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Hey everyone! Smile
So here, finally, is the KriyAansh OS I had promised some of my friends last night. It took a while longer to complete than my OS for SwaRon, sorry! But here it is, finally. For those who've read that OS, I've used the same framing device since I started them both with the same idea in mind. But they're very distinct OS's in themselves. It isn't much, but I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Smile

Pitch black. Not a sliver of light in sight, not the slightest sound to be heard. Kriya wondered if she'd even hear her own voice if she spoke. Only one way to find out, and also to break the eerie silence and begin figuring out what was happening. "He-hello...?" And all of a sudden everything around her was sound. The single, warily whispered word resounded as though in a gigantic auditorium. Okay. This is weird. Maybe I should try again. Or maybe not. If nobody heard that, they're either deaf or they obviously don't exist. She wondered if walking ahead would be any better an idea. At least it could lead her somewhere. Anywhere. Slowly, tentatively, she took a step forward. And immediately, she heard what was either a very distinct echo, or someone else moving just like her. She was seized by paralyzing terror for a split second, but it drained out of her as rapidly as its onset, and she took another step. Another echo. No, there was definitely someone nearby. But it was impossible to see, for some reason this was a darkness the eyes didn't get used to like they got used to dusk or night. Damn it. What's happening? This time, she heard a sound before she took a step. There. That's not too far away. That's...wait...oh! whoever it was, was so close that she could hear them breathing. Without thinking, she reached her arm forward, and her fingers touched warm skin. She felt around what seemed to be the features of someone's face. She was vaguely aware that she should be very afraid right now, but strangely, that one instant of contact had made her surge with relief instead.


No way.


She snapped back her hand. She could hear the incredulity in his voice. "Yes, thank you. I was beginning to wonder why you were doing that. Groping around my face. Ugh." It was Rey. With that same drawling, slightly annoyed, highly amused tone he adopted everytime they met.

"Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho?"

"Right. Okay, we'll chit-chat later, let's get the basics over with first. Yeh batao ki 'yahaan' exactly...kahaan hai?"

"Arey yahaan...!"

She said it as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. And it was very obvious that it wasn't. "Um..." Really, where are we? One half of her was very confused, and the other half secretly very glad that Rey couldn't see it written all over her face. He realized she had no idea.

"I see. So then let's call it 'kahaan' until we find out exactly where this is. Next question, hum 'kahaan' kaise aur kab aaye?"

This was more disturbing. Being in absolute darkness was one thing. Not knowing how you got there was another. Kriya opened her mouth to respond nevertheless, not least because she was annoyed at the laughter she could almost hear behind those words. Try as she might, she could find nothing even remotely amusing about being stuck in an unknown place for an unknown reason. And with him, too. The last thing she remembered was drinking three huge glasses of Punch at RDX's party. Oh no. Not again. Really, not again. And she couldn't blame it on Rey either, since he seemed as confounded as she was. Amused, certainly, but most things on planet Earth amused him. Even Kriya couldn't find that incriminating. He really was non-plussed.

"Hm. So I'm guessing kaise aur kab bhi 'kaise' aur 'kab' hi rahenge for some do realize this isn't normal, right?"

"Yes, thank you. Vaise bhi, it isn't like a lot's normal when you're around."

"Mujhe laga hi tha, ki kuch aisa aayega. Andheri anjaan jagah, ajeeb situation...yahi to time hai aise baat karne ka, hai na? College mein to hum aise kabhi baat nahin karte, to tumne socha kyun na is shubh avsar ka faayda uthaya jaaye?!"

"All right, all right!" She said irritably. There was only one thing she hated more than Rey being randomly annoying, and that was Rey making sense. "Toh fir...ab?"

"Ab...ab hum wohi karenge jo hum pehle kar rahe the. Except that we'll have each other for company this time. I know you can hear me grinning, but seriously. Vaise bhi, na kuch nazar aa raha hai, na kuch samajh aa raha hai. Akele akele confuse hone se achha saath saath confuse hote hain. Ho sakta hai us confusion se hi koi solution nikal aaye."

