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MG FF - FAIRY...TAIL???!!! THREAD 6 (Page 2)

-memorable- IF-Rockerz

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congrats on new thread

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congo for the new thread pls cont soon

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Congo on new thread...
Kb update karogi?kb se updating pe hi aat k hai!!make it sun

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She sat there for a long time thinking everything over and over again!!! What he said…what he meant…..and what he did!!! The whole day she was lost….fighting with self…TO GO OR NOT TO GO…..



Geet's flat

She had come home early that day….utterly and completely confused! What will she do now? She was in her short pajamas and a cute red satin sleeveless top. Unable to take the confusion anymore, she ran to her bedroom and stood in front of the mirror making faces!

"oye jhalli…tujhe jaana hai to jaa na….itne nakhre kyun kar rahi hai?"

"nahi nahi geet….you shouldn't go….warna teri Prez waali image ka kya hoga?"

" par tu to jaana chahti hai na….so go!"

"geet…agar tu gayi to teri jo mehnat hai na prez wali image banana mein…everything will go down the drain!"

" geet…tu kabh ek baar apne dil ki nahi sun sakti kya? Maan ne kya kaha tha yaad nahi?

"Dekh geet…that jerk does nothing but blackmail you…ek baar do chaar pyaar ke bol kya bol diye..that doesn't mean he cares for you….its another of his trick to irritate you! DON'T GO!"

"geet…tera jo mann kare wahi kar…tujhe jaane ka mann hai and Maan is also there with you na…to itna bhaav kyun khaa rahi hai?"

"geet…mein keh rahi hoon mat jaa…"

"geet…you want to go and enjoy…to jaa….don't hold back!"

"don't go!"

"nahi geet…GO"



"no no nooo"


She got so irritated that she actually closed her ears with her hands and shouted, " CHUP KARO TUM DONO…..mera dimaag kharab karke rakh diya hai…ekdum Chup!"

She snapped her eyes open only to find herself screaming to no one! She looked at her reflection in the mirror and almost cried, " Babaji…ab mein kya karoon?"

She paced restlessly here and there….she went to the balcony…No peace! She watched telly for sometime….No Peace!!! She tried to engross herself in her assignments…..Still No peace! Finally she fell on the bed tired…and at last decided to talk to MM about it!


Same Time

Khurana Mansion


Maan and daai were having dinner. He was lost somewhere today…dadi couldn't stop noticing! For the 1st time, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana wasn't cribbing about palak paneer..he really didn't like that dish but today….he was eating quietly without any complaints!!! Dadi wondered what could have gone wrong!!!

Dadi: cough…cough

Maan didn't even listen! He was very happy that she actually wanted and agreed to go with him to the disc! A smile crept at the corner of his lips. He recalled all his encounters with her and everytime she was different! But then….he was the only one to have seen so many faces f her! somewhere he was glad that he knew her so well….and her laughter…uff that was so musical…just like her name…GEET!!!

Dadi found it rather weird..her grandson was behaving so differently today!!

Dadi: Maan bete…


Dadi (louder): Maan bete….

Maan was startled at this and dropped his spoon.

Maan: ahh sorry dadi…aap kuch keh rahi thi?

Dadi: hum kab se aapko dekh rahe hain…kiske khayalon mein itne khoye hue hain aap?/ kiske soch mein itna doobe hue hain??

Maan (unconsciously): nahi dadi….mein geet ke bare mein nahi soch raha tha…..

Dadi narrowed her eyebrows, "geet??"

Maan realized what he had blurted out and closed his eyes!

Maan: wo…dadi..mera matlab wo nahi tha…I mean…ahh…aap kuch keh rahi thi?

Dadi smiled at his antics.

Dadi (naughtily): but meine to aapko kuch bhi nahi kaha!!!

Ohh he was getting embarrassed now. He tried to escape while dadi kept smiling! He immediately got up from his seat and walked ahead!

Maan:…I'm done dadi…goodnight!

Embarrassment was clearly written all over his face! Just when he was passing dadi,

"waise geet bahut achcha naam hain….."

He stopped right there…trying to suppress his smile!

Dadi: kab mila rahe hain aap hume unse?

Maan (flustered): nahi dadi…jaisa aap soch rahi hain waise kuch bhi nahi hain…we are…

Dadi (teasing): ehh lo….ab hum kaisa sochne lage? Hum to bas yahi pooch rahe the ki when can I see her….you know friendly types!!!!

Maan (blushing): arrghh dadi….you are too much

And he walked off…flustered, embarrassed…and of course red!



MM's room

Geet barged into her room restlessly!

MM: what happened baby doll?

Geet (pacing restlessly): ahhh..MM…I don't understand anything…..theres this fellow….irritating me….and then says something that goes totally over my head….and then disc…arrgghhh…what will I do…Oh god..this is sooo bad…

And she went on and on and on  in ger express speed!

MM: geet geet geet….calm down and tell me properly what happened!

She took a deep breath and sat down.

Geet: phew…actually theres a frien….i mean theres a party in XYZ disc on Friday and am invited! But I can't understand whether I should go or not!

MM (smiling): ohh that's it? Baby doll…you want to enjoy don't you? Then why are you holding back?

Geet: but MM…

MM: geet…theres no harm in enjoying yourself once in a while right? I suggest you should go! And am sure even you want to go…or else you wouldn't hve been so confused about it!

Geet was getting convinced by now…well she needed a little puch didn't she?

Geet (unsure): are you sure?

MM: am very much sure baby doll. Life without fun is useless. Moreover you'll get to know mnay new people out there…so just let go and have fun!

