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Taming The Wild- All parts till now

mansibharti Goldie

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Taming the wild

"what are you doing here...??? " demanded riddhima

" an odd question 'darling' to put to your husband... especially tab jab shaadi ke baad wo pehli baar sath ho "

she sat rigidly against the pillows watching him approach , he was wearing a black silk robe and his bare chest visible underneath , his grey eyes and a wonderfully carved mouth which carried a sly smile suggested that he was upto something...

"it is quite simple" he continued. " i wish to kiss you goodnight... wohi kiss jiske liye tumne subah mujhe mana kar diya the ... main apni wohi kiss lene aur dene aaya hun... simple nothing more "

armaan took her by the shoulders . pulling her towards him, his purpose quiet clear from his set face

"let me go..." riddhima tried to struggle out against the hands that held her " i wont do this ... samjhe duur raho mujhse" she pushed against his chest, fists clenched , turning her face away...

" darling this is silly " he spoke more gently, but there was something that gave a hint that he was enjoying this throughly " itna bada drama itni si baat ke liye... ek kiss hi to hai... and we are married now , just one kiss and i swear main chala jaunga..."

" bhad (hell) main jaao ... aur abhi chale jaao"  as she was trying to free herself from his clutches and got up from bed there was a tearing sound and she realised that the delicate stuff of her nightgown from backside was in his hand...

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mansibharti Goldie

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                                               Taming the wild

The glass doors of sanjivani hospital whispered open and every head turned to observe the man who came striding out of the darkness into the reception area if virendra malik was aware of their scrutiny or if there were far more people hanging around then necessary at that time of night then he gave no sign...

his well built tall body was clad in elegance of evening clothes his tie little loose and marks of worry clearly visible on his face ... the staff of sanjivani was murmuring to each other and why not you don't get to see the world famous billionaire up this close everyday ... the fact that he was frowning and his lips set in a grim line did nothing to make them or the media outside move away...  he was looking a really worried father

" sir " he turned around to see who it was was manoj his manager ..." sir hamne pata laga liya hai sir it was an accident ... he lost the balance while doing a bike race.."

" thanks manoj .." and turned back again thinking " ohhh armaan ... tum aur tumhari yeh aadatein... kab sudhroge tum..!!! " just then the director of sanjivani Dr.Shashank gupta emerged from his office to greet him , the crowd suddenly on seeing him realised that they should be elsewhere and scattered away quickly... virendra wasted no time in niceties. he said, his voice sharp with anxiety.

" my son ... mera beta armaan .. how's he..?"

'resting comfertably," replied shashank " fortunately use time se hospital le aaye ,,, so there was no delay in providing an appropriate treatment " he smiled reassuringly " dont worry virendra its not serious... he will make a complete recovery ... just little care is required..."

virendra malik expelled a sigh of relief " thanks shashank ... u know na he is everything to me ... can i see him ?"

" of course, i will take you to him... come " shashank pressed a button for the lift shashank gupta and virenfra malik were friends since schooldays but as they grew up their different work feilds took them away from each other and now they have met again after years... courtesy... armaan and his bike race... shashank gave virendra a side glance and said

" virendra i know that you are worried and angry but keep your temper in check ... abhi kisi tarah ki anxiety uske liye theek nahi hogi ok.."

" shashank main kya karu is ladke kaa... kitni baar keh chuka hum ki yeh bike race main apni jaan ko khatre main naa daale ... aakhir uske alawa kaun hai mera is duniya main aur yeh sab kiske liye hai ... usi ke liye naa kis cheez ki kami hai phir bhi ..." he sighed again

" c'mon virendra .. jawan bachhe hain aksar naadaniya karte hain... and i think he has taken after you in the matter of taking risks apna time bhul gaye kyaa...?? u know the attending doctor told me that he was already fretting when he came to know that u are waiting downstairs ... i think he too is expecting a scolding from you..." smiling a little

" you know shashank ki main use kuch nahi keh sakta use oata hai ki wo meri jaan hai aur isi baat ka fayda wo uthata hai... magar ab bas aur nahi... maine soch liya hai ... ab main use theek karke rahunga ... he must be more responsible now..."

" kya karoge ... aur haan daantna baad main aaj nahi..." smiling a little again

' nahi ab main use datunga nahi ... bas uski shaadi karwa dunga... business to sambhal hi raha hai ... bhagwaan ki dua se sab kuch hai hamare paas bas ghar main ek bahu aa jaayegi to yeh bhi toda bandh kar rahega... ab bas maine soch liya hai , ab main use aur koi mauka nahi dena chahta mujhe heart attack dene ka..." now he smiled a little finally he had worked out a way to control his 'wild' son

" i m glad that you have found a way..." they stepped out of the lift and started walking towards his room ... " ok now i leave you two to have a father son talk but remember virendra dont be too harsh...and not too long he needs rest " virendra nodded " thanks shashank.." and he entered the room ... he saw his son half sitting with pillows prroped behind him, two drips running to his hand ,his head and right arm heavily bandaged and some wires that connected his chest to the monitor nearby ... he swallowed a lump in his throat it pained him immensely to see his son like that but he braced himself and walked towards him.

as armaan heard someone walking he opened his eyes and saw his father ... he smiled  " hey dad ... how r u? " virendra sat next to him and said " armaan i should be asking u this question..? " he caressed his head sitting next to him " kyun karte ho yeh sab beta .. ?? huhh"
" daaad !! plz. no emotional stuff plz.. ouch..." he felt a shooting pain as he tried to move ... the daring man had fractured 2 ribs...

" armaan dont try to move... and this time as u say i will not be emotional ... but i m going to be very practical  ok fine..."

" yes ... f..fine... thats like my dad and anyway it was not my fault saamne pata nahi kahaan se ek bachha aa gaya aur usko bachane ke chakkar main mera balance kharaab ho gaya " he said frowning a little

" theek hai armaan ab meri baat dhyaan se suno... ab tumhe meri ek baat maanni padegi... promise me that you will do as i say..."

" but dad... "

" no but's armaan... u have to do as i say now... i have given you too much freedom and you are taking undue advantage of it... no !! no more of it now.. as soon as you get well i want you to get married and get settled with a nice girl...'

" daad"

" i have not yet finished armaan... here i can give you an option yaa to tum use khud dhund lo ya phir main tumhare liye koi achhi si ladki chun leta hun... and you have max 6 months for it... apne budhe baab ki yeh ichha to tum puri kar hi sakte ho naa "

" dad plz. not the emotional drama again...!!!!!!"

" no armaan this time i m very VERY serious ... i dont want to loose you son and consider this as my final warning remember you have 6 months ... now you go to sleep .. you need rest... i will be in the guest room ok... " he kissed him on his forehead and got up as he turned someone came in...

" oh hello... dekhiye aap thodi der ke liye baahar chale jaayiye mujhe chekup karna hai..."

" and you are?? " virendra asked her puzzled he could make uot from her coat that she was a doctor

" well i m riddhima gupta ... your son's attending doctor " she said smiling

" arre riddhima beta tum !!! itni badi ho gayi "

riddhima was little surprised and was tried to recognise the person ...ofcourse she knew him the big business tycoon virendra malik but how come HE know HER ... she was just wondering when he spoke again

"... mujhe shashank ne bataya tha ki tum bhi yahin ho..." then looking at her confused expressions he said " tumhe shayad yaad nahi hoga jab main bahar gaya tha tab tum bahut chhoti thi "

" well i'm sorry uncle maine aapko pehchana nahi..." atill little confused

" well you forgot your veeru uncle..." faking anger

"what veeru uncle..aap !!! what a surprise.. how r u ?? got i never realised that it was you" smiling now

" well ... i'm glad you remember me... and now i will be at peace that there is someone to take good care of my son..."

" dont worry uncle i m here... waise papa ne bataya tha aapke baare main... aur maine aapko t.v par dekha hai many times ..." she said smiling again

armaan on the other hand was cheking her out " great not bad... yahaan to doctors bhi bahut hot hain... ab tera time aaram se guzrega armaan beta... and she knows dad hmmm zyada mehnat bhi nahi karni padegi"  and he grinned to himself thinking of the prospects but when he saw that his father was still busy talking with her he let out a fake cry...

" ouch !!! ... excuse me ... i m the patient in pain here !!!"

" oh i m so sorry... uncle i m so sorry main aapse baad main milti hun..." and she rushed to attend armaan.. virendra walked towards the door and then he turned back again and saw riddhima checking armaan and suddenly an idea struck in his mind...
 he smiled to himself and walked out...

                                            Taming the wild

Recap:- armaan met with an accident during a bike race , his father who is dr.shashanks dear friend gives him the ultimatum that he should now marry and get settled and for doing so he has only 6 months...


Riddhima was checking armaan her face quite serious as she thought he was in pain but little did she knew that it was fake cry to grab her attention... as she came near he saw her more clearly...

"hmmm... green eyes ... beautiful !!!!! and those lips mmm!!!! i wonder how they would feel on mine...!!!!" then he realised what he was thinking " my god i have just seen her and she is already attracting me ... control ammy ... let her come to YOU ..." he was busy staring her as ridhhima checked him ... and then as she touched
his hurt hand he suddenly jerked... and held her hand ... riddhima held his hand to calm him down ... her was so soft and... comforting... and fill into his palm so perfectly well as if it was made to size... as even after sometime when he didnt let go of her hand she asked  

" kya hua ???? kya dard ho raha hai... ??:"  freeing her hand gently ... armaan felt annoyed he wanted her to keep holding his hand it felt so... so... nice and right

" h..huh... haan ... i mean nahi itna nahi... " but then he jerked back to reality... " so you know my father ... to tum mujhe bhi jaanti hogi ... kya tum wohi riddhima ho jo saare time hath main ek teddy bear aur muh main angutha(thumb) liye gumti rehti thi... "

he smiled naughtily " do you remember me or not...??"

" well ... " she smiled lightly " now that you have mentioned ... i do remember faintly a little boy who used to roam about with a stuffed tiger and hated girls and thought of his tiger to be the best friend...  do you still hate girls and have your best friend ... ?? "

" naah... not any more as you see i m myself the tiger now... by the way the girls now love me ... i dont run after them..."

riddhima chuckled " you are really a brave person... i havent seen anyone talking like that lying on a hospital bed with fractured ribs and broken skull... but you should not strain yourself... i will just give you something to make you go to sleep peacefully..."

and she took an injection , armaans eyes widened when he saw it

" what is that...?"

" what...????" she looked around wondering what was he talking about

" that ..." pointing to her hand " that thing in your hand..."

" ohhh ... this !! this is your sleeping dose "

" but ... but i dont want to sleep.."

" but armaan you need sleep to recover quickly.."

" NO... i told you naa i dont want to go to sleep ... NO means NO "  he said bit aggressively

riddhima sighed and folding her arms across her chest said " ohhh i c to mr. armaan malik - the tiger ko injection se darr lagta hai.." and she giggled lightly

" no !! i m not scared ... its just ... ummm... its just i dont wanna sleep " he lied his body had started to ache and he really wanted something to ease down his pain then thinking again he said sheepishly " dont you have some other medicine instead... "

" armaan trust me its not going to hurt a bit... moreover it will ease out your body pains too.." she said in a soft assuring tone, armaan for a second forgot everything and believed her "what is with this girl... why am i trusting her ... i mean ammy this is injection we are talking about and it hurts ... god i can fracture 2 more ribs but this injection scares me..."

riddhima noticed his expressions of uncertainity and said softly again "armaan just close your eyes , just for a minute... "

" NO" came the reply

" armaaan " exasperated 'god this is getting difficult such a grown up man and scared of tiny injection ' she tried again

" ok armaan just close your eyes and try to relax ... i wont do anything sach main see i'm keeping the injection down " and she placed it on the table next to his bed " ab close your eyes and count till 10 and relax ok" she gently closed his eyes with her hand

'wow...!!! she smells beautiful...' armaan was lost again in her thoughts when he felt a little prick in his arm... he was tricked...

" heeeyyy ... ouch... aaahhh..."

" dont move armaan ... baaas ho gaya ..." rubbing his arm with a cotton ball gently " kuch bhi to nahi hua ..." smiling a victorious smile

" but you tricked me..." pouting

" its okay... " assuring him again " sach batana dard hua kya..??"

and in reality armaan had just felt a tiny prick thats all but he wasnt ready to admit it 

"haan hua naa..."

" you are lying ... i know very well... in case you havent noticed i'm a doctor..."

"so what..??? i'm the patient... i'm on the receiving end here..."

" then who told you to be careless while driving...??? "

" i ...i.." the medicine had started to show its effect and he felt drowsy

" leave it... "

ridhhima smiled and turned to go out

" riddhima.." he called out, she turned to look at him

" your.. your eyes are ... beautiful..." and suddenly everything started to float and he drifted off to sleep...

riddhima was surprised to hear it ... but then thought  that it was due to medicines... she came up to him and tucked him up in blanket nicely which had somehow slipped down a little then she looked at his face it was so beautiful and he looked so cute when he was asleep... she smiled at her own thoughts then giving one final look at the monitors left the room...


                                                Taming the wild

Recap:- armaan tries to get riddhima's attention and strikes a conversation with her and ends up receiving an injection... riddhima on the other hand finds him cute...

The next day:

Armaan got up with rays of sun falling on his face ... he was surprised at first to find himself in a new place then he remembered that he was in the hospital... as he tried to shift himself he felt unable to do so as it hurt a lot... he tried again when he heard someone ...

" uh-huh don't move ... i'm coming " and as she came closer he saw her

" hi !! " smiled a girl she looked smart ,was slim and looked confident and bit familiar ... but she was not the one he saw yesterday night ... definitely not !! she had green eyes... yes he clearly remembered ... beautiful green eyes...  he was lost in thoughts when she spoke again

" hello !! mr.armaan malik , how are you feeling now ?"

"hi... much better now ... and you are... ?? "

" i'm Dr.Anjali Gupta... " she replied smiling and armaan thought

'hmmm not bad she too looks good my!! my!! is this really a hospital ... mujhe to lagta hai main paradise main aa gaya hun... but where is that night wali ... what was her name ...yeah Riddhima !! ' he decided to ask anjali

"mmm dr.anjali... yesterday night there was some other doctor isnt she coming..?? he tried to ask it as casually as he can

"ohh.. dr.riddhima ?? well unki kal night duty thi to wo aaj subah ghar chali gayi she will come at evening though..." she makes armaan sit comfortably and continues " i will send someone to help you get freshen up OK.." and started to move out

"why dont 'you' help me out sweetheart" he said softly

"huh.. did you say something..???" turning back to him

"no,nothing just... uunnn... thank you... and could you plz. see where my father is?"

" well here i m son !!" coming close he gave him a light hug " good morning !! so how are you feeling now...? "

" good morning dad ... feeling much better "

then virendra sees anjali " aree hello anjali beta how are you ? aur tum yahaan ??"

" hello uncle i'm fine .. just came to check armaan " she replied smiling

" oh i c.. armaan don't you remember anjali she's shashank's elder daughter, riddhima's sister ..  you guys used to have such a lot of fun when you were kids.."

"ohhh now i c... i was just thinking that why you look so familiar ... hi again anjaii it was nice meeting you after soo many years" suddenly virendra's phone rang and he went out

" hmmm i seee... my god !! you have become so beautiful i just couldn't recognise you... " armaan said in amused disbelief.. back to his usual self

" oh armaaan...!!! tum bhi naa . mujhe to laga ki tum mujhe pehchanoge hi nahi... after all hum itne saalon ke baad mil rahe hain.." she was feeling happy armaans charm was working again

" hey pehle ka to pata nahi ... par ab to bilkul nahi bhulunga... how can i forget such a beautiful face " and he smiled his million dollar dimple smile and anjali smiled and blushed

'good heavens he is sooo cute and charming, anjali darling thank your stars that he is virendra uncle's son ab to milna hota hi rahega... may be i should ask ridhhima to give me his case to handle' she was lost in thoughts when virendra said

" so anjali beta baitho naa... lets have a cup of coffee"

" uncle thanks main abhi duty par hun and i have to go for the rounds too " she came back from her world of thoughts

" hey anjy... why dont you come after you have finished with your work ... mujhe bhi company mil jaayegi.. kyun dad??"

" yes of course!! anjali beta do come it will be really nice"

" yes sure uncle ... bye armaan c u ... take care ok" 'anjy... he called me anjy oh how sweet it sounded' smiling to herself she went out of the room

" yeah bye!!" he again smiled thanking his dad in his heart who unknowingly had solved his problem of seeing her again

" so armaan you know abhi kiska phone tha ?? "

"kiska dad ??" coming back to present

" usi ka jiska mann tumhare bina kahi nahi lagta... aur pata hai tumhari wajah se mujhe kitni daant padi hai "

" but dad ... theek se batao naa kiska phone tha ??"

" aur kaun hoga sivaye tumhari jaan-e-man ke and tayaar raho beta bahut jald tum usse milne wale ho wo aa rahi hai apni puri tayari ke sath " virendra said smiling a little

" oh god !!! ab to meri khair nahi..." his eyes widen thinking about his jaan-e-man 'hey bhagwaan bacha lo mujhe... main to lecture sun sun kar hi mar jaaonga "


                                          Taming the wild

A shining black audi screeches to halt at the enterance of sanjivani and two people get off it in obvious hurry

"ohho, main keh rahi hu naa he is fine meri aaj subah hi uncle se baat hui thi..."  

" wo mujhe pata hai ... tumhe batane ki jarurat nahi hai... sab meri hi galti hai abhi mujhse ek achha sa lecture sunega.. mana kiya tha ki no bike race .. magar meri sunta hi kaun hai..."

" oo hello !!!" surprised " he doesnt listen to 'U' his JAAN-E-MAN... heheheh"

" oh please !!! not here .. what if someone else hears this ,media wale hue to hungama kar denge.. "

" haan haan like anyone cares about this except you.."

"ab yeh 9 A kahan hain??" irritated

" arre yeh hospital hai yahan chillana mana hai.. aur yahan help desk bhi hota hai chalo wahan se pata karte hain" they both move to help desk

" hello , how may i help you?" the sweet receptionist said smiling at them

" hi, can you guide us to room 9 A" she asked

" room 9 A ? sure.. that's private suite section madam.. take the lift to the 5th floor .. right corridor 3rd room on the left ... that's mr. armaan malik's room madam .. and you are...????

" we are family" came the irritated reply and she was pulled by arm to the lift

" hey that was rude.. she was merely asking !!"

" yeah, but i don't have the time for all her stupid questions... jab tak main use dekh naa lu mujhe chain nahi milega.."

" u know we have named you both correctly 'jaan-e-man' " shaking her head it was always like that armaan's jaan-e-man was first to spoil him and first to scold him

" yeah ..yeah whatever !!"

*ting tong* the lift doors opened and they walked out both turning at opposite sides

" heeeyyy .. she said right corridor 3rd room from left "

" no .. she said left corridor 3rd room from right "

" you are going the wrong way"

" no YOU are going the wrong way and don't try to teach me directions.. clean your ears first... huh" and started walking

" fine !! go to hell i will love to see your face in two minutes .. then we will see who needs cleaning of ears..huh" she turned her head proudly and walked to the other direction stomping her feet looking at the room numbers

"7 A"

"8 A"

"YEAH.. 9 A.. " she smiled and turned the door knob " hheeelllooo ,i m here" announceing it in a flourishingly sing song manner all eyes in the room turned to see who was it

" arrre muskaan beta !!! tum log aa gaye.. so good to see you beta " she bends down touches virendra's feet "namaste uncle"... "jeeti raho beti " armaan was glad to see her , standing up again she continues

"haan uncle abhi thodi der pehle aaye aur sabse pehle yahin aayen hain.." now focusing on armaan "aur hero ji aap yahan?? yeh kaun sa tarika hai holidays spend karne ka.. haan ??" putting her hand on her waist. then she saw that someone else was in the room too ... it was riddhima who was looking at her and wondering...

" who is she ?? is she armaan's ... 'hold on ridzy... what are you thinking and even if she is his.. his.. 'girlfriend' then why are you bothered.." ridz was lost in her own thoughts and then came back when she heard armaans voice

" c'mon yaar muski not you too .." hugging her lightly and she kisses his forehead

"muski... what kind of name is that !!... of course!! pet name hoga " riddhima mused
" muskaan beta tum baitho mujhe zara kuch kaam hai main bas thodi der main aata hun are haan main inse milwana to bhul hi gaya riddhima inse milo yeh hai muskaan.. muskaan grewal my daughter ..." giving her a side hug " aur muskaan yeh.." just then his cell phone rings "haan haan main aa raha hun give me 5 minutes.., bachho main tumse thodi der main milta hun OK "

"huh his daughter ??? but armaan is virendra uncle's only child..."

" ok dad"

" bye uncle"

"ohhh ... uncle i ccc... cousin hogi... Riddhima stop acting like a detective!!!" riddhima again tried to bring herself to her senses

" hi ridhhima "

" oh hi muskaan.."

" so riddhima are you armaan's girlfriend ?? " she blurted out armaan who was drinking water spat it all out

" what ??? "

" muskaaan !!!!!!! ouch ...  " his ribs paining again

" armaan araam se ..." riddhima rushed to him

" i'm .. i'm fine...thankyou ... muskaaan..." looking at her angrily " zara soch to liya kar yaar ... she is Dr.Riddhima Gupta shashank uncle ki beti and my doctor... ok.. that's it.."

"ohhh what a pity... main to soch rahi thi ... no problem kam se kam tumhari jaan-e-man yeh to nahi sochegi ki tumne use dhokha diya hai " she said giggling and armaan rolled his eyes

" muskaan tum bhi naa...hey riddhima plz. don't mind she's just like that..."

"yes riddhima i'm sorry i was just kidding " muskaan said smiling and shaking her hand
"it's ok ..don't worry" ridhhima replied smiling
"helllo ladies i'm here ... aur aap shayad mujhse milne aayi hain " he said pouting like a baby

" god he looks sooo cute when he do that..." riddhima thought smiling to herself

" haan haan pata hai ... pata hai riddhima ise na attention disorder hai agar iski taraf koi dhyan naa de to yeh pagal ho jaata hai ... to batao ab kaisi tabiyat hai pata hai tumne to hamari jaan hi nikaal di thi .. " she said now in a bit serious tone sitting next to him

"i know i'm sorry dear main aage se dhyaan rakhunga.. i promise .. waise is baar bhi meri koi galti nahi thi.." raising his eyebrows

" haan haan tumhari to kabhi koi galti nahi hoti ...log hi bevkuuf hai jo tumhare liye sadak khali nahi kar dete .. ki maharaaj armaan malik ki sawari yahaan se nikal rahi hai sadak khali karo.. kyun ?? aur bachhu tayar raho tumhari jaan-e-man abhi aa rahi hai bade gusse main hai aur pata hai saare raaste lecture main kya kya sunana hai ,kaise daantna hai iski tayari ki hai ... you just wait.."

" oh god !!! muski plz. save me " he pleaded

" jaan-e-man..?? who is this Jaan-e-man " riddhima asked still puzzled

"haan bas tum abhi thodi der main dekh lena.." muski told ridz

" yeah ... waise wo hai kahaan...??" armaan asked bit nervously

" yahaan hun main... " the door blasted open and a handsome figure stood there with half angry and half worried expressions he wore a steel grey armani had blue eyes his fair face looked slightly flushed as if he had been running ...  

" HE !!!! HE is your JAAN-E-MAN...????? " she spoke up in surprise ... riddhima was surprised no.. no.. shocked !! 'oh god !!!' she thought ' armaan malik...  THE-Armaan Malik... the only son of billionaire Virendra Malik GAY "

                                      Taming the wild

Recap:- rahul and muskaan reach sanjivani to meet armaan they as usual have a fight over the directions and muski wins... riddhima is introduced to muski and she is shocked  when she thinks that armaan is gay and his jaan-e-man is RAHUL Shocked


"aao-aao maharaj , kyun mil gaya room ? ab ear-bud du kya kaan saaf karne ke liye ?" muskaan asked rahul in a sarcastic tone giving a fake smile

" muskaan chup kar  !! aur tum " looking at armaan angrily who gulped when he saw rahul in such an angry mood " kya hai yeh sab..huh.. kaha tha naa NO BIKE RACE .. phir bhi... kabhi kisi ki baat suni hai tumne !!! " shouting now

" wo... main... wo rahul.. bh.."

" khabardar agar kuch bhi kaha to" rahul cut armaan in between who was already fumbling for words "achhi tarah se pata hai mujhe ab koi nayee kahani bana doge ki tumhari koi galti nai thi hai naa.."

riddhima who was witnessing this scene was now worried and thought 'god he is really possessive for him... what a pity its not for a girl... c'mon ridzy grow up its their choice why are you worried..' then rahul who took a break from scolding armaan looked at riddhima

"and who are you..?" he asked in an authoratative tone but before ridz could speak anything armaan spoke

"yeh woooh..." but isse pehle ki armaan apni baat khatam kar paata

" tum chup karo main inse baat kar raha hun naa " still bit angry at a stranger witnessing a family scene , armaan bechara dant kha kar wahin chup ho gaya

" oye rahul thand rakh yaar !! yeh chacha ji ke friend dr.shashank ki beti aur armaan ki doctor hai . samjha..huh !!" giving a quick nod to him

" oh.. " now calming down a bit , ridz gave him a nervous smile " i..i'm sorry ..wo main thoda gusse main tha " now feeling little sheepish

" its OK i can understand , u were really worried about him ... but to tell you the truth it's really nice to see the understanding you all share .. i mean mujhe nahi lagta tha ki uncle itne cool honge about you two " smiling now

" haan wo to hai but 'worried' is like underestimating what i went through.. lekin ise kya farak padta hai ise to hero banne se hi fursat nahi hai.. ab kaise ho humm..? " now sitting next to him he spoke more softly riddhima here was referring to their boy-boy relationship and rahul thought that she was referring to armaan's accident

" i'm fine bhai " ammy now spoke in a small tone subdued by his anger

" what !! bhai..!! he ..he is your 'bhai' isn't he your...your" ridz was surprised again

" of course he is my bhai .. my best buddy..." then seeing her confused expressions he asked her " tum itni confused kyun ho ? wait a minute ...tumhe kya laga..??" now narrowing his eyes

" nahi kuch nahi wo.. wo bas.. sab log keh rahe the ki tumhari jaan-e-man aa rahi hai .. aur jab maine rahul ko dekha to.. to mujhe laga ..." she was obviously embaressed to speak what she thought of wrong she was ..

" oh my god!! tum.. tumhe laga ki main GAY hun !!! " armaan spoke up surprised and horrified at the idea

" what !!!"    " what !!! "  both rahul and muskaan cried out in surprise and then after a moment of silence muskaan burst out laughing hysterically

"hahahahaha... armaan aur rahul boyfriends ... hahahahahaha " she rolled on the couch clutching her stomach , riddhima looked at her embarresed

"hell NO !!! i'm NOT GAY.. this mad woman laughing like a devil is my WIFE and WE " pointing towards himself and muskaan  " are happily MARRIED for over a year now .. thank you very much..!!! muskaan chup kar !! yeh sab teri wajah se hua hai maine kaha tha na ki mat bol yeh jaan-e-man jaan-e-man , dekha what wrong ideas it is giving "

" yes " now armaan spoke up .. wo bechara to hil hi gaya tha yeh dekh kar ki ridz use gay samajh rahi thi

" i'm ..i'm sorry guys .. wo sab jaan-e-man ,jaan-e-man  kar rahe the to mujhe laga ki ..."

" ki yeh dono gay hain... hahahahah " muskaan tried to control her laughter and both boys were looking daggers at her but now her laughter has infected ridz too and both the girls landed on couch laughing hysterically , armaan and rahul looked at each other and then at girls who were having fits of laughter ... then ammy noticed ridz her eyes lined little by kohl , her cheeks rosy bcoz of laughing hard , her rosy red lips , those  soft beautiful hands nice they felt when he touched them , he was lost in thoughts and kept looking at her as if trance.. smiling to himself he whispered

" beautiful " and then rahul jerked  him lightly

" oye kahaan kho gaya ??.. yeh dono mil kar hamara mazaak uda rahi hain aur tu muskuraa raha hai.. !! muskaan stop it yaar "

" h..haan.. " coming out of his thoughts " yes muski plz. yaar pehle khud hi confusion create karti ho aur khud hi hasti ho.. not fair.. and dr. riddhima aap bhi .!!!"

" OK OK " riddhima sat up straight trying to control her laughter " sorry but that was really funny... aap dono ke chehre dekhne laayak the " armaan gives her a mock smile

" sach riddhima warna armaan ki girlfriends ki list to..."

" muskaaan ... !!! " cutting her in between armaan spoke up glaring at her.. he didnt knew why but he didnt wanted riddhima to know about his affairs, riddhima looked at him with confusion on her face but didn't say anything

" ok..ok bhadakta kyun hai ... achha rahul tujhe itni der kyun lag gayi aane main corridor to itna bada nahi hai.." muskaan inquired

" arre pucho mat yaar main galti se 9A ki jagah 6A main chala gaya .."

" oh noo !! 6A ms. batliwala ..!! " riddhima spoke up in surprise

" kyun aisa kya hai wahan ? " muski asked curiously , armaan too was eager to know.. rahul shook his head obviously horrified recalling his encounter

" arre wahan ek bahuuut 'healthy' si lady ya yeh kahein ki 'ladki' ilaaj ke liye aayi hui hain and she is very interested in handsome young men bcoz she wishes to marry 'again' and waise to unka leg fracture hua hai magar hamare saare male doctors ka maanna hai ki unhe apni taang ke sath sath apne dimaag ka ilaaj bhi karwa lena chahiye " riddhima said laughing a little

armaan and muskaan both chuckled

" no wonder wo aisa behave kyun kar rahi thi ... arre mera hath pakad liya aur chhodne ke liye tayar hi nahi thi aur to aur ahe even tried to 'kiss' me 5 minute main izzat bachana mushkil ho gaya " he rolled his eyes and shook his head " pata hai kaise hath chhuda kar bhaga hun agar tang nahi tuti hoti to shayad mere pechhe hi bhaag aati "

now on hearing this all 3 riddhima muskaan and armaan burst out laughing again

" haans lo bachhu haans lo... aur tu " pointing at armaan " agar meri jagah tu hota na to pata chalta.."

" arre ... waise aisa ho sakta hai ab meri doctor hi dekh lo isn't she beautiful.." before armaan could realise what he has to say the words were out

riddhima was quite surprised and so was rahul and muski , armaan when realised what he has said tried to rectify it

" i mean .. oc course everybody like b'ful people ab koi bhi ... ummm... dr.riddhima ko dekh kar yeh thodi naa kah sakta hai ki she is a doctor " riddhima narrowed her eyes and armaan quickly changed his statement " i mean she looks more  like a beautiful model and .. and i'm sure aapko yeh compliment bahut saare logon ne diya hoga hai na ..dr. r..riddhima " and grinned at her sheepishly , muski shook her head making a mental note to take all the details about her from him, he had never praised any one like this before in front of them

just then riddhima's pager rang and armaan sighed in relief

" sorry guys .. mujhe jaana hoga ek emergency call hai... i will see u later .. bye rahul bye muskaan it was nice meeting you "

" same here riddhima ... ab to milte rahenge " muskaan said brightly

" yeah of course !! " missing the other meaning those words contained

after sometime rahul and muskaan too left as they had come directly from the airport and were tired ... muski left armaan with loads of instructions to follow to which armaan nodded like an obedient child even though she knew that if she has told him to do 10 things he would hardly follow 2 (hehe)
at the nurse station ridhhima was checkinh her files when she heard some nurses busy in conversation

nurse 1: "are teri to kismat khul gayi yaar !!! armaan malik... huhhh (she sighed ) hai use to kha jaane ka mann karta hai .. kash meri duty bhi private ward main lag jaati !!!

nurse 2: " haan yaar ... wo itna kamaal ka handsome hai ki bas aur rich bhi ..aur pata hai aaj jab main usko dawai dene gayi to usne mujhse kya kahaa ? "

nurse 1: " kya ..kya" obviously curious

nurse 2: " usne kaha ki mere baal bahut khoobsurat hain ... aur main to nurse nahi koi khoobsurat model lagti huun ... haiii meri to dil ki dhadkan hi ruk gayi..." putting a hand on her heart

riddhima then recalled ' arre i.. i mean ki inhe dekh kar koi nahi keh sakta ki yeh doctor hain she looks more  like a beautiful model...' she then spoke to herself " ohhh i c to yeh mr.armaan malik ka standard answer hai... what a flirt... huh... " she then snapped close her file and went to the nurses

" sister " curtly

" y..yes doctor riddhima " nurse 1 and 2 both

" kya aap logon ki duty yahaan hai ? " in same authorotative tone

" j..ji nahi bas hum log abhi ja hi rahe the " saying this nurse 1 leaves as nurse 2 was about to go riddhima calls her

" aap rukiye ek minute .."

" yes doctor .." little nervous now as she knew that she was shashanks daughter and can be as khaduus as him sometimes

" aapne room 9A ke patient ko medicines de di thi ? "

" ji.. ji wo doctor maine badi koshish kari magar unhone kaha ki wo baad main le lenge kyunki unke office se kuch log aaye hue hain unse milne "

" what do you mean by this sister.. agar patient aapse kuch bhi kahega to aap use maan lengi.. aap instructions kiske follow karti hai doctors ke ya patients ke ?? " in angry tone now

" sorry doctor.." bowing her head down

" aage se khayaal rakhiyega "

" yes doctor " and she leaves

" main hi jaa kar dekhti huun mr.malik aap apna yeh jaadu mujh par nahi chala sakte "


" yes.. yes .. yeah.. hmmm.. ok thats fine .. perfect " armaan was busy on his phone and was looking something on his laptop he had five of his managers sitting around him
" manoj " addressing to one of them

" yes sir "

" axion enterprises is in very vulnerable position mauka bahut achha hai we have to be quick i don't want to give modi any chance "

" yes sir "

" mr.ghosh " addressing to the other one " modi ki and hamare other rivals ki market position pata karo ... just see how they are after the meltdown .. i don't want to take any chances but keep your eyes specially on modi ... he is ..."

* KNOCK KNOCK* all heads turn in the direction of the door where they saw a young doctor with angry expressions on her face

" yes doctor riddhima .. i think you are early ... the next visit is at 5 it's only 3:30 now " checking the time on his laptop

" i know what time it is .. i want to have a word with you "

" then just a minute .. mera kaam abhi khatam hone hi waala hai " riddhima stood there with folded arms across her chest her anger rising she fumed thinking 'now he is ordering me !! you just wait mr.malik '

on the other hand ammy was amused to see riddhima's expressions how cute she looked when she frowned 'god its getting soo hard to concentrate now that she is standing there glaring at me' he thought

" ok everyone this will be all for today  let me know about the progress tomorrow and manoj have you brought the files which i asked ?"

" yes sir here they are " giving him 3-4 files

" thank you.. ok now see you tomorrow " they all leave

" yes doctor riddhima tell me what is it ? " he asked riddhima whereas in his mind he was busy thinking 'how does she manage to look so beautiful even when angry'

" mr.malik aap ne apni dawai li ? "

" c'mmon riddhima tum to aise behave kar rahi ho jaise hum ek doosre ko jaante hi nahi yeh kya mr.malik- mr.malik laga rakha hai ... call me armaan "

" ok.. to 'armaan' tumne apni dawai li " little irritated now

" nahi.. abhi nahi li " coolly

riddhima comes near the table where she saw his medicines kept as it is , he should have taken them atleast 1 hour ago . she bent down a little to pick them up and her dupatta slips a little showing little bit of her cleavage armaan gulps down and buries himself in one of the files to stop his mind wandering .. riddhima brings the medicine to him

" here .. armaan apni dawai kha lo "

" h..hun.. rakh do main thodi der main kha lunga " he was annoyed as he had to try very hard to control his heartbeat when she was around he wondered why...

" thodi der main nahi abhi " she stressed

"mchh... kaha na kha lunga to kha lunga ... thank you " lowering down his file

"Armaan hurry up .. abhi means abhi ..koi baad vaad main nahi samjhe !!"

"lekin mujhe abhi nahi khani .. yeh bahut kadwi hai " gives a horrified look at it and makes a puppy face

riddhima doesn't seem to melt at this and says firmly " armaan now warna mujhe injection dena padega why do you have to be such a baby always "

" i'm not a BABY and there's no way i'm eating this poison AND i m not taking any injections either " he said stubbornly

" yes i can very well give you an injection .. tum MD honge apne office main yahan you are my patient and you have to do as i say... to batao kya karna hai yeh medicine ya phir injection " glaring at him angrily

armaan was in a fix 'kya karu yaar yeh hitler to lagta hai maanne nahi wali medicine is the better option ammy take that..'

" OK OK i will take these disgusting medicines " he reluctantly took and swallowed them and made an ugly face crying out " oh my god it's poison.. i have been poisoned "

" shut up armaan.. it's not poison " snapping back at him

" how do you know have YOU ever tasted them "

" uuggghhh... no maine aise kaam nahi kiye jo mujhe yeh khani pade samjhe " and before he could come up with any silly dialogue of his she quickly continued " now keep your mouth shut and go to sleep "

" what ab mujhe sona bhi padega .. i have some important files to go through.. im not sleeping now " acting like a stubborn bull again

" nahi souge "

" nahi " challenging her

" soch lo"

"soch liya "

"well fine then " she snatches away files from his hand " ab yeh tumhe tabhi milegi jab tum kam se kam 3 ghante so nahi lete ok "

" hey riddhima !! riddhima give them back " he could not move much because of his fractured ribs and ridz took full advantage of it

now there was someone else too who was watching all this amused at how his stubborn wild son was being forced to obey someone elses orders... armaan saw his father and was relieved .. he called him out for his help

" dad !! thanks dad aap aa gaye .. plz, riddhima se bolo ki wo meri file de de usme axion project hai dad .. you know how important it is.." he pleaded

" sorry uncle main aisa nahi kar sakti na hi armaan apni dawai time se le raha haiaur na  hi theek se rest kar raha hai ... now i have to be strict with him he is fooling nurses too "

" of course beta do whatever you feel is right.. i know yeh bahut ziddi hai " now smiling at her obviously on her side .. armaan watched them with his mouth open

" dad !!! u are my dad you are suppose to take my side "

" sorry armaan not this time tumhe riddhima ki baat sunnni padegi " ruling out his plea

" sun liya ab now lie down and sleep in dawaiyon ko lene ke naad neend aati hai aur jab tak tum so nahi jaate main kahin nahi jaane waali samjhe "

" FINE.. huh " then closes his eyes mumbling to himself " i dont believe it my father taking her side ... she is ordering me ARMAAN MALIK MD of malik international ,malik enterprises ..." and  blah blah blah he continued his mumbling both virendra and riddhima looked at each other shook their head and sighed after about 15 minutes armaan was sleeping peacefully

" uncle 1 minute let me see ki so gaya hai ki nahi ... i really wonder uncle aap ise kaise sambhalte hain " laughing a little

" bas puchho mat beta ... " amused

she checks on armaan and seeing everything fine she feels relieved

" everyhing is fine uncle.. let him sleep as long as he wants.. and uncle here are the files " giving them back to virendra smilingly

" haha.. thanks beta mujhe nahi lagta ki itne saalon main armaan ko kisi ne aise daanta hai.. " chuckles lightly

" sorry uncle but it was necessary "

" no problem beta .. anytime " ridz smiles and turns to leave

" riddhima !! " virendra calls out

" ji uncle.. ? "

" do come again beta .. and " he waited for a moment debating for a moment what to say then " kuch nahi beta .. just tell shashank ki mian aaj sham ko ghar aaunga bada time ho gaya bhabhi se mile hue "

" sure uncle .. mom aap se mil kar bahut khush hongi .. ok uncle ab main chati hun " with one more look at armaan she leaves the room

virendra stood there for a moment staring at the door then came and sat beside sleeping armaan he lovingly caressed his hair and spoke softly

" armaan..., i think she is perfect for you "

                                              Taming the wild

PRECAP:- Things get clear that ARMAAN and RAHUL are NOT GAY. ridhhima sees a new flirt armaan also she scolds armaan for not taking his medicines on time and armaan feels he has been poisoned  LOL... virendra to ammys surprise  Shockedtakes ridhhima's side and virendra finds ridhhima perfect for armaan  


"phisss...phisss " armaan signalled a wardboy to come near ... the wardboy came there

" kuch extra paise kamana chahte ho ?? " he asked the wardboy whose ears sprang up with the word money and looking here and there nodded

" kya kaam hai ? " he asked

" mujhe bahaar se kuch khaana mangana hai... yahaan delivery waalon ko aane nahi de rahe " armaan replied in a low tone

" bahaar se!!! arre baap re bade khatre wala kaam hai" armaan flashed out a 100 rs note wardboy took it but spoke again

"aur aap ki doctor to dr. riddhima hai... dr.shashank ki beti... mujhe to kachha kha kayengi ... kahin khana laane ke chakkar main main bahar na ho jaaun " armaan now flashed two 100 Rs. note

" theek hai main dekhta hun.. kya laana hai ?? "

ward boy took the food packets and was trying to go to armaans room as quite as possible but then someone saw him sneaking

" aree yeh wardboy aise chup chup kar kyun jaa raha hai ... jaroor kuch gadvbad hai ' and RIDHHIMA followed him quietly she saw him entering into a room and was surprised to see that it was armaans room she peeped in and to her horror saw armaan all set to eat  the food ordered from outside !!!! and she barged in

" yeh kya ho raha hai yahaan ?? " almost shouting in a threatning tone

" ji.. ji madam wo wo... maine kuch nahi kiya madam in hone muhjse kaha ki mera khana bahar aaya hua hai koi hai nahi yahan to tum jaa kar le aao " riddhima looked at the wardboy angrily and then at armaan who was also gulping hard expecting her furious lecture and dreading that she would give him INJECTION as a punishment

" tumse to main baad main baat karti hun " saying to wardboy signalling him to leave who ran away immidiately that left her with armaan

" riddhima... main... wo... aao naa tum bilkul theek time par aayi ho aao sath main lunch karte hain " grinning foolishly but riddhima glared back at him and he went quite

" armaan kya hai yeh sab ... tum jaante ho naa ki yeh sab tumhe khaana manaa hai ... and you bribed the staff too !!!! i dont believe it !!! "

" main wo bas ... " armaan tried to clarify his position

" dont say a word ... armaan malik you are THE most troublesome patient in my medical career ... kya karu main tumhara huh...!! "

armaan just listened to her with his head bowed down to his chest ,riddhima looked at him and her heart skipped a beat he looked so innocent so cute and lovely ... she just felt like kicking herself for making him feel so sad...

she thought "obviously hospital ka khaana kahaan kisi ko pasand aa sakta hai magar it was for his own good ..."  then she told herself ' riddhimaaa yeh baat aaraam se bhi to keh sakti thi itna chillane ki kya jarurat thi look how sad he is now...  ' then another voice in her head said " no riddhima dont be fooled by his cute face he is a very cunning fellow ... be strong " she was busy in her thoughts when he heard armaan speak up again

" i'm sorry " very slowly

" huh..." she came out of her thoughts " kuch kaha tumne " in a firm voice

" i said main ab nahi karunga " armaan looked at her raising his head slowly their eyes met and suddenly she saw that there were expressions in those eyes that she was unable to tell ... to read ... his look was so intense that she shifted her gaze suddenly  it felt as if she was on the wrong side here... but she recovered quickly and said

" theek hai ... magar from now on i will keep an eye on you aur kuch bhi gadbad ki to..."  threatning him and he merely shook his head like a good boy and she left ordering the other wardboy to clear up the outside food ... armaan sighed deeply after she left and put his head on the backrest

*that evening*


riddhima comes and opens the door , she sees virendra ,rahul and muskaan there she smiles at them and welcomes them

" aree uncle aap aa gaye aayiye naa... hi rahul hi muskaan " she hugs muskaan with whom she has come to have a good understanding " aayiye naa uncle mom dad aapka kabse wait kar rahe hain " virendra now is greeted by shashnak and padma who are very happy to see him after so many years  

" riddhima hum to jaldi aa jate magar yeh sab na is muskaan ki wajah se hua hai pata nahi kitni ghante lagati hai tayaar hone main jaise kisi fashion show main ja rahi ho " rahul teased muskaan and she hit him on his shoulder " dekha mujhe to lagta hai ki maine kisi ladki se nahi WWF ki female wrestler se shaadi kar li hai "

" achha to main tumhe WWF ki wrestler lagti hun ... ghar chalo main batati hun... female wrestler " all this while riddhima was trying hard to supress her laugh but now it was getting very hard

" nahi nahi muskaan i m sure rahul bhaiyya mazaak kar rahe the " she tried to pacify her

" huh ... mazaak aur yeh... ise to dhang se mazak karma bhi nahi aata... wo to mujhe hi daya aa gayi is par warna abhi tak yeh kunwara ghum raha hota... huh " and she moved ahead fuming with anger

" hey riddhima " rahul called as she was about to go after muskaan

" ji rahul bhaiyya !! oh i.. i'm sorry wo main ... mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaya ki main aapko kya bulaau to.. to " she didnt knew what to say

" dont worry riddhima ... i really liked it when u called me bhaiyya can you call me that only " rahul said lovingly smiling at her

" of course bhaiyya !! " ridz too replies smling now happy to find a brother but then she heard

" oye mujhe to muski ya muskaan hi bulaana ... bhabhi bohut bada bada lagta hai " said muskaan who obviously had heard their conversation  

" arrre rahul muskaan tum log phie se shuru to nahi ho gaye kahin!!" virendra called them out as he was now busy with padma and shashank

suddenly muskaan remembered that she was angry with rahul " chacha ji dekh lo is rahul ke bachhe ko ... mujhe WWF ki female wrestler keh raha hai " annoyed wjth him whereas rahul was enjoying his teasing session a lot

" rahuuul !! tum phir shuru ho gaye ... shashank tum to rahul se mil hi chuke ho isse milo yeh hai muskaan ... rahul ki wife aur meri pyaari beti "

" bhai saab lekin ..." padma was little confused as she knew that armaan was his only son

" haan bhabhi actually rahul ko to aap jaanti hi hain mere bade bhaisaab sunil ka beta aur muskaan mere business partner girish ki beti hai ... ek accident main girish aur asha ki maut ho gayi .. aur muskaan ki saari zimmedari maine le li... rahul muskaan ek dusre ko pasand to karte the to humne socha ki beti ko bahar kyun bheje apne ghar main hi kyun nahi le aayen ... bas aa gayi muskaan hamere ghar... " he said smiling patting her shoulder lightly , muskaan too smiled at him he was truly a father figure for her

padma and shashank were very happy to see this ... later at the dining table

" to bhai saab ab armaan kaisa hai ...? "

" theek hai bhabhi .. and all thanks to riddhima agar wo uske sath strict nahi rahe to usko sambhalna bada mushkil ho jaata hai.. "

" yeah she is pretty strict when it comes to her work and handling stubborn people ... are yeh to mujhe bhi nahi bakshti ( spare) "

" papa... i m not that strict !!! "

" mujhe bas thoda theda sochna padta hai .. u know armaan was bribing wardboys and smuggling outside food "

" haan bhai tumhari soch kaa namuna to main dekh chuka hun.. " rahul said raising his eyebrows " badi khatarnaak hai " and muskaan burst out laughing and riddhima too they gave each other hi 5

" arre tum has kyun rahe ho .. hame bhi to batao ?" padma asked and others looked at them puzzed

" wo kya hua naa mumma ki sab bol rahe the ki armaan ki jaane-e-man aa rahi hai .. mujhe laga ki armaan ki girlfriend something aa rahi hogi but... it turned out to be rahul !!! " and listning this all the others burst into laughter too

" haan aunty ise laga ki rahul aur armaan gay hain... " muskaan said laughing

" padma put her hand on her mouth shocked then she too started laughing with all the others then asked " but why so ?? tum in dono ko jaan-e-man kyun bulate ho ?? "

" main batati hun aunty ... wo kya hai naa ki yeh dono insepreble hain ... ek dusre ko har ek cheez batate hai ... rahul armaan ko bigaadne main koi kasar nahi chhodta aur armaan.. wo iske liye kuch bhi karne liye tayaar rehta hai ...they are best buddies and best brothers one can find... ek dusre ki jaan basti hai dono main ... isliye in dono ka naam hamne jaan-e-mans rakh diya hai " muskaan said smiling now

padma smiled at this " kitni achhi baat hai beta aisa pyaar aaj kal kam hi milta hai "

" arre wo to theek hai aunty lekin iska diya hua pyaar wala naam badi gadbad wala hai " they all laughed again at this comment of rahul

later rahul ,muskaan,riddhima and anjali who joined them later were busy talking together whereas elders were sitting somewhere else...

"to bahi saab ab kya socha hai ?? kya aap hamesha ke liye wapas aa rahe hain ?? " padma asked virendra giving him a cup of coffee

" haan bhabhi ... ab pardes main mann nahi lagta ... bhai saab bhi keh rahe the ki ab bohut hoo gaya apna desh hi sabse achha hai ... ab armaan bhi yahi aa gaya hai aur wo bhi yahin rehna chahta hai "

" to phir wo ghar kab aa raha hai "

" wo to shashank par depend karta hai ... armaan is very eager to come back to work "

" back to work !! abhi kahaan virendra ... manaa ki uski progress achhi ahi magar abhi it will take at least a week more.. and even then he must rest at home for a while before going back to work " shashank replied

" haan jaisa tum kaho .. wo to riddhima hai warna wo to abhi tak ghar bhag haya hota.. u just dont know him he dislikes being at hospital... us haadse ke baad to bilkul nahi ..." he became serious saying this .. shashank and padma too became serious

" kya wo abhi tak us baat se ubar nahi paaya " padma asked him

" nahi... abhi tak nahi ... itne saal ho gaye magar usne naina ki maut ke baad se us din ke baare main koi baat nahi ki ... kabhi bhi nahi ... kehta hai ki use kuch yaad nahi huuuh..." he sighs deeply  

" haan mujhe abhi bhi yaad hai jab riddhima hui thi to naina kitni khush khush aayi thi... mujhse jyaada to riddhima ko wo apne paas rakhti thi ... aur uska naam bhi to usi ne diya tha ... sab sochte the ki wo meri nahi naina ki beti hai " chuckles a little

" haan ... naina hamesha se yahi chahti thi ki armaan ke baad hamari ek beti ho , kehti thi ki betiyaan ghar khushi se bhar deti hai ... magar us hadse ke baad sab kuch badal gaya ..." virendra replied in nostalgic mood shashnak patted him on his shoulder , then coming out of his sad mood he said " shashank .. bhabhi main aapse kuch aur khaas baat karne aaya hun... "

padma and shashank looked at him waiting for him to speak

" haan bolo virendra , kya baat hai ?? "

" tum to jaante ho ki naina ko ridhhima kitni pyaari thi bilkul apni beti jaisi.."

" haan " they both looked at each other still confused trying to understand him

" to shashank .. bhabhi... aap mujhe meri beti de do ... main riddhina ka hath armaan ke liye maangne aaya hun... well sirf hath nahi puri riddhima ..." ( now you can understand where armaan got his wit ) he chuckled both shashank and padma were surprised at this sudden proposal and looked at each other

" kya hua kuch problem hai ... kya tumne pehle se hi kahin.."

" nahi nahi !! virendra .. aisi koi baat nahi hai wo bas... achanak ..." shashank spoke up

" achanak nahi shashank maine to usi raat yeh soch liya tha jab maine pehli baar riddhima ko dekha tha ... aur armaan ko to aap log dekh hi chuke hai dekhne main ladka bura nahi hai ... khate peete ghar ka hai (smiling)... aur ek bahut pyaar karne wala parivaar hai ... bas isko pura karne ke liye ek hi kami hai aur wo hai ek beti ki... shashank main apni bahu nahi apni beti maangne aaya hun ... plz mujhe inkaar mat karna ... bolo kya doge mujhe meri beti...? "  

padma had tears in her eyes she was soo happy she looked at shashank

" bhai saab aapne to hamein bahut badi khushi di hai ... armaan jaisa beta..damaad pa  kar bhala kaun khush nahi hoga ... hamare liye isse badi khushi kya hogi ki hamari beti ek tarah se apne hi ghar main jaa rahi hai.."

" lekin virendra " shashank spoke up " kya tumne armaan se is baare main baat ki hai ? kya wo is baat ke liye tayar hai ? "

" tum us baat ki fikar mat karo uska jawab haan hi hoga , main bas uske theek hone tak ka wait kar raha hun ... lekin main chahta hun ki tum ek baar ridhhima se baat kar lo main nahi chahta ki uski marzi ke bina kuch ho "

" theek hai ... lekin mujhe lagta hai ki hamein bachhon ko jaanne pehchaane ke liye thoda time dena chahiye ... riddhima ekdum se shayad... is baat ke liye tayar na ho " shashank spoke little hesitatingly

" shashank tum fikar mat karo.. riddhima ki khushi main hi hamari khushi hogi ... lekin main jaanta hun ki wo is baat ke liye naa nahi kahegi mera mann keh raha hai ... are ab wahi baithe rahoge ki gale bhi miloge aakhir hum ab samdhi bhi banne ja rahe hain " he stood up smiling and hugged shashank all 3 of them were happy beyond measure breaking the hug virendra spoke up

" to tai raha we will give them time to know each ither and then as soon as armaan gets well hum ek badi si party main yeh baat formally announce kar denge ... tum bas tayaar raho.. to ab se armaan ki saari zimmedari riddhima ki ... aur hospital main dono ek dusre ke sath kaafi time bita sakte hai ... badiya mauka hai ek dusre ko jaanne ka "

" haan yeh theek hai main dekhta hun ki main kya kar sakta hun " shashank smiled now all 3 parents were together in bringing armaan and riddhima together         

armaan was busy doing some work on his laptop when his cell phone rang up he picked it up

" hello "

" hello.. ammy !! " a woman spoke up in a worried tone

" kaun !!! " he stopped working trying to recognise the caller " nikita ..? is it you dear "

" of course it is me ammy .. itni jaldi bhul gaye mujhe ?? kaise ho tum ?? you are in hospital aur bataya bhi nahi mujhe ?? aur kisi ne itna bhi jaruri nahi samjha ki mujhe ek phone hi kar de ? i am so worried , kahan ho tum...? kaise ho...? ab kuch bolo bhi !!!" armaan on the other hand was just smiling shaking his head a little waiting for her to stop

" arree agar tum mujhe kuch bolne ka mauka do tab naa !! main theek hun haan abhi to hospital main hun ... aur waise bhi its just a small accident not as if i m dead or something "

" armaan NEVER speak like that again OK " she replied in an angry tone

" arre baba its okay.. maine socha ki jab tum aa jaaogi tab to tumhe pata chal hi jayega bekaar main pareshan karke kya karna "

" armaaan !!! how can you even think like that i was so worried kya yahi importance hai tumhare liye meri ... ki tum takleef main ho aur maujhe pata bhi naa ho ?? "

" arree baba ok i'm sorry ,sweetheart plz. now dont be angry aur batao where are you ?"

" main abhi bangalore main hun but i m coming to see you soon "

" hey tum london main nahi ho are back early !! tum to keh rahi thi ki you will be back by next week or so .."

" silly main next week ki wajah se hi to wapas aayi hun "

" why ?? kuch khaas kaam hai kya ?? kisi boyfriend se date wagarah to nahi hai ?" in a teasing tone

" arre tumhe kaise pata chala ... bilkul yahi kaam to hai " replying in the same sarcastic amusing tone

" achha to tumhe kis bechare ne pasand kar liya .. kiski shamat aayi hai huh mujhe bhi to pata chale ki tumhari jaisi chipkali ko kisne pasand kar liya "

"armaaan !!! marungi main " in mock angry tone "aur tumhe nahi pata armaan ki maine kise pasand kiya hai ?" in a semi serious tone

" arre jab tak tum mujhe nahi bataogi tab tak mujhe kaise pata chalega huh.. come on yaar niki this is not fair tell me who is this guy and why didnt you tell me before " he complained

" achha theek hai chalo main tumhe batati hun ... uska naam haiii..."

" haaan ... bolo "

" uska naam haiii... chalo chhodo main uska naam kisi special occasion par bataungi "

" nikkkiii... you cant do that yaar !!!!! i will die of suspense !!!! "

" armaan kaha na on special occasion and that too very soon "

" lekin kab ? kaun sa special occasion ?? "

" arre kaha naa bahut jald ek special ocasion aane wala hai ... tumhe nahi pata ??? bhul gaye kya?? how can you forget armaan ... i didnt expected this from you !! "

armaan thought " are yaar yeh to bhadak gayi ... armaan beta yaad kar warna yeh teri 2-4 haddiyan aur tod degi.. lekin yaar kaun sa special occasion hai kahin iska birthday to nahi!! nahi yaar wo to abhi duur hai kahin friendship day to nahi nahi abhi kahan se aa gaya... kya ho sakta hai " when he could think of nothing he gave up

" yaar niki !! i m sorry yaar mujhe yaad nahi aa raha is baar tum bata do main agli baar pakka yaad rakhunga " he pleaded

" OMG armaan tum bhul gaye !! how can you !! ab main bhi tumhe nahi bataungi .. tum khud yaad karo ... and i will come soon to meet you ok ... take care ... ab main phone rakhti hun "

" hey niki... niki plz. yaar achha kuch hint to do "

" armaaan OK chalo main batati hun ... just 1 hint ... "

" yeah fine " eagerly

" wo mere liye sabse special din hota hai "

" and..." he asked her to continue

" and kya ?? ab yaad karo ... aur koi hint nahi milegi ... bye " and she hung up

" yaar yeh niki bhi naa ... kya ho sakta hai uske liye itna special ?? cmmon armaan how can you forget something that is so important to her ?? yaad kar beta yaad kar !!!!!! " mumbling to himself trying hard to remember what was it that was soo special to her .

                                              Taming the wild

PRECAP:- Armaan gets caught red handed ordering food from outside ... shashank padma and virendra agree on getting armaan and ridz married but only after her consent ... armaan receives a call from nikki saying that she is back because of a very important occasion on which she is going to tell the name of the person she loves



Ridhhima opened her locker and was taking out some files in haste when a photograph falls down she sees it and picks it up slowly smiling to herself ... it was a group photograph of the intern gang of Sanjivani... on the right was standing Chirag with his usual cozy smile and hands in his pockets looking sweet as ever next to him was Sapna smiling her eyes sparkling and why not after all she was engaged to Amit her dream man... ridz sighed she was happy for her they really loved each other next was Atul with his eyes on who else but "Anjali" as if thinking can anyone be more beautiful than her ?? Riddhima smiled at the thought shaking her head lightly she saw the next person it was her with her arm around her Anjy di and next to her was... VIVEK his hands in his pockets with thumbs out head slightly held up with an air of confidence and attitude looking straight in the camera standing close to her... all of a sudden ridz was lost in his thoughts 'how handsome he looked !! ' he was standing so near as if they were couple... couple !!! this thought brought a deep smile on her face she sighed again and gently rubbed her thumb over his face as if to feel his essence and thought...

"Vivek ... kab aaoge tum ?? i miss you so much "

she was lost in her thoughts when she heard someone coming in the room she turned to see who was it and found Anjali entering with Atul with their usual morning fight session she placed the photograph back in her locker shaking her head mumbled

" lo shuru ho gayi mahabharat part 2 "

" Atul plz. stop following me " Anjy replied obviously annoyed with him coming after her

" excuse me !! anjali yeh tumhara akele ka locker room nahi hai yahan main bhi aa sakta hun yahaan mera bhi locker hai and by the way i was not following you main locker room main aa raha tha jiska unfortunately ek hi raasta hai.. huh " atul replied in a rude tone to anjali and moved on towards his locker leaving anjali looking at him with her mouth open

" hi ridz " said atul in a serious tone

" h..hi atul " ridz replied surprised at his behaviour, she moved towards anjali and asked her in her ear

" di.." anjali didn't replied she shook her by her shoulder " diii.. "

" h..huh haan " surprised still not looking at ridz

" di yeh atul ko kya hua ? yeh atul hi hai naa ?? " both of them looked at atul as if seeing him for the first time

atul snapped close the locker and came close to both of them

" ridz briefing ka time ho raha hai jaldi aa jao ... " then without a word to anjy walked out of the room... both ridz and anjy watched him going out and blinked totally surprised at what they have witnessed

" di atul ko kya hua ??? did he just went out without you "

" yeah ..." she too was surprised " mujhe to laga ki as usual mere peche aa raha hai magar kal se hi kuch badla hua lag raha hai kal mujhe goodbye bhi nahi kiya... so unlike him aur aaj... abhi dekha naa kaise baat kar raha tha jaise main to yahhan hun hi nahi "

"i think you should talk to him ... lagta hai ki wo aapse naraaz hai "

" mujhse !! but why ?? maine aisa kya kiya hai ?? "

she shrugged " ab woh to wo hi bata sakta hai naa "

" hmmm... " anjy replied thoughtfully


All the interns were there ... well except vivek ... sapna and ridz hugged each other and  
all of them greeted each other happyly except atul who was in a serious mood which confused chirag as atul today stood next to him instead of anjali he asked ridz through eyes who merely shrugged saying she had no idea... soon doctor kirti came and started giving them duties

" Dr. chirag .. cancer ward " chirag nodded

" Dr. atul .. children ward " who didnt uttered a word

" Dr. sapna .. burns ward "

"yes maam "

" Dr. anjali .. special ward "

"yes dr.kirti "

" Dr.ridhhima aap aaj se mr. armaan malik ka case akele hi handle karengi he is quite handful ... jaisa ki kal mujhe pata chala aur unki special recommendation bhi aayi hai "
at this anjy grinned as ahe knew that virendra uncle would have specially asked for it kyunki armaan ko jaisa unhone bataya ridhhima ne hi abhi tak jam kar dant lagayi hai

" but.. mam mere baaki patients ?? "

" dont worry aapki duties baaki interns share karenge aur aap partly unhe attend kar sakti hain but concentrate mainly on this case... mujhe mr.malik ki saari latest test reports dikhayiye aaj hi ok "

" yes maam "

" good .. now you all can leave for your duties " everyone disperses at her orders but ridz stay back

" dr.kirti... " she said little hasitatingly

" yes dr.ridhhima any problem " kirti in her usual curt tone

" maam wo .. wo main puch rahi thi ki dr.vivek canada se kab wapas aa rahe hain ?? " she was worried ki kahin kirti ulta use dant na de but to her surprise she replied in a normal tone

" dr.ridhhima unka traning time period extend ho gaya hai and he wont return for next six months "

" six months !!! " ridz was surprised

" yes .. kya aapko unse kuch jaruri kaam tha ?? "

" n..nahi maam wo bas aise hi... actually mujhe bataya tha ki unki training 1 month ki hai ... isliye " she tried to clarify

" haan actually yeh decision kal hi final hua hai isliye wo shayad aap logon ko inform nahi kar paaye honge ... dont worry yeh to hamare liye bahut garv ki baat hai ki hamara ek intern canada ke ek prestigious hospital main kaan karne ke liye select hua hai ... i m sure as his friend you all will be very happy for him "

" yes maam of course "

" good ,now back to your duty doctor " kirti turned and left

" i m really proud of him dr.kirti " she smiled at herself and making a mental note to call vivek as soon as she gets time moves to the ward

****        ************             **************       ************

" yes ... thoda aur upar ... ok now rotate your arm "

" um.. ah... it still hurts doc. " said armaan going thriugh his physiotherepy

" its ok abhi thoda pain to normal hai but i think you should try walking small distance now .. but not for too long ok " said the doctor

" ya sure "

" take care i will see you tomorrow "

armaan comes out of the room helped by his personal attendent walking with the help of a walking stick he was passing through the corridor when he saw that ridhhima was standing in the newborn ward holding a baby in her hand rocking the child ... his feet get fixed at the sight she looked soo pretty... it was a perfect picture ..he caught his breath mesmerised at the scene he continued staring her through the glass window , riddhima on the other hand was not aware that a pair of eyes were watching her with all the admiration in the world

" sir ... chale " it was armaans attendent

armaan signalled him to keep quiet

" tum room main jao main apne aap aa jaunga "

" but sir .." he tried to protest

" kaha naa jao ... i will manage " armaan spoke sternly and the attendent left

armaan went back to the scene he simply loved it, a small breeze blew and ridz hair flew and armaan blinked sighing deeply ... he felt a hand patting on his shoulder .. he shrugged it off... but someone again patted him he turned around annoyed to be disturbed like that

" kaha naa main aa jaunga " irritated but he saw it was a nurse

" oh .. hi beautiful !! " with a sudden change in his tone

" hi tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho ?? " she asked

" are bas abhi physio se aaya hun .. what are you doing here ?? " wishing her to leave quickly

" main bas apni duty ke liye ja rahi thi "

armaan thought 'great ab jaldi chutkara mil jayega ' then he spoke up " oh good to ..jao .. tumhe late ho raha hoga na "

before she could reply riddhima came out and saw him chatting with the nurse

" armaan !! tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho ? " raising her eyebrows in suspision then looking at the nurse " and aap yahaan kya kar rahi hain ,aapki duty yahaan hai ? " asking the nurse

" no doctor main bas jaa hi rahi thi " and she hastily left before ridz could scold her

" aur tum..! kya tum kabhi theek se instructions folllow nahi kar sakte ... yahaan kaya kar rahe ho ? " sternly

" riddhima tum hamesha mujhe daanti kyun rehti ho ? main abhi apni physio se aaya hun .. aur room main hi jaa raha tha " trying to clarify things

" hmmm ... wo toh main dekh hi rahi hun ,room main ja rahe the ya yahaan khade hue flirt kar rahe the " but before armaan could speak anything her pager rings " armaan mujhe abhi ek patient ke paas jaana hai but i want you back in your room in 5 minutes ok " ordering him in stern voice

" yes commander " and salutes her to which riddhima shakes her head rolling her eyes

" nautanki !! " she mumbles to herself and leaves him standing there ... armaan shakes his head grinning and turns to go to his room ... at the corner she turned and saw aemaan surrounded by 2-3 doctors talking and laughing at something she shook her head and mumbled

" yeh khud to bigda hua hai hi auroo ko bhi bigaad dega mr.flirt " and walked away


sapna comes and settles down on a chair followed by chirag and others

" huh... kitna thak gaye aaj ... yeh dr.kirti to hamein duties de de kar hi maar dalengi " sapna groaned

" nahi yaar .. main itni jaldi nahi marna chahta abhi to meri shaadi bhi nahi hui hai .. aur kam se kam marne se pehle main ek girlfriend to bana lun atleast " chirag said

" oye chal oye !! ab tak nahi bani to ab kya aasmaan se tapkegi ... beta ab to tujhe sanskaro se hi milegi aur wo bhi BIWI GIRLFRIEND nahi samjha .. wo kya hai naa teri umar jo ho gayi hai " she laughed and hi 5ed ridhhima

" ha ha very funny !!! abe teri engagement ho gayo to kya baaki saare buddhe ho gaye huh .. aur main akela nahi hun mere sath ridz bhi to hai ..kyun ridz ?? "

" main ??? wo kaise ?? "

" yeah ridz kaise ? " anjy asked

" arre ridz is also single aur main bhi to hum dono eksath ek dusre ke liye girlfriend  boyfriend dhundege ... kyun ridz " now they both hi fived   

" yeah right bro. " giggling but thought ' no chiraag you are not exactly right i have found someone ' she was brought back when she heard atul

" chirag meri baat maan to in sab main mat pad in ladkiyon ka kuch bharosa nahi hai mere bhai jahaan khubsurat ladka dekha nahi aur usne thodi si hans ke baat kya kar li yeh wahin fisal jaati hain " atul spoke up

"heeyyy atul that's not right huh ...we girls are not like that " sapna spoke up

" yeah absolutely " anjy too agreed and ridz shook her head in agreement

" achha ... chirag jab se wo ARMAAN MALIK kya aaya hai saare sanjivani ka female staff pagal ho gaya hai yahan tak ki shaadi shuda nurses bhi ... ram ram ram kalyug aa gaya hai mere bhai kalyug !!! "

" hai wo Armaan kitna sexy hai naa ... agar amit se pehle mujhe wo mila hota naa to main use kabhi nahi chhodti " sapna said giggling to the horror of atul

" dekha .. dekha chirag "

" well she is not wrong wo hai hi itna cute ... aur kitniii achhi baatein karta hai " anjy spoke dreamily ridz giggled seeing atul turning green with jealousy

" haan di cute to hai magar ek number ka flirt hai ... i m sure wo aap ko keh chuka hoga ki aap bohut khoobsurat ho aur aapke baal bahut achhe hain aapki aankhein bahut sundar hain ..wagerh wagerh " ridz said smiling

" hey yeh to usne mujhe kaha tha jab main use kal milne gayi thi... and cmmon ridzy kisi ki tarref karne se koi flirt thodi na ho jaata hai puchho atul se yeh bhi to sath tha " she said smiling then ridz pulled anjy and sapna towards her and spoke softly

" di aapki pareshaani ka kaaran mil gaya "

" kaun si pareshani ?? " anjy asked

" are atul wali ... di he is jealous ... armaan se !!! ki usne aapki taareef kari aur aapko wo CUTE laga naa isliye " she explained

" ohhh i c " anjali said and looked at atul who clearly heard what they were talking but turned his head quickly to other side as  if he heard nothing but anjy saw this and smiling she said little loudly so that it is clear to atul

" but ridzy atul bhi paagal hai naa.. armaan virendra uncle ka beta hai hamara dost hai and besides i like atul and no one else yeh baat use samajh main aani chahiye naa aur wo pagal hai naa jo itni si baat ke liye jal jal kar koyla ho raha hai "

hearing this atul came back to his normal self and almost jumping on his seat said

" sach anjali you like me naa not armaan naa ... main jaanta tha anjali tum mere alawa kisi aur ko pasand kar hi nahi sakti ... i love you anjali "

" atulll get a grip on yourself " and then smiled and blushed obviously enjoying his undivided attention again and everyone laughed at his sudden change of mood

"hey ridz" sapna called as others were busy among themselves  " that leaves you yaar aur ab toh tumhe akele uska case handle karne ko mil gaya hai... to kya irada hai ?? i m sure wo tumhe dekh kar to flat ho hi gaya hoga " sapna teased her

" cmmon sapna jaisa ki anjali didi ne kaha ki wo papa ke best friend ka beta hai and bachpan main hum sab dost the magar ab ki baat alag hai ... yes he is handsome but thats it nothing more ... besides it he is a big flirt and i expect my partner to be loyal jo ki i m sure armaan jaisa insaan kabhi nahi ho sakta " she told sapna in a matter of fact tone

" ohhh what a pity main to soch rahi thi ki may be you can come together ... tum sath main kitne achhe lagte ho ... perfect match !! "

" saapnaa " ridz threatened her with a fork

" ok ok as you wish ... magar soch lo abhi bhi der nahi hui hai "

ridz rolled her eyes thinking ' iska kuch nahi ho sakta ' sapna was ridz best friend but she hasn't yet told her about her feelings for vivek ... she was waiting for the right time to disclose this to her


" Hey armaan " rahul spoke closing the door behind him

" hey bhai " without looking up from his laptop

" yeh kya?? tu phir se kaam main lag gaya .tu is khubsurat jannat main kaam kar raha hai !!, aur mai soch raha tha ki tu sundar sundar nurses aur doctors se ghira hua hoga ...u  dissapointed me brother ' rahul said smiling wickedly

" haan haan !!! khubsurat jannat !! lagta hai muskaan sath nahi aayi ... bulaun kya ?? wo tumhe seedha jannat hi bhejegi " armaan said threatning him

" abe saale marwaega kya !!! itni mushkil se toh peecha chhuda kar aaya hun "

" haan haan pata hai ... yaad hai jab muski confrence ke liye dad ke sath 2 din ke liye germany gayi thi tab tum ek hi din main wahan pahuch gaye the client se milne ka bahana le kar ...  khud to raha nahi jaata aur bolte ho ki peecha chhuda kar aaya hun "
armaan saying this went back to his work

" haan haan chhod na ... " seeing him working again he said ' abe tu phir lag gaya iss par chhod ise " snatching away his laptop from him

" bhaaaiii !!!! plz. mujhe important kaam hai "

" nahi pehle bata ki month kaun sa hai "

" month !! ab yeh month kahan se aa gaya beech main "

" bol raha hai ya le jaaun ise " pointing to his laptop

" OK OK november ... happy !! now can i have it back ? "

" good, now tell me what date it is today ? " obviously enjoying teasing him

" rahuuul bhaaiii " now glaring at him

" bata naa " still coaxing

" huuuh... 3rd november .. ab to de do "

" nahi abhi nahi.. pehle yeh bata ki aaj din kaun sa hai ?? " now armaan was ready to kill rahul

" bhai have you totally lost it , kya main riddhima ko kahun ki tumhare dimaag ka ilaaj bhi kar de ?? "

" oh ho kya baat hai .. aajkal bada riddhima ridhhima kar raha hai hmm.. kahin kuch gadbad to nahi hai "

" aisa kuch nahi hai bhai " rolling his eyes " aur wo to mujhe aisa lagta hai ki jaise daantne ke liye hi doctor bani hai .. dusre patient ke sath to kaise muskuraa kar baat karti hai aur yahaan .. jab bhi aati hai to hitler ban kar ... armaan dawai khao... armaan so jao ... armaan kaam band karo... tumne bahar se kya khaya hai ..." mimicks her

" hahahaha serves you right .. lagta hai the great armaan malik ka jaadoo kuch theek se kaam nahi kar raha quite a surprise !!.. waise tu kahe to main teri help kar sakta hun next week tak wo totally change ho jayegi at least friends to ban hi jayegi "

" really bhai !!! thanks bhai thank you so much " and hugs him

" abe chhod saale khud ki haddiyan to tuti hi hain ab meri bhi todega kya.. aur pata hai na riddhima ne kya socha tha hamare baare main " seperating him carefully

" ohh haan yes !! " and backs off immidiately

" to bata aaj ka din kaun sa hai ?? "

" oh no bhai !!! not your silly questions again !! " rolling his eyes he threw baxk his head on the back rest

" bol raha hai ki nahi ?... itni jaldi bhul gaya ... ridhhhiiimaaa... yaad aaya "

"oh haan " sits straight again " ok today is monday ... lekin din ka riddhima se kya lena dena hai "confused

" bahut kuch !! ab bata ki tere agle monday ke liye kya plans hain "

"NEXT MONDAY !! bhai in case you havent noticed i'm in hospital and mujhe kal ka nahi pata aap monday ki baat kar rahe ho " shaking his head annoyed

" ohhho ... tut..tut.." clicks his tounge making a sorry face " mera bechara bhai agla monday rukha sukha hi manaane wala hai ... how sad !! you have dissapointed me ammy "

" magar agle monday aisa hai kyaaa ???? " loosing his patience totally

" are bevkuuf agle monday 10th hai aur tera BIRTHDAY bhi " hitting him lightly on his head

" what !! oh haan OMG mere to dimaag se hi slip ho gaya " surprised at himself

" to you see my silly silly little brother.. this is what i was trying to say ... lets have a huge party and you can invite riddhima there personally and dazzle her with your charm..bas ho gaya tera kaam ...are waah main to shayar ban gaya ... good work rahul " patting his shoulder himself

" oh yes bhai thats a wondeful idea main abhi dad ko bolta hum ki wo uncle se baat kar lein and will be back home today ... i hate being at hospital anyway "

" yeah that would be fine lekin buddhu tu riddhima se hi puch le naa after all she is your doctor "

" yes thats even better ... dekhta hun ki aaj hitler ka mood kaisa hai " and both grinned


                                               Taming The Wild

Recap:- riddhima miss vivek a fellow intern ... armaan again caught redhanded flirting with a nurse and other beautiful doctors ... chirag cries over for not having a girlfriend , anjali assures atul she likes him only ... rahul reminds armaan that next monday its his b'day which he forgot and plans a big party for which he asks armaan to ask ridhhima when can he go home

riddhima was busy checking armaan's chart and armaan was busy checking HER out smiling to himself he thought

" hmmm... she looks beautiful in white.. those beautiful lips just cant wait to feel them and my my!!  those beautiful curves ... perfectly moulded wooow... riddhima you are dangerously tempting my dear "

virendra malik on the other hand was observing his son and riddhima and he thought "armaan to riddhima main itna khoya hua hai ki yeh bhi hosh nahi hai ki uske dad bhi yahin hain ... aur riddhima kitni bholi bacchi hai usko bhi lagta hai kuch khabar hi nahi hai ki koi uske liye pagal hua ja raha hai... lagta hai mera faisla bilkul thekk hai armaan aur riddhima ek dusre ke liye liye bilkul sahi jeevan saathi hain " he smiles at his thoughts

riddhima then keeps the chart back " armaan " he quikly shifts his gaze to look at her (as if he was looking somewhere else)


" tumne kal phir se bahar se kuch mangwa kar khaya tha naa " in stern voice

armaan was surprised and scared at this sudden accusation and thought 'armaan sambhal beta agar ghar jaana chahta hai to hitler ko gussa mat dila warna yeh phulan devi yahin tera happy birthday kar dalegi ' he then spoke up

" nahi nahi riddhima ..i swear maine bahar se kuch nahi khaya main wohi hospital wala sada hua khana khaya tha ... sach main " he spoke quickly making an innocent face

riddhima could contain herself no further and a smile broke out on her face looking at his horrified face and she said crossing her arms

"its OK armaan .. i know tumne bahar se nahi khaya .. i was just checking "

armaan opened his mouth to give a reply but he heard his father laughing and then ridz too joined him

" heey !!! kya aaplog mere khilaf koi team bana rahe ho  Shocked" looking at his face they laughed even more ROFL

" well done riddhima beta iske sath to aisa hi karna chahiye " virendra told her between his laugh armaan on the other hand was irritated and thought

" armaan calm down man ... just remember agar hitler gussa ho gayi to tera ghar jana cancel kar degi .. calm down ... just think about your birthday about hot chiks.. about riddhima ... suddenly he jerked his head "riddhima" yeh yahaan bhi aa gayi ..."then the second voice in his mind said " of course riddhima!! dummy you forgot make-riddhima-your-friend-plan ... and then he thought " i dont want " friend " riddhima and with a naughty smile he thought " i would love her as 'dear ridddhima' 'lovely lips riddhima' ...' i'm dying to take you in my arms riddhima' i will be forever yours riddhima ' the second voice shouted out " hold it !! hold it right there mr armaan malik did you just said " i will be forever yours riddhima " where did this came from dont tell me that you have fallen in .. in .. LOVE with this riddhima the hitler " and as sson as this thought came to his mind he mumbled

" no!! no!! this can't be "

" hmm... tumne kuch kaha armaan " riddhima looked at him questioningly

" n..nahi kuch nahi " and said to himself ' cmmon ammy control yourself ... focus ..focus .. he then spoke out " riddhima when can i go home ??"

" well... kuch dino main "

" kitne dino main ??"

" lets say about a week "

" A WEEK !!! " horrified " no no mujhe ghar jaldi jaana hai "

" armaan !! ab yeh kaun si nayi zid hai ?? " said virendra

" dad i ... i have some important work " hiding his real reason

" armaan its not possible " riddhima spoke up " tumhara paer abhi tak theek nahi hai .. 10 minute tum theek se chal nahi sakte hath ki movement theek nahi hai ... and you have cracked two ribs!! ... and moreover kisi ka kehna tum maante nahi aur tumhe ghar jaana hai !!! i can very well see ki tum ghar jaate hi kisi bhi cheez ka dhyaan nahi rakhoge ... isliye jab tak 'i' don't feel ki you are fine enough ghar jaane ka naam mat lena ... kuch dino ke liye kaam vaam sab bhul jao " making him clear pointing a stern finger at him    
"lekin riddhima .. main to tumhara saara kehna maanta hun... dekho maine medicine bhi time se li hai .. maine rest bhi kiya hai aur .. aur bahar se kuch khaya bhi nahi ... and i m feeling much better plz. i think i can manage .. can i go plllzzz." making a cute baby face

for a second riddhima thought to say yes to him how can you make such a cute person sad but then she knew what was best for him

" no armaan .. not at all ... atleast a week more ... aur rahi baat mera kehna maanne ki to wo tum isliye maante ho kyunki main saara time tumhare sar par khadi rehti hun aur jo kaam tumhe khud karne chahiye wo tumhe bachho ki tarah bol bol kar karwane padte hain ... zara si nazar hati nahi ki tumhari harkatein shuru ho jaati hain ... isliye tumhari koi baat nahi mani jayegi "

virendra on the other hand was fully enjoying this scolding session 'riddhima bhi bilkul naina ki tarah armaan ko daant rahi hai ... agar aaj wo yahaan hoti to apni hone wali bahu ko dekh kar kitna khush hoti ... chalo aakhir uski ichcha puri hone hi wali hai'

armaan who was busy trying to convince ridhhima that he was fine enough was loosing the battle riddhima was adamant not to let him leave the hospital and armaan was dying to go from this place ... he saw that all his good boy efforts were going waste and his best weapon " the cute puppy face " was not working at all on riddhima he turned to his father for help

" dad " loudly " daaaddd " irritated now

" h..haan armaan .. sun raha hun .' coming out of his thoughts

"dad plz. riddhima ko batao naa ki i m fine now " pleading with eyes to take his side

" no no !! dont look at me like that .. isse kuch farak nahi padne wala agar riddhima ne kaha naa to naa "

" uhh..uhh.uhh ... thats not fair ... i want to go home " faking a cry and pouting like a baby he fell back on his pillow covering his face with the blanket

seeing this both riddhima and virendra laughed and armaan shouted from inside the blanket

" hans lo- hans lo !! main aap dono ko dekh lunga "


                                        Taming the wild
                                                 part 9

Recap:- armaan wants to go home to organise his b'day party but ridz dont allow him to, his father virendra malik teams up with riddhima and poor armaan could do nothing

Finally after two days she got the time to talk to him 'alone' he did call but then everyone was around and she could not talk properly ... chirag, sapna, atul and even anjy literallly had a 3rd World War over the issue of " who is going to talk to him first " she recalled the day ... they were all in the locker room ready to head back home when her cell rang up it didnt showed any number which meant it was an international call

seeing the blank screen gave immense happiness to riddhima but the timing could not have been worse she thought groaning in her heart

" yeh vivek bhi naa thodi der ke baad phone nahi kar sakta tha ab saare ke saare bhuke sher ki tarah phone se chipak jaayenge "

she was busy in her thoughts when anjali shouted out

" ridzzzyyy phone baj raha hai utha naa!! "

" haan di bas utha hi rahi hun " she had no other choice she connected the call " hello "

a cheerful voice spoke from the other side  " heeeyyy riddhima ... how are you sweetheart .. itni der laga di phone uthane main ? "

" hi vivek .. how are you ? " itna sunte hi sabke kaan khade ho gaye

atul " vivek ka phone hai !! ridzy mujhe do " and he rushed to grab the phone

" no way " sapna jumped in " its me first " and she tried to snatch away the phone from riddhima ... chirag peeche kyun rehta he too jumped in " oye bandariya .. its me first .. ridz give it to me " anjy was already trying to talk to vivek in between all this madness and they all rushed together to grab the phone away and poor ridzi was sandwiched between them and finally sapna and chirag had their hands on the phone and they were ready to kill each other

" guys .. GUYS CALM DOWN main sabse baat karunga " vivek was shouting hoarse on the other end lekin us bechare ki sunta kaun sab to ladne marne main busy the

" yeh phone mujhe dede bandariya " chirag threatened sapna

" chal chal langoor ..pehle apni shakal dekh sheeshe main " she retorted back

" arre chipkali tu ja kar amit se baat kar naa " chirag said irritated

" you baboon !! amit is my fiance and vivek is my dear friend ... aur abhi mujhe vivek se baat karni hai samjha !! "

" he is MY dearest friend ,it will be me first " chirag said trying to snatch away the phone from her

" NO IT WILL BE ME FIRST " sapna shouted back

" chiraag tu to mera bhai hai naa mujhe bas 2 minute ke liye vivek se baat karne de main jaldi se de dunga " atul requested

" oh common atul we have to fight ... aise to hamara number hi nahi aayega " anjali replied trying to pump some energy into him

" yeh baat hai abhi lo anjali ... yaaahhh ... yeh phone mujhe de de sapna !!!!! " he jumped in shouting

" aaatttaaaccckkk " anjy backed him up

" guys ..guys .. relax dont fight !!!! its an international call " vivek tried to make them understand but who was listening to him anyway ... the phone was their target and their were 4 warriors who were trying to claim it... and riddhima who long have stopped trying to even interfare apna sar pakad kar un sabki jangli harkatein dekh rahi thi and then there were three sides where anjy was pulling atul chirag was pulling the phone from the other side and on the 3rd side was sapna  
" me " said sapna

" me " said chiraag

" US " said atul " awww how sweet atul i love you " said anjali hugging him from behind and atul was now full of josh.. after all his lady love hugged him !!! he tried to snatch it away with full force and then there was a terrifying noise


anjali and atul fell backwards.. chirag went near the door and sapna near the lockers suddenly atul shouted

" hheeeyyy anjali i got the phone !!! i got it !! " standing up happyly

" no way the phone is with me ... hey vivek !!! are isme awaaz kyun nahi aa rahi ??? " said chirag confused ... now riddhima had had enough ... first of all itne dino ke baad she was going to talk to vivek upar se ye jangli aur ab uska phone  !!! oh my god !!! " she shouted out

" sshhhuuuttt uuuppp " every body stopped she stood up angryly " chirag you dummy awaaz isliye nahi aa rahi b'coz you have the RECEIVER and atul has the SPEAKER " ridzy's phone which was a flap phone was pulled into 2 by these wrestlers !!