He was making more sense than he usually ever did. Damn it. "Hm..." she said grudgingly. She couldn't see a thing, but for some reason she knew his hand was seeking hers, and knew exactly where it was too. Reaching out, she took it, and as soon as their fingers came into contact, the darkness appeared to thin out. "Kya baat kar rahe ho..." Rey exclaimed in a whisper to no one in particular, evidently noticing the same thing. She could see him now. Not clear and bright, but coming after the stretch of total obscurity where she couldn't see him at all, this felt like Rey in sunshine. Or moonshine, maybe. He turned to look at her, and she noticed with a jolt how bright his eyes were, even in the semi-darkness. And in that moment, somehow, looking at the expression on his face she knew he was thinking the exact same thing. Awkward, she let go of his hand. "Ab to dikhai de raha hai na kuch kuch..." "Huh? Uh...haan. Haan." His voice had suddenly lost its amused undercurrent. Kriya didn't want to wonder why. Eager to brush over the odd moment, she began to look around for the source of light. "There!" Rey exclaimed, and she turned to see him pointing at what appeared to be a tiny window quite a distance away. For some baffling reason, Kriya felt seized by two contrary impulses, one that pushed her towards the window, and the other that forcefully held her back. If this wasn't baffling enough, she noted that Rey hadn't taken a step forward either. It seemed like a violent inner-struggle were about to be underway, but then almost involuntarily she spoke out loud. "Chalo," she said, feeling a third overriding impulse speaking for her, using her mouth. Rey looked at her, and it seemed as though his struggle were instantly over too. Taking a deep breath, they began walking towards the window. With a sense of astonishment they realized that each step they took seemed to increase the brightness around them, until they could finally see where they were. "Rehearsal hall!" they whispered simultaneously. Now, how did we manage to get here? they mused. At least 'kahaan' was a 'yahaan' now. Maybe 'kaise' and 'kab' would follow. But before that could happen, they had reached the window and were too amazed at the sight that met them there, to be able to think at all. Dawn was breaking right before their eyes. Deep, orange-blue hues streaked with glowing shades of red and yellow, and the huge orb that peeped at them from the horizon, preparing for its was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. And they felt it, too. They seemed to have swallowed the deep hues, the bright glow...they could feel it filling up their chest, flowing through their veins with an indescribable sensation of sheer, unreasoning, untrammeled happiness...Kriya closed her eyes.

A moment later, her joy was interrupted by an oddly discordant sound. Something was ringing. Damn it, couldn't he give it a rest with his cellphone? Intending to keep silent and let her face do the talking with its look of disgust, Kriya snapped open her eyes and found herself staring not at Rey, but at the ceiling of her bedroom. You have got to be kidding me. A dream?? How could that be? It was SO real! was quite strange, once you thought it over. There's no logic to the entire thing. Nah...something as vague and oddly irrational as that couldn't possibly have had anything to do with reality. Sheesh. Life's unbearable enough without me actually dreaming of him. Ugh. She picked herself up and began getting ready for college, but throughout the morning, something about that dream nagged her insistently. She couldn't help feeling that there was something to it that made it more than just incidental. She needed to think about it. But she didn't want to, and kept trying to drive away the memory of it by occupying herself with her routine tasks. College turned out as ordinary as ever, classes, rehearsals, canteen...and the nagging feeling persisted, not least because she noticed Rey determinedly avoiding her all day. It bothered her, almost against her will. And more than usual today, she thought. They chanced across each other no less than five times (I counted? What is WRONG with me?!) without exchanging so much as a syllable. The fourth and fifth time Kriya had even called out to him, without really knowing what she would say if he responded. But that was just it. He didn't respond; it was like he didn't hear her. Or wouldn't. She was mulling over the irritation it was causing her, walking on aimlessly until she found herself in a corridor she had never been in before. She looked around to try and figure out some direction, when she saw Rey headed straight for her, looking at the ground, evidently lost in thought, having as little idea of where he was headed as Kriya did of where she was. She yelled out seconds before he would have crashed into her. "Oi!"


