you look yummy ! " he grinned " who can argue with you on that point sweetheart. But as you said I'm genius " by this time he had fair idea what was going on in her mind and third clue was cake walk.

Sneaking into the kitchen for the fourth was easy but to get the clue was difficult. The chef and his assistant were preparing dinner for the staff hence their leaving the kitchen was impossible. Moreover, the clue was
sitting right in the middle of a vegetable basket that hung from the ceiling. He had to go there climb on the slab and get it..

The target was clear and he was focussed.. he rushed to the nearest phone and in a beautiful English accent called for the chef and his assistant pretending to be their family. 2 minutes and two fake calls later the coast was all clear, without wasting a second he grabbed the clue and ran as if a tiger was after his life.

Reaching near the pool on the deck he stopped catching his breath.. Last ten minutes were left and still two clues were at hand.." You are my true Superman.. And what a lovely evening it is... Lovely evening ! Why don't you try solving these clues then I'll ask you how lovely the evening is. God please sahi sheet pakdayi hai na kabhi aaj bhi patta cut " praying for mercy he set out on solving the clue " lovely evening..hmm " he remembered the time when they sat right here on the deck watching the sunset " yess, that's it. It should be here somewhere " and he started looking for the envelope.. It didn't take him long it was right there on the pool handle... He tore it open " Well done, now lets see what's the verdict.. Follow the arrows " folding his hands he looked up mumbling a short pray.. The arrows weren't difficult to find one after another he followed them.. from deck to entertainment room to kitchen, thankfully not inside, to again control room to the roof and then his heart started thudding the arrows now moved to the corridor of their room.. He would have been happy but the scary part was the other room was there too..

Following the arrows he stopped suddenly as the last arrow crossed the extra room and the only other room was theirs.. He walked up to it and saw an arrow hitting the bulls eye.

He jumped with joy, doing a small victory dance he had the correct clue sheet !. But then without wasting time he knocked the door. Ridhhima appeared wearing a loose robe and a seductive smile " What took you so long genius ? "

" Just this and that, but I fully intend to compensate for the waiting " stepping in he pulled her up in his arm and kicked the door shut..

It doesn't require a genius to guess what went on next and after hours of compensation they lay there in each others arm enjoying each others presence.. This was one hell of a day and never before they felt this kind of urgency or passion in their love making.. Probably it was the fruit of patience which made it extra sweet, not to forget the hard work put in by both..

Both were quiet, savouring the sweet moment her head resting on his chest an arm around him while he caressed her back softly. He was amazed when she told him that this game was the reason she had kept him away for so long, it shocked him for a moment but then it was momentary after all it was a unique idea and he was compensated, and will be compensated, heartily..

" Jaan.."

" hmm "

" I was wondering what if you'd won the last roll.. What would you've done then ? "

She chuckled " then I'd simply have said that coz I won the last chance you should pick the clue sheet "

His brows shot up " this means this way or that, I was suppose to get the clue sheet " she grinned naughtily nodding " you are just something you know " and laughing along he squeezed her in his embrace " But tell me something.." she waited " what clues did you put in that other list.."

" Oh that. Nothing, don't bother about that " waving her hand she smirked.

" Cmmon I'm curious ! "

" Okay, if you have to " freeing herself from his arms she picked up the other sheet and thrusted it in his hand grinning " here, see for yourself "

He sat up reading the sheet eagerly.. " Hey I asked for the other sheet, it's the one I chose ! "

" No it is the other one. You see hubby, considering your luck in chance games I wasn't prepared to take any risks. So, wrote one and got it xeroxed " she stated in a matter of fact tone.

His mouth fell open in surprise " Wifey, you're a devil ! "

" Thank your stars for that hubby " she winked, enjoying his surprised amused expression throughly." But jaan "

" Hmm " he mumbled eyes still on the clue sheet

" Next time when you make a deal with God please check for the security cameras around first " his head jerked up, turning his head he found her grinning.

" What do you mean ?? " of course she knew, but how ??. propping himself on the elbow he asked

" Just a fortunate accident. I was in the control room.. Curious about boat mechanism.. Security and stuff, also trying to place the clues when I saw a recording.. A very interesting deal being made " he groaned falling back, embarrassed he hid his face with a pillow while she laughed heartily.. God did had a very unique sense of humour.

