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Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya (A.k) (Page 5)

Pooja922 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 February 2006 at 11:54am | IP Logged
hey i just finished reading the whole thing...its great...i love it~~~

nabz8888 Goldie

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Posted: 05 February 2006 at 11:58am | IP Logged
i can't wait, plz plz plz continue soon!!!!!!!!
sharanb IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 February 2006 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
cont soon i jus luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvv this story
Bolly*_Crazed IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 February 2006 at 4:26pm | IP Logged
CONTINUE SOON!!!!ITS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
karipa Goldie

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Posted: 06 February 2006 at 2:17am | IP Logged
suberb brillient plz con fast Clap
Night Maiden Senior Member
Night Maiden
Night Maiden

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Posted: 06 February 2006 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
continue soooooooooooooooooonn.waiting for it despretatly
Star* Senior Member

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Posted: 06 February 2006 at 9:32pm | IP Logged

here is the next part
Big smile

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Star* Senior Member

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Posted: 06 February 2006 at 9:32pm | IP Logged

Angad and kripa was working when angad asked
A: kripa
K yea
A: do u want to go to dinner with me
K: wow at least u got time today to go to dinner with me
A: I always have time
K: yea right being with ur girlfriends always and instead of more work u talk more to ur girlfriends in the phone.
K by the way how many girlfriend do u have
A: how many do u think
K: will every day I see u with a new girl so may be umm… I don't know
A: good u shouldn't
K: what do u mean?
A: will im to hot that why I have all girls which no one could keep track of
K: god know what's going to happen to u
A; nothing
K why don't you find someone good and marry
A: I did
K: really who?
A: it's a girl
K when did I say it's a boy only if ur not..
A: kripaaaaaaa
K sorry just joking
A: u batter
K: ok lets go
A: ok
They both leave to a restaurant for dinner.
When they reach there they see priya and Josh.
K: oh look there is priya and josh
A: looking around) where?
K: moves his head with her head) over there
A: oh ok ..lets go to them
They go to priya and joshes table
P,J: hi u guys
They all sit down together and talk.
J: we have to tell u guys something
A,K: what?
J: today I proposed to priya and she said yes
Kripa who was drinking water got choked as she heard that. She started coughing really bad
A: u ok kripa
K: still coughing ) yes..yes im ok
A: congratulation dude and u to babi
P: blushes )
K: priya vo..
Angads phone rings and he excuses him self.
P: I told Josh everything , kripa
J: yes I know and I still love here as much as I did before and a little more now
K: thank you soo much josh im so happy for u guys
Angad comes back. They all talk and enjoy their dinner.

Harshini and prithvi was fine now they where at home when josh comes running to harshini
J: babi.. Babi
H: slow down what is it
J: today I proposed to priya
H: happy )really and what did she say
J: she said yes
Josh was so happy that he picked up harshini and swinged her around
H: be care full josh leave me
A: god babi I think he is going to have a heart attack from so much happiness

After 2 weeks later Josh and priya got engaged and four days later it is going to be their marriage. They where all enjoyed the party. After the party kripa and priya left back home

At priya and kripas home:

K: im going to miss u priya
P: me to
They both huge and priya cries again
K: don't cry stupid or else ur going to make me cry to
P: wipes her tears) thank you soo much kripa
K: for what?
P: if I didn't meet you I might no be here right now and get so much happiness
K: no don't say that we both go here together and If u weren't with me I might not be good person that I am right now. Who knows that after getting out of jail what have I don to my self.
They talk and huge each other.

3 days later

Angad wanted to confess his love to kripa. They where driving towed home.
A: umm… kripa
K: what?
A: how do we know if we are in love
K: I don't know umm I think if u cant eat and sleep right and u feel like u cant live if u don't see her..etc.
A: have u loved anyone before
K: yes
A: felt like his heart broke into million pieces) umm.. Who?
K: will there is allots of people lets see like priya, josh, harshini, prithvi…
A: no not family love the other kind between two lovers
K: oh no I haven't
A: feels all his heart getting back together and smiles) cool
All of sudden the car stops in middle of the road
K: what happen
A: I don't know it stopped
K: great we are stuck here
A: its ok we will walk
K: great
They both get out of the car and start walking
A: kripa I want to tell you something
K what?
A: kripa I… I
K: I what?
A: I love you
K: shocked) wat?
A: yes kripa I really love you
K: no angad u must be joking stop it
A: im serous, like u said if we don't be able to eat or sleep and feel like cant live with out tham..etc that mean love right, and that what happened to me, I really love you
K: angad I…
A: I know ur will not be able to say it so fast. I promise kripa I will love you a lot and keep you really happy, I have everything u want, house, car , money anything u name it
K: I'm sorry angad but I don't love you..I never thought of u more than a sorry angad but I don't love you.
A: why not ?
K: becz I cant love you
A: there has to be a rezone
K: angry and lies) becz I..I love someone else
A: shocked and heart broken) but u said u don't love anyone else
K: turns around and shuts her eyes) I lied I do love someone else, im sorry angad but I love him allot
A: what does he have that I don't have kripa
K: nothing
A; then
K: I don't love him becz of what he should have I love him becz of what he is
A: turns kripa around and faces her) I will change my self for you
K: stop it angad, I said I don't love u now leave me.( she free her self from his grips and runs away from him.
A: I never loved anyone but u kripa, I will not leave u so easily( evil smile and leaves to his car. His car was not broken he just lied so he could talk to kripa. He looks around for kripa then drives towed home.

kripa cried in silence as she walked to the empty road. She started running faster and faster as she cried.