"Neeche nahin upar dekh ke chalte hain, Reyaansh. Aur kuch na sahi, mujhe laga tha tumhe yeh to pata hoga..." It was like an auto-switch. Must I always talk like this when he's around? Always?! Rey looked at her with an expression of utter amazement, as though she were the last person he had expected to find there. For some reason, that expression pushed her to the absolute zenith of her annoyance levels. Okay, that's it. She grabbed his arm and dragged him into the first room she saw on her right. In the few seconds that it took her to take him inside, her mind was full of things she wanted to say, maybe even yell. But the moment they were inside, she drew a complete blank. What am I doing? And as soon as she appeared to be losing control, Rey seemed to be regaining control and mastering himself. "And exactly what are you trying to do?!"

"I'm...nothing! I just...You've been so weird...everything's been so weird...I...nothing. Nothing. Let's just get out of here. Like, now." Her own lack of self-mastery was beginning to frighten her.

"Oh wow! So you randomly manhandle me into this craphole, and now you just want to get out of here? Incidentally, where is 'here', exactly? Hum...kahaan hain?"

And as soon as he had said it, something snapped. He stopped abruptly. They looked at each other at the exact same instant, and the moment their eyes met, they knew. It had been a dream. And they had both dreamt it. Feeling at once defensive and exposed, to themselves and to each other, they decided instinctively on immediately following Kriya's directive, and getting out of there as quickly as they possibly could. Neither of the two felt capable of coherent speech. Or thought, for that matter. Studiously avoiding each other's gaze, they hurried away in opposite directions after muttering some garbled words neither heard or understood, without any particular destination in mind.

The rest of the day was a blur to them both, the only thing real being that dream. That dream. After that moment in the unknown room, it had been playing in both their minds like a looped reel of film. Each time it played, the more inscrutable it seemed to become, and the more astounded Rey and Kriya felt at the bizarre connection it forged between them. It was absurd. All of it. After hours of intense inner tumult they found themselves standing at the windows of their respective bedrooms, looking out at the starlit night marking the end of what was possibly the strangest day of their lives. And it was then that the silence and calm surrounding them imperceptibly made its way into their hearts and minds, and they finally acknowledged what they had known all along, but had not dared to admit: that it was not absurd at all. The hours of tumult had been spent in vain attempts to deny what had made itself known to them the moment Rey had repeated his words from the dream and halted into silence. They couldn't explain the meanings that had filled that silence, and they knew now, in the stillness of this quiet night, that they didn't have to. The night was cold and dark. But tomorrow, dawn would break, and there would be sunrise.
There. Would love to know what you guys think! Approve
Edit: Okay, so I found that my OS was confusing people a bit. And I don't blame them, I could have done a much better job of it. Sorry! Will try and make up for this the next time I do something of this sort. But until then, I'm adding here what I wrote in response to one of the readers. Hope it helps anyone who might have some confusion: the dream is meant to be a sort of symbolic narrative of their story together. Which is also why they both dream gives them a different perspective on their time together so far, which they've either been taking for granted, or have been too busy tit-for-tat-ing to really look within and figure out what they really feel for each other. If you read it that way, you'll see a whole new meaning to the darkness thinning out when they decide to walk together instead of being confused alone, their hesitation to walk towards what they know is the source of light, and then the gradual brightening with each step they take until finally, there is sunrise. And this is what they themselves come to understand. To put it in the most straightforward way, it's a dream that's supposed to convey to them both that they're meant to be, and that all their conflict is only their way of denying their own feelings which, once acknowledged, can only give them happiness...hope that helps! Approve

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awww nadini
how do i tell u gal
u have created a magical story
oh man i was lost in it
the way u wrote it is sumthing like as wriiten by sum professional writer
oh my gosh it was a dream
when i read it was kria's draem
i was like thank god this gal is dreaming abt him but atleast kuch romantic draem krti
n rey's  awkward behaviour towards her n when they look into each otehr's eyes god that was the moment of silent beauty
god amazing yaar
it was truly magical
totally out of the box
something which i thought only prfessionals can think
but u nandini have done a fab job n have portrayed everything so perfectly
dude u are ROCKINGClapClapClap

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cheers it was just beautiful, beautiful as love, so dreamy ... next time pm me before u upload it

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@crazysky...aww, thank youu! And will do. Smile
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edited my post n

forgot to add
first to comment lolzz

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wow its beautiful
nicely written
pm me 2

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nice use of descriptive language yaar kya baat hai i loved how they had the same dream and then looked out the window very nice Smile

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this is mind blowing. I was so lost in it

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