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Taming The Wild- All parts till now (Page 7)

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congrats on a new thread

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diii superbbb idea
i loved this ff so much...
already read 2 times...

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For the 10th thread di...Hug

*Sighs*... It feels wonderful to relive all the moments of this epic again...Smile

Thank You Sooo Much for Taming the Wild...

With Love 

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lekin aab jaldi sey update doo plllzzz

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congrats!!!!! Clap

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Congrats :)

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                                  Taming the wild


The short journey back home was done in no time, or was it just because time seemed to both stop and fly at the same moment.. Whole way back she rested her head on his shoulder, she wanted him close, to feel him in her arms .. Noone could separate them now, it had been too long. Neither of them spoke. The words just couldn't form themselves meaningfully enough to express what they felt...

The small jerk of car coming to halt broke her line of thoughts. She smiled, in merely half an hour she'd lived her whole life with him, dreaming with open eyes their life together ahead. Right from being together till getting old and walking arm in arm on the gravel path of the garden, probably those were the grandchildren running before them and this brought that beautiful smile on her face, even old age looked so beautiful with him by her side. His nearness felt so comfortable that she even considered the possibility of staying there in the car for the night.

But ofcourse, that wasn't possible. And not too comfortable either.. For more than one reason.

Armaan didn't felt any different. She was finally there with him, with nothing and noone between them. He'd so desperately waited for this moment and now it was here. The way she held his arm resting her head on his shoulder all the way back was the only thing that assured him that he wasn't dreaming. Smiling as he recalled her reminder of what he 'forgot' back there. Thank god for that. He wasn't particularly happy with Anjy's suggestion but considering her condition and Ridhhima's dilemma he had to do the right thing, even if it meant another day. But God was specially benevolent today, blessing him with his wish..

Resting his cheek on her head kissing it lightly, he whispered " Ridhhima.." "hmm " " ghar aa gaya..."

She opened her eyes slowly and saw the mansion with its warm welcoming glow of lights. Tilting up her head meeting his gaze, she smiled softly and planted a soft kiss on his neck. He closed his eyes momentarily, savouring the touch of her lips on his skin. It felt like years of yearning and longing had finally come to an end.

Standing on the threshold with Armaan beside her, Ridhhima felt like a new bride entering the house for the first time. Memories danced before her eyes, any moment now Muskaan would come with that decorated thali and diya, she would lightly push that vessel full of rice and walk in as the part of the new family... Her family.. And even though there was no rush ,people or Muskaan, she could hear the welcome songs. Probably it was her heart, that was swelled with happiness and was humming them. How things have changed. Earlier the same house was a prison where she was sentenced lifetime. And now.. She wanted nothing but spend lifetime nowhere, but here.

Armaan squeezed her hand lightly, she turned to look at him and he could see in her eyes what she was thinking. They were bit misty but the smile on her lips told that they were tears of happiness.

" thank you " she whispered, leaning on his chest " for bringing me home " Armaan wrapped an arm around her and kissed her forehead smilingly " now that you are here sweetheart, it is truly home "

Leo was first to realize that she was back. Pulling a servant behind who's strength could not match Leo's excitement, he almost jumped on Ridhhima trying to lick every inch of her face. His mad bark raised an alarm informing everyone that she was back. His love was duly returned by Ridhhima who'd missed him equally. She wrapped his neck in her arms rocking him side to side and Leo lost control over his tail, it wagged like a fan turned-on on full speed. This excited bark wasn't enough. Next in line was Muskaan, who squeezed her into a rib crushing hug. It really didn't matter that she met her the same day in the morning !. Any outsider would have said that two sisters or friends were meeting after years !

Rahul was delighted too, he finally got the person to complain about Muski and BP's recent leg pulling mission on him. Virendra was plain happy and fussed like a worried father that she'd become so thin and how tired she looked. Maria beamed and Martin gave his rarest happy smile...

Leaning on the pillar ,with arms crossed ,Armaan observed the scene before his eyes. The life seemed to return back to the house and not only to him. He blinked softly, exhaling a sigh of contentment.

Ridhhima turned to look at him, their eyes met, she blinked softly and he knew that even though she was there with others it was him she was thinking of. And it filled his heart with strange warmth. Suddenly everything felt right. No rush, no worry, no fear. A strange calmness took over his heart and mind. Finally they were home.

They all sat in the hall chatting about things, weddings and latest addition in the family. The little baby. Ridhhima looked pretty excited to be a massi now and they discussed everything from fussy nosey aunties at the wedding to the names for the baby to latest gossip by Muski that was much delayed in the absence of her favourite listener, till Martin announced that it was time for dinner. Ridhhima served everyone, knowing well that Armaan won't eat if she didn't. And she was right.

Now that everything was back on track and things looked much better he went back on his naughty mode. As soon as Ridhhima sat by his side he grabbed her hand. It would not have created any trouble if only he'd held her left hand but now that her right hand was firmly in his hold she didn't knew what to do. Eating with left would not only be difficult but soon Muski and others would notice and she'd die of embarrassment. But did he cared. It seemed, No. She glared at him but he made an innocent face and then shamelessly refused to let it go. She pleaded through her eyes but he just shook his head enjoying her annoyed expression. She glared threatening him but to no avail.

" Armaan, mera hath chhodo. How am I going to eat ? Sab baithe hain aur tumhe harkatein sujh rahi hain " she whispered

" Noway. Hath to main nahi chhodne waala, ab how you're going to eat thats your problem. Waise, if you remember you said you'll feed me with your hands atleast once everyday. You broke your promise now you have to pay " he whispered back flatly annoying her further " agar tum kaho to main khila dun ? Tumhe mera na sahi mujhe to tumhara khayal hai " he added his dramatic touch and Ridhhima felt like strangling him. But this wasn't the time or place, so she decided on trying other tactic.

She smiled softly " Armaan dekho ab se I won't forget it ever. You know naa aaj saara din.." she couldn't even complete when Muski spoke up

" Arre Riddhi. Tu kha kyun nahi rahi. Cmmon start "

" haan Ridhhima why aren't you eating ? Khao naa, it's delicious ! " Armaan added. Her mouth fell open in surprise. He was hell bent on making her embarrass today, putting her in the situation. She glared, how shamelessly he was grinning !

" h.haan bhabhi aap to shuru kariye main bhi kha hi rahi hun " she pleaded again. But still no.

Then an idea clicked. With a sugary smile she turned to him. Armaan's grin faltered. He knew that smile. She was upto something. Picking up a spoon she swayed it before him then as no one was looking dropped it with as much noise as she could.

All eyes turned to the direction of the noise. " oops ! sorry. Armaan can you please pick up the spoon ? "

Now he knew what she was upto. The spoon fell, rather was thrown, little away and he had to move the chair a little in order to pick it up. He frowned. Shifting meant leaving her hand. And if someone else comes they would see what was holding her from eating the dinner.

Left with no choice he bent down reluctantly to pick it up and as soon

As her hand was free she kept it on the table before he could get the chance to grab it again. " thank you " she said with a triumphant grin

Bringing himself little close, he whispered " you managed this time, but I won't let you go so easily Mrs. Malik. Let's see how you manage to get out of my arms once we..." he left the sentence incomplete but it was enough to bring colour to her cheeks raising her heartbeat.. Now it was his turn to smile smugly.

The dinner seemed to go on for forever. Everyone was like full of truck load of stuff to tell ,ask and say and above all Muskaan and BP the great chatterboxes ! he cursed under his breath. Even Angel wasn't of any help, sleeping soundly. Kids these days are so unreliable ! He sighed. He glanced at the watch every five minutes or so, faking cough to grab her attention but can anyone move two ladies from their gossip session !. And when Muski asked for a round of coffee it almost blew off his top. Who on earth would care about coffee when the person was dying to be with his wife !. But somehow this simple thing kept eluding BP and Muski... And it seemed, Ridhhima too. Why do they need her by their side ? Was she going to sing them to sleep ??

Ridhhima was not unaware of his impatience but going away abruptly was not possible plus Muski was so happy to see her back that she could not bring herself to break her enthusiastic narration. She will make up to him once they were in privacy of their room. But merely the thought fluttered her heart, she tried concentrating on what Muski was saying to control it and it helped a little. But poor Armaan.. His face could not hide his feelings. She gushed in her heart, he looked so cute with that annoyed expression on his face. Probably it was too late ,she decided that in a minute or so she'll take leave from Muski, she'll make excuse if she had to, after all hubby needed her.

But before this could happen Armaan's patience gave up when Muskaan started with another of wedding incident. This was the last straw. He got up abruptly. " kahan jaa rahe ho Armaan ? Baitho naa " Ridhhima tried to convey that she'll follow soon through her eyes but he wasn't paying attention. " I'm going to the room. Unlike you two I have loads to do "

" Oye khotte ! What do you mean huh ? and were you hatching eggs sitting here for so long. Ab achanak kaam yaad gaya aur hum nikamme ho gaye ! Ek din ghar aur Angel ko tere paas chhod deti hun phir pata chal jayega ki kaun kitna kaam karta hai " Muskaan blasted off. Ridhhima hid her grin and Armaan knew better than to argue with Muski. Stomping his feet he grumpily moved back to the room.

Only to return few moments later.

" Ridhhima " she smiled seeing him back, she'd lost interest in Muski's chat as soon as he left " meri Saphhire project ki file kahan rakhi hai ? jab bhi tum kuch sambhal kar rakhti ho to wo milta hi nahi hai " he whined

" Armaan maine koi file nahi rakhi. Aur waise bhi main rakhti hun to saman milta nahi naa to ab se sara kuch tum khud rakhna." she retorted " Theek se dekho sab wahin rakhi hai file drawer main " and turned her face away, all happiness gone. He was back to ask for a file ! and she thought he was here to call her. Just her luck ,out of hundreds she was the one with workaholic husband !

He did not move away " No its not there. I've checked it. I don't know I want that file. Now ! " he crossed his arms stubbornly

Muskaan rolled her eyes " Ridhhi, tu jaa aur isko iski file dede warna yeh kisi ko chain se baithne nahi dega. And it's late, you too go and take some rest " Armaan scowled, couldn't Muski have said this little earlier !

Ridhhima nodded and wishing everyone good night walked back to the room with Armaan in tow, wondering why he was so keen on working now. Did she really spoiled his mood ?? But then remembered to make it up to him once they are alone. But going by the look on his face she knew she'd to make lot of efforts..

Going straight to the drawer where the files were kept she found the one he was demanding right there on top. She exhaled. What would he do without her ! picking it up she turned " Armaan yeh.." but before she could even complete her sentence she found herself wrapped in his arms. For a moment she was taken by surprise but then knew at once that file was just an excuse. She had this urge to wrap her arms around him and be there like that forever but Armaan's naughtiness had rubbed on her and this was a golden opportunity " Armaan kya kar rahe ho ? Hato " she made a face " yeh lo file. Tumhe bahut kaam hai naa " faking anger she tried to free herself " I'm so tired I'm going to sleep "

" What ?! you want to sleep ! Mch kya yaar Ridhhima, first you spend all my time gossiping with Muski like aunties and upar se you now want to sleep ! Not fair ! " he pouted, unaware of her mood to tease him

" Achha to I gossip and that too like aunties ! Very good Mr.Malik. Now that you've got your file and have plenty of work to do, I'll not disturb you any more. why to waste your time with an auntie huh " huffing she moved to the walk in closet leaving him calling her in vain. His eyes widened seeing his plan backfiring plus he knew well being addressed as Mr.Malik was never a good sign. But what could he do ? he was missing her so much !!

