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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 6:45am | IP Logged
Thanks a ton Nori for the Banner Hug
Well hello humans out there, If you dont know me, I'm Swancy, and I'm 16 and I started using PS 1 weeks ago. I really want to thank Rinki for being my motivation for even acknowledging PS, if it wasn't for her, i would have never even looked at it, hovered in my dekstop. But thanks Rinki Jannu, also Bushra for being an awesome help, and then the one and only Nori, for well being Nori and just being ever so supportive through everything. Thanks to Minha KaShians Embarrassed Zarqaa, Rida, Iram, Ash, Poorni, and god a whole load more, for just being them and supportive of me making the thread. Thanks a ton Minha's.
Okay, enough of my blabbling Embarrassed and here's a little about the sigs and stuff i make :)
Thanks to Nori Jannu, for all the banners :)
I can make:
-Sigs (Which ever size, doesn't matter)
- Devianart
- Nori
- Jen
- Farzana
- Rida

Inspiration: OMG I have so many :O
- Amna di :)
- Nori
- Lish
- Ayeeshu
- Ash
- Maham
- Virina
- Sahar
- Aditi
- Ree No
And a whole load more creative people, who I cant think of right now :D
- Dont copy/claim/cut any of my work
- Ruquests only be taken when it says |O| Open.
- HQ Pics would be most acceptable
- Pictures taken from 1 - 6
- Tell me if there's any specific style needed
- Use request for at least 1 day

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 6:47am | IP Logged

Update Page 1: KaSh.Arhi.KaJen.JeRan.KriYansh.XFactor.TVD.MaYur.Anushka.Sonam.SK2.Quotes
Update Page 42:
Update Page 53:
Update  Page 81:
Update Page 103:
 Update  Page 117:
Update Page 119:
KaSh. AR

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 6:48am | IP Logged

Click Like button to be added into PM List :)

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 6:49am | IP Logged


Psds Used: Nori, Deviantart, Farzana
Textures: Jen and Deviantart
Okay, so this is everything that i've made over the past 1 week, so some things aren't good, and I'm sorry in advance, but comments would be much appreciated. Enjoy :)
Oh and Some icons and Sigs haven't been copyrighted, therefore do give me credit if you use anything uncopyrighted :)
KaSh Icons:
KaSh Sigs:
Karan Singh Grover:
Shilpa Anand:
MaYur: - Thanks Jen for the pics :)
KriYansh: - Thanks Sam for the pics :)
Anushka Sharma:
Sonam Kapoor:
Shahid and Sonam:
The Vampire Diaries:
Selena Gomez:
X Factor:
Quote Sig:

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-Cherry- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 6:50am | IP Logged

Final Reserve :)

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 6:50am | IP Logged

You finally opened a shop and all the curiosity is over! I must say, it was worth the wait :)

Gosh i never thought there will be a day where i will be commenting on ur shop!
Like dude, the requesting spamming queen has opened her own shop!
You will finally understand what sig makers go through when we go on our spamming spreesROFL
But heyy, atleast now im guessing u would request so much so i shall take the crown of the spamming queenWink

Firstly, The shop name is Perfect! but im surprised theres no "angel" or "angelic" in the shop name lol :P...and where did u get the name from anyway?

 Now coming to the banner! It is  Effin GORGEOUS! Totally worth the wait right?
Nori is a Pro! Thats just such a beautiful banner, i cant stop staring at it!
Gosh i just love the text style shes used! Aishh, Nori always leaves me speechless with her work.

Now coming to the update!
Dude, i seriously cannot believe u started makin sigs a week ago! You have improved with every sig! Your work is just gorgeous! i love your scene selection and ofcourse no one has better texts than the "bedroom" writer Miss.Angelic Swancy AKA CherryLOL

The KaSh icons set is Amazing! I love the colouring, esepcially of the Heer Ranjha icons! Now you should also quickly learn how to stack icons aswell ;)

This sig is just ablsloutely gorgeous! I love the text on this, goes really well with the pictures that you chose!

