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Taming The Wild- All parts till now (Page 6)

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nice work..
loved it!!!

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Taming The Wild

                                I Want My Wife

Recap: Anjali comes back home, Rohan and Chirag decide to get married the same day. Anjali plays villain this time and Ridhhima writes her first love letter..


They stood there, holding each other in their arms for.. who knows how long. He didn't wanted to let go of her now, burying his face in the crook of her neck inhaling that sweet fragrance he felt like being in heaven.. His personal heaven... and for Ridhhima.. Well, it was pure bliss... As soon as he took her into that warm loving embrace the world disappeared into nothingness ,what remained was two hearts beating together...

And they would have stayed there like that if only DJ had not chosen the exact moment to play that loud music suddenly, disturbing their heavenly moment..

She smiled softly realizing where she was " Armaan.. you came all the way just to hug me " but didn't let go of him. She knew why he was here but wanted to hear it from him again. Everytime he said ' I love you ' it felt like he had sung a song exclusively for her and no other words were sweeter than these three..

He came back from his trance hearing her voice ,breaking the hug a little he looked into her eyes " nahi, but if you want me to do something more.. I won't mind it at all " he pulled her closer with that naughty glint in his eyes, tightening his hold " did I tell you that you are looking absolutely stunning today " he grinned

" Armaaann " she hit him lightly on his chest and hid herself in his chest blushing. He wrapped her in his arms resting his cheek on her head " Tumhe pata hai it's all because of you, you pulled me here " she looked up questioningly " you left something with Martin, for me " he said softly. She remembered now.

" sooo, you got it " she asked, playing with a button of his shirt not looking into his intense grey orbs

" yupp, my first love letter. And it was.." he paused making her look up at him. He smiled " the most beautiful thing I could've ever imagined. It's just perfect.. Every word you wrote on that paper is now imprinted here.. on my heart, for forever.." he smiled lovingly holding her hand which rested on his chest and kissed it softly " And I promise you.. I'll fulfill each and every dream of yours. We will have our very own fairytale.. Just the way you want.. We want, My princess.." he kissed her forehead, widening that beautiful smile on her face. For a moment she wondered what he'd say when he mentioned that letter.. fearing If he'd say that she went little overboard describing her feelings... but what he said just now brushed away all her apprehensions " I didn't knew my wifey loves me so much " he squeezed her in his embrace again " you know I read that letter and then re-read it and then re re-read it and then.."

" haan baba I got it.." she stopped him mid way grinning " you have no idea mister how much I love you.. You know main kabse yeh sab kehna chahti thi but.. Words ! Just couldn't find those perfect ones. So it kinda got delayed " she chuckled,rubbing her nose with his

" ohh I see.." he nodded grinning and then she sobered a little,looking deeply into his eyes " Armaan.. Thanks.. Thanks for coming in my life.. For being there.. for making it so beautiful... These words just can't match or describe what I feel for you.. you are my life Armaan, I can't live without you.. I love you so much.." she caressed his face " be by my side.. Always "

" I will.. Forever " his promise filled her heart with an unknown ecstatic feeling.. and then words were not required.. softly she placed her lips on his.. Giving the same promise, sealing it with a kiss.. Never to be broken

For a moment he was surprised, not expecting it. But then senses lost their control over him and heart raced freely. Holding her tightly he pulled her closer almost fusing together.. The kiss deepened with his lips claiming hers ,prodding them to open up and they lost themselves in that passionate moment. His hands trailed up to her bare back her fingers that ran into his hair pulling him closer, made him crazy.. Her heart felt as if it would explode any moment, his hand explored her waist and back.. And it did not stop there... He got hold of that dori that held the fabric on her soft milky skin, a pull and it came undone, she gasped a little but he did not let go of her. Loosening another knot he slipped the garment little lower baring her shoulder... Still dazed by the passionate kiss she couldn't recall when he broke it, probably it was when he realized that she was breathing again..

That was only for a short while, his lips trailed down to her shoulder blade, leaving a trail of wet kisses, nibbling gently on that delicate skin. She held his shoulders for support, the world was already spinning coz of that kiss and now his touch was igniting a fire... Her eyes closed with an unknown sensation when he moved a little ahead.. Now planting those fiery kisses on her chest... There was nothing that could stop him... Them, today. She cupped the back of head when he kissed near her cleavage, moving ahead with the silky mounds that lay hidden partly... His fingers worked automatically ,her heart thudded, she knew, to pull that last barrier away..

She shivered a little when he kissed the softness cupping it, but just as he was about to make a further move, someone shouted right outside the door.. He could recognize that impatient tone anywhere.. It was Anjali, the terrible timing sister-in-law ! He groaned, while Ridhhima suddenly landed from her dreamland to reality. today for the first time she was really mad at her sister " Armaan, di.." she whispered, pulling herself together

" Let her shout, she'll go away in a while " reluctant to let her go, he made his way up to the crook of her neck. But he was wrong, just as she was about to slip into that ecstatic world of hers there was a sharp rapping on the door.. " Ridhhi, are you there.? "

Now they had no choice but to put themselves on hold, breaking apart she quickly tried to put everything back in order. Anjali was quiet persistent and Armaan had an award winning scowl on his face " agar yeh Anjali tumhari behen nahi hoti to.."

" Armaaann.." she glared at him half heartedly, she herself wasn't very happy about this intrusion " please.." she gave a quick peck on his lips " coming diii " she shouted placing her palms over her blushing, hot cheeks to not to make it too obvious what was going on...

As soon as she opened the door Anjali barged in " kya Ridhhi main kabse chilla rahi hun. What were.." her eyes then fell on Armaan, who gave a fake smile " not you again ! "

" Nahi di.. Wo Armaan bas.. Bas.."

" Ridhhi, I'm not blind sweety " Ridhhima groaned inwardly she knew her blush had given her away. feeling hugely embarrassed she didn't knew where to look or what to do, the doris which were loosened added to her worry. She didn't wanted Anjali to see them. Her thoughts probably were clear on her face which were easily noticed by Armaan who stepped up immediately, holding her hand he almost hid her behind him " kya yaar Anjy, jab pata hai to why are you still here. Don't you have something else to do other than playing villain in someones love life " he just could not stop himself now. Ridhhima glared at him, though she was glad that he came to her rescue but didn't wanted to give another reason to Anjy to pull her leg, but he didn't paid any attention

Anjali's mouth fell open, hearing it " so I play villain ! Ridhhi samjha le apne Armaan ko.. Why don't you get a room "

" hello ! We are in a room, and were perfectly fine before you came barging in " Armaan quipped

Anjali's mouth fell open " you mean to say I deliberately did that ! that was very thoughtful of you to say to your expecting sis-in-law "

" You left me with no other option, and you forgot your title ' super villain ' sis-in-law " Ridhhima hit him from behind

" Gosh Armaan, you two behave like you were married just yesterday ! " she wasn't leaving yet

" Even if we weren't, it's all because of people like you that I don't get enough of my wife " he now placed a hand around Ridhhima's shoulder. She grinned apologetically at her sister, caught up in yet another situation. She tried to free herself from his hold but he just didn't let her go. He was in a mood to fight no matter who. " Well done Ridhhima. Aur likho love letter ! " she thought ,trying desperately to end this verbal duel.

Anjali made a face " fine ! main sirf yeh batane aayi thi ki khana tayar hai.. Agar pyaar se paet naa bhara ho to aa kar kha lo "Just as the words left her mouth there was a loud rumbling sound, it was Armaan. Anjali rolled her eyes but decided to leave the love birds. Ridhhima can take care of him now, and she.. Well she can have her revenge some other time..

As soon as Anjali left the room Ridhhima turned to him " Armaan, yeh kya kar rahe the tum huh ! Ab di wont leave me, she's going to pull my leg with others so bad "

" Arre yaar what else could I've done. She barges everywhere ! Kabhi Anjali kabhi Rohan kabhi yeh kabhi wo.. They don't let me spend even few minutes in peace with you " he frowned complaining,folding his arms across his chest he sat on the corner of the sofa there.

Ridhhima smiled at him, she knew he wasn't wrong, she too was just dying to be with him but right now there was no way out of the situation " Armaan " he looked away " Armaaan plz look at me.. Plz baby " the new endearment immediately caught his attention, he turned to face her " bas thode din aur.. Two. To be precise and then I promise nothing in the world can stop us from being together.. Pakka " cupping her face she planted a soft kiss on his forehead, melting away all the anger and frustration with it bringing back his smile.

He sighed smiling " I like what you called me just now " wrapping her in his arms again

" what.. Oh, that.." she recalled, he nodded now flashing his dimples, she chuckled " wo to you are.. And will always be.. My baby. Achha kuch khaya ? " she asked caressing his face, he shook his head in no " mch, tum bhi naa, wait here. Main abhi khana le kar aati hun okay " planting a soft kiss on his forehead she turned to get him something.

" Ridhhima, ek minute " he called " agar aise bahar jaogi to Anjali hi nahi baaki sabko bhi pata chal jayega " then she realised that two doris were still hanging loose, and she turned red again. Her breath hitched as his hands brushed with her skin again

Done with tying up he planted a soft kiss on her nape, she turned to face him, cupping his face she gave a soft peck on his lips. His eyes closed with that touch " don't do that "

She distanced a bit " why ? What happened ?? Did I do something wrong ?? "

" No " he opened his eyes, bringing her closer again he said huskily " it's perfect.. Just too perfect and I don't know if I would be able to hold myself any longer.. You have no idea how difficult it is for me to stay away from you.. I think I'm going to go crazy without you.. I love you, I need you.." he squeezed her in his embrace " I want you so bad that.." Ridhhima waited her heart racing again " you have no idea what I'm thinking of.. yes I do want to be away from here where there's just you and me... noone to disturb us... no barrier between us " he moved his hand on her bare waist.. making her go red again " and.."

And just then there was another loud rumbling sound from his stomach. They looked at each other for a moment and then burst out laughing. This sudden reminder dispelled the intensity in the air " what you need right now is food, or this Mr. Grumble will keep on disturbing us " she winked tickling his stomach, widening his grin. Planting a quick peck on his lips she went out to listen to his hungry tummy. He sighed smiling, looking at her retreating back, savoring the touch of her lips on his.

