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ArHilicious Droolers #1: Lets vanish in another world..

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ArHilicious Droolers #1: Lets vanish in another world..

Shine: So by now we need no introductionApprove
Fairy: You are unbelievableSleepy
Shine: I know everyone says that. You knw what I love DDLJ and ASR. I dont knw why CVs are doing so great job all of sudden. This week we got awesome arhilicious scene so the job for our team was the toughest job...BLAH BLAH
Fairy: ShutupAngry Cant u speak less
Shine: *GLARES*Stern Smile
Fairy: How can I forget this that its uSleepy
Shine: Yeah and u knw whatStar
Fairy: Yeah SHUTUPAngry
Shine: You know shutup onlyShocked
Fairy: Talking to you is wasteWacko
Shine: I will report u to MinuBig smile
Fairy: I should have not talked to uAngry Guys so we are ere to present first newsletter
Shine: Devi maiyya seriouslyShocked
MINU: Hello mere Jaanus I knew it u both are good for nothing
Shine: HawwwShocked
Fairy: This isStern Smile
Minu: Yeah okay I knw so ArHilicious people here the whole IPKKND Dev Team and NewsLetter Team presents u
Shine and Fairy: ArHlicious Droolers Manssion
Minu: U guys are limit
Thumbs Down
Shine and Fairy: We know thatTongueLOL

I would like to thank all the team members for being so prompt and punctual with their sections and helping us bring this out. Congratulations, guys! Great effort!Clap
And of course, biggest Thank You to Minu who is the backbone of our forum.

Please enjoy reading further and do drop in your feedbacks to help us improve and u can discuss whole week episodes over hereEmbarrassed (:

A BIG THANKYOU and 3 BIG CLAPS to ALL members of the IPKKND NL teamClap

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

Dialogue of the week: adits7
Song of the week: --sunshine--
Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
Summary of the week: Tanthya
Funny scene of the week: the_rain
Costume of the Week: -Saruu-
Picture of the Week: DaShIng_GiRl
Blooper of the Week: mazkachazka
Filler of the Week: cindrella255
Rating of the Week: PurpleFairy
Videomix of the week : khushix
Joota Scene of the Week: rechup
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week: aquablue17
Achari Scene of the Week: Mahi0809
Best Character of the Week: shobra
Most Irritating Character of the Week: Wafa_94
 Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: Miss-Pakiie-KMH
Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week: Suvi7884
Message to CVs, Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week, Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-

Winner animated avis: --sunshine--
Newsletter Banner/logos/animations: khushix
Getting everything together & working on the final posts and layout: --sunshine-- & PurpleFairy

Much love,
Newsletter Heads: Neethi (PurpleFairy) & Sanjana (--sunshine--)
and offcourse Minu (minuu) CoolROFL

Sanju(--sunshine--)  Neetz(PurpleFairy) and Minu(minuu)


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This week begins with Mahaepisode...Khushi well planned  and well intentioned romantic adventure starts smoothly save for one important substiute, Khushi takes the place of La .. Both Khushi and Arnav , each oblivious of one another's presence  start the  NAINITAL ADVENTURE ..Soon Khushi regains consciousness,and sets up a loud cacophonous alarm call, enough to unnerve the rock ASR, who comes to investigate the Diggi and discovers Khushi munching on the Pakkodi.. The North and South Pole begin their Adventure by having their car stalling in the middle oh nowhere ...ARHi resume their journey by foot thru the  deep dark jungles of  Delhi...In this journey , Khushi falls into a pit, is rescued by Arnav,gets her chamkili dress stolen by a anoymous girl and ends up wearing a bridal wear mesmerizing Arnav ..

Arnav and Khushi land up at the Dhaba, where khushi feasts on Roti, rice, 3-4 curries..all this after finishing one casserole full of pakkodes just an hour back, while Arnav settles for mineral water ..while at Dhaba, Khushi blurts out the truth that she was the one who emptied the car's gas tank, An Incensed Arnav ticks her off for her effrontery, hands some cash and orders her to depart to Delhi, Arnav angrily shoulders his bag intent on proceeding to Nainital, But a concerned Khushi refuses to let him go alone esp after he fainted in the morning..Arnav walks away unheeding her plea, Khuhsi enacts a huge drama forcing Arnav to rejoin Khushi at the Dhaba .. There is a impromptu celebration , Khushi gives a triumphant grin at Arnav goading Arnav to teach Khushi a lesson by leaving her in the room all alone the whole night & harshly ordering her to go away from his sight before he wakes up next morning  .. A penitent Arnav realizing the enormity of his words rushes into the room to check Khushi..Khushi has fever !! A guilt ridden Arnav takes care of her..Khushi manages to rally around, Arnav and Khushi are checking off from Dhabba when they are attacked by goondas who think Arnav is eloping with their chief's daughter .. Khushi is forcibly dragged despite her protests and she bumps her head onto the jeeps bar.. Arnav loses his control on seeing Khushi getting hurt, he fights the goonda's and has to be restrained By Khushi.

