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Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya (A.k) (Page 3)

karipa Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2006 at 5:14am | IP Logged
lovely con soon

Mahekkhan Senior Member

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Posted: 01 February 2006 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
hey great story plz cont soon. Clap
Star* Senior Member

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Posted: 01 February 2006 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
K: wow I cant believe we are getting released today
P: so where are u going to live now
K: not only me but u will live with me to
P: but..
K: aren't u my sister
P: yes
K: then no buts lets go get ur stuff and we are leaving
They get out of the jail

They were walking around the streets when a car comes and hits little into priyas leg
Kripa runs to priya
K: priya u ok..
P: im fine nothing happened
Kripa gets mad and goes to the guy
K: hey stupid duffer cant u see how ur driving
G: its not my fault that she came in front of my car
K: apologize to her
G: hey u don't know me… I never apologize to anyone get it
K: I don't care who the heck are u just apologize to her right now
P: its ok kripa leave him
K: no way didz.. Hurry up
G: what if I don't
K: ok u will see now
K: (starts to yell) help help anyone help
G: what the heck are u doing
K: since u don't want to apologize than I will make all the people make u apologize to her
K: (starts shouting) someone help us this guy is trying to hit us help
G: shut up
K: make me
G: y u.. u just don't know who ur dealing with
G: my name is angad Khanna the rock star
K: I don't give a damn to it and its good that since ur a rock star this news will be in news papers
Kripa starts shouting again
A: (thinking) if she yells like this and people blame me then my career will be over damn this girl.
A: ok ok I will apologize
A: im sorry
K: now get lost
A: I don't have any inters in staying with u here to
Angad gets in his car and zooms off
A: (thinking) damn this girl, who does she think she is. She doesn't know me yet. Ok angad beta don't spoil ur mood today becz of her, deal with it tomorrow now go to the party and act like nothing happened.

They opened the door and interred a small house.
K: so this is where we will live
P: its batter than nothing
K: it was nice of that judge to give us this small house
P: yes
They look around. The house is empty there is nothing there. the house has only one bedroom
K: pirya u stay home I will be back in just 10 mints
P: where are u going
K: just out said u stay here
Kripa goes out said. They were in new town so she didn't know any were. She had less money in her pocket and she need to buy food for them self. She went to the store
K: umm. Excuse me how much is this food
The man told her the price. She didn't have much money to buy anything.
She site out said thinking what to do. There was a crowed of people gathered in a corner and yelling " fight, fight, fight." she went close and watched the man beat the other man up. And another man yelling "beat him up"
M1: no one could beat my man here.
then He get lots of money from people
M1: is there anyone who could beat him up. Who ever does he will get 1 thousand dollars.

The money was a great deal. Who ever get that money could survive for about a month. Every one backed up. Kripa was standing there and didn't know what was going on. She didn't move a inch
M1: so u want to fight lady?
K: ur talking to me
M1: will ur the only one who is standing here in front
K: sure I will fight
Everyone laughs
K: y u guys laughing
M2: look at u, if a man cant beat that dude up what can u do.
K: (smiles) we will see about that
M1: start the fight
The man runs to kripa. She stand there still and didn't even move a inch. It looked like as if the man came close to kripa and just stood there. All of sudden he fall on kripa and kripa pushed him back and he fall in the ground. You could see kripa take her fist back. As the man tried to hit her she punched him really hard at stomach.
Every ones mouth was open. They couldn't believe a girl could beat that man up. Kripa went to the man and smiled
K: can I have my money now
Then man takes a knife out
M: what do u think that I will give u so much money
K: listen u told me if I win u will give me my money now give it
M: don't come closer or I will hurt u (Pointing the knife in front of her)
K: (thinking) damn this man, u just don't know who u are dealing with do u
K: ok fine u could keep the money
Kripa looks at his back like if someone is coming
K: oh shit police
The man turns around to look and kripa takes advantage of that, she grabs the knife form his hand and kicks him in the stomach. The man falls in the ground holing his stomach.
K: I told u give me my money nicely but to bad u picked the wrong choice. Now instead of 1 thousand I will be really happy to take 4 thousand since u wasted my 4 mints .
She takes the money from his hand and leaves back home. When going back she kicks the man again and says " never again do that to me or next time I will not spare u."

