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Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya (A.k) (Page 3)

khushi19 Goldie

Joined: 01 September 2005
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Posted: 01 February 2006 at 4:15pm | IP Logged
i feel so sad for kripa anyways pls cont soon Big smile

nottyangel Senior Member

Joined: 25 September 2005
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Posted: 01 February 2006 at 5:07pm | IP Logged
plz cont sooooooooooooooon Embarrassed
Star* Senior Member

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Posted: 02 February 2006 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
Angad Khanna: 22 years old rich and big rock star. He has business of him self to. Loves his family a lot. All girls are after him and he is really spoiled brat. Believes in love.

Josh Khanna : 23 years old. Older then angad and smaller then pritheve. He is a big rock star to. Respects girls and not all flirty. Believes in love to.

Prithvi  Khanna: 25 years old the oldest of angad and josh. Has business and really rich. Loves his wife harshini and soon to be a father.

Harshini Khanna: 22 years old. Sweet and nice girl, house wife loves pritheve allot. Loves her family and is 3 months pregnant. She treats josh and angad as her own child and loves them a lot. Since she came to their lives she never let josh and angad feel that they need a sister or mother, even though she is smaller or same age but still takes care of them the same way. Both angad and josh loves her more than their life and can do anything for her.

Priya:( played by kumud from kkusum) 21 years old. Nice and sweet girl. U know about her life

Kripa: 21 years old, nice to people in said but out said she is really mean and people thinks of her really cold hearted but only priya knows the reason of her being like this. U know about her life to why she is that way.

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Star* Senior Member

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Posted: 02 February 2006 at 7:06pm | IP Logged
Next day priya was getting ready for the party
P: kripa plez come with me to
K: no thanks I don't want to go, I have work to do
P: like what?
K: I umm….just go man I don't want to go. I will pick u up after the party, remember
P: yes yes I know not to go anywhere out said by my self in the streets. Im not a kid
K: u are to me now finish up I will drop u there
P: how much did u get this new car this morning
K: nothing much it was a great deal
P: (rising her eyebrow) really was it a great deal or u made him give u in a great deal
K: (laughs) u should have seen his face how much scared he was
P: its not good what u did
K: I know
P: then y are u doing it
K: becz I like to do it its fun
P: but
K: lets go hurry up
Priya sights and they leave
They reach to a huge house
K: ur friend looks like really rich
P: he said he is a rock star
K: really that nice
Josh saw priya come out of the car and his face lights up and a huge smiles spreads in his face. He goes to her.
J: hi
P: oh hi
J: come on in said
P: thank u
K: take care didz
J: ur not coming
K: oh im sorry I have work to do I cant
J: plez come on in
K: I will come later
J: promise
K: (smiles) promise
J: ok
K: bye u guys
The party started everyone was enjoying specially josh and priya. They talk and became really good friends.

