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Ch 8 Updated Page 18! Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi--Arhi FF

ArnavKhushiLove Groupbie

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Posted: 16 October 2011 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
Hey guys! I'm so excited that after reading so many great fanfics, I've finally written my first FF on Arhi! This is my first time writing so keep that in mind. And please leave comments! At the end if Chapter 1, you will understand why I chose the title I did. And here we go!
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
Chapter 1

It has been about one week since Khushi's father was admitted to the hospital. Lavanya and Arnav have broken up right after he got home from the trip and it was a peaceful breakup. She left the house knowing that she could never make Arnav happy and Arnav could never give her what she needed. Shyam's attempt at killing Shashi in the hospital has failed and he left due to some "work" because he knew the doctor was a bit suspicious of him. Also, with the Raizadas constantly visiting the Guptas in the hospital, Shyam told Anjali and Buaji that he must leave immediately and he will return as soon as possible. The hug happened one week ago and was witnessed by Anjali, Nani, Akash, Payal, Mami, and Mama. Garima and Buaji were waiting near the ICU. After the hug, Arnav, who hugged back, tried to comfort Khushi as Anjali told him that her father had just had a severe heart attack that may cause certain parts of his body to be paralyzed and therefore hinder his ability to speech. Arnav put his hand on the small of Khushi's back and led her to the ICU. The hug left Mami outraged and and everyone else was shocked. Payal looked at Akash and he gave her a reassuring smile and led her along aswell. Anjali and Nani each other a knowing look with just a hint of a smirk, careful of the somber atmosphere. So for the past week the Raizadas has been visiting and bringing food for the Guptas. This gesture made Garima and Payal feel like they had someone to depend on and they became quite fond of Nani and Anjali...and Akash. Mama was busy but visited when he could and Mami tried her best not to come but was forced nevertheless. It was no surprise that Bua and Mami would butt heads in the hospital, but they did tone it down for the sake of the others. Shashi, though was mostly impaired from speaking, was saving his voice for the one moment when he really needed it. He had known of Arnav from Bua and Khushi and Payal. But he realized from the way Khushi had been speaking of him before the trip that Arnav was maybe not as bad as his Jiji thought. He also noticed how thoughtful his family was and he instantly became fond of Anjali and Nani. He also knew of how much Arnav took care of khushi as he could tell on the phone when he talked to his daughter at the dabba and he overheard Nani and Anjali talking about Arnav being nicer and more caring towards Khushi. Shashi knew Shyam had left for a while and knew that he was also hiding from Anjali. He knew the easiest way to save Khushi from marrying Shyam was for her to see Shyam with Anjali and then everyone would come to know about his secret. As the days passed by the doctor kept reminding the family of the fees needed to be payed in order to keep the treatment going. The possibility of Babuji going into a coma was strong. Anjali overheard khushi talking to her mother about how they were to pay the bills. After Anjali left, she told Arnav about their situation. Bua mentioned that Shyam would help but khushi and her mother snapped back that he isn't even here in their time of need proving that he is an outsider and they couldn't ask him if he didn't offer himself. One day in Shashi's room, Arnav was talking to the doctor and he said that he would take care of all the fees and to start the treatment. Shashi realized what he had to do.Saving his voice for a week, told the nurse to fetch some sindoor from the hospital mandir and to call Arnav and Khushi inside. With the weakest voice which broke oftenly he managed to voice out

"Humri bitiya ki zindagi katre mein hain...shayad hum aur waqt is duniya mien nahi rehenge. Khushi ki kayal rakna. Ek din ap ko sab samaj aayega. Aap bohot aache aur nek insaan hain.Khushi ka haat thamlo. Yeh humari aakri ichcha hain," said Babuji to Arnav.

Khushi and Arnav, both shocked looked at each other. Arnav knew that Khushi could deny her fathers last wish and he didn't have it in him to break the trust of someone who believed he was capable of being a good husband to Khushi. Shashi slowly took Khushi's hand placed it in Arnav's. Then he took the small container of sindoor and offered it to Arnav. Arnav took one glance at Khushi and saw the pleading look in get eyes. Khushi knew that if her father had chosen this as her fate, then he must have a good reason for it. He did say afterall that they will figure it out soon. She couldn't bear to see her father leave her disappointed that she didn't eve fulfill his last wish. And with that thought she bowed her head and closed her eyes as Arnav, her new husband gently filled get maang with the sindoor of his name. Just having witnessed the scene after barging in, Anjali, Nani, Bua, Garima, Payal, Akash, Mami and Mama were shocked.

