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Taming The Wild- All parts till now (Page 5)

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                           Taming the wild

                             All I Want Is...

Recap: Armaan and Ridhhima get a surprise visitor- Rohan. Armaan feels insecure with Rohan around Ridhhima and she gets the key to his secret locker.

Ridhhima woke up little earlier than usual, feeling fresh and relaxed. Turning to her side she found what she wished to see first thing in the morning- her life, her ' Desire...' Sleeping on his stomach his favourite pillow under his arm with a tussled head, hair sprayed all over his forehead. She crept little closer admiring him, she wanted to touch him, caress his handsome face and make sure that this wasn't a dream. Unable to contain herself and her love, she extended her hand pushing back his hair very gently, but pulled back quickly not wishing to disturb his sleep. Blowing a soft kiss in the air, and turning red, she got off the bed covering her careless hubby. It was still quiet early and she wondered if her getting up was because Rohan had asked her to discuss some details or ... . Was it the excitement of finding the key and knowing the locker's secrets. She settled the case in the favour of the latter and went to freshen up.

Ridhhima hurried up with the chores and unlike other days she was eager for Armaan to leave for the office. Checking for the tenth time that the key was kept securely, praying that he didn't remember the keys, she got busy getting his clothes and things ready.. Armaan, who observed the change was bit surprised. What got into her today ? She was jumping from one thing to another and suddenly seemed in a great hurry.. But for what ? And that too on her day off !? He was wondering when she almost knocked out his breath pulling up the knot of the tie.

" Ridhhiimmaa !! Ho kya gaya hai aaj tumhe ?! Mujhe maarne ka irada hai kya ?! " he said coughing ,loosening the tie a little, eyes wide with shock

" I'm.. I'm so sorry Armaan.. Wo.. Wo galti se.. Main wo bas.." she tried to explain, he was right. in her hurry to send him away she almost choked him. She smiled sheepishly and can anyone be angry at that face ! so, he too melted. Like he could say anything to her even if she'd punched him !. He was the living example of ' hopelessly in love '.

He was happy today though, Rohan was not going to be at home. He was leaving for some work along with him. Thank God ! More he stays away from her, the better. He was kind of intrigued by Rohan's I'm-trying-to-be-casual-about-hiding-something-from-you attitude and from quiet some time he wanted to confront him, and would have done that surely only if he had let him. Being all so busy-busy with Ridhhima, flaring his anger, making him divert all his energies to look out for him if he was trying to steal her away... Armaan shook his head lightly, brushing off those scary thoughts. May be he'll ask him straight away. Yeah that would be better. Lot better. Saari baatein ek baar main saaf. All clear.

" What are you smiling at weirdo ? It's morning ! " came the sweet question from his darling friend, who made a face at him as if he could read his mind... Which he thought was processing something under 'A' certificate.

" Nothing. And mind your own business. I'm not like you, sex- obsessed-psycho ! " he threw a napkin at him

" Hey ! That's called Venus worshiping. And to remind you 'brother' you were my partner too "

" Yeah, when we were just out of school and going through puberty ,which for you is still going on. You do realize that half of Germany's strip clubs are running solely coz of you. Why don't you consult a doc ? Huh "

" Oh really ? Atleast I'm contributing to the economy and employment sector." Armaan rolled his eyes " And about the other suggestion, that's a great idea ! I'm sure Ridhhima would be kind enough to help me. Ooo Ridhhiimaa " he called in a sing song manner only to get his neck under Armaan's arm. Rohan struggled to get himself free and Armaan tightened his hold...

" Guys ! Stop it ! Kya kar rahe ho tum dono ?! Armaan, let him go, are you trying to kill him ? When are you going to grow up !? " Ridhhima rushed seeing two grown up kids fighting, Rohan made an innocent face coughing fakely and gave a secret wink to Armaan when Ridhhima was busy scolding him. Armaan wanted to explain but couldn't she was just at him with her you-are-behaving-like-an-immature-kid lecture. He sighed, it was just not his day, better to leave ASAP before she bites off his head. Even the recent favourite Rohan was not spared. He got a threatening glare which was enough to quieten him and his dancing. Armaan was saved as he got a call from Sameer to hurry up to the office for some urgent work, grabbing the opportunity, he rushed out leaving Rohan behind to bear the brunt.

Finally she was alone. A grin on her face remembering the confused and surprised look of Armaan when she waved, kind of happily after the scolding, goodbye to him. She locked the door. No disturbance today. With a beating heart and a rumbling feeling in the pit of stomach, all coz of excitement, she took out the key, this little thing was going to open so many secrets today. Standing before the locker she took a deep breath bracing herself. It was time. No second thoughts now.

She turned in the key and entered the code, a light turned green and the door slowly opened... to reveal all what it had been hiding for so long... The treasure.. She saw that everything was the same, there was a diary, where is the other one ? Last time she looked there were two, may be he took it with him..' hmm no problem I'll read this one first ' Looking further she found the same jewelery case, the CD, some files and cash... no, there was something else too. Extending her hand she took out a photo frame kept face down far back. A smile broke out on seeing what it was.. It was Armaan, not more than six, in Naina's arms laughing with head thrown back and Naina looking at him with all the love in the world. It was simply beautiful. Smiling at the picture, admiring it for a moment, she kept it back. After that day she could understand a little his fears ,though not completely. Something was still missing.. his fear of the place was understandable but what about his mom ?... May be someday he'll open up that secret too..

Making herself comfortable on the couch, she opened the book of mysteries and... Laughed heartily as his threats welcomed her, earlier she was kind of annoyed seeing them but now all she could imagine was his cute face while writing these... Controlling her laugh she started reading. The first few pages were all about Virendra's decision to shift back to India, his happy and anxious reaction though he didn't sounded sad or depressed about it.. then something caught her eye...

" Wow, what a night ! I'm so tired, that Julia no, Jenna what was her name ? Let it be ,but boy she was fun ! and surely knows her way around man's body.. May be I'll call her again "

Ridhhima burned with anger. He obviously spent the night with this girl and was even going to call her again ! snapping the diary shut she threw it aside. Angry at the thought that he spend a night with someone else ,shared such intimacy with someone.. Why did she even bothered with this diary thing ! She was angry ,but could not contain her curiosity and in few minutes cooled down a little. But promised herself that if she found something else like this she will not spare him. Huffing with anger she again picked up the diary

" Her name's Jones. Rose Jones. Not Jenna or Julia you idiot ! well met her again and thank god she told her name herself warna... Neway shocking but true ... She said she's in love with me ! What ?! Exactly my reaction... Two days and one night, not even statically correct, was all I spent with her, don't even remember her name properly and she says she loves me ?! This girl is sure mad. Agreed she's good in bed but love !? No way..." She took a breath of relief and continued

" I know shayad maine uska dil dukha diya but how should I explain that she was not the one for me... Meri dreamgirl to aisi hogi jise dekh kar ek pal ke liye meri saansein tham jaaye, to mujhe jaane.. samjhe aur mujhe bahut pyaar kare. Jo mujhe waise hi accept kar le jaisa main hun ya phir jiske liye main khud ko hi badal daalu.. Kya aisa bhi koi hai.. Pata nahi. And why the hell am I getting so philosophical ! Waise jab tak wo nahi milti tab tak to I can enjoy naa, I promise uske aane ke baad main sirf aur sirf uska rahunga..."

She fell into the line of thoughts, maybe she was overreacting, this was before Armaan even met her. And Ridhhi you knew how he was.. Can you say the same thing for him now. ' No definitely not. He's my Armaan. Only mine. And why am I so upset didn't he accepted me with all my idiosyncrasies and all the pain he suffered coz of me..' Sighing and completely cooled she read on

" This bloody Modi ! What does he think of himself ? he challenged me ?! Armaan Malik ! I'll show him what he's got himself into. I'll beat him so badly ki bike race to duur bike ki spelling bhi bhuul jayega. Now I just can't wait to go to India. He want the race there. Fine ,I'll beat him wherever he wants "

This struck her immediately, so this was the reason for the race. A challenge from Abhimanyu which resulted in that accident and their fateful meeting. But then she smiled " hmm, I must thank Abhi agar wo Armaan ko challenge nahi karta to...nahi nahi Ridhhima yeh tu kya soch rahi hai agar Armaan ko accident main kuch ho jaata to.." she shuddered at the thought and thanked God for taking care of him. Taking a deep breath she continued. The next few pages were blank and she knew it was the time he was in the hospital with an injured hand... And then her eyes fell on the lines which she managed to read earlier. She smiled remembering the time and how he yelled at her finding the diary in her hand, she wondered what he would say now if he came to know of it..

It was three days later in the hospital that he started writing, her smile broadened as she read the words ' cutest gabbar ever '...

" kuch to ho raha hai, I'm having these strange feelings like I've never felt before... Agar main BP ko bataunga ki F TV se jyada achhi mujhe Ridhhima ki daant lagne lagi hai to wo kya sochenge mere baare main ? wo to hans hans kar zameen par laet jayenge. But what can I do ? It's true. She's pulling me like a magnet and I feel helpless before this pull. Yesterday she asked me if I was feeling pain anywhere and I kept staring at those rosy lips.. Those hypnotizing eyes.. And I completely forgot what to say. Idiot ! Armaan Malik you are an idiot ! Wo kya soch rahi hogi tere baare main. Couldn't you think of something nice. See this is what I was saying The Armaan Malik just whimper before her.. But kuch to karna padega yaar.."

Now that she thought about it she remembered the day when he looked as if she was speaking some kind of an alien language. She knew the reason now, cupid had struck Mr.Malik... " to mister Malik mere aage sab bhuul jaate the hmm.. Ab bhi kaun sa jyada kuch badla hai. Ab bhi kahan yaad hai ki kya kehna hai. Budhhu " making a face she turned the page.

" Well to tell you the truth diary, this pull can be something more.. Much more. I've started feeling things that I never thought I could ever feel. I want to be with her most of the time if not all the time, I miss her when she's not there and keep watching her like idiots, even her scoldings sound sweet. This is bad Armaan. This is bad. Plz someone tell me that this is not the ' L ' word "

Grinning she turned to next page, finding few spaces blank in between

" Again the same thing. Again those screams. Damn ! Why don't anyone understand. I DON'T WANT TO STAY HERE ANYMORE.. These screams ... Pain... Will they ever leave... I was almost out of here magar... Ridhhima, she stopped me. I was blank when she asked me what I saw, kya kahun... I don't remember myself, upar se I didn't even had my pills... But... when she was with me... It felt fine... Does she know any magic or something, everytime something upsets me her mere presence calms me down... It's so soothing... Comforting.. I wish she stays with me forever "

She remembered the night she found him leaving the hospital. He looked so troubled, terrified... That place must have really stirred some haunting memories. " I'll be with you Armaan, always. Koi darr, koi pareshani tumhe mere hote chhu bhi nahi sakti " a promise she made to herself to be kept till her last breath.

" Bhai gave me the perfect idea.. My birthday. And if you were wondering where I was then I was just busy sorting few things and have reached the conclusion that whom am I kidding man ! I'm in love ! Yesss !! I'm on love with Ridhhima. Scary but true "

Her mouth fell open at this.. ' did he just said that falling in love with me was scary...! '

" Now coming back from my dancing like maniac mode, I think I have to plan few things now, already meri image kuch jyada achhi nahi hai uske saamne. Bhai is right I should first be friends with her, and then finally I've decided that on my birthday I'll take her to the beautiful candle light dinner then dancing on my favourite song for the occasion I'll put on mom's necklace around her neck and ask for her love for me.. Forever... Yes ! That would be just wonderful. Magar pehle mujhe ghar jaana hoga, this place is already scary enough and I want to make that day spl for US "

Each and every moment of that day rolled before her eyes, the beautiful breakfast they had on the terrace... And now she know why he was so adamant to go home. Back then too he wanted to do everything for her and even now he makes her feel spl. In his own way.. Everyday...

" Yaar I just can't wait to see her.. To hear a yes from her... I hope aisa hi ho... I can't imagine my life without her now.. Koi itne thode waqt main itna karib bhi aa sakta hai... Maine kabhi socha nahi tha..."

The words struck her, closing the diary she ran back to the locker and took out the black case.. Opening it she found a necklace inside.. it was beautiful. ' So this is what Armaan wanted to give me that day...' Her eyes got misty and lips quivered with a smile. She then took out the CD and played it... Unlike what she thought it wasn't about any business proposal but had a song... Theme for a dream... By Cliff Richards and it was just perfect, each and every word described what he felt what he wanted to say... Perfect for the occasion... She sat down on the floor head resting on her knees, it was just too much for her to handle... She was overwhelmed with what she found out today. Thousands of emotions filled her heart and words... Well, they deserted her... Her mind was numb with happiness and all she wanted was to hold him in her arms and never let go...

The song came to end but she remained there on the floor for a while, lost in the dream of being with him... Her eyes fell on the necklace and wiping her happy tears she got up again to probe further in his heart...

" BAN ! Bas total ban lag jaana chahiye same colour dresses par. Ek to ghar jaane se bhi manaa kar diya gabbar ne upar se main hint dene ki koshish kar raha hu aur sab gadbad ho gaya. Kya zarurat thi Niki ko same colour ki dress pehan kar aane ki. Aur yeh Ridhhima. She thinks main aur Niki ! Noo way yaar ! Ridhhima it's you ! Only you. "

She laughed reading it, imagining his face. How silly she was, she totally misunderstood those three hints ! " awww, koi baat nahi shona. I know now. It was, is and will be, always me. Just like you are for me. Bas ab mujhe yeh bata do ki main tumhe kab tak hints du mere bholenath ! "

" Bas ab bahut ho gaya. No more hints ab jo hoga aamne saamne hoga. I'll tell her straight away ki I love her. Kal birthday par I'll get my bestest present ever.. Ghar nahi jaane diya to kya hua, I've made all arrangements on the terrace. Patting myself.. Well done Armaan "

She sighed, how can she forget that day... The party in the hospital's conference hall and did he said that he'd planned dinner on the terrace ! " Armaan tum bhi naa " she wondered if he'd been successful that day what would've happened...

The day rolled by before her eyes... The most beautiful and tasty breakfast she'd ever had... Though it was his birthday, it felt like the day was spl for her and things would have been different, lot different, if they would have gone as they were planned... But then isn't it said that all happens for the best... If she would have told him about Vivek then, then may be she would have lost him forever... She shuddered remembering how unwell he was after that party... What a workoholic he was and still is. Agar wo dhyan na rakhe to bass !

" What a shock it was ! Main yahan itna pareshaan ho raha tha ki Ridhhima ko kaise bataun, kaise use apne paas laun aur yahaan mere smart dad already sab tayar karke baithe hain.. Gosh I can't forget the look on his face when I said yes for marriage... Best decision by dad and I just love Shanky uncle... Magar Kya yaar, Ridhhima gussa ho gayi hai us party ke chakkar main.. I have to do something agar shaadi se pehle hi naraz ho gayi to baad main kya hoga.. Huh don't worry mere super never failing Malik charm kab kaam aayenge. Ab dekhta hun wo mujhse kaise gussa rehti hai "

" Shanky ! Yeh Armaan bhi naa..." Shaking her head she continued. Each and every page felt like a day lived again, a memory captured in words forever...

" Aaj Ridhhima ghar aayi to aisa laga ki bas ab use jaane hi naa duun, wo bachpan ki saari yaad taaza ho gayi... Aur wo to aaj bhi waisi hi hai waise hi masoom ,bholi magar pehle se bhi kahin jyada khoobsurat... Ab us din ka intezar nahi hota jab wo hamesha ke liye yahan hogi mere paas ,meri baahon main..."

She smiled at this, his longing .. His love clear in these words...

" She knocked off my breath today.. Can anyone.. Infact how can anyone look more beautiful everyday ? She looked so gorgeous in that saree today ! I never imagined that anyone could look so gorgeous out of the world in that. I had a hard time trying to control myself and not to stare at her all the time ! "

She blushed reading it... But continued, and now her cheeks were hurting a little with that big smile which refused to leave her face...

" But that bloody Modi, how dare he touch her, agar Ridhhima ka dhyan nahi hota to I'd have killed him then and there... Bloody cheater "

She shook her head exhaling, thank God things are better now, agar yeh Abhimanyu ne dekh liya to bas ho gaya kaam...

" Huuh bas Anjie ki shaadi tak ki baat hai, aur utna hi time reh gaya hai mere paas Ridhhima ko shaadi ke liye manane ke liye... Brace yourself Armaan. You can do it... Pata nahi kab tak rok paunga khud ko..."

Her heart thumped at the thought of reading next pages ,knowing well what happened after that...

" Finally Padma mom ,Shanky uncle ne Ridhhima ko bata hi diya.. Kitna khush tha main, mera sapna pura hone ja raha tha... Mera pyar mujhe milne waala tha... Haan tha... Kitna galt tha main... Apni khushi main main yeh bhuul hi gaya ki ek rishta do logo se banta aur main.. Sirf apne baare main sochta raha.. Apni feelings ke baare main sochta raha, ek baar bhi yeh nahi socha ki uski naa ke peechhe, shaadi ko taalne ke peeche koi aur wajah bhi ho sakti hai.. Koi aur bhi ho sakta hai, Magar bahut mushkil hai khud ko samjhana... Bahut mushkil... Kya kya nahi soch daala maine aur ab... Sab kuch bikhar gaya... She loves someone else... Kitna khushnaseeb hai wo jise duniya ke sabse pyaare insaan ka saath, uska pyaar mila..."

" Nahi Armaan, khushkismat wo nahi main hun.. Kyunki mujhe tum mile " at that moment she wanted nothing but to take away all his pain, how broken he must've felt...

" Dil par pathar rakh kar Ridhhima se waada to kar aaya ki main uski madad karunga magar kya itni himmat jutaa paunga ? usko kisi aur ke saath, kisi aur ka hote dekh paunga ?..."

A tear rolled down from her eye,, how much it would've hurt him.. And still he kept that smile before everyone, for her sake... How can anyone be so nice ? can anyone love someone so much..." Yes, and that's only one, Armaan... My Armaan..."

" Rohan se mila aaj. Socha nahi tha ki aisa bhi kuch hoga. Pata nahi is baat se mujhe khush hona chahiye ya naraaz.. Vivek, aur itna bada jhuut.. Ridhhima se kya kahunga ?Wo to tuut jayegi, kitna vishwas hai use Vivek par, uske pyaar par,kaise sambhalunga use..? Magar kuch to karna hoga naa ,main uski aankhon main aansoo nahi dekh sakta, Aur na hi use tuutne dunga.. Ab bas ek hi raasta hai... Jaanta hun isse main uske mann main apne liye sirf nafrat paida karunga magar yeh uske aansuon se behtar hi hoga.. Uski nafrat to main apne pyaar se ek din pyaar main badal dunga... Use itna pyaar dunga ki wo Vivek ko bhuul jayegi... Hamesha ke liye..."

Tears flowed again with smile on her lips... She hugged the diary " tum jeet gaye Armaan.. Tumne sach main mere gusse ko, nafrat ko pyaar main badal diya... I love you. Agar tum nahi hote to... Shayad aaj Ridhhima bhi zinda nahi hoti.. Thank you.. Thank you for everything..."

" Wo din bhi aa hi gaya, aaj Ridhhima ghar aa gayi, apne ghar, mere paas hamesha ke liye.. Lekin maine to shuruat hi gadbad kar di, but I don't know use pareshan karne main bahut mazaa aata hai. Main jaanta hun wo pareshan hai dukhi hai' aur is rishte se bilkul khush nahi hai... Magar mujhe sab kuch badalna hoga... Ab uski khushi meri zimmedari hai jise main har haal main nibhaunga... Uske chehre par hal pal muskurahat rakhunga chahe uske liye mujhe kuch bhi karna pade, kuch bhi sehna pade.. Uski nafrat bhi "

She didn't knew what to think even, he had sacrificed his happiness all for her sake... Bear all her anger, rude words everything just so that she can be happy... She felt ashamed of herself, how selfish she'd been...

" Ridhhima ko aaj bol diya ki wo jo chahe wo kar sakti hai Vivek ko dhundne ke liye magar darta hun ki kahin wo is chakkar main apna aur apno ka dil na dukha baithe... Mujhe ab aur dhyaan hoga "

" Bahut sahi waqt par ghar aa gaya agar aaj Ridhhima America chali jaati to bahut badi musibat ho jaati. Mujhe Vivek ko kehna hoga ki wo wahan se resign kar de. Mujhe Ridhhima ko underestimate nahi karna chahiye.. Magar hal pal to main us par nazar nahi rakh sakta, ab aur koi raasta nahi hai mere paas... mujhe uska hospital jaana rokna hoga. Huuh yeh kya kar raha hun main, jitna use apne paas laana chahta hun utna hi wo mujhse duur hoti dikh rahi hai..."

How could she forget the day when he very cleverly stopped her from going to the hospital, but then it all turned out for the best...

" Sab kuch galat ho raha hai. Sab.. Main apne gusse main bhuul gaya ki main kya kar raha hun... Kitna bada dhakka laga hoga Ridhhima ko.. Damn jiski aankhon main pyaar dekhna chahta hun usi ki aankhon main aansoo bhar diye.. Damn Armaan, what were you thinking ! Magar main kya karta, mere bardasht ki bhi had hai, maana wo mujhse naraaz hai nafrat karti hai magar kya main itna bura insaan hun... Aakhir yeh sab main usi ke liye hi to kar raha hun... Magar ab kya karu... Wo to yeh baat nahi jaanti naa.. Sab meri galti hai mujhe samajhna chahiye tha.."

Seeing the date she knew it was the day he almost forced himself on her, what a shock that was... And now that she thought of it, it wasn't all his fault. She really pushed him to the brink, testing his patience... But still he controlled himself, he never crossed the line. And, this was really turning point, she now felt that it was okay that, that happened it turned out to be the start of their beautiful relationship... Their friendship...

Again she found the passages she managed to read before... how she was rude to him... Each and every word poured out his pain and it hurt her even further... She vowed to make up for all that she'd done to him.. For all the pain she inflicted on him for all the times she hurt him...

" Aakhir Ridhhima ko manaa hi liya, usne mujhe maaf karke mere dil se ek bahut bada bojh utaar diya warna mujhe kahin chain nahi milta... Ab bas mujhe isi dosti ko pyaar main badalna hai... I'm so happy today, I promise ab main aisa koi kaam nahi karunga jisse use koi bhi takleef ho "
She smiled at these words.. He indeed kept his promise and Leo.. How can she forget their symbol of friendship. She then read how he decided to start trying telling jokes to make her smile, and he was quiet satisfied at his attempts...

" Yeh achanak Muski ko kya ho gaya hai... I know main kuch achha behave nahi kar raha but how can I tell her that I'm scared of holding Angel.. What if I did something wrong and hurt her... No no she's better away from me.."

Ridhhima chuckled at his innocent fears ,wiping her tears, she read further... It was about the Manali trip they had together and how happy he was to know that she didn't really loved Vivek. She wondered if she was the last one to know this... Was she so blind with her ego and stubborness that she refused to see her true love who was right before her eyes...

" Something has happened, jabse Manali se waapas aaye hain they are all changed, but the good thing... Holding Angel isn't so scary anymore and guess what ,I've changed thrice today.. In just an hour and no. that was not for Ridhhima.. It was our little Angel. I think bhai and Muski should get her checked, the child leaks so much ! "

She laughed out reading that... How scared he was of holding Angel. Thank god she came to know of it before it took any serious turn. It really hurt her to see the beautiful bond between him and Muski and Rahul get tarnished. She sighed, why can't he just say what he feels ? He always keeps all the pain within, " but no more Mr. Malik, now I'll see to it that you share everything with me... Ha like you can hide anything from me. You're the world's worst liar when it comes to you.."

The diary was indeed a window to his heart. She was amazed to see how much he didn't shared.. So many things he never said and she never bothered to understand... But not any more. A strong gush of wind fluttered the pages and her eyes fell on another day...

" Aaj jitna self control mujhe kabhi nahi karna pada... Ridhhima was in her swimwear and.. Need I say what I felt... She has the most perfect curves and when I took her into my arms all my focus was on not to think about the obvious. Damn ! I would've lost myself then and there and only god knows how badly I wanted to kiss her.. And do lot more... Huuhh and that is not enough she was right next to me, sleeping soundly and all I could do was just watch her... Kab khatam hongi yeh duuriyan ,kab ? "

She blushed, she knew what he was thinking that day... She saw that look in his eyes... She hid her face in her hands.. If she's feeling that way now, she could just imagine what he'd have felt then...

" kitna kuch badal gaya hai, ab hum dost hain... Ridhhima ne mere liye vrat rakha... Kitni sundar lag rahi thi, mujhe to darr lag raha tha ki kahin use meri hi nazar na lag jaaye.. Kitna khyaal rakhti hai wo mera aur jab typical wifey style main usne kaha ' Armaan apna dhyaan rakhna ' hayee ab kya kahun... I think agar blast main main bach gaya to it's all coz of her... Uske pyaar me hi meri jaan bachai warna..."

She exhaled thinking about the day, the news of his accident shook her from within... How scared she was... closing her eyes momentarily she tried to forget about that time when all sort of bad thoughts clouded her mind... Now that she thought of it may be Sapna was right, she didn't realise it but she was falling in love or was already in love with him at that time.. Only thing was she herself didn't realize it...

" If I thought I can divert her from Vivek then I'm now proved wrong... Today when she cried in my arms asking me to take her to him, worried that she was cheating on him I felt as if I'm the one who's responsible for all the pain she's going through... And to an extent it's true... Sach chhupa kar bhi to use dard hi de raha hun..."

She sat up bit straight... Knowing well that it was the time he decided to take her to Vivek...

" Soon we'll leave for Australia and still I couldn't say the words... Kash main yeh pehle keh paata... Kuch baatein usse share kar paata ki what I want... All I want is... To say, to confess... For so long I wanted to share my dreams with her, my love with her and if I had the chance I'd have long before said this to her..."

She read on...

" Ridhhima, I love you. I know you'll find it hard to believe me if I tell you now how much you mean to me. In the beginning I could hardly understand what I felt for you, knowing how to endure those long sleepless nights just thinking only of you. I've never been like this before. I just don't know how to pour out my feelings for you. I wanted to find the perfect words to make you realize how much I need you and love you, but words continue to elude me, what would they be ? Something poetic ? Musical ? I'm sure it should be heartfelt and out of the ordinary... I'm afraid it's no use, every time I look at you, the words come out the same' I love you..." she turned the page

" I keep thinking about the future, about life and what I want out of it. I keep thinking about us and what this relationship means to me. I keep thinking about these things and I realize they go hand in hand. I want you to know that this relationship is my future; it's what I want out of life. I want to grow old with you. I want to experience this crazy love forever and ever, and I really think I'm going to get to, yes, I'm never going to give up..."

She smiled at this, knowing perfectly well that he indeed never give up...

" you know what, I want to see you walk around in the house in a big t-shirt with your hair down and catch me staring at how gorgeous you are. I want you to pull the covers off me at night and then I have to get even closer, if it's possible, to you, to keep warm. I want to see you laugh like crazy at me when I do stupid stuff and crack super PJ's. I want you to rub vicks on my nose when I spend too much time out in the cold.. I want to have kids with you and go through the experiences of parenthood with you. I want to see you and me chasing our kids around the house, all of us laughing our heads off and having fun."

For a moment she felt as if she actually saw a glimpse of this beautiful dream with wide open eyes, with him and her and.. The kids...

" I want to hold you when you cry, though i'll never let you in the first place, and smile with you when you smile. I want to fall asleep every night with you in my arms. I want you to fall asleep on my chest listening to the beat of my heart and know it beats only for you. I want you to be the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see when I go to sleep. I want to see your bad morning hair; I think it will be so cute... I want to sit on the beach with you and watch the sun set, and I want all the people who pass us to envy the love that we obviously have for each other..."

Her eyes brimmed with tears of happiness, wishing that she had a magic wand or something that she could just wave and fulfill all his dreams and wishes in one go. Right now. She read again, tracing those words with her fingers, smiling through misty eyes

" I want to hold your hand for the rest of my life... I want to spend all night, and maybe the next day, making love to you with an undying passion. I want to be thirty years old and still make out with you like a little schoolboy."

She blushed badly reading it, all her fantasies came before her eyes, all those dreams where she was with him ,now danced before her eyes.. She shook herself lightly before she completely lost herself to them

" I want to cook a meal with you, totally ruin it and end up doing take out."

she chuckled at this " I'll never allow you in the kitchen mister, let alone cook ! "

" I want to sit there talking to you for hours about nothing at all but in the same time everything or maybe we won't talk at all and just grin at each other realizing how lucky we are. I want you to get mad at me for doing something stupid, and I want you to burst out laughing when you try to yell at me. I want to lay with you in front of a fireplace and keep the heat going long after the fire goes out. I want to take trips with you to places we've never been and experience them together. I want us to go skinny-dipping in the pool and streak back to our hotel room waking everyone up because we're laughing so hard ! I want us to go and pick out the hot tub we want with the biggest grins on our faces the whole time. I want the sales rep to get embarrassed when we sit in them and make sure we have enough room to do the things we want to do. I want to hold your hand and let you scream at me while you bring our child into this world. I want our friends to come over and get totally jealous because they don't share a love like we do... I want to be walking into a store with you and trip and fall on my face and turn around to see you rolling on the ground laughing at me... I want us to run outside in the rain and act like total kids getting completely soaked, and when we come back in, stripping down to nothing, as we stumble into the bedroom, or the kitchen counter, or the balcony, or the table, or an office desk, or the shower, which ever one we feel like at the time..." heat rose to her cheeks.. With her heartbeat crossing the danger mark...

" I want it to take your breath away every time I say, "I love you" because you know it's coming from the heart. I want us to be sitting there watching our child take his/her first steps from my arms into yours. I want us to sit down with a box of strawberries, a bottle of chocolate syrup and a thing of mint chocolate ice cream; well, I'll let your imagination finish that one. I want to love you and be with you for at least forever if not a little longer. I couldn't really express in words what I'm feeling right now so I decided to share with you SOME of the images and thoughts that have been running through my head..."

Her eyes again brimmed with ter of happiness... These dreams, they were just beautiful.. What a life it will be.. With him, them.. Together...

" I just want you to know that I had never found someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with until I met you. I really am crazy about you, everything about you. Until I met you I didn't knew what it was like to smile for no reason.. Now, all I want is... You... Can you plz. spend eternity with me..."

She nodded a yes, as if he was there asking the question himself. Was there more beautiful confession than this one ? No, there wasn't. She saw... lived.. His each and every word.

" I sometimes wonder if she know how special she is.. I wonder if she know how precious she is to me... I wonder if she know how lucky I am to have her in my life... I love her so much... All I want is to have her with me..."

Tears of happiness and love just refused to stop...

" I don't know ki aage kya hoga.. Bas ek baat jaanta hun ki main use khona nahi chahta.. Magar apne aap ko Ridhhima par thopna bhi nahi chahta... But still I want her to know... want to tell that the love I have for her is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that she have become a part of my life, and I can't wait for the day that we can join our lives together. I want to lie next to her at night and fall asleep in her arms. I want to wake to her beautiful smile. I want to share in her joys and sorrows. I want to be her everything, because she is everything to me "

" You are everything for me too Armaan... My life. My heart. My.. everything..." teary eyed she traced those words, which poured endless love for her

" It had been a long time since we met. I can't believe how long I've been loving her and how long I contained my love. The look of her eyes and that smile that she gave me, melted my heart away. Those smooth cheeks she has, oh, I wished I could've given her a kiss right away. As soon as I see her face, my knees go weak, my heart throbs hoping to feel her around me...

I just loved the way she looked at me the other day. I couldn't talk, my mouth felt numb and I stuttered. I wished I had the courage to do so 'cause she's the most beautiful angel I have ever seen. Maybe God closed my eyes to other girls except her. I want to tell her that I've been waiting for you for all this while. I just don't have the courage to tell her now what I feel..."

She sighed, it was so true the mighty Armaan Malik goes all tongue tied before her..

