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Monday 17/10/11

1. RR oru tablet eduthu Anu kku kudukkaraar. Over, hubby duty is over uh huh. Sundu comes and talks about Narayanan's project " Land owner lady came with the police. Work stopped. Must be Bhaskar's tiru vilaiyaadal, you have to be careful " Anu frets, RR pacifies. After Anu goes to bed, RR as usual laments " yen Sundu, enakku mattum problems like this?" Santhosh hears the whole thing "POda, pOi antha Bhaskar kitte mallu kattu " - Roja orders WinkWink

2. Varadan, the manager of Narayanan, playing his double game effectively. As Narayanan orders . he goes and shouts at Lakshmi - in fact antha amma vai nalla kOmbu seevi vidaraar. Gets her hubby's mobile no ( Dubai le hubby , Aana mobile No is madras no, ennavO pOngappa ) Goes straight to Bhaskar, tells him that he plans to pass the mobile no to Narayanan. Bhaskar , Varadan ai "Gavanikkaraar" Varadan makes two promises - to Bhaskar " kandippa velai nadakkathu " to Narayanan " definite aa velai start aagidum inniki" - hmm intha Aal kAttile mazhai !!!

3. Narayanan calls Ganesh and tells him that Lakshmi has no connection with the land -
 " avanga kitte vaangina land is different, please go ahead with the work " Ganesh immediately calls Sundu. Next day - construction site - work in progress - Lakshmi vanthu kuyyO muraiyO nnu shouting - as usual Sundu takes his own sweet time to explain. Varadan arrives - Roja kku neram sari illai - Varadhan face le freeze !!! Neram da sammmyyy


Updates by Eljay

Tues - eljay (aandavaa, enakku oru vazhi kaattu!)

Update for Tues, Oct 18, 2011 (episode 380):

Varadan is secretly happy about Lakshmi doing a rudra tandavam.  Sundu says that they are not building on her property but on Narayanan's, so she can sell her land to whomsoever she chooses.  Varadan is unhappy, she leaves.

Bhaskar outside his house - Lakshmi tells him all and tells him to buy the land.  He drives her out.

Karthi going somewhere, sees Shree who is on her way to his house to talk to Palli.  He tells her Palli will insult her, but she says she will try to explain things to her (explain?  how?  why?) and leaves.

Shree meets Palli.  Palli says she doesn't want any advice, but Shree asks why she is punishing Anu who didn't do her any wrong?  Finally, she suggests that Palli get RR to write a will dividing his property, and Palli agrees.

Santhosh comes to get some book from Priya.  She goes to get the book, Palli calls, she asks Santhosh to pick up the phone, and Palli tells him to stay away from their house.  He gets the book, prepares to leave. Karthi comes there, asks him to sit down.  Santhosh sheds a few tears, blames it on dhoosi, Priya guesses her amma is behind this, and he finally admits it.  Karthi says he should come often, it is his house, and he also agrees, and then leaves.  (Thank you, thank you, thank you!)

RR getting ready to go to work.  He sees Santhosh, asks him why he looks upset, did Palli say something, and S says that Palli was not at home.  Right then, Karthi calls to make sure he is okay, RR asks again what happened, and Santhosh says that he spoke the truth about Palli not being home, but ...

Thodarum ...

Updates by Eclat

Wednesday  19th October 2011  Episode - 381

@Eljay - MMKR solramaadhiri "ellaarkkum vaasalthaan vazhi"

Santhosh gets a call from Karthi.  Karthi wants to know if he is alright, tells him not to mind Palli's words, Santhosh answers he is alright, did not get hurt with Palli's words, will meet in the office and disconnects.  RR wants the truth.  mennu muzhungi he tells the truth.  He did not mind "chithi's" words.  Santhosh asks RR to leave for the office, he would be there in another half an hour.  Anu with her headgear wants Santhosh's phone, the landline seems to be out of order.  Whom does she want to call asks Santhosh - Palli is her reply.  Santhosh tells Anu not to disturb Palli, Anu insists, he then says no charge on his phone.  Anu tells him off - he is behaving like some big boss.  Nivedha enters, Anu tells Santhosh's inaction, Nivedha offers her phone.  Anu tells the number, Nivedha dials, says would give once the ring is on, talk to Palli and give replies her mother.  Nivedha and Santhosh look at each other.  

