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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH WU-12th october -pari pahnegi suits

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(credit for text Pree)
WU of YRKKH   12th October 2011
(G3- gayatri,BMA-bhabhima,RB-rajshekher,RJ -rajashri)
Part-1  episode  start  with naitik  come  in  the  room  saw  akshi  sleeping and  came to  her  and  about  to  wake her  up and  didnt  and  then  he  kiss  her  and  hold  her  hand  and  said  i  am  trying  to  come  soon  but  cant  come. and  i  am  trying  to  spend  time  with  you.and  go  to  bed. and  looked  at  her  again  and  smileEmbarrassed.
at  M's  varasha came  to  her  room  see  ananya  sleeping  and  ask  shourya  . he  said  varsha  to  go  to  sleep  with  her  mom  while  she  need  her. varsha  said  while  ananya  up  some  time  at  night  so  she  cant  go. and  shourya  said ok.
in  the  morning  akshi  is  trying  to  get  redy  quitely  so  naitik  dont  wake  up. and  she  get  naitiks  clothes  and  rumal  rady. and  by  mistake  she  drop  something  and  natik  wake  up  and  she  said  sorry  and  told  him  to  go  to  sleep  againg  and  he  said  no  he  is  about  to  wake up  . and  ask  were  is  akshi  is  going  to  do  yoga?akshi  said  she  is  doing  in  rahsmis  room. and  told  him  to  take  rest.naitk  said  he  can  do  it  in  this  room but  akshi  said  no   and  said  she  have  to  go  payal  will  be  coming  and  told  natik  that  she  ask  ma  and  payal  is  going  to  do  it  with  her  and  so  she  got  company. and  naitik  said ok. and  he  said  her  to  come  in  the  room  after  she  is  done  with  the  yoga. and   akshi  said  while  he  will be  late  for  office. natik  said  to spend  time  with  her  he  will  get  late  and  dont  worry  if  rb  get  mad at  himLOL. akshi  said  that  case  they  can  have  breakfast  togathere  and  then  she  realise  she  cant  eat  1hr  after  yoga. but  she  said  he  can  eat  and  she  will  see  himEmbarrassed. and  g3  call  and  akshi  said  she  have  to  go  and  left  natik  is  smileing.
in  rashimi  room  g3  and  bma  came  and  bring  yoga mat. and  then  yoga  teacher  told  akshi  to  start. and  akshi  said  payal  is  coming  and  payal  came  and  she  was  wearing  suit and  g3  looked  her. and  then  they  start, and  g3  told  teacher  to  not  let  akshi  do  any  asan  while  she  is  not  fat and  told  her  that  she will  take  akshi  for  walk. and  yoga  teacher  said  she  will  let  akshi  do  only  asan  which  is  good  for  her. and  g3  left.
akshi  and  payal  is  doing  yoga  and  akshi  have  problem  with  sari. teacher  ask  and  she  said  she  is  fine.
at  M's  shourya  and  varshas  mom  and  rj  in  the  room and  shourya  is  massageing  her  mil's  feat. and  varash  happy  seeing  this. and  then  she  told  shourya  that  he  have  to get  rady  for  work. and  she  said  she  is  coming  and  shourya  said  that  he  dont  need  her  help  and  she  can  stay  with  her  mom  and  he  will  take  nashata  from  dhaniya. and  left  and  rj  start  feeding  soup  to  her  samdhan  and  told  her  that  she  dont  need  to  worry  she  is  family.Big smile
Part-2  in  naksh  room  natik  is  rady. and  he  saw  akshi  is  coming. outside  naksh  room  akshi  is  saying  bye  to  payal  and  payal  told  her  that she  will  be  more  comfortable in  suit  and  told  her  to  wear  it  . akshi  said  she  will  ask  ma. and  payal  left. naitik  heard  this  and  akshi  come  and  see  natik  is  rady  and  start  sating  her  sari, and  naitk  ask  how  was  yoga? and  she  said  fine. he  ask  if  she  want  she  can  wear  suit  and  akshi  said she  will  ask  ma .naitik  said  lets  go  and  ask . akshi  said  she  will  ask  her  letter. and  naitik  said  i  know  you  wont. and  akshi  said  she  will  and  he  will get late. and  naitik  kiss  her  and  left.
Akshi  go  to  g3 s  room and  see  bma  and  g3  is  doing  some  diwali  work  she  ask  if  she  can  help  and  g3  said  no. and then  she  ask  if  she  can  wear  suit  for  yoga  while  sari  is  not  comfortabe  to  her.g3  and  and  bma  both  looked  at  each  other. g3  said  ok. and  said  she  dont  need  to  ask  small  things  to  her. they  just  want  her  happy.Shocked(G3  ke  ye  dilog  se  Shocked). and  then  she  said  its  matter  of  1  hr. and  akshi  told  that  she  will  call  her  mom  and  told  her  to  send  her  suit. and  said  thanks  to  g3  and  bma  and  left  happylyBig smile
atM's  shourya  saw  anshu  with  computer and  ask  him. what  he  is  doing? and  anshu  said  he  is looking  recipe  for  something.and  shourya   told  him  to  save  every  min. and  use  for  study  and  anshu  got  made  and  left.