A Still Angry Arnav and Khushi are turning back to Delhi in the hired car...  Arnav is very silent and this makes Khushi nervous and she begins to blabber   eliciting a  growly Shut Up  from Arnav... A relieved Khushi sends up blessing to Devimayya for breaking Arnav's silent vrat.. Arnav is thinking back on his actions and is getting hell lot angry and confused on the impulse that drove him to violence when Khuhsi broaches the sametopic leading to Arnav telling ehr to get off the car since they are in Delhi anyways... Khushi gets down and the car with Arnav speeds away ..

IN The  Johnson's world of PAYASH, The story of their love advances to next level wih Akash purchasing some veggies for Payal.Payal visits RM  to help out La on the express request of Khushi. Payal is humiliated by Manorama when Akash moves to help a wounded Payal ..A hurt Payal leaves the house ..Akash and Manorama have a mild confrontation ..

Shyam's obsession is growing uncontrollably and he is covering his flanks very well but at the last moment he is caught by Shashi who sees Shyam putting Sindoor on Anjali's Maang.. Shashi is shocked and confronts Shyam...Shyam removes his good boy mask and reveals his evil side causing Heart attack to Shashi and refusing to help him, but the Gupta ladies arrive in the nick of time and save Shashi ..The women and others Shashi in the hospital in nick of time and Shashi is saved and is on oxygen ..Payal Phones Anjali and informs her about Shashi's health ..Anjali pormises all help and is trying to contact Arnav whose phone is out of reach..Akash goes to the hospital but is told by Payal not to involve himself ..Khushi reaches Home and is told that Bauji suffered a heart attack , Khushi is  shocked 

Buaji thinks that Shyam has saved Shashi and blesses him.. The whole family move out . Khushi rushes to the hospital and is surrounded by her family.. Shyam uses this Opportunity to  Kill Bauji again by stopping the valve but is stopped by the entry of Khushi.. Shashi tries to tell the truth about Shyam but misunderstanding Shashi's signs, she begins to praise Shyam...Shyam gets uncomfortable and leaves a worried man..

A week full of action, drama, romance, guilt and harmless fun ended, marking the end of the most anticipated Naintal Trip. In the past six episodes our favourite show gave us many moments which provoked us to giggle slightly, snicker uncontrollably, smirk knowingly or simply burst out laughing at times.

In the midst of so many tough choices of Arnav finding a pakoda-devouring Khushi Kumari Gupta in his car, the mutual bickering and comic timing of the car pushing scene, the jaw dropping Keeda dance, the absurdness of Khushi spitting water at the angry young man's face, the priceless scene of a witty ASR trying to counter-attack Khushi and catch her off-guard with the mention of Suhaag-Raat; it's actually the Bluetooth dilemma that comes out as the most enjoyable and laugh-worthy scene and hence the funny scene of the week.

The set-up were perfect with our hot Arnav baba looking more hot in anger talking to someone in Bluetooth and our charming Khushi Kumari Gupta munching Pakodas as if nothing happened. The situation highly realistic and their conversation highly ridiculous - the balance was so perfect that one can't help sniggering to themselves while watching the two sharing the space. While poor Arnav was trying to make his employee Amaan understand his situation, Khushi kept piping in answers (or rather questions!) to him. The scene gets even better when a cross Arnav indicates to his ear to show the Bluetooth headset and she gets all concerned thinking something is wrong with his ear.

The fun doesn't stop here as the confusing dialogue exchange continues and finally when Arnav rebukes her, the most amazing part of the scene comes out.

Arnav: Main tumse baat kar raha hoon!
Khushi: Woh tumse? Aur hum tumse?

His pointing gesture and rough 'Khushi Kumari Gupta se!" adds to the hilarity of the situation. While Arnav's frustration is valid and one is bound to be somewhat sorry for his peculiar companion, one simply can't keep their face straight as the scene proceeds. Followed by a rather eye scorching headset fixing scene and then more entertaining expressions of annoyance from the young Raizada, the scene seals in the viewers mind perfectly.