" May be when i'll be able to talk with her about what I feel then I would say Thanks for the smile she gave me. I really felt so lightened inside that I melted. I could say nothing but wanted to ... I just stare at your natural beauty and wish we could go out together one day and we could have our nights by the bay and that I could pour out my feelings to her. And sometimes I think that even if she don't love me, I'll always wait for her and no matter what, she's in my heart... no matter what happens. I hope I'll be able to hold her in my arms and tell her that I love her. That's all I need from her. I love you Ridhhima and that's a promise "

" I know Armaan.. I know.. I love you " she softly kissed those lines

" You know Ridhhima sometimes I feel lost and out of touch, but when you're there, I feel safe. Your voice soothes me. I could sit here and try to tell you just how I feel, but I can't find the words other than that I am ecstatic we met and have gotten together after all we've gone through... I promise to always love you and always hold you in my heart. I will always be here for you when you need me, and I will love you no matter what life brings us. You are my soul mate, and I vow to love you all eternity..."

She nodded ,eyes brimming with tears of joy, as if he was right there before her saying these words to her

" Always remember the good times we've had and how we bring out the best in each other. Stay in love, babe, and keep that tender, sweet smile on your face. Know that I will love you forever... I wanted to put into words my feelings in the hopes that although you may never see the words in writing you would still know that I care deeply for you, I feel that given the chance this could turn into more, but I guess that will depend on you and how you feel about me..."

Smiling through her tears she turned the page...

" I can't pinpoint what exactly it is that makes me feel that Ridhhima do have some feelings towards me. Maybe it's due to the way that when I talk to her, how she now nearly always look me in the eyes; she laughs at all my jokes no matter how pathetic they are... I just love when she cares for me, it feels that I matter to her... And when she does that magical head massage of hers... Unexplainable.."

She smiled knowing well that she has a magic that works perfectly on him...

" I wish I could vocalize my feelings to her but my fear prohibits me so much I think that by the time I finally gain the courage, she'll be with someone else and my very being shudder at this thought. My biggest fear is that I would tell her and I would see a look of fear or horror on her face... that would break me..."

" Nahi Armaan, ek baar keh kar to dekho main kabse taras rahi hun yeh sunne ke liye..."

" I wish I could tell her how every time she gets late in picking up the phone I fear that I will never see her again or hear from her... It just scares the hell out me, even to think that I might lose her..."

" You'll never loose me Armaan. Never. How should I tell you jaan that when I see you sometimes and you look down pretending that there's nothing wrong, I still can feel what's going on in your heart. I wish you would open up to me and let me in to your life. I know it wouldn't be easy but I still believe that I could be good for you, I offer you my heart and soul... Plz come to me Armaan, I can't live like this any more ,so near yet so far away from you " turning the page she read further

" Sometimes when I think about it, I fear that this will not turn out the way I hope.. What if Vivek leaves his wife and comes back ? What if Ridhhima accepts him ? I shudder at this thought and I pray that it does not happens, though I know that Ridhhima would do no such thing but still I fear what if she does.. What if she thinks no more of me than a very good friend ? How should I tell her that I long for much more..."

" Jab jaante ho ki main aisa kuch nahi karungi to itna darte kis baat se ho.. Bol kyun nahi dete.." she said exasperated...

" And as I said before, she may never know the true extent of my feelings although I imagine she have some suspicions... I hope that if I can muster the courage to tell her how I feel, that whatever her feelings, it will turn out to be okay and that at the very least we can be good friends, but I really long for so much more..."

" Me too Armaan.. Me too "

" Yesterday when I was daydreaming about her, yes again... And was shaken out of it... I experienced one of the most beautiful feeling... You know what... When you look at your love only to find her already staring at you..."

She smiled lovingly at this, how she longed to tell him that she just could not move her eyes away from him...

" It has been months since I've met her, and every day I fall in love with her over and over again. Everything about her is so beautiful to me. her smile, her eyes, her lips'there isn't a thing I don't like about her. Every day as I see her my heart gets so out of control so much that sometimes I can't even look up. I know she's just so wonderful and set my heart on fire with just a glance. My heart skips a beat when she walks by, how her very presence makes my insides feel out of place. Sometimes I wish I could just jump out of my seat and run into her arms. I don't know how she feels for me, but I know how I feel for her. I really just want to see her happy, even if the person she wants to be with turns out not to be me... Hard. Very hard it would be indeed, but true love is about the other person, it's not about yourself. I am willing to let her go where she wants, but I hope that eventually she choose me..."

" Silly, budhhu.. moron... Main kahin jaa sakti hun tumhe chhod kar. Tumne socha bhi kaise yeh.." she shouted at the diary

She was still thinking, wondering about what she read when her thoughts were inturrupted by a persistant knock on the door. looking at the clock she stood up immediately, sitting with the diary she lost the track of time and it was now noon. She'd spent hours in the room and still the diary was unfinished ispite of her skipping few pages in between which she found carried nothing important...

" Hey bhagwan main to bhuul hi gayi..." rushing to door she opened it ,to find a worried Muski. It took her some time to explain that she was busy with an imporatnt case file... Which thankfully she bought, asking her to join for lunch...

All the while during lunch Ridhhima kept thinking about the diary, his words... His fear that she might not love him... He was never vocal when it came to his feelings and there was so much she still have to know about him... suddenly she had this urge to see him. Badly.. She missed him terribly and longed to hear his voice...

" Arre Riddhi, kahan ja rahi hai ? Khana to kha le " Muski asked as she saw Ridhhima suddenly getting up from the table

" uh wo bhabhi, main bas abhi aati hun. Ek bahut Important call karni hai "

" ohh I see important call huh. Theek hai jaa, waise I'm sure Armaan ne khana kha liya hoga but it's okay it's always good to keep an eye.." Muski smiled at her

Ridhhima was surprised for a moment but then giving a quick hug and peck on Muski's cheek she rushed to the room. Throwing herself on the bed she quickly grabbed the phone but then stopped... To control her heartbeat, and suddenly she felt shy, very shy... " Ridhhima you haven't finished half of that diary and look at you what will happen by the time you finish it ?! And this is just the first, what about the other..." she thought, diary still had loads.. She wanted to go through with everything in one go ... Which now seemed difficult as Muski was back and wouldn't let her alone, she was already fussing on her being in the room for so long and tiring herself. Little did she knew that she was having a rendezvous with her life...

On the other hand Armaan couldn't concentrate on his work, everytime Rohan and Ridhhima's face floated before his eyes. For the past two three days he'd observed that Ridhhima was bit distant from him. Everytime he looked for the opportunity to talk to her she was either busy with some work, Rohan's work, or with Rohan. With that thought his heart started racing... what if he was too late. Rohan, though looked carefree but Armaan knew him well, the man was stubborn, hell lot determined and stopped at nothing... Under that layer of funny, flirtatious Rohan was a focussed man who, unlike him, won't waste a single minute to express what he felt. And he'd already told him that he'd definitely go for Ridhhima, he must have seen that we are still not truly husband wife

" what the heck ! we'd, rather 'I'd' not even told her what I feel for her, let alone know about her feelings." He banged his fist on the table, it felt as if Ridhhima was slipping away from his hands like sand in the hour glass... And what after all that Rohan said to him this morning on the way...


He knew that Rohan was hiding something from him, he had very strong feeling about that and now he could contain himself no longer " so. I see that you've teamed up with Ridhhima huh " he tried to be casual thankful that he couldn't hear his heart thumping

Rohan laughed " yeah, she's my best buddy now " he winked " buddies ! " Armaan thought " best buddies already ?! it took me months and he's here for hardly a week ! I have to ask him directly now "

His grip on the wheel tightened " so, what's going on. I know you're hiding something from me. What's it ? "

The question wiped away the smile from Rohan's face. He fell quiet for a moment, Armaan waited for him to speak up. Finally after a moment he spoke up " Armaan you know me well, I can hardly hide anything from you. I.. I'm trying to get something which I imagined I would ever go after or want to have.. And I kept it from you coz I know what you feel about it.. And I know you would hate me when you come to know of it.."

" What ?! Hate you ! Cmmon man, how can you say so ? atleast tell me "

" I know Armaan. I just know and plz don't force me to tell you right now, until I'm sure of it I don't want to tell anyone. I know this sound crazy but I want to do this myself. Plz "

Armaan didn't knew what to say, looking ahead he just exhaled a sigh " and Ridhhima. Is she anyway connected ? you talk to her all the time " he asked the most scary question which was haunting him for so long

" She's very much connected. Basically she would be the reason behind my success, being the neutral party... Actually you were right about her, she's really an understanding person, so level headed and.. Practical. All I can say is that without her it's going to be impossible." a faint smile came on Rohan's face, it was enough to make Armaan's heart sink a little more " but for now the things are at beginners level and thanks to Shashank sir, I'm getting all the opportunities I can ask for and this time I'm not going to miss " he said with a confident tone

Armaan didn't knew what to think of, what was he talking about. Is it really about Ridhhima ? No it can't be.. They couldn't have said or told anything to Shanky dad. He was just wondering when Rohan spoke again " and that reminds me have you told her everything about Vivek and that meeting ? "

" Did she said anything to you ? " he asked eyes fixed on the road ahead

" No. She didn't bothered to continue or even talk about it. But I don't think she'll forget, there are things which she has the right to know " he hid the fact that he'd told her about the meeting being planned

" Don't worry about it. She's over that Vivek thing. She never ever loved him anyway "

" Yeah and that's great. A relief, he didn't deserve her. She can now think of her future, her life with the one who loves her and the one she loves " Armaan didn't said a word for the fear he might hear something which he didn't wanted to, Rohan spoke after a pause " and man, if everything goes well then I might have something to tell you too but whenever that time comes I want you to remember that I'm your friend and I had no other option. It was all for the best "


Rohan got off the car and left him with hundreds of questions swarming in his mind. " no this can't be about Ridhhima and even if it is, I know Ridhhima doesn't love Rohan.. She can't leave me.. Can she ? " his thoughts were broken with the sound of his cell phone. A broad smile came to his lips when he saw the name of the caller...

" Hey Ridhhima " he leaned back on the chair, merely hearing her voice brought a kind of peace , comfort to his heart and mind. Everything else seemed insignificant, she isn't going anywhere. She's right here and will be.

" Armaan, can you come little early today ? "

" Early ? What happened Ridhhima ? Sab teek hai naa ? " he sat up worried.

" haan baba sab theek hai, main bas aaj bore ho rahi thi to.. Aur waise pata hai aaj main tumhe tumhari saare favourite dishes khilane waali hun " she said happily

" Really ! What's the occasion ? " he asked relieved that everything was okay

" Bas hai kuch. Bas yeh samajh lo ke aaj main bahut khush hun. Ab don't waste time. I'm waiting okay. Jaldi aana bye " it was getting difficult for her to speak anything more, she just wanted to see him, hold him if possible... He smiled looking at the phone and calling it a day rushed out. Wifey wanted him.

She danced around on the song preparing all his favourite dishes. She'd by this time had sung, hummed the song thousand times and still wanted to go on. Even Muski wondered what got into her. She'd kept the diary and things back ,it still had so much to go through but it wasn't possible to finish it in a day, so deciding to continue later she got busy with other things... She had the perfect idea to give him a solid clue may be this would hurry things up... Smiling and blushing at the thought she hurried up with the things...

Armaan rushed inside and almost collided with Muski on her way out " arrre Armaann, kya kar raha hai bachhe. Kahan bhaga ja raha hai ? And wait a minute, aaj itni jaldi kaise huh ? " She raised her brows

" Wo muski yaar, wo bas aise hi.. Aaj kuch jyada kaam nahi tha to.." he took Angel from her smiling sheepishly hiding his blush...

" Haan haan biwi ka bulawa ho to saare kaam chhod kar bhi aana padta hai. Cmmon Angel ko mujhe do I'm taking her for a walk aur jaa, even she's behaving strange today. Tum bachhe bhi naa bas " she shook her head, Armaan just grinned and giving a quick peck to Angel rushed inside

He found her in the hall, putting in some flowers in the vase. He came from behind quietly and for a moment just stood there, he wanted to wrap his arms around her but... Then grinning widely with a naughty thought he tip toed to her...

" Hey Ridimbaa " he shouted near her ear, startling her badly

She turned only to find him laughing badly " Armaannn, you just wait. " and with that they both ran around in the hall with Armaan trying to save himself and she looking for an oppertunity to hit him to get even for scaring her...

Suddenly, her foot got entangled with the carpet corner and she was about to fall face down when she found someone holding him, the otherwise hard fall became the wish fulfillment. Her heart knew that touch..

Both of them remained there, none wanted to leave the other. Armaan couldn't have asked for a better evening, Ridhhima lay on top of him with her head resting on his chest, he could feel her breathing shortly coz of running around, his hands wrapped around her waist holding her tightly, he was lost inhaling her sweet fragrance... Praying for the time to stop right there... Forever..

Things were pretty much same the other side, she rested her head on his firm chest and got what she was longing for so long.. To be in his arms, she could hear his heart beat and never felt so contented ever than she was feeling now... Her hands holding his shirt, arms securing her ,sheilding her from everything... she wanted to stay there like this forever...

But someone who was very jealous inturrupted their moment... Leo's sharp bark broke their trance. Realising where and in what position they were she got up quickly, blushing badly she tried to hide it or he'd not leave the chance to tease her...

" Dekha, abhi main gir jaati " she got up brushing her clothes " tum kabhi nahi sudhroge, hai naa " Armaan who was now standing there grinning shook his head in no

" Tum giri to nahi naa, aur waise bhi mere hote hue tumhe kuch ho sakta hai ? " she looked at him, a soft smile on her lips. How true it was... She knew he won't let anything happen to her, in anyway." hello madam. " he snapped his fingers " kahan kho gayi ? Waise someone told me ki aaj mera favourite khana ban raha hai. I'm dying of hunger now "

She came out of her reverie " tum jaa kar fresh to ho jao main abhi khana lagwa deti hun " suddenly something came to him " waise Rohan kahan hai ? Isn't he joining us " though he didn't wanted him to

" Pata nahi. Keh raha tha kuch kaam se jaa raha hun daer ho jayegi. " Armaan took up a glass of water feeling happy at his absence, Riddhima suddenly remembered something and knowingly started singing the song from the CD

Armaan almost choked himself and coughed badly. Ridhhima rushed to him and rubbed his back " Armaan tum bhi naa, araam se nahi pi sakte the ? "

" Tum ..cough cough.. Yeh gaana ? "

Bingo ! She thought happily so he noticed, good work Ridhhima but tried to be casual " yeh song ? Achha hai naa, waise you know " se looked into his eyes " I just 'love' it " Armaan forgot to breathe in, his mouth fell open in surprise and he just stared at her " kya hua ? Aise kya dekh rahe ho ? Ab bhuuk nahi lag rahi ? "

He quickly recovered from the shock, she loved the song, for some weird reason this made him veerry happy " uh, actually it is a nice song." it can be general comment too he thought, she might have heard it from somewhere, brushing away the thoughts he turned to her " I'm very tired, I think I need a push " he turned around pointing to his back, she laughed shaking her head and pushed him. He felt like he was on seventh heaven. No Rohan, just him and her. May be he was worrying for nothing... Today he's going to tell her everything. No more wait...

Changing quickly he came downstairs and... His face fell immediately. Rohan was there. With everyone else. Ridhhima looked up and found him standing on the stairs with a big frown on his face. She knew well why ? But what could she do ? She decided she'll make it up to him with an extra loving head message tonight.

The dinner somehow passed, Rohan's meeting got over little early and not willing to miss Ridhhima's cooking he rushed back. Armaan felt like stabbing this haddi with the fork in his hand but he somehow controlled himself. As if this wasn't enough they were dragged by bollywood worshipping Muski to have some family time... In other words to give her company in watching a movie...

" Hey Ridhhima, what are you gyus watching ? " asked Rohan who joined them a while later

" It's a new bollywood movie, I think you'll love it. It's I hate love storys " she replied

" Really, is it a tragic love story ? "

" No silly, it's a lovely romantic movie. Just keep quiet and watch " Muski butted in, thankfully half the time went away without any more fight or argument

" You call this a movie. It's not even remotely romantic " Ridhhima rolled her eyes " really I am telling the truth. You want to hear a real romantic story, it's gonna fail Romeo and juliet "

All got bit interested " Really ! Tell me then " Ridhhima asked

" A pig fell in love with a hen and they kissed.." she raised her brow " but the poor pig died of birdflu and hen died of swine flu.. Isn't it tragic ? But what a love story " he made a sad face. Ridhhima for a moment just stared at his face and then laughed out loudly with the rest. Armaan was all green seeing this, not wanting to loose to Rohan he jumped in.

" Why don't you leave us in peace for few minutes. I know you don't like hindi movies. And stop your PJ's "

" Hey Armaan, what's this, you look kind of green. Are you turning into little Mr.J.." He grinned ,Armaan glared at him " okay you are not the only one who can crack jokes and guess what I'll win this time. From you. Yesss ! Okay I'll leave now, have lot of work to do tomorrow." Leaving Armaan there rooted and shocked Rohan went away... Another day, another opportunity gone away... " stupid Rohan, spoiled all my mood ! " he sank in his chair making a face

As the movie went on a scene gave her an idea for another hint " waao that's a beautiful necklace, hai na bhabhi. This mother in law must really love her bahu "

Muskaan chuckled " it's a tradition Ridhhi, even I got one from mom. I'll show you tomorrow okay. And what about you, didn't Armaan.."

Alarmed at where the conversation was turning Armaan dropped in " yaar agar tum dono ko aise hi baat karte rehna hai to I'll leave. Phir akele baith kar dekh lena " Ridhhima didn't wanted him to go so quickly fell quiet, but she knew she was right on target, the necklace thing worked... The only thing that bothered her was that why he didn't gave it to her yet ?..

By the time the movie got over they were just too tired and sleepy. Armaan was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, clearing away any chances of heart to heart talk. And If she thought that things would settle down a bit and she'll get the opportunity the next day then how wrong she was...

" Surprise..!! " came a loud squeal startling her, turning she found a girl standing on the doorsteps with a big smile and an equally large bag behind her. Infact bags.

Rahul stood up recovering from the shock first " heeyy Sammyy ! Wao what a surprise ?! " he went to her giving a welcome hug

" Sammy !! " Armaan who came down from the room was next in the row and she was welcomed with even tighter hug and an even louder squeal

" Rohan's sister. good buddies since collage " Muskaan whispered with a smile to surprised and obviously jealous Ridhhima...

" Yeah she's Ridhhima." He said smiling to Sammy who obviously asked about her

" Hey Ridhhima, I'm Samaira, Sammy for short " she hugged her lovingly

Ridhhima who was burning just a moment ago now reasoned with herself " What am I thinking of ! This is Rohan's sister, just good friends. Friends sister that's it." but another voice spoke up " we are talking about a girl-friend Ridhhima. Did you see how she was clingling to Armaan, do you think hitting her with this flower vase will bring her to the senses ? " More dangerous thoughts crossed her mind, and she really found some worth trying...

Her thoughts were broken with Rohan's voice " Sammy ?! Is it you ? " both brother and sister hugged each other " waao what a surprise ! I thought you said you were busy "

" Yeah, but thought you needed me here more " but Rohan quietened her ,she understood and turned to Armaan " hey Armaan it has been so long there's so much I want to tell you and know... But if you remember you promised that whenever I come to India you'll show me around. So you better keep your promise. I'm sure Ridhhima won't mind. Right " she said hitting him playfully, but the wink she gave him didn't go unnoticed by Ridhhima and she was ready for some kill. She was so openly flirting with him ! But all she could do was smile with gritted teeth

" Yeah sure, I remember it perfectly " he smiled

" Yeah it'll be nice why don't we all go " Ridhhima interjected, she couldn't bear the idea of this new intruder with him and by the way she was going she really disliked her clinging on to him so much..

" No yaar Ridhhima, don't forget we've so much work to do. Let her go with Armaan. You're coming with me "

 Ridhhima's face fell and so did Armaan's. They both were now suffering from haddi's in their kabab's...huuuh life's so unfair...

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                        Taming The Wild

                        My Silly Husband

Recap:- Ridhhima reads Armaan's diary. Armaan feels insecure about Ridhhima, irritated at Rohan for being too near her... And Sammy- Rohan's sister arrives. Ridhhima's haddi.

Sammy came in smiling clad in a blue t-shirt and black shorts, bestowed with natural beauty and noticeable curves anyone could've, men basically, turned twice or stared at her for more than required time. It would have hardly mattered to Ridhhima, if, this didn't have happened...

" Hey uncle good morning " smiling at Virendra, who wished her back smiling " hey handsome, where's the date today huh ? " she asked BP winking at him

" Oh you know, my usual favourite " BP played along

" Who's usual favourite ? " Armaan asked joining in

" You, my sweetheart, My usual favourite " he just shook his head smiling broadly " You know just yesterday I was remembering our good old days and what came to my mind " she took his hand and swirled dancing humming

" you can count on me,

like one two three, I'll be there

and know when I need it

I can count on you like four three two

And you'll be there

coz that's what friends are supposed to do " ( count on me by bruno mars listen to it it's lovelySmile)

both laughed and when she stopped singing, gave a peck on his cheek. Flaring someone's anger to the bursting point. The swirling and dancing, though stupid, was tolerable but what was the bloody need of that kiss. Fine ! a peck, but why ?! Can't she get this thing straight. He's mine ! He's my Armaan you bi..."

Her mind which was reeling with anger and swear words, came to present with BP's voice and found Sammy sitting next to Armaan, on her seat !, giving that stupid smile to her. " You know Ridhhima, you are very lucky, I so envy you. Maine bas thodi si daer kya ki you stole away my boyfriend.." She still had that irritating stupid grin. Ridhhima calculated ways of getting rid of her, wondering which poison will work best on her...

" Yeah, when we were in London, I really for once thought there was something going on " BP added. His words drained the colour out of her face, she was unaware of the grin and wink that he hid.

" Yes BP, agar yeh lazy bone thoda jaldi karti to shayad meri jaan is Hither se bach jaati " that added fuel to already burning Ridhhima's heart

" Armaann." Virendra glared at him

" Oh cmmon dad ! you know very well that there was nothing as such " knowing it was time for damage control " actually Ridhhima we were all together in collage and Sammy was our junior so we just used to hang out together. Rohan was so protective of this little kid here. That's it. " he explained and glared at BP who was grinning. He didn't wanted her to think otherwise and risk his chances, but it was kind of late. She was already furious...

" Well, actually he's right Ridhhima. Unfortunately " Sammy laughed along with BP and Virendra, who it looked, shared a joke, funny only to them. Though Ridhhima smiled yet Sammy's words did not convince her much. Was she trying to steal him away. No. Never ! She'll never let her do that, and Armaan. Kya zarurat thi uske saath aise dance karne ki. Itna chipakne ki ? aur kitna khush ho raha tha jab usne.." she turned, probably darkest shade of red thinking about it. Sammy ko to main dekh hi lungi pehle to Armaan ko batati hun...? Her thoughts were interrupted with a pat on her shoulder

" Hey Ridhhima " Rohan joined in " don't worry about this idiot, I'll marry you anytime . Anyday " he gave her a side hug and Ridhhima gave a challenging smile to the pair sitting opposite her. Armaan's smile faded ' why can't he keep his hands to himself ?!. He'd have said something but his cell rang up and he got up to get ready for the office. The topic was dropped, but not forgotten.

Standing before mirror his mind repeated Rohan's words.. ' I'll marry you anytime, anyday...' damn ! Why will he marry her ? she's already married. To me... But.. You can't claim her Armaan... But she likes me too... Yeah, exactly. Likes, but what about love ? don't you think they look cute together and even their names rhyme. Rohan Ridhhima. Rohan Ridhhima, Ro..' shhuutt uupp he shouted out only to realize that he was all alone. He let out a deep breath.. It was just imagination, just imagination. Repeating it he shook himself, trying to brush off those scary thoughts...

Ridhhima came in with a big frown on her face. Already she was furious at Sammy and then this Rohan ! One just could not trust him to do something right and straight forward in one go... It was then her eyes fell on the things in the room.. It was all cluttered and totally messed up, as if a hurricane passed through it. Soon she found 'the hurricane'... All dressed up for the office, Armaan was busy throwing away the sheets off the bed, obviously looking for something...

" Armaannn ! Yeh kya hai ? Stop it right now ! " startled by the loud voice, he stood up straight. She came up to him ,horrified seeing around the room " what is all this Armaan ?! Yeh kiya kya hai tumne ?? "

" Main.. Main wo.. Actually, kuch dhund raha tha " he said sheepishly, now that he looked around he saw what a mess he'd created. And not to forget, messed up with her mood too.. " kya dhund rahe the ? Aur aise ?! mujhe kyun nahi bataya ? Martin ya Maria ko bula lete, haalat dekhi hai tumne kya ki hai room ki ! " she said sternly and started picking up things " ab kuch bologe bhi ya aise hi khade rahoge ? Kya dhund rahe the ? " she turned to him, her patience running out. He deliberated for a moment " wo actually I lost.. The key.. To my locker.." with these words her anger faded a little, she knew he was asking for the key that she took away, she was disappointed, she wanted to read more of his diary but it seemed she had to wait for a while longer

Exhaling a sigh, she said " bas. Pehle nahi bol sakte the ? Wo actually kal tumhare kapdo main ek key mili to thi, maine wo sambhal kar rakh li, kal mauka hi nahi mila tumse puchne ka " reluctantly she gave him the key, and could see the relief that came over his face. ' it's okay Ridhhima some other day ' she consoled herself.

" Hey thanks. Main kabse isko dhund raha tha. " he secured the key and his eyes fell on her face " hey , kya hua tum abhi bhi naraz ho ? I'm sorry wo main dhund.."

" No it's okay. Main is wajah se nahi Rohan ki wajah se pareshan hun " sighing she started picking up things again " mujhe samajh nahi aata ki yeh kab samjhega ? Koi kitna samjhaye, kitni hints de ? Sab baatein muh se bolna to zaruri nahi hai naa, magar nahi. Mr. Rohan Kashyap needs everything not only spoken but written ! Huh " she blabbered on " ab main use kaise samjhaun ? He just acts so childish so.. so kiddish. Upar se kehta hai Ridz I'll do whatever you say, huh " Armaan all the while just kept on listening. It was already too much that Rohan was barging in, claiming all his time with her but now even she's worried for him... As far as he could make out she was annoyed that he wasn't saying something straight forward.. But.. Is it about that ?... " you just won't believe.. He takes everything so lightly, aisa thodi naa chalta hai..."

" Aur kya kaha usne.." she turned and found him standing with wrinkled forehead as if pondering hard on something, he ran a hand in his hair and her eyes then fell on something

" Armaan ! yeh tumhare hath main kya hua ? " she held his hand which had a small bandage near his wrist. Everything else forgotten

" Kuch nahi " he pulled his hand away " kal kaam karte hue dhyan nahi raha aur cutter lag gaya " he explained putting the files in his briefcase. The mood spoiled by her Rohan recital early in the morning.

" Dikhao, jyada to nahi lagi ? tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahi ? " she was worried, both by his injury and now by his sudden sullen mood.

" Itni bhi koi badi baat nahi hai Riddhima ,waise bhi tum itna busy rehti ho aajkal... tumhe fursat hi kahan hai, kaam se.. Rohan se " she froze hearing the words, he picked up his bag and with a brief look moved out of the room.

" So, that is the reason behind that frown " she thought " of course Ridhhima. Pichle kuch dino se tujhe Armaan ke baare main sochne ka mauka hi kahan mila hai.. Upar se you don't even get enough time to spend with him, he'll surely feel neglected... Aur wo bhi ab, when he needs you the most.. When you should be with him. He needs your love Ridhhima.. Don't waste time, tell him that he's the one. You love him " the voice in her mind said " yeah, it's time for some damage control " a smile then spread across her face as something struck her mind and giggling to herself she set out to implement the plan.

Niki was waiting for Abhi to finish his call and join her for lunch. She was brought back from her beautiful day dream to the real world with a tug of her hair. She turned around angrily only to find... No one !.. Surprised she was about to turn back when her eys fell on the 'tugger'. A broad smile spread on her face...

" Heeyy, so it was you who pulled my hair hmm " bending a little she asked a little boy, not more than 1-2 yrs old.. The child was not the least abashed and nodded with his ten teeth smile.. She chuckled at this darling little one " come here " she indicated the place next to her, but the little guy instead of taking place next to her on the couch climbed on to her lap. She was utterly surprised at this ,but then felt her heart warming up with an unexplainable feeling...

The child in her lap was busy checking out her necklace with a big pendent, totally comfortable in her arms, resting his head on her chest. She held the child lovingly and asked " so mister, where's mommy ? " she had to repeat the question twice and in answer just got a dismissive shrug. She laughed out and planted a soft kiss on his cheek ,totally floored by his cuteness. The child's eyes twinkled at the surprise gift.

Meanwhile Abhimanyu finished his call and found his wife busy with another 'man' who was now giving her a kiss. His lips curved into a soft smile, the scene before his eyes was just beautiful... Perfect... She looked so happy... so radiant... He sighed " So Mr. Abhimanyu, it seems you have competition " grinning to himself he approached the table

" Niki, I thought we're the only two for lunch. Who's this third party ? "

She shrugged and asked again " where's mommy sweetheart ? " the boy just copied her shrug making Abhi laugh and Niki gush at his cuteness. He bent down a little..

" Young man, I think you should know this " he lowered his voice a little saying conspicuously " she's mine " the child's expression changed from smiling to confused to a scowl. He looked around and picked up a small roll from the starters plate and threw it flat on Abhimanyu's face ! Wiping off his smug smile immediately...

Niki burst out laughing along with the baby. Poor Abhi could hardly do anything other than wipe his face, swallow his pride and scowl.. To his relief boy's mother soon found him, thanking and apologizing she took the child away " awww what a cute baby " Niki crooned

" Cute !? That was a miniature devil who just walked out of here " not happy at being served a roll, on the face ! " abhi yeh haal hai bada ho kar pata nahi kya karega, dekha nahi kaise chipka hua tha tumse "

" Just because he liked me more than you, doesn't make him a devil Abhi " she smiled wiping his face with a tissue paper, amused to see her silly husband getting jealous of a baby

" Now what are you smiling at huh !? I tell you Niki when we have kids it'll be a girl. No boys Pls. " he said as a matter of fact

Niki was surprised at the mention of the topic " Abhi... Kids.?? " her heart felt something strange ,something nice... Lately even she'd thought about it... Now that everything is okay between them, it was probably time to move on to the next level of their relationship. To go the family way... Even Abhi's mom had hinted her, many a times, that she'd like to have a child in the family.. Her grandchild. Her own mother was not far behind. But she couldn't approach him with this, though the idea of having Junior Abhi had really caught on her.. But she was just little apprehensive.. Until now...

" Well.." she came back from her thoughts " why not ? I won't mind having kids.. I mean we'll have them someday. Dad don't leave a chance to narrate what all he'd planned for his grandchild " he raised his brows, Niki's face fell hearing this ' so he doesn't want kids. Not now anyway ' she thought

" It's okay Abhi, we'll think about it later. We both should be really ready for this " she said putting aside her disappointment

" Hey ! No. Who said that I'm not ready now ? " her eyes shot up at him " Niki, I know what you're thinking, but trust me I'm all ready to be a dad... Infact I'd love to experience parenthood with you... Just yesterday when I was talking to dad I realized that it is.. Would be.. The most amazing feeling in the world... But I thought may be, you'd like to wait so.."