Palli getting off from her car , takes the call.  Nivedha introduces herself, Palli pounces if she called for Santhosh's sake.  No, mummy wanted to talk replies Nivedha handing over the phone to Anu.  Anu wants Palli to visit her again.  Palli promises to visit in a day or two.  Anu notices the grim faces of her children - asks if there is any problem. As usual no is the answer - but the grim faced expression continues.

Palli charges into her house calling for Priya.  Questions why she asked Santhosh to come home? Priya did not invite, Manju wanted her book .  Palli shouts that Priya is answering back, which brings Sivakami & Karthi into the scene.  Sivakami wants to know the reason from Pallithaandavam.  Palli is irritated for these people invite all those whom she dislikes home.  Karthi asks his mother to stop.  She made a mistake in not visaaruchufying about RR, is she not literate asks he (so someone from AP visits IF) Palli never thought her parents would hide such a big truth from her, they pushed her into a deep pit.  Priya says no deep pit, only Palli doesnt realise the lovely life that she has got (am totally at loss for words to describe in pathetic thought process of such people) Palli gives Priya a tight slap.  Sivakami shouts at Palli for her inhumane act (and what do we do to you for yours??) Now all of them sing the same chorus that Palli doesnt realise the beautiful life he has got on a platter.

Bhaskar in a middle street conference with Varadhan.  Doesnt want RR to live in peace.   Varadhan gives idea in mute to Varadhan.  Bhaskar leaves asking Varadhan to go ahead.  Jenny 's grandmother finishes praying.  Hears a car.  Jenny arrives in a car - thanks sir.  Jenny's paatti  asks if it is RR - no it is Ganesh Sir.  So Ganesh sir is invited inside for a cup of tea.  Jenny rags her paatti who says no dinner for Jenny.  Ganesh is happy  that Jenny and her paatti.  Paatti comes with tea.  She plays her record of Jenny 's marriage.  Ganesh drinks tea, thanks paatti, takes leave before reminding Jenny to go to the bank before coming to office the next day.

Jenny calls Santhosh to remind him of bank visit the next day.  Next she calls Karthi, who has put the phone on charge and is not in the vicinity.  Palli hears the phone, takes the call.  Jenny asks her well being.  Palli wants to know why she called Karthi at this hour.  Jenny tells Palli about the bank visit the next day - wants the info to be passed on to Karthi.  She would says Palli.  Deletes Jenny's call from the history on Karthi's phone.


Updates by cool_rrk

Hi all...sorry LJ, I was busy Disapprove ...dont want you to update this kandraavi serial for 3 days because of me! Wink   Thursday episode 382 update:

Jenny looks suspicious about Palli's lukewarm response about converying message ot Karthi. Karthi enters the room and asks if he received any calls, Palli says no. Karthi checks call history and moves on. 

Jenny hears someone at the door. New character enters, saying he is the driver whom Paati has asked for. Jenny says ok, and asks him to repotr to work the next morning. Driver says ok, then walks off- has a sinister look on his face. (maybe he is Bhaskar's man?)

Palli and Karthi at their regular vegetable shop. Shop owner quotes a bill to her wrongly, and gets a huge tongue lashing from Palli for wrongly quoting a higher amount. Karthi tries to ask her not to overreact, but Palli says she wont trust anyone anymore since her parents and kids also cheated her. She walks off, and meets Kalpana her friend. Tells her that the whole world has cheated her, but Kalpana says she should now forgive RR and accept him (why the change of heart? This serial is really getting from bad to worse- now all her friends also agree with the two timing RR). Karthi looks relieved. Kalpana says RR is a soozhnilai kaidhi and he is a pakkaa gentleman (my foot). Urges Palli to talk to RR. Palli abuses her verbally and leaves. 

