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Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya (A.k) (Page 9)

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Posted: 11 February 2006 at 7:13pm | IP Logged

After taking shower she got ready and came down to the dinner table. Kripa was walking really hard becz on her left leg rahul was holing and sitting on top of her feet and on the right kushi. She went down and stopped by the break fest table
H: why are u walking like that kripa, are u ok?
Kripa lefts her right leg then puts that down and then lefts her left leg shown why she is walking like that. Seeing that they all laugh at her.

After finish break fest kripa was leaving to office when rahul and kushi went to their parents.
R,Ku: can we go with didi to her work plez
Pt: sure but don't trouble her a lot
R,Ku: thank you we wont at all. U know that we never trouble her at all. We just site there quite and read books
Josh raises his left eye brow: oh really is that true kripa are they quit at office

K: think of what they do in office

Flash back:

When they inter the office fist they run around making noises than jumping around the chair and couches. Knocking down things and kripa would just site down and finish her work. When she is done she looks up and sees all her room like a garb can. Kripa comes back to reality

K: oh.. Yes of course they are like an angel
R,Ku: can we plezz
H: don't try to trouble her
Priya: be good u two
Ku: we will mom thank you
Rahul grabs kushi's hand and they both run out said to the car
K: bye
All: bye take care
J: kripa did u find a new singer to sing with us in the next concert
K: not yet jiju but im trying my best
Prithve: hey listen we heard there is a new singer coming umm.. What's his name I forgot…oh yea zaib I think that's it.
K: god jiju not again can I spend a day not hearing his name once
H: what do u mean?
K: I hear his name every day from rahul and kushi when I wake up till I go to sleep… u know how big fan they are of zaib
They all laugh
K: very funny
Priya: u have to deal with it kripa its ok
K: whatever
H: how does he look like kripa
K: how would I know I only heard about him but never seen him.. I will see him in two day anyway when I take rahul and kushi to his stupid concert
Priya: who give u permission to take them to concert
K: let me think..umm u did
Pirya: when
K: u don't remember u told me u I could take them
Priya: when did I say "yes u have the rights to take them to concert"
K: oh really didi I could aww how sweet thanks
Priya: what I never said that
K: hey didn't she just say yes u have permission to take them
J: she is right priya u just said it
P: what when did I….(she gets cute of)
K: bye didi
P: but I..
Kripa ran to her car
P: why does she always tricks me
J: under hi breath) I guess she knows ur dumb
P: did u say something
J: me no I didn't
P: u better not

As kripa reaches her office all the workers say in their main ( their comes the two devil again god I don't know how pore kripa deals with this two)
As kripa opens her door rahul and Kushi runs in said jumping around making noises like always. Kripa takes her seat will rahul and kushi are talking again about zaib and how cool he is
K: ok u to plez now be good will I go to the meeting
R: we are always good didi
K: no I mean be good like the way u are in front of ur parents not me
Ku: what should we do till then
K: play video game on tv
R: ok this time I will beat kushi
K: bye jaan
R,Ku: bye
Kripa leaves to meeting and comes back after 1 hour later. As she opens the door and inters a bucket of water fall on top of her head. Every one at office starts laughing at her. Kripa screams
K: rahul kushi
She tries to walk in when she slips on the floor
K: ouchhhhhhhhh
She looks around to find rahul and priya but she cant
Kripa makes noise like
K: ouch my foot it hurts a lot ( she know if she does that they will laugh at her and she could find out where they are hiding
Ruhal and kushi giggle and kripa spots them under the curtains
Kripa slowly get some water on the bucket that fall on her head with water and gets close to them. She quickly moves the curtains and drops the water at their heads. Kripa starts laughing at both of them by seeing their shocked face.
K: oh god ( she laughs more)
R,Ku: doesn't know what to say they just run around kripa to get her back
Until the guy that works there nocks on the door
G: is it time form me to clean now
K: stops laughing ) yes come in
The pore guy cleans all the mass again. that's how they always are rahul and kushi makes a mass then hits kripa a little then kripa gets them and the pore guy come and cleans all the mass after them
Kripa sites on her desk still wet and starts working on her papers. Rahul and kushi did lots trouble but they always follows one rule and that is that no matter how much they make a mass in every where at office its ok but they can never get close to kripa's desk.

After when kripa finishes her work she takes them to restaurant to eat.
Ku: didi is this ur favorite restaurant
K: yes jaan
R: I thought u said its is our uncles favorite restaurant
K: yes its his to, we both love here
Ku: where is uncle right now
K: I told u he went to work for long time
R: how come he wont come back
K: he will when he finishes his work
Ku: u always say that he will come but he never does, we never saw him in our life but all we saw was his pic.
K: its ok someday u will see him
R: tell us more about him how he is
K: like always I tell u he was.. I mean he is a great man
R: do u love him
K: yes I do
Ku: did u say I love u to him when he left
Kripa remembers the day how she betrayed him
K: fack smile and lies) yes I did jaan

Kripa always told rahul and kushi about angad. Even though they never saw angad they know so much about him from kripa that they feel like he is with them always. Kripa still loved angad the same as she did before. She knew that someday he will come back. She always made an excuse to rahul and kushi that he went for work to different country and he will come back soon.

