The Vampire&Werewolf War! -War ON!

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Hello creatures of the night!
Welcome to the Vampire & Werewolf War! The end of this game will decide who is better, the vamps or the wolves! (JK. They both are too hot to pick just oneLOL)

Well I am not gonna annoy you any longer and just give you the rules and regulations for the game!

1. There is a team siggy for both the teams, so all players HAVE to use the siggy until the game ends!

2. Each team has to work together and find the things that are hidden! (example below)

[The objects hidden will look like this...where it says sample...on the clue it will have the name of the object]

3. Once the object is found, you come to this thread and post which team you are on and what clue you have found, where u have found it and riddle u have solved. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND...DO NOT POST ANSWERS! (Example below)

4. There will be more then one of the same objects/sigs hidden and YOU have to find them all before the other team!!

5. Riddles will be posted below, and you have to solve all of those as well!

6. You can do either one first, riddle or find the objects...whatever you like =) 

7. When solving and looking for stuff, be sure to look at this post and make sure it has not already been found or solved. We will keep up with posting what has been found!


9. Every time a clue or riddle is found, FOUND BY.. will be written beside that clue or riddle so make sure to check it regularly

1. Do NOT bash either team. Bashing is not tolerated AT ALL in this forum! Whether you are bashing a member, a team or a character, IT IS NOT ALLOWED!

2. Cheating or fighting is forbidden. Such acts will result in the DT getting involved.

3. ONCE AGAIN, do not post here unless you are posting a clue found or a riddle solved! All other posts will be trashed! say i am in the werewolf team. And i found a clue so i post

Riddle Number 4 -Solved by team Werewolf

and say you found an object then you post

Object number 3 - jacob's tattoo - found by team werewolf - at the Abhay Raichand AT - pg. 25

So pretty much, you find the object, you come to this thread...say which team you are on, where you found this object, and then post the pic here.

And with a riddle same thing, what number riddle is it and what team you are on..BUT DO NOT POST THE ANSWER. YOU PM US THE ANSWER AFTER YOU POST HERE THAT YOU SOLVED IT!

Ok that is it then! Please abide by all these rules and we shall have a lot of fun!
Remember you can only play this game if you know how to have fun Wink 

No drama will be tolerated here. And please feel free to PM either me or Jot if you have any questions or queries! BUT if you are not a part of the game, do not PM us asking if you can play...cause those PMs will be trashed lol!

Have fun and enjoy the game guys!



Hershi and Jot

Below are the hints to the titles of the threads where the clues are hidden. Underneath that post, are the riddles. Underneath the riddles post, there is a reserved post which will be the final round that will be announced once most of the riddles are solved and clues are found.

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TEAM SIGS. (use em if you want)


The clues contain the page number of the thread the clue is hidden at and words that are in the title of the thread or the forum are italicized. You will have to go through the pages of the forums to find the threads. Also, some threads may be locked. Clues found will be in red.

CLUE 1 - Page 2. He's a teen sensation, at the Original's Forum Team werewolf

CLUE 2 - Page 1. Involves music that is all about "history repeating" at the forum of the dazzlers. Team werewolf

CLUE 3 - Page 1. Art is what it's all about. This forum's big day is November 18. Team werewolf

CLUE 4: Page 112. It's an extraordinary pair that everyone appreciates at the forum of the bimbo's. Team werewolf

CLUE 5: Page 1. November 18 and it's hype is expressed at this thread. You can't miss this thread. Team werewolf

CLUE 6: Page 2. My title suggests a certain sexuality and the only place you'll find me is where the members of LaPush would be. Team vampire

CLUE 7: Page 30. I contain all sorts of videos at the forum where a family prefers to drink animal blood but the enemy still decides to have separate territories. Team Vampire

CLUE 8: Page 11. If you're new, this is the place to comment at. The clumsy and accident prone welcome you. Team werewolf

CLUE 9: Page 6. This is a new article about something dramatic. Read this at the forum who's name has 3 i's. Team werewolf

CLUE 10: Page 3. It talks about a family returning. Find it at a forum who's shows name is of 5 words.  Team werewolf

CLUE 11: Page 2. The title has something you can do with your cell phone. The show's werewolf's mother is not so nice but is also very powerful. Team werewolf

CLUE 12: Page 1. It talks about something a werewolf does. Find it at the show's forum who has a character that has been engaged twice.