Ridhhima on the other hand grinned to herself. This was the first time she was actually successful in scaring him. Teasing was fun ! But now it was time for making up..

She came out looking rather fresh and... Stunning. Wearing a silky midnight blue night suit with hair left loose and smelling wonderful she stepped in. It hardly took a moment for him to realize that she was back. And he forgot to exhale. Her hair flew with the sudden gush of wind that flew in from open door, and he had to control his mad urge to move those wayward strands from her face and wrap her in his arms and kiss like there would be no morrow..

But then he remembered how she annoyed him. He wasn't going to give in so easily. He's Armaan Malik after all. Now he's going to play hard to get for a while. The thought brought him back to senses and he quickly closed his mouth that fell open.

Her lips curved in a smile. She noticed his change of expressions very well and knew she'd got the desired effect. Hubby dearest had no chance of escaping her charms. Armaan, least interested in the file merely turned the pages, he was left confused with her behaviour, she was so happy to be back and then when they did got the time she wanted to sleep. But could she just explain how he would manage to sleep when she's there looking so hot in that night suit smelling so heavenly that it was making him go wild.

Ridhhima stifled a grin. He looked so cute when he frowned, just one look at him and she knew he was faking anger. She'd caught him staring at her for a moment too long and the other thing that confirmed it was his file... Which he was holding upside down.

With a naughty smile she came and sat down beside him rather forcefully brushing her arm with his and pushing him a little. " ehem ehem " he gave her an angry look returning back to his file " Armaan " she called softly. He didn't reply " Armaann " she called again lovingly

" kya hai ? " he snapped

She controlled her grin " kuch nahi. Main bas yeh keh rahi thi ki agar file padhni hi hai, to kam se kam use seedha to pakad lo " pulling it out of his hands she handed it back turning it the right way.

Armaan being caught in the act felt hugely embarrassed and adding to it was her laugh which seemed to get out of control now. " haan to wo to.. Main bas kuch dekh raha tha ki.. Ki.. Kuch laga to nahi hai " he gave a lame excuse

" ohh I see. To kuch laga hua tha " and she again burst out laughing

" Ridhhima " he glared " Ridhhiimaa " he warned but it had no effect on her " ok now. That's it. Ridimba stop it ! " and it worked

Her laugh vanished immediately " What ?! Did you just call me something ? " she narrowed her eyes

" Yes Ridimba. I just called you Ridimba and you know what you even laugh like her. Scaarry ! " he shuddered dramatically

" Armaan I'm warning you stop calling me Ridimba " she warned raising a finger at him

" achha what happened when you were laughing at me huh "

" That's different "

" Achha how's it different. Oh wait a minute I know how ? Because you belong to another planet, things there are different. Isn't it "

" Arrrgghh Armaan stop it okay. "

" stop what Ridimba " he was ready for the challenge. They now faced each other on the couch, like two warriors

" Armaan I'm warning you "

" Ridimba "

" Armaaannn "

" Yes Ridimba "

" Armaan "

" Rid.." he couldn't complete it this time. Her lips covered his all of a sudden, making him shut up in an unexpected yet lovely way.

Armaan was dumbstruck with the ambush, but when he felt her lips moving against his, his senses slowly registered what was going on and then... Magic took over.

He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her close, falling back with her on top, without breaking the kiss. She now was nestled in his lap, her fingers running in his silky hair pulling him even closer... His hands moved sensuously all over her back ,the closeness making him aware of her soft curvy body... Intoxicated by her touch and the magical kiss he tightened the hold even further, his hand found its way to her skin under her shirt making her shiver with anticipation, it moved freely exploring her creating waves of unknown feelings and sensations. The kiss was deeply satisfying, it poured out all the longing and craving, it left them hungry and satisfied at the same time..

He broke the kiss, and smiled looking at her flushed face " Okay Princess " he rubbed his thumb over her now bit swollen lower lip, she was panting " you won." he whispered " And I'm willing to lose every argument if you promise to shut me up like this everytime " her lips curved into a shy smile ,she brushed her lips against his whispering softly " I love you "

" I love you too Princess." and pulled her into a loving hug hiding himself in the crook of her neck. She ran her fingers in his hair caressing them softly.. This is what she'd been longing for all this while, her eyes closed as contentment filled her heart.

Planting a soft kiss on her neck he pulled away a little. How long they remained in each others heavenly embrace they had no clue. Time didn't existed today. " You must be tired " he said lovingly caressing her cheek with his thumb " cmmon lets get some sleep " he was about to get up when she pulled him back " Armaan.. if I say I don't want to, then.." she craved for more, sleep was nowhere in her agenda today. She just wanted to be in his arms, to have him close just like they were a moment ago... May be even more.

He smiled knowing what she meant. But it wasn't the time yet. Things have to be special when it comes to his princess " then I have another option.. Let's not sleep at all " he got up scooping her in his strong arms. His firm hold around her slender waist was most comfortable, it surprised her but then feeling of being secure took over, contented, she rested her head on his chest with an arm around his neck " let's talk, there are so many things I want to tell you, to ask you..." he whispered kissing her head lovingly, moving to the bed.

Lying on the bed with Ridhhima wrapped in his arms, her head resting on his chest he felt like the little void in his heart finally filling up. He wondered if anything could even come close to this ecstatic feeling. He couldn't recall any. This moment surpassed all. Now that he thought of it, everyday he asked the same question and each day proved itself better than yesterday. Just few days back he was wondering if anything could feel better than riding a superbike, then he met her and asked the same question that was surpassed when he finally realized that he's in love and then got married.. each day brought something with it and the best were the roller coaster days that just went by. And then too he asked the same question but the truth was, everyday was better than yesterday since the day she came into his life and what it felt to have your soulmate by your side couldn't be compared or surpassed by anything in this world.

Ridhhima wondered why he was suddenly so quiet, just a moment ago he was so keen on talking. Tilting her head up a little she spoke softly " Armaan, what happened ? Abhi to keh rahe the ki itni saari baatein karni hain.. Ab kahan kho gaye hmm "

He exhaled bringing her close " you know its happening a lot these days, as soon as I get you in my arms I forget everything else "

" wow another of your cheesy lines. I was so missing them. Waise kaun si movie ka dialogue hai hmm ? " she grinned pecking his dimple " heyy, that's a talent you see, stealing cheesy lines. You know how many movies I had to watch for that " and they both broke out in soft laughter but he got quiet again. She knew there was something he wanted to say but couldn't, deciding to coax it out he said " Armaan " caressing his face lovingly " cmmon tell me what's the matter " looking into her eyes he knew he couldn't hide it, her eyes were like X-ray looking straight into his heart.

Kissing the hand that cupped his face he turned a little to her side " I can't believe it's all real. That you are finally here, with me, as mine .I was so scared... So scared that I've lost you for forever, to that Vivek.. That you'll leave me or worse.. Never love me." he tightened his hold around her, that thought still haunted him..

Her heart twisted with pain in his words,she could imagine his fear and insecurity. Merely the thought that he was divorcing her knocked the life out of her but it was nothing before how she treated him ,the pain he went through everyday because of her. Swallowing the lump in her throat she gathered herself. She was here with him for life and beyond. Now she's going to make everything all right. She'll love him so much that it will wash away all the pain in his heart. And this he should know. Cupping his face she spoke softly and firmly " hey look at me " he did " I am never ever going to go away from you Armaan. You are my life, how will I live without you, I know I should have said this long before but if got delayed then its solely my fault, you should never ever blame yourself for it. And how dare you compare yourself to that jerk ! He is not even worth a thought. I don't want his name to come up ever again. He means nothing to me. okay " he nodded smiling now. It was so relieving " And if you have to think about something then think about me and only me.." her voice lowered to a whisper finally getting lost as her lips covered his in a love filled kiss.

The lip lock that started gently soon heated up with passion...he deepened the kiss pouring all his love longing and desire. She was surprised with the passion that the kiss carried and soon it dazed her making her forget everything else. Her hand crept into his hair and another found its way to his back under his shirt turning him on.. A soft moan that erupted deep in his throat confirmed it. He wasn't far behind ,his lips trailed down to her neck leaving a trail of kisses adding fuel to her passion. Caressing her waist under her shirt his hand made its way up till it reached its destination making her gasp.. His hold tightened as he explored her, his lips didn't leave a single spot marking their presence, among all this activity she found a moment of sense and realized that he'd managed to open two of her top buttons from where her inner was easily visible, actually only one side, the other was already covered by his palm. She blushed hard, though it went unnoticed on her already crimson face. As the moment heated up he went little lower now kissing her chest, moving even lower, she forgot to breathe. The sensation was too much to bear, he slowly uncovered one of the silky mounds.. a soft cry escaped her lips as he nibbled on the soft skin leaving a love bite. Realizing what he'd done he kissed it gently easing her.. His lips curved into a smile at the frown that came on her face. The t-shirt he was wearing was obstructing her caresses. Not wishing to be devoid of her touch he got rid of it in one swift moment ,pinning her underneath him again capturing her lips in yet another passionate kiss.

Finding easy access now her hands explored his back, he rippled with muscles everywhere. Her touch was creating some serious effects in his body and hers as well.. they explored each other sensuously.. with ragged breathing and pounding hearts both found themselves transferred into another world. Taking her by surprise again he suddenly pulled her over him ,she fisted his hair pouring kisses all over his face lowering down to his chest and then again claiming his lips. Losing all his senses his hand slid down to her lower back cupping the softness. She held him tight hiding herself in his chest ,it seemed the dam of patience which now had serious cracks would go down any minute..

They were still exploring each other when she heard some noise. Ignoring it she continued but then it was added with a whimpering sound. Coming back to present she pulled out a little " did you hear that ?? "

He was too lost to see or hear anything " what ? Nothing's there " turning a little he pinned her down nuzzling her neck " nahi Armaan ,I think someone's at the door " she pushed him back a little. Breaking away Armaan tried to listen the sound ,unfortunately it was now loud enough to go unnoticed. He recognized it immediately frowning at it, but before he could convince her that it was nothing and resume the 'work' she sat up " Armaan I think it's Leo "

" Arrggghh that bloody dog ! just one. If god would Just let me off one murder, I will kill this dog " he growled

Ridhhima glared " Armaaann ! How can you say so. Agar usne sun liya hota to ? How hurt he would've been "

" hurt ! That would have hurt him !! And what about me ?? Yeh har baar mere romance time main kyun aata hai 24 ghante tumhare aage peeche ghum kar ise chain nahi milta. Bloody kutte ka bachha ! " he sat back frowning

" ohho stop being jealous of a dog " she grinned but then saw he wasn't exactly listening his lips curved in a naughty smile and eyes that trailed down to her messy state, making her realize her condition immediately " Armaaann stop it " she quickly buttoned up her shirt blushing.