Kripa went to a restaurant. She found a job there
K: excuse me where is the boss
w: he is there in that room
K: thanks
Kripa goes to him. She gets a job. The man was really mean but she didn't care.
M: remember if u be late or not come u will be fired from this job
K: what?
M: you cant be late more than 10 mints get it
K: ok I wont.
M: u will start tomorrow from 8
K: ok
Kripa leaves back to the party.
K: she inters the party and josh and priya sees her
Kripa heads towed them.
K: hi u guys
J: where did u go
K: I got a job
P: really where
K: at a restaurant
P: im happy for u
J: y in a restaurant
K: that's the cool place I work with my friend there (she lied)
P: I need to look for a job to
J: I have a place open for secretary if u want to get.
P: I don't know, I don't know anything about being a secretary
J: come to my office tomorrow I will show you its easy all u get to do is keep track of my meetings and shows and etc.
P: I…
K: that's sounds great, y don't u try it priya
P: ok I guess so.
J: great then
J: here I will introduce u to my brother.
Josh calls angad
J: kripa meet angad my brother
They both see each other they get shocked
K,A: (same time)TUM
A: what are u doing in my house get out of her
J: angad behave ur self
A: she is the one who slapped me
K: u disserved it u were the one who thought I worked there and yelled at me
A: if u didn't work there u should have said it
K: u never give chance for me to speak
They started arguing. Priya and josh was doing their best to stop them
After half hour later
The music started and everyone got their partner and went to the dance floor
J: priya can I have a dance
P: (blushes) yes
They both go to the dance floor and dance
Angad and kripa was watching them dance when angad asked kripa
A: will u dance with me
K(thinks) oh so has a plan to do something no wonder he is asking me for a dance
A: (thinking) u will see how I will humiliate u in front of every one and everyone will laugh at u will u cry like little baby
K: (smiles) sure
Angad puts his hand at her waist and kripa at his shoulder. They both were dancing, and angad wanted trip kripa.
At every move they made angad put his leg in front of her leg so she could fall but she knew what he was trying to do. She was fast and moved before she fall. angad looked at her eyes really angry that he will kill her any mint. Kripa to did the same but after looking in each other eyes all of sudden all of their anger went away. Before u could see lots of anger in both of their eyes but now all u could see so much love.
Kripa was getting anger to see love in his eyes. She liked to fight but she knew that she cant love anyone and nor she should try to becz no one will ever except her if they find out she has been to jail for murder, thought kripa.
K: angad
A: still lost in his world
K: get more mad and stapes at his leg
A; ouch what the hell
K: laughs)
A: some day I will get u for this whole thing
K: if u can duffer
A: what u say
K: the thing u heard
A: Angry
K: Tongue Tongue

The music finishes and they all four gets back together.
K: hey josh where is ur babi and brother
J: oh they left to their friends house she was kind of sick that why
K: oh ok
P: I meet her she was really nice lady
A,J: yup she is
K: cool I will see her next time then
K: we have to go home now
J: oh common plez few more mints
P: no thanks josh its late and we batter get going
J: (sad to see priya leave) ok
K: (knows how josh feels and smiles) hey josh how about if u come tomorrow to our house and we will go to dinner, its my treat becz I got a new job
J: smiles to hear he could see priya again) sure I will come
K: (looks at angad) u want to come to
A: no thanks I have lots of work to do and not instead of being with u and west my time
K: what ever anyways I didn't want to call u I just asked to be nice
A: whatever
K: ok bye u guys see u tomorrow
Priya and kripa leaves home
A: (to josh) wow bro u seem to be really happy every time ur with priya do u like her or something
J: oh will I know for sure that I cant hide anything form u so I will tell u, yes I love, her first sight love
A: u only meet her for 2 day how can u love her
J: u sure are duffer
A: what do u mean
J: will when I say its fist sight love that mean when the fist time I saw her I fall in love.. stupid can u get hat much in ur head no wonder why kripa always call u duffer.
A: joshhhhhhhhhhhh ( runs after him and punches one at his stomach)

Few days passes by. Josh and priya started to date each other. In other hand kripa and angad always fight and argue at every little things. Kripa was kind of worried about priya becz she felt what if josh finds out about her passed will he leave her. The same thing scared priya a lot, but never had the courage to tell him about her self.

One day kripa was working at restaurant when prithvi and harshini comes there for dinner. Kripa never saw prihvi and harshini but heard a lot from priya and josh.