" oh .. hehe. he " atul grinned at her sheepishly riddhima glared at him he immidiately stopped and returned her the broken peice of her cell phone and stood there with his head bowed down she then glared at chirag who came forward and geve her the other part of the phone and sheepishly said

" sorry ridz ... wo ... wo .. lekin yaar saari galti meri thodi hi hai yeh log mujhe de hi nahi rahe the ..aur yeh jangli bandariya .. " pointing at sapna who opened her mouth in surprise

" main .. main kya akele phone ke liye lad rahi thi .. you jangli langoor .. yeh atul anjali bhi to.. to.. " she stopped in between seeing the look at ridz face

" ho gaya sab ka .. " riddhima said infuriated and taking her purse went out of the locker room stomping her feet in anger ... really vivek's call timing couldn't have been more wrong... she got a new cell phone ... better one too... the very next day with a lovely sorry note from all 4 wrestlers ,but it was not until this moment that she got the time to talk to vivek ... different time zones ,hectic work schedules kept her reaaalllyyy busy ... but now she is going to talk to vivek her dream man !! and pour out all her love for him , she smiled at herself at the thought of talking to him it made her so happy ... she went to the fire escape her very own private place and dialled vivek's number ... her heart feeling really happy as she was going to hear his voice after so long...


" Hello , vivek mehta here " said a sleepy voice apparantly he was sleeping and picked up the phone without looking at the screen  

" hello ... vivek it's me riddhima .. so rahe the kya ? " she felt bad to disturb his sleep

" hey riddhima ... " sudden enthusiam in his voice " hey sweetheart how are you ?? itne din ho gaye tumse baat kiye hue kahin bhul to nahi gayi mujhe ?? " he asked jokingly

" viveekk !! tum bhi naa aisa kabhi ho sakta hai ki main tumhe bhul jaun ?? " said ridz feeling him very near to her

" aur baaki sab kaise hain ... ladai khatam hi gayi ?? " he chuckles

" bas puccho mat ! mera phone shahid ho chuka hai unki ladai main , they really miss you "

" aur tum .. don't you miss me ?? " he asked lovingly

" of course main to tumhe sabse jyada miss karti hun " she said genuinely " vivek tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahi ki tumhari internship 6 months ke liye extend ho gayi hai ?? " she asked bit serious now

" sweetheart main tumhe batane hi wala tha ,infact us din bhi maine tumhe yahi batane ke liye phone kiya tha magar us din kya hua wo to sab tum jaanti hi ho " making her recall the little wrestling match they all had in the locker room ... ridz smiled recalling the event

" haan wo to hai "

" really sweetheart maine to bahut koshish ki ki main ek mahine main hi india aa jaun mera to tumhare bina rehna itna mushkil ho raha hai lekin yeh firangi hain naa jaane hi nahi dete ..." he complained

" nahi nahi vivek.. its such a good oppertunity for you ... tumhe apni internship wahin puri karni chahiye .. and after all 6 mahine hi to hain ... yeh kaise beet jayenge pata bhi nahi chalega " riddhima said to him but it was as if she was consoling herself more than him

" ohh i c to tum mere bina bhi kam chala logi..." he said in a teasing voice

" viveeekkk .. tum bhi naa bas .. " riddhima replied

" vivek " there was a faint noise at the phone of some girl calling his name... riddhima's ears shot up at it

" vivek .. tumhare sath koi hai ?? yeh awaz kiski thi " she enquired

" umm.. nahi koi bhi to nahi hai.. riddhima tum bhi naa kitna shak karti ho .. main abhi hospital main hi hun .. abhi ek shift khatam hui hai aur dusri bhi jaldi hi thi to maine socha ki ghar ja kar kya karunga isliye yahin so gaya .. aur madam wo nurse thi jo mujhe bulane aayi thi ... ab to sab theek hai na !! ms. shakki riddhima gupta "

riddhima sighed in relief that small voice had almost hit the panic button in her mind but viveks explaination waved off that fear

" its ok vivek .. you know naa i cant bear to think that you are ..." she could not bring herself to say that he is cheating her as if ,if she's going to speak it, it will become true .. she mentally scolded herself for thinking such things about vivek he loved her .. he wouldn't do anything like that even if he is so far away.. she was busy in her thoughts when vivek's voice brought her back

" riddhima .. riddhima !! are you there sweetheart ?? "

" h..haan main yahin hun .. i'm sorry vivek wo main ..."

" its ok yaar hota hai agar mere jaisa handsome dude kisi ka boyfriend ho to uski neend to ud hi jaani hai yeh soch kar ki koi usko uda na le jaaye ..hai naa !! " and he laughed

" tum bhi naa " ridhhima smiled now relaxed

" hey riddhima .. mujhe duty ke liye jaana hai i will talk to you later sweetheart take care bye.. i love you!! " and he hung up .. riddhima felt sad but then she knew interns life was literally slavery she looked at the cell phone smiled and said

" godbye ... and i love you too "


A young man of about 26-27 yrs was heading confidently towards airport's check-in counter... he was about 5.11" fair had a pair of frameless glasses and held a smart sleek briefcase in his hand ... he was wearing a smart pair of jeans with a shirt and jacket and was apparently busy talking with someone on the phone ...

" yeah ... yes ... ok perfect mr.chopra see to it that everything is in order , i don't want to risk anything ... that malik is after it too aur is baar main use koi mauka nahi dena chahta.. is baar main use hara kar hi rahunga " said that man

" but sir i have checked upon him he is still in the hospital " mr. chopra replied

" no no mr. chopra ... dont underestimate him .. that malik is made of something else and i dont want to take any chances with this contract "

' yes sir "

" ok then main aapse kuch ghanto main delhi airport par milta hun " he said disconnecting the call he said to himself "i've got you mr.malik this time .you are going to loose this contract just like that bike race " and he smiled smelling victory coming on to his way ... just then he heard the announcement

" the passengers of flight IDA 475 from Bangalore to Delhi proceed to the check in counter "

as he was moving to check in  * CRASH *

" awww my leg .. my leg!! i think its broken " came the cry

" oh i'm so sorry .. so very sorry .. i didnt mean to .. kahin aapko jyada chot to nahi aayi  plz. come and sit here " he made her sit on the chair nearby , he was genuinely sorry to see the young lady in pain , he was kneeling down at her knees looking at her hurt feet and when he suddenly looked up he caught his breath ... it was a beautiful face her dark curly hair faaling on her face her eyes narrowed due to pain but still somehow managed to look beautiful her rosy lips her cute frown ... she was wearing a casual pair of jeans with a top which still was defining her beautiful structure ... he was mesmerised ,he never had much time for girls ,it was always work first though he had short stints but they were never lasting ... well they never lasted more than few "nights" ... a cry of pain again broke his reverie

" plz. let me see it .. " he saw the foot it was a small cramp " oh its nothing just a small cramp it will be allright after few minutes of rest ... but i m reaaalllyyy very sorry for all this ..."

" its ... its ok .. i guess it was my mistake too main bhi phone main busy thi aur dekha nahi ... i m sorry too " she said earnestly

" so that cancels both of our guilt ... " he said smiling

" yeah i guess so " she too gave a small smile

" can i help you ... where are you going ? "

" i have to board the flight to delhi "

" to delhi !! " he said in surprise

" yes why ? " little confused

" i also have to board the same flight .. what a coincidence ! ,now if i may ?? " extending his hand for her to hold to get up " by the way i'm abhimanyu.. abhimanyu modi " he said smiling at her

" hi i'm nikita .. nikita malhotra " she held his hand and stood up ,they shook hands and held it for a tad bit longer looking into each others eyes but then nikita saw that he didnt shifted his gaze and she stared at him questioningly abhimanyu immidiately jerked back to present and smiled

" to chalein miss nikita ? "

" yes " she replied with a polite smile

*in the plane *

" so abhimanyu what's your seat number ? "

" ummm... " checking it " its 23 A what's your's ? "

" oh my !! another coincidence mine is 24 A ..iska matlab hum padosi hue " laughing slightly

" wao i'm so lucky .. pehle itni sunder ladki se takrana phir ek hi flight main jaana aur phir uske sath bethna ... pata nahi aaj subah maine kiska achha chehra dekha tha ? oh yes i remember maine to subah uth kar sheesha dekha tha " helping her to sit on the seat

" haha you are funny abhimanyu " she chuckled

" its always good to see a lady smiling " he said

" so abhimanyu .. what do you do , do you live in delhi ? "

" well , i'm into business aur usi silsile main main bangalore aaya tha and yes main delhi main hi rehta hun ... what about you ? "

" now that's coincidence number 4 !! main bhi delhi main rehti hun .. it's really a small world "

" now i believe it too " he said

just then nikita saw someone on the next row

" oh my !! " she exclaimed " gunjan !! " she cried out happily

" nikita ... oh my its you sweetheart !! " both the girls stood up and hugged each other tightly " tum yahaan !! "

" haan main Delhi ja rahi hun bas kisi kaam se aayi thi and tu suna .. rohit kahan hai ??"

" don't even speak his name in front of him ... that bloody scoundrel .. pig ,scum bag .." she paused thinking about some other insults

" heeeyyy sweety what happened ??? "

" he.. he broke up with me " and she started crying and nikita sat beside her consoling her abhimanyu on the other hand could clearly hear their conversation but buried himself into a magazine .. he sympathized with... the boy ... of course breaking up is the toughest part

" ohh my poor baby ... dont cry sweety its okay but hua kya ...i thought you two loved each other " wiping her tears with a tissue

" *snif * snif* yeah but you know what he said " gunjan i like you dear but as a good friend nothing else... then what was it when we were together for so many years ... we did everyhing together ... shared everything and now he says he was just a close "friend" and he loves someone else how can he ?? "and she started crying again

" ohh my dear !! how sad !! " said nikita

" yes i know one thing now ALL men are bas***ds !! " nikita raised her eyebrows at her friends comment obviously not agreeing with her but she could do nothing the girl was heart broken

" hey nikita ... your coffee is here " said abhimanyu who decided to call her as the air hostess brought the coffee

" who the hell is HE !! " asked gunjan giving very dirty looks to abhimanyu , abhimanyu looked here and there and thought

" why is she looking at me like that ??? " but then decided to bury his face in the magazine

" umm.. gunjan this guy helped me... i twisted my ankle at the airport" nikita explained " he is a nice guy " she added

gunjan then whispered to nikita but in a not too hush hush sound so it was easily audible to abhimanyu

" nikita be very careful sweety yeh aajkal ke ladke aise hi hote hain pehle jaan ka takrate hai aur phir khud hi madad karke acche banne ka natak karte hain ... phir kahenge ki tum bahut khoobsurat ho phir tumhe apne pyaar ke jaal main fasa kar kisi aur ke sath chipak jaayenge "

now it was abhimanyu's turn to raise his eyebrows

" gunjan sweety  (hehe)" trying to hide her embarrassment " all men are not same and this man is not rohit dear "

" niki he is a MAN and that is enough " she answered back flaring but then thankfully the  lady who went to washroom came back and niki came back to her seat

" huuuhhh " she sighed deeply " my god its really troublesome when you have to handle some heartbroken friend ... abhimanyu i hope aapne uski baaton ka bura nahi maana usually she is very sweet ... but wo rohit ki wajah se thoda aisa ho gayi hai ..."

" heey its okay ... i know it is really difficult for women ... and agar tumhari dost ko thodi khushi milti hai to tum mujhe daant bhi sakti ho" nikita looked at him with surprise and whispered " really!! "

" yes " abhimanyu whispered back

" Mr.Abhimanyu Modi you are a jerk ,an asshole ,and the biggest MCP i have ever met in my life ...don't you try to flirt with me coz i'm not going to be fooled by your sugary words ... DO U UNDERSTAND !! "

to abhimanyu's great surprise nikita ACTUALLY shouted at him and that too 'little' tooo loudly and now everyone around their seats were looking at them and women especially had disgusted looks in their eyes ... abhimanyu grinned sheepishly at others shrugging his shoulders but seeing their angry faces he decided to bury himself in the magazine thinking " great abhi ... aur do suggestion "

gunjan on the other hand was smiling and he saw nikita wink to gunjan and he sighed rolling his eyes

" hey abhii... abhi... " shaking him from his shoulders " it actually worked !!! gunjan smiled you are really a genius !!! " she was happy and excited at what she did but then she realised what she had said " oops !!! sorry abhimanyu ... wo i got carried away and ... I'm really sorry for what i said and oops again i called you abhi "

" hey its okay all my friends call me that no probs. and regarding what you said to me just now it was fine BUT agar thoda dheere se keh deti to bhi chalta ... you see I'm not used to at being insulted by ladies " she said innocently

nikita laughed " i'm really sorry next time i will do it little less loudly " abhimanyu sat up straight at this

" are you planning to insult me AGAIN !! "

" well it depends on gunjan's mood " and hearing this they both laughed ... just then nikita's phone beeped it was a message and after reading it she groaned

" hey what happened ? " asked abhimanyu

" oh my friend is in hospital and it's his birthday next Monday... ab wo bechara apna birthday bhi nahi mana payega kyunki doctor ne use strictly mana kiya hai bed se hilne ke liye " she made a sad face

" ooohhh yeh to problem hai ... " then thinking for a while he said " you can do 1 thing why don't you celebrate it in the hospital itself !!! i'm sure doctor wont mind that "

" oh haaan !! yeh baat mere dimaag main kyun nahi aayi ..." then she quickly dialled a number "hello rahul !! yeah it's me nikita ... yeah i got your message ... see i have an idea why don't we celebrate armaan's birthday at the hospital itself ... yes !! that's great !!! mere aate hi hum tayari main lag jaayenge okay !! bye c u later " and she hung up smiling

" my god did she say armaan ... is it armaan malik !!! whom i send to hospital !!! abhi it's better to check first " abhimanyu's ears shot up when he heard the name armaan and rahul two names of his very dear enemies !! he cleared his throat and asked nikita

" nikita ... may i ask what's your friend's name ? "

" oh yes why not!! it's armaan ... armaan malik my dearest friend !! " she replied smiling to him

and that made everything clear ... very clear ... it was indeed the same armaan and same rahul ... and it was indeed the day of coincidences


                                               Taming the wild

Recap:- vivek calls to talk to ridhhima ... atul,chirag,anjali and sapna fight over the phone ... ridz have lovey dovey talk with vivek... AND nikita meets abhimanyu accidently at the airport ...


As nikita kept her phone down abhimanyu's phone starts beeping .. it was a message from his manager ... abhimanyu read the message and a wicked smile spread on his face ...

" so nikita ... kya tumhara dost itna bimaar hai ki hospital se baahar bhi nahi aa sakta ? i'm sure uske gharwaale uski dekhbhaal achhe se kar sakte honge ?" he says innocently

" nahi ... actually uski ribs main crack hai and aur kaafi chot bhi aayi hai ... aur jahaan tak maine suna hai uski doctor bahut Hitler types hai ... usne strictly use bed se hilna se mana kar diya hai for atleast 1 whole week and you know for a person like armaan its a complete torture !! " she said shaking her head feeling bad for armaan

" ohh that's really sad !! so he is stuck in the hospital ? "

" yeahh for the time being "

" but he is a grown up man if he wishes to go noone can stop him .. isn't it? " he asked as if clarifying something

" yeah .. koi aur case hota to shayad ho jaata magar is hospital ke jo MD hain wo uncle ke khaas dost hain and armaan ke dad ne unhe strict instructions de rakhe hain ki us par kadi nazar rakhe ... u c he dislikes hospitals and its no wonder if tries to escape from there ... uski tabiyat sach main theek nahi hogi warna abhi tak to wo wahan se bhaag gaya hota !! " she said chuckling a little

now abhimanyu sighed and smiled contently ... whatever he wanted to know was now clear ... and so was his way to victory ...

the rest of the journey passed uneventfully and they reach Delhi airport

" ohh it's cold here " nikita said rubbing her hands together for warmth

abhimanyu looked at her her cheeks were slightly red due to cold air and she looked really pretty ... the sight made abhimanyu stop on his tracks and he stared at her

" abhi..!! abhimanyu " waving her hand before him " kahaan kho gaye ? "

coming back to his senses " nahi kuch nahi aise hi kuch soch raha tha "

" achha theek hai meri car aa gayi hai .. i must leave now it was really nice meeting you and thanks for all your help " she extended her hand to shake and he took it

" the pleasure was all mine " and thought ' and i really mean it miss nikita malhotra i'm  really lucky ki tum mujhe mil gayi ... ab dekhta hun ki armaan mujhe is baar kaise harata hai ' he smiles at her

nikita reaches for her car and it goes away... soon a man comes near abhimanyu

" sir ..welcome back "

" thank you Mr.chopra ... and i got your message our coast is clear... armaan malik is stuck in hospital aur main chahta hun ki yeh information jo aapne mujhe di hai last minute tak baahar leak na hone paaye "

" yeh to araam se ho jaayega sir "

" good .. let's move now " and with a wicked smile on his face and a last look at the direction at which nikita went abhimanyu modi sat in his car and drove away


" hey armaan !! " said anjali in a happy tone as she entered armaan's room along with atul following her in not-so-happy mood ' yeh anjali is armaan ke sath itna hans kar kyun baat kar rahi hai ' anjali came near armaan and gave him a light side hug and when armaan was about to kiss her cheek in return atul quickly pulled her and held armaan's hand and shook it vigorously

"hello mr.mallik how are you? "

" ouuuch " armaan cried out and ridhhima ran to him

" kya hua armaan ... dikhao ... atul you should ne careful "

" ATUL !! what are you doing ?? " anjali shouted back freeing armaans hand from atul's grip

" anjali main to just mr. mallik se mil raha tha ... hello mr.mallik how are you ?? " giving a fake smile and armaan gave a confused smile back little shaken by the hand shake

" hehe.. just a minute armaan " and before armaan could say anything anjali pulled atul to a corner giving a small smile

" atul what is it ? yeh kya kar rahe the tum ?? " angrily

" k..kuch nahi anjli wo main bas..." little scared seeing her angry face

" wo main bas kya?? tum phir shuru ho gaye!!  maine kaha tha naa.. samjhaya tha naa !! " atul cut her in between

" but anjali wo tumse har baar chipakta kyun hai ?? and he tried to KISS you !!! " atul was horrified at the idea

" he did not !! it was just a welcome gesture ... we were not KISSING each other for god's sake !!! "

" but..anjali tum usse thoda duur se bhi to mil sakti thi naa " he said innocently

anjali was obviously not satisfied with his explanation and was about to scold him when

" hey anjy !! leave the poor guy yaar .. its okay agar meri koi itni sundar girlfriend hoti to main to usko kisi aur ke paas khada tak nahi hone deta " said armaan who was smiling now " right dr.atul!! "

 atul who was shocked at first but then came up to him and said " absolutely "

" hi .. i'm armaan .. armaan mallik naam to suna hi hoga ... and dr.atul anjy is just a good childhood-family-friend so you can relax... aur mujhe nahi lagta ki jahaan aap ho wahaan anjali ko aapke alawa koi aur dikhai bhi deta hoga " he said smiling

anjy blushes at this comment and atul smiles seeing her ... relaxed now

" but armaan .. how do you ..." anjy said

" how do i know about you two ?? well its simple .. in case you haven't noticed i'm not blind and neither deaf ... jab tum bechare atul ko dant rahi thi naa tab maine sab sun liya " he flashed his broad dimple smile

atul chuckled " hello mr.mallik ... i'm atul ... dr.atul joshi ...aur mera naam to ab aap sun hi chuke hain " extending his hand again to shake

" i hope yeh pehle jitna energetic nahi hoga " he was suspicious about the handshake

" oh i'm sorry for that " atul said apologetically

" it's okay i understand " and he shook the hand " and by the way call me armaan "

" and it's atul for you .. i guess hamari mulakat kuch theek tarah nahi hui ... let's start all over again ... friends ?? " atul said smiling

" yeah why not !! friends " armaan accepted

riddhima and anjali smiled seeing this suddenly both anjali and atul's pager rang up

" arre yaar ... !! " said anjali

" so armaan i will see you soon .. duties hain yaar you take care ... bye ridz "

" yeah bye armaan ..bye ridz " said anjali and they both left

as they left ridhhima came to armaan

" thanks armaan "

" thanks!! kisliye ?? "

" atul and di ko itni achhi tarah handle karne ke liye ... wo di ke liye bahut possessive hai "

" haan wo toh hai " looking at his hand and they both laughed "waise it's no big deal mujhe saaf dikh raha tha ki wo ek dusre se bohot pyaar karte hain ... atul is a nice guy  anjy is a lucky girl !! "

" tum atul ko jaante ho kya ?? " little surprised

" nahi itna nahi lekin itne keh sakta hun ki wo ek achha insaan hai and insaan ki itni pehchaan to main rakhta hun aur main aaj tak kabhi galat nahi hua " he said straightening his collar

" really !! "

" yeah reaalllyyy !!! "

ridhhima giggled at his self appraisal and the time seemed to move in a slow motion her hair flowing in the air her... laughter like pearls falling on the floor... he was mesmerised

" armaan ... armaan !! .. kahaan kho gaye ? " she asked  

" huh ... kahin nahi " returning back to himself " so ... kya uncle anjy aur atul ke baare main jaante hain ? "

" nahi abhi nahi ... i think di and atul ne decide kiya hia ki wo abhi thoda wait karenge and internship ke baad dad ko batayenge "

" aur aunty ... kya wo jaanti hain ? "

" nahi abhi puri tarah to nahi ... i think kuch hint to hai magar pura clear nahi hai ... you see di aur atul itne alag hain ki wo dono pyaar aur shaadi ke baare main soch sakte hain iski umeed kam hi lagti hai " she said smiling thinkng of the two

" sachha pyaar kam hi milta hai ridhhima aur jab wo mil jaaye naa to koi kitna bhi alag ho kuch farak nahi padta ... uska sab kuch achha lagta hai aur uska alag hona hi usko sabse alag banata hai ...aisa pyaar to kisi keemat par nahi chhodna chahiye ... "

ridhhima looked at armaan as if seeing him for the first time and thought ' yeh armaan hi hai naa ... kya armaan jaisa flirt kabhi pyaar jaise ehsaas ko samajh sakta hai '

" heey ridhhima kahan kho gayi ' he clicked his fingers

" nahi kahin nahi wo bas .. yahi soch rahi thi ki tum serious baatein bhi karte ho "

" of course kabhi mere office main aana phir dekhna " he smiled " and i think yeh hamara ab tak ka sabse lamba conversation tha ...  my god hamne pure 15 minute nikaal diye aur tumne mujhe daanta nahi aur hamne jhagda bhi nahi kiya ... i think its a new world record dr.gupta " armaan's eyes were wide with surprise and ridz could no longer control her laughter seeing his expressions he too laughed with her clutching his ribs after a while armaan spoke up

" hey ridhhima .. shuruat to hamari bhi theek se nahi hui.. let's start all over again ... hi i'm armaan .. armaan mallik ... mere friends mujhe pyar se ammy bulaate hain .. aap se mil kiar bahut khushi hui miss...? " extending his hand for a shake

" ridhhima ... dr.ridhhima gupta ... aur mere friends mujhe pyaar se ridz bulaate hain " accepting his hand and shook it gently

" ohh i see and dr.ridhhima kya maine aapko bataya ki aapki aankhen bahut khoobsurat hain bilkul aapki tarah " in a dramatic manner still no leaving her hand  

" armaaan !!! not again !! " and she hit him lightly on his shoulder

" ouch !! araam se hitler " smiling trying to save himself

" ha ha ha " giving him a fake laugh

" so... friends ? " armaan asked

" yes ... friends " ridhhima replied smiling and armaan's heart felt overjoyed

" and friends share everything right ? "

" yes ..kind of " she was unsure what he wanted to say

" heey koi kind-vind nahi ... yes ya no !! "

" OK baba yes! "

" that's more like it ... so miss ridhhima what about you ? "

" me?? what about me ? " she asked puzzled

" do YOU love someone ?? " he felt his hart beating it felt like eternity waiting for her to reply  ' yeh ridhhima itna soch kyun rahi hai ...oh god plz. plz. plz. wo naa kahe ' armaan was praying like anything in his heart on the other hand ridhhima was taken by surprise by the question ...

" main ... main ... wo .. armaan " she was fumbling for words debating what to say but before she could say anything

" hey handsome !! kya ho raha hai ? "

they both looked at the door to see who it was ... a big smile came on ammy's face when he saw who it was and ridhhima looked at atmaan and then at that person little confused

" hhhiii " she rushed towards armaan and hugged him lightly and kissed him at his forehead, ridhhima smiled seeing this " kaise ho armaan tumhe pata hai tumne to meri jaan hi nikal di thi .. koi aise drive karta hai kya ? tum har baar hero banne ki koshish kyun karte ho huh ? " she started at one go nonstop

" nikiii relax yaar ,i'm fine , apni express train ko thodi der ke liye halt karo aur inse milo yeh hain dr . ridhhima my friend and doctor " smiling at her

" oh hi .. i'm nikita nice to meet you ... and thanks "

" same here but yeh thanks kisliye ? "

" armaan ka dhyaan rakhne ke liye " she said looking at armaan with all the love in her eyes keeping a hand on his shoulder  

ridhhima smiled " anytime .. afterall wo mera bhi friend hai ... "

" yeah but armaan mera best friend hai " stressing a little bit ridhhima sensed something out of line

" yeah of course " ridhhima replied simply " umm armaan mujhe kuch kaam hai main thodi der ke  baad aati hun okay and this time dawai ke liye no drama " she said warning him

" ohh noo !!! not again " he groaned " plz. ridhhima let me go home plz.. " he begged

" armaan is baare main aur koi behes nahi ok ... i said no that means no .. main 1/2 ghante main aati hun and you will take your medicine without any argument and silly tantrum "

" ridhhima it's okay tum armaan ko daanto mat ab main aa gayi hu naa usko dawai main de dungi ... you carry on with your work " nikita said

" no its okay tum aa rahi ho naa 1/2 ghante main ... mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai " he said quickly ... he didnt wanted her to go at first place but...

ridhhima smiled " haan main aa rahi hun ... abhi tum nikita se baat karo ...bye nikita see you later "

" byee " nikita was happy to see her go 'thank god gayi ab main armaan ke saath aaraam se baat kar sakti hun '

" so mr. mallik kaisa chal raha hai ? "

" fine and by the way i gussed your MOST IMPORTANT DAY and it's MY birthday ... you are silly niki logon ke liye apna birthday important hota hai naa ki dusroo ka ... aur yahaan dekho main to apna hi birthday bhul gaya tha " he said rolling his eyes

" haan armaan tum hi puri duniya main ek aise bande ho jo apna hi birthday bhul gaya ho aur mere liye mere best friend ka birthday mere birthday se bhi jyaada importnat hai samjhe " hitting his forehead

" koi fayeda hai yaar ... i'm stuck here in this boring place ... it creeps me out ... main to ghar bhag jaata magar ... "

" magar kya ? "

" wo ridhhima hai naa ..."

" haaan ridhhima kya armaan " she dreaded to hear anything about her from his mouth the way he was seeing her when she came ... there was definitely something wrong

" k..kuch nahi wo bas ..." when he saw that she is looking at him suspiciously he said " she is such a hitler ... usne mujhe jaane hi nahi diya abhi dekha naa mere ghar jaane ki baat sunte hi bhadak jaati hai ... har time mujhe daanti rehti hai " he pouted like a baby

" aawww ... she is really bad "

" nahi nahi itni buri nahi hai ... wo bechari to apna kaam kar rahi hai use nahi pata ki ... ki i dislike hospitals ' and thought ' kahin niki ko shak to nahi hua naa'

" armaan tum bhi naa pagal ho abhi to keh rahe the ki wo hitler hai tumhe daanti rehti hai aur abhi wo 'itni buri nahi hai ' i think you are confused " she said rolling her eyes

armaan thought " nahi niki pehle confused tha magar kal raat ke baad nahi "

" hey armaan leave her aur meri baat suno ... maine tumhari problem ka solution naikaal liya hai " she said happily

" problem ?? kaun si problem ?? " he said confused

" arre yahi ki tumhaara birthday kahaan celebrate karange "

" really kahaan ? magar kaise main to jyaada chal bhi nahi sakta abhi and madam aap mujhe kuch batane waali thi naa "

" arre wo baad main pehle meri baat suno hum kaun sa duur ja rahe hain hum bas yahi thodi duur jaayenge "

" magar kahaan ?? "

" sanjivani ke confrence hall main !! "

" what ???? " he was surprised

nikita gave a big frog smile and nodded in yes and armaan's eyes widened with surprise

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                                              Taming the wild

recap:- abhimanyu plans to hide something important from armaan ... armaan befriends atul and ridhhima... nikita comes to meet armaan and tells her that they are going to celebrate armaan's birthday in sanjivani's confrence hall

" what ??? sanjivani ke confrence hall main" he was surprised " niki tumhari tabiyat to theek hai naa " checking her forehead

" shut up armaan main theek hun and it's not me who is lying on the hospital bed ... ab meri baat dhyaan se suno... " she said

" kya dhaayn se suna rahi ho ?? " said a voice from behind

'oh my god mar gaye kahin uncle naa ho ' she thought and turned slowly to see who it was and then " rahuul !! " she sighed and rushed happily to hug him " tumne to dara hi diya tha... mujhe laga ki uncle hain " rahul chuckled

" aur kab aayi ?? "

" bas abhi thodi der pahle "

" oye mai bhi hun .." said muskaan who lightly pushed rahul away from her

" of course muski how can i forget you " smiling she hugged muskaan too in a bear hug  

" to kya baatein ho rahi thi ?? " she asked parting from the hug

" kuch nahi hum bas armaan ke birthday ka venue decide kar rahe the " she said sitting next to armaan

" kya !! armaan ka birthday venue !! oye tujhe ghar jaane ki permission mil gayi ... thanks babaji ... " she said folding her hands looking at the ceiling thanking god " main to aaj hi jaa kar babaji ko prasad chadhaungi "

" muskaan..muskaan !! hold on yaar ghar jaane ki permission nahi mili hai " said armaan calming her down

" to phir ?? " she asked puzzled looking at armaan then nikita and then at rahul

" muskaan wo.. wo hum soch rahe the ki armaan ki birthday party hum yahin karein ... hospital main " said rahul little hesitatingly

" yahaan!! is room main !! " she looked around and said  " okay no problem ... main is room ko aisa sajaa dungi ki pata bhi nahi chalega ki yeh hospital room hai ...lekin ammy tere saare dost is room main aa jayenge kya ?? ya tu unhe instalments main bulayega ... dost no. 1-20 4o'clock dost no.21-40 5 o'clock... " she laughed ,ruffling his hair and low 5ed niki who laughed with her

" heyy muski not the hair yaar " combing them with his fingers

" ummm muskaan wo kya hai naa ... ki hum birthday is room main nahi balki sanjivani ke confrence hall main manane ka soch rahe hain ... " rahul said little hesitatingly

" kyaa !! sanjivani ke confrence hall main !!! tum pagal ho gaye ho kyaa !! tumhe permission kisne di ?? " now looking at all 3 of them narrowly first at niki who was sitting at armaan's left then at armaan who sat in the center with an innocent baby face and then at rahul who sat on armaan's right " aur main jaan sakti hun ki yeh mahaan idea
kiska hai ?? "

all 3 of them just sat there silently looking at each others faces

" ab bolo bhi !!! ek minute... main achhi tarah se janti hun .. yeh kaam is bandar ke alawa kisi aur ka ho hi nahi sakta .. kyun hai naa khotte .." hitting armaan on his hand

" owww ... come on muski har baar mujhpar hi kyun shak karti ho kabhi apne pati ko bhi dekh liya karo ... wo itna sharif nahi hai ... "

" haan wo mujhe pata hai tumse to jyada sudhra hua hai " she said

" achha ... abhi batata hun ..jab college main tha .." rahul quickly put a hand over his mouth stopping him from speaking

" oye chup kar yaar ... bhabhi se jabaan ladata hai sharam nahi aati.. " pleading with his eyes not to say anything

" rahul ke bachhe tu use kya keh raha hai main tujhe achhe se jaanti hun ... aur tera dimaag kharab to nahi ho gaya " hits him on the shoulder " yeh HOSPITAL hai .. aur tum log jahaan PARTY karne ka soch rahe ho naa wo CONFRENCE HALL hai naaki PARTY HALL... samjha khotte !!! aur tumhe permission kisne di wahaan party karne ki " hitting him again

" aree mujhe maar kyun rahi hai hamare pass ek plan hai .. " trying to save himself from her deadly blows

" rahul ke bachhe mujhe tere plans achhi tarah pata hain khud to marega hi auroo ko bhi marwaega "

" aree muski plan to sun le yaar it's going to work " said niki

" pehle to mujhe yeh batao ki yeh idea hai kiska ?? tumhe pata hai agar chachaji ya shashank uncle ya phir ridhhima ko pata chalega to kya hoga ?? "

" plz. muski gussa mat ho... birthday saal main ek hi baar aata hai yaar " said armaan

" gussa !! main kahan gussa ho rahi hun... aur nikita mujhe tumse to thodi bahut akal ki umeed thi ... tum bhi iski baaton main aa gayee "  

" wo .. wo actually muski ... p..plan mera tha ..." niki spoke up hesitating

" hey bhagwaan !! i don't believe it !!! ab main kis kis ko samjhaun ... ek to tuta futa pada hai " pointing at armaan

" heeyyy " armaan protested  

" chup kar !! dusre ki akal ghaas charne gayi hai aur teesri un sabse mahaan hai " pointing at rahul and nikita

" nahi muskaan aisi baat nahi hai yaar plan bahut achha hai ek baar sun to lo kisi ko kuch pata nahi chalega... " she pleaded armaan and rahul with her eyes to help her out but armaan flatly refused by shaking his head ... muskaan uska 2 minute main kachumbar bana degi ... nikita looked at him angrily and thought ' main is nikkamme ke liye daant kha rahi hun aur yeh ki... ' then rahul came to her rescue

" arre meri jhansi ki rani pehle sun to sahi ki plan kya hai phir kuch kehna "

" haan muski let's at least hear the plan agar theek laga to okay nahi to kuch aur sochenge " said armaan

" haan yaar party bhi ho jayegi aur kisi ko pata bhi nahi chalega " nikita said again excited

" magar main yeh keh rahi hun ki agar hum party ammy ke ghar jaane ke baad de dein to .. "

" nahi yaar muski ... agar occasion hi nikal gaya to phir kya mazaa aayega ... i want my party on my birthday ... that's it ... !!!! " armaan said firmly

" huhhh !!!! " she sighed " theek hai bolo " surrendering " main bhi to sunu aisa kaun sa 'plan' hai "

" baat yeh hai ki jab main yahaan aa rahi thi aur armaan ka room puchne ke liye reception par khadi thi tab ..." niki recalls the scene

" hello... haan sir gautam bol raha hun sir ... hall dhund liya hai sir ... ji sir ... sanjivani hospital main hai sir... nahi nahi hospital main nahi hai sir uski building alag hai hospital building se duur ... kya karta sir saare hotels us din full bata rahein hai but don't worry sir yahaan ka hall achha hai 150+ ki capacity waala hai aur sound barring
system bhi hai sir... nahi sir parking ki koi problem nahi hai kaafi khulla area hai koi pareshaani nahi hogi ... enterance ke liye back door hai sir...haan sir hai to hospital ka magar wo log jab hall use main naa ho to use rent par de dete hain... okay sir to main monday 1 baje tak book karwa lun ??? ... okay sir... haan sir... theek hai sir... bye " and he disconnected the phone and walked off

" aur yahi hai hamara plan ... agar hum shashank uncle ya ridhhima ko kahenge ki hamain wahaan party organise karne do to wo hamein kabhi allow nahi karenge ...aur jab kaam unhe bina bataye ho raha hai to unhe batane ki jarurat hi nahi " said rahul

" us aadmi ne hall book karwaya hai monday 1 baje tak ... jaise hi wo hall ki booking karke jayega tab hum apna ek aadmi bhejenge aur kahenge ki hamein hall 1 baje tak nahi raat 8 baje taj chahiye .." said niki

" hey can't we make it 10 at least " said armaan

" ammy don't push your luck bachhe.. jyada lalach achhi baat nahi hai" said rahul and armaan sat back pouting like a little baby niki shook her head looking at him and rahul rolled his eyes
" aur jaise hi 1st party out waise hi 2nd party in ... kisi ko shak nahi hoga ... ab batao kaisa hai plan ??" niki looked at muski raising her eyebrows

" ummm ..theek hai magar kuch gadbad hui to ... agar kisine ... agar ridhhima ne puchha ki armaan kahaan hai to ... " muski said

" haan yaar hum usko kaise bhul gaye " said rahul

" uska intezaam hai mere paas ridhhima mere paas afternoon main aati hai 1 baje main tab dawai kha kar sone ka natak karunga phir uski next visit hoti hai 5:30 par aur last at 8:30 main uski visit se pehle yahaan wapas aa jaunga aur uske jaate hi wapas party main ... waah kya plan hai ... ekdum brilliant ..." he patted himself " aree yaar i'm dying to eat my birthday cake... hospital ka khana kha kar to main pak gaya hun "

" ab to sab theek hai naa Mrs. mallik " rahul asked muski

" ummm... plan to theek hi lag raha hai magar ..."

" magar kya ??? " asked armaan

" armaan teri tabiyat bachhe " she asked with concern " main nahi chahti ki iss party ke chakkar main tu apni tabiyat kharab kar le .. you are still not so well "

" awww come here muski " spreading his arms and hugging her lightly " meri pyaari bhabhi ko itna pareshaan hone ki jarurat nahi hai ..i'm perfectly fine " rahul was happy to see their love... for him his little brother was like a kid... his best friend and his son... he ruffled his hair

" bhaai not the hair yaar !!! don't be like dad ... oh nooo !!!! " he suddenly stopped   

" kya hua ?? " muski asked

" armaan kya hua are you ok ?? " everybody was concerned now

" i'm okay guys ... relax ... but hum ek baat to bhul hi gaye ..."

" kya ?? " niki asked

" DAD !!! agar wo aa gaye to ??? "

" ohhh !! Mr.armaan mallik you are in luck ... chachaji monday ko subah london ja rahe hain ...maine unhe phone par baat karte suna tha ..." said muskaan smiling

" what !!! waaooo " he raised his hands in excitement " aooowww " bringing them back immidiately as it hurt , everybody laughed

" theek hai to jaise hi hall wala coast clear hota hai hum tayari main lag jaate hain we still have 4 days to go ... " said rahul happily

" yesss!!!! " armaan was sooo excited for this little adventure

" lekin armaan ... you have to be a good boy agar kuch shak hua ya ridhhima ko gussa aaya to sab kuch gadbad ho sakta hai ..." muskaan warned him

" yes no problem i will be the best boy you have ever seen "

" don't worry muskaan ... main hu naa i will take care of everything " niki said smiling

and all four of them were set for the  " MISSION  BIRTHDAY "

                                             Taming the wild

Recap:-nikita rahul muskaan and armaan hatch a plan to celebrate his bday and organise a party without elders and rids knowing it ... they all get set for MISSION BIRTHDAY PARTY...

Armaan was in his room surfing the channels with no particular interest ...thinking

" yaar yeh monday kab aayega !!! i think i'm going to die of boredom ...aur yeh sabko shopping ke liye eksaath jaana tha ... sab to chale gaye aur mujhe yahaan akela chhod gaye ...huh "

just then someone came in

" hi armaan "

" hi " though he was happy to see her yet his voice didn't showed any cheerfulness

" itna dry 'hi' ... kya hua mood kharaab hai kya aaj ? " ridhhima asked smiling

" nahi it's just... i'm bored ... very much... " he said in a complaining tone

" ohhh i see to yeh baat hai "

" yes ... sabko abhi eksath kaam yaad aa gaye "

" haan wo toh main dekh rahi hu ... aaj tum phone se nahi chipke hue tumhare managers yahaan nahi hai aaj to rahul bhaiyya muskaan aur nikita bhi abhi tak nahi aaye !!! quite surprising and not even your friends... yeh achanak sabko kya ho gaya ?? kahaan gaayab ho gaye sab ?? " she asked checking his chart

" wo sab tayari main busy hain ... " he bit his tongue thinking 'oh'

" tayari?? kis cheez ki tayari?? "

" haan wo.. wo niki aayi hai naa itne dino ke baad to uske liye ek chhoti si party organise kar rahe hain to usme sab busy hain ..." quickly changing the subject " aur main yahaan bore ho raha hun .. ridhhima are you really sure ki main abhi ghar nahi ja sakta " looking very cutely at her

" yes armaan i'm 100 % sure ... " she said very firmly

" huuuhh.." he sighed " tumhare liye to asaan hai naa tumhe to saare din bore nahi hona padta .. itne dino se bahar ki shakal nahi dekhi ...not even the sunlight "

" huuhhh " exasperated " chalo "

" kahaan ??"

" puchho mat bas chalo "

" magar ?? "

" this is the last time chal rahe ho ki nahi?? "

" okay..okay chal raha hun " she helped him in getting up and gave him the walking stick

" waise kya mujhe kidnap karne ka iraada hai " he said winking at her

" ha ha very funny ...muh band karo aur chalo "

and they both left the room

" waaooo ridhhima hum bahar jaa rahe hain " he asked excitedly as she took himout of the hospital building

" tum bas chalte raho "

she took him to the back area of the hospital which had an open air restaurant type

" ridhhima yeh kya hai ?? " he asked looking around

" yeh hamare hospital ka dusra cafeteria hai "

" to hum yahaan ayye hain !! iss jungle main !! "

" armaaan .. tumhe yeh jungle lagta hai ? " she said looking around it was built open air with trees and bushes and a lush green lawn with chairs and tables with big umbrellas it  was quite nice and didn't look like that it could be in a hospital

" armaan agar tumhe theek nahi lag raha to hum wapas chalte hain " she said innocently knowing very well that he won't

" nahi nahi theek hai ... maine to isse jyada jangli.. i mean khoobsurat jagah aaj tak nahi dekhi " they took a seat which was covered from two sides by the large bushes and from where they could see the whole lawn and restaurant in front

" ummm ridhhima .."

" haan "

" hum yahaan kyun aaye hain ? "

" bhangra karne !! " making a face

" ha ha very funny ... batao naa .. "

" armaaan abhi to tum keh rahe the ki tum bore ho rahe ho aur ab jab main tumhe bahar le kar aayi hun to tum pooch rahe ho ki hum bahar kya kar rahe hai "

" magar mujhe laga ki hum kahin bahar ja rahe hain ... u know somewhere fun ... not in this jungle !! "

" armaan hum bahar hi hain aur for the last time yeh jungle nahi hai !! " suddenly she saw something " armaan wo dekho us bachhe ke paas kitna cute teddy hai awww... its so sweet "

" what !! you like stuffed animals !! abhi tak !! " he said smiling in amazement

" so what tum bhi to har jagah apna tiger le kar ghumte rehte the "

" stuffed animals and me !! i think tumhe kuch galatfehmi hui hai  "

" no armaan i 'm absolutely correct infact hamari family album main tumhari tumhare stuffed tiger ke sath ek photo bhi hai jise tumne apne seene se chipka rakha hai ...and if i'm not mistaken uska naam SHERKHAN tha aur tum bhul gaye tum khud to saara din mogli bane ghumte rehte the ... tab to tumhe stuffed animals bade pasand the !! "

" achha i was not alone tum bhi to apne us silly se bear ke sath rehti thi ...kya naam tha uske foo-foo oh whatever!! " mocking at her

" heeeyyy my po-poo is not silly !! and if i remember tumne scissor se use kaat diya tha aur yaad hai aunty ne tumhari pitai ki thi " laughing but armaan didn't laughed

" haan yaad hai " he said seriously, ridhhima saw that he was serious but before she could say anything he spoke up

" but dr.ridhhima don't tell me that you STILL are fond of that silly bear "

" poo-poo is not silly !! "

" oh yes how can i forget poo-poo is not silly but DR.RIDHHIMA is silly " and he laughed clutching his ribs ridhhima threw a popcorn at him

" heey !! achha chalo aur batao ... apne bare main ... kya kiya itne saal mere bina "

"kuch khaas nahi bass padai .. dost.. aur.. "

" aur.. " in a serious tone looking deep into her eyes ,ridhhima was for a moment confused at his intense gaze but suddenly

" armmaaannn hhhiiieee " called out a happy cheerful voice and suddenly a girl came running towards him and hugged armaan

" hey araam se toofan mail " laughing at her excitement

ridhhima thought 'hey bhagwaan kya duniya ka koi aisa kona hai jahaan par ladkiyan armaan ko naa jaanti ho '

" how are you hmm , kitne dino ke baad dekha hai and meri rahul se baat hui ohh i'm so excited .. aur pata hai mere paas ek bahut important khabar hai .. aur niki ne kaha hai " she just started off non stop

" hey hey stop stop !! aree saans to le lo meri toofaan mail " then he noticed chiraag with her

" hi ch.." but before he could complete his sentence she started off again " oh i'm so sorry yeh hai dr.chirag yeh hi mujhe yahaan laaye hain main to pehle tumhaare room main gayi thi magar tum wahan the hi nahi phir maine nurses se poocha to unhe bhi nahi pata tha to phir chirag ne bataya ki tum shayad yahaan aaye ho dr.ridhhima ke
saath ..." she was just speaking like a non stop train " oh i forgot so silly of me aap jaroor dr.ridhhima hongi hai naa " ridz nodded smiling as she shook her hand with this enthusiastic little thing and chiraag just stood there amazed and as if in awe his gaze fixed at her face whereas armaan just sat there with a hand at his forehead mumbling

" lo ho gayi shuru toofan mail ab yeh rukegi thodi naa " but then he decided to put a break in her speed " ADITI " in a little loud voice " hold on !! calm down !! slow down !! yeh tum hamesha ghode par kyun sawaar rehti ho "

" main !! " as if surprised " tum bhi naa armaan " sitting next to armaan and opposite to ridhhima " ek to main tumhare liye itnaa important kaam karke aayi hun aur tum mujhe daant rahe ho... not fair "

" yes armaan not fair ... wo bechari tumse milne ke liye kitni excited thi aur tum ho ki use daant rahe ho " chiraag spoke up favouring her and ridhhima was like ' excuse me !! is that chiraag taking side of a girl whom he probably met just today ... hello what's going on what did i miss??? ' and on the other hand armaan was surprised too but then
he smiled as if he knew something aditi was as usual casual instead she was happy that someone was on her side and gladly said

" aww thank you chiraag that's so nice of you dekho seekho aise side lete hain doston ki naa ki unhe milte hio lecture dene lagte hain huh "

ridz giggled lightly seeing these two fight and armaan rolled his eyes finally he gave up

" achha mata ji main haar gaya ab batao kya baat hai yeh professional meet hai ya dost wali ? "

" dono let's start with professional first wahaan kuch bahut inportant hua hai " now she was suddenly all serious and this surprised both ridhhima nad chiraag who was still looking at her like a captivated fool

" guys i hope you dont mind this is really important " she said to both ridhhima and chirag

" no no its completely okay you carry on " chiraag spoke up before riddhima could say a word... aditi smiled at him and chiraag's heart skipped a beat ... seeing chiraag acting weirdly she kicked him under the table

" ouch ... ridz!! " he whispered to her " kya kar rahi ho laat kyun maar rahi ho ?? "

" yeh tumhe kya hua hai ... you are literally drooling iver her ... shut your mouth atleast use aise ghoor rahe ho jaise kha hio jaoge "

" ridhhima isn't she beautiiiffuuull " he said dreamily " maine aaj tak itni sundar ladki nahi dekhi hhhuuuhhh " he sighed deeply

" ooo hello mr.majnu ... yeh kaun se number ki sundar ladki hai ? "

" ridz i think i have found my soulmate she is the one yaar ... i'm going to marry her "

listning this ridhhima almost choked at her cold drink and coughed violently armaan quickly turned his attention to her

" ridhhima ... aaram se kya hua .. " rubbing her back lightly

" its..* cough* cough* okay ..i..i'm fine "

" are you sure " aditi asked

" yes i'm fine "

" pakka naa " armaan asked concerned still patting her back

" yes armaan i'm fine .. you carry on " he again got back to his work on laptop with aditi

" tum theek ho naa ridz ? " chiraag asked

" haan abhi tak to theek hun magar agar tumne aise hi ek do jhatke aur de diye to jaroor mera upar ka ticket kat jaayega "

" sorry yaar but what i'm saying is true .. i think i'm in love .. jaise hi maine use kamre se baahar aate hue dekha i knew she is the one "

" chiraag tum paagal ho gaye ho kya i think you have met her for the first time today hai naa " he nodded " then how can it be !!!  " totally shocked at his declaration

" i know it sounds weird but ... but oh ridz i can't explain ... its just i know ... you know .. ohh tum nahi samjhogi you have never been in love " he whispered to her... ridhhima opened her mouth to say something but then closed it again thinking that probably it is not the right time and place to tell him about vivek

" oh shut up chiraag ..use aise ghoorna band karo aisa lag raha hai jaise tum abhi use kha jaoge " slapping him on his hand but chiraag just sighed deeply looking at her and ridz just put her hand on her head shaking it

on the other hand aditi and armaan were busy with their discussions oblivioue to chiraag and ridhhima's discussion

" armaan information pakki hai we just have to know the day ...i think we can pull both axion and this one together "

" hmmm... you just follow the plan i told you i have a feeling that we are going to get it "

" okay as you say ..and now let's come to the other fun stuff ... niki ne bataya ki party ka kaam ho gaya hai ... monday till 10 o clock ... like you wanted " she said smiling

" oh thank god you are an angel " he said this little loudly and ridhhima's ears shot up at the name of the party

" kya hua armaan bade khush lag rahe ho aur kaun si party ki baat ho rahi hai " ridz asked him little suspicious

" umm ..wo .. haan maine bataya tha naa niki waali .. usi ke baare main " suddenly thinking of the excuse

" ohh i see but i hope you are not planning to sneak out kyunki agar tumne aisa kiya to main hi nahi balki papa aur UNCLE " stressing on it " khush nahi honge "

armaan gulped and then stammered

" n..nahi ridhhima main aisa kyun karunga ... main to theek se abhi chal bhi nahi paa raha aur tum party ki baat kar rahi ho ... he he " giving a stupid grin aditi kicked him signalling to stop and seeing that no one else was smiling he took the glass of water and gulped it down ... seeing the situation aditi came to armaan's rescue

" achha armaan main chalti hun mujhe ek achhi si dress bhi leni hai wo ky hai naa ki hamne party ki theme black and white sochi hai with naughty and nice oh i cant wait it's going to be such a fun " she said conveying the message

" great " armaan smiled at her and winked

" umm ridhhima tum monday ko kya kar rahi ho and you too chiraag why don't you come too " she blurted out without thinking armaan hit his head with his fist thinking ' gaya beta armaan tu bhi aur teri party bhi ab yeh hitler tujhe kachha chaba jaane waali  hai '

" oh thanks aditi but you see i have duty that day and it's quite hectic mera to bahaar nikal paana bhi mushkil hai us din " ridz explained politely

" what about you dr. chiraag ? " she asked him

" ohh main " he was all excited " haan main .. " but ridz cut him in between

" chiraag tum bhul gaye kya us din tumhaari duty mere sath hi hai " he made a face at ridhhima for being such a spoil sport  but ridhhima merely blinked her eyes innocently

"well actually she is right .. i would love to but work you see .. " scowling at ridhhima who had no effect on seeing poor chiraag's condition whatever

" hey adi tumhe to der ho rahi thi naa " armaan was eager to send her away scared ki kahin wo phir se kahin kuch ugal naa de

" arre haan " getting up quickly " waise bhi mujhse jyaada meri mom is party ke liye excited hain she thinks it's an excellent ground for meeting 'young eligible bachelors' " imitating her mom , everybody laughed

" i hope iss baar aunty ki wish puri ho jaaye "

" pichhli 163 parties main unki isi wish ki wajah se attend kar chuki hun " they all laughed more " ohh armaan main to bhul hi gayi meri car puncture ho gayi hai can you ask your guards to help me out mujhe tyre change karna nahi aata "

to everybody's surprise chiraag immidiately jumped up " don't worry aditi main hu naa main help kar deta hun "

" oh thank you so much dr.chiraag it's soo nice of you "

" the pleasure is all mine " bowing to her , ridz just stared at him in amazement at his stupid act and armaan just sat smiling and observing them ...finally both of them walked off

" god ! finally aunty ki wish puri hone ja rahi hai " armaan said smiling

" huhh .." ridhhima looked at him confused

" aree aise mat dekho sach keh raha hun wo jo abhi hua naa that was the case of love at first sight " he said

" but.. " she looked at both of them walking away laughing then at armaan confused " how can you say so " then thought ' god kahin armaan ne hamaari baatein to nahi sun li '

" experience my dear experience ! " he said with attitude

" don't tell me that YOU of all people have fallen in love at first sight " she asked unbeliveingly

armaan just looked at her with meaningful eyes then smiling said " i think so abhi i'm not fully sure but yes i definitely like her more than a friend "

" ohh plz armaan kaun hai wo .. batao naa plzzz. " all excited in her innocence

" nahi abhi nahi sahi time aane par bataunga "

" oh plz armaan tab tak to main suspense main mar jaungi "she said sitting back in her chair in dissapointment

" i will never let that happen " he said seriously looking deeply in her eyes gazing her's intently there was silence between them... for a moment their eyes met and locked then ridhhima suddenly became conscious of his gaze and looked elsewhere adjusting her hair ... armaan too came out of his reverie and said lightly

" chalo ek kaam karte hain .. main tumhe teen dino main teen hint dunga aur tumhe uska naam guess karna hoga "

" agar main nahi kar paayi to " she asked innocently

" i'm sure tum kar logi ..aur agar phir bhi nahi kar paayi to ..." pausing for a moment " main bata dunga ... magar.. magar.. usse pehli nahi ... okay "

"okay " she said smiling obviously excited " so the first hint "

" the first hint is that... you know her " he said smiling

" i know her !!! " she looked at him totally surprised

" yes " she smiled back at her looking at her surprised face

                                               Taming the wild

Recap:- armaan gets to go out with ridhhima for a small outing... chirag meets aditi , armaan's financial advisor as well as friend ... falls in love at first sight ... aditi discuss the party plans with armaan and almost spills the beans in front of ridhhima ... ridhhima is given three days by armaan to recognise the girl whom he have started to like ... and says he would give 1 hint per day and she has to recognise her ... first hint left ridhhima surprised...

" really armaan " said a surprised ridhhima

" ah haan " he said sipping from his glass of juice

" plz. armaan yeh to bada chhota sa hint tha kuch aur batao naa pllzzz." she said pleading him

" no no hunny ... deal is a deal ... one hint per day ... you got 1 for today 2nd one tomorrow " he said smiling

" huumph " she said grumpily " khade ho jao "

" huuhh " he was suprised " kya hua ? "

" tumhara aish karne ka time khatam hua ab andar chalo wapas room main " she said ordering him

" magar hum abhi to aaye hain " not at all happy to go back

" armaan weather is changing you have to be careful " then changing the tone " aur waise bhi 1 hour 1 day is enough after all a deal is a deal ... hai naa "

armaan just made a face at her and mumbled " hitler kahin ki ..."

" hmmm .. tumne kuch kaha armaan ? "

" nahi .. main kahan kuch keh sakta hun meri itni himmat ki main "dr. ridhhima" ko kuch kahu ... no wayy marna thodi naa hai maine "

" yeah right ... ab chalo " almost pullling him

they move back to the room chatting and bickering when a lady runs through the corridor carrying a child in her arms crying

" doctor ... doctor mera bachha !!! mera bachha doctor isko bahut chot aayi hai plz. aap isko dekhiye naa plzzz." she was crying bitterly ridhhima rushes towards that lady

" dekhiye plz. calm down ... sanjay !! " she calls for the wardboy who rushed towards her with a streatcher " hurry up bachhe ko jaldi se O.T le jao aur aap " pointing to a nurse " call dr.kirti or dr.atul "

" dr.ridhhima i'm here " it was dr. kirti then she looks at the lady " aree aapko bhi bahut chot lagi hai ... yeh sab hua kaise ? " she makes her sit on a bench and starts giving her the first aid

" mera bachha doctor ... aap use dekhiye plz .. mera bachha " she was not worried for herself but her child

" it;s okay dekhiye aap ghabraiye nahi use bhi doctors dekh rahe hain .. lekin yeh sab hua kaise ? "

" wo ..." she sobbed again " hum road cross kar rahe the maine rishabh ka haath pakda hua tha aur pata nahi kahan se ek car waala aaya aur ... aur..usne mere rishabh ko..."

she just could not speak anymore ... she was feeling faint as she too was injured blood was flowing from her hand and head ... and she was continuosly calling for her son

" dr.kirti ... " it was atul

" yes dr.atul "

" bachha theek hai .. jyada gehri chot nahi aayi hai just few stitches and he will be fine "

" ohh " kirti took a deep breath

" dekha aapka rishabh bilkul theek hai kuch nahi hua use .ab aap bhi apni bandage karwa lijiye ..." ridhhima said consoling the mother who just nodded then ridhhima saw armaan who just stood there ...but his face was ashen and there were beads of sweat on his forehead ... kirti saw this and knew at once that something was wrong

" dr.ridhhima you better take care of mr.malik he doesn't look fine ... inhe main le jaati hun " holding the lady , ridhhima rushed to armaan

" armaan " concerned " armaan ... are you okay " she put a hand on his shoulder and he shivered a little she looked in his eyes then saw what was troubling him ... he was looking at the lady ... the blood on the floor...ridhhima consoled him

" its okay armaan " softly " she is fine ... chalo you need to get back to your room " she held his hand and took him back to his room she helped him sit on the bed he was still serious and didn't uttered a word the whole way... she placed some pillows behind him  and placed a hand on his shoulder

" armaan relax yeh hospital hai yahaan aksar aisa hota hai ... i know you are not comfortable with it but its okay you dont have to see it ... hmmm " she looked in his eyes ... he too looked up ...

" now Mr.malik tum aise latke hue muh ke sath achhe nahi lagte ... ek to waise hi bhagwan ne tumhe khoobsurti dete hue thodi kanjoosi kar di " he raised his eyebrows at this

" aur ab tum aise muh latkaoge to aur bhi bure lagoge so SMILE " stressing the word he nodded and smiled " that's better achha main abhi chalti hun mujhe kuch kaam hai "

as she turned to leave she felt a tug .. she turned and saw armaan holding her hand ...she was surprised ... he looked up at her and she saw in his eyes and could not move hers they were locked together ...

' what is with these eyes ... 'she thought and looked into his eyes which were piercing her she saw something in them ... was it fear ... but fear of what ???

" plz . ridhhima mat jao " he said almost pleading still holding onto her hand ridhhima gently sat down next to him " armaan " she said softly " just relax kuch nahi hua everything is fine ... aur main kahaan duur ja rahi hun main yahin hun ... and if you need me just give me a call i will be here in a second hmmm ok "

" to jaa hi kyun rahi ho " he said so sweetly that ridhhima just couldnt help but smile at his cute face ...  she ruffled his hair and said " good try armaan magar bas ek problem hai ... mere doosre patients bhi mera wait kar rahe hain "

" wo tumhare sirf patients hai but i'm your friend too... hai naa " he said looking deep into her eyes " and friends are more important hai naa aur wo bhi mere jaise khaas dost " still not moving his gaze ,ridhhima became little conscious of his gaze and tried to make the situation light

" armaan " hits him lightly on his shoulder " tum bhi naa ... of course friends important hain magar abhi patients thodeee se jyada important hain ok ... ab tum rest karo main chalti hun ...bye " and before he could say anything she got up went near the door ...then turned back and smiled at him ...he smiled back ... she blinked once as if
reassuring him and armaan's smile widened ... she went away and armaan lay back on his bed and sighed ...

she always had the calming effect on him he remembered the night when he got to realise the first time that yes !! it can be love ... ridz was more than just attraction ... though he was still swinging between yes and no ... din main 100 baar lagta tha ki haan yeh pyaar hai aur agle hi pal lagta tha nahi yeh pyaar kaise ho sakta hai ... abhi to hum
mile hain ... magar ridhhima ko dekhte hi saare khayaal ...saare sawaal gayab ho jaate hain ...aur bas yahi lagta hai ki haan stupid yahi to hai ... what are you looking for ??? why are you wasting your time ???

he remembered the night ... how restless he was ... these nights ... it was always troublesome for him to sleep ... moreover those nightmares ... the ever haunting ones..

that too was one such night ... and thanks to his cracked ribs he could not even lie on his side .. it was really irritating ... he was getting more and more restless ... as he drifted off to sleep... again there were doors ..corridors ... those dusty cars... that laugh... he was probably twisting his head ... but then he felt that darkness fading
away... what was that soothing thing... it was so right ... someone caught his hand ... he was saved ..he was coming out of the darkness .. and when he opened his eyes he for once thought he was seeing an angel ... yes she is an angel... for him ... his angel...

she held his hand firmly and was smiling at him ... a huge wave of warmth and feeling of security washed over him ... he didn't wake up to the dark room as usual.. everything was fine and then she spoke ...

" armaan kya hua ??? koi bura sapna dekha kya ?? "

" r..ridhhima... " little confused he looked around ... where has everything gone ... that corridor... those cars... that laugh... everything was gone ... it was just this angel before him ...he stared at her ... he must have looked bewildered

" relax armaan main hun naa ...kuch nahi hua " and she squeezed his hand reassuringly and the comfort he felt was beyond words ... it was then he realised that this is the one you have been looking for armaan malik ... she is the rest of you... why are you confused you idiot ... and that day had been the day of his realisation ... yes he liked ridhhima ... more than a friend ... she was special ... most special...

and next day when niki came to meet him he was all clear of his feelings ... that night had obviously cleared out some things for him ... realising he liked ridhhima differently was the most important of all ... and now she must know it too...

he came back to the present ... she always managed to calm him down ... soothe his ruffled hair ... he definitely liked her ... and thinking this he just smiled to himself and sighed again but this time contentedly


nikki was in the mall shopping for the perfect dress to wear on armaan's birthday

" yeah sheetal.." she spoke up excitedly.." it's armaan's birthday and i want to look perfect " she was on phone with her friend " yes aur isiliye main abhi shopping ke liye aayi hun is baar ka theme black and white hai " she told her happily she continued to talk and browse through rows of beautiful and expensive white dresses

" haan yaar he's still in hospital ..."

" he is in the hospital and you are having a party ???" said sheetal at the other end surprised

 "yup!! and we are having a party..."

" but how !!! " she asked still wondering

"aree baba its a long story jab milungi to fursat main bataungi ... tum bhi maan jaogi ki wah kya dimaag paaya hai niki " patting herself on her shoulder " oh i just cant wait it would be so special ... "

" kya tumne armaan ko apni feelings ke baare main bata diya ?? "

" nahi abhi nahi but i'm going to tell him on his birthday ... and you know what?? he loves me too... " he squeled with excitement

" what !!!!! yeh kab hua ???? and you are telling me now !!! "

" cool down yaar !!! well actually usne mujhe abhi kaha nahi hai magar i'm sure wo yahi kehne wala hai ki " niki i love you sweetheart.. " she said dramatically

" hey how do you know !! usne kuch kaha kya?? ... bata naa yaar niki ..." sheetal pleaded

" well clearly to nahi magar usne mujhse kaha ki wo bhi mujhe kuch kehna chahta hai and i'm sure wo yahi baat hai ...ohhh sheetal im dying to hear it from his mouth "

" lucky you yaar dont worry i'm sure wo yahi kahega after all its niki we are talking about " she giggled

" of course " she too giggled " achha ab main rakhti hun dont forget about the party baaki baat main milne par bataungi abhi mujhe tayari karni hai okay see ya sweety byee "

" bye darling " and she hung up

as niki turned to go


All her shopping bags along with niki were on the floor

" aaaooouch ...dekh kar nahi chal sakte ...aankhe hai ya button " she rambled on angrily without looking up

" i'm so sorry ... i didn't mean to " came the voice

hearing it niki turned quickly and was surprised to see HIM standing there grinning ..he gave him his hand to help her get up ... but niki just stared at him quite surprised

" TUM ... yahaan ??? "

                                                  Taming the wild
                                                         Part 14

Recap : armaan gave ridhhima hint about the girl he likes ... a scene with an injured lady disturbs armaan ... nikki goes for shopping and gets crashes with someone

As she turned she saw who it was ... He smiled at her bewildered face

"so we meet again " he smiled

"abhi !!! tum har bar mujhse takrate kyun ho kya mere face par likha hua hai ki aao aur mujhse takra jao "

he chuckled " no no sweetheart not at all " he gave her his hand pulling her up "... My god itne saare bags kya pure mall ka bhala karne ka contract tumhe mila hai? "She smiled at him sarcastically getting up " ha ha very funny but yeh shopping mere akele ke liye nahi hai maine tumhe bataya tha na mere friend ka bday hai uske liye bhi shopping main hi kar rahi hun he cant come naa and by the way thanks ..."

" Thanks ? Kisliye ? "

Arre tumne mujhe itna achha idea jo diya tha uske liye .." He was confused " yes of course tumne " he was still confused

" magar..."

" Aree tumne hi to kaha tha ki agar ghar par nahi ja sakte to hospital main hi birthday mana lo so... We are having a party the hospital " she grinned and abhi was surprised but then everything started to make sense ...

" hey maine tumhe itna achha idea diya aur tum mujhe aisa hi rukha sukha thanks kahogi ? " She sighed " of course not to batao what can i do for you ? " He looked at her and thought ' bahut kuch miss nikita... bahut kuch ab to meri nazar aap par hi rahegi'

" hey abhi kya soch rahe ho? "

" Kuch nahi bas yahi ki itne ache offer ke sath kya kiya jaaye ? " He smiled " chalo ek kaam karte hain coffee se shuru karte hain phir wahin sochenge how you can thank me" he smiled at her

"okay " she too agreed they both went to the coffee shop and started chatting

" to ab batao ek chotti si party ke liye itni tayari? "

" Wrong mr. Abhimanyu its not a small party at the room but a full fledged gala affair after all armaan malik ka birthday koi mazak ki baat nahi hai "

" main kuch samjha nahi ..."

" Huh... ruko main samjhati hun " ...and she narrated the whole plan to him ...

" oooh i c to yeh baat hai i must say niki you have a real good plan "
 "... Thank u " she said in her self appraising tone he smiled at looked at her while sipping his coffee never taking his eyes off her just watching her blabbering on and on and on ... And than he spoke up suddenly

" u really like that armaan guy ..."

 Niki was speechless for a moment ..Abhi realised what he has said

"i'm sorry i didnt mean to be nosey ..." Niki was really not in a position to speak ... She just played with her cup and circled its rim then smiled at him ...

" No its okay ... Umm actually abhi main ab chalti hun mujhe der ho rahi hai ..." she got up to leave
" Niki i hope its not coz of me? " he too stood up

" No no abhi its okay ...tumne aisa kuch bhi nahi kaha "

" Sure naa ... . "

" Yes definitely ..."

" Good then can i have your number ..?? " She looked at him

" but..." bit surprised

" Hey u said i gave you a brilliant idea so i must get somerhing naa .." She looked at him puzzled " oh plz dont take me otherwise its just that its my parents wedding anniversary and i want you to come in the party..." niki felt relieved

" but abhi..."

" No butts niki u have to come thats it warna main samjhunga ki tumne mujhe theek se thanks nahi kiya ..." he smiled at her . Niki was in a fix ...

" Oh plz niki .. dekho naa mat kehna .." She looked at him and thought ' he seems nice enough guy aur party hi to hai thodi der ke liye chali jaati hun jaldi se koi bahana maar kar aa jaungi '

" okay main aaungi..." She smiled " but you must come to armaans party too wo tumse mil kar bahut khush hoga ..."

" Of course im sure he will be..." He said " magar wo kya hai naa i'm bit busy with work and mum dads party to shayad main nahi aa paunga magar... I dont want any excuses from you ... U must come okay..."

" Yes i will... okay ab main chalti hun..."
They exchanged numbers and she left...Niki went to hospital and opened the door after a lot of excercise as she was holding too many bags ...

" huh god im tired " just dropping the bags on his bed

"... Nikkki yeh sab kya hai kitne saalo ke baad shopping karne gayi thi? Said a surprised rahul ...

" Oh ho rahul itni kahaan hai zara si to hai tum bhi naa..." said muskaan already rummaging the bags looking at her shopping

" hey niki itna saara kya laayi ho yaar? Asked armaan

" wait main dikhati hun " and she took out a beautiful white suit and showed it to him     

" yeh mr malik aapka birthday suit hai ... Kaisa laga ..."  

" Waoo armaan kitna achha suit hai .. Wah niki nice choice lekin theme to black and white hai naa to phir yeh shirt.." said muskaan slapping her shoulder

" thanks muski.. haan theme to wohi hai magar birthday boy kuch alag se nazar aana chahiye naa isliye .."smiling at her " tum batao armaan tumhe kaisa laga? "

" Its nice niki .."

" Bas..!! nice !!! " loudly now " maine saara din lagaya... ghumte ghumte meri taange tuut gayi aur tum keh rahe ho its nice ..!! "Armaan rolled his eyes and was obviously not in a mood to hear her shout at him " okay baba my mistake its very good... awesome..
u have a very good choice niki ... ."

" Huh.. thats better thank u " she said jaise ki us par ehsaan kiya ho ...

" Now about the party rajat ne kuch aur arrangement bhi kiya hai ohhh this party is going to be sooo coool ..." rahul said excitedly

"rajat ne !!!..." Both niki and muski looked at each other suspiciously

"yes main to kab se wait kar raha hun jaanne ke liye " said armaan happily

" rahul its rajat we are talking about... tum jaante ho na ... How " fumbling for words "... How naughty he is... Plz use pehle hi keh dena ki party thodi secret types hai..." Said muski in a warning tone

" Kisi ne mujhe yaad kiya ? " Came in a smiling charmaing face

" ... Lo think of the devil and devil is here " said armaan smiling at his dear friend

" saale khud to yahaan jannat main maze le raha hai aur mujhe keh raha hai " hugging his friend lightly " hi muski hi niki... aur rahul saale .." greeting everyone .. he turned to armaan " teri party ki tayari main mein pagal ho gaya aur tu... Bas yahi teri dosti yahi tera pyaar... Keeping a hand on his forehead dramatically armaan chuckled " bas kar nautanki.. Ab fursat mili hai tujhe "

"... Saale tere kaam main hi busy tha you just wait and watch what say rahul " hi fiving rahul " absolutely..." he replied ".. Ab koi mujhe bhi batayega ki tum log kar kya rahe ho ... "

everybody spoke out together "" Armaan sighed and rolled his eyes "... Fine ..."

" Are yaar tu muh kyun bana raha hai do din main to pata chal hi jaayega ..." Armaan thought... sirf do din kal ridz ko doosra hint dena hai..and he smiled at the thought...

" Oye tu muskura kyun raha hai? " Asked muski " nahi kuch naho bas aise hi juch soch raha tha ..." Then they all got busy with their talks and planning and armaan in his dream world ... This birthday was really going to be special...

" hey ammy ab main chalta hun yaar its quite late aur teri hitler se to mujhe bada darr lagta hai " they all chuckled "... Ok then c u later birthday boy " he shook his hand and gave a light hug... After some time muski rahul and niki too went away

After a while he picked up a file to go through.. Just then he heard a loud scream of a lady.. His hands froze where they were ... He slowly got up and went to the door ... opened it and looked outside there he saw a lady crying her eyes out.. And some people were consoling her probably her family.. Her palm was covered with blood may b she
was holding someones hand ... That blood it was very... Very disturbing armaan didnt know why but blood always disturbed him his head started to pound and he held it with his hand no longer able to control it...

" Sir kya hua " his assistant came running holding him..." Aap bahar kyun aa gaye sir..."

Armaan controlled himself ..." Wahaan ...wahaan kya hua ? "

" Sir wo ek accident case hai.. lady ka husband shayad bahut injured hai... Aap chaliye sir "

"..hmm " he just nodded and with a last look at the lady who was sobbing in the lap of an old lady went inside ... . It was definitely a troubling day first that lady with the child and now this ... . Crap he hated hospitals ... He could no longer concentrate on his file and closed it shut... it was just 8:42 ... He sighed he so badly wanted to go home...

He was walking in the deserted corridor was all dark and quiet .. And then suddenly a lady came out running he hid himself behind a wall She was running ...her hair flowing ...Her eyes wide with horror ... She looked scared... Very scared... Armaan followed her ... She kept on turning back to see if she was being followed he could not make out her face in the dim light ...

" Hey where are u running stop! " But she kept on running as if she couldn't hear him..Someone was following her .. No " them " there was someone else too with her ... She held a hand of a child ... Armaan kept following them it looked like a tunnel ... The light was dim and the sound of their footsteps were echoing ... The fear was gripping and it seemed to float in the air... The lady panted .. She must be running for quiet a while ... Or was it fear...

" Bas beta hum abhi yahaan se nikal jaayenge ..." Suddenly the footsteps following them came closer...and closer... She hid herself behind a wall clutching a child it was a boy ...

". Dhundo yahin honge .." they it seemed split themselves ...when their footsteps grew faint the lady and the child came out ...armaan now knew that they were in danger... Grave danger ... But what should he do the lady seems to be deaf... Now he was in a big hall or was it a garage ... There were cars dusty used ones ... Lady was behind a car there was a door in front the light was coming from under the small space of the door ... But they have to cross that hall it was empty and they could b easily spotted... But she had to take chances...

" Mummy mujhe darr lag raha hai..." Whispered the boy..." Shhh daro nahi beta main hu naa ...abhi sab theek ho jayega ..." Armaan tried to look at her face but it was hidden behind the dusty window of the car He wanted to help the lady but how? Shit !! he didnt even had his phone .. Damn... Then he saw someone right behind them ... He
was holding a knife...a big one... Oh god !! ... They were spotted ... Armaan shouted but No voice came out of his mouth... He tried again...

" Run... Bhaago... He is right behind you..." Why isnt she moving... Then he saw the lady and child both were in the middle of that hall... There were people laughing...Devil's laugh...

The lady was crying... The child ... He was shouting... God why don't they stop laughing what do they want from this lady ...but no one seem to notice that he was there too... Suddenly there was a flash ... There was a heart wrentching scream ...then ... And there was blood ... Blood all over armaan felt something wet on his hand he
looked down and saw ... His hands were covered in blood ... It was dripping from his hands as if it was his own ... . he stood there rooted at the spot ... Then suddenly there was light.. Bright white light.. There were people with masks... only their eyes were visible ... Who are these people?? ... There was a scream... A shout ... Again that lady was shouting ... That child was crying... But where are they..?? Where is he? Then suddenly everything turned red there was blood... Blood all over... he was drowning in it... He could not breathe ... He tried to shout but no voice came out of his throat... He was suffocating...his head started to spin.. it felt as if someone has tied his tongue ... He was drowning in blood deeper and deeper...

he opened his eyes ... He was panting as if he had run 100 miles.. He looked around it was dark... It was still night.. It was quiet ... Very quiet... The tick tock of the clock was clear in the silence of the night
He looked at the clock it showed 12:50 ... He shifted uneasily in his bed... There were beads of sweat on his forehead.. He wiped them off with his hand .. He could still hear that woman scream.. The atmosphere was suffocating... He somehow sat up straight... And gulped down a glass of water... He still felt terrible and for first time cursed himself for not letting anyone stay with him... He opened the bedside drawer and took out his wallet and stood up... He didnt wanted to stay in here a minute longer ... . He took out his walking stick and went out of the door...

He saw that his 2 guards were no where in sight may be they went for a tea and his attendent was fast asleep in the visitor's room... He moved towards the lift... The corridor was deserted except occasional cough sound there was complete silence... He got into the lift and pressed the button for ground floor... The door closed ...he closed
his eyes leaning on the side of the lift and he was once again lost in his thoughts ... The lift stopped and the door opened ... he opened his eyes to a surprised tone

" Armaan !!!... Tum yahaan is waqt!!! Kya hua? Are u okay..." Armaan for a moment was confused but then he saw that it wasnt the ground floor but the 2nd floor... And standing before him was ridhhima... Armaan didnt say anything.. Ridhhima was concerned now ... She pulled him out of the lift gently... And asked softly..

" Are you okay armaan ? "

" Ridhhima ...main... I cant stay here anymore... I have to go... Now!! "

" Lekin armaan hua kya ? " She checked his forehead " tumhari tabiyat to theek hai naa ... U dont look fine ... Kuch bolo armaan.."

" Maine ...maine ek bahut bura sapna dekha...fir se..." He whispered out and looked at herRidz sighed and relaxed now but she could see that armaan was really upset she gently put a hand on his shoulder and said simply

" Chalo..."

" Kahaan? ..."

" Trust me main tumhe kahin bhaga kar nahi le ja rahi... " She smiled ...

" Magar ..."

" Plz armaan mere liye..." He gave in and she put a hand in his arm... Armaan looked at her as a new sensation filled him the warmth of her hand around his cold one was very reassuring... He kept looking at her for a second

" Ab kahaan kho gaye ..chalein..." He nodded

" Yeh... Yeh to canteen hai... " He said a bit surprised

" Yes .. Aur wo .." pointing to a seat in a corner almost hidden behind the wall and plants..." meri favourite seat hai... Jab bhi main thodi der akele hona chahti hu naa to wahin baithti hun... To chalein..."

" Hmm..."

She helped him sit opposite her ..." To ab batao.. Kya hua?? He looked at her for a while and then spoke up...

" I ..i had a nightmare.." he looked at her expecting her to laugh But when she didnt he said

" Tum soch rahi hongi ki main bhi ajeeb hun ... Ek sapne ki wajah se..."

" Bilkul nahi " she cut him " mujhe bhi darawne sapne aate the aur sach kahu to kabhi kabhar ab bhi aate hain...main samajh sakti hun ki how u feel... Ek minute main abhi aati hun ..." She got up and and went away and came back within a minute..." Haan to ab batao... Kya dekha sapne know talking always helps "

" Maine .. " trying to remember .. " dekha ek lady ko.. Uske sath shayad ek bachha bhi tha... She was scared.. Scared of something... There was blood ...lot of blood ... There were people with masks and koi chilla raha tha... Bahut.. " He put a hand on his forehead as it again started throbbing...  

" Relax armaan its okay aksar hamain sapney yaad nahi rehte... Dont force yourself.."

Armaan relaxed a bit ,still thinking what made him so upset.. Just then a Waiter came with a big glass of milk, it was hot as steam rose from it ..

" Yeh.." he asked surprised...

" Haan.. maine kaha tha..Yeh mom ka never failing formula hai..." She said smiling.. " jab bhi main raat ko darawana sapna dekhti thi naa to mom mujhe ek glass garam garam doodh deti thi aur jab tak main so nahi jaati thi naa tab tak mere sirhaane hi bethi rehti thi... Aur fir aate the sundar haseen sapne ...And trust me yeh formula kabhi
fail nahi hua..."

" But..."

" No buts armaan... Chalo jaldi se pi lo.." She handed him the glass " kya tumhe aunty ne bachpan main kabhi aisa nahi kiya... " She said before she couls realise what she had said...

" Nahi... Mom to bahut pehle hi..." He stopped ...

" I'm sorry armaan feeling really bad ...