" What ?! Now I can't even admire my beautiful wife ! Fine ! go to that dog " he pouted. Ridhhima sighed " you're such a kid at times. I'll be back in a minute and I love you mister " she gave a quick peck on his lips and rushed to the door before Leo scratched it to shreds.

Opening the door she found an eager Leo wagging his tail vigoursly " hey Leo, what happened sweety " it seemed Leo managed to sneak in to wish her good night. As soon as Ridhhima patted him rubbing his back he went mad again, judging by the tail wagging and that look in his eyes with tongue hanging out. Armaan scowled seeing him there, the Spoiler ! The way he was looking at him from her back it seemed he was mocking at Armaan. Armaan had had enough how dare he grin at me ! He threw a punch at Leo in the air giving a deadly glare which he noticed very well and this was not all, Armaan ran a finger across the neck indicating cutting off his head. It was all that was required. Without wasting another second Leo ran away from there whimpering like he'd seen a ghost, leaving a very surprised Ridhhima behind. She looked back at Armaan questioningly but he just shrugged his shoulders innocently.

Still bit confused at what happened a moment ago she slowly walked back to the bed. But it was soon forgotten all thanks to his presence near her. As soon as she was back he pulled her into his embrace. Smiling she snuggled close to him wrapping her arm around his waist. " pata nahi achanak kya ho gaya "

" I'm telling you that's a weird dog "

" Achha ! you know Rahul bhaiyya told me that you always wanted a dog. I wonder if you really brought Leo for me.."

" ofcourse it was for you, I have nothing to do with that villian ! And waise bhi I play with lions not with dogs " he added smugly

" yeah really Mogli " she rolled her eyes " the way you ran around in your shorts with that stuff lion- Sherkhan. So where is Sherkhan Mogli ? Back in the jungle ? " she gigled but he became grave, his brows creased. She was surprised to see the tense expression on his face. Then it striked her. It must be connected to past, she must divert the talk or this could seriously trouble him. She had to prepare him for that first." hey kahan kho gaye. Achha chhodo tell me.."

But he cut her in between " I don't know Ridhhima... haven't seen him in years.. I don't remember.. Where is he ? " he asked more to himself than her, his frown deepened worrying her..

Putting a smile she cupped his face " Armaan, look at me.." she had to do something fast " how can you think of something else when I am here huh " with that she brushed her lips with his fortunately that was enough to divert him. Smile returned to his face instantly " now how am I suppose to remember anything if you keep doing that "

" good, then don't " her heart sighed in relief. Hugging him close she rested her head on his chest as he caressed her hair " yeh sab ek sapna sa lagta hai naa Armaan. Jaise kal ki hi to baat hai hum bachhe the aur tab kisne socha tha ki ek din hum hamesha ke liye ek dusre se jud jayenge "

He smiled dreamily " hmm, sab kuch kitna achanak ho gaya naa. Pehle India aana wo Modi ke saath race aur phir.. Tumse milna " he kissed her head remembering it " not all accidents are bad "

" let that be the first and last okay " she warned " Aye aye madam " he readily obeyed ,now smiling

" Ridhhima "

" hmm "

" Do you remember your first day after our marriage " he smiled

" How can I forget that " she smiled caressing his hair

" I swear that day you must've cursed me so much " he grinned remembering that day

Ridhhima caressed his cheek lightly " I was so wrong, but you didn't help me either "

He laughed " yeah, and do you remember our first good morning no, good night kiss " she grinned, pinching his nose playfully remembering it " I wasn't going to give you that but you still managed to steal one "

" Well what can I say ,I'm just irresistible and you were looking just.. Wow " laughing softly she lightly hit his chest. Turning to her side wrapping his arms around her waist he nuzzled her neck " and after that day I had to wait for more than six months to get my nights and mornings so good " he kissed her neck " and didn't you thought that I was upto something that day " he added naughtily

She blushed " you left me with no other reason to think otherwise. The way you walked up to me trying to 'wish' me good night dressed in that black robe with that strong musky cologne of yours.."

" heyy you still remember, I didn't knew that you noticed so much ! naughty girl ! just admit it, you couldn't keep your eyes off me " her mouth fell open, she obviously had said too much " so if I tell you that I actually want to do what was left that day, sorry, night. then..." she turned crimson seeing that longing in his eyes. She was of course aware that such moment would arrive soon and this time she was all prepared ,probably eager too.. But everytime she thought of it her heart and face betrayed her emotions and this time was no different. He looked into her eyes, caressing her face softly, slowly brought it closer and he placed his lips on her soft luscious ones " I'll definitely continue with but before that there's something I wanted to tell you.. About our first kiss.." it was probably time to tell her what happened in Australia

She blushed ,if possible, even more " Armaaann rehne do. Mujhe pata hai tumhe kya kehna hai.." not meeting his gaze

" ohh I see so you know hmm. May I know what you know " he made an innocent face like he didn't knew anything at all. Ridhhima opened and closed her mouth like a fish but just couldn't bring herself to say anything " Armaaann tum naa bas.." he laughed out at that cute frown on her face. She looked so adorable, he wrapped his arms around her tightly securing her in a love filled embrace.

" I love you " he said. She tilted her head up and planted a kiss on his chin " I love you too sooo much "

He smiled he'll tell that some other day, and then he suddenly remembered something " hey Ridhhima " he sat up a little " we haven't decided where we'll go for our honeymoon.."

She got excited too " No, maine to soch liya hai "

" Really ! So where my princess wants to go " he pulled her again in his embrace

" I want to go to Las Vegas "

" Las vegas ! " he was surprised " Yaar tumhe honeymoon par jaana hai ya jua khelne "

" Ofcourse jua khelne. You know I've never been to a casino before. Dad never allowed me, and you know di says it's very exciting she even won in a game.." she said dreamily

" Darling I don't think we'll have enough time to play, we'll be busy with other games of our own in our room."

" Armaan ! " she slapped his hand which was again slipping in her shirt " You dont expect us to stay in the room all the time."

" Actually I do. But what's wrong in that. Its not a bad idea considering how much you made me wait." he complained cutely melting her

" Armaaann " but she decided better not show that to him " I don't know, mujhe Vegas jaana hai bas."

He gave up smilingly, like he could deny anything to her " Okay princess, as you wish bas mujhe kisi bet main mat haar jaana." He grinned " So Vegas it is. But I have something else too." she again got curious but before she could ask he quietened her " Unhun, that will be a surprise for you. But I promise ,you'll love it " Ridhhima hugged him tightly knowing well that he'd just begun with his surprises.. And she'd definitely love it. Whatever it was..

" Sweetheart abhi tak to hum pahunche bhi nahi and you've started already.. I didn't knew wifey's so romantic " her mouth fell open at the comment and she let go of his neck immediately " Armaaann " the blush creeping up again but he pulled her close tucking a strand of hair behind her ear smirking " sorry, but you should've seen your face "

" haha very funny " hitting his chest lightly she snuggled close " another of your PJ's "

" You think that was a PJ ?! Let me tell you a story then. You know once a cockroach sang a song and the other died..." this grabbed her attention immediately " How ?? " she asked

" Because the song was HIT " ( hit is an insect killer ) she tried but failed and both laughed out " You and your PJ's.." she kissed his cheek softly between her laugh " I missed them but plz next time, keep the cockroaches away "

He raised a brow at that with a naughty glint in the eyes " leave the coackroach ! Hmm someone is scared "

" oh puhlese ! " she rolled her eyes " it's just that they remind me of someone I don't exactly 'like' "

" Really ?! who ? " he asked controlling his smirk. She saw that and narrowed her eyes apparently he didn't bought it seeing right through. Okay, fine. She was scared of those freaky monsters but who wouldn't ! They are practically aliens eating anything from sushi to soap yuck ! with the ability to survive a neuclear blast ! And for god's sake they live in sewage drains eww !!.. But she wasn't going to accept defeat so soon. Controlling a shudder she said " they remind me of your dearest Parminder " the way she took her name left Hcl behind in acidic quality. But to her annoyance he just burst out laughing " I knew it ! You are so jealous of Pam "

" I am not jealous of 'your' Pam ! But just for the record, if she even tries rather even think of laying her hands on my man then I swear I will crush her under my feet like a cockroach " and boy she was dead serious about that. Talk about being territorial !.

" oye hoye possessive huh and hey she's not 'My Pam' ! And besides trust your man woman ! " he faked indignation " mch ,it's not you I'm worried." she explained, least affected by his complain " It's that pig headed cockroach of a woman that annoys me. The simple thing that she's nowhere in picture, has absolutely no chance with you doesn't seem to penetrate in that thick skull of hers. I told her the first time we met in Manali then again at home at dinner "

" At dinner !? When did that happen? Gosh I missed the duel. " she wasn't amused lost in her thoughts, her nostrils flared a little and lips curved in a sly smile.. She probably was imagining how Pam would look crushed under her feet " leave her honey," he knew it and was rather amused at the thought and her expressions " she won't understand.. She doesn't have what I have to know what it is like " she looked into his eyes. He smiled " soulmate " he kissed her forehead lovingly bringing back the smile " you know when you won that game there she took the shampagne bottle and left. Thank god for that.. And you too "

" Yeah , you know she tried her best to get me drunk "

" Really ! Then why didn't you.. I bet we both would have enjoyed it " he winked only to get smacked on the shoulder but infected by his laugh she couldn't help but join.. Wondering if only she'd actually got drunk, not being very good with handeling alcohol. Little did she knew that she actually did got drunk.. Somewhere else.

" Hey Ridhhima " he chirped breaking her line of thoughts " let's throw a party. Let's celebrate US "

" Party ?! No thanks. Abhi abhi to free hui hun itne saare functions se I just want to relax now. And remember last time when you threw a party what happened " he looked at her confused " remember your birthday in conference hall " she reminded, a sheepish grin showed up as he recalled that wild day " that wasn't my fault " " really.. You're so innocent hai naa " and he nodded cutely, she threw her hand in the air at that " bhabhi was so right about you. You and your friends are equal to disaster ! "

" But I said sorry naa " he knew better to tread on that line, lest she pulled out some skeletons from the past. He must mellow her down.

" Yeah and that was the only reason I spared you my nice lectures " he thanked god for blessing him with quick thinking brain. Her bark was worse than her bite.. He was just wondering when she spoke again " but you know the breakfast we had that day.. Was the best I ever had.. I guess that was coz you were with me. The first meal we had together... I'll cherish that day forever in my memories " she added with a dreamy smile.

