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Briefly on what happen friday : AK went to sneha thinking she would hand over Satish to him. But already CM safes satish and admited him in hospital. CM call AK and ask to come to hospital and she will hand him Satish. AK tells Sneha she can forget about the college as CM has Satish. Sneha shocked and confused.

Monday Updates

AK comes to hospital. Gets angry seeing Satish and takes out gun to shot him but is stopped by Avinash. Satish too wants to kill AK. CM slaps satish and ask which father will keep quite if daughter was raped. AK says he had killed 3 others and wants to kill satish and surrender himself. CM tells AK that Anjali in jail only because of AK. Anjali loves Satish and wants satish to be alive. CM wants AK to forgive him but AK refuses and still wants to kill Satish.  Avinash says what will happen to Anjali life if he kills Satish. Finally AK gives his gun to Avinash.

Back at CM house, her husband is shouting to chittapa.

AK ask Avinash to try bring out Anjali. He goes back and takes Satish with him too.

Kartik calls Sneha and updates everything including AK accepting back Satish. Sneha is angry now. Gomathi comes and Sneha question her on how CM knew all her plan. She does not like CM winning for any reason.

Anjali in jail. Some fights happen between few ladies there and accidentaly hit on Anjali stomach Shocked. Anjali scream in pain



Updates by Shree

Tuesday 11th oct 2011 


Anjali screaming in pain...taken to hospital...

CM's house...Cm coming home ..sethaps and vadai waiting for her...CM enters...look vitting vadai and silently leaves the place and brings a towel and asks for the baby...Vadai asks night enga pona?..CM says i have saved 2 uyirs...Sethaps neurppula ennai oothings...CM shuts him up and tells vadai abt suresh and satish...i went in search of satish ...he is in hospital now ...and then i went to meet AK ...Sethaps starts...unakku elalr nyabagm irukku but not ur own family members...Vadai tells him to stop and  asks Cm AK dhaan kolaikaranaa??...CM says yes...Sethaps again interferes and vadai tells him to stop and says Ak ippo dhaan kettavaru...but oru kalathula namakku rombha help pannirukaru...He loves er daughter so much ...adhaan ippadi pannitaru...

CM says thanks to vadai for undefrstanding her...vadai says adhukkaga staying outside in night is notgood...CM says she called home yaarum edukala..vadai suspicious and looks at sethapps and sethapps thiru thiru...and also ur phone was switched off...gain vadai moraching sethaps and sethaps stands with same thiru thiru look...Vadai says iam  not suspecting u ...i was worried abt u...He gives the baby to CM and CM goes in...Sethapps erichala looks at vadai...

Madhu waiting for Ak...polambing abt  AK's whereabouts (indha amma kku eppo purushar mela imbuttu paasam vandhuchu??)......Goes to her son's room and suresh aanandama sleeping...AK comes home with satish and madhu shocked to see satish and AK together...visaruchufying...Ak looks at satish and satish silent...Satish says nothing to worry...Ak says hehad accepted sathish as his Son in law...Madhu happy...Sathish says ennai yaarum adikala...shoot pannitanga...Suttadhu ur friend sneha...Madhu super shocked...Maamiyar madhu very happy to see AK and sathish together...says anjali will be very happy to see u both together...

Inspector SR comes to Ak house and and says AK..naan ungala arrest panren...Madhu asks why?...AK says iam a kolaikaran...Madhu shoked...AK says i have to go to jail then only my daughter will come out...madhu crying...

AK consoling Madhu...Madhu kenjufying ...Pls leave my husband...he is a rombha nalla nallavaru...AK says he wants to talk to his son suresh...Sr gives permission...AK goes to suresh's rooma nd suresh still sleeping...Wakes him up and and tells the story...SR gets a phone call ...she is talking and sathish watching...SR asks endha hospital...Sathish shocked...

In suresh's room...appa and magan konjal going on..Ak says iam going to jail..poruppa u should take care of our factory...And also u should not drink hereafter...Promise me...and take care of anjali too...I love u daa maganae...take care of our family...Suresh hugs AK and cries...

