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Just friendship or is it love (RTMC ff)

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 October 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Hi friends, this is Nandini. i know u all must be wondering whether this girl has gone insane. She hasnt updated her running ffs for such a long time and here she came up again with a new ff. But what to do? I'm not getting much time 2 complete the running ffs but will try 2 cum soon with their updates. Since this is my RTW Navratna contest story so thought of sharing with u all. Hope u all like it. Every comment and criticism are warmly welcomed.

Veer -  He is the most handsome guy of his college, smart, valiant, charming, helpful, cordial with a killer smile. Almost all girls of his college are crazy for him and his one glance is enough for a girl to go gaga over him. Though he has five other friends who are really close to him but there is one whose place no one can ever take. She is Ananya, Veer's best friend. She is the one with whom he could share anything and everything. He cares and pampers her the most. They had been childhood best friends and cant live without each other. 

Ananya - The most beautiful girl for whom every guy crave. She is sweet, innocent, benevolent, cordial, jovial and helpful. When it comes to parents, she has been a very unfortunate girl who lost her parents when she was a child. However, she doesnt lack parental love and care. Veer's parents who happened to be Ananya's parents' friends brought her home and treated her like their own  daughter. They love her even more than Veer perhaps. Since childhood Ananya had known one thing that no matter what the circumstances are or will be Veer will always be there for her. She cared and pampered him the most and all her laughters and tears are associated with him. Infact her whole world revolves around him.

Rahul -  He is closer to Veer after Ananya (As a friend guys, dont get ideas Wink)

Riya - She is closest friend to Ananya after Veer.

Soham - A sweet and nice person and is deeply in love with Soniya.

Soniya - A sweet and bubbly girl who is deeply in love with Soham.

Arnav - He is a sweet and innocent kind of guy but has a golden heart

Abhinav -  An extremely self centered and selfish guy but mask it well under a benevolent appearance.

Madhura - A stylish girl but possess a good heart.

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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 August 2009
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Posted: 11 October 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged

Part 1 - Pg 1
Part 2 - Pg 4
Part 3 - Pg 8
Part 4 - Pg 12
Part 5 - Pg 15
Part 6 - Pg 19
Part 7 - Pg 25
Part 8 - Pg 29
Part 9 - Pg 33
Part 10 - Pg 37
Part 11 - Pg 41
Part 12 - Pg 45
Part 13 - Pg 50

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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 August 2009
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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 1:16am | IP Logged

It was a beautiful, cloudless morning. The city of Mumbai was waking up and was getting ready for yet another day of struggle. The sweet chirpings of birds accompanied by a cloudless, crystal clear blue sky were adding to the enchanting exquisiteness of the approaching day. The sun rise at the beach had always been a spectacular sight to witness and it was the only place perhaps where the beauties of the approaching morning could be relished to its utmost height. Many fishermen were  engrossed with their daily business and quite a few people were out on the beech with the sole purpose to nurture their health as well as relish the beauties of the morning. Some old as well as young people were jogging on the beech.

Behind some aged people, there was a young girl who was jogging at a slow pace with the headphones of an ipod attached elegantly to her ears. She was humming a song and was clutching the ipod in one hand and her cell phone in the other. She was clad in a blue jogging suit with white and blue sneakers. All of a sudden she heard some giggle and chipy voices of some kids coming from behind. She stopped abruptly and turned back to find out the source of the noises. As soon as she turned back, a gush of cold and soothing morning breeze coming directly from the sea pass through her, blowing her silky black hair off her face and providing a clear view of an exquisitely beautiful face as if drawing back the curtains which had been obstructing the enchanting view of the most beautiful specimen of art from the arthouse of the most renowned artist of all ages. Slowly she opened her eyes which  she had closed as the breeze touched her beautiful face. Her eyes were hazel  green in colour containing the depth of ocean within them. As her gaze fall on the two kids sitting just few steps away from her and engrossed in building their very own sand castle, a smile crept onto her glossy, pink lips, a smile which can drive the sanest of menfolk crazy with passion. She shook her head smiling and walked up to them and on reaching them, she sat on her knees beside them. She stroke the cheek of the little girl and then the little boy.

The girl: "hi kids! Kya naam hain Aaplogo ka?"