P: waiter
Kripa come to them
K: hi my name is kripa and I will be ur waiter for tonight what can I get u
P: will I brought my lovely wife harshini to date today so can u get her something that will make her really happy
K: sure sir
K: what can I get u maam
P: anything that a pregnant women can have
H: prithvi shame less
K: (laughes) u guys are a cute couple
P: yup we are
K: wish u a great life and congeradulation to your baby maam
H: thanks you

She takes their order and after and after hour later they leave. Kripas time for work was done to and she left to her car to get home. As she got to the road she saw a truck come and hit a car in the street. The car fall up and down to the grown up sit down. The truck left and no one was there at the empty road. Kripa stopped her car far from the car at corner. She got out and run to the car that had an accident. She hit the door of the driver few time till it opened. She pulled fromm the mans arms and it was none other than prithvi. She was shocked to see them. She looked around and saw the oil get close to the fire. She new the car would blow up in few mints. She pulled from prithvi's arm and took him far from the car. Then she run back to the car becz she knew harshini was there to. The same time prithvi cam back to since and saw the car explode. He screamed harshinis name and fall back unconscious. He thought harshini was dead. After few mints later kripa came back running to him. She already took harshini out of the car before it exploded. She took him to her car and drive fast towed the hospital. She reached the hospital and run to the doctor and asked for help. The nurses got harshini and prithvi out of the car and took them to the operation room. The nurse brought some paper works to kripa fill out. She did and at relative section she put down sister of harshini and prithvi her jiju since she didn't know what else to put.

3 hours passed and the doctor came out. Kripa run to him
K: doctor….
D: miss kripa prithvi is out of danger now
K: harshini
D: she and her child are fine to but
K: but what?
D: if we don't find someone to donate blood fast we might not be able to save her and her child.
K: yells) don't u have any blood at this big hospital
D: Im sorry but right now we don't have any blood available. I'm sorry
K: how about main
D: yes we need to check first but
K: what?
D: I we need lots of blood
K: I don't care just take as mush as u need and hurry up
D: ok
The nurse took kripa to a room to do some check up then they got her blood. After 5 mints later she was done. Kripa was feeling really dizzy since she give lots of blood but still managed to hold her self.
The operation was successful to. Kripa stayed at hospital till the next day until prithvi came back to since.
When prithvi came back to since he yelled again harshinis name
The doctors run to him and tried to calm him down.
D: Mr. prithvi plez calm down ur wife is save and ok
P: shocked to hear harshini was still alive
D: yes she is aright this lady save both of u guys
P: looked at kripa that was standing by the door
K: hi sir
P: ur the girl from
K: yes
The doctor left and kripa sat next to prithvi
P: thank you soo much for saving us
K: its nothing
P: im really great full to you…. I want to see harshini
K: she is not back to since yet plez calm down u will see her
P: no I want to see her right now
K: wait I will be back and bring her here
Kripa goes and talks to the doctors. The doctors brings harshini to the same room as prithvi. Now her bed is next to prithvi's. Prithvi takes her hand and tears rolls down his check.
P: harshini
K: umm…sir do u have any relative that I could inform
P: yes my two brothers
K: can I have their phone number
She tries to call them but no one picked up and their cell phone was off.
K: no on is picking up.. Tell me the address and I will go to the house and tell them
P: sure
Kripa notes the address and leaves to inform them. She reaches by the huge house
K: this is Joshs house isn't it
Kripa nocks at the door and angad opens it
A: what are u doing her
K: I
A: hurry up I don't have time to listen to your crap
Josh comes form behind him and sees kripa
J: hi kripa come in
K: no thanks umm josh is prithvi ur brother
A: its non of ur baseness
J: (looks at him anger than to kripa) yes it is
K: they had an accident last night
Both angad and josh were shocked
J,A: yells) what

hope u guys like it Big smile
Star* Senior Member

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Posted: 02 February 2006 at 10:48pm | IP Logged
being in jail and doing lots of work anyone could get strong LOL LOL LOL
thanks Tongue
wait till u see how much more pain pore kripa will go through Big smile
Mahekkhan Senior Member

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Posted: 02 February 2006 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
great plz cont soon. Clap
karipa Goldie

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Posted: 03 February 2006 at 4:09am | IP Logged
brillient mind blowing plz con soon
Nutan.R Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2006 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
i dnt lyk it bt i luv ittttttttt Big smile

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