10th October Written Update - Meri Madad Karogi?

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Well the updaters and back ups are busy.  And people have been asking for a written update.  Let me say right off the bat... I don't know Hindi.  I've picked up a bit, but when it comes down to it, I do not know or understand Urdu/Hindi.

So whatever when it comes to the dialogues I am just going to give the general gist of the conversations that I picked up, as well as whatever I realized from the various discussion. 

Why am I updating? Well because I know that there may be others here who may understand even less than I do.  So therefore I'll give it a shot.  If people want to add to it, correct me, quote me and add to it, go right ahead. I would gladly edit my post and add in your additions.  Or if someone ends up being able to do a more proper WU later, feel free to use that as the permanent one and consider this one temporary.

I apologise in advance if I use the wrong term for the rituals.  Just tell me and I'll change it.
Recap - Engagement is done. Sangeet is done.  Haldi is done.  Mohan gets a call during his Haldi from the loan sharks telling him to provide the money by that night...or else. Mohan is tensed.  The voice on the phone congratulated Mohan on his wedding.

Quick Update - Mohan is harassed by goons.  Mohan and Kastur exchange garlands.  Family is having fun and good times, except for Saroj.  Mohan asks Kastur for help and her jewellery.  Tells her he won't lie, nor can he tell her. Basically asks for her trust.  She gives him her jewellery. He asks her to cover his ass if anyone asks.

Detailed Update

Bride's place
The episode starts with Kastur coming down the stairs all dressed up at her house with Shradha and her brother behind her, with the the rest of the family and guests on the ground floor.  Khushi Khushi Kar Do Vida from Anokhi Raat plays.  Both Kastur and her father are emotional. Pradeep puts a comforting arm around Jitu.  Memories of a young kastur running around the house with Shrardha chasing after her, and her kissing Jitu with him giving her a lollipop are shown.

Kastur hugs her father. Then she takes the Krishna idol with tears in her eyes and puts it back. Baa is now emotional.  Kastur hugs Baa.

Groom's place
The groom's party and guests are outside.  With everything decorated and the Band playing. Saroj puts a tilak on Mohan and does a pooja.  Everyone else is happily watching.  Mohan and Saroj have a silent understanding, Saroj give Mohan the prasad, he takes a bite and Saroj has a silent, sad smile.  The rest of the party hurry them up.  They exchange a final small smile.

Mohan is led to the horse he is to ride on.  When his phone rings.   We hear Mohan's inner thought--I think he realises whom the call is coming from.  But he cannot answer amongst the crowd, as they are encouraging him to mount the horse.  Mohan and tillu are on top of the horse.

Baapji calls for celebration. Band plays, fire crackers go off, everyone dances.  Saroj is still sad. Mohan watches while worrying in his head what he's going to do. (I didn't catch it fully here)
Bhanu shakes his hips LOL and gets Baapji to do a tiny bit of dancing, which Kanu applauds.  Bhanu takes Saroj and dances in a circle with her. 

The grooms party make their journey, with Mohan looking pensive and worried on the horse.

Wedding venue
Jitu, Pradeep, Shradha and the rest of the bride's party go and meet the groom and his party.  Greetings are exchanged.  Jokes are exchanged. Bhanu asks if Jitu waited a bit for them,  Jitu tells Bhanu-ji says something about it being his son in law to be.  Joking commences.  

Shradha puts a tilak on Mohan's forehead.  Saroj's face and sound effect.  Shradha does a pooja for Mohan.  Saroj's face and sound effect.  Shradha' throws the rice. And lol as she throws some behind her it hits right in Pradeep (or rather the actor's) face and he makes this faceLOL ROFL

Shradha tries to grab Mohan's nose.  Mohan pulls back with the help of his brothers.  She tries two more times and fails.  Vipul tells her she won't be able to grab Mohan's no matter how many times she tries.  Pradeep says Mohan should have a sportsman spirit.  Kanu replies back.  Jitu says something about it being a ritual, and asks Baapji, diverting Mohan's attention and thus allowing Shradha to grab his nose.  

Mohan is smiling, so is everyone else. Saroj is sad.  Shradha puts something on the floor (sorry I don't know what it's called), Jitu tells Mohan that he should break it on his first step.  Mohan does so and it breaks.Clap

Baa starts some joking about Kastur and the rest of the family joins in.  They all then disperse and start to fill the venue. Mohan's phone rings again and he's in a dilemma.  He is thinking of answering it when Baapji comes to him, he puts it away and goes with the others.

Garland exchange  
We see the both of them walking towards each other.  Kastur looks up at him with a smile on her face, and Mohan is somewhat wary face and swallows. But he manages a slight smile, though not really a happy one.  Kastur is still smiling and Saroj looks angrily and also somewhat disappointed at everything.

The Panditji tells both to put the garlands on each other.  Jitu tells Kastur to go ahead. Kanu asks Mohan if he's ready.  Mohan slightly nods with a grim smile on his face.  Kastur attempts to put the garland around his neck, either Mohan tip toes or he's slightly lifted by his brothers.  Mohan's Maama tells once he bows he'll have to keep bowing so think. Everyone laughs. By this time Mohan has a slightly more genuine smile on his face.

Jitu tells Kastur to go ahead again.  She does so, but Mohan backs up a bit with a slight smile.  Pradeep and Kanu lift Kastur up.  Vipul and Kanu also lift Mohan up in response.  Kastur attempts again to put the garland around his neck.  But to no avail. Jitu finally cheats and does something to Mohan's chest distract Mohan. (I don't want to know what, I grew up around boys so the first thing to come to my head is purple nurple,)  Mohan ends up bending his head and Kastur gets the garland around him.