Palli storms into her house- Priya and Karthi silent. Sivagami asks her about what vegetables she bought. Karthi complains Palli is walking around like a sandai kozhi and her good attributes are all gone. (did she have many good traits??) Palli says she wont trust anyone anymore. Karthi says she is fighting with everyone on the street including vege seller and Kalpana. Phone rings, Karthi answers. Jenny asks whether he is coming to the bank and whether his mom conveyed the message. Karthi demands why Palli didnt convey the message and deleted the history. Palli says she doesnt want Karthi to go to the bank and take any loan on RR's behalf, hence she doesnt want him to go.Karthi refuses, and leaves for the bank.

Jenny at the bank. Santhosh arrives, and they both go in. Jenny's new driver is waiting outside, Varadhan calls him. He instructs Mani the driver to eavesdrop, and to kidnap RR at the right time (another kidnapping coming!!) and to ensure their loan doesnt get approved for the construction.

Paati and Meenakshi talking. Meenakshi sad she cant get Shree married, Patti consoles her, Shree enters, says she is on her way from temple. Paati asks if Shree spoke to Palli, Shres updates what happned, and says Palli agreed to change the will to split half with Anu. Paati is upset Palli is now neglecting RR after all these years. Shree says Paati has double standards, whereby she can ignore RR but not happy when Palli is doing so...thodarum

Updates by Eljay

What has happened to cool?  Has she given up on this serial and just disappeared?  I will wait till tonight, then I will do a brief update for Thurs, followed by Friday.  ennakku idhu enna head writing, having to do this serial for three days in a week?  Oh well, it is better than the days when I did the whole week's updates., so let me count my blessings.

sorry, sorry, sorry!  I was busy during the weekend, vera onnum illai, samayal velai thaan, but didn't come here at all.  I will post Friday's update later today, right now I have to take the car and get it inspected because the license plate renewal check came back.  Once again, my apologies!

Update for Friday, Oct 21, 2011:
 episode 383 (how many more?)

Shree says Paati has double standards - mamiyaar odaicha maNN kudam, maatu penn odaicha thanga kudam - she is blaming Palli for odhukkufying RR after 25 years of marriage, whereas she has odhukkufied her son for the same reason, for the last 25 years.  She asks if Paati will be like this even if RR is very ill, if he is fighting for his life, and Paatikku orey kovam thaan, she gives Shree a slap (adhu enna even this Paati is down to this physical abuse?  I have lost my faith in the only intelligent character in this serial).  Later Paati is sorry, hugs Shree, and Shree is glad that she has proved that Paati is still full of paasam for RR.  Shree and Meenakshi decide to go and tackle the stubborn Palli together.

Meenakshi tells Palli that she wants to discuss Shree's marriage, when will it be held, and Palli says that in this present condition, she cannot even think of their marriage, but it will take some time, they must be patient.  Meenakshi wants to know how long, and Palli says till Anu finds out the truth.  They are shocked, who is to tell Anu, and Palli says she will find out just as she came to know the truth.  Shree of course says she is willing to wait till Palli accepts RR, and Palli says she will have to wait forever.  

Priya at the bus stand, looking for Manju.  Balaji comes there, says that he saw Manju going away, and offers to drop Priya at home.  Priya is reluctant to go with him, he says he has changed, if she believes him, she should go with him (she is an idiot to go with him, or else I am behind the times), and finally she agrees to go with him.  Manju comes there after they leave, and the girls at the bus stand say that Priya left with Balaji (they coolly leave out the part where she was waiting for Manju).

Balaji takes Priya to his house, and the idiot goes in with him.  B is actually Bhaskar's son, and he tells his dad in private about the incident with Priya and how she insulted him and his plans to take revenge on her.  Dad makes coffee for them.  He asks Priya who her father is, and she tells him it is the building contractor RR!

Thodarum ...

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Thansk ladies for the update.

This Palli tantrum Thaangga mudila. I know she is hurt, affected but throwing temper tantrums every where - too much.
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