Kripa was walking at the empty road and crying to her self when a white van came and the door opened. Two mans came out and grabbed from kripas hand and dragged her into the car. Kripa tried her best to escape but the two man was really strong for her to try to scarp. They tightened her hands at her back and put a scarf in her eyes.   They reached an old place which was surrounded by trees. The two man got out of the car and dragged kripa to the big old house. They took her in said and pushed her in. she fall on the ground.
M1: she is here
M2: we brought her just the way u wanted.
Kripa couldn't see becz of the scarf in her eyes, then she heard priyas and joshes voice
P: leave me
J: let her go u bat****d
They hit josh at his stomach really hard. he fall on the ground.
Josh couldn't fight back becz if he did they would hurt priya.
A voice come from behind
S: let her see
M2: yes maam
They open the scarf form kripas eyes. Kripa opens her eyes and sees josh and priya
K: screams) josh, priya
S: nice to see u again kripa
K: looks around and sees a figure in the dark place )who is there
The person comes out of the dark. And when kripa sees her she gets shocked.
K: m.mi…MISHTI
M: hi dear miss me
K: ur alive.. I thought u were
M: dead right.. No dear im alive
K: why you…(looks at priya and josh) leave them alone
M: sorry but I cant
K: why did u do this to me… u where alive and sand me to jail…im not going to spare u bi****
Mishti goes near her and slaps her tight across the face
M: dear how can u kill me when Im already dead
K: I hate you …why did u do this to me
M: im sorry but I had to
K: why?
M: I needed to change my identity and needed someone to kill me so u where a great person to make a target. U where really close to me. I always hated you becz u where always good and best in school. Everyone liked you, u would joke all day and people loved you more than me. I was always jealous of you. That's why I hated you. I needed money and you knew me very will I couldn't get my oun wealth until I was 18.I asked my uncle to give my share to me but he refused so I had no choice but to kill him and get it. After when you went to jail I got a new name and new identity, now I have everything I want and what I always wanted.
K: why did u need the money for?
M: u forgot that I used drugs and couldn't live with out it.
K: yells angry) and you killed ur uncle so u could get money you bi**
Mishti slaps her again.
K: looks at her angery)
K: leave them alone what do u want, talk to me
M: I will leave them if u bring me someone
K: who?I will just leave them.
M: angad
K: shocked) what?

M: yes you heard me right I want you to bring him to me.
K: why do u want him
M: bez I want to kill him
K: what?
M: he humiliated me in front of every one. I will never forgive him. I hate him soo much.
When you went to jail after 3 years later I fall in love with angad. But he didn't love me. I confessed my love to him but he made fun of me in front of everyone and said my love was a joke. From that day I started hating him and want him to be betrayed by his true love the love he said he will get one day then I will kill him
K: what do want me for?
M: its simple. I want you to fall in love with him and make him fall in love with you to. Then after he loves you a lot bring him to me and tell him that your love was just a joke and you never loved him. I want him to be heart broken.
K: I will never do that
M: oh yes you will, you know if you don't do it then you can say good bye to josh and priya
K: no don't you dare do anything to them
M: u pick one, save them and bring me angad or let them die and don't listen to me, its ur choice
J: screams)don't listen to her, kripa
P: don't do what she says kripa
M: aww josh, lets see I heard you love your brother and babi a lot don't you, what is they die
J: shoked) WHAT?
M: then you guys batter do what I tell you to do
K: how should I truest you that after I bringing angad to you u will leave us alone
M: you just have to trust me. I never break my promise and you know that very will. I promise, you bring angad and I will never come in ur life again.
M: do u agree
K: shuts her yes and tears roll down her check as she says) yes
M: that's like a good girl.
K: now live them
M: I will. Remember you have one month to make him fall in love with you or else u know (smiles)

Mishti and his people leave form there. Kripa cries harder
K: why does this always happen to me
Priya and josh hugs her
K: cries and yells)WHY GOD WHY ALWAYS ME
J: get up lets go home
K: I don't want to go
P: u have to kripa
They sit down for 5 mints thinking when kripa gets up
K: she thinks I will do what she wants… she is dead wrong.
J: what do u mean?
K: smiles and tells him all the plan
P: its to dangerous
K: nothing ever was easy in our life, priya
P: no u guys cant do that
J: we have to priya
K: priya u will get married tomorrow and remember act like nothing happened
P: how can we?
K: u have to
J: she is right we have to go along with their plan than after that it will be our turn to do what we have to do
P: are u going to tell angad about this
K: I don't think I will be able to
J: try to tell him
K: before I even start to love him he will hate me
J: he will except you
K: smiles) not every one has a good heart like you, josh
K: get up Lets go home tomorrow is a big day

