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saravanan-meenakshi Oct10-14[awesome promo]

lakshm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Monday, October10th, Episode 15
Episode starts with saru meenu stealing glances...saru walks in wit fruits plate and meenu ironing clothes...suddenly she gets hurt by iron box and shouts  saru immediately asks wat hpnd she says nothing then he realizes wat hpnd and go near the iron box and switch off the plug and then put plaster to the broken wire of iron box...
He then asks how is she she then says i dont need to tell it to a person lik u...saru asks wat kinda of a person i am...she then says all watever happened b/w them till date
saru and meenu blame each other...meenu says u went to see a girl in chennai immediately after all these pbms...he then says if i made a mistake u hv got engaged to a guy..wat abt that..meenu stunned unable to answer his question...
Meenu is standing alone in the corridor...her friend comes and asks her what happened and she says saru came and spoke to her but she blasted him nicely her ffriend says if she has blasted him y is she still sad...her friend also says " i know u r angry wit him bcoz he went to see another girl in chennai" meenakshi in silence accepting it...
Then meenu says she is goin to ask sorry to saru bcozeven she has got engaged to a guy she was unnecessarily geeting angry on saru...her friend  says dont increase the problem..but meenu is firm in her decision
Part 2:
Meenu goes behind saru for asking sorry.he ignores her...then she goes and meets his friend  and talks thast time his friend says saru is also engaged to a girl whom his parents hv seen meenu asks does saru knows this his friend says of course he knows...meenu shocked again...
 Meenu comes to meet saru who is removing coconuts from its shell...she goes near him..
he pretends  as if he is still not commited to any one and blames meenu for getting engaged...and also says im not like anyone who forgets the past and moves on.meenu listens to all in silence and then blasts him with her angry words repeats the same old words I hv never seen a culprit lik u u are already engaged to agirl and was pretending to me all the time,,,,,,,,,,,
Part 3
Meenu and her friend are tieing flowers...her friend say  her fiance gifted her a fon...meenu first is surprised then after seeing the mob she teases her friend that the new fon itself is 999rs only this one seems to be 4th hand or 5th hand may be he bought it for 50 or 100rs(funny scene).

A lady comes ther and request meenu for water she goes to get water and on d way notices that brides parents are worried some problem in store...


Who will solve it?????

Ans:our beloved saru...this will impress meenu and the rest u know...

Tuesday, October11th, Episode 16 

Highlight:saru meenu bonding started...awesome episodeSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

Part 1:
Meenu and lakshmi sitting and chatting... laks teasing meenu with d name of radio mirchi...Saru enters with cofee tray  laks and meenu taks d cofee then saru says that he is not like brides friend who can relax and enjoy...he is grooms friend and will work till d end of the marriage...then he tells laks that her mother is callin and laks leaves d place
Saru and meenu alone sitting together...sarus expressions are awesome here...he taks the coolers and wears it...meenu says remove it bcoz normal facey  sagigathu...ithuveraya...
then loyal saru removes the coolers...
Saru then says have to talk alone...meenu gets tensed now...he says bfore marriage some kisses and touching...meenu is even more tensed.he says wats wrong both are engaged (meenu is misunderstanding tat it is all abt her and saru but its abt laks and subbu) nw meenu shouts i wl stop d marriage then saru asks subbu and laks are gonna get married wats wrong if they meet alone...she realizes her fault then she says i understood it was abt u and me...saru totally blushing(ponnunga kuda ivolo vetka pada matanga konjam kurachukonga...but it was damn cute yaarSmile) she then agrees to bring laks  with her at n8...
Both saru and subbu waiting for laks and meenu...meenu and laks enter then subbu and laks go to meenu and saru are left alone...
Part 2
Saru starts the convo says dont u think it wl rain today she say stars are ther it wont rain...he says see i dont even know this( with appavi face cutBig smile) then he asks her is she not angry with him then she asks wat do u want he says he isnt happy and recalls the flashback and says how can i forget that day APPLE JUICE,APPLICATION FORM,AUTO TRAVEL evry thing was goin good if i hv not spoiled it and again asks sorry for that meenu smiles lovingly...he says lets be friends and she agrees...
In d morning meenu waiting out with subbu parents saru also enters ther...subbu says ther is no driver for jeep in which we need to bring the vegs from market and requests saru to drive the jeep...saru says no he is not used to such expensive vehicles(he is teasing yaar...) then subbus parents ask is this jeep so expensive then subbu explains them... then subbus parents tell meenu to wait for some time till the arrange for driver...saru is confused now then meenu explains that she is also goin to the market since she has to  buy the vegs...then saru agrees immediately...both sit in d jeep...
Part 3:
In Jeep:
Otha sollala song played in d jeep...then bot enter the market meenu asks for mandiramoorthys shop on d way to the shop...saru tells meenu abt his talent of bargaining...
then in dshop meenu bargains like anything saru totally last saru asks her that she was so quiet in mandap and here so aggressive she says girls know to blush also and also to raise hans wen needed..saru says ithula  puch dialogue veraya...both are hving carrot...
meenu is walkin in front and cals saru who is still stunned by her behaviour...
then saru runs and joins meenu...they look lik heaven made pair...
Rest is to catch up for tmrw...Smile

