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New FF:Teri Meri Prem Kahani part 5 pg14 upd 30.11 (Page 6)

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Originally posted by anizor

very interesting. plz cont. thanks

thanks for liking my work

M_n_h Goldie

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hi friends thanks to all of you for liking it Hug
sorry for keeping you w8ing for this long Ouch
here is the update

Part 2:

Priya froze for a moment but then again she told herself what happened was the past, just do the work for which you are here, they both sat in the car she closed her eyes while Dev was talking to someone on the phone finally the car stopped Priya looked it was huge mansion

Priya: where are we?

Dev: mam this is your home

Priya: my home? It can never be. Ohhh... you mean to say Mr.Sudhir Sharma's house

Dev: yes mam

Priya: but why are we here? you told me that Mr.Sharma is at the hospital then why did you bring me here

Dev: mam actually your dad is now at his home

Priya: oh

Dev: mam shall we go in Priya just nodded her head

Dev guided her to her father's room

Priya: Mr.Dev you please go in

Dev: mam you

Priya: I'll come but I want you to go first


SS: Dev how are you where is Priya

Dev: sir how are you

SS: I'm fine but where is Priya

Dev: mam is waiting outside I'll send her in

SS: she still hates me right?

Dev: no sir it is not like that may be she is just angry with you

SS: don't lie to me Dev I know her she is my daughter please send her in

Dev: yes sir

While leaving the room he asked nurse to leave the room for few minutes


Priya was standing in the corridor, she saw doctor coming out

Priya: doctor can I have a word with you

Doctor: ya sure tell me

Priya: how is Mr.Sudhir Sharma

Doctor: he is fine now, will recover fully in few days

Priya: thanks she heard someone's footsteps turned around and saw that Dev was coming towards her

Dev: mam your dad is waiting for you

Priya:k thanks


Sudhir was looking at the door to see his daughter, there was a knock on the door: please come in beta

Priya entered the room and started looking here and there: how are you Mr.Sharma

SS: Priya how are you and please I'm your dad please call me...

Priya didn't let him complete his sentence: I think you called me to talk something

SS: Priya please sit down directing towards the chair

Priya: it's alright please tell me why you asked me to come here

SS: Priya I want to talk about... before he could complete his sentence doctor entered

Doctor: sorry to disturb you Mr.Sharma but you need to take rest

SS: yes doctor I'll take rest but...

Priya: ya sure doctor I'll leave

SS: Priya we have started new company in India, I want you to look after that

Priya: no... I wont be able to

Sudhir: please beta take care of it atleast till I recover, I want you to stay here 

Priya: I need time to think and I don't want to stay with you

SS: I know you don't like to stay with me so I have arranged something

Priya: no need... I'll manage thanks for your help Mr.Sharma

SS: Priya I have made arrangement for you at your Shilpa maasi's house

Priya was shocked: maasi...

SS: yes and about the business please take care of the company we are doing a new project it is very huge one, I wanted to tell you that I have recently found out that your mother has transferred to you few properties she owned so I want you to take your responsibility now Priya just stood there shocked and nodded her head thinking property... what property

Sudhir: I even wanted to talk to you about something else that is about... but nurse again came back asking him to take rest

Priya was shocked as she didn't know anything about property thinking about it she quietly left the room.


Dev took priya to her aunt's home as they were about to enter the house they saw that all were waiting for them.

Shilpa came and hugged Priya: Priya beta how are you I have missed you so much, I'm tried of telling you to come back... but you will always do what you want

Priya: sorry maasi how are you, I missed you all so much

Amit: welcome back Priya beta he patted her head lovingly

Priya: thanks maasa ji

Karthik and Ayesha: welcome back di and they huged her

Priya: hey karthik and Ayesha how are you

Amit: Priya beta how is your work gng on

Priya: great maasa ji

Karthik: di we missed you lot

Ayesha: di bhai is right we really missed you

Priya: I too missed you both a lot

Karthik: thank god di you are back atleast now I'll have one person in the house who will be on my side

Ayesha: no way why will di be on your side she'll support me

Karthik: why will di support you, she'll support me, everyone in the family supports you na so di will be with me