Well what did you think?!? I will be updating very soon and the more comments I get, the more frequently i will update! Also, this is going to be a very romantic Arhi FF, the first chapter just had to set everything up! There will be lots of cute/awkward moments coming up don't worry!

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MrDarcyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 October 2011 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
Very interesting...DO continue!
ardhika16 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 October 2011 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
Awesome very nice do continue and plz add me to ur pm list :)

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Jyo. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 October 2011 at 12:02am | IP Logged
Loved it =) Sounds really nice. Do PM me when you update Embarrassed

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ArnavKhushiLove Groupbie

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Posted: 17 October 2011 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Here's Chapter 2! Don't forget to like and comment please!

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi--Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"Hai re Nandkishore!!! Yeh kua hua? Hato! Eh babua, suna nahi tum ne! Tumhari himmat kaise hua humari bitiyan ki maang barne ki?" yelled a livid Buaji.

"Buaji...voh...hum...Babuji ne..." said a shaken Khushi. Arnav opened his mouth to say something when Buaji yelled "Tu apna mu baand hi rakho to aacha hain. Yeh kya kar diya! Hai reh Nandkishore. Tumhari shaadi ka kitne sapne dekhe te hum aur tumhare aama Babuji ne, aur yeh Arnav Singh Raizada humari bitiyan se...! Hai re Nandkishore!"

The others were simply too shocked to even speak. Then faintly, Babuji tried to speak, "Jiji, yeh humare kehne pe Arnavji ne kiya. Humara aashidwad in dono ki saath hai. Jald se jald in dono ki shaadi karwade na...please..." and with that he closed his eyes.

The doctor rushed everyone out of the room and began his attempt to save Babuji. In the waiting room, everyone was quiet. Then the doctor came out with a worried look on his face.

The doctor began speaking. "Don 't worry. Mr. Gupta is alive."

A sigh of relief passed over the room.

"But I regret to inform you that unfortunately, he has slipped into a coma and we are not sure how much longer he has to live. It is possible that he can wake up in time, but not anytime very soon. Ha, but he was mumbling something about Arnav...Khushi...Shaadi... "

"Thank you doctor," said Arnav. "Agar aap ko aitraaz na ho toh mein soch raha ta ke Babuji ko ghar pe hi rahkagaye. Vaha har vakh ek nurse rakhne ke liye main paise doonga. So this way his family doesn't have to stay at the hospital and he can live with his family."

"Sure. You will just have to sign some papers." said the doctor.

Arnav looked over at Garima, Bua and Payal. "aap ko mera fesla so koyi problem toh nahi hai na? I know it will be difficult for someone to stay here all the time and I know you would like it better if Babuji was with you at home."

Garima looked at Arnav and said "Hum ne aap ke bare mein bohot kuch suna. Agar humare pati ne apni beti ka haat apko diya, toh zaroor soch ke diya hoga. Humari bitiyan ki kayaal rakna."

After a nasty look from Bua, Arnav turned to Nani. "Chotey. Aap ne bilkul tikh kiya. Kisi aur ki aakhri kwayish puri karna bohot achchi baat honti hain."

Anjali started "Hum jaante hain ke yeh sab bahot jaldi ho raha hain lekin hum Khushi aye Arnav ki shaadi jald se jald karwana chahte hain. Kyun Nani?"

"Ji Anjali bitiyan. Bilkul tikh kaha. Kyun Garimaji?" said Nani.

Garima smiled slightly and said "Shaadi aaj hi karwa dete hain. Takhir Khushi ki Babuji bi wheelchair mein mandir aa sakte hain. Aaj ki baad to bed rest mein hi hoga."

"Achcha. Toh hum sab chaar gunte mein Devi Maiyya ki mandir mein milte hain." Said Anjali.

And with that they all left from the Hospital. Mami was huffing and angrily whispering something to herself while Akash smiled at Payal and started walking behind his parents. Arnav came pushing a sleeping Shashi in a wheelchair with some medicines and papers.

"Khushi, yeh dawai in koh kani hain. Payal koh batadena kyun ki kal..." Arnav and Khushi looked at each other as they both realized why Arnav stopped. Tomorrow Khushi would no longer be living with Payal or Bua or her Amma and Babuji. She would be Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada. She would be the bahu Nani longed for and the bhabi Anjali had looked forward to. She would be a woman. He snapped out his trance and handed Khushi the papers and medicine. His hands rubbed against her soft ones on accident and Khushi looked away. Arnav nodded curtly at Amma, Bua and Payal then began walking behind his sister.