Niki was stunned with happiness " would " she couldn't believe it

" Yeah definitely. You see darling your husband isn't like those men who get cold feet about having kids. Besides I know I'm going to be just one hell of a dad and think of mom and dad, they will touch the ceiling, jumping with joy " she grinned imagining the scene. He brought her closer wrapping her into his arms, kissing her forehead lovingly. Niki was speechless " and I know you'll be a super mom.. but there's just one condition " she looked up, her smile wavering " it had to be a girl and no less than a dozen kids "

She arched her brows hearing it " Abhi, A dozen kids ?! Are you serious ! "

" Of course I am. And all Junior Nikis " he kissed her hand smiling broadly

" hah ! Mister what if I want junior Abhis "

" No way ! abhi dekha na tumne us little devil ko. No no ! I want sweet little Nikis around, bas "

" I can say the same thing too, that I want cute little junior Abhis " she kissed his nose

" No way ! I'm not falling for this. I want junior Niki and that's final." she opened her mouth to say something but he silenced her putting a finger on her lips " now that this is settled I think I should take the rest of the day off... We should get started immediately. What do you say ,huh " Niki blushed and hid herself in his chest... Her eyes already started seeing those beautiful images...

Earlier that morning...

Armaan was in a middle of some discussion when his cell buzzed up " hello " " hello, Mr. Malik " " kaun ? " he'd picked up the call without seeing who it was

" Wow, do ghante main bhuul bhi gaye ? Chalo main hi yaad dila deti hun, it's me Mr. Malik your 'wife' " the voice and reminder was a pleasant surprise " Ridhhima ? " he wasn't expecting her to call, he just came in the office " kya hua ? Sab theek hai na ? " realizing that there might be something

" Ohho, ab kya main tumhe call bhi nahi kar sakti ? " he smiled, relieved now " of course, tum jab chahe tab call kar sakti ho, ab bataogi ki baat kya hai ? "

" Mujhe lunch karna hai " came the answer " lunch ! Abhi !? It's hardly 10 o'clock ! "

" Offoh tum puri baat sune bina hi na bas shuru ho jaaya karo " he chuckled at her irritated reply " achha baba sorry, bolo " " mujhe aaj tumhare saath lunch karna hai. But at my favourite place okay. Aur haan main wo bimaro waala continental nahi khaungi isliye menu ka wo waala section dekhna bhi mat " she warned

He couldn't help laughing at this " Okay boss, no continental. Aur koi hukum ? " " I want to have ice cream after that " he chuckled again " aye aye madam " " good, now I'll see you at two. Don't be late okay "

" I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world " he said, meaning each and every word. It was after all days that they'd got the opportunity to spend some time together and he didn't wanted to miss it...

He waited impatiently for the clock to strike one ,so that he could leave office. He didn't wanted to be late for his unofficial date. His mind worked at double speed after her call and he spent rest of the time deciding what and how he would say what he felt for her... He wasn't going to waste a single minute now... He was lost in his thoughts when his cell vibrated again, his heart raced seeing the caller's name..

" Ridhhima ? " he picked up the call but was scared, wondering if she'd called to cancel their meeting.." hey Ridhhima " he greeted ,hiding his fear

" Hey Armaan..."

" Main bas abhi thodi daer main nikalne hi waala hun. I'll meet you outside Sanjeevani in an hour. Tum aa rahi ho naa.. " praying frantically for a yes..

" Of course main aa rahi hun " he breathed in, relieved " but..." he sat up again

" But what..? "

" We have to make some changes ,Rohan is coming with me "

" What ?! But.. But you didn't said anything about him before " he spluttered.. Damn this Rohan again !

" Haan main bas papa se baat kar hi rahi thi aur Rohan bhi wahan tha to maine socha ki saare ek saath lunch karte hain.. It'll be fun "...

" Fun ?! It'll be fun ?! For who ? " his voice rose a bit, what all he was thinking and.. And now it has all gone to the drains. Still fuming with anger he said in cold manner " it's fine Ridhhima, if you want to bring him along then what can I say... Tum ek kaam kyun nahi karti bring Sapna too, I'll ask Amit to join us. Let's have a real 'friendly lunch' "

" But.."

" I'll see you at two. Bye " he disconnected the call.

" Hey ho gayi baat ? " Rohan asked " I'm already hungry " Rohan ran a hand over his stomach

" You're always hungry Mr. Rohan Kashyap... Did you come from Somalia or something ? " Swati gave him a disapproving look

" Haha Somalia... That was funny, gosh your sense of humour is great " he laughed some more, Ridhhima hit her head mumbling 'jerk' and Swati just rolled her eyes...

Ridhhima was more worried about Armaan. She had planned and dreamed so much for this time together, this lunch ,which was supposed to be a private affair, but while she was asking for the permission to leave from Shashank ,Rohan came there and heard all about it. He instantly made plans of a group lunch inviting Swati too putting her in a fix...

God knows how much she tried to make Rohan change his mind but he's just one silly stubborn bull, he didn't got a clue.. Stupid ! Tabhi to abhi tak atka hua hai.. Kuch nahi pata ki kab kya karna hai.. And Swati, poor thing she said yes all coz of her. She could feel Armaan's changed manner when she spoke to him.. How could she explain the situation with Rohan and Swati sitting right before her. She was left with no choice, now their private lunch turned out to be a group affair... She sighed, the more she tried to spend time with him the more situations got adverse. Now The Armaan Malik will be all sullen and she'd have to work double hard... Already he's not so open about his feelings and what if he steps further back... The thought worried her.

On the other hand Armaan's relief which came on hearing that she's coming for the lunch was washed away with the news of Rohan accompanying her... This was just too much. He was intruding everywhere...

" Ridhhima, I thought it was just you and me " his anger and disappointment touched a new height today and thank god Rohan wasn't there before him. He just wanted her to cancel the lunch, didn't wanted the thIrd party between them and was really angry at her that she didn't waved him off... lost in his disappointed thoughts he heard a knock... and saw a smiling face peeping in...

They all sat together for lunch, Ridhhima totally missed the sarcasm in his remark and actually brought Sapna along... Armaan never hated his friend so much, he was competing against him for Ridhhima's love. How can he ? Even when he knows that he loves her... But then the feeling had to be mutual which he wasn't sure of and the way they both were behaving it was obvious that they had come close in a very short time... He fumed further when he saw him sitting between Ridhhima and that sweet girl Swati.. Whom he remembered he'd met before couldn't exactly recall where but was sure of it.. His confusion got solved when she cleared that he met her in Rohan's office in Germany, but now she'd left the company and had joined another.

If Armaan was sullen Ridhhima was no less furious.. He'd come with Sammy, arm in arm. She turned brightest shade of green when Sammy sat with him leaving her with no choice but to sit with Swati and Rohan. And Armaan, well he didn't seem to have any complain with the sitting arrangment.. So in a U shaped sitting area they sat in this order Ridhhima, Rohan, Swati, Sapna, Amit, Armaan and Sammy.. Who sat right opposite to her..

Ridhhima's hold on her fork became tighter as she saw Sammy laughing at something which Armaan whispered in her ear. And what's that ? Is she blushing !? Ggrrr she roared inwardly. What could he probably have said that made her blush ! Armaan Malik you are gone. But could hardly say anything as Rohan and others kept distracting her. The lunch went on and there was no change in the scenario. Ridhhima was pre-occupied with her thoughts, her glares had no effect on Armaan what so ever instead, she could see that he was ignoring her royally, she knew why but it wasn't exactly her fault. Didn't she tried her best, how can she explain all that to him with all of them around. But would he listen ? No. Men..! Huh.. And this Rohan ,why did he have to tail after her when he could've easily spend time with Swati.. Another silly man.

" Hey guys, just listen to this... you remember Armaan when we were in high school and sneaked out for a night out.. You know what Ridhhima we were caught. And this isn't it, when we returned early morning guess who did we found sneaking in with us.. BP ! " her eyebrows cocked up at this " and he snatched away Armaan's jacket trying to be all alert parent, remember what he said Armaan "

" yeah.. How can I forget, he checked the jacket and there he found pics of semi naked girls, their numbers, a cigarette pack and even a small bottle of whiskey " they both laughed, Ridhhima wasn't amused " but he forgot to check just one thing " he looked at Rohan who was barely able to control his laughter " that the jacket he was checking was HIS, not Armaan's " They all cracked up hearing it, including Swati who for a change was smiling at Rohan and even looked... Normal... Rohan gave a happy smile to Ridhhima who, Armaan saw, blinked kind of assuringly to him, this faded his smile... They both were talking with their eyes ! He just couldn't bear them this way. First she invites him on a lunch which was supposed to be their time together, then she sit with him, laugh at his pathetic jokes and now exchange silent words through eyes !. She want to be with him. Fine. Like I care, let her be with anyone she likes.. He turned his face away from her, back to Sammy.

Ridhhima could feel that just a moment ago his eyes were on her, but when she looked at him he was busy with Sammy, wondering if that was her imagination, she went back to her food. Though she hardly had any apetite for it now...

" You know Sammy I just remembered something... once an elephant fell in love with an ant and confessed his love but she denied saying... How many times should I tell you Ele that our family doesn't approve of 'intersize' marriages " everybody laughed, except Ridhhima, who made no efforts to hide her displeasure from him, especially because Sammy's head was now resting on his shoulder and she was laughing like maniacs..

" Armaan.. Bas bahot ho gaya, ab araam se khana khao. Yeh koi PJ competition nahi ho raha " she couldn't bear it anymore. Thankfully it wasn't taken into notice much by others. Armaan could sense that Ridhhima wasn't exactly happy seeing him with Sammy, he felt really glad in his heart ' so she's jealous. Hmm... Good, let her be, it's her fault ' still sullen at his spoiled lunch date he was in no mood to forgive and forget...

A moment later Sammy's cell rang up with a loud beep, she checked for the message and excusing herself got up, it would have been okay if Armaan hadn't left along.. Ridhhima watched them leave, her mind worked superfast, a moment ago she saw Armaan texting something and then seconds later Sammy got a message and she left. Did he sent her a message ? That's it. I think I have to make few things clear

Quickly following the suit she followed them and found Armaan walking towards men's room. Where's Sammy ? She can't be in men's room !? Her doubt got cleared as she found Sammy pacing up and down in the lobby with cell phone glued to her ear. Ridhhima hid herself behind a pillar from where she could hear her clearly..

" Yes, I know... Mchh but I told you naa bro need me here... But how can I.. Yes I do remember you, miss you... When is she going to leave ? "

" leave ? Who's she talking about ? Me ? " Ridhhima wondered, she turned around to see where Armaan was, and was surprised ! She could see the sitting area from where she stood and Armaan was there chatting with Swati and others... " so if Armaan is there that means she isn't talking to him " her heart sommersaulted at this revealation " he's not with Sammy ! " she jumped with joy and relief and thanked god profusely...

As Sammy turned she almost bumped into, now smiling mischieviously, Ridhhima ,she wagged her brows at a surprised looking Sammy " uh, actually it was a friend.." she explained, bit hesitant.

" Ohhh a 'friend'. Must be a very good one since you miss him so much "

Sammy knew with the look on Ridhhima's face that lying to her would be useless, she sighed " Okay fine. He's someone I know since college days, we're very good friends but I didn't said anything to him coz I was unsure and didn't knew what to say.. He's already in a relationship, not that strong though, but now I realized that I feel strongly for him. But just to be sure that this isn't infatuation I thought I'll give us sometime... And that's pretty much it " she finished

" I guess this Don't-know-what-to-say problem runs in the family " Ridhhima mumbled to herself " huh ? " Sammy asked confused " oh nothing " Ridhhima gave her a genuine understanding smile, anything that keeps Sammy away from her Armaan was welcome " so what's the answer ? " she asked

" As I said, I'll think some more about it, but mostly... It's a yes " Sammy grinned back now gaining back her confidence and gettting bit excited

" Aww,..congrats " Ridhhima hugged her " Rohan will be so happy seeing his little Sammy all grown up "

" Oh no no no, " she broke the hug " don't tell bro anything now, he's so protective that he hardly likes anyone I go out with " she said exasperated " and definitely not Armaan pls. He's even a step further, haven't you seen bro, even he's scared of him " Ridhhima didn't felt right about Sammy hiding this from Armaan but she was so relieved that she could hardly bother about anything now.moreover Sammy was right about Rohan being scared of Armaan, she grinned in her thoughts...

Both the ladies came back, Armaan was already there and was hungrily and greedily eyeing the ice-cream that was being served. Since she'd started regulating his Ice-cream intake, his treats were reduced considerably and now he didn't let go of any chance to consume it whenever he can and whatever he can...

" A single scoop plz. " she asked the waiter serving ice-cream

" Ridhhi, are you on a diet ? " Sapna giggled " single scoop ?! "

" It's not for me Sapna. It's for Armaan " and with that she quickly snatched away his bowl which had five different flavours and he was all set to dig in " Rriiidhhiimaa " he cried out

" No way Armaan. This is just too much, waise bhi the weather is changing, do you want to fall sick. Already you catch cold so easily "

The other's whistled hearing it " see Armaan you've got such a loving and caring wifey " Sapna teased again

" Yeah, if that's what Hitler is called these days then I surely have one " he said putting a spoonful of ice-cream in his mouth before even that one's snatched away. Everybody laughed and Ridhhima just shook her head smiling. Though he made a face at being denied his favourite yet he felt nice, she still cared. He still had hope...

And it seemed God was on his side too...

It was already late afternoon and Ridhhima said that she wasn't going back to Sanjeevani. Sapna on the other hand had some work at home and decided to go along with Amit... Sammy left them as she got a call from her friend and that left Rohan ,Swati ,Ridhhima and Armaan. His heart jumped with happiness at being able to finally have some time alone with her. And to Ridhhima's amazement ,Swati offered to drop Rohan to Sanjeevani, she had some work there and Rohan's car was there too. Rohan jumped at the opportunity and Armaan felt like giving him a kiss.. A non-gay-happy-friendly-kiss.

Bidding them good bye they made way to their car. Neither of them spoke, just stole glances. Ridhhima decided that once they get going she'll explain him that she'd no choice but to invite Rohan and Swati or it was rather Rohan who invited himself !... Armaan on the other hand thought frantically what he was going to say to her, with every passing minute he felt like he was loosing her. And this thought scared him to death..

Finally their car arrived. The valet handed him the keys and opened the door for Ridhhima. They were about to get in when came a loud call...

" Armaan, Armaan. Thank god tu mil gaya yaar " Rohan came there with Swati following him close behind

' Perfect timing..' he grumbled " kyun ? Kya hua ? You were leaving for Sanjeevani naa ? " He asked

" My car broke down." Swati said " And I'm kind of not feeling well, so dropped the idea of going to Sanjeevani " Ridhhima was worried to hear that and quickly went to her. Both the ladies talked among themselves in whispers. Armaan asked Rohan what they were talking and he just shrugged

" Armaan, let's drop Swati first and then we can head back home " she opened the door to let Swati sit in the car

" Magar ?? "

" Kya magar ? " Rohan looked questioningly. Armaan opened his mouth like a fish. Unable to explain he just looked helplessly from Ridhhima to Rohan to Swati, who waited for him to say something. Ridhhima could do nothing but chuckle lightly at his angry, perplexed, irritated and ready to kill Swati's car face. He exhaled giving up and Ridhhima came to his rescue

" Oh cmmon Rohan, it's nothing, we'll drop Swati on our way. Hai na Armaan." He gave a fake toothy smile and growled at Rohan..

Rohan came to Ridhhima eyeing Armaan closely " Hey man are you okay ? you look little red red... Cmmon Ridhhima, you get in with Swati, he's looking weird today..." Ridhhima could barely control her laugh

In the car too Rohan the great sat with him in the front. He never hated Rohan so much ever. The only consolation was Ridhhima's view in the rear view mirror. Boy did she look beautiful !... The journey was made in silence, except for Rohan, who did all the chatting and with them replying in monosyllables. Armaan kept stealing glances at Ridhhima and for a moment even thought of pushing Rohan out of the car, only the years of thick and thin together kept him from doing so... He groaned inwardly, how he longed to touch those rosy cheeks and kiss those lips... Lost in his thoughts, he had no idea what Rohan talked about or when they dropped Swati off, but rest of the journey which was just 10 minute drive went by in silence... they just smiled at each other and in her case, blushed, which, unfortunately, went unnoticed by him.. Little did he knew that she wasn't thinking anything different..

That evening they all sat in the parlour, Rahul Muskaan , Rohan Ridhhima but Armaan didn't join the gang he sat bit distant from them trying to do some work and... failing miserably. All his mind could think of was how they all were laughing and cracking jokes. some stupid jokes which for some weird reason Ridhhima found funny ! He made a face, trying hard not to hear them... But he gave up after a while ,all he was doing was blankly staring at the pages. He put the file aside and picked up his diary... Their laughter echoed in his ears, Rohan cracked another stupid joke

" you know guys ek baar ek village main movie shooting ke liye crew pahuncha to ek ladki ne kaha ' Maa gaon main film waale aaye hain...' to maa ne kaha ' Nahi beti andar aa ja in film waalo ki neeyat badi kharab hoti hai..' beti boli ' Ma John aur Abhishek aaye hain..' ' Achha to ek kaam kar bhai ko bhi andar le aa..' " they all burst out laughing, except Armaan who just scowled and wrote furiously in his diary

" This Rohan. He spoiled my entire day. What not I planned for today but he had to butt in everywhere ,everytime ! I feel like killing him now- the villian. See, how he's cracking those stupid jokes and god knows what Ridhhima find so funny in them ?! " he glanced in their direction and saw Ridhhima and Rohan Hi-fiving " ugghhh, and these hi-fives, they should be banned. Totally banned ! Completely banned ! " he looked at them frowning

" Hey sadu ! Come and join us. Wahan us stupid file ke saath kya kar raha hai ? " Rohan called

Armaan closed his eyes momentarily, and then turned to him with a fake smile " No, you carry on. It's important " he lied, his eyes met briefly with Ridhhima's and they looked expectant, but she didn't said anything and got busy with Muski...

He started writing again " Huh ! Look at my wife ! She hardly cares ! Ek baar bhi nahi kaha ki Armaan come join us. Why would she ? Wo Rohan jo hai wahaan. Waise bhi meri love story aage badhne ka naam nahi le rahi upar se yeh Rohan naam ke speed breakers ! " a sharp ringing broke his chain of thoughts. He saw Ridhhima breaking off from the group... " this is it Armaan ! Grab the opportunity " he thought quickly, and closing his diary stealthily slipped out of the room. Looking around he found her heading towards their room. He followed her with heart thumping and a broad excited smile on his face... As soon as he reached the door he stopped to calm himself a little and took deep breaths... He was about to enter when her words reached him... She was talking to Sapna...

" I'm so glad that Vivek episode is over.. He's not even worth mentioning Sapna, I don't think I ever loved him anyway " she kept on talking and tidying the room. His smile broadened hearing it, he was so glad that she was over that Vivek thing, he was right she never loved him

" Hmm and what's with this dude, Rohan ? "

" Rohan, oh he's such a sweetheart." Armaan's heart as if stopped beating " he's so sweet and really funny "

" Haan dekha aaj maine, aur Armaan ka kya, bechara competition dekh kar jal kar koyla hua jaa raha tha " Sapna lughed

" Oh plz Sapna ! Armaan know's that he's just a friend and waise bhi he's not even competeing he's already a winner " Ridhhima replied but Armaan was unable to see her blushing face, her back was towards him

" Not competing... Is she talking about me ? who's the winner ?? " he thought, confused

" Ohho, possessive huh " Sapna teased but Ridhhima just rolled her eyes smiling " magar Rohan ki problem kya hai ? Saara din us Swati se jhagadta rehta hai, daant khata rehta hai. Kuch karega bhi ya aise hi chalta rahega ? "

" Arre yaar actually he's in love, aur pata hai wo to mujhe bhi nahi bataa raha tha but when I confronted him he blurted out everything... But you've seen him naa ,he's so kiddish in some manners, ab har baat to samjhayi nahi jaati. He should grow up yeh saari zindagi ki baat hai koi hansi khel to nahi hai naa " Armaan still stood there wondering about her words, his own reason forgotton.. Rohan is in love ?! With who ? His heart starting beating rapidly as a scary thought crossed his mind and a name flashed somewhere...

" Bechara use pata nahi uska paala kisse pada hai. Ek taraf Ridhhima the hitler aur dusri taraf Swati the Nepolean " she giggled " aur Armaan ? "

" What about Armaan ? " Ridhhima asked

" Usko pataa hai is baare main ? "

" Nahi, abhi Armaan ko kuch nahi bataya, maine kaha Rohan se ki Armaan ko bataa do magar wo hai ki sunta hi nahi, aakhir yeh baat hum kab tak chhupa sakte hai. Hamein saath dekh kar wo waise hi doubt agar abhi nahi kar raha to karne lagega, he's not a fool he'd already said that Rohan seems changed." Armaan's heart sank, she wanted Rohan to tell him something.. Something they are hiding from him... The past few days rolled before his eyes, the way they talked, behaved.. and he stood there fixed...

" Hmm, magar wo Armaan ko bataa kyun nahi raha ? After all dono best friends hain ,I'm sure Armaan uski aur help kar sakta hai."

" Maine usko yahi kahaa magar wo kehta hai ki Armaan ke saath uski kuch baat hui hai aur wo Armaan ko is baare main abhi kuch nahi bataa sakta.." Armaan remembered the day when he asked Rohan what he was upto and he said he'll tell him when the right time comes..

" Strange "

" Yeah, exactly " Ridhhima said, though she had the idea of the reason for not telling Armaan

" Aur Swati ka kya ? "

" Maine to Rohan se keh diyaa hai ab bahot ho gayaa no more waiting, ab seedhi seedhi baat kar lo baaki jo hoga dekha jayega. Ghar waalo ko to hum kaise bhi sambhaal lenge. Iss baat ko aur delay nahi kar sakte, time nikalta jaa raha hai. Aur rahi baat Armaan ko batane ki to I'll drop some hints to him, yeh Rohan to waise to itna samajhdaar hai magar kuch baato main bilkul silly hai..."

" Yeah, I think he should hurry up Swati is already three months pregnant and uske mood swings ko dekhte hue delay achhi baat nahi hai. Ab Rohan ko akal aa hi gayi hai to use apne hone waale bachhe ki khatir Swati ko manaa lena chahiye " Sapna said

" Yeah you are right. I'll tell him to directly talk to her parents. Meri Rohan ke parents se baat hui and they are so understanding and guess what, unhe divorce waali baat se koi problem nahi hai. They are really nice and understanding people..." Armaan was on the other hand drenched in cold sweat... She'd even talked to Rohan's parents ?! And he didn't even knew about it ! And they don't have any problem with divorce thing ?! So.. So does that mean she wants to leave me.. Divorce me ??!

" Thats great news yaar.. Ab bas Swati ko manana reh gaya hai and I'm sure wo maan jayegi. I know she loves him too... Warna wo usse kabhi shaadi nahi karti.. And of course Rohan ke parents apne hone waale pote poti ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain.. And what about Sammy ? "

" What about that now ? "

" Wo Sammy aaj Armaan se kuch jyada hi chipak nahi rahi thi ? and did you look at your face ? aisa lag raha tha ki any moment you're going to pounce on her and rip her apart.." Sapna grinned

Ridhhima laughed " nahi nahi Sapna, aisa kuch nahi hai, I know Armaan jaanta hai ki mujhe pata hai ki it's nothing but pure friendship.. Aur usse jyada I'm worried about Rohan.. you know he's just so kiddish at times. Hopefully ab sab theek ho jaye.. Mujhe puri umeed hai ki wo is baar sab kuch saaf saaf bol dega aur phir hum araam se Armaan ko bhi bataa sakte hai. Main ab usse aur nahi chhupana chahti he has all the right in the world to know, he's his best friend after all " ' so she thinks I belive what we have is just friendhip.. Pure friendship ?! Is this what I am ... Best friend ! ' Armaan thought sadly

" Magar Rohan to usse bahut darta hai "

" Haan, magar ab Rohan ko bhi himmat karni hogi jo hua so hua ab aage ka sochne ka waqt hai, hum purani baaton ke saath chipke to nahi reh sakte naa. Aur Rohan yeh baat achhi tarah se jaanta hai." Armaan swallowed a lump in his throat

" Hmm ,ab bas yehi dua karte hain ki dono ke beech ki duuriyan jaldi khatam ho jaayein.." Sapna added

" I really hope so, main to bas ab wait nahi kar sakti is khushkhabri ke liye... I think he's soon going to solve everything, just can't wait for it..." Armaan, who heard only one side of the conversation, didn't had the heart to listen further. " so she's waiting for Rohan to declare everything... this is what they were hiding from me ? This is the happy news she's waiting eagerly for..." With heavy steps and heavier heart, drained out of all the happiness, he trudged out... He kept walking till he reached his favourite spot under the tree with the swing... He didn't knew what to think ? What to say.. She was considering.. Had considered ,it seemed, Rohan over him... He quietly wiped off a lone tear that trickled out...He was left alone again. He was indeed too late...

Or he thought so..

Ridhima kept the phone down, this little conversation with Sapna brought back the memory of that day when Rohan told her everything about him and Swati...


Rohan sighed heavily, " Ridhhima, actually a friend of mine is in kinda mess.. A big mess " he paused ,she waited, knowing well that he was looking for words. He spoke again " he's in love with this girl, truly, and he committed a blunder and has a last chance to get her back into his life... it's just that the chances look bleak and he had no clue how to make her understand that he really mean what he said " he looked at her, exasperated and looking like a man who had tried much with no result

Ridhhima watched him closely and said softly " Rohan, first of all if you want my help you have to be completely honest with me.. Have you heard about that saying that you shouldn't hide anything from your lawyer and doctor..." his eyes shot up at her, she could see surprise in them and knew that she was right. Moreover, he felt he could really trust her, she spoke again " is it really about your friend..? If I'm not wrong then this 'friend' of your's is none other than you.." she looked directly into his eyes, he could say nothing but nod a yes.. Knowing well it's useless to lie.. She gave an assuring smile " trust me, I'm your friend too, just like Armaan is.. I'll do my best for you " her soft assuring words made him believe on her and he spoke up... Telling everything...

He told her the truth... He was married, to a girl named Swati... And now was divorced too.. The shocking part came now.. The girl he was pursuing for marriage was none other than... Swati !.. Ridhhima was herself quiet confused and shocked to hear it, but as the truth unfolded she came to know about the big mess he'd landed himself into...

Swati worked in Rohan's company, as a finance advisor, she was smart, intelligent and for the reasons unknown to him, in love with him, though according to her she loved this carefree, gregarious, smart, happy-go-lucky Rohan Kashyap who tried to show that he didn't cared but would go to any extent for the sake of his loved ones, " she said, she loved the way I make her feel special but the truth is, she made me feel like I belong somewhere, like I had a reason to be here with her, a divine order brought us together... she's my anchor when I drift off ,my dam when I seek control, she's the one I would never get tired of loving..." Ridhhima recalled his words...

Swati was floored when she came to know how he helped Armaan in unveiling Vivek's truth, though he assured Ridhhima that Swati didn't knew about the intricate details, just that he helped Armaan to deal with a man who was cheating on his friend. Swati believed that he was a strong man of principles and her love and admiration grew further... Rohan felt something too, something he never felt with other girls, her faith, trust and love raised his expectations from himself and he wanted to be everything she wanted him to be. Swati pulled him to her and he was not complaining, he too fell in love with her.. It was like magic for both... Working together gave their budding love ample opportunity to grow stronger. Their mutual attraction was so strong that they could hardly stay away from each other. To his surprise Rohan rarely noticed when he changed from the carefree, reckless Rohan to caring, responsible Rohan... his favourite strip club cried of his absence, his parents wondered seeing him so happy these days and he himself felt being on cloud nine... And why not... after all he was the man in love.. but unfortunately he turned out to be the weaker link of the two...

Who knew that everything was going to change that soon... One fateful day he announced a trip to Las Vegas. It was work cum vacation trip.. There one night.. Swept away by the high of atmosphere and alcohol, they ended up getting MARRIED to each other in a local church...! Of course Vegas is a beautiful place, which seems even more beautiful when you get to spend your first wedding night making love to your newly wedded wife passionately in a beautiful suiet of Ceaser's palace !

The next day ,reality sank in... He could not bring himself to accept the fact that he was married. Lawfully. It wasn't that he didn't loved Swati, he did. And still do. But at that time it was really hard for both to accept the fact.

Considering the situation they decided that they'll give each other some time before declaring this to their parents. He could see that though it was kind of hard for her to accpet the manner in which they got married yet she wasn't regretting the decision and surely wanted to be with him. And here, he didn't agreed with her, this wasn't how he wanted it to be, marriage wasn't in his agenda for next 5 yrs !... But he couldn't bring himself to burst her bubble of happiness. So he just agreed with the idea of not telling anyone about the wedding and giving each other time to think ,relax and to let the reality sink in... Happy with the adjustment and agreement they comtinued to ' meet ' . Swati had no inhibitations, he was afterall her husband...

And then things started to change. After about a month ,she started asking him to talk to her parents and his too.. He wasn't ready even by then... He felt that his freedom was going to be snatched away, her presence now felt like intrusion and though he still loved her he was just not ready for the ' marriage ' thing.. Talks turned into debates, debates into arguments and arguments into fights...

And one day she came to him, unlike other days she looked happy, but somehow it all turned to their old topic. She again asked him to talk to her parents and he burst out on her ,saying some really hurting words... Accusing her of being after his money, claiming his freedom, that she was suffocating him... He was in a foul mood that day, it was just not his day and all his anger came out on her..she went away crying from there. When he came to his senses he realised what he's done. He tried to contact her but she didn't talk or met him nor answered any of his calls... Then she asked finally what he wanted and he foolishly asked to wait further. That was the last they talked. He still remembered her tearful eyes and sad face, but he was too dumb to understand anything. She wasn't ready for what he wanted and he wasn't ready for what she asked from him.. Lifelong commitment gave him jitters...

Two days later he got a letter, a box and a packet. Her lawyer came to deliver that. The letter was her resignation, the box carried all his gifts he gave her... Including the wedding ring and the packet had.. Divorce papers... his ego and anger took better of him, clouding his real feelings and better judgement ,he signed those papers, without even pausing to think over it for a moment...

And within the short span of time he had done it all... Found his life, fell in love, married her and then got divorced...

The things did not end here. After she wass gone, his life changed again, and this time... For worse. Swati went away and along with her was gone all his happiness. He was left with no desire for anything or anyone... if he thought that he could breathe without her, then he was wrong... Very wrong... His life felt empty... Shallow... Nothing interested him, and smile disappeared from his face all together. Everywhere he looked he hope to see her, to find her looking at him.. He waited that she might call again but after that day she never called... Never met.. He often went to her cabin just to feel her presence, her fragrance but that too was fading.. It scared him, he didn't wanted her to fade away from his life like this fragrance... That day he realised what she meant for her, what her being, her presence meant for him... That day he realized what a fool he'd been to let the love of his life slip away from his hands... And then he started searching, looking for her everywhere.. To ask for her forgiveness to let her know how much he loved her to tell her that she was right all along and he was the jerk... To beg her to come back to him to love him like she did and to promise her that he would never let go of her again , and would love her forever...

The search wasn't difficult , the only thing that was, was her consent. She flatly refused to see his face again.. To even to talk to him. He expected no less after what he'd done but giving up did not exist in his lexicon and absolutely not when it was the question of the love of his life... He remained persistant, followed her everywhere. Knowingly and unknowingly.. Did stupid stuff to gain her attention and once even landed up in prison overnight on her complain. Still he did not relax his efforts. He wasn't going to commit the same mistake and loose her again..

Life on the other hand had another surprise for him in her bag... he was once following her as usual one day when she turned to the hospital. He was worried, none of the people she knew were sick. On enquiring he found out something that made him even more resolute to make her reunite with him...

She was pregnant... With his child of course !

That day he cried, they were the tears of both joy and sorrow... He was going to be a father and he fooloshly drove away the happiness from his life for some stupid notions of his.. Child.. His child.. The symbol of their love... At no cost he was to be left out of this, he wanted to be a part of everything, her life, their child's life.. But swati was still adament. She didn't wanted him to be anywhere near her or her child . While signing the papers he failed to notice that he'd also signed on no right over children or right to fight for coustody. But he didn't wanted to fight her he wanted her, and their child ,both. Swati was right on her part too. He hadn't proved himself to be much reliable, what if he later found the child even more binding and demanding on his freedom.. He wasn't ready to accept their marriage let alone shoulder the responsibilty of a child.She won't be able to see her child heartbroken as she was.. He was better away from them... But he was resolute and continued his best to make her understand that he'd realised his mistake and wanted her back in his life.. he was a changed man now.. But she replied with a pained tone

" That's the problem with you Rohan. You change too much..."