Ayesha: no way you only said na everyone in the family supports me then di too will support me right di

Karthik: no way di will be on my side

Shilpa: you two will always be ready to start a fight now stop it Priya might be tried we'll have lunch, they all had their lunch happily talking with each other

Amit: yes stop it... now come on lets have lunch

After lunch all spent chatting together happily after a long time

Shilpa: Priya beta your room is waiting for you from the past 7 years

Priya: thanks maasi

Shilpa: thanks for what

Priya: for everything you have done

Shilpa: no Priya... you are like my daughter and a daughter never says thanks to her mother right

Priya: right and hugged her: missed you all so much

Shilpa: now go have some rest

Priya was in her room thinking how these new relations entered her life 11 years back, now they have become part of her life, a family which she has always wished for.

Shilpa and Shipra were in contact regularly, after Shipra's death Shilpa came to US to take Priya with her but Sudhir didn't allow it to happen then later she used to call Priya and talk to her. After coming to India Priya thought about meeting her maasi once whom she met when she was very young her decision, when she came to her maasi's house when she saw Shilpa she remembered her mother bcoz both had same features, Shilpa welcomed her warmly in her home and introduced her to everyone at that time these realtions were new but she felt warmth and affection in them which she was unable to find in her and her father's relation. Later upon their insistence Priya stayed with them and first time her life enjoyed being in a family then later bcoz of some events in her life she had to leave Mumbai and come to Delhi to start a new life.


Next day Dev came to meet Priya

Dev: mam sir told me that from today onwards you'll handle the business

Priya: I have to think about it still I haven't decided anything

Dev: mam please you should come to office

Priya: I need time

Dev: mam as sir told you these are the papers of the property transfer

Priya thinks if mom has transferred these properties to me then why this being told to me now... i think there is something else to it, I need to find it out, for that I need to go to office: k thanks I'll come

Dev: thanks mam I'll be waiting for you


Priya entered the office and Dev introduced her to everyone. Priya easily mingled in the office as she was familiar to it and started her work on the new project and checked all the details of the projects that company was currently handling. She gave the responsibility of her company in Delhi to the manager over there, if they had an important issue they would contact her through phone and mails.

Dev: mam we have a meeting with one of our important clients in 2 hours actually we are going to start a new project together, will you please attend it as Sudhir sir is not here he wanted you to take care of it

Priya: ya sure please send the files I'll go through the details, the meeting is with

Dev: chairman of Kapoor Industries Mr.Amarnath Kapoor


After completing the meeting Priya was getting ready to leave

AM: good work beta what is your name

Priya: Priya

AM: you are...

Dev: sir she is Sudhir sir's daughter

AM: nice meeting you... glad to work with you

Priya: pleasure will be mine sir to work with you

AM: ahh... no formalities you can call me uncle

Priya: thanks uncle


It was nearly 15 days she didn't think she would spend these many days in Mumbai but bcoz of her maasi and her family she was staying there but now she wanted to go back but before that she needed to talk to her father, so she went to meet him thought she has visited him rarely she never asked him what else he wanted to say to her as doctors advised her that he shouldn't be stressed but now as he had recovered she could talk to him 

Priya knocked on the door

SS: please come in

Priya: how are you know Mr.Sharma

SS: Priya there was no need of knocking but you always do the same, please sit down beta

Priya: its alright, actually I came to ask you what else you wanted to talk to me so that I can go back

SS: Priya I know what I did was wrong I realized my mistake cant you forgive me

Priya: few mistakes can never be corrected

SS: Priya cant you forget all this for a moment and talk to me normally

Priya: normally... what do you mean by it... do you remember how many times you spoke to me right from my childhood

SS: when I heard that you were coming to meet me I thought you must have forgiven me but I'm wrong

Priya: yes I came to meet you bcoz I promised mom that I would always fulfill my duties as a daughter

SS: whatever might be the reason but I'm happy to see you here, your concern for me, staying here for me

Priya turned her eyes to her father first meeting her dad's eyes: do you really mean it... does it really matter to you if I look at you or talk to you or do anything for you

SS: Priya I have changed... it really matters, please sit down here directed to a chair near him

Priya: thank you so much but I'm fine, I want to know what else you need to tell me

SS: Priya beta I want you to take care of our business now though I'll be there to guide you

Priya: now I don't want it I'm happy with what I have

SS: I know beta but I also want to talk to you abt something else

Priya: yes

SS: beta I know I never fulfilled any of my responsibilities but now I want you to get married I know you don't trust me so I have asked Shilpa to take this responsibility

Priya was shocked: I don't want to marry and how come you remembered now that you have to get me married...

