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New FF:Teri Meri Prem Kahani part 5 pg14 upd 30.11 (Page 12)

balhfan Senior Member

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Posted: 09 November 2011 at 12:23am | IP Logged
wow... nice... plz cont...Smile

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M_n_h Goldie

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 3:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by saisamanvi

nice update mnh

thanks sai glad u liked the update
M_n_h Goldie

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 3:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by balhfan

wow... nice... plz cont...Smile

thanks glad u liked the update
M_n_h Goldie

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 4:01am | IP Logged

hi friends

here is the update

Part 4                                                                          


Rishabh: no bhai me and di were discussing about mom's health

Neha: bhai actually we were thinking... why did mom get high BP attack... is she worried about something

After hearing this Ram became thoughtful: what is that, that is bothering mom I should ask her there Shailaja was silently listening to the conversation she knows very well about her son she know what he thinks she was already prepared for his questions 


Ram went and sat beside Shailaja holding her hand in his, after sometime Shailaja opened her eyes

SK: Ram… Ram when did you come

Ram: maa how are you

SK: I m fine how are you

Ram: I m fine maa are you worried abt something both Neha and Rishabh gaves thumbs up to Shailaja

SK: ntg beta wht will I worry abt

Ram: then how come you had high BP attack

SK: Ram I think you are thinking a lot about it

At that time Amarnath Kapoor entered the room: Shailaja what is Ram thinking about

Ram: papa how are you

AK: I m fine beta how are you when did you come

Ram: I m fine papa when I came to know about maa I came back immediately

AK: what did you hear about your maa what happened to her Shailaja, Neha and Rishabh didn't tell anything about their plan to Mr. Amarnath Kapoor as he went out of town for some work they didn't expect him this early they didn't understand how to handle the present situation

Ram: papa you didn't know that maa

Neha interrupted: bhai dad was out of town so we thought of not telling him but now when he is back I'll tell him everything saying this she dragged her father out of the room there Ram was confused he didn't know what was happening around him think: how can it be possible that papa not know about maa's health

Rishabh tried to divert Ram's attention: bhai maa need to take medicine

Ram came out of his thoughts: which one Rishabh pointed to some medicine then left room to join Neha and his dad's conversation saying he need to make a important call


Neha told him everything about their plan

AM: how can you even think about it

Neha: what can we do papa… bhai is not ready to marry so we had to take this step

AM: I know Neha but when Ram comes to know abt this lie then… what will you all tell him

Neha: I know papa… once bhai gets married we'll tell him about all this 

AM: I know he is not ready to marry but that doesn't mean you all have to do this

Neha: papa please just then Rishabh too joined them

Rishabh: please papa bhai cares about everyone in the family and now it is our turn cant we do this much for bhai

AM: I know beta but Ram…

Neha: papa you don't worry we'll take care of everything you just be with us

Rishabh: yes papa we'll manage rest of the things if you are with us both Neha and Rishabh convinces their dad at last

AK: fine I m with you but I won't lie to Ram hearing this both Neha and Rishabh are shocked

Neha: papa you are with us… but you won't lie how can…

Rishabh: its k di we'll manage


Ram: maa what is happening

SK: ntg beta

Ram: papa doesn't know anything about ur health

SK: actually beta I only asked Neha not to tell anything to your dad, unnecessarily he becomes tensed

Ram: unnecessarily… I didn't understand


Then all 3 entered the room to join Ram and Shailaja

 Ram: where did you all go

Neha: ntg bhai I was just telling papa…

Ram: that you all lied to me about maa's health and you two and maa were included in the plan and now you were asking papa to involve too m I right or did I miss anything all the other members were surprised to hear it

Neha: bhai how did you know

Ram: well when I entered the house I didn't see papa I thought if maa is not well it is not possible that papa will go anywhere and you told me that papa went out of town, even I heard when you three were talking when I came back after getting fresh I heard laughter sound and fortunately I heard maa talking to you but… when I asked you told me that only you 2 were talking