It's a sin not to mention that our Master of Expressions Barun Sobti performed flawlessly in expressing the various levels of anger, frustration, irritation, annoyance and helplessness while Sanaya Irani was at her usual best to portray the character of Khushi Kumari Gupta - a little maddening, a little clueless and yet at the same time very adoring. Also there was not any obvious bloopers or direction mistakes which was the cherry on the top.

So, I hope you all enjoyed the scene as much as I did and recalling the moments right now. And if in any case you have missed the scene, what are you waiting for? Tune in Sunday 9th October 2011's Iss Pyar ko Kya Naam Doon episode and go rush to watch the funny scene of this week right now or it would be a miss you don't want to do!

It is the scene after watching that we were about to break our TV screens.
The joota scene till wednesday was Akash-mami-payal sceneOuch,
But on thursday something happened between Shyam and Shashiji, and we all were about to break the screen, Yes here comes the joota scene of the week.
Actually it is very much nauseating to narrate that again, but what to do its my duty, so please bear with me
Shyam was caught with Anjali in the temple by Shashiji, Shyam tried to stop him but he somehow reached home and tried to call Payal, but before that shyam entered and took the phone from him.Angry
Shyam in his psychic tone explained him that he is misunderstanding himDead
But shashiji yells at him and tells him to go and leave with his wife
While shyam assures him that he will marry khushi and he has true love for khushiDead 
Shashiji was feeling pain on his chest and tried to take medicine but shyam wont allowed him to take that, finally he suffered a heart attackBroken Heart
That psycho again continued his bhashan of marrying khushiEvil Smile"

This week was a fun filled delight of a Roller coaster of the Nainital Trip which culminated yesterday (this friday) when ArHi returned home. This week there were tons of ArHilicious Achari Scenes for us ArHilicious Droolers to drool upon, starting right from the moment Arnav opened his trunk and found the nat-khat, the chulbulli, the irresistible Jalebi bai inside... aur phir honi ko kaun taal sakta hai. We got a joyous ride on the unforgettable roller coaster of ArHi's 'interrupted' journey. The scene which specially caught my eye was the One Man Army 'Arnav Singh Raizada' versus The 5 Anmol Ratans, I meant the goons searching for the eloped couple. They had mistakenly assumed Arnav and Khushi to be the eloped couple seeing Khushi in the bridal attire. There leader then took Khushi hand and led her or should I say dragged her to his jeep to await the father of the eloped girl. As he took her he pushed her against the railing of the Jeep and Khushi bumped her head against it. Arnav who at that point was being held by the other 4 goons couldn't stand the goon manhandling Khushi, and his inner protectiveness for Khushi boiled, and raged to the surface... What we then saw was Arnav's anger intensified driving away the goons with just one arm while he walked towards the leader of the pack, and began beating him black and blue. He was so furious that he did not even stop when Khushi called out to him. He was so immersed in teaching a lesson to this guy who had the audacity to touch, and manhandle Khushi. Khushi pleaded with him that he had just pushed her a bit, and did nothing more, while Arnav retorted that how could he have touched her...surprising Khushi. As his anger took a toll, the beatings intensified until Khushi placed her arm over his shoulder to make him stop and he broke out from the anguish filled protectiveness that had overtaken him. He snapped out from this inferno of anger and released the goon who hurried off.
      This scene was important as it truly gave a direction to ArHi's relationship. It showed point blank that Arnav has a soft spot for Khushi, and he cannot bear to see her in pain. This scene had astounding significance in the progression of their relationship. It was an eye opener for Arnav who thought Khushi didn't mean anything to him while for Khushi it was realization that Arnav feels protectiveness for her. I felt that was the spiciest scene of the week with utmost relevance to their blooming love story.

  So guys, let me first state that there were not many raskhabandhan scenes during this week since mostly it was about our beloved Arhi and that creep. I don't want to name him since this is our first newsletter and you know, it would be abshugan to name that freako psycho path. Sorry to those who love him and not bashing anyone or character.

                Anyway, now that I have finished ranting, I think that the best Rakshabandhan scene is probably between Anjali and Akash throughout the course of the week. Anjali has been supporting Akash with his battle for his love against his mommy dearest.

