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Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya (A.k) (Page 9)

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Posted: 09 February 2006 at 1:51am | IP Logged

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superb.........fantastic.....eggscellent............gr88.... ......too good.............

these words are not enough to describe how good yur fanfic is.......

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thank you guys soo much
i will cont tomorrow i think
sorry Cry Big smile Big smile
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hey continue soon
very touchy story for me
i almost cried!! Smile
good job
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omgggggggg that was mindblowingggggggg
and just simplyyyyyyy fabbbbbuloussssssssss
plz cont soooooooon it wasssssss greattt Clap
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Priya fall down on her knees and started to cry hard. Josh and prithvi was trying to calm her down. The doctor was about to leave when the nurse came rushing to him.
N: doctor..the patient
The doctor run in said the operation where kripa was. Kripa came out of coma. She was breathing heard. The doctors tried a lot and found out that someone tried to poision her by giving her injection. The doctors tried a lot to help her. After an hour later the doctor came out of the room.
D: she is out of coma now… someone tried to kill her
All: what? Who
D: we don't know…..she is perfectly fine.
They where really happy to hear that. They all rushed to her. Kripa was sleeping. After when kripa woke up she was really angeri to be alive. Priya and harshini beged her to stay alive.
P: plez kripa don't do this I don't want to lose my sister
H: kripa when u gived me ur blood that means that we are sisters to..plez kripa we love u a lot plez don't do this

A week passed. They took kripa to khanna house. At first she refused to go there but they forced her. Kripa went to angad's room and locked the door behind her. She went close to his pic and touched it as tears keep rolling down her check. She fall down on her knees holding angad's pic and crying really loud. Priya, josh, prithvi and harshini could hear her cry out said of the room. They knew they couldn't do anything so they let her cry her heart out.

Next day priya knocked at the door. No one answer. Then josh came to her and unlocked the door with a spare key for her. They opened the door and went in said. They looked around and found kripa fall a sleep on the floor holing angad's pic. They went to her and sat beside her. Kripa woke up and found priya and josh next to her watching her. She could tell that they are trying really heard to hide their tears. Kripa sat up still holing angad pic.
P: common kripa lets go down and u need eat something.
K: im not hunger
P: plez kripa u haven't eat properly for passed a week and the doctor said u will not survive like this.
K: let me just die here I don't care

Few more days passed and kripa now moved to khanna house. She got angad's room since that's where she was all the time. They all tried heard to cheer her up but kripa was always crying and never smiled for long time since angad left.

They where all sitting on dining table and eating launch except kripa. She like always wouldn't come out of the room for long time.

J: today we are all invited to a party, our new project is getting launched so we have to go today
Prithvi: yes and we will take kripa to no matter what she says. She has to change and going to the party might change her mood a little
H: that's a good idea

At night they went to the party and forced kripa along with them.

At the party everyone was enjoying and kripa was sitting at the table where they served drinks. A lady came and sat next to her. She order a drink and then looked at kripa.
L: hi im rani
K: didn't look at her) I don't care
S: u seem really sad anyone sees u they could tell
K: don't talk to me
S: takes her drink) u know when I was sad this is what always helped me. When I always drink this it makes me forget everything, all my pain.
S: gives her, her drink) here try it, it will help u
K: I don't drink
S: its ok just try it its will help u a lot, it always helped me… just try it.
Kripa took the glass from her and dinked all. rani ordered another one for her and she drink again. By the time the party was over josh, harshini, priya and prithvi heard kripa laughing. They turned around shocked. Kripa started telling her about her self. So this is my story till know, I betrayed the person who loved me more then his life. They saw her dinked about 8 glass of drink and she was laughing and as she laughed her tears keep coming.

Kripa became drunker. She started to drink and no one could stop her. When they tried she would fight. And they where hope less.

Kripa was outsaid when she saw the same police jailer who used to beat her up in jail. Kripa smiled to her self evily and left back home.

It was hashinis goedbari ( baby shower) all the guest came and wished her. Every one was there except kripa who was like always in her room a sleep drunk. They where wishing harshini and her knew baby when some police mans came.
Police : we are here to arise Ms. Kripa khanna
Every one was shocked. Josh went to the police
J: what happened? what did she do?
Police: she came to the police house at 8 in the morning and beat her up really bad
J: im sorry but u made a mistake becz kripa is in her room sleeping and she hasn't left the house today at all. If u don't believe me we have lots of avidence that says the same thing.
They couldn't find any profes that kripa was the one who beat her up. The police layed tried a lot to tell that it was he but no one belived her.
Kripa heard everything and smiling for her plan sucseed.

Flash back:

When kripa saw the police layde she went to her house. She was alone. First thing kripa did was change her time by putting it 4 house front. When the police lady came she saw kripa
P: u what are u doing here
K: smiles: im here just to fitful what I said when I was in jail every time u beat me
P: what the hell ( she was about to slap kripa when kripa caught her hand
K: its not ur jail that u could make rules.. Today I will show u my rules
Kripa takes the same danda that she used to beat her up and hits her a lot just the same way she did to her. After leaving kripa changed the time back to what it was. It was 4 in the morring and everyone was a sleep She sneaked to her room. The police though it was eight becz kripa was smart enough to change it.