SK: sorry beta it was all my plan

Ram: maa may I know the reason for this

AK: your maa wants you to get married now what else could be the reason beta

SK: yes beta I want you to get married now

Ram: not again maa please I don't want…

SK: please beta even I have fixed your marriage and…

Ram: how can you maa you know I don't want to marry and you fixed my marriage

Rishabh: not only marriage bhai today is your engagement

Ram: what? today is my engagement and u are telling me that now

SK: please beta

Ram: maa you know very well I don't want to marry and you fixed the engagement and that too today

SK: please beta

AK: Ram I think now you should get married

Neha: please bhai

Ram: I don't want to marry and I don't even know who the girl is how can I

SK: Ram she is very nice girl, she was same girl who helped me in the park other day when I saw her I felt as if there was some relation between us at that moment I decided she would be my daughter-in-law and I was about to ask her about her address but she got a call she leaved from there, you know when she left from there I felt as if I lost her but when your papa said to me that he had chosen a girl for me and asked me to meet the girl, when I went there to my surprise she was the same girl I was very happy please Ram coincidentally I and you papa both chose the same girl I want you to get married now

AK: yes beta she is very smart infact the new project we are going to start she is going to handle it from Sharma Industries and I want you to handle this project with her

Ram: k I'll handle the project but why are you bringing marriage into this, maa I cant…

SK: please Ram all insisted Ram a lot to get married at last he gave in to their request and agreed for this marriage   


Sudhir Sharma: thanks doctor

Doctor: no problem sir

SS: you really did me a great favor by arranging all this and still nobody knew that I didn't had an attack

Doctor: sir you have given me money for this only then how can I tell anyone

SS: you know doctor I did all this only for Priya and my plan succeeded when she came to know about my health she came here and as I have asked Shilpa and her family told Priya the same now she has agreed for marriage and today is her engagement

Doctor: sir if you have any other work in future… do let me know

SS: sure doctor unknown to them a person was hearing their conversation he immediately called and said: all this is plan of Sudhir so that Priya gets married as soon as possible

Man on the other hand: no problem what Sudhir has to do he has done it now I will make sure that Priya doesn't get married I will stop this marriage


Ram was in his room thinking about what his family said and thought to himself: I know there are so many girls who want to get married to me just because of my money, maa and papa are not ready to understand this girl who ever she is she has nicely planned everything first she impressed my parents but I won't let it happen

He was confused how can I girl agree to marry without even meeting and this made his doubt more strong that she is marrying him only for his money and thought: I will make sure to break this engagement… you just watch what I m gonna do with you


Later in the evening in Shilpa's house all were busy preparing for the engagement Ayesha was with Priya helping her in getting ready Sudhir has already reached there was looking at the arrangements, Priya has requested to make it simple so only close family relatives and friends were present even Ram also asked to keep it simple. It was 7 in evening Kapoor family entered the house, Sudhir and Amit welcomed them warmly. Everyone was sitting in the hall

There in the room Priya was nervous as this is the first time she'll meet the person she is going to marry, she said yes to marry a person without even seeing him she hoped that person would be a nice person like his mother just then Ayesha called her

Ayesha: di… di

Priya came to the present: yes Ayesha

Ayesha: di we have to go down just now mom called me and told that they have come

Priya: k Ayesha brought her into the hall Priya was nervous all along the way, when they entered the hall Shailaja greeted her

Shailaja: how are you beta

Priya: I m fine aunty

SK: not aunty beta now you can call me maa soon you are gng to be my daughter-in-law

Priya: thanks maa Shailaja and Ayesha made her sit beside Ram just then Amarnath kapoor came there

AK: hai Priya beta how are you

Priya was surprised to see him there: hello uncle thanks for taking time from your busy schedule when Ram heard her voice he felt that he knew this voice