"Main...Arnavji ki patni...shaadi...aaj...bahu," Khushi thought. This was all happening so fast. But little did Khushi know that there were more surprises to come...this was just the beginning

On such short notice for a wedding, the Gupta household was a frantic disaster. With no time for shopping, Khushi wore Payal's outfit from her wedding that was broken off and Payal wore a beautiful green saree.

"Khushi, zara voh dupatta de na. Lagta hain sab kuch pack ho gaya. Kuch bhool to nahi gayi na Khushi? Khushi?" Payal said as she finished zipping Khushi's suitcase. She looked over at her little sister. She looked beautiful. Red always was her color but today she looked like an angel. A beautiful bride...but a sad one at the same time. No, she wasnt sad that she was about to marry the rakshash laad governor that had always made her life a living hell, but she was sad to leave her Jiji, her Amma Babuji, even Buaji behind. Age was so young yet her situation caused her to become so mature. "...Jiji..." khushi said, the rest of her words were undetermined under the hard sobbing of the bride.

"Khushi! Payal! Chalo. Waqt ho gaya." yelled Garima.

And the family left for the mandir, set to give away their pride and joy to the one man who they had never thought.

"Chotey! Areh tum abhi bhi ready nahi hua! See Itold you that one day all my gifts of sherwanis and kurtas will cone in handy!" said Anjali in her usually cheerful voice. "kya hua Chotey? Are you nervous? This is a big step in your life which i am very happy you decided to make. Just watch, how Khushi will fill your life with happiness and color. Trust me. There will come a day when you won't be able to imagine yourself without her. And I'm proud of you for taking responsibility for her family and for listening to yours also Babuji's wish. Chale? Der ho rahi hain. Tumhari dulhan tumhare intezaar kar rahi hongi. " Anjali giggled while pulling Arnav out if his room.

Arnav and his family were seating at the mandap in the middle of the beautiful mandir. Akash almost had to restrain from laughing at seeing his older brother struggling to not rip off the sherwani at that very moment. Mami looked get usual tip-top self, overdressed with a huge kundan necklace and a pouty mouth to top it all off. She unlike her husband and the rest of the family was very against this union.

"Ee ghar ma humra kona repsect nahi! Voh pati saree aur is ghar ki bahu! Hello hi bye bye!" said Mami under hushed tones that were still clearly audible.

"Manorama!" yelled Nani. "Ab Khushi bitiyan humari bahu bane ja rahi hain. Hum inke kilaaf kuch nahi sunenge!"

"Hmmp!" said Mami.

Arnav rolled his eyes at the constant bickering between the two woman. He couldn't wait for this day to be over. Then he heard it...that voice...dear God!

"Hai re Nandkishore! Chalo na! Buaji was yeliing at two men who were carrying Shashi's wheelchair up to the mandap. "Eh Payaliya! Ja jake tumri behna ko leya!" Buaji, Garima and Shashi's wheelchair were all settled at the mandap when they saw her. She looked beautiful. Arnav, along with everyone else turned their heads to see a shy Khushi being escorted up to the mandap by Payal. Looking up for the first time, her eyes met Arnavs. They continues to lock eyes until the panditji began the rituals.

"Shuru kijye Panditji" said Nani.

The time came for the sindoor and mangalsutra. Arnav carefully placed the sindoor in Khushi's maang for the second time that day. Then leaning over her shoulder slightly, he secured the mangalsutra, claiming her as his wife. The wedding continued with the pheras. Arnav was wearing his trademark passive expression, showing no emotion. On the other hand, Khushi's eyes reflected sadness. When she pictured her wedding, it was nothing like this. She didn't blame Arnav or anyone for that matter. She even told Devi Maiya that if she had given her this fate, then she would oblige. The pheras finished and so did the shaadi. The newlyweds touched the feet of their elders and received their blessings. Even Bua and Mami gave in. Now realizing what was happening, Khushi held Payal tight and cried her eyes out. "Jiji..." was all that could be heard from the ne bride. She embraced her Amma and bua and once again said goodbye to her family and then left. Dulhan apne saajan ke ghar chali gayi

What did you guys think! please comment! I will update more often if I get more comments!
more Arhi next time! Promise!

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i love ur story...

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very interesting...looking forward for the next parts...please add me to ur pm list...:)

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Very nice story...cont soon and thanks for the pm:)

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