SR tells AK abt anjali...she is admitted in gokulam hospital...and her condition is critical...yaaravadhu go and see..tells SR and leaves with AK...AK rombha rombha sad and tells sathish to save his daughter ...Madhu holds AK's hands and crying...SR leaves with AK...madhu continues her crying...



Updates by nithya

Stepping in for Rose

Wednesday, Oct 12th Updates


Satish, Suresh and Madhu hurry to the hospital.. Inspector says Anjali in serious condition.. too much blood loss.. chances of survival very less.. The trio cry.. Satish asks what happened.. Inspector says fight amongst inmates and one fell on Anjali.. She started bleeding and we hurried in an ambulance and informed ACP ShivaRanjini.. Suresh is confident that Anjali will deliver safely and survive.. He consoles crying Madhu and Satish.. Dr comes.. (video stopped after this point.. )


Sneha struggling with a crying Kannamma.. Karthik comes.. Sneha yells at him for letting Satish escaping and thus flopping her plan of surutufiying AK's property.. Karthik apologizes and updates Sneha about AK arrested, CM saving Satish and convincing AK to surrender.. Sneha is happy that AK is behind bars.. decides to meet AK and taunt him.. Beach arrives. Karthik says I came to meet Sneha and escapes.. Beach questions Sneha about Karthik.. She diverts the topic, dumps the baby to beach and runs out seeking relaxation..


Anjali gains consciousness.. A hale and healthy baby is sleeping beside in a cradle.. Dr tells Madhu we have slogged and saved your daughter who was in very critical position.. She wanted to see you first hence we got you.. Please leave ASAP.. Satish and Suresh too come in .. Satish holds Anjali hands.. both smile and Madhu heaves sigh of relief.. All look at the baby in Madhu's hands and smile.. Anjali asks about her dad.. Satish says he accepted all crimes and surrendered..  So he is arrested..  Anjali says he wanted to kill you too ..Satish says Yes he wanted to kill me.. But CM saved me and made him surrender.. Anjali says I want to meet dad.. Satish agrees to do the necessary arrangements..




Updates by nithya

Thursday Oct 13th Updates


Visa and some women folk in yellow saree chanting Om Shakthi Parashakthi asking madi pitchai .. Kavi gives alms and teases Visa for having DIL who cannot bear children.. Visa is upset.. The women stand at Amudha's door .. Amudha is stunned to see he MIL asking madi pichhai for baby. Kavi taunts Amudha .. Amudha tries to explain but Visa is firm you should conceive at the earliest.. Amudha gives the alms and runs in crying.. Kavi tries to fuel Visa some more.. but a woman in the crowd scolds Kavi, consoles Visa and takes her away to next door.


AK in the jail.. Sneha comes to meet him.. AK says don't disturb Satish and Anjali. Sneha threatens him I will not let you live in peace till the colleges comes to me.. CM arrives with Anjali, Suresh and Satish.. Some vetti arguments between Sneha, Satish, Anjali and CM. Sneha tells CM I have a trump card of yours with me which I will release it at the right moment and you cannot win me at that time.. CM stands puzzled.. Satish says ignore this waste.. They meet AK.. Appa Ponnu pasa mazhai pozhiyiranga.. CM stands staring at AK..




Updates by eclat

Friday 14th October 2011

The prison meeting continues.  AK understands the pain perfectly when Anjali was kambi counting.  (thalavaliyum thiruguvaliyum thanakku vandhaathaan theriyumaam!!) ellaarum kashtapattu azharaanga...  CM is happy at the family reunion.  AK is worried about Suresh water beating again.  The loves for Rathna made him so justifies CM.  So what ask Anjali & AK.  Cannot forget so soon (adhukkaaga water beating cant be justified) CM now reel Ottufies about her other child - Rathna.  CM still crying (and why did you not water beat like Suresh - stupid woman) Everything will be alright prophecy CM & Suresh.  Suresh wants to know why SS visited him?  Her plans did not work so came to dance says AK.  The police says almost one whole episode time done - so time to leave. AK is very happy that they all came (ennavO avaru veetukku ivanga vandhuttu pOra maadhiri pEsaraau - enga pOi solla indha kodumaiya) ellaarum leave, except CM.  AK asks CM to take care of Vadai, she nods.  CM did not want to talk about the case in front of the children (??).  Avinash will come, please co-operate.  AK wants to leave it.  He has to undergo punishment.  CM asks about SS's visit.  AK now understands that he has to take some important decisions which they all will understand soon.  