Wednesday, October12th, Episode 17
overall good episode:
Highlight:saru getting jealous wit d police men and saru a chef[eppolerundu pa sollave illaLOL]
In jeep
Meenu and saru on d way to mandap meenu luks at him with passion in eyes...meenu says she was scared to come in this old jeep..saru then starts building up his driving skills meenu teases him.then the jeep stops suddenly saru says he wl correct it in 10 mins after 10 mins meenu gets down and again teases him and asks do he need more time...he den says he will think with his chennai brain...he murmers if i push d vehicle iva konjam weight ah irupale(loved d dialogue man) then thinks of asking a lift while the police jeep(meenus fiance's) come on d way..
He comes and talks to meenu formal talk saru is burning he asks the constable to get the mechanic...then tells him to shift d vegies to d jeep and also asks saru to help him...then saru angrily drops a sack of vegs then meenu comes and helps in picking d vegs..simultaniously tells that he is d guy with whom she is engaged to...then they r in police jeep...saru getting jealous of  police-meenu talk so starts teasing the police with his profession and a kind off then they argue media is powerful or police meenu interupts and stops them den policewala meenu talk continues while kaka kaka song in d BG...
In d evening
Saru standing near a truck thinking of d policemen...den meen u entry she asks him whether he needs cofee saru as usual banda.say dont want and den he says no one cares whether i had lunch or not..she says u r not akid if u r hungry u should hv...Den meenu request him to tak to d market as  d vegis are not proper  saru says y police men wont come know ah...meenu says for chilra work y to disturb him...again abig fight starts b/w them saru complains tat meenu has called policewala but meenu denies they argue(i dont hv patience to explain their argument sorry guys same old dialogues]
Next day:
Meenu's eyes are searching for saru...she comes to subbu who is brushing his teeth and asks  y no one in mandap..but subbu says all are their and some fun talk...finallyu subbu understands meenu is searching for saru then he says saru is in kitchen since chefs hv not come today...
Meenu shocked to know that saru cooks she asks d way for kitchen and goes ther sees saru in cooking avatar and stares at him and coughs to grab his attention episode ends with saru meenu eyelock...
Wow guys cant wait for d next episode...

