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Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya (A.k) (Page 5)

zehra05 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2006 at 5:03pm | IP Logged
i just read the whole fanfic it's great please con. soon Tongue

Star* Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2006 at 5:43pm | IP Logged
K: lets go hurry
Angad and josh ran to kripa's car. They both where really worried. angad yells at kripa
A: can u drive faster Angry
K: do u want to see them
A: yes
K: then shut up and wait till we get there if I drive faster then this we will have an accident to
J: she is right calm down angad
They reach the hospital. Kripa takes them to prithvi and harshini
J,A: bahi what happen to u
P: slow down u guys im ok
P: where have u been
K: plez priya If I don't sleep right now I will die

A: ok look at ur self all bandaged and ur saying ur ok
J: true how is babi
P: she is fine
The doctor comes
D: Ms. Kripa
K: yes
D: can u bring this medicines its important
K: I.. (looks at angad and josh who are busy with prithvi and she sights) ok I will go
She leave to the store and the doctor goes to the them.
D: how are u feeling now Mr. prithvi
P: im ok doctor Smile
P: when is harshini going to come back to since
D: she lost lots of blood and thanks to kripa she will is alright now she will come back to since in few more mints.
A: what do u mean thanks to kripa she lost lots of blood(confused) Confused
D: I mean when she brought harshini here we thought we couldn't save her becz we needed lots of blood but in time Ms. kripa donated lots of blood and now she is out of danger.
J: where is she
D: she left to get some medicine
P: I cant believe how much she did for us and we don't even know her
J: yes u do
P: we do
J: shes priyas sister the one I told u about kripa
P: oh her
J: yes but still she didn't know that ur my brother and still helped a lot
Angad was just listening to them and feel a little good toured kripa
Harshini comes back to since
P: (happy) harshini
H: looks at prithvi) pri…
P: yes its me
H: cry and huges him Cry Cry Cry
P: calming her down) its ok harshini we are safe
H: I thought we might never make it
P: we did
H: how did we get here
P: our waiter brought us here
H: still crying and confused) waiter?Confused
P: smiles) the one who said ur a cute couple remember kripa
H: how did she..?
Prithvi tells her everything happened to them and how kripa saved her life by giving her blood.
H: I cant believe she did this all for us
P: me to
Kirpa comes back running to the doctor
K: here is the medicine
D: thank you
K: looks at Harshini
K: hi
H: holds her hand and starts crying) thank you soo much
K: its ok it was nothing..plez don't cry

Harshini cries more and pore kripa doesn't know what to doShe thinks and every time priya cries she just hugs her until she calms down so she does the same. Kripa sits next to her and huges her until harshini calms down.
K: smiles to harshini) how are u feeling now?
H: batter thanks
K: this is the 20th time u said thanks, plez don't say it again I don't feel good people thanking me a lot
Other laugh
K: she remember something and yells)Shockedoh shit
All: what's wrong
K: I forgot to tell priya she must be worried sick becz of me and oh god im late for work im dead
They laugh again seeing her so worried
K: I need to call somewhere excuse me
She stapes out of the room and calls her boss
She talks so loud that A,J,P,H could hear her
K: what the heck u cant fir me becz im late Dead ..plez common don't fir me plez.. But ..but… Angry Angry Angry fine damn it I don't need to work for u either and she hangs up the phone. She goes back to the room.
J: u got fired from ur job
K: kind of who cares I would have quit it anyways, ok I have to go take care u guys I will see u at night bye
H,P,J: bye
She leaves to her car and drives home. Angad wanted to thank her and say sorry to her for being mean to her but couldn't. he fallowed her till she got to her car. As she was walking out of the hospital she walked like as if she was drunk. Angad knew why she was that way. Who ever lose so much blood and stay a wake all night and not eating would be the same, they cant even believe she still had the energy to stand.

