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^THE JADED PRINCE^-{MANEET FF} next thread pg 151

NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 October 2011 at 3:47am | IP Logged

(by- mj90 & Storywriter)

Hello every one.

This is a new ff which I am writing along with my friend who you may know as meggs. This is mutual ff and some parts will be posted by me and some by her. thing sp about this fic is that it is already being posted with the same name but that fic is on Sujal-Kashish...and this fic I am posting on Maneet another fav couple...this is our first fic on we want to apologise before hand for any future mistakes..and we hope we all Maneet fans would like and comment on the fic

This is quite different from any ff's I have written due to the dark and questionable pasts of the characters.

We hope you all enjoy this ff and give us lot of comments.

We are posting a story and char intro right now, the first past will be posted after that. Enjoy.


The jaded prince


Maan Singh Khurana was a rich, respected, coveted and feared man with black jaded eyes and a past. To say that life had been cruel to him or that he had a hard childhood would be an understatement.

He rose from the depths of poverty, crime, abuse and slavery and became the prince. The prince of his business empire second to none, feared and revered by men. In his dark days he promised himself absolute luxury, absolute freedom, absolute power so that he may never have to bow before anyone again. He was the jaded prince who had sworn of women for life.

Geet Handa had everything a girl could dream about while growing up family, friends and love. It was all taken away in an instant of foolish youthful impulse. Fallen from grace, shunned by society, rejected by family there was only beak weary future ahead of her.

What would happen when the jaded prince would end up getting married to this fallen paragon?

Each struggling with their own insecurities, false prejudices, jaded pasts and bleak futures, bridging the difference in their class, values and morals; would they make it?


We are describing only major characters for now. We will add to the list as the story progresses.



Maan Singh Khurana : the handsome jaded prince. Orphaned at 10 yrs of age, little of his life story is known till he reached the age of 22 and  worked hard to become the well known, successful businessman. He doesn't hate women, he just wishes they didn't exist in his sphere of living.

Geet Handa : the simple, your girl next door, who had everything and life took it all away so she can get married to Maan Singh Khurana.

Mamaji :  Maan's mama the man who made it all happen but for his own nefarious reasons.

It's our first MANEET fic so we dont know whom to pm..and who would read it...please read the  fic...and please do give ur love and criticism in form of comments..thanks

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Maaneet.Lover

this sounds really interesting!
do pm me please Embarrassed
update the first part soon!
iqra =) xx

thnks 4 liking it dear...the 1st part wld be posted shortly...tnks 4 ur appreciation

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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                                                                  Chapter 1

                                                           Rules of chastity

Geet sat on the big unadorned double bed, making an inventory of the item in the room a hundredth time. A table, chair, single sofa, 1 window with deep blue curtains, white walls, expensive oak cupboard doors[which she hadn't dared to look inside], a door to bathroom, a big double bed with a deep blue spread and surprisingly a dressing table with a small matched small stool.

Of what glimpse she had while being rushed into this room and after observing the contents of this room the gilded dressing table stood like a wolf in a herd of sheep. It was the only thing feminine in the strongly masculine environment. The house and room of her husband Maan Singh Khurana, who would shortly come and claim his husbandly rights. Geet shivered at the thought and looked around again to divert her mind. There wasn't much else she could think about.

The present was scary, future most certainly bleak [from what little she had seen of her husband] and the past..Geet winced at the thought and quickly shut that door in her mind. It wouldn't do to reminisce about the past if she wanted any happiness again. But then even the present wasn't so promising. Somewhere a clock chimed and Geet saw that it was 11 pm shivering a little she thought about her wedding earlier in the afternoon. Trying to tell herself that future may not be as bad as she was predicting, but hardly convincing herself.

12.55 pm same day [flash back]

Geet and her distant relative waited inside the judge's chambers for the groom to arrive. The time had been set 1pm and there was no sign of the groom. Her relative was sending her murderous look as if the groom's not showing up was her fault. But how could it be? When she had never met him before? When she didn't even know his full name?

Geet glanced nervously at the wall clock 12.56

Maybe he just got caught up in the traffic. Geet thought trying to be optimistic towards a marriage and future she didn't want.


Maybe they got a flat tire.. That must be it! He would have been planning to be here half an early o we can meet and talk, but he got a flat so he is delayed.


Maybe he got two flats and bad traffic. Infact a traffic jam and the mechanic was out and he didn't have 2 spares.


Who am I kidding? Geet chided herself. He probably heard everything about me and finally decided to not show up... after all with my current reputation why would he bother to even inform forehand?

Geet closed her eyes and waited for the clock to chime 1.00 pm but that sound got superimposed by the sound of the door opening and strong male baritone saying, "We are not late. Stop fidgeting."

Geet snapped open eyes and looked up, straightening her spine at face to whom the voice belonged too. Oh my god! Her breath had stilled and her world had tilted for a few seconds while her to be husband strode in and gracefully dropped into the chair next to her. He gave a curt nod to her relative and then to the judge. He didn't even spare her a glance.

Geet wondered what was going on. Surely he couldn't be it. This couldn't be the man who had agreed to marry her. Why would he want to marry me?! With his perfectly chiseled profile and his rich deep voice he could marry the president's daughter if he wants. Why me?