" No its okay ... Mujhe to khud bhi kuch theek se yaad nahi i guess i was too young..." He went silent again .. Ridhhima seeing this puts a hand over his ...

"Armaan..." he looked up her soft hand was so comforting.. gentle yet sure and assuring...he almost forgot all his worry and fear he looked up at her she smiled and blinked her eyes reassuringly ... And armaan thought ' kaash yeh waqt yahin tham jaaye aur hum aise hi baithe rahen hamesha...' He placed his hand over hers and looked into
her eyes his grey eyes peircing deeply into her light green ones ... That touch seemed to convey his feelings ... Ridhhima suddenly felt conscious of his gaze and gently pulled her hand away... there was an awkward silence then ridhhima spoke up

"... Armaan tumhara doodh thanda ho raha hai chalo jaldi se pi lo..." Handing him the glass... Armaan took a sip...

" Yeh to feeka hai..." Making a face...

" Haan tumhe aisa hi peena hai... Now hurry up " she made him drink the whole glass " now that's like a good boy.." Armaan gave a small
smile the clock now showed 2:18 ...

" Feeling better now?? ..."

" Hmmm... "

" Chalo ab chalte hain you need rest aur tumne theek se kapde bhi nahi pehne thand lag gayi to problrm ho jayegi..." They both stood up and moved towards his room... Ridhhima opened the door and moved in ... There was no sign of his guards still... Armaan still stood at the door reluctant to go in..

" Armaan kya hua aao naa.. Chalo ..." She grabbed his hand and pulled him inside ... his uneasiness was back again... " Dont worry armaan..." Making him sit on his bed and then gently made him lie down... " I guess tumne jo aaj dekha wohi tumhare mind main
ghum raha tha tabhi tumhe us aurat aur bache ka sapna aaya .. Right ..."

" Yeah i guess so .. " He said feebly ...

" Dont worry ab sab theek hai ... Ab tum sone ki koshish karo... Okay..." covering him with the warm covers

" I cant sleep ridhhima i was always a bad sleeper..It doesnt come easily..."

" Shhh bas ab bolo nahi chup chap aankhein band karo aur apni kisi pyaari cheez ke baare main socho..dekna abhi thodi der main kaise achhi si neend aati hai.." He lied down on his bed ...

" Tum yahin ho naa..." Ridhhima failed to understand why he was feeling so insecure ...

" Yes jab tak tum so nahi jaate main yahin hun... " She sat beside his bed and smiled at him... Armaan turned his face towards her and clutching a side of his pillow closed his eyes... What can go wrong now .. His angel is right here beside him... Tomorrow will be a bright new day... Slowly he drifted off to sleep...thinking about her... This time without any nightmares...


                                               Taming the wild
                                                     Part 15

Recap:- Plans and preparations for the party in full swing... armaan had nightmare and tries to sneak out of thye hospital..but was caught on time by ridhhima...she applies her mom's never failing formula and it worked wonders...

Mission party- 1 day to go

Armaan woke up with the sound of someone shouting outside his room it was his dad he was definitely mad at someone then he remembered... He must be scolding his guards... He just shook his head and got up to freshen up dad's lecture could take looong he grinned

" poor guards they are gone .. Ja kar dad ka gussa thanda karu ya... Nahi rehne deta hu kahin mujhe hi daant na pad jaaye..."

on the other hand outside:

" Kitne laaparwah log ho tum kal armaan bahar chala gaya aur tum logo ka kuch ata pata nahi tha ... Kahaan the tum log ?" Virendra roared angrily

" Sir hum log kal thand ki wajah se chai peene chale gaye the... lekin jab hamne check kiya tha to armaan sir so rahe the isliye ..." poor guard stopped in mid sentence seeing virendra's angry face

" Isliye tumne socha ki chalo ho gaya kaam chalte hain... agar koi aa jaata ... Agar wo kal thand main baahar chala jaata aur uski tabiyat kharab ho jaati to..." virendra continued angrily...

Rahul placed a hand on his shoulder trying to calm him down.. Veeru controlled himself then spoke up...

" Rahul change the guards i don't want these two here..."

"Theek hai chachaji main dekh lunga..." And he went in the room... Rahul sighed and signalled the guards to go...

" Hi rahul bhaiyaa.."

" Hi rahul.."

" Hi ridhhima.. hi anjy how r u?? "

" Fine bhaiyaa aap bahar kyun khade hain ..??"

" Wo bas uncle kal ki wajah se thoda gusse main the unhi ko cool down karne ki koshish kar raha tha..."

" Haan mujhe abhi ridzy ne bataya ki Kal armaan tried to sneak out ?? "
 " Haan magar achha hua maine dekh liya .."

" Yeah.. He is really not comfertable at such places in fact wo to hamare charitable hospital bhi nahi jaata ... Its really a surprise ki wo itne din yahaan tik gayaa..."

" Its okay bhaiyya hospital jagah hi aisi hai log waise hi yahaan aate hue darte hain ..."

Rahul sighed... " Haan magar armaan ki wajah baaki sabse alag hai.." He said in a low voice...

" Huhh aapne kuch kaha bhaiyya..."

" Nahi bas main keh raha tha ki achha hua ki tumne use pakad liya warna wo to bhaag hi gayaa tha..."

Ridz now smiled a little "haan ab wo jaise jaise theek hota ja raha hai waise waise wo aur restless hota ja raha hai... Magar he must be careful... Abhi bhi wo puri tarah se theek nahi hai jyada excertion se uski tabiyat kharaab ho sakti hai..."

" Ya i will keep that in mind...chalo andar chalte hain.."

" Bhaiyaa kya uncle armaan ko daantenge kal ki wajah se..?? "

" Naa.. Chachu armaan ko kabhi kisi baat ke liye nahi daant sakte wo bas jhooth moot ka gussa dikhate hain aur 5 minute main unka gussa gayab..." all of them giggled...

In the room:

" Namaste uncle .." Armaan and virendra looked up and armaan smiled when he saw anjy he thought ridhhima would follow but there was no one ...

" Are anjali.. aao beta .. Jeeti raho khush raho.. " He blessed her

" Hi armaan gud morning ..."

" Good morning anjy.. Umm ridhhima kahan hai ?? "

" arre ek emergency case aa gaya tha isliye wo abhi nahi aa payegi..." armaan's face fell which didnt go unnoticed by Virendra

" So ab kaisi tabiyat hai??... "

" better.. much better..."

"Good let me see.." She held his hand to check his pulse ..
In the meantime Virendra's cell rings up ..

" Yes Virendra Malik speaking... Oh minister saab aap hain... Kahiye kya haal chaal hai .. Haan haan main usi silsile main aapse milna chahta tha... Haan main bas abhi armaan ke paas aaya hua tha ... Haan he is better now... Achha .. Theek hai ... Ok main aapse ek ghante main milta hu " he cuts the call and looks at rahul.. " rahul wo Mr.Singh ka phone tha us project ke baare main baat karne ke liye bulaya hai.."

" But daad i'm handeling that project.."

" armaan beta pehle tum theek ho jao phir kaam dekhna .. Ye project tumse jyada jaruri nahi hai.."

" Magar.."

" Armaan koi agar magar nahi abhi main aur rahul kaam dekh rahe hain jab theek ho jaoge tab kaam ke baare main sochna "

 armaan again speaks up.." but dad i will be out of touch .. i m fine now..." He argued

" Armaan uncle theek keh rahe hain aur waise bhi abhi tum jyada execrtion naa lo to hi achha hoga.. Ridhhima ne mujhe strict instructions diye hain ki tumhe tumhari files se duur rakhun..."

" ridhhima ne.." He asked surprised

" yeah aur agar usne tumhe files, managers ya kaam ke saath dekh liya to wo pehle mujhe maar dalegi aur tumhara to pata nahi kya karegi.." Everybody giggles Armaan sighs and says .." fine..."
Virendra smiled and thought... " Waah ek hi baari main baat maan li.." He then looks at rahul... " Rahul beta tum jara mere sath aao kuch files deni hai wo tum office le jaana aur ek baar dekh lena aur agar koi baat ho to armaan se puch lena mujhe bhi is project ki saari details nahi pata .."

" Okay uncle .. Ammy main abhi aata hun.. Okay.."

now both ammy and anjy were left in the room.. " so how is it going with atul..?? " Anjy looked surprised... "Tumhe kisne bataya..?? "

" ridhhima ne.." he replied

" Oh i c yeh ridzi bhi naa.."

" don't worry main kisi se kuch nahi kahunga..lekin jab tum sath hote ho to koi bhi yeh bata sakta hai ki you both are soo much in love... " he smiled..

" Thanks yaar... you know... we are just waiting for the right time..."

" i understand... so hows everything ?? "

" Well its fine for now... Steady u can say..." and she blushed a little thinking about him...

" Great!! so.. Now that you are busy with atul sapna with amit... Chiraag..ummm... Well i cant say..." Then he thought about aditi..

" Chirag !!! uska to bas puchho mat usse jyada confused tumhe koi aur kahin nahi milega...he is still looking for his dream girl ... basically he is a nice guy magar bechare ko kisi ne abhi tak ghas nahi daali " And they grinned...

" Aur.. Aur ridhhima Wo...?? " He asked hesitating a little... Plz. Anjy say there is noone in her life... He prayed in his heart..

" Ridzy ke paas to in sab baaton ke liye na hi time hain aur naa hi mujhe lagta hai ki wo interested hai..." Armaan gave out a sigh of relief he was sooo happy " Actually mujhe lagta hai ki use abhi tak koi aisa nahi mila jo usko sab kuch bhula de .. Someone who could sweep her off her feet.. Make her feel special.. You know what i'm saying..."

" Wow anjy mujhe nahi pata tha ki someone like you can be so romantic..." armaan was bit surprised to see this side of anjy.. Anjali again felt liitle shy...' Hey bhagwan anjy you got carried away... Again control yourself girl ' Mentally hitting herself armaan noticed that she felt shy and laughed ..

" Its okay anjy.. After all we are friends.." And then she felt relaxed and smiled... they continued their conversation until there was a call for anjy...

***************          **************************   

Ammy was alone when his phone started ringing he picked it up and hearing the voice at the other end jumped with joy a wide smile crept on his face ..

" so feeling better mr. Malik?? "

" All better thanks to u dr. Ridhhima aapka formula to magical tha mujhe bade dino ke baad itni achhi neend aayi .."

Ridz smiled broadly at this.." Good .. Soo.. "

Armaan also said " so..."

Ridhhima raised her eyebrows.. " So tumhe mujhe kuch kehna nahi hai.. Kuch special.."

Armaan was surprised.. " ridhhima you are waiting for that !!! "

" Of course armaan main to kal se wait kar rahi hun jabse tumne bataya hai.."

" Really ridhhima.." he was surprised and happy beyond words

" Of course armaan i'm dying to hear it out.." Armaan was all excited now " really ridhhima you want to hear that???..."

Now rids was lil confused too. She thought ' has he lost it..'  she said " of course armaan yeh suspense mujhse aur bardasht nahi hota now cummon give me the hint number two.. "

" hint?? "

" Yeah hint !! Tum bhul gaye tumne to kaha tha ' teen din teen hint ' i kept my side of bargain and waited patiently now give me the second hint.. "

" Oh to tum hint ki baat kar rahi thi ?? "

" Yeah of course tumhe kya laga..??? "

Armaan hit his head with his palm.. " Mujhe laga ki.." He stopped in between.. Ridz at the other end was puzzled..

" Tumhe laga kiii... Kya laga armaan?? "

' mujhe laga ki tum mere mann ki baat jaan gayi aur mere muh se sunna chahti ho ki main tumse pyaar karta hun..' He was lost in his thoughts .. Ridhhima called him...

" Helllo ab kuch bologe bhi ?? "

Armaan was now in his naughty mood

" so.." he replied

" Armaaan.."

" Ridhhhima.."

" armaan mujhe gussa mat dilao chalo give me the second hint..."

" Well well well ... Have little patience.tumhe badi jaldi hai uske baare main jaanne ki..."

" Haan hai.. oh come on armaan..." she pleaded.. Ammy loved to annoy her and he thought ' oh kash main tumhara chehra dekh pata wo tumhara naak ko chadhana.. Aankhon ko chhota kar lena aur phone par hote hue bhi aise ungli dikhana jaise main saamne hi hu..' he was brought out of his reverie by her voice..

" armaan ab tum bata rahe ho ya nahi..." she thundered

" Okay okay hitler.. So the second hint iss... Ummm " he pretend to be thinking... " Ummm theek hai wo bahut khoobsurat hai... "

" Armaan yeh kaisa hint hai aise to bahut saari ladkiyen hain main pehchanungi kaise..?"

" Aree meri baat abhi khatam nahi hui aur agar tum meri aankhon se dekhogi to woh tumhe duniya ki sabse khoobsurat ladki nazar aayegi.."

" Achha mr romeo koi aur hint do this is invalid "

" Achha theek hai uske lambe lambe kaale kaale baal hain badi badi khoobsurat aankhein hain..." Ridhhima rolled her eyes and thought hey bhagwaan yeh phir shuru ho gaya

" armaan mere paas sara din nahi hai.."

" Bata raha hun tum bas dhyaan se sunti jao... Usne-aaj-white-aur-blue-colour-ki-dress pehni hai..." speaking each and every word slowly Now ammy grinned and ridhhima smiled broadly...

" Oh god really armaan... Magar silly yeh hint bhi invalid hai.. mujhe yeh thodi na pata hai ki wo hai kahan...main kya saari duniya ki ladkiyan dekhungi...?? "

" Oh ho ridhhima tum bhi na.. Achha theek hai let me add something here... She-is-here... "

" Oh god really armaan " she squealed with excitement main abhi dekhti hu... Aaj to mujhe pata chal hi jayega ki wo ladki kaun hai... Byee... And she hung up... Armaan laughed softly looking at the phone... " Dhoondne ki koi jarurat nahi bas apne aap ko sheeshe main dekh lena ... Thanks for the info. anjy..."

As she turned she saw nikki coming and as soon as she saw ridhhima she rushed to her...

" Hi nikki kya hua tum itni pareshan kyun lag rahi ho?? Are you okay..?? "

" Haan main theek hun.. Wo armaan.."

" Kya hua armaan ko..?? " And thought ' abhi abhi to meri baat hui hai usse aur...' " Kya hua nikki ?? "

" Kuch nahi mujhe abhi muski ne bataya ki kal raat he was not fine.. " Now ridhhima relaxed a little " ohhh wo.. Arre kuch nahi bas he tried to sneak out... But i found him before he could.. " Now nikki sighed with relief... " Oh thank god ridhhima ... Thanks a lot ... Yeh armaan bhi naa bahut laparwah hai... Abhi ja kar uski khabar leti hun... Pata
hai subah meri usse baat hui aur usne mujhe kuch nahi kaha saara time bas idhar udhar ki baat karta raha... Phir muski ne bataya... Main to jaldi se jo hath main aaya pehna aur aa gayi..." nikki continued her blabbering determined ro scold armaan for his foolishness... Ridz just kept listening to her with a smile on her face..

*************        ******************      ******

Chiraag was walking in the corridor reading a file on the way when he looked up saw Aditi coming from other side at first he didnt paid any attention but when he realised what he has seen jerked his head up again...

" oh my god is that aditi in nurses dress...?? Waaaooo!!! " He called out " aditi...!! " Holding her from her shoulders...

" What..?? Dr.chiraag chhodiye mujhe main aditi nahi hun mera naam laxmi hain.. sister dhanlaxmi.. "  said the nurse in a little angry tone surprised at his act and she walks off looking at him strangely .. Chiraag just stood there confused ' yeh aditi nahi thi??? ' Scratching his head ..

" Hey chiraag kya dekh raha hai udhar?? " Asked atul patting his shoulder looking in the direction he was looking " yaar wo aditi nahi thi??? " Still confused

" aditi?? Kaun aditi?? " asked atul

" Yaar aditi .. A-DI-TI "

" arree kaun A-DI-TIII??? " replying in the same tone

" huuh.."  He sighed deeply " wahi aditi jisne meri neend... chain sab uda liya hai.. Jahaan dekhta hu wahi nazar aati hai.. Jab se dekha hai tabse dimaag main uske naam ki ghanti baj rahi hai.. " he kept a hand on atul's shoulder and other hand on his heart " I'm in love atul ab bas
mujhe aditi hi chahiye warna main ya to pagal ho jaunga ya mar jaunga.. "

" Well pehla option to ho nahi sakta dusra hi hoga .." said atul... chiraag looked at atul angrily..

" Saale tu mera dost hai ya dushman...?? yahaan main apne dil ka haal bata raha hun aur tu mujhe hi khinchne main laga hai.."

" arree yaar bhadakta kyun hai main to bas mazak kar raha tha .. Main samjh sakta hun yaar.. Jab main anjali se mila tha naa tab meri bhi yahi haalat thi.. Chal idhar aa " he made him sit on a chair in the canteen " aur mujhe deetaaaiiil main bata ki yeh anjali..."

" anjali nahi aditi.."

" Haan haan wohi woh kaun hai aur waise bhi anjali sirf meri hai teri to wo bhabhi hai.." Chirag rolled his eyes...

" Oh really " said a voice... They both turned to see who it was and saw anjy with sapna who was smiling..

" hi anjy.." Atul got up all smiles seeing his love and hugged her lightly Whispering in her ears.. " Aaj tum hamesha ki tarah bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho..i missed you..":

Anjy blushed a little and hitting him on his shoulder said gently..

" Atuull.. Waise maine bhi tumhe bahut miss kiya..." And winked at him playfully..

"sach.. " She nodded smiling...

" Ehhm ehm.. " Both sapna and chirag cleared their throat.." Oo laila majnu agar tumhara romance khatam ho gaya ho to idhar dhyaan doge..."

" of course yaar.. Chal bata kya baat hai.." All of them got setteled on the chairs..

" Guys i'm in love with aditi..." He narrated everything to they met what they talk etc. Etc.

" Ab batao main kya karu?? "

" But chiraag tum usse abhi to mile ho are you sure you are in love... "

" Yeah chiraag i think anjy is right are you sure kyunki ek saal main har mahine tumhe pyaar hua hai " sapna said giggling which was joined with anjy they both hi fived each other and atul tried to hide his laugh behind sudden cough..

" Cmmon guys i know ki main thoda unsure tha.. "

" Thoda?? " Said surprised sapna..

" Okay thoda jyada.. But guys i'm sure yeh sach waala pyaar hai tumhara aur amit waala.. Anjy aur atul waala.. Wo first sight waala.. Plz guys help me out main use aur jaanna chahta hu uske sath waqt bitaana chahta hu.. Cmmon guys after all you are my friends..." he pleaded... They all looked at each other then finally sapna spoke up..

" Hmmm okay dont worry.. Agar tum itna hi sure ho to dekhte hain ki yeh kitne din waala pyaar hai.. Jaisa tumne bataya ki wo armaan ki friend hai aur financial advisor bhi..." He nodded " to phir tum aaraam se armaan se baat kyun nahi karte..."

" Yeah chiraag i'm sure he can help you out aur wo aditi ko personally jaanta bhi hai to he can help you out in knowing her better.. " Anjy advised him...

" Haan chiraag thats a brilliant idea, chal ja armaan se ja kar baat kar.." Said atul

" anjy plz tum bhi mere sath chalo na mujhe.. I mean wo tumhara family friend hai tumhari baat zarur manega..." He requested..

" Oh cmmon chiraag ammy is a nice guy tum bekaar main darr rahe ho..."

" Plz anjy plz. Plz. Plz..."

" Ok ok stop begging chalo..." chiraag was all smiles now...

In the room

Rahul muski and armaan were all sitting together huddled discussing...

" Pary theek 3 baje shuru ho jaayegi " said rahul...

" maine sabko invitation de diye hain... " Said muski..

" Good " said ammy

" aur food decoration and stuff nikki ke paas hain wo bass abhi thodi der main aati hi hogi.. " Rahul informed them...

" Fine aur hitler ko main dekh lunga... This party will be the best.." Ammy said excitedly..

" Party?? Kaun si party?? " Asked a stern voice...

" Ooo:.Ooo " said muski they all turned to see who it was.. All four of them were standing at the door which rahul the einstein forgot to close... Muski hit him on the shoulder

" ouch maar kyun rahi hai?? " muski whispered " rahul ke bachhe ek kaam dhang se nahi hota tujhse darwaza kyun band nahi kiya.. "

" Main bhul gaya aur agar tujhe dikh raha tha to tune band kyun nahi kiya... Wahan chali jaati to kya patli ho jaati..."

" Guys stop it..." Ammy controlled them.. " H..hi anjy.. Atul ..sapna..chiraag.." He gulped ' hey bhagwaan kitna sun liya inhone..' Whereas rahul and muski grinned at them stupidly waving a hi..

" t..tum kab aaye " armaan stammered...

" Tabhi jab tum logo ki planning chal rahi thi..." Said atul...

" To tumne sab sun liya?? " Asked a shocked muski...

" Haan aur kaafi kuch samajh bhi aa gaya.." Said anjy.." Yeh party kis khushi main hai?? Kya ridzi ko pata hai is baare main?? Aur dad ya virendra uncle ko?? Armaan are you trying to run away again?? Tell me the truth armaan warna main jaa kar sab kuch ridzy ko bata dungi... Anjy bombarded armaan with questions and threatened him too..

" Hold on..hold on.. Main batata hun.." ammy gulpedand held rahuls hand rahul assured him.. " Now that we are busted i think we can tell you guys.. You see kal armaan ka birthday hai aur yeh party usi khushi main hai.."

" What??? " They all spoke together...

" Yes .." said armaan.. " Plz anjy dad ko uncle ko ya phir ridz ko infact kissi ko kuch mat batana plz... Warna i will be soo dead.. " He pleaded...

" Aur yeh akela nahi hum sabko le kar marega.. " Said rahul who got an instant hit on his back by muski..

" Chup kar khotte... Waise hum tumhe bhi invite karne waale the magar tumhe pehle hi pata chal gaya.. " She grinned but koi aur nahi hasa and she went quiet...

" Armaan tum hospital se bhaag kar party main ja rahe ho are you nuts?? Apni haalat dekhi hai.. Aur agar ridzy ko pata chal gaya to... Do you have any idea wo tumhara kya haal karegi?? " Said a surprised anjy...

" Wo actually anjy baat yeh hai ki.."

" kya baat hai rahul ??? " Asked an amused and surprised sapna..

" Well baat yeh hai ki hum bahut duur nahi ja rahe.. Armaan apne check up times par waapas aata rahega.. " replied rahul

" achha aur wo kaise kya uske paas teleporting machine hai??? Aur jahaan tak main jaanti hun yahaan aas paas to koi bhi hotel disco club wagerah nahi hai..."

" Nahi actually anjy party in sab main se kahin nahi hai... " Said muski hesitatingly..

" Guys tum mujhe paagal kar rahe ho seedhe seedhe batao ki party-kahaan-hai?? "

Asked anjy who was now very irritated..

" wo anjy party.. Party.. sanjivani ke confrence hall main hai... " Armaan said it in one go and closed his eyes expecting a blast...

" What??? " all of them said together

" But.. But.. How?? Confrence hall to kabhi parties ke liye nahi diya did you manage..?? Yeh sab kiya kaise??..." rahul opened his mouth to say something but could not find any words to say..

" ruko main batati hun.." Said muskaan...

" Haan muski tu hi bata yaar.." And he sat down on the chair wiping the sweat off his forehead... Muski told them everything about their plan..

" Waaooo yaar kya tedha dimaag paaya hai.." Atul patted muski and others just watched her in total amazement and mouth wide open in surprise...muski gave an awkward grin..

" He he yeh maine akele nahi kiya...original idea niki ka tha..."

" Ooohhh " everybody echoed...

" Theek hai now you know everything... Ab?? " Asked rahul..

" Ab kya?? " Asked atul..

" Yeah what now?? " Asked sapna looking at chirag who didnt uttered a word and merely looked at anjy...

" oh..h..haan " coming back to her senses.. " Theek hain hum log uncle ridzy aur dad se kuch nahi kahenge magar ek shart par.."

" Really kya?? You just name it.. " Said ammy all excited..

" well chiraag here needs some help.." She looked at him... Chiraag on the other hand was sitting on a chair with his hands folded as if in prayer elbows resting on ammys bed looking at him with big puppy eyes..that was quiet funny Armaan was little surprised to see him like that.. But didnt said anything anjy rolled her eyes and said..

" he is in love with your friend aditi.. It is love at first sight case... Aur hum chahte hain ki tum iski help karo..."

" arree bas itni si baat.. You are a lucky man chiraag tum sahi insaan ke paas aaye ho... baba armaan tumhari saari pareshani duur kar denge khushi ki baat yeh hai ki aditi bhi apna partner dhund rahi know mujhe bhi us din kuch lag raha tha maine ridz ko kaha tha ki..." He stopped in mid sentence and saw everybody was looking at him .. He grinned " okay i was blabbering..."

" yes " they all said in unison..

" ehem.. Chiraag i will help you out magar meri bhi ek shart hai.."

" Kya?? Tum jo kahoge main wo karne ko tayar hun..." he said readily..

" Okay.. To tum sabko ..kal...meri party main... aana hoga... aur yahaan manage karne main meri help karni hogi... "

" Hhuuhh " they looked at him surprised...

" Yeah.." he smiled at their surprised faces.." bolo manzoor hai??? " They looked at each other smiled and said in unison...

" yes!!.."

" Okay then yahaan aao.. Main tumhe kal ka plan batata hun..." and they all formed a huddle...

******************               ******************       

After a long day ridhhima comes to meet armaan it was afternoon now... Seeing her he was all smiles

" hey armaan.."

" Hi ridhhima.. tum kahan thi subah se ?? main to kabse tumhara wait kar raha tha pata hai..."

" Achha kyun tumhari tabiyat to theek hai naa..?? "

" Yeah i'm fine magar tum kya tabhi aaogi jab meri tabiyat kharaab hogi..."

" Mchh.. armaaan tum bhi na...arre aaj kuch emergency cases aa gaye the aur phir ek surgery thi isliye nahi aa paayi...lekin di to aayi thi naa.." She handed him a glass of water and some medicines

"Hmm.. Waise aaj tum bahut achhi lag rahi ho.."

" Oh thank you.. " She was wearing a white suit with a blue dupatta... armaan tried to drop a hint but ridzy didnt notice " achha armaan..."

" Hmmm " he replied keeping the glass down after swallowing his medicines and making a face

ridhhima asked him.. " Wo jo aaj tumne mujhe hint di..." Armaan was all ears now

" haan.."

" Achha kya wo ladki tumhari taraf bahut caring hai?? "
" Haan " he nodded with a smile.. Lagta hai ridhhima ko pata chal gaya... Well done ammy...

" Aur wo thodi possessive hai... tumhe daanti bhi hai..."

" Haan haan.. " He was all excited now he tried to sit straight abruptly..." ouch.. " He clutched his ribs..

" Armaan araam se itna excited hone ki koi zarurat nahi hai..." She made him lie back again " to armaan mujhe lagta hai ki mujhe pata chal gaya hai ki wo ladki kaun hai..." She smiled at him...

" Sach ridhhima..."

" ahaan..."

" And phir tumhe kya lagta is baare main..Tumhe kaisi lagi..?? " He asked with a naughty smile

" Well... Tumhari second hint badi kaam ki thi abhi main usi se mil kar aa rahi hun and i think she is a very nice girl very lovely and pretty and sweet.."

" aree yeh thodi jyada tareef nahi ho gayi?? " He was little confused ' yeh ridhhima kya keh rahi hai mil kar aayi hun?? Kisse ?? '

" aree mujhe to laga tha ki ladko ko apni gf ki tareef sunna achha lagta hai??? " He came out of his thoughts and smiled " haan wo to hai magar..." He was about to say something else ... But was cut in between as niki comes in the room...

" Hi armaan!! Hi ridhhima!! "

" Hi niki.." Said ridhhima in a chirpy voice... And raised her eyebrows looking at armaan meaningfully.. And one look at niki made armaan everything clear.. Niki was wearing white skirt with blue flowers on it..." Achha ab tum dono baat karo mujhe thoda kaam hai main wo karke aati hun.. okay niki c u later bye.. "

" Bye ridhhima..." niki waived at her

" Ridhhima..ri.." Ammy tried to stop her... ' Oh god wo to samajh rahi hai ki main aur niki... Oh no... ' But before he could say anything she was out... And gave a thumbs up to him behind nikis back... Armaan bechara apna sir peet leta hai... Lo gayi saari mehnat paani main..

" Armaan kya hua?? sar main dard hai kya ?? "

" nahi..Kuch nahi.. tum aaj kuch aur nahi pehan sakti thi.. Yeh pehnna jaruri tha..?? "

Niki was totally surprised...

" Kyun kya hua isme kya kharaabi hai??? " Looking at her dress.. " Kuch gadbad hai kya?? "

" Ab kya gadbad hogi jo honi thi wo to ho gayi..." Niki was still confused.. " Rehne do tum nahi samjhogi..."  ' Hey bhagwaan ammy ab bas kal tu finally ridhhima ko sab sach sach bol de... Propose her face to face bahut ho gaya... yeh hint game to sirf confusion hi create karega...yes tomorrow it will be  "THE DAY" ridhhima get ready sweetheart ' And he was all set for a new day... ' Ammy get ready to get the best present of your life...' and he felt sooo happy thinking about it...


                                                Taming the wild
                                                      Part 16

Recap:-Armaan gives the second hint to ridhhima ... atul anjy sapna and chiraag go to armaan for his help in bringing chirag and aditi together where their party plan leaks out and all of them get together to help him out... hints go haywire and ridhhima thinks that the gil ammy likes is NIKI...!!!! armaan decides to propose ridhhima face to face on his birthday

Day before " THE DAY "

Later in the evening Armaan was in his room when rahul and muskaan barged in Armaan sighed and smiled looking at them they were... fighting... as usual... Muskaan was hitting rahul and poor fellow was trying to save himself from her blows...

" Rahul ke bachhe.. khotte.. kankhajure... Tu samajhta kya hai apne aapko ?? ab tu dekh main kya karti hu.." she was fuming with anger

" Oye ab maine aisa bhi kya kar diya?? "

" Hi muski... Kya hua bhabs itna gussa kyun ho...?? "

" Ammy dekh is rahul ke bachhe ne mere hath se bhelpuri cheen kar dustbin main feik di.. " And she hit him again..

" haww bhaaii.. Aap aisa kaise kar sakte ho...!! " Raising his eyebrows at him...

" Are yaar ammy wo aise hi koi thele waala tha.. Uske hath bhi pata nahi saaf the ki nahi... Aur wo sadak ke paas khada tha kitni dust kitna pollution.."

" Chup kar khotte..." She shouted at him and small tears started to form in her eyes... Rahul suddenly became all alarmed..

" Muskaan muski.. " Taking out his hankercheif he came to her... " Yaar tu ro kyun rahi hai... Main abhi Gopal ko bolta hun wo abhi tumhari favouite bhelpuri tayar kar dega.."

" Haan muski dont cry bhabs yeh bhai to paagal hai ise kuch nahi pata.. har jagah ka apna ek khaas swaad hota hai "rahul glared at ammy threatning him to shut his mouth... he thought " abe saale main yahaan ise manaane ki koshish kar raha hun aur yeh ki aur bhadkaye ja raha hai..."

" nahi ammy you know beta (she always called him beta as she had motherly affection for him and took care of him as a mother would) he is all changed now yeh saara time mujhe bas gussa dilaata hai... Main kuch bhi karu bas us main ise problem hai... Baaki sab bhi to usi se kha rahe the naa.. *snif*snif* "

She wiped her eyes snatching hanky from rahuls hand still fuming in anger... Rahul looked at ammy helplessly... Who blinked at him trying to assure him that he will handle her...

" Muskiii.." He gave her a side hug.. " bhabs.. Bhai maana thoda paagal hai.." Rahul was on the verge of strangling ammy and twisted his hands to convey his feelings... Ammy just grinned at him and then looked at muski... " But i think that aaj wo theek keh raha hai... " Now muski and rahul both were surprised...

" Dekha..dekha.." rahul was happy ki chalo koi to uski side le raha hai... ammy raised a hand to make him quiet

" ammy ab tu bhi is khotte ka sath de raha hai tune bhi party badal li..." she retorted

" muskkii you know i will be always in your team...but you see aisi unhygenic jagah se kuch kha kar agar tabiyat kharaab ho gayi to... You must think of the baby too... Agar meri bhatiji ya bhatije ko kuch problem hui to... Agar unka pet kharab ho gaya to..." Muski chuckeled inspite of herself hearing this silly reason...he continued " We cant take any risk naa..." He spoke softly to her... " After all itne saalo baad ghar main yeh khushi aayegi... And i'm sure bhai bas yahi chahta hai ki aap dono safe and healthy rahein hai naa..." She nodded smiling a little.. " Main abhi badiya si bhelpuri order karta hun.. The way you like it ok..."

" Haan mujhe waisi hi khani hai jaise tune us din banayi thi..."

" Kab?? "

" Arre ghar par accident se pehle..."

" Ohh i c magar main yahan kaise banau..?? "

" Ofoh budhhu main yahan banane ke liye thodi keh rahi hu... is kankhajure ko sikha de kabhi zindagi main kitchen ki shakal nahi dekhi hogi..."

" Haan teri shakal ke aage mujhe kuch dikhaye de tab naa..." Muski cooled down a bit hearing this... And they had a brief eyelock... There was a knock at the door... There was padma and ridhhima standing at the door...

" Arre kya chal raha hai yahan ??? " It was padma who stood at the door smiling...

" Arree aunty aap...!! " Rahul exclaimed happily... she came in and kissed muski and armaan on his forehead and after asking how he was turned to rahul...

" kyun rahul kyun rula raha hai meri bachhi ko...?? " With mock anger...

" Main... Arre aunty yeh kaam hi aise karti hai..."

" Chup kar rahul ke bachhe..."

" Guys guys plz... Dont start again... Aunty main batata hun..." and armaan told her everything... Padma laughed at their silly fight and said...

" Bhai dekho abhi bhelpuri to nahi magar ' hygenic ' tarike se bani hui pollution free ... Paav bhaji jaroor hai mere paas... Anyone interested ??? " And before muski could reply came armaans enthusiastic reply...

" Me !! me !!  me !!..." But got a light slap from ridhhima on his shoulder... " Ouch kya hua hitler...??

" Bilkul nahi... Abhi kuch bhi spicy khaane ka naam mat lena... Jab tak main na kah dun..." Armaans face fell... Which melted padmas heart..

" Ridhhi beta agar thoda sa kha lega to kya hoga..."

" Mumma aap bas rehne do jyada side mat lo iski... chot bahut gehri hai aur spicy food is a strict no no... Samjhe! " Looking at armaan sternly who bowed his head like a small baby who was scolded badly for something naughty...

" Aww ridhhi aise mat daanto beta... Ammy koi baat nahi beta kal aapke birtyday par main aapke liye kuch achha sa 'less spicy'... looking at ridhhima.. bana kar laungi okay... " This brought a smile on ammys face and ridz looked at him with surprise...

" Armaan kal tumhara birthday hai???..." He nodded smiling..." Oh to tumne mujhe kyun nahi bataya... Baaki sabko bata diya huhh..."

" tumhe mujhe daantne se fursat mile ta naa.. " Padma thought dono ko kuch der ke liye akele chhod deti hun...

" Umm rahul muskaan chalo beta... Paav bhaaji thandi ho jayegi nahi to..." As soon as muski heard the name her mouth started watering...

" Haan aunty chaliye... " And she stood up abruptly...

" Aaraam se..." Rahul called out and muski rolled her eyes... Padma smiled and moved out with and both of them...

" Its so silly of me being a doctor mujhe yeh nahi pata laga ki muski is expecting... When is the baby due?? " She asked

" well mujhe nahi pata... But i think bhai keh raha tha ki still about 5 months are left... tauji to yeh baat sunkar khushi se paagal hi ho gaye the .. you know how oldies are like... i think unka sole aim dada banna hai  " He grinned

" armaan tum bhi naa... sabhi bade logon ko apne poti pote khilane ka shauk hota hai tum yeh nahi samjhoge jab tumhare bachhe honge na tab tumhe pata chalega.."

" kids !!! " he rolled his eyes but smiled inwardly thinking of having kids someday with ridhhima...

" waise 5 months main tumhara bhi promotion ho jaayega... tum bhi chacha ban jaoge "

" haan aur agar five months ke baad baby hua na to it will be the best gift for bhai uska birthday bhi after 5 months aayega... " They both smiled at the thought...

" Arree mujhe gift se yaad aaya tumhe kya gift chahiye... Umm aur ho sakta hai ammy main kal tumhe mil naa paaoun... "

" Kyunn??? " Armaan was shocked

" wo actually Australia se ek surgeon aa rahe hain and mujhe unke sath do surgeries karni hai its once a lifetime opportunity kyunki wo jaldi hi retire hone ka plan kar rahe hain and he is so renowned ki unke sath kaam karne ke liye anyone can kill..Tooo.." she stopped finishing her explanation..

' Ohhh its okay..." he felt disheartened but knew that it was important for her and she was obviously looking forward to it... Ridz sensed it and said

" ohh armaan dont worry main subah tumhe wish karne jaroor aaungi aur tumhe tumhara gift tab jaroor mil jaayega uske baad to main parso hi dikhungi..." Then armaan remembered his party plan...

" Umm waise tum free kab tak ho jaogi...?? "

" Main... Umm " thinking... " Main...ummm... about dus gyarah aaraam se baj jaayenge... Lekin subah to main rounds par aaungi aur baad main Meri jagah humme se koi aa jayega di atul sapna chiraag koi bhi... Kyun ??? "

" Umm to mujhe mera birthday gift promise karo..."

" Gift ?? Haan haan bolo naa kya chahiye..." Ammy smiled..." tum "he  said.. ridhhima was shocked to hear it "

" i mean Kal tum mere sath breakfast aur... Dinner karogi..." Ridz was totally surprised at this... She collected herself and said...

" Armaan... Magar... "

" Koi agar magar nahi ridhhima you asked ki mujhe kya gift chahiye and i told u now you cant say no... Plz. Plz. " Ridz was still surprised at his demand but then thought... " Its okay ridz ek breakfast aur dinner hi to hai kaun sa he is proposing you..." And she suddenly remembered vivek... She was really missing him it has been such a long time since she has even seen him... The time they spent together... the cozy dinners... those moments of togetherness...

" Ridhhima..." armaan called her breaking her line of thoughts... She looked at him he was looking at her it seemed anxiously... She then sighed and said okay with a smile... Armaan breathed deeply with a broad smile on his face

" thanks ridhhima thanks a lot..." just then her pager rang and as she started reading the message... Armaan kept staring at her... And thought...

" Ridhhima maana ki birthday mera hai magar yeh tumhaare liye main ek yaadgaar din bana dunga... You will be the best gift i ever got... Main tumhe apne dil ki saari baatein keh dunga ridhhima aur kabhi apne se duur nahi jaane dunga... And guess what... you are going to get 'the armaan malik' as return gift " He grinned at his own thoughts and was lost in them when he heard ridhhima speaking something...

" H..haan... kya kuch kaha tumne?? "

" haan maine kahaa ki meri call aayi hai.. Tum apna dhayaan rakhna and dont try to be naughty samjhe kyunki mujhe sab pata chal jaata hai okay..." He nodded grinning... She smiled and went off...

" Tumhe mere dil ka haal kab pata chalega ridhhima..?? " And hugged his pillow "ouuchh..." that hurt his cracked ribs.. " Control armaan control your emotions yaar..."

Ridhhima was busy with her thoughts walking quietly through the corridor when she passed the fire escape... And loads of memories came rushing to her... She saw herself and vivek sitting there... He was chatting with her holding her hands in his looking lovingly at her... Ridhhima smiled to herself...and involuntarily her gaze fell upon her hand... She felt little pain in her heart too... The pain of seperation... It was only about six months since they expressed their love to each other when vivek got call from john hopkins to join them as an intern in an exchange internship programme and he went away to australia...but she knew that their love is strong enough to stand by this test of time.. usne kabhi socha nahi tha ki vivek jis par saare hospital ki young doctors and nurses jaan dene ko tayar thi ridhhima jaisi simple aur uski apni bhasha main thodi boring ladki se pyaar kar baithega... Magar wo sach tha... Ridhhima was completely taken by surprise the day he confessed his love pehle kabhi usne uski taraf dhayaan nahi diya tha aur use lagta tha he is little full of himself magar dheere dheere use ehsaas hua ki wo itna bhi bura nahi hai... phir pata nahi kab dosti hui aur kab wo pyaar ban gayi aur use aaj bhi wo din achhi tarah yaad hai jab usne usse apne dil ki baat kahi thi... She sighed and a lone tear rolled down her cheeks her heart felt heavy and she desperately wanted to talk to vivek or someone... She looked at her watch...

" Abhi to baat bhi nahi ho paayegi..." she felt disappointed... And her thoughts were broken by someones chirpy voice...

" Tum bhi naa kitni baar kahun... Achha aur subah..." She turned and saw it was sapna.. One look at her face and she knew that she was talking to amit.. sapna too looked at her and she realised that there was something wrong with ridhhima.." Amit main tumse baad main baat karti hun.. Mchh haan baba pakka abhi mujhe ridhhima se kuch jaruri baat karni hai... haan haan keh dungi ab bye.." she cut the call... And stood before ridhhima... " Amit ne tumhe hi kaha hai.. Theek hai ridzy yahaan bolegi ya wahaan "  pointing at fire escape " ya phir canteen main apni favourite jagah par ?? " Ridhhima was bit surprised...

" Sapna magar.?? "

" Koi agar magar nahi i'm your best friend ridzy aur yeh tere utre hue chehre par jo barah baje hue hai naa use dekhte hi mujhe pata chal gaya tha ki kuch gadbad hai.. Ab tu seedha seedha yeh bata ki tu kahaan baith kar baat karegi..."

 she looked at her folding her arms... Ridz looked at her and she knew there was no escape... But then she thought that it was okay after all wo uski itni achhi dost hai aur wo sab baatein share karte hain to itni inportant baat usse kyun chhupayi jaaye ... And i'm sure ki vivek bhi is baat ka bura nahi manega... Agar wo australia nahi jaata to wo dono khud sabko batane waale the... Magar... She sighed and smilingly said

" theek hai sherlok holmes... yahaan bahut garmi hai cafeteria chalte hain .."

" Yeh hui naa baat chal.. " She put an arm in hers and they both walked to cafeteria... Ridhhima thanked her stars for giving her such good friends...

Earlier he was bit disappointed ki uski saari hints ki mehnat bekaar ho gayi but now he saw a new ray of hope... He lay on his bed planning what all to do... When rahul entered...

" Hey ammy kya kar raha hai ?? "

" Kuch nahi bhai bas aise hee... huuh..." he sighed " muski kahaan hai ?? "

" Usko maine ghar bhej diya.. I tell you she literally attacked paav bhaji aur mujhe to sunghne ke liye bhi nahi mili..." He shook his head ... Ammy laughed at his poor brothers condition...

" Chalo achha hua atleast ab wo aapka dimaag nahi khayegi..."

" I'm not sure yaar aaj kal use bahut bhook lagti hai...chal chhod tu bata itna seriously kya soch raha tha.. Let me guess Contract ke baare main..."

" Nahi bhai wrong this time...pata hai saari mehnat par paani phir gaya... Achha kya hua..." He narrated the whole story and looked at rahul seriously this time..

" Bhai i know aapko yeh thoda weird lagega magar.. Mujhe aapse ek baat kehni thi..." Rahul too was serious now...

" Kya hua ammy ?? "

" Bhai.. I think i'm in love.." Rahul smiled now..

" Ohh tune to mujhe dara hi diya tha... Bas itni si baat hai..."

" Baat itni si nahi hai bhai... I'm serious this time..." Rahul looked at armaan and one look at him made him clear that he was indeed serious this time.. He knew agar armaan serious hai matlab he really mean that thing...

" Kya baat hai ammy theek se bata bachhe..." He put a hand over his..

" Bhai i like ridhhima and... Not like i.. I... i love her.." Rahul was bit surprised to hear it...

" Ammy tu jaanta hai tu kya keh raha hai.. Ridhhima baaki sab ladkiyon se alag hai jisse abhi tak tera waasta raha hai.. Agar kal ko tera mann badal gaya aur tune realise kiya ki it was just an infatuation to.." Ammy looked at rahul with all the sincerity in his eyes..

" Bhai main jaanta hun ki main kaafi ladkiyon ke sath involve raha hun magar bhai aap batao kya maine kabhi kisi se pyaar kiya hai they were all nice but i never had any feelings for anyone... Maine unme se kisi ke liye aisa feel nahi kiya jaise maine ridhhima ke liye mehsoos kiya hai... I feel so complete with her... Uske sath bitaya hua har pal apne aap main ek yaadgar hai mere liye..plz bhai main sach keh raha hun.. Trust me .. Main pehli baar khushi se bandhna chahta hun... saari umar ke liye.."

 Rahul smiled at his brother..

" Ammy tu kab bada ho gaya bachhe.. Mujhe to yakin hi nahi ho raha ki yeh mera wohi bhai hai jise business bike race ke alawa kuch sochta hi nahi tha...aur girlfriends aise badalta tha jaise kapde..." Ammy chuckled

" bhhaaii.."

" Haha " rahul laughed " well agar tu really serious hai to fine i approve of your choice ridhhima bahut achhi ladki hai aur chachu ko bhi bahut pasand hai.. Aur.."

" Aur kya bhai..??"

" Kuch nahi.. Tu wo sab chhod achha ye bata tune yeh baat ridhhima ko batayi ki nahi..." Now an ear to ear smile came on ammy face

" bhai uski hi to planning kar raha tha maine sab soch liya hai kal main apne din ki shuruat ridhhima ke sath breakfast karke karunga.. Aur shaam ko dinner par surprise..!! "

" ohhh i c.. all the best bro." And they hi fived each other.." Achha yeh bata tu gift kya lega?? Well i mean ab ridhhima to tujhe milne hi waali hai ya yeh kahein ki mil hi gayi hai.. uske alawa..."

" Ummm bhai ab main kya maangun.." he stops for a while and then looks at rahul... " Bhai batao na kya laaye ho.. Plz. Plz. Plz." He knew rahul always gifted him something at his birthday right at 12... " Achha thoda hint to de do.. "

" Well beta is baar thodi si gadbad ho gayi, main naa... gift la nahi paaya... ab wo dekh na tu yahaan hai office ka itna kaam hai apna office phir tera kaam udhar se papa london se phone karte rehte hain ki ghar ka construction kaisa chal raha hai.. To in sabme na main bhul gaya aur muski ko tu jaanta hi hai use ladko ke baare main koi khaas akal to hai nahi bheja tha tere liye gift laane aur apni shopping karke aa gayi.." He shook his head and looked at him apologetically " but i promise tu jo bolega naa main wo laa kar dunga .. Iss bar sorry.." He held his ears.. Ammy though felt little disappointed didnt show his emotions...

" Its okay bhai aap har saal to dete ho... Is baar maaf kiya.. "

" Oh thank you ammy i promise tu theek ho ja phir hum ja kar teri pasand ka gift lenge.." Ammy nodded " ab to tu bas kal ki party ka soch.. Okay.. " He nodded again " achha main chalta hun mujhe kal ki kuch tayari karni hai.. Bye " he hugged him lightly and went of... as he closed the door muski asked him..

" Kyun ho gaya ..?? " And he gave a thumbs up

" yesss " they were then joined by rajat aditya and yash armaans gang they formed a huddle and giggled...

Niki was busy doing message of her face when her cell phone rang and she scrounged for it...

" Hello niki.."

" Haan kaun muski.. ? "

" Haan saara kaam ho gaya hai... You just get ready okay.."

" great !! "

" And niki kya tumne hospital main bhi kuch dinner wagarah ka programme rakha hai?? "

" Dinner ?? Hospital main?? Nahi to kyun?? "

" Arre wo caterer aaya tha keh raha tha ki unke paas special orders hain kisi dinner ki decoration and food ke to mujhe laga ji kahin tumne to..." Niki was surprised

" nahi to muski .. Magar tumne puchha nahi ki ki use order kisne diya..?? "

" Haan maine pucha to usne kaha ki hamein strictly kaha hai ki kisi ko iske baare main kuch naa bataayein.. magar maune bhi chalaki se naam ugalwa hi liya lekin wo chalu log armaan par atak gaye... mujhe laga ki tumhe kuch pata hoga... Yeh ammy bhi naa... Achha theek hai main rakhti hun tumhe pata hai naa kya karna hai aaj.."

" h..haan...theek hai bye "  She hung up she was just wondering when her phone rang again it was armaan this time...

" Hello..Hi niki "

" hi ammy..."

" Niki agar tum subah se thaki hui ho to tum kya khana pasand karogi..?? " She was surprised at this question..

" Huh..."

" Ofoh bolo naa..."

" Armaan main... Lekin kyun...?? "

" Achha chhodo wo main soch lunga tum bas yeh batao ki veg ya nonveg.."

" Main wo..." She was too surprised to think straight

" bolllooo..." He was getting impatient..

" Umm dono .. "

" Oh okay... bye.."

" Ammy batao to sahi kisliye??? "

" Are yaar yeh surprise hai tumhe nahi bata sakta.."

" Ammy ab tum mujhse bhi secrets rakhoge..?? "

" Areee yaar... achha yeh ek special dinner ke liye hai jisme main kisi se kuch kehne waala hun..." Niki was delighted beyond words hearing this...

" Armaan ... "

" Ab armaan armaan hi karti rahogi... Achha suno be on time tomorrow.. I will be waiting..byee sweety.. " And he hung up... Niki squeled in delight...

" Eeeii... oh my god a secret dinner !!!!.. Something special... Oh my god armaan is going to propose me???? Oh my goooddd..." she jumped like maniacs with happiness... her phone rang again... And she glanced at the phone and picked it up thinking it was muski...

" Hello muski i think armaan is going to propose me tomorrow night... " She said in one go..

" Well congrats..." She stopped abruptly hearing the was a male voice.. She looked at the callers name and immediately hit her was not muski but modi...

" shit... oh i mean h.. hi abhimanyu "

" hello nikita... someone is very happy today..."

" haan wo ... wo..."

" now dont be shy nikita i know that armaan guy is going to propose you.."

" well... i.. i think so.."

" oh very well... to conferm kab bataogi..?? "

" hmm... ummm..." she fumbled for words

" let me help you out what about day aftrer tomorrow..."

" day after tomorrow... ?? "

" yup... tum bhul gayi tumhe mere parents ki anniversary party par aana tha... you promised.."

" oh haan... wo.. i know i remember.."

" theek hai phir ... i will see you day after then... aur haan why dont you bring armaan too it will be double celebration.. tumhari aur meri khushi ka.."

" h.. haan why not thanks abhimanyu... i will be there..bye "

" bye.." he hung up smiling to himself..." double nahi niki triple celebration armaan ke hath se contract jaane kaa aur mere haath main aane kaa " he smiled to himself and then thought again.." niki and armaan together..." a muscle in his jaw tightened and his face became resolute..." see you soon malik see you very soon..."


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                                                Taming the wild
                                                     Part 17

Recap: Armaan asks ridhhima to have breakfast and dinner with him on his birthday as his present.. she agrees... ridhhima misses vivek.. armaan had heart to heart talk with rahul and muski leaks out armaans secret dinner plan to niki who thinks armaan is in love with her ... modi calls nikita and invites him to his parents anniversary party

Armaan was busy with his gang when.

" Hey armaan..." " Hi armaan.."

" Hey anjy hey ridhhima..." he gave all 32 teeth smile seeing her.. " Tum log abhi yahin ho..." He thought... " Oh lagta hai yeh log midnight surprise ke liye ruke hue hain.."

" Haan hum bas abhi jaa hi rahe hain papa ne kaha ki aaj hum unke sath jaaye to bas unka hi wait kar rahe the.." Anjy replied " So armaan " said ridhhima.. " i know ki kal tumhara birthday hai magar promise me ki kal tum koi shaitani nahi karoge and will be a good boy.. "

" Well ridhhima i'm always a good boy.. Main kabhi koi shaitani nahi karta.."

" Yeah yeah.. mr malik main ab tumhe kuch kuch jaanne lagi hun to mujhe to bevkoof banane ki jarurat nahi hai... Agar kal tumne ya tumhare over enthusiastic friends ne kuch bhi gadbad kari... Aur agar kisi ko bhi pareshan kiya naa to.." She pointed a finger at him... Anjy gulped as she suddenly became conscious of their plan..

" Nahi nahi ridz.. Ammy aisa kuch nahi karega.. He hasn't planned anything.. Right ammy.." She blurted out..

" Planned ??? kya plan nahi kiya ?? "

" Ohoo..anjy marwayegi..." Ammy thought.. But rajat came to his rescue...

" Wo.. Wo kya hai na ridhhima hum har saal armaan ke birthday ki khushi main party rakhte hain magar.. Iss saal is bechare ko koi party nahi milegi..." He made a sad face..

" Oh koi baat nahi party se jyada dosto ki wishes jaruri hoti hain.. Waise agar tum chaho to kal saara din armaan ke sath ruk sakte ho wo to saara din kal yahin hai.."

And adi coughed hearing this.. " Kya hua aditya ?? "

" K..kuch nahi wo bas gale main kuch..."

" theek hai... achha.. Ab hum chalte hain... Bye armaan .."

" Bye.." He waved at her.. And as she turned he wiped his forehead and then he remembered... " Ridhhima.." He called out..

" Hmm kya hua armaan ?? "

" Nahi kuch nahi.. Wo bas kal ke liye remind karwa raha tha.. Tumhe yaad hai naa.."She smiled.. " Haan ofcourse.. How can i miss the most important meal of the day.." Ammy smiled and thought.. ' And how can i forget the most important meal of my life...' Both anjy and ridz left.. Anjy asked.. " What was he talking about..??" " Oh kuch nahi di bas aise hi.." whereas ammys gang teased him..

" kyun be ?? Kya pak raha hai ?? Kya yaad dila raha tha ??"

" Arree kuch nahi yaar.. bas aise hi.." Then rajat spoke up.. " Waise kuch bhi kaho.. Kudi badi hot hai..." " Abe oye.. Sambhal ke bhabhi hai teri bete..." "Ohhooo to yeh baat hai..." " Haan hai.." " Kya baat hai saale to to puri aish kar raha hai bhabhi bhi dhund li..." " Haan saalon tum to bhaag jaate ho mujhe yahaan pakne ke liye chhod kar to kuch to karna padega naa time pass ke liye.." They continued teasing each
other and soon left one by one...

10:00 PM.. 2 hours for birthday

It was now night and ammy was all alone...

" Kya yaar rahul muski nahi...koi friends nahi... Koi midnight surprises nahi... Kaisa birthday hai yaar..." But still there was a little hope in his heart ki wo sab use raat ko wish zaroor karenge...

the clock striked 12.. And armaan quickly closed his eyes pretending to be asleep smiling inwardly... " Abhi saare ke saare chori chori aayenge aur chillayenge happy birthday ammy..." He grinned and lay there in dark... He opened one eye to look at the clock... the slight ray of light falling on the clock told him that it was 12:01... he glued his eyes on the door... " Jaise hi saare aayenge main fauran aankhen band kar lunga aur sone ka natak karunga "

12:05... Nobody came he became restless... " Kahan reh gaye sab?? Be patient ammy aa rahe honge... Guards wagerh ko bhi to patana padta hai..."

12:15... He was still waiting no more pretending to be asleep... Suddenly his phone started to ring. He picked up the phone and saw muski's name flashing... He picked it up...

" Hello..."

" Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday dear ammyyy.. happy birthday to you... Wish you a very happy birthday beta... Bhagwan aapko duniya ki saari khushiyan de... Aur ek achhiii si biwi bhi..."

Ammy grinned... " Thanks muski bhabs mujhe to laga is baar aap log bhul gaye.."

" Arre aise kaise bhul jaate...huh... Aur yeh rahul khotta bhul jaaye main apne cutest friend ko kaise bhul sakti hun..."

" Arre ab tu hi patar patar karti rahegi ya mujhe bhi phone degi... Hello hi ammy happy birthday buddy..."

" Thanks bhai.."

" Waise ammy tu abhi tak jaag raha tha... Hum to yahi soch rahe the ki phone kare ki naa karen kahin teri neend kharab na ho jaaye..."

" Nahi bhai it's okay mujhe bhi neend nahi aa rahi thi..." And thought inwardly... ' Thanks to your midnight Shock !! '...then spoke up... " Waise bhai aap ho kahan ?? "

" Kahan ho ?? Kya matlab ?? Ghar par hun bhai aur kahan hounga itni raat ko ??? Ab to shaadi ho gayi yaar... Ouch..." He got a slap from muski... " Mazaak kar raha tha yaar... Achha sab theek hai naa..?? "

" h..Haan.. Sab theek hai bas aise hi puch raha tha..." Though in his heart he felt bit disappointed...

" Achha ammy ab tu so ja bahut raat ho gayi hai aur tujhe to subah jaldi utna bhi hai naaa.." He said suggestively... A smile crept on his face thinking about the meeting with ridhhima alone..." Hello..ammy kahan kho gaya bhai ?? "

" Kahin nahi bhai yahin hu..."

" Achha chal goodnight... And happyyy birthdayyy..." Both rahul and muski spoke together...

" Gudnight.." ammy replied and disconnected the phone... the clock now showed 12:25.. He sighed and said..." ammy forget it yaar no midnight treat for you this time..." He was about to lie down again when his phone rang again... And this time seeing the name on the screen he nearly jumped off the bed...

" Hello.. Ridhhima !! "

" Hi ammy it's not ridhhima it's anjy..." He felt the second disappointment in less than 2 minutes.. " Oh hi anjy tum itni raat ko sab theek hai naa ?? "

" Armaan first of all a very happy birthday to you..."

" Thanks anjy.. Magar tum ridhhima ke phone se phone kyun kar rahi ho?? "

" Aree yaar actually mere phone ki battery down ho gayi isliye maine ridzy ka phone le liya... Waise ammy i need a favour from you... I'm really sorry ki i m disturbing you so late magar its very important aur wahan koi aisa hai nahi jise i can trust..."

" Of course anjy you can tell me..."

" Wo kya hai na armaan ... Atul ne aaj mujhe ek letter diya tha... You know..." She hesitated...

" Yeeesss i'm listening..." He smiled thought... ' Love letter hmmm...'

" Aur hua yeh ki papa achanak aa gaye.. Aur maine wo letter ek file main reception counter par rakh diya aur main use nikaal nahi paayi "

" Aanddd..." He said

" Well ammy kya tum wo letter le kar apne paas rakh sakte ho ?? Plz ammy plz.. Agar wo kisi aur ke hath lag gaya to i will be so dead..."

" Magar anjy wo mujhe ek official file kyun denge??? "

" Maine wahan ek sister lovely hain jinhe kaha hai ki wo tumhari file hai bahut important hai not to be kept in open aur tumhare alawa kisi ko naa de and trust me wo itni seedhi hai ki kuch bhi believe kar legi tum plz bas usme se wo letter le lo plz ammy..."

" Okay anjy relax main abhi le kar aata hun..."

" Oh thank you armaan you are a life saviour.."

He smiled .. " It's okay jaise hi letter mil jayega main tumhe inform kar dunga..."

" Oh thank you ammy thank you so much..." Ammy got up from the bed and moved out...

" Sir aap kahan jaa rahe hain... ?? " asked the guards

" Relax guys main sirf reception counter tak ja raha hun kuch kaam hai..."

" Sir hum aapko akele nahi bhej sakte bade sab ke strict orders hain..."

" Offfohh... Achha theek you can come with to theek hai naa " Guards agreed... " Hadd hai mere dad ne mere hi guards mujh par nazar rakhne ke liye lagaye hue hain.." mumbling to himself he went to the reception and saw a cute chubby nurse

" Excuse me sister lovely...?? " She immediately gave him the biggest smile...

" Haan ji .. Aap armaan ji hain naa... 5th floor waale... Oh ji dr.anjali ka phone aaya tha unhone aapko yeh file dene ko kaha hai ji..." She kept on staring at him with wide eyes and an even wider smile

" Umm.. Thanks ms.lovely.." he hold the file but could not take it as she was still holding it firmly. He looked at her smiled and said lovingly...

" Sister lovely..."

" Haan ji .."

" Agar aap file chhodengi nahi to main ise le kar kaise jaunga ji...?? " And she immediately realised that she was still holding it and let it go..

" Oh haan wo to hai ji..."

" Thank you ji..." he said smiling..

" Haan thank you ji... Gudnight ji.."

" Gudnight ji..." And shaking his head smiling to himself he moved towards his room... He looked into the file and to his surprise saw no letter in it... There were only some papers... He thought he should inform anjy immediately.. " Anjy pareshan ho rahi thi... Mujhe use batana chahiye ki is file main koi letter nahi hai..."

As he took a turn to a deserted corridor someone quickly covered his eyes...

" Kaun hai?? Who is it ..?? "

" Chup raho... Agar jyada shor machaya to yahin thanda kar dunga..." Came a threatning voice... It was certainly not his guards...

" Kaun...?? kaun ho tum log...??? Guards !! "

" Chup chaap chalte raho jyada bak bak karne ki koi jarurat nahi hai..." ammy felt a sharp object being peirced in his back... He decided to go with their orders and started to form a plan in his mind... They started to take him... Where ?? He didn't knew... ' Kaun hain yeh log ??? ' Then after few minutes of walk and turns they suddenly stopped and took off the cloth from his eyes... Ammy opened his eyes and
blinked but couldn't see anything... He was in a room... It was completely dark... And then came a faint glow...

And with that came a biiiggg smile on his face...

" i was right..."

" Happy birthday to you...
  Happy birthday to you...
  Happy birthday dear ammy...
  Happy bithday to you..."

The lights were switched on and he saw rahul muski rajat aditya niki all of them standing with big smile on their faces and a big birthday cake with a candle in the center... He turned back and saw a man in a gatekeepers dress

" Saab yeh sab in logon ne kaha tha karne ke liye..." And he left grinning

" I knew it...!!! guys tum bhi naa.. Thanks yaar..." Niki muski rahul all came near him and hugged him... " to tum log mujhe bevkoof bana rahe the..?? "

" Waise to zarurat nahi hai magar we were successful..." Said muskaan

" Hahaha... Well almost magar is surprise ke chakkar main you guys got late its one o'clock now " he showed them the watch

" Haha no way bro..." then adi And rahul showed their watches to him which showed 12 o clock in them.. Ammy was confused... " But...?? " He looked at the watch in his too showed 1..

" Wo isliye bro coz humne teri saari ghadiyan ek ghanta aage kar di thi..." And hearing this they all laughed out together...

" Hey.. Cmmon now cut the cake i'm dying to eat it..."

" Patience naam ki cheez ke baare main suna hai niki..?? " Said ammy

" Hahaha..." Muski laughed her patented laugh... " Patience..?? Wo kya hota hai ??? Right niki..." Niki gave her a sarcastic smile Then turned to ammy and said... " Oye jaldi kar naa... Warna main aise hi saara cake kha jaoungi..."

Rahul rolled his eyes and others laughed out... " Achha !! Patience ka dusra naam to muskaan hai naa... Right !! "

" Ammy jaldi se cake kat de yaar warna yeh dono bhukaad uska bhi wait nahi karengi... Badi mushkil se cake bachaya hai..." Rajat advised ammy...

" Right.. Oh magar mujhe anjy ko call karni hai.."

" Rehne de use hamne hi kaha tha tujhe room se bahar nikalne ke liye.."

" Ohh i see... tum log mere sath reh reh kar kaafi intelligent ho gaye ho..." He grinned

" Ok ok intelligence ke devta ab cake kaat yaar..." And without delay he cut the cake and fed everyone... Then took a big peice and ate it...

" Hmmm waaaooo thanks guys... Hmmm main to taras gaya tha meetha khaane ke liye..." he ate another peice...

" No probs. Bro it's all yours..." Adi slapped his back and joined him in cake finishing competition... But they were way behind muski and niki thay had finished almost 3/4th of the cake...

" Hey ammy yeh le tera present..." Rajat handed him a gift wrapped packet ... "Aur yeh bhi..." Aditya handed him another and then niki... And muski then came forward... " Aur yeh hamari taraf se... Maine to ise kitna samjhaya magar yeh to ek cheez ke peeche chipak hi jaati hai.." Said rahul... " Achaa khotte tune jo choose kiya tha wo bada achha tha..."

Before they could start again armaan calmed them down...

" Guys plz... I'm sure jo bhi aap log laye ho wo bahut achha hoga..."

" Main laayi hun... main..." Said muskaan

" Haan meri maa tu hi laayi hai ab use dekhne to de..."

Ammy happily opens his presents he starts with niki's and in it he found a lovely bracelet...

" Wow niki it's beautiful... Thanks yaar " he hugs her and wears it immediately Then he opened aditya's it was a beautiful and expensive looking pen...

" Its Pierre Cardin exclusive collectors item... Specially for youand many of your success stories..." He smiled at him

" Thanks adi... Its very thoughtful yaar..." He hugged his friend...

" It's my turn now.. Mera mera.." Rajat jumped like a monkey...

" Fine tera.." he opened the wrapped box grining and found a handsome watch inside... 

" Wow rajat i love it !!! It's fantastic and you know main aisi hi watch chahta tha... thanks man it's great..." he hugged him too

" Ha !! he loved mine... beats yours..." He said to adi who just rolled his eyes...

" Now... It's your turn bhabs let's see what you have got me this time " he opened the box and found a key chain inside it... 

Without any key ... He was confused and then looked at muski who looked at him expectantly smiling broadly... " To kaisa laga it's nice naa...??? " Armaan was confused bit disappointed but didn't said anything...

" H..haan achha hai... Very ummm different.."

" you can put any key in it..." she said happily as if it was the worlds best thing he could get

" Arre khakh achha hai maine isse better choose kiya tha magar yeh to isi par ataK gayi... Kabhi meri koi baat suni hai..."

" Chup kar khotte use pasand aaya na bas ... main uski pasand jaanti hun mujhe pata tha use yahi pasand aayega..."

" Haan haan guys ab bas karo aise ladoge to pura hospital uth jayega.." Rajat calmed them down...

" Guys ab hamein chalna chahiye bahut raat ho gayi hai... Armaan ko ab rest karne do " Niki stood up ready to go

" Yeah..." " okay..." Rajat and adi too moved towards ammy gave him a quick hug and were ready to go...

" Chal ammy chalte hain..." said rahul

" Chalte hain..??? Kahan bhai ??? "

" Arre bas bahar tak hamein chhod aa teri thodi si walk ho jayegi..."

" But bhai...??? "

" Chal naa it's lovely weather outside."

" Achha theek hai chalo..."

They all moved out and went to parking lot ...

" Achha bhai goodnight... Good night bhabs ...niki.. Guys..."

" Are abhi kahan apna baaki ka gift nahi lega..." Armaan looked at him surprised

rahul took out a pair of keys in his new key chain and handed them to him.. " Wo raha aapka baaki ka present..." Pointing at something

And then he saw it... She was standing there... Sheer beauty...elegant... breathtaking in that moonlight... Symbol of everything that was strong yet gentle he could not take his eyes off her... He wanted her... And wanted her badly... And now his dream was a reality it was right there in front of him... His first love... His beauty... Rahul muskaan aditya rajat niki... All Stood there watching him moving towards her stunned and mesmerised... Rahul stood there with his hand resting on muski's shoulders and she rested her head on his shoulder... Sighing happily... He turned back and smiled at rahul and muski who gave him a thumbs up and in return he smiled and mouthed thank you to them... It was a sports bike...!! The latest one... he wanted this one badly and was planning to buy it as soon as he got out of hospital... His old bike was totalled in the accident... He moved towards it and then jumped with joy..
He came back ro rahul and muski and hugged them happily...

" Well i take this as you like your present..." Rahul laughed

" Like it !! Like it !! Oh bhai i absolutely love it...!! Oh thank you thank you... You are the best...!! " He kissed him and muski on their cheeks

" Okay okay... Control yaar... But..." He broke the hug and looked at him warningly... " No riding till you are well " " and no bike racing... Okay.." Added muski

" Absolutely guys... Whatever you say " And hugged them again... " Oh this is the best birthday ever..."

So finally ammy got his midnight surprise and slept happily for whatever time was left for another eventful day...


Armaan woke up at 5 even before the alarm could ring the excitement could not let him sleep properly... He went to freshenup and splashing water on his face he looked into the mirror and smiled...

" Happy birthday dude... You look awesome.. Dashing and supercool.. as usual Of course... Ab bas keep your killer smile and charms ready and bedazzle ridhhima..." as soon as he remembered her a soft smile crept up to his face and he whispered... " Ridhhima..."

It was 6 am and armaan was watching tv when...

" Happy birthday to you
  Happy birthday to you "

" Daad !! "

" Ha ha happy birthday beta..." Virendra comes and hugs armaan lovingly...

" Thanks dad ... Aap yahaan ?? itni subah ?? Bhai to keh raha tha ki aap london ja rahe ho...?? "

" Haan beta bas airport hi ja raha tha magar aapko wish kiye bine kaise jaata..Huh.. "

Ammy hugs him again... " Ohhh i love you dad..." then breaking the hug he says " achha mera present ??? "

" Aa gaya naa matlab ki baat par.. hahaha "

" Daad.. Plzzz.. "

" Arre baba maine kabhi aapko kisi cheez ke liye mana kiya hai... Magar is baar main aapko ek bahut khaas cheez dene waala hun.."

" Really !! What ?? "

" Abhi nahi... Wo main aa kar bataunga tabhi to bhai saab ko milne ja raha hun aur is baar to unko sath hi le aaunga..."

" Sach tauji aa rahe hain wow .. Great dad..phir aap kab aaoge ?? "

" Main bas do din main aa jaunga... Achha ab main chalta hun warna daer ho jayegi.." He kisses his forehead.. " You take care ok aur koi shararat mat karna maine rahul aur muski ko bol diya hai wo nazar rakenge tum par... I promise jaise hi tum theek ho jaoge hum ek grand party rakhenge... Okay.. "

Ammy for the first time feels guilty for keeping something from his father..

" Humm okay dad... Bye.. Love you "

" Love you too son..." And he leaves..

Sigh.. " Kya yaar ammy... It's not good but ab main kya karu party ki tayari to ho chuki hai ab sabko mana thodi naa kar sakte hain... Okay ek kaam karta hun jaise hi dad wapas aayenge main unhe sab sach sach keh dunga... Yeah this is fine..." He feels better after deciding it..." okay ammy its 6:15 think about the breatfast now... Oh and ridhhima ko bhi to remind karwana hai..." He picks up the phone and dials ridhhimas number..

" Hello..."

" Hey ridhhima.."

" Kaun armaan... Tum itni subah?? "

" Yup maine yeh puchne ke liye phone kiya hai ki tum kab tak aa rahi ho...?? "

" Main bas aadhe ghate main pahuch jaungi... Magar "

" Tum bhul to nahi gayi ki tumne aaj breakfast mere sath karna hai..?? "

" Of course not... Agar koi itni baar remind karwayega to koi bhala kaise bhul sakta hai.. She giggles lightly... Aur you better be ready with something good kyunki mujhe to badi bhuuk lag rahi hai.." She said smiling

" Of course maam everything is ready Bas aapka hi intezar hai... Seedhe terrace par pahuch jaana..."

" Terrace par ?? " Surprised

" Yeah of course... Bas dekhti jao... Achha ab jaldi se aa jao bye..." He was about to hang up

" Armaan..."

" Haan.."

" Haapy birthday.."

A big smile came on his face " Thanks ridhhima.."

" Bye.. I will see you in few minutes "

" Yeah bye.." she hangs up armaan looks at the phone... It is definitely going to be a veerryy happy birthday and giggles..

It was 6:45 when idhhima reached the hospital her shift started at 8 Ammy was on the terrace waiting for ridhhima slightly shivering in the cold...

" Sshhh yeh ridhhima kahan reh gayee..." Rubs his hands together the sun wasn't out yet but there was light enough... Waiting for her he starts fussing with the arrangements.. Straightning the spoons... Keeping the flower vase properly... Again ... And glancing at the way again and again...

Finally ridhhima was there and as told she straightaway moved towards the terrace... As she reached the door she saw that there was red carpet spread on the floor... Leading somewhere... She walked on it and after few steps came to a halt... There was a small tent there.. In pink and white... Right in the center there was a table laid with two chairs and bent over it was... Armaan... Busy doing something... She smiled and just stood there...

Armaan on the other hand was busy fussing when his heart doubled up its speed for no apparant reason and as the light wind blew he knew... Ridhhima was there...

" to tum finally aa gayi..." He slowly turned smiling to look at her... There she stood looking stunning in a white suit...her cheeks little rosy due to cold and as her hair flew due to wind armaan forgot to breathe... Ridhhima came nearer and smiled at him...

" Armaan... Happy birthday "

He just stood there with his mouth slightly open mesmerised with her beauty... But somehow managed to speak up...

" Oh my god... Yeh din main bhi hota hai..."

Ridhhima was confused... " Din main bhi hota hai ?? Kya din main bhi hota hai ??? "

" Aaj pehli baar dekh raha hun chand din main bhi nikalta hai..." Ridz looks down feeling little shy... Armaan moves forward... " Tum aaj bahut sundar lag rahi ho..."

" Thanks..." she murmured

" Chalein..." She nods smilingly

He took her to a small tent that was erected there with two sides open one in front and the other where a small fire was burning... it was warm inside due to fire... And a table for two was set beautifully... He pulled out a chair for her like a perfect gentleman... And she settled herself on it smilingly..

" Thank you... Well maanna padega armaan baatoon main tumse koi muqabla nahi kar sakta... Tumhari gf's to tumse kaafi khush rehti hongi after all girls ko kaise impress kiya jaata hai yeh tumhe kaafi achhi tarah se aata hai..." She said in a teasing tone looking around in the tent...

" Really..." Little amused he bends a little towards her looking into her eyes whispers in a part serious voice...

" To koi impress hua ?? " And for a moment there was silence as both of them looked at each other intently... Though Ridhhima was little confused and armaan delibrately tried to throw some hints at her... A battle going on in his mind...

' Ammy don't make her nervous...' Then another voice spoke up...' Nervous nahi kar raha yaar just thodi hints dene ki koshish kar raha hun shayad wo mere dil ki baat aankhon se samajh jaaye...' the voice spoke up... ' Aarree aise ghurega to wo yahi samjhegi ki tu use samjhane ki nahi daraane ki koshish kar raha hai...' He suddenly
jerked at this thought and said...

" Umm... Waise main dooston ko bhi impress karta hun..." Trying to change the mood... " magar you are special coz tum to meri gf ho..." Getting bit serious again

" What ??? " Ridhhima looked at him

" Arree aise uchhal kyun rahi ho..." He changed his tone again " Tum ladki ho meri friend ho.. To meri girlfriend to tum hui naa..." Shaking his head... Obviously enjoying her surprised look...

" Armaaannn..." She hits him playfully on the hand...

" Hahaha... Arree yaar yeh to armaan malik ka charm hai waise bhi mujhe ladkiyon ko impress karne ke liye jyada mehnat nahi karni padti... Aur ab main kisi aur ko impress karna bhi nahi chahta... Sivaye ek ke..."

" Aur usse to ab main jaanti hi hun " she said cutting him in between... Ammy smiled hearing it... ' Abhi nahi ridhhima...' She continued... " Chalo jaan kar khushi hui ki itne sharif to tum ho ki ek sath loyal raho "

" Sharif ??? Aarre main bahut sharif hun... Sharafat ka tank to mere andar overflow karta hai..."

" Haan haan pata hai... Overflow..." She rolled her eyes... " Achha yeh batao tumne yeh sab manage kaise kiya ?? "

" Pehle batao pasand aaya ?? "

" Its lovely armaan..." Looking around pleasently surprised.." Maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki sanjivani ki chhat itni khoobsurat bhi lag sakti hai.. Yeh view.. Yeh flowers... Yeh settings... Maan gaye mr.malik you really have some imagination..." Pats his shoulder..

" Oh thank you.. thank you... Wo kya hai naa mere bhi kuch sources hain you see..." Rubbing his nails on his shirt...

she chuckles... " Ohhh i see... Achha ab apni tareef hi sunte rahoge ya breakfast bhi karwaoge mujhe aadhe ghante main dr.keerti ko report karna hai..."

" Oh haan.." He picks up a small bell kept on the table and shakes it... Rids looks at him amused... An elegant looking butler enters and stands there..

" Shall i serve the breakfast sir ? "

" Yes martin... Thank you " He bows lightly to both and goes away.. Ridhhima was obviously enjoying it..

" Wow armaan it's some royal treatment..." She smiles broadly

He too smiles... ' Of course ridhhima you are my queen you deserve it...' Then breaking from his thoughts " Hey ridhhima i have something for you..." he starts looking in his pockets she too looks at him Thinking... ' ab kya dhund raha hai ?? '

Armaan then after a moment or two pulls out a beautiful white rose and gives it to ridhhima...

" Yeh tumhare liye..." She looks at him little surprised... Then takes it

" But armaan yeh..."

" You know ridhhima tum wo pehli ladki ho jisse maine sach main flirt karne se pehle dosti ki hai..." She looks at him with an amused smile he continues... " Sach keh raha hun... Aur main umeed karta hun ki hamari dosti aisi hi bani rahe... Aur sach kahun to meri saari gf's main se i feel the best with you... Thank you... For everything..."

" aawww armaan that was such a nice thing to say... Thank you... And mister i hope its true coz i really hate liars..." But before he could say anything the butler entered with two other waiters and she was amazed to see such variety of food on the table...

" Wwaaaooo armaan itna kuch..." There were pancakes.. Eggs.. Toasts.. Grilled sandwiches.. Jam.. Bread.. Curd.. Even variety of parathas cereals and juices and tea and coffee... " armaan mera to dekh kar hi paet bhar jayega..."

" Well mujhe pata nahi tha ki tumhe kya pasand aayega to maine sab bol diya... And madam i want all of it wiped out..." He ordered

" Ohh aye aye sir..." She replied playfully they both laughed and started with their food and chitchat... mean while the sun was out and the orange glow filled the tent...

" Ohhh armaan look..." she shook his hand looking out at the horizon where sun was rising as if from behind the mountains... " Ohh it's sooo beautifulll..." She breathed in deeply...Ammy didn't take his eyes off her... her hand still holding his he smiled lightly whispering... " Yes it's beautiful..."

They then finished their breakfast

" Ohh maine to bahut jyada kha liya.. It was sooo tasty... Mazaa aa gaya.. Wonderful..." Wiping her hands on a napkin...

" Well... Yeh tumhare liye..." He pulled out a yellow rose

" Yeh ?? "

" Haan... Thanks... Aaj ke khoobsurat present ke liye..."

" Magar armaan... Maine to..."

" Tumne mujhe apni company di ridhhima apna promise pura kiya... Well aadha..." He smiled... " Dinner abhi baaki hai... Isliye..."

Ridhhima gladly accepted the flower... " Tum bhi naa armaan..." Just then her pager starts beeping... " Oh dr.kirti ka reminder tha dus minute main aane ke liye kaha hai..." She said getting up... " Achha armaan ab main chalti hun agar daer ho gayi to wo muje maar hi dalengi..." They both chuckled... " aur aaj to meri important surgeries bhi hain.. jaise hi free houngi main tumhe bata dungi okay..." They both came out of the tent...

" Ridhhima.." Armaan called out

" Hmmm..." She turned...

He came near to her and now pulled out a pink rose... " For your success... I know tum bahut achha karogi... All the best..." saying this he hugged her lightly... He didnt let her go... he was lost in the beautiful fragrance that seem to come from within her the wonderful smell of her hair her soft body which fitted so well with his and his
hands wrapped around her... She was so soft and warm... He never wanted to leave her... This feeling was so nice... Everything felt so.. So ... Right...

Ridhhima on the other hand was surprised at this and when he didn't let go of her felt little strange she murmured..." armaan..." Pushing him gently suddenly armaan came back to his senses and broke the hug..

" Oh haan... umm...ehmm " Cleared his throat.. " tumhe daer ho rahi hai naa... bye.. All the best.."

" Thanks.." She mumbled and quickly went away from there... Armaan saw her going away and sighed whispering lightly... " Ridhhimaa..."

When she climbed down the stairs she could not help but stop and think...

" Yeh kya tha..?? Why did it felt so strange...?? " she looked at the three different roses in her hand and then at the way up... She didn't understand anything... She then shook her head and hit herself lightly..." Kyaaa ridhhi ... Tu bhi kya kya sochti rehti hai... It was just a friendly hug silly girl... Usne to aisa kuch bhi nahi kaha... To phir tu itna kyun soch rahi hai... And silly girl he loves nikki so don't worry..." She sighed trying to be Content with her own explanation.. " Ohhh vvviiivvvek i miss you sooo much..." and hugging the flowers she walked away

Later in the day he was quiet busy with loads of people who kept coming to wish him Padma and shashank came too and finally had to order that no one should be allowed except the few coz his friends and aquaintances were almost flooding the room and gave him no time to rest... Armaan was really thankful coz he wanted to look fresh for
the party...

Same time at niki's house... niki was getting ready when Aditya called

" Hey niki .."

" Hi adi.."

" Yaar niki tere paas wo cliff richards ki cd hai..."

" Haan hai.."

" To yaar wo mujhe de dena yaar.."

" Tumhe cliff richards chahiye?? Are you all right adi its not hard metal... You know "

" haan yaar i know.. But yeh mujhe nahi ammy ko chahiye.. usne specially mangwayi hai kuch khaas kaam hai aur agar main le kar nahi gaya to wo muje zinda nahi chhodega... Main to dhund dhund kar mar gaya..."

" Haha achha theek hai main le aaungi..."

" Great niki you are a life saviour bye yaar.."

She smiled " bye.." And hung up.. she went to her cd rack picked up the cd and then it striked her... ' Oh my god cliff richards... The song !! she went back into the memory lane...

" You know niki jab mujhe sach main kisi se pyaar ho jayega aur main use propose karunga to it will be on this song it will be my dedication to my princess..."

" Oh my god he is sooo going to propose meee... Eee..." She went mad with happiness... And then fell down on her bed... Tears of happiness rolled down her eyes... " I love you too ammy... Love you lots..." And then hid her face in her hands suddenly feeling all shy...


10 o' clock- morning

" Yes sir saari tayari ho gayi hai..." Said sanjay on phone

" good i want it to be perfect samjhe saari tayari ho jaani chahiye... I want this party to b super cool... Okay..."