A little later she entered with plate full of his favourites " Armaan, chalo, have some food. I told you to have your food on time but do you even listen " she went on while putting plates before him. She turned around when she felt something was amiss, he hadn't uttered a word " kya hua ? Chup kyun ho ? Cmmon start " she urged

But to her surprise he fell back on the sofa " I can't eat "

" you can't eat.. Why ?? Are you okay " she checked his forehead worried. He was alright a moment ago

" I'm fine yaar, but you see I'm sooo tired. I can't even move a muscle " he said with an innocent face. Ridhhima smiled ,relieved. She knew this Nautanki Mallik very well

" Armaan, stop it. I know how tired you are. Chup chap khana start karo " she stood before him with arms crossed

" Mch, kya Ridhhima. You are so bad ! here I am the poor husband who ran all the way here after a long tiring day just to meet you and my darling wife thinks that I am all excuses ! You don't even love me. Just your luck Armaan Mallik " he let out a deep dramatic sigh

Ridhhima shook her head, hiding her smile. Now how can she bear that accusation that she doesn't love him. If there was anyone she loved more than herself or anything in the world it was him " bas bas.. Ab jyada acting karne ki zarurat nahi hai " she said picking up the plate " you are such a nautanki " and then to his happy surprise she sat down on his lap like it was something she did everyday " ab theek hai.."

He gave a wide grin " better than the best "

" now don't you ever say that I don't love you okay " " aye aye madam " he saluted her, grinning widely. Ridhhima felt glad to see his smile back. It was her personal sunshine that lit up her heart filling it with that cozy warmth of love that was exclusively for her..

Making herself comfortable in his lap she kept feeding him.. And Armaan.. Well, he was having the meal of his life ! " Ridhhima " he said suddenly remembering something " I want to make one more addition in my set of rules "

" Achha ab bhi kuch reh gaya hai ? " she fed him another bite, grinning

" hmm hm " he gulped it down " rule number unnn.. Whatever, you have to feed me with your hands at least once everyday " stating the new rule as if it was directed from the president of India. Ridhhima rolled her eyes, his set of rules were expanding day by day. Not that she mind any of his 'rules' and for this new one she'd do it gladly everyday for every meal but refrained herself from letting him know this or he would simply refuse to eat otherwise !.

She chuckled imagining him sitting there on the table with a big pout, refusing to let even a morsel enter his mouth. It would simply be cruel to deny anything to that cute face. She wondered if the babies got that pout from him they would turn out to be out of the world adorable, with that a blush crept up her cheeks.. Babies ! Her heart raced at the thought.. Armaan who was closely watching her caught that immediately.

" what are you smiling at huh ? " he asked. She shifted a little trying to hide that blush and smile " nothing " she replied ,not looking at him

" nothing ?? " he pulled her closer, tightening his hold around her waist "Armaaann " she called out crashing on his chest " you were thinking about me haina.."

" emhm, who says I was thinking of you huh.." she lied, still not meeting his gaze

" who told me ? Well, this.." he kissed her rosy cheek, caressing it with his thumb. A shiver ran down her body with his touch " so, I was right isn't it "

She turned red ,suddenly very interested in the design of the plate. But she also knew, if she had to come out of his spell she had to gather herself " Armaan, stop it okay. Why do you think that I always think of you hmm. And open your mouth. Sirf khane ke liye " he grinned, knowing well that he was bang on target. Her frivolous rebukes were of no use. He, for the next 20 minutes kept teasing her and not to forget, never left a chance to steal kisses in between..

The dinner turned out to be the memorable time for both, and then before he could attempt anything naughty again, she dragged him downstairs for the function. With weddings just round the corner evenings were spent mostly dancing and singing. It was much awaited time of the day when the would be husbands got to meet their ladies. The elders took all the responsibilities with Rohan's parents who flew down for the occasion and Chirag's parents who seem to be more of Aditi's, the girls had nothing else to do but shop and order and enjoy themselves thoroughly. The mom to be's were showered with so much love and care that even Queen of England would have felt jealous.

Now that everyone was together everything was really enjoyable. Armaan and Ridhhima kept stealing glances at each other. Armaan looked around and found everyone busy with something or the other, he so wanted to sit next to Ridhhima but then this Atul- villain number two, grabbed the space next to him before she could make it there. His scowl went pass Atul and he engrossed himself with Rohan talking about god knows what ! just then grabbing the opportunity, he blew a kiss to Ridhhima who luckily was looking at him at that moment. She widened her eyes warning him but couldn't stop her blush.. His smile widened when she, hiding partially behind Aditi returned the gesture.

" Oye, tu itna muskura kyun raha hai " Atul caught him grinning widely, thankfully unaware of the reason. But his loud voice pulled everybody's attention to him

Armaan smiled sheepishly, but can anyone corner Armaan Mallik " kuch nahi aise hi, kuch yaad aa gaya tha. Wo kya hai naa kal hi uncle, Chirag ke dad, keh rahe the ki achha hua hamne Chirag ko arrangement nahi karne diya.."

" Achha ? Kyun ?? " Aditi, who came into attention mode hearing Chirag's name ,asked surprised

" Arre socho agar Chirag se kehte ki ' Chirag what kind of arrangement would you like ? ' to pata hai kya hota.." everyone shook their heads, including Chirag, curious to know what he would have done " sabse pehle to mehndi ki jagah haathon par betadine solution lagta, baarat ambulance main aati aur shaadi hospital main hoti ! and this is not all, photos ki jagah sabka X-ray hota aur khana main vitamin B and C ki goliyan milti.. Aur peene ke liye Glucose and ORS ka solution hota aur sabse bada jhatka.. Shaadi ke baad Chirag kehta.. ' next please ' "

And that was it, everyone burst out laughing, poor Chirag cleared his throat, not enjoying the limelight he was put in. But atleast it changed the focus from Armaan. Ridhhima shook her head grinning at her smart husband. He really knew how to escape from tight corners, Armaan winked at her knowing well what she was thinking.. And he was right.. Again.

And then started the round of dancing, he just could not take his eyes off her. At last unable to control himself any further he jumped in, while everyone was busy he again grabbed the opportunity and holding her hand pulled her closer... Riddhima blushed badly, very conscious of people around them but Armaan could see nothing but her.. For a moment she lost herself in his grey eyes which held hers in an eyelock.. It was when Niki bumped into her that she came out of his spell, but the collision resulted in her crashing into his chest... What else he could have wished for. Dazed, his arms instinctively went around her waist brushing through her bare skin. She gasped turning crimson, but it seemed he was hardly aware of his surroundings, getting lost in her again he brought himself more close, his hold tightened, with his face inches away, her heart raced... but then a sudden loud yell from excited people around brought her back to the senses, the song got over and everyone was laughing, chatting excitedly.. Ridhhima freed herself from him quickly, feeling abashed she could not bring herself to meet his gaze or anyone else's for that matter. Feeling urgent need to control her racing heart she ran away from there... Armaan stood there little confused by her sudden departure, he wondered why she went away suddenly, and then without wasting another minute followed her out...

She stood there in the corner by the parapet.. The corridor was deserted as everyone was busy inside. The cool night air somewhat cooled down the heat that rose to her face.. It happened so often,whether he was there or not didn't matter, his mere thought was enough to raise her heartbeat and bring that rosiness on her face. She tried to be cool and show that she wasn't that effected by his presence but failed miserably everytime.. And especially since they shared those moments together it was really difficult for her to think anything else.. The more she tried to be okay about it more she felt kind of... weird. It wasn't that she didn't love him or didn't loved those moments together but she didn't knew how to go about things.. It was all so new. Moreover, she didn't wanted to hurt him, she wanted to give him everything he wanted... Everything he desired.. Hadn't she promised herself to love him with all her being.. But then wondered why it felt strange now...

Her chain of thoughts broke when she suddenly felt something soft rub against her skin. Turning around she found him standing beside her, a soft smile playing on his lips. The soft warm thing that now covered her was his coat, her lips curved into a soft smile on their own, they always did, when he was around...

" hey, tum aise bahaar kyun aa gayi ? It's cold out here " he leaned on the parapet by her side facing her.

" nahi bas wo.. Aise hi.. Andar bohot shor ho raha tha.. And.. and it was bit suffocating so.." she didn't meet his eyes and trailed off mid way not knowing what else to say " tum yahan kyun aa gaye, chalo let's go in, sab hamein dhund rahe honge " gathering herself she managed to put that smile back and look at him again

She hardly took a step to go back when she felt his hand holding her wrist. Surprised, she turned to find his eyes looking straight into hers " just a minute.. I want to talk to you, just talk.." softly he pulled her by his side. She was confused, what did he meant by 'just talk'..

" kya hua Armaan ? "

" Same thing I want to ask you. What happened Ridhhima.." she looked up, she knew and didn't knew what he meant... " kuch bhi to nahi hua Armaan.. What.."

" don't lie Ridhhima. You know you can't lie to me " she looked down, caught now " is it because what happened inside.." her head jerked up. How did he managed to know everything.. He cupped her face " isn't it.."

She couldn't hide any more and nodding, hugged him immediately. He got his answer, softly caressing her hair he spoke again " you don't have to hide anything from me Ridhhima.. We are equal in this relationship.. I know, I can be little demanding but you don't have to do anything just because I feel like it.. You matter most to me, I won't do anything for which you aren't prepared..." she just stood resting her head on his chest " I'm sorry.. I should've understood that it can be bit overwhelming for you.."

She looked up breaking the hug a little " Armaan it's not that.. It's just.. Just that everything is so new... And I.. I don't know what to do.. It all happened so suddenly and I was just getting used to the idea of us finally being together when.." she couldn't continue, feeling shy again

" When we moved on to base two " he completed it for her, she nodded " then why did you do that up there.."

She could see that he was hurt and was hiding it but she too had now mastered to read his eyes and he was thinking wrong here " nahi Armaan.. wahan jo hua wo sirf tumhari wajah se nahi tha. I love you, and I want to be with you more than anything else in the world and whatever happened..earlier, it happened and I did coz I love you and wanted to..." she couldn't bear to see him blaming himself " But I was just scared that I might hurt you.. I couldn't bring myself to tell you straight away that.. I just need little time to get used to of.. Certain things.." she blushed

He smiled now getting what she meant " bas itni si baat, you can have all the time you want princess.." she looked into his eyes and saw that shadow of pain gone, it was a relief " I promise I won't ask you anything for which you don't feel ready for " he kissed her forehead softly

With that he raised himself even more in her eyes " Armaan..." she paused " you aren't angry with me.. Are you ?? "

" heyy, how can I and why would I.. Don't worry about anything, you are there with me and that's more than enough for me. We have plenty of time for other things ,what's the rush hmm.. Aur waise bhi, I don't think you can stay away from this dashing husband of yours for long " he winked smiling dispelling her apprehensions and at that moment she smiled, truly relieved

" cmmon let's go in, warna wo saari haddiyan yahan tapak padengi " he grinned, and holding her hand started to walk in

Only to be stopped by her this time. Surprised, he turned around " Armaan you won't keep me away from you.. Will you "

He sighed softly how can he describe that if it was possible he won't let her out of his sight for a second... coming upto her slowly cupped her face in his hands " I don't think I can survive if I do.. let's do one thing.. Just drop a hint whenever you are.. ready, and till then let's just try to know each other better.. Okay " she nodded smiling " ab chalein.." though he wanted to stay there holding her in his arms and kiss those rosy lips but he refrained from doing anything..

