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FF-Bodyguard Link 2 New Thread on Pg. 150

AquaBluez17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 8:42pm | IP Logged
Heyy guys!! Aha I know you all wanna kill me since I bore you so much, but here I go again to bore you once again!Big smile What can I say? You guys are soo sweet! It's hard to not bore you guys ! LOLLOL

So this is my new SS. ( Yes don't worry I haven't forgotten about the Promise to Never Leave Me and Strings, Tying us Together. Dont worry, I hav a update schedule which I will tell you at the end of the post teehee!LOLEmbarrassed)

Here are some big points you guys to need to understand, Lavanya is LONG gone. No feelings about her or anything so she kind just evaporated! ( I am so nice rite? ROFL Oh well LOL). Shyam's truth  has only been exposed to Arnav and Babuji.
So without further a due  here you go!:

P.S. Any1 who wants a PM plz buddy me! I only Pm ppl on my BUDDY list!!


Part 1

                It was that time now. They had endured the whole marriage through and now the night had fallen.  Time for a couple most cherished night, their suhaag raat. Wincing at the word, Arnav thought to himself that they were not an ordinary couple or this been an ordinary marriage. He had after all married her forcefully. His mind spun with these thoughts as he walked to his, sorry, their room. What has this girl done to me? I am saying sorry to myself?! I never used to say sorry' He sighed heavily and climbed up the stairs feeling as if he was climbing the Himalayas themselves. Once he got there he saw a woman standing in front of his door with her hands on her hips.

                Groaning inwardly, he walked over to the front of his door which was blocked by his ever so sweet sister.

                Looking at her with great irritation he asked , "What is it now Di? Can I not just go in my room? I am so tired.  We can talk tomorrow if you want, but right now I just want to sleep. "

                Cleverly avoiding the fact that he wanted to go into his room not to sleep, but to stare at his plants and plan against that horrible person. Anjali Di, on the other hand, had different things in mind.

                "Arrey wah Chotey. Biwi aayi nahi aur hume bhole bhi gaye?? This is not fair Chotey! Tumne kaha tha, I will always be by your side! Toh ab kya hua??, " Di questioned.                                                       

Arnav who had not been paying attention to what his Di was saying just stared at her with a blank expression.  When he did not reply for a while, Di looked up at him and thought to herself, Hayye! Yeh kitna bekraar ho raha hai! Hum bhi nah, smiling to herself as if she was sharing a personal joke which was meant only for her. Arnav saw his sister smiling slightly and his worries vanished as fast as they had come. He looked at her happy face and knew that he would do anything for her. He did not believe in marriage, but for his Di's sake he had gotten married to the one person he hated the most in his life, Khushi Kumari Gupta. No, he thought to himself, Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada he said to himself softly through gritted teeth.

                Di saw him muttering something and saw that he looked tense so to try to lighten up the mood, Anjali said, " Chotey I am standing here for a reason. "

                "And what is that Di? Have you suddenly gotten an urge to be watch guard? ," Arnav responded smirking.

                Di hit him lightly on his shoulder and answered, " No silly! Hum toh tumari biwi ko baacha rahi the tumse."

                "What the?!, " Arnav questioned agitated.

                "Arrey buddho. You just got married and before going to see your wife, you must pay me money!, " Anjali exclaimed laughing in joy when seeing Arnav's confused expression.

                "Di, what nonsense, if you want money I will give you money anyway. Why do you need to stop me from entering my room Di??", Arnav questioned.

                Just then Arnav heard the one voice that he could have lived his whole life without hearing. His back straightened and he felt a surge of protectiveness surge over him. Breathing heavily to control himself, he tried to register what the monster had said.

                " Arrey sala shaab. Apki abhi SHAADI hui hai! Yeh toh rasaam hai saala shaab. Kyun Rani Shahiba, " placing his hands on Anjali's shoulders.

                It took all of Arnav's willpower to not rip his arms apart from his body.  He looked in to Shyam, his Jijaji's ,eyes to see hatred filled in them . Arnav stared back at Shyam wanting to punch the day lights out of him when he saw a small smile creeping up on Shyam's face.

                "Oh gosh! What is wrong with you both?," Anjali questioned. When she saw that neither her brother of her husband were listening to her, she snapped her fingers, loudly, breaking them out of their trances.

                Arnav sighed and reached into his pocket, only to be surprised to realize that he could not feel his pockets. He looked down and remembered that he was wearing a sherwani so the pockets were in different places. He put his hand in his pant pocket and brought out his wallet. Taking out all most of the money he had, he handed it to Anjali Di and looked at her with exasperation.