This is my fav sig from all of the update! The Anushka one is gorgeous but i dnt knw why i love this one more, maybe cos im a sucker when it comes to sad stuff lol
and knowing u, i shall be expecting alot of those(:P)

I love this ArHi sig! Its simple but beautiful
I love the blueish colouring in the sig
and i also love the role reversal in the scene! The girl holding the guyLOL

You already know i love this sig!
I just love the style of this sig! and i really wish you could have made a Shona one like this but too bad, no pics :(

I just love this text siggy! Sooo cuteee <3
I demand a lot of text sigs from you!

Anyway, I hope Your shop does well, and doesnt get closed because of our spamming lol
I hope you open hundreds of shop, since KaShians are known for setting records on IFWink
I seriously cant wait to see how much you improve, cos even in the last week, you've improved soo much, soo imagine in a month or so! Your gna be a genius :D

PS: I knw i was gna critisize but  i will stick to the being nice act lol
PPS: Update soon, unlike how you do with your fics
PPPS: This is as long as it can get now! i knw its small comapred to ur lamba wala comments but u knw my laziness hehe
PPPS: Open soon! So i can request!Tongue
PPPS:I Lovee Youu My baby sister! Though we have a VERY odd relationship but i still love you no matter how much of a big narcassist you are, etc etc etc lol.
I hope you do well with ur shop and finish it soon! so you can open another one and i will be first again! Im feeling so competitive lol

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 6:50am | IP Logged

sorry Ri & Ash Ouch

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FleetingWishes. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 6:50am | IP Logged

FINALLY A GALLERY from my KAMEENI slow buttROFLHugDancing

Im not first and i hate poo and GF for that^

im still upset for not being first kameeni ;( next time im gonna kidnap and tie these all and be firstROFL. sheesh i still cannot believe it baby girl. you OPENED A GALLERYH? ;O LIKE REALLYYHH? SHEESH GODDD! haye if id asked for something else, i wouldve got it ;P GODDD SWANNY HAS A GALLERY FINAHLLY! LOL CAN I STOP SCREAMING AND JUMPNG? ;O ahhh im chooo soo happy shappy. 
LOL can you believe we got so so close so early? lol us the insperable nowhROFLROFL
ehehe i still is like a dream. LOL i still remember jus before you started working wd ps i had asked you why arent you making sigs, and id told you wenever youll get down to ps youll already discover yourself as a pure genius, and youd been like naah il end up banging my head.ROFL and the next day you made your very first icon and when my eyes fell overh it i was like :O o__o O_O HAWWW ejkhkhkglfoggm whos made it?????? and the very next moment you said i made it and i was like YOUH? SWANNY? SWANNY? PS? ICONH? 

HAWWW! LOL kameeni youd actually shocked me so badlyh. my first reaction was dumbstrucked, awestricken, jaws dropped, eyes wide, lips forming an O and mind and heart mesmerized. ofcourse i knew youre gonna turn out so fantastic in your fist sig itself, but this this amahzing i was shocked out ov my wits. HAYE, how were you this AHMAZING jus from teh start itself? LOL Woman, like only if you could kill people wd your ps then everyone will be DEAHD! 
and im reserving againh coz im tired LOHLROFLROFL will edit properly tomorrow ;PROFL God i still cannot believe how were youh so awehsome from the first sig itself, and lol it actually looks like youre using ps from centuries. youve this habbit of making records always, not updating bedroomROFL nd then being the quickest pro in sigs and having your own shop and the perfect place for me to beehDay Dreaming. Is it a dream? LOL my good god id to pester you so so very much for a shop, sheesh took in all the efforts ov mine. LOL GFs so right ms narcassist ROFL. LOL it been only a week and youd bloomed like  a flawless gem Swanny.