g3  and  akshi  is  going  for  evening  walk  and  they  are  happy. and  akshi  said  lets  go  home  while  naitik  will  come . g3  said  while  there  is  diwali  they  are  not  coming  home  soon  and  told  akshi  if  she  is  ok  they  can  walk  to  mandir. akshi  said  ok.
here  at  house  bma  is  talking  to  nandu  and  happy   and  natik  come  and  ask  where  is akshi? bma  said  she  went  to  walk  with g3  and  natik  said  she  told  him  this  morning. and  bma  said  she  will  send  tea  for  him  and  left.natik  is  looking  for  akshi  that  he  came  for  her  and  she  is  not  home. girja  bring  tea  and  he  is  about  to  drink  and  then  stop . and  called  akshi. akshi  said  they  are  at  mandir  and  told  him  that  they  will come  soon  and  told  him  if  she  knew  that  he  is  comeing  home  soon  she  didnt  go  for  walk  and  natik  told  her  to  come  soon.
in  naksh  room  natik  is  there  upset  while  akshi  is  not  home  . she  come  and  said  sorry and  told  him  that  at  mandir  there  are  some  ladys   are  talking  to  them and  that s  why  they  are  late. naitk  said  she  shoud  call  him  before  go  . he  was  waiting  for  her  for  4 hr. and  she  said  sorry   again  and  told  him  not  to  get  angry  at  her. and  his  phone  rings   and  rashmi  is  ther  telling  him  to  come  with  babhi  to  ice-cream  parlor. and  natik  said  no  and  told  her  that  now  akshi  sleep  early  now. and  rahsmi  said  to  come  while  babhi  like  ice  cream  and  akshi  said  yes  and  natik  said  ok to  rashmi. and  then  he  ask  akshi  she  will  be  tired  and  akshi  said  she  is  fine  and  she  loves ice cream  and  said  now  baby  know  about  ice cream  if  he  dont  take  both  of  them  then  baby  will  be  angryBig smileand  then  natik  said  ok  he  will  go  tell  ma. and  then  he  left.
at  dining table  bma  and  g3  is  geting  food  rady. and natik  come  and  told  ma  that  they  are  going  for  ice cream and  g3  isShocked,

Precape-- naitik  and  nikhil  are  talking  to  some  teenage  boys and  telling  them  to  not  smoke  while  akshi  have  problem  with  dhuva. and  the  boy  said  that  if  they  have  problem  then  they  should  not  come. and  natik  get  angry  and  hold  one  boy's  shirt  and  start  pulling  him  out  of  the  shop. and  akshi  and  rahsmi  are  Shocked
Sorry  for  any  mistake  and  sorry  for  spelling  mistake. and  today  it  was  late. while  i  have  to  go  some  were. now  its  diwali  time  so  i  am  busyBig smile.

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Me First... Me First...Dancing

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Thanks Madhaviben for the beautiful update.SmileClap First part was Boring epi with the same gayathri BP sceneSleepy. Naitik was so cute understanding hubby. The way he held akshi's hand kissed her shows how much he cares and loves akshara. So Sweet naitik
. Gayathri has started her advice which is unbearable to the viewers. We need to see how long Naksh are going to suffer like this. She is poking her nose unnecessarily in each and every thing and destroys NAKSH HAPPINESS as if she knows more about pregnancy.  I felt like slapping these oldies. It's high time for CV'S to bring dadaji to control these irritating specimens. Behaving like village ladies sorry oldies. Akshara is controlling herself in front of payal and her yoga teacherBlushy 2
.. Omgg naitik is short temper guy is it?? Ohnoo.  He was irritated by these youngsters way of smoking he does that coz smoking is dangerous for pregnant lady especially for akshara.. All these behavior is due to his hidden fear plus this scene proves us he can do whatever for his akshi and her happiness.  After a long time the cv are portraying angry young man naitikRed Hot who fights for his wife. He is so matured now. ClapSmile
Naitik was pissed off coz of akshi's ignorance... One of the worst changes in naksh relationship during pregnancy is when both of them fail to convey their needs to one another. Naitik might not be able to fully understand what akshi expects from him and the akshi on her part too. Naitik feel alone or disconnected or have a feeling of left out due to the attention that akshi gets during pregnancy.
 Naitik often fear that his akshi will love the baby more than anyone on earth — and exclude him from that intimate relationship. It's a very real fear of being replaced.  After seeing naitik's anger and his frustration hope akshi will take initiative steps to comfort him.A Flower For Her

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Originally posted by mini_00

i am waitign for ur comments dear 
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pls post it soon.i am waiting for it eagerly.Big smile

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Its  rady  now  sorry  for  late.
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