Kripa reaches home and slowly opens the door. She sneaks in to the house like if she is a chor When someone turns on the light. Kripa jerks up.
K: p..priya
P: where were u all this time
K: just out said (acting like kids who got in trouble) I was just getting a job
P: job… what kind of job
K: look at this money I got (shows her the money)
P: (shocked) where did u get all this money
Kripa tell her how she got this money
k: chill priya. Listen this was the only way we could get money to feed our self
P: by fighting
K: what do u want me to do, like others and work all the time then one day they will blame u for something u didn't do. I don't give a damn anymore to this world, I don't trust anyone.
P: (understands what she is going throw) im sorry kripa but all I want was for u to do in batter way I didn't mean to hurt u.
K: fin I will find a job but right now lets go to a restaurant and eat launch im hella hungry yar
P: u always change the topic fast. Ok lets go
They find a restaurant and goes in
K: waiter
The waiter comes
W: what can I get u maam
K: priya order anything u want I have money that u could buy the whole restaurant if u want (she joked)
They order food. They were eating when kripa saw some guys looking at priya.
K: priya you don't have any other clothes with u
P: no this is the only I have. Y did you ask
K: nothing your cloths are some parts rip after launch lets go shopping.
P: ok
Kripa excuses her self to go to the bathroom. Some guys come and sits by priya
G1: hi babes
P: go away
G2: what's wrong come I will buy u ur launch
P: get lost
Angad and josh comes to the restaurant to. Their table is close to kripa and priys table. They see the boys miss behaving with priya. Josh get mad and was about to get up and go to them but angad stops him
A: leave them alone
J: how can u say that look at them how they behave with her
A: who cares. Forget it
Kripa comes out of the bathroom and see the boys misbehaving with priya and get really mad. Angad was smoking. He had a cigarette at his hand when someone comes and grabs it from his hand. It was kripa, she went to the boy who was about to touch priya and put the smoke at his hand. The man got up and screamed. The other boys got up to. At the same time a waiter passed by and had a bottle in his plat. Kripa got the bottle and smacked it at teh other boys head. Blood started running form his head. When the other guys saw him they run of form restaurant. Every one was shocked from her behavior.
K: (to priya)u ok
P: yes I think so
K: forget everything happened and lets finish eating
Priya sat back down kind of nerves but she knew this would come becz this was how kripa was for passed 5 year in jail. It will take her long time till she starts to act normal or maybe she will be like this for ever always cold heart , thought priya. Kripa walked back to her table. The guy that she hit with the bottle was still in ground and not caring kripa stepped on him and walked to her table. She paid the bail.
K: lets go for shopping
P: ok
They left to the mall
No one at the resturant told the police who did it becz they all though what she did was right

Angad and josh was just watched them two all the time. Josh keep thinking how one of them was so nice and couldn't do anything and another one who would beat people up with no mercy. Angad in other hand was thinking how cool kripa was. They left to mall to after their launch to.

At mall

Kripa picked some cloth for her self. All her cloths was jeans and t-shit like tom boy. Priya got her self cloths to but opposite of kripa. Hers was sari and shalwar kamiz.
P: umm.. Kripa
K: (busy with her cloths) yea what is it
P: umm
K: (now looks at her angry) how many times should I tell u when u want to get something get it don't act like u have to ask permeation, we are sisters so act like one who never cares and enjoys spending her other sister money.
P: can I buy some jewelry
K: if u ask me once more ur dead
P: (laugh) ok sorry I wont. (Acting mean) I want to buy some jewelry so hurry up
K: nice acting but try to be a little more mean.
They head to the jewelry shop.

Angad and josh comes there to the jewelry shop to.
J: do u think this one will be good for babi
A: I don't know get her something nice like her self
J: what are u getting her
A: what ever u get her I will snatch it away from u and pretend that I bought it
J: last time u did that but this time I will not let u give my gift to harshini babi and pretend its yours.
A: we will see about that
Priya went to the other side and looking for beautiful jewelries . Josh was confused and when he turned around he bumped to a girl
J: oh Im really sorry (looks at the girl and its non other than priya) ur the girl in the restaurant
P: do I know u
J: no actually I saw u at restaurant today with the other girl
P: oh yes I remember.
J: hi im Josh khanna.
P: (smiles) im priya
They both shake hands and feels a little different feeling throw their body
J: if u don't mind can u help me find some jewelry
P: sure, who is it for
J: im trying to find a good jewelry for my babi
P: oh that's nice
J: her birthday is in few days and I wanted to give her a gift so I said jewelry was good
They talked for few mints and picked some jewelries. on other said kripa and angad meet
Angads cell phone was broken so he went to the cell store which was in said the mall to. Kripa at the same time went there to