" Kya super cool hona chahiye armaan?? " Armaan looked back with horror oh no kya ridhhima ne sab sun liya?? " Ku..kuch nahi ridhhima ... Kuch nahi wo bas..."

" Armaan kahin tum mujhse Kuch chuupa to nahi rahe ... Kuch shaitani to plan nahi kar rahe naa...??? "

" Nahi nahi ridhhima main bhala kya karunga dekho naa aaj apne birthday waale din bhi main achhe bachho ki tarah yahan baitha hu " and he made a cute puppy face to make ridhhima believe of his honesty... Ridz looked at him with some suspicion...

" kuch to hai magar kya?? " She could not exactly point out what... " Theek hai dekho main ye batane aayi thi ki aaj meri jagah chirag aur dr.keerti aayenge rounds par main to surgery main busy rahungi isliye.."

" Wo dono aayenge ??? "

" Nahi ho sakta hai dr.keerti aa jaayein wo keh to rahi thi.. so u better be good aur haan agar chirag aaye to use jyada pareshan mat karna okay.. Agar usne mujhe kuch bhi shikayat kari to achha nahi hoga.." She warned him

" Shit ammy mar gaye dr.keeti !! " He thought but said smilingly..." Okay as you say doc.." Saluting her..

As she turned he starts doing bhangra on the bed itself and rajat giggles ridz turns back and he quickly stops the dance and instead starts waving at her... ridz shakes her head little confused then shrugs it off and moves out ...

" Yeee yiiipppeee... First problem solved..."

" Itni jaldi nahi yaar agar dr.keerti aa rahi hai to we need to be extra careful... Wo to hitler ki bhi maa hai..."

" Ha.. Have no fear ... When rajat is here..." And they smiled at each other wickedly...


" Hello mr.khanna.. Yes it's me.abhimanyu modi.. Kya kaam ho gaya hai.. Yes i don't want ki baat aaj shaam kaam khatam hone se pehle armaan malik tak pahuche.. Aap uski fikar mat kariye... Bas kaam waise hi hona chahiye jaisa main chahta hun... Agar aap hamara khayaal rakhenge to hum aapka bhi rakhenge..." He smiled wickedly..
And disconnected the call... " Happy birthday armaan malik..."

01:30 pm

The door of the room opened and dr.keerti walked in with chiraag

" hello mr.malik..."

" Oh hello dr.keerti... How are you ?? "

She smiled one of the rare ones..

" I'm fine thank you... And dr.ridhhima ne bataya ki aaj aapka birthday hai. Wish you a very happy birthday "

" Oh thanks..."

" Now let me see..." She picks up the chart and continues with her chekup... " Hmm.. Baaki sab to theek hai just the BP is bit high... And.."

" aauuuch.." He cries out as she moves her fingers on his ribs..

" Does it hurt a lot ?? "

" Well pehle se to kaafi kam hai magar agar aap aise press karoge to dard to hoga naa..." She got bit serious and continued with her check up but after a moment becomes herself again...

" Hmm everything seems okay... Dr.Chiraag yeh medicine abhi de dijiye and keep an eye on the breathing and watch out for any pain... mr.malik it's better you take some sleep.."

" Yes maam.."

" and mr.malik aaj ke liye aap dr.chiraag ke under rahenge.. Dr.ridhhima ne aapko bataya hi hoga "

" Yeah usne subah hi mujhe bata diya tha "

And then rahul enters...

" Hey birthday boy..." Then he sees dr.keerti and chiraag.. " Oh hi..."

" Hello mr.malik..." said dr.keerti

" Umm.. Everything okay..??? " he asked concerned

" Yeah everything is fine... Okay ab main chalti hun mujhe bhi kuch jaruri kaam hai.."And she leaves..

" Pheeww... Yaar yeh to sach main gabbar singh ka female version hai " Said armaan

" Sach main..." Added chiraag... " Achha yeh lo yeh dawai le lo.."

" What ??? Tum bhi ?? "

" Ammy wo theek keh raha hai... Hurry up.."

" But bro... Aaj mera birthday hai "

" Birthday ka usse kuch lena dena nahi hai "

" Yes rahul is right and agar tumne dawai theek se nahi li to i'm sorry main tumhe party main nahi jaane dunga..." Chiraag gave him the medicine with a set look on his face. Armaan was left with no choice he took the pills and swallowed them making an ugly face...

" Now that's like a good boy..." Said rahul patting his shoulder Ammy glared at him but rahul took no notice of it... " Achha ab sun party ke liye hum jayenge at about 2:30 everythimg is set tab tak sab aa bhi jayenge and agar dr.keerti dubara aati bhi hai to tab tak tu yahin hoga aur kisi ko shak bhi nahi hoga... Guards ko bol diya hai wo kisi ko andar aane nahi denge... Ok "

All three smiled broadly and raised their thumbs ... " okay "

2:30 p.m

Finally it was time two heads peeped out of the door one looked right the other one left

" Pphhsss... phhss.."

" Yeah ..."

" Rahul bhai... the coast is clear..."

" Okay..." He whispered back... " Let's go "

' Hey guys you take care pata hai na kya karna hai ?? " He asked the guards...

" Yes sir..."

Now ammy comes out of the room and all three of them run to the nearest fire escape...

" Huuhh... Finally yeh to hua... Yahaan se hum back gate ke through hall ke liye bahar jayenge kisi ko kuch pata nahi chalega... Ammy you change quickly..." Rahul handed him his clothes...

" Okay...guysss at least face that side "

" Oh haan..."  " yeah..." They both turned their backs and ammy changes quickly... And does his hair... Finally except the small bandage on his forehead noone could tell looking at him that he was injured in an accident...

" Wow ammy you look cool man..." Rahul patted his back lightly...

" Thanks bro. "

" Yeah mr.handsome ab jaldi karo... Kahin koi dekh naa le..." said chirag

They all move out nobody noticed them and finally they reach the confrence hall there were long lines of cars on both sides of the road which said that their were quite many people inside... He smiled broadly feeling really happy... It was going to be a wonderful day...

He entered the hall... The music that played was as if a king was entering his court and all the people made way for him many people came and hugged him and wished him... Girls went mad... Everyone was there rahul muski niki rajat adi... All... he greeting them all shaking hands thanking them... Hugging some kissing some... (Girls of course and on cheeks) finally he reached a grand table where he saw were kept.. Not one.. not two.. but Three beautiful cakes !!

Adi brought a birthday cap which was placed on his head and he smilingly obliged..He came near the table and took the knife... surrounded by friends and family and hoping to be together soon with his love armaan felt as if he was on seventh heaven... He bent down lightly and blew air to blow out the candles... But could not his cracked ribs didn't permit him to take in much air...

" Ouch.."

" Ammy kya hua ?? " Muski asked others were concerned too..

" Kuch nahi bhabs just main yeh candles nahi bujha paunga..." He replied...

" Ohh bas itni si baat tu try to kar ab jaroor bujh jayegi..."

" But..."

" Aarree ek baar kar to sahi..." Rahul encouraged him...

He sighed.. And blew again... But this time his blow was accompnied by blows from friends and family.. And except one all the candles were blown out... Everybody clapped and sung happy birthday along with the DJ... He cut the cake and fed and hug everybody ... .

Then aditya took the mike and in a heavy baritone voice announced...

" Ladies and gentleman this party officially starts ... now..." DJ started playing Music and the crowd went wild and rushed to the dance floor... everything was super cool there was a karoke floor too... Armaan was surprised to see it all many of his friends kept coming he was extremely happy enjoying everything around him... Loads of people were there he was enjoying the party when rahul came over to him...

" Armaan tune ridhhima ko bulaya hai ya nahi..."

"Haan maine sab plan kar liya hai ... Party to main nahi dikha paunga magar ek quiet dinner sanjivani ki terrace par chand ki light main bas main aur wo then i m going to tell her something..." He smiles at rahul who smiles back understanding everything...

Sometime later anjy sapna and atul too came there... Anjy hugged armaan and atul and sapna wished him ...

" Hey armaan cool party yaar... is hall ki to shakal hi badal gayi " Said anjy enjoying the ambiance...

" Yeah man it looks awesome.." Said atul who no longer looked at armaan as a threat to his love..

" Thanks guys... Plz feel free and enjoy aur guys main tum logo bhi thanks kehna chahta tha... Agar tum log sath nahi dete to shayad yeh nahi ho paata..."

" Ohh it's okay yaar dost hote kisliye hain..." Said sapna... " Hey guys chiraag ..." Suddenly spotting him near the bar..

" Oh haan wo kya hai naa abhi aditi aayi nahi hai wo usi ka wait kar raha hai.. Aur thodi himmat bhi gather kar raha hai..." All of them giggle...

" Guys chalo uska morale boost karke aate hain.." Said sapna with a naughty smile...They were about to go when armaans cell ring up..

" Guys tum log chalo main ek call attend karke aata hun..." They leave

" Hello... Yeah... Ahaan... Yes ... Perfect fine 11 will be just fine... I want everything perfect this dinner is very special to me... Okay i trust you for that tabhi to aapko arrangements ke liye bola hai... Thanks..." He disconnected the phone and as he turned he saw niki standing right on front of him with folded arms and raised eyebrows asking him what he was up to..

" Oh niki.. Tum ho ..."

" Haan main hi hun... Kisse baat kar rahe the ??? Aur yeh kaun se dinner ki baat ho rahi thi... Going somewhere ?? humm..." She smiled inwardly looking at his surprised face... ' Kab tak chhupaoge armaan mujhe sab pata hai... God kab bajenge 11...'

" Wo.. Niki... Tumne sab sun liya ?? "

" Haan sab sun liya..aur kuch kuch samajh bhi liya "

" To.. To ab jab tumhe pata chal hi gaya hai to main bas yahi kehna chahta hun..." He held her hand in his and looked on her eyes..." Ki thanks... You have been a wonderful friend... I couldn't have asked for anyone as understanding and wonderful as you are... Main aaj raat ek bahut jaruri kaam karne ja raha hun aur tum..."

" Hey ammy yahan kya kar raha hai chal naa wahaan sab tera intezaar kar rahe hain..." Came rajat's voice and he dragged him along

" Uuuggghhh rajat !! I m going to kill him someday... Hamesha galat time par aata hai..." She too walked away from there stomping her feet angrily... Armaan was busy with his friends and niki could not control herself...

" Offoh... Yeh log to armaan ko chhod hi nahi rahe.. Ab main kaise usse baat karun... Huh..." Sighing deeply she moved towards him... Niki just drag him out of there warna teri usse baat hi nahi ho payegi... She jumps in between..

" Hey guys... Tum sabke liye wahan ek surprise hai..."

His friends look excited... " Surprise..!! Sach.. Hamare liye...!! "

Niki nodded armaan looked at her confused... " Surprise ?? Kaun se ...?? " She just sqeezed his hand signalling him to be quiet and he understood immediately...

" Jao naa dekho to sahi..." And they all went away...

" Phew... Yeh log bhi naa bas chipak hi jaate hain..."

" Niki tum bhi naa... Bolo kya baat hai jo tumne unhe bhaga diya..."

Now all the courage deserted her and she fumbled for words.." Armaan wo... Baat wo hai ki... Ehhm baat yeh hai ki mujhe tumhe kuch batana tha... Tumhe yaad hai maine kaha tha..."

Suddenly remembering it... " Oh yes how can i forget !! Tum mujhe us special person ke baare main batane waali thi naa..." She nodded.. " Well niki hum dono kitne same hain naa main bhi tumhe ek bahut hi special insaan ke baare main batana chahta hun... Jise maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki main kabhi uske baare main aisa feel karunga.." She looked at him... With all expectations and love feeling bit shy.." Magar
pehle tum phir main... Okay.."

" Nahi armaan pehle tum bolo..."

" Nahi niki pehle tum...ladies first.."

" Nahi armaan iss mamle main nahi.."

" Nahi pehle tum... You promised me first.."

" Armaan.."

" Niki.."

" Armaaan.."

" Niikkiii "

" Armaan.."

" Arre yeh tumhari awaaz ko kya ho gaya... Yeh to aadmiyon jaisi lag rahi hai..." She put a hand on her throat confused...

" Meri awaaz.."

" Arree yeh niki ki nahi meri awaaz hai..." chirag came up...

" Oh chiraaag it's you..."

" Yes ab chalo..."

" kahaan ??? "

" Are it's 4:30 check up time.. Dr.keerti ke aane se pehle hamein room main jaana hai aur tumhe change bhi karna hai warna unhe fauran pata chal jayega ki kuch gadbad hai..."

" Oh haan chalo.. But wait mujhe niki se kuch jaruri baat karni thi... Niki tum kuch rahi thi naa jaldi bolo..."

" Nahi armaan pehle tum chekup karwa lo phir baat karenge... Main yahin hun i can wait..."

" Are you sure ??? "

" haan baba ab jao dr.keerti kabhi bhi aa jayengi..."

" Okay.. Main bas abhi aaya... Comeon chiraag..." Both of them leave..

" Huh huh...huh..." Armaan stopped at a landing they could not use lift and it was getting really troublesome for him to climb 5 floors with injured leg which was throbbing and paining for sometime now even in the party but he ignored... But these stairs and these cracked ribs... He was left gasping for breath after every landing... Chiraag noticed this...

" Armaan tum theek to ho...??? "

He just nodded... " No you don't look fine... Let's call it off armaan you are already risking too much..."

" Cmmon chiraag i'm fine... It's just.. It's fine... itne din bed par raha to itne up down ki aadat lagta hai chhut gayi.. I'm...i'm fine..." He said again getting ready for the final Flight of stairs... Chiraag gave him his hand and helped him with the rest of the stairs...finally they were there... Chiraag peeped outside... The corridor was deserted
and only two guards were present there outside armaans room...but to their horror dr.keerti was coming from other direction... He quickly rushed back..

" Oh crap !! " Armaan looked at him questioningly... " Dr.keerti.. wo tumhare room ki taraf hi aa rahin hain... We are so dead..."

" Oh god. !! Is she there ?? " Chiraag again peeped outside and saw that she stopped midway and was talking to a nurse... Then something happened and she started walikng away with the nurse and went into another room...

" Armaan it's our chance hurry up..." They both rushed to the room and closed the door... Armaan quickly changed and was just lying down on bed when she entered Armaan's room

" Hello mr.Malik. Dr. Chirag "

" Good afternoon maam..."

" So mr.malik... Let's see.." She started with his chart and then saw him... " mr.malik are you all right ?? aap bade thake hue lag rahe hain.."

" No i'm fine it's's..." He didnt know what to say... " Nothing.."

Keerti looked at him with some suspision and started with his check up.. " Dr.chiraag is everything under control..?? "

" Y..yes maam.."

" Dr.chiraag.. BP pehle se bada hua hain And..." keeping the stethoscope on his chest... " Have you given the prescribed medicine...??? "

" Yes maam.." He said but she looked serious..." mr.malik do you feel fine ?? Is there pain while breathing ??? How about your leg... ??? " she enquired

" I'm fine doc. It's just... My leg pains a little..."

" Kya aap jyada der tak khade rahe the ??? "

" Main nahi wo bas... Actually main baithe baithe bore ho gaya tha to bahar thoda walk ke liye.."

She looked at chiraag... " Dr.chiraag kya aap jaante nahi hain ki mr.malik ki haalat aisi nahi hai ki wo jyada der tak khade ho ya chalein..."

" Maam..wo.." he gulped.. " maam.."

" Aapne inhe bahaar jaane hi kaise diya.. Can't you see that it can cause trouble and complexities.."

" Maam hum jyada duur nahi gaye the bas corridor tak..."

" No dr.chiraag plz see that mr.malik bed se neeche paer na rakhe... And agar patient zid kare to its your duty to be firm with him.." She looked at armaan who was bit scared of her anger and scolding... she continued... " I hope mr.malik ab aap dhyaan denge..." He nodded... " Take rest... Dr.chiraag give these medicines immediately.."

" Yes maam..."  And she left...

" Pheww... God bless you chiraag is phulan devi ko tum kaise jhelte ho.."

" Bas pooch mat yaar... Jab dr.keerti saamne ho to achhe achho ka split wide open ho jaata hai.."

" Hahaha... Cmmon let's go sab hamara wait kar rahe honge..."

" But armaan... Abhi dr.keerti ne kaha ki you are not fine and i think she is right you should rest..."

" Oh cmmon chiraag i will pop up some pills don't worry and tum bhul gaye tumhe aditi se nahi milna kya ?? "

" Aditi ?? " Now he was on a fix... " Magar " Armaan knew chiraag's weakness and said " cmmon tum to ho naa wahan agar mujhe laga ki now i can't handle to hum wapas aa jayenge okay... Ab khush..." Chiraag still looked confused... " Offoh itna socho mat... Ab chalo " and he got up ready to go he didn't wanted to give chiraag any time to think or change his mind... Finally chiraag gives in and they both again
rush back to party...

As soon as they reach the party chiraag got his wish...

" Heeeyyy ammmyyy happy birthdayyy..." she came rushing with wide open arms to hug him...

" Heey hey express train... Slow down " and laughing a little he hugged her lovingly...

" Thanks a lot but you are late... aur tum wo layi ho jo maine tumhe kaha tha ?? "

" arre haan yaar you know naa tera hi kaam kar rahi thi achha mujhe ek bahut jaruri baat bhi karni thi..."

" Ehhmm..." Chirag cleared his throat to divert her attemtion to him ammy smiled...

" Ohh hiii chirag how are you ??? Sorry main wo ammy ke sath bak bak karne lag gayi... My my... Someone is looking handsome today..." Speaking naughitily... And to her surprise chirag blushed... She noticed it and pulled his cheeks... " Ooohh chirag you are sooo cuteee.. you are blushing !!! "

" Hahaha..." Armaan laughed seeing chirags expressions...

Everybody was enjoying the party aditi was busy with her other friends and chiraag kept on looking at her but could not summon up enough courage to speak to her...Anjy sapna atul notice it and encourage him to go up to aditi and confess his love for her... But chiraag was very nervous.

" Arre yaar chiraag tu agar aise hi darta raha na to bas ho gaya tera kaam..." atul coaxed him...

" Yeah right... Agar tum aise hi karte rahe naa to koi aur tumhari aditi ko le jayega aur tum yahan khade hue kabhi kabhi aditi gaate rehna..." Anjy supported atul...

chirag gulped... " Yaar tum log mujhe dara kyun rahe ho... Shubh shubh bolo... I love her yaar... I dont want to loose her... maine to soch bhi liya hai ki main use kaise propose karunga "

" Arree nalayak to yahan khada kyun hai jaa naa... Dekh wo dance karne jaa rahi hai chal hum sab bhi chalte hain... Dance karte karte apne dil ki baat keh dena teri bahhon main to wo already hogi hi... Haiii kitna romantic hoga naaa... Huuuhhh " sapna sighed...

" Oo hello madam back to reality..." Anjy tapped her shoulder bringing her back from her dreamworld

Chiraag got all piped up... Keeping his punch glass down he stood up " you are right guys its action time now... Lets go..." And they all moved to dance floor where a man gave them a mask to wear as it was a masque dance... They all start dancing chiraag spots aditi and with the next turn changes partner...

" Hey... its me chiraag... Umm nice party.. Umm actually Main tumse kuch kehna chahta tha... Wo baat yeh hai... I've been trying to find a way to express my feelings for you. I've always wanted to create something unique to show you just how much I love you. Aur ab mujhe sahi jagah mil gayi hai aur ab main puri duniya ko batana chahta hun ki I LOVE YOU ! It may sound crazy and corny, but I want to tell the whole universe about the true and sincere affection I have for you. main tumhe exactly bata nahi sakta how I feel, but I hope that you feel the warmth of my love whenever we are together. Main hamesha tumhare sath rahunga jab bhi tumhe meri jarurat ho, and I will be with you until I breathe my last breath. I promise to share my life with you no matter what tomorrow may bring... So adi plz accept my love.. Would you ..?? " He went quite for a moment waiting for aditis reply...

" Haaaiii chirag mar jawaan kya dialouge maara hai yaaarrr koi bhi ladki yeh sun kar tujh par total flat ho jayegi..."

Chiraag was shocked... " What ?? Tum tum... Who are you ??? "

" Haan haan main aditi nahi sapna hun... Ab muh mat bana... Koi baat nahi hota hai ab apni aankhen khol aur wo dekh wo yahin hai yeh same dialouge use ja kar bol de..."

" Sapnaaa " but he had no time to kill her he again swirls and turns and changes the partner...

" Ummm hi... Main chiraag main tumse kuch kehna chahta tha.." Again getting into the mood...

" Par..." She said

" Nahi plz mujhe pehle bolne do.. Main kabse tumhe yeh baat kehna chahta tha..." He repeats everything again...

" Oh my god...huuuhhh... Chiraag that was sooo sweet... Tum plz atul ko bhi kuch sikha do naa... Uska romance to pata nahi kya ho gaya hai din ba din level girta hi jaa raha hai..."

" What ?? Atul ??? W..Who are you ?? "

" Oh sorry chiraag its me anjy... Sorry yaar magar tum itni achhi baatein kar rahe the to i didnt wanted to disturb you..."

" Annnjjjyy ... Yaar tum bhi naa saare romantic mood ka kachra kar diya.." He spots aditi again right next to him and swirls and changes partner again...

" Hi aditi isse pehle ki koi aur gadbad ho i want to say something very important to you... I've been trying to find a way to express my feelings for you. I always wanted to to tell you that I LOVE YOU! It may sound crazy and corny, but I want to tell the whole universe about the tHis I hope that you feel the same I will be right here beside you any time you need me, and I will be with you until I breathe my last breath... Huh.." He speaks all these lines in a very hasty manner...

" Excuse me... Do i know you??? "

He was shocked again..

" Huhh..??? "

The girl took away her mask and he saw that it was someone else..

" Oh i'm so sorry i thought ki aap koi aur hain..." He mumbled

" No problem handsome..." She gave him a flirty smile checking him from head to toe...and then moves away pinching his back... " Ouch..." He was sweating surprised at her act.. He was fed up now... Three.. Three times !! he had tried and everytime landed with wrong person... he then sees anjy taps her shoulder and before she could even reply takes her as partner and starts dancing...

" Main to dukhi ho gaya hun is aditi ke chakkar main pagal kar rakha hai ... Pata nahi apne aap ko samajhti kya hai... Jaruri tha dance karna... Agar ek din dance nahi karti to kuch bigad jaata... Silly stupid..." He kept on speaking irritated with what happened with him... Suddenly anjy stopped dancing and took off her mask and to chiraags horror... It was...

"Aditi..!! "

" How mean of you chiraag... Maine tumhara dimaag kharab kiya hua hai..."

" Aditi..nahi main wo.." He tried to explain..

" Aur mere dance karne se tumhe kya problem hai huh... Aur party main dance nahi karenge to kya maun vrat rakhenge...How rude..."

" Nahi main to wo bas.."

" Shut up chiraag... And you called me stupid and silly...!! " Poor chiraag could not utter a word he just opened and closed his mouth like a fish... Aditi was super angry now... she stomped on his feet with her three inch heel and walked away from there...

" Ouuuccchhh... Aditii..plz meri baat to suno..." He ran after her limping...

Rahul muski anjy sapna atul who were witnessing all this sympathised with chiraag... " Tch tch tch... Bechara... Cmmon let's dance..." And Forgetting everything they start dancing...


" Ladies and gentleman... The tender will open up in about half an hour... Uske pehle main kuch conditions clear kar dena chahta hun...

Jaisa ki aap jaante hain is 350 crore ke tender ke liye jo quotes aayi hain unme se sabse low quote choose ki jayegi.. Company ki signing authority ka yahaan present hona jaruri hai jisse ki paper work aaj hi pura karke kaam jald se jald shuru kiya ja sake... Isme ek condition hai agar kisi wajah se selected company ki signing authority yahaan nahi aa pati to contract next bidder ko transfer kar diya jayega... Without any appeal aur yeh decision final hoga... The looked at modi who smiled at him... Contract ki formalities within a week puri ho jaani chahiye aur doosri terms and conditions aapko files main de di gayi hain... So pls.. Enjoy..." declered mr.khanna the tender manager

Everybody started talking to each other passing their time till the contract is declared...

" Kamaal ki baat hai maliks dikhayi nahi de rahe... Tender to unhone bhi bhara hai.. hai na " said a man

" Haan lekin mujhe pata chala hai ki armaan malik ka accident ho gaya hai aur wo hospital main hai..." said the other

" Maliks ko isse pehle to kabhi koi tender meeting miss karte nahi dekha.. Na virendra malik hai aur na hi rahul malik..." first one replied

" Ya quite surprising... Kya unhe pata bhi hai ki tender opening ki daye preponed ho gayi hai ?? Magar achha hai naa hamare chances to badh gaye..." Said the other man laughing

Modi who was listening to all this smiled broadly at his cunningness.. he looked at the watch it was 4:45 There was no way armaan could be informed and he could manage to come there... He knew he would be busy in his party.. all thanks to niki... He busied himself with other people But there was someone else too who was there and found the absence of maliks very odd... It was a business associate of maliks the

" Divya.." He called his secretary " call sanjay malik's manager and ask whether they would be coming to the tender opening... Quickly.." The secretary nodded and went away to make a call...

" Hello mr.sanjay its divya calling mr.parashar's assistant..." And what she told him left sanjay dumbfounded

" What !! Tender's opening today ?? How come ?? We were not informed at all ... . Main..." he rubbed his forehead thinking what to do.. " Well thanks ms.divya.. Plz say thanks to mr.parashar too.." He hung up the phone... Divya came back and spoke something in her bosses ear... listening to which mr.parashar looked at her surprisingly... And then his eyes fall on modi talking very animatedly to mr.khanna...

Sanjay rushed in the confrence hall within five minutes fortunately he was in the same building where he came for some work when mr.parashars assistant called... He rushed to parashar and had a quick word with him... Modi saw sanjay and his worries returned he quickly dials up a number...

" What is this ?? But how did this happen... I thought everything was in control.. How can you be so irresponsible.. I don't want him here... Fine i will see... Damn.." Cursing he disconnected the phone

" Excuse me mr.khanna.." Sanjay said

" Yes.. He turned to talk to him.." Cutting the phone

" Dekhiye i'm the maliks representative.. Hamein tender ki date prepone hone ke baare main inform kyun nahi kiya gaya..."

" What rubbish mr.sanjay.. Sabhi companies jinhone bidding ki hai unko inform kiya gaya tha in written.. Aur agar aapko is baare main nahi pata to yeh hamari galti nahi hai..." Khanna said rudely " and thodi daer main tender open hone wala hai its better ki aap mujhse behas karne ki bajaye apne boss ko yahan bula lein agar unhe tender mila aur wo papers par aaj sign nahi karte to yeh tender dusri company ko transfer ho jayega.."

Sanjay was in a fix again..." Lekin yeh to galat hai we are one of the main bidders aur aap hamari taraf se confermation mile bina kaise process aage badha sakte hain..." He said little angrily..

" mr.sanjay.. Agar aap log laparwah hain to isme hamri koi galti nahi hai is baat ka dhayaan aapko rakhna chahiye tha hamein nahi samjhe... Now dont argue with me.."

" Kya hua mr.khanna ?? " A man came forward...

" Kuch nahi sir yeh maliks ke representatives hain aur yeh keh rahe hain ki inhe date ke baare main inform nahi kiya gaya..."

" What !! hows that possible..." said the man.." I'm sure kuch misunderstanding hui hai..."

" Plz. Mr.chauhan we have dealt with you so many times before and hamare business relations itne achhe rahe hain... Main apne sir ki taraf se aapse request karunga ki aap hamein thoda time dein.."

" No mr.sanjay thats not possible the day has been fixed aur wo kisi ke liye nahi badla jayega.." Khanna cut in between...Mr.chauhan raised his hand and khanna went quiet... Modi was observing all this ...

" Mr.sanjay i know maliks have been excellent people to work with magar main bhi is tender ke rules and regulations se bandha hua hun sarkari kaam hai main apni taraf se chah kar bhi aapki kuch madad nahi kar paunga agar mr.malik ko yeh tender milta hai aur wo yahan nahi aate to hamein yeh tender next bidder ko dena hoga.."

" But sir...kuch to kariye main aapse date change ke liye nahi keh raha bas give us some time i'm sure we can manage something..."

" Hmm..." He started thing.. " Welll... Ek kaam kar sakte hain... Main aapko jyada se jyada aadha ghanta aur de sakta hun... Tender khulne ka time hai 5:30 agar 6 baje tak mr.malik aa jate hain to theek hai... Aur isse jyada main kuch nahi kar paunga.." He puts a hand on his shoulder..

" Well thank you mr.chauhan i'm sure this would help..." Khanna scowled at this and looked at modi who looked at his watch... 5:10...

sanjay tries rahuls number but he was quiet busy dancing and did not hear his cell ringing... Offoh ab kya karu.. He dials ammys number but could not reach it " offoh yeh bhi nahi mil raha.. Haan.." He dials aditis number..

modi gets little worried but khanna looks at him and assures that the things are on his side.. aditi was avoiding chiraag when she gets a call from sanjay...

" Hello... " she rushes to armaan pulling him on a side

" Hey adi... Someone really likes you " looking at chiraag... He saw aditi stomping on chirags feet...Trying hard not to laugh...

" Armaan this is important..." his laugh falters when he sees her serious face She says something to him in a hurried and worried manner... Armaan's expressions change a muscle tightens in his jaw he gets up quickly listening everything...

" Armaan ab...?? " Aditi asked

" You wait here adi... I will take care of it..." She looked worried

" Aditi dont worry yaar i'm all set... Main yun gaya aur yun aaya tum plz yahaan dhayaan rakho and enjoy..." He said lightheartedly Aditi smiles at him.. He made everything look so simple and easy.. He pulls out his cell and dials a number...

" Yes its me armaan.. get ready with the project A..." And disconnecting the phone he moves away from there walking towards the door passing the friends who were obviously too busy to notice anything...with a set face...

" You went just little too far modi..." And starts moving out but meets adi on the way

" Hey ammy kahan ja raha hai ?? "

" Adi i have to go yaar its important "

" Magar kahan aur achanak...?? "

" adi its imporatant i have to be somewhere in half an hour..."

" Magar yaar..."

" Adi abhi mere paas time nahi hai chal main raaste main batata hun..." They both leave together...outside at the parking... " Hum jayenge kaise ??? Kaun si car hai ?? "

" No car.. on my new jet..." he moved to a particular place leaving a surprised adi behind...

" Jet ??? Yahaan ??? Ammyy..." he starts looking up in the sky and then he saw his superbike...

" Hop on quick we have only half an hour..." Adi sits behind and armaan zooms out the bike...

" Hhhooo dhyaan seee..." Adi shouted out...

It was already 5:35 by the time they started ammy zoomed in and out of the traffic at the superfast speed... Adi held him tightly from the belt he could not hold him from upwards as he was wearing his rib protector...


Ridhhima comes out of the operation theater

" very well done dr.ridhhima have all the makings of a great doctor " ridhhima beamed with happiness hearing this " thank you sir its an honour to work with you "he too smiled " well it would be better if you take some rest we have to start with the next surgery in about.." he looked at his watch " half an hour...ah dr.keerti !"

" hello doctors "

" hello we were just remembering you.. i must say you have a very talented intern here " keerti smiled at ridhhima hearing this " well you would be joining us for the next one right "

" yes of course doctor "

" good now i will take your leave and give some rest to this fragile body of mine " they all smiled and he went away

" dr.ridhhima aap bhi thoda rest kar lijiye.. "

" maam wo mere patients.."

keerti was impressed seeing her dedication " well aapke baaki patients ki responsibility dusre doctors ko de di gayi hai.. and the special case of mr.malik unhe dr.chirag handle kar rahe hai.."

" chiraag !! alone... " she spoke up before she could control " oh sorry "

" well i know aap kya soch rahi hain.. he's really handful magar don't worry i think he can manage.. phir bhi agar aap chahein to call kar ke puch sakti hain afterall he is your patient " giving one of her rare smiles she goes away... ridhhima decides to call she dials armaan's room number..


ridhhima was surprised whats taking so long to pick up the phone she was about to hang up thinking to check herself when someone picked it up...

" hello "

" hello kaun ?? " she said

" ji.. ji main armaan sir ka security guard bol raha hun aap kaun ?? "

" main dr.ridhhima bol rahi hun.. dr.chirag hain wahan par ?? "

" ji madam wo to nahi hain kisi kaam se bahar gaye hue hain shayad.."

" achha armaan kahan hai usko phone do "

" ji main unhe phone nahi de sakta "

" kyun ?? " suddenly alert

" ji wo so rahe hain aur dr.chiraag ne unhe disturb karne ke liye mana kiya hai "

" oh " relaxed now " theek hai.. achha armaan ki tabiyat theek hai ?? "

" ji lag to theek hi rahe the "

" the ?? "

" ji mera matlab hai sone se pehle... ab to so rahe hai naa "

" achha theek hai.. dr.chirag ko bata dena mera phone aaya tha "

" ji "

she hangs up sighing and decides to take some rest...

5:45 pm

15 minutes were left for the tender to be declared.. abhimanyu looked at the watch feeling much relaxed now...He smirked looking at the watch and then at his manager... " Tried to challenge me !! Never underestimate the enemy mister... ab shayad yeh baat use samajh aa jani chahiye... Aur agar nahi aayi to ab aa jaayegi..."

armaan drives even faster... adi's teeth start chattering...

modi looks at sanjay and smirks... " huh.. not this time mr.malik... not this time..."


everybody starts asking for armaan rahul too starts looking for him

" hey aditi tumne armaan ko dekha hai kahin ?? "

" arre rahul main tumhe hi dhund rahi thi... wo actuallyarmaan..." she narrates him the whole situation

" oh god ! to armaan akele hi chala gaya ?? aditi tumhe yeh baat mujhe batani chahiye thi... aur yeh ammy bhi naa... bas nikal pada agar use kuch ho gaya to.."

" nahi rahul adi ammy ke sath gaya hai "

" adi ammy ke sath hai ??" she nods a slight relief comes to rahuls face but was still worried " maine ammy ko kaha tha tumhe batane ke liye magar usne kaha ki main tumhe kahun ki tum yahaan dhyaan rakho aur wo jaldi aa jayega "

" hey guys armaan dikha kahin ?? " chirag came asking

" hmm " rahul narrated everything to him

" hey bhagwan i hope wo time se aa jaaye 8:30 uska 3rd checkup hai aur agar wo nahi aaya to uska to kuch nahi hoga magar dr.keerti meri hamesha ke liye chutti kar dengi..."

Rajat on the other hand was busy with something...

" Haan hey ronny sab tayar..."

" Yes " ronny replied ...

" Okay..." he secretly lets some people in with some carets ...and when no one was looking they changed the punch bowl with the other one ... And quickly hide themselves behind the counter.. Just as rajat was letting those guys out niki comes up from behind..

" Hey rajat.." He was surprised " ohoo..." He turns to face niki sheepishly...

" Hi niki tum yahaan ..?? "

" Haan wo..."

" Kuch chahiye tha kya ?? " niki was bit confused at his hurried tone..

" Nahi wo actually main bas puchne aayi thi ki sab theek to hai naa.."

" Yeah everything is fine maine bahar apne guards laga diye hain ki kisi bhi hospital staff ko andar kya aas paas bhi naa fatakne dein aur baaki saara arrangement to theek hi hai hai naa..."

" Hmm haan nice yaar... Rahul ke liye akele handle karna thoda mushkil ho jaata..thanks yaar.."

" Hey armaan mera bhi dost hai.. Thanks kis baat ka yaar.."

" Yeah..." she smiled at him... " Achha armaan se yaad aaya tumne dekha hai use kahin ?? pata nahi kahan gayab ho gaya main usi ko dekhne aayi thi.."

rajat who was praying that niki kab jaayegi bhagwaan.. Jumped up at the oppertunity.. bhagwaan ne uski sun hee li... " Arre abhi maine use adi ke sath dekha tha wo bahar ki taraf jaa raha tha..."

" Bahar ?? Achha..." Little confused then thought ki check up ke liye ja raha hoga.. "

" rajat main chalti hun baaki guests ko bhi dekhna hai..."

" Ya ya ofcourse..." As she left he wiped the sweat off his forehead... " Phew.. That was close... Oye khotto kaam kiya ki nahi..."

" Yes boss everything is ready..."

" Good !! well done.." taking out few thousand rupees notes he handed over to them... " Ha ha ha everybody fear.. When rajat is here... !!! "

Everyone starts drinking punch and its effects starts to show slowly...


5:50 PM

" ammy koi hamara peecha kar raha hai " adi shouted in his ear...

" let them come we are almost there..." he shouted back


" Hey anjy hi sweetheart.. yahaan is bandariya ke sath kya kar rahi ho ?? " pointing at sapna who hits him back on his shoulder

" jhak maar rahi hun  aur tumhari burayi bhi kar rahi hun "

" meri burayi !! kyun ?? "

" kyunki ab tum mujhse pyaar nahi karte... wo dekho rahul muski kaise pyaar se ek dusre ki baahon main baahein daale dance kar rahe hain aur chiraag kitni sweet lines boli thi usne aditi ke liye aur ek tum ho jo.. jo..huh rehne do " she turned back to her drink

atul smiled " arre bas itni si baat abhi main tumhari shikayat duur kar deta hun " he got up from his seat anjali looked at him with surprise " atul magar..?? " but he was gone

Atul moved to the stage there and asked the DJ to stop the music as he had a very important announcement to make...

" ladies and gentleman may i have your attention please..." Everybody turned to his direction and went quiet to listen what he had to say... " thank you aaj main kuch kehna chahta hun kisi khaas ke liye... main apni life main khushkismat raha hun ki mujhe kuch bohot achhe dost mile.. " he looks at his gang " but friends unme se ek ke sath rehkar maine jaana ki how lucky i am bhagwaan ne mere liye sabse khoobsurat saathi chun rakha tha... us ek khaas ke sath rehkar maine jaana ki jab dost..dost se kuch jyada ho jaaye .. jab uski khushi aapko apni khushi se jyada pyaari lage... jab uske chehre par muskurahat laane ko aap kuch bhi karne ko tayar ho... jab uske bina aapko sab adhura lage... uske aate hi aapki dil ki dhadkan badh jaaye aur uske jaate hi saasein ruk jaayein tab kehte hain ki aapko pyaar ho gaya hai aur haan mujhe pyaar ho gaya hai "

he came down from the stage and started to move towards her... And as he stood there right in front of her they had a brief eyelock in which it seemed he wanted to pour his heart out to her through his eyes... he took out something from his pocket and took a rose bud from the nearby bunch of flowers... And Bent down on one knee..

" I love you.. main jaanta hun ki i'm not very good with words main bas itna kehna chahta hun ki i Love you itna jitna ek ocean main namak hai... Jitni is duniya main hawaa hai.. " She was stunned... words totally deserted her... " Kyunki tum mere liye utni hi jaruri ho jitni saans lene ke liye hawaa... Jitna mehsoos karne ke liye dil...

Be mine angel... Forever... Marry me...!! "

anjali now had tears streaming down her eyes she was smiling too at his silly comparisons... atul looked at her with raised eyebrows waiting for her answer and then she bent down and hugged him

" yes... yesss ... yeeesss "

atul wrapped his arms around her and stood up not letting her go they both were on the seventh heaven everybody cheered and clapped for them...

chiraag comes and stand near aditi who had tears in her eyes... he takes out his hankercheif and gives it to her.. she without looking at him takes it

" they look good together isnt it "

" hmmm" she nodded wiping her tears then turned suddenly hearing a familiar voice.. she saw that it was him she was still bit angry with him but not with the same intensity she turned to go

" ek minute aditi " he held her hand firmly, she turned surprised at his act " abhi nahi.. pehle meri baat sun lo phir chaahe chali jaana " he takes a step towards her without breaking the eyelock looking deep into her eyes...


5:55 pm

everybody starts to settle down for the announcement of tender sanjay keeps looking at the door and his watch...

armaan brings his bike to a halt in front of a big building and takes off his helmet gasping for breath...

" armaan !! are you ok ?!! " adi holds him from his shoulders " armaan i think they are police.." said adi looking behind

" i'm fine adi .. you manage them and i will manage them " pointing at the building main tumhe confrence hall main milunga.. " saying this he walks off towards the enterance and rushed into a lift...


6:00 PM

the doors of the lift open but nobody came out...

" ladies and gentleman now we will start with the declaration both sanjay and abhimanyu along with others sat up straight.." and the tender goes to..."

" well it has happened for the first time that do companies ki quotes same hain... the companies are maliks and modis but as we can see that maliks ki taraf se koi signing authority nahi hai yeh tender modi enterprises ko diya jaata hai " every body clapped

" yess !! " modi looked smug he got up and gave a sarcastic smile to sanjay who glared at him in return


love was in the air.. all the couples were dancing intimately with their loved ones in their arms suddenly the pagers start beeping... chiraag stopped his dance irritated

" arre yaar ise bhi abhi bajna tha " he looked at his pager and read the message then looked at aditi " sorry yaar mujhe jaana hoga ek bus accident case hai ... emergency you see " she looked at him not really willing him to go he sensed it " dont worry main jaldi aane ki koshish karunga okay " she nodded understandingly

someone taps his shoulder he turns and see that it was atul with anjy " ho gaya ?? ab chalein ?? "anjy slaps his shoulder " aatttuull "

" what ?? chalna nahi hai kya ?? " anjy rolled her eyes

" aditi don't mind him yeh to aisa hi hai " aditi smiled at them " okay aditi see you " and drags atul from there

" achha main chalta hun i will try to be back soon.." he then gently kissed her hand and walks away... tears start to well up in her eyes seeing him go.. niki sees this and comes and stands near her " arre yaar aditi bas ek emergency ke liye gaya hai wo bhi doosri building main chand par nahi... hey bhagwaan abhi yeh haal hai to baad main kya hoga ??? " adi chuckles a little and wipes off her tears thinking ' theek hi to keh rahi hai niki main bhi kitni stupid hun ' she looks at her

" better ?? " asks niki " hmmm " she nods " cmmon lets have something to drink i'm thirsty..." they both go to the bar
" hey girls whazz up " asked rajat who joins them..

" hey rajat.. kuch nahi yaar just thirsty "

" haan dekha maine tum logo ka to lag raha tha ki tap hi on ho gaya hai..." he gets slap from both the girls..

" aauuchh...just kidding yaar... here try this one this is the " special punch " handing them both a glass of red colour drink they both look at him suspiciously " arre le lo zehar nahi de raha " the girls took it

" hey guys kya pi rahe ho mujhe bhi do naa " sqaid muski in her usual chirpy tone niki was about to give her glass to her when rajat stopped her

" nahi nahi ..." taking the glass back " yeh tumhare liye nahi hai.. tum yeh piyo " giving her a glass of soft drink

" kyun khotte main yeh kyun nahi le sakti " she demanded " arre yaar muskaan yeh would be mummies ke liye theek nahi hai isse tumhe acidity ho jaayegi... isliye..."

" ohh " muski agreed to it thinking about the baby and took the glass away

" hmmm rajat.. this is good !!! " exclaimed aditi

niki too drank her glass " yeahhh its really nice two more plz.." gulping the drink quickly... rajat grinned wickedly


6:20 PM

armaan entered the hall it was almost deserted everybody had gone except the managers sanjay modi and one or two others... seeing him sanjay rushed to him

" sir aap aa gaye... maine bahut koshish kari magar... i'm so sorry sir tender hamare hath se nikal gaya hamari aur abhimanyu modi ki quotes same thi agar aap hote to shayad yeh tender dubaara draw kiya jaata magar..." armaan puts a hand on his shoulder " relax sanjay business hai hota rehta hai.."
he was just talking to him when modi came there " oohhhooo the great mr.malik is finally here.." he walks up to him smiling smugly " i beat you this time malik.. i got the contract.." waving the file in front of his eyes...

" yes modi you got lucky this time... but let me remind you it was pure luck "

" ha !! apni haar ko justify kar rahe ho "

" nahi sirf yeh samjhane ki koshish kar raha hun ki is mamuli jeet par jyada udo mat yeh mat bhulo ki agar main yahaan hota to shayad tumhe yeh tender kabhi nahi milta " abhimanyu glared at him

" huh armaan jyada to tum ud rahe ho abhi to dekhte jaao ki main tumse kya kya chhinta hun yeh tender to sirf ek example hai... ek din tum haar haar kar thak jaoge aur abhimanyu modi ke naam se daroge... aur tum apni tuti futi haalat main yahaan tak a gaye kamaal hai ab aa hi gaye ho to baith kar apni haar ka maatam manao" he gave him an arrogant look

aditya could bear no further and moves a step forward fists clenched ready to punch modi right on his nose but armaan puts a hand on his shoulder and stops him

" Samjhao apne dost ko armaan aur yeh bhi bata do ki tumhe hospital pahuchaane waala kaun tha..." He sniggers and start to walk away

" ek minute abhimanyu... Ek minute " he walks up to him... " Tumhari pehli aur aakhri khushi tumhe mubarak ho... Ek salah dunga yaad rakhna... Don't underestimate your enemy and specially when its armaan malik aur ek mamuli si jeet par itna kuud rahe ho but ofcourse tumhare liye to yeh nayee baat hai hai naa... ek baat ka dhyaan rakhna armaan malik can never be down I will see you soon modi... Very soon "

" I will see you malik... Anytime..." they stare at each other for a moment then abhimanyu speak up " aur haan aaj apni jeet ki khushi main maine hotel seasons main ek shandaar party rakhi hai.. You are welcome apni tutifuti ego ke tukde collect kar lo to aa jaana..." And with a sarcastic look at all three of them he walks away...

" Sir aap chahein to hum iske khilaaf complain kar sakte hain..." Said sanjay

" Leave it sanjay just find out modi ke sath kaun mila hua tha..." sanjay nods.. " Tum wo files laaye ho... ?? "

" Yes.. Aap bas agar 20 minute pehle aa jaate to..." He hands the files to him..

" ammy hum to time se pahuch gaye the phir tujhe der kahan ho gayi...?? " Adi asked surprised

" Wo.. Bas aise hi leave it ... Let's go "

" Sir lekin jaana kahaan hai ??? "

" Modi ko heart attact dene..." He smiled and then looked at his watch.. " Hurry up we have to be there in half an hour..."

" But sir bike is not safe for you aap thoda wait kar lijiye main car arrange kar deta hun..."

" we don't have time sanjay..." And he runs towards his bike... Sanjay made a cross sign... " Have a safe journay..."

Adi laughed... " Dont worry sanjay he can manage he's a tough nut Chalo main chalta hun tumhare sath meri to bike par kulfi jam gayi.." And they both walk away...


niki and aditi were now drinking non stop and they were high..

" more " " yes more " demanded niki and aditi finishing their 16th glass of  " special punch " rajat was amazed to see it

" girls .. niki... aditi.. bas karo yaar thoda jyada nahi ho gaya " he tries to take away the glasses from their hands

" shut up rajat " came the snapping reply " hum abhi aur piyenge right adi "

" yes niks "

" niks.. adi !! ek aur adi..!!! " he whispered to himself surprised
 " yeh kya musibat mol le li maine yeh dono to talli ho gayi hain "

suddenly aditi's eyes fall on something she shouts out " heey niks karaoke !! " niki too gets excited " yeesss lets attack " they leave their drinks to rajat's relief and they get on stage " chal hat bhutni ab meri baari hai " niki pushed off the girl who was singing from the stage and snatches away the mike...

aditi too climbs up the stage " niks main gaaungi... tu meri dost hai naa first me "

" nooo " said niks " pehle main "

" main "

" maaiiinn " shouting people stop dancing and start looking at them


Finally they reached the hotel adi was surprised..

" Armaan yeh kya ?? tu kya sach main modi ki party main jayega..." They were standing outside hotel seasons

Ammy chuckled... " Dekhta jaa.." all three of them walked in as they were joined by sanjay too..Armaan walked to the reception where he was greeted by the manager himself they were directed to a beautiful secluded room where few elegant looking people were sitting chatting with each other these were the german delegation waiting for him..

" Good evening gentlemen..." Armaan greeted them

" Ahh.. Mr.malik we have been waiting for you.."

" My apologies gentlemen "

" Oh.. No problem mr.malik no problem.. we too just came "

" Now lets start with business.. As you know we have already discussed the details and these are the final drafts you can go through them and i assure you mr.kroff you are going to get the best in this project it would be worlds largest alternate fuel research and supply centre with petro refinery..."

" Yes of course.. We have been through with this mr.malik and the prospects are quiet encouraging..." He continued with the details

after about 45 minutes...

" So mr.malik everything is final lets seal the deal.." Armaan smiled at them

" yes of course..." And they signed the 100 billion euro contract...

" Gentlemen to our partnership..." Said an old man who raised a toast

" Cheers.."

" Cheers "

" Now gentlemen i will take your eave plz enjoy your stay here and i will meet you soon in germany for further action.."

" Sure sure mr.malik we always look forward to do business with you.. Its a pleasure..." said the old man

" Thank you mr. Kroff... Now i would take your leave..." Adi looked at him with a surprised look on his face

Armaan came near him.. " Muh band kar aur chal... Mr.Manchanda thank you for your assistance..." He thanked his lawyers

" Armaan yeh kab hua ?? Iska to mujhe pata hi nahi tha..."

" Haha hota hai... Its my way of doing business...chal chalte hain wahan sab hamara wait kar rahe honge i have to be back in my room by 8:30 "

He was walking in the corridor when he felt a stabbing pain in his ribs it almost made his breathing stop...

" Sir !! "

" Ammy kya hua??? "

" Huh... Hoga kya lagta hai mr.malik ko meri success dekh kar heart attack aa gaya... " Came an arrogant reply

Armaan turned and saw abhimanyu standing there looking at him arrogantly aditya moves towards him ready to punch definitely this time.. But armaan stopped him again and looked severly at him...

" Oh boy main to darr gaya..." Abhimanyu acted and laughed his friends joined standing up straight ammy spoke up

" abhimanyu tumhari success ki definition meri waali se alag hai.. Mere liye success ka matlab kisi ko neecha dikhana nahi hai... Main jo karta hun apne dil dimaag dono se karta hin aur tum sirf dimaag lagate ho aur wo bhi pura nahi "

" Rassi jal gayi magar bal nahi gaya.. Mr.malik maanna padega tum bahut himmat wale ho contract haar jaane ke baad bhi yahan aaye ho meri party main... What a sport!! " And he laughed and so did his friends

Armaan now smiled shook his head and took a step forward looking directly into his eyes " Mr. Abhimanyu modi tum bahut jaldi khush ho jaate ho tumhe ek advice dunga... Bada socho... Aur rahi baat mere contract harne ki to kya quote tha contract ka...pretending to be thinking...ummm oh haan 350 crore!! My big sum !!... He makes
a shocked face Well brace yourself mr.modi i just signed a 100 billion euro contract... Does the name Axion rings any bell.." Waving a file before his eyes

now it was adi and sanjays turn to smile at modi... " Aur haan rahi baat wo tender haarne ki to Consider it as my return gift on my birthday... And thank you for the present waving the file again...aur ek aur baat agar vishwas na ho to kal ka newspaper jarur padna kal tak yeh baat saare news channels par aur papers main hogi.."

He took another step towards him and said.. " Hows this modi... Remember... Never underestimate the enemy..." abhimanyu was stunned... " Aur aaj ki jeet ki khushi main yeh party meri taraf se... Mr.menon.." He called the manager...

" Yes sir.."

" Plz see ki mr.modi ki party main lisi baat ki kami naa ho... The party is on me..." He patted modis shoulder and whispered... " Thoda bahut business hamein bhi aata hai abhimanyu... cmmon guys we have a party to enjoy..." And walked away from there sniggering

" So mr.modi how would you like the party sir..?? " Asked the manager who was obviously on armaans side

" Plz.. Mr.Menon this party has nothing to do with armaan malik.. Plz leave me alone for a minute..." He could not believe what he had just heard...


Niki and aditi were almost ready for the fight

" eee " niki drops the mike grabs aditi by her hair and they start their wrestling match right there on the stage

rajat jumps on the stage and holds on the mike

" laaddyy ffiggghht !! start placing your bets ladies and gentleman... the black mamba " pointing at aditi " or the white witch " pointing at niki... " cummon guys take your pick!!! " everybody gathers there and start cheering making cat calls... rajat start collecting money, then suddenly he sees that niki was about to strangle aditi with a wire and he jumps in as a refree

" girls dont kill !!" taking away the wire from her hands " just fight " niki who was annoyed with this inturruption turns to rajat and gives him a nice punch right on his face... he lands on the lap of a girl sitting on a nearby table

" oh hi beautiful... kaisi ho ?? " he askes grinning

" ruk main batata hun " her musvular boyfriend gets up and places another punch on his face...

" aaa " he lands on the wire section where he touches a live wire and current start to pass through his body... his hair stand on their end and finally he looked like an alien with two black eyes in a white suit and standing hair...

rahul and muski rush to the scene and they get totally shocked seeing what's going on there...niki and adi were  still fighting and niki misses the target and punch another man... rajat seeing this laughs out loudly

rahul saw rajat who was laughing his head off and knew instantly it was his doing... in the mean time others start fighting too all due to special punch effect

muski called out angrily..." Raaajjjaaattt... I will kill you idiot..." Rajat who was standing nearby ran away to save his life... rahul would have gone behind him but niki and aditi needed him first:..


" Mr.chopra.." he called angrily... " Kahan the aap yeh german contract kab hua ??

Aur yeh baat aapne mujhe pehle kyun nahi batayi ?? "

" Sir maine aapko bataya tha magar aapne kaha ki pehle hum is contract par dhyan denge phir us par.. kyunki us project main abhi time tha "

" To yeh hua kaise ??? " he shouted again

" Sir..sir maine abhi pataya lagaya sir delegation ne apni trip prepone kar di thi aur wo ek mahine pehle aa gaye..."

" To yeh baat hamein pata kyun nahi chali .??? "

" Sir.." he gulped.. " Unhone seleted companies ko hi contact kiya tha aur maliks unme se ek the sir.."

" To unhone hamein contact kyun nahi kiya ?? "

" Sir.. hameri taraf se unke sath koi contact nahi tha aur wo pehle bhi maliks ke sath kaam kar chuke hai isliye..." He went quiet seeing abhimanyus furious face

" Damn !! Mr.armaan malik... tumne bhale hi yeh contract jeet liya ho magar i wont leave it here tum kuch bahut bada haarne waale ho..." he took put his cell phone and dialled a number... " hello sanjivani hospital... can i speak to dr.shahank gupta..."


Aditi now gets hold of mike and start singing in the train wala sort of voice...

" Kaatttee naahi katte yeh din yeh raat kehni thi jo hic dil ki baat lo aaajjj main kkehtaaa huuu i laaavvv hic uuu (ullu wala u ) hic "

Everybody laughs and makes cat calls rahul just stands there shocked with mouth wide open and so does muski seeing this side of aditi...

Just then armaan gets back from the meeting with sanjay and aditya he was shivering and did not feel well at all

" Aditya main party main aur der nahi rukunga i don't feel well main chiraag ke sath wapas chala jaunga i'm damn tired now..." He looked pale...

 Looking at his condition Aditya agreed they moved in the hall and as they reached inside they saw that there was chaos all over the place... At one corner people were fighting over a glass of drink at other corner there was a group of his friends who were dancing like maniacs... And the horror... Niki and aditi were on the karaoke stage...

Soon aditi's head started to spin and she turned green people knew what was going to happen and they quickly started to step backwards... Aditi covered her mouth with her hands but she could not control she turned her face and

... PUKED...

" Eeewww..."  Everybody was disgusted seeing this


" Huh.. Finally.." Ridhhima sighed happily she got free earlier than expected and thought of meeting armaan

" chal kar armaan se mil aati hun aur uska present bhi de dungi subah to yaad hi nahi raha..." She smiled to herself " i hope he is ready with something nice as morning mere pet main to haathi kud rahe hain... Bechara saara din akele bore hua hoga wo bhi apne birthday waale din..."

Busy with her thoughts she reaches outside armaans room the guards stand up seeing her... she was about to open the door when...

" Sorry maam hum aapko andar jaane nahi de sakte.." They stood before her blocking the door

" Kyun ?? Kyun nahi ja sakti main andar ?? "

" We have orders maam " said the big burly body builder type guard who wore a suit...

" Kisne diye orders.. ?? Look main dr.ridhhima hun armaan ki doctor you cant stop me.. Mujhe armaan se milna hai abhi..." She demanded

" Sorry maam aap jo koi bhi ho we cant let you in hamein order diye gaye hain ki 8:30 se pehle kisi ko bhi andar naa aane diya jaaye... Pls come after half an hour.." Said the other..

Ridhhima was super furious now " you just wait mr. after half an hour..." She takes out her phone and dials a number " hello maam main dr.ridhhima bol rahi hun..." She told her everything the guards were in a fix they could not even call armaan in front of her to alert him...

Dr.keerti came there immediately and started yelling at them " yeh kya laga rakha hai aap logo ne kya aap jaante nahi hain we are doctors how can you say that we cant see our patient... Hatiye we need to go in... Otherwise i will complain about this to my authorities..."

" Sorry we cannot... hamari ek hi authority hai aur hum usi ke instructions follow karte hain..." Keerti was shocked to hear it no one has ever dared to answer her back let alone deny her orders... A stern look came on her face she takes out her phone and dials shashanks number...

" Hello sir.. Yes its dr.keerti..."


There was chaos all over the place armaan was really unwell and to his shock he saw a wet red patch on his trouser still ignoring it he called out

" niki plz stop come down.. " All others were trying to get things under control...


To the guards horror shashank came there with... VIRENDRA as soon as he comes there he looks at them sternly and orders in a severe tone

" Open the door..." The guards look at each other... Still unsure virendra takes a step towards them and speaks again more sternly this time

" I said open the door..." The guards had no choice they open the door and all of them move in and to their surprise there was noone inside... Virendra turns back to the guards and speaks again... " Where is armaan ?? " The guards were mum.. " Main tumse kuch puuch raha hun armaan kahaan hai ??? " Yelling this time super furious..

" Confrence hall " spoke the first guard

" Confrence hall ??? Which confrence hall ?? "

" Sanjivani's..." Said the guard everybody was both confused and surprised...

Virendra immediately came out of the room accompnied by shashank...

" shashank where is the confrence hall..?? "

" Chalo mere sath..." They along with ridhhima and keerti run towards the hall...


Niki saw armaan and she started crying...

" Uhh huhu.. Armaan dekho meri saari white dress kharab ho gayi... Is stupid ne..." Pulls a man from the crowd who was equally drunk and hits him hard in his shins... armaan makes a face imagning the pain of that guy... Who now lay on the ground...

" Meri saari dress par punch gira diya...waannn " she starts wailing ... Armaan tries to hold her

" niki.. Niki... Ouch " his leg hits the chair and he winces with pain... Niki on the other hand was totally unaware of it ... She was happy that armaan was here and she again climbs up the stage and picks up the mike...

" Heey armaan happy birthday... Aaj main tumhare liye ek gaana gaungi..." Armaan just mouths " no niki no plz..." And she starts

" humko sirf hic.." she keeps walking ahead " humko sirf tumseee " her leg gets entangled in the wire she trips she lands face first on the ground and passes out armaan shouts shocked

" nikkii..." He runs upto her and with great difficulty holds her up in his arms unfortunately this scene was witnessed by someone else too... There comes a loud roar..

" Armaaann !! " Everybody comes to stand still

Armaan looks at his father who was surely fuming with anger and then at drunk niki in his arms... He saw ridhhima dr.keerti and shashank too who were obviously not looking very amused...

" Oh god i'm so dead... Happy birthday armaan malik..."


                                           Taming the wild

Recap:- armaan's birthday party went well.. atleast for sometime... armaan looses one project and gets another modi unhappy even after winning... rajat causes mayham in the party atul proposes anjali and she accepts chirag confesses his love to aditi which she accepts but unfortunately their plan is busted...

Armaan was shocked to see them there... " Ooohhh god i'm so dead !!! Happy birthday armaan malik "

" Yeh sab kya hai armaan !!?? And niki !?. Is she drunk ?? "

Suddenly everyone was quiet... Music stopped and everybody stood rooted on their spots holding their breaths. Armaan just stood there surprised shocked worried umm... little bit mind working frantically to save not only his but others ass too but another problem was his leg and an uneasy feeling in his chest his leg was hurting badly and he
could not breathe properly... He had run without any precautions in the cold november night... the weather was quiet chilly but he didnt wait as he had to be at two places in very short time.. He over that went on a bike ... His ribs were paining a lot and now their secret was out they were busted... He tried to speak up...

" dad..huuh daad wo..." suddenly came another wave of stabbing pain he clutched his ribs, his head started to spin... Virendra saw this and his anger immediately changed into concern...

" Armaaan... armaan kya hua ??? "

Ridhhima too ran to him " armaan... oh god bhaiyya plz hurry up hamein jaldi se armaan ko andar le jaana hoga.." She said turning to rahul

" Ammy.."

" Armaan..."

rajat and aditya tried to make armaan stand but his head started to spin badly and he could not even stand properly... Shanshank seeing the gravity of the situation quickly called for a strecher and within minutes it was there... Ridhhima saw that his leg was bleeding... Ammy was rushed to the emergency room...
He now lay on the bed wincing with pain his ribs were aching badly...

" Oh god !! Ridhhima plz. do something huh.. Huh this pain is killing me.." He shut his eyes tightly... Ridhhima was worried but she was angry with him too for lying to her... She saw his leg it was bleeding profusely... She opened the bandages and saw that stitches were loosened and some were even open... Ridz was really worried now this should not have happened...

" Armaan .." eyes tightly shut with pain.. " Armaan.." He opened his eyes with effort...

" Huuh.."

" Armaan kya tumhe paer main chot lagi thi kya ?? "

" Of course ridhhima what do you think my first reason of coming to this place was ??? Ooohhh god its hurting... Do something plsss.." He groaned Ridhhima was quiet surprised with the answer here he is lying in an emergency room and look at his nerves he is giving her cheeky answers !!! She asked him again severely this time

" armaan ! This is no time to joke.. Kya tumhare paer main kuch laga tha ?? " Seeing her angry face he decided not to take any more chances, He shook his head in negative..

" tumne kya khaya tha aaj ?? "

Another wave of pain passed through his body " aaahh.. Huuh..i don't know..." Little impatiently... Now even ridhhima was getting impatient " armaan plz tell me ... Kya tumne kuch meetha khaaya tha... ?? " He nodded.. " Kya khaya tha armaan .. Cmmon armaan bolo..."

" Cake... "

" Cake ?? Kab khaya aur kitna khaya ?? "

" Wo... kal raat ko... Aur aaj party main..."

" Kal raat ko..!? Oh god armaan tum bhi naa... kisne kaha tumhe meetha khane ke liye !! just keep taking deep breaths.."

" What !! r..ridhhima i can't even.. Huh breathe.. Let alone take..huh.. Deep b..breaths..."

" Armaan tum jeena chahte ho ya nahi ?? "

He looked horrified... " What ?? "

" To phir jaisa main kahu waisa karo.." Then she turned and instructed nurse to bring some medicine and by then kirti too comes there

" maam he has eaten lot of cake stitches khul gaye hain and cold ka bhi effect lag raha hai bteathing is not proper and there is swelling in rib area.." keerti examines armaan's leg " we have to start immediately doctor start the iv..." As he sees a nurse approaching
with the iv needle he shouts out...

" no i'm not taking any needles..."

" Shut up armaan tumne jo karna tha tum kar chuke ab chup chaap humein apna kaam karne do warna saare stitches without anesthetic laga dungi samjhe..." Armaan was subdued a little the pain was already killing him... But he still spoke up.. " plz ridz..." almost pleading there was something in his eyes that she could not exactly point out they looked fearful and for a moment ridhhima felt an urge to console him but before she could say anything kirti spoke up

" mr.malik just lie down and relax aapko bilkul bhi dard nahi hoga..." But he looked at ridhhima seeking her consolation and nearness ... Finally she came and stood next to him and said calmly " don't worry armaan sab theek hoga " she opened his rib supporter to check upon his swelling a nurse came with an injection and started to rub his arm he clutched ridhhimas hand and she put her hand over his comforting him he closed his eyes as he felt a prick and within no time was unconscious... The last sight in his eyes was ridhhima standing next to him holding his hand...

Armaan's condition was not good the cold had set into his chest making it very difficult for him to breathe with cracked and swollen ribs... He was shifted to an icu room with oxygen mask on his face and tubes of fluids attached to his arms and several wires attached to his chest... Ridhhima and keerti kept an eye on hIs progress... Not at all the birthday ending he had wished for...

Shashank and virendra were furious...

" Kiska... Main puchta hun kiska idea tha yeh.. Rahul muskaan aditya ya phir rajat... Who the hell gave him the idea of party..?? Kya tum logon ko pata nahi tha ki uski haalat theek nahi hai..."

" Chachaji..wo.. Wo.."

" Kya wo muskaan, main to tumhe samajhdaar samjhta tha tum bhi in logon ke sath shaamil ho gayi " his voice echoed in the corridor, shashank put a hand over his shoulder

" Virendra abhi yeh sahi samay nahi hai abhi tum sirf armaan ke baare main socho... aditya rajat.." They looked at him.. " Tum log niki aur aditi ke paas jao and take some rest.. Hum log tumse kal subah baat karenge.. Dr.chirag plz. Take them with you... and dr.keerti aap sabhi interns ko inform kar dijiye ki kal subah 11 o'clock duties shuru hone
se pehle yeh sab mere cabin main report karein.. "

" Yes sir "

ridhhima was again given the charge of armaan, finally she came out of the emergency room everybody rushed to her

" Ridhhima armaan kaisa hai ?? " Asked rahul

" Bhaiyya he is fine.. Stable fortunately baat jyada bigdi nahi thoda blood loss jyada ho gaya hai so we are giving the blood aur thand ki wajah ribs main swelling ho gayi thi jiski wajah se saans lene main problem ho rahi thi lekin wo bhi ab control main hai... Don't worry he will be fine.." Rahul sighed deeply and thanked god in his heart he was really cursing himself for putting such ideas in his mind.. Ridhhima moved to virendra and spoke assuringly

" uncle plz aap ghabraiye nahi sab theek hai he just needs some rest.. Kal tak better ho jayega abhi to precautionary icu main rakha hai " Virendra nodded feeling relaxed after a long time shashank too assured him... he walked towards the room and watched armaan lying unconcious his eyes become little moist seeing him.

The night passed away uneventfully with rahul virendra shashank waiting anxiously the whole night muskaan was sent back home.. Later they were joined by atul anjy and chirag who was unwilling to go leaving aditi alone

Next morning : Locker room

" Hi guys.." Said anjy in a low tone

" Hi anjy.. Suna ki kal bahut gadbad ho gayi.. Armaan kaisa hai ?? Aur partyyy..." Anjy glared at sapna as ridhhima was standing closeby and realising this she shut up immediately.. " Haan maine suna ek party hui thi kal yahaan..?? Hai na ridhhima.."

" Haan tumne theek suna hai yeh sab armaan and gang ki karamaat hai aur pata hai aditya ne bataya ki wo to party main tha bhi nahi kahin bahar gaya tha.. And wo bhi bike par khud drive karke !! Can you believe that.. He is the worst and the most troublesome patient ever uski wajah se baaki sabko kitni daant padi uncle se..." She would have praised armaan more but thankfully her pager rang up " Guys mujhe jaana hai see you later and all the best for the meeting..."

" Meeting ?? " Sapna asked confused

" Haan yaar kal ke chakkar main dr.shashank ne hum sabko bulaya hai specially, tu to bach gayi kyunki tu chali gayi thi hum mar gaye... Aur chiraag uski to achhe se lagne waali hai kyunki armaan ka case usko diya tha.." Said a very worried atul

" Guys !! " Chiraag came in hurriedly..

" Kya hua chiraag..?? Sab theek hai naa.." Everybody asked

" Haan haan sab theek hai.. Main abhi rahul se mil kar aa raha hun usne kaha hai ki agar dr.shashank ya phir koi bhi hamse puchhe ki hamein party ke baare main pata tha to simply deny ki hamein nahi pata tha... He will take care of the rest..." They all looked at each other

all the interns with rahul muskaan rajat aditya and niki, who was fortunately out of her drunk state, were in shashanks cabin... kirti and padma were already there..

" Interns.." Shashank spoke... " Kya aap jaante the ki kal sanjivani ke confrence hall main ek party organize ki gayi thi... That too without our knowledge..." No body said anything.. He looked sternly at all of them and continued " Itni badi laparwahi ek patient, wo jiska khayal rakhne ke liye aapko spl. Instructions diye gaye ho aapki knowledge ke bina baahar chala jaata hai ek grand party oraganise ki jaati hai aur kisi ko is baat ki kaano kaan khabar nahi hoti..." All three of them stood there with shocked look at their faces... They were terrorised...

" Dad wo..."

" No dad dr. Anjali gupta..." She bowed her head..

" This is the last week of your internship aur aage chal kar kya aap aise zimmedar doctor banege ki patient kahan hai, kaisa hai, kisi ko kuch pata nahi... Aur dr.chiraag you were given the charge of armaan aap kahan the ? " Chirag was so scared of shashank questioning him directly that no words came out of his mouth and he gulped

" Sir wo main... Wo sir.."

" Sir dr.chiraag ko kal wo bus accident case ki wajah se call karna pada tha..." To his surprise keerti came to his rescue

Rahul seeing all this spoke... " Uncle plz.. Inme in logo ki galti nahi hai inme se kisi ko iske baare main nahi pata tha.. " Shashank looked at him with uncertain look while the others breathed hearing this...

" By the way whose idea was it?? Main jaanna chahta hun ki itni information bahar gayi kaise.. Hamare office process ke baare main armaan ko kaise pata laga yeh saari information to koi insider hi de sakta hai.. Cmmon speak up..." They were all quiet... " interns speak up otherwise i will suspend you all for a month..." He warned them they were shocked and looked at each other...

Seeing them in trouble nikki spoke up .. " uncle inme in logo ki koi galti nahi hai yeh saara idea mera tha... Maine bahaar kisi ko baat karte suna tha ki..." And she told everything how they managed to book the hall for party... Shashank and virendra were shocked hearing their clever plan...

Finally shashank spoke up... " Niki that was indeed very clever of you and agar mere paas wo phone nahi aata to shayad hamein pata bhi nahi chalta magar aapne yeh theek nahi kiya... Kya aap jaanti hain ki is sabki wajah se armaan ki kya haalat hai aur agar thodi daer aur ho jaati to baat kitni serious ho sakti thi..."

tears started to drop from nikki's eyes.. " I..i'm sorry uncle.." She felt really bad seeing armaan's condition and blamed herself too

" Sorry.. You are sorry..haalat dekhi hai tumne armaan ki ?? agar use kuch bhi hua nikki to i will never forgive you... Aur main bahut jald tumhare mom dad se is baare main baat karunga.. And over that you were drunk !! Kya achhe ghar ki bachhiyon ko yeh shobha deta hai ki wo parties main aise nashe ki haalat main harkatein karein.." Rajat shifted uneasily on his feet.. Virendra was very angry and looked at her with fire in his eyes...his worry for armaan aggravated his anger.. Nikki started sobbing and muski rushed to soothe her.. " Aur rahul tum .. Tumne had se jyada bigaad rakha hai armaan ko.. Wo bike tum hi laaye ho naa.."

" ji chacha ji wo.. Wo uska birthday present..."

" Kya badiya present hai rahul... Wo bike ki wajah se hi yahan hai naa aur tum phir uske liye bike le aaye.. Tum sab mil kar mujhe kya heart attack dena chahte ho... Aane do bhai saab ko tumhari saari kartutein unhe bataunga... Ek wo hai jo apne aap ko kisi hero se kam nahi samajhta... Ek baar zara theek to hone do phir batata hun saara biking ka bhut utaar dunga... Aditya tumne mana kyun nahi kiya use bike chalane ke liye aakhir zarurat kya thi..."

Aditya was really scared seeing virendra in anger and neither rahul nor aditya could muster up the courage to tell him the real reason of armaan's going out... And before he could explain the reason Padma spoke up...

" Bhai saab shant ho jaayiye.. Bachho se galti ho jaati hai... Nadaan hai yeh log Armaan theek ho jayega.. Ridhhima hai naa... Lekin aapne to kaha tha ki aap london jaa rahe hai phir achanak aap wapas kaise aa gaye ? "

" Haan bhabhi isi baat ki to tasalli hai ki ridhhima hai warna pata nahi kya ho jaata... Wo to mujhe bhai saab ka kal phone aa gaya ki wo aaj aayenge isliye main london ka trip cancel karke bangalore chala gaya aur shaam ko wapas aa kar socha ki chalo armaan ke sath time spend karunga, jab shashank ke paas phone aaya to main wahin tha us phone karne waale ne bataya ki sanjivani confrence hall main party chal rahi hai.. Pehle to hum samjhe nahi magar jab armaan ke guards ne drama kiya to mera maatha thanka ki ho naa ho iska jarur armaan se kuch link hai aur main sahi tha.." Looking at all of them sternly

nikki tried to talk to virendra... " Uncle.."

" No nikki not at all ... Main tumhari koi baat nahi sununga... Koi excuses nahi... Yeh.. Yeh idea diya tumne armaan ko kya tum nahi jaanti thi ki uski tabiyat theek nahi... Aur rahul muskaan tum..."

" Cha..."

" koi excuses nahi muskaan tum aaj inme se kisi ki side nahi logi..." Nikki opened her mouth and tried to say something but... " No nikki not a word Main aaj kuch nahi sununga..."

Padma looked at rahul and nikki and Assured them through her eyes " bhai saab ab maaf bhi kar dijiye bachhe hain yeh to sirf armaan ko khush karne ki koshish kar rahe the ab agar wo bahaar chala gaya to isme in logon ki to koi galti nahi hai "

" Magar bhabhi..."

" Bhai saab plz. Zara bachho ki taraf to dekhiye kaise murjha gaye hain inke chehre... manti hun ki galti inki bhi hai magar inhe ab uska ehsaas ho chuka hai ab plz inhe maaf kar dijiye.."

Virendra sighed and looked at all of them they were all trying to make the cutest sorry faces they can.. " huuuh bhabhi aap keh rahi hain sirf isliye warna..."

Rahul quickly came and hugged him " oh thank you chacha ji i promise aage se aisi galti kabhi nahi hogi we promise "

" Yes uncle we promise uncle plz uncle we are really sorry uncle "

And looking at their pleading faces virendra could do nothing but smile lightly and forgave them..

" You better behave properly next time okay..." He warned them pointing specially at niki

" Yes uncle..." " Ji chachaji we promise.." Niki rahul said together and were joined by rajat and aditya too

" Uncle armaan ko hosh aa gaya hai ab aap usse mil sakte hain.." Ridhhima came in smiling they all went to meet him..

Rahul muski and padma went in first.. he lay on the bed with pillows propped up smiling broadly there was no sign of any worry or fear on his face on the contrary he greeted everyone cheerfully...

" Armaan ab kaise ho beta.. Hum to ghabra hi gaye the.." Said padma lovingly

" I'm fine aunty No worries after all i'm the armaan malik aisi chhoti moti chotein mera kuch nahi bigaad sakti..." He assured padma

" Phir bhi beta..."

" Oh plz aunty don't worry i'm perfectly fine..." He assured her lovingly

" Theek hai.. Ab tum aaram karo main bhai saab ko bhejti hun wo bhi kaafi pareshan ho rahe the.." He nodded and padma went out

" And hey guys tum log aise muh latka kar kyun khade ho i'm just slightly unwell not dead or something..."

But even before rahul and muski could scold him for saying such thing they saw virendra was already in along with ridhhima..

" Bahut badiya beta ab yahi to sunna reh gaya tha tumhare muh se.."

" Hi dad.. hi ridz.." ridhhima didnt reply " and plz.. i was just saying hypothetically " he rolled his eyes.. " Aap bhi naa..."

" Armaan tum kab sudhroge... Main puchta hun kua zarurat thi yeh sab karne ki..."

" Oh dad cmmon it was my birthday " he said casually

" Don't 'oh' me armaan... Haalat dekhi hai tumne apni... Agar tumhe kuch ho jaata to..."

" Aisa kuch hua to nahi naa dad and i m fine cmmon it was just a party big deal !! " Ridhhima just stood there too angry to speak anything... Rahul and muski thought it was better to keep quiet...

" Big deal hai armaan hum sab yahaan tumhaare liye pareshaan ho rahe the meri jaan nikal gayi thi tumhari haalat dekh kar and you say you are fine Tum kitne fine ho wo main kal dekh chuka hun hadd hoti hai kisi baat ki main puuchta hun kya jarurat thi tumhe bahar jaane ki aisa kaun sa jaruri kaam tha... Aur wo bhi bike par..." He looked at rahul, who shifted uneasily...

" Dad aap mujhe bolne ka mauka to do... You know that modi tricked us uski wajah se wo bangalore waala tender hamare hath se nikal gayaa.."

" Armaan to tum us tender ki wajah se gaye the.??? "

" Haan "

" Armaan for god's sake maine tumhe pehle bhi samjhaya tha yeh sab tumse jyada jaruri nahi hain... And what's this with modi... You are streaching it too far..."

" He thinks he is too smart... but i beat him dad on his face... You know we got the axion project... Ha aapko uska chehra dekhna chahiye tha..."

" What ??? " this time Rahul and virendra spoke together... " We got the axion !! Yeh kab hua ??? How ?? "

Armaan smiled " Same day... Main aapko surprise dena chahta tha.. And that modi.. He challenged me... He challenged armaan malik... Huh "

" Armaan armaan... Tum...huhh " he sighed... " Armaan business main rivalry chalti rehti hai modi's have been our rivals lekin baat kabhi itni nahi badhi don't make it a personal issue.. Hamare rivals hote hue bhi we have an understanding relationship with each other... It was never so bitter..."

" Baat main nahi badha raha dad magar agar wo mere saamne aaya to i will crush him... He started it and i finished it... nobody challenges armaan malik and walks away with it... Nobody..."  His face set... " I had to win this dad... I had to "

It surprised ridhhima, Seeing the rough armaan... ' Is this really that sweet naughty armaan ?? '

Virendra knew it was no use arguing with his son he was adamant and when he gets on something nobody can make him change his mind...

" Huuuhhh..." He sighed deeply... " Okay armaan maine tumhari baat sun li aur samajh li ab meri baat suno..."

" Uncle..." Ridhhima came forward...

" Haan beta.."

" Wo mujhe ek injection dena tha..."

" Yeah okay..." he moved away...

" I'm not taking any injection..." Came the firm reply...

" Shut up armaan..." Came the snapping reply..." Tum apne aap ko samajhte kya ho.? " Ridhhima had had enough of armaans arrogance " Jab dekho apni marzi chalate ho... Kabhi apne alawa kisi ke baare main socha hai... uncle ki haalat dekhi hai tumhari fikar main unki neend ud gayi hai sab kitni chinta kar rahe the tumhari aur tum sabko attitute dikha rahe ho.."

He opened his mouth to say something... " Chup raho ek shabd mat bolna... Sharam to duur tumhe to zara bhi nahi lagta ki tumhari koi galti bhi hai... Sabse jhut bola itna bada hangama kar diya... jis jis kaam ke liye manaa kiya wo sab kiye... Na apni fikar na kisi aur ki... Hadd hoti hai kisi baat ki Ab tum wohi karoge jo uncle kahenge... Wo bhi bina kisi naa nukur ke..." Everybody was surprised to see the angry ridhhima and armaan he was deflated, the only person who was happy to see this was virendra finally he found someone to tame his wild son... She pulled up his sleeve to give the injection... Armaan gulped...

" Ridhhima plz. Main..." ridhhima glared at him as if saying dare you say a word mr.malik... He was really scared of both ridhhima and the injection.. But was in no position to say anything... She rubbed the arm and poked in the needle... Not very careful deliberately causing some pain

" Aaahhh..." he cried out closing his eyes... " Shhh ridhhima..." She paid no attention to his plea, injected the medicine and stood up straight rubbing the spot again... throwing the empty syringe she turned to face virendra..

" Uncle mujhe rounds par jaana hai main chalti hun..." He nodded looking surprised and somewhat amused And without looking back at armaan she moved out of the room...

" Gabbar kahin ki..." Said armaan grumpily " ab isko kya hua hai yeh itna gussa kyun hai... " Looking at virendra

" Sab tumhari wajah se..." Virendra replied armaan opened his mouth to say something but then rahul signalled him not to speak anything and he dropped the idea..

" Hey bhagwan ab isko bhi manana padega... Ridhhima yaar ek to saara plan chaupat ho gaya aur ab tum gussa ho gayi... Kya yaar Armaan pyaar se pehle hi ladayi..." He sighed thinking about her and slumped back on his pillow...

Later in the afternoon after everybody had left armaan got another visitor, he was watching tv when there was a knock at the door

" Kya main andar aa sakta hun ?? " A smiling face peeped in

" bade papa !! Aap aa gaye !! " Armaan shouted excitedly seeing his uncle " ouch !! "

" Aaram se tiger.. Aaram se.." He came and sat next to him.. " To kaisa hai mera sher.." doing a special handshake

" Kaisa lagta hun.. ?? "

" Absolutely Perfect.. Yeh log to keh rahe the aapki tabiyat theek nahi hai.. Magar mujhe to kuch aur hi lagta hai.."

" Kya ?? " Little puzzled

" Bhai maine abhi abhi yahaan ki doctors dekhi.. And i tell you they are hot !! Ab pata chala tum yahaan kyun ho.. You are in paradise sonny boy..."

They hi fived each other... " Yo BP !!.. Want to join..?? "

" Not now sunny boy.. Tere baap ne agar yeh sab sun liya to mera khun pi jayega usne mujhe yahaan tumhe daantne ke liye bheja hai..."

" Ohho yeh dad bhi naa..."

" Haan pata hai buddha ho gaya hai.." Both of them grinned " Ok now tell me how was the party ?? Khotte tune mujhe kyun nahi bataya main thoda jaldi aa jaata..."

" Sorry yaar galti ho gayi aage se dhayan rakhunga magar main khud bhi party jyada enjoy nehi kar paaya..."

" Haan suna maine, Cmmon now tell me everything in deeetaaailll..." And armaan started narrating everything to him...

" Hahaha..." His uncle rolled on the bed laughing his head off... " Niki aditi !! oh i so wish i could see their faces... I must say agar rajat nahi hota to aapki party to boring hoti... Nice chap..."