                "Ab mein jahoo?, " he questioned his Di and started to walk to the door stopping only when he heard Shyam telling Anjali that he wanted to talk to Arnav alone.  Arnav turned around to see his Di smile at her husband telling him to not take too much time since her Chotey was a bit too excited for his night ahead, smiling slyly at Arnav.  Then she walked away to their room with a huge grin on her face.  Arnav watched her go feeling happy that at least his sister was happy for now and did not know about the huge storm which was brewing right under her nose.

                Arnav turned his head to look at Shyam once again. They both went back to staring at each other. He loathed Shyam for many reasons. One being that he had tried to ruin his sister's life and even his Khushi's life. My Khushi? What the?!

                Shyam started to speak, breaking Arnav's thoughts, " Wah Saala Shaab. You might have married Khushi but do you really think that will stop me from making Khushi mine?" he questioned.

                "Well you creep, you will have to go through me before you can even lay your cheap gaze on my Khushi," watching Shyam squirm when he had said his Khushi.

                "Your Khushi?" Shyam questioned outraged.

                "Off course! She is already mine according to the society and," continuing before Shyam could comment, " Now if you would excuse me then I will go make her mine completely' with her heart, body and soul," answered Arnav nonchalantly , speaking the last few words very slowly making sure they sunk in Shyam's brain. He bore his eyes into Shyam's now burning eyes with satisfaction. Now I have you where I want you he thought.

                Shyam looked at Arnav with hatred and reminded him, "She would never let you come near her since she hates you just as much as you did a few days ago."

                Arnav retaliated saying , "Well she did not say anything against him when he rightfully made her his in front of the whole society," finally voicing his own thoughts which had been bothering him for a very long time. Why had she said yes? He had not even told her why he was marrying her! She did not know still that Shyam was his jijaji. Then why had she agreed to marry me? A voice in the back of the mind told him, she said yes since you forced her to marry you. You said that she would have to marry you or you would make her life hell.

                "You forcefully married her! Why would she marry you when she loved me?! You made her marry you; using her weakness against her and making her feel vulnerable.  You Arnav Singh Raizada, will never gain the love of Khushi Kumari Gupta since that is already mine," Shyam accused and told him.

                Arnav stood there thanking himself for mastering the art of keeping a poker face earlier in his life. If he had not done so then there was no way he could have kept a straight face in front of Shyam after that statement.  He silently wished that he had mastered to control his temper too like his sister had told him to many times already.

                "You will regret this Arnav. I will make you pay for what you are doing to my poor Khushi," Shyam threatened Arnav.

                "Shut up! You will regret it if you try to get close to my wife, understand?," questioned Arnav, throwing the words at Shyam., "I like to keep things and people close to me very safe. So if you dare look at my wife in such a way I will poke your eyes out, mind my words. "

                Arnav turned around to walk in the room when he heard Shyam question "Businessman Arnav Singh Raizada is now a Bodyguard?".

                "Yes I am, and a very good and dedicated one at that point," throwing the words at Shyam over his back, finally entering his room shutting the door in Shyam's angry face, smirking.


How did you like it guys?!?! Did you like it?!?! Oo!! Plz say you did!! Well you don't have to LOL
Do like and comment on parts you liked the most!

Update Schedule is as follows:

FF- Promise to Never Leave Me on Fridays

OS-Strings, Tying us Together on Saturdays

SS-Bodyguard- Sundays

and any updates over the week mite be just out of my pure excitement to write! Embarrassed
P.S Do tell me if I should continue with this!!

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AromaHussain Senior Member

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pleasee pm mee for the next paart ! loved it thaanks for sharingg !  Hug

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butterfly04 Goldie

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i think you should write part 2 right now. I really wanna know what happens next, oh i can't wait till he finds out that khushi loves him.

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ilive2laugh IF-Rockerz

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ooo nice concept...
khushi is completely clueless...i wonder how she will react ones she finds out

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-Garima- IF-Rockerz

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I liked the first chapter! :) really good!

You should continue soon, and PM me when you update! Thanks! (:


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sweetvidisha Senior Member

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 9:10pm | IP Logged
U know whats funny..i just watched the movie Bodyguard yesterday n here u r with ss "bodygaurd"  lol thanks for the pm...i guess i have to wait till sunday to see what happens..

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ytanuja IF-Dazzler

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Awesome start, love it,

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