" Armaan.. Can I have a kiss " she whispered softly

" Huh.. Are you sure.." feeling unsure if he had heard it correctly

" I never said we can't kiss.. But if you don't want to then..." he could see that glint in her eyes, his naughtiness had indeed rubbed on her. But what the heck. " your wish is my command princess " and then smiling broadly he placed his lips on hers kissing her tenderly... But was surprised again when he found her pulling him close, losing his senses then and there. He tightened his hold and the kiss deepened turning passionate. Her fingers running in his hair and his hold always did that.

The lack of air broke the kiss, they stood there panting lightly forehead joined together, but there was something that changed.. They knew each other better now.. " thanks.." she whispered

" emhm.. I love you " he said and she hugged him tightly, happy beyond words. They stood there for a while catching up their breaths just contented to be in each others arms

A moment later he spoke again breaking the silence " Waise Ridhhima now that we are on mission know each other I think you should know few more things "

she looked up questioningly, " kaun si baat ? "

" well, I don't think you know which of your hot friends I like the most " he said it so seriously that it took her a moment to understand what he'd said but when it did, he ran away from there planting a quick kiss on her forehead and she followed him frowning ,ready to teach him a nice lesson... But of course, also thanking the almighty for blessing her with a soulmate like him...

Thankfully he got saved when he got a place right next to Shashank, she glared warning him that it wasn't over and she'll definitely get hold of him, to which, he just laughed and winked...

The things went on and soon she forgot all about her initial plan of teaching a lesson, it was sometime when she didn't heard his voice or saw him around, curious she turned around and found him sitting at one of the couches. Chirag and Rohan by his side were busy talking but he was rather quiet, taking a closer look she found that he was fast asleep, head resting at the backrest. He was frowning slightly and she knew why.

" Di " she called Anjali sitting by her side " main abhi aayi. Armaan ko neend aa rahi hai, use room main chhod kar aati hun "

" haan to you wait naa, main kisi ko bol deti hun wo Armaan ko room bata dega, we have to finalize the wedding dresses for us naa "

" Nahi di, it's okay main bas abhi aati hun. Usko nayi jagah par aasani se neend nahi aati, theek se nahi soya to saara din pareshaan rahega.." she didn't wait for Anjali's reply, she was concerned now, he was probably too tired to fall asleep that way in a place full of people like this.

" Armaan.." she called softly, he opened his eyes sleepily " cmmon let's go, room main so jaana " he yawned widely rubbing his eyes, following her to the room

She led him to a room, it so turned out to be the same where they had spent some time earlier. rosiness crept on her face again, remembering the time... But it seemed he was too sleepy to notice anything, as he didn't uttered a word. But she was wrong. As soon as they entered the room Armaan's sleep vanished. All the beautiful moments came back to him but he didn't wanted to do anything that troubled her, so he remained quiet..

She quickly spread the blanket for him, placing pillows the way he liked it. He smiled seeing it, she knew him so well, he sighed ,yes, he could do anything for her...

Done with everything she asked him to get in," Ridhhima.." " Hmm.." " it's so cold here." he finally spoke while she tucked him in

" Cold !? Are you feeling okay " she checked his forehead it felt fine " Theek hai main ek aur blanket le kar aati hun "

He held her hand stopping her " No I'm fine with one, I just need some warming up.. Why don't you come in.. That way it will quickly get heated up. No pun intended huh " but he couldn't hide his naughty grin

Ridhhima caught his naughty tone " Armaan, don't try to be clever. Tumhe pata hai naa neeche sab wait kar rahe hai. They know I'm with you, kya sochenge wo.." she knew his antics well

" But sachhi main I'm feeling cold.." He pouted " achha I promise I won't be naughty "

She exhaled giving up, that cute face again ! He was getting really good at it.. " fine ,but promise you'll sleep "

" I promise ,i won't do anything naughty " closing the door first she slipped into the blanket with him.. He turned to her side with a wide grin, placing an arm around her waist slipped closer resting his face on her chest.. She smiled and putting an arm under his head softly caressed it., he wasn't lieing his hands and feet were really cold.. She covered his hand with hers giving him the warmth... He buried his face in the crook of her neck, his warm breath that caressed her neck felt tingly but this time she felt relaxed.. Especially after that talk she felt much easy near him and though she couldn't deny the effects of nearness ,atleast it wasn't that weird now...

He exhaled deeply feeling relaxed being near her that soft touch in his hair ,her beautiful fragrance, the warmth.. Everything brought a calm to him " Ridhhima, I missed you yaar, kab khatam hogi yeh shaadiyan, kab tum ghar wapas aaogi.. Everyone miss you " He complained

She smiled softly messaging his head " I miss you too, terribly.." kissed his head " Achha, ghar se yaad aaya, hows Leo ? Bechara kitna miss karta hoga na mujhe.."

" Kya yaar Ridhhima... Here you have your husband, your love in your arms who's crying out loud how much he miss his wife and she's remembering a dog ! " he frowned a little

" hey ! Don't call him a dog ! He has a name "

" Arre ab kutte ko kutta nahi kahu to aur kya bolu, Ghoda ! "

She giggled " Tum na bas.. He's so sweet, and you know he always reminds me of you "

" What ??! " he looked up at her " of all the things I've said and done, It's the dog that reminds you of me ! " horrified

She hit his head lightly " Ohho why do you have to think the absurd always huh.. What I meant is that he reminds me that how you remembered every little thing about me.. And he was the first gift you gave me after our marriage.." she smiled planting a kiss on his head

" Yeah, the first one which you didn't threw at my face " he grinned, she rolled her eyes shaking her head..

" Theek hai now you know naa. Chalo, go to sleep." she again tried to make him go to sleep ,covering him properly

" kya yaar ,I'm not even doing anything and you still want to run away from me " he turned away from her, faking anger

But Ridhhima's smile vanished " Armaan.." she tried making him face her " baby aap gussa ho gaye.. I din't mean that.."

He turned around smiling " then can you plz elaborate what you meant " he wrapped his arms around her again ,surprising her

" Armaaann , tum.. You are so bad " she could see that he was acting

he laughed " sorry but you look so cute with that frown.. Had to see it again " he kissed her cheek ,melting away all the anger.

She gave up. She was getting worse day by day on getting angry with him, it never worked before his cuteness " okay now go to sleep. And this time actually " she warned

" aye aye madam " craning up his neck he kissed her cheek and her face glowed with love... her heart swelled with pride ,he is hers.. Only hers.

He closed his eyes snuggling close to her " Armaan.. Aren't you forgetting something.." he looked at her ,confused " I knew you'd forget but see I can't.." She then placed her lips on his.. making sure that his night is indeed sweet..

The kiss was that was meant to be tender turned a heated passionate one.. Both lost their senses to each other and it seemed that pact would go down the drain there and then... He held her tightly by her waist, rolling a little he pinned her down and kissed her furiously, her fingers ran through his hair making him go even more wild and slowly his hand was again exploring her...

They broke apart for the need of the air and she showered kisses all over his face.. Losing himself completely he cupped her softness making her gasp, she held him even more tightly as her head swam with passion... His lips now came back to claim hers when his eyes fell on her face... It was all flushed, her lips, little swollen were quivering anticipating the next claim... She looked so beautiful in that dim glow of moonlight.. He could have stayed there watching her till eternity...

Ridhhima opened her eyes, curious why he stopped all of a sudden, her heart still thudded with that passionate kiss and his hold... She found him gazing down at her.. Eyes brimming with love and passion.. And there was more.. Longing and desire.. But he stopped..

" you look just... beautiful " he kissed her forehead softly " sorry, I lost myself..." freeing her he lay by her side panting lightly ,trying to control himself. Ridhhima was surprised for a moment ,couldn't understand what happened. It was when he spoke she registered the situation.. Blushing profusely she turned to him and rested her head on his chest putting an arm around him..

" don't you ever say sorry again.. Or I'll take it as you don't like being with me "

Armaan squeezed her in his embrace " what have I done to deserve you "

" don't know, I keep asking God the same thing " she said simply. And then both laughed out. Tilting up her head she planted a sift kiss on his cheek " but you know what I'm the luckiest one around.. Coz I got you.. And for that I just can't thank God enough "

" No I'm the luckier one " he kissed her forehead ,smiling

" that won't do mister, I'm the one here "

" no, its me " and then they kept on arguing on the lucky person contest till Armaan's eyes felt heavy again. Cuddled together they felt infinitely happy in their own heaven...

Her viberating cell phone brought her back from her dreamland, Armaan now lay asleep with his head resting on her chest listening to her gentle heartbeat, his soft warm breaths carressing her neck.. Her head massage hardly took five minutes and he was in the land of nod. It was almost an hour when she didn't came that Anjali called her, she knew she had to be with the girls, still loads to do and Anjali always panicked at the last moment.

She saw that he was soundly sleeping, planting a soft kiss on his forehead he gently freed herself from his hold. Though she was reluctant to leave she had to, placing a soft fluffy pillow under his arm and putting on extra blanket over, She came out.. but not before giving a small peck on his lips and whispering a soft good night and love you in his ear...

A soft smile that came over his lips confirmed that they had reached him.. Even in his sleep.

He made his way to the room loosening the tie. The memory of yesterday night kept on playing before his eyes the whole day. His smile got even broader when he remembered how she came to wake him up and that good day kiss that they stole hiding from others.. It fely like the time they were about to get married and were not allowed to see each other. He grinned at the thought, they had indeed come a long way since then..

Smiling to himself he stepped in the room when his eyes fell on something.. Leo was there, sniffing his shoe which it seemed he managed to get his hands.. Correction. Paws and slobbery mouth on..

