Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

!!!Breaking News!!! [HB Thread]

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Chain Se Sona Hai Toh Jaag Jao...
Birthday Girl Ka Naam Janna Hai toh Guess Lagao...
Pyaar Se Like Button Dabao...
Aur Birthday Girl ko apne Wishes Dikhao...!!!

Namaste, Susriyakal, Welcome Hai Ji Aapka Chajje Tak k sabse Popular Show "Celebrity Ka Birthday" mein!
Aaj ki taaza khabar yeh hai ki aaj ek bahut jaani maani celebrity ka bithday hai.
Jee Haan... shayad aapko yeh Celebrity pata hai...

Kya aap ise jaante hai??? Kya aap isko wish karna chahte hai???
Agar aapka jawab "haan" hai to dekhhte rahiye Celebrity Birthday Special" Aapke favourite channel Chajje Tak pe... Sabse FastCool

Break K Baad Aapka Swaagat Hai Doston...
Jinhone apne TV abhi abhi chalu kiye hai unke liye mein bata dun...
Aaj ek khaas celebrity ka birthday hai... Aur us celebrity ka khulasa bas abhi hoga!

Isse pehle k hum uska naam bataye...
Hum aapko "Guess" karne ka mauka dete hai...

Woh Apne forum ki reporter haiCool
Woh bahut sweet, smart aur talented hai
unhone haalhi mein dance competition aur drawing competition jeete the!
Sab ff ko critical view se dekh unpe rate karne ka daayitva bhi inka hai!
mujhe unhe "camerawomen" ki tarah assist karne ka sukh aur luck mila haiBig smile

Mujhe lagta hai sabhi sachche fans ne unhe guess kar liya hoga!

Jee Haan...
Yeh Aur Koi Nahi Balki Apni Favourite Reporter
"Anvesha" aka "anveshasharma" aka hamari anvi hai!

Cake Shake toh baad mein kaatenge hum...
Pehle inhe inki wishes toh dekhne dijiye!!!

Humne inke kuch fans se inke baarein mein prashna poochhe!
Unke Jawaab Jaanne Ke Liye... aur Anveshaji ka expression Dekhne Ke Liye Dekhte Rahe Chajje Tak- Sabse Tez

Camerawomen Saru k saath
Stuti reporting..
Chajje Tak!

p.s all shayaris and most of the text is anvi's... i just changed some words from the shayaris she had used previouslyWink

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What I like most in my sweet anvi is well the fact that she's so sweet and cute. And she's the best reporter I have ever met. I mean you know when people say that don't always believe what you hear on the news well let me tell you I believe everything my anvi tells me cause she's always right.  I love the fact how she's so down to earth, she respects everyone, is a very nice and easy going person. She is not a pretender. And if she finds that someone is in a problem she will do everything in her will to save you. But the best quality of her is that she's always there when you need her be it if you want to pull someone's leg or just talk she's always there for you. There so much I can write about her. But then you all will need a good 2 hours and I know we are all busy so let me get to the point. The best I like in anvi is that she is truthful, loving, caring, sweet, cute, nice, helpful, and an awesome friend. And she's very beautiful and very very innocent. And I love her innocence.

Saru di
Anvi is most sweet n cute... there is nothing in her which I dont like... I wonder is it the same girl who used to make the funny reports n then who used to chat like RB... but when I actually chatted with her she is very sweet n so innocent... quite different from her reports n very silent too...

she's always sweet as mithi as mishriLOL

her nature

Ria (Pragati)
she is vry sweet but naughty tooo without any attitude LOL...whenevr i talk to her i don't feel that i know her for some month...she is my .one of the dearest friends

I like most about anvi is her cuteness and her seriousness towards her studies...Tongue


-anvi is very sweet.. very seedhi saadhi... very cute... yeh sab sabne keh diya... i wont repeat everything... but for me... the nicest thing about my reporter is... she is very very very hard working...
remember CT first edition? ur net wasnt working.. and u told me that by hook or by crook u will do ur part and then only sleep... we had told you no its k... u sleep do the motw tomo! but no.. u didnt listen... tune woh complete karke hi saas li... upar se u had not done it in your style... like the reporting stuff... and u actually wrote everything againShocked and i was like wowww... shes impossible!!!LOLLOL

so for me... the best quality of anvi is that she is hard working and dedicated!

Rename her well I think we all already did no??? lol'. But I love to call anvi my sweet anvi. And I don't know why but the words just naturally come out when I think or talk to her. I always end up typing hello my sweet anvi, or how are you my sweet anvi, and so on. So I guess we can count that my nick name for her is my sweet anvi. And  I have no reason its one of those instincts you get and you cant really explain it.  So for me anvi will always be My Sweet Anvi.