Ridhhima could see the pain in his eyes that day, she knew whatever he'd said he really meant that... But he quickly recovered from his sadness and continued.. Not giving up he secretly bought the company she worked in and his efforts paid off when he started seeing the cracks in the wall she'd created around her... He knew well that though angry she loved him a lot... She like him would never want their child without the love of his/her father. Her defenced started to loosen a little, she stleast now did not rebuked him, had stopped, though not completely, insulting him and sometimes even talked to him normally.. He even once saw her smile when he filled her cabin with her favourite flowers and bought loads of things for the baby and statred taking extra care of her... And it wasn't just for the show, he realised that he liked doing that... For her ,for their baby...

Two months later, he found her that she was coming to india and with a lucky coincidence to Sanjeevani, for a project of investment in medical field. He grabbed the opportunity and came to India he knew Armaan was here and so was Ridhhima.. They would do anything for his sake. Though he'd fight for his love himself, all he asked from them was some opportunities. He'd never wooed a divorced pregnant lady before ! He'd laughed out on his PJ himself.

Ridhhima was all ready to help him out in whatever way she could and said that they can talk to Swati on his behalf but he kind of freaked out. He didn't wanted Armaan to know, not right now anyway. She remembered she asked him why , totally confused...

" I mean main Armaan ko batana to chahta hun but he's first going to beat me black and blue and then will ask for anything else. When he met Swati in Germany he'd warned me not to do something stupid and break her heart or he'd break my bones and I did exactly the opposite.. trust me he beats real bad.."

Ridhhima knew he wasn't telling lie she'd seen him once in that parking lot with those goons who were troubling her. She still remembers the fire in his eyes. " So all I want is that first I'll settle things with Swati make her agree to marry me, again... And then of course I'll tell him everything. I want to win my love myself ,in that way atleast I'll not be beaten up that much..." Ridhhima smiled at him that day. It was so nice see someone work so hard to get his love " Or the best thing I'll hide behind you and Swati." Ridhhima almost choked on her drink laughing... But he became solomn again and his words he spoke that day still echoed in her ears " you know Ridhhima, when I met her ,It was so difficult to say hello for the first time and trust me I have no intention of saying bye to her for the last time.."


Ridhhima came to present, a lot had changed in the past fortnight. She'd talked to Rohan's parents and after a good lecture and scoldings to Rohan they'd rejoiced on the news of becoming grandparents. Sammy came to India to support him morally and Rohan's parents had talked to Swati's parents who agreed delightfully. So all was set and the only thing that was required was a yes from Swati. Which she believed wasn't far away. Rohan though kiddish at times wasn't a bad guy and loved Swati to the core, how can anyone say no to so much love and adoration...

Was she able to resist Armaan, who didn't even said a word about his love... Yet she came to know.. Her lips curved into a longing smile at his thought. Once this Rohan's matter is solved all her attention will be totally diverted to her love. He'd unintentionally suffered so much because of all this. Her heart longed to reach out to him, hug him, love him, kiss him and make up for all the days that were lost...

On the other hand ,unaware of the truth, Armaan suffered with the pain of almost loosing his love...

Throughout the dinner he kept observing them, Ridhhima was definitely quite free with Rohan. She looked the same, behaved the same.. She laughed ,she scolded, she talked but somehow it felt that it was all for Rohan. Though she coaxed him to eat, he didn't feel like eating even a morsel, especially after what he'd heard today.. When he saw them talking ,smiling to each other ,it felt as if he was the one who was out of place... Who didn't belong...

Swept away with anger, frustration and sadness, he sat alone in the bedroom, blankly staring at the file before him. It was just 10 by the clock and he asn't expecting Ridhhima to back anytime soon. He sighed heavily, maybe it wasn't the time that was wrong but he is... Maybe he was all wrong, from the very start... If he could just go back and make everything okay... He was lost in his thoughts when a soft click brought him back. Turning around he saw a smiling Ridhhima entering the room... Surprised he glanced at the watch again. That was quiet early by her standard... By Rohan's standards...

" hey ! " she greeted him happily

' What is she so happy about ? But of course she has the reason but why on earth she thinks that I have one too " he thought dejectedly " hi " he replied in a monosyllable, for a moment she kept looking at his face, expecting more than a dry 'hi' but he was back to his file again..

Putting the thoughts aside she came over to his side " Mchh, Armaann, jab se aayein hain tab se tum bas iss file ke saath chipke hue ho. Shakal dekhi hai apni, kitne thake hue lag rahe ho. Chalo band karo yeh sab and cmmon let me give you a 'head message' " she said declaring the prize of the day.

Armaan's ears shot up hearing it ' head message !' only his heart knew how much he'd longed for her touch but, today it was different. He looked up at her , she was waiting for him to close the file and get up " chalo ab, soch kya rahe ho ? " she tried to take away the file from his hand but he moved it away stopping her , she was surprised at his reaction " kya hua Armaan ? "

" thanks for the offer but I have some important work to do . You go to sleep ,it's late and you must be tired " he said dryly. Ridhhima was totally surprised at his reply ,she thought he'd jump at the offer but by the look of it ,he didn't even cared !. She tried to reason out with him but he just quietened her saying that he wasn't exactly feeling sleepy . After few futile attempts she gave up. For a while she kept waiting for him to come over so that they could talk but then her eyes felt heavy and she drifted off to sleep

Armaan came and sat next to her. His princess was deep in slumber. How beautiful she looked. He sighed ,here she was sleeping peacefully taking away the same from his eyes... Would he be able to live without her ?? He couldn't even imagine waking up and not seeing her around... He sighed and rested his head at the bedpost... Debating with himself to let go or to hold on... And then the day's events flashed before his eyes.. The talk.. Rohan... Everything just muddled up his troubled mind even further. " I need some fresh air " with that he got up, then stopped and covered her with the cover and walked out of the room...

Coming down he was surprised to see Rohan sitting at the bar... He looked around to see if Rahul was there but apparently he was alone. Drinking shot after shot..

" Hey Rohan.. What are you doing up so late man ? " he asked. Rohan turned and he saw his bloodshot eyes. Armaan knew instantly that he'd been drinking too much " Rohan ! You're drunk ! Cmmon leave it and lets go " he snatched away the bottle from his hand

" Cmmon Armaan ! I'm not drunk. See I'm perfectly okay " Armaan could see how okay he was he was swaying on his seat. He tried to make him stop and go to the room. What was wrong with everyone today ! But Rohan refused to budge " No. I'm not leaving. Not without her anyway.." Armaan stood there stunned

" Not without her ?! "

" yes. Not without her. But.. She think I'm not serious. Can you believe it ! I'm not serious ! I came all the way from Germany for her and she says.. I'm not serious ?! You know I fell in love with her first time I saw her and... And.. How can I see her with someone else ! No. I'm not giving up " Armaan's heart sank but Rohan was just too drunk to think or say anything straight. He again tried to make him go to his room " yaar Armaan, why does this happen to me ? I know I did some stupid stuff but for the first time I got serious for someone and she thinks that I'm childish.. Kiddish, not mature enough ! " suddenly Ridhhima's words rang in his ears " what the hell man ! I bloody manage one of the top finance companies. Don't I ?! "

" But I think she likes you, don't she ? Then what's the problem ? " he said coldly

" Yes , I know she likes me... Loves me " he said swaying from side to side " but yaar Armaan she still hadn't said yes." his head jerked up hearing it ' so Ridhhima hadn't actually said yes to him.." he felt a ray of hope " I swear Armaan I'll not go to my favourite strip club more than twice a year.. What the hell. I'll never go there at all, I'll be all mature and understanding the way she likes.. Just ..just tell her to come back to me... I want her to know that even I want someone who loves me, have a nice house.. Have kids "

" Kids ?! Rohan you aren't even married and you've already started dreaming about kids ! You know naa they are a huge reponsibility and you won't be a free man like now " he knew what he was saying was evil but anything to keep Ridhhima with him was just for him.

" I don't care man. I'll do whatever it takes. I've told Ridz too that I'll be a changed man . Completely. Bas ek baar wo meri life main aa jaaye. I promise i'll start speaking hindi all the time ,I'll shift to India permanently and even worship all the bollywood hunks ! " and with that Ridhhima's words echoed back in his mind.

" Rohan. I think it's enough for today. Come let's go to your room " and he forced drunk and reluctant Rohan back to his room where he passed out immediately... He came back to his room and found Ridhhima sleeping soundly, he lay down beside her, but sleep was still

Miles away from his eyes.. He kept tossing and turning, her words , Rohan's words kept echoing in his mind.. He gave after sometime, sleep won't come easy today. He got up and went to a drawer.. The rummaging sound broke Ridhhima's slumber opening her eyes he found him swallowing the pills. She wondered what happened, concern took over " Armaan, kya hua ? Why did you take the pills ? " she asked

" Don't worry Ridhhima, just couldn't sleep. It's okay. You go to sleep. Good night " with that he turned his face away and switched off the light, leaving her staring at his face confused...

The next day morning went in a blurr. And though she wanted to ask him the reason he took the pills for she couldn't find the time or the opportunity. Moreover she'd to rush to hospital for an emergency case... Armaan on the other hand sat on his chair, with his head resting back and fingers steepled he was deep in his thoughts...

" Whatever I heard from both yesterday cannot be a lie... Rohan was drunk but he wasn't lieing.. But he said Ridhhima hadn't said yes to him yet.. And even if she'd talked to his parents that doen't mean anything till she gives her consent " he sat up " yes, it's now or never I have to talk to her straight and directly ask her what she thinks about me... About us..." with that he picked up his phone and dialled her number

Ridhhima was juggling with reports ,emergency cases of a major accident ,patient files and Rohan who dropped in either for some work or for some advice as Swati wasn't feeling well and he was acting like any freaked out would-be-papa-soon husband would be... It was during this time she heard her cell phone ringing, looking at the name that flashed she prayed that he'd have called at some appropriate time.. balancing her phone between her shoulder and ear she picked it up..

" Hey Armaan "

" Hey Ridhhima.."

" Kya hua Armaan ? Kuch kehna tha kya ? " Though she was dying to talk to her yet the timing could not have been worse. She rushed from one room to another checking patients reports hurriedly " Armaan, I'd really like to talk to you but can we talk after some time I'm kinda busy right now "

He wanted to protest ,shout that he couldn't rest, sleep coz of her and she was worried about work ! but all that came out was just a small okay, but he couldn't keep the phone down and said quickly " Ridhhima.."

" Haan bolo..."

" Wo, wo..."

" Haan Armaan bolo, main sun rahi hun..." bit impatient plus she saw Rohan rushing to her. Maybe swati was throwing up again. She signalled him that she was coming over

" Tum.."

" Armaan suno, Rohan mera wait kar raha hai, hum ghar par mil rahe hain naa shaam ko ,tab baat karte hain, okay.. bye." and with that she disconnected the call. Leaving him immensely sad. For a while he sat there feeling dejected, but then suddenly he was filled with rage

" Why ? Why ? Rohan had to come at all... Everything, just everything, is going wrong." A voice then spoke up.. " Cool down Armaan may be it's a sign that you and Ridhhima are never meant to be together " " no that can't be Manali main jo hua..." " Don't be fooled by that. You still think that there's any hope for you, any chance at all ! Wake up man, Did she said anything to you, did you say anything to her. No. You missed the opportunity Armaan Malik which Rohan grabbed immediately. Why are you disappointed now, I think someone said he wanted Ridhhima to be happy..." " Yes I do..." " Then be ready, It seems the time has come to let her go... Forever..."

He was again drenched in cold sweat.." let go of Ridhhima.." but then his face hardened with sudden resolution.. " enough now. He was not going to suffer anymore, he'll be strong.. And he'll let her go... If that's what she wants "

He picked up the phone again and dialled a number, he waited for a moment before speaking " hello.. Mr. Prajapat... It's Armaan Malik here... I know you have not contacted Ridhhima, this time I have some work for you... Yes... I think i might.." he sighed and corrected himself " I need your services Mr. Prajapat... The terms and conditions remain the same they were before... Send them as soon as possible..." with that he slumped back on his chair, closing his eyes... He was left with no other choice...

In the evening when he drove Ridhhima and Rohan back from hospital he was unusually quiet, but it hardly mattered Rohan looked exceptionally happy and so did Ridhhima. Whole way back they kept talking and he just kept the flow going on with his monosyllables.. Before he took the major step he had to clear out everything with Ridhhima and Rohan.. But with Ridhhima first...

" Ridhhima..." He calledseeing her walking towards the room. Rohan stayed back, he got a call, it was time ,she stopped at the stairs... " Ridhhima I wanted to talk to you. pehle baat adhuri reh gayi thi. I want to tell you, ask you something... It's very important..."

" Haan bolo Armaan.." She stepped down now, facing him in anticipation

" Wo.. Wo actually..." He inhaled deeply.. " It's time Armaan, cmmon say it..' " Ridhhima actually maine.."

" Ridhiiimmaaa..." suddenly came a loud yelling noise, and before she knew she was wrapped in a bear hug by Rohan. Armaan just stood there stunned and was totally surprised when he was wrapped in a bear hug too...

" Ridhhima I won.. We won ! We won ! And guess what double ! Yes yes yes ! " he jumped like maniacs and Armaan was totally dumbfounded seeing his crazy actions. Ridhhima too was washed away in his enthusiasm and was happily jumping on the spot..

Calming down a little Rohan turned to Armaan " well, you see Armaan I got the investment deal in Sanjeevani.. And.. To tell you the truth, I was hiding something from you. Remember what I said to you in the car that day.. Well it's about that and now it's time that the deal is signed and sealed..." he looked at Ridhhima " Ridhhima we've to go to Bangalore tomorrow for a day and there we'll get things finalized " he hugged Armaan again " thanks Armaan ,you know you've been my life saviour... We will explain everything to you after this trip.. I hope you can give me just a day more..." Armaan was speechless and could barely manage a nod, forcing a smile on his face.. His words ' we'll explain ' rang in his ears blacking everything else...

Ridhhima had no time for him now, they were now joined by Sammy and were busy planning for the next day. He left them ,and with heavy heart walked back to the room. Their reaction left him with no doubt that his decision was right. It broke his heart but he'd already shed so many tears that his eyes felt dry... He spent another sleepless night thinking, dreading about the future.. Without her...

The next morning he was trying to make a knot in the tie and it stubbornly refused to obey him, after his fifth attempt he kind of gave up. Exasperated, he expelled a sigh and stood before the mirror with hands on his sides, glaring at the tie as if it will tie up itself ,scared of him. Unfortunately, nothing happened and he was still standing with a big frown. He even considered stomping on it to make it work his way but that would have just spoiled it, and he wanted to do it himself this time. Without Martin and Ridhhima... Especially her... Now that he know... He closed his eyes, even to think about it was hard. He couldn't even manage to speak the words in his mind how he's going to see it all happening before his very eyes... With great difficulty he'd consoled himself...

He was just wondering about yesterday when Ridhhima entered the room. Just one look and she knew immediately that it was usual tie war going on... Grinning lightly she came to him

" Armaan.." his thoughts were broken with her soft voice but he said nothing just kept looking at her " kya hua ? phir se tie, hmm.. tum to rehne he do, mujhe nahi lagta tumhe kabhi tie bandhni aayegi.." she came over to him straightening his collar. He forgot his fears with that brush of fingers on his neck, hitting himself mentally he thought " what are you thinking man.. See, she's right here before you and she obviously cares for you plus don't forget she had not yet said yes to Rohan.. but what Rohan said yesterday... Does she.. Is she the one he was talking about..?? " his heartbeat raised at the thought

The knock at the door put a brake on his thoughts

" Madam, Rohan sir is calling you downstairs... And he said to come immediately " that was the last straw. Everywhere. Everytime. It's Rohan, Rohan and Rohan...

His temper shot up immediately and before she could even reply to Martin he pulled away the tie still hanging around his neck." Armaan kya hua ? Tum kahan jaa rahe ho ? Breakfast ? Aur tie.."

" Rehne do Ridhhima, mujhe bhuk nahi hai aur tumhare jaane ke baad main kya karunga... Tum jao Rohan wait kar raha hai... He needs you more " she was surprised at his cold tone but he was out of the room before the words from her mouth

She just stood there wondering what happened to him he never went without getting his tie done by her " Yeh Armaan ko kya hua ... Main bas ek din ke liye hi to ja rahi hu... Aur Rohan isko bhi tasalli nahi hai " she frowned, he just spoiled their moment together

That day he didn't stop for breakfast. He feared he might punch Rohan straight on his face. Plus he needed time.. To control himself... to make himself understand that Ridhhima might ,afterall, not choose him...

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                           Taming the wild

                       You're still not saying it

Recap : Ridhhima gets jealous of Sammy and gets angry on Rohan. Armaan doesn't like it a bit. She calls him for lunch which turns out to be a group affair. her talks with Sapna lead to misunderstanding. Rohan and Swati's secret is unveiled... Armaan calls Prajapat and remains distant from Ridhhima. Rohan declares that he's won and ask her to join him on a day's trip to Bangalore...


Floating on that beautiful expanse of the white fluffy clouds all Ridhhima could think of was being with her life.. with Armaan, holding hands with only love for each other in their eyes... She felt blissful as he wrapped her in his protective loving embrace... She didn't knew what being in heaven felt like but it couldn't be better than this...

She sighed, wishing that some fairy tales were true... Where she and Armaan would be prince and princess in love. An involuntary smile made it's way on her face. Sitting there in the plush leather chair of the plane, she pondered on the past few days. She'd have loved to sit with Armaan and pour her heart out ,already missing him terribly.. But unfortunately this could not happen. As a representative from Sanjeevani she was asked to accompany Rohan to get the signatures of the remaining board members. She was delighted to hear the news first not because she got to go with Rohan but coz she thought Armaan would come along and they can have much delayed conversation. She was hugely disappointed when he refused saying that he'd loads of work to do... and she couldn't find anything to say that could change his mind...

He left her worried, without having his breakfast. She tried his number but he refused to pick it up. She knew if there was anyone to blame for his behaviour it was she herself.. It was after reading the diary that she felt kind of... secure, that he isn't going away and she wouldn't even think of being away from him and in this sense of security which enveloped her, she unknowingly took him for granted.. Without realizing that she's hurting him even more... Instead of making him sure that she loved him... would be by his side at all costs, she got just too involved with Rohan and his problem which, of course, was bound to cause some problems. But what she didn't anticipated was it's magnitude. Moreover, when she did try to say something there were always distractions, sometimes situations... sometimes people. But now she knew, very well, the problem, the reason and what it was like to handle a sullen angry Armaan... She sighed, that's enough now.. enough of her carelessness and stupidity. Now no more of it. She felt eager to finish off the work and go back to him ... To tell him that she was his.. For eternity...

Smiling again imagining the time when she, his princess, will be in his arms with all the love in the world for her...and all her love for him... exhaling a sigh, she pulled out her ipod, a soft song played out... She checked her ipod again, she'd almost forgotten that this song was there too... It brought back so many memories... It was the same song, one of his favourite she remembered clearly, that was played at the time they danced together at their reception party..

Everything I do by Bryan Adams.. It brought out all the magical momets they spent together the time they fought.. The time they laughed... Cried.. Or just were there by each other's side... It seemed each and everyword was telling about the life they had till now, of what he'd done for her till now and lot more...

It took hardly an hour for them to get all the formalities done. Rohan excused himself ,taking Swati along. It was time that he settled few things, Ridhhima gave them their much needed privacy ,she too was eager to talk to Armaan. Sammy took leave from them heading for the spa.

Pacing in the lobby trying Armaan's number for the hundredth time, she cursed the recorded voice which repeated 'out of coverage area' everytime. Her loud curses made some heads turn but she hardly cared. It was then someone spotted her...

" Mrs. Malik ? " an old man came to her. He looked bit hesitant, unsure if he was right. She turned and for a moment stared at the face, trying to recognize him, the man overcame his confusion first and smiled broadly. Now sure that he was right. " Dr. Das... Remember..? "

Immediately recognition dawned on her " Dr. Das ! Of course ! I'm sorry I.."

" It's okay, it's been a long time " elderly man's warm smile and genial words swept away all her embarrassment. They talked generally, she told her reason to be there and he told her that he was here for an international medical conference which was held annually " so, how's your husband ? " he asked

" Oh he's fine now, I was just trying to call him but this network.. " she rolled her eyes

" I was asking about his 'other' problem Ridhhima " said Dr. Das ,it turned out that he knew Shashank well, who wouldn't, this brought her in the circle of closer acquaintances..

She now understood what he was talking about. How can she forget that horrific day " well, not much improvement there ,but I came to know about something that's clearly the reason behind his fear " she explained

" So you found out the cause. Then what's the problem ? "

" The thing is Dr. Das that.. We haven't talked to him about that. Nobody at home does. It's kind of unwritten rule, we don't want to disturb him. So though we know the cause, the situation is still as it is... Moreover, I don't think that this would be all.." she said, worried.

" You know Ridhhima, you couldn't have come on a better day. " the old doctor smiled at her puzzled look " do you remember my friend I talked to you about that day " she nodded, remembering " well, he's here for the meet and I'd be glad to introduce you to him. I assure you that there's no one more qualified or experienced enough to handle your problem " Ridhhima immediately consented, anyone that could help Armaan was worth meeting...

They walked into a large hall where a group of about no less than 200 people were assembled, all assorted from India and abroad. She could see some well known faces of medical field and some people from media were also there, busy in their own discussions, chats and eating.. Ridhhima followed Dr. Das floating through the crowd, till they reached to a small group of four...

" Shishir.." Dr. Das called, the man in navy blue suit turned " I'd like you to meet Dr. Ridhhima Malik " they shook hands ,Dr. Das continued " do you remember few months back I told you about someone who was terribly scared of the doctors and hospital "

" Ah yes, now I remember. Armaan. Right " Ridhhima gave a nod, amazed that he remembered " how do you do Dr. Malik ? " he gave a warm smile. Dr. Shishir Goswami, was a well known name in the psychiatric world. The man was in his mid fifties, tall roughly near 6 feet, quiet fit, bit plump, for his age, she admitted to herself that his well groomed appearance automatically knocked off few years making him look younger than he was. His clean shaven face with grey hair bushy mustache warm black eyes and gentle features gave him a young grand pa look that could make anyone trust him. Moreover, there was a kind of aura around him that gave an air of unmistakable intelligence, wiseness and insight... Few minutes with him and Ridhhima felt that she'd finally found someone who can help Armaan. Really.

Excusing themselves from the crowd they came out to the lounge. Ridhhima explained him everything what she saw and came to know about from Virendra and others, about that horrific incident. The doctor listened to everything patiently. There was silence as neither of the three spoke, Dr. Das looked at Shishir, who took a sip from his glass of juice, waiting for him to speak and so was Ridhhima...

" So doctor " she broke the silence " do you think you can help him get rid of these nightmares ? "

" Nightmares ?! " Shishir put his glass down ,he was back from his meditative self " I don't think he's suffering from nightmares at all Ridhhima "

She was surprised " he isn't ? " she looked at Dr. Das who, by the look on his face, was confused too " but Dr. Goswami.."

He sat up straight cutting her short " will you answer some questions for me ? " she nodded " does he normally wakes up during these nightmares sweating heavily ? " she nodded a yes " his heartbeat accelerated and he often screams or mumbles in sleep " her eyes widened hearing it, that was exactly how it was with him " how long does it take him to calm down afterwards ? "

"About 10 to 15 minutes or longer.. If he doesn't takes the pills.."

" Pills ! Hmm.. And did he ever told you what he see in those dreams ? "

" No. He said he doesn't remember. Though he once said that there are voices.. Someone screaming and people laughing but nothing apart from that. I asked him ,trying to make him remember but he just got frustrated and..." she trailed off

" Hmm I can understand. I know what his problem is ."

" You do ? " Ridhhima looked hopefully

" Yes, I do. And your answers just confirmed my doubts. What troubles him Ridhhima are not the nightmares. They are.. Night Terrors "

For a moment none spoke, then Ridhhima whispered out " night terrors.. But.. But what's the difference ? " she asked gaining more control

" Not much, yet awful lot. Mostly people categorize them with a same term ' Nightmares ' owing to their lack of knowledge of this particular problem and psychologic field " she still looked perplexed " let me explain... Clinically speaking a Nightmare is a vivid ,frightening dream that usually results in the dreamer waking up with full or partial recall of the dream itself. It occurs during REM sleep i.e; rapid eye movement sleep, arousing feelings of intense ,inescapable fear, terror, distress or extreme anxiety that usually awakens the sleeper. Whereas, night terrors are the heightened form of nightmares, they by contrast occur during non-REM sleep, what we call deep sleep and the reaction of the sleeper is much intense than the one who saw nightmare.."

Now the things started to seep in her mind " they strike children much more than adults but as we see in case of Armaan, this problem started from his childhood itself and was never sorted out. These dreams.. They occur at the time of insecurity, emotional turmoil , depression or as in case of Armaan.. A traumatic event... It is very rare that a person suffering from night terrors remember anything and if they do, it's quiet vague "

" But that happened years ago, and papa said that they consulted best psychiatrists but nothing helped.. They left it saying that with time they will go "

" Yes, I know ,we tend to believe on the phrase time heals, but not everything and apparently the rule doesn't apply to everyone either. I won't say that they were wrong, maximum times children overcome this problem by adolescence but if the condition persists then professional help is required. Armaan's problem was fresh at that time and it's impact was deep, it still is, but you see that was more than 15 yrs ago, from that time till now there have been many path breaking discoveries, moreover I think they might have rushed with things in order to know the reason which instead of bearing results averted him to any kind of help. Especially in this case of PTSD"

" PTSD ? You mean post-traumatic-stress-disorder " the doctor nodded in affirmation

She sighed " I think you're right. Who knew that dreams could cause so much problem "

" You know Ridhhima hum aksar in baaton ko gaur se nahi dekhte yeh soch kar ki bas ek sapna hi to hai ,aur jyadatar mamlo main yeh theek bhi hai. Magar Armaan ka case un saare cases main nahi aata. And of this, I am sure, he was not duly treated of his problem which has now become chronic, without any professional help it's only going to get worse..."

" What about the medicines that he was subscribed ? I personally don't think he should depend on those for long, one of them is sleeping dose, and though he doesn't take them regularly but gets pretty agitated when I deny them "

" So you are regularizing his medication.. That's good. And very wise of you. Those medicines instead of helping him could be one of the cause of his problem, they can have side effects too. The tranquilizers can effect the sleep pattern and more you take the sleeping pills more habitual one'll become and the dosage will increase with the time making one dependent on them and you know it isn't a good thing. Moreover, they are not treating the problem, they're just suppressing it "

She exhaled deeply " what if we just leave everything as it is ? If we don't make him recall then he won't have to worry about anything. No recalling. No nightmares. No problems "

" You of all people should know Ridhhima.. I know that looks like an obvious solution but this would be the worst thing you could do " a troubled look cross her face " you're forgetting that no one is trying to make him recall those things and yet he have those dreams " he bent forward a little, steepling his fingers with elbows resting on knees " Insaan ka dimaag ek bahut hi complex machine hai, aur aksar yeh do alag levels par kaam karta hai..hamare mann ko contradict karta hai, aur yeh mann aur kuch nahi hamara sub conscious mind hi hai. kehte hain na dil kuch kehta hai aur dimaag kuch... To aksar aise haalat main jab yeh ladai bahut badh jaati hai to body ka defence mechanism auto pilot par aa jaata hai "

" Main kuch samjhi nahi.. "

" Batata hun... Kuch baatein hain jo hamare dil dimaag par gehra aur kabhi kabhi hamesha ke liye nishaan chhod jaati hain... Unme se kuch achhi baatein hoti hain aur kuch.. Buri... As in PTSD, to aksar wo baatein jo hamein takleef de sakti hain emotionally ya mentally, ya deti hain.. Unhe hum apne dimaag se duur rakhna chahte hain aur yaad karne se katrate wohi baatein jinka hamare dil dimaag par bura asar ho sakta hai hamara auto pilot brain humse duur rakhta hai... Aisa aksar dekha gaya hai major accidents ke baad, jahan us insaan ko accident se pehle ke kuch minute yaad nahi rehte, magar aksar wo us haadse ko sapno main baar baar dekhte hain. Armaan ke saath bhi kuch aisa hi hai.. Kuch hai jise uska dimaag use yaad karne se rok raha hai... Aur uske dimag main do level par ladai chal rahi.. "

" Ladai ?? " Dr. Das asked

" Haan ladai.. Uska conscious mind aur uska sub conscious mind. Jab wo active hota hai, yani jaaga hua hota hai to uska conscious mind control main rehta hai, constantly yaad dilata rehta hai ki use kya nahi sochna, kin cheezon ko avoid karna hai, aur jab wo relax hota hai yaani jab sota hai, sub conscious takes on the hold, jo use wo baatein yaad dilata hai jise wo force kar raha hai bhuulne ke liye... Kuch log Ridhhima, jo apne mann ki baatein kisi ke saath bahut kam share karte hain ya apne tak hi rakhte hain unke saath yeh problem aur jyada badh jaati hai.. Unka sub conscious mind wohi baatein dohrata rehta hai, unke saamne laata rehta hai.. Yeh baatein kuch bhi ho sakti hai.. Unke sabse gehre raaz, koi haadsa, unki insecurities, ya unki feelings kisi ke liye..."

" To kya Armaan mujhse kuch chuupa raha hai, us hadse ke alawa ? Wo kisi baat ko le kar pareshaan hai ?? "

" Umm tumhari baaton se to aisa nahi lagta. Wo tumse kuch tab chuupayega jab use khud yaad hoga ki use chuupana kya hai, rahi pareshan hone ki baat, to wo ho sakta hai, and I won't be surprised if he is. Waise wo tumse baatein nahi sirf triggers chuupa raha hai.. Aur tumse hi nahi apne aap se bhi.." She looked at him like he was speaking alien, the doctor continued " Use wo sapne tab aate honge jab uske saamne triggers aate hai "

" Triggers ?? "

" Haan. jaisa tumne bataya it's not everyday but quiet frequent " she nodded " that's coz there must be something around him that triggers off those memories.. Wo baatein, jagah, cheezein ya phir wo haalaat ya phir log ,jinse wo baatein ya to seedhe seedhe judi hui hain ya koi connection rakhti hai..." many things flashed before her eyes, his room , those pics, blood, hospital... Suddenly she knew...

The doctor turned, his black eyes staring back at her gravely " And knowing one incident is like barely scratching the surface... There can be... There is.. lot more that we hardly know..."

Sitting in the plane heading back, Dr. Shishir's words kept echoing in her mind. He clearly stated that if left unattended the condition will only become chronic. He'd advised both therapeutic and pharmacutical treatment.. The former bearing more fruitful results but only if the cause was known.. Which, in Armaan's case was missing... The doctor had assured her that with step wise process they can make him recall what excatly happened during that time that causes these night terrors and can treat him for it.. But for that she'd to made him agree to visit him... And that was in itself a huge task...

But Ridhhima was resolved. She'd had two major tasks in hand. First, she'll make him know her feelings for him. No more time to waste and then take him to Dr. Shishir. She couldn't bear to see him in any kind of pain and suffer... For any reason, even for her...

Determined Ridhhima stepped into the house. It was indeed a great day. Swati finally agreed to come back to Rohan, then meeting with Dr. Shishir gave her a hope to finally get Armaan rid of his problem and above all.. She was ready to pour her heart out, declare her love to him. She almost ran expecting to meet him in the room...but was informed by teasing Muskaan that he still wasn't home. She'd hit her head, in her excitement she forgot that it was just late afternoon and he would be in the office, but then thought she'll wait and give him a surprise in the evening. In the mean time Rohan declared a grand party to be organized in the light of his twin success. To which everyone agreed happily...

