Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH WU-5th october -Naksh and NakshBaby

Madhavi_Di Goldie

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YRKKH WU  5th october

(credit for  Text PreeClap)

(G3-Gayatri , Bma--Bhabhi ma ,  RJ--Rajashri  ,  Rb-Rajsheker)

Part -1  episode  start  with  G3  and  bma  are  making  laddoo. and  g3  says  she  is  worried  as  naksh  didnt  come  yet. and  bma  said  they  will  come. and  ask  if  everything  is  done  for  puja? g3  said  she  will  do  rest  of the  work  in  the  morning. and  bma  said  that  if  ananya  and  rj  is  coming? g3  said  ananya  is  coming  and  rj  just  came  and  this  is  her  sambandhis  house  so  she  dont  need  to  come  again  and  again  and  as  they  dont  go  to  rashmi  and  nandus  house  that  many  times  and bma  said  but  there  relation  with  rj  is  difrent  while  she  help  them  at  the  time  when  g3   was  not  there and  said  that  rj  came  and  did   everything  for  the  house. g3  make  the  faceAngryand  said  she  is  thank  ful  for  that  of  rj. and  naksh  came. g3  ask  akshi  if  she  eat? akshi  said  yes.  and  natik  said  no  one  is  asking  him. and  rb  came  and  told  natik  to  come  to  his  room. and  akshi  went  to  her  room. and  natik  to  rbs  room.
M's  house  Shourya and  varsha  are  talking  . varsha  told  shourya that  anshu  need  help  in  study. and  shaurya  said  he  will  ask  vish  to  get  tution  for  anshu  and  varsha  said  this  is  the good  idia. and  rj  come  and  ask  varsha  is  everything  is  rady  for  ananya  while  she  going  to  akshis  house. varsha  said  why  she  is  not  coming. rj  said  this  is  akshis  sasural  and  that  cant  go  again  and  again. and  shaurya  said  now  everything  is  fine  between  both  family  so  she  can  go.
IN  naksh  room  akshi  come  and  start  writing  the  diary  for  baby  and  she  was  talking  to  baby  saying  today  after  seeing  all  kids  she  is  missing  him  and  telling  baby  to  come  soon. and  said  that  she  is  always  thinking  about  the  baby  that  what  he  will  like  or  do? and  then  she  kiss the  diary. Embarrassedthen  she  started  looking  in  the  mirror  and  making  face  that  how  she  look  fat  or  not  and  she  is  doing  all  this  and  natik  came  and  watching  this  and  akshi  looked  at  him  and  get  mad  that  this  is  not  nice  staring  at  some oneLOLnaitk  said  how  she  is  making  faceLOLand  akshi  says  she  is  sleepy  and  go  to  bed   and  natik  said  that  if  she  is  tired  while  with  the  kids? akshi  said  no. she  says  how  everyone  was  so  much  caring  about  baby? and  said  everyones  life  is  moving  around  baby. and  natik  said  yes  today  he  felt  that  his  friends  are  talking  diffrently. and  akshi  said t here  life  will  change  too.Embarrassed and  natik  looked  worriedLOLand akshi  notic  and  said  what  happen? and  she  said  she  is  counting  days  for  baby. and  natik  said  why  she  is  asking  this  he  is  with  her  all   the  time  . akshi  said  she  is  teasing  himLOL and  natik  said  now  he  will  teas  her  and  go  to the  mirror and  start  imitaing  akshi  LOL  and  akshi   and  natik  both  start  laughingBig smileBig smile
Part-2  in  the  moring  bma  and  g3  are  doing  puja  by  tulsi. and  g3  said  her  head  hurtDeadand  bma  told  rb  that  she  didnt  drink  tea  while  she  have to  do  puja. and  told  g3  to  sit down.
at  M's  house  everyone  is  in  room  and  kaka  told  everyone  that  he  is  thinking  about  anshus  study  and  thinking  to  get  tuition  and  shurya  said  he  was  thinking  the  same. and then  he  said  sorry   to  vish  and  vish  and  shurya  hugBig smile.rj  and  kakai  are  rady  for  puja  and  varahs  come  with  ananya  and  rj  said  if  she  is  rady. and  varsha  said  yes. and  kaki  said  she  is  worring  about  anshu  and  study. kaka  said  he  alrady  have  tution class  for  him. anshu  come  and  said  he  want  to  go  to  the  class  where  his  firends  are  going . vish  agree  and  said  he  want  anshu  to  be  happy  and  said  to  anshu  that  he  have   to  get  atlest  85%   and  shurya  said  now  the  commpition  is  groing  and  he  have  to  work  hard.
and  anshu  is  worriedDead
Part-3  in  naksh  room  akshi  is  getting  rady  and  looking  very  prettyBig smileand  natik  is  looking  at  her  and  telling  her  that  she  is  looking  prettyer    day   by  day  and  akshi  said  what  heppen  to  him  today? and  said  she  have  to go while  there  is  lots  of  work. and  today  is  puja. but  no  one  let  her  do  any  work. and  natik  told  her  to  sit  with  him  for  some time  and  she  said  she  have  lot  of  work and  natik  said  just  now  she  said  that  no  one  let  her  do  anything. and  she  sit  next  to  him and  said  that  she  also  have  so  responsibility. and   naitik  said  he  want  to  spend  time  with  her  while  she  wont  have  time  letter . (he  was  thinking  after  baby  come)but  when  akshi  ask  why  he  said  while  she  will  be  busy  in  pujaLOL. and  then  akshi  is  about  to  go  and  he  ask her  that  he  want  to  talk  to  her  about  mohit  and  nandini. and  then  he  said  that  how  to  talk  to  mohit? and  akshi  said  if  mohit  is  only  his  friend  then  its  diffrent  but  while  he  is  nandus  pati  so  there  is  diffrent. and  natik  said  he  is  thinking  how  he  can  talk  to  him? akshi  said  he  atlest  have  to  try  to  talk  to  him  ones. and  natik  said  ok. and  akshi  left  and  natik  is  there  looking  worried  and  akshi  come  back  and  kiss  himEmbarrassedBig smile  and  smile  and  left. and  natik  is  smile  also.