Little girl: "hi! Main Ashika."

Little boy: "hi Main Arnav."

Both toghether: "Aur apka naam kya hain didi?"

The girl smiled: "Awe! Kitna pyara naam hain. Aashika aur Arnav. Well mera naam hain Ananya. Par tum log mujhe didi hi bulao, tumse didi sunna mujhe jyada accha lagta hain."

Both the kids smiled: "okay didi!"

Ananya giggled: "cho chweet! Accha baccho yeh batao tum dono dost ho ya bhai behen?"

Ashika giggled: "hum dono dost hain didi."

Arnav: "Aur wo bhi sabse acche wale dost. Best friends."

Ashika: "Haan par apko pata hain didi yeh Ari na bahut naughty hain. Humesha mujhe pareshaan karta rehta hain."

Arnav pouted cutely: "Arey fir tujhe sorry bhi toh bolta hu na aur manata bhi hu. Teri har wish poori karta hu. Fir bhi tu bas mujhe hi bolti hain Ashu."

Ashika giggled: "Haan wo toh hain. Arey tujhko nehi bolungi toh kisko bolungi. Tu toh mera best buddy hain na! Sabse jyada accha aur sabse jyada cute."

Arnav smiled too: "Wo toh main hu."

Ananya giggled seeing them engrossed in their little world which consisted only the two of them. She really appreciated the depth of their friendship and acknowledge the fact that they look so cute toghether.

Ananya: "Awe, so sweet! Toh Ari aur Ashu tum dono ka pet names hain?"

Ashu: "Haan didi. Par yeh names sirf hum dono ke liye hi hain."

Ari: "haan hum kissi aur ko yeh naam se bulane nehi dete. Yeh toh sirf hum bulayenge ek dusre ko. (then he thought for a moment and stared at the beautiful girl in front of them) Accha didi aapka koi best friend hain?"

Ananya giggled: "Haan hain na ek pyara sa, bahut sharati sa buddhu, jo khudko mr. Smart samajhta hain. Par hain bilkul buddhu. (She giggled along with the two kids) Aur pata hain kya? Har choti se bari baat ke liye usko meri jarurat hoti hain. Yahan tak ki us kumbhkaran ko neend se jagana bhi mujhe parta hain. (She suddenly remembered something and slapped her forehead with her palm) Oh damn! Main toh bhool hi gayi thi! Accha baccho mujhe ab jaana hoga. Bye!"

Ashika and Arnav: "Bye Didi!"

Ananya got up and waving a bye to the kids, she went away jogging in a rather fast speed.


(Singhania Mansion)

Ananya pushed open the slightly shut main door of the mansion and the elegantly designed interior of the mansion came into view. The living room was well furnished with French furnitures and an Italian chandeliar was hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the colossal  living room which was adding even  more charm to the elegance of the room. 

Ananya crossed the threshold of the house and entered the room. As soon as she entered a maid who was going on her way came to a halt.

Ananya: "Good morning, radha kaki!"

Radha smiled: "Ananya bitiya aaj aapko bhagdaur karke aane mein thore der ho gayi."

Ananya giggled: "Bhagdaur nehi kaki, jogging kehte hain usse. Aur haan do baccho ke saath baatein karne lag gayi thi toh thori late ho gayi lautne mein. Accha wo choriye aur yeh bataiye mom kahan hain."

Radha giggled too: "jo bhi ho. Haan Nikita ma'm toh kitchen mein. Aapke jogging se lautne ka hi intezar kar rahi thi shayad. Isliye toh baar baar darwaze ke taraf dekh rahi thi."

Ananya bit her tongue: "Oops! Main aaj poore 10 min late ho gayi. Main jake mom se milti hu."

With this she strode out of the room, making her way to the kitchen, without waiting for Radha to reply back. As she neared the kitchen, she slowed down and a mischievous smile spread onto her lips accompanied by a naughty glint that lit up her beautiful eyes. She ppeped into the kitchen and found nikita busy in instructing four maids what to cook. Ananya smirked and tiptoed to Nikita, whose back was facing her. On approaching her, she covered nikita's eyes from her back with her palms.