" Yeah me too " he kissed her forehead squeezing her lightly " you know something, I planned to confess my love to you that day.. Remember the dinner we were supposed to have that night... But thoda gadbad ho gaya " she remembered that night so well, the grand birthday ,courtesy Niki and group " you know you scared me that day, seeing you in pain shook me from within. I never told this to anyone. I couldn't understand at that time why it effected me so much.. I guess that added to my anger apart from the fact that you took yourself for granted and were so happy about cracking some deal. Stupid ! " she made a face

" Hey it wasn't a stupid deal " she raised a brow at him " I never said the deal was stupid " he sighed giving up. Wives ! Who can argue with them " but look at the brighter side " he tried diverting her " I got to spend some more time with you. And you know that was what finally made dad hurry up to get us married "

" I know. BP told me that, but it was a great way to spend some time with someone.. Lying on hospital bed " he chuckled, but she didn't " Armaan.. Promise me, that you'll never do anything stupid like that ever again.. You don't know how terrifying it was " he hugged her close ,feeling the fear and pain in her voice " heyy princess.." " No, promise me first " he smiled assuringly " okay I promise.. But you need not worry sweetheart. I can handle myself. You know what they called me during collage- Superman " he said smugly

It lightened her a bit " yeah Superman with a tendency to crash without any efforts " he scrunched his nose at that but she giggled

" I do Not crash ! " he protested

" Really ! Remember the cold when you came back soaked in rain. The day I was leaving for America.."

" Yeah, to look for that jerk " he was right but still which idiot runs out in cold Feb rain.. Except one and she was irrevocably in love with him " fine. But still.. and what about the time we were in Manali the first time "

" You were feeling cold yaar ! "

" So you switched to your Superman mode "

" Yes, and thank you " and got a slap on the shoulder " and the time at the site " " hey that wasn't my fault ! " she didn't listen " and the time when I was at mum's place after we came from Australia "

Suddenly his grin faltered, she wagged her brows questioning him " I thought...I thought you didn't care. You weren't coming back so.. "

She became serious hearing that " so you went out and did all the stupid stuff " he kept mum, lowering his eyes avoiding to look into hers. But she wasn't going to let it go so easily. She sat up facing him and cupped his face " look at me Armaan.." he did " I know my going away was really tough on you. It was for me, but some things had to be.. But things do happen for good.. You know it made me realize what I was blind to.." he waited " that I loved you, Can't live without you.. And had I stayed then things wouldn't have been like this.. I know it was painful but it was the only thing I could think of then.. You understand that.. Don't you ? " he gave a small nod holding her hand. She passed the idea of telling him that she got hold of his diary. May be later " but get this thing clear once and for all.. There was, is and will be Noone more important than you in my life. I can't even bear a scratch on you let alone anything else, what if something happened to you that day.." her soft kiss on his forehead brought his smile back " that's why I married a doctor " he was back to being Armaan " 24 hrs. On call. Who took umm lets see.. just few months to diagnose symptoms of love.. To tell her own husband that she loves him " he pulled her in his embrace again

She chuckled, her man was incorrigible " and if it wasn't for your pathetic guessing abilities hubby dearest, then you wouldn't have waited for that long.."

" What ?! " it was her turn to smile, settling her head on his chest she narrated how he royally missed all the hints she planned " oh crap !! "

" Exactly my reaction, and see how you ended in linking me and Rohan " he kicked himself mentally ,if only that jerk had opened his big fat mouth before ! " and with that you left Ekta Kapoor behind in weird imagination " she pinched his nose giggling at his frowning face " I do suck at guess work " he finally admitted exhaling a defeated sigh but still got rewarded.. Got a kiss on cheek in return.

" But look at it this way, if I'd understood all those hints then you wouldn't have got the chance to overcome your hesitation and confess.. And that was the bestest thing. I wish I could record that moment and keep it forever " he added excitedly

" Yeah, me too. I just want to see again how it took you full 5 minutes to register what I've said. There I was pouring out my heart and you just stood there, like a dummy " he chuckled " not my fault sweetheart, you surprised me ! And I was speechless for a moment not 5 minutes ! "

" Yeah right ! " like he would admit it, she thought. He sighed " and since then I just couldn't believe if I am dreaming or everything is real.. The time at the weddings seems like a dream.. Like we just met yesterday and when we were together.. And then your surprise " she blushed a little knowing what surprise he was talking about.. " though I know 'we' can make it real.." she raised a brow at the naughty glint in his eyes. But waited " if you could just kiss me.. Just to make sure you know.." he explained but she knew him too well. But what the heck ! she couldn't get enough of him either. Smiling ,she blushed and that was enough..

He pulled her closing the distance between their lips.. And pretty soon the world disappeared. They lost each other in yet another magical moment of togetherness...

But before things heated up again he slowly pulled out. She frowned.. still dazed with the kiss, her hands around his nape refusing to let go.. she opened her eyes to meet his intense ones but they had softness and boundless love in them... And though passion and desire lurked behind they were kept well in check...

But why ? She wanted him. He wanted her. And she was ready.. Then what stopped him.. hadn't they talked about it and still there was no sign to show that there would be something more than talking tonight..

He probably read those questions in her eyes coz the next moment he smiled kissing her forehead and whispered softly " Ridhhima," she looked into his eyes.. " I want my head message. You haven't forgotten the rules. Right ?! "

Though taken by surprise at the request she couldn't help her smile.. it was clear indication that he wanted to sleep, although she doubted if he knew that it took him hardly 5 minutes to sleep once she started... Probably he was tired, Pulling him close she made him rest his head on her chest..wrapping an arm around his head softly carressing it." Ridhhima.." " Hmm.." " I think rather than making you even more tired I should let you rest tonight." He turned up his head a little to meet her surprised look, " we don't need to rush things.. Do we ? " it took a moment and then she knew what he meant and why he didn't. Her lips curved in a lovely smile, he always was so concerned about her. Losing her power to speak and think of anything else, she kept her lips on his, conveying her love and happiness to have him in her life. A fairy tale was coming true right before her eyes.. And the best thing.. It was hers... Theirs.

The sun rays filtered into the room giving it a soft warm glow. She woke up squinting her eyes a little and felt tightness around her waist.. her lips curved into a smile seeing him lying next to her.. He looked soo cute, holding on to her like she would run away somewhere !.. Caressing his hair she gently freed herself from his hold and turned sideways facing him.. he slept peacefully, contented.. She remembered the last night and her smile widened.. Accompanied with blush.. Her fingers ran through his messy hair brushing them and planting a soft kiss on his forehead she somehow managed to let herself away from him.. She didn't knew the mornings could be so beautiful.. Now she understood why he got up before her everytime insisting to see her face first thing in the morning.. It definitely brightened the day.. Manifolds.

She placed a pillow under his arm. He shifted a little but immediately snuggled to it, smiling softly she kissed his head again and made her way to freshen up..

She stepped out of bath wrapped in a rob and found him still sleeping.. Shaking her head, smiling at his cuteness she decided to wake him up in her own way but after she changed first or her plan might bomb..

Armaan frowned in his sleep.. Whatever it was, felt familiar in touch but wasn't exactly like moments before... Unable to take it any longer he opened his eyes sleepily and he was right.. This stupid pillow wasn't what he was wishing to find in his arms.. He looked around ,where was his princess ??

Ridhhima hummed selecting the dress. She was bursting with unknown excitement and that wide smile was like permanently plastered on her face.. Now even her cheeks started to hurt a bit for smiling so much !. Hitting her head lightly grinning at her teen like behaviour she got back to her selection..

Armaan checked everywhere but she wasn't anywhere.. Fear accompnied confusion.. But then he came to the walk in wardrobe room and found it locked from inside. Putting an ear to the door he heard her soft humming.. Relief washed over.. shaking his head he hit himself lightly at his stupid panic attack. Deciding to freshen up quickly he walked away from there.. his wife, like all other women in the world wasn't coming out of that place so soon..

Ridhhima finally settled on a beautiful yellow sari with light flower pattern on it.. Both reflecting her state of mind and heart.. Finally she made her way out but then stopped..

Armaan wasn't there.. Where did he go ?.. She was just wondering when a pair of strong arms snaked around her waist.. She could recognise that strong muscular smell anywhere in the world and more than that.. The touch.. His touch..

He rested his face on her shoulder nuzzling her neck.. now this is what you called leaving speechless he thought. She raised a hand running her fingers in his hair leaning back on him " Good morning jaan "

She could feel his face breaking into a smile " jaan ? Ek aur !? " she felt his lips on her shoulder sending a wave through her body.. She turned around still locked in his arms to see him smiling widely.. " not bad ! Keep up the progress.. Jaan "

She blushed, it's really hard to control your tongue when you are on the verge of losing your mind to heart.. Or had already lost it. " yes " she tried controlling it " but it's okay if you don't want me to call you that " she said trying to hide her blush wrapping her arms around his neck

" What ?? No way ! Infact.." he pulled her closer " that's a new rule from now on.. You have to call me with an endearment only whenever we are alone.."

" What about in public ? " she raised a brow " I don't mind if you don't " but then she thought about it.. Private was better.. There were lot many sharks out there looking for an oppertunity to hunt them with a teasing harpoon.. No thank you. Private was better option " I guess private is better " she declared. He smiled " I thought so.. Now stop wasting time and wish me good morning "

" Of course jaan.." and she covered his lips with hers to make the morning extraordinarily good..

The morning was turning to be really good with every passing second.. The saree is the sexiest form of clothing no matter who says what !. His hand found easy access to wherever they desired and the fact that he still didn't bothered to put on the t-shirt he took off yesterday added to the goodness of the morning.. Air found it difficult to pass through them and thanks to the subconscience mind that kept reminding them to breathe or they would have surely fainted !.. With lips trailing down to her neck and shoulders he found his fingers exploring her soft sensitive back partly covered with a deep neck blouse giving him plenty of space.. And what was with her touch ! It just was driving him crazy.. But then he reminded himself something... His mind played the stop song and reluctanly he pulled himself away..

This time she wasn't complaining, she had few things to pull her back too, though it did took a while for her to realize that world existed.. They stood there in each others embrace feeling blissful.. " the mornings just got better " he finally said breaking the silence " good morning Princess "

She smiled widely, then thinking something spoke out " Armaan.." " hmm " came the reply " I have to go to Sanjeevani.." she said bit hesiating and almost pleading

" Sanjeevani ?? Why ? " as expected there popped the question breaking away a little he looked at her

" Just some work.. Patients.. You know naa I was already away for so many days.. Just for today..pleasee " she added super cutely

Now that was bound to work. Isn't it ?! " It's okay princess.." she was surprised, that was easy ! " infact I too have some work.. So you finish yours and I finish mine and meet you in the evening okay. And I'll pick you up ,don't leave without me " she nodded agreeing happy and disappointed at the same time. He couldn't leave work even for a day.. But then consoled that she wouldn't be at home either so...

but she wasn't allowed to think too much.. He proceeded to make his morning even better.. In the promised way. Who could remember anything after that..