" Cmmon, it was sooo cute ! " she snatched away the pillow " Please don't call it cute. It was stupid. Did you erase it ? Did anyone else see it ? Please tell me No " horrified at the thought of his deal becoming public.

" No they didn't. I took it away, but I'm going to keep it with me. It's priceless " she declared putting an arm around him resting her head back on his chest. " I'll thank God when we go to church this Sunday "

" What ?! But why ? This was pre planned. It would've happened anyway "
" But you didn't knew that. What if I've changed my mind at the last minute hmm ? Learn to honour your deals mister. " repriminding him

He knew she was right. Deal is a deal. " okayy. Fine. We'll go " satisfied she gave him a big sloppy kiss bringing back his smile

" But you deserve a punishment for being such a naughty devil.." the naughty glint was back in his eyes.

" What are you waiting for then.." and she pulled him in her embrace.. There was time still, why not make most of it.

Next Sunday he did honour the deal. By the word. And that happiness.. That proud glimmer in her eyes, made it worth all that.

And for that he was really thankful to God.

After a dedicated morning service they decided to spend some time at a lovely beach little away.. A secluded place full of natural beauty...

" I just can't believe it ! Some people are just.. Arrgh " Ridhhima stormed in the living room while Armaan followed looking very amused.

" Cmmon sweetheart, it happens. Why are you so worked up.. "

" 'These' kind of things just don't happen Armaan ! I mean cmmon I don't know about them but it was a terrible experience for me.. Now I'm going to have nightmares of them doing that " she frowned clearly displeased.

He laughed " I don't think they are called nightmares darling, the term is we.."

" Yes I know." she stopped him midway " Thank you very much, but let me remind you I'm a doctor " he was still grinning sprawled on the couch. Suddenly she stopped pacing around and turned, eying him suspiciously.. " Did you do that deliberately ? " raising a brow.

" Me ? Noo ! " he sat up hearing it pulling her on the couch making her sit between his legs back resting on his chest " Cmmon darling, why would I do that ? I get enough action, with my awesome lovely innovative devil, why would I go and watch it outside ! " she fell quiet knowing he was right..

Exhaling a sigh she fell back, snuggling closer making herself more comfortable " hmm, I guess you're right.. But still if they had to make love on the beach couldn't they have been more thoughtful of the place.. I mean.. Just imagine how many people would've walked on them.." she shook her head in complete disapproval

" Don't be so judgemental sweetheart, we did walked quiet far and that was quiet a secluded area.. Our walking on them was pure accident " he tried to explain. she knew what he meant but still found it hard to digest the fact that they walked in on a couple in their very private moment..

" I guess you're right.. It is kinda romantic " she admitted, softening.

" There you go." happy that she finally understood " You know they did gave me an idea.. Ehem.. I was wondering if we.."

" No we can't " she turned in his arms, head now on his shoulder

" No ?? But why ? You just said it was romantic "

" Yes it is very romantic.. Beautiful. but its such a private moment I don't want that what happened to them happening to us "

" Nothing happened with them ! They didn't even notice " he tried explaining.. And maroing chance.

" Yeah, they obviously had inbuilt resistance to shame." he rolled his eyes " you know it felt like watching walk in live beach po*n "

He chuckled at her cute scowl " now you're turning me on sweetheart "

Nuzzling her hair he tighten his hold but she pulled away. Not finished with the subject " don't kill it jaan.. Anyone can make love on a beach, its such a cliche plus I don't want our private moment to be disturbed by anything, I would have this running in my mind that someone might just, even if accidentally, come there.." he was amused to see her dilemma " So even though it would be beautiful yet it would kill the mood. and me, of embarrassment "

" Hmm, you know Sherlock, you think too much." but seeing her eyes narrowing he modified his statement " but you do have a point. I can't take that risk.. But still.." he wasn't giving up so soon " Think about it.. how beautiful it would be.. you.. me.. in the moon light.. beautiful view of vast sea.. lovely cool breeze.." with every word she could picture herself with him in that beautiful paradise just like Adam and Eve.. He continued " and didn't you said you like beaches.. and love making love so why not.." his kiss on her cheek brought her back from the dreamland.. she could sense naughtiness in his tone.