She waited eagerly for him to come, restless she couldn't keep herself from calling him but the cell was switched off and Kavita informed her that he was busy with meetings which were lined up almost one after another. Disappointed a little, she asked her to make sure that her message that she was back and wanted to talk, reach him no matter where he was. Now all she could do was to wait...

Meanwhile to kill the time ,she talked to Sapna who informed her that Chirag was back from Sanjeevani Mumbai. This added to her happiness, he was suddenly transfered to Mumbai some time back and now with his return their gang will be together again, though she knew it was something related to Aditi's parents not getting ready for their marriage but the true picture wasn't clear still. Brushing away the thoughts she then chose a dress for the special evening ,changed the flowers, again, and prepared all of Armaan's favourite dishes... hours later finished with everything, she noticed that he'd still not called. Kavita confirmed that she delivered the message telling him to call immediately soon after her call. Ridhhima was surprised that he still didn't but then she knew he was busy not to forget sullen and did he ever think of anything before his work !. She sighed, it seemed she'd to wait for the angry prince to come back. The only relief was that there was not much time left for him to return...

How wrong she was... 6 turned to 7. 7 to 8 and 8 to 9... And then finally came the much awaited call. Desperate to hear his voice Ridhhima rushed to the phone...

" Armaan. Tum ab call kar rahe ho, pata hai hum kabse aaye hue hain, maine kitna try kiya tumhara phone magar.." she ranted on, here she was dying to see him, talk to him and all he could think of was work !

" Ridhhima, listen. I'm sorry. I was busy. You know I have loads to do." he sounded preoccupied

" But Armaan.."

He cut her short " I'll be late Ridhhima. Don't wait up for me. Bye " with that he disconnected the call. She felt like crying but then thought what all he'd to go through, this consoled her a little. After all ,soon everything was going to change...

" I will wait for you Armaan. No matter what you say..."

It was late at night and she was eager to see him again. Waiting for him she picked up a magazine but tired from all traveling, running around and not to forget of all the excitement, she dozed off..

Inspite of all this ,the soft click of the door was enough to wake her up, opening her sleepy eyes she saw Armaan coming in careful in actions. He probably had seen her asleep and didn't wanted to disturb but she was awake now..

" Armaan, tum aa gaye . Kitni daer laga di " she sat up

" It's okay Ridhhima tum so jao, it's late. " he sounded tired

" Armaan.. I.. " she debated if she should tell him now.. He looked quiet tired

" Ridhhima can we talk tomorrow. I'm too tired right now " she nodded, she was right he looked dead tired. consoling herself that tomorrow would be better time to make him happy, she lay down again. Armaan came few minutes later and as soon as his head hit the pillow was asleep. For quiet sometime time she kept caressing his face with her eyes, longing to touch him ,wrap him in her arms and love him like there would be no morrow but... Overwhelmed with her feelings she crept closer to him, so close that he was just a turn away... And then, smiling to herself, closed her eyes waiting for the sweet morning to come, till then decided to do with dreaming about him...

Ridhhima woke up with the sound of alarm ringing, she quickly switched it off so as not to disturb Armaan. He came in very late yesterday night and was obviously very tired, what's with him and work !. Turning toward him she found him sleeping on his stomach, his face turned towards her.. clutching corner of his pillow as if scared it will run away and was frowning in his sleep. She, for a moment, was concerned about him and streached her hand to caress him, to smooth his frowning face but he stirred and turned his face to the other side...

Sighing she covered him up properly ,but kept on staring his back half expecting him to turn and pull her in his arms but... He was still sleeping... And she was daydreaming. Shaking herself out of wishful thinking she got up and went to freshen up...

Armaan frowned, confused, he was walking on a lonely path there was no one around and wind blew strongly with a whistling sound... The sky was grey and occasional lightening felt omnious.. His heart pounded loudly... Something was wrong ...

Something bad was going to happen. And then, he saw someone. She was standing at the far corner of the road, he ran towards her... She turned and streaching out a hand smiling at him, he was relieved ... . Now everything will be fine... But... What's this ?!!! A hand grabbed her other hand and it pulled her farther and farther, away from him .., he ran ... Calling out her name..

" Ridhhima... Ridhhima.." She didn't uttered a word but her eyes... They were pleading to him to stop her... He ran after her, almost crying... Fists clentched... But distance instead of decreasing kept on increasing... He couldn't do anything... That shadow was taking her away from him..

Twisting his head from side to side he suddenly sat up with a jerk...

" Ridhhhimaa..." He shouted out, his hand streached out as if to hold hers. Hearing him shout she came rushing in the room.

" Armaan... Armaan kya hua ? " coming in quickly she sat by his side. Seeing him so, worried her. He didn't uttered a word .. And was panting lightly, she asked him what happened but he didn't uttered a word, not knowing what else to do, she quickly hugged him, securing him in her arms... Feeling her arms around he felt like his life came back to him. Slowly he too held her, encircling her waist he kept his head on her shoulder.. Holding her tight not wishing to let her go away anywhere now... His life depended on it...

Riddhima didn't said anything, she knew he needed her, her comforting... she ran her hand in his hair at the back of his head caressing it gently and with other stroked his back,trying to calm him as if he was a baby who just woke up seeing a nightmare... She was bit worried though, his nightmares have returned. It was a long time since he had woken up like this. She wondered what is it that was worrying him now... It couldn't be anything about that room or did anything happened behind her of which she don't know ?

Armaan on the other hand was much relaxed now... Ridhhima was here with him... at home, there was no one to snatch her away from him... Her soft hands stroking him were so comforting... He wondered what it will be like to wake up every morning in her arms with all her love only and only for him...

" Ridhhima main tumhe khona nahi chahta... agar tum mujhse duur chali gayi to main jeete ji mar jaaunga..." He thought "Ridhhima.. Tum...yahin ho naa ? " he spoke up after a while...

" Haan Armaan, main yahin hun, tumhare paas..." Still not letting him go. She smiled a little, relieved " Kya hua Armaan koi bura sapna dekha ?Hmm..." he just nodded " Kya wohi purana waala.." He shook his head... She broke the hug gently and looked at him... keeping a hand on his face lifted his face to her " Wo nahi.?? Phir...?? " She remembered what Dr. Anand had said ' jo log apni feelings ko apne mann main bahut gehre se chuupa kar rakhte hain aur kisi ke sath yahaan tak ki apne aap se bhi chupate hain wo feelings is tarah se unka subconscious mind unke saamne laata rehta hai... Yeh unke sabse gehre raaz ho sakte hai, unki insecurities ya phir unki feelings kisi ke liye...' she thought again " Agar yeh purana sapna nahi tha to phir..? " She decided to ask him... " Armaan kya dekha sapne main ? " remembering well what Doctor told her, talking always helps. Armaan on the other hand fell into thought " Bataun ki nahi... Kya kahunga ki main darr gaya tha ki koi tumhe mujhse duur le ja raha hai... Magar yeh main use nahi keh sakta ... She doesn't love me aur main uski khushi ke beech nahi aana chahta..." He now looked away from her and in a partly cold tone spoke out.. " Kuch nahi... Mujhe.. mujhe yaad nahi..." he got off the bed " Mujhe tayaar hona hai aaj ek important meeting hai..." and without even a glance he walked away ... 

Ridhhima was surprised " Yeh achanak Armaan ko kya hua... Kuch baat to hai jo use pareshaan kar rahi hai... Lekin Armaan mujhse itna duur duur kyun rehta hai?? Akhir baat kya hai... Main jitna uske paas aane ki koshish karti hun wo utna hi mijhse door hota jaata hai... Aur aaj ... Lekin aaj wo mera naam le kar chillaya tha... To kya.. he is feeling insecure about me ?? Oooh Armaan plz .. Kuch to bolo. Mujhse kuch to baat karo... Bhagwan plz mujhe mera purana Armaan lauta do... Jo mujse jhagdta tha, ladta tha pareshaan karta tha... Har baat mujhse karne ko tayar rehta tha.. Chahe mujhe sunna ho ya nahi... Plz. God " she silently prayed, her thoughts inturrupted by the knock on the door. It was Martin " Madam breakfast..? " His words brought her back to present.. " Huh.. yeah I'm coming..." sighing she got up to get his breakfast ready...

Though he sat on the breakfast table talking, laughing, yet she could see that he was avoiding her. He hardly spoke to her after that morning incident and didn't even let her do his tie, he wore one of the tied ones by Martin, ready even before she could go back to him. It was quiet disappointing and frustrating. She found him alone for a while in the room and tried to talk but he refused to keep the phone down and listen to her, she had to give up waiting when Muskaan's loud call reached her... And since then he'd not even asked her what was it that she wanted to talk about ! He was rather busy animatedly talking to Sammy.

Rohan told him about his successful deal and the party that night, Armaan congratulated him trying his best to smile genuinely but it seemed quiet tough. He wanted to get out of there, it felt suffocating...

" Armaan.." Rohan called " I.. Ehem " he cleared his throat " Armaan I wanted to tell you something.." Armaan's heartbeat rose " um actually it would be good if we could talk it in the evening. I want Ridhhima and someone else to be present that time.. And Armaan I'm really sorry man but we've.. Me and Ridhhima.. been hiding something from you " ' I think I know what you're hiding..' Armaan thought " and.. I want you to know everything now.. I would've told you earlier but.. Things were'nt settled then and I wanted to be sure so..." Rohan was terribly nervous but Armaan just listened with straight face, little did Rohan know what havoc his words were creating in his heart..

' So Ridhhima has decided...' he thought " it's okay Rohan I'll talk to you later today... Aaram se " with that he walked out to his car ,he was about to sit when Ridhhima came rushing

" Armaan.. Armaan. tum bata kar bhi nahi ja sakte the " she panted, out of breath

" You knew I was about to leave Ridhhima. Bolo kya hua ? " she was taken aback at his cold tone and a grave face

" N..nothing, it's just.. tumhe yaad hai naa aaj shaam ghar par party hai to.. To I was wondering if you could come early today " she looked expectantly " I want to tell you something.. Important "

He still looked at her coldly " Rohan had asked me this already. Don't worry I'll be there. After all it's such an 'important' news " giving a brief look he drove off.

She exhaled " Sadu ! " then hit her head smiling " my sadu, cutest sadu. I Promise Armaan main aaj tumhari saari narazgi duur kar dungi. I'm sorry jaan bas aaj shaam tak aur wait kar lo " smiling to herself she walked in

The day passed by somehow and as usual Armaan was late.. The guests started pouring in and Ridhhima was talking to someone when Rohan pulled her aside asking if Armaan was back..

" Ridhhima I'm nervous ,aur Swati bhi nahi aayi hai abhi tak... I'm sure aaj mujhe bahut maar padne waali hai..." he looked around smiling nervously at guests

" Don't worry Rohan, he's not that scary " she grinned

" Oh plz ! just because he doesn't dare to speak anything before you doesn't make him less scary.." Ridhhima laughed at it, they didn't notice that right at that moment Armaan stepped in, standing right behind them " plz. Ridhhima promise me that you'll be my side when I tell him everything..." Armaan froze hearing it ,seeing Rohan holding her hand in his and Ridhhima smiling at him.

" kya batana hai mujhe ? " they were startled at the sudden voice

" Uh kuch nahi " she elbowed Rohan

" Haan kuch nahi.. Wo.. Wo kya hai na Armaan guests aane shuru ho gaye hain aur tu ab aaya hai. Sabko batana bhi to hai ki.. Ki is party ka reason kya hai " He grinned foolishly , Armaan just stared at him whereas Ridhhima rolled her eyes glaring at Rohan for being such a chicken. He pleaded her through eyes begging for some more time and she agreed but this was well observed by Armaan who blankly looked at them ,though a jaw muscle tightened and he clenched his fists to control himself

" Umm Armaan tum ek kaam kyun nahi karte tum ja kar fresh ho jao aur change kar lo, tab aa kar aaram se baat kar lena.." She said rescuing Rohan. Giving a brief look at Rohan he walked away to his room.

" Pheww thanks Ridz, bas let me gather some himmat " Ridhhima hit his head lightly and gigling followed Armaan

' Cmmon Ridhhima yahi waqt hai just tell him evverything put his mood right.. Aur Rohan.. Chalo uaka bhi thoda kuch bata dungi baaki wo khud Swati ke saath Armaan se clear kar lega.." Smiling to herself, trying to control her racing heartbeat she rushed to the room to catch sometime alone, before something else disturbs them...

Entering the room she finally found him ,alone. Bent down he was tying his shoelaces.. For a moment he was stunned to see her looking out of the world in that beautiful saari.. But soon controlled himself

" Tum yahaan ? " he asked, not expecting her to be there

" Haan.. Wo Armaan mujhe tumse kuch zaruri baat karni thi..." she stood there feeling nervous and hugely shy

He got up and moved to pick up his jacket " Rohan ke baare main "

She was surprised " Rohan ke baare main ?! " then she remembered that of course he didn't knew ' her ' reason to be there but then thought to put a stop to this Rohan matter and this would probably give her time to steady herself " h.. haan, actually Armaan.. Rohan loves someone " he still turned to her " and things were difficult first but.. Now she'd finally agreed " his heart for a moment stopped beating.. He turned to her

" I knew she would " his tone cold

" knew ?? " she said surprised

" Yes I knew. All along. What do you think ? agar tum mujhe nahi bataoge to mujhe pata nahi chalega, I'm neither blind nor a fool. Waise bahut bahut mubarak ho.. I hope you are very happy now.." he couldn't help being sharp here. Ridhhima could sense the sting in his voice and all her nervousness flew away giving way to confusion

" Armaan, ho kya gaya hai tumhe ? and why do you think we'd think of you like that. Kya tum apne dost ke liye khush nahi ho. ? " she just couldn't understand... If he knew everything then why's he so.. Cranky. Acting all weird... And why didn't he said anything before...

He smiled sarcastically so now it's ' we ' he turned to face her " Kya tum khush ho ? "

She was totally confused, his eyes.. They looked so pained, but why ?.. May be she knew why.. Because they kept him in dark " yeh kaisa sawaal hai Armaan ? of course I'm happy, Rohan is your dear friend aur main maanti hun ki maine tumse yeh baat chhupa kar galti ki but I thought ki Rohan ko ek mauka milna chahiye aakhir wo.."

" Of course he's in love and trying his luck. Hai naa." he didn't let her complete. She stood rooted ,never expecting him to be so angry " well, I hope ab sab theek hai.. And yeah don't worry about me. Ek naa ek din to mujhe pataa chal hi jaata naa, what's the big deal then... Magar is baat ka mujhe afsoos rahega Ridhhima ki yeh baat tumne mujhse chupayi. Kya maine tumhe kabhi kisi baat ke liye roka, kuch bhi karne se manaa kiya aur tumne tum dono ne mujhe itna paraya kar diyaa... Aur kehne ko main tum dono ka 'best friend' hun.." he just couldn't contain himself any longer

" Armaan I'm sorry. Plz meri baat to suno, aisi baat nahi hai main tumhe pehle batana chahti thi magar tab baat kuch final nahi thi aur Rohan chahta tha ki wo khud apne pyaar ko haasil kare, maine sirf usko ek mauka diya ki.." trying to explain.. But things certainly were not going the way she thought them to be

" Haan Ridhhima wo to main dekh hi raha hun, tumne usko to mauka diya magar mujhe nahi..."

She was shocked to hear it " Armaan tum baat samjah nahi rahe..."

" Haan ab mujhe baat kahan samajh aayegi, agar itna hi samajhta to shayad bahut pehle sab jaan gaya hota..." She tried to speak again but he raised his hand silencing her " mujhe aur kuch nahi sunna aur naa hi samjhna hai, mere liye sirf yeh kaafi hai ki mere do sabse achhe dost khush hain.. Aur tumhe fikar karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai maine sab tayari kar li hai..."

" Tayari ?? Kaisi tayari ? " unable to make out what he was talking about

" Maine.." but he was interrupted by a knock at the door ,it was Sammy and Muskaan who'd come to call her. They had no choice but to drop the conversation and she reluctantly went away with them...

Armaan watched her go, but turned away when she turned back to look at him. He couldn't bear to watch her go ,but knew he had to be strong.. For himself, for her... He took out the papers from his bag and looked at them again... A lone tear rolled down his eyes.. wiping it off he placed the papers on the bed with a note.. He knew he could not bring himself to give them in her hand...

By the time he came down for the party many guests had already arrived and everybody was busy enjoying themselves. Bracing himself he was prepared to face the situation stoicly, this shouldn't be difficult he said to himself, especially when he had been preparing himself for it for past two days... The surprise element was the presence of Abhimanyu and Niki...

" Hey Niki.." he hugged her warmly and then looked at Abhi " surprised to see you Modi " Niki rolled her eyes thinking there they go again.. Excusing herself she went to look for Ridhhima

" My friend invited me Malik. Any problem.." he stepped forward

" It's Rohan's party. If he want you here then what can I do. I guess I can tolerate you for one evening, I'll just pretend that you're not here "

" Don't worry I'll be doing something similar. And by the way, it wasn't Rohan I was talking about.. I was talking about my new friend who invited us here... Ridhhima " Armaan's mouth fell open hearing it.. " now will you please continue to be invisible. I have to hit someone named Rohan Kashyap badly " with that he left a stunned Armaan to look for Rohan..

Moving about among friends and aquaintances Armaan couldn't help but smile at the thought that she could just charm her way through anyone. Who would've thought that Modi would regard Ridhhima as his friend !. She surely knew some magic spells to put on people.. How he wished if he knew any.. Then probably he wouldn't have to let her go.. The thought saddened him but he hid his feelings putting up a brave smile.. His thoughts again floated back to the time when he yelled at her in the evening, how rude he was to her.. How bad she must've felt... he mentally kicked himself for behaving in such a manner, if she wants to go then he must respect her decision . He can't force her to love him... With this realisation he decided that he would apologize to her for his behaviour and would let her be happy...

He started looking around and finally found her talking to someone.. He was again left stunned... She looked so pretty... The way she smiled.. His heart skipped a beat just looking at her. A soft smile spread over his face and a peacefulness flowed in his body, how he wished if he could just hold her, wrap her in his arms and stay like that forever... Everything else stopped when she laughed.. but the spell broke when he realised how he behaved this evening, along with that came the feeling that was haunting him...

'Don't be selfish Armaan, let her go. Let her be happy the way she wants to be ' came the voice ' but what about me ? ' ' you'll live...' ' would that really be life ? Without her..' but there came no reply. Slowly he walked upto her. She was surprised first, unsure if he was still mad at her...

Holding her hand he took her to a less crowded corner " Ridhhima... I'm sorry. Mujhe tum par aise chillana nahi chahiye tha... I acted total jerk.." Ridhhima let out a sigh of relief. At least he wasn't angry anymore and she could see that he was genuinely feeling sorry " Please forgive me.. Main bhi pata nahi kya kya karta rehta hun magar really, mera tumhara dil dukhane ka koi irada nahi tha main bas..." he didn't knew what else to say

Ridhhima smiled. She knew he had upset himself more than her. She gently took his hand in hers, surprising him " it's okay Armaan. Hota hai kabhi kabhi... Aur meri galti bhi to thi naa... I should've told you before but Rohan.." his smile faltered and that soft feeling vanished with Rohan's name " but I wanted to tell you something important.. Basically we both wanted but tum ek kaam karo pehle Rohan se baat kar lo.. You already know the thing but it would be nice agar tum khud usse pehle saari baatein clear kar lo.. I'll join you two soon " he nodded, she gave a gentle squeeze to his hand and with a warm smile turned away to go... She was gone few steps when she called again " And Armaan.."

" Yeah.. "

" I hope tum uski baat samjhoge.. Just listen him out first, you'll inderstand why he didn't told you before... And Armaan.. Plz don't beat him up for that. He's already scared of you " he just nodded hardly able to understand what she meant by that last request

" Beat him up ?? how can I beat him, he's already killed me " smiling ruefully he moved away to look for Rohan

He found Rohan talking to Niki, who looked kind of concerned... And apologetic..

" Hey Niki. Can I talk to Rohan for a sec "

Rohan groaned, hitting his forehead with his fist " It's just not my day. Why God ? " he looked up Niki left giving a gentle pat on his shoulder. He saw Armaan standing right next to him and smiled foolishly " hey Armaan "

" Hey.." then he looked at him carefully, he was caressing his shoulder and back of his neck " what happened ? "

" Nothing, just Abhi.. For not telling him before " he rubbed his shoulder leaning by the bar table.

" What ?! Abhi knows ?! " he was shocked. He saw Niki talking to Abhi, rather scolding, with one of her ' I'm-not-amused-with-what- you-did ' faces " you told him ! "

" No, I was talking to Ridhhima and he kind of overheard. He didn't even let me finish explaining ! " he rubbed his neck

" That's none of Modi's business. It was right that you talked to me first " but then he sighed " but I guess it's okay, waise bhi use pata to chalna hi tha.. waise I came to talk to you.. Ridhhima told me that you have few things to clear up "

Rohan forgot all his pain and turned around, resting his elbows on the bar counter " well yeah, Ridhhima told me that you know.." Armaan didn't said anything " I would have told you before Armaan but I wasn't sure if she would agree with me... And I wasn't willing to let her go, but I wanted to do this on my own.. Fight for my love "

Armaan could not bear to listen any more " yeah I know... It's terrible to let someone you love, go right before your eyes.. Promise me Rohan that you'll always keep her happy, will be there for her no matter what happens "

Rohan looked back at him " I promise Armaan. I almost lost her and trust me that was the scariest thing ever.."

On the other hand Ridhhima was passing by the corridor for an errand when she heard someome yelling, following the voice she found it was Sammy... With the threads of talks she could make out that she was angry on someone for something and she could guess who it could be...

" It's over ! Do you understand ! And don't you ever dare to bring that pathetic face of yours before me or I'll punch it so hard that you won't be able to recognize it. Go to hell ! " with that she slammed the phone shut

Ridhhima now came forward " Sammy ! What happened ?! " Sammy looked startled but then to Ridhhima's surprise.. She smiled at her.. Broadly

They walked back to the party where Sammy explained her breakup " It's okay Ridhhima he was such a confused soul anyway ,if he can't stand up for me.. Decide what he has to do, who to choose then I'm not the one wasting my time over him and anyway he may be cute but I'm not dumb so I dumped him " Sammy was so relaxed that Ridhhima wondered what she was " Phew thank God. good riddance ! " Ridhhima was both amused and shocked

" But that day you said you like him "

" Yeah, that day but not now, how can I love him when I get bore with him... You know I want someone.. Someone.." She looked around searching for words and then saw Rohan and Armaan talking at the bar " like... yeah, Armaan ! " Ridhhima's heart stopped beating for a moment

" Armaan.." Ridhhima didn't like that look in her eyes

" Yeah, see. he's loving, caring successful, bro likes him and he's so funny, lively..." every adjective she used made a hole in Ridhhima's ship of heart, drowning it... Whereas Sammy rattled on " lekin lagta hai bhagwaan ne achhe ladko ki manufacturing hi band kar di hai.. Huh.. Neway.."

Rohan on the other hand smiled broadly when he saw Swati standing with Anjali, Niki, Ridhhima, Sapna and Sammy " isn't she the most beautiful thing ever "

Armaan turned and saw Ridhhima chatting with the group " yeah, she is " a soft smile played on his lips

" Waise thanks Armaan. Ab jab tu keh hi chuka hai ki you have no problem to mere dil se ek bahut bada bojh utar gaya ... Thank you so much yaar, I thought you'd beat me up for this..." He gave him a side hug and was obviously very happy and excited... Armaan on the other hand was very heartbroken " yaar pehle main darr raha tha ki pata nahi mera faisla sahi hai ya nahi after all yeh puri life ka sawaal hai aur phir darta tha ki kahin wo mujhe reject na kar de, but I didn't wanted to give up without trying "

" Hmm you did the right thing after all she deserves the best... At least better than me..."

Rohan jerked his head to his direction " Huhh.?? You??? Main kuch samjha nahi ?? "

" Kuch nahi bas I want best for her..."

" And you got it dude. Promise "

" Rohan..just take good care of her "

" Ofcourse yaar I will... After all saari khudai ek taraf joru ka bhai ek taraf..." he winked at him. Armaan spat out his drink

" What ??? Bhai ?? "

" Are you ok ?? what happened?? Maine aisa kya keh diya ?? "

" Idiot, main kabse Ridhhima ka bhai ban gaya ?? "

" Ridhhima ?? Maine kab kaha ki tu Ridhhima ka bhai hai, you wierdo ?? "

" But.. But you just said saari khudai ek taraf and whatever..."

" Yeah of course kaha tha after all my wife would be like your sister in law naa, magar main yeh bhabhi ko kyun kahunga ?! Meri to kuch samajh nahi aa raha tu keh kya raha hai.."

" You don't you love Ridhhima..?? "

" What ??! " Now Rohan choked on his drink " Main aur Ridhhima... Tera dimaag to kharaab nahi hai ?! Wo meri bhabhi hai ! my friend !just like a sister to me ! Where the hell you got this idea from ! "

" But you ...tune to us din.. And itne dino se you both were like together and today you said you wanted to tell me something you were hiding and Ridhhima said she wanted to tell me something.." he spluttered all confused

" Armaan you idiot ! You got it all wrong I love her . See " he held his face in his hands pointing it to the group before their eyes

" Ridhhima ! "


" Tujhe Ridhhima ke alawa koi aur nazar nahi aata kya ?! bevkoof uske saath dekh "

" Who ? Sapna ! She's married ! "


" aooww that hurts ! "

" You deserve it. You king of idiots ! Sapna nahi idiot uske saath , in blue dress "

" Oh my god Anjali ! She's married and hugely Pregnant ! weirdo "


" And now you are a certified fool ! Not Anjali you jerk ! Swati.. It's Swati.. My love, my wife for second time and the mother of my soon to come child ! "

" What ?! "

" Yes you moron ! I thought you said that you know ! But considering your recent acts of certified foolishness I take it that you know nothing " Armaan was still dumbfounded by what he came to know. Ridhhima didn't loved Rohan ! Rohan loved someone else and what the hell did he mean by second time wife and soon to come child ?!

" let me explain..." and Rohan narrated everything from the beginning clearing away all the misunderstandings "... And all along tu yahi soch raha tha ki it's me and Riddhima !.. Jerk "

Armaan held his head in his hands " oh my God what a blunder ! "

" What's wrong with you man !? Can't you see that she has eyes only for one moron and that's you. I really wonder what she's seen in you " Rohan made a disappointed face, but Armaan felt ecstatic. He felt like being on seventh heaven and hugged Rohan tightly " hey ! We are in public ! Control man " Armaan, too happy to say anything just swayed him left to right " isn't Rahul enough ?! Leave me man , I have no desire to be your jaan-e-mann number 2 " but Armaan wasn't listening he broke the hug and kissed Rohan on his cheek. Now that was just too much for him " Geroff me man ! You are nuts ! Stay away ! "

Armaan got off his seat jumping " she loves me ! She loves me ! She loves me ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! "

" Yeah, good morning sleeping beauty ! " Rohan wiped off his cheek

" Rohan ,I love Ridhhima ! "

" To bevkoof yeh baat tu mujhe nahi Ridhhima ko bata..." as the reality started to sink in Armaan cooled down a bit, Rohan put a hand on his shoulder. Knowing well how he must be feeling " tum dono ek dusre ko chahte ho to daer mat karo, ja kar use bol de Armaan... Go get your love yaar, she is waiting for you.." Armaan looked up at him all the misunderstandings were cleared, he gave him a quick hug

" Thanks Rohan ,love you yaar " he got up from there " I've to tell Ridhhima " he rushed to meet her but paused mid way " but this doesn't mean you're off the hook. You'll still get it from me for what you did.." Rohan groaned seeing now rushing figure

" Bhalai ka to Zamana hi nahi hai bhagwaan " he sighed looking heavenwards

He started looking for Ridhhima frantically but couldn't find her. Then he saw Sammy and rushed to her " Sammy have you seen Ridhhima ? "

Back in the room Ridhhima was done cleaning up, Sammy spilled her drink over her saari and she came back to clean it before it left a stain, breathing in seeing that there would be none.. Looking at herself in the mirror her thoughts trailed back to Sammy... She didn't like her closeness with Armaan earlier she felt secure that Sammy wasn't interested but now.. After what she came to know.. it felt kind of uneasy... But then she shrugged hitting herself lightly for getting such absurd ideas..

She was about to move out when her eyes fell on his office bag... It was shut but apparently he forgot to close it properly... Sudden curiosity gripped her ' Armaan often keeps his diary in his bag... Should I.." a naughty smile played on her lips ' cmmon Ridhhima, don't be silly, neeche party main sab wait kar rahe honge..' came the other voice ' but...'

On the other hand Sammy was enjoying teasing Armaan, who was eager to know where Ridhhima was. Which apparently Sammy knew...

" Cmmon yaar Sammy ! I have something very imporatnt to talk to her " he begged

" Oh cmmon Armaan ! Do you think I'm a baby ? She couldn't stop talking about you and here you are searching her like mad " Armaan's eyes lit up hearing that she was talking about him " Waise planned anything special ? " she winked laughing seeing the shocked expression on his face " by the way if I tell you where she is, then what will I get ? " she asked rubbing her nails on her sleeve airily

Armaan rolled his eyes, exasperated " whatever you ask meri maa " he folded his hands " ab are you going to tell me or not ? " Sammy grinned victoriously

Curiosity got better of Ridhhima and she opened his bag looking for what she had to let go of earlier- his diary... But unfortunately ,it wasn't there.. Then something caught her eye. It was a sheet of paper, torn from his diary... Slowly she picked it up and started reading...

" That's like a good boy, I'll let you know soon what I want and by the way.. Your sweetheart has gone to clean up her dress, I accidently spilled my drink on it. She must be in the house ,in the room probably " she winked again and left him grinning widely

Armaan exhaled ,shaking his head " ye Sammy bhi naa.." and then suddenly his smile vanished " Oh crap ! " he hit his head " Papers Armaan ! Oh shit !! Shit ! Ridhhima room main gayi hai, agar usne papers dekh liye to... oh God Armaan you're gone ! Run ! "

Her hands trembled as she finished reading that bit.. She couldn't belive if she'd read it correctly. The handwriting was unmistakeably Armaan's but the words... Were thay written by the same man who wrote that beautiful dream of his in that diary.. She read the page again..

" Ridhhima ko baat nahi karni to naa kare.. I've had enough of it. I'm just tired of being her friend always and now I want to free myself of these chains.. Of her... Why should I suffer all the time ! At least one thing is quiet clear now, She doesn't love me and... I don't love her either.."

She couldn't make out anything from it, did Armaan really write this ? Did he really mean it ?? She was just debating about it when her eyes fell on the papers kept on the bed... Walking slowly towards them she picked them up, opening the note kept over them her eyes brimmed with tears, her legs seemed lifeless, unable to bear her weight, she fell on the bed shocked... The paper slipped away falling on the floor...


Hum hamesha se achhe dost rahe hain... Aur yeh rishta to hamare beech tabse hai jabse hum iska matlab bhi nahi jaante the... Magar kuch rishte shayad hamesha ke liye nahi hote.. Ab wo waqt aa gaya hai jab hamein alag ho jaana chahiye.. Bahut koshish karne par bhi itni himmat nahi juta paaya ki tumhe yeh khud de sakun.. I know I'm being a coward magar sach kahun to main sirf tumhari khushi chahta hun.. Aur tumhari khushi mere saath nahi nahi hai... Isliye main tumhe is bandhan se azaad kar raha hun. Plz ho sake to mujhe maaf kar dena...


Ridhhima sat on the corner of the bed, clutching the papers in her hand... Too stunned to react in any manner... Too shocked to cry... Her world came crashing down.. Just few minutes ago she was excitedly wondering, thinking, planning... about the beautiful dream they were going to live for real.. Together... But that dream was shattered even before it could be shared... She was late.. Too late.. She lost everything... lost one person she ever loved more than herself...