Armaan smiled wickedly and quietly tiptoed to him. Leo ,busy tasting his favourite dish was unaware of him. Suddenly Armaan jumped before him making the poor dog jump with fright. But he burst out laughing. Poor Leo could do nothing but growl at his annoying master

He grabbed his face in his hands and shook it playfully " oh, so our brave Leo got scared eh.." Leo looked back at him as if scowling " Well mister, I've something else to tell you. Your days of glory are over. She loves me. Only me. And you better remember this now. You are the dog and I am your Master " Leo tried to free himself from this crazy man before him who for some reason was acting weird and was so happy and did he just said that she loves him.. He must be crazy. His mistress loved him more ,Armaan continued " and yes final warning for you. If I see you chewing on my shoes again. I swear I'll give you away or better still... get you neutered and won't let you see the face of any beautiful bitch in your life " suddenly Leo stopped struggling and looked into his eyes, one look from Armaan and he cowed down. Armaan grinned widely, finally his shoes were saved from this chewing machine of a dog. This threat finally got registered in his brain " that's better.. Now out ! " getting up he showed Leo the door, who now walked out with a bowed head making a sad cooing noise

Martin raised a brow seeing the dof walking out, the scene was reversed. Normally it was the man who lost to the dog, something got changed.. " Sir, this just came for you " he handed over an envelope with a red rose bud. Another thing that raised his curiosity

" For me ? Thanks Martin " curious he took the envelope

" Madam would be curious to see the type of mail you're getting these days " he said with his patented blank face

" Thanks Martin, and I don't think she would be surprised, it's from her " he waved the envelope

" oh, did you think that I was doubting you, sir " he said in a mock offended tone

" No Martin . I didn't " Armaan sighed, the touchy butler !

" Pity. I was indeed thinking that " and with that Martin walked out. Leaving Armaan with another surprise

Armaan shook his head grinning, there were one of a kind people in this house. He quickly broke open the seal on the envelope and found that their was a beautiful card inside. There was a picture him on it. He wondered how she did it ,opening the card he found there was something written in her hand writing...

Five things I like about you.. But there were only four numbers written with different colours..





they were blank... At the bottom corner of the page there was small P.T.O..

He turned the page,there was number 5 little bigger in size..

5. The way you smile...

at the bottom it was something else too " sorry.. when you smile I forget all others..." a big smile made it's way on his face. exhaling he hugged the envelope.. really missing her, wishing her to be there ,to hug her and say thank you... for everything... He read further " You better keep flashing those dimples mister. I just love them..." he grinned reading it, his dimples flashing. There was a P.S too " of course I love the rest of you too silly ! " There was a lip mark there.

He could not stop laughing at that she was really something, first that letter now this.. She'd really make him go crazy. He looked up at the sky " aur kitna wait karwaoge god . Apni hi biwi maang raha hun, dusre ki to nahi " and then kissed that lip mark...

Just a day more for the weddings and then she would be back to him for ever.. Smiling at the thought he fell back on the bed.. Waiting for that day to arrive.

After counting days, hours, seconds, the day finally arrived. He was super excited since morning. Today was the last day of their separation and everytime he thought of it a wide smile made it's way on his face... Like it ever left.

On the other hand Ridhhima wasn't unaware of it, she felt the same and of course, if anyone could challenge the to-be-wed couples in being excited and super happy then it was this very golden couple.

But today it seemed ,everything and everyone was testing their patience. Since morning they couldn't even snatch a moment alone together. Suddenly everything ,everyone needed Ridhhima. Anjali couldn't find matching bangles so Ridhhima was required, Niki couldn't set her pallu straight, so Ridhhima was required. Brides couldn't be left alone so again Ridhhima. Mom's couldn't find something so, Ridhhima.. Dads needed reminder to get ready then the person to remind them... Ridhhima. And he nearly lost it when Rohan dropped in requesting her to ask brides which of the two sherwani's should he wear and which one Chirag. It was height of stupidity coz they were both alike except the colour...

Well, atleast he thought so. He damn cared if they went naked, he just wanted sometime with his wife ! Just to tell her that he was missing her and to hear that love you from her. He didn't even got his morning kiss ! His murderous glare solved Rohan's problem in a second and he ran away from there ,not wishing to die before he got married. But ,if he thought he would get some time then, then he was wrong. Just when she was about to hug him ,the bandit Queen- Sapna, who came squealing, overtook him. Ridhhima couldn't help her grin when he gave his award winning frown and secretly blew a kiss at him, it was accepted immediaately, but he wanted more..

And then instead of leaving them alone to get his much awaited hug and kiss what he got was scolding, from Sapna, that he should be helping out Rohan and Chirag or they would get late for the ceremonies and pushing him to boys corridor she dragged Ridhhima along in opposite direction to get ready...

He sighed, it was one of those days. Helpless, he made his way to boys side, his only consolation lay with his Missing-Wives-Terribly husband club... But as soon as he got together with others he found a new topic- Chirag and Rohan, both were bit nervous and seeing this... The Devil rose in him.

Armaan left no stone unturned to tease Chirag and Rohan, making Rohan hell lot nervous about time to come considering he was going to be a dad soon and Chirag.. Well he told him everything scary about Aditi.. Asking him to make sure to cook for her once a week and of course she wouldn't mind if he did few things for her like messaging legs, running errands, laundry etc.. And they would have surely believed that if Abhimanyu who was no less hadn't laughed out loud.. Not to forget when Chirag turned red, when Abhimanyu and Atul tried giving him some 'Tips' for his first night..

Fed up with all the teasing, the grooms somehow pushed all three, Armaan, Atul and Abhimanyu, out of the room. Threatening them not to return until it was time for ceremony or they would call Anjali. It worked and they ran away from there..

" Abhi ?! Armaan ?? " they stopped on their tracks hearing the voice. It was Niki, frowning she stood before them " Guys what is it huh ? The guests have started arriving and you are still here. And Armaan why are you still in pajamas ?! This is not a slumber party for gods sake ! " she shouted out. Armaan nudged Abhimanyu to cool his foolan devi but he himself was hiding behind him.

Getting no help from Abhimanyu he thought of something frantically " Umm wo.. Niki.. Wo main tayar hone hi ja raha tha magar.. Magar wo is Modi ne daer karwa di "

" huuhh, maine ??! " Abhimanyu said confused

" yeah, you know he pulled me to the balcony and you know what he was ogling at those hot girls downstairs ,he said it was ' nice view ' " Niki's mouth fell open hearing it, and Armaan did a small victory dance

Abhi's mouth went dry, he could not utter a single word and glared murderously at dancing Armaan " you were ogling at girls !! " Abhi shook his head ,horrified at the accusation but Niki was on roll. She grabbed his ear " tum zara mere saath chalo, main tumhe batati hun abhi. Nice view.." poor Abhi just tried to explain things but that fell on deaf ears. Niki then turned to Armaan " and Armaan. I want you downstairs, 20 minutes. Max. That's it okay " Armaan agreed readily " now don't just stand here grab your clothes and get going "

" but I don't have my clothes with me "

" what ?! Then where are they ? "

He shrugged " Ridhhima said she'll get them "

" Then don't just stand there like a dummy. Go ,get them and for gods sake get ready ! " with that she went away ,still holding Abhi's ear and poor soul trying to explain the situation..

Grinning he started looking for Ridhhima but couldn't find her anywhere in the sudden rush of guests. The place was full of girls who were in such frenzy like it was their wedding !. He was about to turn and look other side when he saw Padma coming out of a room

" Hey beautiful ! " he called " hmm you look stunning ! Lekin kisi ne mujhe bataya kyun nahi ?? "

" kya nahi bataya ?? " she asked confused

" That there are three weddings today.. Waise.." he said conspicuously " is it same oldy Shanky yaa.." winked naughtily

Padma's mouth fell open " Arrmaan ! Badmash ! abhi batati hun " she hit him playfully but he just laughed, infecting Padma too

" Achha tell me why are you still in pajamas !? "

" Arre yaar beautiful kya karun, aapki beti mere kapde le kar bhag gayi.." he made a sorry face

Padma grinned " haan haan pata hai, ja. She's in the room grab your clothes and get ready " patting his cheek she went away, smiling

Armaan entered the room and for a change it was empty, except for one person.. Ridhhima was busy putting on her bangles, a slight frown adorned her face as she tried to push them through.. Armaan forgot to blink.. She looked breathtakingly beautiful, wearing that pink lehnga that added colour to her rosy cheeks, hair tied in a plait.. and then his eyes fell on something that brought a soft smile on his face...

She was wearing the same necklace he gave her when she came to the house first time, The one which had an ornate AR.. along with the one which belonged to her mother, it went so well with her dress.. " I didn't knew you'd wear that "

She stood up, startled by the sudden voice " Armaann.. tumne to mujhe darra hi diya tha " relieved now. Slowly he walked to her and encircled an arm around her " Armaan, kya kar rahe ho, koi aa jayega.." her eyes darted to the door

" you're not human. Isn't it ? " she looked questioningly at him, he looked back deeply into hers " humans can't be so beautiful, but fairies can.. Aren't you one.." he kissed her palm softly " beautiful can't match to describe how you're looking.." her heart fluttered at his words making her blush " but why are you wearing this.." he pointed to the AR necklace

She smiled " Coz, AR are one, inseperable.. And mister my husband gave it to me. Why are you worried huh "

He smiled " but it doesn't go with the others "

" That's not to show others, it will remain here, close to my heart " with that she put it in, covering it with her dupatta then her eyes fell on him " Armaan.. Why aren't you ready yet !? "

" mch, ho jaunga, what's the rush.. It has been whole day since I saw you " he brought her closer " you know, I didn't even got my morning kiss today " he pouted

" awww, you want your morning kishh " he nodded cutely, but instead got a smack " don't be naughty, samjhe. Chalo take a shower and I'll get your clothes " she tried to free herself from his hold but he was in no mood to let her go.

" I won't let you go so easily " he whispered pulling her close. His hands slowly crept to her bare waist turning her crimson. She could see his gaze that was intense with desire... Slowly he brought his face closer.. She could feel his breath on her lips.. His touch felt cold on her heated skin... Her eyes closed welcoming the touch of his lips on hers..