" Don't try to put words in my mouth mister. I know what you're trying to do here.. And that reminds me that your condition is still to be fulfilled." he frowned at that reminder " I've made myself clear.. if you want to come close then you have to make love to me at some uncommon place or forget it... For atleast a month "

" What ?? Still ?! For a month !! " he slumped back defeated. She never forgot anything, he just lost his chance to fulfill the wretched condition.

" Yupp "

" You can't be serious."

" Unfortunately hubby dearest. I am. And remember I must consent for the place too otherwise it won't be taken into consideration " he tried persuading her to change but she didn't budge and now probably have to wait for a month or for her to weaken, a feat itself, to be together... He had to think of something fast or his sabbath would start again..

With a task to complete at hand Armaan's mind refused to rest.. Waking up suddenly in the middle of the night he found her sleeping peacefully by his side, an arm around him, snuggled close.. Careful not to disturb, he extended an arm for the remote of the TV.. this was the time to think..

Surfing the channels he stopped at one, moments later, a smile started making its way on his face and within minutes it was full fledged triumphant toothy grin.

Switching off the TV he lied next to her snuggling close.. sighing contentedly as she pulled him closer, sleepily, putting an arm under his head another wrapping him... What a day.. Sorry, night.

Sitting on the breakfast table on a happy bright morning Ridhhima tried to fathom the reason of Armaan's smile as he spread some butter on his toast.. he looked... relaxed, she wondered if she was the reason behind it or something else added to bring those darling dimples.. Her chain of thought broke when a servant came out trolling two bags behind him...

" The bags are ready sir "

" Thank you Josh. Tell Sam that we'll be down in few minutes, he should be ready " the servant gave a small bow and left along with bags.

Ridhhima waited till the man was out " Armaan yeh bags ? Are we going somewhere ? Are we going back already ?? " she couldn't hide that disappointment from her voice fearing that his work must've played villain again.

Armaan chuckled " Do you really think that I would take you back so soon ?. No, we're going to Paris "

Another surprise " Paris !. But.. But so suddenly ? You never said anything yesterday "

" Oh I wanted to, but you were asleep.." she looked puzzled " actually the thought suddenly came to my mind that I had promised my wonderful lovely wife a trip to Europe. So, here we go "

" But I didn't even packed ! Don't even know ki bags main hai kya ? "

" Mch , you worry too much Sherlock.. Even if something is left there are shops in Paris to take care of that. Just relax, and go and change we have to leave " Ridhhima jumped from her seat and dashed toward the room but not before giving him a tight hug and a big kiss on cheek.

He smiled broadly munching his toast.. Wifey won't be saying no to that. A very memorable trip, this was going to be..

Sitting on the plush leather chair with feet drawn up and nose almost touching the glass of the window she admired the craftsmanship of God.. While she was busy admiring the beauty of heaven and earth he was busy admiring her..

" You know Armaan I just love it up here.. These clouds it seems as if we're walking on them in heaven " she said, without shifting her gaze..

He smiled " Absolutely, no wonder some people never wish to get down.. For anything "

" Yeah, I once saw a couple who got married in the plane.. Just to be out of the ordinary " he nodded, this was going exactly he'd planned..

" Exactly, quiet unusual na "

" Hmm " she replied completely unaware of what was going on his mind

Getting up from his seat Armaan came and sat by her side " people get engaged even get married this high up here.. Ever heard of someone spending honeymoon on a plane.." Ridhhima turned to see him smiling suggestively, now slowly grasping what he was leading to " or completing their wife's innovative condition " and with that Ridhhima was left with no doubt what he meant..

" Armaan.." her cheeks turned pink, she didn't really expect him to take that stupid condition so seriously.. She was merely kidding with that threat of hers " Armaan here ?!.. It's okay, you can leave it.. I was merely kidding " though she said it yet there was part which was jumping with excitement, wanting him to go on and really happy that he even bothered himself with so much of thought.