To the man

K: excuse me can u help me here
M: yes what is it maam
K: I want to buy two cell phone
M: yes we have a great ones here plez come this side
The man shows her some cell phone when someone called the man
M: excuse me I will be back in a mint
K: ok
As the man leaves he drops his apron that he was holding in his hand. In the store who ever worked they wear one of those. Kripa picked the apron up. Angad came to her and thought she worked at the store. He stated yelling at her about y do they always disconnect his cell phone.
K: excuse me plez I think u
A: Damn u with ur cell phone.
Kripa got really mad. She hated people yelling at her specially when that was the last thing she wanted that day. She was in a good mood but really tired of walk in the mall for passed 2 hours.
K: plez calm down
A: ur telling me to calm down
Kripa was about to leave when angad grabbed from her arm
A: im talking to u lady
Angad didn't really recognized kripa. He did see her at restaurant but he was so mad that he couldn't think. He had a big meeting the other day. Hes cell phone got some kind of disconnected and he didn't get a call so he missed his meeting and that's y he was really pissed off. Kripa pulled her arm from his hand and slapped angad across the face
Everyone at store was shocked. Angad was a big rock stare and everyone new him
K: don't u dare touch me again (saying that she left from store really mad.)
Priya and josh were talking and laughing. Kripa comes to them
P: josh this is my sister kripa
J: Hi
At fist kripa was really mad and wanted to yell or hit someone. But seeing priya laugh after a long time all her anger went away.
K: (smiled) hello
J: l(ooks at his watch) oh I have to leave, there is a party in my house tomorrow would u like to come.(looking at priya)
P: I don't think so
J: plez
P: but I don't know anyone there
J: u know me right so I will introduce u to my babi to
P: will I think so
J: great here is my address I will be waiting for u two.
K: thank u
J: thanks
Josh left quickly. Kripa started teasing priya
K: wow who was he
P: we just meet today
K: that was fast, u saw him today and wow u became really fast friends
P: common lets go
K: did u buy something for ur self
P: yes I did and I got u some to
K: what? Me no way u know I don't wear this
P: listen kripa u have to stop this and be what u are
K: I am what I am
P: im saying that dress like girls and act like one
K: common mom don't lecture me again about this u already give me a big speech just an hour ago about my clothes.
P: u will never change

Josh goes to angad
J: hey angad
A: (yells) damn her, I will not leave her she has to pay for this
J: whats wrong, and y is ur face red
hearing that angad get even more mad
J: don't tell me a girl slapped u
Josh burst out laughing. Angads blood was boiling. Josh was about to say something when angad punched him hard in his stomach and left in anger toward his car
J: (trying to take his breath) man he didn't have to take his anger on me. God now only babi could get his mood back to normal.
Angad never listened to anyone. The only person he listend was harshini. Josh and angad loved harshani like sister and mother and she was their babi to.
They stop by a big house. Angad get out of the car and doesn't saying anything just heads toured his room and shuts his door really tight that the sound echoes all around the house. Harshani comes out of the kitchen
H: what happen, josh whats wrong with angad
J: I don't know but I think he got slapped from a girl
H: y
J: how would I know u ask him ur self
It was dinner time they all sit around the table and prithver came from work
H: hi honey
P: hi how are you dear
H: good sit down the dinner is ready
P: where is angad, how come he is not here. He was the one who always came fist
Harshani tells him what happened
P: will I think he disserved it if some girl slapped him
H: y is that
P: harshani u know him he must have done something bad to her that she slapped him
J: I agree with u bro
H: josh call your brother down
J: what u expect me to get another punched again no way babi u should do it he only listen to u and no one else.
H: fine I will try
Hrshani goes to his bedroom door and nocks
A: get lost josh
She nocks again
A: (yells) I said get lost damn u
Harshani opens the door and get in
A: babi what are u doing her u should have called me I would come to u. im sorry I thought u were josh
H: its ok, lets go dinner is ready
A: im not hungry
H: u have to eat common
A: plez babi I don't feel like eating
H: fine if u don't eat I will not eat to and both of us will stay hunger with u
A: babi don't do this ur pregnant u need to eat
H: not until u don't
A: fine I give up lets go
H: thats like a good boy
sgokli IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2006 at 2:59pm | IP Logged
prakriti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2006 at 3:45pm | IP Logged
nice job! contnue soon!
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 February 2006 at 3:58pm | IP Logged
continue soon
khushi19 Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2006 at 4:15pm | IP Logged
i feel so sad for kripa anyways pls cont soon Big smile
nottyangel Senior Member

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Posted: 01 February 2006 at 5:07pm | IP Logged
plz cont sooooooooooooooon Embarrassed

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