Coming down for the breakfast they found Muski.. Armaan quickly took Angel from her talking in the special language which only two of them knew !.. But Muski had her scanner on Ridhhima today.. Setting up the table she cornered her " someone is looking fresh and happy.. I guess night does have its way to relax human body. Right Ridhhi ? "

" Bhabhiii !! " Ridhhima turned red and fortunately Maria came and saved her from further embaressing session of teasing. The breakfast was again a joyous affair and thankfully Ridhhima remembered to keep her hands out of his reach this time..

Time seemed to fly ,it was not before that she stood before Sanjeevani gates that she realized what she'd to do.. " so princess, here you are " he said " and don't forget I'll pick you up at 6 " she nodded " I'll call you okay " he closed his eyes as she leaned to kiss him but soon opened them when she backed off with just a peck.

" Hey ! That was too small ! And short ! " she chuckled nothing would be enough for him " don't worry jaan. You'll be compensated " she winked ,his eyebrows got lost in his hair.. " yesss ! " he almost jumped on his seat.

She stood there till his car was out of sight.. and then quickly took out her cell phone dialling urgently. The bell rang twice " Sapna, I'm going for my honeymoon ! " she blurted out as soon as it was picked

" What ?? Oh thank god ! You took like forever to give me this news "

" Thank you, I know you were dying for the juicy news but I'm in a kind of time crunch. I need your help " she gave the gist of her problem

" What do you mean you don't have anything to wear !?. You're one of the best dressed people I know ! "

" Sapnaa, don't act dumb now. I really don't have time " and then Sapna understood " ohh I see. But didn't you shop for it before wedding ? "

" I did but as I wasn't much interested in the whole wedding thing at the first place I didn't paid any attention. And that stuff would look good if my mom decided for her second honeymoon.. Oh what I am talking about ! Cut the crap. I need help ! Something nice new and now !! "

" Aww look at you. All grown up, my little Ridhhima who couldn't hear the word smooch without turning into human tomato is now going to have sex ! "

" Sapnaaa !! " she almost choked on the air.. and as Sapna said, turned into human tomato, but soon got over it. Today nothing could stop her " very candid. Now get your ass here in 5 minutes ! "

" Aye aye madam. Turn around " and there she was. Before Ridhhima could utter another word she was wrapped in a tight bear hug which was duly returned. They broke the hug bubbling with excitement " let's get started ! It's time to turn this tomato into terrific tomato ! " terrific tomato !! Though she'd have preferred ' terrific tigress' just for rhyme sake but knew better to say that aloud.. with that they headed to accomplish their mission- Magic.

Ridhhima wondered if this was a good idea at first that she was here she felt those back at home weren't that bad.. The enthusiastic saleswoman was dedicatedly doing her work.. Unaware that she was turning embarressing with every passing minute ! Giving details of every type and stuff.. Even hinting at their easy putting on and off !! It least effected Sapna who listened as if they were the details of a critical case. She sighed, it's going to take her some time to get to the same degree of shamelessness..

At last Sapna bought some outrageous nightwear declaring that now that she was here she was struck with the idea of ' spicy naughty night ' !. Ridhhima closed her ears to rest of the details..

But nevertheless she did got what she was looking for.. Something she was sure would blow him away. All she waited now was for the evening...

Armaan patted his back, sighing contentedly. He just outdid himself.. A glance at the watch told that it was time he escorted his princess back.. Moving towards the door he glanced around for the last time. Everything was perfect.. It had to be. After all, today his princess will become.. His Queen.

Her eyes twinkled with happiness.. There he stood, leaning on the car arms folded.. tie hanging loose, collar button left open and sleeves rolled up to elbows. The cool evening breeze playing with his silky hair sprayed them all over his forehead rousing a desire to run her fingers in them. To straighten, or mess them further was another thing. She stood there, gaze riveted at her prince charming who was glancing at his watch impatiently unaware that his princess was watching him, trying to control that heart beat of hers that skipped a beat whenever he was around.. in thoughts or in person, didn't matter..

He might have appeared to others, standing there, with that cool casual look like a most contented man.. yet, only his heart knew how desperate he was to see his life again.. And if he was aware of the second, third and continuous glances that passing by nurses and female doctors were giving him, including many men ( no guys, not in a gay way ! Okay some did that, but you got the point now come back to the story yaar ).. then he didn't gave a clue.. that enigmatic smile wasn't helping either.. Ridhhima noticed nurses, lady docs.and probably some visitors trying to fix themselves thinking he was looking in their direction.. But they missed that dreamy look in his eyes that she knew so well.. He wasn't here.. He was somewhere else.. Thinking about something.. Looking for something.. rather someone, whose thought brought that smile on his face.. And she pretty much knew who it could be.

The line of thought was broken when a nurse who had her eyes fixed on him, collided with her.. Ridhhima shook her head, steading the poor soul who apologized sheepishly before running away, embarressed at being caught red handed ogling someone else's husband.. Ridhhima supressed a grin, how can she blame them hubby dearest was just too magnetic.. But she wasn't bothered ,coz she knew.. That smile was for her.. Those eyes were for her.. And he was only for her.. Like she was for him..

Deciding to disillusion the 'Barbie team', adorning a rosy smile, that came all naturally now-a-days, she closed the distance between them,.. Armaan saw her coming and instantly his face lit up with a billion dollar smile.. Exhaling a sigh he wondered, could she get any more beautiful ! The lovely smile that enchanted him ,the rosiness on her cheeks that just make him want to touch them, kiss them.. those eyes that captivated him instantly... He was too lost to notice that she was just inches away.. her beautiful fragrance made her presence felt.. and before his mind could process anything else.. She wrapped him in an instant loving hug. People around ? Ha ! Like she gave a damn.. Gosh ! she didn't realize how much she'd missed him, until now.. a soft sigh escaped her lips feeling his arms around her, reciprocating what she was longing for.. His love.. His touch..

" I missed you.." she said

" You have no idea how much.." he whispered " I love you "

Planting a soft kiss on his cheek she whispered back " love you too.." his eyes sparkled with happiness, she saw that, and couldn't have asked for anything better.

It was then she felt something soft and cold touching her back, but before she could ask he broke away a little and presented her a lovely bouquet of her favourite orchids. Her eyes lit up " oh Armaan, they are beautiful ! "

" Not as much as you are " she chuckled but was too overwhelmed with emotions to give any reply. Holding the flowers close she hugged him back lovingly. " sweetheart.. I know how much you love hugging me and trust me I don't mind a bit but.. Can we take this somewhere private.. These people are staring at us " he said pointing through eyes at some on lookers

She tilted up her head and supressed a smile. He had a sheepish smile on his lips, wary of the glances they were receiving " so you care about people more than me ? " she cocked up a brow teasing him.

" Absolutely not ! " smiling naughtily he pulled her close " But you see the thing is, I don't think that I'd be able to control myself for long.. Given the fact that I have my beautiful wife in my arms.. and all my surprises would go waste " Ridhhima's mouth fell open. He never left a chance to tease her. She broke away huffing trying to hide her blush but was it possible..?

Then almost hiding her from other's view he opened the door for her.. she was about to sit when suddenly something surprised her.. There, on the front seat sat a lovely stuffed toy lion with a heart shaped basket full of chocolates hanging from his mouth. It carried a note " For my Sweetheart "

She was still admiring the cute lion when he spoke up " I thought of teddy bears first but they are way too common, then saw him and thought he's more like me.. Isn't it ? and got him. " he said in a matter of fact tone " so ,do you like it ? " masking apprehension with ,what he thought, logic. He actually wasn't sure of this.. Being unconventional..

She sighed, what can she do with this man.. Lions and love ! It was the first time she was seeing anyone making that sort of connection but then if it had been usual it wouldn't have been Armaan. It wasn't his style. And lions.. Well they are, the real one's, bit scary but she had to admit, stuffings made them look way too cute. And safe. Like this one.

Her eyes met his, he was waiting for her reply.. Her approval.. She cupped his face and planted a soft kiss on his cheek again " I love it " and she wasn't lying..

But a soft groan from him surprised her " ok, that's it. let's move away from here before you totally get out of control.. Ab jo bhi karna ho car main kar lena ,I promise I won't stop you " he said adding a shameless naughty wink. Her mouth fell open, here she is expressing her love and all he could think of is to find the other meaning in her words. Her eyes widened with the implication of his words but then just ended up blushing.. Some things are beyond repair and he was just one of them.

" You're such a besharam ! " she chided, like this could reform him. " hey, wait a sec. ! " he was about to close the door when she called out suddenly. She almost forgot to pick up those special shopping bags.. Grabbing them quickly she pushed them down at the back seat, away from his prying eyes.

Seconds later he took his seat " hey what's in those bags ? " he tried reaching them " oww "

Got a smack instead " Don't touch them mister " she warned

" But what's so special ? Where did they come from ? " he was still curious

" Wo.. I went shopping today " she said casually ,avoiding to meet his gaze

" Shopping ?! I thought you were at the hospital treating poor patients. What's with women and shopping ! oww, stop hitting me woman ! " he rubbed his shoulder

" You deserve it. And BTW you were suppose to be in the office ,not at some stuff toy shop " she switched back

" But I did this all for you ! and I was working. Very hard " she rolled her eyes hiding that she was really touched with this sweet gesture, but again his curiosity took over " so is there anything for me ?? " he asked eagerly, all smacks forgotton

She gave up. He wouldn't let it rest, smiling mysteriously she said " yes and no.."

He frowned " what does this mean ? "

" You'll see jaan ,you'll see.. It's a surprise " she winked grinning naughtily, that totally floored him.

Popping in a chocolate ,she slipped closer putting another in his mouth, he gladly accepted " you know honey, what's better than chocolate..? " she shrugged " chocolate syrup. deliciously deadly.. Especially when.." he smiled suggestively..

It took a moment to sink in " Armaann, stop it. Will you ! " she dared not to look up lest he discovered that she just imagined it.. Though she had a feeling he already knew.

" Okay okay, I was just kidding " he wasn't " Sooo.." he asked provocatively

" So what ?? " she looked up questioningly

" Aren't you going to tell me now what's in the bags.." he tried again

" No.." came the flat reply

" No ?! Why ?? "

" Because I said no. That's why.."

" But you can atleast tell me if there's something for me ? "

" Unhun like I said before, yes and no.."

" Yaar Ridhhima what's this yaar, see I got you all your favourites, you know how long it took me to decide on this lion then to hand pick all the chocolates, that you've already half devoured " she scowled, stuffing another one " and you're not even telling me if that thing or things are for me or not.."

Ridhhima chuckled at his scowling face, forgetting her own she kissed his cheek in return " Jaan don't push it okay.. I'll tell you when the time comes.." He opened his mouth to protest but she placed her finger on his lips quietening him.. " Not a word now. Just drive. I want to go home " She shifted closer leaning her head on his shoulder again, putting an end to his queries in her style.. She couldn't wait to see his face when she..

And now she blushed.. Thank god he wasn't able to see her face or his super charged brain must've surely gussed it.. He grumbled for a while but soon her closeness calmed him down.