" No way sweetheart, Armaan Malik never leaves a challenge unfinished.. And by the rosiness on your face I take that this place fits all your requirements " she turned crimson at this comment and lost her speech, he came closer holding her by the waist and made her sit on his lap, nuzzling her hair " you can't back off now " she was amazed how her heart still skipped a beat with his touch, " I have to fulfill the condition... we have plenty of time.. Without anyone to disturb us " with that he placed his lips on hers, not willing to waste time in fulfilling the condition.. With all the consent in the world from her...

A month.. A very romantic month and Paris, Rome, Switzerland and Scotland later, they were again on board, this time as he said, making final stop before, however reluctantly, they head back home.

" Armaan, where are we ? " she repeated the question editing it from 'where are we going..'.

" I told you na, to meet someone special. She's here " she raised a brow at 'she', he did said something about meeting someone but didn't care to elaborate it, not even the gender, until now " she's my best friend.. such a sweetheart.. So cute, funny and mind you she's beauty with brains " he rattled on walking on a kind of by road from helipad to the house, without paying attention to the fact that her smile which was eager and excited a minute ago was now so strained that it was almost lost.. " she's an amazing person... even an inspiration " yeah the one she was inspired to kill even before she'd met her, not liking his ranting a bit about 'her' she chose to be silent, a sign he missed.. " she was the one who chose this place to meet you... Like you she too is fond of calm places.. It's beautiful. I'm sure you'll love it here "
He was even comparing the two ! Ridhhima lost all her patience at that, stopping in her tracks she freed her hand from his and stood there crossly.. A frown slowly, and clearly, making its appearance.. " What happened honey ? Why did you stop ? "

She couldn't believe it, either he was playing naive today or was up for a really sad practical jokes of his. But she didn't wanted to jump to conclusions, maybe she was just a good friend.. drawing in a deep breath she asked " Armaan is there any adjective left in the dictionary you haven't used for her.. And who the hell is she ? Why are you telling me now when we are at her door step ?.. couldn't you have said anything before ? Why do you have to do this all the time huh, did you even care to tell or ask me if I wanted to meet her or not ? " her logic failed before her possessive self.

Moreover, his lopsided smile did nothing to cool her down.. walking by her side he brought his face closer, sniffing all around her " Something's burning.. Badly, hai na ? "

" Ha ha very funny " she wasn't amused and pushed him away when he laughed out.

" Cmmon jaan " but he grabbed her hand pulling her back holding tightly in his arms " you know what you are to me.. then why to worry hmm.." she didn't look at him but he knew she understood perfectly well what he was trying to say " and since you love beaches I thought this is some place you'd love.." this time she did look up and knew he wasn't lying.. A voice told her that she mustn't be rude to his friends, especially to the ones she haven't even met.. that calmed her a little but she preferred not showing it " oh cmmon.. please.. For me.." he pleaded making his patented irresistible cute face..

Result- she melted.

" Who's she ? What's her name ? " she asked resuming the walk, now an arm around him with his on her shoulder, to make it clear to who so ever 'she' is that he is hers.. Only hers.

" Well actually we know each other since we were kids but then went different ways and now after years we've met again so thought it would be wonderful to sit together and catch up " the way he talked Ridhhima could make out that it was someone who meant something to him. And if she's important for him then, rather jumping to conclusions, she would meet her atleast.

The house took her breath away.. The two story structure was beyond words in her dictionary.. " She lives here ??, " Ridhhima asked before she could think anything

" Yupp, but not permanently.. this is sort of get away holiday home.." Armaan explained, he could see appreciation, wonder and little tinge of envy in her eyes.. Like a kid who just saw a better toy in other kids hand..

Holding her hand he led her inside.. The hall was beautifully decorated neither cluttered nor empty something she liked and appreciated, right in front of the comfortable sofas there was a plain glass window.. Nah not window.. It was a wall of glass from ceiling to floor allowing a breath taking serene view of the sea beyond a lush green square patch of grass and sandy beach..

Stealing her eyes from the view she turned to the paintings hung on the wall while Armaan went to check where 'she' was.. Walking around she felt like she had something in common with this unknown person.. Their choices were so much alike that she felt connected already.. She was still lost in her thoughts when Armaan came back..

" Well, butler told me that she will be here later in the afternoon so we have whole house to ourself.. Cmmon lets take a look around the house " he readily agreed, this place had stolen her heart already..