" Haan aakhir mera dost hai.. Recording bhi kari hai usne dekh lena bas muski ke aage tarif mat karna warna aap to jaante hi ho... Jwalamukhi phat padega..."

" Hahahaha absolutely..." Just then he saw the door knob being turned and he jumped up

" tumko hum par kuch bhi reham nahi aata hum log kya bevkoof hain jo tumhare liye itne pareshan hote rehte hain Kuch khayaal nahi hai tumhe hamara, itne bade ho gaye ho magar zara bhi zimmedari ka ehsaas nahi hai.." Armaan was shocked to see sudden change in his BP he tried to say something " ab kuch nahi sununga main tumhari.. Bas bahot ho gaya.. Aur rahul uski to main taangein tod dunga aaj "

" But BP..?? "

" Kuch agar magar nahi bahut ho gayi tumhari manmaani.. Ab seedha wohi karo jo hum keh rahe hain.. Warna tumhari bhi taangein tod dunga.." He pleaded through his eyes signalling that there is someone at the door.. Armaan understood immediately...

" Oh i'm sorry BP aage se aisa nahi karunga aap plz gussa mat ho.. I'm really sorry.." He bowed his head

Sunil turned and saw virendra.. " Arre virendra tum aa gaye maine achhi tarah samjha diya hai ab aage se aisa nahi karega.. Karega kya sochega bhi nahi.. Warna iski biking parties hamesha ke liye band.. Chalo say sorry to your father aur shashank aur baaki sabse bhi maafi mangna..." Armaan glared at his uncle who again pleaded to go on with the drama

Virendra now melted a bit.. " Bhai saab ab aapne keh diya hai to nahi karega.. Kyun armaan..? "

" Yes dad.." In a low voice.. " And Sorry dad "

" Good umeed karta hun ki baat tumhe samajh aa gayi hogi.." Armaan nodded innocently " achha mujhe kaam se jaana hai to you stay with your BP " and smiling a little he went out

As soon as virendra was out of his room armaan folded his arms and looked at his uncle questioningly

" what..?? Agar main aisa nahi karta to tera baap mujhe aaj hi london bhaga deta.. Tera dushman thodi naa hun main.."

" Haan haan wo to dekha maine iski biking aur parties band.. Taangein tod dunga.." mimicking him " yeh to maine kaha tha naa "

" Arre yaar kehna padta hai samjha kar aur waise sach bolun to kabhi apne baap par bhi thoda rehem kha liya kar wo bechara teri badi fikar karta hai.." Bit seriously.. Naina ke baad uski life main aap hi uske jeene ki wajah ho.. Ek bhai ho kar bhi shayad main uske liye kuch jyada nahi kar paaya isliye keh raha hun agar wo daanta bhi hai to sirf aapke bhale ke liye..hmm.."

" Huuuh " armaan sighed... " yes BP i know and.. I'm sorry mujhe nahi pata tha ki itni gadbad ho jayegi aur fir axion and bangalore tender same day upar se modi.. Aur upar se party.. I think you are right shayad kuch jyada ho gaya.."

His uncle looked at him with raised eyebrows.. " Okay bahut jyada ho gaya... Magar jaan bujh kar to nahi kiya naa.. Aur kya yaar aap bhi shuru ho gaye.. Lagta hai aap bhi budhhe ho gaye ho.."

" Abe budhha hoga tera baap.. Magar kya karu wo mera bhai hai yaar jaise aap rahul ko pyaare ho waise hi wo bhi mujhe pyara hai... Samjhe "

" Ok ok.. Samajh gaya..."

" Achha chhod aur bata in sab hasinao main se teri waali kaun si hai.. I like the one with backless top.." Pointing at a model in a fashion show which was airing on the tv

" Now you are talking young man.." Said armaan with grin on his face and they continued..

At niki's house

" Arre niki aa gaye beta, kaisi rahi party..? "

" Party.. Umm.. Theek thi mumma.. Fine waise hi jaisi parties hoti hain "

Her mother looked at her.. It was so unlike her not to chat about each and everything she did at the party but this time she was quiet..

" Sab theek hai naa beta..? "

" Yes mom sab theek hai bas just little tired.."

" Abhi bhi.. kal kya saara time party hi karte rahe tum log..?? "

" Oh mom kal ka to bas puchho mat.. Mum i'm tired thodi der rest karungi to i will be up and about in no time.." She smiled and hug her lovingly..

" Achha theek hai tum jao.. Aur suno aaj sham ko ek bahut important party main jaana hai.." Niki opened her mouth to say she cannot but.. " Plz koi excuses nahi modi's tumhare papa ke bahut achhe friends bhi hain aur business associates bhi aur hum chal rahein hai bas maine aapki baat maani thi naa ab aap meri maano okay.. go and take rest we will leave at seven.."

She sighed it was no use arguing with her with a plain okay she left
As she reached her room her cell rang up..

" Hello niki.. Hi abhimanyu here "

" Oh hi abhi.."

" maine yeh puchne ke liye phone kiya tha ki tum aa rahi ho naa aaj..?? "

" Aaj ..?? "

" Haan tum bhul to nahi gayi naa ki aaj mere mum dad ki anniversary party hai.."

Niki hit her head with her palm.. " Oh haan main bhul kaise sakti hun..magar abhi.. Ek problem hai.."

" Kya.? "

" Wo actually aaj dad ke ek friend ke ghar bhi party hai aur mujhe mum ne abhi bataya.. Maine mum se kaha bhi but apparantly modis are very important people for mum and dad and wo bilkul nahi manege agar main kahun bhi to bhi.. Plz.. Abhi i'm really sorry magar mujhe nahi lagta ki main aaj tumhari party main aa paungi..." She prayed in her heart that he would understand

" Kya kaha tumne ?? kiske ghar party hai..?? "

" Wo koi modi's hain.. I don't know haven't even seen them..."

" Ohh i see.. Well dekho niki mum dad ki baat hamesha maanni chahiye tum wahan chali jao.. That's more important.."

Niki was surprised she was expecting some kind of dissapointment anger even if fake but nothing was there... " Are.. Are you sure tum.. Tum gussa to nahi ho naa tumhe bura to nahi laga naa ki main promise karke bhi nahi aa rahi.."

" Of course not niki i understand parents are very important hamein unki baat maanni chahiye.."

" Oh thanks abhi thanks for understanding plz uncle aunty ko meri taraf se wish karna main phir kabhi unse zaroor milungi.."

" Yeah.." He replied with a smile on his face

" Achha ab main rakhti hun bye and thanks one again..."

" Yeah bye.." Abhi disconnected the phone.. " Milogi to tum aaj hi niki aur wish bhi unhe khud hi karogi.. Now nothing can go wrong..." And with a sly smile he went away..

At the party

Finally niki was at the party it was beautiful with trees covered with beautiful lights and looked as if they had golden and silver fruits hanging on their branches.. The decoration was superb, she went in with her parents..

" Oh malhotra saab aaiye aaiye.. Badi lhushi hui ki aap aaye.."

" Arre bhai aap bulayein aur hum naa aayein.. Inse miliye meri wife shobha aur meri beti nikita.."

" Namaste bhabhiji.. Hello beta "

" Aap dono ko Shaadi ki saalgirah bahut bahut mubarak ho.."

" Thank you aur inse to miliye meri better half..."

" Aap bhi naa... plz mrs.malhotra inko to bas rehne hi dijiye Jab dekho mujhe chidhate rehte hain.. Yeh aapki beti hai.." Looking at niki..

" Ji haan.."

" Wish you a very happy anniversary aunty.."

" Thankyou beta... Bahut pyaari bachhi hai aapki.." patting her cheek lovingly niki smiled at her..

" mom dad wo.." Abhimanyu came there but stopped in mid sentence seeing niki there..

" Arre abhi inse milo yeh hain mr. And mrs. Malhotra aur unki beti nikita..." His mom introduced him.. " Aur yeh hai mera beta abhimanyu.."

Nikita was surprised to see him, she kept looking at him in amazement..

" Hello sir..maam.. Hi nikita..." He smiled at her surprised face..

" Abhi nikita ko le jao zara apne friends se milwao.." Said her mother

" Are haan bhai hum budhho main to tum bachhe bore ho jaoge.. Jao aur kuch disco shishko karo.. ab hamari kamar to ab iski ijazat nahi deti.." His father added laughing

" Yes mom.. Chalein ms.nikita " they went to the bar and settled themselves on the high chairs

" Abhi tum.. I'm so surprised... Tumne bataya kyun nahi mujhe.."

" Agar bata deta to tumhare face par yeh look nahi dekh paata naa.." He smiled..

" That's so bad abhi.." But she too smiled..

" Tum shayad bhul gayi magar maine tumhe bataya tha ki i'm abhi.. Abhimanyu modi... Remember "

Niki hit her head again.. " Ohh haan so silly of me.. Main bhul hi gayi thi ki tum bhi modi ho dimaag se hi nikal gayaa.."

" Koi baat nahi hota hai aksar ladkiyan mere handsome face ko dekh kar sab kuch bhul jaati hain.."

" Ahhan.. You are soo modest.." She said little sarcastically hitting his arm playfully

" Haha.. Achha batao kaya logi how about this mexican punch.."

" Punch...!! Noway is janam main main dubara koi bhi punch nahi piyungi... Kal kaafi tha..."

" oh haan kal to tumhare friend ki birthday party thi naa kaisi rahi..? "

" Kal bas puchho mat sab kuch theek chal raha tha.. magar we were busted pata nahi kaise magar uncle aur dr.shashank ko pata lag gaya uske baare main.. Virendra uncle to bas puchho mat itna gussa ho rahe the especially mujhse saara idea maine jo diya tha... Waise daant to tumhe padni chahiye naa idea to tumhara tha naa.."

" Hey magar maine yeh thodi naa kaha tha ki waisa kar hi do wo to sirf ek suggestion tha..."

" Well.. Actually you are right saari galti us ghade ke bachhe ki hai that idiot that S.O.B.." Abhi almost chocked on his drink.. " Agar wo phone nahi karta naa to sab theek hota.."

Cough cough.. " Oh man someone is angry... Ab usko gaali kyun de rahi ho jo ho gaya so ho gaya.. And if you don't mind me saying this tum itni khush nahi lag rahi jitna maine expect kiya tha.. Especially jab tum phone par itna excited sound kar rahi thi... What happened to the proposal...?? " He asked her casually leaning on the counter

" Huuh kya yaar uske bhi bas pucho mat you know armaan ne kuch special prepare kiya tha.. And i'm sure he was planning something magar us ullu ke patthe ki wajah se sab chaupat ho gaya.."

" My god niki tumse jyada khatarnak to tumhari yeh zubaan hai... I'm so sorry ki sab waisa nahi hua jaisa tumne expect kiya tha magar hua kya..?? " And she started to narrate everything to him he was so lost in her that he didn't realise that two pair of eyes were watching them... Very carefully...

Later at malik mansion

" Aapne dekha bhai saab is ladke ka main kya karun... Ek number ka ziddi hai apni zid ke aage kisi ki kuch parwah nahi hai apni bhi nahi roz kuch na kuch kya hoga iska kuch samajh nahi aata "

" Hmmm .. Ghabrao mat virendra... Boys will be boys and malik boys to adventure ka naam sunte hi aise ho jaate hain jaise unme current daud gaya ho tum khud bhi kuch kam nahi the bhul gaye apne college ke din kitni baar lad kar aate the aur maa ki daant se main tumhe bachata tha..." he smiled remembering the old days

" Haan.. bilkul waise jaise rahul bachata hai armaan ko meri daant se.." Said virendra feeling nostalgic " Magar bhai saab..."

" Haan haan main samajh raha hun tum kya kehna chahte ho... Rahul bhi to pehle aisa hi tha magar ab dekho zameen aasmaan ka fark hai agar armaan ko daba kar rakhoge to wo aur duur hoga aur tumse pichha chhudane ki koshish karega meri maano to wohi karo jo tumne socha hai abhi sahi waqt hai... Ladki to tum dekh hi chuke ho bachhi bahut pyari hai... Zimmedari aayegi to thoda dabega bhi,tum kab tak us par nazar rakhoge.. ab bas jaldi se armaan se is baare main baat kar lo phir hum shashank se mil kar saari baatein settle kar lete hain aur ek achha sa mahurat bhi nikalwa lete hain "

" haan bhai saab aap theek keh rehe hain.. ab yahi karna hoga, maine use 6 mahine ka time diya tha magar ab lagta hai thodi jaldi karni hogi... main kal hi usse baat karta hun.."


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                                     Taming the wild

Precap: armaan gets well and gets a scolding from ridhhima and he gets another task of cooling her... Sunil armaans cool BP arrive from London... Abhi and niki meet each other at abhi's parents anniversary party...

Ridhhima was walking in the corridor when someone called her..

" Ridhhima.. Ridhhima beta " she stopped to see who it was and saw sunil coming over to her with a big smile on his face along with shashank, she too smiled seeing them...

" Namaste uncle... Good morning sir.."

" Um huh arre yaar maine kal bhi tumhe bataya tha no uncle call me BP that sounds cool, uncle to buddho ke liye hai use tum virendra ke liye use kiya karo and next time no namaste vamaste plz." suddenly he stopped looking at shashank who was grinning with an amused look on his face " ab yeh dekho tumhare papa bhi naa budhhe ho gaye hain " ridz giggled while shashank raised his eyebrows " dekho shashank tum jao aur apni umar ke logon ke sath baith kar baatein karo hum jawaan logo ke beech main tumhara kya kaam hai na beta.."

" absolutely BP "

" see tumse jyada to tumhari beti samajhdar hai "

" ok ok guys main jaa raha hun.. Aap jaise jawaan logo ko ab pareshan nahi karunga "

" that's like a good old man " shashank laughed and shaking his head went away

" so now sweetheart where were you heading ? " giving her his arm to hold

" aur kahan BP us shaitan nakhrebaaz ke paas.. Ek number ka dramebaaz hai har baar koi naya drama.. You know ek baar maine daant kar dawai de di to chilla pada ki i have poisoned him !! "

" hahahaha... Oh wo aisa hi hai isliye to ab is sher ko kaabu main karne ke liye hamne socha hai ki ek sherni le aayein... Iski shaadi ker dein "

Ridhhima stopped in her tracks " what !! "

" haan bhai " sunil made an innocent face " ab dekho jawaan ho gaya hai business sambhalta hai,shakal surat ka bhi bura nahi hai aur dil ka to aur bhi achha hai "

" BP aap shayad yeh add karna bhul gaye... Workaholic hai kaam karta hai to baki kuch hosh nahi rehta, apni shakal ka to wo pura fayeda uthata hai dusro ko ullu banane main, dil ka to itna achha hai ki har ladki ko dene ko tayar rehta hai, ek number ka shaitan hai, kisi ka kehna nahi maanta,ziddi itna hai ki bas puchha mat, 100 nakhre dikhata hai jhuth bolta hai aur upar se attitude dikhata hai..!! "

' wohho itne thode dino main aap to use bade achhe tarike se jaan gayi
ho... To batao uske liye kaisi ladki dhunde " he now watched her keenly but ridz was unware of his gaze

" well BP uske liye to aapko aisi ladki dhundni chahiye jo roz uski achhe se class le , jis par wo apni cute smile aur dimples ke jadoo naa chala paaye aur uske achhe se kaan khinche jab bhi wo pareshan kare.."

" bilkul jaise tum daanti ho use.." BP asked with a straight face but ridhhima missed the implication she continued

" bilkul BP tabhi yeh sudhrega warna kisi seedhi ladki ki naak main to yeh dum kar dega... Waise bhi i'll pray for the girl whom he will marry "

Sunil chuckled " i agree i agree.. Waise koi ladki hai tumhari nazar main "

Ridhhima suddenly remembered niki " BP i think aapko iske baare main armaan se hi baat karni chahiye, ho sakta hai wo hi aapki mushkil aasaan kar de " they both looked at each other meaningfully but both took each others words differently ridhhima tried to hint him about niki while he thought she talked about herself

" sochta to main bhi yahi hun magar isse pehle ki wo ladki bataye use shaadi ke liye to tayar hona hoga naa.. Ab shaadi ke maamle mein to main zabardasti nahi karna chahta aur phir aaj kal ke bachhe to apni pasand se hi sab kuch karna chahte hain,ghar ke bade to sirf aashirwaad dete hain "

" BP aap armaan se baat to kariye i'm sure ki wo aapko disappoint nahi karega aur ho sakta hai ki ladki aapko bhi pasand aa jaaye ,rahi baat ghar ke bado ki to mujhe lagta hai ki itni decency to usme hai ki bado ki khushi ka khayaal rakhe " she smiled at him sunil was also very happy to hear her words

" yeah you are right after all itna to usne mere sath reh kar seekha hi hai, kyun ? "

" of course, ab chalein andar and brace yourself for another drama "

" kyun ?? "

" its medicine time "

" ooohhh i see "

" yo BP , hi ridhhima "

" hi " she said dryly and went to his bedside picking up his medicines, BP asked him through eyes why isn't she talking to him.. He whispered ' party ' and he nodded in an understanding way ' oohh '

" main zara virendra ko dekh kar aata hun pata nahi kahan reh gaya " and he went out leaving them together alone, armaan looked at ridhhima who was busy writing something on the chart

" ridhhima tum abhi tak naraz ho mujhse ?? " still no answer " mch..
Ridhhima plz. Yaar kuch to bolo aise maun vrat kyun rakha hua hai.. Achha baba sorry bas ab to kuch bolo..."

Ridhhima slammed the chart on the table and turned to face him " bas
armaan tumne sorry bol diya aur ho gaya saara matter solve sab khatam hai naa.. Tumhare liye to sorry sirf dusro se peecha chudane waala ek shabd hai naa... kabhi dil se feel hui hai apni galti, tumse sorry bulwane ka showk nahi hai mujhe, tumhari sorry ka achaar nahi daalna mujhe tumhari is sorry se uncle pighal sakte hain main nahi "

" par.."

" par war kuch nahi armaan tumne kabhi socha hai tumhari is harkat ki
wajah se di atul chiraag suspend ho sakte the ,it would have been a big blot on their career dad ki sanjivani ki reputation ko kitna dhakka pahuchta magar nahi mr.malik ko to apni party pyaari hai wo kisi aur ke baare main kyun sochenge " armaan listen to her scoldings with bowed head.. She took the medicines and handed them to him angrily

" magar rid.." he tried to speak up

" ab kya magar ? " she cut him in between " main keh rahi hun armaan agar tumne koi bhi nakhra kiya ya excuse diya to.. "

" magar ridhhima main dawai kha chuka hun " he said explaining

" what !! Tum..? Aur dawai apne aapse.. I dont believe you mr.malik "

" main sach keh raha hun ridhhima chaho to dr.keerti se puch lo wo bhi
yahin thi.."

" but " she was about to say somethimg when a nurse entered the room

" yeh nurse bhi thi.. Sister aap plz dr.ridhhima ko batayengi ki main dawai kha chuka hun "

" yes doctor abhi 10 minute pehle dr.keerti aayi thi wo hi dawai de gayi " ridhhima was now left with no doubt

" theek hai aap jaa kar test reports le aayiye " the nurse left and she looked at armaan unbelivingly " tum kabse itne sharif ho gaye ? "

" maine kaha tha na ridhhima i'm sorry and i really meant it.." he looked deeply in her eyes " main tumhe sach main kisi baat ke liye pareshan nahi karunga jaise tum kahogi main waisa hi karunga.. Ab to tum naraz nahi ho naa.. Plz. " he looked at her earnestly

Before she could say anything virendra entered with BP

" namaste uncle.."

" namaste beta how are you ? "

" fine uncle.. Aap baithiye mujhe armaan ki reports collect karne jaana hai "

She left and armaan mumbled disappointed ' yeh dad ko bhi naa galat time par hi entry maarni hoti hai achha bhala mana liya tha saari mehnat bekar kar di...'

" armaan " virendra looked at him seriously " mujhe tumse ek bahut zaruri baat karni hai.. "

" yes dad "

" armaan tumhe shaayad yaad hoga ki jab tum yahaan admit hue the tab hamari kuch baat hui thi.." he looked at his father puzzled " agar yaad nahi to main yaad dila deta hun... Maine kaha tha ki tumhe 6 mahine ke andar andar shaadi karni hogi "

" but dad you can't be serious " he could only think of ridhhima and the
upcoming blunder

" i was and i am serious armaan " he turned to look at BP for help " don't look at your BP he agrees with me ab main tumse saaf saaf kehna chahta hun ki main ab jyada intezaar nahi karna chahta aur main chahta hun ki tumhari shaadi jald se jald ho jaaye do you have anyone in mind ? "

" dad but "

" armaan do you like someone or not ? And i'm not talking of your flings in minimum of clothing "

" daad !! " he was embarrased for a moment when his father addressed his female following but he gathered himself and tried again " daad meri baat to suno "

" armaan finally yes ya no "

" yes.. No... But..." he could not find words to say

" fine i will take it as a no in that case let me inform you ki humne tumhare liye ladki pasand kar li hai " armaan was shocked

" what ? Kab ? Kaun ? "

" bahut pehle aur wo hai shashank ki beti ridhhima and i want your answer to be yes "

" yes "

" dekho armaan main jaanta hun ki tum kahoge ki tum kuch hi din pehle usse mile ho aur ek dusre ko abhi itni achhi tarah nahi jaante.. Wo tumse bahut alag hai magar main jaanta hun ki wo bahut samajhdaar ladki hai aur tum bachpan main ek dusre ke itne achhe dost the aur ab bhi dost ho and she's perfect for you.." he went on and armaan got impatient

" dad "

" no armaan no excuses she is the best choice for you achha jeevan saathi milna badi kismat ki baat hoti hai "

" dad plz just keep quiet for a minute and listen to me.. Yes.. I said yes.. " he had to shout in order to make him listen

" yes ?? "

" yes " he replied smiling at his fathers surprised face

" did you just say 'yes" ?? "

" yes dad i just said "yes" you are right ridhhima will be perfect for me , isn't it BP ? " he gave him an ear to ear smile after all his wish was getting fulfilled without much efforts and he chuckled thinking ' oh boy i love arrange marriage system '

Virendra was ecstatic and hugged him with joy.. " armaan armaan !! i'm so happy i'm so proud of you beta you have made a wise decision... main abhi ja kar yeh khushkhabri shashank ko deta hun.."

" but dad kya aapne ridhhima se baat ki is baare main kya wo tayar hai iske liye ? "

" nahi hum pehle tumse baat karna chahte the magar tum fikar mat karo we will see to it... Ohh armaan i'm so happy for you tumne bahut sahi faisla liya hai ridhhima bahut achhi ladki hai.."

" i know dad and thanks to you too "

" kisliye ? "

" aap nahi samjhoge just love you dad "

" me too son , main abhi shashank ke paas jaata hun " and he leaves the room feeling absolutely joyous

He then looked at BP who was quiet during whole conversation and was now looking at him with amused smile

" you knew hai naa " he asked

" haan i know jis tarah wo tumhe daant rahi thi aur tum chup chap sun rahe the tabhi mujhe pata chal gaya tha ki kuch gadbad hai.. aur jis speed se tumne yes kaha...boy !! "

" BP you are smart "

" of course i am lekin ab bhi aapka muh kuch utra utra kyun hai ? "

" BP she is still angry with me us party ki wajah se.."

" bas itni si baat beta ab iski aadat daal lo wo pati hi successful hai jise apni ruthi hui biwi ko manana aata hai.. Let me give you a tip do something she likes give her something she loves 'and' ladki ke ghar waalon ko patao agar family khush to ladki bhi khush and you can start with your hone waala sasurji my boy.." he said patting his back

" you are right BP main aaj hi sasurji se baat karta hun aur unko patata hun.. Thanks BP you are a saviour "

" anytime my boy... Anytime.." rahul and muski were informed too but he was surprised to know that they knew from the very begining that virendra wanted ridhhima for armaan and they were just playing along... Armaan was on cloud nine his happiness boundless

" Kya main andar aa sakta hun "

" arre virendra aao naa " virendra entered and saw that padma was also there...after exchanging the niceties he came to his real topic

" kya baat hai virendra bade khush lag rahe ho kuch khas baat? "

" khas baat to hai... Samdhi ji " he smiled broadly

" achha..." he didn't notice first and after a moment or two he realised what he had addressed him with and he looked at padma surprised who was equally surprised finally it sank in... " virendra... What did you call me just now ? "

" abe ab samdhi nahi bulaunga to kaya kahunga aur bhai hum ladke waale hain baat ek baar main sun liya karo " he laughed at his surprised face " arre ab baitha hi rahega ya gale bhi milega armaan ridhhima se shaadi kaarne ke liye tayaar hai " he declared happily " mubarak ho bhabhiji ya phir samdhan ji "

" oh bhai saab main aapko bata nahi sakti main kitni khush hun " her eyes were moist with happiness

" ab bas ridhhima se baat karke jald se jald ek achha sa mahurat nikaal lete hai sagai ka main to ab apni beti jaldi se apne ghar laana chahta hun "

" to phir ek kaam karte hain kal armaan discharge ho raha hai aur parso in logon ki internship khatam ho rahi hai tab dinner par sab sath baithte hain aur sab baatein tai kar lete hain "

" haan bilkul celebration bhi ho jayegi aur kaam bhi magar dinner hamare ghar hoga is bahane ridhhima apna ghar bhi dekh legi aur bachho ko sath main kuch time mil jayega ek dusre ko aur jaanne ka..."

" theek hai aise hi karte hai kyun padma " padma was really happy to hear that virendra said that ridhhima will see her house " haan bilkul " they all were joyous and continued their discussion...

Armaan stood before shashank's office he breathed deeply " armaan beta get ready just focus be serious and sincere remember sasurji ko patana hai agar sasurji khush to ridhhima khush aur agar ridhhima khush to sab just perfect... Okay now stop talking to yourself and go in..." he peeped in through the window and saw him busy talking to someone on the phone and laughing in between... " great ammy sasurji achhe mood main lagte hain achha mauka hai " clearing his throat he knocked at the door...

" come in " came the firm reply armaan went in... Shashank looked up from his file and saw armaan " arre armaan come in... come in beta bahar kyun khade ho "

" good morning uncle "

" good morning beta so how are you feeling now ? " he had a smile on his face

" fine uncle much better... Wo uncle mujhe aapse kuch baat karni thi "

" of course beta achha hua tum aa gaye abhi main aur padma tumse milne aa hi rahe the mujhe bhi tumse baat karni thi aaj virendra se meri baat hui aur usne mujhe aapke decision ke baare main bataya.." he looked up at him and their eyes met

" armaan main tumhare muh se sunna chahta hun ki tum is rishte ke liye tayar ho.. Tumne kisi ke dabav main aa kar yeh faisla to nahi liya.. Kyunki jahan tak maine tumhe dekha hai you are... Let's say quiet free spirited young man aur shaadi kafi zimmedari laati hai... koi aur bhi tumse jud jaata hai... Kya tum iss zimmedari ke liye tayar ho..? Main ek beti ka baap hun aur uski khushi mere liye bahut mayene rakhti hai, Ridhhima mere dil ke bahut kareeb hai armaan main use hamesha khush dekhna chahta hun.." he looked at armaan seriously now

Armaan looked at him directly in his eyes and spoke firmly " uncle ridhhima se shaadi karne ka faisla mera hai aur yeh maine bahut soch samjah kar liya hai... Main apne faisle kisi ke dabav main nahi leta.. Maine ridhhima ko dekhte hi decide kar liya tha ki agar main kisi se shaadi karunga to wo ridhhima hi hogi... I really love her uncle aur main use duniya ki har khushi dunga.. Aur jaisa aapne kaha ki i'm a free spirited guy magar uncle main aapse waada karta hun ridhhima har haal main meri first priority rahegi.. And i never backout on my words... Aapko kabhi shikayat ka mauka nahi milega.. Trust me "

he looked determinedly in his eyes both men looked into each others eyes none blinked, both conversing non verbally shashank testing him through his pearcing gaze and armaan trying to convey his sincere, deep love for ridhhima, his determination to keep his words, to prove himself...

At last he got up from his chair his face grave and came next to armaan, armaan too got up from his chair and they both looked at each other seeing his serious face armaan thought that he failed to convince shashank and he might cancel the wedding... He was busy in his thoughts when shashank looked at him and smiled broadly opening his arms widely " i believe you armaan.. Welcome to the family... Again... " and hugged him armaan was little surprised he didn't expected this but now he felt happy beyond words he hugged him back " thanks uncle thank you so much... Main aapka vishwaas kabhi nahi todunga " they broke the hug

" padma abhi yahan hoti to bahut khush hoti ki use kitna samajhdaar beta mila hai... Arre haan tum bhi mujhse kuch baat karna chahte the naa..."

" haan actually wo ridhhima ke baare main...kya aapne usse baat ki "

" haan hamne decide kiya hai ki parso in logo ki internship khatam ho rahi hai tabhi usse is baare main baat karenge... Magar tumhari koi baat nahi hui ridhhima se..? usne to bataya hoga iske baare main "

" arre uncle uska to bas puchho mat wo to kabse mujhse dhang se baat nahi kar rahi wo uss party ki wajah se mujhse naraaz hai abhi tak... Waise main uske baare main bhi aapse baat karna chahta tha...main apni harkat ke liye bahut sharminda hun mujhe aisa nahi karna chahiye tha mere doston ne jo kiya uske liye main aapse maafi maangna chahta hun... I'm really sorry uncle main nahi jaanta tha ki itna badi gadbad ho jayegi... I really feel bad about it " he apologised sincerely

" its okay beta mujhe khushi hai ki tumhe is baat ka ehsaas hai " Just then shashank saw ridhhima standing near the door...

" arre ridhhima beta aao naa abhi main armaan se tumhari hi baat kar raha tha.. Tum kab aayi ? "

" bas abhi mujhe aapko yeh case files deni thi... Aur armaan tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho ? ab kaun si nayi information lene aaye ho ? where are you planning the bash now in the hospital itself...?! " she didn't gave him any chance to speak ' Ek kaam kyun nahi karte why don't you call all your friends aur unse kaho ki wo apne birthdays shaadi anniversaries sab yahin manaa lein yeh hospital cum banquet hall jo hai " poor armaan could not utter a word

" ridhhima beta plz cool down wo us baat ke liye maafi maang chuka hai " armaan nodded vigorously as shashank took his side

" papa he is very smart aap iski is cute sorry aur innocent face par mat
jayiye yeh iski bhi practise karke aaya hoga.." armaan was surprised to hear it he indeed practised what to say and how to say but this time he really meant his sorry, but by gods grace her pager starts beeping " mujhe dr. Keerti ne bulaya hai i have to go "

" Okay fine then thanks for the files " and with one angry look at armaan she left... both the men breathe in " ufff kabhi kabhi to mujhe pata nahi chalta ki yahaan ka boss kaun hai "

" bilkul uncle... men are so easy to converse women are so complex ab isko dekho dus baar sorry keh chuka hun magar nahi abhi bhi she is fuming like a volcano..." Shanky laughs

" magar wo dil ki buri nahi hai aur uska gussa jitni jaldi aata hai usse jaldi chala bhi jaata hai, she is a softy at heart and simple things can bring her joy like ice cream chocolate babies etc..." Armaan immediately gets the idea.. He stands up

" uncle thank you so much aapne kya idea diya hai "

Shashank was confused " maine ?? "

" haan i will explain it later abhi mujhe jaana hai bye uncle and thank you so much " He almost runs out shashank smiles at him thinking he is really in love

Armaan calls someone and gives some instrutions " ammy dude you are too good who can escape your charms..." pats his back himself

riddhima was at the nurse station when a wardboy comes and hands over a white rose to her with a note " madam yeh aapke liye aaya hai "

" mere liye ? magar yeh diya kisne ? "

" pata nahi madam kaun tha " saying this he leaves ridhhima was surprised she opens the note and there was only one letter written on it "P" with "1" written on top in a circle ridhhima could not make out anything by it... She thought it might be some mistake and taking her file she moves on as she got into the lift another wardboy came running handing her another beautiful white rose with yet another note this time it was "L" with "2" marked in a circle as if it was numbered she was really confused now but nobody seems to know the answer that who is sending them to her...

She thought " kahin vivek to nahi... Nahi wo kaise bhej sakta hai wo to itni duur canada main hai to phir kahin yeh atul sapna ya chiraag ki shaitani to nahi hai abhi ja kar puchhti hun " but she found that they all were busy in either surgeries or with cases and in the meantime she continue to get the roses and notes by now she had 4 white 4 pink and 3 yellow roses she was confused and irritated now she decided to stop and see what they actually mean she went to a doctors cabin and stood next to the table spreading all the notes she joined them by number and they formed

' please smile...'

She could understand nothing... she was just wondering about this when a small child of about 6 yrs came in

" aapka naam ridhhima hai ? "

She bent down to look at him " haan aur aap kaun hain ? "

Child didn't answer her " this is for you beautiful " ridhhima was surprised at the choice of his words as he gave her a teddy bear and a box of chocolates
and kissing her cheek ran away even before she could ask anything, she was totally surprised at this act of such a small child adding to her surprise was another shock... as she turned she found a small baby of about a year sitting in a rocker on the table

she was surprised where did he came from he was a really cute baby with a balloon tied on his wrist with sorry written on it seeing her he smiled and flapped his arms ridhhimas heart melted completely at the sight she picked up the baby.

" hey baby aap yahaan kaise aaye aur aap kis baat ke liye sorry bol rahe ho ? Who gave you the ballon hmmm And where is mumma baby ? " she kept looking here and there to find his mother but saw noone baby just gurgled and laughed she was just wondering when she felt a tug on her ankle she looked down and saw a cute labrador pup with a red bow around his neck with a letter tied to it standing near her legs again she was surprised..

" and where did you came from ? " patting the dog she picked up the letter keeping the baby back in the rocker... She sat on the nearby bench and unfolding the letter started reading it

Dear ridhhima

Hi yeh mera pehla apology letter hai isliye plz padh kar tum naraz mat
hona... I am not very good at saying sorry Main jaanta hun ki tum mere nakhro se pareshan ho i promise ki ab main nakhre nahi karunga.. Maine uncle se bhi maafi maang li hai magar mujhe tab tak chain nahi milega jab tak tum mujhe maaf nahi kar deti Main jaanta hun ki maine tumhe bahut pareshan kiya hai upar se apni birthday party main bhi nahi bulaya mujhe laga tum naraz ho jaogi (and i was right ) is baar maaf kar do agli baar i promise tumhare bina koi birthday nahi manunga aur hospital ya kisi conference hall main to bilkul nahi.. Ab to maan jao


Ridhhima could not help but laugh at those last words in the letter all anger forgotten she decided to forgive him and accept his apology but as she moved the letter away from her face she saw... armaan !!

He was sitting on the floor with puppy in one hand and baby in another and even before she could utter a word he said very cutely " i'm sorry ridhhima cute sweet puppy sorry " pointing at baby himself and puppy " dekho ab main aisa kabhi nahi karunga " giving her another bunch of roses... Orange this time " Peace now " making a v sign with his fingers looking at her questioningly... Ridz could no longer remain angry with him and she laughed out

" okay mr nautanki now get up... maine tumhe maaf kiya "

armaan yelled " sach ridhhima yaaay " and kissed the baby and was about to kiss the doggy too but backs off and just pats him... Ridhhima again laughs seeing his antics... And ruffles his hair armaan was happy beyond words

" ab since you have been such a good boy mere paas bhi ek good news hai tumhare liye " he looks at her expectantly

" achha kya ? Bolo naa "

" tum- kal- ghar- jaa sakte ho "

" sach waaooo yippee " feeling joyous he hugs her... Again that feeling of something nice erupts in his heart he never wanted to break the hug but then consoled himself thinking that it is only matter of few days and she will be all his.. He broke the hug smiling broadly

" ohh ridhhima main bata nahi sakta aaj main kitna khush hun ek din main do-do khush khabriyan mili hai "

" achha ek to ghar jaane ki dusri kaun si hai ? "

" umm wo.. Wo main tumhe aise nahi bata sakta baad main bataunga achhe se " thinking in a very special way my princess...ridhhima again smiles at him andRuffles his hair " theek hai mr.nautanki ab tum apne room main jao mujhe baaki patients ko bhi dekhne jaana hai okay.. Main tumse baad main milti hun "

" pakka "

" haan baba pakka " he agrees and ridhhima leaves for her rounds her eyes fall on his letter... There was something written at the back as well she read it..

P:S - tum muskurate hue jyada achhi lagti ho

She laughed softly shaking her head thinking about his naughty acts... After her rounds ridhhima got some free time and taking the oppertunity she slipped into the fire escape and taking out her cell dialled viveks number

" hey ridhhima "

" hi vivek "

" what a pleasent surprise to finally madam ko fursat mil gayi mujhse baat karne ki "

" oh vivek i was missing you so much bas mann kar raha tha ki bhag kar tumhare paas pahuch jaun aur tumhe gale se laga lun.."

" waah kya baat hai aaj bada pyaar aa raha hai.. Kash main wahan hota.. Waise madam aapko itne din baad meri yaad aayi hmm "

" offoh itne din kahan do hi din to hue hain aur tumhe bataya to tha naa.. yeh do din itne hectic rahe ki bas pucho mat upar se wo armaan "

" armaan ?? "

" haan wo virendra uncle ka beta tum bhul gaye maine bataya to tha pata hai usne kya kiya pura hungama kar diya..." and she narrated everything to him... He laughed out listening to it " pata hai Main to bahut naraz thi usse bada gussa aa raha tha magar aaj usne itne
sweet tarike se maafi maangi naa ki main gussa reh hi nahi paayi pata hai usne kya kiya..." and she told him everything smiling and laughing " i must say uski imagination to tumse bhi kahin aage hai, pata nahi kahan se aise ideas lata hai "

" ridhhima " he said in a serious tone

" hmm "

" ridhhima tum armaan se duur raho "

" what ?? " she was surprised to hear it.." magar vivek hua kya ?? "

" Ridhhima maine keh diya na duur raho us armaan malik se bass "

" magar vivek kuch reason to hoga naa... yeh achanak.."

" ohh ridhhima plz. Don't tell me ki you are so naive ki tumhe kuch pata nahi.. Can't you see he is trying to get close to you "

" what !! Vivek tum theek to ho naa yeh tum kaisi baat kar rahe ho "

" main theek keh raha hun ridhhima tum bas apne kaam se kaam rakhna aur ho sake to dr. Keerti se kehkar uska case kisi aur ko de do aur haan tum uske sath lunch dinner par kahin nahi jaogi theek hai kahin uski neeyat kharab ho gayi to " he ordered her

" vivek are you all right..." she was incredulous " armaan aisa waisa ladka nahi hai wo virendra uncle ka beta hai hum bachpan se ek dusre ko jaante hain usne kabhi bhi kuch aisa nahi kiya jisse mujhe lage ki he is not right..."

" ridhhima tum jaanti nahi ho.. in uncle aunty ke beton se thoda bach kar hi rehna chahiye.."

" oh cmmon vivek kya tumhe mujh par vishwaas nahi hai.. He is more
decent than the girls you meet there ,kya maine kabhi tum par shak kiya hai ? Kya maine kabhi kaha hai ki keep away from so and so halaki wo alag baat hai ki tumne mujhe kabhi kuch jyada bataya hi nahi.."

" ridhhima baat ko ghumao mat..."

" vivek main koi dudh peeti bachhi nahi hun jo apna khayal nahi rakh sakti kiske sath kaisa behave karna hai mujhe achhe se pata hai aur haan main apne dost khud chunti hun..."

" Nahi tumhe kuch nahi pata... Ab jo main keh raha hun wo suno this
armaan doesn't sound good keep away from him aur tum uska koi gift
accept nahi karogi..."

" Vivek that's enough maine tumhe kaha hai ki tumhara aisa possessive behaviour mujhe bilkul nahi pasand.. wo sirf ek family friend hai bas aur tumhari jaankari ke liye main tumhe bataa dun ki he already has a girlfriend jisse wo bahut pyaar karta hai aur wo kal yahaan se discharge bhi ho raha hai... And now mr. Vivek khanna ab tum mujhse tabhi baat karna jab yeh baat tumhe samajh main aa jaaye theek hai "

" R..ridhhima listen to me.." But she disconnected the phone fuming in anger his possessiveness always irritated her she knew that's because he loves her very much but still she never felt good about it... It felt suffocating..

Later it took vivek 12 calls and 18 messages to make her normal again he apologized profusely and promised his love again and again till she gave in with a promise from him that he will never say such mistrusting words again and won't be so over possessive... To which he agreed...

Later at gupta house

Shashank was busy reading newspaper when the door bell rang...

" padma zara dekhna to " he called out...

" arre suresh bhai saab veena aayiye naa.." they hugged each other " itne dino ke baad fursat mili aapko.. Arre atul beta what a pleasent surprise mujhe to laga tum apni aunty ko bhul gaye.." he touched padmas feet.. " khush raho "

" nahi aunty aisa kabhi ho sakta hai balki aaj main hi mom dad ko kheench kar laaya hun "

" achha beta bata du abhi sab " suresh whispered in his ear

" daaad " atul glared at his father and then grinned at padma... His mother just rolled her eyes

" arre bhai ab wahin khade khade saari baat karoge ya yahaan bhi aaoge..." shashank called out

" aa raha hun aa raha hun... Tera mann hi nahi lagta mere bina " shashank laughed and both the men hugged and settle down.." aur suna kaisa chal raha hai sab ? "

" sab badhiya hai.. Bachhe kahan hai ? "

" anjali ridhhima khane ki tayari main lage hue hain.."

" uncle aap log baat kariye main jaa kar unki help karta hun "

" haye kitna sweet bachha hai you are so lucky veena "

" haan tumhe lagta hai.. in dono baap bete ke sath to main pagal ho jaati hun yeh dono ikkathe ho kar team bana lete hain aur main pagal ho jaati hun aur agar kitchen main ghus jayein to bas puchho mat..." both the ladies get busy in their chit chat... In the mean time atul anjali and ridhhima too come out and exchange niceties with elders anjali keep telling atul through gestures to tell the parents about their engagement and ridhhima was trying hard not to laugh at their bickering

" arre bhai ab atul ki internship bhi khatam hone waali hai aur use london ke ek reputed hospital se bahut achha offer aaya hai.." said suresh.. Hearing this anjali looked at atul with surprise and whispered

" atul tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahi "

" main tumhe yahi to batana chahta tha magar tum sun hi nahi rahi thi " she glared at him and he hid behind ridhhima ,on the other hand elders continued...

" arre waah yeh to badi achhi khabar hai.. Mubarak ho.. Atul bahut hi
honhaar ladka hai.. Main jaanta tha ki wo bahut aage jayega "

" of course baap par jo gaya hai... Waise hum sab London shift ho rahe hain.. Maine bhi usi hospital main neuro department head ka offer accept kar liya hai " Anjali and atul didn't hear this conversation as they were busy with their bickering

" arre anjali ridhhima beta yahan aao naa kitne din ho gaye tumse mile hue.." veena called ,girls along with atul came there happily and anjali settled beside veena...

" anjali beta have you ever been to london ? " suresh asked

" haan uncle last time holidays ke liye wahin gaye the lovely place i
absolutely loved it "

" yah to badi achhi baat hai... Achha shashank phir tere aage ke liye kya plans hain ? "

" mere plans ?? Kis baare main " confused at his question

" arre bhai shadi ke baare main aur kya "

" kya ?? Arre yaar meri shaadi ho chuki hai do bachhe hain aur main bahut khush hun " he replied in amused manner

" arre buddhe main teri nahi atul ki shaadi ki baat kar raha hun.." everybody looked at each other and then at him confused...

" atul ki shaadi ?? Main kuch samjha nahi "

" dekho bhai hum sab London jaa rahe hain and considering my handsome hunk of a son main koi chances nahi lena chahta kyunki hum dono ko ek Hindustani bahu chahiye " veena nodded in agreement " bilkul " he continued " aur firangi kudiyan to is par tuut padengi " everybody laughs

" yes dad you are right mujhe bhi isi baat ka darr hai " with a serious face they laugh even more

" ohho padma yeh dono baap bete paagal hain " veena spoke up

" haan bhagwaan pehle tumhare pyaar main pagal hua aur fir tumhare sath reh kar... Hahahaha " she hits suresh on his arm playfully

" maine inse kaha padma ki yahaan bhi to achhe hospitals hain wahaan join kar lo magar nahi meri sunta kaun hai.. "

" arre bhagwaan anjali se puchho london achhi jagah hai aur usko to london pasand hai.. hai naa beta.."

Anjali was confused but still says " haan "

" to bas ho gaya faisla hum london jaa rahe hain bas " he replied

" magar bhai saab rehna aapne hai wahaan iska anjali se kya lena dena " said padma

" offoh bhabhi main apni bahu ko yahaan thodi naa chhod kar jaunga aapne suna nahi mujhe apne bete ki fikar hai bhai "

Everybody is stunned and so is anjali who during this time was trying to find a way to bring the topic atul on the other hand seemed cool as he knew this is going to happen

" ab aise kya dekh rahe ho , koi pareshaani hai ?? " he asked shashank and padma who just looked at him with mouths open

" suresh yeh.. Yeh..."

" offoh iski to gaadi hi atak gayi hai main hi puch leta hun... Anjali beta
tumhe to iss rishte se koi aitraaz nahi hai..." anjali for the first time was at the loss of words and just looked down feeling shy her face red due to blushing... Atul just could not take his eyes off her and admired her beauty... " lo ho gaya faisla shashank ab jaldi se shaadi ki tayari shuru kar de pandit se kal hi baat karte hain aur achha sa mahurat nikalwa lete hain sagai kaa.. "

everybody is joyous, padma hugged veena with tears of happiness in her eyes ridhhima congratulated both atul and anjali and then veena performed the rituals putting on a gold bangle in anjalis wrist...

" bhai saab ab aapki anjali hamari hui..." she hugged anjali and kissed her forehead.. Happy beyound words...

" padma hamne jaroor kuch achhe karm kiye honge jo hamari dono betiyon ko itne achhe ghar aur var mile hain..." he had moist eyes

" haan bilkul " they hugged each other and rest of the evening went by
discussing, happy bickering, pulling legs and planning for the wedding...


                                      Taming the wild
                                           part 20

Precap: Armaan manages to manofy ridhhima... Virendra discloses the name of the girl he wants armaan to marry and hearing it armaan feels like being on cloud nine...ridhhima and vivek have a little fight over phone coz of armaan and atul anjali's wedding get fixed...


Finally the day when armaan was to be discharged arrived but now he was not feeling so happy about it... Rahul muskaan virendra BP and rajat were there too...

" Good morning uncle.. Yo B.P "

" Hey ridhhima that's my gal.. You learn pretty fast.." They hi fived each other smiling broadly everybody was amused to see them behave like kids... She hugged muski and exchanged nicities with others

" Achha aap sab bahar chaliye mujhe armaan ka final checkup karna hai..." Armaan was so happy to find sometime alone with her...

" So armaan how are you ? " She smiled at him.. " Ready to go hmm.."

" yeah..." his smile faltered a little.. She saw it and said in a concerned voice..

" Armaan kya hua ?? Tum theek to ho naa ?? "

" Haan main theek hun... Bas aise hi pehle rukna nahi chahta tha aur.. Aur ab jaate hue ajeeb lag raha hai..." He looked into her eyes

Ridhhima smiled at him... " Ohh yeh main kya sun rahi hun kya yeh wohi armaan malik hai jisne kuch din pehle meri jaan kha rakhi thi ki jaana hai jaana hai... Hospital se bhagne ki koshish kari... Ward boys ko rishwat di.. Yahaan tak ki hospital ke conference hall ko party hall bana daala... Aur ab jaane ki baari aayi to udas ho rahe ho... Arre buddhu tumhe to khush hona chahiye ki ab tum theek ho kar ghar ja rahe ho.." hitting his forehead lightly

" Nahi wo baat nahi hai uske liye to main khush hun magar.."

" Kya magar...?? "

" Ab tum mujhe roz thodi milogi shaadi tak..."

" Kya ?? shaadi tak ?? To tumhe pata hai ?? Papa ne tumhe bataya hoga hai naa..."

" Haan uncle ne tumse baat ki kya ?? " Looking at her surprised and happy

" Ofcourse saari baatein mere saamne hi to hui hain.." She replied happily..

" Aur.. Aur tumhe is rishte se koi aitraaz to nahi hai..?? " His excitement and happiness growing by every second...

" Aitraaz..!! Mujhe bhala is baat se kyun aitraaz hoga atul bahut achha ladka hai.."

" Atul...?? Wha.. What ?? "

" Haan aur kya.. Di aur wo ek dusre se kitna pyaar karte hain.. I'm rather happy ki he is going to be my jiju.." but seeing the look at his face she asked.. " tum atul aur anjali di ki shaadi ki baat kar rahe the naa...? "

" Main.. Wo .. H..haan.." She looked at him suspeciously and he changed the topic.. " Haan ab to tum shadi ki tayari main busy ho jaogi.. Mere liye tumhare paas time hi kahaan bachega..." He made a puppy face..

" Offoh armaan tum bhi naa.. Tum bhi to hamari family ki tarah hi ho aur main nahi tum bhi busy hone wale ho shaadi main.. Ab jaldi se theek ho jao bahut saara kaam karwana hai... Shopping par jaana hai... Etc etc.."

Armaan smiled broadly " of course madam armaan malik is always at your service.." Both giggled

" Achha mr.malik now lie down and let me do the check up.. Ghar jaana hai naa.." He obeyed her orders and she checked him up throughly after about 15 minutes she asked the nurse to allow the others inside..

" So ridhhima.. Everything is fine.." Asked rahul

" Ji bhaiyya sab theek hai.. Magar iska matlab yeh nahi hai armaan ki ghar jaate hi tumhari uchal kuud shuru ho jaaye abhi jab tak paer ke stitches khul nahi jaate tab tak jyada chalna firna nahi no heavy or oily food and junk food to bilkul nahi.. No tea coffee or fizzy drinks Deep breathing exercise jo batayi hai wo regular karni hai agar ribs main pain ho to ye ibrufen le lena okay..."

He nodded like an obediant child.. " Baaki sab medicine aur instructions isme likh di hain..." Showing him a paper " wo ek hafte tak aur leni hai... 5 din baad dubaara aana hai tab stitches khulenge okay.. Samajh main aa gayi saari baat..? "

" Of course bha..." rajat spoke up but the moment he was about to say bhabhi.. He got an elbow right into his stomach as he was standing right next to armaan who was now sitting on the bed...

" Hmm.. Kya kuch kaha tumne rajat..? " She asked as she could not get clearly what he said coz she was busy checking his reports

" Nahi.. Wo bas keh raha tha.. Umm behenji.. You know sister.." He glared at rajat... Who immediately agreed to it

" Haan haan behen aap meri behen jaisi hi hai naa..." She smiled at him

" That's so sweet of you rajat..." Muski and rahul were trying hard not to laugh seeing all this...then virendra and BP entered with shashank.

" So buddy ready to go.." BP asked

" Yo BP.." He got a cheerful reply

" Aur ridhhima sab theek hai naa beta..? " Virendra asked

" Haan uncle sab theek hai bas thode precautions lene hain aur thode din medication aur leni hai... Rest is perfect... Maine armaan ko sab bata diya hai "

" Aur tumhe kya lagta hai ki yeh saari instructions follow karega..." Said muski.. " Arre kal dekh lena sabse pehle office bhagega..." Armaan glared at muski who was least effected by it...

" Muskaan ko kyun ghuur raha hai wo bilkul theek keh rahi hai..." He grinned sheepishly at his father

" Waise abhi hum log yahi baat kar rahe the ridhhima tum ek kaam kyun nahi karti.. Why don't you keep an eye on him... Just keep him reminding what he should do and what not... At least tumhare darr se apna kuch khayal to rakhega..." Shashank said

" I agree..." Said BP

" Well theek hai no problem.. Armaan main tumhe roz call karti rahungi aur khabardar agar koi bhi instruction overlook kari to..." She threatened him lightheartedly and he shook his head agreeing... And they moved out to go home finally...

He was in his room and kept thinking about her he never imagined his dreadful stay at hospital will become such a memorable one something that would change his whole life... everything came back to him one by one the time he spent with her in the canteen when he saw the nightmare... The cafeteria when they went out together for the first time... The breakfast on the terrace... And how he finally managed to cool her down... Her anger... her smile... and her laugh like the tinkering of bells that still echoed in his heart... All these memories brought a smile on his face... And again he was lost in the thoughts of the future... Their future together... He took out his diary and began writing smiling to himself...

 The day passed away... the time seemed to fly away whenever he thought of her... She had called thrice already giving instructions.. giving details about how all the staff especially the young docs and nurses was feeling low as he was their favourite... And even she felt something was missing as there was noone whom she has to scold and watch for every moment... Hearing this that she was missing him gave him so much of happiness that he started jumping on the bed while talking to her... Only to cry later of the pain... Ridhhima heard it and he got his daily dose of scolding then and there... But he was glad even in that he loved it when she shouted at him...

As usual he said sorry making a silly excuse that he slipped before things could get out of hand.. The night was no easy time... sleep was miles away from his eyes... he sighed

" Armaan beta yahi hote hain pyaar ke side effects... Ab so jaa warna agar kal ridhhima ko pata laga to wahin par sabke saamne tujhe teri daily dose mil jayegi..."

He smiled shaking his head... Waiting impatiently for tomorrow to come as virendra told him that guptas would be coming over for dinner and they will finalize everything after hearing ridhhimas decision.. Which they were sure would be a yes...

The next day

All of them were standing in shashanks cabin.. Atul anjali ridhhima sapna and chirag.. Along with dr.keerti... Who for a change was in her rare to see happy moods...

" So interns.." Shashank addressed them " finally the internship is over.. The so called slavery days..." All looked at him surprised he smiled and continued " and you are a full fledged doctors now... Mujhe aap sabko batate hue bahut khushi ho rahi hai ki dr.atul joshi will be joining the prestigeous St. Thomas Hospital in london ,dr.chirag dr.sapna and dr.ridhhima would be joining us here at sanjivani as resident doctors..." They were bit surprised as he did not take anjalis name... " And dr.anjali i'm sure you have something to share with your friends and collegues... So doctors i wish you all the best for your future and your duties start from next week... Congratulations and best of luck to you all..."

" Thank you sir..." He got up and shook everybodys hand..later amit too joined them while they were celebrating anjali informed the others about the wedding.. And they shouted even more scaring some people nearby... Giving both atul and anjali rib crushing hugs...

" Yaar i'm missing vivek so much agar wo yahaan hota to mazaa hi aa jaata.. " Said chirag wistfully

" Haan yaar.." added sapna " magar thode time ki hi to baat hai phir wo yahaan hoga and hum sab khuub masti karenge..."

All this reminded ridhhima about him and she missed him.. As if it was telepathic her cell viberated and she beemed looking at it...

" Di main abhi aati hun " and before she could ask her anything she rushed out and Went into the fire escape..

" Hey sweetheart... Congratulations you are a full fledged doctor now.."

" Thanks vivek i'm so happy today..."

" Main bhi... bas agar yeh stupid rules nahi hote to aaj main bhi tum logo ke sath apni internship khatam kar chuka hota pata nahi kab aayega wo din aur kab khatam hogi yeh gulami..."

" Viveek dont be disappointed tum yeh bhi to socho ki tumhe itne reputed hospital main kaam karne ka mauka mila hai... Aur jab tum wapas aaoge tab sab kitne khush honge aur papa to khaskar... Wo tumhari kitni tareef karte hain ki tumne sanjeevani ka kitna naam roshan kiya hai... And i'm sure jab tum unse hamari baat karoge to wo tumhe naa nahi kahenge.."

" Ohho badi jaldi hai aapko hamari shaadi ki... Hmm "

" Viveek.. Achaa tumhe pata hai di aur atul ki shaadi fix ho gayi hai and they are going to get married within this month.."

" Really wow that's great... To atul ne tumhere papa ko impress kar hi diya...kya baat hai ab to uski nikal padi..."

" Aisi koi baat nahi hai uncle aunty ko di pehle se hi pasand thi aur achha hi hai naa ki dono ke pyaar ko ghar waalo ki bhi manjoori mil gayee.."

" Haan wo to hai bhai ab mujhe tumhare papa ko impress karna padega tumhara hath maangne ke liye.. And i think i can do that agar main yahan is hospital ke chaiman ko flat kar sakta hun to tumhare papa ko to main chutkiyon main pata lunga..."

" Fine dekhte hain kya karte ho,pehle aao to sahi abhi to pure 5 mahine baaki hain..."

" Huuuh bas 5 mahine main tum dekhna main wapas aate hi aise unchaaiyon ko chhunga... Ek din sanjeevani ki top position par pahuchunga tumhare papa ki position par...mera matlab unki tarah..."

" Vivek wo sab bhi hoga magar mujhe mat bhul jaana..."

" Of course ridhhima main tumhe kaise bhul sakta hun.. tum hi to meri success ki wajah ho.. tum meri sabse pehli priority ho... Tumhe kaise bhul sakta hun agar tum nahi to kuch bhi nahi..."

" Oh vivek i love u "

" I love u too sweetheart "

" Achha ab main rakhti hun di ke sath shopping par jaana hai aur bahut si tayari karni hai...okay bye "

" Bye ..." And she disconnected the phone smiling to herself..

All three guptas came back home together happily

" Arre aa gaye aap log.." Padma welcomed them smiling happily

" Haan mom aaj hamari internship khatam ho gayi naa isliye aaj hamara jaldi off ho gaya..." ridhhima replied hugging her

" Chalo achha hua tab tak tum thoda rest kar lo shaam ko hamne jaana hai.."

" Jaana hai kahaan..? " anjali asked

" arre virendra bhai saab ke yahaan unhone hum sabko dinner ke liye invite kiya hai..."

" Oh okay... Mom main ja kar fresh ho kar aati hun .."

" Ya me too bahar kitni dust hai aaj.."

" Ohho ab to madam ko india dusty lagega hi after all ab london waali jo hone waali hai..." Ridhhima teased her..

" Ridzy ki bachhi tu ruk to zara... Moom dekha aapne ab yeh har baar mujhe aise chedti hai..." She hugged padma from behind...

She chuckled.. " Koi baat nahi beta ab aapke baad iska hi number hai tab saari kasar nikaal lena..." Patting her cheek lovingly

" Haan haan dekhenge..." She showed a thumb to anjali and ran to her room gigling...

" Yeh nahi sudhregi..." She shook her head smiling.. " Okay mom main bhi chalti hun..."

" Anjali beta ek minute hamein aapse kuch baat karni thi..." Shashank stopped her...

After a while ridhhima came out drying her hair...

" Ridhhima..."

" Haan.. Mom... Aao naa.. Achha hua aap aa gayi mujhe to samajh hi nahi aa raha ki main kya pehnu... Plz help me naa..." She made a face seeing her cupbooard... Which was stuffed with clothes and she kept her hands on her waist in confusion frowning...

Padma chuckled seeing her reason of worry... " Arre beta kuch bhi pehen lo aap par to sab achha lagta hai..."

" Mom plz. Ab aap aisa keh kar mujhe aur confuse mat karo batao naa kya pehnu..."

" Achha tooo... Ummm haan yeh kaisa rahega..." She took out a beautiful suit from behind her back which she was hiding...

" Waao mom its beautiful... Aap yeh kab laaye...? " She was excited to see her new dress...

" Bas aise hi market gayi thi to wahaan yeh achha laga to maine aapke liye le liya... Pasand aaya...? "

" Oh its so nice i love it... Muah " she hugged and kissed her happily...

" Umm ridhhima beta mujhe aapse ek aur jaruri baat karni thi.."

" Haan mom bolo..." She said while seeing herself in the mirror trying the suit

" Ridhhima beta aapke liye ek bada achha rishta aaya hai... Ladka bahut achaa hai aur parivaar bhi... To hum soch rahe the ki.."

Ridhhima stopped abruptly in between her trying she turned to look at padma and put the dress down..

" Mooom !? "

Padma saw her shocked face but decided to continue... " Beta rishta bahut achha hai... Aisa achha ladka aur parivaar badi kismat se milte hain aur phir wo log khud chal kar hamare paas aaye hain..."

" Mom plz.. I don't want to get married so soon..." she saw shashank standing at the door... " Daad plz. Dekho naa mom ko... Aur.. Aur abhi to anjali di ki shaadi honi hai aur aap mere liye pareshan ho rahe ho... Kya aapko itni jaldi hai mujhe bhejne ki.." She hugged shashank saying this..

Shashank smiled at her and caressing her head said... " Ridhhi mera beta... Mera bas chale to main aapko kabhi apni aankho se duur na jaane dun magar kya karein beta yeh to riwaaz hai betiyon ko unke ghar jaana hi hota hai..."

" magar papa mujhe abhi kahin nahi jaana..." She looked into his eyes her eyes getting moist her heartbeat raced as the thought crossed her mind that she will be married to someone else other than vivek and she was not in a position to disclose her relationship now...

shashank was moved seeing her moist eyes.. " Ridhhima.. Arre beta isme rone waali kya baat hai bachhe... Chup.." He made her sit on the bed and wiped off her tear padma put a hand over her shoulder lovingly... " Beta hum aapki marzi ke bina koi faisla nahi lenge hamare liye sabse jyada aapki khushi mayne rakhti hai beta..."

" Magar ridhhima main ek baar phir kahungi ki aap soch lo wo log aapko hamse bhi jyada pyaar se rakhenge.."

" Mooom ..." She looked at her bit annoyed

" Achha baba theek hai magar aapne shaadi to karni hai naa..." She was normal now

" Haan.. I mean its not that i'm against marriage but main abhi kam se kam ek saal tak shaadi ke baare main sunna bhi nahi chahti... I want to focus on my career and... And abhi to anjy di ki shaadi ke baare main socho naa kahan aap mere peeche pad gaye..."

" Offoh theek hai baba agar aapjo abhi shaadi nahi karni to koi baat nahi hum aapko force nahi karenge "

" Oh thank you papa you are the greatest " she jumped and hugged shashank happily relieved that she had bounced off a tough ball...

" Magar ridhhi tumhe jaanna bhi nahi ki ladka kaun hai..." Padma tried again..

" Mooom..." she glared at her... " Plz mujhe is baare main kuch nahi sunna.."

" Magar ridhhi..."

" Moom..." In a more serious tone..

" Hhuuuhhh..." Padma sighed... " Achha baba theek hai main kuch nahi kahungi... Ab chalo tayar to ho jao jaana hai naa..."

Padma and shashank went to their room...

" Shashank hum virendra bhaisaab se kya kahenge..."

" ab kehna kya hai jo sach hai wo keh denge ki abhi wo ek saal aur shaadi nahi karna chahti... Agar wo maante hai to theek hai nahi to meri beti ki khushi mere liye sabse jyada jaruri hai..."

" Lekin shashank armaan bahut achha ladka hai wo ridhhima ko bahut pasand karta hai aur use bahut khush rakhega ... Sunil bhai saab aur virendra to bilkul apni beti jaise rakhenge..."

" Main sab jaanta hun padma armaan mujhe bhi pasand hai magar abhi hum kuch nahi kar sakte pehle humein ridhhima ka faisla unhe batana hoga phir dekhte hain ki unki kya rai hai aur aage kya kiya jaaye..." She nodded in agreement and started to get ready...

Same time in malik mansion..

" To pandit ji kundali dekh li aapne ? Kaisa hai milaan.." Virendra asked

" Yajmaan... Kundali to maine mila li aur wah kya jodi hai... 30 gun milte hain ati uttam yog hai... Magar... thodi pareshani hai..."

" Kaisi pareshani pandit ji..." Muski asked

" Wo kya hai beti ladke ke nakshtra kuch ulte chal rahe hain isliye ho sakta hai vivah main kuch baadha aaye..."

" To pandit ji kya upay kiya jaaye iska " she asked again

" Upay yahi hai ki yeh vivah jald karwa diya jaaye kanya ke grah uttam hain uska sath paate hi ladke ki kundli ke dosh duur hote jaayenge... Magar haan vivah agle teen mahino ke andar ho jaana chahiye... Warna..."

" Warna kya pandit ji..." rahul asked bit troubled

" Warna graho ki dasha badal jaane ki wajah se vivah mushkil hi sambhav hai... ho sakta hai ki tuut bhi jaaye jo ki ladke ladki dono ke liye achha nahi hai... Isliye agar yeh kaam jald se jald ho jaaye to hi achha hoga... Yeh vivah aapke ghar main khushiya hi khushiya le kar aayega... Kanya bahut bhagyashaali hai khaskar apne pati ke liye..." after some more discussion the pandit went away...

" Virendra pandit theek hi keh gaya hai ridhhima hai to armaan ke liye lucky... Aur armaan to is shaadi ke liye tayaar to hai hi to koi pareshaani ki baat hi nahi... shashank se keh dete hain ki hum shaadi jald se jald karna chahte hai rahul muskaan beta tum to tayari main lag jaao mehmaano ki list prepare karo hotels book karo cards decorations food venue sab kuch karna hai..." BP said happily

" Papa aap fikar mat karo its going to be grand event mere dever ki shaadi hai... Meri promotion hone waali hai main jaithani banne waali hun after all.."

" Haan beta magar take care of yourself too jyada bhagdaud nahi karni appoint a good wedding planner okay rahul you better take care of her... " Virendra warned her

" Ji chacha ji..."  They both smiled looking at each other

Armaan was in his room getting ready or rather rejecting one pair after another he just could not decide what to wear... He too suffered from dress confusion just like ridhhima ... He wanted to look best in front of his would be in laws and all the more for ridhhima...

" God .. Ab main kya pehnu...??? " He stood there with one hand on his waist other scratching his head... " ammy beta pyaar ke side effect number two... Confusion... BIG CONFUSION what to wear and what not to wear... Ab kya karun...? Haan bhai se puchta hun usko pata hoga ki mujhe kya suit karega..."

He runs to the hall as fast as he could and yelled from the landing above

" Bhhhaaaiii..." Rahul jumped hearing him and ran to him

" Ammy... Kya hua ?? " He saw him standing at the staircase landing

" Bhai jaldi aao mujhe aapse jaruri kaam hai... aur aap sab kyun aa gaye maine bhai ko bulaya tha naa..." Seeing virendra BP and muski coming after him...

" Khotte tu ruk main abhi batati hun ... Bada aaya bhai ka bachha... Itni zor se cheekha hamein heart attack dena chahta tha kya..." Muski was now about to take off her sandel...

" Very good muskaan beta meri taraf se bhi ek dena... Aise koi chillata hai kya...? " Virendra sided with muskaan... Seeing this armaan hid himself behind rahul...

" Bhai... Bachao "

" Bhai ke bachhe khud to marega hi mujhe bhi marwaega..." He whispered to him... Then trying to calm his fuming wife and save his brother he tried to cool her down.." Muskaan... Muskaan jaane de yaar main batata hun abhi isko "

" Aww ouch bhaii..." He cried as rahul pulled his ear and brought him to his room

" Ab toh chodo... It hurts bhai..." Finally rahul let go of his ear

" Ab bata kyun chilla raha tha..?? "

" Ab itni zor se kaan khinchoge to chillunga hi naa..." He said innocently

" achha theek hai phir main ja raha hun..." He turned to go but armaan grabbed his hand...

" Offoh... Ab jyada bano mat and yeh batao main pehnu kya i'm confused.. " And he sat down on the bed surrounded with clothes...

Rahul sighed and shook his head at his silly problem... Well according to him it was...

" Tu bhi naa ammy... Chal... How about this..."

" naa.. too formal "

" this..?? "

" i don't like the colour "

" this..."

" ridhhima ko yeh colour nahi pasand "

" then this..? " and it went on and on and on...

Finally after TWO long hours of trial and rejection they settled on this... ( And they say girls take time to dress up...)

" haan ab theek hai naa... cool casual and decent... simply you... ab aisa bhi nahi lagega that you are trying too hard to impress... samjhe little brother..."

" thank you so much bhai " rahul ruffled his hair lovingly

It was just half an hour left for 5 o clock... Virendra had called them early so that they can have more time to chat and discuss... And he was sooo happy that he will get more time to spend with ridhhima..

Finally he came down to the hall thinking about her looking at the watch for 10th time in 5 seconds... And this time even god was on his side while he was pacing up and down in a room adjoining the main hall he heard BP's loud booming voice welcoming someone cheerfully and he knew she was there finally...

                                  Taming the wild
                                        part 21

Recap: Armaan is finally discharged from the hospital... after reaching home he is busy with thoughts of ridhhima... all interns complete their internship and ridhhima talks with vivek about their future... padma informs ridhhima about the proposal and she says no to getting married for a year... on the other hand armaan waits for guptas desperately as they were to come to malik mansion for dinner...


Armaan's heartbeat raced as he heard her voice,their laughter , her giggles while she talked to BP.. He slowly came out and of the room giving time to his racing heartbeat to get normal again... What he saw touched his heart and brought a smile to his face... As virendra came she bent down and touched his feet who hugged her lovingly.. He blinked softly smiling at the sight

His trance was broken when martin whispered... " Sir if you keep standing here with your mouth open staring at them,they might mistake you for a statue or think that you are retarted..." Armaan quickly closed his mouth and looked at his annoyingly wise butler who had cheeky lines for all occasions...

Martin on the other hand was unmoved and moved ahead with the tray graciously...

" Arre armaan wahaan kyun khade ho yahaan aao naa..." Virendra called ,he came forward and touched shashank and padma's feet who blessed and hugged him...

" So how are you young man ? " Shashank asked him patting his back lovingly

" Fine uncle absolutely perfect, hey anjy congratulations !! " He hugged her lightly and then saw the person he was dying to meet and suddenly found himself tongue tied... " hi ridhhima..."

" Hi armaan.." She replied smiling... ' God she look so stunning... How does she manage to look so simple and yet so beautiful... And armaan you are shying away from a girl !! And that too not any girl but your love !.. What happened dude you are going to marry her stop acting silly and get a grip on yourself..! ' He was busy in his thoughts when he heard a squeal...

" Martin !! You are here !? What a surprise..! "

" Ah ! Madam what a pleasure to see you again..! " He came forward and bowed to her " How are you ? "

" I'm fine martin, how are you and what are you doing here...?! "

" Very well madam thank you.. And i work here... These people bought me from the slave market of britain as butler cook and as an audience for the pathetic jokes this particular mr. Armaan malik crack.."

" Maartttin..." Armaan glared at him, while others laughed " should i call maria..."

" she's not at home " he whispered back

" Ridhhima tum janti ho martin ko...? " BP asked

" Haan BP wo..."

" Wo kya hai naa BP martin came to meet me at the hospital... That's where he met ridhhima..." Not telling the complete details ridhhima looked at armaan slightly confused and martin just smiled

" Yes ofcourse we 'indeed' met at hospital " he gave a fake smile and turned to go and while passing by armaan whispered " coward ! " Armaan could do nothing but to smile and pretend as if nothing happened...thankfully martin's comment was heard by noone else except the person it was directed to...

" arre hum sab yahin khade rahenge ya andar bhi chalenge " muski took them all to the parlour where they all had nice chat and laugh session over tea and snacks and armaan... Well he got warning from ridhhima as she reminded him that he wansn't allowed any tea or coffee and got a glass of chocolate milk instead which he drank gladly..

Virendra and BP were happy to see ridhhima taking care of armaan but shashank and padma were still in a dilemma how to approach the topic of ridhhima's marriage and her decision...

Armaan was now getting impatient.. He wanted to be alone with ridhhima he nudged muskaan who understood immediately

" anjy ridhhima chalo naa tumhe ghar dikhati hun " she got up " uncle aunty aap bhi chaliye naa.."

And armaan hit his forehead ' ab yeh muski saari paltan ko le jaayegi to main baat kaise karunga ' but still smiling fakingly he got up to go with them...But muskaan had some other plan in mind, she deliberately slowed down others in pretext of showing one thing or other and rahul gave her full support in her plan... On the other hand armaan and ridhhima moved ahead ridhhima was deeply engrossed in looking at the paintings on the wall and didn't notice that others moved to the other corridor and they turned to the other.. Armaan thanked muski and rahul in his heart...smiling inwardly

" waaoo armaan what beautiful paintings "

" hmm beautiful " ridhhima turned to look at him she had a feeling that armaan wasn't looking at the painting but dismissed her thought as he continued " waise tumhe pata hai is painting ki ek bahut achhi baat hai jo ise unique banati hai.."

" achha wo kya ? " she asked curiously

" wo yeh ki isko " taking the painting off the wall " aise lagao ya aise "
putting the painting back but upside down this time " kisi ko pata nahi chalta " ridhhima laughed at his explanation

" armaaan.. Tum bhi naa... Budhhu ise abstract art kehte hain " she explained

" abstract ka to pata nahi magar ek baar maine ise wall se 'extract' zarur kar diya tha apni basketball se aur papa ki yeh favourite painting hai.. mujhe samajh nahi aaya ki main kya karu maine fatafat ise tute frame se nikala aur dubara frame karne ke liye de diya..."

" to phir uncle ya kisi aur ko pata nahi chala ? " she asked surprised

" well us raat ko main khushi khushi dinner ke liye aa gaya... Thinking i was safe pehle to sab theek raha magar jaise hi main dinner karke jaane laga papa bole " imitating his father " armaan maine aapko kitni baar kaha hai corridors main basketball mat khela karo you almost spoilt that painting..." i was so surprised then maine puchha ki unko kaise pata laga then he disclosed that ki unko bhi pata nahi lagta agar main picture 'ulti' frame nahi karwata.. I wasn't allowed basketball for a week " and hearing this ridhhima burst out laughing clutching her stomach.. And armaan joined her...

" serves you right "

they then moved out armaan showed her the rest of the house... well not everything as it was impossible to go through all the 34 rooms in one day...

the house, mansion, with huge lawns and garden with gravel paths... It was simply beautiful... ridhhima loved and praised all of it... They kept on moving reliving their childhood memories...

" yaad hai armaan ek baar hum sab naani se milne unke gaun gaye the aur raat ko thak kar so gaye the..."when he looked puzzed she said " arre wo chor waali "

" hahaha arre wo raat to main apni zindagi main nahi bhul sakta..."

" yaad hai sabne khane ke liye kitna uthaya tha magar hum itne thak gaye the ki uthe hi nahi..."

" aur raat ko ek baje tumne mujhe uthaya ki tumhe bhuuk lagi hai... Aur main darte hue kitchen main gaya tha... pata hai mera hath bhi switch tak nahi ja raha tha aur andhere main hi saare bowls le kar bahar aa gaya "

" aur humne bahar chaandni raat main directly bowls se moonlight dinner kiya tha... aur sab bartan wahin chhod diye the "

" aur subah sab soch rahe the ki koi bhuka chor aa kar khana kha gaya.. Haha main to ab bhi soch kar hans padta hun nani ka reaction dekha tha.. it was priceless " they both laughed remembering it and suddenly ridhhima grabbed armaans arm

" Armaan..." She squealed in delight " jhula !!..." He was amused to see her childish enthusiasm she rushed towards the swing which was tied to a tree... It was a big shady tree with grass all around and a wooden bench nearby underneath it... He came to her she was standing by the swing admiring its beauty...

" Tumhe jhule pasand hain...? "

" Bahut... Infact meri hamesha se yahi ichha rahi hai ki mere ghar main bhi ek aisa hi bada sa paed ho jis par jhula ho..." 'well sweetheart your wish is going to come true very soon' he thought " kitni pyaari jagah hai... Kitna sukuun hai yahaan..." She said smiling to him...

" Haan wo to hai.. tabhi to yeh meri favourite jagah hai jab bhi main thoda akela rehna chahta hun ya pareshaan hota hun to yahin aata hun bada chain milta hai mann ko yahaan..." They both looked at each other understandingly...

" Mujhe to hamesha se hi jhule pasand hain... Tumhe yaad hai armaan ek baar hum sab ghumne gaye the aur raaste main ek hotel main ruke the..."

" Haan aur wahaan bhi ek rassi wala jhula tha... Jisme hum dono eksath jhule the..."

" Haan aur tum beech main hi kuud gaye the jisse mera balance kharab ho gaya aur us jhule ki seat..."

" Seedha tumhare sath tumhari naak par gir padi.. Hahahaa what a scene that was.. Main use kaise bhul sakta hun... Baap re kitna zor se royi thi tum mujhe to laga ki wahan ke do char log jarur behre ho gaye honge..." She hit ahis arm gigling..

" Agar wo jhula tumhari naak par gira hota na to tumhe pata chalta..."

" Na baba main jaisa hun theek hun tumhari tarah apni naak nahi pichkani maine.. Aur waise bhi tumhare sath jhule par kaun baithega..." He made a face and again got a slap...

" Armaan !! Meri naak pichki hui hai abhi batati hun..." She ran after him to hit him and after a round or two around the tree they both landed on the ground laughing...

" yaad hai tum hamesha mogli bane ghumte the apne us sherkhan ke sath... Kisi superhero se kam nahi samajhte the apne aap ko.."

" excuse me.. hero to main ab bhi hu "

" ya ya " rolling her eyes,laughing " aur tumhe yaad hai tumhare 10th birthday par tumhe ek toy set mila tha jiske peeche hum dono ki zabardast ladai hui thi "

" haan aur tumne mera toy set tod diya tha..."

" achha tumne bhi to mera teddy fad diya tha aur mere baal bhi kheenche the.."

" haan.. Tumhe abhi bhi yaad hai ? " he asked bit surprised that she remembered

" ofcourse tumse sorry bolne ko kaha to tumhare muh se sorry ka S nahi nikla aur phir kya maar padi thi tumhe aur wo bhi apne birthday waale din.. I guess tumhe sorry bolna aata hi nahi " she chuckled and he gave a small smile " phir mom ne kitna pyaar kiya tha tumhe sach kahu to i was jealous of you that day.. Aur aunty ne tumhe promise kiya tha ki wo tumhe le jaa kar waisa hi set dilayengi tab jaa kar kahin chup hue the tum.. "

" haan.. Main gaya tha..." his smile faltering

" magar us din ki ladai ki baad kitne dino tak hum nahi mile aur phir jab tum aaye to kisi se koi baat nahi koi masti nahi... Mujhe to laga tum us baat ko le kar naraaz ho aur ab mujhse koi dosti nahi rakhna chahte... fir tum london chale gaye aur..." she kept talking without looking at him when he didn't said anything she turned and saw that he looked lost... Deep in thought his forehead creased as if trying hard to remember something...

" armaan " she felt that he wasn't exactly listening she called softly keeping a hand on his shoulder

" h..haan " he looked at her coming back to present

" kya hua ? Itne pareshan kyun lag rahe ho, sab theek hai naa ? "

" k..kuch nahi... Bas aise hi... Achha chalo andar chalte hain thand badh rahi hai " he got up abruptly ,ridhhima was confused at his sudden change of mood but shrugged off the thought

" armaaan.." he turned to look at her " plz help me naa lagta hai mera paer so gaya hai.. " she held out her hands armaan smiled and came forward to help her... He extended his hands and as she stood up she bumped into him and as her feet were numb she lost her balance and was about to fall when armaan held her firmly in his hands by her waist...

Their eyes met and armaan wished that time would stop then and there and he could look into those deep mesmerizing eyes for eternity, but ridhhima felt little awkward of his strong hold and gaze ,armaan was jerked back to reality as she tried to free herself from his grip as politely as she can..

" thanks " she mumbled looking down tucking a strand of hair behind her ear

" no problem " he let her go smiling thanking his stars for the oppertunity to hold her so close... But he knew that she felt little awkward ,afterall they were not kids anymore and decided not to make her feel so anymore.. Atleast till he declares his love for her and she is more comfertable with him... They started to walk towards the house in silence each lost in their own thoughts... Armaan looked at ridhhima and said seriously

" achha ridhhima tumse ek baat kahun... bura to nahi manogi.. "

Ridhhima looked at him and shook her head but didnt said anything " tumne wo movie dekhi hai.. ghajini " she was surprised at the question but shook her head in yes " tumhe pata hai wo movie aur zyada paise kaise kama sakti thi ? "

She was again surprised but said " no... "

" well agar wo tattoos amir ki jagah asin par bane hote too... " he said innocently... At first she just looked at him and then as the meaning sank in her mouth fell open...

" What ??! " She looked at him incredulous

" hahahaha oh god look at your face... Let me take a picture " he took out his cellphone... Laughing his head off..

" Armaaann !! Tum... Tum ruko abhi.." she ran after him to hit him and it broke the ice between the two... The awkward moment forgotten...laughing teasing each other they came in when armaan saw a servant coming out of a room

" tum " he called out loudly suddenly all serious and the servant seemed scared to see him " kya kar rahe the yahaan ? "

" ji sir wo main..."

" ji sir main kya ... Tumhe mana kiya hai naa yahaan aane ke liye.. Tum logon ko samajh nahi aata... Kitno baar ek baat repeat karni padti hai... " his temper rising

" sir main sirf safayi karne aaya tha " the servant was shaking now

" kya zarurat thi tumhe yahaan aane ki... Tumhe yahaan aane kisne diya... Martin kahan hai.. Tum is kamre main gaye kyun... " he was really angry whereas ridhhima could not understand his reason of anger she was surprised to see sudden change in him...

" Armaan " she kept a hand on his shoulder and he stopped himself from saying anything further " jao tum yahaan se.." Ordering the servant...

" kya hua armaan ? Wo keh to raha tha ki wo sirf kamra saaf karne aaya tha.." he didn't said anything " Magar kiska room hai yeh ? aisa kya hai isme...? "

" Hey ridhhima tum yahaan ho aao naa tumhe ek badi mazedaar cheez dikhati hun..." muski came there with anjy " Aur haan armaan chachaji tumhe neeche bula rahe hain..." saying this muski pulled ridhhima away with her before she could say or ask anything else...

" Kuch kamre band hi rahein to achha hai ridhhima.. " Armaan sighed watching her go and with one last look at the closed door went to meet his father... Armaan entered the parlour where virendra shashank padma and BP were sitting they were engrossed in their talks

" Armaan aao beta abhi hum tumhari hi baat kar rahe the... Hum chahte the ki tum bhi idhhima ke faisle ke baare main jaan lo...
Shashank and padma looked at each other

" Baat yeh hai armaan ki.. Humne ridhhima se baat ki aur wo.. " shashank said

" Aur wo.." Armaans heart as if stopped beating anticipating the worst

" Aur wo abhi shaadi nahi karna chahti..." Shashank completed his sentence

" wo abhi apne career par dhyaan dena chahti hai..." there was a moment of absolute silence and then BP gave his booming laugh

" Bas yahi baat hai..." BP said " yaar shanky tune to dara hi diya... Arre bachhi hai shaadi ka naam sun kar ghabra gayi hogi... Aur waise bhi agar ridhhima apna carreer par dhyaan dena chahti hai to hamein isse koi pareshaani nahi hai.. Kyun veeru..? "

" Haan bilkul... Us par kisi tarah ki koi bandish thodi hai ,wo shaadi ke baad bhi apna kaam kar sakti hai... Hum bas yeh chahte hain ki shaadi jald se jald ho jaaye..."