Kripa reached home. Priya opens the door
k: kids tone) im tired can we talk later plez Big smile
P where have u been
K: plez priya if i dont sleep right now i will dieDead
P: don't say that go ahead
K: thanks ( she runs like kids to her room and jumps at her bed. She falls a sleep really fast the same time she jumped at her bed.

P: this girl I tell u ( shakes her head)
After few mints later the door bell rings
Priya opens the door and finds angad and josh.
P: hi common in what a pleasant surprise.
A,J: thanks
P: what's up u guys
A: is kripa here
P: yes she is in her room sleeping
A: oh ok
J: is she feeling ok now
P: I don't know what was up with her when she came home she run to her room like as if she was drunk. She keep hitting her self to the walls as she was walking toured her room.
J: kripa haven't told u where she was all day
P: no she said she is tired and will tell me later, y do u know where she was
J: yes
P: where?
Angad and Josh tell priya all about what kripa did.
P: I cant believe she did all that.. I always knew she had a good heart but she never showed
Priya slowly opens the door to where kripa was sleeping so peaceful. She goes near her and site by her bed. Angad and josh stand by the door watching.
P: to kripa) im really proud of you ( she smiles, kisses her forehead and get up to leave from the room. They sit for few mints talking when priya get up to go to kitchen she accidentally hit's a vas and it falls down breaks. Kripa who was sleeping hears the noise Shocked Shocked . She quickly get up and runs from the room to priya
K: scared) priya.. Priya
P: im ok nothing is happen
K: still woried) what happened are u ok
P: yes im ok I just accidentally hit the vas and it fall
K: takes a relief) u scared
J,A: watches her and thinks how much she cares and is scared
Kripa turns around and sees angad and Josh sitting at the couch
K: surprised) when did u guys come
J: just few mints ago
P: go back to sleep kripa u must be still tierd
K: no im fine now I feel much batter
Her stomach makes a nose of hunger ness. Kripa quickly holds her stomach
K: im sorry
They all laugh at her as her face turns redEmbarrassed
K: priya can I have something to eat im really hunger
P: yes u site I will bring u
K: no its ok u site I will make it for my self
Kripa leaves to kitchen to get her self food
Priya and josh sites and talks. Angad excuses him self and leave to kripa
Kripa was eating at kitchen when angad comes
K: hi dufferTongue Tongue
A: kripa I want to talk to u
K: im listening
A: thank you for what u did
K: oh not again plez im sick of this thanking Dead
A: im sorry
K: shocked and surprise) wat?
A: im sorry for being mean to u
K: laughs) you are
A: im serious
K: when did I say ur not
A: can u forgive me
K: no
A: sad) oh ok
K: laughs again) you didn't do anything for me to forgive you
A: I was really mean to u and fighted at every little thing
K: I didn't mind it, it was kind of fun to
A: u mean we are cool now
K: smiles ) yes
A: rises his hand to her) can we be friends
K: I need to think about it
A: disappointed) oh ok ( he was about to take his hand back when kripa shakes it
K: friends
A: happy and smiles) forever
K: smiles back) and ever
K: wana join me
A: sure
They both sit and eat together
Josh and priya sees them both together talking and laughing they get shocked
P: whispers to josh) I cant believe them
J: me to, I never thought they would be good with each other
P: few days ago they were fighting as if they where each others animi for ages

At night priya and Kripa goes to see Prithvi and harshini. Out said of the hospital kripa was trying to call somewhere when angad goes to her.
A: hi kripa
K: turns and sees angad) hi what's up
A: I wanted to give u something
K: what?
A: hands her a card) here
K: what is this
A: go there and u will get a job
K: job
A: yes its my friends company and he will give u a job
K: but I..
A: no buts just go there, remember tomorrow at 9
K: ok