Some more jokes among the parties.  Time for Mohan to put the garland around Kastur's neck.  Mohan starts to. Then stops.  Cut to Saroj's unhappy face with sound effect.  Mohan sort of silently gathers himself and wills himself. Kastur is waiting expectantly.  Mohan slowly starts the process of putting the garland on her, and finally getting a resolve and then puts it on Kastur.  Everyone is clapping and throwing garlands, and Saroj throws flowers with a sour face. Again, sound effect! 

Kastur is happy and smiling.  Mohan has more of a poker face.  Panditji tells everyone to get ready for the wedding rituals.

People start dispersing from that area.  Reena goes to Saroj, and Narmada is right near Saroj, and Reena comments on Kastur's jewellery. That it's very nice, especially her bangles.  Reena says she liked it a lot, and asks Narmada if she liked it as well. Narmada nods in agreement.  Reena leads Saroj away. Narmada looks at her own bangles in a disappointed way.

Shoe stealing
Mohan takes off his shoes and enters the Mandap.  Natu notices. So does Reena. She tells Kanu that they have to hide and protect Mohan's shoes, and not let it get taken by the bride's side.  Natu and Kastur's two friends notice Kanu putting the shoes underneath a table, and Kanu and Reena guard it.

Natu goes to Baa and tells her of the situation, explaining they are acting as Bodyguards. Baa says only Sallu is Bodyguard.LOL  She reassures Natu.  Baa goes to Reena and leads her away with some excuse.  Kanu is left with the task of guarding the shoes.  Kastur's one friend goes to him and offers him snacks, saying he performed well in his dance.  The other friend comes and argues with her and tells Kanu to eat from her plate of snacks. The two go at it, and Kanu is distracted.  Nattu steals the shoes and announces to the gathering that he has succeeded.  Reena and the men of Mohan's family chase after him.

Mohan is in the mandap not really caring about the tamasha going on, and just registers it all with a stern face.  His phone rings again.  This time he answers.  The man on the phone asks he he has the five lakhs.  Mohan says no and tries to explain further.  The man says if he doesn't get it in an hour, he will enter Mohan's wedding function.  Mohan is tense.

Precap - Mohan Kastur to help him, and to trust him a bit.

Part 2
Mohan walks thinking of what he should do.and how he can get the money.  Bhanu comes and asks him what's wrong, and if he is tense.  Mohan answers that he's just a little nervous.  Bhanu says it's normal to be a bit nervous on his marriage day. Jitu comes in and tells Mohan his father was so nervous and tense on his marriage day, and his voice was affected.

More jokes are made.  Shradha comes and joins them. Bhanu asks her what's wrong.  Shradha is upset.  Jitu explains the will feel empty once Kastur is married off.  Bhanu gives them some reassuring words about Kastur still being their daughter.  Mohan is just standing there trying not to roll his eyes.  

They are called off, and Mohan is left there.  Mohan says the line of the day.  "This emotional drama's getting too much."ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL  He then wonders how will he get the money. A thought seems to hit him and we get a zoom in on his face.

Bridegroom asks for time alone with the bride-to-be
 Kastur in the dressing room, changed into her bridal attire.  Looking absolutely beautiful. Her two friends are with her, and they are praising her.  Suddenly they see Mohan in mirror's reflection.  They turn around. Kastur is surprised.  The other two friends are smiling.  Mohan says "Kastur I need to talk to you alone."  Kastur's friend teases him about Suhaag Raat. Kastur gives her a chiding slap on the back.  The friends leave giggling.

Kastur goes to Mohan and asks what he's doing there and what will happen if anyone seems him.

Mohan says to help him.

Precap - Mohan tells Kastur he won't lie to her, neither can he tell her the truth. If she doesn't trust him, it's okay.

Meri madad karogi?
Mohan asks if she will help him.  Kastur asks what.  I think here Mohan asks for some trust, and Kastur says even more than herself.  Mohan looks away a bit guiltily.  He looks backs at her and says he is in need of money, and he doesn't have money on him.  If he asks Baapji, Baapji will have questions, questions that Mohan can't answer.  Kastur asks how much money.  Five lakhs, says Mohan.  Kastur is surprised.  

Mohan mentions her jewellery.  Kastur is even more taken aback.  He promises that they will be returned to her.  Kastur starts to asks why and for what reason.  Mohan cuts her off and says, he's not going to lie to her, but he can't tell her the truth either.  And if she doesn't trust him, it's okay.  She looks down letting it sink in.  Mohan sort of nods in acceptance and turns and starts walking away.  Kastur calls him back, and takes off her necklace set and necklace.  She then gives two of the bangles.  They're covered in a red cloth, and she hands it to him.  Mohan slowly also puts his hand on the jewellery and under her hand.  

Kastur tells him she trusts him, and she's not going to ask him questions. But if others ask her?  He tells her to tell them anything, but don't bring his name into it. 

Freeze on her face.

Precap. Kastur is brought down by her mother. Bhanu tells Baapji that he looked, but he can't see Mohan.  Reactions from everyone.

OMG this is long.  Sorry for the length.  I didn't even bother in describing the expressions of Mohan Kastur in the dressing room.  It's THE must watch scene of this episode, imo.  It needs to be seen.

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Wow you did an fantastic job on the WU

It was so well detailed and you add your own humor LOL I know it was a lot but just know it's well appreciated.

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Thanks Rani.  Hug

Well I'm done for the night.  

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thank for superb update

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Hey thanks, that was so good.
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Thank you likarsh for the written update.  You did a great job.

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Thanks for written update

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