CLUE 13: Page 2. It mentions three things in the title. Find it at the forum of the bimbos. Team  werewolf

CLUE 14: Page 1. The title is of a vampire that everyone dies over, [no pun intended] and how his ladylove is all his. Once again, the show's werewolf's mom is not so- nice. Team werewolf

CLUE 15: Page 1. It's not good but great news and something to do with being top 100. I am a Hindi show. Team werewolf

CLUE 16: Page 4. Once again, the title is of a vampire that many love and the word college is also in the title. I belong to the forum of a show who's character has gotten engaged twice. Team werewolf  

CLUE 17: Page 2. The past and the present and the lover of a Dobriyal sister. Catch me at the forum of a show that's been inspired by a movie. Team werewolf

CLUE 18: Page 2. The title is in Hindi and talks about smelling and recognizing her. The director of this show is well known and had a knack for making shows that start with the letter K. Team werewolf 

CLUE 19: Page 1. The name of the town is mentioned and the lead actress's character is as well. The post makers wonders about something. The word fast is included. Unlike the other 2 forums, this one has an overview, video tab and a cast tab. Team werewolf

CLUE 20: Page 3. The word human and the vampire's name is in the title. Find me at the forum who's one viewbie is playing this game. The forum also has a coolbie and videobie. Team werewolf

CLUE 21: Page 3. It contains the name of a movie and can be found at the important links of this Movie forum. The word water  is part of it. Team werewolf  

CLUE 22: Page 1. It's a first contest for the show's forum. Find it at the Lockwood forum. Team werewolf

CLUE 23: Page 1. It's a petition for an author of a book that the show is based on. Team Vampire

CLUE 24: Page 2. It's a mansion for a pair of siblings. Find it at the forum where hybrids exist. Team Vampire.

: Page 4. 2 volunteers are needed for a battle between two vampire forums. Find this thread at the forum where compulsion is possible.Team Vampire.

CLUE 26: Page 1. Birthdays are important which is why they are kept track of at the this thread. Celebrate with the Volturi!  Team werewolf

CLUE 27: Page 2. It's important for fans that reside in a country who's name is part of our Web-Site's name. The forum is where a vampire can be a doctor! Team Vampire.

CLUE 28: Page 1. It's the 3rd gallery. Of what, you have to figure out by finding it at the forum who's show is on their 3rd  season. Team vampire

CLUE 29: Page 2. It's the birthday of an actor who plays an animal blood drinking vampire [but has a history of being a ripper]. Team Vampire  

CLUE 30: It's a costume party for Halloween. This forum's show had an episode where this holiday was celebrated [at school] and it resulted in the death of a sister and a girlfriend. Team werewolf  

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Riddles highlighted in RED have more than 1 answers. [Obviously if it's red, then that means that only answer has been given. Another team has the chance to give the 2nd answer.]

1. You open me up and you're rewarded with a magical world. what am i? [TEAM WEREWOLF]
-Grimoire (Spell Book)

2. i protect the dead from dying. what am i? [TEAM WEREWOLF]
-Lapis Lazuli Ring

3. i keep her safe from the ones who protect her and the ones who can hurt her. What am i? [TEAM WEREWOLF]
-Elena's Vervain Necklace

4. im the pepper spray for wolves, what am i? [TEAM WEREWOLF]

5. the crow is my pet, feelings i despise yet a heart i have. who am i?" [TEAM WEREWOLF]
-Damon Salvatore

6. You may say it's ironic but i can cure others and also injure them. who am i? [TEAM WEREWOLF]

7. i have a heart, blood courses through my vein yet my diet is of the dead. Who am i? [TEAM VAMPIRE]

8. i was a dangerous predator, craving for blood but that thirst of mine lead me to my end. who am i? [TEAM WEREWOLF]
-Siddarth [Raichand] Mehra

9. i was frozen for years, your love brought me back more than once. Who am i? [TEAM VAMPIRE]
-Abhay Raichand

10. i'm vengeful about the past. i was forgotten but i rekindled memories with my return. you're either my friend or foe, inbetweens i do not believe in. who am i?(TEAM VAMPIRE)
- Maithili

11. call me stupid, call me brave. yet love is my biggest attribute whether it's for the wrong person or right. who am i? [TEAM WEREWOLF] (TEAM VAMPIRE)
-Bella Swan

12. i come alive on the brightest night. What am i? (TEAM WEREWOLF)

13. the night is my favourite time to come out. i'm a symbol for a certain creature of the night, yet i'm not dangerous. what am i? [TEAM WEREWOLF]

14. i can be the cause of death yet i am very essential to life. i can be your diet and also your disgust. what am i? [TEAM VAMPIRE]

15. i'm frozen in time. a proper woman i cannot be, yet i am still a mother. Who am i? [TEAM VAMPIRE]
-Esme Cullen

16. i may be a player, i may act like a human, i may seem friendly yet on certain nights, i am dangerous. Who am i? (TEAM VAMPIRE)
-Jeh Khurana

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All the best to everyoneThumbs Up

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Object number 24- The Lapis Luzuli Ring-found by team vampire-at the Brothers Mansion -pg2

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Object number 25- The Lapis Luzuli Ring-found by team vampire- at Twilight vs The Vampire Diaries- pg4

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Object number 27- Elena's necklace- found by team vampire-at Important for Twilight Fans in India (:-pg 2

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Object number 28-Damon's crow-found by team vampire-TVD Creations Gallery-Pg1

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