Thursday, October13th, Episode 18
In kitchen
saru in kitchen cooking sambar...meenu grabs attention he sees and hesitantly says sambar will be ready in 10 mins chatni is already ready...meenu understands that saru is angry on her so asks sorry for telling him to go...he says ramana vijayakantkum randiomirchi saravannanukum pidikada ore vartha sorry...then she asks him abt his attire(lungi and munda baniyan machiSmile) saru replies all for subbus marriage only...
Meenu then asks saru does he really know cooking saru replies once u taste my food...u will stand in one leg to marry me...meenu cribs then she asks for some work in kitchen then saru asks her to peel garlic...and says it is old tradition to fold and pin sarees.if u leave as single it will look good meenu shows anger but then smiles...admires sarus cooking...
Meenu then comes and givs kesari to laks then laks teases meenu and saru for cooking that time her mama enters(problem creater i guess) he is drunk and says that laks father has done a fraud work meenu and laks get shocked and enquires him further to get details...he then says since laks dad din get money from expected place he had done covering jewels for 10 poun...both meenu laks shocked...
Laks dad encounter:
meenu laks meet her dad and enquires him.he agrees meenu advices to tell this to grooms family else ther will be problem later...then they decide to tell subbu and meenu taks d responsibility of convincing subbu
Saru-Meenu (dont miss this scene):
meenu waiting for saru..saru comes in all excited since meenu has called him to talk seperately
meenu starts the talk...she says problem in marriage(saru understands it is meenus marriage problem) so only u can solve it...saru continuously interferes  without understanding the problem...he says did dad accept  she says ya he only has sent me...(saru full happy) then she says is it ok for u he says yes but for subbu she asks he says y to ask him its abt our marrige...meenu all shocked and explains him d whole flash back...
All three are together they tell subbu the problem subbu says no problem for me abt jewels but my periyappa will hv pbm so we should hide it to him...then he is abt to leave but then calls saru too(offf he wanted to be with meenu yaar) then he shouts at subbu and sends him...meenu says thank you(ethana sorry ,thank you dialogue ka mathungappa) and saru says pbm not yet over..then meenu asks y did he think of saru meenu marriage...saru blinks and aphone call comes so he escapes saying no signal...meenu smiles looking at him unfortunately saru couldnt notice this...
whats next???

Fridays episode:

No telecast today guys...
Avatar is running... y cant vijay tv use saturday sunday for movies y r they spoiling  a week day...i think they hav planned to continue this last week seeda murukunu oru week???????


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sunita_raj Groupbie

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Posted: 11 October 2011 at 3:16am | IP Logged
Waiting for the interesting update guys...please do it faster.looks like some eyelock scenes between SM.. Embarrassed

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pattuppudavai Senior Member

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Posted: 11 October 2011 at 6:50am | IP Logged
loved the dialogue of sara: 'enakku thEngaai mela kobam...'LOL

Sang_aptech Senior Member

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Posted: 11 October 2011 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
Thankyou so much Lakshmi for the wonderful updates.

I loved today's episode. Saru & Meenu rendu Perum kalakitange iniku. Saru's expressions were so funny. I loved it. The director is taking the serial very interestingly. Let's see what happens tomorrow. Today full loves. Tomorrow enna sandiaya?? Saru careful. Un Ota vaayai koncham moodindu iru pa. LOL

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pattuppudavai Senior Member

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Posted: 11 October 2011 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
thanks lakhs for the nice updates!!

Tue epi was well taken.. good dialogues, good action and good direction!!

meenu, you can't bargain like this in Chennai market!LOL

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pattuppudavai Senior Member

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
Looks like there is a trend slowly coming up in the serial world with one girl with 2 boys... (KKK is another example)...

but one thing... after they get married, meenu can bargain and buy vegetables while sara will take full incharge of the kitchen!!LOL

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Sang_aptech Senior Member

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 8:39pm | IP Logged
Loved the 3rd part where Meenatchi meets Saru. I couldn't stop laughing when Saru kept volarifying thinking about his marriage with Meenu. It was just lovely to see them together. Great going Mr. Alagar. Oh no! It's already Friday. It will be boring over the weekend without seeing SMCry Cry. I wish we had SM during weekends too!!    Embarrassed Embarrassed

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pattuppudavai Senior Member

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 1:43am | IP Logged
thanks laksh for the super updates...

meenu, finally you have learnt how to talk sweetly..LOL

Lakshmi kalyanam nadakkuma nadakkaadha?Shocked

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