Precape--the  two  kids  of  natik 's  friends  are  haveing  the  naksh  photo  frame  and  natiks  is  trying  to  take  that  back  form  them  and  kids  are  not  agreeingLOLand  they are  having  fight  over  it. mohit  is  also  there  and  the  frame  get  broke, and  natik  is  about  to  say  some  thing  and  akshi  and  varsha  came  with  ananya  and  akshi  says  natik  loudly.LOL
Sorry  for  any  mistake  and  any  spelling  mistake
and  everyone   HAPPY  DUSSEHRA   to  all  my  IF  friendsBig smile

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wow di aja app ko bahut cute say naksh scence milay update kay liya

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a good episodeClap.. i loved naitik imitating akshara.. i also loved the shy Embarrassed expression that akshara gave. it was kind of a funny scene LOL. naitik is getting very apprehensive about the life and the amount of time he would be able to spend with akshara after the birth of their baby..  but it is all real.. it happens every where. you have to learn to adjust.. he should rem,ember that his life changed when akshara came in his life but now he cant live without her... and th same would happen once the baby comes..

i would appreciate the efforts of the cv's on portraying different problems in the daily life... and providing an apt solution to them..Clap
these days mu, fights on trivial issues, etc are a common case in every household. it is ur way of thinking and way of accepting every challenge that matters a lot

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Thanks for the update madhavi Ben..SmileClap Naksh scene was soo cute Clapand naitik imitating akshi and she was so shy EmbarrassedEmbarrassedOMG priceless, wow!!! Hilarious scene.LOLLOL.. No words to express their love. Hats off to Naitik and akshara for bringing trueee emotion and their body language were amazing. They share very good chemistry in today's epi especially their eyes speak volumesCouples.akshi was cute in today's episodeBig smile.(BLUE SAREE)
Naksh have to accept the reality that life is going to change - forever - once they start a family. Sometimes naitik feel rejected and unloved by akshara because of the amount of time she is devoting to caring for their baby or childSleepy. Naksh need to understand that they have to work together as a parenting team and they also cannot forget to foster and nourish their relationship as a couple.
The advent of children brings another potential source of marriage problems. Children are wonderful, and can bring wonderful and meaningful gifts into naksh lives. However, having children can bring additional stress into a marriage because the caretaking of children requires more responsibility as well as a change in roles, provides more fodder for disagreement and strain, and reduces the amount of time available to bond as a couple. This combination can test even the strongest of bonds. Hope naksh overcome all this with great Elan and love. Not only gayathri veeraj also going to be problematic in naitik life it seems.ROFLROFL

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 Thank You 
missed todays epi...bohat cute naksh scene hain

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thanks for the awsome update di Hugwill be back on my take of the epi after watching it

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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