Armaan smiled at this beautiful angel of his, if could do his will he would never let her go from his arms, let no one else see her except his.. But then he brought himself out of those thoughts. Ridhhima stood waiting, holding him.. She too had longed for his touch though she tried to hide it, it always made her heart beat wildly. She opened her eyes, surprised when he backed off with mere brushing. She found him smiling at her, her eyes conveyed her question " I didn't wanted to spoil your lipstick "

But she wasn't convinced. She knew he was holding back.. For her,she knew she must tell him that this wasn't something that either of them wanted. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pulled him closer " what if I want you spoil it.."

This was cue enough, his already on the verge of breaking free senses lost their control over him and without another word he captured her lips in a most loving passionate kiss...

Ridhhima hurried to his room carrying his sherwani. Thanks to him, she was already late, almost the last one to be out. She was really annoyed when he came to her still in pajamas and T-shirt. Here they were getting late and he was nowhere near ready. Moreover, she had hard time controlling him and herself after that passionate kissing.. Heat rose to her face again remembering that.

She somehow was successful in pushing him to take a shower, now getting back she found him standing before the mirror deeply engrossed in making that perfect hairstyle. She sighed shaking her head, hubby dearest was just so obssessed with his hair, the only time it was allowed to mess with them was during his favourite head message and while... Kissing.. Controlling her desire to keep looking at that perfect male specimen of hers she called out " Armaan comb baad main kar lena pehle jaldi se change kar lo or you'll be the last one out "

He turned hearing her voice and again couldn't take his eyes off her, still bit flushed after that moment she still had that rosiness on her face.. He now noticed her more closely.. the choli that highlighted her curves, that dupatta that played hide and seek and those enchanting kohl lined eyes which placed a spell on him, those luscious lips which he couldn't get enough of.. He noticed that she'd done her lipstick again, he smirked that was some taste.. May be it was the lip gloss.. whatever it was, it was tasty ! But to sum up he could find nothing but one word...Ethreal.

Ridhhima on the other hand kept ranting while putting out his clothes that how they were going to get late and everone would be looking for her, but then found something odd. He was exceptionally quiet..

" Armaan.. Armaaann ! " she called loudly breaking his meditation. Closing the distance he wrapped her in his arms from behind resting his chin on her shoulder " do we have to go. I don't like when other men stare at you "

Ridhhima chuckled, what could she do of her cute husband. He was jealous of everyone of his sex when it came to her. What the heck, he couldn't even bear the dog he himself brought !. Turning around in his arms she caressed his face " and what about those girls who drool over you all the time. Did I ever complain about that huh ? "

" but that's different. You know naa I don't care about them. I love you " he kissed her hand, explaining

" so you mean if other men stare at me then I don't love you " cocking up a brow " No. I know you love me. Only me.. But.. Main, wo.. " he fumbled confused what to say " Mchh ,you know naa what I mean "

She couldn't help her laugh at his cute confused look. She very well knew what he meant but it was rare that Armaan Malik could be cornered like that and the opportunity was too tempting to let go.. If only he hadn't made that cute face ! " Awww I know baby " she kissed his cheek " but ab no more complaints remember it's your best friends' wedding, and it's just one last day " that was the only thing that could hold him " now quickly put on your clothes and I'll get you your shoes. I forgot to bring them along " with a peck on his nose she went out

He was all ready when she came back, her heart skipped a beat seeing him in that perfect sherwani looking drop dead hot and handsome.. But he wasn't happy, seeing that she was now tailed by two of her girl cousins. Even Ridhhima wasn't much happy she could see that they could not take their eyes off him. And she didn't like it a bit, but then consoled herself thinking that there will be more of such nut cases to face tonight. On the other hand Armaan frowned, he was hoping to catch some moments before leaving but now it seemed impossible.

Ridhhima now couldn't bear the girls ogling at him like that. Handing him the shoes asking him to join others quickly she rushed out pulling reluctant cousins along.

He sighed mumbling, and bent down to put on his shoes, just then he heard the soft tinkling of anklets, a wide smile spread on his face when he found her standing before him..

" I forgot something.." Before he could say anything, she pulled out something and put a black mark near his ear " now it's perfect.. Jaldi aana okay " planting a quick kiss on his head she rushed out, leaving him speechless again...

It was a while and with guests pouring in everyone was busy, slowly the evening gained momentum and with music, dance and performances, it was lively and enjoyable. Though Ridhhima was sitting with friends and family yet her eyes kept darting at the way, caught up with work she didn't had time for other things but now her eyes scanned the place for just one face.

" Kya dekh rahi hai Ridhhi. Kuch dhund rahi hai kya ? " Muskaan caught her wandering eyes

" K..kuch nahi bhabhi. Bas aise hi " and a gush of wind passed brushing her face, bringing a smile that widened by seconds, her heart increased its pace confirming that it was indeed the one she was waiting for...

He walked royally in the center with Atul ,Abhimanyu other friends alongside but none stood anywhere near his charm and magnetism... eyes turned to the direction he came from, and girls swooned with fluttering hearts at the sight. Those who saw them could not take their eyes off him. Atleast not Ridhhima...

He was no different, the guys now accompnied the grooms to the stage and his eyes scanned the place for her... soon he found her. Standing along with Muskaan, she made his heart skip a beat... He smiled blinking softly and a light blush rose to her cheeks. The gaze conveyed everything.. More than words can say..

" Ridhhi, I know you can't see anything beyond Armaan but sweety let's hurry up ,thodi daer main dulhano ko mandap main bhi laana hai " and Muskaan dragged, caught red handed, Ridhhima along to fetch the brides.

" Aditi, kya hua ? Where are you ? " Niki shook deep in thoughts Aditi, who was pondering so deeply that she didn't even notice Niki calling her " lo, yeh to abhi se sapno main kho gayi. Arre zara shaadi to ho jaane do phir saara time Chirag saamne hi hoga " Aditi smiled, but that smile did not reach her eyes and it was noticed immediately by very perceptive Niki " Aditi.. What happened sweetheart ? " she asked softly, diverting others attention too

Coming back to present, Aditi sat up straight, " k.. Kuch Niki... I'm okay "

" No, you are not " Aditi wasn't fully aware of Niki's power of persistance " cmmon spill it out. Right now. Or you're not going for the wedding " this threat really did the trick

Aditi delibrated for a moment, her eyes moved from Niki to Anjali to Ridhhima, Swati, Muskaan and Sapna.. All had the same questioning look... " cmmon Aditi, you know you can tell us anything. Is it about the wedding.." Sapna asked placing an arm around her shoulder. Aditi sighed, thanking god for giving her such understanding friends. " actually, yes. It's such a big day of my life and.. Noone's here.. Mom, dad.." her eyes got little moist thinking about them " I feel may be if we'd tried little more then probably.."

Anjali sat on her other side and took her hand in hers " Aditi I can understand what you must be going through but first of all take this thought out of your mind that you didn't tried enough." " yes " Sapna added " we've seen you and Chirag suffering, fighting with yourselves trying to make them understand and there's nothing else you could've done to change their minds. Don't worry ,they'll come around one day. I'm sure " she said cheering her up

" and do you think Chirag's parents would have supported you if they'd thought otherwise. Can't you see they simply adore you, even more than Chirag ! If you doubt now it would simply hurt their feelings sweety " Niki added, Aditi nodded through her moist eyes " just think about Chirag and your new life together " she carefully cleaned her eyes. Aditi felt better now

" but.. But still there's so much I don't know.. Haven't talked about. How am I going to manage everything ? What if I don't turn out to be good daughter-in-law and wife ? " there was a touch of panic in her voice

All the others smiled now, the married ones knew that fear very well " Aditii, sweetheart, like we just said all of them love you. And even if you give them black burnt chappati for dinner they'll take it as a new designer dish. So chill " Muskaan grinned with others, lightening up the atmosphere. " for now just think about time after wedding. Your sweettt night, your hoonneeyymoonn " Niki teased her making her blush badly

" ohho do you see ! Our bride is blushing " Sapna teased further

" giirrllss.." Aditi glared while others laughed ,but Aditi fell quiet again

" ohho, ab kya hua ? " Anjali asked but she knew the look " let me guess, its about that. Isn't it ? " Aditi didn't had to say anything

" Girls ,may I.." Swati stepped ahead and sat before her " Adi, I know how you feel and trust me I know it's scary.. Very scary. Isn't it girls " all nodded, but Ridhhima. It wasn't Aditi alone who was nervous about it " and thank god I was drunk " all giggled hearing that " you know what Adi, it's okay to be scared. It's natural. But I tell you one thing, it's one of the most beautiful experiences you're going to share with the one who you love.. Probably more than yourself. " Ridhhima could see the soft smiles on all the faces, she knew whom they were thinking of. " when two people come together and give themselvels to each other completely, they complete the circle and give meaning to the word, soulmate "

" yes, and if love bonds the people,marriage bring them together then their coming together make them truly each others. Soulmates." Anjali added " Probably that's why they say that no marriage is complete without it " Sapna added with a soft smile.

" and Adi, trust me when it blossoms " Swati smiled caressing her tummy " it just makes you feel the luckiest person on earth " Aditi could see that happiness in her eyes, and in Anjali's as well. Her fears, doubts dispelled in a minute. Everything was so clear and beautiful now.

" trust yourself Adi, trust your love. And when the time comes you'd know. Your heart will guide you through. Remember, Chirag loves you. He fought for you, waited for you. Would he have done that if he hadn't felt it wasn't worth it. You're the one for him Adi, and now is the time that you claim him completely " Muskaan said smiling softly " you love him, are going to share a beautiful relationship for the rest of your life so why worry or fear to be truly part of it.." Aditi nodded smiling truly now..

" Girls.. we make hell of a team." said Aditi, all smiled seeing her happy self again " Group hug ! " Niki called, and all of them huddled together happily.. The convo solved more than one's doubts today.

It was now time, and brides were escorted to the stage. The guests made bee-line to wish the couples and Ridhhima now looked for Armaan. She was really confused about everything at first ,they teach you theory at medical college but they skip the things like when, with who, why and how.. She shook her head smiling. It felt so light now, knowing what she had to do. Let the love take it's course, she isn't going to doubt it.. Armaan is her life, she trusts him completely and there's nothing that's going to stop her from claiming him completely as hers. Body and soul. thankfully the day was turning very fruitful. It was the last day that would keep them apart. She knew how much he had longed for her and she for him, it felt like every word spoken in the room was for her. Hadn't he waited for her, fought for her, loved her more than his life... Then why she hesitated to be a part of him when their hearts are already connected. She hit her head, how silly it sounded now, she couldn't live apart from him for a day and still tried to keep him away.. Scolding herself at her silliness she looked around for him. It had been too long and she badly wanted to hug him, feel him in her arms, listen to that heart that beated for her and to tell him that she loves him crazily.. That everything was absolutely fine now. Her smile widened at the thought. But where was he ??

