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SWARON 6 on Pg 32 (Page 7)

Parvathi12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 October 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=radzammy]awesum update...!!! Big smile

xactly man

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-naina- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 October 2011 at 5:50am | IP Logged
awesum update guysBig smile
oh my my i m jst imagining swayam in formalsEmbarrassed
and sharon's "oh i m so beautiful u cnt help but lookin at me" attitude is soo well portrayed...
wayam ignoring her..ahaan maza ayega...waiting fr the next partTongue

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SugarCubes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 October 2011 at 5:56am | IP Logged

Awesum work!!!!!!!!!!

its just amazing!!!!!!! luvd it!!!!!!!! Star plz keep writin nd updatn!!! goin gr8!!!! nd u hv an fab mind!!!!!Clap lyk, srsly, its mind blowing!!!!!!! waiting fr more.. Big smile

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taniya_dostii IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 October 2011 at 5:59am | IP Logged
farah ki bachi! not fair!
i wanted 2 comment 1st!!!!
nywys now cmg 2 d upd8...
nyc ... nyc...
i like SwaRon's 1st meetg!!!
do upd8 soon appu & shagufelina!!

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Parvathi12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 5:18am | IP Logged

 k guys , so this is part to up for you guys...hope u guys like it...pls do comment...

Chapter 2

Swayam was now a regular visitor of the RaiPrakash house. And Mr Rai Prakash liked him to such an extent that he considered him like his son and Swayam whose father passed away in an accident saw his father in him. And this relationship between Gautum Rai Prakash and Swayam irritated Sharon a lot. He would spend hours in their house and wouldn't speak to her even once. She hated being ignored , especially by him. She would try to talk to him and all she would get was a nod or something like that. And that's why she resorted to insulting him in every possible way in every situation. Gautum Rai Prakash noticed this n was really worried about this attitude of Sharon's.

A few weeks later:

This was probably the most important and special  day in Gautum Rai Prakash's life. It was his baby girl, his princess's birthday. He just couldn't believe that his shona had grown up . he still saw that lil baby who used to cry for anything and everything.

Sharon was dressing up for her party. Her dad was throwing her a birthday party in some really high class hotel'..well that was something that would happen every year. Sharon remembered her childhood days.

She had everything any1 would probably want but still missed something. She remembered how jealous she used to be of the weaklings in her class when their parents used to drop them to skool and be at their birthday parties. She used to all have her birthday party at the best hotels in town but her parents wouldn't be there. Her dad used to show up even if it was late but her mom'.well she never got any time for the family after her parties n those useless meetings.

After dressing up she goes down only to find her dad standing over their with something in his hand.

G: hey beta, happy birthday

Sh: thanks dad'.chale'??

G: haan'.hmmm..ek min'.u don't want umm ur gift???  He asked while smiling'.

Sh: ofcourse dad'.where is it'.???...what r u hiding????

G: kuch nahi'.actually pehle party aur uski baad gift>

Sh: par dad''.

G: sharon , mere baat nahi sunoge???...u'll see it after the party'

Sh: k dad'.mom kaha hai'???

G: oh, she had to go to panchgini for some get together . avoid nahi kar sakti ti'.

Sh: oh'.well lets go then'

They both leave for the party.

Hotel mein:

Eyer1 one was wishing Sharon, giving her gifts and complementing her. After all that she just walks around seeing the decorations which were beautiful and the guests. She found Nil, Simmi and Rinni at one conner of  the party hall. But her eyes were searching for him. For Swayam. Thinking about him itself made her heart thud against her rib cage violently. Alas, she couldn't find him there. So she just decided to go n join her friends.

Nil: here is the birthday girl. Ooohhh Sharon tim toh abb bhuddi ho gaye hai na'..

Sh: nilesh ''she said while giving him a I am gonna pull out ur eyes look

Si: leave it na Sharon'n tell us what ur dad gave u ???

Sh: well, technically he din give me anything yet. Actually I'll get my gift after the party.

Just then Swayam enters the party. All the girls where literally drooling over him. Some dropped their drinks while others just couldn't blink. He was in formals. His long hair'..messy just got out of bed like'.which just added to his charm. His suit enhanced hid lean muscular built.

R: guys, who dekho'..OMG'

Si: kya rinni'.(she turns around to see him )'OMG'..sharon, just check him out'

She turned around to find him standing just a few feet away from her. He was looking like an angel right from heaven. His smile ''she had never seen anything like that' was just so beautiful' a lil kid's'..

She noticed all the girls looking at him and drooling over him. She knew her face also must be just like that , drooling over him.

Simmi & Rinni   : wow Sharon'. Who is that hottie'.kitna cute hai na

Sh: ( who was jealous of all the girls drooling over him) what's so special about him'.i dun see anything'loser

Saying this she turns around when he calls out her name. she felt a chill run down her spine as he called out her name. his voice was so melodius yet manly.  I t was like was like music to her ears' somehow made her feel special'..nto that she din feel special all the tym'after all she was Sharon rai prakash'

But this feeling was different. She never felt this way before.

Sw: hey , happy birthday ( he said handing a gift over to her)

Sh: thanks (coldly)

G: swayam beta, tum aagaye''sharon escuse us for a min please

Saying this gautum RP led swayam away from her. the party was in full swing and after the cake cutting and dinner'..every1 was dancing.

DJ: yo, people in the house, grab a partner n hit the dance floor'cause next up is a very romantic number''.

Sharon saw swayam walking towards where she was standing. He had that full smile of his which reached his eyes.