" wo shaadi se inkaar nahi kar rahi magar virendra wo abhi ek saal tak shaadi nahi karna chahti..."

" What..? Ek saal..! " they all were surprised to hear it

" Haan bhai saab.." Padma said

" Magar bhabhi ek saal... Hum to shaadi teen mahino ke andar andar karna chahte hain...ek saal tak rukna dono ke liye theek nahi hoga..." He then told what pandit said about auspicious time and getting them married within three months... Padma and shashank looked at each other they could clearly see that maliks were not willing to wait for a year and they didnt wanted to let go of such a good match...

" Bhabhi.. Shanky agar tum kaho to main ridhhima se baat karu... I agree with virendra hum shaadi jaldi karna chahte the..."

" magar ridhhima agar nahi maani to..." said padma nervously " hum nahi chahte ki wo soche ki hum us par dabaav daal rahe hain ya apni marzi thop rahe hain.. main chahta hun ki ridhhima apni khushi se is baat ke liye haan kahe "

" hum bhi yahi chahte hain shashank magar ek saal rukna... " Virendra looked bit tensed now

" Ek minute Plz..." armaan who was silent all the while spoke up and everybody looked at him.." Koi meri rai bhi puchhega main bhi is shaadi ke liye tayaar nahi hun " everybody looked at him stunned...

" armaan what are you saying.. ! " said a stunned virendra

" ammy are you all right abhi aaj subah tak to... " BP too was shocked to hear it

" ek minute meri baat abhi puri nahi hui hai... I agree with ridhhima.. I mean aap achanak ek din aakar yeh nahi keh sakte ki beta you are all grown up now get married to so and so... Aur aise hi kisi anjaan se koi shaadi kaise kar sakta hai..." virendra was about to say something when armaan said " I know aap kahenge ki you did the same... but aaj time badal gaya hai aur maana ki ridhhima ur main ek dusre ko bachpan se jaante hain magar that was when we were kids... Ab ki baat aur hai "

Armaan got up and sat in front of padma and shashank on one knee " uncle aunty main aapse sirf yeh kehna chahta hun ki main sirf aur sirf ridhhima se hi shaadi karunga magar.." Padma nd shanky looked at each other doubtful.." Main yeh nahi chahta ki yeh faisla sirf mera ho main chahta hun ki yeh faisla hum dono ka ho.. Isliye main aapse thoda time maang raha hun apne liye nahi hum dono ke liye.. Shaadi se pehle wo mujhe thoda aur jaan le pehchaan le bas main yahi chahta hun.. "

" Aur main aapse waada karta hun ki aapki beti ko hamesha khush rakhunga uski khushi mere liye sabse badhkar hogi uski aankh main ek aansu nahi aane dunga aur apne sasural main wo itna pyaar payegi ki aapko bhul jayegi.. Well jab tak wo mujhse lad kar ghar jaane ki dhamki nahi deti tab tak.." Padma smiled inspite of tears in her eyes... And so did shashank.." And i promise main yeh mauka use kabhi nahi dunga... ab aap batayiye kya aap is baat ke liye tayar hain sirf anjy ki shaadi tak ki to baat hai aur main waada karta hun aap dono se ki mera jawaab haan hi rahega aur main waada karta hun ki 20 din baad
ridhhima ka faisla bhi yahi hoga.." he said in a strong confident voice..

" Ab aap batayiye kya aap tayar hain is baat ke ke liye ? " Padma and shashank looked at each other then at ammy and then padma kept a hand on his head lovingly and nodded in agreement.. Eyes brimming with tears of happiness

" Aur Aunty aap bas apne is bete par vishwaas rakhiye hmm.." She looked at him.. " after all ab aap meri bhi maa hain hai naa..." She smiled again even more broadly this time... " aur kitna rulayega mujhe pagle.. tu to mera sabse pyaara beta hai " and she hugged him lovingly everybody had tears of happiness in their eyes...

" Thanks maa.." He gave her a quick peck on her cheek Padma shook her head laughing between her tears " pagla..."

Virendra said to sunil " bhai saab mujhe nahi pata tha ki mera yeh natkhat kanahiya itna samjhdar bhi hai.."

" Of course hai meri sangat ka asar hai..." And virendra just rolled his eyes at his brother...

Then they broke apart armaan stood up and declared happily.. " Wow does this mean that now i have the licence to date my would be wife..."

Everybody laughed at this and sunil announced " arre samdhi ji ab kis baat ki fikar ab to baat pakki ho hi gayi samjho... I can vouch for it armaan has magnetic effect.." And they all ate sweets laughing chatting deciding what to do when to do where to do.. planning armaan and ridhhima's wedding...

After some time they were joined by anjy muski ridhhima and rahul... And as ridhhima excused herself to go and freshenup everything was cleared to others too... Anjy was delighted to hear it she had already been told by padma and shashank that they are considering armaan for ridhhima and she was now a partner in their plan... As she heard about armaans promise to make ridhhimas no turn to yes in 20 days she started pulling his leg there itself...

Dinner was a fun affair everybody chatted laughed and enjoyed armaan who was sitting opposite to ridhhima spent most of his time looking at her... And even got a scolding when he tried to sneak a peice of chicken while others were busy talking unfortunately he could not get past through ridhhima's vigilant eyes after which he was handed some vegetables and a bowl of soup which he ate and gulped making the worst faces he could manage...

Later Anjy and armaan were chatting together while elders were busy with their chats and ridhhima was busy with rahul and muskaan anjy caught him staring at ridhhima

" Ooohhh to all set for how- to- make- a- girl- marry- you- in- 20- days... Good armaan i would love to see you do that... But plz be careful ridhhima is really dumb in such matters... Agar koi uske aage gala phad kar bhi kahe naa ki main tumse pyaar karta hun to wo kahegi ' ek minute rukna plz. Main mummy daddy se puch kar aati hun..' huuh..." Armaan laughed heartily hearing this...

" Tum uski fikar mat karo anjy... I guess tumhe apni behen ko thoda underestimate kiya hua hai... She is not dumb usne apna pyaar kabhi kisi ke aage zaahir nahi hone diya uske love emotions shayad sleeping mode main hain aur uska wohi soya hua pyaar main.. Armaan malik.. apne charm se jagaunga.. Tum bas dekhti jao.."

" Oh my my someone is head over heels in love..." She teased

" look who's saying so.. But You bet..." He replied smilingly

" Arre anjy... Yahaan to aao beta.." Virendra called..

" Ji uncle.. "

" Beta yeh aaple liye...aapka engagement present..." anjy took it happily she opened it and found a beautiful necklace...

" Waaoo uncle it's beautiful.. thank you so much uncle..." All others were happy to know that she liked the present...

" no prob. Beta i'm glad you liked it yeh hamari muskaan ki choice hai " anjy hugged muski and thanked her " Aur ridhhima.. Yeh aapke liye beta.."

" Mere liye uncle !? magar Uncle..."

" Koi agar magar nahi... Bhai hum dusri ba..." Armaan stomped on BP's foot as he was about to say bahu... " mera matlab dusri beti ko kaise bhul sakte hain..." Armaan gave a frog smile and nodded... She opened and saw a very elegant pair if diamond bangles...
She was awestruck by their beauty... but was in a dilemma whether to accept such expensive gift or not... she looled at shashank and padma to seek their permission...

" Ab udhar kya dekh rahi ho...? tumhare baap main itni himmat nahi hai ki wo hamare gift ko manaa kar de... yeh gift meri beti ke liye hai... Kyun shashank padma tumhe koi problem hai...? " BP pulled ridhhima to his side and put a hand over her shoulder...

" Arre bhai saab main kahaan kuch sakta hu aapko meri itni himmat kahan.. aap jaano aur aapki beti..." They all giggled...

" Yeh hui na baat..." And they hi fived each other.. " Dekha maine kaha tha naa darta hai mujhse..." she giggled at this

It was almost midnight when they got up to leave... Armaan was so not in a mood to send ridhhima away... And as all went out he deliberately lagged behind..

" Ah riddhima..." He cried out ridhhima quickly turned and ran to him

" Armaan ! Kya hua ? " Worried

He smiled " kuch nahi..."

" Kuch nahi ?! to phir chillaye kyun the ? "

" Actually tumhe yeh dena tha..." He pulled out a long rectangular box not bigger than the size of a pencil box..

" Yeh..?! Kya hai isme armaan ? " She asked confused..

" Tumhare liye kuch hai... ek chhota sa present.."

" Mere liye ?? Magar kis baat ke liye ? "

" Well aisa samajh lo ek dost ka dusre dost ko present hai... Yaad hai maine tumhera teddy fad diya tha.. Tooo it's my way of saying sorry..."

" Arrmaan !! tab hum chote the uske liye sorry kehne ki kya zarurat hai... Aur waise bhi tumhe nahi lagta ki tumhe kuch jyada jaldi yaad aa gaya... Sirf 17 saal baad "

He chuckled.. " Haan wo to hai.. Magar tum mili hi itne saalo baad ho to main kya karu..." Ridhhima opened her mouth to say something

" Plz. Ridhhima naa mat kehna... I just wanted to say thanks aur Hamari dosti ke khatir rakh lo as a symbol of our friendship.. plz. " He looked deeply into her eyes..

Ridhhima smiled " okay fine ab itna jyada melodramatic hone ki koi zarurat nahi hai..."

" Ridhhhiii ! tu abhi tak yahin khadi hai... Chal naa mom dad kab se wait kar rahe hain..." And she looked meaningfully at armaan who just winked at her... She shook her head and moved out with both of them

Later at night ridhhima came to her bed after changing and picked up the box.. She unwrapped it and found a beautiful chain inside with a pendent which had her initial R it was made in such a manner that it also looked like A... She was amazed to see it there was a small note inside too..

" A and R best friends forever... "

A smile came on her lips reading it... But suddenly vivek's words flashed in her mind... " Don't accept any presents from him..." But it is just a token of friendship vivek bhi naa bekaar ki baaton ke liye pareshaan hota rehta hai... She shrugged off the thought and smiling went to sleep...


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                                                   Taming the wild

                                        part 22

Precap: guptas come to malik mansion... armaan ridhhima relive their childhood, shashank and padma tell about ridhhimas decision... armaan assures them that he will turn ridhhimas no into yes yes by anjy's wedding... he presents a gift to her as a symbol of their friendship...


The next morning 8 o'clock the door bell of the Gupta house chimed out...

" Itni subah kaun hai.. ? " wondering padma went to open the door... And was surprised to see the person on the door..." Armaan ?! Beta tum ?? Itni subah yahaan..? " She was too surprised to give any other reaction...


" Good morning maa..." He hugged her and kissed her cheek lightly " aap to mujhe dekh kar aise hairaan ho rahi hain jaise pehli baar dekha ho... Aur ab main andar aaun yaa yahin khada rakhna hai... Mana mausam achha hai magar thodi thand hai naa..."

Padma came out of her surprise mode.. And hitting her forhead she smiled " arre main bhi kitni budhhu hun... Aao naa beta andar aao... Main bata nahi sakti ki tumhe dekh kar mujhe kitna achha lag raha hai.."

" Yaa i know saari ladkiyan mujhe dekhkar yahi kehti hain..." Bowing his head and fluttering his eyes he tried to make a cute face...

Padma laughed at his antics... " Chal badmash... Chal ab sach sach bata itni subah yahaan kya kar raha hai hmm.."

" arre yeh kya baat hoti hai... Ek beta apni maa se milne nahi aa sakta kya... Mujhe aapki yaad aa rahi thi to... To main chala aaya bas... Aapko gud morning kehne..." But his eyes kept looking here and there

Padma noticed it and instantly knew his reason of arrival.. " Achha maa se milne aaya hai.."

" Haan bilkul.."

" Theek hai fir main khadi to hun yahaan chalo hum chal kar dhaer saari baatein karenge aur haan aaj tum na mere sath shopping par bhi chalna... Theek hai "

" What..!? Shopping...? Umm theek hai Magar wo... Wo.. anjy bhi chalegi naa sath.. After all shaadi to uski hai naa..."

" Hey bhagwaan armaan ! " She pulled his ear... " Aww aouch..." " Beta kya aapne mujhe budhhu samjha hua hai..." " Nahi maa wo..." " Achha mujhe pata nahi chalega ki aap yahaan kisse milne aaye ho... Hmm maa ki yaad aa rahi thi...? "

" Arre maa kaan to chodo mujhe to is waqt pure khandaan ki yaad aa rahi hai..." Padma could not control her laugh hearing it and let go of his ear...

" Pagla..." Armaan grinned sheepishly " ab main kya karu mere paas ab sirf 19 din hain aapki beti ko manane ke liye and i don't believe in wasting time you see... "

Padma laughed at his explanation " haan haan samajh gayi... ridhhima apne kamre main hogi ja jaa kar mil le usse..."

" Ohh maa thank you... you are the greatest..." He hugged her " haan ek baat to kehna main bhul hi gaya..." He quickly said something to her and she agreed smiling then he ran off to meet riddhima

" Aur sun.. Jaldi aana main breakfast laga deti hun..."

" Ookkaayy..." He shouted back climbing the flight of stairs quickly and in just few seconds he stood before ridhhima's room... he gently knocked it...

" andar aa jao kaka..." Came the reply

Armaan grinned hearing the answer and opening the door went in he was amazed to see the scene before him ridhhima was dressed in a beautiful pink suit her hair open and the room smelled of a beautiful fragrance... He just stood there without saying anything she was busy looking for something her back towards him

" Kaka wo coffee table par rakh do aur plz anjali di ko awaaz dena pata nahi wo uthi hain ya nahi kitna kaam pada hai..." She continued to look for something in her cupboard and spoke without turning back " kaka dhobi kapde nahi laaya use remind karwa dena... Aur driver se bolna ki tayar rahe hum 10 baje niklenge... Maa se kehna ki hamare liye lunch naa banaye hum bahar se hi kuch kha lenge... "

" ji madam aur koi hukum..." He said finally with a big grin on his face

Ridhhima turned abruptly and was surprised to see armaan standing there... " Armaan..?! Tum ? Yahaan...? Itni saubah..? "

" Oh god kya yeh tum logo ka fixed dialogue hai... Abhi neeche main same inhi sawaalon ka jawaab de kar aa raha hun..." He came and sat on her bed half lying... " Waise yeh tumne pehna kya hai..? " Wrinkling his nose a bit..

Ridhhima looked at her outfit and then back at armaan confused... " Kyun..? Isme kya kharaabi hai ? "

" Kuch nahi theek hai... Magar agar kisi ne tumhe chheda ya kuch kaha to mujhe mat kehna ki maine warn nahi kiya tha.."

She looked at him puzzled.. " Chheda..? Mujhe koi kyun chhedega.. Armaan tum paagal ho.."

" Ohh ho madam.." He stood up and started to walk towards her ridhhima was surprised at his act and she took a step back but armaan didn't stop he kept looking at her not breaking the eyelock.. He came very close to her... And ridhhima stood rooted at her spot he bent down a little and whispered in her ear... " Ridhhima.. Agar logo ne tumhe dekh kar kaha ki..."

" Ki...?? " She asked

" Ki... Bhai saab is bhutni ko kahan se laaye kya bhoot din main bhi nikalte hain...? " He jerked his head up and burst out laughing seeing the angry ,shocked ,surprised expression on her face... Ridhhima opened her mouth thinking hard to say something to the mad man who was rolling with laughter on her bed... When she could find no counter she picked up a pillow and hit him flat on his head... Armaan stopped laughing instantly and looked at her slyly ...

" Huuhahaha ridhhima you called for it and you are so gone you messed up my hair... My HAIR.!! " He picked up the other pillow and hit her head...

" Aaaggghhh armaan i'm going to kill you " and that was it... World war seemed nothing in front of their pillow war... Not just pillows but some books, soft toys, pencils, pens from the stand and the stand itself... Everything flew from one side of the bed to the other... It looked like two soldiers were fighting across the border...

" Haha bhutni..." Armaan laughed looking at her messed up hair only to get a cushion flat at his face... It was now ridhhimas turn to laugh at him

" Hahahaha bandar jangli...!! "

" Aaaggghhh i won't leave you jangli billi..."

" What ! Tumne mujhe jangli billi kaha.. You donkey monkey baboon.." And she came over to his side quiet angry

" Oh my god armaan tu to gayaa.." And before he could think of anything to save himself from her fury he was showered with repeated blows of pillow...

" Main jangli billi... *Hit* Hit* Main bhutni...*hit * hit* "

" Ridhhima... ridhhi... main... mazaak... kar rahaa tha yaar... I was just kidding " he just covered his head with his hands to save himself...

" Nahi nahi aur bolo... Log darr jayenge naa mujhe dekh kar... Abhi batati hun kisko dekh kar log darenge..." Again *hit *hit*...

" Riiddhimaaa..." She stopped instantly hearing the voice...she slowly turned clutching the pillow in her hands... " Oohoo you are gone ridhhi..."

Shashank looked at ridhhima totally shocked to see his normally calm poised and gentle daughter totally behaving in a wild manner.. Armaan when saw shashank crawled on his all fours and stood behind him hiding himself and whispered

" Uncle mujhe apni beti se bachao..." Only to get another hit by the coushion which came flying by from god knows where...

Later at the breakfast table all the guptas along with armaan assembled and they just could not stop laughing...

" Oh my god it was so funny dad... Ridhhi ne kya maara hai armaan ko bechare ki haalat dekhi aapne..? "

" Yeah main to hairaan tha ki kya yeh ladki meri hi shant pyaari ridhhima hai..."

" Daaadd " ridhhima now had had enough..

" What dad ridhhima mujh bechare se puchho... Achha hua maa jo uncle time par aa gaye warna yeh jangli billi... Iska to aaj pura plan tha mujhe breakfast main khane kaa..." He instantly got a slap on his shoulder from her..

" Moom dekho naa yeh sab milkar kaise mera mazaak uda rahe hai.. Aur aap armaan ko kuch kyun nahi kehte yeh bhi to mujhe kitna irrritate kar raha tha..."

" Ohhho ab bas bhi karo... Kitna pareshaan karoge meri bachhi ko..." Padma sided with ridhhima

" Waise ridhhima you should have been more careful... Armaan abhi abhi hospital se aaya hai and he still have a leg injury.. Kahin hasi khel main lag jaati to..."

As shashank said this though not very seriously ridhhima realised that she indeed reacted too much he was afterall just kidding and obviously didnt meant those things... But then thought it wasnt totally her fault he provoked her why he has to irritate her so much... Rest of the breakfast went by normally but armaan noticed that she wasnt talking much now...

He was just thinking when his cell rang up ,he excused himself and went to attend the call... When he came back after ten minutes he saw that shashank and anjali were not there and padma and ridhhima were clearing up the table..

" Aa gaye beta ho gayi baat..."

" Haan uncle aur anjy kahaan gaye..? "

" Shashank to tayaar hone gaye hain unhe sanjeevani jaana hai aur anjali bhi ready hone gayi hai humein bhi shopping ke liye jaana hai..."

" Oh i see maa ab main bhi chalta hun mujhe bhi office jaana hai itne din ho gaye... sabne bahut aish kar li meri absence main..." He said smiling...

" Theek hai... Magar main to soch rahi thi tum bhi hamare sath chalte.."

" Maa aaj nahi magar i promise main ek din time nikaal kar jaroor chalunga..." He hugged her lightly and then she heard her servant call for something " ridhhi beta armaan ko zara bahar tak chhod aao... "

" Ji mom..." As she walked towards the door with armaan she was quiet thinking something armaan sensed it but decided to give her some time so she can speak when she feels like it and then after a moment or two she spoke up

" Armaan..."

He turned " haan.."

" Armaan wo.. Aaj ke liye i'm sorry... It was really stupid of me... Mujhe aise behave nahi karna chahiye tha.. Dad was right i should have been careful tumhe lag sakti thi..."

" Ridhhima shh shh..." He kept a finger on her lips and she immediately fell quiet... Armaan smiled and removing his finger said gently

" Dont be sorry ridhhima.. I really enjoyed our little fight... Mujhe to aise laga jaise main apne bachpan main wapas laut aaya hun... I enjoyed every moment of it... So don't be sorry... Aur rahi baat mujhe lagne ki to i'm absolutely fine... Well not fine but perfect..." She chuckled hearing it...

" Magar...tumne jo mujhe donkey monkey aur wo kya tha... Haan... Baboon kaha naa that really hurt me.." Making a serious face..

" Armaan wo uske liye bhi i'm so sorry wo mere muh se nikal gaya...i didn't mean to..."

" Aise nahi ridhhima... Is baat ke liye to tumhe punishment milegi... You have to make it up to me if you are genuinely sorry..."

" Yes of course armaan... Whatever you say..." She said earnestly... looking at her asking for his forgiveness so sweetly armaan felt a strong urge to hold her tightly in his arms... To kiss her.. And never let her go... And tell her how much he love her ,but he controlled himself with great efforts... Her innocence made her irresistable and the way she looked at him her eyes pleading for his forgiveness... It just made him crazy and he fell in love with her all over again...

" Umm theek hai to tumhari punishment yeh hai ki tum aaj mere sath ek party main chalogi..."

" Party main..?? Magar armaan..."

" Agar magar kuch nahi... If you want me to forgive you than you have to do whatever i say..."

" Magar armaan mom dad mujhe unse puchna padega... aur main to wahaan kisi ko bhi nahi jaanti "

" Uncle aunty ki fikar tum mat karo wo mana nahi karenge.. Tum bas aaj raat ko 8 baje tayar rehna hum party main chalenge... Aur rahi baat jaanne ki to kya tum mujhe nahi jaanti..." When ridhhima still looked confused and unconvinced he applied his never failing formula -the cute puppy face... " Ohh ridhhima plz. Chalo naa warna main wahaan bore ho jaunga... Plz plz plz.. Puppy plz.."

Ridhhima could not help and laughed out... " Achha baba achha.. Theek hai main chalungi... Ab khush "

" Bahut... In the mean time they walked towards his car... Achha ridhhima ek auur baat... Just ek minute..." He opened his car door took out a packet and gave it to her... " Plz. wear this tonight... Ab naa mat kehna aur koi bahana mat banana this for you.. Aur Uncle aunty ko waise main bata chuka hun..."

She was surprised narrowing her eyes she said... " Tumhe pata tha ki i would ask you to forgive me... Hain naa... Bada vishwaas tha ki main party main jaane ke liye maan jaungi kyun..."

" Of course..!! "

" Aur agar main naa keh deti tooo.."

" Ha.. Ho hi nahi sakta... No girl can say no to armaan malik... Aur agar tum keh deti to main koi aur trick apnata.."

" Ohhh i see... Waise tum niki ko kyun nahi le jaate..."

" Niki ko..!! naa wo yahaan nahi hai wo bangalore gayi hui hai... Ab plz koi aur baat nahi tum yeh pehen rahi ho... Aur hum shaam ko party main jaa rahe hain bas..."

" Okay okay... Happy ! "

" Yes very..." He sat in his car and started the engine... he turned the car and stopped it right next to her.. He looked deeply into her eyes.. " Waise ridhhima.. you look beautiful in pink... It suits you..." Saying this he smiled at her and putting shades on his eyes he drove away smiling... And ridhhima watched him go then she too smiled and shaking her head went inside... "Paagal.." Armaan kept seeing her in the rear view mirror till she went inside... Smiling to himself he sighed and looked at his watch..

" Ab yeh 8 kab bajenge...! "

Everyone was happy to see him at the office after such a long time... And he too welcomed the change and got busy in his regular meeting discussion inspection ordering session it was now 2:20 when he got a call from his secretary...

" Yes kavita what is it..? I told you not to disturb me..." He said bit irritated

" But sir there is an important call for you..."

" Kavita i can't take any calls right now... I'm busy ."

" But sir..."

" Ohhoo if its soo important than divert it to dad's office he will take care of it..."

" But sir.. Sir ne hi kaha hai ki aap yeh call khud attend karein... Its from some ms.gupta..."

Armaans head which was buried in files jerked up hearing the name.. " Oh god kavita... pehle nahi bata sakti thi tum... Connect me to the line.."

" Yes sir " and she immediately connected the line..

" Hello "

" Armaann main kab se tumhara number try kar rahi hun tum apna phone kyun nahi uthate...? Tumhari wajah se mujhe uncle ko disturb karna pada..."

He hit his forehead when he saw 5 missed calls all from ridhhima... " I'm so sorry ridhhima wo main meeting main tha aur apna phone silent par rakh kar bhul gayaa..."

" As usual... Koi dhang ka kaam nahi hota tumse... Achha maine yeh puchne ke liye phone kiya tha ki tumne khana kha liya.. "

" Khaana..? Itni jaldi..." And finally during the whole day it was the first time he looked at the watch 2:27...

" Armaan itni jaldi kahaan lunch time hai... Wait a minute... That means tumne nahi khaya hai naa... Armaan this is the height of negligence tum itne bade ho gaye ho magar tumhe har baar kya yaad dilaana padega.. Just 5 days.. just 5 days tumhe medicines leni hai jisme se sirf do din reh gaye hain aur mujhe daily tumhe yaad dilana padta hai... Am i your nanny...? "

" Nahi ridhhima wo..." gulping bit scared

" Shut up armaan... Pata nahi tum itna bada business kaise sambhalte ho.. Apna khayal to tumse rakha nahi jaata.. Mujhe pata tha tum aisa hi kuch karoge.. Rahul bhaiyya was right you are a workaholic " She was shouting angrily and armaan put the receiver little away from his ear but he could still hear her shouting angrily at him..

" Ridhhima... Ridhhima... I'm sorry yaar main bas abhi lunch karne hi waala tha... Bas wo ek important meet.."

" Don't give me those silly excuses armaan. main 20 minute baad tumhe call karungi and by that time you should finish with your lunch..." And she banged the phone without waiting for his reply

" Pheeww armaan abhi yeh haal hai to shaadi ke baad tera kya hoga beta..." keeping the phone on his chest he leaned back on his chair grinning at the thought of ridhhima scoldiing him for not having food on time like a concerned and loving wife... He then sat up straight and dialled a number..

" Kavita... Order my lunch plz. And quick..."

As promised ridhhima called but this time armaan was ready he did whatever he was asked or rather ordered to do... With a promise of meeting her in the evening to pick her up they ended their conversation...

The day passed and armaan was now standing outside ridhhima's house ready to pick her... And boy dashing amazing hot sexy all fell short of describing how he looked...

" Huh... Armaan this is it..." checking himself once again he and taking the bouquet of flowers in his hands he pressed the door bell...

Padma opened the door

" Armaan... Aa gaye beta..."

" Yes beautiful..." hugging her lightly " aur yeh aapke liye..." Giving her the flowers...

" aww its beautiful beta... Thank you so much..." She patted his cheek lovingly... " Tum baitho naa main abhi ridhhima ko bula kar aati hun.."

He walked over to the mantleplace and was admiring the family photographs

" Hi armaan.."

He turned and was stunned to see a gorgeous ridhhima standing before him the saree he gave her draped so perfectly that it showed her perfect curves.. her slender waist slightly visible she wore bangles that made a sweet tinkeling sound when she moved her hand to her hair which were open her eyes lined with kohl added to their beauty her lips... Those luscious lips... everything was just perfect about her...

He came over to her with confident steps looking straight into her eyes with a small smile... He stopped standing very close to her

" Am i dead angel ? Cause this must be heaven and If not then tell me are you okay because heaven is a long fall from here..." Saying this he gave his million dollar dimple smile... Ridhhima at first was too surprised at his way of complimenting and then she saw that twinkle in his eye and knew that he was kidding she smiled at him... " You look stunning today..." He added

" Thank you very much... you and your cheesy pick up lines !!! Ab chalein.." She said with mock attitude and started towards the door... He chuckled and bid goodbye to padma on the way out...

He like a perfect gentleman opened the car door for her and then came to drive... He didn't brought the driver as he wanted to be alone with her... Moreover he preferred to drive himself... ridhhima was adjusting her saree when

" yeh tumhare liye..." Presenting her a bouquet of beautiful orchids and a box of chocolates...

Ridhhima smiled broadly seeing them " oh armaan.. These are beautiful..! and i love chocolates !! Thank you so much "

" You're welcome beautiful..."

As he drove he kept stealing glances at her for first few minutes there was complete silence ridhhima seemed busy in some kind of thoughts admiring the flowers... Armaan then decided to break the silence...

" Ehem.. Ridhhima that's not fair..." He said making a face..

" Kya ? "

" Maine tumhe itne saare compliments diye tumhe beautiful kaha angel kaha aur tumne ,Tumne mujhe ek bhi compliment nahi diya... How mean of you..." He made a face as if he was hurt...

Ridhhima looked at his face and wanted to laugh out loudly but she controlled her urge and said wrinkling her nose...

" Ohh i c to tumhe compliment chahiye... welll let me see..." She slightly turn to his direction and looked at him as if scrutinising him.." ummm.. hmm theek hai... Tum bhi theek thaak lag rahe ho..." sitting straight again

Armaan's jaw dropped... " Theek thak that's it..!! As in just.. OK !! "

" Haan aur kya sunna tha tumhe ki tum bahut handsome dashing aur smart lag rahe ho... Aur bahut saari ladkiyan tumhe dekh kar behosh hone waali hain... "

" Well agar saari nahi to thodi to..."

" Well jab thodi di to keh rahe the ki aur chahiye "

" Ridhhhiimaa..." But he could think of nothing to say to her and just sat pouting... Seeing him act like a total baby ridhhima could no longer control her laugh...

" Hahaha oh my god armaan you are such a baby... I was just kidding... Of course tum aaj bahut handsome lag rahe ho... Main to bas tumhari taang khinch rahi thi..." Hearing this he gave a broad smile..

" Really "

" Ya really... Muskaan was right tumhe sach main attention disorder hai " She chuckled again... And finally laughing teasing cracking jokes they reached the hotel...

Armaan gave her his arm to hold and kept a hand over hers to assure her as she looked bit nervous not being much of a party person she had never been to parties like this before and had no idea what was inside... Armaan could sense her uneasiness

" Ridhhima andar kaafi log honge and i know that you hardly know anyone but its okay.. Main hun naa i will never leave you alone..." Looking into her eyes all so seriously and for a moment ridhhima felt that there was more to these words but before she could think more about it he smiled again reassuringly and started to walk in with her...

they walked in ,arm in arm every eye turn to their direction ridhhima felt little uneasy as she saw that people were staring at them.. Some girls were scowling some stared some looked admiringly and it was not the females only men as well had eyes on them...

" armaan is everything okay ? " she asked with a plastered smile on her face " yeh log hamein aise ghuur kyun rahe hain..? "

Armaan smiled softly and replied " everything is fine ridhhima... Men are looking at you coz of very obvious reason that you look just ravishing and breathtakingly beautiful and girls well they are staring coz you have come with me.. they are just jealous " he said in a matter- of- fact voice " don't worry tumhe jald hi iski aadat ho jayegi " and lead her to the host and hostess she was still little confused about what he had said but just rolled her eyes and shrugged it off... He talks in a really puzzing manner sometimes..

They were warmly welcomed by the host and hostess mr. And mrs. Paul... A lovely lively couple

All through the party Armaan did'nt let her alone even for a minute... they were just talking to someone when the DJ announced the dance

" Hey all you lovely couples just hold your loved one and come here on the floor for the bollywood round...!! "

Armaan looked at ridhhima who was talking to the couple they were standing with...

" ridhhima.." she turned to look at him " may i.." extending the hand which she took smilingly...

The song started ( aaja mahi from tasveer )

I dont want to waste your time,and tell u how im lonely              But i cant help to stop myself, because u r my one and only         I'm trying to get close to you,dnt no what i can do with                You mat think im faking it up and u may not believe it

They came to dance floor and armaan held her hand with his and other went around her waist... a genuine smile playing on his lips...

Tere bina tere bina mushkil hai mera jeena                                 tere bina tere binaJaaun to jaun kahaan

He looked into her eyes as they rocked together slowly

Dhuundu tujhe main darbadar tanha hai dil ka safar                    Baharon nazaroo sitaroo main dekha                                   Saba main fiza main tujhko hi paaya                                         Baharo nazaroo sitaro main dekha dehkha tujhe raat bhar

He swirls and again holds her not breaking the eye lock...

Aaja mahi 2 aaja ab to aaja 2

They continue to move together slowly hand in hand and as the music continues she thinks of herself and vivek dancing together

Mujhe mere ran ki kasam,yu naa marr jau sanam                        Faasle kab honge kam'thamne lagi hai dhadkan

Armaan looks at her intently and she could not meet his gaze and lowered her eyes

Sadiyon se bhi kuch kam nahi lamha jo hai mukasar                    Baharo nazaro sitaro mein dekha                                               Saba main fiza main tujhko hi paaya                                          Baharo nazaro sitaro main dekha dekha tujhe raat bhar

He again moves swiftly and ridhhima comes back from her dreamland and see armaan before her his hold gets tight around her waist

Jaage saari raat main tere intezar main                                       Aaja mahi aaja mahi aaja ab to aa jaa hoo aaja mahi aaja mahi aaja ab to aaja...

The song was about to get over and he held her through his captivating eyes trying to convey what his heart felt for her... And by the look at ridhhimas face he was getting success...

Armaan danced with such closeness that ridhhima for the first time felt that the dance was just not a friendly dance... his gaze... his hold... the way he behaved was somewhat different but before she could decide anything music stopped and he moved away from her clapping along with others... ridhhima felt bit uneasy

" armaan i'm tired..." he blinked assuringly " chalo " he took her to their table as they walked the small distance she looked at him and saw the same warm eyes, same warm smile and same confidence... She got little confused " kya armaan ka yeh behaviour mujhe hi alag lag raha hai..? am i imagining or taking things too seriously... What happened at the dance floor..." Her thoughts trailed off.. 

She was so busy in her thoughts that didn't knew when they reached the table armaan pulled out a chair fir her and made her sit comfertably...

" Armaan my boy mr.thakur is here he wants to have a word with you... Young lady hope you don't mind if i borrow him for a while.."

" Not at all mr.paul...he's all yours " he laughed out loud hearing her reply and Ridhhima joined him

" ridhhima main bas abhi aaya " he said and went away with mr.paul

ridhhima shrugged off her thoughts as music started again she busied herself watching couples dancing with each other holding their loved one in their arms she smiled involuntarily thinking about herself and vivek when her dream was inturrupted...

" May i have the pleasure of dancing with the lady..."

Ridhhima was bit hesitant to dance with a stranger but he requests again very politely..

" Plz. just one dance... A pretty lady like you shouldn't be sitting here all alone..." he said with a soft smile playing on his lips

Ridhhima found him gentleman enough and smiling got up to dance taking his hand...

" so i have the pleasure of dancing with beautiful..." He looked at her questioningly moving slowly with the soft music

" ridhhima.. Ridhhima gupta "

" Hi ms.idhhima i'm abhimanyu.. Abhimanyu modi.. It's a pleasure meeting you.."

" Same here and plz you can call me ridhhima.."

" Only if you call me abhimanyu.." He said smiling

She smiled " ya of course abhimanyu "

" That's more like it ridhhima... So whom have you come with...? actually main thoda late aaya tha maine aapko aate dekha nahi.. are you here with ajeet gupta of gupta textiles..?? "

She smiled " oh no i have nothing to do with business world i am a doctor..."

" Wow that's great.. Beauty with brains...waise aaj aapki bahut zarurat padegi..." She looked at him bit puzzled... " itni sundar ladki ko dekh kar kitne saare ladke to saans lena hi bhul gaye aur i'm sure kaafi saari ladkiyon ko 3rd degree burn hua hai..."

Ridhhima laughed out hearing this... " Oh abhimanyu that was really a novell way of complimenting someone thankyou very much..." He too grinned and they continued to dance..

" Main soch hi raha tha ki maine kabhi aapko kisi party main dekha nahi... Kya aap parties main jaati hain..? "

" Nahi not much.. its rare, aur is tarah ki party main to aaj pehli baar aayi hun actually i have came with a friend Uski girlfriend yahaan nahi hai and he said that he isn't going alone so i agreed to come with him..."

" Oh how lucky your friend is to have a friend like you... Waise what's his name... Whose he..? "

" oh he's armaan.. Armaan malik.."

" What..?! "

" Do you know him...? "

" Well who wouldn't.. he is popular for his skills in not just business.. Atleast lady circle main to nahi that worlds biggest flirt... I wonder aap jaise seedhi aur samajhdaar ladki uski dost kaise ho sakti hai.."

Ridhhima was shocked to hear his words... " Well i don't know about that but as far as i know he is in love and loves his girlfriend very much... And he is a gem of a person "

" Ya a likely story... Jise usne pata nahi kitni ladkiyon ko sunaya hoga..

Wonder who it is this time kuch suna to tha... Nita... vinita..." Trying to think the name

" It's nikita..." Abhimanyu jerked his face towards her... " And abhimanyu mujhe nahi pata aapne kya suna hai magar aap mere saamne mere hi dost ki burayi kar rahe hai... Plz. Don't... Armaan jaisa bhi hai mera dost hai aur main uske baare main kisi tarah ki koi aisi waisi baat nahi sunna chahti..." Her face stern

Abhimanyu smiled at her... " I'm sorry ridhhima that was really thoughtless of me... Mujhe sach main dusro se suni sunayi baaton par vishwaas nahi karna chahiye tha... I apologise... Please "

" It's okay..." She gave him a small formal smile she didnt like him much now... In the meantime armaan returned to the table and was surprised not to find ridhhima there he looked here and there and then his eyes fall upon the dance floor... His blood started to boil and temper rose...

He went to the floor and tapped abhimanyus shoulder... Who turned and saw him standing face to face the way the facial expressions of both the men changed left ridhhima with no doubt that there was somethimg wrong with these two... she remembered abhimanyu criticising armaan a moment ago..

" Oh the great mr.malik is here..." He gave a sarcastic smile... " Finally got time from your bevy of girls..."

a muscle in armaans jaw tightened and holding ridhhimas hand he pulled away from the dance floor and started to move towards their table... Without saying a word

" hey armaan ! Bhag rahe ho.. Aaj kuch bologe nahi.. Waise tum kabse aisi parties main aane lage... Not exactly your type of party no one is dancing in scanty clothes here..."

Armaan turned and took a step towards him still holding ridhhima's hand... He again stood face to face and then suddenly said with a smile..

" Ridhhima tum inse mili yeh hain mr.abhimanyu modi... Or should i say the over inflated ego modi... tumhe pata hai he is a big businessman abhi haal hi main inhone 350 crores ka project haasil kiya hai... Bataya inhone..."

Ridhhima just shook her head in a no one thing was clear they didn't like each other at all

" Oh he is soo modest bhul gaye honge... tumhe pata hai jab humari company ko ' 100 billion' " stressing upon it " ka contract mila tha naa usi din inhe bhi wo contract mila tha... mere birthday waale din Hai naa mr.modi.. I hope aapko return girft achha laga hoga... What a great businessman he is..."

Abhimanyu looked daggers at armaan.. Who just smirked at him " and yes mr.modi how's your friend mr.khanna... You know ridhhima mr.modi ke contracting world main bahut saare 'dost' hain.."

" Armaan..! " Modi said in an angry tone.. " tum kehna kya chahte ho.."

" Don't shout abhimanyu tumhe kya laga ki tum kuch bhi karoge aur kisi ko pata nahi chalega... Just remember abhimanyu..." Keeping a finger on his chest... " The day you come openly against me.. I will crush you... You very well know you can't stand before armaan malik without your tricks and 'friends' well don't forget abhimanyu i am always one up from you..."

Abhimnayu took a step towards armaan and so did armaan both men were looking into each others eyes and seemed ready to kill each other

" Armaan " ridhhima pleaded as she saw that situation might get out of hand... armaan continued staring at abhimanyu " armaan plz.."

Armaan turned slightly to look at her and then put a hand over her's assuringly... " It's your lucky day mr.abhimanyu modi.."

" I will see you anytime mr.armaan malik..." Abhimanyu replied with equal hatered...

" Hey boys..." mr.paul came there happily... " It seems that you both know each other..."

" Very well.." Abhimanyu replied looking at armaan with same fury

" Ahh good good... Now gentlemen lets get going the dinner is served... You wouldn't want to keep this pretty young lady hungry after that tiring dancing..."

Armaan looked at mr.paul with much calmer expression " of course not mr.paul " and with a last look at abhimanyu walked off with ridhhima and so did abhimanyu both sat at different tables but kept glancing at each other...

" So armaan my boy if i may take the liberty to ask you something..."

" Oh not at all mr.paul " putting down the wine glass

" When is the wedding...?

" Wedding..? " He asked perplexed Thinking 'how the hell he knew'

" Yes when you two are getting married..? " Asked mrs.paul Ridhhima almost choked on her food..

" Oh mrs.paul we are not seeing each other..." She explained " we are just good friends... And we are not getting married... Right armaan " she looked at him for confermation

Mrs.paul looked disappointed.. " Oh thats sad.. I guess you two should think about it.. You will make an awesome couple..." And then she added with a warm smile " i have experience of life honey... My eyes never betray me It seems you are a couple made in heaven..."

" Oh really mrs.paul... Then ridhhima i think we should really think about it..." He said looking straight into her eyes with a small smiling... his grey eyes saying something which made ridhhima uneasy and she shifted her gaze to mrs.paul

" but you know mrs.paul that's really nice of you to say such thing... but don't you think you have inflated her ego enough for a night... Soon she is going to think that she is a queen and start giving airs... Heck why would she remember a commoner such as me as her friend " armaan said half laughing half serious lightening the atmosphere

" Armaaann ! When did i give you airs.." Ridhhima looked at him bewildered but also breathed in as she realised that he was again kidding

" Well not till now coz you are still what you say an ugly duckling... And me ! marry you...?? Aaggh !! " he made a face and got a light slap on his hand from mrs.paul as well as ridhhima who were sitting on his either side on the table of four

" Aww ladies..! I was just kidding.. Mrs.paul she keeps beating me would you consider me if i ask you "

" Ohh armaan you are such a sweatheart but sorry dear you are little late i'm already taken.." locking her arm with her husbands looking at him with all the love in the world

" Hey young man she is taken.. Be careful "

Armaan made a cute pouting face " huhh just my luck... Why are all the good ladies already taken..."

everybody laughed out seeing his face... Rest of the dinner went uneventfully they chatted laughed and finally bid the hosts goodbye..

In the car ridhhima was again quiet thinking about the evening

" Armaan..."

" Hmm.."

" Kya soch rahe ho..?? "

" Kuch nahi bas... Ridhhima.. abhimanyu kya baat kar raha tha tumse...? "

" Well kuch khaas nahi... Bas tumhari 'tarif' kar raha tha..." pausing for a moment she spoke again.. " Armaan i'm sorry.. I had no idea that he was your rival ,he was so polite and gentlemanly..."

armaan looked at her " oooh polite and gentleman..! so you are teaming with my enemy..." Grinning lightly " Its okay ridhhima hota hai... You don't have to say sorry main jaanta hun usko main bas isliye puch raha tha ki kahin usne tumse koi badtamizi to nahi ki..."

she ruffles his hair " armaan tum bhi naa bas.. You are so sweet..."

" i know " gives a shy smile and she laughed out

" Waise Mr and mrs paul are really sweet..."

" Hmm.. They are.. wo london se hi hamare bahut achhe family friends rahe hain..."

" wo dono kitna pyaar karte hain ek dusre se... Unki baaton se unki aankon se saaf zaahir ho raha tha ki itne saalon baad bhi unka pyaar waisa ka waisa hi hai... How lucky naa " she looked at him

" Haan to kya hua.. I know you will be lucky too... I promise " he said in a serious tone

Ridhhima just looked at him surprised... " Ohho ab aise kya dekh rahi ho... Main uncle aunty se keh dunga ki tumhe barso ka pyaar chahiye to tumhare liye ek budhha dhund dein... Ek sath barso ka pyaar mil jaayega waise 70 ka chahiye ya 80 ka.."

Ridhhima's mouth fell open with surprise " armaaann... You are so bad " And she started hitting his shoulder...

" Arre arre ridhhima main mazaak kar raha tha yaar... Ab to marnaa chhodo uncle aunty ne dekha to kya sochenge mere baare main ki tum mujhe kyun peet rahi ho..."

It was then ridhhima realised that they have already reached home.. And stooped hitting him ,he saw that she was still bit annoyed

" Arre yaar ridhhima... Main mazaak kar raha tha yaar... Waise sach kahun to tumhare liye to koi aisa aayega jo puri duniya main sabse alag ho handsome smart dashing rich... Aur jo tumse bahut bahut pyaar karta ho... Ab to theek hai naa " he said in a more serious tone

Ridhhima turned towards him and laughed softly " armaan tum bhi naa bas..." Stepping out of the car she walked towards the door

" Haan bhai ab uncle aunty se keh kar N.A.S.A ko contact karna padega..

" N.A.S.A ko.. Kyun...?? "

" Bhai tumhe jaisa ladka chahiye wo is planet ka to lagta nahi.. dusre planets par dhundna padega.."

But this time hearing it ridhhima burst out laughing... " Armaan tum aur tumhare jokes.. Kabhi serious bhi hue ho.. hardam mazaak sujhta hai tumhe.."

" Nahi ridhhima.." He climbed a step and was now standing face to face " hardam nahi.." he took her hand ,with all the sincerety in his eyes ,and kissed it lightly... " Thankyou ridhhima i had a wonderful time tonight... Thanks mere sath chalne ke liye..." Ridhhima pulled her hand away she didn't knew what to say.. she was so not expecting this... " Goodnight ridhhima..."

" g..Goodnight..."

Armaan turned and walked towards his car smiling to himself he opened the door and was about to sit

" Waise ridhhima..." she turned 

" Haan.."

" You are looking really beautiful today just like a queen..." He gave a smile and drove off leaving ridhhima standing there bit surprised ,bit confused...

ridhhima lay on her bed thinking about the time at the party... Armaans behaviour, the way he danced, his reply to mrs.paul she just could not shug off the thoughts.. She sat up on her bed...

" Ridhhima yeh tu kya soch rahi hai.. Armaan loves nikita.. And you know that.. He knows that..." But the other voice said.. "But wo jo party main hua aur.. Bahar..." She kept debating with herself... " May be abhimanyu is right he is a flirt... Hospital main nahi dekha... But he is your friend ridhhima... Uggghhh i'm going to go mad... Fine " she spoke out to herself " ridhhima enough of thinking about armaan from now on keep a bit of distance from him... He is a friend fine.. But he cannot flirt.. That's it " reaching to a decision she fell on her bed and covering her face went to sleep

He finally dropped on his bed smiling to himself ruffling his hair trying to feel her touch again.. Reliving the time spent with her in the party.. clutching his long pillow he drifted off to his ridhhima land coz it was just ridhhima he was dreaming about... day and night...


                             Taming the wild

Precap: armaan and ridhhima go to a party, an unofficial date.. they dance together and ridhhima for the first time get the glimpse of armaans true feelings for her... and she gets alert !!


Armaan woke up with a smile on his lips... He stretched and opened his eyes it was dawn.. The dawn of his life... Everything went just perfect as his thoughts trailed to the party ,his second unofficial date with ridhhima... First being the breakfast on sanjevani's terrace on his birthday.. And thought he didn't overdo things right ?!... He felt that at some point of time he took her by surprise and she hesitated from him... Then he smiled to himself... Of course she would it was her first time... He sat up and walked out to the balcony to welcome the morning sun which he did with a big smile on his face...

He mused at the thought that soon he would wake up with ridhhima next to him.. In his arms...

He got ready for the work and came down to the breakfast table to find muski and rahul already there... The love birds having there moment of togetherness as rahul fed his dear wife who kissed him on his cheek tightly laughing... They were oblivious of armaan's presence and he didn't feel like disturbing them.. his thoughts trailed off that even he would soon have someone whom he would love and who would love him to the core of her heart... Who would love him unconditionally, no matter what, and with whom he would feel complete... He was lost in his thoughts when he felt vibration in his hand and he looked at his cell phone.. It was a reminder of the board meeting that was scheduled for the day and reading it he groaned... He wanted to go to gupta house and spend some time with ridhhima... Which now looked impossible... he decided to finally become the haddi in rahul muski's kabab...

" Hey lovebirds... Good morning... "

" Lo... Our romeo is here... Verrryyy Gudmorning..." Muski said gigling

" Ahha... Romeo main... Aur tum log kya bhajan kirtan kar rahe the ..".Muski opened her mouth in shock blushing slightly and rahul looked embarrassed... Armaan looked at their faces..

" Ohho ab itna kuch nahi dekha ,itni sharafat hai mujh main.. Why don't you two go and get a room..." Muski threw a napkin at his face

" Muskkkiii... Not the hair plzzz.."

" Ahhaha bada aaya sharafat waala.. ek baar ridhhima ko to aane de bachhu phir batati hun who needs a room..."

" Oh come on muski... Whose gonna come 'out' of the room then huh..." rahul and he hi fived...

" Tum dono ko koi sharam nahi hai naa..."

" naaahh " looking at each other they said in unison

Muski rolled her eyes " main bhi kinse baat kar rahi hun... Achha bata naa teri date kaisi rahi... Kuch baat aage badhi..."

" Haye muski mat puuch yaar..." He kept a hand on his heart... " Main to gaya yaar... It was magical... I got my first kiss yaar..."

" What...??!! " Both asked shocked and surprise

" Wow man you are fast..! " Rahul looked amazed

" Yeah " muski added dazed " cmmon now give us details "

Armaan giggled " guys get a grip on your imagination aisa kuch nahi hai it was just a gentlemanly goodbye kiss and that too on hand..." He grinned even more when he saw the disappointed look at both the faces as if it was a movie they were dying to watch and someone leaked out the suspense...

" But guys all in all it was great i had a nice time and i guess hamari understanding bhi badh rahi hai and soon you will get to hear the most awaited Yes..."

" Haayyye marjawaan... Main to bas tere dulhe banne ka intezaar kar rahi hun Kinna sona lagega hamara chhota sa armaan dulha bankar " and she made the gesture through her hands trying to wad away the evil eye... And armaan gave her the side hug grinning...

" Muskaan tera 'chota sa armaan' 27 saal ka 6 foot lamba chauda hatta katta jawan hai get your definition of 'chota' correct..." Rahul said munching on his toast

" Oye khotte tu chup kar wo mere liye chotta hi hai main ise tab se dekh rahi hun jab yeh nikkar main ghumta tha samjha..." Rahul rolled his eyes at his wife and decided not to say anything armaan on the other hand kept on grinning, it was always fun to watch their bickering session.. It was their own special way of expressing their love for each other

" Bhai You just wait it's just a matter of time and no one says no to armaan malik right muski "

" absolutely Right " they hi fived... Rest of the breakfast went normally as he filled both of them with the details of the party... And they listened like a perfect audience...

Armaan was in the meering but his heart and mind was somewhere else.. His thoughts keep trailing off to the party and he smiled like silly until virendra whispered in his ear that it was ok to smile but can he control it in front of board members... he quickly made a serious face sitting up straight... And virendra had to suppress his laugh

He kept checking his cell phone for any calls under the table... Half heatedly listening to mr.sharma who was saying something about infrastructure cost... And then mr.kumar saying something about workforce... He frowned when he saw that there was not a single call from ridhhima today... He had directed kavita too that if she called then he must be informed immediately... He was just dying to hear her voice... And also to get out of this meeting.. But after an hour he started pondering that it was definitely about yesterday... She did have a glimpse of what he felt about her and was shying away from him...

He decided to ease out things next time but continue with his efforts he didn't wanted to scare her away

Finally at about 1 o'clock the meeting got over... Armaan was still clueless about what went in he was too busy with his own thoughts... He went to his cabin leaving his father and BP with board members...

Within a short time of few days he had become accustomed of getting her calls, receiving his daily dose of scoldings ,reminders and today he missed all that terribly... He now looked forward to her calls..

He was standing by the glass window watching the scene outside busy with his thoughts when he felt a hand on his shoulder

" Aur jaan-e-mann kya kar rahi ho...? Mere alawa kiske khayalo main khoyi hui ho...?? " rahul giggled

Armaan gave him an exasperated look...

" Bhaaiii plz. Yaar..."

" Arre kya hua... Chal idhar aa.." He pulled him by his arm and made him sit on the chair... " Kya hua ? Aise muh kyun latka rakha hai..? Subah to bada khush tha... Ridhhima se kuch baat hui kya..? Cmmon buddy tell me yaar.."

" Bhai usne abhi tak ek baar bhi call nahi kiya... Aur kal to is time tak 10 calls aa chuke the... I think ki kal ki wajah se she is trying to avoid me... Bhai am i going too fast..?? "

" Huuh to yeh baat hai judai bardasht nahi ho rahi " he said jokingly but then saw the serious look on his face " Armaan kya yaar itni si baat ke liye pareshan ho raha hai... Look ridhhima un ladkiyon se bahut alag hai jinke sath tu abhi tak raha hai... It's very obvious ki usko yeh sab naya aur thoda ajeeb lage... But you are not doing anything wrong... You love her yaar and you are going to get married to her... So stop worrying and try to make her at ease with you okay..."

He nodded like an obedient child " that's like my brother... Keep up the charm of armaan malik and bedazzle her..." They both grinned at each other " and don't forget that killer dimple smile..." He winked at him

" Of course... Thanks bhai "

" Haye... Tere liye kuch bhi jaan-e-mann... Now atleast give me a hug " Armaan rolled his eyes but gave a hug to his dear brother laughing lightly... He just lifted his mood and the burden on his heart clearing the doubts in his mind..

It was not before lunch time that he got his expected call...

He was just debating upon the idea that should he call ridhhima and ask if everything is fine or should he wait.." Why aren't you calling..?? " He shouted out at his phone

And suddenly he jumped up as his phone started to vibrate almost dropping the phone from his hands

His heartbeat increased even more when he saw ridhhima's name flashing on the screen... Smiling broadly he answered the call

" Hey ridhhima ! How are you ? Pata hai main abhi soch hi raha tha ki tumhara phone kyun nahi aaya abhi tak..? " He said it in one go..

" h..han bas aise hi thoda busy thi.. Di ke sath "

Armaan could sense her hesitation and ask in a more serious tone " ridhhima are you fine... You don't sound okay "

" haan armaan i'm fine kaha na just busy with the wedding preparations "

He was still not convinced " Ridhhima tum kal ki wajah se to pareshaan nahi ho ?... I hope i didn't cross my limits... You can be frank with me... I don't want to risk our friendship coz of anything..."

Ridhhima was taken by surprise and hearing his words she felt silly of what she thought about him yesterday why she has to streatch everything 'usne kal aisa kuch bhi to nahi kiya...'

" Nahi armaan wo..." she sighed and spoke more confidently.. " Nahi armaan it's fine... It was just that i was bit busy... And of course kal maine bahut enjoy kiya thanks i had a great time.. Mujhe to yeh kal hi kehna chahiye tha magar.." Leaving all the doubts behind she came back to her normal mode...

" Magar kal raat ko daer ho gayi thi aur tum kharrante marne ke mood main thi... Hai naa " he said trying to lighten up the things

" Armaaann ! I don't snore..! "

" Rehne do anjy mujhe bata rahi thi agar koi tumhare sath so jaaye to wo subah tak behra ho jayega.."

She had a shocked expression on the other side... " Armaan malik you are so dead... Next time jab tum mujhe miloge apni marrammat ke liye tayaar rehna..." She threatened him

" Hahaha of course you jangli billi.. "

And they continued with their banter she again reminded him for food and medicine and to her surprise the answer was yes today... Armaan in order to please her did everything on time...

" achha armaan.. Main ek baat to kehna bhul hi gayi... Kal tum dus baje hospital aa jaana okay "

" kal hospital ?? kyun..?? "

" pata tha mujhe ki tum bhul jaoge.. budhhu kal tumhare stitches khulne hai isliye.."

" what ?! " He hits his head ' yeh kabhi kuch bhulti nahi hai kya...'

" Armaan tum sun rahe ho naa "

" H..haan sun raha hun... kal.. Dus baje.. Achha tum hogi na wahan..? "

" Nahi armaan main nahi aa paungi di ki shaadi tak i have taken leave magar dr.keerti hongi wahan she will take care and don't worry wo bahut achhi doctor hain... Waise bhi just 1/2 ghante ki baat hai and then you won't have to come to hospital again.."

" Haan magar..."

" ohho armaan don't worry it's nothing isme dard thodi hota hai.. achha i have to go now bhulna nahi and be on time ok.. bye.."

" Bye.." Armaan hit his forehead with his phone " kahan phas gaya armaan aur kar doctor se shaadi..."

The next day he kept looking at the clock nervously while at the breakfast table...

BP noticed him " armaan kya hua tum baar baar ghadi ki taraf kyun dekh rahe ho.. Kahin jaana hai kya ? "

" h.huh nahi BP bas wo aise hi.." hiding his nervousness just then his cell rang up it was from his secretary kavita

" Yes kavita.. Haan meeting fix ho gayi.. Good.. Very good yeah.. Okay fine.." He disconnected the call happily and said getting up... " Guys mujhe ek important meeting ke liye jaana hai bye see you later.."

" Magar naashta.." Muski called

" Baaad main " and shouted running off hurriedly

" Ek meeting ke liye itna excited pehle to kabhi nahi dekha " she said

" Meeting client ke sath hi hai naa...? " Rahul asked

" Kahin client ka naam ridhhima to nahi...? " virendra asked laughing lightly

" abhi pata karta hun.." BP dialled his secretary who confermed that meeting was indeed with one of their clients at 10 o'clock which surprised everybody...

For two days armaan avoided going to hospital everytime ridhhima called he made an excuse she was fed up now and decided to ask for some help as she knew that he was deliberately doing so...

She dialled BP's number

" ahha ridhhima.. What a pleasent surprise beta !! How are you "

" hi BP i'm fine.. Magar aapke us nalayak laadle ne bada pareshaan kar rakha hai.."

" achha ab kya kiya usne.? " he asked laughing lightly. She explained him everything " oh to yeh baat hai.. Hmm "

" haan BP and do din se he is avoiding it.. Ab main kya karu they were suppose to open two days back "

" well ridhhima beta to tell you the truth he wont come to hospital now aur shayad main bhi use is baat ke liye naa mana paun.. You see he's just not comfertable there.. But i can do one thing main use aaj tumhare ghar le aata hun shaam ko.. tab kahan bhag kar jayega.. Kyun !? "

" yes BP that would be perfect i will be ready.. 5 baje theek rahega ? "

" perfect.. To theek hai partner milte hain shaam ko.. " he said smiling broadly

" okay " she replied with equal enthusiasm of cornering mr. Too-clever-malik.


                                 Taming the wild

Precap: armaan gets impatient waiting for ridhhimas call she reminds him to get his stitches open, he keeps on putting it off ridhhima asks BP for help and they decide to corner him at gupta house...


While this was going on in malik mansion something was going on in modi house as well

Abhimanyu came down from his room for breakfast his parents were already there hugging them lovingly he settled down at the table

" abhi Beta kal chopras ke yahaan shaadi par jaana hai plz bhulna nahi "

" Yes mom.." He said with his eyes glued to the newspaper

" Pata nahi hamare yahaan shehnai kab bajegi..." Abhi stopped munching for a moment and then spoke up

" yes mom i guess you are right i think it's time ki i get married and settle down "

His parents were taken by surprise at his sudden declaration they looked at each other trying to register what they have just heard was right he saw his parents unbelievable faces

" Don't look so surprised guys.. Aapne theek suna hai main shaadi ke liye tayar hun.."

and then his mother jumped up with joy...

" Really abhi... Tum shaadi ke liye tayar ho..?! Ohh abhi main bata nahi sakti beta main kitni khush hun ! "

She hugged him immediately... Abhi said nothing just kept listening and smiling at his parents enthusiasm he felt a little pang of guilt too but he brushed it off...

" Yes abhi i agree with your mom we are really happy.. it's high time that you get married... A very wise decision... I'm really happy son " his father patted his shoulder lovingly, another pang of guilt abhi wished they stop saying such things

" Pata hai abhi humein to laga ki ungli tedhi karni hi padegi warna tum shaadi ke liye manoge hi nahi.. Magar you always surprise us..." His father said laughing lightly feeling joyous

" Ya..." He mumbled thinking something... It has been two days and he has been thinking about it continuously... And this idea struck him after meeting armaan in the party

" Ab tum dekhna main apne bete ke liye kaisi chand si sundar bahu laati hun.."

Abhi spoke up immediately " mom dad i have to tell you something... " Maine ladki pasand kar li hai.."

His parents look at each other completely surprised their workaholic son in love !! And then a big smile broke out on their faces

The same day In malhotra house in Bangalore...

Niki was sitting on the floor of the hall supporting her head with her hand on the couch with her notepad trying to write some points for presentation she was to give... she had joined her fathers business and was in Bangalore where they had their business branch... it had been almost two weeks since she had seen armaan and a whole week since she had last spoken to him...

She felt really bad when she wasn't by his side when he came back home, she hadn't seen him since the day after his birthday party...earlier the work had kept her busy and away from his thoughts but now... She sighed remembering him... she missed him terribly...absent mindedly, instead of writing points she was writing AM NM in various styles...

" Ehem ehem " her father cleared his throat and she came out of her dreamy mode hiding her notepad with a loose sheet she turned to face her father and mother..

" Niki.."

" Ji papa "

" Beta humein apse ek jaruri baat karni thi... Wo kya hai beta aapke liye ek rishta aaya hai.." He smiled at her..

" Haan beta " her mother continued " eklauta ladka hai... ek badi business family se hai... aur log bhi bahut achhe hain.."

" But mom..." She was surprised to hear it and bit scared too.. But her father cut her in between

" Aur aap us ladke ko jaante bhi ho.. Uske papa ka phone aaya tha aur usne khud unhe aapke baare main bataya hai... I think he loves you "

Niki was still confused... ' Kahin dad ko armaan ke baare main sab pata to nahi lag gaya.. Of course aur kaun ho sakta hai..'

Seeing her confused face her father said " chalo hum aapki confusion duur kar dete hain uska naam hai aa.." Nikis heart stopped beating for a minute

" Arre aap kya bata rahe hain use to pehle se hi pata hai yeh dekhiye.." Showing him the notepad

" Ohh AM NM ! To pehle hi planning ho gayi thi " Niki felt so shy and embarrassed that it was getting hard for her to sit there any more now she quickly got up and took the notepad away from her mom's hand

" Mooom " she started to run to her room

" Arree haan naa to bol do beta wo log aaj shaam aane ke liye keh rahe hain aapke AM jee se sabar nahi ho raha wo to aaj roka karna chahte hain aur kal engaement.."

" Kya kal hi !! Itni jaldi "

" Haan kal hi .. Bhai hum to tayaar hain bas aapki haan ka intezar hai to batao kya kahen unhe.."

Niki blushed badly and felt immensely shy... " Jo aapko theek lage " and saying so she started to run to her room smiling broadly Her parents smiled too

" Arre beta call your friends aur jaldi karo abhi to tumhe tayar bhi hona hai wo log shaam ko aayenge.." Her mom shouted happily

" Okkkaaayy mooom " she replied back happily

she was in her room surrounded with her friends who had come there her mom was running everywhere looking after a small gathering of close friends and family who have come for the occasion she came to nikis room to check if she was getting ready or not

" Arre beta jaldi karo abhi kapde select nahi kiye tayar kab hoge...! "

" Mom.. "

" Haan beta "

" Mom armaan aayega naa aaj sham ko...? "

" Arre beta you know him naa meri baat nahi ho paayi aaj usse pata nahi shayad tumhare papa ne baat ki ho... And of course wo aayega kaise nahi... Tum ek kaam karo khud hi call kar lo naa magar beta pehle tayar ho jao it's almost time wo log aane waale honge..."

" Aunty aap fikar mat kariye hum jaldi se ise tayar kar dete hai... Aap dekhna sab dekhte reh jayenge " gunjan hugged niki who was shying and blushing so much today her mother smiled too and left for some work

She was completely ready in an hour and finally got some time alone as her friends left her for getting themselves dressed she picked up the phone and dialed armaan's number with trembling heart and hands... since morning she couldn't find time to talk to him until now

" yeh armaan bhi naa kaise kaise surprises deta rehta hai kam se kam i love you to bol hi sakta tha naa seedha roka ! Mr. Malik you better say that before evening otherwise you are sooo gone..." Giggling and thinking she waited for him to pick up the phone

" Hello "

" Armaan "

" Heeeyyy nikkii !! How are you..?? pata hai main tujhe kittnnaaa miss kar raha tha... pata hai kitna kuch ho gaya aur madam ko ab fursat mili hai mujhse baat karne ki huh "

He fired up in one go " ohho armaan ruko to sahi... Aur agar main baat nahi kar paayi to tum nahi call kar sakte the... Itni badi baat aur tumne mujhe abhi tak ek shabd nahi kaha..."

" Arre yaar niki main batane hi waala tha magar sab itni jaldi hua ki time hi nahi mil paaya..."

" To ab to time hai naa ab to bol do "

He laughed softly and ran his fingers in his hair sighing he rested his head back in his chair... " Hhuuuhh niki yaar i'm in love.!! " Niki's smile broadened hearing it.. " Mera ek minute bhi saal jaise beet raha hai... Ab aur intezaar nahi ho raha yaar... Waise tumhe pata hai i'm going to get married soon... Kabhi socha tha armaan malik pyaar and marriage !! "

Niki chuckled hearing this her heart jumping with joy " ohho mr malik ab yeh baat mujhe pata nahi hogi...?? "

Just then she heard gunjan calling her name but she continued

" niki i'm so happy i have always loved ridhhima.."

Niki jerked his head " what ?! Kya kaha tumne... ridhhima ?! "

" Haan niki ridhhima !! Surprised naa... i'm going to get married to ridhhima... Can you believe it !! Oh niki i'm so happy i liked her from the very first day i saw her... Anjy ki shaadi ke baad hum bhi shaadi ker lenge... God niki i feel like i'm on moon i love her i love her i love her... !! "

niki on the other hand was stunned she could hardly utter a word out of her mouth her world of dreams came crashing down hearing those words... Fear ,sadness ,confusion all came rushing to her heart... Most of all the heartache of knowing that armaan did not love her... He loved ridhhima...

She felt as if something broke inside her that day... So what was that her parents were talkinng about..?? Something was wrong...

" Niki.. niki..." He called " you there ?? "

" Armaan abhi tum kahan ho ..? " Gaining some self control

" Main..? Main to abhi office main hun bas thodi der main nikalne waala hun... Ridhhima ke ghar jaana hai usne bulaya hai... I can't wait to meet her niki... I'm so much in looovvee..." his eyes fell on the watch and he sat up straight " Hey niki gotta go it's time will talk to u later.. You take care okay... byee... "

Niki stood rooted on her spot numb

Just then gunjan came to her " arre tu yahaan hai.. Wahaan sab wait kar rahe hain... Chal naa wo log aa gaye..."

Niki was so stunned that she could not even cry... Her mind was working overtime ' to subah mom dad kiske baare main baat kar rahe the ?? Roka.. Engagement.. Kiske sath ?? '

Busy in her thoughts she came down to hall where she saw...

" Abhimanyu..??! " she whispered softly to herself

Now everything fell into it's place her parents were talking about abhimanyu modi and she thought that they were talking of armaan the initials being same created a hell lot of confusion... But now... What now... Armaan didn't love her so it was abhimanyu her parents were saying that was in love with her..?? ' Abhimanyu loves me..???!! '

She was in a daze everything went in a blur... She just could not back off now... there were people her parents... And most of all the terrible realisation... Armaan loved ridhhima... armaan didn't loved her he loved ridhhima..!!! And as the words sank in tears rolled down her eyes which everybody thought were the tears of happiness as well as sadness... None knew what terrible news she got few moents ago...

Abhi looked at her he was surprised that how come she said yes so easily she liked that armaan there was something fishy but he didn't wanted to let go of the oppertunity... he wanted her and if she would have said no he would have applied something else but her yes saved him from applying other methods but there were still lot many questions in his mind which he decided to clarify later on... They didnt matter to him much

Abhi's parents already liked her since they had seen her in the party... They were really happy to get her as their daughter in law she looked at her parents and everybody else even abhi looked pretty happy... She plastered a fake smile for others sake and mechanically did everything as told within next hour her life... her destiny changed it's course and from that moment onwards she was the part of abhimanyu's life... she was set to become Mrs. abhimanyu modi...

armaan was really excited at the prospect of meeting ridhhima again. the moment BP told him that they will be going to Gupta house in the evening he found it really difficult to pass the time at office... somehow the clock struck five and he raced outside literally pulling BP out of his cabin... he didn't even talked to niki properly in this excitement... he was totally unaware what disaster his confession has caused...

armaan along with BP and muskaan went to gupta house... On the way it struck him that what if ridhhima was angry with him... Today instead of calling him she called BP and of course she knew that he hadnt gone to get his stitches open

" BP "

" hmmm "

" Aapki jab ridhhima se baat hui to kya wo gusse main thi ? "

" Gusse main kyun ?? Kya kuch baat hui tumhari ?! " He lied he understood immediately what he was trying to ask

" Nahi actually wo baat yeh thi ki..." But he stopped in between as he knew that muskaan was there too who was eyeing him narrowly and if she came to know that he had been making excuses and lieing to her he was gone not only he will receive lectures from everybody but also some beating in muskaan's case already she had these hyper mood swings which made her think that the person standing before her is a punching bag..!

He was just wondering about it when they reached gupta house

" hello everybody...!! " he entered shouting joyfully " hey beautiful !! " he hugged padma lovingly who was equally happy to see him, then realised that there were others in the room as well

" oh sorry maine aapko dekha nahi.."

" armaan aao beta let me introduce you to mr. and mrs joshi.. atul ke mom dad.." shashank introduced them to each other

" hmmm to he is the lucky man jo hamari ridhhima ko le jaane waala hai "

" yes of course uncle i am that lucky one..." he touched their feet smiling a little meaning each and every word of it, shashank felt so glad hearing it there was no doubt that armaan was the best choice for ridhhima, they were talking when ridhhima came there

" hey armaan tum kab aaye ?? "

" hey ridhhima !! bas abhi aaya hun..." seeing her he felt little scared he thought that she will scold him for not going to hospital but she looked cool enough and didnt even started the topic

ridhhima looked at BP meaningfully who secretly gave her a thumbs up " arre armaan chalo naa tumhare liye ek surprise hai "

" surprise ?? mere liye ? " she nodded he had no choice as the others too asked him to go and see it himself

" R..ridhhima.." He called while climbing the small flight of stairs... bit worried

" Haan armaan " she turned but he was surprised to see that she was smiling

" Ridhhima actually ... Wo... Hua yeh ki..." He fumbled for words " i'm sorry main pehle jospital chala jaata magar main thoda... Busy tha..." He expected her to shout at him any minute now but instead she was still standing there smiling lightly

" I know armaan tum bahut busy rehte ho... Time nahi mila hoga..." He nodded quickly feeling relaxed that she wasn't mad at him completely missing the sarcasm in her tone

" Koi baat nahi tum aao to sahi mere sath surprise dekh kar tum khud surprise ho jaoge "

" Surprise..." she nodded smiling little did armaan knew that there was no escape from there she held his hand and started to walk towards a room ,Armaan was lost in her touch it didn't matter to him where she was taking him as long as she held his hand...

" Hello mr.malik how are you..? "

He came back from his dreamland with a loud thud when he saw dr.keerti standing before him...

" Dr.keerti aap ??!! " He was horrified " ridhhima this is a trap i..i... Mujhe nahi pata this is cheating main jaa raha hun..." He turned to go but ridhhima had already locked the door and stood with her arms folded around her chest narrowing her eyes

Armaan gulped looking at her angry face " aur tumne jo kiya armaan wo cheating nahi thi... Main achhi tarah se jaanti hun ki tum jaan kar hospital nahi aaye uncle ne mujhe sab bata diya tha.. Now come on chup chap wahan chalo..." Pointing to the bed

He looked around miserably for some help but none was around... He took one look at dr.keerti and other at ridhhima if one was hitler other was nepoleon...

' Armaan kahan phas gaya...' Reluctantly he lied down on the bed

" Relax armaan kuch nahi hoga " dr.keerti tried to console him as she saw him clutching the side of bed when she was opening his bandage

" Aapke liye kehna aasaan hai dr.keerti.." He was serious now... " just do it quickly and keep all the bandage away from my eyesight plz..."

Ridhhima helped dr.keerti with the opening of stiches it hardly took them 15 minutes but as they were pulling out a small peice of stitching thread armaan yelled in pain... He grabbed Ridhhimas hand who consoled him apologising for pain soon everything was done...

" Huh... Bas ho gaya..." Dr. Keerti said getting up... " Everything is fine mr.malik you are now perfectly fit ek do din main yeh jo thoda sa pain hai wo bhi chala jayega... Are you ok now ?! "

He nodded " yes... I hope there is no blood .."

" Blood..!? Nahi koi khoon nahi hai.. It's all okay.."

He sighed relieved and got up much relaxed now...

" I'm never.. ever.. getting injured again..."

Ridhhima and dr.keerti smiled back " Yeah we pray the same.. Achha ab chalte hain kaka ne mazedaar aalo ke pakode banaye hain..."

The evening was lovely though dr.keerti went away early as she had to look after her home and family as well joshis and guptas and maliks were enjoying whole heartedly laughing teasing each other especially atul and anjali the about to be married couple...

Armaan teased atul all the more as he found that he blushed more than anjali whenever something related to marriage came up... And ridhhima was siding him whole heartedly which amused and pleased both maliks and guptas they took it as a positive sign that ridhhima had started liking armaan...

It was eight o clock

" Achha ab bas bhi karo armaan aur kitna chedoge bechare ko..." Padma said trying to make a serious face but failed misrably and same was with atul's mother as well

" Moom..!! Aap bhi iske sath mil gayee " atul shouted

" Sorry beta but.. armaan ne jo abhi bataya ki tum kaise jal rahe the usse yeh soch kar ki wo aur anjali.." and she started giggling along with padma

" Hey bhagwaan ab bas yahi bacha tha meri apni maa ne party badal li.."

" Guys guys.. Ok ab koi atul ka mazaak nahi udayega " armaan said loudly trying to put a stop to everybodys giggles

" achha muskaan kya khaoge beta aaj tumhari pasand ki cheezein banate hain.."

Muskaan was delighted... " Oh thank you aunty mujhe bhi bhuuk lagni shuru ho gayi hai..."

" Arre abhi lo beta... Tum bas bolo tumhe kya chahiye..." Padma said lovingly

" arre ma is bhukkad ko hamesha hi bhuuk lagti rehti hai..." He immediately was hit by a coushin

" Armaaan aisa nahi kehte aisi haalat main aisa hona normal hai.. Waise ridhhima anjali dono bahut achha khana banati hain aaj tum unke hath ka try karna.."

" Ridhhima ke hath ka..?! Hey bhagwaan aaj mujhe bacha lena "

" Heeyy i can cook..! You just see.."

" Really "

" yes of course "

" Theek hai phir hum bhi tum dono ki help karenge..." He elbowed atul who got ready immediately and parents just laughed...

" Haan haan bilkul... Kya pata kahin tum dono bahar se manga kar yeh naa keh do ki ' yeh to hamne banaya hai' " mimicking them

Girls opened their mouth in shock.. " Fine you can come and see for yourself hum tum jaise jhoote nahi hain... right ridhhima..."

" Right di..."

Now all four of them walked towards the they go into the kitchen atul start to get close to anjali he grabs her hand while passing vegetables anjali glared at him trying to say through her eyes that they were not alone and blushing too

" Arre anjali tum itna lal lal kyun ho rahi ho..." Armaan teased her he had seen atul holding her hand Anjali opened her mouth in shock and embaressment...

She threw a potato at him... " Armaan you are impossible... Ridhhhiii..." She called ridhhima for help " plz keep him away from here "

Ridhhima who herself was enjoying the teasing session now decided to help her sister " armaan tum yahaan aao main tumhe kaam batati hun.."

' As you say madam " she took him to the other corner of the kitchen and gave him some potatoes to peel... Though both the men had agreed to 'help' the ladies they had no idea about anything related to cooking... Till now they had done only one thing... Eating... And armaans entry was almost banned in the kitchen by martin... Which ofcourse both gupta sisters were unaware of...

While cutting the onions atul cried non stop... And it took full five minutes for armaan to figure out how to use the peeler and when he started to peel he peeled not only the outer cover but the whole potato...

half the potatoes were peeled in fine curves ready to be made into chips rather than cooked vegetable !! ridhhima saw this and came there immediately taking the peeler off from him...

" Armaaann !! yeh kya kar rahe ho ? hamein sabji banani hai chips nahi "

" Sorry wo mujhe laga aise hi karna hai..." He said sheepishly and seeing his face she just sighed and gave up on scolding him.. the puppy face he makes !!! no wonder he gets away everytime...

" achha theek hai isko aise kaato samjhe..." Showing him how to cut the potato

" Okay "

On the other hand atul was crying non stop... Coz of onions...

" Anjali.. Sniff... Anjali... Tum kahan ho anjali yeh ho gaya..." He started to walk with chopped onions towards her with eyes closed !


" Atuulll..." She came there immediately... " Atul utho tumhe kahin lagi to nahi... Armaan stop it " she shouted as he laughed loudly seeing him on the floor... " Atul plz. Tum bahar jao yeh main dekh lungi okay sweety..." She wiped his eyes with her hands and kissed his cheek softly...

Armaan whisled atul nodded like an innocent baby and when anjali gave him a hug he gave a joyful thumbs up to ridhhima and armaan Who opened their mouth in surprise at his clever act

" Kitna chaloo hai saala... Help ke naam par sympathy vote le gayaa.. Hug mil gaya.. Kiss mil gayee.. aur koi kaam bhi nahi karna padega... Main keh raha hun ridhhima yeh jitna bhola dikhta hai naa utna hai nahi anjy ko bol do abhi bhi time hai soch le..."

" Shut up armaan..." She turned to him " Aur chalo kaam karo i hope tumhe to itna aata hai... hai naa..."

" Ummm.. haan.. of course dekho kitne achhe aloo kaate hain maine "

Ridhhima hit her forehead when she saw all the geometrical figures in the bowl... " Armaan.." She looked at him... " Leave it yeh lo aur ja kar salad kaato "

" Salad..?? Of course " within two minutes she heard a loud cry anjali jumped up the milk bowl in her hand landed on the floor spilling all the contents... All because mr.know-it-all had cut his finger instead of the cucumber...!!

Anjali took away the knife from him.. ridhhima put a band-aid on his finger and he was given the duty to look after the paste and keep on stirring it till then ridhhima went out to set the table and anjali went for some errand but he got a call from his friend and got busy in chatting with him... Forgetting all about the stirring...

RESULT... Burnt paste... And yelling sisters... the ladies had no other option but to kick him out of the kitchen... they knew very well now that if he is going to saty there any longer they wont get anything to eat...

Later at the table all sat down for dinner..everybody was laughing hearing the woes of anjy and ridhhima with their so called helpers

" Arre ridhhima isko kitchen aur cooking ka 'K' bhi nahi aata "

" muskaan you are telling me this now ?!! "

" Arre yaar itna mazaa kaise aata fir "

" Okay okay.. Ek to help kari apni ungali katwaii aur tum log aisa keh rahe ho... I tell you uncle genuine bande ki to koi value hi nahi hai aaj kal... Right atul..." He made a pitiful face looking at shashank

Everybody laughed...

" Arre beta if you want to help to tum ek kaam kyun nahi karte kal tum shopping par chale jao... Humne anjali ke liye kuch jewellery leni thi tum dono chale jao aur jo pasand aaye wo le lena..." Said atul's mom

" Yes of course mom..." Atul agreed immediately jumping at the oppertunity of getting time to spend with anjali...

" Haan aur ridhhima armaan tum bhi sath chalna... Kyun mom.. Dad... After all aaj kitchen main jo tumne disaster machaya hai uski itni punishment to banti hai naa..."

Armaan mouthed a thankyou to anjali when no one was looking who accepted it gladly

" Ohh ho waise to main ladkiyon ke sath shopping nahi jaata magar ab atul chal raha hai to main chal lunga..." He said sighing as if obliging... Padma and others laughed softly knowing very well that he would have never left this oppertunity and muskaan just rolled her eyes...

rest of the evening went happily with all the planning of the next day...


                                         Taming the wild

Recap: Abhimanyu and niki get engaged...ridhhima corners armaan at her home and atul and armaan create disaster trying to help anjali and ridhhima in making dinner for which they are punished to go to shopping with girls for the whole day


About two weeks were left for atul and anjali's wedding and as promised both the men were ready in fact were before time to escort their lady love to their most loved activity... Shopping !!

Ladies were happy to see them punctual at least for something...They all decided to go to their well known jewellery shop and later to a mall... Atul and anjali the love birds were too lost and engrossed in themselves to give any attention to anyone else...

" Hey bhagwan yeh to aise behave kar rahe hain jaise kitne janmo se mile nahi hain... Thank god armaan tum aa gaye warna aaj to main pakka bore hone waali thi... Aur yeh di.. Mujhe sath shopping ke liye laayi hai ya bags pakadne ke liye ?! " she made a face

" Haha cmmon ridhhima they are in love aur ab to shaadi hone waali hai they have hundreds of things to talk about and decide... Aur rahi baat tumhari..." He stopped for a moment and turned to face her.. " to main to tumhe ab akele chhodne nahi waala..." before ridhhima could say or react in any way the guard opened the door of the showroom for them, he held her hand and took her inside...

Atul ,anjy and ridhhima get busy with selection of jewelery atul kept on giving different necklaces to try on rejecting some outright keeping some aside for deciding later ridhhima too was busy helping them out but armaan was now getting bored as he wasn't getting any attention from ridhhima...

He didn't had much idea about jewelery though he had bought many expensive gifts for his flings before but he had never put any thought to them he just bought whatever they asked... It kept them happy and his tension of selection away... But now when he looked at ridhhima he for the first time felt like buying something for her that would really show his feelings... But what...? He didn't knew what she preferred... She wasn't a jewelery person ,He had seen her in minimal jewellery... As if she needed it, she was a natural beauty.. But still he wanted something for her... Something special... Exquisite

he got up and went to the ring counter ,he agreed when the salesperson offered to show him some rings ,he was shown many beautiful rings and he ,as usual ,got confused...