" Armaan where are you huh ? You missed the turn " she pointed out

" No, this is the right way.." she wasn't sure " sweetheart I know you seriously effect my attention but trust me I am not delirious " she still looked confused " don't think too much, we're going somewhere else "

" Somewhere else ?? Kahan ? "

" You'll see jaan ,you'll see.. It's a surprise " he grinned at her you-just-stole-my-dialogue look. But she didn't push it.. The start was awesome and wanted to keep up the excitement.. She just loved his surprises, they always left her feeling that extra special..

He drove on and soon they were on the outskirts of the city, the green feilds took over concrete jungle and the air felt fresh and cool.. The weather was lovely and sun too by that time had toned down handing over the charge to the beautiful silvery orb eager to make his way home.. Just like they were..

Thanks to the automatic gear shift system driving with an arm around her wasn't that difficult, both dreamt with open eyes of the one in their arms..

But the lovely moment was broken with a sudden declaration that she was in love with someone else too. His heart nearly stopped at that but he breathed in again when she rushed out coming back with someone unexpected.. It was a baby goat !

They had to stop because that baby goat chose the exact moment to come before their car when he was thinking of stealing a kiss ,with his no less than 100 relatives. Ridhhima flushed his plans for a kiss not only by running out but also by declaring her love for the baby. He groaned inwardly, wasn't Leo enough.. But thank god the love didn't last long, apparently it was one sided. Soon baby goat's mother came to claim her child. Ridhhima had to let him go, but not before he'd captured this sweet moment in his camera.. Making a memory for the lifetime..

They finally reached their destination, stopping at a huge iron gate " Armaan aren't you going to tell me now where we are ? " she tried again, her efforts before were all in vain.

" Of course sweetheart " she was surprised, was he finally telling her something " this is our stop for the next two days " he said pointing to the gates that were slid open by two smartly dressed guards who saluted them in army fashion. She looked around the place as he drove in. Her heart singing ' Two days '...

The place was huge with a lush green ground in front, an ideal place for an in house cricket match.. She could see Rahul and Armaan running between the wickets.. Or to laze around in the sun or for a fun get together with friends.. images of Sapna Chirag Aditi Rohan Swati Nikita and bickering Armaan and Abhimanyu flashed before her, bringing a dreamy smile. she looked around observing the place, there were rows of trees running by the boundary walls and she was sure of another landscape patch behind the house ,the square structure that stood in the middle. Beautiful flowers marked the borders along side the garden and the gravel path which lead to a marble fountain, right in front of the porch, of a lady carrying a pitcher from which water gushed out filling the small pond where fishes danced merrily. The driveway was spacious enough to accomodate no less than 50 cars..

But what held her gaze was the two story building. Painted white it felt like home.. A calm welcoming place that instantly gave a cozy feeling with a sense of relaxation.. The spacious balconies hung out of what must be the rooms adding to its vastness.. A blend of old and contemporary architechture it was all in all.. beautiful.

She was still lost in surroundings when he called out " so princess, what do you think of your castle ? "

" Armaan where are we ? "

" This sweetheart is our farmhouse, we normally use it for family outings and small parties. Best place to relax without any disturbance " he smiled getting out, coming to her side he opened the door for her " may I ? " offering her an arm which she gladly accepted and both moved in.

The servents at the door bowed low welcoming them and opened the heavy oak doors.. A step inside and surprising her was the shower of rose petals.. The way in was paved with rose petals too with Welcome written with yellow among red.. Too lost for words she admired the flower shower and decoration around, breathing in the fragrant air till she felt his arm around her shoulder " All for you sweetheart.. All for you " she met his gaze her eyes misty with love, she must've done done something really good in her previous life to get him " heyy no crying " he held her close. She nodded smiling, checking the mist in eyes " This is.. Beautiful. I love you.. " he planted a soft kiss on her head " I love you too "

This wasn't all ,soon there came a man with two others in tow carrying trays of refreshments.. He was probably the butler going by his dressing style " welcome your highness.. Sir " he bowed to both " would you care for some refreshments ? " he asked smiling politely.

Ridhhima on the other hand was surprised 'Your highness ??', she could just manage a polite smile " thank you Arvind " Armaan took two glasses handing one to her.Reading the question in her eyes he whispered " well, you are my princess, you deserve to be treated like one " that cleared the confusion. She smiled, he must have told everyone that she was someone royal considering most of them weren't in house staff. Turning to still waiting butler he said " that was nice Arvind " the butler seemed happy to hear that " may I show you the rooms sir ? "

" No thanks, I will manage. You just take care of the things I told you before " the butler again bowing low wishing the 'highness' went away with other servents. He turned to find her smiling, " what ?? "

" So this is why you were in such a hurry to leave in the morning " he grinned, guilty as charged.

" This is nothing " she raised her brow, there was more ? " but before that you take some rest " moving behind her he swung her up in his arms " Armaaann ! " she gasped " Kya kar rahe ho ? Put me down " wrapping her arms around his neck she held him tight for support.

" Should I ? Really ? " he flashed his naughty smile, easily seeing through her half hearted request. It was probably that soft sigh that gave away her secret delight at being swept away like that..

" No.. Don't " resting her head on his chest she blushed giving in, this was way better than walking.

" Exactly what I thought. I don't want my sweetheart to get tired." and carrying her in his arms he made way to the stairs..

Both were in their own heavens, he'd longed for the opportunity to hold her close again.. to taste those rosy lips and for much much more.. Her little teasers in the car didn't let his mind rest for a second.

But before that, he wanted to see her reaction to all his surprises. he tried his best to make it special for her, unlike anything before.. Her happiness after all meant everything to him.. He did got his reward seeing that beautiful smile on her face.. And what he wouldn't do to keep it there for forever.. Yes, he promised himself that instant, he will keep her happy at all costs.. Love her till the last breath, Protect her from any harm.. Any pain in the world.. She is his life and meant more than his life...

Few steps and a short walk later they stood before a door. She did the honours of opening it, his hands being occupied.. " Armaan atleast now put me down " he didn't wanted to, but had to. No reasons left. They should've added few more steps or made a longer corridor, he thought.

Standing in the room her eyes observed the surroundings. It was simple but choicely decorated, professional decorator marked everywhere.. It was quiet spacious with a balcony on the opposite right side with the view of front garden, it was open and cool breeze flowed in playing with her hair.. There was a desk near the wall that ran along side it. A vase full of beautiful lilies smiled at her.. On the left was a queen size bed with contemporary dark mahogany side tables with lamps that went beautifully with beige and pastel green theme of the room.. There was a small passage too which she took, led to the bathroom.

The room was elegant enough but.. Something was missing.. She was rather expecting... Something more. Probably the romantic in her which was very active these days, all thanks to him, thought of flowers and an inviting cozy bed and.. Like wise. Something that had personal touch, like what was downstairs. not that he hadn't worked hard on making her feel special but didn't he said ' surprises ' that's plural you see but...

She was just wondering when his arms wrapped her from behind, nuzzling her neck he planted soft kisses " so, nice view ? " she rested back on his chest running a hand in his hair " hmm it's beautiful "

She could feel him smiling. Turning her around he cupped her face caressing her rosy cheeks " yes, it's really beautiful "

For a moment they held each others gaze and then, his lips covered hers in a lovely kiss...

With his lips moving over hers everything else.. Every thought was wiped off her mind.. Their tongues danced together on the music of their heatbeat singing of love and longing and.. Desire. He pulled her closer running his hands on her back enticed by her soft fingers on his nape and hair.. There was enough heat to set something ablaze.. Slowly her hands moved in front successfully opening two buttons of his shirt driving him even more crazy.. And he.. Well he couldn't thank enough the person who invented saari.. His hands caressed her delicate waist ,lips sensuously moving over her shoulder and neck.. Her fragrance drove him crazy and longing for more.. he trailed above and cupped her breast making her gasp but then neither seem to had control..

With every passing second the desire.. The craving instead of sating got feirce. Armaan feared of losing not only his senses but also the control which he'd so meticulously forced upon himself.. But then he'd have lost himself if it wasn't for this small voice at the back of his mind that continuosly warned him from going any further...

But it was so difficult ! Here she was. All so beautiful.. Wonderful.. Kissing him with all the love in the world and her touch gosh !.. Yet.. Yet this stupid voice was asking him to back off !!

What a spoiler !

He tried to brush it off and continue but that voice spoke up again much clearer this time " fruit of patience is always sweet Armaan "

" Damn ! " he cursed. The voice now had a shape. A very miniscule himself floating in the air. Everything was the same except there were two of them ! One wore a gown, white, had wings carried a star tipped stick and the other was a baldy with two red horns and a fork like thing in hand. He just wore a loin cloth and had a tail !. The man in the gown urged to stop while the horny guy. No pun intented. Urged to go on..

" Armaan you idiot ! Can't you see she want you. Go ahead. Grab the opportunity. You never know about women, they change their mood faster than chameleon it's colours ! " " hmm, that's kind of true " Armaan mused ,boy ! Did that man's horns just caught fire !

" Armaan " there came the gown man " don't listen to him. He just compared your soulmate to a chameleon ! "

" How can they be soulmate without mating, my mate " said the tail man, his sarcasm clear in his words but the gown man chose to ignore him.

" Trust me Armaan if you go by your initial plans she'll love you even more for it and you'll experience bliss "

" Don't listen to him Armaan. I doubt if he's a man at all. take her right now "

" Now now Armaan. Be a gentleman not a beast like him. Think about love "

" Your very name spells desire. Stand up to it " baldy stepped ahead

" Patience Armaan "

" Opportunity Armaan "

" Love Armaan "

" Desire Armaan "

" He's lusty ! "

" Oh get outta here !, don't listen to him, he's frusty " baldy lost his cool

" Frusty ?! " " yeah, it rhymes doesn't it. Psycho ! "

The gown man shook his head pitifully " listen to me Armaan how can you believe a man who roams about in loin cloth "

" Atleast I have 8 pack abs to show " he sneered pointing them proudly

" So do I, they are just covered in baby fat "

" Told you this nerd is gay " he whispered loud enough for him to hear

" Hey I heard that ! " that was too much even for him

" Good. It was meant to " " really ! Beast ! " and with that they started poking each other with their staff and stick

Armaan had had enough " oh stop it you two ! " he shouted out, startling Ridhhima

" Huh, stop what ? Who two ? " breaking the embrace she looked around to find the reason of his yelling but everything was quiet like before..

He quickly changed into damage control mode. Thanks to those two, the moment was broken. " uh, sorry

Honey, just silly worked up mind "

" Armaan are you okay ? " she checked his forehead worried " I'm okay honey. You go and freshen up. I'll just go and check if everything is ready for the dinner " planting a quick kiss he almost pushed her in the bathroom before she decided to fix an appointment with a psychiatrist. Closing the door behind he exhaled deeply, he'd almost lost himself in there. Talk about disadvantages of having a beautiful hot wife !

" Focus Armaan. Focus. Don't you want to make her happy ? You do. Now get back to work " reminding himself of the mission ahead he went away to check if everything was in order for the special night.

The winged gown man appeared again with an ear to ear smile. The red tail appeared too, only to disappear with a puff ! And oh, he said stupid before that.