Nikita was startled at first but after touching the palms covering her eyes and feeling the extremely familiar touch, she smiled as she knew who was it.

Nikita: "Well well well! I wonder who!"

Ananya giggled: " the one who has to guess is you."

Nikita replied: "And what if I say the person I know."

Ananya: "Then my face will have a heavenly glow."

Nikita: "I know the person, my princess, is you."

Ananya: What can I say then except I love you."

And with this both the ladies burst out into giggles. It was their daily routine. Ananya removed her hands and nikita turned to face her and both embraced each other, still laughing.

Nikita: "Arey Anu aaj tujhe jogging se lautne mein der kyun ho gayi?"

Anu: "Arey mom aaj do baccho se mili thi. Wo dono best friends hain aur unse baatein karne mein der ho gayi. Btw best friend se yaad aaya, mera kumbhkaran toh abhi tak utha nehi hoga hain na?"

Nikita chuckled: "Tera kumbhkaran kab khud se uthta hain? Khud se toh chor tere alawa who toh kisi ke bhi bulane se nehi uthta. Usko toh bas tu hi samhal sakti hain."

Anu giggled: "Wo toh hain. Chaliye fir main jake usko uthati hu. Warna toh hum dono hi late ho jayenge college ke liye."

Niki: "haan jaldi jaa."

Anu gave her a light peck on the cheek and strode out of the kitchen. She hurried upto the stairs which was at the middle of the living room and began to climb them in haste.


On reaching the closed door of a room which was at the end of a long corridor in the first floor of the mansion, Ananya pushed it open and gasped.

The room was totally messed up. The dark red  shade walls were almost fully covered with posters of cricketers, basketball players and bollywood and hollwood actors and actresses, well the posters of actresses were larger in number. A basketball was lying on the floor at almost the middle of the room. Ar one end there were various musical instruments ranging from guiter and drums to an elegant shiny mouthorgan kying on the top of the drums. A basketball net was hanging just a little below the milky white ceiling. Quite a number of t-shirts, jackets n jeans were lying on the floor in great neglect. The computer on the study table just beside the king size bed in the middle of the colossal room was switched on still, though it was not at all in use at the present moment.

Any other person would have fainted after witnessing the  "clean and tidy" room. However, Ananya was quite used to it as  she was witnessing the same room in the same condition every morning for past 15 years.

Ananya smacked her palm on her forehead and muttered to herself in frustration: "hey bhagwan! Is kamre ka haalat dekho. Jiska heart nehi usko bhi heart attack aa hi jayega. Yeh Veer bhi na. Kabhie nehi sudhrega. He'll just never grow up. Main thak gayi hu is larke ko bol bol ke ki apne kamre ko thora saaf karke rakhe par nehi mera baat sunega kyun. Aur fir kuch nehi milega toh pari toh hain hi har problem ka solution nikalne ke liye. Har kaam ke liye bas pari, pari aur pari. Urgh!! He's such a pain."

While muttering all these, she bent down, whatsoever, to pick up the dresses lying on the floor and walking up to the wardrobe which was meant to accommodate all those garments which were to be laundered. Then she went to the computer and switched it off and shoved the random cds spread all over the table inside the drawer. Then she turned towards the king sized bed and as her gaze fall on a white bundle of blanket lying on the bed so peacefully, involuntarily a sweet smile crept onto her lips. She shook her head and walked upto the bed. On approaching the bed, she picked up the pillow that was lying by the side of the bed on the floor and giggled.

Ananya: "thik se sona bhi nehi aata isko toh. Baccho ki tarah harkatein hain iski bilkul. (Then she got up and after putting the pillow on the bed, she sat beside the bundle on the bed and shook it) Prince, chalo get up fast."

A voice mumbled from beneath the bundles: "Hmmm"

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geetap Senior Member

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 1:54am | IP Logged
wonderful concept...plz continue.

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shruja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 2:27am | IP Logged
superb characters!!
loved ananya!! she is so cuteEmbarrassed
waiting for veerDay Dreaming

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sweetnandu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged
beautiful concept... and cute...characters...!!!!Smile

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 11:34am | IP Logged
congratulation for new ff
 awesome start
continue soon

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 11:40am | IP Logged
loved the starting
veer ko jaldi laana

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