" Ridhhima... Ridhhimaaa.."

She looked at him " kya hua armaan ?? "

" Yahaan aao naa plz..."

" Magar.."

He gave her a pleading cute look ridhhima sighed and getting up she came and sat next to him...

" kitni daer lagati ho..." Ridhhima rolled her eyes... " Help me naa... jaldi se batao inme se kaun si pasand hai ? "

" Offoh Ussi se puchho naa jiske liye le rahe ho.."

" tabhi to puuch raha hun " she lookes at him with raised eyebrows but he quickly changed the topic " arre yaar saari ladkiyan kuch kuch ek jaisi hi hoti hain ab tum ladki ho to tum batao agar tumhe apne liye ring chahiye hoti to tum kaun si leti..."

She sighed at him knowing very well that he won't leave her until his problem is solved " hmm chalo dekhte hain..."

" Waise sir aap kis tarah ki ring pasand karenge gold diamond or platinum... If you prefer..." Asked the salesperson

" Well i don't know and to tell you frankly i don't care as long as wo inko pasand aa jaaye... Irrespective of the price tag..." understanding perfectly well what the salesperson meant

The salesperson smiled feeling happy at getting a customer with bottomless purse and brings many cases of exquisite rings... ridhhima looks at all of them and then points out at one beautiful one... " yeh waali... How about this..?! Simple elegent and beautiful..."

" Hmm just like you..." He smiled at her and she smiled back...

" Well thank you for the compliment but you see har ladki ki apni ek alag personality hoti hai alag choice hoti hai ho sakta hai use yeh pasand na aaye..."

" Aisa ho hi nahi sakta... Tumhari pasand hai after all..." She looks at him puzzled sometime she just couldn't understand what he's saying or talking about.. but then she smiled

" tum naa armaan bas pagal ho..." and shaking her head went back to the other side where atul and anjali were arguing over some jewellery...

" Hhhuuuh tumhare pyaar main..."
armaan then took one more ring from the case " Pack these plz..." he ordered the salesperson..

Finally atul and anjali settle on the jewellery... Later they went for some shoe and makeup shopping which took hours... planning for some clothes shopping next... Many hours and about 20 shops later poor atul was loaded with shopping bags... He made a face as armaan had left him alone there and had gone... He didn't knew where...

" Anjali... Anjali plz tum bhi thode se bags pakad lo naa... Dekho sab log mujhe dekh kar hans rahe hain..."

" Cmmon atul koi nahi hans raha..."

" Achha us shop par wo salesgirl kaise hans rahi thi jab maine kaha ki dulha main hun... tum thode to bags pakad sakti ho naa ab dekho main dulha kam aur coolie jyada lag raha hun..." Ridhhima giggled...

" Ridzi ki bachhi hans mat... Yaar meri help karne ke bajaye tu mujh par hi hans rahi hai.. teri to nikal padi tere saare bags to armaan ne pakad liye... Saala khud chala gaya aur mujhe phasa gayaa..."

" Koi mujhe bade pyaar se yaad kar raha hai..." he slapped atul's back and he almost fell down... " Arre dulhe mian.. Sambhal ke... Aur yaar ab to iski aadat daal lo ab jab bhi shopping par nikloge to yahi haal hoga..." Atul glared at him...

" Arre gussa kyun hote ho chalo main help kar deta hun... Shyam..." smiling he called out and a man in white chouffers uniform came there...

" yeh kahan se aaya ? " he asked as they didn't brought the driver with them..

" aise hi kiuch kaam tha isliye bhai ne yahin bhej diya... Yeh bags le jao aur gaadi main rakh do dhyaan se.." The driver took all the bags and went away.. " Lo bas ab khush ?! ho gayi na problem solve.."

" Dekho seekho kuch armaan se... usne ridzi ko ek bag bhi pakad ne nahi diya aur tum zara se kaam main thak gaye... Bas yahi hai tumhara pyaar.. Waise to bahut badi badi batein karte the anjali main tumhare liye yeh karunga anjali main tumhare liye wo karunga.. Bas dekh liya kitna kar sakte ho tum "

" Arre yaar yeh karte karte main thak gaya aur wo karne main abhi thoda time hai..." He whispered to armaan both men laughed at their private joke slapping each other's back...

" Not bad atul not bad..." Then both looked at girls who were staring at them with folded hands and narrowed eyes... They immediately stopped laughing and clear their throats..

" Kya keh rahe the tum armaan se ?? " Anjali asked

" K..kuch nahi anjali bas aise hi kuch nahi sach main... Wo bas keh raha tha ki tumhe jab bhuk lagi hogi lunch ka time ho raha hai... Hai naa armaan..." He elbowed him..

" H..haan anjy wo yahi keh raha tha... Chalo naa chalte hain yahaan paas main ek bahut achha restaurant hai wahan chalte hai..." trying to change the topic

But girls were not fooled... " Armaan tum atul ko mat bigado... Tum kitne seedhe ho naa yeh mujhe achhe se pata hai..." Said ridhhima...

" Ehem.. Umm.. Nahi sach main maine kuch nahi kiya is baar sach main atul ne kaha tha..."

" Ohh forget it ridhhi yeh dono ek jaise hain let's go i'm hungry..." she held ridhhima's hand and with one stern look walked towards the restaurant...

" Kya yaar naraaz kar diya naa use... Ab wo mera band bajaa degi..." Atul made a cross sign and ran behind anjali trying to pacify her... Armaan followed laughing at his condition..

Fortunately he was lucky that day as anjali did not get angry with him for long and they settled for lunch..They were just deciding when armaans cell rang up..

" Guys tum log order karo i will just be back.." and he went away to take the call

" Ummm kya order karein..?? "

" Jo tumhara maan kare anjali.." She smiled at him... Ridhhima too smiled at them they were hopelessly in love ,it was at times like these that she missed vivek all the more...but she tried to divert her thoughts and suggested something to order

" Ohh no ridhhi... !! Main yeh nahi kha sakti... I will become fat..! kitna oily hoga... Aur agar pimples ho gaye to..?! " She looked horrified

" Cmmon di it's your favourite and don't worry naa hi aap moti hogi naa hi koi pimple hoga.."

" No way i'm not taking any risks ! "

" Di this is ridiculous ..! Aapko saari dishes main kuch naa kuch problem hai " ridhhima was tired of suggesting what to order... " leave it ab hum jo bhi mangwaenge wo aap chup chap kha lena ok..." Anjy nodded even she didn't dare to contradict her when she was annoyed...

" Atul... You tell me... Kya khana hai..? "

" Jo bhi anjy ko pasand ho main wohi kha lunga..." Ridhhima hit her forehead with the menu card they both were really hopeless..

" Fine..! Main hi order kar deti hun..." She ordered the food and glared at anjy when she tried to object... Who immediately went quiet...

" Huuh done... Aap bhi naa di.."

" Hey guys have you ordered...? " Armaan said sitting next to ridhhima...

" Armaan just tell me do you think di is fat...?? "

" Anjy fat ?!! You must be kidding !! "

" Ohho i'm not fat magar agar main moti ho gayi to aur pimple ho gaye to ??! Hai naa atul meri saari skin kharaab ho jayegi..."

Now even atul was horrified " nahi nahi anjy aisa kuch nahi hoga magar tum fikar mat karo tum jaisi bhi hogi main tumse utna hi pyaar karunga jitna ab... Chahe pimples ho tab bhi..." anjalo blushed and atul smiled with all the love in his eyes..

The argument over how the restaurant's food can make anjy fat and pimply continued and ridhhima was fed up with anjy's silly fears... While atul sided with anjy that outside food was dangenerously unhealty especially when one is about to be married soon... ridhhima said it was silly coz they did eat out and have never fallen ill.. Armaan laughed at their silly argument

" Huh guys.. Leave it aisa kuch nahi hoga !! armaan is on my side hai naa armaan " and she turned her face to look at him, armaan looked into her eyes...

" always " ridhhima looked back into his eyes and for a moment they kept on looking at each other while armaan tried to convey what he felt through his eyes ridhhima's eyes carried a puzzled look ,but the moment passed away as the food arrived due to which the argument was forgotton...

they were having their food when again armaans cell rang up.. Again ! groaning and bit annoyed he excused himself to take the call

" Waise ridhhi.."

" Hmm "

" Abhi i was just wondering that armaan is really a nice guy and both of you look so good together... Would'nt it be nice if you two get together... Hai naa atul.. " He agreed immediately

" Absolutely.."

ridhhima was surprised hearing it " diii kya keh rahe ho aap plz. don't say any such embarresing things in front of him we are friends and that's it and i think you should stop match making you are already talking like aunties worried for their daughter's marriage..." Anjy would have said more but armaan retuned and the topic was dropped..

" Sorry guys Yeh germans bhi naa thode sanki hote hai ,naa khud chutti lete hain aur naa hi duusron ko enjoy karne dete hain..." Rest of the lunch went normally and they decided to head for some clothes shopping...

They were all shopping when Armaan went to sports section and starts collecting all the sporty stuff like a baseball bat ,basketball ,a rugby ball ,video games ridhhima who came along with him as she was shamelessly asked to go away coz atul and anjali wanted some time and select some clothes together...

" Armaan tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho ?? "

" Kabaddi khel raha hun... Duuh ridhhima ... Dekh nahi rahi main apne aane waale bhatije ke liye kuch welcome gifts le raha hun..." And he put some more video games in the big trolly which was already overflowing with stuff...

" you know ridhhima i'm eagerly waiting to be an uncle... I'm all ready.. Maine sab plan kar liya hai i will teach him all the tricks of being a real boy... a real man "

Riddhima narrowed his eyes " a playboy in other words..."

" Ohho ridhhima tum nahi samjhogi aaj kal ke zamane mein yeh sab aana chahiye warna ladkiyan bhav nahi deti..."

" Achha really !! aur agar ladki hui to..."

" To phir main use wo sab bataunga ki ladko se kaise bachna chahiye... I tell you ridz ladke bade kamine hote hain jahan sundar ladki dekhi nahi wahi bas uske pechhe pad jaate hain "

She was amused at his sudden change of views at his own kind she supressed her smile " oh really mujhe to pata hi nahi tha " looking at him meaningfully but armaan was totally engrossed in his thoughts ridz rolled her eyes..

" But i can tell you one thing ridhhima i will be the best uncle any child can ask for.. From bikes to basketball to boyfriends from muscles " flexing his own " goals and girlfriends i can handle everything..."

Ridhhima smiled at his innocent enthusiasm for the coming baby " Hey bhagwaan armaan tumne to us bachhe ko bigaadne ki puri planning kar rakhi hai...!?! "

" Yeh to kuch bhi nahi hai tumhe bhai ko dekhna chahiye he has totally lost it when it comes to baby... After all itne hamere ghar ka pehla baby hoga.." He said happily

" really armaan , i wonder jab tumhare khud ke bachhe honge tab kya hoga unka ?! i will really pray ki wo atleast tumpar to naa jaayein..."

" why ? kyun ? "

" tum itne shaitan the bachpan main aur ab bhi kam thodi naa ho "

" Magar Bachhe to thode naughty hone chahiye naa.. "

" waise dekha jaaye to chulbule bachhe bade cute hote hain magar agar wo tumpar gaye to pure tufaan express honge..." She chuckled they kept on walking and selecting various things Armaan smiled

" main bhi chahta hun ki wo apni maa par jaayein " ridhhima turned to look at him looking deep into her eyes he continued " shant... samjhdaar... pyaare se " he kept coming closer... Ridhhima again felt little conscious of his gaze but then suddenly anjali's voice broke their reverie

" ridhhima here you are ! Plz chal naa ek badi sundar dress dekhi hai maine plz bata naa kaisi lagegi mujh par .. Atul ko to sab achha hi lag raha hai.. I'm confused "

" A.. aayi di " and she went away giving last look at him... Armaan watched her going with anjy and said with a deep smile " bilkul jaise ki tum ho..."

Finally their shopping was over and they decided to head back home while anjy and atul trailed behind as anjy suddenly decided to have an ice cream...As they came out of the mall an old lady came to them and begged for money

" Is budhiya ko kuch dedo beta do din se kuch khaya nahi... Bhagwaan tum dono ko hamesha khush rakhe.. Tumhari jodi banaye rakhe.."

Armaan stopped and immediately pulled out few hundred rupees notes and placed them in the hands of the old lady who now had tears in her eyes seeing the money...

" Beta y..yeh itne saare..? " She looked at him surprised as if it was a mistake

" Haan amma yeh saare rakh lo... Sab aapke hain..."

" Bh.. Bhagwaan tumhe hamesha khush rakhe beta... Tumhari jodi hamesha banaye rakhe... Is bhuki budhiya par bada upkaar kiya hai tumne beta... Beti tumhara suhaag banaa rahe.."

Ridhhima was surprised but decided not to say anything " Amma aap akeli hain kya..? " The old lady nodded with tears in her eyes

" mere bachho ne mujhe bojh samajh kar nikaal diya ab iss umar main main bheekh maangne ke alawa kya karun..? " She cried out

" Amma royiye mat... main aapke rehne ka intezaam kar deta hun... Ek kaam kariye.. Shyaam.." He called his driver... " Amma ko pehle achha sa khana khila kar laao... Aur phir inhe aashiyana le jaana..."

" Ji sir.."

" Amma aap fikar mat karo.. Ab aapko pareshaan hone ki koi zarurat nahi hai... Aap shyam ke sath jao aur kuch kha kar aao phir yeh aapko aapke naye ghar le jayega theek hai..."

The old lady could hardly speak through her tears only mumbling blessings " tum dono hamesha sath raho.. Khush raho.. Tumhari jodi bani rahe..." And went away with shyam..

" Armaan yeh..."

" Kya..? "

" Yeh jo abhi hua... Tumhe pata hoga ki kuch fake bhi hote hain... Tumhe lagta hai wo rukegi...?? "

" Wo main nahi jaanta ridhhima magar mujhe unke aansun jhoote nahi lage... maine wahi kiya jo mere dil ne kaha... Aur wo itni keemti cheez de kar gayi hamein.."

" Keemti..? "

" Haan... unhone Duayein di ridhhima agar wo aur kuch aur bhi maangti to main de deta... Duaayein anmol hoti hain ridhhima mujhe to samajh main nahi aata ki duniya main aise bhi log hain jo apni maa ko bojh samajhte hain.. Shayad unhe iss baat ka andaza nahi hai ki unke paas kya hai..." His expressions were serious and wasn't looking at her there was moments pause and then he turned giving a small smile he walked to the car...

Ridhhima looked at him she was surprised and happy to see this sensitive ,humane side... She smiled and walked behind him to the car... At that moment she realised how lucky she was to have a mother and made a mental note to give her a loving hug as soon as she reached home...

Later they were joined by atul and anjali... Armaan drove the car and ridhhima looked at him with a smile what he did today earned her respect for him... Armaan was aware that she was looking at him he turned and asked what was she thinking raising his eyebrows and she simply shook her head none spoke but both understood what the other was asking and what the other was replying...


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                              Taming the wild
                                   part 26

Recap: armaan ridhhima... Atul anjali go for shopping... Anjali asks ridhhima to think about armaan... And ridhhima gets to see the sensitive Armaan...

One week passed away in a wink he and ridhhima were getting more comfortable with each other but whenever he tried to be closer to her Ridhhima run away from him... probably scared of the intensity in his eyes... armaan decided that soon he should tell ridhhima what he feels for her... Staying away from her was getting unbearable... He wanted her to be his and only his... he didn't told her but while they were shopping he got the call ,he was required to go to germany soon... And he wanted to confess his love before he left...

Everybody at Gupta house was busy with wedding preparations Sapna and Chirag were there too helping and obviously teasing

" To ridhhima ji ab to aapki aish hone waali hai kaisa lag raha hai aapko ? "
Sapna teased her asking this as if she was interviewing ridhhima... Who was busy selecting some dresses...

" Kya sapna... Meri kya aish..?? " she was already bit annoyed as they were teasing not only anjali but her also...

" Ohho madam ko jaise pata hi nahi.. Bholi rani ji aap samjhi nahi... Anjy gone matlab aapki line clear... Raasta saaf... And that means next aapki baari hai... Ab tera kya hoga sambha... Achha madam batayie aap love marriage pasand karengi ya arrange ?? "

ridhhima froze for a moment but then soon gained control " Sapnaaa..." Hitting her with the pillow " you are just impossible aur main abhi shaadi nahi karne waali.. Okay "

" Ohh really...!! "

" Yes really "

They were fighting when shashank walked in " arrree arrree beta yeh aap log kya kar rahe ho... ?? "

Sapna and ridhhima quickly stopped " papa yeh sapna ki bachhi mujhe tang kar rahi hai..."

" Nahi nahi uncle main to bas yahi keh rahi thi ki ab to anjy ke baad ridhhima ki baari hai..."

She slaps her shoulder.. " paapaa " She whined...

Shashank laughed seeing her face " waise beta i agree with sapna she is absolutely right " ridhhima opened her mouth in surprise her father siding with her enemy... Sapna too gigled...

" Dekha.. !! Thank you uncle... to uncle aap ridhhima ke liye kaisa ladka chahte hain " sapna asked deliberately

" Welll... ridhhima ke liye to main aisa ladka dhunduga jo use bahut pyaar kare uski har khushi ka khayal rakhe jo samajhdaar ho achhi family se belong karta ho well established ho.. Aur use duniya ka har sukh de.." He patted ridhhimas head lovingly...

" Magar uncle agar wo abhi establish naa hua ho magar achha ho to.. Tab aap use consider karenge.."

ridhhima looked at sapna part surprised part shocked... How accurately she had framed the question without knowing her situation... Though somewhere she knew her fathers answer yet she wanted to know what he thought... She decided that very moment that if the answer is going to be any positive she will tell him about her and vivek she was brought back from her thoughts by shashanks voice..

" Hah what rubbish.. Bilkul nahi... Agar wo khud hi settle nahi hai to wo meri beti ka kya khayal rakhega " that was it her resolution went out of the window and committed suicide...

" Magar uncle humne bhi to abhi career shuru kiya hi hai... Ab atul ko hi dekh lijiye he was also an intern jab anjy aur wo mile " Shashank got serious now

" No sapna life is not a joke beta there is no maybe... I definitely not believe in may be... Pyaar apni jagah hai magar zindagi main aur bhi bahut si baatein hain jinka dhyaan rakhna jaruri hai... Atul ek bahut hi achha aur zimmedar ladka hai aur usne bhi anjali ka hath apne paeron par khade hone ke baad hi maanga... Apne parents ki daulat ke balbuute par nahi now he is a doctor with a very bright future uske parents saalon se hamare dost hain aur main jaanta hun wo anjali ko apni beti ki tarah rakehge.. Main apni phool si bachhi aise hi kisi ke hawale nahi kar dunga... Aur main kya duniya ka har pita yahi chahega ki Wo ladka is layak bhi hona chahiye ki wo uski beti ko duniya ki har khushi har sukh de..."

" of course i agree uncle... magar uncle... Maan lijiye agar ridhhima ko koi pasand ho to ?? " ridhhima was shocked sapna was asking what she wanted to know but never dared...

" Koi agar magar nahi sapna... Aur rahi ridhhima ki baat to uski khushi mere liye sabse jyada mayene rakhti hai... Magar main yeh bhi jaanta hun ki meri beti meri baat kabhi nahi taalegi wo koi aisa kaam nahi karegi jisse uske papa ko kisi bhi tarah ki sharmindagi uthani pade... Aur yeh mera vishwaas hai..." He gave ridhhima a side hug and looked into her eyes with pride...

Ridhhima could do nothing but smile and assure her father that he was right though her heart now had even less hope than before for her and vivek... She just prayed that he returns soon and impresses her father enough so that he could agree for their marriage...

Vivek knew very well that ridhhima won't marry him without her parents consent they mean world to her... He knew if he has to marry ridhhima he have to impress shashank and he must do everything within his power not to let her go...

Ridhhima knew that she was right she knew her parents very well... They might not mind if vivek was not from a rich family as theirs but he have to show his mettle to impress her parents ,her father especially, to ask for her hand...

She sighed and just prayed to god to help vivek in his future... Later they got busy as their was small puja organised at the evening for blessing the would be bride and groom... Everybody in the relative circle was invited and ridhhima hurried here and there taking care of the arrangements..

" arre ridhhi beta... "

" ji daadi maa.. "

" beta padma ko to bula kar lao kuch kaam hai... Mujhe to samaan mil hi nahi raha "

" abhi bula kar laati hun daadi " smiling she left to call her

" Anjali yeh kaisi hai achhi hai na.."

" Haan mom magar main itni saari sarees ka kya karungi..?? The bags are overflowing ! "

" Arre beta abhi to bahut function baaki hain waise yeh tum ridhhima ki engagement ke liye le lo... Tum par bahut achhi lagegi " Ridhhima stopped dead in her tracks she stood on the door... With a shocked expression on her face...

Padma turned and saw ridhhima standing there

" ridhhima..! "

" Moom ?!? Mom aap aap kya keh rahe the abhi di se...? "

" Anjali se... K..kuch nahi beta wo to bas aise hi " Padma tried to change the topic and anjali turned her face and bit her tongue..
Ridhhima was not to be fooled this time... They were just thinking what to say when shashank came in calling for padma

" Are padma yeh..."

" Papa... Papa.. Yeh mom kya keh rahi hain.. Engagement ??! kiski engagement papa... Kiski ?? " she asked bewildered... Panicking now

" Ridhhima calm down beta..." He looked at padma and knew that she knew... he came and put a hand over ridhhima's shoulder and sat down on the bed with her.. padma came and sat on the other side... her heartbeat rose this sitting arrangement was never a good sign she never won when they talked to her like this... And she didn't wanted that

" Beta ridhhima aapko yaad hai humne aapse baat ki thi ki aapke liye ek rishta aaya hai.." Padma said she just looked at her mother horrified...

" Beta virendra uncle aapko apni bahu banana chahte hai... unhone armaan ke liye aapka hath maanga hai... Beta wo aapko apni beti ki tarah pyaar kerenge... Aap unhe jaante ho naa... hum chahte hain ki aap is baare main socho.. humein armaan bahut pasand hai... Aur hum is rishte ke liye haan keh chuke hain.."

Her breathing stopped for a moment but she somehow spoke " What ?! magar papa.."

" Nahi ridhhima hum itne din sirf aapki wajah se ruke hue the ki aap armaan ko thoda aur jaan lo pehchan lo aur aapka faisla bhi wohi ho jo hamara hai... Aur aap jitni jaldi ho sake is baare main soch lo... Ab meri izzat aapke hath main hai beta..." She could see that her father was resolute she looked at her mother and could see her agreeing with her father...

Ridhhima was flabberghasted " magar papa maine aapse kaha tha naa.." she tried again

" Haan kaha tha aur beta unhe is baat se koi problem nahi hai ki aap apna carreer continue karna chahte ho they are very open minded people... Aisa ghar badi kismat se milta hai beta..."

" Haan ridhhima..." padma saw her terrified and worried face... " Ridhhi beta tum itni pareshan kyun ho rahi ho beta abhi to anjy ki shaadi hai hum kaun sa aapko kal hi bhej rahe hain..."

" and cmmon ridhhi armaan is a nice guy..." as anjy sided with shashank and padma ridhhimas little hope also left her... She never imagined that such situation would arise ,she thought she had handled everything... But she was wrong

" Saab aapko neeche bula rahe hain atul ji aur unke gharwaale aa gaye hain " their servent informed

" theek hai main abhi aata hun..." the servent went away " ridhhima don't worry beta... It's okay... ek na ek din to yeh hona hi hai... And wo log is baat ko lekar bahut khush hain..." he looked at her meaningfully and went to welcome the guests... Ridhhima knew what that look meant they wanted her to say yes... But how can she... She was really in a fix vivek at this point was no match for armaan... Everything went in his favour, her parents would never agree even if she tell them about vivek...

' Oh god ab main kya karu ?? ' She was lost in her thoughts when she felt padmas hand on her shoulder

" Trust us beta hum kabhi aapka bura nahi chahenge aur ridhhima apne papa ki izzat aur unki barso ki dosti ka maan rakh lo beta... Aapke papa unko waada kar chuke hain.."

Padma kissed her forehead lovingly and asking anjali to talk and take care of her as she went out to join shashank

Anjali hugged her lightly she thought that she was horrified because she was shy and it was all so sudden... Never in their dreams did anyone thought that there can be some other reason... some other person...

Anjali kept on trying to cheer her up and tell her not to worry.. Ridhhima just nodded in an inderstanding manner she didn't wanted to spoil her mood because of her worries, if only anjali knew... She excused herself tellimg her that she needed sometime to think alone... Anjali nodded and went downstairs as sapna and her cousins came to take her...

Ridhhima paced up and down in the room she didn't knew what to do... How to get out of this mess... Facing maliks will be so embaressing for her now... if they come to know that she knew about their proposal they would certainly expect a reply... And after anjali's wedding they will obviously ask to start for the second wedding... But what about armaan... has he said yes ?? Does he know about this ?? Or he too is in for surprise just like her ?? She ran her fingers in her hair

" ohh vivek kya karun main ?? " then it striked her, she quickly grabbed her phone and dialled his number...

A tired voice answered the call " vivek.." her voice quivered and tears rolled down her eyes..

" ridhhima !? Tum is waqt " he asked concerned " ridhhima sab theek hai naa ?? "

" kuch theek nahi hai vivek sab gadbad ho gaya hai..." she told him everything..." ab hum kya karenge vivek papa nahi maanne waale main jaanti hun unhe aur virendra uncle to unke best friend hain... Ab hum kya karenge vivek mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai... Main tumhe khona nahi chahti... Plz tum jaldi se yahaan aa jao aur papa se baat karo "

" ridhhima.. Ridhhiimaaa plz yaar ro mat sab theek ho jayega main tumhare papa se jarur baat karunga magar abhi mera wahaan aana mushkil hai "

" what ?? Vivek tum jaante ho naa main kya keh rahi hun.. Papa meri shaadi kahin aur karna chahte hain aur main akele unhe convince nahi kar sakti.. "

" ridhhima plz samjahne ki koshish karo mera abhi itne short notice par aana namumkin hai... Bahut saare zaruri kaam hain jo mujhe handle karne hain "

" to kya main tumhare liye jaruri nahi hun ?? Kya kaam humare rishte .. Humaare future.. Humare sath se jyada jaruri hai ?? " she almost shouted her worries and tension aggravated her temper

" mchh.. Cmmon ridhhima tum mujhe galat samajh rahi ho... Is duniya main agar koi sabse zyada zaruri hai to wo tum ho... Main bas yahi keh raha hun ki yahaan par mere upar itni zimmedariyan hain ki main unhe tabhi chhod sakta hin jab main resign kar dun.. Aur tumhare papa kya ek jobless intern ko unki laadli beti ka hath denge ?? " hearing this her anger subsided a little she knew he was right..

" to ab hum kya karenge main armaan se shaadi nahi karna chahti " tars still rolled down her eyes

" dekho ridhhima at this moment it will be tactless to talk about us.. Tumhare papa ek mamuli intern ke sath tumhari shaadi ke liye kabhi tayaar nahi honge... Aur filhal na hi mere pass atul jaisi family background hai aur na hi armaan jaisi position... dekho mujhe sirf thoda sa waqt chahiye main waada karta hun main bahut jald tumhare paas hounga..."

" lekin main yahaan sab se kya kahungi ?? Sab meri haan ka intezaar kar rahe hain..."

" iska ek solution hai " her eyes lit up with hope..

" kya ?! "

" tumne abhi bataya naa ki armaan tumhara bahut achha dost hai.. To tum usse ja kar saaf saaf humare baare main bata do aur clearly keh do ki tum usse shaadi nahi kar sakti agar tum is shaadi ke liye inkaar nahi kar sakti to wo to kar sakta hai.. Aur i'm sure sach jaane ke baad he will definitely help you aur tab tak muje thoda time bhi mil jaayega aur main jald se jald chutti le kar india aa jaunga tumhare papa se baat karne.. Aur phir abhi to anjali ki shaadi tak tum baat taal sakti ho sab itne busy rahenge ki kisi ko fursat nahi hogi is baare main jyaada baat karne ki "

Hearing this she felt better " haan yahi theek rahega.. Main aaj hi armaan se baat karti hun "

They talked some more deciding what to do... This boosted ridhhimas courage and morale.. She felt much better and more confident... She went down and acted normally... Seeing her acting normally made shashank and padma breathe satisfactorily thinking that she has come to terms with it and hopefully would get ready...

She waited impatiently for maliks to come... She just could not concentrate at anything... just putting a show of calm and composed face was an effort.. little did others knew what tumult was going on in her heart...

To keep herself from worrying ,thinking or facing others and their questions she busied herself with work and it did help... It was hours before she realised that it was already late evening and time for dinner party...

On the other hand Armaan was smiling to himself... He looked at the bunch of flowers next to him and a small red box... He got a call from anjy while he was still in the office that ridhhima overheard her and padmas conversation and now knew about the proposal it was then he decided that it was the time... Today is going to be the day... Today he will tell her what he feels for her... How much he loves her...and this thought brought a big smile on his face he ran fingers in his hair imagining what her reaction will be when she will hear him confess his kove for her...

He smiled again and increased the speed... He wanted to reach gupta house as soon as possible... Others were already there... As he wanted to prepare something for the special occasion... This must be special...

He came to halt at gupta house... It was beautifully decorated with lights and flowers... A perfect wedding house... Wedding... Soon it will be his... He grabbed the box and flowers and went in...

Everybody was happy to see him... He hugged padma and chatted happily with others but his eyes were searching for only person...

" ehem ehem... Looking for something ?? Or should i say someone ! " he turned and saw anjali standing there with a naughty smile on her face

" Haaye hone waali saali sahiba ji... Ab kya chupayein aapse aapki behna ji to kahin dikh hi nahi rahi... Ab agar wo nahi mili to main apne dil ka haal kisse kahunga...? "

" Ohhh i c koi baat nahi main to hun naa mujhse keh lo apne dil ka haal.."She said naughtily

" Ohh sach.. Hayye kitni achhi hain aap..." He held her hand lovingly " Magar bechare atul ka kya hoga..."

" Oye saale.. Tu kya keh raha hai meri anjali se... Aur yeh hath kyun pakda hai tune.. Chhod.. Chhod.." He hit his hand and took anjali's hand away from his " apni waali ko dhund na ja kar... Mere saamne meri biwi ko line maar raha hai..."

Anjali rolled her eyes.. " Atulll he was just kidding wo ridhhi ke liye hi pucch raha tha..."

" Haan to thoda duur se bhi to puch sakta hai naa.. Itna chipakne ki kya jarurat hai..."

" Atuull !! You are just impossible " she turned and walked away followed by atul who was now scared that he had made her angry... Armaan laughed at the two but still he couldn't find ridhhima anywhere... He kept looking for her and came to the passage leading to the garden..

He was just looking here and there when a hand grabbed his arm and pulled him... It took him a moment to realise who it was...

" Ridhhimaa... Kya huuaa ?? " She kept on walking holding his arm saying nothing and took him to a lonely part of the garden ,finally when she was sure that they were alone there she stopped turned to face him and spoke up...

" Armaan mujhe tumse kuch zaruri baat karni hai.."

" Haan ridhhima mujhe bhi tumse kuch bahut zaruri baat karni hai.."grinning broadly failing badly trying to Make a serious face.. He just could not control his happiness...

" i'm serious armaan plz main tumse shaadi nahi kar sakti..." She spoke flatly

" What ??! " He jerked his head looking at her as if he had not heard properly what she spoke

" Main jaanti hun armaan jitni hairaani mujhe yeh sun kar hui utni hi tumhe bhi ho rahi hogi hamare parents hamari shaadi karwane ki soch rahe hain.. armaan i can't marry you "

" but ridhhima..." His heart stopped beating words failed him but then thought there must be some mistake she probably was scared at the suddenness of the news

" Armaan main kisi aur se pyaar karti hun..." And with these words his world came crashing down...

" Kya ??? " He stood there stunned rooted at the spot ridhhima was oblivious what impact her words had caused on his heart

" Haan plz. armaan tum is shaadi se mana kar do..." Seeing him just staring at her she shook him lightly " Armaan tum sun rahe ho naa... "

" H.. Haan magar ridhhima yeh... achanak ?! "

" Main jaanti hun armaan it's all very surprising magar armaan main vivek ko pehle se hi pyaar karti hun bas ghar par is baare main kisi ko nahi pata... mujhe nahi pata tha ki mom dad hamari shaadi karwana chahte hain aur..."

Now the things began to make sense to him her hesitation... her running away from him and disappointment set in with anger...he cut her in between

" Magar ridhhima yeh... yeh tumne mujhe pehle kyun nahi bataya..".Grabbing her by her shoulders he almost shouted " damn ridhhima tumne pehle yeh kyun nahi bataya kyun nahi bataya why..? "

" armaan maine kaha naa main yeh nahi jaanti thi... She took his anger as disappointment hearing the news " Main vivek se pyaar karti hun armaan... Plz. main uske bina nahi reh paungi..." Tears welled up in her eyes... Seeing this he dropped his hands he ran his hand in his hair in frustration...

" Tumne yeh uncle aunty ko bataya..? "

She shook her head " nahi.. papa chahte hai ki main ek established ladke se shaadi karu.. vivek aur uski family bahut achhe hai magar abhi vivek ki internship bhi puri nahi hui hai aur papa is baat ke liye kabhi tayar nahi honge...mujhe laga ki jab maine kaha ki main ek saal tak shaadi nahi karna chahti to wo maan gaye... hum dono ne socha ki tab tak wo bhi settle ho jaayega aur papa ko bhi manaa lenge magar... Vivek bahut achha hai armaan magar tumhare aage papa vivek ko kabhi accept nahi karenge... Plz armaan is shaadi ke liye mana kar do warna hum dono kabhi khush nahi reh paayenge... Aakhir tum bhi to kisi se pyaar karte ho naa..."

 He looked at her instantly his eyes getting moist

" haan bahut pyaar karta hun..."

He whispered softly looking into her eyes.. They kept looking at each others eyes... But ridhhima could not read what was in them...

" Arre armaan tu yahaan hai wahaan papa kabse tera wait kar rahe hain chal na yahaan kya kar raha hai..? Ridhhima bachhe chalo tum bhi andar chalo " Armaan just stood rooted at the spot his mind numb... Ridhhima could say nothing in front of rahul who seemed in quiet a hurry

" Ab chal naa... Aisa hi khada rahega kya " and saying so he pulled him by his arm armaan turned and looked at ridhhima who turned to go back into the house...

Armaan just could not pay attention to anything else after what he heard,his whole world turned upside down in a matter of few minutes... ridhhima could not get time to talk to him alone again...

Armaan felt suffocating and just could not stay there any longer he excused himself saying that he had some very important work to take care of and left the party... Rahul and others tried to stop him bit longer but he hurried away in his car nobody knew what went between the two...

he drove the car absolutely unaware where he was going... What's he going to do... He was shattered...

Tune Jo Na Kaha, Mein Woh Sunta Raha
Khamakha Bewajah Khwaab Buntha Raha
Jaane Kiski Humein Lag Gayi Hai Nazar
Is Shehar Mein Na Apna Thikana Raha
Durr Chahat Se Mein Apni Chalta Raha
Khamaka Bewaja Khwaab Buntha Raha

He remembered the time they spent together...

Gar Woh Pehle Se Hai Zyaada, Khud Se Phir Yeh Kiya Wada
Khamosh Nazrein Rahe Bezuban
Ab naa Phele Si Baatein Hai, Bolo Tho Lab Thar Tharatein Hai
Raaz Yeh Dil Ka, Na Ho Bayaan

he remembered what she said in the garden... how hw was all so happy to propose... the ring was still in his hand pressed tightly...

Ho Gaya Ke Aasar Koi Hum Pe Nayi
Humsafar Mein Tho Hai Humsafar Hai Nayi
Durr Jatha Raha, Paas Aatha Raha
Khamaka Bewaja Khwaab Buntha Raha

He remembered the party they went to together... Dancing holding her close to him... Her laugh... Her fight... His knuckles turned white as he grabbed the steering wheel trying to control the tears which threatened to fall any minute...He felt how stupid he was to think that she will love him... she loved someone else...

" Main kisi aur se pyaar karti hun..."

The words echoed in his heart like a thousand knives stabbing his heart...

he came to a screeching halt in front of his home how he managed it he didn't knew... He ran to his room... Not answering martin who was bit surprised at his behaviour.. He closed the door of his room and rested his head on it..

Then the anger and frustration sat in... How could she do this to him..? How ? Why didn't she told him before...? And here he was thinking foolishly that she will fall for him... He was right before... Love is for losers... AND He is not a looser !!!

He threw the flowerpot on the floor in anger which shattered into hundred pieces... And then he fell on his knees grabbing his head pulling his hair..

" Why ridhhima ?? Whyyy ?? " Tears flowed down his cheeks.. He was broken... The heart which he never gave to anyone was now broken.. That too by someone who didn't even knew that he loved her...


                             Taming the wild

Recap: Ridhhima comes to know of the proposal... She talks to Armaan and declares that she loves someone else... Armaan heart broken goes away from there...

Armaan woke up after the fitful sleep ,the terrible nightmares were back... he was panting... For a moment he was confused when he saw peices of broken flower vase on the floor... And then everything came back to him... The truth... The pain...

He got up and stood under the cold shower... As if expecting the water to wash away all the pain... He could not believe that it was just yesterday that he was so happy thinking... planning his life with Ridhhima... Within 24 hours his life took a u-turn and his dreams fell on harsh ground shattering into thousand pieces..

He dressed up and sat in his car ,the decision was made yesterday itself and he had to talk to Ridhhima about it he now stood in front of Gupta house, he had come there without telling anyone at home he was afraid that his eyes might betray his feelings and he didn't wanted anyone to find out what happened between him and Ridhhima especially Rahul or Muski they could just scan him inside out...

He stood outside Gupta house looking at it gaining self control he needed it badly... He didn't want his feelings to give away when he talked to Ridhhima he took a deep breath and went in

He found Padma in the hall keeping things in order ordering servants ... For a moment he just stood there will everything be lost after this decision... Will everybody change towards him ? He was lost in his thoughts when Padmas happy voice brought him back..

" Arre Armaan beta tum ?! Itni subah ! Aao naa wahan khade khade kya soch rahe ho ? "

He gave her a fake smile ,coming closer he hugged her...

" arre aaj ma par bada pyaar aa raha hai... Kal kahan chala gaya tha achanak bol kar bhi nahi gaya..?! " She faked anger

" Sorry maa... Bas aise hi thoda zaruri kaam aa gaya tha isliye..."

Seeing his troubled face padma assured him... " Arre koi baat nahi beta... Hota hai... Main to bas aise hi keh rahi thi..."

" Uncle kahan hain..? "

" Wo to so rahe hain... Kal kaafi der ho gayi thi to thak gaye... Tumhe milna tha... Jagaun unhe ?? "

" Nahi rehne dijiye..." Padma smiled at him...

" Mom aapse ek baat puchun...? "

" Haan beta bolo naa "

" Sach sach batana " Padma sat beside him bit surprised she could make out from his face that he was serious..

" Mom ... Kya aap mujhe sirf isliye pyaar karti hain kyunki aapki beti ki shaadi ki baat mujhse ho rahi hai "

" Armaan ? Yeh kaisa sawaal hai beta.. Sab theek to hai naa..."

" Haan mom sab theek hai... Plz. Batayiye naa ..Maan lijiye agar ridhhima aur meri shaadi ki baat nahi ho rahi hoti to bhi kya aap mujhe aise hi pyaar karti...? "

Padma was surprised to hear it but then sighed and placed a hand lovingly on his face... " Armaan main tumhe tab se jaanti hun jab tum itne se the apni goud main khilaya hai maine tumhe... Tab bhi tum mujhe apne bete jaise hi pyaare the aur aaj bhi... Yeh shaadi bas rishton ko aur mazboot banayegi bas... Aur ek baat achhe se jaan lo Mera pyaar tumhare liye kabhi bhi kam nahi hoga... Tum tab bhi mujhe pyaare the aur ab to aur jyaada ho gaye ho..." She smiled at him...

Armaan hugged her " thanks maa... Thank u so much... I love u too..."

Padma could sense that something was out of place today but could think of nothing to point at...

" Armaan..." She tried to ask him

" Hey armaan... Itni subah... God u are really getting deeply madly in looove..." Anjali's sudden enterance left padmas question in between... Armaan smiled weekly at her but didn't answer... This surprised both anjy and padma..

" Hey armaan kya hua is everything okay...?! "

" Hmm yeah everything is fine... Wo bas.., kal raat theek se so nahi paaya aur aaj germany jaana hai..."

" Germany..?? "

" Haan mum wo kuch important kaam hai..."

" Kab aaoge beta... Tumhe yaad hai naa anjy ki shaadi paas hi hai..."

" Haan mom jaanta hun... Mom kya main ridhhima se mil sakta hun..."

" Haan wo upar hogi apne kamre main..."

" Thanks mom..." And he went to meet ridhhima

" Ise kya hua...?? Itna serious .. Yeh armaan hi hai naa..." Anjy asked padma

" Mch anjali... Kitna kaam hota hai use thak gaya hoga aur usne kaha naa ki wo theek se so nahi paaya..."

" Yeah whatever..." Shaking her head she went to kitchen... But padma stood there ' kuch baat to hai... Armaan itna udaas sa kyun lag raha hai..'

He went to her room and saw her talking to someone on phone which was supported by her shoulder and neck few magazines were in her hand
she was busy tidying up her room.. alump formed in his throat...

Aaya Woh Phir Nazar Aise, Baat Chidne Lagi Phir Se
Aankho Mein Chubtha Kal Ka Dhuwaa

the last night and her declaration came back to him... he fought hard to stop the tears which threatened to form in his eyes..

Hal Tera Na Hum Sa Hi, Is Khushi Mein Kyun Gham Sa Hi
Basne Laga Kuyn Phir Woh Jahan
Woh Jahan Dur Jisse Gaye Te Nikal
Phir Se Yaadon Ne Kar Di Hai Jaise Pehal
Lamha Beeta Huwa, Dil Dhukata Raha
Khamaka Bewaja Khwaab Buntha Raha

Tune Jo Na Kaha, Mein Woh Sunta Raha
Khamaka Bewaja Khwaab Buntha Raha
Jaane Kiski Humein Lag Gayi Hai Nazar
Is Shehar Mein Na Apna Tikana Raha
Durr Chahat Se Mein Apni Chalta Raha
Bhuj Gayi Aag Thi, Dhaag Jalta Raha

gathering courage he knocked at the door which was open...

" Ridhhima..."

" Armaan tum...?! "

" Haan..." he stepped in " main tumse kuch baat karna chata tha kal jo tumne mujhe kaha us baare main.." coming straight to the point " kal to mauka nahi mil paaya.."

Ridhhima now looked excited as she saw hope of cancelling the wedding...

" Haan to tumne kya socha..? kya tum is situation se nikalne main meri help karoge..? "

" Maine... Main aur kya kar sakta hun after all yeh meri dost ki khushi ka sawaal hai.. Achha ridhhima tum sach main is vivek se.." He paused for a moment " pyaar karti ho..? " how he wished.. hoped against hope that she would say no... that it was all a mistake and she liked him...

" Haan armaan vivek mujhse bahut pyaar karta hai... Aur main uske alawa kisi aur se shaadi karne ka soch bhi nahi sakti..."
every word felt like a blow to his heart... In her excitement ridhhima overlooked his saddness

" wow lucky guy.." He said giving a fake smile.. " Kya main usse mil sakta hun...? "

" Armaan wo yahaan nahi hai wo canada main apni internship kar raha hai... But I can show him to you..." She went to her cupboard and took out a photograph of the intern gang.. " This is vivek..."

 He didn't needed him to be pointed out he knew everybody else in the picture... anjali, chirag, sapna ,ridhhima... The only unknown person was vivek... He looked at him...

" So this is the lucky guy " he gave her a smile trying to hide his emotions..

" Tell me more about him ridhhima.. main iske baare main jaanna chahta hun ... Well agar tumhe theek lage to..."

" Haan haan.. kyun nahi..." She said smiling her heart felt light she was now sure that armaan had understood her love and now she can marry vivek... " Hamari pehli mulakat sanjivani main hi hui thi..."

" Just like us.." He said smiling remenbering the day he met her

" Haan bilkul but unlike you he was a doctor not a patient..." She said smiling now...

Armaan kept looking at her face he wished she could talk about him the way she was talking about vivek... it was really hard to let the love of his life go right in front of his eyes... he never felt so helpless in his life...

" phir wo Canada chala gaya... Uski internship puri hone main abhi kuch mahine ka time hai you know different countries different rules... aur jab tak wo apne paero par khada nahi ho jaata main papa se hamari baat nahi kar sakti... Aur papa bhi is baat ke liye kabhi tayar nahi honge... Mujhe bas thoda time chahiye... Ek baar wo yahaan wapas aa jayega to sab theek ho jayega..."

There was a pause where ridhhima looked at armaan who was looking out of the window hands spread out deep in thoughts she wondered what he was thinking about... Probably about niki and the problem they were in.. Little did she knew what a terrible heartache he was suffering from...

She continued narrating everything about them when she heard a call from Padma.." Armaan main abhi aayi..." Saying this she went out of her room...Armaan came over to the table picking up the photograph he looked at the man who according to him was the luckiest on the earth...

Ridhhima came back in few minutes and saw armaan looking at the photograph..

" Armaan.." She called softly

" H..huh.. Achha tum aa gayi... Ridhhima tumse ek jaruri baat karni thi... Mujhe business ke kaam se ek do din ke liye germany jaana hai... Contract ki Kuch formalities hain jo puri karni hain... Aur yeh baat karne ke liye mujhe thoda time chahiye i have to make our families understand..."

Ridhhima looked at him with uncertainity ,her face clearly showed her worries... Armaan came up to her and held her gently by her shoulders...

" Trust me ridhhima main aa kar sab theek kar dunga... Main tumhara dil nahi tutne dunga.. Tum bas shaadi enjoy karo.. Kab, kahan, kaise, kya karna hai yeh tum mujh par chhod do ,main sab sambhal lunga... Okay.." He looked into her eyes smiling assuringly.. And ridhhima too smiled back

" I trust you armaan..." the words felt good but it would have been better if she would have said " i love you armaan "

" good ab main chalta hun pilots must be waiting..." Saying this he walked towatds the door

" Armaan " she called out and he turned ridhhima took few steps towards him and gave him a light hug.. " Thank you so much armaan thank u so much for understanding tum sach main ek bahut achhe dost ho "

" It's ok ridhhima... main samajhta kaise nahi main jaanta hun pyaar main dusre ko khone ka darr kya hota hai..." and with a small smile walked out...

He came down and met padma in the hall..

" Arre armaan mil liye ridhhima se "

" Ji mom... Mom "

" Haan.."

" Ek baat kehni thi aapse.. Aap mere waapas aane tak plz ridhhima se shaadi ke baare main koi baat mat kariyega..."

Padma looked at her surprised.. " Armaan magar.."

" Mom plz trust me... Abhi yeh baat waise bhi uske liye nayi hai.. Aur usko thoda time dijiye is baat ko accept karne ke liye.. Plz. Don't force her to anything...bas do din ki to baat hai... jo karna hai wo main aapko aa kar batunga... Plz meri itni si baat maan lijiye..."

Padma smiled... " Itna khayal hai uska.. Theek hai.. Tere aane tak hum koi baat nahi karenge... Ab khush " he nodded smiling and hugging her lightly he went out quickly without turning back...

Armaan was in the plane looking out from the window at the clouds which floated by...

He remembered the last night...after shattering the vase how miserable he felt the anger... The frustration he felt... First time he truly loved someone and what blunder it turned out to be... But then the anger subsided...and finally when he managed to cool down a bit he thought over it again.. Ridhhima loved someone and he loved her... He should rather be happy for her...

Even if meant that it will hurt him a lot... But if he loved her truly then he should think not only about his happiness but hers... Will he be happy if she was sad and heartbroken... No.. And then he decided that it was meant to happen this way... Though it will take time for him to come to terms with this... A lot of time...

Armaan sighed looking at the picture he had been staring at it continuously for some time he didn't know what made him click the picture of that photograph that ridhhima showed to him... Probably because ridhhima was there in that picture but so was vivek...

He tightened his grip on his cell phone... It was really hard to accept that ridhhima loved someone the moment he wanted nothing more but to grab this vivek by his neck and somehow throw him out of ridhhimas life.. But then he sighed... It wasn't possible she loved him and he loved her... Her happiness was more imporatant than anything else...

But then was it really so... How can she say no to him can't she see how much he loved her... His heart kept debating with himself until he was on the verge of getting mad...

The plane landed and he was in germany... He decided that he will immerse himself in work so much that no thought of ridhhima will cross his mind... Otherwise he will surely become insane...

He lay on the bed still dressed in suit which he didn't bother to change... Legs dangling... looking blankly at the ceiling of his hotel suite... Two days passed in a wink during day the work kept him busy and away from ridhhimas thoughts but night... It was the time that was most unbearable all thoughts came back to him... With double intensity... Making it impossible for him to sleep or think of anything else... it never let him sleep properly... He sighed... tomorrow he will return back to india and face the hashest truth of his life... he will give away his love to someone else with his own hands...

His thoughts were broken with the sound of his cell phone ringing

" Hello "

" Hey Rohan... Yeah i'm fine..."

" No i'm not coming... nahi yaar kaha naa mera kisi party main jaane ka mann nahi hai... No Rohan i will see you tomorrow... Before leaving.. Bye "
He cut the call and sighed deeply staring at the ceiling again...

He met Rohan... His best friend since his childhood in the hotel accidently.. They both were so alikeSame tastes... Same likes... Same dislikes... Went to same school.. same college...

They were more like brothers... But he somehow could not bring himself to tell him about his situation he was in... he wanted him to come for a party... Expecting the same old Armaan to jump at it clearly unaware of his hearts condition... And he didn't wanted to tell him... He has to go through this alone... No one can help him in this... He sighed again..

There was a knock at the door...

" room service... Your dinner sir " Said the voice

Irritated he looked at the watch it was nine... He sighed he was not feeling hungry at all... He got up to say no to his dinner... He didn't wanted to do anything... No matter how hard he tried his thoughts trailed back to Ridhhima he wondered what he will do when he will be back... how will the parents react... How will he convince them...

All these thoughts made his head spin... He dragged himself to the door somehow... He must think of something... He has too much of convincing and consoling to do... For her sake he must do it... And tomorrow it will be the day...

                            Taming the wild

It was the night before the wedding day... Everybody was in a joyous mood... The sangeet was going on the girls were enjoying and everybody surrounded the star of the event Anjali... Who felt like being over the moon... Sitting in the center getting her hands and feet done in beautiful mehndi...

Padma was running here and there she didn't had a minute to spare she wanted everything perfect for her darling princess...It was almost one o clock when she came to her room to relax for a while ,after she was literally pushed by Ridhhima and Anjali... She smiled at their concern glad to have such lovely ,understanding daughters...

But there was still something that was bothering her... Armaan had not returned till now... It had been more than a week now since he left saying he will be back in two days... She knew something was wrong... the way he talked ... And before leaving he had asked her not to say or talk anything about marriage or even engagement... The thoughts troubled her a lot...

Shashank came in and saw Padma sitting in front of mirror thinking about something deeply..." Kya soch rahi ho Padma ?? "

She came out of her thoughts " kuch nahi bas..."

But Shashank could see that something was troubling her he closed the file he was looking at and came to her... He sat in front of her and held her hand lovingly...

" Kya baat hai Padma... Itni udaas, pareshan kyun lag rahi ho ?? Kya baat hai ?? Anjali ki wajah se... Ki kal wo chali jaayegi..." he asked smiling lightly. Padma sighed and rested her head on his chest...

" Wo bhi magar abhi main Ridhhima ke baare main soch rahi thi..."

" Ridhhima ke baare main..?? " He asked lovingly storking her hair

" Haan... Shashank.. Armaan do din ka keh kar gaya tha aur ab hafte se jyada ho gaya hai aur wo abhi tak nahi aaya... Aur pata hai jaane se pehle Armaan pehle jaisa bhi nahi lag raha tha... Kuch udaas.. kuch pareshan sa tha... ab jab Ridhhima ko iss baare main pata chal hi chuka tha to wo engagement ki date fix hone tak to ruk sakta tha naa...

Lekin wo itni jaldi main tha ki theek se baat bhi nahi kari and you know he was not looking particularly cheerful about the engagement as before..." she voiced her concern

shanshank heard her patiently then smiled " bass itni si baat se pareshan ho..? "

" Aapko yeh itni si baat lagti hai..? " She sat up straight.. "usne do din kaha tha aur ab itne din ho gaye hain... kya wo ab iss shaadi ke liye tayar nahi hai... Kahin usne apna faisla badal to nahi diya ?!..."

" ohho Padma tum bhi kya anaap shnaap sochti rehti ho Armaan Ridhhi ko bahut chahta hai... Aur wo kitna excited hai is shaadi ko le kar yeh hum achhi tarah se jaante hai...

Aur rahi baat uske itne din naa aane ki to meri Virendra se baat hui thi magar kaam ke chakkar mein main tumhe batana bhul gaya.. usne bataya ki Germany main kaam ki kuch complication aa gayi hai isliye use hi solve karne ke chakkar main use daer ho rahi hai wo ek do din main aa jayega... Aur Virendra keh raha tha ki uske aane se pehle saari tayari kar lete hain jaise hi wo aayega hum engagement ki date fix kar
lenge... Itna bada business sambhalna aasan nahi hai Padma... Ab to theek hai...? " He looked into her eyes speaking softly, trying to convince her..

Padma now looked bit relieved knowing the reason for his delay, she nodded but there was something that still troubled her she just could not point out what but whenever she thought of it Armaan and Ridhhima's confused and troubled faces came in her mind

' kya in dono ki ladayi hui hai ?? Kahin aisa to nahi ki armaan kisi aur ko... Nahi nahi aisa kaisa ho sakta hai... Agar aisa hota to armaan is shaadi ke liye tayar hi kyun hota...' and all the thoughts of how he asked them to give some time to turn Ridhhimas no into yes came to her..

She sighed she knew it was useless to ask Ridhhima she had already tried and she just waved her doubts away saying everything is fine but she was her mother she knew that something was just not right... She sighed and decided to wait till Armaan comes and then she would ask him..

And finally the day arrived... It was Anjy's wedding everybody was super happy ,super excited... Ridhhima was running here and there happily pretty busy with nothing and everything...

The whole day passed running here and there... Getting anjy ready in her bridal wear... Seeing her in that beautiful red dress made ridhhima both happy and sad... Her thoughts trailed off to vivek... Are they going to be together...?? Why armaan is taking soo long ?? It was anjalis wedding and he is still in Germany.. What does he plan to do... Her whole future depended on his support... And his one decision...

She tried to divert her mind from thinking the gloomy thugs about her and vivek... Kept consoling herself that she will be with her love too just like anjy and atul...

Seeing atul and anjali exchanging garlands she thought sweetly of herself and vivek... While the pheras were taken she took voes with vivek in her dreamland... Steeling atuls shoes gave her thoughts the sweet distraction...

And then came the toughest part..

Bidding goodbye... The emotions run high Padma and Ridhhima just could not stop their tears... even shashank the tough man.. his eyes were brimming with tears... As if their crying was not enough Atul started crying too innocently asking all of them to come along as he could not see his Anjy crying... This brought a smile... A laugh and lightened the emotional scene... Parting was not so troublesome then... Parents knew that the future of their daughter was a happy one with such a loving family who were consoling them and even crying with them...

And then under the shade of stars and at the crack of dawn Anjali waved her family bye... and started for her new life with her loved ones...

While returning in the plane he pondered deeply on his situation his stay stretched for more days than expected and it gave him a lot of time to think over few things...he missed Anjys wedding... he needed to sort out his feelings and plan the action further... and finally the day when he has to face both the families... Ridhhima... Was here...

In the past few days he had done nothing but to think about him and Ridhhima and ofcourse Vivek... But these few days brought about a change in him... He was more determined now...

She said ' no !... No to Armaan Malik !! for that stupid good for nothing petty intern Vivek !! What the world is coming to.. Why do the girls gravitate towards the not so good types... he doesn't even have muscles like mine... or the handsome features... imagine the babies uggh !!! '

" Sir your juice.." the beautiful air hostess smiled at him breaking his line of thoughts ,he took the glass and smiled back at her

" thank you beautiful.." And winked at her she seemed flattered and blushed slightly as soon as she went away His face became set again smiling to himself he thought.. ' Don't worry Armaan you still got your charms man... Everything will be just.. okay...' He sighed in a self satisfied manner and rested his head on the back rest sipping the juice...Contentedly

" Armaan !! Hey armaan You are back...!! " Rahul welcomed him with open arms and broad smile, Armaan took few quick steps and hugged Rahul tightly

" Armaaan.. Kya hua..? " rahul asked sensing something wrong patting his back gently, Armaan didn't broke the hug... " i missed you bhai..." he didn't let him see his face

" Heeeyyy " breaking the hug he asked smilingly... " Kya hua sab theek hai naa... Aaj bada pyaar aa raha hai bhai par pehle to kabhi nahi kaha ki u missed me.."

Armaan put on a smile " arre bhai bas... Wo aise hi " he hugged him again smiling this time... " I love you bhai..."

" Paagal i love u too... Achha ab jyaada gale mat lag warna muskaan ne dekh liya to shuru ho jayegi..' lo aa gayi tumhari jaane mann' mimicking her and both of them laughed imagining her face..

" Oye khotto... Maine sab sun liya hai..."

" think of the devil and devil is here " Rahul muttered under his breath and Armaan grinned hearing it but stopped immediately seeing her looks

" kuch kaha tumne?? "

" nahi .. meri itni himmat kahan ki main kuch bolun.." muskaan glared at him as if saying ' tumhe to main baad main dekhti hun..'

" Aur tu bada pyaar hai bhai se ab agar koi sifarish karni hui naa to mere paas mat aana ' muski plz yeh kar do yaar,. Muski plz papa ko mana le yaar' samjha...!! "

" Arre yaar Muskiii we were just kidding yaar... You know naa jab tak hamari pyaari Muski hamari taang nahi khinchti tab tak hamara khana digest nahi hota..." And he gave her a sweet side hug...

" Achha achha theek hai... Maine jo list di thi wo sab aa gaya...?? "

" List !! And by the way madam what all you demanded... GOD mother and baby section main jitni bhi embaressing cheezein ho sakti thi wo sab us list mein thi... God next time agar phir kuch aisa diya to i will run away from here... My god.. Feeding bras !! " He shuddered whereas Rahul and Muskaan rolled in laughter...

" Ahahha badi hansi aa rahi hai... Hai naa.. next time bhai you try it "

" Awww achha ab muh mat bana... Take this experience as training for future..." Armaan froze for a moment but then quickly regained his calm.. " Ja kar thoda rest kar le... Aaj shaam ko ridhhima ke ghar jaana hai... Anjali aa rahi hai pagphere ki rasam ke liye...haaye main to kab se apni promotion ke liye taras rahi hun..."

" Promotion...?! " Armaan asked smiling bit confused

" Of course yaar ab main jaithani jo banne wali hun... Jab Ridhhima aa jayegi tab main to saare nakhre karungi saara din use order dungi.. Yeh karo woh karo.. aur agar usne mera kaha nahi maana to main.. Main usse double kaam karwaungi "

Rahul laughed hearing it... Whereas armaan just smiled... " Achha meri maa jo karna hai kar lena pehle use aane to de... Armaan tu jaa thofa rest kar le shaam ko chalna hai.. Theek hai.."Armaan nodded and without another word went to his room...

It was evening and all through their short journey to Gupta house armaan kept mum busy with his thoughts... He came back to reality when the car stopped with a jerk...

He deliberately stayed behind in the pretext of taking something from the car... He closed the door and watched others going in... He paced up and down taking few deep breaths gathering his strength and then taking the final deep breath he took the small bag and plastering a smile on his face started towards the door...

He rang the bell even when the door was open.. A confused Padma came there and Armaan hugged her instantly without giving her the time to think..." Heeyy beautiful... how are you sweetheart... Oohhh i missed you soo much..." giving her a rib crushing hug he swayed from side to side..

When Padma realised who it is she gave a big smile... " Armaaann chal chhod mujhe badmash... Maa ko sweetheart kehta hai... Aur do din ka keh kar gaya tha dus din baad aa raha hai... Chal mujhe baat nahi karni tujhse..." though she feigned anger she was really happy to see him his warm behaviour melted away all her doubts about him...

" Hey sorry yaar ab kaam achanak aa gaya kya karun ab maan bhi jao sweetheart..." He pleaded and inspite of deciding that she will be angry with him a small smile escaped Padmas lips and this was all Armaan needed to know that he had won her... It was really difficult for people especially women kind to remain angry with him... Seeing the battle half won he continued...

" and of course you are one of the most beautiful woman i have ever seen... Aur isliye sweetheart yeh aapke liye..." He gave her a pink rose and a box...

" Mere liye magar..?? "

" Oh it's also to say thank you.."

" Thank you ... Magar kisliye.."

" Aap mujhe itna pyaar diya hai isliye aur uske aage to yeh kuch bhi nahi hai .."

Padma really melted at his words and patted his cheek lovingly eyes getting little moist she bend his head a little and kissed his forehead

" hamesha khush raho beta "

" Hey plz.. Plz.. No turning on of the water tank..." Padma chuckled and wiped her tears

" Yeh hui naa baat..."

" Ehem ehem... Armaan..." Came the serious voice.. " Yeh tum kya kar rahe ho...? " Shashank looked at him seriously with a raised eyebrow..

" Young man let me remind you " coming closer and pulling Padma to his side " this beautiful lady is MY wife okay aur tum mere saamne meri biwi ke sath flirt kar rahe ho..."

" Nahi uncle.. Wo uncle... No uncle.." Armaan was bit scared to see Shashank in a serious mood.. But then seeing his worried face they both burst out laughing and were joined by Armaan who wiped his forehead and was much relieved now...

Hearing everybody laugh Ridhhima came out of her room and saw Maliks chatting gaily with her parents and some relatives who had stayed behind...

Then she saw armaan chatting animatedly with one of her cousin sister who was looking at him like he was the only man alive on earth...

Ridhhima felt both annoyed and angry... " idiot itne din baad aaya hai aur yeh nahi ki mujhse mil le.. Yahaan soch soch kar meri haalat patli ho gayi aur in janaab ko flirt karne se fursat nahi hai... Pata nahi niki ise kaise jhelti hai..." while she was busy cursing him he heard virendra call her and she could do nothing but to go...

she was welcomed warmly and she too plastered a smile on her face but desperately wanted to talk to armaan but he didn't seem to be in a mood to talk to her he didn't even as much as glanced at her...

This was the limit she could bear no more she excused herself politely and went to Him

" Hello Armaan.."

" Oh hiii Ridhhimaaa... How are you yaar... Kitne din baad mil rahe hai... Yaar your cousin she is so sweet tumne pehle bataya nahi kabhi ki you have such a beautiful cousin.."

Colour rose to her cousins cheek hearing this whereas ridhhimas blood boiled

' Aaj kisi ka khoon ho jaayega mere haath se... Mere saamne meri cousin se flirt kar raha hai... Aur yeh bevkoof... Bhagwaan ne shakal to de di akal daalna bhool gaya... She forced a sarcastic smile and said... " Shweta... Tumhe mummy kabse awaaz de rahi hai jao wo tumh bula rahi hain.."

" Magar di maine to koi awaaz nahi suni..."

She smiled broadly... " Wo isliye kyunki tum baat karne main busy thi..." Glaring at armaan... somehow she convinced her to go but in the mean time Armaan escaped from there

" Aarrrggghhh Armmaannn..." She went behing him but he kept slipping away in one pretext or other sometime talking to anjali sometime to granny sometime one relative or other and when none of these were aroung the annoying chipku group of her girl cousins surrounded him

Ridhhima kept running after him she had had enough... She breathed deeply she wondered what got into him... Why he was acting so... and then finally she caught him talking to sapna without any explaination she grabbed his hand took him outside in the garden...

" huuh " she dropped his hand when she was sure that no one was around to disturb them " mil gayee fursat tumhe... Tum theek to ho naa ?? Tumhe pata hai mujhe tumse kitni jaruri baat karni hai..."

" Haan Ridhhima mujhe bhi tumse bahut jaruri baat karni hai.." replying in the same part serious manner

" Well good isliye itni der se tum mujhe avoid kar rahe the... tum do din ka keh kar gaye the aur aa rahe ho dus din baad..! "

" Did you miss me..?? Haaye so sweet of you.. i missed you too.. " Ridhhima looked at him in disbelief as if he was an alien

" Armaan tumhari tabiyat to theek hai naa..?! "

" Ohho Kaam tha yaar Ridhhima ho jaata hai kabhi kabhi aur sabse mile bina aata to unhe achha nahi lagta naa " Ridhhima was surprised at his casual tone she felt something strange... something change in him.. They were about to declare that they are not going to marry each other and he seemed... So happy... Weird...

When Armaan saw her looking at him thinking something he sighed.." Achha baba sorry abse jitne din kahunga utne hi din lagaunga.. Nahi to tumhe sath le jaunga okay...Ab to khush... You know naa i can't see you troubled... So smile..." he grinned at her

" Armaan be serious... Are you ready..? Tumne soch liya kya kehna hai ? Should we tell mom and dad now "

" Of course i'm ready... Maine sab soch liya hai "

" Good chalo phir chalte hain.."

" Ohho Ridhhima itni jaldi kya hai... Abhi thodi daer ruko naa... Abhi to maine tumse kuch baat bhi nahi ki.."

Ridhhima stopped and turned looking at him incredulous..

" What..? "

" Haan itne din ho gaye .. Aur abhi to pandit ji bhi nahi aaye..."

Ridhhima was totally confused as in what is he talking about..?!

" Magar Armaan pandit ji ka isse kya lena dena hai...?? wo kyun aayenge ?? "

" Arre lena dena kaise nahi hai..." he leaned on the wall with arms crossed " After all humari engagement aur shaadi ki dates to unhone hi nikalni hai naa..."

Ridhhimas eyes widened with shock surprise and horror... Whereas armaan stood there completely at ease smiling broadly...


                             Taming the wild

Ridhhima stared at him for a full minute trying to register what he has said..." K..kya kaha tumne..?? "

" Ohho mujhe pata nahi tha ki tumhe theek se sunai nahi deta magar koi baat nahi main kaam chala lunga..." He grinned

" Armmaan ! " she shouted... looking angrily at him... " Main mazak nahi kar rahi... tumne kaha 'hamari' shaadi... Kaun si shaadi Armaan ?? Tum jaante ho naa ki main vivek se pyaar karti hun..." Her worries returned with tremendous force voice shook and she was at loss of words what to say... " You said you will help me is shaadi ko cancel karne main.."

Armaan just stood there unperturbed... " Jaanta hun "

" Phir bhi ?? "

" Haan phir bhi... Waise jahaan tak tumne mujhe Vivek ke baare main bataya hai usse to yahi lagta hai ki wo tumhare layak nahi hai... And compared to me he is just...nothing..."

" Shut up how dare you.. Tumhari himmat kaise hui Vivek ke baare main aise baat karne ki... Tum use jaante hi kitna ho..."

" Main use jaanna bhi nahi chahta..." He was serious now face set... " Cmmon Ridhhima after all tumne hi to kaha tha ki tumhare mom dad mere aage us Vivek ko kabhi accept nahi karenge remember.. rahi baat pyaar ki to sweetheart i will make you fall in love with ME... sach kahu to i can keep you way more happy than him.." He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear smiling softly...

Ridhhima jerked his hand away " how dare you.. apne hath mujhse duur rakho Armaan Malik... Khabardar agar mujhe chhune ki koshish bhi ki to " she was disgusted with him and fumed in anger

Armaan was not at all effected by this he rather expected it he spoke again in a soft firm voice " Just remember one thing Ridhhima I never lose and noone says no to Armaan Malik for anything..."

" How can you do this to me Armaan... you promised that you will help me out in calling this wedding off..." She was trying hard to cool herself down and make him understand ,partly still unsure if he was serious or joking

" i instead called off the idea... You intrigue me Ridhhima no other girl had ever said no to me ... And you are going to marry me and no one else.."

" So yeh sab sirf isliye kyunki i said no to marry you...?! "

" Yupp.."

" It's just kyunki it hurt your ego ?? " He said nothing just stood there with unreadable expressions and a small smile crept on his lips... " Armaan kya milega tumhe isse... Niki ka socho don't you love her..? "

" Niki !? Love and me !? What has she gotta do with it... Leave her out of it... It's about us not her..."

" You are sick Armaan..."

" Oh cmmon Ridhhima aakhir us Vivek main aisa kya hai jo mujhme nahi hai... Main tumhari har khwahish puri kar sakta hun.. Tumhe wo sab de sakta hun jo tum chahti ho... Just give me a chance.."

" Never !! Forget it Armaan... ek baat kaan khol kar sun lo main Vivek se pyaar karti hun samjhe aur tum uski jagah kabhi nahi le sakte..."

" Oh.. Well.." He sighed.. " Theek hai jaisa tum chaho... Main to chahta tha ki sab aaram se khushi khushi ho jaaye magar.."

" You are disgusting Armaan.. theek hai agar tum nahi keh sakte to Main khud.. abhi.. papa ko ja kar bata dungi ki main iss shaadi ke liye tayaar nahi hun..." She turned to go away from there..

" Haan theek hai... Jao aur jaa kar kya kahogi ki main Vivek naam ke ek intern se pyaar karti hun jo ek enquiry face kar raha... ek medical negligence aur ek police case main murder ke liye aur bahut jald police ki wanted list main aane waala hai "

" What ?? " she stopped and turned back to look at him shocked.. " No this isn't true.. Tum.. Tum ..tumhe yeh sab kisne kaha.. Yeh jhooth hai..."

" Filhaal to hai magar main chaahun to ise sach bhi kar sakta hun... Wo kya hain naa John Hopkins ke trustees and wahaan ke police department main mere kuch..'Dost' .. Hain.." He said smugly " aur wo meri help khushi khushi kar denge.. And i'm sure..." Moving towards her.. " Tum apne lover boy ki zindagi narak nahi banana chahogi hai naa..."

" Tum aisa kuch nahi karoge..." She was scared of him now.. Her eyes widened with horror.. This was totally new Armaan for her

" Main aisa kar sakta hun Ridhhima.." stressing each word In a very stern tone.. She couldn't say anything just kept looking in his eyes with total bewilderment.. " agar tumne iss shaadi se mana kiya to main us lover boy ki zindagi narak bana dunga... I will ruin his career his life everything Aur tum uski shakal is janam main to nahi dekh paogi..." she looked at him aghast.. " So dear Ridhhima let's go ... Sab hamara wait kar rahe honge hai naa. Unhe khushkhabri bhi to deni hai ki hum shaadi kar rahe hai... And trust me Ridhhima is duniya main aisa kuch nahi hai jo main tumhare liye na lau... Tum bol kar to dekho apni jaan bhi de dunga... Vivek tumhare layak nahi hai kya de paayega wo tumhe.."

She was surprised at his deep soft tone and thought kitni jaldi rang badalta hai ... " har cheez paise main nahi toli jaati... I was wrong about you Armaan ,I was always wrong..." she looked at him with fire in her eyes.. Ammy was looking at her intently with unreadable expressions in his eyes and on his face... Ridhhima was in a fix what to do ... At the moment she hated Armaan the most but if he really did what he was threatening then Vivek would be gone from her life forever... She decided to take one step at a time... first... She needed to talk to Vivek to confirm if any such thing is going on...

She was just deliberating when Armaan said " kya hua abhi bhi vishwaas nahi ho raha theek hai main tumhari help kar deta hun ..." He took out the phone and dialled a number " yehi number hai na vivek ka.. Lo baat karo..." handing over the phone to her he stood leaning on the wall with arms folded...Ridddhima took the phone with trembling hands and talks to vivek

" Vivek... Tum theek ho naa..."

" Ridhhima yahaan gadbad ho gayee hai.." he said in a worried voice " Ek patient jo ki wanted tha uski maut ho gayi hai... Aur jo bhi doctors involved the unse poochtaach chal rahi hai i'm sorry ridhhima main India nahi aa paunga.. yahaan saari baat mujh par aa rahi hai.. Kisi ka bhi out of country jana mana ho gaya hai..Aisa lagta hai jaise koi mujhe phasana chahta hai..."

" Koi aur nahi balki yeh kaam Armaan ka hai..." she blurted out

" What ?? "

" Haan Vivek yeh sab Armaan ka kiya hua hai... Coz he wants me to marry him..." Armaan snatched away the phone...

" Hello Vivek how are you man... Yup it's me Armaan..." He laughed at something Ridhhima was confused as she couldn't hear what Vivek was saying.. " everything is fair in love and war man.. And i want to win this war of love anyway I will talk to you in detail in a while for now i'm busy wo kya hai naa ki pandit ji aa gaye hain hamari engagement date nikalke ke liye.." he looked at Ridhhima who turned immediately to see the main gate where a man in dhoti was walking in through the driveway... Her eyes widened with horror... The world was going topsy turvy... Suddenly she heard him speak very close to her ear softly...

" Chalein sweetheart it's time..." She turned and saw him smiling broadly flashing his dimples, eyes twinkling... She really didn't knew what to do her mind was numb...

He held her hand softly but firmly and lead her in she didn't say anything... She didn't knew what was going on... 20 minutes and everything changed... Everything...

As they came in the main hall where all the family was sitting, He stopped for a moment still holding her hand he whispered

" smile Ridhhima smile after all it is an important moment of our life " but when she didn't he sighed and said again " chalo for now smile for Vivek's sake.." She looked at him with hatered but before she can say anything he let go of her hand and went to Padma and Shanky, Ridhhima stood rooted at the same spot soon was joined by Sapna who seeing her face asked if she was okay... To which she just nodded eyes still following Armaan who was saying something to her parents which broadened their smiles... And she knew exactly what was it that he had said to them...

Armaan went to the parents ,BP Virendra Rahul Muski everyone was there and he gladly announced that he had done what he had promised them... Ridhhima had said yes for marriage !!

Everybody jumped from their seats hearing this... ecstatic Anjy Sapna hugged Riddhima tightly Padma on the other hand kissed Armaan's forehead.. Shanky too hugged and blessed him both the families were as if on the seventh heaven including Armaan ,the only one whose world came crashing down was ridhhima... She plastered a smile just for Vivek's sake but could not control her tears... everybody thought that they were the tears of happiness and realisation that she too will go away in few days... liitle did they knew what went between the two...

The joyous mood was multiplied manifolds when panditji announced the date for engagement

" yajmaan aane waali 24 Dec. Ko bada hi shubh mahurat hai sagai ke liye aur 16 Jan. Ka mahurat nikla hai vivah ke liye dono hi din ati uttam hai... mubarak ho... "

" Chaliye samdhi ji tayari shuru ki jaaye.. " BP hugged Shashank happily... Muski was glued to Ridhhima and all the girl cousins including the boys found a new target for teasing.. Their new would be jiju the handsome hunk... Armaan Malik... Who was basking in the glory enjoying the attention and was definitely happy... Very happy... After all he had won half the war...

" it's not yet over armaan... Not yet.. Main itni jaldi haar maanne waloon main se nahi hun..." Ridhhima wiped her tears she was now ready to fight... For her love...

                                         Taming the wild

                                              Part 30  

The day was decided and everybody was joyous as only few days were left for the engagement ... Kuch uske liye khush the to kuch sirf isliye khush the ki itne bade industrialist khandaan ke sath unki rishtedaari hone waali thi... Kisi ne bhi uski udaas aankhein nahi dekhi... Koi uske dil ka dard nahi jaan paaya...

" Ridhhi kahan khoi hui hai beta main kabse aawaaz de rahi hun.. "

" k..kuch nahi mom bas aise hi kuch soch rahi thi "

" achha ab jyada socho mat aur jaldi se tayaar ho jao Muskaan Rahul Armaan sab abhi aate hi honge " she kissed her forehead lovingly and went out, she sighed she didn't wanted to go anywhere with that Armaan but she had no choice...

Muskaan ne hi phone kiya aur kaha ki wo uske liye kuch dresses aur jewellery lena chahte hai... She knew Muskaan to bas bahana hai yeh idea to Armaan ka hai, aur iske liye kabhi mana nahi karengi after all unke pyaare 'bete' ne jo kaha hai... How angry she was uski maa usse jyada us Armaan ki sunti hai... agar usne akele jaane ke liye kaha hota to wo kabhi nahi jaati magar Armaan ne Muskaan ko bhi bulaa liya... That clever bas***d...

Wo bhala peeche kahan rehne waali thi usne phone karke Sapna ko bula liya wo ek minute bhi Armaan ke sath akele nahi rehna chahti thi aur wo jaanti thi ki Armaan aisa koi mauka jaroor dhundega... Lekin is baar wo tayar thi...

Finally they were there Muskaan hugged her lovingly and both Rahul and Armaan stood behind chatting with Padma and Shashank she knew Armaan was looking at her but she resolutely didn't look at him... She wanted him to know that she hated him...

They all took leave and went off Rahul was driving and Muskaan sat beside him Ridhhima was left with no choice but to sit with Armaan.. Sapna deliberately made her sit in the center and everytime the car turned Ridhhima would slide little bit towards Armaan who it seemed was enjoying it thoroughly...

During one such bumpy road she unknowingly held his hand to stop herself from falling here and there and Armaan held her by shoulder, firmly holding her hand with his... When she looked up she saw him looking at her smiling softly... And if she hadn't known the devil side of him she would have sworn that the look in his eyes was full of love.. She wondered how this demon can have such an angelic face...

' Isi bholi surat ka to wo fayeda utha raha hai...' She freed herself quickly from his hold and glared at Sapna who was deliberately pushing her more towards Armaan's side though there was plenty of space in that BMW SUV for all to sit comfortably... Sapna blinked at Armaan smilingly who mouthed thank you grinning shamelessly knowing perfectly well that she hated it...

During the whole journey Muskaan kept talking to her non stop she wondered how they could not see the devil in him... For them he was an angel... And obviously Armaan cared a lot for them too but then of course they were family they were blind to his faults if they could find any that is... She sighed it was going to be a looong day...

They all went to a big jewellery shop and Muski bought her some fantastic jewellery and Ridhhima admitted that she had a fine taste even not being much of a jewellery person she just loved some necklaces Muski bought for her but hated it when she caught Armaan staring at her... for others it was love but for her it was uuggghhh... She really loved Muskaan who was obviously very excited for the coming engagement of her darling little devar... And Rahul oh what a loving husband he was... She smiled at his concern when after every few minutes he kept ordering to either bring some juice water or snack for her he made Muski sit with her legs resting on stool... one such time Ridhhima could not control her laugh when Muski's patience ran out as Rahul tried to make her drink third glass of juice !

She spoke through her clenched teeth lovingly smiling sarcastically at him " Rahul.. Mere pyare khotte... Kankhajure... tune mujhe kya registan ka uunt (camel) samjha hai jo har paanch minute baad mujhe ek glass pakda deta hai.. " Rahul gulped he knew his wifes moodswings " ab agar tune mujhe kuch bhi peene ke liye diya naa to main tujhe usi se nilha ( bath ) dungi samjha "

After that Rahul didn't dare to give her anything... Later they went for some dress shopping Muskaan and Rahul fought a lot and bought a lot she kept on saying that it was enough but nobody cared for her no... She sighed thinking " dusre ki naa sunna to khandaani aadat lagti hai " though she loved their love and affection ,they treated her like a family already and she felt that at times they even forgot Armaan for her but she was sad from heart...

Armaan too enthusiastically chose some sarees and suits for her... She was made to try out hundreds of dresses and she felt as if she was a dummy rather than Ridhhima ,for a moment she forgot everything and was swept away in their enthusiasm almost enjoying... laughing... joking.. but soon came back to reality when she heard Armaan saying...

" tum par to sab kuch achha lag raha hai.. sab le lete hain "

Though they all were really beautiful dresses ,she mentally made a note not to wear any of those which were chosen by him... They were about to leave when Armaan grabbed her hand

" ek minute Ridhhima " Ridhhima quickly checked whether Muski and all were there or not she saw Sapna and Muski with Rahul at some distance

" mera hath chhodo Armaan " stressing each and every word trying to free herself from his grip, she spoke slowly so that others could not hear what she said... Armaan smiled at her flashing his dimples.. Ridhhima till now had avoided him very cleverly neither she sat with him nor talked till she could avoid... He knew that she hated him the most at the moment but he was not deterred by it...

" pehle tum meri baat suno " she didn't said anything just looked at his face with anger " main sirf tumhe ek dress dikhana chahta tha jo maine tumhare liye li hai... Tum ise pehen kar bahut khoobsurat lagogi " he let go of her hand and gave her a packet

" agar tumhe lagta hai ki main tumhari li hui koi bhi cheez pehnungi to bhul jao... Main yahaan tumhare sath sirf majboori main aayi hun... Warna main tumhari shakal tak dekhna nahi chahti "

He came close to her and whispered in her ear " waise jaan ab iski aadat daal lo kyunki yeh shakal to ab tumhe zindagi bhar dekhni hai " he smiled at her seeing her angry face " kya maine tumhe kabhi bataya ki tum gusse main aur bhi jyada khoobsurat lagti ho "

Ridhhima fumed in anger but couldn't think of anything to say...

" ehem ehem Laila Majnu agar aap logo ka romance khatam ho gaya ho to chalein " Sapna smiled at both of them

Ridhhima opened her mouth to say something but Armaan cut her in between " of course my hone waali saali sahiba ji aapka hukum sar aankhon par "

Sapna laughed and Armaan moved away giving his arm to Sapna to hold which she accepted smilingly adding to Ridhhimas fury... He was flirting with her friend too that jerk ! And Sapna... Kash usko Armaan ka sach pata hota... Finally they finished their shopping.