Armaan panted as he climbed the flight of stairs two at a time, praying frantically to reach on time before something gets terribly wrong. All the way back he'd cursed himself heartily for his foolishness and now his only hope lay on reaching on time. Coming to the skidding halt he rushed into the room. Everything was silent, nothing stirred.. Noone was there. He took a breath of relief..

" Cmmon Armaan get those papers " but when he reached the bed he found they weren't there " shit ! papers kahan gaye ?! " he started looking around desperately " kahin wo Ridhhima ko mil to nahi gaye.."

" Kahin tum in papers ko to nahi dhund rahe Armaan " he froze hearing the voice, turning around he found Ridhhima standing before him. The papers clutched in her hand. His shoulders slumped in defeat. He was late and now he'd have to do some real good expalining

" Ridhhima.. Look, I can explain " he stepped forward

" Stop right there Armaan. Tumhari explaination maine in papers main padh li hai " she raised the note and the torn page from the diary. Armaan cursed himself under his breath

" Ridhhima look I'm sorry mujhe..."

" Why are you sorry Armaan, sorry to mujhe kehna chahiye jo main itne waqt tak tum par bojh bani rahi, tumhari azaadi ke beech aati rahi " she wasn't crying but was shattered

" Ridhhima ! How can you even say that ! " he couldn't bear her accusing herself " plz listen to me. Let me explain "

" Nahi Armaan let me speak today. Maine in papers par sign kar diye hain. Yahi chahte the na tum. Main bahut jald hi yahaan se chali jaungi " Armaan stood stunned hearing it " magar jaane se pehle ek baat zarur jaanna chahti hun " he just looked at her, not knowing what to say " is divorce ki wajah Samaira hai, hai naa ? "

" What ?! Sammy ?? Ridhhima.. " but she raised a hand stopping him from saying anything further " sorry main bhuul gayi thi ki ab main tumse kuch bhi puchhne ka haq kho chuki hun. After all it's your life, tum jo chahe kar sakte ho.. Magar maine bhi tumse ek baat chupayi hai Armaan "

" Mujhse ? "

" Haan, tumse.. Aur ab to shayad bahut daer ho chuki hai magar main jaane se pehle apne dil ki baat tumse keh kar jaana chahti hun, i know it doesn't mean anything to you and don't worry I'm not expecting anything in return either " he stood still, trying to figure out what she was talking about " Armaan.. I love you... I've always loved you... And it didn't happened today or yesterday... I loved you the day you held me at the airport, I loved you the day when you touched me in that room in Rajat's party, I loved you the day you fought for me, I loved you the day you stood up for me before that jerk Vivek, I loved you the day my parents took your side instead of mine.. I loved you everytime you made me smile.. The truth is I've grown with you. You made me see things, feelings I was knowingly blind to. The very first time I met you I knew that you were someone special. I just didn't realize when you became everything to me. Heavens Armaan ! all this while I loved you but the only thing was I was too dumb to see that ,to realize that... I fall in love with you every day, every moment... I love you Armaan, I love only you... I wish I could've told you this before... Before things reached to this " she raised the divorce papers..tears now flowed freely

A sudden warmth filled his heart. He finally got to hear the magical words he was dying to hear from her... For a moment the world stopped... His heart stopped beating and he forgot to breathe... Standing there he was too stunned to say anything, to react in any manner. His eyes remained riveted to her face, the eyes which were damp because of those tears which refused to stop... At that moment he didn't wanted anyting more than to wrap her in his arms, take away all her pain to tell her that he felt exactly the same for her and had been living everyday expecting to hear these three words from her... Only now his wish got fulfilled, unfortunately, not in a kind of situation he thought to be...

He sighed, covering up the distance between them he stood right before her, he couldn't bear to see her in so much pain.. He must tell her that it was all his mistake , a stupid misunderstanding on his part... Which just made him lucky.. He raised his hands to wipe off her tears but she jerked them away angrily. He was surprised " tell me one thing Armaan " he could see sudden flash of fire in her eyes " it is Samaira.. That Sammy.. Behind all this.. Isn't it ?

" Ridhhima ,you think I gave you these papers because of Samaira ! " now that he looked at her again he could she her red eyes, she must have really cried a lot. He felt terrible for making her cry " look Ridhhima I want to make it clear to you that Sammy is just a good friend and she feels the same. She practically grew up before my eyes ! "

If she was surprised then she didn't show " don't lie to me Armaan " almost shouting " I've seen you two.. The way she's around you, and you were no different. I'm not blind.." That was enough now, he could not let anything come between them now, no misunderstanding.. Nothing. Covering up the small distance between them he covered her mouth, holding her from her waist firmly taking her by surprise...

It was time that everything was cleared " now listen to me Ridhhima, and listen me clear " removing his hand from her mouth he caressed her face wiping off the tears and held her hand which clutched the lapel of his coat keeping it close to his heart " I don't love Sammy Ridhhima. If this is what you are worried about.. I've never liked her more than a friend or a friend's sister.. It was, is and always will be... you that is most important to me.. Noone can ever take your place, noone could even manage to make a place in my heart. Since I met you that day in the hospital.. I don't remember I thought about anyone else like I think of you. I wish to see you all the time ,I slept to dream about you, I craved to be with you.. To hold you, to touch you.. To be loved by you. My whole being revolves around you Ridhhima, can't imagine a day without you. You complete me, and without you there would be no me. What you said just now are the very words I was dying to hear from you.. I just didn't imagined to hear them in a situation like this.."

Ridhhima was stupefied hearing it, a part of her was ecstatic that he and Sammy weren't together and the rest of the things were still sinking in.. Did he just said that he loves her!.. No didn't said that actually.. Not directly anyway.Suddenly she remembered something else " but.. But.. You hid things from me... Why didn't you told me the truth about Vivek before ? I know you knew it from the very begining.." she looked into his eyes waiting for him to speak

He didn't loosened his hold and looking into her eyes spoke up " Haan yeh sach hai Ridhhima ki main Vivek ke baare main pehle se jaanta tha aur maine uski sachhai tumse chhupai, us din Germany jaane se pehle.. Tumse baat karne ke baad main soch chuka tha ki main tumhe aur Vivek ko mila dunga magar jab wahan uski sachhai ke baare main jaana to mera irada badal gaya..Main jaanta tha ki wo bahut chalak hai aur shayad tum meri baat par vishwaas naa karo aur us waqt haalat bhi kuch aise hi the..Main tumhara dil tuutte hue nahi dekhna chahta tha aur naa hi yeh chahta tha ki sachhai jaanne ke baad tum sirf apne dard se bhagne ke liye is rishte ke liye haan kaho...


Main chahta tha ki tumhe is baat ka ehsaas ho ki koi hai jo tumhe sachhe dil se chahta hai... Jiske liye duniya main tum sabse jyaada keemti ho... Main chahta tha ki tum mere pyaar ko pehchaano aur use apni khushi se sweekar karo... Main tumhare mann se Vivek ki saari yaad mita dena chahta tha... Tumse ladta tha, jhagadta tha taaki tum uske baare main naa socho... main shaadi ke naam par samjhauta nahi chahta tha, main tumhare dil main sabse khas jagah chahta tha wahi jo mere dil main tumhari hai... Us waqt bhi main tumhe Vivek ki sachhai bata sakta tha magar usse kya hota... Tum ek tute dil ke sath kya hamare rishte ko apna paati... Tumne us din khud kaha tha ki shaadi ko apnane ke alawa koi raasta bhi to nahi, chahe phir wo apni khushi se ho ya nahi... Pyaar ka kya hai ho hi jayega aur nahi bhi hua to kya... Hai naa Ridhhima yahi kaha tha na tumne " she rembered the time they were in the car and discussing about Niki's step of marrying Abhimanyu " aur main yahi nahi chahta tha.. Beech main aise bhi mauke aaye jab maine chaha ki tumhe sab bata dun magar phir tumhara udaas chehra dekhne ki himmat nahi jutaa paaya... Darta tha ki kahin tumhe kho naa duun... agar tum chali jaati to main jee nahi paata...

Maana ki maine bahut daer kar di magar sirf tumhe is baat ka ehsaas dilana chahta tha ki main tumhe har haal main chahta hun... Aur Vivek ko tumhare dil dimaag se hataa dena chahta tha... Kyunki main apne alawa kisi aur ko wahaan bardasht nahi kar sakta... Main tumhari aankhon main sirf aur sirf apne liye pyaar dekhna chahta tha... Chahta hun. Kisi aur ko bardasht karna mere liye bahut mushkil tha... I wanted to be the only man in your life... Aur isiliye maine tumhe sach nahi bataya... But I was wrong Ridhhima, tumhe iss baat ko jaanne ka puura adhikar tha.. Can you plz forgive me for this..." he looked into her eyes apologetically, she could see that he meant what he said.. She hardly bothered about Vivek ,he was so right.. She'd have been completely heartbroken and if Armaan wouldn't have been there then who knows if she could ever have seen anything positive in the world.. And for that she thanked God profusely for bringing him into her life...

She kept looking at his eyes deeply and whispered " mere dil main tumhare alawa koi nahi hai Armaan... Main to Vivek ko kabka bhula chuki hun... Tum hamesha sahi the, maine Vivek ko kabhi chaha hi nahi wo to sirf meri zid thi... Aur apni iss zid ki wajah se main apni zindagi ki sabse badi khushi khone waali thi... But tell me one thing agar itna hi darte the mujhe khone se, toh yeh kyun diye ? " she raised the divorce papers

" Yeh.." he looked down highly embarressed at his stupidity, but he knew there was no escape now " wo actually Ridhhima mujhe laga ki.. Ki Rohan.." he explained the great Armaan theory of Rohan and Ridhhima " I was so scared to loose you and then seeing you with Rohan all the time wasn't excatly very assuring. But I'm sorry I've acted real jerk "

" I don't belive it ! You actually thought that Rohan and I were.. together ! were you out of your mind!? " she glared at him. Half amused half angry and full of love...

" I'm sorry.." he said in a small voice "I thought you didn't wanted me "

Seeing him so she cooled down a bit, cupping his face he made him look at her " Armaan " now softly " there would not be a single day in my life when I won't want you or love you " this brought smile back on his face " and you don't have to be sorry infact I'm the one who should be apologising. Rohan ne jab mujhe Swati ke baare main bataya to main darr gayi thi ki agar Swati nahi maani, usne Rohan ko wapas apnaya nahi.. Wo shaadi ke liye tayar nahi hui to kya hoga. Rohan jo usse itna pyaar karta hai, aur us bachhe ka kya hoga jo abhi is duniya main aaya bhi nahi hai " Armaan kept listening to her patiently " aur in sab mein main apni zindagi ko neglect karti rahi.." she caressed his face " tumhe andekha karti rahi... I'm so sorry Armaan, I took you for granted.. I made you suffer so much.."

He held her hand that cupped his face " hey look at the bright side. Agar yeh sab nahi hota to kya pata tum abhi aur kitna waqt leti yeh kehne main aur tab tak to mera dum hi ni.." she cupped his mouth stopping him from saying anything further

" Ainda aisa kabhi mat kehna." scared to hear it " Tum meri jaan ho Armaan, tumhare bina jeene ka main soch bhi nahi sakti " raising herself a little she kissed his forehead " I promise Armaan abse chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye, you'll be my first priority " Armaan's smile now streached from ear to ear.. " but mister how'll you explain this " she raised the diary page before his eyes...

" Yeh, wo actually us din main bahut gusse main tha.. Tumhe yaad hai jab tum ghar chali gayi thi and didn't talked to me... Tab I thought you didn't wanted me aur tab.." he looked at her sheepishly " but now that you've said that you love me.. To I guess it's all right "

Ridhhima chuckled through her misty eyes, she didn't knew what to do with him. Hug him ,kiss him or just keep looking at him..she wiped off her happy tears " But stupid tumne mujhe pehle kyun nahi kaha ki you love me... Main kabse yeh sunne ke liye taras rahi thi..." She hit him lightly with smile on his lips and tears in her eyes..

He too smiled nodding, eyes getting misty " hmm I'm sorry.. Mujhe pehle keh dena chahiye tha.."

She nodded smiling through her tears " Stupid ! moron ! Ab bhi aise hi khade rahoge kya ? Do I have to remind you that you're still not saying it..."

He chuckled " yeah that reminds me of something. Just a sec. " he ran to the wardrobe room and came back within minute " though I wanted this to be different and in much better circumstances and place but I don't want to delay any further " he bent down before her on one knee and took her hand in his " Ridhhima, I remember the day we met. You stole my heart and made it skip twice. You have been the highlight of my life. When I sleep, I dream of you, when I work, we work together, when your heart beats, mine beats with yours. We have been friends for some time now; but I think we were lovers from forever.. not one day has gone by without me thinking of you. I think of you, and the biggest smile comes across my face, I feel warm all over and my heart still skips a beat for you whether we're on the phone or just in the same room. Sweetheart, just looking into your eyes still makes me feel like the first day we met. I have the same dream we both want, and that's to love each other, be with eachother forever. I fell for you so long ago. And I want it to be like that forever " he took out a white rose from the inside of his coat " to say that I'll always be there for you " she accepted it smilingly, he then pulled out a yellow rose " I will be your best friend for ever.." lastly he pulled out a red one " and this sweetheart.. to say that I love you more than words can say... would you accept me , your silly husband, to be your soulmate for eternity ? "

Over whelmed with emotions Ridhhima hugged him tightly ,tears of joy and love flowing freely from her eyes " yes yes yes.. I will.. For forever. I love you.."

He hugged her back, wrapping her tightly in his embrace. He kissed her forehead.. Holding on to her making sure that it wasn't a dream... Today was the best day of his life.. He finally got his life.. His love.. Breaking the hug lightly, he put something around her neck.. It was the same necklace that she found in the locker " it should've been here long before " he smiled lovingly and kissed her forehead

Amidst all this Ridhhima's eyes fell on something, wiping her joyous tears she asked smiling now " Aur in divorce papers ka kya karun ? "

Grinning a little, Armaan took them from her hand and tore them away into small bits.. " We don't need these, ever..." he turned to her " But I definitely need something..." holding her face in his palms he brought her closer.. Till his lips brushed with hers... Ridhhima's heartbeat raced knowing what was coming but she was ready, more than willing for it.. And then he claimed them in a deep passionate kiss which conveyed all his love, his longing, his feelings for her. Ridhhima could feel it in his kiss, she responded with equal fervor trying to take away all the pain she'd caused him and instead fill him with all the love she has... He pulled her even closer to himself, if possible, her fingers ran into his hair pulling him close, urging him to go on.. His hands moved around her waist and thousand butterflies flew in her stomach.. His touch felt like fire on her bare skin and they completely fell into each others spell... It seemed they wanted to make up for all the time lost in one go... Only the lack of air made them pull apart, but they stood there in the middle of the room with heads joined, smiling... Feeling blissful and contented.. To have each other.

The kiss put a seal on their promise to each other... Two soulmates were finally together, despite of all odds... For forever...

" I love you " he whispered

She hid herself in his chest, crimson, her breathing ragged and unable to meet his intense gaze " I love you too " she said feeling ecstatic

She ran her fingers softly through his hair as he buried his face in her stomach, lying on the floor taking in that beautiful fragrance, his hand encircling her waist holding her tight. Neither of them spoke. they both were quiet but their hearts were doing the talking, Ridhhima kept caressing his hair to assure him that she wasn't going anywhere. She knew his greatest fear would be to lose her and she wasn't going to leave him alone.. The kiss they shared told her everything he felt and had been through.. Love, happiness,pain, insecurity, his fear.. she wanted to take away the latter three and fill his heart with love and happiness...

She saw him totally comfortable in her lap, a small smile playing on his lips... He looked so relaxed ,like a heavy burden was now off his heart.. And that was true indeed. She caressed his face again, how she's longed to hold him in his arms especially after today morning... But now she has all of him only for her and she could fulfill her desire to her hearts fill. Brimming with love she brought his face closer to her and planted a soft kiss on hs cheek. Armaan opened his eyes smiling broadly

" Oye hoye.. I guess today is my lucky day " he kissed her hand lovingly, caressing her blushing face

" waise what got into you today huh "

" bas aise hi, tumhare bharose rehti to ab tak wait hi karti rehti " she pulled his cheek trying not to blush at his comment

" Waise I still can't believe ki you really said that, I mean it feels like a dream " he looked deeply into her eyes " main bahut darr gaya tha Ridhhima.. I thought I've lost you.. You don't want me in your life.."

" heyy budhhu ! " she said softly caressing his face " if there's anything I ever wanted in this world, then it's you.. And I'll make up for all the time we lost in stupid things.. I promise "

" Sach "

" Muuch " she smiled back

" Toh you see we missed a lot on 'being together' " he said cheekily " you know you've given me such a hard time since that day I saw you in the pool.." Ridhhima's mouth fell open

" Armaaann tum.. Tum na.." blushing profusly she just couldn't find words to say " mujhe pata tha ki tumhare dimaag main yahi sab chal raha hoga " she hit his arm

" Arre don't tell me you're so sharif huh. I know you too couldn't keep your eyes off me " he added smugly

" ha ! main tumhari tarah besharam nahi hun " lying

" Achha, koi baat nahi main to hun, aur abhi thodi daer pehle tumhari sharam kahan gayi thi jab you.." Ridhhima turned deepest shade of red but didn't knew where to hide he just refused to budge from her lap " oye hoye ! Jaan I can't tell you how tempting you look right now. To chalo ab isi baat par apne hot handsome husband ko ek kiss de do jaldi se. That one was too short "

" Armaann hato tum... You're really shameless ! " she tried half hearted attempt to get him off her lap

" Not till I get what I want and I know you want it too " he grinned, Ridhhima couldn't say a word coz it was indeed very true. He raised himself slowly and cupping her face brushed her lower lip with his thumb, Ridhhima forgot to breathe, her eyes closed with his sensuous touch.. She could now feel his hot breath on her face and then.. His lips claimed hers..

Her hands moved in his hair encircling his neck, his hand found the skin of her waist and explored it with his sensuous fingers, blazing a fire wherever they touched... The kiss deepened and got more intense.. With both of them loosing their senses to each other... Trying to pour out all the love they had though it.. His lips then diverted their attention to the softness of her neck leaving a trail of kisses he moved from the crook of her neck to her shoulder blades to her lower neck, his hand explored her back quickning her heartbeat.. It was such a new feeling for her yet it felt so right.. Armaan carried on as if he'd found a treasure, she completely mesmerised him gripping all his senses and now if he remembered anything, it was her.. The love of his life, in his arms.. who was now his ,for forever...

They would have stayed there like that if the shrill voice of Armaan's cell phone hadn't disturbed them. Breaking away he held her close, both trying to gain back some control... He smiled warmly kissing her forehead whispered I love you to her again. She didn't said anything just planted a small kiss on his lips bringing on that million dollar dimple smile on his face..

Finally he picked up the phone after it got disconnected twice ! As they were *ehem* busy. It was Rahul asking him where he was and to come to the party soon. Reluctantly they moved down but this time holding hands, with real smile on their faces and hearts full of happiness... Armaan didn't let go of her hand for a single second and she knew that he was still trying to accept the fact that she was his.. After all what he'd gone through it would take him some time to realize that it is all true.. For real. She squeezed his hand conveying her assurance through unspoken words of eyes... He blinked softly knowing well what she meant and accepting it...

When Rohan saw them he knew in an instant that now all was well. He could very well see that in the way they looked at each other and held each other's hand moreover the rosiness on Ridhhima's cheeks was proof enough that now everything was clear and all right between them

" So, all is well that ends well " he gave a side hug to Ridhhima

" Thanks Rohan. Jalan ke maare hi sahi in janab ne kaha to " she gave a soft glare at Armaan who ran a hand through his hair grinning sheepishly

Rohan laughed out " yeh to aisa hi hai, waise I never can thank you enough for what you did for Swati and me "

Hearing that Armaan stepped forward " and that reminds me " he placed his hand on Rohan's shoulder pressing it painfully hard " that I haven't had a word with my dear friend about what he told me today and haven't even congratulated him properly " Rohan gulped looking around for help but to his horror Ridhhima didn't even looked at him and Swati, she waved a hi at Armaan !. The ladies then got busy admiring Ridhhima's necklace hardly bothering with their husbands, especially Swati " hey Modi ! " Armaan shouted " I'm going to have a word with Rohan. Care to join ? "

" Why not Malik. Anyway I'm not fully satisfied with our earlier talks "

Rohan's eyes widened with horror seeing the evil grin on their faces " Swaaattii, Ridhhimmaa, Niiikkkii.. hhee.." they covered his mouth and carried him away from there

Few minutes later they all were sitting togetheragain. Swati was basking in the love and care that was being showered on her. With Anjali giving her tips to selfcare during pregnancy and others urging her to eat. Poor Rohan sat there with an ice pack nursing a black eye, rubbing his aching body. He thanked his stars that Swati came for his rescue but she wasn't soon enough. Just one request from her and they let him go ! And there he was crying to have some mercy but did they listen ? No ! Great friends huh !

" Hey Rohan, why are you scowling man ? " Armaan teased him

" yeah Rohan, you should be happy. See you won a big time from both of us. I just realized that you were first among us to fall in love, first to get married and now first to be a father ! You should be soo proud " Abhi joined in with Armaan in the teasing session

" Cmmon guys " Ridhhima came and sat down next to Armaan " ab aur kitna pareshaan karoge use "

" Oye shukra manaa ki tujhe sahi time akal aa gayi warna aaj to tera bharta ban jaata " Muskaan added, and among all this happy bickering Armaan didn't let go of his chance to hold Ridhhima's hand under the table. She looked wide eyed at him pleading him to let it go as everyone was around but he just shook his head smiling shamelessly.

Coming closer he whispered " I'm not letting you go now. Ever. And sweetheart, you're trying to free your hand, what are you going to do when i'm going to hold you completely " Ridhhima blushed badly hearing it and just could not meet his eyes. She dropped the idea of freeing her hand ,though she hardly wanted to free it at first place, but she just prayed that none see it or she'll die with their teasing...

But in her heart she couldn't thank God enough for bringing him into her life, looking into his eyes she found an endless ocean of love.. his heartbeat spoke of only one name and that was hers... The moments they shared back in the room were something she would cherish for rest of her life...for a moment she thought she'd lost him forever, but then things turned out to be just fine..

Ridhhima's other worry got solved when she was left surprised when Sammy came to her asking about Rajat, saying that she found him cute ! Ridhhima grinned, and praised him with whatever nice things she knew about him, which were not many.. explaining her his love for pranks. Sammy to her surprise found that very interesting and Ridhhima could not wait to hear something interesting and hillarious soon...

She was lost in the world of happy thoughts when there was an announcement from the DJ inviting all the couples on the dance floor

" And this song ladies and gentleman is dedicated to all the people in love "

All the people started applauding. Armaan got up and extended a hand to her with eyes brimming with immeasurable love , she accepted it gladly..

The music started with the soft romantic song from John Denver- You fill up my senses

" You know Armaan this is my favourite song.." Looking meaningfully at him

" Really, it's beautiful " he whispered, she didn't knew whether it was for the song or for her. His eyes never left hers... As song came to end he looked at her intensely holding her close, Ridhhima rested her head on his chest feeling protected in his embrace and he was all warm and fuzzy. something told him that this is it, life couldn't get any better... He had his life back, in his arms with all her love only and only for him...

The song ended and for a moment they didnt realized but when the crowd started clapping and they broke apart, eyes still not leaving each other. They knew they were connected a little more today.. They were still lost into each other when suddenly there was a scream.

Everybody turned arond to see who it was. Ridhhima froze when she saw Anjali clutching her stomach. There was something very wrong..

Everybody rushed to her " Oh God diii ! " but Anjali was wincing with pain " Armaan we need to rush her to the hospital " he nodded and quickly rushed to bring the car. Atul was all panicky seeing Anjali in pain.

Soon they were on their way to hospital. Armaan drove at the superfast speed with Abhimanyu accompanying him and Ridhhima and Atul comforting Anjali. The others were left to take care of the guests with assurance that they would be informed about everything and called if required..

Soon they were near the hospital and Armaan seeing the red cross was drenched in cold sweat. His expressions didn't went unnoticed by Ridhhima.. Unknowingly he slowed down, his heart beat accelerated and horrible things flashed before his eyes, screams filled his ears and he could barely control the steering. He wanted to stop but Anjali's screams made him very much aware that he cannot. Somehow he managed to enter and stop before the gates. Everyone rushed out and soon Anjali was wheeled inside..

Ridhhima was left hanging in between. She knew well that this is not the place he would ever want to be but right now she couldn't leave her sister either, but then she made up her mind she'll keep her promise to him she'll not leave him alone " Armaan " Ridhhima cupped his face " Armaan listen to me. kuch nahi hoga. Trust me " He stood out of the car unable to move a step ahead. Ridhhima could see his fear on his face she came by his side and slipped her hand in his holding it firmly interwining her fingers with his. He stared at her hand, then looked up at her... " Trust me. I won't let you alone, even for a minute. I'll be by your side every second.. Everything will be okay " She smiled at him giving a gentle assuring squeeze to his hand and then.. At that time he felt she was right... everything had been just right till now.. And it will be, from now on... she was there with him and he'd nothing to worry about.. To fear about... he'll be just fine...

Feeling assured he followed her inside. Thankfully the maternity hospital Atul had choosen was free from anything that could make it look like a hospital. From inside it was rather like a hotel, with reception desk and everything plus their were happy baby pictures all around with mothers holding their bundles of joy. The atmosphere was minus the pungent smell of hospital and the only thing that remotely made it hospital like was the doctors nameplates and directions showing which section was where. The silence of the late night was broken only by the crying babies who probably were hungry ,wet or were simply demanding attention..

Ridhhima straightaway took him to the family room, which was quiet spacious with comfortable looking couchs, an LCD and tables which had magazines strewn on them. It was empty. No anxious father or relative was pacing up and down waiting for the news. Ridhhima noticed that throughout their small walk Armaan didn't uttered a single word. Closing the door she turned to him

Holding his hand ,she caressed his face " Armaan, I know you're not comfortable at such places, but trust me kuch nahi hoga. See I'm here with you. We'll soon be back home okay "

Armaan looked into her eyes, he could see that she was really worried. He mentally kicked himself, here she was ,all worried for him when she should be with Anjali who right now needed her more. And besides what can happen here ! He can surely bear this place for few hours. Thpugh his heart knew that he was lying to himself yet he fought away those thoughts.. Exhaling a sigh, he kissed her hand gently " Ridhhima, I'm absolutely fine. You should be with Anjali, she needs you much more than me right now. I'll be okay, don't worry. I'll meet you here in a while " he smiled assuring her. It took him some time to convince her that he'll be okay and she can go to Anjali, to which she finally agreed but not before telling him thousandth time to take care and let her know immediately if he even slightly felt uncomfortable. He agreed to her every instruction. Giving a quick peck on his lips she moved out.

Ridhhima knew well that he could not bear the sight of hospital, it will just evoke those horrific memories leaving him miserable, and she didn't wanted to make him go through with that pain again but right now she had little choice ,she just prayed that everything goes okay...

Walking around in the room Armaan switched on the TV to divert his attention from the place and soon he was engrossed in a documentry on wildlife.

On the other hand the doctors informed that there was slight complications with Anjali and she was required to stay in the hospital for atleast two days. Ridhhima was again in a fix. Atul's parents were abroad and her parents weren't in the town either. Moreover Anjali was terribly scared for the baby and wouldn't leave Ridhhima or Atul. Ridhhima prayed frantically that everything goes well with her sister...

It was almost an hour later that the door opened and Abhimanyu stepped in. Ridhhima had told him that Armaan was here and she wanted Abhimanyu to just check upon him. Abhi found it odd but nevertheless complied by her wish " Malik, what are you doing here ? Cmmon don't you want to meet Anjali ? "

The television no longer was able to pacify him and he was again his nervous self " Is she okay ? " he asked

" yeah, doctors said that there are some minor complications, nothing that can't be handled but she has to stay here for a day or two. Atul and Ridhhima are with her, she was really scared.. But it's all right now " Armaan nodded, atleast now they can go home " but you should see those babies in the nursery. God they are so cute ! Niki would never have left that place " he grinned to himself " hey you wanna see ? " he asked all excited to go back again

" No, thanks. I'm fine here "

" Cmmon Malik ! Look around the place.. Get some info. After all we'll be here for the same reason.. Someday " Armaan looked at a smiling Abhi, he could not make out what he was so happy about ? on the other hand it took every bit of effort on his part to stay calm and not run from this place.. It was then Abhimanyu saw Armaan's ashen face and realized that there must be something wrong..

" Armaan.. What happened ? Is there something wrong ? " it was probably those rarest of rare moments when Abhimanyu addressed Armaan by his first name rather than by his surname

It was a moment before Armaan spoke " nothing's wrong.. I just want to be alone.. And try not to remind me where I am.. I.. I'm not comfortable in hospitals " Armaan closed his eyes resting his head back on the couch. Now Abhimanyu understood why Ridhhima was so worried.

Abhimanyu woke up with someone almost shouting, he'd dozed off while watching TV.. He sat up squinting, adjusting his eyes to the surrounding. It was then he saw Armaan twisting in his sleep screaming, he was apparently seeing a nightmare.. And then when he was just about to wake him up Armaan woke up screaming, he was panting and sweating... Abhimanyu was worried when he didn't got any response from him and rushed to call Ridhhima.

Ridhhima when heard about Armaan rushed to him, mentally cursing herself for making him stay there.. When they reached the room he was bit calm... She rushed to him and hugged him immediately " Armaan, are you okay.. Kya hua hmm " she didn't cared who was around all that mattered to her right then was Armaan, she rubbed his back caressing his hair, comforting him " I'm sorry Armaan.. I'm sorry. Mujhe tumhe yahaan akela nahi chhodna chahiye tha.."

Finding her near to him he breathed in with relief, getting more comfortable he managed to speak up " It's okay Ridhhima.. I'm fine.. It was just a stupid dream " she knew he was just trying to tone down things. She then decided that it would be wise if she sent him home " Armaan, it'll be better if you go home.." she then added hesitatingly " Armaan, I think i'll have to stay here with di, she's not that well and just won't let me go.. Upar se mom dad bhi yahaan nahi hai aur jiju ke parents bhi baahar hai.."

" It's okay Ridhhima. I can understand, tum bekaar hi pareshaan ho rahi ho. I'm just fine, I'll wait here for you. We can go back in the morning "

" No Armaan " she said firmly, not willing to risk him with any more of those nightmares " You're going back home. We can handle things here. I want you to go back home and take good sleep okay " she said caressing his face " I'll see you soon tomorrow " he tried to disagree but she refused to listen to anything " I'll just call Abhimanyu and he'll drive you home okay "

Giving a small peck on his lips she went out looking for Abhimanyu who slipped out of the room knlwing that they might need some privacy. She explained him everything asking him to take Armaan home to which he readily agreed. Thanking him Ridhhima returened back to the room " Armaan, cmmon lets go. I'll see you out " he got up to go ,when she held his hand stopping him. Pulling him close she agin cupped his face " promise me Armaan, you're not going to take any pills on reaching home " his eyes flashed up at her, he wondered how come she knew that he was thinking on the same line, to just pop up a pill and go to sleep " promise me Armaan " she repeated

" I promise, but tell me how am I going to sleep without pills and more than that without you "

She smiled " oh you will.. Just remember this.." and with that she put her hands around his neck pulling him close and covered his lips with hers, giving him a long loving assuring kiss. she smiled through the kiss when she found him responding to it, his hands encircling her waist.. on the other hand as soon as Armaan felt her lips on his ,he knew that he would indeed have the best sleep tonight, if he could manage to steal away a moment from her thoughts.. From her touch.. And from the magical kiss...

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                                 Taming The Wild


                                  First Love Letter

Recap :- Ridhhima meets Dr. Shishir. Armaan ignores Ridhhima, comes with divorce papers. Rohan clears everything with Armaan. AR confess. Anjali gets unwell and is rushed to the hospital.