On the other hand Ridhhima wondered what just happened. A moment ago they were kissing each other passionatly and it seemed it wouldn't just stop there but then he suddenly yells and disappears. Weird. For a moment she was worried but he seemed okay. Still wondering she looked around, anything she required was there and honestly, that warm water in the bathtub was soo inviting that everything else was instantly forgotten... Shaking off the doubts she got ready to enjoy a long relaxing bath.

Stepping out after spending good 45 minutes ( you know it now, our female lead is a bath addict ) she felt rejuvenated. Wrapped in soft white bath robe she wondered what to wear, their coming here was a surprise and she didn't even had anything to change into.

Well, she was wrong.

With a big smile on her face she took quick steps to the bed. There, waiting for her was a gorgeous dress with a note ' My queen's attire ' her smile got broader. Now why in the world she has to worry for anything when he's there.

The dress was beautiful, her eyes praised it heartily. After all how many men have an eye or imagination to pick things like this for their wives. The colour was his favourite - Red and had Armaan written all over it. She remembered he brought a sari for her when they went to their first unofficial date to Mr and Mrs Paul's party.. Plus didn't he said that he hand picked the lion and the chocolates and the flowers so why not the dress. Of course it was another of his 'hard day's efforts' result. She hugged the dress wishing it was him... Heart swelled with love she craved to hold him in her arms and tell him that she was crazily deeply totally in love with him..

Her sweet moment was interrupted by a knock on the door. " right on time ! " jumping excitedly she rushed to the door, all in a mood to thank him with a tight hug and a special kiss.

" Now where.." she stopped " who are you ? " disappointed and surprised seeing two unfamiliar faces.

" Uh, your highness " she sighed, there they go again ' your highness' but dismissed the idea of correcting them. She might just as well get used to of it. " we were asked to assist you.. If you need our help.." Ridhhima gave them her X-ray look. They looked professional though bit hesitant after 'the look', apparently they haven't been in assistance to any 'Royalty' before and she just might have some work for them. Ridhhima allowed them in with all their paraphernalia still wishing it was him..

Few minutes later she was all ready to bedazzle her prince charming. The appreciative awestruck look of the assistants was proof that she was ready to kill. The dress was soft shimmering red that stopped at her knees. It had thin straps that left most of her milky skin with good hint of cleavage for the view. It enhanced her curves enough to make anyone's imagination go wild. Her hair were left loose with curls dropping on the shoulders and pair of delicate sandel adorned her soft feet..

Boy ! Armaan Malik was in for a big surprise..

But all this while she had only one thing in her mind. Where was he ?. Since he left he didn't even came once and now she was worried, though the girls told her that they saw him around but still..

As the assistants took leave there came a messenger telling her that she was expected downstairs.

Ridhhima wondered what he was up to now. Taking a deep breath she checked herself in the mirror once again, the smile was back on her face but this time there were butterflies in her stomach. It felt like going on a date for the first time, she was eager, anxious excited all in one. " here I come sweetheart. Be ready "

Armaan waited impatiently at the foot of the staircase. He had to rush through the last minute checking, everything should be in order today, perfect for his queen. Clad in the elegance of a black suit he personified the phrase 'drop dead handsome'. It was happening again, the clock was again moving slowly. He glanced at the watch when a soft beat of footsteps caught his attention and he instantly knew that his wait was over.

His eyes darted at the landing above and what he saw made him forget to breathe.

There stood his queen ,his life with her beautiful dazzling smile. And did his eyes lit up or she was really glowing.. His eyes refused to leave her, following every step as she closed the distance between them..

Ridhhima's smile widened, the look on his face confirmed the effect she wanted. His gaze brought colour to her cheeks and her eyes lowered on their own accord, unable to bear that passionate gaze. Though she wanted to keep looking at him.. Her prince charming.. Her life.. Looking devilishly handsome, she had hard time controlling herself fighting the mad desire to wrap him in a hug and kiss to her hearts fill.. His very presence fanned the carnal desires in her heart.. Not that he felt any different..

" Armaan.." she stood before him yet he didn't utter a word " kuch bologe nahi," she looked down at herself " do I look okay ? "

He took a step closer, her words brought him out of his trance " Okay, is not the word for you my love.. Infact, I couldn't find anything to compliment you with " he whispered planting a soft kiss on her cheek " you look beautiful..stunning. But.." he took a step back looking her from head to toe " something's missing..."

Instantly a frown came over ,she checked what was missing curses at the tip of her tongue she wanted everything perfect yet.. But then was surprised again.. While she was busy checking herself he placed a diamond necklace around her bare neck. Before she could make out what happened he took her to the nearby mirror enveloping her in his arms from behind, putting his chin on her shoulder " looks more beautiful this way.. And I'm not talking about you " he planted a soft kiss on her shoulder, quiet happy surprising her. She glowed, the necklace was exquisite and went perfectly with the dress. his eyes gleamed seeing her smile. But she was too overwhelmed to utter a word... Turning around in his arms she cupped his face and kissed his cheek " thank you, its beautiful "

He couldn't have asked for anything better. Seeing her happy was all he wanted " Sweetheart, this is nothing compared to you. And next time. No thank you. Just say you love me "

Her eyes turned misty " I love you. Very very very much "

" That's better " interwining her fingers with his he held her close " but no crying okay. Today, just be happy and I promise you happier tomorrows " She knew he will, like always keep his promise. He kissed her eyes wiping away the tears. " now shall we ? There's something that awaits my fair lady " she nodded and both made way to the other surprise.

Her day of surprises had just begun. He led her through a corridor which glowed with beautiful starry lights. The floor was covered with balloons and the ceiling had archs of flowers that glowed in different lights. She was amazed at how much he had planned and done. Mesmerized, she was lost in surroundings and if he hadn't been holding on to her hand she'd have thought it to be a dream.. A beautiful dream which she never wanted to end..

The corridor lead to the big oak doors, again beautifully decorated " now there's something for you. I hope you like it " with that the doors slid open and the soft music, whose source she couldn't locate, flowed out. Stepping in she let out a soft gasp, her eyes widened with amazement at the scene before her.

He followed her in. A wide smile playing on his lips. His efforts had paid off. The large ballroom was converted into something like heaven.. The ceiling twinkled with with stars and some seem to reach down to her.. The floor had light mist like clouds with balloons and the air was fragrant with flowers.. All her favourite.

But what caught her eyes was the display of pictures. Her pictures.. Their pictures.. Some of which she didn't even knew were clicked. All enlarged and highlighted with lights and framed in flowers..

If she thought this was all then she was wrong ,coz right before her was a canopied area lighted with.. Was that a moon !!?.. The light that was thrown on the table came from something that looked exactly like moon. The table was set for two and vase in the center had flowers glowing like small stars shooting out of it..

She was beyond amazed seeing everything around. Thoughts flooded but speech failed her. The heart unable to contain the love formed drops of happiness in her eyes. Armaan waited till she had seen all, slowly he walked up to her " so, did my princess like it ? "

She turned around wrapping him in a tight embrace, tipping up a little she looked into his eyes probably her eyes could say what her lips couldn't.. It worked, he could see his answer in her eyes. She opened her mouth to say something but just couldn't formulate anything apart from " I love you.. I love you so much " she whispered, that was all he wanted to hear.. He knew everything.. Could feel everything those words wanted to convey. Gently he wiped off her tears. Words were still absent.. Cupping his face in her palms she draw him close and placed her lips on his...

The kiss conveyed everything what words could not..

It was sometime before they broke up.. The kiss was gentle and brimmed with pure love.. " I'll take this as you like the decoration " she chuckled feeling much lighter and full of happiness " yes you may.. But Armaan.. This is amazing " she looked around " I mean I don't know what to say, its just soo out of the world beautiful ! And when did you take these pictures ?? "

" Oh I was just practising stalking you see " she rolled her eyes at his grin " actually, I fell in love with you at the first sight so since day one I've been trying to capture as much of you as I can. I didn't wanted to miss anything you see " he rested his chin on her shoulder.

" Hmm I can see you didn't miss much of me " she nodded approvingly quiet impressed and planted a kiss on his cheek " now can we eat ? I am starving "

He gladly escorted his queen to the table drawing up a chair like a perfect gentleman and then arrived their 7 course meal..

Unwilling to stay away, no matter how small a distance, she shifted next to him. Now which man is going to complain if his wife wishes to sit next to him. Not forgetting the 'rule' she fed him making him ecstatic. Who needed food, he was already full of love !

For a moment he ate quietly, glancing at her with a mysterious smile playing on his lips, like he was meditating upon something. " hey, what are you thinking ? " she asked

" Nothing... Just that how beautiful you look.. And how jealous I am " she looked questioningly " of this necklace..."

She touched her necklace pointing to her clevage, a blush crept on her cheeks comprehending his words but was saved from saying anything as they were served the dessert. A welcome diversion as she felt hot under his gaze " you know.. all these things here " she looked around " they feel like I am on a beach in heaven just without water "

" You like beaches ? "

" Like ? I love them ! I can like live forever there " she said excitedly " once we went for a holiday to Goa and it was awesome.. The starry sky cool breeze " she sighed dreamily

" Hmm. But as you see we're in a non sea side area I made some 'arrangement' " her lips curved in an amused smile. Now what's coming next.. was all she could think " wait a sec. " he called the butler who went away with a curious smile and nod. She didn't had to wait for long coz moments later soft cold breeze tickled her skin and then came the musical sound of waves crashing on the shore. " Armaan ?? " her brows cocked up in wonder, he just gave her another reason to love and praise him some more. He definitely had a Phd. in giving surprises. " Anything for my queen " he kissed her cheek getting one in return only greater in intensity. And though there was wine yet he was intoxicated long before he touched it.

" Huh, I am so full " she declared scooping the last bite of the pie. Complimenting the chef and the butler she turned to him " so, what's next ? "

" Now we proceed for some entertainment. How about a movie ? "

" A movie ?! Of course ! " taking his arm she moved on for the next delight, seperated with a starry curtain was a portion of the ballroom. Right in front was a big screen, a comfortable cozy couch with a big bowl of popcorn and soda glasses waiting for them.

She sat by his side with her head resting on his chest hands wrapped around each other.. And though Shahrukh and Kajol tried their best they could not get the attention of these two. If they were feeling kuch kuch these two were feeling bahut kuch !

" Aww what a cute kid. I always liked him " she gushed over little sardar kid in the movie

" Cute ! That's a cunning little fellow. See what tantrums he's throwing, not saying a word " how can she like anyone beside him ! So what if its some kid on tv.

" Armaan that's not called throwing tantrums " she shook her head. He knew nothing about kids !

" Yeah, right ! Wait till you get some real tantrum kids "

She blushed at the thought but somehow felt strange happiness at that comment, controlling herself she continued " none of our kids are going to throw tantrums " how can they with such adorable father.