And then she spotted him. Sitting with his gang. Notorious Rajat, now-not -so-threatening- Sammy and.. some girls... Lot of girls.

She was just preparing herself to blast on him with full force when a cheerful voice stopped her " hey partner ! Why are you standing alone huh ? " she turned and saw BP standing there all dressed up in navy blue armani, smart pair of glasses and a red scarf around his neck he looked dashing for his age group. But he wasn't alone, this time he was with two arm candies.. " uh nothing BP, aap kab aaye ? " she glanced at the girls, they looked like some kind of models wearing designer labels with Sunil Malik written all over, it seemed like they dropped right out of some fashion magazine. She sighed Armaan was right, their family was one of a kind 

" oh haan, I forgot to introduce you with my friends. This is Sheena " he pointed to the lady at the right wearing bottle green gown and colgate smile " my yoga instructor and this beautiful here is Purnima ,my personal designer " she was no different, with silver dress that was sure to result in pneunomia later, she flashed her 32 pearls too. Ridhhima smiled at them politely masking her surprise " and ladies this beautiful girl here is my partner ,my daughter In law, Ridhhima " but Ridhhima was hardly interested in BP's arm candies her attention kept drifting to Armaan and the group of girls which seem to have grown. " so which one is better. Actually I couldn't decide which one to invite so I called them both " his voice brought her back, the girls were not there now " where are your friends BP ? " she didn't notice them leaving

" oh I just send them to fetch me something to eat and drink.." his manner so casual as if this was the only reason they were invited for

" you're looking dashing BP " she complimented with a big smile

" thank you sweetheart," BP threw back a laugh giving her a loving side hug " and I must tell you you're the reason many girls are suffering a third degree burn "

" how do you manage to find such pretty girls BP ? Aakhir plan kya hai hmm ? " she grinned

" Nah, don't worry. They aren't your badi maa material. But leave that. You tell me what made my sweet child frown "

She made a face again " there. See. Dekha apne ladle ko, see how's he sitting there all sugar and honey and.."

" and all the flies are ready to have a bite of him." BP completed her sentence, she nodded " well I'm not happy about it either. He's the reason I've lost half of my following "

" and he's definitely going to get something from me if he doesn't sudharofy himself.. Soon.. Right now. " she declared

" then what are we waiting for partner, let's attack ! " and both darted to the bee hive arm in arm.

Armaan's eyes widened when he saw Ridhhima marching along with BP with that dangerous sugary smile of hers. He knew he was gone. Sitting here with, he just noticed, too big a group of girls for her comfort and cracking jokes was really risking too much. Moreover Ridhhima and BP.. Together ! He needed to think of something. Fast. Unaware of the gravity of the situation , a beauty whose hand was resting on his shoulder, he quickly removed that, was smiling broadly with eyes glued on him. But things got worse when another girl in a fit of laughter of a recently cracked joke, suddenly planted a kiss on cheek ! Right in front of Ridhhima ! He took a sharp breath remembering all the daieties he could to save his life.

The volcano erupted somewhere in her mind. Did that bimbo just kissed him !! And see the shameless grin on his face. Armaan Malik you are so gone today.. With narrowed eyes she stood before him crossing her arms. He tried vainly to calm her down by flashing his dimples but, it wasn't working. Rahul saw his father and tried to sneak away but Armaan caught his arm right on time pulling him beside him.

He too grinned sheepishly " hehe hi Dad, Ridhhima.. You look very pretty today. Haina Armaan.." he elbowed his brother who was probably reciting Hanuman Chalisa

" y..yes bhai. You look very pretty BP " he blurted, Rajat burst out laughing along with grinning girls but one stare from BP and he forgot everything.

" thank you son, but I think handsome is the word for me and you need to find out a better word to praise for your wife " there were few dissapointed looks on that declaration. She was his wife ! The news was no less than dropping of an atom bomb on some hearts.

" h..haan BP wo bas .. Slip of tongue " he stuttered, seeing that glare

Suddenly it changed to a smile, not a good sign, he recalled " Armaan, can you please come with me. I have something very important to tell you " and without waiting for his reply she pulled him out from that crowd.

" he's gone man " Rajat whispered to Sammy, she shook her head agreeing

Furious with that shameless act she pulled him along without bothering about anyone. Finding an isolated room she dragged him in and closed the door behind. " Ridhhima.. What are you doing ? Koi dekhega to kya kahega ? " like he cared about that !, but stopped when he saw that I'm-not-amused look

" what were you doing out there huh ? " she shot

" what ? Main kya kar raha tha ?? " she huffed

" yeh " taking him to a wall mirror nearby she showed him his cheek branded with a bright lips mark

" oh yeh.. Yah maine thodi kiya.. Jo kiya usi ne kiya. Sach " he said innocently

She was still not amused " haan, wo to maine dekha hi. Aur yeh kya hai " she pointed to the open buttons of his sherwani " band karo inhhe abhi " and he quickly followed her order " mch, Armaan yeh kya hai ? "

" ab kya kiya maine ?? " he looked down

But now she was highly irritated " yeh buttons aise lagate hain sab galat.. Chhodo, tumhe kuchh nahi aata " slapping his hand she started doing them again

" kya yaar Ridhhima ab aisa kya kiya maine, ab agar koi khoobsurat ladki mujhe kiss karna chahe to main kya kar sakta hun. After all I'm Armaan Malik. I do have that kind of effect on women " he rattled on his self appraisal

Now she'd had enough, narrowing her eyes she pointed a finger at him " now listen to me Armaan Malik loud and clear. Agar tum puri shaadi main kisi bhi ladki ke aas paas bhi dikhayi diye.. Chup raho aur pehle meri baat suno " she quietened him before he could say anything " to.." she threatened him

" to..?? "

" to main Papa ko sab kuch bata dungi aur mumma ke paas rehne chali jaungi." she kept pushing him back with that threatening finger till he hot the wall " And forget everything about that rule book of yours, phir baithe rehna " she smiled inwardly, satisfied with his change of expressions and her threats. She turned around to get out, not in a mood to carry out her original plans.

But that wasn't going to be easy. As soon as she turned to go he grabbed her wrist pulling her and she crashed on his chest with his arms holding her tightly " Ridhhima.." he nuzzled her neck, surprising her. He paused, planting soft kisses on her neck, she gasped as his hands moved sensuously on her waist, her anger melting away.. " Ridhhima.." he said huskily looking deep into her eyes " h..haan.." she could barely manage

" Ridhhima tum.." " haan main.." " tum.. Tum ek baar action replay karogi plz. Specially wo jab when you scrunched up your nose and threatened me. I swear you looked like cutest phoolan devi "

And with that she came to reality with a thud " huuhh, tumhe main phoolan devi lagti hun !! That's it bahut ho gaya. Just forget it. Saara mood kharab kar diya. I was a fool, kya kya soch rahi thi main aur tum bas.." she freed herself and made her way to the door, but then turned and saw that he was still there ,grinning standing there with arms crossed across his chest. It infuriated her even further. She stomped her feet frustrated " ab baat mat karna mujse samjhe "

Now he could not stop his laugh and before she could get out stopped her, pinning her to the door " hey princess, achha baba I am sorry. I promise ab kisi bhi ladki se two arms ke distance par rahunga okay. Ab to khush " she still made a face looking away. He grinned, she looked so cute " cmmom sweetheart.. I promise " he whispered kissing her forehead ,her anger melted somewhat " bas ek ladki ki permission de do " her heart stopped her eyes looked into his to see if he was joking but couldn't make out if he was.." sorry i should've told you earlier.. want to meet her ? " then without waiting for her reply he took her to the mirror nearby, standing behind her he encircled her waist resting his chin on her shoulder " ab isse to baat kar sakta hun naa. Bas she's the only one I want.. I ever want.." he kissed her shoulder making her smile once again

Turning in his arms she now cupped his face rubbing off that lip mark on his cheek " to kyun pareshan karte ho mujhe itna hmm. I was looking for you to talk to you aur you were busy with that bevy of girls " he grinned, kissing her palm

" you need not to worry about them. BP will take care of all of them. Hasn't he come with his yoga instructor and designer " they both grinned at that " but sweetheart be assured of one thing " he kissed her cheek " Nobody has ever made me feel like the way you make me feel... and that is such a crazy feeling. It feels like I just want to grab you and be in your arms forever and forever and never let go... I want to kiss you and never stop - just keep going " she blushed badly hearing it " and noone.. Absolutely noone. can even come closer to the place you have in my heart.. My life. Okay " he planted a soft kiss on her nose. She nodded smiling and hugged him tightly, she was just helplessly crazily in love with him and it was about time that he knew " achha tell me what you wanted to talk about " he asked af if reading her thoughts, And now that he actually came to the original reason ,she fell quiet. Why did he had to stand so closely and kiss her right before. Now all she'd thought on how she'd come to the topic was lost.

" wo.. Actually.." he waited " actually.. I wanted to tell you something "

" yes.. I'm listening "

" well.. Wo actually.. You were right, I can't remain away from my smart dashing husband " she said it in one go, and exhaled, relieved.

" thank you sweetheart. Wo toh I can see " he pulled her even closer

" Armaaann, " she hit his arm lightly " tum samajh nahi rahe. I just said that you were right. And I want something "

" What ? " he asked confused

" You " She sighed " I want you " he could never win in dumb sharads. And then his eyes widened as her words sank in.

" huhh.. Wait a minute plz. " putting a finger in his ear he shook it, Ridhhima rolled her eyes, he was such a nautanki at times " did I hear you right.. did you just said that you're okay if we... take the next step ?? "

" of course." she pulled his hand down

" But what happened ?!.. Just two days back you said that you needed time and now... You needed just two days !, See I'm not in any kind of a hurry Ridhhima. I don't want you to rush into something getting influenced with the atmosphere.." she placed her palm on his mouth stopping him.