Geet gave him side long glances trying to make sense of anything at all. He was wealthy from the way he was dressed, he was well educated from the way he spoke and behaved. His manner was absolutely commanding and formidable. And he had a face for which women got implants and Botox shots, to impress and seduce. So why me?

Geet snapped off her thoughts as the judge extended the paper for her to sign. Maan Singh Khurana. So it means she's now Geet Maan Singh Khurana.



Geet Khurana... Geet rolled the words in her mouth deliberately not looking at the clock. He was punctual to the second's hand of the clock. He said he would come by 11.15. It was already 11.10 did it mean he was in the house? Did he have his dinner? Kashish wondered remembering how quickly and efficiently he had handled all the proceedings and then ushered her into hi waiting car zapped her here. Once inside equally quickly and efficiently, with bare minimum use of words he had ushered her upstairs into this room and told her to remain here till he was back by 11.15 tonight [which is now]. The food had been delivered by a maid who was strangely tight lipped about all questions Kashish had asked.

Sneaking a glance at the clock Geet heard the door to the room open as the clock struck 11.15.

Geet fisted her hands on the bed sheet and drew up her knees close to her chest. No matter how handsome he was and what she had done in her past, he had been cold as arctic winds through out everything and she didn't jump into beds with people with just a handsome face. No she didn't jump into bed period.

Geet thought resolutely as her heartbeat skyrocketed. She saw him move around oozing sensuality and grace through lowered lashes. Had he been anyone famous, every girl would have had his poster in her bedroom.

Maan moved to closet and took out cloths to change into and went inside the bathroom. He was still wearing the formal business suit he had worn o the wedding, and he smelled of alcohol. Geet tensed at as the smell hit her and restrained herself from running out of the room. No matter what he is how he is. He is it. Now he is my future. If I mess this, then maybe what everyone says about me is indeed right.

5 minutes later he came out hair dripping water from a quick bath in a grey Tee and black lowers. He pulled up the chair near the table and sat down on it facing Geet. What? Is this some sort of endurance test first?

"You are Geet?" he said looking straight at into her eyes for the first time. Geet repressed a sudden shiver. For everything he was, now she understood why he wasn't on poster in every girl's room. It was his eyes. Utter Black, cold cynical chips of ice, devoid of any warmth or emotion. Eyes, that no human could possibly have.

Geet nodded, her dread growing with every passing second.

"I am Maan Singh Khurana. You can call me Maan. This is my house, my mama also lives downstairs. I don't like many rooms so I don't have a guest room and we will be sharing this one." He went one as if he was reciting all alphabets from a to z.

But Geet nodded again. Although she was numb with fear and anxiety, she managed to nod.

"I work from 8 am to late hours at night. You can do whatever you want, but you will be back in this room at 7.30 sharp each night. No exceptions. I'll set up a bank account for you to use. Buy whatever you want, I don't want to be bothered."

Geet slowly let of the bunched sheet in her fist and hooked her arms around her knees. Her movement caught her eyes as he dipped his glance to take in her whole figure. Probably the first time he was even seeing her, maybe not finding her pleasing enough coz a smallest hint of frown occurred between his eyes and his eyes flared with resentment.

"Don't mistake my cordialness for anything other than common courtesy. I don't care for relationships, but it was time I got married. I do not have nay feeling for you nor will I ever have in future. I will give you due respect of being my wife and see to your needs. I will not cheat on you or use you wrongly. I expect the same, although it may be hard for a woman. So if you are involved with anyone I suggest we apply for divorce and you can leave. Or if I find you ever having an affair in future, again I will give you a divorce with no alimony." Maan spoke in clam tone which sent chills towards Geet's spine.

Did the man feel anything? Was he just a pretty shell? Not cheat on me.. Use me wrongly? What is he talking about? Why would it be difficult for me to remain true to him?

Geet was too frozen up to even nod at Maan this time, she simply blinked her huge doe shaped eyes at him once.

"Anything you want to ask about?"

Geet opened her mouth but nothing came out. What could she not ask about? Why marry me? What happens at 7.30 pm? Does he know about my past? Why is he angry with me? Is he even angry? Does he even feel anything?

What should she ask first?

"Good then." Maan said seconds later getting up from the chair. Since she hadn't spoken he had assumed this was it. Moving around the room he switched on the bedside lamp and switched off the main light then came to stand next to be where Geet was sitting stiffly. Once again Geet's heart jumped to her throat as he approached the bed. He looked so resentful that Geet wasn't sure what he may do if she made one small mistake.

"Move over." He said, his eyebrows bunching up into a slight frown again.

Geet squeaked and scrambled to the other edge of the bed, strangely it seemed to satisfy him just fine as he gave her a nod and lied down on his side of the bed and switching off the night lamp. Minutes later Geet heard his breath deepen and after an hour of waiting tensely in the same crouched position, she was reassured that he was definitely asleep and her wedding night was to be remembered through the set of rules he had laid down for her.


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ohh wow .
lovd ittt. too nice
spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 October 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
hello Neelu ye kya MG version too?
well awesome dear...
lage raho...
NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by spvd

hello Neelu ye kya MG version too?
well awesome dear...
lage raho...

well...aur kya karu...socha SK mein to comment karta nahi socha shayad MG mein hi kar dein

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by tinu.jindal

ohh wow .
lovd ittt. too nice

thnks dear...keep reading

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