                On Monday, Akash did not say anything against his mom when she bad mouthed Payal. I know that was horrible and well, Mami really crossed her boundaries but I guess it was necessary to show since the CVS really needed to add a bit of tadka in Payash's love story.

                Anjali supported Akash silently on Monday in the beginning, since when Anjali walked into the situation; Akash started speaking up for Payal. Furthermore, Anjali herself told Mami to be quiet and stop saying the things she was saying to poor Payal since they were not right.

                On Tuesday, when Akash and Mami were fighting, Anjali came and stopped the fight. I know many people were very upset at Anjali for doing this, stating that she was a very diplomatic character and would do anything for her family. Well guys I saw the scene as Anjali caring for her little brother. Anjali knows Akash loves Payal and she also knows that Mami is his mother. I think Anjali was trying to stop the conclusion that Akash will have to get to soon. Anjali was just trying to prolong the day when Akash would have to choose between his mom and his love. She was buying him time in a way you know?

                Today there was a slight brother- sister scene but not too much. Anjali was trying to support Payal and Akash overheard. When Akash wanted to head to the hospital, Mami stopped him. Anjali calmed Akash down or rather tried to get him to control his anger so he would not get into an argument with his mom. Guessing from how serious Mami looked with her threat, I am assuming that Anjali probably had to talk Mami into letting Akash go to the hospital. This is just a guess! I am sorry if it is wrong! Sorry !

                So that is for this week guys! Hope you liked it and good luck to our paper! Arhi all the way!! 

Shyam staring continuously from window while Buaji arguing with the auto rickshaw walaand continuing with it Bua n Payal searching for key ...It could have been shortened

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olla Ipkknd fans! im here wit my topic nd d i was confused on who should be the best character of the week nd i finally got it! so it is none other thn... our...
Jalebi Bai KKG

She is a funny, bubbly, innocent girl who juz cares abt others! she is a frank person nd tells everythin to anyone. this was clear when she said arnav dat she emptied d petrol in his car!
She is a talkative girl nd she speaks alot nd she bcomes friendly wit everyone so easily!
she cares a lot abt arnav. she tells him to eat somethin as he didnt eat anythin frm mornin! she wipes d stain in his face!
she understands abt arnav a lot. she knows dat arnav doesnt use his brain when he get angry so she forces him nt to go! she even tells lies dat he is her husband to make him stay there!she doesnt get angry to him when he scolded her nd agrees to watever he tells. she is so concerned abt him dat she cant tolerate when he keeps quiet! she tries a lot to make him speak!
she is so funny dat her lies is also too funny nd she acts childish sometyms, especially in d part where she tells i want mango as im so hungry!!
she is so friendly wit arnav nd considers him as a prt of her life!! this point will be clear to u in d upcomin episodes!

The most irritating character this week definitely has to be Mamiji. Her frustration and insecurities towards Payal really ruined Akash's mood and ours as well! Akash-Payal's love story would have surely taken a different path if Mamiji hadn't ruined it all. Plus the 'not-accepting-my-mistake' factor later on further became agigating as she should have apologized to Payal for what she did. Furthermore, why is she so hellbent on finding a rich girl for her son when he is  clearly not interested? Though there was a tough match going on between Shyam and Mamiji, ultimately she won the battle this week. *places shield infront* Please don't throw chappals on me for not choosing Shyam this week. I'm sure he'll be the most selected in this category in the future.Wink

The Award for the funniest charater of the week goes to...any guesses?? No? Offcourse its none other then our very own *Drum Rolls* Jalebi bai aka Khushi Kumari Gupta. She did a fantastic job this week. Her expressions were epic as ever and her doings were mischevious yet again. She sure gave us the fits of laughter throughout the week by doing things like; Challenging ASR that she can push the car alone, Spitting water on the hottie's face, doing her nautanki to stop him from leaving, the amazing keeda dance and offcourse continously munching on pakodaas. All we can say is Good Job KKG, you are cute like this so keep smiling that's wat makes u unique and that's one of the many reasons Arnav has fallen for you.