" Armaan... I'm not getting influenced with the atmosphere for god's sake !." she sighed " I just told you what I feel Armaan, direct dil se " she caressed his face " I really am ready Armaan, something happened.. Something solved everything.." saying softly, he could see it in her eyes. She was actually his Ridhhima and when it got registered his heart skipped a beat. Ridhhima saw understanding dawning on him and decided to tease him a little " but, if you don't want to then... I didn't knew Armaan Mallik could have cold feet "

He pulled her squeezing her tightly in his arms, a naughty smirk on his face " don't challenge me darling.. You have no idea how hot things could get.." She blushed badly, why did she had to tease him now he isn't going to leave her " but seriously " he said soberly " I don't want to rush you in any manner.. I can wait, really. Remember what you said.." Ridhhima knew he was being protective of her like always. But she was sure of everything now and all that was left was to make him sure of her sureity..

" I know I said that and I know it is still there, a little, and you know it isn't going to go and it's good in a way but then to make it go away, I have to.. we have to, we must. And the best thing, I want it " she said suddenly excited confusing him further with her rambling

" You are confusing me ! what did I miss ?? " he grinned

She sighed, there was no other way.. and pulling him by his sherwani placed her lips on his kissing him deeply. His eyes widened with sudden ambush, and then, as usual, he lost himself.. tightening his hold, he kissed her back.. The kiss was unlike anything they shared before. He could feel that she wasn't holding back and that added to the passion... his hands roamed freely exploring her, sending shivers down her body and this time there were no inhibitations.. Her fingers played with his silky hair as his lips trailed down showering kisses all over her face moving down to her neck and his hands explored her softness..she really drove him crazy, on the other hand Ridhhima couldn't control herself. Swati was right, let the love take it's course.. Lost in the moment of passion her fingers moved on, opening up the buttons of his sherwani feeling that firm chest, that beating heart.. she placed her lips on his chest planting kisses all over... A groan erupted in his throat, pulling her up a little he looked deeply into her eyes and then.. claimed her lips into yet another passionate kiss..

But before things could go any further loud voices outside the room brought them back.. Thankful for the diversion, they broke apart, She was crimson with the heat that rose to her face. breaking the hug she turned away straightening up her clothes, lest someone barged in, gaining her control in the process. Armaan smiled broadly, not a speck of doubt left about anything now. feeling in control again, she looked up at him masking her embarrassment " Any confusions now Mr. Malik ? "

He smiled at her question " huh, itna kuch hone ke baad, not at all Mrs. Malik.. You are a tough bargainer " she blushed even more, if possible, and started doing up his buttons which she opened up

" Ridhhima, you are opening my buttons.. tumhe sharam nahi aati kya ?? " he teased her, grinning but this time she knew his plans well

" Of course not. tumhare saath reh reh kar main bhi besharam ho gayi hun " she quipped closing the final button " Good, now. Then let's get done with this wedding business.." and before he could, or she could, lose themself again, she rushed out giving a quick peck on his nose with a naughty wink, leaving him dazed and amazed..

The evening proceeded and before they knew it was time for pheras.. Armaan gathered around with others to the mandap that was beautifully decorated with lights and flowers.. With only family and some close friends and relatives left, the place felt quiet and suddenly filled with happy seriousness.. It was time for the final step, to tie bride and groom in that bond of matrimony for forever.

Armaan's eyes searched for Ridhhima and soon found her escorting the brides to the mandap, she now had changed into a beautiful golden saree and looked no less than a bride herself. A lopsided smile crept on his face recalling how she had to push him out when he caught her in the room, again, where she went to change.. Though not before he got his mango flavoured reward. He grinned to himself. the brides were now sitting next to grooms and Armaan sat up waving a hand trying to grab her attention without shouting. The place next to him was empty and before anyone else butted in he wanted her to join him.

But before she could see him Padma called her, he sighed falling back he'd to wait now. He started looking around till she was back and found Niki in some urgent conversation with Muskaan Sapna and some others, he knew thay must be planning for the famous shoe theft, and if Abhi ,Rajat and gang thought that they could win from brigade led by Muski and Niki, then they needed a reality check. And a brain testing too. Turning to other side he saw BP sitting on the thick matressess, that were spread all around mandap ,like a king on throne.. A boy was pressing his arms and other just fetched him a steaming cup of coffee... Armaan knew why. BP was instant hit among boys.. They looked upto him like he was male God Venus and would bless them with something that will give them power to attract girls like magnet. Just like he does. Well, he thought, if not a blessing BP could surely teach them a thing or two, even he learnt few things from him.

But all this could not divert him from his initial plan. He wanted Ridhhima to sit beside him and he just wasn't going to hear any excuse. God heard his prayers, she now came along with Anjali walking slow baby steps with her.

Making Anjali sit comfortably her eyes fell on Armaan who was trying to grab her attention. He quickly gestured her to come and sit next to him. Ridhhima knew he wanted to be with her. So did she , but.. She gestured towards Anjali and others through eyes but he just made a face and shook his head stubbornly. Ridhhima looked around, the girls would tease her to no end if she just walked away from there. She pleaded, he glared. She requested, he threatened. She begged through her eyes but he turned his face away crossing his arms. She waited for him to turn and look at her again but he didn't. She exhaled a helpless sigh, she would rather be with him than anywhere but gang would not let her. Just her luck, there sat before her great Armaan Sullen Malik and next to her sat the infamous girl gang. What to do ?? She was so stuck.

Soon something changed her mind. 

Armaan was scowling, promising himself that he won't talk to her even if she comes. Though he knew it would hardly work but still... While he was busy with himself he didn't notice that a beautiful girl came and sat by his side, though she wasn't so near yet he could see that she had something going on in her mind. The way she was smiling at him and did that pallu of her slipped or was made to slip... The night was not so warm yet she was brave enough to wear as little as anyone could manage in a saree. He was just wondering when the lady gave him a warm, too warm, smile..

Ridhhima turned green when her eyes fell on him. Was he again busy with some bimbo ?! Her mouth fell open when she saw that she was slowly creeping closer to him, her eyes narrowed as she zeroed on her target, that lady was seriously going to miss her hair and eyes and all her teeth coz she was about to claw them out.

Armaan watched Ridhhima's change of expression when the lady sat by his side, he first thought to shoo her away but when he saw Ridhhima's face he changed his mind. This opportunity must be availed.. he decided to take advantage of it. And it worked ! He could see Ridhhima was totally jealous, he knew she could not bear anyone near him. Especially bimbos like this one. He did a victory dance in his heart and started an animated talk with her.

Though he was talking to that bimbo yet he kept stealing glances at her, Ridhhima caught his eyes and warned him through her eyes but he made a sullen face and turned away. Ridhhima knew he was deliberately doing it but she was helpess right then. On the other hand Armaan was merely pretending to be interested in whatever the girl was talking about, his mind was somewhere else. He wasn't happy with Muski and Anjy at all, and with Ridhhima as well, couldn't she'd thought of some excuse. But then he knew both the villains were quiet tough. initially he was excited with his plan to make Ridhhima jealous and come to him but it didn't seem to be working well, did she gave him that mystery smile of hers. Not good sign. It definitely meant his plan was going down to drains, sighing, he consoled his heart remembering the time they spent together. A smile made its way when he recalled how she took him by surprise declaring that she wanted to take next step. Wifey was full of surprises. The girl on the other hand took his smile as a positive sign from him and slipped little closer.

Ridhhima who was watching everything, giggled seeing the shocked look when the girl slipped closer to him, the way he looked at her explaining from a distance that he was not involved in any manner, also pleading for his rescue.

She exhaled, it was probably punism,ent enough for him now it was time for the rescue of hubby dearest, to hell with everything else, she can't see that handsome face robbed of that million dollar smile and it had been so long. She wanted him, missing him already. He is hers, that bi**h was already lucky enough to sit next to him. But not any more. " bhabhi main abhi aayi " she told Muskaan

" kahan jaa rahi hai Ridhhi ? Dekh don't you try to join the other party. Boys are our dushman party today, aur abhi to hamein jute churane hain so no fraternising with the enemy " she warned, and would have said more but then Maria came there with wailing Angel who was probably hungry and demanded mommy right now. Muskaan held her and went away to calm her down, Niki and Anjali were busy with each other and Sapna was nowhere in sight. Grabbing the opportunity she dashed to him. Armaan's eyes lit up seeing her, it didn't matter if she had that scary stern smile on her face, he knew it wasn't for him and he was now saved. " Excuse me. That's my place and MY husband " and then squeezing herself between that girl and Armaan she pushed her as far as possible from him. Armaan hid his laugh in the fake cough enjoying the scene and possessive wifey. The girl ultimately got the message and left quickly. Or was that because of that super scary blood chilling glare Ridhhima gave her. Neway, it didn't matter as long as she was with him.

Now that the intrusion was dealt with, she turned to him " don't try to act smart and try anything like that again "

" but it worked " he replied happily

" fine then, call her back. I'll leave and you two can carry on with your work " she retorted, getting up to leave

Armaan chuckled and pulled her back " sweetheart whatever 'work' I am going to do is just going to be with you " she turned red at his cheeky line and that naughty wink.

Sitting at the back, little away from others they had a perfect view of the mandap, Ridhhima leaned on him resting her head on his shoulder. The priests started chanting holy verses and bride and groom got up to take the pheras, the final step to join them in the bond of matrimony for life and beyond. Armaan held her hand entwining his fingers with hers, their eyes met and the priests started reciting the seven vows of matrimony. Holding each others hand they recited all the promises that the priest chanted, promising themselves to each other for eternity... Once again.

There was a third wedding indeed, of which only two people knew... And that was more than enough...

The hours slipped by and before they knew it was time for the toughest time- Bidaii. The brides would now leave to their respective homes with their husbands for the other ceremonies from where they'd leave for their honeymoon. The fact that brides weren't going much far didn?t make any difference to anybody and they cried buckets, including Moms, Dads, girls and... Atul.

Rohan tried his best to calm Swati thinking about the baby and finally succeded when he presented her favourite chocolate bars by some magic trick. Bringing smile not only on her face but also on others. Her parents were of course very happy to see that she made an excellent choice. On the other hand Aditi felt luckiest person on earth , she now had not one but two set of parents and an amazing person to share her life with.. What else she could wish for. Life was perfect now.

Armaan sat on the swing in a corner of the huge garden. The place was almost completely hidden by tall bushes giving them much needed privacy. The place was almost deserted ,the guests had left, couples left with parents and those who stayed back were either too tired to roam about or were already dead to the world. He smiled caressing her head that rested on his chest locking her in his embrace. She was still teary after that bidaii and that was the reason he pulled her here to calm her down., knowing well how sensitive she was to such emotional stuff. This bidaii brought back the memories of the time of her own bidaii and she cried even more. He kept consoling her whispering soothing loving words, wrapping her in love filled embrace. She was better now, after all she was in her personal heaven how can she not be. But all that goodbye stuff made her sad. They were silent for a moment when he suddenly spoke up almost startling her

" Yaar Ridhhima, this is the last wedding you're going to attend.."