SS: it was your mother's wish, she had so many dreams about your marraige please listen to me once I know you don't trust me that is why I gave this responsibility to Shilpa atleast you have to trust her please

Priya hearing her mother name became quite she didn't know what to say: I don't know and she left the room she couldn't believe her father called her to talk about her marriage


While returning home Priya was very disturbed so instead of going to her maasi's home she went to a park, sat there watching people around her, far away she saw a woman was struggling to walk she went towards the woman to help her

Priya: aunty are you alright

Lady: beta I'm fine, I was thinking something so didnt see where I was gng... I have hurted my foot

Priya: may I'll help you 

Lady: please beta can you take me to my car,my car is over there

Priya: ya sure

Lady: what is your name?

Priya: Priya

Lady: such a sweet name and thanks for helping me

Priya: its k aunty no problem

Lady: I have never seen you here before

Priya: actually I came here to meet my... my maasi

Lady: k so you stay here with your maasi

Priya: yes aunty

Lady: can I ask you something

Priya: ya sure they have reached her car and Priya helped her to get into the car

Lady: shall I drop you some where

Priya: no thanks aunty I have my car

Lady: I don't know but I feel that you have problem

Priya: no aunty not a problem... just unable to decide anything... so thinking about it

Lady: I'll giveyou a advise beta, whenever you are unable to decide anything just close your eyes and think about it, hear what your heart says it will always give you the correct answer

Priya: thanks aunty then they bid bye to each other


In Shilpa's house

Karthik: maa do you think you are doing the right thing

Shilpa: yes karthik I don't want Priya to spend her life alone

Karthik: do you think di will agree to this

Ayesha: yes maa I don't think di will agree to it

Amit: I know Priya has gone through many hurdles in life but she definitely needs someone to take care of her... she can't be like this for all her life

Shilpa: that is what I was also trying to say

Karthik: but di... you know her

Shilpa: I think I have to tell her a lie, what Sudhir has asked me to tell to her

Karthik: but maa do you think this is correct

Shilpa: yes karthik this is the only way to make Priya agree for this marraige, I know this match was fixed by Sudhir but we have to make Priya believe that we have searched this

Karthik: but maa the match is fixed by Sudhir uncle... do you think it is right for di

Amit: yes beta this is the right match... I have found out everything about family and the person too they are very good people, atleast now Priya will have a family and will get all love and affection that she deserves

Shilpa: I don't trust Sudhir that is why I asked you dad to find out everything about the family I don't want Priya to face any more problems in her life she has already faced many problems... even because of us she faced the problems before and I don't want it to get repeated otherwise... my Priya will never be able to recover from this in her life tears rolled down her cheeks

Karthik: I think you are right ma but will di agree to it

Shilpa: I'll tell Priya what Sudhir asked me to tell that it was the wish of my di to get her married to a nice person and I know she loves her mom a lot so she'll do anything for her mom... even if she has to get married... I'm so sorry Priya for lying to you but this is the only way to make you agree to this marriage


Priya reached her maasi's house after sometime

Shilpa: where were you I was worried about you

Priya: I just went to nearby park I just lost track of time

Shilpa: is everything alright you seem to be stressed about something

Priya: nothing like that maasi it was just the work

Shilpa: Priya I know your dad told me what he talked to you

Priya: maasi please now you don't start it

Shilpa: please Priya beta don't say no to this match, I have asked your maasa ji to find out everything about the family, it is a perfect match for you... what happened before will not be repeated I promise you that

Priya: I'm sorry maasi but I'm not ready for it now

Shilpa: Priya your mother had so many dreams about your marriage... whenever I used to call her she used you to talk mostly about you marriage... now it is my responsibility to make her dream true and for this I need you help please Priya