 Seriously to be honest taking up the decision of finally learning ps and then experimenting wd it is so hard, and no one, no one at all is this perfect from the very start. it like takes months and even years of ps, (and dude I GUARANTEE this) to become this wonderful in ps that youve just become in a week, starting to mesmerize us from the very beggining itself. you started as a pro, so how do i even pinpoint? :P Your work  glows, glows wd every step towards more perfection. you've got this impeccable and cleanly beautiful about ps and the knowledge of it that had been impossible, unattainable for each and everyone. and hats off to youh for that :D 

id fallen in love wd your very first sig itself, and then all i could do was fall deeper and deeper, coz wd each update, wd each new sig you turned out better and brilliant, and all the effort youd put in shined at the surface gorgeously. stunned will always be an understatement for your work, coz the speed youre improving and getting even flawless with is amazing and unbelievable, yet real commendable. theres nothing about your icons you can improve seriously, if i would say i love them then itll be a lie, theres something too much more than love and fancy and madness for them, just how the cap is placed and how finely and talentedly you colour them blows every sense from me. Seriously over the past week id only craved and been elated to see your work, and nones else. It actually enthralled and left me in awe wanting more of it. its like a beautiful fantasy and i always am craving now to see a new heavenly pleasing wonder by you. 

haha back and last unreserve phew :P

LOL where were we?ROFL DUDEH <3 youre blessed by gohd seriously! youre a too much of a talented person, and i seriously love that about youh. Now that Miss Swanny has jumped in this field poor Sigmakers, coz theyre already defeated in the sig text gameh :P you have your own style and god if that is any less than amahzing! <3 

lol first im gonna post my already comments here collectively to lazy to type againhROFL


DUDE what do i say bout you now? :P ILY and im so f**kn amazed at your Talent! <3 How can smeone get so brilliant in 3 days? SWANNY youre a magician, my witch i swearTongue DUDE THIS IS PERFECTH! God youve got such a wonderful wonderful creative mindh WOMAN! :OThis sigh is utterly utterly utterly utterly GOHRGEOUS LIKE ANYTHING :O How are you so brilliant? miss pro? :PP i love that SIG! IT IS SO KASHIFIED!!!!!!! I LOVE THE BRILLIANT IDEA BEHIND ITH :O i love everythng bout this sig :O Armaan aww my KSG <3 and that perfect scene wen hes there out ov the car sitting alone. Now how many people have captured this scene into such a beautiful sig? The best part bout it is this is a one pic sig! it is beautiful! Well seriously every hidden emotion behind this sig drives me mad! its about Kash and him and her and they who splitted into he and her <3 the love and loneliness is so so so beautifully portrayed in this sig! DUDE YOURE A PRO AT THE SIG TEXT CONNECTION! you know hardly, like really hardly people have this expertise on their texts that goes exactly well with their sig. Dude and you already are a perfectionist at ith! the text is the soul of this sig and i love LOVE LOVE DS SIG :O The text is gohrgeous! i simply simply simply love the colouring here <3 i lvoe this sig! its jus jus jus so beautiful <3 and it is so kashified! we were always meant to say goodbye sheesh swanny brings memories backh. THIS SG IS one ov my favourites <3

DUDEEE YOU ALREADY KNOW IM OBSESSED ABOUT THIS SCENE ;O ;O OMGGG SWANNYYY YOU MADE A SIG ON ITH ;O GODHHH ILY AND I LOVE THIS SCENE! OMG LOOK AT HIS EYES! eeehhh Swannyyy ok i love love love the blending!!!! the way you took this intense look of his her innocnt eyes and that one above where theyre staring at each other is OMFG <333 I LOVE ITH ! God one word! this sig is INTENSE! <3 OMG I love it! God Swanny swanny swanny I LOVE DA TEXT <3 sheesh Goddd the text makes this sig more intenshe <3 sheesshh OMGGG THE COHLOURING :O I love this sig dude! im telling you youre a pro :O