She suddenly stopped crying and looked at him sniffing " why ?? "

" Coz they make you cry.. And I can't bear tears in my princess' eyes " sniffing she hugged him smiling " plus you look scary with all that kajal flowing down.."

She hit him lightly wiping off her tears ,now laughing a little " No, it doesn't. I use water proof makeup " She explained

" Thank God for that invention, agar mere upar black black lag jaata to main kisi ko muh dikhane layak nahi rehta " she laughed out again, hugging him close. How can she be sad when he was there with her.. She would be thankful to god for him till her last breath.

She smiled closing her eyes, it all felt so perfect.. " oh my god ,Ridhhima ! " he sat up suddenly breaking her chain of thoughts again

" kya hua ? " she asked breaking the hug

" Ridhhima I don't know how we can miss it . I mean of all the people around, it was us ! " he looked as if they missed something big, she wondered what, the weddings went on just perfectly.

" lekin bolo to aakhir hua kya ? " trying to make out what he was talking about

" And you.. No, it's my fault. Totally mine " he rambled on

" Armaan can you pls. speak in a language which I understand " he wasn't making any sense

" Ridhhima they are going to go on honeymoon ! Rohan and Chirag.." he finally said

" So ?? All married people go, isme itna ghabrane waali baat kya hai.. Ya phir baat kuch aur hai..." still confused

" Hai naa. What about us ?! " he said

" What 'what about us' Armaan ? Look now you are scaring me, and confusing me kuch bologe bhi ki baat kya hai ? "

" Ridhhima you are just impossible ! And you say that I don't understand things ! " he sighed seeing a big ? On her face " Ridhhima, we didn't go for our honeymoon ! " he said finally

" Kya ?! Bas yeh baat thi ! "

His mouth fell open " Bas ! You call it bas !?? It's our honeymoon' I'm talking of. The one on which we were supposed to go wayyy back and you.. You say like it's nothing !!." he got up frowning. Here he was talking about something so important and she's just acting like she's heard of the term for the first time !

but before he could take a step away she grabbed his hand stopping him. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pecked his nose " you know you are one of a kind. Just a minute ago you were debating on my makeup and see suddenly you are all worked up on honeymoon ! Pata hai tumne mujhe daraa hi diya tha " she kissed his cheek lightly " I know that it's long delayed but.."

" but I know one thing.. it'll be the bestest time of our life. We're going to go someplace where there would be noone.. Just you and me and.. Lots of love.." he completed her sentence making her blush. holding her in his arms he kissed her forehead.. Eyes.. his lips trailed down to her cheeks... Very near to her lips.. He whispered softly " let's go home and then decide where okay.." she nodded totally pink now, heart thudding with that touch..." cmmon grab your stuff ,let's go home "

He freed her from his hold, gaining back control over herself she made way to grab her bag but then stopped midway " and mister, you better think of somewhere nice. I want that honeymoon. Understood." She left him with a wink. Finally things started sinking in, the weddings were over. They were going home.. And she agreed to take next step and the honeymoon ! The day couldn't start at a better note. And then he grinned widely " yes ! yes ! yes ! I'm going to go on a honeymoon ! Yippee." he jumped shouting, But then stopped " cmmon Armaan think somewhere should be bestest "

He was still thinking about various places when he saw her rushing to him, that was quick ! Hardly five minutes. He smiled, she was really eager now. She came to abrupt halt panting heavily " Ar.. Armaan, cmmon, hurry up.. Di, her water broke ! "

" what ?!! "

They rushed Anjy to the hospital, thankfully it was nothing like hospital infact it looked like some kind of golf resort. It was a great relief and she really praised her sister and Atul for choosing such a place for the birth, Armaan would have been very uncomfortable in any other place. This suddenly reminded her of what she had to do next.. And soon. But for now their attention was fixed on Anjy. They waited anxiously but not for long in less then two hours of reaching the place they heard the music of baby's wailing. Everybody jumped with joy seeing the little baby girl.. Except Atul, coz he was holding the baby and that was the second time in the same day when everybody saw him crying... Padma and Atul's mom were like Santa before christmas gifting everybody with something or the other.. The grandpa's were showering money. This was indeed one baby crazy family.. Thankfully Anjali didn't faced too much complications though she was required to stay for a while till doctors found her and the baby fit enough to leave.

In all the festivities Armaan almost forgot everything else and now that the initial craziness cooled down a bit everybody was busy cooing over the baby in the incubator. Tired after long sleepless night he slipped off to the waiting room nearby. Thankfully it was deserted, he crashed on the couch nearby holding his gift from Padma- first time granny-gupta. He smiled wondering if they would behave the same way when it would be Ridhhima's turn.. And an image played before his eyes.. His dreams were slowly coming true.. Exhaling a deep contented sigh he closed his eyes ,resting his head back.

His eyes opened up with the sound of the soft click and a smile spread on his face seeing his angel before him." Armaan tum yahaan ho and I was looking for you everywhere " her eyes then fell on the gift he got, it was a beautiful bracelet , she wondered why he wasn't wearing it " kya hua tumhe apna gift pasand nahi aaya " she asked

" Nahi, it's nice.. but "

" But ?? "

" Actually, I was expecting something else and not from ma.." he explained

" Something else ?? And if not from ma, then whom ? "

" Well..." he got up " from you "

" From me ? what ? "

" I want something.. and, it's not one but two things..." He stepped forward looking into her eyes her heart beat rose and words came out into whisper... He kept stepping ahead and she back... till she hit the wall and by then she was all crimson.. " First I want my good morning kiss from my lovely wife... I missed her terribly " with that, without further warning his lips covered hers making her gasp but soon she forgot herself in that magical kiss... Her arms went around his neck pulling him close, he lost himself feeling her fingers playing with his hair and he deepened the kiss.. her head swam, intoxicated by his sensuous touch on her bare skin, he explored her waist moving up to her back making her forget to breathe.. After a good satisfying kiss they broke apart not leaving an inchs space between them... She held his shoulders for she feared her knees would give away...

He nuzzled her neck planting soft kisses.." Armaan.." Trying hard to control herself... " You got your wish, hato.. let me go, kisi ne dekh liya to kya sochega..." Though she wanted the opposite of what she said...

" No.. this was my first gift what about the other..." he said huskily still kissing her all over making it hard for her to breathe...

" K..kya chahiye ? " It was useless to ask she somewhat knew

He kissed her ear whispering " you.." And then kissed her cheek his hand grabbed hold of her waist moving sensuosly again and she feared if she didn't stop him, she would soon have no control over herself...

" Ar.. Armaan we are at the hospital... Koi aa jayega... Atleast wait till we go home..."

This controlled him somewhat, he again whispered into her ear.. " Hmm, but... Tonight will be ours, just you and me... And I will bear noone coming between us, they've played enough of villain.." She smiled at his complain of course she couldn't wait either, though just the thought made her heart beat frantically but she wanted it... She wanted to be in his arms, to be loved by him.. to love him and to be part of him... Truly...

They all sat together, laughing happy with the new addition in the family who promoted them all to new positions. Ridhhima knew that she'll be targeted next and she wasn't wrong Padma and Atul's mom in fact did asked her indirectly when she was going to announce the good news. well she would if they let her spend some time with her husband , she thought. The couples dropped in to see the new bundle of joy before leaving for their honeymoon, thankfully giving the needed divertion. It was evening now and Armaan badly wanted to go home, so did she.. " so Ridhhi, have you brought any clothes with you " Anjali asked " can you stay with me tonight ? "

Ridhhima looked surprised at her sister and then at Armaan. The parents went back home and she didn't knew if they would be back tonight or not and Atul was already asleep in the guest room. Ridhhima knew that her sister would be feeling scared to be left alone but.. What about Armaan.. He needed her too. And this time she decided it will be him on her priority list, Anjali had Atul with her and she'd ask her mom to come soon. But before she could say anything Armaan spoke up " Don't worry Anjy, she can stay here I'll ask Maria to bring sometjing to change for her."

Ridhhima looked at him, not happy with what he said. She didn't wanted to stay, she wanted to be with him. But Armaan saw her dilemma in her eyes and knew it was tough for her to choose but what he didn't knew was that she'd already chosen and it was him.. Above all.

But it seemed he misunderstood her momentary silence, she was just taken by surprise by Anjy's question amd then by his answer. Why did he had to be such a gentleman always !.. Armaan then took leave from both of them ,leaving for home, much against his wishes.. Alone. He couldn't understand the look she gave him, he did that for her, Anjali is her sister and she obviously wanted someone by her side and apparantly she trusted Ridhhima a lot and who wouldn't, wasnt he too so dependent on her.. He sighed consoling himself, just a day more then.. Just 24 hours... 1440 Minutes... he exhaled, it didn't seemed such a short period now.

On the other hand Ridhhima felt restless. She knew he'd done this for her sake but she wasn't happy about it. Then something struck her ,smiling to herself she grabbed her phone and rushed out of the room.

Armaan walked to the parking lot with slow steps suddenly going back home didn't seem to be such a good idea but... With a look at the way back, he got into the car and turned on the key...

He'd hardly gone few meters when he saw Ridhhima rushing towards him " Armaann.. Armaan.." She came running calling him..

He came out of the car quickly, " Ridhhima ! Kya hua ? are you okay ? " he asked worried

Taking few deep breaths she tried catching her breath. Her quick call to Padma solved everything, she was enroute to be with Anjali " I'm fine. You just.. forgot.. something "

" Forgot something ?? " He checked his pockets to see what was missing, but everything was there, he looked back, confused " what ? "

" Mch, Me ,Silly ! " and before he could utter a word ,she wrapped him in a tight loving hug " let's go home Armaan " she said softly

Slowly everything sank in. Smiling he enveloped her in his embrace, whispering back softly " yes.. Let's go home."

And it was time indeed... to start with their new life.. Happily and willingly...

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Altaira Goldie

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Posted: 05 November 2011 at 1:08pm | IP Logged
heys thanx for putting up all the parts together  :)

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_Oishi_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 November 2011 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
rre waah what an idea sirji, No actually madamji...hehe :P

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MRS.SSO IF-Dazzler

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congraz! n thnkZ alot!

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 November 2011 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
Really a one STOP for a gr8 story..

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