Pearl comes to the kitchen saying all at home are irresponsible.  The kid will be back from school at 4 pm.  Rathna likes poori so she decides to make pooris.  She takes a pan which she thinks is small, throws it away, takes the biggest possible kadai, searches for potatoes throwing away the other veggies, takes the whole bottle of oil and searches for the flour next.  Curses her mother for hiding it, finds maida, takes it, Beach arrives.  Takes her away from the kitchen when she keeps saying she wants to make poori for Rathna.

Beach calls for Visalam and Valli who inturn take Pearl inside.  Beach next starts shouting at both ladies for not taking care (nee ennayya paNra - idhula one small house vEra) Visalam says Pearl was sleeping next to her, Valli says she went to watch TV upstairs because Pearl was sleeping.  Beach says if they cannot take care then he will employ someone - the doc's prescription was TLC.  SS calls Beach who says he will call later.  SS unhappy.  Beach continues his tirade - he is angry with  Pearl's actions (you are supposed to empathise not get angry dumbo) SS calls again.  Beach says he disconnected because he was busy, why trouble him.  SS replies that she did not disturb for her sake - but for the baby's sake (actually she calls the baby kutti pisaasu - grrr..) Beach asks what happened?  The baby is sick, need to visit the hospital.  Beach would be there soon, asks Valli & Visalam to take care of Pearl - give her the tabs.

Valli and Visalam wonder where the baby came from when he was only talking to SS.  They hear noise from inside and run to Pearl.  KaNNamma is crying and Gomz busy reading a book.  (I am all red...grr...innum evvaLavu naaL this kozhandhaiya ippadi paduththuvaanga) Beach comes in and sees the crying kaNNamma.  He asks Gomz about her reading a book when the baby is crying.  Asks for SS - she has gone for a facial, Beach is to take the baby to the hospital.  Beach asks why is the baby pointing in that direction and crying.  Gomz tries reasoning and is intent on sending Beach with the baby.  He realises, hands over the baby and goes to check for SS.  

Finds SS doing pedicure in the balcony.  He calls rather shouts for her, she turns her head away.  Beach is told by SS that she cannot mother orphans.  Beach sees Rathna in that child.  Then leave her at Pearl's suggests SS.  If Pearl was alright he would have taken the baby there.  SS talks ill of Pearl's parents.  Beach tries to ask SS to accompany him to the hospital in vain.  He leaves cursing SS will never have a child.  SS finds Beach doing sky earth jump even without knowing who the baby is, what if he gets to know it is CM's.  She decides to let the cat out of the bag soon.

Beach warns Gomz, takes the baby and leaves.   A muslim comes to do sambrani - Beach says he is leaving for the hospital.  The muslim suggests Beach take the baby to a nearby dargah for Odhings.  He feels it is because of evil eyes.  Beach happily carries the baby and walks to the Dargah.  CM too is in the same Dargah.  


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very sad to see Anjali
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Thanks hopper, why they have to show this kind of scenes in serial? I feel bad for anjali.

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Originally posted by Vani19

Thanks hopper, why they have to show this kind of scenes in serial? I feel bad for anjali.

Vani, what have they not showed in this serial.  Parents hitting the child, child hitting the parent, rape, cold blooded murder, kidnapping, baby left in and around dustbins, begging with babies...oh the list in endless... Cry

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Yesterday I caught up on watching the serial.  I am glad I did not miss it.
Gosh... brilliant acting by Malavika aka Pearl.  She performed very well as a disturbed woman looking for Ratna.  Bravo... Clap
Thanks HO

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Thanks Hopper for the update! No hope for us viewers yet.. The storyline is still the same and none of the stories are heading towards a finish!!

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Thanks Sree. NS crying for her family?? Namba mudiyavilai.

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Thanks eclat..
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