" They just might. Their mother throws them all the time " he added with a naughty grin. She'd forgot who she was dealing with and he got a playful hit for that " control princess. If you're going to lose your temper so easily then how you'll manage 6 kids ! "

Now that brought a stop to the beautiful dream " what ?? Six ! "

" Yeah, at least 6 and it's minimum and non negotiable " he cleared

" You wish Mr. Malik " she rested back on his chest " 2. And that's final " she smiled

But he wasn't giving up so easily. So, to settle the question they decided on a game. Blinkers. They would stare into each others eyes and first one to blink would lose.

Sitting opposite each other they started. It was tough, considering who they were looking at. A minute later she found the distance between them was getting less and less and before she could understand completely it got all covered up. His lips claimed hers in a lovely kiss.. with her before his eyes how was he supposed to remember anything else.

It was sometime before she could catch her breath " you cheated " she whispered. Bit hoarse, her heart still fluttering.

" Everything is fair in love my love " he pecked her lips again squeezing her in his embrace. Pulling back a little he looked into her eyes " can I have a dance with the most beautiful girl in the universe ? " and kissed the hand resting on his chest. Could she say no to him ? Never.

The soft music floated in. It was her favourite. John Denver's ' You fill up my senses '

" It was left somewhat incomplete that day.. Lets start all over again."

sweeping her in his strong arms he carried her out. Lost in his eyes, intoxicated with his muscular smell she didn't even notice when they came out of the ballroom and where they were heading.

A soft golden glow distracted her from her favourite sight. They were in a room, not the one she was in before. Slowly he put her down, her eyes scanned the place. The golden glow came from the candles that filled the room with light and soothing aroma. Outside, the full moon covered everything in its shimmering moonlight it's reflection in the still water of the pool beyond small balcony gave the impression of its being on earth rather than in the sky.. On the right side a king size bed awaited the masters for its possession, covered in silky white sheets sprinkled with rose petals it raised her heartbeat in a glance.. Right opposite was a fireplace, two large chairs before it looked comfortable and left space quiet enough to sit and cuddle up with the special one. The fire blazing out and.. within. The thought brought the butterflies back. With vengence.

A soft firm touch broke her chain of thoughts. He stood behind enveloping her in his embrace " Welcome home Mrs. Malik " he whispered kissing her cheek. It was indeed some welcome, beyond her imagination..

His touch sent shivers down her spine. Turning in his arms she met his gaze.. His eyes.. They seem to blaze in the glow of candlelight ..

" Nervous ? " he asked pushing back her curls. His fingers brushing through her neck sent another electrifying jolt in her body, the simple brush of fingers the light touch.. Nothing was same, everything was magnified with him by her side. Her shiver didn't go unnoticed " are you okay ? Look honey, if you don't feel like it then.."

She jerked out of her thoughts. What gave him the idea that she didn't wanted him.. Or this ! Every minute she'd thought of nothing else but the moment they would be together, united as one. But it seemed he misinterpreted her silence " what made you think so ? " she cut him in between " don't you want me ? " she asked, though knew the answer.

" Oh sweetheart," he tightened his hold, the touch itself gave the answer but she wanted to hear it from him " you have 'no' idea how much I want you.. But more than that I want you to be ready, not push it for just the sake of it. I can wait.."

She decided few things were required to be cleared right now. Cupping his face she whispered firmly " but I don't want to " her other hand that rested on his chest could feel his heart thumping madly. His eyes shouted of his heart's desire.

" Are you sure ? " he asked, still testing his control. But now she didn't had any over herself. She wanted him. Now. Everything else nervousness, butterflies, anxiety..disappeared. Looking into his eyes she never felt so sure of anything else. Yes, he was hers and it was time she claimed him completely. Looking deep into his eyes she brought his face closer and captured his lips in a passionate kiss..

No other confirmation was required. In an instant everything was answered...

Soon the kiss heated up. He nibbled on her lower lip hungrily. Tasting of wine he intoxicated her even further. He deepend the kiss leaving her aching for more and yet fulfilled. Breaking a little for air she saw glimmer of his smile ,her nerves fluttered through her once more. He looked amazing.. killing with that hunger dancing in his eyes... Her hands worked on their own accord and soon freed him of his jacket and tie. Not getting enough of him her fingers trailed up and down his back drawing him close and to the edge.. his lips trailed down to her bare shoulders running the length of arms, sending shivers down her spine and though his hands felt cold on her heated skin they kindled a fire wherever they touched..

His sensuous touch on her bare back created ripples of unknown feelings. Every passing second her hunger grew fierce. With pounding heart and bated breath she waited for his next move..

Drawing her close his lips didn't leave a spot.. Her firm breasts crushed on his chest rousing him instantly.. glancing at her face.. A soft smile came on his lips.. Everything about this woman brought life in him, her smile her smell the way she chewed on her bottom lip slightly when nervous or anxious, her perfect curves which gave him hard time to control himself making his imagination go wild... And now, after all he's been through.. they've been through.. She was here with him.. As his.. For forever..

She felt him stop for a moment but before senses could register anything he was kissing her again, leaving a trail up to her neck and chest.. His hand worked deftly and she felt a slow sensual tug on the zipper of her dress pulling it down till his hand rested on the small of her back..

Her breath hitched, she held his shoulders tight for her legs started to feel rubbery.. His fingers getting more access to her soft back roamed sensuously all over. She never knew that back could be such an erotic part of the body, it was seriously effecting her senses.. He didn't break the touch and kissing slowly, slid the straps of the dress down the shoulders...

She shifted smiling in her sleep, feeling weightless, soft brightness was all around.. But then something strong went around her waist, it broke her not-that-deep sleep.. Also the moist soft touches on his cheek and neck tingled her to waking up... Her heart knew that touch, that hold.. Who else it could be.. Shifting back a little she rested her back on his firm chest, spooned in his embrace.. She slowly opened up her eyes to the one she always wanted..

" Hey, good morning " tilting her head she pecked his lips. The day brightened with his smile " good morning my queen " he brushed his lips again, not getting enough

" Didn't you sleep ? " she turned over caressing his face, it looked rather fresh

" Hmm " he caressed her hair " I wanted to but there's someone who didn't let me sleep a wink "

She raised a brow at his naughty grin " 'I' didn't let you sleep ?! "

" Yupp " his fingers ran down her arm to her back sensuously pulling her close ,bringing colour to her cheeks " you have no idea how beautiful last night was.. How beautiful you are " he brushed his lips on hers, moving to her chest caressing the love marks with his lips..

" Armaaann " she whispered " it's morning " his charm was working again but as he pulled her closer she felt something hard.. The colour on her cheeks deepened " you're not thinking of.."

" You mean going for another round " blushing profusely she nodded, making imaginary patterns on his chest " I didn't knew people made love at this rate "

He chuckled " normally, I don't think so. No, they don't. But you my love, inspire me " he kissed the hand running on his chest " and trust me 4 times a night is not usual but, with you everything turns out to be super best " wrapping his arm around he rolled over pinning her beneath, making her very aware of their condition under the sheets.

" Okay Mr. Inspired superbest, as much as I love to 'inspire' you, my sore muscles are kind of inspired for a break " she kissed his cheek giggling shyly

" Huhh " he sighed dramatically slumping down on her chest " there goes my breakfast in bed "

" Hey ! Who said about not having breakfast " his head jerked up " but how about we first freshen up for that " She winked, flooring him. In an instant he was out of bed. She cried out in surprise. They were still stark naked.

The next moment, she was in his arms " I don't think you want to starve your hubby dearest. So lets save time." not waiting for the reply he moved to the bathroom.. After all breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Moments passed washing away the heated senseless passion leaving behind the blissful feeling inside.. Lying there with head resting on his chest she called " Armaan.."

" Hmm " he carressed her back lovingly, a soft smile played on his lips.. It was the smile of a happy contented man.

" Plz don't wake me up.."

" Wake you up ? But you aren't sleeping darling " he squeezed her in his embrace

" It seems so.." He looked at her amused " it all feels like a dream.. It's too good to be true, what if I wake up and realize this was all a dream.. A fairy tale.. and I want this to go on forever.." she looked into his eyes

He chuckled kissing her forehead assuringly, wrapping her even tighter " this is not a dream sweetheart. I promise you, this fairy tale will go on forever.. And " she waited " it's only going to get better.. You are forgetting that we still haven't been to our honeymoon " her eyes sparkled at the news. Of course how can she forget, after all she was the one who decided the place. Excitement gripped her heart.. " and trust me there's lot more I've planned to do.. To show.. This my dear was just the beginning.." She blushed and hid herself in his chest feeling the light waves of his soft laugh mingled with the rythm of his heartbeat.. " but for now.. just lie back, be absolutely still and listen... My heartbeat... What it says... Just four words... Ridhhima, I love you..."

He was right, it did sang of it just like her heart was singing his name.. It seemed some fairy tales do come true.. And hers was one of them.

Time seem to fly.. It was sunday already and they would be heading back home soon.. But this time the world had turned around for them, they were soulmates.. of each others in all senses of the world..

A big smile adorned her face, turning her head she found her life sleeping by her side contentedly.. They'd just made love.. Again. She savoured those moments while he slipped into land of nod. She didn't complain, he didn't get much sleep in these two days whereas she just couldn't get any..

She chuckled softly. Her gaze on her life.. holding her with a hand around her waist he glowed in the bright light of noon.. Sprawled on his stomach with covers till his hips, hair tussled, all thanks to her.. She ran her fingers pushing them back from his forehead pouring love through eyes.. he was so strong and now she had the first hand experience.. The thought turned her crimson, now that she got to see him more closely.. Intimately, she noticed so much more, he was broad and rippled with muscles but still looked so cute and innocent in sleep.. The past two days rolled by her eyes.. The welcome was out of the world and then it got surpassed by him..

Unable to hold that overpowering wave of love she shifted closer and planted a soft kiss on his forehead..

His lips curved into a smile, slowly he opened his sleepy eyes to meet her gaze, his smile widened. " so sleepy head woke up " she caressed his face. Exhaling a sigh he shifted closer resting his head on her chest " Armaan, chalo get up.. We got to go back " she added lovingly

He scrunched his nose " Why ? "

" Why ?! Why why ? It's sunday, two days are over. Don't you want to get back home " though she couldn't see she knew he would be frowning

And she was right " do we have to ? Do 'you' want to ? I don't think so, lets stay " he adjusted himself more comfortably squeezing her in his hold

She didn't wanted to either but that wasn't the option right now she'd lots to do. Her surprise was still due " jaan, if we stay here then how're we going to go for honeymoon. I've to do the packing too " it wasn't reason enough

" Mch, that's not the problem. One more day won't hurt "

" Huh, I don't want to leave either but you see jaan.. I have a surprise for you " she had to tell the truth

His eyes popped open " surprise ! For me !!? " he got up resting on the elbow, she nodded " what ? Where ? " she laughed out at his sudden excitement, raising herself a little she looked into his eyes and slid a finger coquettishly down her face " not here sweetheart. At home. I think you'll 'love' it "

His smile widened into a grin " boy, I'm sure I'm going to 'lovee' this one. Lets go back home "

And so they shall return. As one. As soulmates.

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