The next morning kripa get up and gets ready to leave for her new job, She reaches to the office and goes to the receptions.
K: excuse me im here to see the boss of here
R: yes plez have a seat
K: thanks you
R: calls the person
R: sir Ms. Kripa is here to see you
P: plez send her in
R: yes sir
R: you may go in
K: thanks
Kripa goes to the cabin and nocks
P: come in
K: umm..excuse im
P : yes I know have a seat
Kripa seats and the person turns around and its non other than
K: get up and almost yells) ANGAD TUM Shocked Shocked
A: shhhh calm down no need to yell, yes its me
K: but u said ur friend
A: yes I know I lied so what now sit
Kripa sits back again
A: do u want to work for me as a secretary
K: me
A: no ur gost
K: I cant
A: why not
K: I don't know anything about being a secretary
A: so its ok I will teach you
K: no thanks u will west your time for nothing
A: there is nothing about wasting time, after all friends could do this much for each other
K: but…
A: how many times should I tell you no buts just listen
K: ok I will try
A: great
K: so when do I start
A: from today
K: today?
A: yes any problem
K: no.. what should I do?
A: stay with me and don't let me get board
K: what?
A: common yar I always get board sitting her and working alone, can u plez stay with me for today
K: ok
They sit talk, laughing and joking around, till lunch time
A: lets go out for launch
K: ok
They go to a restaurant and eat
A: I love this place its so beautiful
K: yes, do u always come here for launch
A: yes
After they finish they leave back to office. Around 4 clock they finish working.
K: im tired
A: yes and we are done working lets go out
K: where
A: just come u will see
K: ok
They both go out angad show her his favorite places and they talk all day.
A: wow I never had this much fun for long time
K: me to

Few day passed by. Angad and kripa became really good friends. Angad started having feelings for kripa but kripa never looked at him the way he did to her. She always considered him as firend and nothing more. Josh and priya went on a date again. They were walking at beach when Josh kneels down in front of priya.
P: shocked) josh what are u doing
J: priya since the fist time I saw u I fall in love with u. I couldnt eat or sleep. All the time I was thinking about u and only you. I really love u priya, will u marry me
P: ( pulls her hand back and starts crying. She runs from him and stops by a big rock. She cries harder when some puts his hand at her shoulder. It was Josh.
J: priya what's wrong
P: crying) im sorry josh I cant marry you
J: but why? I promis I will keep u very happy
P: its not you, …you don't know anything about me.. If u find out u will never except me
J: confused) what do u mean?
Priya tell him everything about her self. How she went to jail then meet kripa. She also tell about kripas life to.
Josh get shocked to hearing about them.

The sun sits no one was at the beach except priya and Josh. They both where sitting looking at the sun sit with their backs laying at the rock.
P: still teary) this is our story
P: believe me josh I didn't do anything and nor did kripa.
J: why didn't you tell me this earlier
P: I didn't have courage to tell you and I was afraid you will hate us…now you know about us, I told you after knowing about our passed u will never except me ( cries again)
J: hold her face with his hands and looks at her eyes) I trust you priya, I really love you and no matter what happens I will never leave you
P: hugs him tight) I love you josh
J: I love you to
Josh stand her up and kneels in front of her again
J: will you marry me and be Mrs. Priya Josh Khanna.
P teary) yes
Josh takes out a ring and slips it in priya's finger and they both huge. Heart

hope u guys like
thank you Tongue

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sgokli IF-Dazzler

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nabz8888 Goldie

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Posted: 04 February 2006 at 12:55am | IP Logged
i loved it!!!!!!!!! plz plz plz continue sooon
pink sky Senior Member
pink sky
pink sky

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Posted: 04 February 2006 at 7:56am | IP Logged
wow what a beautiful fanfic I am impressed
please please do continue

Ahlaam5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 February 2006 at 11:23am | IP Logged
amazing parts star (sorri dont knw ur name)
cont soon
ur fan fic is different and i love it
cont soon
Mahekkhan Senior Member

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Posted: 04 February 2006 at 11:26am | IP Logged
plz cont soon. Clap
Night Maiden Senior Member
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Night Maiden

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