The 6 rooms, the kitchen- which was a mini hall in itself, the hall, the garden around and that seamless pool where it was difficult to make out where it end and where the sea began were work of some genius.. Every corner was exceptionally beautiful in itself with the warmth of home.. They took their sweet time to explore each corner of the house, though she hesitated a little as it was someone else's house and the master was absent from the scene but Armaan felt sure that it was okay and 'she' wouldn't mind.. Ridhhima had stopped trying to make him tell her 'her' name, he simply said she'd introduce herself later that day and Ridhhima can ask her whatever she wanted directly from her.. She sighed, if she'd allowed them to roam freely in the house in her absence then she must be one good trusting friend..

Wiping his hands on the napkin he fell back on the chair satisfied " aah I'm full.. This food's yummy ! "

Ridhhima smiled agreeing. They decided to have lunch on the beach near the house and as per their wish two huge umbrellas were erected with a table for two.. There weren't any crowd of servants, just a cook a butler and two others, home away from home... Putting down her fork she too joined I'm-stuffed club with him..

" Armaan lets go for a walk " she suggested, something he knew she was longing the moment they set their foot here.

" Yes, lets go "

They walked on the beach hand in hand, occasionally Ridhhima would splatter few drops on his face running away to save herself from getting the same or special treatment.. But as they gave in to the peace and contentment of their heart and place Ridhhima leaned over his shoulder walking with a hand around his waist..

" So did you like the food ? " Armaan asked breaking the silence

" Yeah, it was delicious.. I must commend your friend, her choice is excellent in every department " he nodded smiling smugly..

" So toh hai... and did you like the present..? "

Hearing the word 'present' she stopped immediately " Present !? What present ? You got me a present!, where is it ?! " all calm and quiet forgotten she looked behind him checking of he was hiding it..

Armaan chuckled at her question express, pulling her close by her waist he looked into her eager eyes, his oceans of love, his angel glowing in the sunlight.. what he wouldn't do for her... Tucking back hair that veiled her face he said softly " You're walking on it sweetheart " She looked down.. There was nothing but their bare feet, sand and waves washing them... perplexed, she looked back at him.. He was still smiling " look closely " And then, it sank in..

" You mean.. You mean this.. this.. This island..!? " Armaan nodded, his smile widening seeing her stunned expression " Oh My God ! Oh My God !! Armaann this is.. I can't believe it ! Is it true ?! " He laughed nodding " do you remember Antonio giving me a packet, it had the papers of this very place.. You sweetheart, are the proud owner of this little paradise.. Exclusively yours.."

" but.. but.." she sputtered, unable to form something sensible in that wave of surprised excitement

" I wanted to surprise you." he gave the answer anyway, knowing what would be going on in her mind.

" Me ? This is ours ?! God this is.." doubts cleared and gave way to boundless happiness " this is awesome ! You are the greatest husband ever !!.. I love you .. Love you love you soo much.." She flung her arms around him jumping with excitement.. He pulled her up swirling around laughing, this is what made worth everything... But suddenly remembering something she pulled back a little " so does that mean.. That friend you were talking about.. The owner.."

" You forgot, you are my best friend love.. There's noone else.. you are that beautiful one.. My true and only one, my inspirer.." she could feel his warmth of love.. How did she not know this before, the place was set according to her choice. It was she, herself everywhere, her heart warmed up with the thought that he went into so much of details just for her but then chuckled at the thought that he made her feel jealous of herself !... She sobered with the thought that how he outdoes himself every time and no matter how much she loved him it would still not be enough..

Cupping his face she caressed it lovingly but did not get down, instead wrapped her legs around his waist and took him in a soft loving kiss... He smiled in between the kiss " now that we have the whole place to ourself, what do you think of that cliche..hmm "

She chuckled, he was something " I think.. we can add another to the list " and resumed the kiss, pouring all her love...

Adam and Eve were back in paradise.

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Res :)

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All the parts.. Yipeee...

Thanks again di...


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Originally posted by -Prithi-

awesome FF

Thanks prithi, really appreciate it. But I think you r not new to it, isn't it? Smile

Originally posted by sjain



See M what hard work I'm doing. All for you people now u better keep some gulabjamuns ready ok Tongue

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yahaannn updating
wahan hum waiting and u r here :((((((((((((((((((((

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