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Song of the week is Choomantar as both of them were together far away from this world

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okay guys we have like around 4 distinctive bloopers of the week.. Big smileLOL

1) When Arnav stops to check the weird noise coming from his car boot, he's supposed to be on the highway, with all the trees around him right? but no he's around the same place where he started his journey from, have a look..and then again in the next scene Khushi and Arnav are magically back onto the highway road..LOL

You could easily say this coz of the brick wall and tall trees in the background


2) In the morning When Arnav leaves the room to look on for Khushi, he throws the blanket into the air which lands onto the other side of the bed and some onto the side table..but when he's back with Khushi in his arms the blanket is neatly kept in the center of the bed.. Wink



3) oh kay this is too much..the gunda's catch Arnav-khushi near the dhaba on the highway..notice the BG


And finally when our ArHi are back to Delhi and Arnav asks Khushi to get down his Car,we have the same BG, with the white and a blue gate being common of course..Guess the Cv's and the team have shortage of spaces for outdoor shooting sequences..ConfusedLOL


4)well of course we have a big day-night (time) problem ..Arnav lifts Khushi to take her to the room during daylight and they reach the room when its pitch dark outside..uff how far was that room from the dhaba?didnt the auntyji tell him it was just side mein Embarrassed..wonder how strong arms Arnav has to carry her all that way.. (i know he has dole-shole)

okay guys i know these are many and there are many more ,yet i felt these were ought to be discussed LOL


luv Kauser


arnav "khushi...khushi..yeh kahan ja rahi hai...khushi ruko nahi toh tumhari aadhi nahi poori salary kaant dunga..."...ROFL...ya right khushi kisi aur ke saath jayegi toh tumhe toh gussa ayega hi...LOL

this was the 1st time ASR laughed n khushi realized he is not that bad Smile

khushi " haaste huye toh woh bilkul bhi laad governor nahi lagte.."...

shyam " lagta hai yeh humare dono saale humme itni mehnat ke baad bhi doosri baar chain se ghodi nahi chadne denge.." 

" Pride and Glorys' Poem "
From  10/Oct/2011  till  14/Oct/2011

Beneath the Blue Clouds and Green Trees
He ran like in a deserted Lands Of Mire
He was in distress, glum and fury
Hear the agony of my Heart my Glory!
I'm Missing You, seeking you Out in Corners Of woods,
Your Broken Bangles gave me the gesture of Loosing her
His heart was swelling, speaking only her Name infinitely
He was going blue, crazy, her absence made her feeble
Her voice touched his Ears, and there he found her in the burrow
She isn't aware yet, the way he feels inside,
In his heart, his head and my soul
  She is unaware , how he yearns and ache and pine inside
How it hurts his heart, his head and my soul
His Heartbeats became soft and relaxed
As he got potency in his Body,
He pulled her out and Two Souls cuddled internal Souls
Both were in Comfort of the Love in Arms; yet undefined with Words
The Breeze of air curled and her Dupatta took off like wings
Stillness stoodstill calmly; both were perplexed
As the Two Hearts warmly soothing each Other
On the edge she stepped up in chirpness
Her foot steps drooped down and fallen into his warm Arms
Eyes, Bodies, Breath stroked like a shimmers of Candle,
Harmonies of soft Music; Gardens Of Roses touched them
Companions always dwells together, wherever they go
She became restive for Loosing him, as she can't let him go
He lifted her up in her her Arms as the Moon gives beam
Shutted her in the room; agressively yet itself restless
His Heart fluttered like a dove, selfish at times
Still care for her and regrets for what he does,
She means the world to him, He cant bear to see himself without her
Having the taught of living without her, is something unnatural to him
Passions Embrace and caressed her with his balmy hands
He's beside in her every path, no matter whats last long for
True Love were burning like a Flames Of Flames
As Flowers blooms in the meadows of fields
His palm firmly touched her pulpy cheeks
Eyes were remorsing Only Sorry for her
He thinks about her Only day and night
Never wanting her to leave his sight,
It became unendurable for him to put up her scrapes
He crushed every Goon, for patting her violently
His breath clogged when she became subtle
If she were to die, He'd be right by her side.
He'd do anything for her, He'll never leave her in agony
 Unexplainabe, entwined, perplexed
Drifting down in the past memories
Disturb thoughts were crawling in his throat to toe
Black or Blue? Do I love you? Do I hate you
He didn't knew what the answer is or where his heart lies
All he's Dreaming Out her; as every time he doesn't around her
He feels like he left something behind,
It feels to him, she has became a part of his existence
Silence were shrieking out, shattered mind
As he recalls the memories, her face stands on a facade
Forever, whenever , wherever they'd be
They're the halves of their Spirits
They've became the Need Of each Other.

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Presenting the AVi of the weeek & the winner is ...
"Drum Rollz" Partydhan tana tana tana !! 