Next day:

At kripa and priyas house:

Kripa got priya dressed in her wedding dress
K: ur looking really good pirya
P: sad) thanks
K: lifts her chine up) nothing will happen to us, today is ur wedding so smile.
P: teary) I cant
K: wedding comes once, today is ur big day so forget what happened and what will happen tomorrow, be happy we will deal with this tomorrow.
P: still sad) but I cant..
K: angry) stop it, u know its hard for me to
Kripa sits on the bed and cries holding her face
K: its all my fault from beginning I should have never be friends with her and after that I should have left u so they will not use u as my weakness.

It was around 6 pm and the wedding is at 6:30
Kripa gets dressed and comes out to show priya
K: how do I look priya
Priya turns around and gets shocked to sees kripa for the fist time dressed in sari
P: u.. u look so good on sari
Kripa tries to walk with high heels and she falls
K: ouch.. Damn this stupid shoes
K: how do u wear this
P: laughs) why are u wearing this
K: fist u always tell me to wear it and now that I am u are asking me why I am wearing this
P: no but all of sudden
K: I need to change and have to impress angad
P: looks at her sari which is kinda different way closed around her) why is ur sari different.. How did u close it to ur self
K: I don't know I just put is around like u always do
P: hits her hand on her forehead) ur crzy I don't just put it around my west I close it different way.
K: but I thought this is how u do it… men how should I know how to close sari
P: I will fix it for u stupid
K: thanks

Kripa was wearing beautiful pink sari. Harshini comes to them
H: wow priya u look gorges
P: blushes) thank you
H: sees kripa and gets shocked
K: what?
H: laughs) this is the first time in this 2 months I see u wearing sari, I thought u never wear anything else instead of jeans and t shirt like tom boy
K: I didnt but u know its good to change right.
H: I wonder how will others reaction will be when they see u
They all laugh

Josh was siting on the mandip and the pojariji asks to bring the bride.
Harshini and kripa brings priya down from stairs. Kripa was on the left and harshini on the right.
As angad turns around and sees kripa his mouth drops open.
A: thinking) am I dreaming or is this real
Kripa looks at angad who is still looking at her. She smiles and sits priya down next to josh and leaves and stands next to angad
K: smiles) hi
A: -----
K: u want me to leave
A: back to reality
A: no no.. ur looking beautiful
K: blushes ) thank you

The wedding starts and josh and priya does all the ceremony. After when they are done every one congratulates them. The music starts and every enjoys the party.
A: goes to kripa) can I have a dance
K: smiles) sure

They go to the dance floor and joins others.
K: angad I want to tell you something
A: are u still mad at me from last nigh
K: of course not.. Angad I lied to u last night
A: about what?
K: when I said I love someone else I lied I don't love anyone else
A: really happy) really, then why did u lie?
K: lies) I wanted to see ur reaction on how much u love me.
K: angad I love you to
A: surprised and really happy) u don't know how much im happy kripa today
K: me to
A: I love you to ( hugs her tight)
K: tears roll down her check) I love you to
They apart
A: wipes her tears )why are u crying
K: no it's tiers of happiness
A: oh ok but I never want to see u crying even if it tears of happiness
K: smiles to him
They dance. The party finishes. Kirpa takes priya to her room and sits her down at her bed.
K: bye didi
P: kripa
K: turns around to her) what's wrong
P: im nervose
K: laughs) its ok all brides are nerves on their suhagrat.. Good night priya. She leaves when josh comes in.

The next day:
Angad and kripa go out. They have a lot fun together. At night Angad takes kripa to somewhere and stops his car
K: where are we angad
A: come out I will show u
They get out of the car
A: puts his hand on kripas eyes and takes her a little close to the top
A: ok now look
Kripa opens her eyes and looks. They were in mountain kind of place where they could see the whole city from their. It looks really beautiful at night.
K: wow its so dutiful
A: u like it
K: I love it
A: me to but I love u more
K: aww thank you so much ( hugs him)
They sit down at the bench and look at the city and talking. When they are talking angad gets closer to her and kisses her neck. Kripa quikly moves a little from him and still talking. Angad comes again close to her and tryes to kiss her but kripa stands.
K: angad
A: whats wrong
K: angad I don't like this
A: don't u love me
K: I do but I don't like this
A: whats so bad about it
K: plez angad don't do this to me again
A: why not (in naughty tone)
K: looks at him) do u love me becz of my body
A: anger and get up) what nonsense's
K: angad I always wanted when someone loves me they take care of my izat to, I don't like this when u come close to me like this
A: im sorry kripa I really do care for u, I will not do that again
K: smiles and hugs him) thank you
A: no need to, I love u
K: I love u to.

hope u guys like it Smile

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