Armaan stirred sleepily, hugging his pillow even tighter. A soft smile played on his lips... He'd been dreaming all night about her. She was so right, he'd not even once thought of that dreary place nor any horror haunted him... For once there were no screams, no flashes, no nightmares... It was just Ridhhima.. Everytime. Everywhere. Especially after she gave him a reason to think.. dream about something...

For a while he just stayed there, replaying yesterday's events yet again, filling his heart with the warmth of love.. He rolled over to her side stretching his hand hoping against hope to find her there but.. The emptiness by his side made him realize that she wasn't.. Sighing he slowly opened his eyes, it would be after a long while that he would wake up without seeing her face first thing in the morning..

But what was that !! He sat up straight, shocked. How could it be ?! Ridhhima ! She was there ! Sleeping , no, she was smiling at him.. He rubbed his eyes and on opening them again he saw the truth...

Ridhhima wasn't there. He was daydreaming. Hitting his forehead at his stupidity he got off the bed and at the same time two things happened... His cell phone started ringing and his sneezes made it clear that they missed him terribly. After all ,Ridhhima had played villain keeping them away from him, until now.. Sneezing non stop he picked up the phone to hear what he was longing to..

" Good morning " she said lovingly

*sneeze* Good * sneeze* mor *sneeze* ning *sniff* sniff* "

" Armaannn, just one day, no. one night, I was away and see you are back to your ways. I'm sure tum raat ko theek se covers le kar bhi nahi soye hoge " she blasted off immediately. He looked at the bed there were no covers on it.. Coz they were on the floor. How the hell did they land there ?!

" Kya yaar Ridhhima, tumne subah subah daanta shuru kar diya. Instead of saying that you miss me ,love me and giving me a good morning kiss, you are worried about stupid sneezes !. You know I sneeze all the time " he complained. Ridhhima chuckled ,she could imagine his cute pouting face " not when I'm there.." glad that he couldn't see her blushing at his morning kiss demand

He sighed " yeah, but you see you're not here and how's Anjy ? " he tried to divert the topic before she could scold him further

" Di is fine now and so's the baby, she'll be back home today or by tomorrow for sure. But she'd to be very careful there are chances that baby might come before it's due date "

" Wow you're going to get promoted yet again "

She laughed " and so will you mister Uncle " both were relieved that there was nothing serious to worry about

" Ridhhima " he said softly " I'm missing you.. Terribly. I miss seeing your face first thing in the morning, to hear your good morning ,to see your smile.." Ridhhima's heart filled with warmth of his love over the phone " when are you going to come back ? " now impatient

" Armaan, I miss you too.. But you know naa.." she said softly " I'd be there with you rather than being anywhere, and you were the one who asked me to stay over, remember "

" hmm " he knew she wouldn't have stayed over if he hadn't told her to, but he couldn't keep her away from Anjy especially during this time " but I miss you... Maine to socha bhi nahi tha ki jab main tumse apne dil ki baat kahunga wo raat mujhe tumse alag ho kar bitaani padegi. Not fair yaar.. "

She laughed " aww don't worry I'll be back soon, now you go and get ready or you'll be late " he was still unwilling to keep the phone down. Ridhhima paused for a moment wondering how to ask " Armaan.. Uh, did you have good sleep.." worried about his nightmares

A naughty smile spread on his face " sleep !? Do you really think I could sleep after what happened yesterday. And over that, the thing which you gave me to think about.. The reason to dream.. It instead kept me awake for a looong time " he grinned ,knowing well that she'd be crimson on the other side

He wasn't wrong. She'd been infact feeling suddenly very shy and conscious. Yesterday, overflowing with emotions that too in a particular situation she'd not cared for anything, but now the thought of what he said and.. Did.. made her blush badly, she had hard time controlling her heartbeat which went haywire everytime she thought of the loving tender passionate kisses they shared. She could hardly think of anything else all night long. A soft smile, it seemed, got plastered permanently on her face... She tried to control herself when Atul caught her smiling to herself which she brushed off saying that she was thinking about the baby... It cooled down a tensed Atul too who couldn't help but smile and talked non stop on what he and Anjy have planned for the baby...

It took a lot of self control before she could call him, yesterday night changed something, in a good way of course, she now felt so relieved that finally she got what she desired the most.. The scary feeling of loosing him was now replaced with that soft fuzzy feeling of being in love... But the thought that they would now be sharing husband wife relationship in all it's true sense gave her butterflies..this was entirely new for her, the closeness.. the feeling of belonging and the fact that she had complete right over him.. That he now truly belonged to her... is totally hers.. gave her the feeling of being on cloud 9.. it felt so right. and one thing she was sure of was that this is where she belonged.. But the physical intimacy was still something new and everytime she thought of it, heat rose to her cheeks with that so visible blush...

But she just couldn't control her heart that longed to see him or at least hear his voice for now.. She decided that she'd be casual in her conversation but now that he'd said it aloud all her control went down the drains ,she just longed to be back in his arms feeling the warmth of his love, of that feeling of security that enveloped her.. That feeling of being complete and content... how she longed to kiss him again, to tell him that she miss him terribly and love him like crazy... only now all the words deserted her, if only thoughts had wings she'd be right there with him...

" Hey agar meri itni hi yaad aa rahi hai to why don't you come back " his voice brought her back from her thoughts.

" Armaann, you are incorrigible.. Tumse kisne kaha ki mujhe tumhari yaad aa rahi hai " trying to control herself

" Don't lie to me Ridhhima, I know you too well.." and he was so right " but seriously, it's okay. I know Anjy needs you there and.. And I'm sorry, but... I don't think I can come there again.. I'll see you at home then "

She knew he must be feeling terrible for not being there by her side and she knew that he already went a step ahead when he came there for Anjy's sake. She wasn't going to push him any further " Armaan " she said softly " you don't have to be sorry, I can understand, and so does di and jijs. So don't you ever feel sorry or bad about it okay " this made him feel better " achha I'll be back home lekin shayad thodi daer ho jaye.."

" You mean I won't see you before leaving for office ! " he almost shouted out " not fair yaar ! why it happens with me all the time ?! " and dropped on the bed lying flat

" Stop complaining Armaan ! Abhi to itne samjahdar ban rahe the. Chalo get up and get ready and remember don't leave without having breakfast, main Martin ko call kar deti hun he'll get everything ready.. Okay. chalo now be a good boy and get going warna phir chillaoge " he'd no choice but to obey. Reluctantly he got up again

" Fine ! But what do I get for being so nice " she exhaled exasperated, he was such a baby. " ab kya chahiye "

" My good morning kiss " he said rather demanded immediately. Her eyes widened with surprise demand

" Armaaann, I'm in the hospital " heat again rose to her cheeks, did he had to remind her of kisses ! now she'd again have to control her erratic heartbeat. Her eyes scanned the lobby to check if anyone was there, what if someone find her blowing kisses over phone, that would surely give the hospital staff something to talk about that day.

" So ? I don't know, I want my kiss or.. Or.." he thought for some threat " yeah.. Or I won't eat anything. Bhuuk hadtaal, that's it " she sighed, he won't let her any other way. But did she wanted other way.. Perhaps not.

" Just let me come back. I'll.." threatening him half heartedly

" Yeah, tum wapas to aao phir tooo.." he left that sentence hanging with naughty tone " now stop blushing and give me my morning kiss " He was right again, she couldn't help but smile. Finally giving in to his demand she blew a kiss over the phone but could one satisfy him.. So she ended up blowing no less then hundred !

Armaan had hard time after talking to her over phone. Everywhere he turned, everywhere he looked, he found her standing before him. Whether it was exercising, watching news, seeing his face in the mirror which turned out to be hers ! She was everywhere. He almost jumped seeing her smiling at him naughtily when he stepped out of the shower. She even winked ! Checking him out !

He groaned " Ridhhimmaa plz come back soon. Before I go completely crazy "

Standing before the mirror he was struggling with his tie. Yes, again. Remembering her, missing her. Martin's help was denied today, he wanted to spend time with beautiful thoughts of hers till she was back in his arms plus he was seeing her everywhere and was worried if he end up hugging and kissing Martin thinking that it was her ! Horrified, he shook himself out of that weird thought and went back remembering her. Especially the latest morning conversation, how he wished that she could wish him good morning in person rather than over phone... But that had to wait till evening.. It was going to be one looong day...

Disappointed at the thought he undid the tie, starting with it again " Ehem.. Need any help ? "

" Oh no, not you again ! " looking up in the mirror he slumped his shoulders. There she was again, standing by the door of wardrobe room with that most beautiful smile of hers.. Shaking his head he mumbled to himself " you're not real. It's just a dream. It's just a dream.." But when he looked up he found her still looking at him somewhat nonplussed.. " You're still here ! I told you naa, go. I'll be late " he knew if he didn't shake himself up soon he'll land in trouble coz of this.

Her mouth fell open hearing it " Armaan ! You want me to leave .Fine. I'm leaving. Now don't you talk to me " He jumped as if struck by lightening. The voice ! It can't be a dream ! He turned around immediately ,rushing he stood before her blocking her way.

Ridhhima looked at him with a non amused expression, she'd rushed back home as Muskaan and Rohan came there to be with Anjy and Atul. Thanking God for the opportunity she rushed to meet him and was so eager to surprise him that she grinned whole way back imagining his reaction on seeing her, he wasn't expecting to see her till evening. Rushing to the room she found him, as expected, busy with his tie. Only this time he was ,to her surprise, smiling ! Then realized that he was thinking about something and this time she knew what it was. The thought again filled her heart with love. At first she just wanted to rush and wrap him in his arms but then stood there watching him, wondering how he manage to look so handsome all the time ,everytime she looked at him her heart either skipped a beat or raced like an F1 car... He was rolling the tie. For a moment she couldn't understand what he was doing, but then realized that he was trying to put a knot !. One thing she was sure now, he couldn't learn to tie the knot in this lifetime ! But then grinning she thought, what's the need when she's here. It was then when she offered her help, his answer surprised her. He asked her to go away ! Saying she wasn't real ! What was he thinking, did she looked like a ghost or something ! She'd turned to check, little angry, here she'd run all the way back for him and he was asking her to go away coz he'd get late ! Of all the girls in the world she had to be the one to get a workaholic husband. Huh. She looked up 'god I need to have a word with you'.

On the other hand ,still doubting about whether he was dreaming or awake he raised a finger. Riddhima raised her brows questioningly eyes following the finger, wondering what he was up to and then bringing it close he poked it on her shoulder.

Ridhhima just stared at him unable to make any sense of his action, wondering if he was okay. He then held her hand with a smile mixed with surprise and shock that became wider by second, his senses confirmed that he wasn't dreaming. She was indeed real, she was there. As soon as this thought sank in, his heart jumped with joy.

" Ridhhima ! You're real ! " and then without another word took her in a rib crushing hug... " you're back ! You said evening ! And I was dreaming.. you were in the room in the gym and now you're here for real ! " he shook her from side to side overflowing with happiness..

She was taken by surprise with that sudden breath knocking hug but then realized that he was truly very happy to see her and that rambling was just his feelings fighting to rush out in one go. Laughing, all anger forgotten and happy beyond words she wrapped her arms around him squeezing him into a love filled hug.. Immediately feeling the contentment. Could life get any better...

He lay there on the bed with his head resting in her lap ,her soft fingers ran through his hair. As the initial shock of the surprise subsided they just stood there in the loving embrace of each other. He had thanked God profusely for bringing her into his life.. And she just could not put into words how it felt.. But being in heaven would feel no less than this. Of this, she was sure...

" Ridhhima " he suddenly opened his eyes, breaking her chain of thoughts " now that everything is okay I think we should set some ground rules "

" Ground rules ?! " She asked " what kind of ground rules "

" mchh yaar ab you're officially, really, truly mine, to being a wife you have some responsibilities towards your husband naa " adding with an innocent face, she smiled at his antics " Let me explain okay. First thing. I want is to see your face first thing in the morning. No matter what and no excuses what so ever " She laughed hearing it " oh I see, okay boss. Anything else ? "

" Just listen naa, it has just started. Second, I want a good morning kiss everyday without fail "

" Ohh I see, someone is getting greedy.."

" Just wait and listen.. and as many as I want " he winked naughtily.. She hit his head lightly blushing " whaatt, agar tum dogi nahi to I will take them myself. And they have been left pending for so many months, I have to recover them too. Now you decide " She rolled her eyes hearing it

" And what if I'm not in a mood hmm "

" Oh don't worry about that I know how to make your mood " He said huskily, kissing her hand " and trust me it's just the beginning " she turned crimson " oye hoye.. I just love when you blush like that.. but for now let's come to rule number three.. You're going to make me dinner everyday " She smiled at that agreeing " And I want head message everyday "

" Done "

" And you won't stop me from eating ice-cream "

" O..huuh , no way mister " She was about to say ok when she realized what he'd asked " tumhari marzi ab nahi chalegi, tumhe kya dena hai aur kya nahi that I'll decide okay " He tried to argue but she quietened him

" Fine, but then you have to tie up my tie everyday. And, give me a good night kiss too.." he almost forgot that

" This is more agreable... And now may I put some of my rules.."

" Of course "

" Thank you your majesty. First, you're going to make me your special coffee everyday. Even when we fight " remembering the last time he was angry he didn't make her that. He agreed. " Second, you must say I love you atleast thrice everyday.."

" And you have to give me a kiss after that " he added, she shook her head but agreed

" And you're not going to have those medicines until I say so.." his smile faltered hearing it

" But Ridhhima.."

" Plz Armaan, promise me. Trust me I won't let anything happen that you'd need them " he fell quiet for a moment " Armaan..." caressing his face she made him look at her " please.." finally he nodded agreeing to this demand too. She felt so relieved, not a day had passed when she hadn't thought of Dr. Shishir's words and she knew she had to make a start right from now..

Just then his cell phone buzzed, it was Kavita, his secretary. In his happiness he forgot everything about work, there was an important meeting for which going by the clock, he was already late. The call brought Ridhhima back from her dreamland too, she had to be back with Anjy. But neither was willing to go...

" Armaan, utho.. You'll be late for the meeting " running her fingers in his hair ,she made a half hearted attempt to make him get off his lap.

" what yaar.. I'll just cancel off the meeting. I don't want to go " with that he snuggled closer, now resting his head on her chest " let's stay here.. All day " his hands ran over his waist, raising her heartbeat. His lips planted soft kisses all over her neck trailing down to her shoulder.. She held him close ,all senses lost. His masculine scent drove her crazy... He pulled her close, even tighter almost lying over her..

She was now his.. There was nothing between them except love and they both knew that how they have longed for each other... It was time that the distance was covered. Loosening the hold a little he looked into her eyes.. She could see the passion.. The mad desire.. The love and longing in them and at that moment she wanted nothing but to give him whatever he wanted.. To make him sure that she was his and he was her life... That there would be nothing.. No one ever more important than him in her life...

And this was very well conveyed by their eyes.. The words had but little significance right then.. He could see that she had given him her consent, though mute... At first he wasn't sure how far he should go.. Heather she would be comfortable or not and he definitely didn't wanted to rush in to things... To impose himself.. But he was just unable to control himself right now . His dream was now fulfilled.. He had the love of his life right there in his arms and the best thing.. She loved him equally. Smiling a little at the thought he whispered " I love you.." she didn't said anything, there was no need... Cupping his face she brought his face closer and covered his lips with hers.. A groan erupted somewhere in his throat and they fell in the magic of that kiss..

Their mouths explored each other love.. Hunger .. Desire making them senseless and crazy.. He deepened the kiss.. Rolling over with her in his arms his fingers trailed to the bare back moving.. Exploring her with his sensuous touch.. pinning her under him not letting go, his hands slowly trailed up to explore the forbidden boundaries, when their moment was interrupted by the constant .. Irritating buzz of her cell phone..

She would have hardly paid any attention to it if the caller hadn't been persistent on disturbing them.. After it rang again getting disconnected for the second time, they broke apart.. Reluctantly, breathing heavily.. to see who was the villain now..

It was Muskaan...

Muskaan- the intruder, called to give her another good news. The doctor told that they could take Anjali back home that day itself and now that she was feeling fine she wanted something nice to eat, refusing to let baby even taste the sickly hospital food ! Ridhhima could imagine her sister, She could throw real tantrums in perfect healthy state and at present she could drive anyone up to the wall. Muskaan was real patient and understanding, having endured the similar condition. Ridhhima thanked God that Muskaan took over or Anjali would have surely make her crazy. But that also meant that she'd to leave immediately.. Leaving Armaan.

And doing that was going to prove even more difficult than handling moody Anjy..

She wasn't wrong at all. Mr. Husband was totally against leaving her, to even let go of her. It took her lot of cajoling to make him understand, only the thought of hungry cranky Anjy in the hospital made him break his resolution.. And thanks to Sameer who called again, to inform that the meeting could not be postponed to any other day..

" But I want you back here before I come home. Okay " reminding her yet again

" Haan baba, main aa jaungi. Waise bhi Di would be going back home and Uncle aunty , mom dad will be back soon too. Ab to khush " she combed his hair with her fingers as he stood before her pouting. So unwilling to go and let her go. Holding her hand which cupped his face he nodded, kissing it lightly

" I'll miss you " she smiled hearing that. Raising herself a little she rubbed her nose with his.. " me too.. Bas thodi daer aur hmm, and remember, I love you... Very very very much " that brought his million dollar dimple smile back. Holding her close he inhaled her beautiful fragrance, it always felt so soothing.. Kissing her cheek lightly ,he brought her closer giving a peck near her lips and whispered softly " I love you too.." and covered her lips with his, in a kiss that sang of all his love and longing...

Time was really moving at record slow speed today. He let out a sigh, for past one hour he'd been blankly staring at the executive who was telling.. Who knew what was he saying anyway.. his eyes were kind of tuned to look at the watch which seemed to have stopped working ,and had to control his urge to jerk his laptop just to make sure it was functioning fine. He thanked God that nobody asked for his opinion on anything particular ,Rahul handled everything, he even asked through his eyes if he was okay. After which he pulled back his attention... For five minutes. And then was back again dreaming about Ridhhima.

The supremely boring meeting went on for good two hours and he almost ran back in his office to call her, everyone was testing his patience today but no more. It seemed the situation on the other side was no less different. No sooner he'd taken out his cell phone it buzzed ,flashing the name of the person he was dying to hear the voice of...

" Ridhhima I think the clocks aren't working well "

" clocks are fine Armaan, it's just you who is looking at them too much " " but.."

" shh. Listen to me " she quietened him " I miss you and remember what i said in the morning " a wide smile spread on his face, how can he forget that " I love you.." he exhaled a sigh " I love you too . Just can't wait for the evening "

" and that's why I've called you " he sat up, panicking " plz tell me you'll meet me in the evening "

" Of course I will, budhhu. But there's slight change. We'll now be meeting at di's place, Rohan and Swati will be there too and guess what ! Chirag is back with Aditi and we had all so much of catching up to do still. So you come at di's place at 5 and yeah I forgot.. We're taking di back home, thank God she's all better now.."

" but what about me ?? "

" Armaann, I'll be there naa. And I'll be there with you all the time, but abhi bahut saari baatein karni hai and we need you here. Toh shaam ko Rahul bhaiyya ke saath aa jaana. Muskaan bhabhi is already with us. Okay " the news that Anjy was okay and she'll be there wih him gave him relief. And after ofcourse the mandatory kiss he agreed to meet her at Anjy's place.

He again glanced at the watch. 3 more hours to 5. He sighed it was indeed a looonnngg day...

Finally the clock struck 5. He pulled Rahul out of his office, surprising him by this sudden change. Rahul could not believe that his little workaholic brother today was dragging him 'out' of the office !. But when he came to know the reason of his eagerness he teased him all the way to Atul's place. By that time Armaan was ready to jump out of the car, he couldn't take any more of his brother's teasing. Rahul on the other hand was happy for him, finally someone was successful in putting some sense in that thick skull of his.

Armaan's wish got fulfilled when he found Ridhhima right there in the garden with Angel in her arms. He wondered who looked more cute of the two.. Well that award went to the baby, he was one biased uncle, but the most beautiful angel title was bagged by Ridhhima. Angel, seeing Rahul spread her tiny arms to him, taking the baby in his embrace Rahul went in leaving the love birds behind...

" Hi.." she said, rosiness crept on her cheeks as her eyes met his..

" Hey.. Waiting for someone " he came closer smiling. She stood rooted, feet got jammed and a smile made it's way. She was in fact dying to see him again and when could not contain her restless heart, came outside taking Angel along as an excuse. She knew well that he'll be delighted to see her, and was absolutely right.

Ridhhima could make out from his tone that he was teasing her ,she decided to get back to him " you wish. Main to Angel ko walk ke liye laayi thi " with that she turned to move in

But it wasn't that easy. He held her wrist and next moment she crashed on his chest. " so, you weren't waiting for me " he whispered softly in her ear nuzzling her throat, taking in her sweet fragrance. Ridhhima for a moment forgot everything when he planted a soft kiss on her cheek " I missed you.."

Her heart raced again, deeply blushing she turned around in his arms somehow managing to look into those intense grey eyes " I missed you too.. Very much.." and softly kissed his cheek, his dimples flashed immediately at this unexpected welcome gift " I love you.." she whispered. They would have stood there, if Atul hadn't come calling them. They moved in with broad smiles adorning their faces, holding hands.

Soon everybody joined them. Rohan came with Swati and Chirag with Aditi, even Abhimanyu and Niki came. Atul and Anjali invited them over along with Chirag and Aditi. It was a warm evening with all the friends sitting ,chatting ,teasing together. Everyone looked quiet happy and excited over the events to come.

As the evening proceeded they came on the main topic for the gathering. The wedding.

" Look guys you better get married within a week, this baby is just too eager to come in papa's arms. And I don't want to miss anything " Anjali declared to the two couples. Doctors informed that though baby would come a month earlier it was in no danger but the position of the baby was such that they could wait only a week max ten days if the baby didn't changed the position they have to preponed the birth.

" It's okay sweetheart they'll do exactly what you want. Isn't it guys " Atul glared at them, he was already paranoid and if Anjali had demanded moon he'd have even brought that. Now who could deny anything to an expecting mother and a paranoid threatening would be father. Hiding their grins they readily agreed. Atul sucked when it came to showing anger, Ridhhima wondered if would ever be able to scold his children, they would soon find out about their softy father and would take full advantage of it. She grinned at the thought but came back when Anjali spoke again.

" I've planned everything " here goes my control freak sister " Ridhhima thought " since Rohan and Swati are getting married here ,I think we should have a proper wedding " looking meaningfully at Rohan who looked sideways " there would be a bride side and groom side. The girls, that's me Ridhhi, Aditi and Niki will be from bride side and you guys will be from groom side. But that doesn't mean you'll be free to roam about. You all are going to take care of wedding preparation. According to our choice " she looked at all the boys there, as if asking them to dare challenge her. They got the message and agreed immediately. Pregnant woman !

Happy that the idea was accepted unanimously Anjy looked pleased. The girls were enjoying themselves thoroughly. The self appointed commander- Anjali and general -Muskaan were in full flow.

" Chalo inka to decide ho gaya. I know an excellent wedding planner and he'll sort rest of the things. Now all we have to do is shopping " Muskaan added gleefully, totally missing the low groans from husbands " now Chirag and Aditi tum logon ne kya plan kiya hai. What about you guys ? "

Aditi's face fell a little. It didn't go unnoticed " Aditi what happened " Niki asked concerned. But Aditi's eyes got moistened

" Main batata hun " Chirag spoke up.

He told what the situation was. Aditi's parents were still not ready to get her married to Chirag. They forced her to come with them to Mumbai even if it meant leaving her job. It was then Armaan transferred her to Mumbai and that's why he too took transfer so that he could once more try to convince her parents... But they weren't successful.

Aditi's parents threatened to break all ties with her if she marries Chirag. And she did choose him. The good thing was that Chirag's parents were very understanding but they too felt helpless before Aditi's adamant parents. Now they were back and though wanted to get married but weren't sure how to go about things

" Bas itni si baat " Abhimanyu stepped in this time " Arre jab hum sab hain to darne ki kya baat hai "

" yeah why don't you guys get married along with Rohan And Swati " Armaan added. Everyone was surprised but then the idea was readily accepted

" yeah, mom dad won't mind .they are rather too eager to bring Aditi home " said Chirag happily

" So it's done then. Two weddings same day. Same place " Said Atul, everyone cheered.. But amongst all this two drops fell off Aditi's eyes. Anjy hugged her asking why she was crying

" I.. I just wish mom and dad were there " she wiped off her tears

" what are we here for then " everybody turned to see who it was and Ridhhima ran seeing Padma and Shashank standing before them. Apparently they have heard everything. Hugging them she welcomed them.

After pleasantries hugs and inquiries were done, they gave the solution to the last problem. Padma and Shashank would give away Aditi as their daughter. Everybody was overjoyed hearing it and it looked like a mini celebration. Everybody was smiling. everybody was happy. And almost immediately the planning was started

But amidst all this celebration someone was there who was craving for some privacy, but seeing the present situation there was no choice but to wait.

Armaan got up to get some water. He wondered if he could call her away for few minutes but she was too busy talking to girls to notice him. Sighing he made his way to the kitchen. And as soon as he opened the refrigerator his eyes lit up..

It had his favourite ice-cream ! " yess ! " he peeked out to check if Ridhhima was anywhere near. It was the only time he didn't wanted her around. Seeing her busy with others he took out the bucket and grinning sat down at the table with tablespoon ,gulping it down.

It felt like heavenly. He had hardly taken 5-6 spoonfuls when suddenly

felt a hand on his shoulder. " o-oh.. You're gone Armaan " fearing the worst, he slowly turned to see who it was...

" Armaan ! what are you doing here ? " it was, to his relief, Anjali " Oh my God ,you're eating ice-cream ! My ice cream !! " she wasn't pleased seeing the attempt of theft on her ice cream. She gave a slap on his shoulder

" Heyyy is this how you treat your brother in law huh !? " he messaged his shoulder. She really was eating well to hit him like that !

" And which brother in law eats away the ice cream meant for his expecting sister in law ! " she retorted

" I just took few spoonful ! see.. " He held up the bucket

" But.. Oh." Her eyes fell on the bucket and suddenly her angry demeanor changed into a polite smiling one "sorry, you can have as much as you want."

Armaan was totally surprised " Huuh why the sudden change ?! "

" That's not my favourite flavour " she explained pulling out another bucket from the fridge " in fact I don't like this one much " picking up a spoon she put a spoonful in her mouth " waise, why did you look so scared hmm ? "

Armaan grinned at this sweet sister in law of his " all because of your sister." He put another spoonful, sitting opposite joining her " she doesn't allow me to eat much. Infact ice cream at night is kind of banned. You'll catch cold Armaan. Don't try to be clever Armaan " he imitated her

Anjali giggled " poor you. I know her. She's so paranoid about some things. She didn't even let me have few things ,just today I asked for something spicy ,like you know gol gappe, and she freaked out as if she's the one who's expecting " He laughed hearing it

" I just hope she doesn't catch me here "

" Don't worry she's busy outside. Let's enjoy partner " they cheered raising their ice cream buckets. And then like kids hiding from parents they both sat there eating giggling

But their respite was short lived.

" Di.. Armaan.. Aap yahan kya.." she stopped mid sentence seeing them gulping ice-cream from big buckets !

" Armaan what do you think you're doing huh ?! " she immediately snatched away the bucket from his hands

" but.. Main wo.. It was Anjy's idea. She asked me to give her company " pointed at shocked Anjy

" heyy you liar ! Ridhhi samjha le apne is jhute husband ko. khud yahaan baith kar ice cream kha raha tha and now he's blaming me ! " she glared at him

Armaan gulped grinning foolishly " mujhe pata hai di. He's like that, I don't know what to do with him. Stop grinning. It won't work " that wiped off that grin on his face

" cmmon yaar, bas thodi si to khayi hai and.. And Anjy was also eating. Tumne isko to kuch nahi kaha "

" Di can have ice cream "

" Why do Anjy get to eat all the ice cream she wants and not me ? That's unfair ! " he stood up pouting, but just a moment later sneezed loudly. Thrice !

" See ! That's why. " handing him tissue papers

" but still yaar.." still complaining

" Armaaann " exasperated " di is expecting ,women have cravings during this time.."

" So do you want to say that if I crave for ice-cream I'm pregnant ! and if not then I have to be pregnant to eat ice-cream !! That's so not happening. It'd be rather you than me " Anjy laughed out ,hi-fiving him. But he got a slap on his arm from very embarrassed Ridhhima " Arrmaaann, shut up. And di you too !. Armaan. no ice cream for you so late, is that clear. Now both of you out. Right now. "

Anjy unwilling to be with an on-the-verge-of-being-super-cranky Ridhhima slipped out of the kitchen. Huffing Ridhhima picked up the buckets putting them back in the fridge. As soon as she turned she found a strong pair of arms on either side pinning her back to the fridge. Who else could do that... she could see the naughty glint in his eyes with that intense love brimming in them... her heart skipped a beat and a blush instantly crept up.

" Armaan ! Kya kar rahe ho ! hato. Koi aa jayega " wishing that noone does

" I don't care.. I want to talk to my wife " he came even closer

" To.. To hum ghar ja kar bhi to baat kar sakte hain naa.." trying to steady herself. His hot breath on her neck wasn't helping her " Armaan.." the next moment she gasped as he kissed softly on her neck, trailing his lips little lower, hands running dangerously around her waist, pulling her closer.. Driving her senseless. Her fingers automatically ran through his hair intoxicating him with her touch. Pulling himself little apart he looked into deeply into her eyes " I love you " he whispered

She knew how much love these three words carried.. And it was all for her.. Only for her...

" I love you too.." with that he covered her lips with his ,in a love filled kiss.. Both trying to pour out their endless love for the other through it..

" Oh god ! " Niki turned around immediately " Guyyss ! " her sudden appearance made them jump and they quickly broke apart " can I turn around now ? "

Armaan got in control first " yeah, you can " not a bit happy to be interrupted like that

" This is kitchen guys " trying not to think what she'd mistakenly witnessed

" And you've perfect timing " he reiterated

" achha ,you're saying as if it is my mistake that I came here, get a room you two ! "

" Niki wo.." Ridhhima somehow found her tongue

" leave it Ridhhima. Main to dinner banane main tumhari help karne aayi thi but I think I was too early. I guess I'll come ten minutes later " she turned around to leave but then stopped " and you . Monkey. Don't forget to wipe off that lipstick and Ridhhima.. Well you look like a tomato, just thought you should know " Ridhhima wished she could just vanish. But it seemed Niki was already brewing something . The way she left with that grin, Ridhhima was sure that she won't let her off with this one. Shaking her head she groaned inwardly.

Turning around she found him grinning naughtily, and that was infectious. She failed inspite of trying hard and hid herself in his chest smiling. He wrapped her in his arms with his signature 'oye hoye'...

Few minutes later niki returned. This time with Aditi and making enough noise to warn them. " kya yaar Niki kitna chillati hai tu ! " he rubbed his ear and in return got hit with a reddish on the head.

There was another helper too who followed them in " Modi what are you doing here ? " Armaan asked Abhimanyu who was busy gazing at Niki

" Can't you see Malik, I've come to help the ladies " he replied

" Help.You. and kitchen ?! Kuch aata bhi hai yaa.."

" Armaan tum to rehne hi do. You and kitchen mean only one thing-Disaster ! " Ridhhima gigled

" yeah, wo to maine dekha aaj " Niki grinned winking at Riddhima who glared back open mouthed knowing well what she meant

But since hubby dears refused to budge from kitchen, they were given duties too. Within a few minutes it turned out to be a war place with Armaan and Abhimanyu arguing over who can cut better potatoes which went on to who could do what in the kitchen and god knows how it came to juggling tricks with kitchen stuff like tomato, carrot.. Knife !

The wives tried fruitlessly to get them quiet and get some work done but a truce between Osama and Obama seemed much easier than this. But when things moved on to juggling with knife Ridhhima was alarmed, knowing well that if he got hurt he'll be very troubled. She finally stepped in and firmly told them to stop their argument right then, snatching away knife from Armaan and Abhimanyu she made them sit on the dining table and as a punishment gave them peas to peal. 3 kgs of it ! And that worked. By the time dinner was ready neither of them created any trouble but there too they had a race of who can peel the peas first. Niki sighed along with Ridhhima. Some people never change...