Priya didn't understand why this topic was being raised now quietly she said: I need time to think about it


Priya was alone in her room thinking about it... why her maasi and dad were using her mother's name to get her married... was this written her fate to get married to a unknown guy what was she supposed to do' she was unable to decide anything then she remembered the words of the lady whom she met in the park, slowly she closed her eyes thinking about all the events that happened and remembered her mom, taking her decision she opened her eyes she decided that she'll find out why her father is using her mom and maasi to get her married


Next day morning Priya left for the office early, she searched for the papers asked Dev to get the property documents which her mother left to her

Dev: mam I gave it to you on that day

Priya: ya I know but I think Mr.Sharma too has a copy of that

Dev: sorry mam I don't know about it

Priya: k fine thanks then she slowly sneaked into her father's cabin went through all the cupboards and desks at last she found the file of the property transfer she was shocked to read what was written in it then she understood why her father was forcing her to get married taking her decision he went to her maasi's house


Shilpa was surprised to see priya early today: Priya beta are you alright you came back so early

Priya: I'm fine just want to spend some time with you they chatted for sometime

Later Shilpa: Priya beta what is your decision about you marriage

Priya: I'm ready for it I just want to make my mom's dream come true

Shilpa hugged her: I'm so haapy thank you Priya and she called everyone in the hall to share the happy news with everyone all congratulated her but Priya thought in her mind whatever may happen I'll make your dream come true hearing Shilpa calling he she came out it

Shilpa: Priya I'll call them today

Priya just nodded her head giving her approval


In the evening everyone including Sudhir were waiting for the guest to arrive Priya in her room was wearing a pink color suit with simple embroidery on it and some simple ornaments thinking now what new turn her life would take which new way she has to go now. Suddenly Shilpa came to her

Shilpa: Priya beta come all are waiting for you

Priya came down and to her surprise she saw the same lady whom she met in the park on the other day: aunty how are

Lady: Priya beta how are you

Priya I'm fine I didn't expect to see you again

Lady: me too beta... but I think god had some other plans for us I'm so happy to have you as my daughter-in-law

Priya was shocked to know the lad ywhom she met accidently would now be her mother-in-law  

Shilpa: you both know each other

Lady: yes I met Priya in the park

Shilpa: its good that you both met before now it would be somewhat easy for you to start a new relation


after sometime the lady left Priya was in her room

Priya: I don't know what I'm doing is right or wrong but I don't want to hurt that aunty,

Shilpa: Priya are you really happy with what is happening are you sure you wan to marry

Priya: maasi why are you asking it now... I'm happy aunty is really a nice person and please don't worry about me

Shilpa: k then you take rest now I came to tell you that day after tomorrow is your engagement and after one week your marriage dont know how we'll manage all the work first they said 2 weeks but your dad insisted to prepone and now it is a week only

Priya: its k maasi then after Shilpa left she thought I don't even know who they are... I forgot to ask... anyways it doesn't matter who they are... does it


The lady enters her house

Lady: your choice is too good I really like her...

Man: the choice is of Amarnath Kapoor it has to be Shailaja

Shailaja: you know I have met her before in the park she was the one who helped me when I hurt my foot

Amarnath: ohh... so you know her before

Shailaja: yes the moment I saw her I liked her... she is really a nice girl our Ram will be very happy

Amaranth: I know but how will we make Ram agree for this marriage

Shailaja: that you leave it to me... bcoz I have decided that Priya will be Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor


There Priya in her room think I don't even know the guy... whom I going to marry, will he understand my problem, will he support me... if he knows that I'm marrying him for my selfish reason what will he think about me and his family she decided to tell the tell her future life partner about her reason to marry him thinking about all these things she went to sleep

Hope i haven't messed it up Ouch as there were so many characters in this part and the main story is of RaYa so wannted to start their part as soon as  possible, sorry for this lenghty post Ouch. hope you'll like it Smile criticism is always welcomed

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 interesting. plz cont. thanks

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nice update dear...this story is looknig aweome


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very nice.plz cont. thanks
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Hey dear... gr8 update
eagerly waiting for next part...
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great update. thanks for the pm
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Interesting update. Can't wait to see what happens!

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