HAWWW ONE WORD GOHHRGEOUUS! The way you took out this sig is tremendous! <3 GODDD that eye lock scene OMGGG SWANNYHHH the way youve taken their eyes just above OMG IT IS PERFECTION AND BEAUTYH OMG <3 haye Kash! SWANNY dude how talented you are?! :O AWWW OMGGG their first BB SCENE! haye <3  GOD this sig is perfect, go their perfect looks yikes!!!!! God that scene! DUDEEE this sig is gorgeous, in every every every wayh! :O sheesh the wink and the staring look of his haye! SWANNY the colouring is GOHRGEOUSSH! this sig is like perfehct! in every way! DUDE this is f**kn perfecth <3

MY MOST FAVOURITE SIG ABHI TAKH! MY MOST MOST MOST FAVOURITE! ofcourse im obsessed bout the heer ranjha scene aswell! AND SHEESH YOU MADE STUFF ON HEER RANJHA SCENE HAYEEE ;O SWANYYY OMFG THIS IS PERFECTION PERFCTION PERFECTIONH! Sheesh i love the justice youre doing to this style! OMG how talented are you? the way youve done that first pic with their noses touching and that almost kiss scene and that close up taken is OMGGG i bow to you bow to you bow to you! :O SWANNY that makes that scene and this cap so HAWWTTT and SENSUAL~ OMG KASH!
SWANNYYY THE BEST PART - THE COLOURING! how do you know which colouring to choose for whch sig? coz this is f**kn perfecht! swanny iom obsessed bout this colouring! I seriously am! this sig IS HAWWT! and i f**kn love this so much my heer ranjha sig

HAWWW dude and that cornering intense scene, HAYEEE <3 youre a genius :P
God kash are HAWWHT <3

DUDEEE HAWWW THIS IS AMAHZINGGG! like seriously AMAHZINGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG make more and more in this styleh! HAYEEE Swanny are you planning to kill me? look at the scenes youve chosen and fitted in :O GODDD sheesh kash look so hawt intense beautiful, romantic SO f**kN PEFECT! youve made such a beautiful collection of the most breathtaking scenes! i completely love the style ofcourse I DOH < 3 it is gorgeoushhh <3 and OMFFGGG THE COLOURINGH! Dude the coluoring the coluoring, omg the colouring :O SHEESSHHH SWANNYYEEH This is flawlessh <3 you PRO :O

OMGGG THE ASMAANI! dueh omg the blending! the blending is utterly completely totally wonderful and sheesh those caps, and SERIOUSLYYY THE COLOURINGH! haye haye haye i love the colouring! OMGGG they look so damn gorgeous, wd dis colouring! SHEEESSSHH SWANNY this sig is gohrgeous <3 

Sheesh the terrace scene SWANNY <3 OMG I LOVE ITH <3 the colouring blending  the intensitty beauty and omg the flawlessness EVERYFNG IS SO PERFECHT HOW? dude youre AHMAZINGGG!!! i need not say it! youre a pro <3 i lvoe love love this sig! its so beeautifully done! 

DUDEEEH look at your blending! it is PERFECT! GOD this is blended so so so flawlessly! hats off to you for thaht <3 OMGGG haye the shayiri sceneh <3 GODDD i love this i love this i love this! HAWWW how do you choose the perfect CAPS? GODDD sheesh this makes me smile so wider! this sig is beauteful soul touching HAYE SWANNY! YOURE A PRO PRO PRO! the colouring is GOHRGEOUS! totally mesmerizing and wowww the way yuove written karan shilpa haye!

SHIT DUDE coming back to your icons now!
dudeh you started making icons first and the first piece id seen by you was an icon that had blown me awayh haye <3 like if you had already gotten a fan :P 

DUHHH youve got so so so many icons i dont even know which one to go in my dabba :P ones already my profile pic now! LOL im gonna put every of your icon as my profile pic sheesh i love them soh much <3

starting from these two

this so wonderfully shows your so so quick expertise! i simply adore love die on the second icon! it alone shows hyow you so brilliantly became flawless at icons. how you focused more by resizing and shortening the second icon and THE COLURING YOU CHOSE FOR IT IS OMFG! Like if the colouring couldve gone any better yaar? there is no f**kn better icon for this perfect moment! how you have this wonderful way of chosing your moments perfectly! this is gohrgeous <3