" Armaan tu Sapna ,Ridhhima ko ghar drop kar dena driver dusri car le aaya hai.. Muski bhi thak gayi hai main usko le kar ghar ja raha hun.. You guys enjoy "

" okay bro see you later bye Muski " Rahul and Muski hugged Ridhhima lightly and went away

" huuh so ladies kuch kha liya jaaye it's lunch time already "

" no thank you tum bas hamein ghar drop kar do... Mujhe ghar jaana hai "

Sapna was bit surprised at Ridhhima's curt tone " cmmon Ridhhi kuch kha le yaar aunty keh rahi thi ki tune subah kuch khaya bhi nahi "

" what ? Ridhhima yeh kya tumne subah se kuch nahi khaya.. How can you be so careless agar tumhari tabiyat kharaab ho gayi to " Armaan said in a bit worried tone

" main itni nazuk nahi hun aur tumhe meri tabiyat ki fikar karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai "

Sapna was again taken by surprise at her way of speaking to Armaan " cmmon Ridhhi ek to wo tere liye pareshaan ho raha hai aur tu hai ki... "

" Sapna plz i'm not at all hungry " she wanted to go away from him as soon as possible

" no Ridhhima no excuses tum lunch kiye bina nahi ja rahi ho " he said firmly and holding her hand led her to a restaurant Sapna followed smiling shaking her head... Armaans concern for Ridhhima washed away her momentary doubt that something was wrong she followed the two to a fancy restaurant...

All through the lunch Armaan did most of the talking he cracked some silly jokes which God only knows why, Sapna found funny ! and he kept on persuading Ridhhima to eat... She on the other hand was again furious as Armaan sat with her, too close for her comfort... She could smell his expensive perfume and that nice cologne... She shook herself mentally how can she find anything nice about him and came back to reality every minute she kept reminding herself... it's for Vivek it's for Vivek...

Riddhima remained quiet most of the time and merely answered in mono syllables when required Sapna found it bit odd but didn't said anything thinking that it might be some lovers fight... She too gets angry with Amit sometime for no particular reason just to get his attention... she was mentally debating when Armaan spoke up...

" Sapna why don't you order some coffee main abhi thodi daer main aata hun... Just a business client.. Ridhhima i'll be back soon " he got up pointing to a person but Ridhhima didn't even bother to look at him let alone give a reply...

as soon as Armaan was out Sapna asked Ridhhima " haan to Ridhhima kya baat hai ? Tera mood itna kharaab kyun hai ? Tu Armaan se aise rudely baat kyun kar rahi hai ? Tumhari koi ladai hui hai kya ? " she noticed that something was bothering her " are you okay..."

Ridhhima couldn't say anything for a while as she debated with herself whether to say or not but then she could not control herself and all the pent up emotions came out in the form of tears she broke down before Sapna who immediately came to her side and hugged her

" Ridhhima kya hua ? Bol naa kya hua ? "

" Sapna main shaadi karne waali hun but i don't love Armaan "

Sapna sighed bit relieved " silly tune to mujhe daraa hi diya tha bas itni si baat ke liye tu pareshaan ho rahi hai... Dekh..he is a nice guy and tum log to already friends ho log to taraste hain aise life partner ke liye jo unka dost bhi ho and i''m sure wo tujhse bahut pyaar karta hai he is certainly very happy.."

Ridhhima burnt with anger " of course wo to khush hoga hi after all yeh sab usi ka to kiya hua hai "

" What ?! " Sapna was confused for a moment

" i love Vivek Sapna... Main Vivek se pyaar karti hun Armaan se nahi ,wo mujhse jabardasti shaadi kar raha hai "

Sapna was shocked Ridhhima cried again in her arms... she then told Sapna everything how she told him the truth but he turned back on his words and even threatened to destroy Vivek's life and career... Sapna was dumbstruck hearing it... she recalled that day in hospital when Ridhhima was looking sad and she took her with her she was about to tell her something when they were interrupted by fighting Atul and Anjy and the conversation was left in between... now she understood what it was that Ridhhima wanted to tell her that day she felt bad that why didn't she noticed it before even after being such a good friend...

she too hated Armaan at that moment and boiled with anger how wrong she thought of him and unknowingly she was torturing Ridhhima too... she hugged Ridhhima and made her calm down a bit... Just then Armaan came there

" sorry to keep you waiting but wo.. " he saw Sapna staring at him her expressions hard he looked at Ridhhima who wiped her tears dry and in an instant knew that she had told everything to Sapna

" i don't believe it Armaan tum aisa kaise kar sakte ho,. Tum do do zindagi barbaad kar rahe ho aur tumhe kya lagta hai aise zabardasti shaadi kerke tum khush reh paoge "

He said nothing for a while " main achhi tarah se jaanta hun main kya kar raha hun.. Ridhhima ko khush rakhne ki zimmedari meri hai aur main apni zimmedari nibhana achhi tarah se jaanta hun "

" aur Vivek? Uska kya ? Uski kya galti hai Armaan tum jaante ho ki main usse pyaar karti hun " Ridhhima spoke up

" hum iss baare main baat kar chuke hain Ridhhima aur yeh hamare beech ki baat hai main kisi aur ke saamne iss baare main baat nahi karna chahta "

" baat karni hogi.. Vivek mera bhi dost hai "

" oh really ! " he just give a lopsided grin and then making a serious face spoke up again " Sapna you are a good friend magar meri ek baat maano aur is maamle main kuch naa bolo to hi achha hoga "

" tum aisa nahi kar sakte Armaan "

" try me. aur agar tumne kuch bhi karne ki koshish kari to trust me ms. Sapna you too are going to pay... Don't try to mess with me "

Ridhhima was even more angry and disgusted with him and so was Sapna... " maine tumse aisa kabhi expect nahi kiya tha "

" well Sapna just answer one thing agar tumse koi Amit ko cheenne ki koshish karta to tum kya karti "

Sapna fell quiet for a moment even the thought of Amit being away from her scared her " main jo bhi karti magar tumhari tarah girti nahi.. Tum jo kar rahe ho it's downright evil "

Armaan gave a sarcastic laugh " theek hai phir main evil hi sahi.. you are the saint which i'm certainly not.. Jab tak main zinda hun main Ridhhima ko kisi aur ki hone nahi dunga... That's for sure... And a final warning to you... stay away from my matters otherwise you too are going to land in a big trouble "

Ridhhima had had enough now she shouted angrily " Armaan tum meri friend ki insult kar rahe ho " but it hardly disturbed Armaan

" sorry meri aisi koi intention nahi thi magar main kisi aur ko apne private matters main dakhal dene ki ijazat nahi de sakta.. i think hamein chalna chahiye sapna ko bhi jaana hoga " and he got up grabbing Ridhhimas arm walked away from there leaving a shocked and surprised Sapna behind...

He drove the car in complete silence even Ridhhima didn't utter a word throughout the journey too angry to say anything the car came to halt with a jerk in Gupta house driveway Ridhhima unfasten the seatbelt and was about to get off

" Ridhhima i'm sorry... mera matlab Sapna ko kisi tarah se pareshan karne ka nahi tha.. Main just thoda..." He sighed Ridhhima looked at him her face still hard

" mujhe tumhari kisi baat par vishwaas nahi hai Armaan..."

" Plz. Ridhhima trust me main tumhe sirf khush dekhna chahta hun..." his voice soft...

" Tum jaante ho meri khushi kisme hai de sakte ho wo mujhe ? " he says nothing just looks ahead

" i knew it Armaan you are one selfish person.." She got out of the car and slammed the car door shut... Armaan sighed and hit the steering wheel with his hand...

" it's going to be tough man... Very tough " with a last look at her entering the house, he drove back home...

He was really disturbed with what happened today and thought how he is going to manage after the wedding... He wanted to keep her happy make her realise how much he loved her but how ?? He was devil for her now and it is going to be a hell of a task for him to make her like him let alone make her fall in love with him... He sighed he wanted to share his anxieties ,worries with someone and ease the burden on his heart... He could not tell anyone at home and unknowingly his fingers dialled Niki's number...

Niki's heartbeat rose when she saw his name flashing, she still has not mustered enough courage to tell him that she is engaged... She took deep breaths to calm her ruffled nerves ,with trembling hands and heart she picked up the phone...

" Hey niki..."

" Hi armaan "

" Yaar where are you... Itne din ho gaye, Bangalore kya gayi mujhe bhul gayi..? " A lump formed in her throat " aisa ho sakta hai kabhi.. Ki main apne best friend ko bhul jaun..."

" Niki yaar come back soon i need you here... Kitni saari baatein hain jo karni hai.. Aur kitna kuch ho gaya pichle dino main... There is soo much i want to tell you..."

" Silly ab bhi mera dimag khaoge kya.. Ab ja kar Ridhhima ko pareshan karo naa..."

He gave a small laugh " nahi Niki i need you..."

She could sense something in his voice... " Armaan kya hua ? Sab theek hai naa ? "

" H..haan sab theek hai... Tum bas jaldi se waapas aa jao phir mil kar dher saari baatein karenge..." Before Niki could ask anything he shouted out excitedly... " Hey Niki jaldi se tv on kar.."

" T.V ?! "

" Haan haan jaldi... I will show you my cheif rival, may be you've seen him. Jaldi switch to CNN..." Niki did as was told and saw some kind of business political confrence going on then she saw Armaan sitting there..

" Kiya..? "

" Haan.. Magar "

" Can you see me..? "

" Yes..."

" How do i look..? "

She chuckled a little " handsome as ever..."

" Thank you sweetheart ,ab wo navy blue suit main wo arrogant bandar dikh raha hai.." Her eyes widened when she saw Abhi..

" well meet my arch rival Abhimanyu Modi..." Niki could not utter a word she didn't knew what to say... " Achha chhodo use. Baat yeh hai Niki i need you yaar bahut si baatein hai jo karni hain... Niki kitna kuch ho gaya teri absence main. Kitni saari baat hain jo mujhe batani hai. I need you here yaar. I miss you. Tum bas jaldi se wapas aa jao... tujhse better meri baat abhi koi nahi samajh paayega..."

" Jaanti hun... Aur yeh bhi jaanti hun ki koi baat hai jo tumhe pareshaan kar rahi hai " she spoke trying to put herself together

" Dekha isliye main kehta hun ki you are my best friend tum mere kehne se pehle si sab samajh jaati ho...tum kaise jaan jaati ho sab, huuuh i just love you yaar... Jaldi waapas aa jao.."

A lone tear rolled down her eyes she got to hear what she was dying for " i love you too Armaan i'm coming back... soon " and as the conversation ended she sighed wondering could things go more complicated...

She wondered how she is going to face him and tell him that she is engaged to be married and that too with his arch rival...

Ridhhima had cried incessantly kal uski sagai hai Armaan ke sath... All her efforts to stop this were fruitless, aisa lagta tha jaise armaan ne sab par koi jaadu kar diya ho jise dekho wohi Armaan ke naam ki mala japta nazar aata hai...

She remembered the past few days it was sad but she could say nothing she had to plaster a fake smile for everybodys sake... For Vivek's sake... Padma and shashank were ecstatic and so was everybody...

she was bit relieved as Sapna was there with her to give her support and a shoulder to cry on... How shocked she was to know the evil Armaan behind the masked sweet one... She sighed again but even Sapna was helpless Vivek's life and future was at stake Armaan was a very clever man he had really left her with no option... He didn't even hesitate to threaten Sapna.. she herself stopped Sapna who offered to tell Padma and Shashank the truth about Armaan... it was her fight and she will fight it face it herself... Alone...

She turned and remembered the past few days... It was absolutely true that it takes just a moment for life to take a U turn and you never know when everything has changed... She sighed and closed her eyes to rest her heavily muddled mind... Agar Vivek ne use nahi kaha hota to shayad wo yeh sagai kabhi nahi karti... Chahe phir kuch bhi hota...


" Ridhhima i know... Armaan ne mujhe bahut tight situation main phasa diya hai and uski kaafi pahunch hai yahaan.. duniya main paison ke liye kaam karne waalon ki kami nahi hai..."

" Jaanti ho inka kehna hai Ki maine us aadmi ko jaan kar maara hai zehar ka injectiom dekar... Mera saara career barbaad ho jayega... Aur saari umar jail... kehte hain ki main us aadmi ke terrorist group se mila hua hun... Aur sabooton ko mitane ke liye maine uska khoon kar diya.. Maine kisi ko nahi maara ridhhima.. Magar tum ghabrao mat main Lawyers se baat kar raha hun... Itno asaani se haar nahi manunga... Rahi Armaan ki baat to ho sakta hai ki wo tumhare parents ko kuch ka kuch bataye aur is waqt he has upper hand... Abhi hamare paas ek hi raasta hai..."

" Kya ? "

" Ki Tum abhi usse engaement kar lo..."

" What are you saying Vivek?! Tum jaante ho tum kya keh rahe ho...? "

" Ridhhima abhi aur koi chaara nahi hai hamare paas... Aur main keh raha hun naa tumse engaement hi to hai... It will give us some time...ek baar usko vishwaas ho jaaye ki sab uske plan se ho raha hai to wo shant ho jaayga... Aur kaun sa shaadi ho rahi hai tum ghabrao mat main aisa kuch nahi hone dunga... Aur Armaan se baat mat karna wo bahut chalaak hai agar use pata laga ki i'm talking to lawyers and some other sources too to ho sakta hai wo koi aur chaal chale... i have found out a way Ridhhima.. tum ghabrao mat.. "

Ridhhima came back to present... She had agreed to do the engagement as per Vivek's advice... but cursed Armaan with every possible bad word she could find...

She had cried so much that now no tears came to her eyes but she was determined to fight ,she can't give up now... Not now when Vivek's life and future was at stake... Ridhhima plastered a fake smile for everyone pretending to be happy...

Finally the day of engagement was here everybody was full of happiness but nobody could surpass the joy which Armaan felt in his heart... Today Ridhhima will be officially his.. Partly...

He just could not stop the smile on his face... This made him an easy target of Muski's leg pulling... They reached the beautifully decorated hall in a five star hotel.. All the guests were in awe seeing the handsome groom and beautiful bride-to- be and Armaan's heart swelled with pride and love... He just could not take his eyes off her (well till muski elbowed him)... She looked like a beautiful elegant queen...

They were made to sit together and everybody was laughing enjoying around them... Virendra and BP were so happy and content to have Ridhhima as the daughter in law.. They patted her head and kissed it lovingly...

" yo partner ready to join the Malik gang.." BP jested to which Ridhhima just gave a big smile... His joy was clear on his face and she didn't wish to give him any clue how she felt ,she really respected and love Virendra and BP a lot...

" chalo bhai mahurat ka time ho gaya... ring kahan hai " Rahul called in

Muskaan handed Armaan the ring and seeing it Ridhhima's eyes widened with surprise it was the same ring which she had choosen that day in the shop while shopping for Anjy ,the slight difference was that the diamonds were bigger now... Armaan noticed it and gave her a meaningful smile...

Before she could think of anything else Padma handed her a ring too which she put in Armaan's finger and as she did that everybody clapped and hooted with joy... Virendra hugged Shashank and Anjali Padma and Sapna hugged Ridhhima.. Many near and dear ones came and congratulated her and Armaan...

During all this the music started and the guests went to dance floor... Atul and Anjali danced together hugging each other close smiling laughing... Saying sweet nothings in each others ear... Ridhhima looked at them longingly how she wished she could be happy like them but...

" Arre jija ji aap yahaan kyun baiithe hain chaliye naa dance floor par aaj to aapke paas pura mauka hai.." Ridhhima's cousin came in gigling pulling Armaan with his arm

" hayyee saali ji neki aur puch puch.. Chaliye naa aapke sath dance karna to hamari khushnaseebi hogi "

" haayee so sweet magar aap abhi hamari Ridhhima di ke sath hi dance kariye... Main to aapko soch kar bataungi "

Ridhhima glared at her cousin, last thing she wanted was to dance with Armaan... She knew she would not be able to refuse in front of both the families..." khushi se " he looked at Ridhhima and extended his hand ,she looked at him their eyes met as if fire met water... Ridhhima was unwilling and Armaan was determined... When she kept looking at him Armaan bent a little and took her hand in his holding it firmly yet gently.. Padma too asked her to go unaware of the termoil in her heart..

They both went to the dance floor looking majestic... As if the king and queen were entering the court..Armaan held her by her waist and they both started to rock gently at the charming slow music...

" Ridhhima... Main tumhe kuch kehna chahta tha.." She looked up at him with expressionless face ,Armaan smiled at her unaffected by her anger " Tum aaj bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho.. Main kabse kehna chahta tha magar mauka nahi mil paaya " he whispered it into her ear she tried to get away from him keep some distance but he held her firmly

" pls. Ridhhima meri baat to suno.. Why don't you give me a chance i will prove you to be a best husband you can ever find... I will be even better than vivek.. "

" tum kabhi Vivek nahi ban sakte " she answered back angrily

" main Vivek banna bhi nahi chahta.. He's a looser "

" don't you ever dare call him that.. Wo tumse lakh guna achha hai.. At least usne tumhari tarah chaal to nahi chali... Dosti ke naam par dhoka to nahi diya.."

Armaan laughed lightly " main jaanta hun ki mera tarika thoda alag hai.. Magar intentions galat nahi hai ,baat yeh hai ki main jo chahta hun wo pa kar rehta hun.. I'm just used to of winning.. That's it "

" magar main koi khilona ya koi trophy nahi hun Armaan jise tumne jeet liya main bhi ek insaan hun jiski feelings hain emotions hain.. Aur abhi hamari shaadi nahi hui hai..itna khush hone ki koi jarurat nahi hai.."

He suddenly tighten his hold on her waist making her gasp a little " kya tum mujhe challenge kar rahi ho Ridhhima.. oh i just love challenges sweetheart.. I accept it.. ek din tum Vivek ko chhod kar mere paas aaogi... i promise..." Ridhhima looked into his eyes and she didn't knew why but looking into his cold grey eyes a strange fear crept in her heart... She felt as if Vivek was slipping away from her hands.. She suddenly jerked herself away from him... Thankfully noone noticed and she ran outside... Armaan stood there watching her go and a small smile crept on his face..

" you made an impact man " he said to herself.. Ridhhima walked out panting lightly the cool breeze helping her in calming down her ruffled nerves... But she sought assurance and quickly called Vivek he must be informed too...

" Haan Vivek main bol rahi hu... Haan main kisi tarah bahar aayi hun.. Abhi andar party chal rahi... Haan jaisa tumne kaha tha sab waisa hi kiya i'm now engaged to Armaan Malik.. Vivek tum kab aaoge... Main yahaan is musibat main fasti ja rahi hun...main Armaan se shaadi nahi karna chahti... Plz vivek..."

" Ridhhima meri baat samajhne ki koshish karo... main jald se jald aane ki koshish karunga magar mujhe thoda waqt do maine tumhe bataya tha naa, meri majburi hai Ridhhima... I know Ridhhima tum ghabrao mat main tumhe kisi aur ki hone nahi dunga..."

Suddenly someone snatched away the phone from Ridhhima she turned and saw that it was Armaan " Vivek..." He was definitely taken aback hearing his strong voice, he was not expecting that Armaan would be there... " it's me Armaan.. Armaan Malik aur mujhe ghuma fira kar baat karna nahi aata isliye seedhe aur saaf shabdo main keh raha hun... Ridhhima ka khayal bhi apne dimaag se nikaal do she is MY fiancee and wife to be... aur haan agar aienda usse baat karne ki koshish bhi ki to main wahin aa kar tumhari taange tod dunga... Aur wo to sirf trailor hoga.. Aage tum khud samajhdar ho.. Samjhe..." he roared angrily

Ridhhima was utterly shocked hearing this .. This was totally new Armaan for her... he disconnected the phone and came to Ridhhima smiling as if nothing happened a sec. ago... Ridhhima was furious..

" Armaan tumhari himmat kaise hui Vivek se aise baat karne ki... Tum apne aap ko samajhte kya ho? Tum.."

" Hey guys tum log yahaan ho?? " It was Anjy...

" Hi Anjy hum bas andar hi aa rahe the wo Ridhhima ke friend ka phone aa gaya tha to bas usi se baat ho rahi thi.."

" Achha kiska ?? "

" Umm kya naam tha Ridhhima ? " he keept a hand on her shoulder and pulled her closer.. " Oh haan Vivek.."

" Oh Vivek ! itne din ho gaye usse baat nahi hui Ridzy tune use shaadi main bulaya hai ki nahi..." Ridhhima was feeling uneasy in his grip but Armaan didn't let go of her and kept on grinning...

" Di chaliye main aapke sath chalti hun.."

" Oh come on Ridhhima i'm sure Anjy won't mind after all ab to hamari engagement bhi ho gayi hai " he smiled at Anjy " right Anjy..."

" Yeah whatever... Ab tum log apna romance khatam karke thoda jaldi aao mum dad khaane par wait ker rahe hain..." She shook her head and went away smiling

" nahi di... Dii wo.." But Anjy just went away...

" kya yaar Ridhhima tumse jyada samajhdar to tumhari behan hai..."

" Huuh " she freed herself from his grip... " Duur raho mujhse Armaan Malik..." And went inside fuming with anger... Armaan just stood there grinning at her...

"Kab tak bhagogi Ridhhima..." And he too started to walk towards the hall.. Smiling to himself...


" Rain rain hard it came

Cabinet was open in it came

Bathed computer's hard disk

Everything went plain

Crying badly for days i was

Paid 5000 tough to part

All for u people and this 30th part..."

totally original recipe..Big smile LOL

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                                                   Taming the wild


Precap : Armaan Ridhhima go for shopping.. Armaan threatens Sapna to stay away from his matters... Ridhhima and Vivek hatch a plan to cancel the wedding...Armaan and ridhhima get engaged


Niki returned back to Delhi... confused dazed... Totally clueless what future held for her... She still could not muster up enough courage to tell Armaan what happened... She was too much in pain with the fact that he didn't love her... And how stupid she was that she assumed everything without even bothering to know whether the feeling was mutual or not...

She stood by the mirror lost in her thoughts ,deciding the dress to wear for the evening, she was going out with Abhimanyu as he had asked her out ... With the permission of her parents ,who obviously had no objections...

Sighing she drops the dress and herself on the bed legs dangling hands spread aside ,her thoughts were interrupted with the ring of her cell phone... Without bothering to look at the name she picked it up

" Hey niki " spoke the voice without waiting for her hello

" Kaun ?? Armaan ?? "

" Yup the one and only, waise badi hairani ki baat hai tumhe mera naam yaad hai ? "

Thousand thoughts flooded her mind words chocked in her throat and eyes became moist

" tumhe main bhul sakti hun kabhi ? "

" to phir Delhi aa gayi aur bataya bhi nahi..."

" main bas tumhe call karne hi waali thi " she lied trying to overcome her guilt of not calling him for days

" Haan haan pata hai.. achha aunty yeh kya keh rahi thi ki koi bahut badi baat batani hai...?? Kya hua ?? "

" Mummy ne ?? Kya bataya mummy ne ?? " Her heartbeat rose

" Offoh dumbo agar wo mujhe bata deti to main puchta kya ?? I think you got a big contract... haan i know you got that partnership you were after.. Kyun hai naa ?! "

" Partnership..?! haan kuch waisa hi..."

" Waisa hi ?! Matlab ?? "

" K..kuch nahi "

" Achha chal leave it... Tell me hum mil kab rahe hain.." Then he added in somewhat softer tone.. " Bahut saari baatein karni hain... I missed you so much... aur Niki ki bachhi you missed my engagement too... Ab to milna padega aur wo bhi aaj hi warna... warna main naraaz ho jaunga..."

" Armaan... Armaan main.. Main abhi tumse nahi mil sakti..."

" Kyun ?? "

" Main.. wo.. Armaan meri tabiyat theek nahi hai... mere sar main dard hai..."

" Kya yaar Niki.. I wanted to meet you so badly..."

" Hum.. Hum phir kabhi mil lenge plz. Armaan..."

" Niki kahin tum mujhe avoid to nahi kar rahi naa..? "

Niki was speechless for a moment " Armaan.. Main.."

" cmmon it's Okay... Just kidding.. Dekh iss baar jaane deta hun.. But hum kal mil rahe hain... You decide the place hum lunch par chalte hain.. No excuses ! "

It was getting hard for Niki to control herself anymore...

" Armaan.. Armaan theek hai ab main rakhti hun.. Mere... Mere sar main dard hai... Bye..."

Armaan was surprised at her behavior but decided to give her some time thinking may be she was feeling really unwell...

Niki now lay on the bed no more crying, she had cried so much that the tear stock it seemed had ran out... There was a knock at the door and her mother walked in

" Niki kya kar rahe ho beta ? "

" Kuch nahi mumma bas aise hi "

" Achha Abhi ka phone aaya tha keh raha tha wo 8 baje aayega dinner par le jaane ke liye to tum tayar rehna " her smiled and kissing her head lovingly went away

At night

Niki dressed up simply in a beautiful dress that ended just below her knees she wore minimum jewellery and yet looked very beautiful...

" hello aunty kaisi hai aap ? "

" main theek hun beta " her mother welcomed him lovingly " Niki bas aati hi hogi..." Abhi chatted with her parents and in the mean while Niki came down...

" lo Niki aa gayi.. Aao beta abhi kabse tumhara wait kar raha hai " her father said

Abhi turned and was stunned to see such beauty before him, he smiled seeing her he could see the pain and efforts she was making to look normal 'she is missing that bloody Armaan...' " chalein " he smiled and presented her a bouquet of flowers which she took smilingly...

Taking leave from parents they started off for the restaurant... she was bit happy and surprised that everything was according to her liking and for first time in days she felt bit relaxed Abhimanyu did small talk throughout the evening mainly trying to know about her and telling about him too she could see that he was trying to cheer her up and in her heart she felt grateful to him for being so understanding...

They were halfway through dinner when Abhi spoke up...

" Niki.. Tum is rishte se khush to ho naa ? "

Niki was bit taken aback with this sudden question.. She paused for a moment then thinking something spoke up " haan Abhi main khush hun.. Tum aise kyun puch rahe ho ? "

She was conscious of his gaze now

" kyunki tum pehle jaise hasti muskurati nahi... Kya iski wajah Armaan hai ? " she didn't reply ,he continued " sach kahun to main hairan ho gaya tha yeh jaan kar ki tumne is rishte ki liye haan keh di hai.. "

" tumne yeh rishta kyun bheja abhi ? " she cut him in between now it was his turn to be surprised he was expecting this question but not at this moment...but he was ready she continued " yeh jaante hue bhi ki main Armaan ko chahti hun "

He sighed and put his hand over her holding it firmly yet gently " Niki sach kahun to main tumhe usi din se pasand karne laga tha jab hum pehli baar takraye the... Phir hamari kismat hamein baar baar milati rahi aur jab tum party main aayi to mere dil ne kaha ki yeh ishara hai ki we are meant to be together... Main jaanta tha ki tum Armaan ko chahti ho magar main bina koshish kiye haar nahi maanna chahta tha isliye main mom dad ko tumhare ghar bheja... Aur Niki jaisa tumne kaha ki tum Armaan ko chahti ho magar main tumse pyaar karta hun Niki... Magar.. ! " he paused and she gave him questioning look

" Magar " she asked

" magar tumne is rishte ke liye haan kyun kaha.. Agar tum chahti to tum iske liye manaa bhi kar sakti thi.. "

She thought for a moment and said " haan kar sakti thi... Magar wo kehte hai naa ki pyaar usse karo jo tumse pyaar kare, shayad tumhara pyaar mere pyaar se kahin jyaada tha jo mujhe kheench laaya..aur phir mom dad bhi tumhe bahut pasand karte hain.. Mere liye unki khushi sabse jyaada mayene rakhti hai.. "

" magar Armaan ? "

" Armaan mera past tha Abhi wo abhi bhi mera dost hai aur isse jyada main filhaal kuch nahi kehna chahti.. Lekin itna zarur kahungi ki main apna rishta puri imandari ke sath nibhaungi.. Armaan hamare beech kabhi nahi aayega.. "

Abhi smirked inwardly though he was bit confused still he thought to drop the topic for now, he so wished to see Armaan's face right now seeing Niki with him... rest of the dinner went uneventfully and they came out to go back... They were in the reception area when Abhimanyu excused himself to attend a call...

" Niki ?! " she turned to see who it was and her eyes widened when she saw him there " Niki tum yahaan ? "

" Armaan tum.. Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho ? " she was worried now

" main yahaan kuch doston ke sath aaya tha tum yahaan kiske sath aayi ho ? Tumhari to tabiyat theek nahi thi naa " she could sense certain edge in his voice

" main wo.. Wo main..." she fumbled for words

" Abhimanyu Modi ke sath aayi ho hai naa " her eyes widened ,so he had seen her with him... This was not how she wanted him to come to know of it... They were arch rivals

she lowered her eyes not knowing what to say...

" Niki tumhe is baat ka zara bhi andaaza hai ki wo kis tarah ka aadmi hai.. Niki wo tumhara fayeda utha sakta hai... Keep away from him... Chalo mere sath koi zarurat nahi hai uske sath kahin jaane ki " he held her hand and started to walk away

" Armaan... Armaan ruko plz. main tumhare sath nahi jaa sakti " he stopped at his tracks and turned to look at her

" What ? Why ?? "

" Armaan plz main tumhe baad main sab kuch nata dungi par plz abhi tum jao " she pleaded worried how they will react seeing each other

" kyun Niki ?? Why are ypu doing this ? Tumhe ho kya gaya hai ? Pehle jab maine tumhe bulaya to tumne bahana bana diya... Itne dino se koi baat nahi ki why are you avoiding me ?? aur aaj.. Aaj tum Modi ke sath... Tum jaanti ho na he is my rival..." he was getting angry by every minute... A pair off eyes watched them...

" Armaan plz. Wo itna bhi bura nahi hai "

" oh to ab tum usko mujhse jyaada jaanti ho... That's great.. Main kuch sunna nahi chahta tum uske sath nahi ja sakti bas " he again pulled her by her hand

" Armaan plz chhodo mujhe yeh meri life hai aur main apne decisions khud le sakti hun " she pulled her hand away " wo sirf mujhe mere ghar drop kar raha hai "

" achha to ab tum itni samajhdar ho gayi... Chup chap chalo.."

" ek minute Mr.Armaan Malik leave her right now " it was Abhimanyu

" you stay out of it Modi " both men walked towards each other ready to kill... Niki was scared seeing it

" Armaan - Abhi plz. Stop it "

" ek minute Niki Mr.Malik ko kuch galatfehmi hai wo duur karni hai "

" galatfehmi mujhe nahi tumhe hai.. Niki tumharae sath nahi jayegi.. chalo Niki " he didn't break the eye contact with Modi, Niki didn't move " Niki ?! " he was surprised

" Niki nahi jayegi " Abhi said smiling arrogantly

" Niki ? " Armaan called again

" Armaan plz tum jao yahaan se main tumhare sath nahi ja sakti "

" magar kyun Niki ? Why ?? Cmmon speak up ! Ab yeh Modi tumhare liye mujhse jyada jaruri ho gaya ? Kyun Niki why are yoi doing this ? " he shook her by her shoulders

She could no longer keep quiet and yelled out " because i'm engaged to him.. Shaadi hone waali hai meri abhi ke sath " Armaan stood there speechless... shocked...

" what ?! No... This can't be true... Tum... Tum aur yeh... Kyun Niki ?? Why ?!! Kab ? Kaise ?? "

" main... " she could not speak anything tears rolled down her cheeks

" aisi kya majburi thi Niki... Cmmon Niki tumne mujhe yeh pehle kyun nahi bataya.. bolo Niki "

Niki gathered herself while Modi just stood and watched their confrontation " mere paas tumhare is kyun ka koi jawaab nahi hai.. Aur maine kisi majburi main iss shaadi ke liye haan nahi kaha yeh meri apni marzi Hai kyunki main Abhi se pyaar karti hun tumse nahi samjhe " both Abhi and Armaan were surprised to hear her, Armaan stood rooted staring at her face..

" what ?! " he whispered out " you have betrayed me Niki... You have betrayed our relationship..." but seeing her determined face he backed off " oh so you have decided.. Fine Ms. Nikita Malhotra agar tumhara yahi faisla hai to mera faisla bhi sun lo... Main aaj abhi tumse saare rishte todta hun... Just forget ki tumhari zindagi main Armaan naam ka koi inssan bhi tha " he turned and started moving

" Armaan plz. " Niki rushed and grabbed his arm

" no Ms.Nikita you have made yourself very clear.." he shrugged off her arm " gudbye nayi zindagi bahut bahut mubarak ho " and giving a last look to both of them he left... Niki stood there watching him go rooted at the spot tears flowing freely, throat choaked Abhimanyu came up to her and put a hand on her shoulder..

" ghar chalo Niki " then without knowing she turned and hugged him ,now crying freely in his arms she lost Armaan forever today... he patted her back but said nothing...

Abhimanyu came home with Niki

" aa gaye aap log beta " Niki's mother welcomed them

" hello aunty hello uncle.. Uncle wo actually main aapse kuch baat karna chahta tha.."

" haan beta bolo "

" uncle main chahta hun ki yeh shaadi jald se jald ho jaye by next week.. Har haal main " everybody was surprised hearing it

" beta itni jaldi... Magar achanak yeh faisla "

" nahi uncle achanak nahi maine iss baare main bahut soch samajh kar faisla liya hai... Aur Niki ko bhi is faisle se koi aitraaz nahi hai.."

They looked at her she just stood there with her head bowed they understood " well theek hai agar tum dono ka yahi faisla hai to bhala hamein kya aitraz ho sakta hai.. Jo shaadi ek hafte baad honi thi wo ek hafte pehle ho jayegi bas " they smiled at them " main kal hi aa kar aapke papa se baat kar leta hun "

" thanks uncle main ab chalta hun.. Kaafi daer ho gayi hai.."

Niki came out to see him off and as he was about to sit in the car she asked " Abhi.. hamari to aisi koi baat nahi hui thi... Tum shaadi ke liye itni jaldi kyunn kar rahe ho ? "

He came close to her and held her hand softly " wo isliye kyunki aaj jo hua main chahta hun ki tum use bhul jao... Main nahi chahta ki tum Armaan ko yaad karo ya use yaad karke aansoo bahao... Main wohi Niki chahta hun jo hasti thi muskurati thi... I want the same bubbly cheery Niki back... Itna to de sakti ho mujhe " he looked at her Niki gave a teary smile to him and nodded " that's like my good girl.. Now no more crying go and take rest... Goodnight "

As he drove off he laughed out happily.. " ohhh Abhi you are too good man.. Too good... aadha jhatka to de diya hai Armaan ko ab pura tab ho jayega jab main Niki se shaadi kar lunga aur phir... Hahaha Armaan Malik tum bahut pachtaoge ,i'm gonna hit you where it will hurt the most " his face hardened

The next day Armaan called Niki he couldn't sleep all night... He knew something was wrong... Abhimanyu was a very calculative person wo aise hi Niki se shaadi nahi kar raha koi na koi wajah to jarur hai... He must protect Niki from him... He must talk her out of it

" Niki kyun kiya tumne aisa itni badi baat ho gayi aur tumne mujhe ek hint tak nahi di.. Kya main itna paraya ho gaya Niki ? "

" Armaan tum paraye nahi ho you will always be my... Best friend.. Jab yeh hua... The engagement... Tab main nahi jaanti thi ki yeh wohi Abhimanyu hai "

" magar ab to jaanti naa, i know kal tumne jhoot bola tha you don't love him naa... Plz bolo Niki ?! "

" Armaan plz... Ab kuch nahi ho sakta... Sab tumhari tarah nahi hote Armaan jinhe wo chaahe unhe wo mil jaaye.. Aur pyaar ka kya hai wo to shaadi ke baad bhi ho sakta hai naa "

" cmmon Niki how can you say that i know tum kisi se pyaar karti ho... Just tell me his name uncle aunty ki tum fikar mat karo main unhe manaa lunga... You just tell me his name i will take care of the rest "

" aisa nahi ho sakta Armaan.. In sabka koi fayeda nahi hai meri majboori samjho Armaan "

" aisi kya majboori hai Niki ! That you have to marry this man... Tum apna pyaar bhul gayi " his temper rising

" main kuch nahi bhuli Armaan magar shayaad jo mere liye pyaar tha wo uske liye kabhi tha hi nahi he doesn't love me , usne kabhi mujhse pyaar nahi kiya wo meri galatfehmi thi "

" Niki how can you give up so soon aur iska matlab yeh to nahi ki tum kisi se bhi shaadi kar lo "

" Armaan main is baare main aur baat nahi karna chahti kuch dino main meri shaadi hai aur Abhi itna bura nahi hai jitna tum sochte ho ,yeh jaante hue bhi ki main kisi aur ko chahti hun wo mujse utna hi pyaar karta hai.. Aur ab main puraani baatein bhul kar nayee shuruat karna chahti hun... I hope tum mere sabse achhe dost hone ke naate is faisle main mera sath doge "

Armaan went quiet for a while " agar tumhara yahi faisla hai Niki to I guess ki tumhe apni nayee shuruat apne dost ke bina hi karni padegi...goodbye Niki " he disconnected the phone a tear rolled down his eye which he wiped off immediately face hardening...

" maine faisla kar liya hai Niki I won't cry and i will forget you "

Two three days passed by and no one could say looking at his face that he lost a dear friend he was excellent when it comes to hiding his pain... No matter how he felt inside he never let anyone know about it he was his normal self the same old chirpy Armaan

As the engagement was done and Armaan was on seventh heaven one major hurdle was crossed... He felt much more confident that the trouble named Vivek could be taken care of easily... He had sworn that he will not get effected with Niki and Abhimanyu's incident... She had made her choice clear... And he cares a damn about her now... Time will teach her a lesson.. He has other matters of his own to take care of...

He shook his head diverting his thoughts and started whistling while getting dressed... After all it was his first official date with Ridhhima after the engagement... He winked at himself in the mirror...

" you look dashing man.." and ran downstairs, " bye guys.. " waving hurriedly to Muskaan and his father sitting in the hall...

" oye ruk main bhi aa rahi hun.." said Muski getting up with Maria's help

" what ?! Excuse me Muski but you know naa main kahan aur kiske sath jaa raha hun ? "

" haan haan pata hai , mujhe Ridhhima se kuch kaam hai stupid tailor ne kuch gadbad kar di hai... Pehle hum mall jayenge phir tu uske sath chale jaana Rahul mujhe pick kar lega "

" but Muskiii... Yaar " he whined

" Armaaan " Virendra glared at him " do as she says, usko pareshan mat karo "

He sighed and whispered " all right but yeh sirf mere nephew ya neice ke liye.. okay "

" awww shoo shweet " she pulled his cheeks

" Muskkkiii " rubbing his cheek they started off to Gupta house...

He quietly came and stood behind Padma who was busy setting flowers in the vase.. He held her by her shoulders and shook her suddenly

" boo ! "

" aaahh " and seeing her scared he laughed out loud hugging her

" ohh my kya yaar ma.. Bas itne se darr gaye.. "

" Armaan badmash " she hit him on his shoulder feeling relieved after knowing who it was " aise karta hai kya koi ,abhi mujhe heart attack aa jata " Muski joined her in hitting him

" heey aww ouch ... Ladiess.. Bas yaar "

" aunty bas pucho mat yeh hai hi thoda paagal " Padma hugged Muski lovingly

" yaar ek to maara aur upar se.. Main to itna khush khush aa raha tha aapse milne aur aap bas.. " making a face

" mujhe achhi tarah se pata hai kaun kisse ' khushi khushi ' milne aaya hai " Padma teased him and he grinned sheepishly knowing very well that she was right...

They took leave and drove off to the mall Armaan kept looking at Ridhhima who was sitting next to her... Ridhhima was on the other hand trying to act as much normal as she can diverting her mind from Armaan's gaze.. She could make out from the smile on his face that he was really happy... Finally they reached the boutique..

He pulled Muski aside " Muski agar dus minute se jyada lagaye naa to main bhai ko bol dunga ki you threw away your iron tablets.."

Muski opened her mouth in surprise " khotte tu mujhe blackmail kar kar raha hai ? "

" good yaar Muski... Kitni jaldi baat samajh aa gayi "

" dekh lungi main tujhe.. Mera bhi time aayega bachhu "

" haan haan dekh lenge.. Ab jaldi jao aur bahut jaldi wapas aao " Muski huffed and stomped on his feet making him dance on one leg.. He stood outside as he flatly refused to go to ladies tailoring section...

Ridhhima came out after trying her dresses when she bumped into someone..

" oh i'm sorry "

" it's ok " and then she saw who it was

" Niki !? Tum ? "

" h..hi Ridhhima.. "

" Niki kahan thi tum ? Main tumse kabse milna chahti thi "

" haan bolo naa.. Wo actually main yahaan nahi thi... I was in Banglore kal hi aayi hun.. Tum sunao.. How's everything ? " Niki tried to smile which didn't actually reach her eyes and Ridhhima knew why...

" Niki tum jaanti ho tumhari absence main kya hua hai ? Kya Armaan ne tumhe kuch bataya nahi ? "

" haan Ridhhima main jaanti hun... Oh how silly of me.. " she came forward and hugged Ridhhima " congratulations ! "

Ridhhima broke the hug and looked at her somewhat surprised.. " Niki you are congratulating me.. Are you okay with it ! Niki tum Armaan se pyaar karti ho naa ?! "

Niki was bit surprised hearing it from her she never told her then how come she knew it... " Ridhhima tumhe.. Tumse.. "

" main sab jaanti hun Niki.. Niki agar tum chaho to ab bhi..."

" Nahi nahi Ridhhima ! what are you saying.. ab kuch nahi ho sakta.. Aur aisa sochna bhi mat..."

" Lekin Niki tum Armaan se pyaar kerti ho agar tum logon ki koi ladayi hui hai to tum use solve karo usko samjhao... Kahin jaldbaazi main koi galat faisla.. "

" Nahi Ridhhima aisa kuch nahi hua bas wo.. Ab main tumhe kaise samjhaun " she sighed and spoke again " Armaan ne hamesha apne mann ki suni hai Ridhhima uske faisle itni asaani se badalte nahi.."

" Magar Niki tum apne pyaar ko aise hi kaise jaane dogi..? You have to fight.." she tried desperately to make her understand hoping against hope

" Mera pyaar.. Huh.. Nahi Ridhhima yeh meri galatfehmi thi... sach kahun to maine hamesha se hi Ammy ko chaaha hai... Pehle ek achhe dost ki tarah aur baad main shayad main hi iss dosti ko pyaar samajh baithi yeh meri hi galat fehmi thi... darasal hum itna ek dusre ke sath rahe ki kabhi yeh khayal hi nahi aaya ki hum alag bhi ho sakte hain.. Lekin Ridhhima Ammy ne mujhe kabhi ek achhe dost se jyada kuch samjha hi nahi... ek bahut achha dost... Maine hamesha yeh chaha ki main uski aankon main apne liye wo pyaar dekhun jo maine tumhareliye dekha hai...

Magar... Magar yeh ho nahi sakta... Usne mujhse kabhi pyaar kiya hi nahi..." a tear trickled down which she wiped off quickly " Main apni nayee zindagi ki shuruat karne jaa rahi hun.. Aur main yahi chahungi ki tum bhi apni nayee zindagi ki shiruat karo.. bina kisi darr ya shak ke... Armaan aur main sirf achhe dost the " She smiled at her...

" dost the ?! "

" haan kuch aisa hua ki shayad ab hamari dosti bhi nahi rahi.. Magar agar kabhi usko ya tumhe jarurat hui to main hamesha tumhare sath ek dost ki tarah khadi milungi... filhal to wo mujhse thoda naraz hai "

" magar hua kya Niki ? "

" tum yeh Armaan se puch lena ,i'm sure wo tumse kuch nahi chhupayega.. main chalti hun.. Mujhe kahin jaruri kaam se jaana hai.. magar ek baat kehna chahungi Armaan tumse bahut pyaar karta hai Ridhhima wo tumhe apne sar aankon par bitha kar rakhega... Aise bahut kam log hain jo uske itne kareeb aa paaye hain... wo un logon main se hai jo agar kisi ko chahte hain to uske liye kisi bhi hadd tak ja sakte hain.. Kuch bhi kar sakte hain " She sighed and pat her hand lovingly with a smile..

" Kya tum Armaan se nahi milogi ? "

" N..nahi Yeh sahi waqt nahi hai "

Ridhhima could sense that she was not comfertable and she sympathised with her in her heart but she could do nothing... For her.. Or for herself... For that matter...

Ridhhima's only hope of getting out of this marriage died off and her anger grew even more as she thought that Armaan broke off with Niki to marry her, her hatred grew even more... And she cursed him for destroying three lives...

" Ridhhima tum aur kitni daer..." Armaan came in calling her and saw Niki standing with Ridhhima,his jaw tightened ,quietly he walked towards them not breaking the eyelock with Niki who's eyes welled with tears almost pleading but Armaan's face hardened as if saying

' you know the condition.. It's either me or Modi '

He came near Ridhhima who was looking at both of them she could sense the tension between the two ,he held her hand firmly

" chalo hamein daer ho rahi hai " ignoring Niki he pulled Ridhhima out from there and she could barely utter a word... all she could see before leaving the room was teary eyed Niki standing there rooted.. speechless...

Armaan took her to a five star restaurant and there she got a royal welcome a beautiful bouquet of exotic flowers... A row of waiters for their service and a table with a magnificient view that she never belived could be there in a city like Delhi... She could see the importance Armaan got from the staff there a line of waiters stood there at some distance elegantly just to wait upon them... All he did was raise a finger and they came rushing ,the food was excellent music beautiful and everything was out of the world... just perfect romantic evening for the two lovers but the thing that was lacking and they could not provide was love...

" do you like it " he whispered in her ear... she looked at him he was smiling ,like a perfect gentleman he drew out tha chair for her and Ridhhima sat down... He bent down again " comfertable sweetheart ? " Ridhhima glared at him but he just smiled and took the chair opposite her

" tum aaj bahut sundar lag rahi ho " Ridhhima didn't reply the soft romantic music was playing " shall we dance ? "

" mujhe koi dance nahi karna " she said angrily

" okay no problem... Waise kaisi chal rahi hain shaadi ki tayarriyan ? Mujhse to aur intezaar nahi ho raha.. I'm dying for the day to come jab tum hamesha ke liye apne ghar aa jaogi "

" jyada khayali pulao mat pakao Armaan abhi bhi bahut kuch ho sakta hai waqt badalte daer nahi lagti "

" oh really ! " he chuckled and sipped his wine " waise you can taste it it's not poison you know.. " indicating her glass of wine

" i don't drink "

" ohh I see waise Ridhhima tumne kabhi apne baare main jyada bataya nahi... Chalo aaj sirf tumhari baatein karenge bolo sab kuch... main tumhare baare main jaanna chahta hun.. After all hamein apni saari zindagi sath bitani hai ek dusre ki pasand napasnd to pata honi chahiye naa "

" mujhe tumhe apni koi pasand napasnd nahi batani aur na hi tumhari koi pasand na pasand jaane ki ichha hai "

He laughed softly " okay meri Durgeshwari as you wish.. Just don't kill me "

" oh i really wish i could " Armaan laughed out hearing it

" oh you are funny Ridhhima .. Hamari khoob jamegi "

She cursed him under her breath and Armaan kept on talking to her asking questions telling about his experinces... people he knew... though she hardly gave reply to most of them, she could see that he seemed little subdued but didn't bothered to ask he didn't even gave cutting remarks about Vivek and her which was bit of a relief then out of the blue he asked her

" achha Ridhhima ek bahut zaruri baat to main puchhna bhul hi gaya tum honeymoon par kahan jaana chahti ho ? " he gave her a naughty smile

she glared at him " aise khwaab dekhna chhod do Armaan jo pure naa ho,.."

" mujhe apne khawaabon ko hakikat main badalna aata hai..."

they looked at each other one with love other with hatered

" kuch sapne kabhi pure nahi hote..."

" main apna koi sapna adhura nahi chhodta..." Their argument was interuppted when waiter came with the food... Ridhhima ate minimum and denied wine... Armaan for the rest of the evening kept indulging her in small talk... Not bringing up the topic of marriage or the honeymoon again...

" what happened with Niki...?? Tumne use chhod kyun diya "

he was not willing to talk about it but said " Kya Niki ne tumhe kuch nahi bataya... we had conflict of views... Use jo chahiye wo main use nahi de sakta aur jo main chahta hun uske liye wo tayar nahi..."

" haan usne bhi kuch aisa hi kaha... jiske sath wo rehna chahti hai wo uske liye tayar nahi aur.."

" Haan theek kaha usne jo wo chahti hai wo main use nahi de sakta aur jo main chahta hun uske liye wo tayar nahi..."

" Tum sirf apne baare main hi sochte ho naa Armaan.."

" Nahi main sirf apno ke baare main sochta hun..."

Ridhhima fell quiet hearing this they kept looking at each other each trying to understand the other, but Ridhhima could not make out anything from his face and his eyes.. His eyes seem to peirce straight into her heart she felt as if she could not hide anything from them... she felt weak and quickly broke the eyelock to compose herself...

" to tum chahte ho ki wo shaadi ke baad bhi tumse rishta rakhe..."

" Isme burayi hi kya hai..?? Main nahi chahta ki wo shaadi kare wo bhi tab jab main iss baat ke tayar nahi "

Ridhhima thinks that he is talking about extra marital affiair and Niki had denied it... And to save her so called marriage was telling lie that Armaan was just her best friend... she was despising Armaan more and more...

" tum uski zindagi bhi apne hisaab se chalaana chahte ho.. Dusron ki khushiyan tumhare liye koi maayne nahi rakhti naa ,You are disgusting Armaan ab wo tumhare saamne nahi hai to tum use bhul jaoge ? You are being unfaitful to her "

" main nahi bhulunga to waqt bhulwa dega... You will see.. Aur rahi baat faithful hone ki to saamne hona hi faithful hone ki nishaani nahi hai... Vivek bhi to tumhare saamne nahi hai tum kaise keh sakti ho ki he is faithful to you ? "

" Main Vivek ko jaanti hun wo aisa kabhi nahi karega he loves me... Wo tumhare jaisa nahi hai... I trust him..."

He gave a small sarcastic laugh... " Well ab tumhe iski jarurat nahi padegi... You are not going to see him any more..."

Ridhhima was both shocked and angry to hear it..

" We will see Mr.Armaan Malik..."

" Oh yes you will.." He looked straight into her eyes... It was like the practical version of if looks could kill

she recalled her encounter with Niki ,her words echoed in her mind ' wo tumse bahut pyaar karta hai 'she thought ' Tum nahi jaanti Niki ki yeh pyar sirf ek dikhawa hai... Yeh shaadi uske liye sirf ek khel hai uski ego ka sawaal hai aur main uski trophy... jise usne ghar par baaki sab cheezon ki tarah saja kar rakhna hai... Yeh shaadi nahi hai balki ek khel hai jisme agar kuch mayene rakhta hai to sirf har jeet.. Aur is baar main haar gayi.. Magar yeh khel abhi khatam nahi hua hai main tumko hara kar hi dum lungi tum mujhse shaadi kar ke mujh par apna adhikar nahi jama sakta... Main aisa kabhi nahi hone dungi... Main sirf aur sirf Vivek se pyaar karti hun... Aur usi ki ho kar rahungi...' her face hardened with determination...

In the car on the way back home... He was quiet and serious for most of the way and even she didn't try to talk and break the silence suddenly he spoke up

" Ridhhima... kya tum mujhe , hamare naye rishte ko ek mauka nahi de sakti main waada karta hun main tumhe itna khush rakhunga ki tum baaki sab bhul jaogi..." he spoke with all the sincerity in his voice

" Main tumhe koi mauka nahi dena chahti Armaan aur na hi kisi ko bhulna chahti hun..."

He kept on driving eyes fixed on the road... " Wo toh main jaanta hun.. Aur aisa nahi hai ki mujhe kuch pata nahi main yahaan hote hue bhi sabki khabar rakhta hun.."

Ridhhima looked at him worried.. ' Kya ise Vivek ke plan ke baare main pata hai..?? Nahi aise kaise ho sakta hai.. uske baare main to sirf mujhe ya Sapna ko pata hai...' She was deliberating in her mind when the car came to halt...

He went out and opened the door for her.. She got out still trying to figure out what he had said... Without saying or looking at him she started to walk towards the door...

" Waise Ridhhima.." She stopped and turned... " Tumhare liye ek surprise hai..." She looked at him questioningly... " Don't worry tum sun kar uchhal padogi..." She was still confused.. " Ab jao na maa tumhe sab bata dengi..." He winked at her and giving his dimpled smile drove away... Leaving her standing there confused she entered the house with beating heart wondering what's going to come up next...

She entered the house and saw her parents sitting in the hall waiting for her...

" arre Ridhhima aa gaye beta... How was the evening ? " Padma asked her lovingly " aur Armaan wo nahi aaya ? "

It really irritated her , her mother was now more concerened about him.. She plastered a fake smile " nahi maa usko kuch kaam tha isliye wo chala gaya..."

" oh koi baat nahi achha tumhe ek baat batani thi.."

" Kya ? " her heartbeat rose thinking about his so called surprise

" wo aaj bhai saab ka phone aaya tha wo keh rahe the ki pandit ji se unki baat hui thi aur unhone kaha hai ki kuch graho ki dasha ki wajah se shaadi ki date change karni pad rahi hai.."

Ridhhima felt relieved hearing it the postponement will buy Vivek some more time.. Shashank continued

" haan wo kya hai naa.." he looked at Padma ,Ridhhima thought that they were thinking that she will be disappointed with the postponement but she was glad about it she asked

" kya papa ? "

To her surprise they smiled " wo kya hai ki pandit ji ne kaha hai ki shaadi thodi jaldi karni hogi... Aur isliye shaadi next month nahi... isi mahine hogi !! " and both of them hugged her happily she was on the other hand left stunned...

" so this was the bloody surprise he was talking about " she thought miserably...


                                Taming the wild

Precap : Armaan and Niki confrontation... Armaan breaks all ties with Niki... Goes on a date with Ridhhima and gives her a surprise.. No shock... Wedding is preponed...


Ridhhima stood there rooted whereas Padma and Shashank were obviously excited their second daughter is going to get married soon...

" Oh Ridhhi i'm so happy beta..." this was all she could gather of her parents conversation she somehow managed to come back to her room and her senses... She was completely dumbstruck... she fell on her bed and cried her heart out...

Both the families started the preparation of wedding at war scale... Ridhhima was bit glad as it didn't gave her time enough to feel sad... Armaan called her everyday but she hardly talked to him... Sometimes when some one was around she talked to him just for the courtesy sake...

On one such occasion when she banged the phone he sighed

" main jaanta hun Ridhhima tum kaisa mehsoos kar rahi ho magar ek baar shaadi ho jaane do sab theek ho jaayega... I promise " He kissed the phone and went back to his work

while he was working on his laptop Rahul came in all dressed up...

" Armaan yeh kya ? tu abhi tak yahin baitha hai chal tayar ho chalna nahi hai kya ??

" chalna hai ? Kahan ?? "

" kya baat kar raha hai tujhe pata nahi aaj Niki ki shaadi hai.. Papa ne bataya nahi ? "

" haan bataya hoga mujhe yaad nahi.. " he said carelessly eyes still glued to the screen

" to ab chal uth naa "

" main nahi ja raha bhai aap chale jao.. "

" Armaaan pagal ho gaya hai kya ?? Tune suna nahi ? Aaj Niki ki shaadi hai Niki ki !! "

" jaanta hun bhai... Magar main nahi jaa raha.. Aur Niki ko pata hai ki main nahi aaunga.." Rahul looked puzzled and was about to ask something " plz bhai ab aur kuch mat kehna main nahi jaa raha... Plz don't force me "

Seeing his resolute face Rahul gave up sighing... Making a mental note to ask him later he turned to go

" bhai ek minute " he got up and went to his walk in wardrobe he came back few moments later with a small square box wrapped " yeh.. Niki ko de dena... aur.. Aur... " he went quiet as if contemplating whether to say it or not " bas aur kuch nahi.. " saying this he went back to his work

Rahul looked at him standing there for a moment but then shaking his head he moved out

Finally the day of Armaan and Ridhhima's wedding came near media went berserk to catch a glimpse of the lucky girl who stole the heart of most eligible bachelor of the country everyday the Malik spokesperson was flooded with requests of an interview or a glimpse of the place where the marriage was suppose to take place... The security was too tight and everything was taken care of to the core...

A big resort was completely booked both bride and groom side were present there as all the ceremonies were to be done there itself... Rahul Muskaan handled everything not to forget Rajat and Aditya were there too for their help... The girl cousins were super excited to meet the hot handsome friends ,and cousins of their jiju and so was the boys they found it a perfect ground for meeting their dream girl.. Rajat was quiet popular among them...

aunties, massi ji's chachi ji's, mami ji's all were looking and trying their best to look best and to hide their real age... Each and everything was made available to the guests in the resort the best hotels were booked after all it was Malik's wedding... The wedding of the millennium... apart from these Anjy was basking in the glory being the bride's sister and that too newly wed she was looking stunning but of course Ridhhima stole the show she was looking outstanding amongst all... Even though she was sad from inside their was a glow on her face, which gave her a magical charm... Padma did few rituals to guard off the evil eye from her darling daughter... Twice a day... since all the guests arrived ,she was one hell of a concerned mother...

It was just two days left for the wedding it was sangeet ceremony today

Armaan came in the room with Rajat and Aditya all chirpy " bhai bhai.."

" haan kya hua ? "

" hua nahi hona hai " Rajat said

" kya hona hai ?? Kuch bologe bhi " Rahul asked again

" dance bhai dance !! "

" kyun ab tum log dance bhi karoge shaadi main kar lena aur usse pehle bhi bahut function hai "

" ohho bhai hamare yahaan nahi unke yahaan " Armaan said

" unke yahaan ?? " Rahul asked still confused

" haan bhaiyaa Ridhhima bhabhi ke yahaan... Aaj to sangeet ceremony hai naaa "

" ohh i see to tum itna kyun uchhal rahe ho wo ladkiyon ka function hota hai boys are not allowed there "

" achha bhai yeh kya baat hoti hai jab apni shaadi thi to mujhe to bada kheench kar le gaye the Muski ko dekhne ab meri shaadi main sharafat soojh rahi hai " Armaan pouted

" arre jhute main kab le gaya tha ? "

" bulaun phir Muski ko... Puuch lena ki gaye the ki nahi ? "

" achha baba theek hai le gaya tha khush ab tum mujhse kya chahte ho ?? "

All three smiled giving a devil smile " hamein bhi function dekhna hai "

" whaaat ??!! Pagal ho gaye ho kya tum sab ? Function dekhna hai " he mimicked them " saalon itni chapplein padengi naa ki apni body ke function bhul jaoge "

Just then Muski came out of the washroom " kya hua kyun chilla raha hai mere bachhe par ?? "

" Muskaan yeh bachha nahi shaitaan hai shaitaan... Sun le apne laadle ki demand ,janaab ko Ridhhima ke yahaan ladkiyon ka sangeet function dekhna hai "

" haan to kya hua dikha de naa " Armaan and others eyes lit up whereas Rahul looked shocked

" kya ??! "

" haan aur khotte tu apna time bhul gaya tab to bada hero ban kar pahunch gaya tha ab kya saari hawaa nikal gayi... Chotte bhai ke liye itna nahi kar sakta...huh... " he still looked reluctant " theek hai agar tu nahi kar sakta to main kar deti hun " Muski knew this trick would never fail

" nahiii... nahi iski koi zarurat nahi hai tu bas baith aur aaraam kar main dekhta hun main kya kar sakta hun..."

" yeeeaaahhh " all of the boys jumped and ran with wide open arms, Rahul opened his arm expecting a hug from them but they all walked right past him and hugged Muski instead

" saale matlabi " he mumbled but couldn't help his smile seeing all of them hugging Muski

They all secretly went to girls side ducking from parents and relatives and saw Ridhhima sitting in the center hands and legs covered with mehndi smiling enjoying the dance being performed by her cousins even Anjy was there and they got a company as even Atul joined them in their plan

all the girls were singing and dancing but Armaans eyes were fixed on Ridhhima

Somehow even Ridhhima too felt something as if someone is watching her and then she saw Armaan standing behind a pillar gazing at her unblinkingly... none spoke but their eyes conveyed everything

As the song on which the girls were dancing ended she again looked at the place where Armaan was standing but could not find him anywhere she sighed relieved thinking that he had gone and again got busy with others...

As the mehndi got completed she was taken back to the room for some rest tomorrow was going to be the big day and she won't get any time to rest...Ridhhima sat in the room looking at her mehndi she could see the tiny Armaan written on her palm she didn't cry... She was just too tired she had decided not to cry any more... But even after trying her best she wondered where the water in her eyes came from... She remembered her conversation with Vivek few days back...

" Ridhhima tum iss shaadi se manaa kar do tum Armaan se shaadi nahi kar sakti "

" theek hai main tayar hun Vivek main to engagement bhi nahi karna chahti thi magar tumhare kehne par maine wo bhi kari ab main yeh shaadi nahi karna chahti hum mil kar dad ko sab sach bata dete hain..."

" Kya baat kar rahi ho Ridhhima tum sab kuch jaanti ho phir bhi aisa keh rahi ho... Tum jaanti ho mera abhi wahaan aana kitna mushkil hai magar tum fikar mat karo tumhari shaadi se pehle hi main wahaan hounga..."

" jaldi aana Vivek main tumhare sath ke bina koi baat nahi kar paungi... apni zindagi ka itna bada faisla main tumhare bina akele kaise le sakti hun... Main papa se hamare baare main kya kahungi jab tum hi mere sath nahi honge..."

" Ridhhimaa... Tum fikar mat karo ab Armaan hamara kuch bigaad nahi paayega... sab theek ho jayega... just remember one thing i love you..."

and on that day she slept peacefully after so many days it was just the day before he gave her the shock of preponed wedding... She tried to contact him but he was sent to a disaster area which was hit by a terrible snow storm and the contact there was impossible they had no idea when the storm will subside and the team will be back atleast a weak was minimum... A week !! Agar shaadi postpone nahi hui hoti to phir bhi ek umeed thi uske aane ki magar ab..??

She cried so much that day... He didn't even knew that the wedding was preponed by a week... she was trapped... She was helpless... Nature played villian this time... She sighed coming back to present with Anjy's voice

" Ridhhi thodi daer rest ker le... warna kal thak jaayegi sweety..." Anjy came near and kissed her cheek lovingly... " I'm going to miss you... Pata hi nahi chala kab meri chhoti si Ridhhi itni badi ho gayi ki ab wo apne sasural ja rahi hai..."

Ridhhima could hold her tears no longer she immediately hugged her and sobbed " oh di i'm going to miss you... I'm.. I'm..." She could say no more both sisters kept hugging each other in that moment of happy sadness...

Armaan was getting restless to meet Ridhhima after seeing her mehndi filled hands he wanted to look at them more closely and being Armaan he always found one reason or other to have a sneak peak at the bride's side... Sometimes for seeing Padma sometimes Shashank sometime Anjy or sometimes Atul... there was no dearth of people who could help him... Now as he saw ridhhima leaving he guessed she might be going to her room and secretly tried to sneak in but to his horror as he came out of his hiding he saw the gang of his salis

" Ohoo busted..."

" Jijjuu..!! Aap yahaan kya kar rahe ho..?? " One of them asked

He looked for support but Rahul Rajat Atul and Aditya seem to have vanish in thin air...

" Main wo.. Wo main..." He fumbled looking for some plausible excuse

" haan actually wo main bas apne room main jaa raha tha to hua yeh ki.. Ki haan nayee jagah hai naa to main raasta bhul gaya..." He grinned but seeing none of the salis joining him he knew that his reason was not accepted..

" Kya jiju koi to nayaa bahana banate pichle teen dino main aap 30 baar raasta bhule ho... Aur har baar aap Ridhhima di ke room ke aage hi kyun milte ho..? "

Armaan could find no answer so he gave up... " Achha achha theek hai...magar to kya hua wo meri hone waali wife hai... Meri sagai hui uske sath officially shaadi kar raha hun.. To kya main usse milne bhi nahi aa sakta... Aur main to bas yeh dekhne aaya tha ki sab theek hi ki nahi..." Now all the three saalis stood with arms folded looking at him narrowly...

He sighed " hey bhagwaan itni chalu saali kisi ko mat dena... Achha bolo kya chahiye tumhe... Mujhe Ridhhima se milna hai..."

All the faces lit up with mention of bribe and as a punishment they agrred that he not only had to part with money but had to buy them all loads of dresses... He sighed holding his ears never to mess with the salis again..!!

" Arre sali sahiba ab to mujhe mila do jiske liye itne rishwat deni padi hai..."

" Ohhh to tumhe Ridhhima se milna hai..." Suddenly Anjy came there with a stern face and folded hands seeing her stern face Armaan immediately nodded in a no...

Ridhhima came out of the shower she was alone in the room as Anjy went to meet Atul ,she was bit tired full of anxiety for the next day she sat in front of the mirror and sighed she started taking off her ear rings when her eyes fell on the mirror and she saw him...

Armaan stood there with his arms folded leaning on the wall smiling looking at her ,she turned and saw that it was indeed real she wasn't dreaming...

" Armaan ?! Tum.. Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho ? " She got up surprised

Seeing that she had noticed him His smile broadened saying nothing he just walked towards her... Ridhhima too stood up bit shocked and scared to be alone with him in a room and as he moved closer his intense gaze made her even more uneasy.. she didn't knew what to do...

He came and stopped very close to her... He brought his face forward so close to her that now his lips were inches away from her ear... Her heartbeat rose and she put her hands on his chest trying to stop him from coming any closer turning her face away, but Armaan held her hands firmly and whispered in her ear...

" Tumhare bina mera mann nahi lag raha tha... Ab kal pura din tum mujhe mil nahi paogi aur main tumhari mehndi ka rang dekhna chahta tha... isliye main tumse milne chala aaya..."

Ridhhima looked at him surprised ,he now stood straight still holding her hands near his heart she was about to say something when he said...

" Shhh Anjy hamein sun ya phir dekh rahi hogi try to show some love for your would be hubby... Usko rishwat de kar aaya hun... So smile..."

Ridhhima was conscious now... Though she could not see Anjy but could hear some gigles from outside she didn't wanted her to know about how the things were between her and Armaan... He was still looking at her intently...

" Ridhhima..." He put a finger under her chin and held her face up " tumse alag rehna ab mushkil hota ja raha hai..." He looked at her hands her mehndi was deep red brown colour " tumhe pata hai Muski ne kaha ki agar dulhan ki mehndi ka rang bahut gehra ho to uska pati usse bahut pyaar karta hai..." they both looked at eachother... " Tumhe pata hai naa..." He slowly raised her hands and bending his head a little he kissed both her palms... " Tum iss duniya ki sabse khoobsurat dulhan lagogi... Nahi... Iss duniya ki sabse khoobsurat dulhan ho..." Ridhhima kept looking at him she didn't tried to free herself her heartbeat was still erratic...

" Main pata nahi kabse tumhara apni zindagi main aane ka intezaar kar raha tha, Ab ja kar mera intezar khatam hoga... Aaj tumse ek waada karta hun abse tumhare saare dukh mere aur meri saari khushiyan tumhari... Main tumhare chehre par hamesha muskurahat rakhunga... Waada raha.. Bas ab kal ka din aur... Phir hum ek honge hamesha ke liye..."

Ridhhima stood speechless she was surprised seeing this Armaan... He smiled again at her surprised face and then left her hands he took her dupatta and very lovingly covered her head with it they kept looking at each other Armaan trying to convey all his love through his eyes and then he bend forward and gently kissed her forehead she gasped she wasn't expecting this...

He then gently let go of her face wich he held in his palms and started walking backwards smiling not moving his eyes from her... Ridhhima too kept looking at him stunned... And then with a wink he opened the door

" Kal milte hain... " and saying this he went out...

Ridhhima then turned and looked at herself in the mirror thinking what happened just a moment before.. And her hand automatically moved where he had kissed her ,her forehead her palms... And she was full of anger... With one swipe of her hand she threw away the things kept on the table and rubbed her forehead frantically trying to erase the imprint of his lips from there...

" This is never going to happen Armaan... Bhale hamari shaadi ho jaaye magar hum kabhi ek nahi ho sakte... Kabhi nahi..."

The morning came and with it came the most awaited day of Armaan's life... Today it was the Wedding...

The rituals started from the morning itself first with the haldi rasam... Ridhhima sat in the center of a big room surrounded with family and friends... Padma ,Anjy Sapna along with other relatives and cousins all were there... As Sapna placed some haldi on her cheeks they looked at each other and in just one look so much was conveyed Sapna knew what she was going through but still she platered a fake smile just for her sake she kept a hand over hers and gave her a small hug ridhhima smiled at her friends concern

" don't worry Ridhhi sab theek ho jayega... Apni nayee zindagi ki shuruat naye dhang se muskurate hue kar..." Ridhhima just nodded and gave a small smile...

On the other hand there was kind of riot going on in Armaan's haldi he was bathed in haldi and looked like a yellow monkey... Muski did the honours first being the darling bhabhi she was given priority in everything... Everybody teased him a lot and he wanted to crack the neck of Rajat Aditya and not to forget all those who were laughing at him and teasing him... And ladies they were all cooing over him like ' hayyyeee kinna sona lag raha hai...!! Kinnaa pyaara lag raha hai...!! The massi ji's and chachi ji's ufff !!

Muski had tied a thread around his neck to ward off the evil eye.. And did the nazar utaro abhiyaan thrice a day...!

It was now evening and time to announce their arrival at bride's... He wore an elegant sherwani and looked just out of the world... Just yummy... !! Muski put little kajal in his eyes and tied sehra ,he was all smile infact he was getting restless , BP ,Virendra ,Rahul the men of the household were all ready now and as they were ready to go there was a loud bang and all of armaans gang started dancing... even Muski shook legs but just little... Virendra and BP also could not contain their happiness and danced on the beats of the dhol... circling money and showering it...

On the other hand at Ridhhima's side...

Riddhima started dressing it was finallythe time where the countdown began for her to leave her parents her home her dear ones behind... it was -the wedding day... she was surrounded with her cousins Anjy Sapna and looked stunning in her wedding dress ,she had long before decided that she won't cry any more remembering Vivek she decided that she would do something else rather...

She was sitting in room all dressed up being teased by her cousins she plastered a small smile for show... when suddenly everyone squealed with delight hearing loud bangs of firecrackers and guns though she was expectimg it but her heart beat both stopped and ran erratically at the same time when she heard anjy shout...

" Baraat aa gayi...!! " She clenched her palms holding them together trying frantically to control her emotions...

Armaan entered the hall after being welcomed by Padma and a lot of teasing by salis he sat on a beautifully decorated stage looking majestic like a prince but something was amiss... He was waiting eagerly for his princess... Ridhhima

After meeting and tolerating some guests getting loads of pictures clicked he head a nice welcome music being played , there was a ripple of excitement among the guests and in his heart long before he had seen Ridhhima told him that she was coming...

Ridhima sat in a beautiful palki which looked like a peacock.. And was being carried by her brothers (cousins)... her head bowed down cheeks red and she looked stunningly beautiful infact Armaan fell short of all the adjectives to describe how she looked and he felt... His breath got stuck in his throat and it wasn't untill he got an elbow from Rahul that he stopped staring her...

She came and stood beside him he tried frantically to give attention to others but his heart kept on asking him to have one more look at her... He just couldn't keep his eyes off her...

Time kind of flew away and next he knew was that she stood before him as it was the time to exchange garlands... The varmala... Armaan's heart was doing somersaults and he was counting every moment till he can call Ridhhima to be formally his in each and every worldly sense...

After some teasing they exchanged the garlands and the hall erupted with cheers

As the time passed it was now time for pheras... Ridhhima came and sat next to Armaan... He was again knocked out at seeing such a beauty before his eyes... He looked at her not even blinking her hands full of beautiful chuda... Bangles... Her beautiful lehnga which added to her beauty, his chest swelled with pride and he felt being the luckiest person on the earth today... The cold added to the redness of her cheeks and she looked like a doll...

As pandit started the rituals he asked Shashank to give Ridhhima's hand in Armaan's hand.. As she kept her palms over his he covered hers with his other hand holding them gently yet firmly... Ridhhima looked at him feeling his touch, she had a perplexed look at her face whereas Armaan looked so relaxed and assured ,he gave a small smile and a gentle squeeze as if trying to convey that everything was okay he was there now... For her... Forever...

They got up for the pheras and in that auspicious time under the shade of stars with a beautiful silvery wintery moon Armaan and Ridhhima completed there pheras... Finally getting united in a bond of eternity of love and togetherness... Tears dropped freely from Padma and Shashank's eyes and to console them came forward BP and Virendra... Muski assured them that she will take care of her as her little sister and the teary part was then over everybody showered flower petals over the couple... The newly weds took blessings of all the elders who wished them best for their coming life...

now came another tough part for Armaan who was getting restless to take Ridhhima home... His SHOES were stolen by his dear salis... They flatly refused his request to give the shoes and demanded cash 21000/- Rs. Armaan's eyes lit up at their demand he quickly took out a wad of notes and gave them to the gang of saalis who were surprised at such quick action... He said he didn't wanted to see such beautiful faces sad... But those who knew him well gigled as they were aware of his restlessness... Salis on the other hand gladly brought his shoes back...

Everything was just great and now it was the time for bidai.. Shashank came to Armaan where he was standing with his friends talking

" Armaan beta tumse kuch baat karni thi .."

" Haan haan papa.. Guys just a moment please.." His friends left " haan papa kahiye naa "

" Armaan " he gets a bit serious " Armaan meri dono betiyaan meri jaan hain.. Magar Ridhhima hamesha mere dil ke jyada kareeb rahi hai.. Wo bahut bholi hai Armaan aur thodi nadaan bhi tum uska khayaal rakhna agar wo koi galti bhi kare to usko pyaar se samjha dena.. Wo chhoti chhoti baaton ko dil se laga leti hai uska gussa to bas do minute ka hota hai.. Wo dil ki bahut saaf hai beta tum uska khayaal rakhna..." Shashank looked at Armaan and folded his hands " apni jaan tumhe saup raha hun uski hifazat karna..."

Armaan cameup to him " papa aap yeh kya kar rahe hain plz. " He held his folded hands in his " Ridhhima ab meri zimmedari hai aur aapko yaad nahi maine aapse waada kiya tha uski aankh main ek aansun nahi aane dunga uski khushi mere liye sabse jaruri hai aur hamesha rahegi... Aapne to Ridhhima ke roop main meri life ki sabse badi khushi mujhe di hai main apna waada har haal main nibhaunga.." He held his hands firmly looking firmly in his eyes as if trying to convey that he meant each and every word he spoke.. Shashank nodded and hugged him tears fell from his eyes.. But he was happy too he was sure that his darling daughter is going to be happy but little did he knew what future had in store for her...

She sat in the car hugging everyone crying badly... It was the toughest part even the men were crying... Ridhhima sobbed as she hugged Padma Shashank Anjy... She was the sarling of the house and as she sat in the car no one could control the emotions and had tears flowing down their eyes freely... The whole journey to the house was made in silence Armaan tried to hold her hand but she drew it back he didn't say anything but simply took out his hankercheif and gave it to her... Ridhhima at first hesitated but then seeing that she needed it as she just could not hold her tears she took it Armaan smiled at this and sighed

" shhh bas Ridhhima ab ro mat... Dekho ghar aane hi waala hai... And don't worry hum kahin duur thodi jaa rahe hain tum jab chaho mummy papa se milne aa jaana..."

Ridhhima kept looking down but she somehow controlled herself... The fleet of cars entered Malik mansion at about 5:30 and Muskaan was ready at the door to welcome the bride and groom.. She did the aarti of the couple and Ridhhima entered the house pushing the vessal full of rice with her toe... Making red imprints of her feet as she stepped inside...

After a while of resting and jesting it was time for some fun a big deep plate was brought which was full of milky water both Armaan and Ridhhima sat opposite and Muski instructed them to find the ring which she was going to put in the plate... As the ring was sropped the game began

Armaan's eyes were glues to Ridhhima rather than on plate and his concentration was more on holding her fingers rather than the ring as a result out of three attempts he could find the ring only once... The girls side cheered whereas boys side started making excuses that they deliberately lost so that they don't feel bad... But in this whole riot the two who were completely quiet were Armaan and Ridhhima... He kept looking at her intently and she felt really uneasy shy and embarressed first among so many strange people and then of his intense gaze which she was well aware of...

it took all most two hours for the rituals.. Ridhhima's eyes were getting heavy with sleep she was damn tired and emotionally drained Armaan saw this and called muski aside...

" Muski "

" haan kya hua ? "

" Muski Ridhhima ko room main le jao and make her rest for a while wo kitni thaki hui lag rahi hai.. "

" kya baat hai... abhi se itni fikar, aage kya haal hoga... " she gigled

" Muski yaar taang mat kheench "

" achha baba achha waise main bas usko le kar ja hi rahi thi... Waise bhi abhi rest kar liya to kar liya warna baad main tooo... " she looked at him meaningfully

And it was now Armaans turn to feel embarressed " Muuusskiii !! " she just gigled and ruffling his hair went away...

Armaan too went off to take a nap only few family members and friends remained at home and they all retired to their rooms for rest... Meanwhile Armaan saw the oppertunity and went to check on Ridhhima it was almost four hours since he saw her the clock striked 10 and he quietly opened the door of the room where Ridhhima was sleeping he stopped in his tracks seeing her angelic face calm deep in slumber... He smiled and quietly came and sat beside her looking at her intently... Admiring her beauty...

He put away a strand of hair that fell on her face and again admired her... He sighed and just could not control himself he bent down and lightly kissed her head... The touch was magical he could not part with her and rested his lips a moment too long... Ridhhima on the other hand felt something warm and opened her eyes to her horror she saw armaan sitting too close to her and obviously she thought was trying to kiss her... She got up quickly

" tum.. Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho ?? " He didn't answer her question and said simply...

" Good morning princess... Main just tumhe dekhne aaya tha ki you are comfertable or not... And tum aise pyaar se so rahi thi ki main reh nahi paaya so i just gave you a small good morning kiss... Waise tumhe itni jaldi uthne ki koi zaraurat nahi hai... tum bahut thak gayi ho thoda aur rest kar lo..."

" What you.. You kissed me ?! "

" Oh cmmon yaar.. It was a light peck.. a good morning kiss... Waise dekha jaaye to maine tumhe good morning wish kiya... And you should wish me too..." Naughtily... " And i prefer the way i wished you..." He started coming closer " sooo..."

Ridhhima shifted back a little bit scared of his advances...

" Main koi wish nahi karni waali aisa bhul kar bhi mat sochna main..."

She was about to say something more when Muski entered

" arre khotte tu phir aa gaya.. Wo kahin bhaagi nahi jaa rahi samjha use thoda rest to karne de... Chal jaa... Aur jaa kar so ja thodi der... Shaam ko waise bhi party hai bahut logon ne aana hai..."

" Okay okay... Kabab main haddi..." He looked at Ridhhima and winked to her surprise she fumed in anger and her cheeks got red but Muski thought she was blushing and teased even more...

" Kya yaar yeh Muski wrong timing meri gud morning kiss bhi reh gayi... Neway i will have it later " he whispered in such a manner that it was only audible to Riddhima who glared at him again but went out quickly giving a quick side hug to Muski..

The time passed away quickly and before she knew it was time for the party... Their Reception and like all the Malik events it was too on a grand scale... She was getting ready when she heard a knock on the door a lady opened the door and saw him standing out...

" Ohh to raha nahi gaya apni Ridhhima ke bina huh..." Muski smiled " achha jaldi se neeche aa jaana sab mehmaan lagbhag aa hi chuke hain..." Saying so she went out leaving both of them alone...

Armaan was again left stunned seeing her for a moment he felt speechless but then gathered himself and said

" wo actually main tumhe kuch dene aaya tha.. " He extended a box towards her

" yeh tumhara wedding present "

Ridhhima opened it and saw a beautiful diamond necklace in it, she kept on looking at it for a while and said

" Armaan.. Mujhe yeh nahi chahiye "

Armaan got alarmed " yeh nahi chahiye ??! Then tum bolo tumhe kya chahiye , you name it Ridhhima i will get you whatever you want except... you know what..."

She looked at him she felt more confident now " main jaanti hun... main tumse sirf waada chahti hun... Itna to de sakte ho naa...? "

" Waada ?? "

" Haan "

" tum bol kar to dekho aakhri saans tak apna waada nibhaunga..."

she paused for a moment " ab jab hamaari shaadi ho hi chuki hai to main chahti hun ki tum Vivek ko kisi tarah se blakmail na karo..."

" Is he worth so much pain and worry Ridhhima ?? " He made a face and Ridhhima glared at him angrily " Anyway tumne pehli baar mujhse kuch maanga hai main tumhe manaa nahi karunga..."

" Aur ek aur baat mujhse yeh umeed mat karna ki hamara rishta ek pati patni ka hoga... Mera pyaar ab bhi Vivek hi hai..."

" You are still adamant... I admire your loyalty Ridhhima main hairaan hun ki Vivek jaise duffer main tumne kya dekha... I guess uski kismat achhi thi... but i promise main tumhara view change kar dunga, ek din tum Vivek ko bhul jaogi..."

" Aisa kabhi nahi hoga "

He laughed a little... " This is Armaan Malik you are talking to Ridhhima.. Koshish to bahut ki iss shaadi ko rokne ki magar hua kya..dekho aaj tum yahaan ho.. is ghar main.. mere saamne mujhse shaadi karke.. I never give up Ridhhima..."

" neither do i Armaan Malik... I will fight for my love.. Ek din main tumhari wo haalat kar dungi ki tum khud mujhse alag hona chahoge..."

" Aur main aise haalat kar dunga ki tum mujhse duur ja hi nahi paogi.. And you want to fight ! Okay fighter 'tumhare' pyaar ki kadar karte hue main tumhe ek mauka jarur dunga apne 'pyaar' ko paane ke liye tum jo karna chahti ho karo... Main tumhe rokunga nahi... Magar ek baat yaad rakhna mere pariwaar ki izzat par kisi tarah ka daag nahi aana chahiye..."

Ridhhima's eyes lit up at this challenge and oppertunity " khair iss baat ke liye tum befikar raho iss parivaar ki izzat ka khayal hai mujhe, duniya ki nazron main is parivaar ki bahu hun magar tumhari patni nahi..."

he smiled " aur main bhi waada karta hun ki agar main tumhara iraada nahi badal paaya to main tumhe iss rishte main baandh kar nahi rakhunga... And that's Armaan Maliks promise.." There was complete silence for a moment, they looked at each other Armaan witn a confident smile on his face and Ridhhima with determination to get herself out of this relationship..

" Then let the game begin "

" Yes let the game begin..." she said


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