2 days later its Saturday

Again its morning and rahul and kushi weak up and starts jumping and saying
R,Ku: we are going to see zaib…we are going to see zaib..we are going to see zaib ( they say that like more than 100 times.
Kripa was still a sleep. She puts a pillow at her ears and covers them for not hearing zaibs name again.
K: shhhhhhhh stop it u two
R: common didi get up we are going to see zaib today
Ku: yes didi get ready fast
K: u guys its only 10 am and u will see zaib at 7pm that's a long time
R: its ok it will go fast lets go out
K: where?
Ku: how about for ice cream
R: no chocolate
Ku: ice cream
R: chocolate
They keep fighting to which one they will eat

K: u guys stop it plezz

Kripa takes them out till its 7 pm and the concert will start. Harshini, prithvi,josh and priya are going two. Its not a concert its just at a party but he will be there singing.

Josh and priya sat one side of the room at a table and prithvi and hashini at other side of the room. On other hand kripa and the two little devils ( rahul and kushi) where in middle at a place where they served drinks.
The music started and all the girls and boys came around dancing. Zaib comes in middle with his back to the audience and starts singing will playing his guitar.

Zaib: Aksar Ye Hota Pyar mein (from movie jurm)
As he turns all are shocked (prithvi, harshini, josh, priya) their mouth drops open when they see him.
Kripa saw him but didn't show any reaction as if she didn't even know him. Zaib looked exactly like angad but he had beard and mustache so rahul and kushi didn't really recognized him they always saw pic of him clean with no beard and mustache
Zaib kept singing and at the part he takes kripas hand and asking to dance with him. Kripa agrees and zaib sings (mahfil ma jab log ati ha chehra vo asli chopati ha..sorry u guys I don't know how to write in Hindi I trying my best sorry.)
j,p,pp,h know what he means by that when he takes kripas hand and say that there is evil behind this face( kind of like that) kripa simply smiled and danced with him. When the music came angad played his guitar and kripa went to the place and asked for drink. She grabbed a full glass of drink and drunk all. When others saw her drink again they were afraid she started again. Kripa drink as she remembered angad and her self and how much fun they had than when she finished she put the glass down and tears rolled down her check as she remembered leaving him. Angad continued singing and didn't see her tears but smiling evilly.

Rahul and kushi ran to kripa. Kripa looked at them and told them to go to their parents and she will come back to them in few mints. Kripa ran to the bathroom and washed her mouth. When she came back she drink allots of water to get rid of her breath smelling like a drunk in front of the kids. She left to the table where j,p,r,ku was. She sat down watching zaib sing. Kushi and rahul asked kripa if they could play. She took them out said and played games with them and enjoying. They played games like guessing which actor or actress it is than after that hidden and seek. Kripa was counting and when she was done she looked around for rahul and kushi but she couldn't find them.

Zaib finished his singing then left to his room and all guards stopping people to get in. rahul and kushi went under all the peoples legs and passed the security guard with out the guards noticing. Zaib came out of washroom and was brushing his hear by the mirror when he heard giggles by the Curtains. He went close to there and quickly move the curtain when rahul and kushi screamed
R,Ku: hiiiiiiii
Z: shocked seeing kids in his room) who are u two and what are u doing here…guards
R: wait plez don't call that fat guard
Ku: we just want an aught graph
Z: u know ur not allowed to be here
R: we are sorry but we had to get ur aught graph we are ur big fan.
Z: come sit in the couch
All three sit on the couch
Z: ok so give me ur paper to sign
R,Ku: hands him a napkin
Z: confused) what's this
R: we didn't have paper
Ku: so we got napkin
Z: smiles) wait here ( he leaves and comes back with two small bar toy.
Z: here this is for u and this is for u ( hands kushi and rahul the bar)
R,Ku really happy) thank you
Z: u want me to sign them
R,Ku: yesssss
Zaib sings the bars and hands them back

Kripa was looking for them out said when she sees the window and in said rahul and kushi in the room. Kripa runs in said and tries to get in said but the guards wouldn't let her. She comes back out said and thinks. Kripa climbs to the window. Rahul and kushi sees kripa holding by the window
R,Ku: didi
Kripa falls in said. Zaib turns around and sees kripa at the floor. He runs to her
Z: u ok?
K: get up) yes im fin thank you
Z: what are u doing climbing to my room from window
K: no no im sorry actually I tried to get in from the door but the fat guard. I mean ur guard wouldn't let me in so I climbed from window
R: that our didi we told u about
K: im just came to take them back really sorry if they troubled u
Z: no its ok they are really sweet
Rahul and kushi just smiles at them
Z: looks at kripa) hi im zaib
K: oh yes I know u very will from rahul and kripa

hope u guys like it
Big smile Wink

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Posted: 11 February 2006 at 8:04pm | IP Logged
an awesome part...plsss cont soon...can't wait till kripa n angad have a major showdown!
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Posted: 11 February 2006 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
awesome story cont soon Clap
CrazyChatterbox IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2006 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
gr88. continue soonnnnnnnnnnn
Mahekkhan Senior Member

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Posted: 11 February 2006 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
great plz cont soon. Clap
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Posted: 12 February 2006 at 3:15am | IP Logged
yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy he's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gr8, if not too much continue soon!!!!!!!!!!!this fanfic absolutely rox!!!!!!!!
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Posted: 12 February 2006 at 7:54am | IP Logged
mindblowing part i gotto say plzzzzzzzzzzzz continue Big smile
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Posted: 12 February 2006 at 10:22am | IP Logged
continue soon....that was great!!

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