Geet nodded and slowly went back to her flat….ummm so she will go…okay once in a while she should enjoy right?


Wednesday- XIBM

geet took a deep breath and looked at him. He crossed his hands over his chest and waited for her to speak up! Geet had gone to speak to him about the disc and found him in the corridor!

Geet (sigh): ok…am going!

He smiled a bit…so glad to hear that! he wanted to peck her there and then…but stopped himself from doing so owing to the number of students around and moreover…their kissey-wissey was kinda secret too!!!

Maan: OK….see you on Friday then…sharp 8pm at your place! We'll have dinner there itself!

And he walked off. Now geet wondered….at her place??? Ohh NO….

Geet (shouting): hey…you don't know where I live do you?

He turend around with a big smile on his face, winked at her and walked off again! Her jaws dropped open!

Geet: grrr….that jerk….ugh…hate him!!!




Maan was just goping to his class when he met up with one of his classmates!

Boy: hey dude…wassup?

Maan: hey…so all set for tomorrow?

Boy: aahan…all arrangements done!

They talked of people and stuff. But unknown to them was geet, who was just standing behind them putting up some banners and notices on the College notice board! She didn't see Maan and neither did he as the boy was standing in between them facing his back to geet blocking geet's view to Maan and vice versa!

Anyways, geet was more focused on her job. She could hear Maan's voice. She smiled a bit…something was there in that voice that made her go all chirpy!

They were talking about some notes and slowly their discussion took a turn towards the disc! Geet was still busy in separating the charts and putting up the new ones but she was enjoying their talks too…she was getting a slight knowledge of who would be attending the event! Suddenly,

Boy: Maan…are you sure about prez going too? I mean why don't you give it a second thought hun?

Maan inhaled sharply!

" what second thought? Its already decided that she'll go…so it is!!!"

Geet's ears shot up. Was she hearing correct? Maan was still oblivious to her presence!

Boy: but Maan….you see….most of us won't like her coming…I mean they hate her…she is sooo dominating and selfish types you know…thinking only to keep all of us under her control! Sigh…I tell you she is gonna ruin everything!!

Suddenly they heard something drop. The boy turned around and Maan saw her face…those tear clouded eyes…that expression on her face…so much agonized..No…he wished she hadn't heard anything…but it was too late!!

She looked at him with questioning eyes…she was for the very 1st time excited for a party in those years…but all the enthusiasm along with that smile on her face had just faded away.

Maan closed his eyes for a moment unable to take the intensity of those eyes that questioned him so many things….

He opened his eyes only to see her backing away…he stepped ahead and extended his hand to reach hers! She shook her head and ran away from there!

Maan: ge…geet…no….

He shot a deathly glare to that boy and ran after her!

Geet shut her eyes tight and ran! She felt so hurt…yet again…like re-living those horrible moments years ago!!!! She so much wanted to forget them…and that is why she was trying hard to move on forgetting everything! How come she was selfish? She wanted to help the students but in her own way…they why did they hate her?

Maan looked for her in almost all the classes, he checked the students councils room too…she wasn't there either!

Maan (self thought): kitni mushkil se she had agreed! Hope she doesn't do anything stupid!

He ran towards the college ground where they had all the outdoor sports facilities. He ran towards the basketball court hoping to find her there but sadly, she wasn't! frustrated and worried, he ran his fingers through his hair..where could she be? Just when he was about to turn back, he noticed a faint figure of someone behind the nearby tree. He sighed knowing it was her! he walked towards the tree and called her out, "Geet…"

She slowly turned towards him, coming out of the tree with her tear streaked face! He clenched his fists seeing her so hurt! Why did it hurt him so much? Why?

But again this was not the correct time to think all this. All that mattered the most now was geet and only geet!

He inched closer, "Geet…a…am sorry…he..he didn't mean those…" she raised her hand indicating him to stop!

Kawaii *sad* Ouchno matter how much strong you are from outside, the heart of a girl always remains the same from inside….sensitive, vulnerable to care, craving for love! Same was with geet too! Bhagwaan ne hume aisa banaya hi hai to koi kya kar sakta hain!!!

Geet: mu…mujhe aapke saath nahi jaana!

She turned around, ready to run away from him when  he held her hand and pulled her back so forcefully that she landed on his chest. She didn't raise her eyes. He slowly lifted her face. He cupped her cheeks and tucked her hair behind her ears!

Maan: geet…am really sorry!

Geet (nearly sorry): mu..mujhe nahi jaana aapke saath!!

Maan: sshh..nhai aise nahi kehte…

Geet: i…I'm selfish right….its better you don't take me!

Maan (softly): nahi geet…..aisa nahi hai…you are not selfish…trust me…you ARE NOT selfish!!!

She broke down crying, " Phir kyun kaha usne mujhe selfish…they hate me…hate me…."

She cried and hit his chest with her fists!!

Kawaii *recalling the pastErmm* MK was the 1st one to call her selfish and she hasn't been able to forget that…but look at the Maan now…how ironic huh!!!Stern Smile


next: sajna hain mujhe...sajna ke liye...Day Dreaming

hehehe...dun get so happy...nothing like this is gonna happen!!!! Evil Smilewonder what this girl will doD'oh

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geet conversation to self is lovely
maan manofying her is to quit

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congrats on new thread dear...

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wowww loved it
finally u updated n such a sad update baby gaya toh tu ro rahi thi isliye inta sad update likha hai kya???????

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Thumbs Up Awesome picture for facebook

CONGRATS for the new thread dear

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