Sh to herself: toh Mr Shikhawat mere saath dance karna chahata hai'.well , well, well

But to her utter disbelief , he walked past her as though she was invisible  and went over to a girl standing behind her. then they both walked over to the dance floor and started a slow dance. The DJ was playing bathein kuch an kaheen si''.sshe hated the closeness between them. She felt as if that girl was stuck to him with feviqwick. Well any1 would have done that given the fact that he was looking so bloody hot. Her blood was boiling and she couldn't take it anymore. just then as if an angel heard her prayers'.the DJ made an announcement'

DJ: k lpretty ladies n gentlemen' lets see who is that lucky guy who gets a dance with the birthday girl''..the guy on whom the spotlight stops ..k'.

The spotlight went over many guys who were more than willing to jump in n dance with her'.but just like destiny has it'the spotlight stopped on swayam.

DJ: k dude'u r the lucky guy my friend''every1 bak to the dancefloor'.

The Dj hit another romantic track'this time Khuda janne'..

Swayam walked over to her . she looked up at him and saw that he was smiling. not waiting for her response , he took her hand startling Sharon a bit'.she composed herself and walked over to the dance floor with him..Sharon had her hands on his shoulders and he was holding her by her waist n swaying to the music'..he moved easily not taking his eyes of her'.he looked straight into her eyes'..his dark ones melting into her big green ones'.sharon felt the electric current envelope her as he touched her. she had been with so many guys but none made her fell this way. She was so lost in him that she almost forgot how to move and breathe.his scent was almost intoxicating. She din even notice that the song had ended n the next one began'..she moved closer to him and felt his muscles thighten n his eyes widen'she was something in his eyes'but couldn't figure out that it was'this moment was broken when that girl came n tapped her shoulder..

Sw: Natasha'

N: hey, do u mind if I dance with him for a while now'

Sh: ofcouse I do bi**h'..she wanted to say but instead she just moved away'.she felt as if she could rip them both apart ryt then''she watched them dance and couldn't take it anymore'..she just decided to leave'she went around looking for her dad'and atlast found him..

Sh: dad, I am tired. I wanna go home

G: oh beta, who mujhe ek meeting keliye jana hai''.so wait'ek min''swayam beta..

He called out to swayam

Sw: sir I was just leaving'gud nyt..

G: who beta , mujhe ek zaroori meeting keliye janna hai'toh do u mind dropping Sharon home'

Sw: ofcourse sir, ( turning to Sharon) chalein

And they both walk out. In the parking lot she noticed that some1 was leaning against his shiny black car.

Its was the girl from before'..sharon got so irritated and wanted to screem at her to leave but controlled herself..

On reaching the car she moved towards the front seat before Natasha could.

Natasha and swayam exchanged a puzzled look and she sat behind and they drove off'.

Sw: so Natasha'.aunty kaisi hai'???

N: teek hai'..waise cut ur hair yaar'u look way too cute with short hair'.( saying this she pulled his cheek)'.sharon was literally burning at that sight'..they both were ignoring her'wait did they know each other'she wondered''

Soon they reached natasha's house n left her'swayam got out of the car n walked her till the door'they chatted standing over there for a while n bid goodbye.on their way to sharon's house..there was dead silence between them '.

Sharon finally decided to break the ice'

Sh: so how was they party.???? Did u enjoy?????...

Sw: hmmm'..

That was the only response she got'.after a few more failed attempts she gave up.

Suddenly his fone began ringing'.he took his fone n started talking..

Sw: kriya'..hey r u???...

Sharon couldn't hear the response but she heard him laugh''

Sw: I bet u'll be looking gorgeous and red toh suits u the best'

SH: (in her mind) yaha ek baar bhi mujhe compliment nahi kiya aur koi ladki jisko dekha bhi nahi, use compliment kar raha hai'..she felt the jealousy swell up in her'.kahi isski GF toh nahi'..

Nahi , agar aisa hota toh uss ladki ke saath dance nahi karte'.

She was really pissed by the fact that he ignored her and was talking to all other girls'..on reaching her house she just got out n slammed the door n stormed away without even saying good bye'

Swayam just looked at her leaving with an amused smile on his face

She knew what she had to do to teach him a lesson

The next day, at the breakfast table:

G: beta, I have to tell u something''

Sh: dad , I saw it , ur gift, its beautiful''.porche cayenne'.wow dad, I love it'

G: glad u liked it beta'par I want to talk to u about something else'..actually we hav been thinking'..

Its about time u got married

he said waiting for her to start her tantrum n throw things''but to his surprise she agreed to him'.she had a smirk on her face..

Sh: actually dad'.i like some1 n will marry only him'

G: kaun hai???

Sh; u know him dad'.Swayam

G: what ????? swayam'.par tum toh use janti tak nahi ho'.

Sh: dad, I want to marry him n only him'..

Saying so she got up and went with her victory smile on her face'ab dekhte hai Mr Shikhawat, kit um mujhe kaise ignore karte hai''

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crazysky IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 5:39am | IP Logged
wow... cant wait them to get married ...
SugarCubes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 6:05am | IP Logged
Ohk.. i dnt actualy thot dat dey wil gt married bt
IT'S JUST GR8 2 HEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!
bt wait karna padega..Ouch plz plz plz plz plz, post d next epi ASAP!!!!!!!!! PLZZZ..

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Parvathi12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 6:10am | IP Logged
thaks guys...n @ dancedevil...i would love to update...but sadly still hav to write the next part...but i'll make it fast...i promise...n dude the whole thing is shagufElina's all credits to her ...=D

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