OK SERIOUSLY LIKE ELL^^^ all of these are going to be my profile pic one by one, and i was thinkng of you can get them stacked horizantly for me pweez pweez pweeez <3333 LOVE THEM is an underestimation! Youre a genius again is an under estimation! youre flawless again an underestimation! when i look at all these icons, i have simply nothing to say, IM so f**kn speechless Swannyh! Seriously how can you even asked to be describe these? Maybe ive a liking for such colourings, but this is f**kn brilliant, gorgeous, amazing, wonderful, THESE ARE THE GODESSES OF ICONS, EPTIOMES OF PERFECTION, EXPERTS OF MESMERIZATION! f**kn hell if i have any word to say, and it ll do justice to these! i simply simply simply love these icons my favourites of all the updates ov yourz! AND woman how so talented you are? :O i mean youve chosen the PERFEHHCT PERHHFECHTT PERFECHHCT MOMENTS TO MAKE ICONS! Like not a second more not a second less the perfect one out of all so many kash moments! These all r my f**kn favourite ones! ANDDD DUDEEE those different moments when he bends in to whisper or bring his lips near her is shit shit shit IMH DEAHD <3 gosh gooesebumps Swanny! your gallery has become the second heaven i swear <3 Sheesh that Asmaani moment! OHHH DUDETTE! the way youvel coloured Asmaani rang ho is far more than fantabulous <3 shit your colouring i die i die :P OMGGG THAT BB moment, you know i cant thankyou enough for making an icon on this moment out ov all the BB moments specially SHEESH doesnth this scene gives you goosebumps, the way hes removing her hair, so sensuallY! OH GOD I DIE! i bow to you Ms expert :P
Hawww the coffee one and the leaning down againh! OHH SHEESSSHHH Il die wd mesmerization! miss you seriously are a genius! god these r jus the best besth moments ,3 and i so love them and top that the colouring is OHH MY GOHD! the perfect perfect perfect colouring! <3 these are flawless, not a genius can make wat you canh! HAYE! thankgod you opened a gallery finallyh! :P

HAWWW the way hes whispering in her ear! DUDEEE how could this momentve been miss! its one ov the best kash moments, i cant help but love it! SWANNY youre a genius over ith, i so love youh <3

Seriously you can ever lip wdout the lip stare thing? :P naah! DUDEHH SHEESSHH! thats wat makes me more excited about your work! LOL did you look up at your icons nowh? HUH! dude all of them are breathtaking sensual sexy GODDD so kashified giving me goosebumps! thats youh!

AWWW SHEESHH I LOVE THIS! haye this interview, the way youve made this sig, having the caps together and ofcourse the perfect moment dude! LIKE SERIOUSLY! your caps define your text! it so looks like love! and hats off to you for that! none can deny ;) the colouring is wonderfulh <3

ROFL^^ lol LOL seriously i cannot stop it when i see you giving a HINDI non english text! miss not-a-word-except-englishROFL haha how did you get the spelling correct? GODDD wasnt this scene so hawwwtt?
AGain your text nd sig combo amazes me Swanny! the colouring is wonderful! it is so amazing how youve got your way so perfectly wd one cap sigs, coz theyre really diffcult to make appealing but god wat re you? 

my one most favourite among all your work! LIKE people take ages to come to this stage you are! you have so flawlessy blended these! LIKEEE AHHH <3 the colouring you chose for this is GOHRGEOUUSS! like seriously, this is so breathtaking! the placement and the text nd ofcourse its font! sheesh Stop and stare! AHHH <3 love this sig!

f**kN PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE! your caps blending and selection is killing like killing seriously, and if any better the could get i love the text selection ov yours, and OHHH MUHHH GOHDDD! the coloring is my most favourite! i loveh it i swear <333333 the coluring just blew me away! these sigs are truly heavenly and more than beautiful! your skills are wonderful Swanny, especially here! THE Asmaani just BLEW me away!!!! and sheesh the colouring! <3