AK: what is the need to thank me beta it is my son's marriage I'll be there na

Priya was shocked to hear this and she turned to face the person sitting beside her and was shocked to see Ram there and was unable to believe that she was going to marry Ram Kapoor but when Priya tunred to him he felt her eyes on him so he turned and couldn't believe what he saw and thought no way this cant be true

Shailaja: what happen Ram

Ram: ntg maa just then Neha came there

Neha: Priya oh my god where were you… it has been so many years where have you been, I was worried about you how can you go like that without telling me anything

Shailaja: Neha you know her

Neha: yes maa you know even Vikram knows her

Shailaja: how do you both know Priya

Neha: actually maa Vikram was working for a project and Priya worked on bidding of projects so Vikram hired her for that I also used to go to the office then I met Priya there and we both became friends and Vikram liked Priya a lot she was like to sister to him, we used to enjoy a lot

Shailja: good that you know your bhabhi before

Ram whispered to Priya: what is this you know all my family

Priya whispered: no… I didn't know that they were your mother and sister

Rishabh: hi bhabhi

Priya looked confused

Rishabh: I m Rishabh Ram Kapoor's brother

Priya: oh nice to meet you

Shailaja: k we'll talk later now exchange the rings both exchanged the rings unable to believe that they both were getting married Ram thought as far a I know Priya she'll not do anything for money then why did she say yes to marry me I need to find it out

Neha: maa you know even I thought that Priya would be a perfect choice for bhai but before I could ask or do anything Priya disappeared and I m seeing her today I m so happy Vikram came and joined them and was shocked to see Priya

Vikram: Priya how are you where have you been

Priya: hai Vikram how are you

Vikram: I m fine but where were you

Priya:  I was in Delhi have opened a small company over there

Vikram: you didn't tell me when you were leaving but I m happy today that we met

Ram: how do you know all my family members… is anyone else left that you don't know

Priya: that you should know… how else is in your family

Ram: I need to talk to you alone

Priya: k we can meet in the garden after 15 minutes

Ram: k I'll wait

Neha: bhai what is this happening

Ram: ntg Neha

Neha: bhai if you want to talk to our bhabhi you can talk we'll leave you alone

Shailja: actually you are right Neha they didn't have time to even talk to each other it would be better if we let them tlak to each other for some time

Ram: no need maa I know her well

Shailaja: what? How do you know her

Ram: actually we worked together on a project some years back

Neha: wow bhai that means you know bhabhi from years

Amarnath called Sudhir and introduced him as Priya's father to his family. Vikram and Neha were surprised

Neha: Priya you never told us that you are daughter of Sudhir Sharma

Priya: actually I wanted to do something on my own so I didn't tell anyone about it and observed that Ram was shocked to know that Priya was actually Priya Sharma and he was quite: you don't want to ask anything

Ram: I told you na I want to talk to you alone

After sometime all left Ram andPriya alone so that they can talk to each other

Ram: Priya how can you do this

Priya: what did I do

Ram: how did you even say yes to marry me

Priya: I didn't know that

Ram: what do you mean by that you know my dad right then

Priya: your mom came I didn't know that she was your mom then

Ram: before saying yes you didn't even think once whom you are going to marry

Priya: the circumstances were like that… that I had to say yes

Ram: what are they

Priya: I cant tell you anything about it now can we talk at another place

Ram: fine and they moved to join everyone there on the other side we see a man who says: I will break this marriage     

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14shubhi Senior Member

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 4:28am | IP Logged
nice dear..
it was intresting...
continue soon...
balhfan Senior Member

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 4:34am | IP Logged
a fab long update... gr8... Cool
saisamanvi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 4:48am | IP Logged
nice update mnh
thank you
parulkhare13 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 5:02am | IP Logged
Thumbs Upgreat work yaar really too good and now it is getting more and more interestingCoolwaiting for next update Clapplss continue soon 

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