1 +  1 !? 
Areeey , miracle ho gaya Shocked!! Ek winner nahi , aaaj Two two Winners haai iss category ke liye LOL
poochie Kyoon !? simple ,LOL
 jab Arnav-Khushi ka Jadoo ho Chhaya 

Tab to kissi na kissi ne apne avi se hamara Hosh Uraaya ROFL
waah!! waah !! Kya Baat kyaa baat !! Kyaa baat Star this time oour hosh Urayar are none other than 
Khushi & Ishita Hug
Records of time !! Avi's posted on14th october and the winning title goes to themClap
Here are the Winning Avi's !! Kyaa hug haai Day Dreaming

here is your Gift girlz !! i know its not as good as your stuff but gift haai to lena hi paregaROFL

Tycon award Hug oops ...sorrry D'ohicon Award :D
Kyaa haai ke Main aaj 7th asman par hoon na !! but kya karen duty ne call kiya to aa gayi 
Super Maria WomenHugwith her Two Partners : Neethz & SanjuBig smileTongue
achha to winner is ... drum Rollz !? achha okaay ...dhaaama duumParty
 icon bhaiyya ne entryyy maara 
Ek ASR ne hume pakka maar daalaROFL
the winner icon is made byyy ...none other thaaan 
-- Raagzyyy -- 
(yaa babbyy its you)LOLLOL for this aart Day Dreaming

here's your winning siggyy love Hugtere aart se 10 gunna kam haai !! looozlzLOL

Made by ..Ragzzz..

Here is ur gift

Made by ~*Ani*~ 

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed

By *Unnati*

Here is ur giftStar

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Here is ur gift

Here is ur gift

This week had a good balance of the main track i.e. ArHi, the major subordinate track i.e Shyam and Babuji (though, most of us don't like this track but I feel it contributes decently to the story) and also gives space to the much-loved Payal and Akash.This, for me, is praiseworthy.
The acting has also been at it's peak this week. Though, I would've appreciated if the Nainital track was subtler, but I have to admit, there's nothing I didn't enjoy. I didn't even realise that this one track had been going on for over a week. The good scenes this week definitely overshadowed the unneeded ones which spells success for meThumbs Up
My rating is 8.5+0.5 for Friday's precap because the real test of the week is making the viewers restless over the weekend which it managed to do. Hope the show keeps this up in the futureClap


Well what can we say this week CVs? Just have one word to describe this weeks episodes ARHILICIOUSDay Dreaming Loved the episodes. What a great week of show time Clap The ArHi scenes were enjoyed by all the IPKKND fans but then we also had a few of those Shyam scenes which fans did not enjoy watching so much, we just hope the upcoming week you have Shyam exposed in store for us. We want a dhamaka next week..

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Hello bye bye!
Welcome to my bookworm placeCool
You must know, our forum has some of the best writers, and if you don't, then you should hurry up and check out some of the fantastic OSes/SSes/FFs we have here.
Its our way of predicting what will happen next, and giving you all the steamy/emotional/sweet scenes of ArHi that you probably long forEmbarrassed
It's our way to make ArHi our own!
My job here is to select the BEST OS/FF for the week.
It's not easy, trust me.Stern Smile
I have so many to choose from that it makes me almost want to pull my hair out! So I'm taking turns!
Okay aur baat nahi karti and I'll start with the

It's A Pregnant Khushi, by aishi.muffin
I just love the bit how Khushi wants to name her child Jalebi!LOL
That is so Khushi!
And Arnav babua toh doesn't leave his angry self even though Khushi is pregnant! No wonder she calls him 'Laad Governor'LOL
But still, Arnav making jalebis is so hayye-inducing...gussa thanda ho jaata haiEmbarrassed
A pregnant Khushi would be very entertaining to watchROFL
I can so imagine it!
So Congrats, Aish..and may you continue to write such wonderful stuff!Star
Here is ur gift

*more drumrolling*
*tapping fingers on table to procrastinate*
Eenie meenie mini mo...
Patience, people!
Broken Wings, by livelygal
It's written in the setting of a vineyard.Stern Smile And if that isn't enough, the excellent writing skills, and all that damn suspense (*pulls hair out*) will make you love this FF
And ofcourse I'm not up to dateLOL
But the latest update that I read was awesomely scary!
One BIG thing happened.
And I obviously won't reveal that here :P
Go read it yourself and find out what the BIG thing that horrified me so much is..and of course, the kiss. *mysterious muh*
Here is ur gift

That's all for now!

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