The dinner was fun with all of them sitting together. It was further made entertaining with Armaan and Abhimanyu's banter. Both of them trying to outsmart other by telling their pranks and Rohan added further spice to it, not to forget the PJ contest that went on later...Everybody was rolling in laughter

Padma and Shashank left to come the next day, they came straight away from airport to meet Anjy. Now that all the couples were on their own without adult supervision they decided upon the further action.. It was decided that would be brides would be staying at Anjali's place as she didn't wanted to miss any of the functions and also couldn't exert much.. The same case was with Swati another expectant mother. The demand was readily accepted.

" guys now that we're going to bride and groom side I think it'll be better that you start up right now "

" Anjy it's too late. 11 to be precise. Ab iss waqt hum kya karenge " Chirag said

" Main usi ke baare main baat kar rahi hun Chirag. You guys can leave tomorrow. We girls need to catch up " Abhimanyu fell back on the couch murmuring something sounding like Shit and still !
" we'll make the arrangements " the suggestion was accepted and the girls got busy with their chats.

Armaan couldn't bear it any more. He wanted to be close to Ridhhima, to hold her and feel her lips on his. He'd been craving for her since.. God knows when. and was fuming at that so called 'demonic idea machine' of a sister in law of his. Why did Anjali have to have such ' fantastic, super charged brain' ! Now how would he meet her in this crowd !

Demons ! He mumbled frowning.. It was then an idea clicked. A smile replaced the frown as he quickly typed a text. Mission accomplished.

A second later Ridhhima's cell beeped ,looking at it a similar smile came on her face. Looking up her eyes met his, he winked making her blush, indicating that proposal was accepted..

After a long discussion, debate, argument, holding hands under table, stealing glances, hidden kisses and winks later. They decided to call it a day. Rahul Muskaan went back home coz of Angel, with Muskaan promising to join the girl gang the next day. Everyone else too headed for the respective rooms. Atul Anjali headed for their bedroom. Ridhhima with Niki, Swati with Aditi. To save the house from being blown up Armaan went with Rohan and Chirag with Abhimanyu.

And if anyone thought that this Arrangement was easy then they need to know this flashback...


Rohan yawned widely. The girls were busy talking still, God knows what, but it seemed hell lot interesting as the husbands and would-be's weren't even spared a glance !

" what are they talking so much about ? I thought we've already decided upon the wedding planner " he said nudging Armaan and Chirag

" Don't know " Chirag shrugged " mine hasn't talked to me once in past hour.. Yours..? " he asked

" you're worried about talking ! Mine hasn't even looked at me ! " Armaan made a face " What about you Modi ? "

" stop worrying about talking and looking ,I'm sure mine has forgotten that I am here at all ! "

" Wives ! " they all heaved a sigh, mumbling the word which can twist and turn and make them dance at their tunes. And they would do so gladly..

" Don't worry guys, sirf kuch dino ki to baat hai phir shaadi ke baad to tumhari biwiyan tumhare paas hi hongi "

" Yeah " they agreed with their eyes fixed on thir wives, but a second later all heads jerked in Atul's direction " what !?? What do you mean 'kuch din baad' ?! " said panicked Armaan

But before Atul could reply Anjy called for their attention " okay guys listen.. one more thing, till wedding girls will be staying here. We're the bride side you see. So, Apart from Swati and Aditi, Niki and Rids are going to stay over too " Anjali added in her casual I'm-just-informing-you-not-asking-you-tone

" What ?!! " came two surprise shouts, along with sharp intake of breaths from Rohan and Chirag.

" Yes and till the wedding bride and groom are not allowed to meet and that would be from tomorrow " unaffected by their shocked expressions Anjali added. Poor husbands looked at each other helplessly. This was so unexpected.

Aditi and Swati who were obviously with Anjali in this giggled. But the one who wasn't very happy looked pleadingly at someone who was now angry, irritated and was pouting. Looking irresistibly cute.

Ridhhima didn't knew that bride and groom side idea would result in being away from him, but she couldn't think of anything to say right now. She looked pleadingly at Armaan, who looked so shocked and unhappy with this sudden blast. He was about to say something when he stopped seeing her, but that was just too much for him to bear and while the others were trying to make Anjali change or even modify her 'rule' he sneaked out.

Seeing him leave Ridhhima followed, quietly slipping away from there...

She found him standing in the kitchen, arms folded across his chest and a big frown adorning his face. She smiled. He looked so cute pouting like that. Slowly moving towards him she stood before him.

" Kya hua ? Naraz ho ? "

" nahi I'm very happy. See. " he showed his teeth like an angry monkey and turned away. Ridhhima covered her mouth stopping herself from laughing out loud.

" Armaan, plz look at me.. Please " she said softly

Hearing her soft voice, he slowly turned around and then immediately hugged her " I don't want to be away from you, just go and tell Anjali that we're leaving "

She was surprised by that sudden hug but then knew what to do. She hugged him back " Armaaann pleaasee.." and ran her fingers in his hair trying to make him understand " look, I promise that I'll meet you everyday.. And no matter what happens we'll have some time together everyday. Just you and me.This I promise. Okay.. Pleasee.. Bas ek week ki to baat hai "

" And that's full 7 days. 168 Hours. 10080 Minutes ! And don't let me get started with seconds.." he complained resting his head on her shoulder

" Awww I know.. But haven't you heard intezaar ke phal meetha hota hai.."

He smiled a little at that " yeah, and that meetha reminds me.. I want something sweet. Tumhari hitler behen to meri love story ka sabse bada villain bani hui hai aur isse pehle she takes you away I want my good night kiss "

" Armaann, not here " her eyes darted to the door " koi aa jayega. pata hai naa shaam ko kya hua tha.. and you've already have too much for a day " though she somehow managed that ,she couldn't stop that blush

" hey you're breaking the rules ! You promised " he hugged her tighter, nuzzling her neck " please.." adding huskily. All her resolve went down the drains that very moment. Planting soft kisses all through his way up he kissed her cheek.. Eyes.. Forehead.. And very near her lips...

Her heart drummed rapidly, holding him tight by his shoulders, she waited for the moment when his lips would claim hers...

But that magic was dispelled by someone's approaching footsteps. Not wishing to get embarrassed further they broke apart reluctantly. Just in time for Chirag to find them asking Armaan to join the boys gang. Reluctantly he followed him out, what could he do when she was pushing him from behind.. Giggling enjoying his poor state. Women ! They change sides in split seconds !


Coming out in the hall again he got to know that horrifying sleeping arrangement, it wouldn't have bothered them , and by 'them' it meant Armaan and Abhimanyu, if..

" wait a minute. You didn't said where Atul's going to sleep " Abhimanyu asked

" Abhi ! Duhh ! Of course we'll sleep in our bedroom. Where else ? "

" What ?! That's so unfair ! Why does he gets to sleep with his wife and we don't " Rohan jumped in

" because we're married and you're not. Besides my wife needs me " Atul defended

" so are me and Modi " armaan sided with Rohan, he couldn't bear another day, night, away from her. This time Abhimanyu sided with him. He too was very recently united with Niki and wanted to spend every moment with her.

" that doesn't count right now. And you know di's condition ,it will be good if Atul stays with her " said Niki ,ignoring pleading looks from Abhi

" well if that's the case then I should stay with Swati " Rohan tried to take advantage of the situation

" and why's that ? " Ridhhima stepped ahead now

" In case you've forgotton I was married to her and am again going to ,soon "

" exactly. And this is why you're disqualified. You 'were' married and now are 'going to' get married. Both cases state that you're not fitting in the married critiria " Ridhhima clarified

" But what about us ? We're officially married " Armaan and Abhi spoke together

" Oh forget it Armaan ! We've lots of cathing up to do and then decide on stuffs. It's girls only night so ,stay away " Niki quietened him before he gave any more excuses. But their argument seemed to continue. It was during this time that Armaan was hit by the idea. Knowing well that Anjali won't budge he quickly completed his task and even got the confirmation.

As expected Anjali and girls won. Poor warrior husbands retired to their respective room but Armaan wasn't feeling so bad now. He was rather bursting with excitement...

In the dead silence of the night a pair of eyes popped open. It was time... A lone figure stealthily walked out of the confinement of a room.. Very alert.. Bit nervous.. But resolute. The figure took a step forward, head turned back to watch it's back and then.. It collided.. with something.. Someone.

" Aarrrgghh " the other figure quickly covered the first mouth " shh, shh.. It's me "

" Who ? Modi ?! " Armaan almost shouted out " shhh, keep it low " Abhi warned ,looking around " What are you doing here sneaking around like that !? " Armaan whispered

" Same goes to you Mallik " he whispered back

" I.. I.." he fumbled ,but then " wait a minute. You're sneaking into girls room ! "

" shh Malik ! Why do you have to shout !?. Yes I'm going to meet Niki but not in the room. There's Ridhhima too remember " then it hit him " wait a sec ! You and Ridhhima ! "

But before he could reply,they saw another figure walking in the moonlit corridor suspiciously " who's that !? "

" A thief ! " Abhimanyu grabbed a vase from nearby and both waited for the figure to come near them. As soon as it did Armaan grabbed it from behind and Abhimanyu was about to hit when the 'thief' disclosed it's identity."

It was Rohan with his assistant Chirag. Who hid himself seeing Rohan getting caught and now joined them grinning sheepishly " I thought you were asleep ! " Armaan asked

" yeah, so did I " Rohan replied, freeing himself from his grip

" okay now, useless to to ask why, lets decide where. And leave the terrace, it's reserved. Chirag.."

" In spare bedroom "

" Done. Rohan.."

" our room. Can't exert her much "

" Done. Modi.."

" Garden "

" perfect " he looked at his watch " 2 hrs, get clearance before entering the room, two will be busy " and with that all the Sherlock Holmes disappeared in the moonlit night..

Armaan sprinted to the terrace. Taking two steps at a time he stepped on the threshold of the terrace and found what he was longing for..

There she stood in a blue silk night suit with a white wrap around her shoulders. Gazing at the sky she seemed to emit a glow of her own. Smiling he blinked softly, making a memory of the moment for forever.

Slowly he walked up to her and wrapped her in his arms from behind " hi.." he whispered, planting a soft kiss on her cheek " remembering me "

Ridhhima at first was startled but then her heart recognized that touch which brought a smile. Not that she wasn't smiling before but now it just got wider. She leaned back on his chest " I'm a married woman mister and I'm waiting for my husband. What made you think that I was remembering you "

He grinned lightly " oh I see, lucky man. Someone beautiful like you waiting for him "

She turned around in his arms looking into his eyes " no. I'm the lucky one " for a moment neither of them spoke. Slowly raising her hand she caressed his face.. And then... placed her lips on his.

He was too dazed, too happy just to feel her in his arms again that when she took him by surprise it took a moment for his brain to register what happened.. But then in a split second he knew... Holding her tight he deepened the kiss, pouring all his longing.. All the love. They explored each other.. conveying the deep love they had.. the promise of being together.. Till eternity...

His hands moved on her back and waist sensuously, losing his senses and making her lose hers. She gripped him more tightly feeling dizzy.. He could feel her curves and it fired more passion in the kiss. His hands trailed lower and rested on her back. Ridhhima just wished that it never stopped.. That they just go on, her heart longed for more.. More of him.. Her already racing heart was nearly on the verge of explode when she felt his hand gliding upward and a moan erupted deep in her throat as he slipped his hand under her shirt cupping her breast.. she hardly remembered what went on after that.. Except, that it felt good.. Unbelievably good..

The kiss went on for a while and when they parted they knew that they were brought together some more that day... The distance had heightened their craving and passion.. The mad desire in his eyes didn't go unnoticed by her, it only turned her crimson and he fell in love with her all over again..

They sat on the big swing that gently rocked.. She rested her head on his chest making herself comfortable in his lap in that semi lying position, listening to the steady heartbeat.. Somehow it sounded like it was humming her name, she wondered if her heartbeat would be singing his.. But then it was silly thing to ask. It had been doing just that even before she'd realized it. Smiling at the thought she snuggled, if possible, even closer.

" Ridhhima.." " hmm " " why are you so quiet.." he asked stroking her back gently

she raised her head a little " I missed you "

He flashed his dimples " Me tooo " brushing his lips with hers " you know main kitna soch raha tha ki jab milunga to yeh kahunga wo kahunga but your surprise just blanked me out " she could see that naughty twinkle in his eyes

Her mouth fell open " Armaan you.. You're just impossible "

" No. You're just too irresistible " he smiled brushing his lips with hers, how he loved that cute frown on her face..

" You know you look so beautiful with that blush.. " he said caressing her face

" Blush ? When did I blush ? " she knew she'd be looking like tomato and hid herself in his chest trying to hide it... and that smile too.

" Really ! So you don't blush. Ooh I see.. waise you know, I was wondering what happened to you when Anjy came into kitchen, you really turned into a tomato huh.. Did I say anything hmm " he tried to act innocent but Ridhhima knew that he was talking about the pregnant thing.. And rosiness again crept to her cheeks. " Oye hoyee... I just love it " he squeezed her in his embrace " Waise pata hai " he sobered a little " mujhe umeed nahi thi ki you'll confess that day. Infact main to soch raha tha ki ek achhi si daant padegi aur mujhe hi sab kuch sambhalna ,kehna padega but you just me bowled me out.. " he kissed her palm smiling ,remembering that day

" Of course tumhare bharose rehti to bas pata nahi aur kitna wait karna padta " she'd by now gained some control

" Hey ! so what if you confessed first ,who went down on one knee huh " he sat up a little

He giggled at his cute annoyed face " to wo to tumhe bahut pehle kar lena chahiye tha silly " and brushed her nose with his

" Hey main wo bahut pehle kar leta but remember someone said that she loves a jerk called Vivek ! " he mimicked

Her smile faltered a little " Oh plz don't remind me of that idiot. I feel so embarrassed, I shudder at the thought ki agar tumhe sab nahi pata chala hota to " she snuggled back, horrified at the thought

He squeezed her reassuringly " To wo yahaan roti ke maze leta aur wahaan pizza ke " added laughingly trying to lighten up her mood

She hit his chest laughing a little ,but knew well that he would have fought for her no matter what " Waise ab sochti hun to kitna funny lagta hai. I mean hum kaise mile lade dost bane phir lade phir dost bane aur ab..."

" Aur ab there will be nothing but love.." he kissed her palm " well agar tum phir kisi ka bhala na karne lag jao like Rohan " he laughed, But she didn't

" Armaan.. I'm so sorry, maine tumhe pichhle kuch din bilkul waqt nahi diya.. Hamare beech yeh galatfehmi badhti hi nahi agar maine is baat ka zaraa bhi dhyan rakha hota ki you were being neglected.. I don't know how and when I became so blind that I took you for granted. It almost was going to be a disaster..."

" Hey forget it. Why are you blaming yourself alone, I was equally stupid, my imagination was really fertile.."

" Nahi Armaan, tum kuch bhi kaho I know it's my fault and I promise this will never ever happen again. You will be my first and foremost priority and just remember one thing.." she cupped his face " I love you.. Only you.. More than anything or anyone else in the world " and kissed his forehead

He smiled back whispering softly " I love you too... Very much... More than my life..." hugging her he now rested his head on her chest, exhaling a deep contented sigh "pata hai Ridhhima I've always imagined my life with you since the day I realized that it was you who I desperately seeked, wanted to love and loved by, I've always imagined my life with you... You. Me.. Our beautiful home with love in every corner. I've always wanted that happily ever after ,if there was one ,with you... You pulled me towards you like noone else and I could not help myself from falling to your charms.. I thought my life was perfect.. Until you came along, and then I knew how wrong I was.. Nothing was perfect. It was incomplete.. Coz you complete me.." Ridhhima kept listening to him in silence, she could feel the sincerity in his each and every word. His true feelings which he had never bared before and her heart filled with the warmth of his love. She felt so proud of herself that she found him.. Chose him.. Was the one he loved.

He went on and she wasn't going to stop him " In the beginning, things didn't seem that well, I actually had my doubts. I wasn't sure you were actually taking me seriously, considering Vivek scene and that I was always joking around you but you see that was just to control myself from doing something which you wouldn't like. At first I did try to hold back But, it was too late to look back; I had already fallen for you.. since the day I met you and I wasn't really looking forward to giving up too soon. I tried so hard to have you, I wasn't going to let you go so easily ! " she smiled rememering the time they fought, laughed and argued, how he tried every trick to keep her from meeting Vivek.

" Well, time has passed and I have discovered new things and a new me. You have truly changed me. But still, in a way, I'm scared.. 'cause I am actually growing a true feeling inside my heart which I just can't explain, but I know it's there waiting for you to come and uncover it. I want to receive love and trust from you... to be the only man in your life and more than growing old with you I want to breathe every breath with you..till my last "

He suddenly stopped when he felt something wet on his neck, breaking apart he found her crying. He was alarmed " heyy Ridhhima.. What happened ? What happened princess ?? "

She wiped off the tears smiling through them, his words brought back all those beautiful memories of that beautiful dream he wrote in his diary, of the life they'd have after they're together. And as he spoke she could picture her perfect life right before her eyes " Armaan.. You know you're just.. Stupid " and she kissed him tightly on his cheek. His worries immediately melted away and a dimpled smiled took it's place.

" Aha stupid ! Your code word ! " she looked at him questioningly " you know I've researched a lot on your what-I-mean-when-I-say-this and I've noticed that when you hans kar say stupid naa.. that makes my day, coz main jaanta hun your stupid means... I love you... And yes, I love you too, No. too is less ! infinitely. yeah, That's better..." Ridhhima giggled hearing it... he knew her probably more than she knew herself... She kissed his forehead, smiling through her misty eyes..

" Armaan.. Why do you love me so much ? I've been so mean to you " a tear drop rolled down

He smiled warmly, wiping off her tear " Why do I love you ?... Because you are and always have been my dream. The more I know you, the more I love you. I've fallen in love with you and I'll never let you go.ever. I love you more than anyone, and if you ever wonder why, I don't know what to say, except that you've accepted me with all my flaws knowing well that I'm not perfect and that makes you stand apart.. We love each other for what we are, not what it is expected of us to be from others..." he kissed her eyes lovingly " I'll never stop loving you, each and every day life changes and so do we.. Remember, there wil be joys and there will be pain but then our love will wipe the tears again.. I promise you one thing though that through sorrows unknown or pleasures new ,these 3 little words will ever remain true.. I love you..." he brushed his lips with hers sealing the promise

She nodded smiling through fresh tears ,happy tears that rolled down " Heyyy why are you crying still ?? "

Shaking her head she smiled back " I'm not crying ! It's just.. Just.. oh forget it " and she hugged him tightly. Her hold told him that it was nothing but love.." I just can't believe that you are mine.. just let me make sure I'm not dreaming.." she said. He hugged her back tightly feeling light

" I have one more way to make sure.." he smiled ,she knew what he meant and then tipping up her face he took her into a most passionate kiss they'd shared till then..

She tip-toed back to the room, escorted by still reluctant Armaan, with a last goodnight kiss he finally let her go. Niki was already there, sleeping or not she didn't knew and neither wanted to, she was just glad that she didn't even stirred sparing her from answering any questions.

After the eventful outing it was really difficult for her to sleep,that blush and smile just refused to budge from her face. She found her cheeks getting hot remembering how he explored her, his sensuous touch made her head spin with unknown feelings, his touch seemed to ignite a fire wherever it was felt. The desire that was so evident in his eyes, in his kiss, his hold.. He just never wanted to let go of her and they would've certainly moved ahead had the place been more appropriate and she felt he kind of stopped himself.. Not because of the place, probably because of her. It was all so new for her and she was really glad that he did, she needed to get the idea of physically intimacy sink in and adjusted in her heart and mind before she proceeded further. And he somehow understood that. She knew. How ? This she didn't knew. Probably this is what is called heart to heart connection. You don't have to speak everything to make other understand. Her heart swelled with pride. This gem of a person was hers.. Only hers...

Now that she replayed the events of the outing her heart raced ready to beat supersonic plane in speed. Sleeping after that was exremely difficult and it was almost dawn when sleep finally visited her...

Ridhhima came out of the shower quickly changing her clothes. She'd overslept and now Armaan and others were ready to leave. She'd be coming back for the wedding preparations but Armaan decided to go straight to some meeting . Brushing her hair sitting before the mirror putting on her earrings her eyes fell on something that was kept on the bed. Keeping the brush aside she quickly got up and picked up the beautiful rose bud with a note under it..

The note was for her, It read .. For my princess.. she knew immediately who sent it and for whom.. Excited she opened it quickly...

3 things I love about you

1 your eyes

2 your smile

There was no number 3 there but then she turned the page

3 ummm... leave it honey. I love all of you..." Ridhhima laughed out at it, only he could think of something like that. She was just wondering about the note when a pair of lips quickly stole a peck. Turning around she found him smiling widely at her " I hope you haven't forgotton about my morning kiss "

" absolutely not " and she covered his lips with hers in a sweet loving kiss.

He groaned as Rahul shouted from below to hurry up, glancing at the clock he almost jumped and rushed out as swiftly as he'd come shouting an I love you with a wink...

Earlier she'd have questioned but now she believed.. Some fairy tales do come true.. kissing the note she hugged it.. " I love you tooo " she jumped around happy, abashed, excited. Filled with thousand new feelings and emotions she swirled around and fell on the bed... Dizzy with love..

Two days went by and though she kept her promise of giving some time in the day only to him he could not get enough of her. She sometimes dropped in early in the pretext of getting something from home or dropped by office for lunch and at evenings made sure that he had his dinner with her, even if others were around. In between he didn't let go of any chances to steal some moments with her but it was proving to be extremely difficult as they'd shifted to a farm house for the wedding and most of the time he was busy with office and then with preparations. Moreover with guests pouring in there was hardly a moment to spare..

He counted every day ,every hour, every second for the day to arrive when she would be with him without any villians... Tired after long day at work he came back home... He looked around the house. It felt so quiet... so lifeless... As if the soul has been taken away from the body...Loosening his tie he went into the kitchen

" Ah, good evening sir..." Martin greeted him cheerfully

" What's so good about the evening Martin..." He said sitting on the high chair near the kitchen counter..

" I guess you are right.. without madam in the house it feels lifeless I guess we all have become accoustomed to having her around..."

" hmmm..." He agreed smiling softly remembering her...

" Well you just sit sir, I'll bring you the juice..." Martin turned to the fridge.. " And sir, plz try not to move from your chair.."

" My chair ? Why ?? " Looking at him confused...

" Orders sir.. Orders.."

" Orders ?! what are you saying Martin ?? "

Closing the refrigerator door Martin pointed to a sheet of paper that was pasted on it... Armaan saw that Martin was reading something

" Has she left you instructions.. ?? For perfect Martin !! " Chortled..." when did this happen ? "

" Oh no. I had only one instruction, to keep an eye on you... These are... Yours..." he said placing a glass of juice in front of him

Armaan jerked his head up " Mine ??! "

" Yes... she left them with me the day before yesterday. Let me read some to you.." He started...

* Do not go near the fire for 'Any' reason whatsoever.

* No juggling in the kitchen...

* Do not touch any wire in the kitchen that is attached to an appliance or switch board

* Keep at least 3 ft distance between yourself and any sharp object

* Do not touch anything that has the temprature of more than 40 degrees...

* Call Martin, Maria or anyone if you want something to be cut, warmed or boiled.. Do not try to attempt it yourself...

* Do not stand before the open fridge for more than five minutes. Max.

* Do not stay in the kitchen for more than ten minutes.

* Do not waste time trying to sneak in the kitchen for ice-cream, fridge will be locked.

" Well there are few more but the synopsis is that you are not allowed to do anything more in the kitchen than taking out water or fruit from the refrigerator. In short it will be better that you totally stay out of it..."

Armaan was amazed to hear it and happy too " Ridhhima ne yeh mere liye likha hai ! " looking at the sheet with joyous expressions on his face...

" Ji haan " He jerked his head to see Martin..

" Martin.. just spoke hindi !! " astounded

" Ofcourse I did ! It's not like I'm speaking alian... madam taught me some... If you'll plz excuse me, I have some work to do and you should leave the kitchen. Now." He ordered pointing at the list of orders left by Ridhhima...

Armaan chuckled..." Wao wonderful I'm being thrown out of my kitchen by my butler..."

" Well if you promise to be good I might tell you something she told me to tell you when she came home today..."

" Really ! What ?? Oh plz. Martin cmmon tell me.. Okay fine, I promise to do whatever she said happy now.." He said impatiently

" Oh well... Fine. Good.." then instead of saying what Ridhhima told him he started cleaning the glasses with a cloth...

" Maarttiiinn..." Armaan glared at him

" Oh fine ! how impatient you are..?? " he threw the cloth aside, though he pretended to be annoyed he was enjoying Armaan's impatience inwardly... He then very dramatically pretended to look everywhere in his pockets... Armaans impatience grew by second...

" Ahh haan.. Here it is !! " Taking out an envelope he slowly placed it before of him with a soft smile..." she told me to give you, this.. "

Armaan looked at the envelope like it was a very valuable relic... out of this world... He picked it up and without another word, went out to his room...

With a thumping heart, he held the envelope for a while just staring at it, and then with a wide smile tore it open.. It was from her...

instead of any address it had a lip mark..

" I couldn't decide on how to start with it, it's the first time you see.." He raised his brows giggling reading further

" That day when we were on the terrace and even before that when you finally found your tongue and guts to speak your heart out " he rolled his eyes, imagining her naughty grin while she wrote it " I've been dying to tell you how I feel about you.. About us.. But I guess I still have to learn to control myself when you're around "

" waao Armaan ,man you have some effect huh "

" ab apni tarif kar li ho to main kuch aage kahun " he laighed out, she knew him so well " there's so many things I wanted to say to you but words just keep eluding me, but now I can't keep myself anymore.. You know, we've been friends for so long. There have been lots of tears and so much laughter between us. I've heard that falling in love hurts but if it turns out to be like ours then I gladly accept all the pain, I long to be the one in your arms. You've been there for me when my relationship with Vivek fell apart, how foolish i'd been then.. So stubborn and immature but you never lost your patience with me. You listened me out and were so very patient... Now is the time to tell you that the waiting is over.

The love you so desperately seeked is here in my arms. Remember when you asked why I liked Vivek and were not satisfied with my answer ,now I know why that was because now I know he wasn't the one for me, and not even close to what you are. Let me tell you that straight mister that you are the one for me. You're the one I dream about. No one can make me laugh like you, even when I'm knee deep in tears. I've been waiting for you to see the love in my eyes that's only for you. I need you. I miss you when you're gone, and it hurts when you're sad. I love you, Armaan for everything you are. The way you are...

When I am with you, I feel alive. You bring to me a happiness that no one else ever could. You bring to me a love I have never known before. I could not imagine what my life would be like without you. You have touched my heart in ways no one could ever comprehend. I love being with you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you... like the waves splashing against the shore every minute my thoughts keep drifting to you.. remembering every moment we spent together ... I miss you

Every day I wake up thanking God for you. You have given me so much, and I don't know if I will be able to give back all that you have given me. You have been my guiding light when I was lost. You have been my comforter through all my trials and sorrow. You have been my rock.

Loving you is the only thing that makes life worth living. Day by day, my love for you becomes overwhelming, and I can't handle it when I don't see or even talk to you every day. A day without you in my life is like a day without sunshine, a day without food, or a day without air. I just can't describe that warm fuzzy feeling when I'm in your arms, I longed it since you first held me at the airport when di was going away.. When we were in Australia... and unknowingly it has developed into some craving an addiction. Of which I never want a cure. You make me feel wonderful. You gave me strength when I thought I just couldn't carry on and I truly treasure that. Every moment spent together is another one of my dreams coming true.

I apologize straight from the heart for ignoring you in the past few days. And yelling at you at times, and I'm sorry. I'm ashamed of how I behaved and I'm sorry I've been so careless and ignored you. I'm afraid I'll say something to make you angry and I'm worried you won't want me anymore. I know I can make you mad... sometimes, but I promise you that this is all going to change because I love you with everything I have... I was scared to love you at first, out of fear that you would hurt me, but I did and it's the best thing I've ever done. Now, the only fear I have is waking up and realizing it's all a dream.

You are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. Each moment that you and I spend together is so magical that I catch myself smiling for no reason at all. I thought that I would never find a love that is as strong as ours, but now that we've found each other I know that you are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, the person I want to have babies with, and the person I want to grow old with.

Jaan, you complete me. You make my life so amazing and I don't know how else to repay you but to love you just as much as you love me and infinitely more. You make me feel beautiful. Thank you for giving me so much more than I ever could have wanted... I am so thankful for what we have, and for everything we will have. You are the only man I ever want to share my life with... I could never imagine what it would be like I lose you. I don't even want to think about it. All I want to think of is you.

You are the love of my life. I love you, and I always will until the day I die... When we're older we'll look back at the ways we argued about things that were so insignificant and we'll laugh and know that our love was strong enough to overcome every argument. I just want you to know that I'm thankful that you came into my life and I will love you till the end of my days. My love for you will never fade, I'm crazy about you...

He sighed ,she left him speechless

When I look back on how we met and I see where we are now, I can only believe that we were destined to be together. We've both been through some challenging times in our lives, and there is no doubt that our past experiences have partly shaped who we are today. What I have come to realize, though, is that I am learning a little more every day to appreciate what I have found in you. You have inspired me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. You have shown me the glory of being loved and defined the meaning of a soul mate. I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have found you, to be in love with you, and above all to share my life with you..

I love you

Only yours

and there was a kiss mark at the end too...

He fell back on the bed ,letter pressed near his heart. Words failed as emotions filled him. He kissed that lip mark hundred times feeling contented and restless at the same time.. Holding up the letter before his eyes he kissed it again, every word, every syllable shouted of her love for him, he could imagine her presence ,the lovely smile on her face when she would have written this.. And with that came back the memory of the time they had spent together on the terrace. He longed to wrap her in his arms ,kiss her again and tell her that she meant the world to him.. that she was the air he would die without and she was the blessing for which he could never thank God enough..

He grabbed the phone quickly dialling up her number but then before it could ring cancelled the call, right now it wasn't enough.. In a mini micro nano second it was decided..

Smiling broadly he quickly got off the bed and rushed out, he would require his darling for this... In no time he was on his bike flying away to meet his princess...

The farm house was beautifully decorated with lights, it was in all it's glory looked like a house that was hosting a wedding. Armaan rushed in ,making his way through the what seemed like ocean of people. The guests had already started arriving to wish the would be brides.. But amongst all these unknown faces he looked for the one for whom he was dying to see...

And then he found her. Standing there busy talking to someone.. For a moment everything else stopped, it was just him.. Just her. He could not describe what his heart felt right then.. It was skipping beats while drumming frantically.

" Armaan.. Armaann ?? Hellooo " Niki shook him a little bringing him back from his land of Ridhhima " what happened ? Aise kya dekh rahe ho ? " she looked at the direction where he was staring trying to figure out what riveted his gaze

But he wasn't in a mood for any conversation right now " later Niki " and leaving her there he started towards Ridhhima " Ridhhima, we need to talk "

" Armaann ?? " she was surprised to hear his voice, he said he wasn't going to come that day ,for a second she worried if he was okay " Armaan, kya hua ? Suno to.. Hua kya hai ? " she kept asking but he didn't said a word and dragged her out of the crowd. Finding an empty room ,he got in and locked the door. Ridhhima still could not make out anything from his actions " Armaan.."

" shh " he kept a finger on her lips quietening her.. And then without another word, hugged her, tightly " I love you.." he whispered

Ridhhima didn't needed to ask anything, relieved,she squeezed him hugging back.." I love you.. More than anything " and she knew everything was right... Just perfectly, right...

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See M what hard work I'm doing. All for you people now u better keep some gulabjamuns ready ok Tongue

yeshhh gulab jamun ready hai boss ..Tongue

jab kaho tab serve kar doongiLOL

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