Was itt your first blend? :O i remember you showing it to me and i was dumstrucked! SHIT I LOVEH ITH SOOO MUCH! dude look at it! How flawlessly this is blended! could it get any any betterh??? huuh sheesh i love it so much SWANNY! the blending is like f**kn OUTSTANDING AND PERFECHT! and top that the coluring makes it more more beautfiul and amazng! i simply loveh the colouring hereh <3

I love all the ArHi icons, the coluring is just wonderfulh <3 like seriously and the arhi moments shittt <3

This sig is a freakn MAHHSTERPIECE! LIKE ANYTHING! AHHH sheesh mesmerizing or what? i love how youve blended it, the coluoring sheesh is wonderulh wonderfulh wonderfulh flawleshh <3 this actually is wondrful too beautiful nd the text style is really nice <3

aha KAJEN ;P

I love the colouring of the icons, youve got them fit perfectly, and the colouring is beauteeefulhhh <3

this sig is beautiful! the blending is wohnderfulh <3 and the coluorin really suits it. the dull wonderful look is so perfecth <3 dude you know how to play wd colours! its wondrphul <3

OHHH MYYHHH MAYUR ICONS! theyre flawleess! like too too beautiful <3 haha that white sari and the mayur kiss scene shit blew me away! i love the icons seriously <3

OH SHEESSSHHH THE coluring and blending of both the mayur sigs is juhst very very gorgeous my lady! <3 the sigs have turned out so beautifully <3 HAWW nd the white one, how you chose the most intimate caps! i seriously LOVEHH ITHH <3

OHHH SSHEESSH! the kriyansh sigs are brilliant! i simply simply love them <3 nd i love the way you lie is oh my gohd! <3333

OMMMFGGG ;O ejjkklohmgklfmfgh :O
your anushka sigs blew me awah like seriously seriously seriouslyhh! What are they? theyre so more than a master piece Swanny specially the last and second last! the perfect use of texture, colouring so f**kn brilliant the way of putting the text, its style, the blending OHH MYYHH GODDD EVERYTHINGGG :O theyre jus so damn beautiful! i dont have words!

sonams icons are beautiful <3 like hell gohrgeous and the colouring is mindblowing! the lost sig of her is so damn wonderfulh, thats the style ov yours, and its so f**kn beautiful <3


I simply adore all the TVD sigs but this is a masterpiece like seriously this sig is a masterpiece or what? i badly adore this! its beyond the limits of perfection! LIKE SERIUSLYH! i badly am obsessed over your perfection over this sigh ,3 dudeeehhh whatve you done? this is so a perfectionist's work! the coluring is jus jus jus MORE THAN GOHRGEOUSH! LIKE HELL BEAUTIFUL! your blending has come out perfectly, and the text is awehsome <3 total masterpiece!

Your selena Gomez icons and sigs are totally wonderfulh! that reminds me how much of a wonderful sigblender you were from the start! 

AHHH Cherrys deluxe? haha i love thaht name! and aww the first page looks so gohrgeous, and ohhh i so love Noris banners! OHHH nd the main banner sig is jus wonderfulhhh <3 shit im so so happy that you have a gallery n this was a long comment so i need a reply to it missy! huh LOLH!ROFL and sheeeshh SWANNY I love YOUH <3 like seriously doHug
make more more more :P

Sheesh my fingers pain nowh LOLROFL

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Author: MaaU   Replies: 579   Views: 15636

MaaU 579 15636 23 August 2013 at 10:12am by MaaU
|Mariam/CG|UPD Pg 31 MG, DD, RM, SYK,Chanman VM

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 34 35

Author: CrazzyBusy   Replies: 277   Views: 12997

CrazzyBusy 277 12997 17 August 2013 at 11:27pm by CrazzyBusy
Baki Creationz#2(C): Arhi/ASR/Meghan 143

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 130 131

Author: bahi.   Replies: 1041   Views: 42937

bahi. 1041 42937 12 June 2013 at 5:23am by soni19sweet

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