Flash ends.

The police mans leaves and only priya know that kripa really did that and she was happy becz the police deserved it harshini screamed. They rushed her to the hospital. It was time for her to give birth to a baby. After 3 hours later kripa woke up and went down. The servant told her that they took harshini to hospital and she was giving birth to a baby. Kripa was happy to hear that. She left to the hopital also. When she reached to the room she saw harshini holding a baby and prithvi next to her. Priya and josh was on the right and prithvi was on left hugging harshini. Kripa stood by the door and watching them when harshini saw her.
H: common in kripa why are u standing by the door.
K: no im ok here
H: do u want to hold him once
Kripa nodded and went close to her. She was about to pick the baby when she backed up fast. They all were confused of her reaction. Kripa went to priya and asked for her dopata. Priya didn't know why she was asking for but she handed her. Kripa closed the dopata around her mouth and nose. Then she went and picked the little boy. At fist they didn't know what she was doing but then when they saw her they understood why she did that. Kripa didn't want to get close to the kid becz her breath smelled of drunk so she rapped dopata around her mouth and nose so the baby wouldn't smell the sharab. After holding the baby for 5 mints she handed back to harshini. Harshini grabbed form kripas hand and put it at the new born babys head.
H: swear that u will leave drinking
K: kripa was shocked and didn't know what to say) I.. I cant..
H: plez kripa becz of this new born baby. Swear that u will lave drinking.
No matter what they told kripa to leave drinking she wouldn't listen to them but this time harshini knew it was a good time to take advantage of this time. She made kripa swear by putting her hand at the new born baby. That was the only way kripa might convince to leave drinking.

Kripa look around at all of them. They all had tears in their eyes. She once again picked up the baby in her arms. She kissed him on the forehead and sward.
K: I swear I will not drink again.
P,H,J,P was really happy to hear her say that.

4 years later

U see two women in kitchen making break fest. They took some food and went to the table. Josh and prithvi was reading news paper when the two lady's came to them and grabbed the news paper form their hands
Prithvi, joshe: same time) hey I was reading that.
They two ladys are harshini and priya.
H: finish ur breakfast first then read
P: no reading aloud when u eat
Pt: ok baba sorry we wont do it again
H: u batter be
J, priya where is the three devils
P: they are still a sleep
H: hold up I will wake them up

U see a big bed in angad's room. Then u see three heads on the bed on the left 4 years old boy and on the right 3 years old girl and on the middle a girl about age of 25. From downstairs harshini yells.
H: Kushi, Rahul, kripa get up
The two kids gets up and throws the blanket out of their self but the girl in the middle pulls it back to her self still sleeping. The two kid gets up and starts jumping at the bed and yelling
Kids: get u didi get up its morning
K: sleepy voice: shhhhhh.. Im sleeping
The boy sit next to her and pulls the blanket of her face
K: rahul let me sleep plez
R: no didi get up common plez
Kripa turns around and puts her face on the pillow and still sleeping. The little girl and the boy run of the bed. Kripa gets happy thinking they left her so now she could sleep.
R: shhhh kushi slow down
Ku: I am hurry up put the water in
They got a juke of water and went to kripa who was now facing up front and sleeping peace fully
They pure all the water on kripas face
K: jerks up and screams )ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, rahul, kushi,
Rahul and kushi giggles and runs down the stairs
K: I will not spear u two ( and runs after them)
Kripa chases both of them all around the house for about 5 mints until they both hid
K: get out where ever u are
No one came out
K: im counting till 3 if u don't come out I will not take u with me to my work today.
As rahul and kushi hears that they come out fast and runs to her.
KU,R: no no we want to go we are sorry
K: nice now do 10 push up if u want me to forgive u
Rahul and kushi does 10 push ups really fast on the ground and gets up.
R,Ku: we are done.
K: good job now hurry up go brush ur teats and get ready if u want to go with me.
The two kids runs up to their room and gets ready fast.

Rahul: 4 years old, harshini and pithvis son.

Kushi: 3 years old, josh and priyas daughter.
They both are jaan of kripa. Every day when she would take care of them like her own kids. They where really spoiled when they where with kripa but in front of their parents they acted like angels who would never do anything bad. Kripa would take them out all the time and spoil them a lot. When they came home two of them had to listen to their parents lecture but when they where done talking the kids would run to kripa not craning what their parents said to them. They love kripa a lot and when ever they need something they would go to her. All three shared on bed room and same bed. Every night when they go to sleep kripa would tell them stories until they go to sleep and at morning like always they do lots of tricks on kripa to wake her up. Kripa was now handling angad's business. She became really successful.

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awesome part plz cont soon. Clap
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awesome part plz cont soon Clap Tongue

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