Saru di
If i had to rename anvi, definately I'll rename her as sweety... its very apt name for her...

stuti di mujhe isse answer nahi karna...LOLcoz if i name her i don't noe the reason  but i'll name my cute n sweet di mithi coz she's really very seedhi saadhi n sweetBig smile

cuteie pie Tongue

Ria (Pragati)
anvi n Reporter anvi...lozzz

"Padaku bachi" as she looks very disciplined about her studies... Big smile


-anvi ki naming ceremony humne already kar di thi... but since i dnt remember it.. i included this question...Tongue

i would name anvi "my reporter" which i already call her... if i have to give her a new name... it would be.. "cr=chhuppi rustam" reason in last questionLOL

camerawomen saru k saath,
stuti reporting,
Chajje Tak!

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Most funny moment hmm I think we had a few. Well all the CC times those were super funny. But the most funny was I think when she was renaming me, I remember her asking me what I like the most in the world and im like ice cream LOL'. Oh and a recent one when I was trying to figure out who she was in her school picture. And the best one was when me and my sweet anvi told sh ( stuti) and saru that naz di showed us her pic and both of us teased sh and saru to the fullest. Those were some funny moments.  Right anvi?

Saru di
There r some funny moments with her where we used to chat like RB n akshara in the cc... she used to always talk about food...
And once anvi came to my home n we had a nice hyderabadi biryani... (I think Anvi... u remember this...WinkBig smile)
This is not the funny moment... but one of the memorable moment...

 till now we've chatted very less but haan when i thot she's from delhi but she resides in rajasthanLOL

hmm none Ouchhope agale bday tak hojayeBig smile

Ria (Pragati)
 in group talk...when all used to pull each other legs...

I dont remember any funny moment we have talked very normally...Smile

-chajjaland... omg... that day only naz di, anvi and i were der... later maybe sej had joined!!! omg... asli rang dikha diya madam ne!! kya taang kheechi humne naz di ki.,.. remember... omgLOL it was the best moment with her... isiliye i told.. she isnt seedhi saadhi..


I hate to admit but yes she is I think the only innocent one in our sejtiruz'. Reason being I don't know I guess she is still a bit young but then again so are you sh and well u just roll on another level. But I don't know I cant picture anvi being a naughty girl. She is just to I don't know what's the word' innocent lol' I don't think people want to spoil her sweet mind with corrupt things, like how ours are corrupted lol. But yes I know anvi is innocent and she will always be. Ok I take the last part back cause recently I am starting to see innocent saru getting spoiled as well so anvi may get non innocent but I cant take a guarantee on that so every just be careful. Its always those quite ones that surprise us. Lol

Finally the wishes section. Well since you know I cant make siggies and vms ( I promise I will try to learn that by next summer lol). And well I am a master of words and writing but since school started that skill has gone on vacation lol' so I will try my best to get my point in a sweet and sensible way. Lol' first of all a very very very happy birthday to you my sweet anvi.  It's your sweet 16 and I hope you have a blast today with friends and family and loved ones. Hope all your wishes and dreams come true not only today but everyday. All my blessings and good wishes are with you and always will be with you. I actually don't wish that everyone gets a friend like you cause then our friendship wont be special. Lol and me being a greedy person I like to hold everything exclusive to me only when it comes to my best friends and loved ones. So everyone else back of lol'.. where was I right... A very happy birthday to you. And I don't know if the 16th b-day is a big deal in India or not but in Canada it's a huge huge huge deal so I best be getting a grand party. And I just wish that you are successful in everything you do. I also want to say please take care of your health because in the past year you have gotten sick many times and im going to pray today that the upcoming years are sick free for you. I don't know what else to say but I hope you remember all our fun talks and all the crazy things we did. Lol and I think I can now rightfully say that you have found your talent and that is of reporting. Remember our conversation? Where you told me you have no talent and me saying your so wrong. Yep I can say you are talented cause well I swear you did a dance competition, and other bunch of competitions, you also do reporting which is so kool. If I had a say in ur future career goals I would say you should seriously think about taking up reporting cause your really really good at it. But yes I hope you have the bestest birthday in the world and keep smiling and reporting as you do. God bless love you and a very awesome happy birthday to my sweet anvi.

 ps. my laptop died in the middle of this msg so it ate half of the msg. but i tired to fix it as much as i can. just ask sh how i ranted at her bout my gay laptop lol...

Saru di
I think anvi very innocent... n also when me n chotu r teasing her she is saying like "noo... I'm not like that..." LOLLOLLOL... though we said we r teasing for fun, she didn't accept for that too... lol... LOLLOLLOL... though she is staying with sejtiruz she didn't improve like me... lol... LOL

aur kya...she is...isliye kyunki abhi maine zyada baat nahi ki naa toh haan woh ''seedhi-saadhi''hai

seedhi,hai well reason i feel ki woh seedhi hai itna kaafi hai Wink

Ria (Pragati)
yaaa innocent but can't say sidhi saadhiLOLLOLWink ... anvi =innocent nt equal to sidhi saadhi

Yess i think she is innocent because whenever i talked to her she looks very seedhi saadhi...Day Dreaming


-rofl... most important question... anvi seedhi saadhi hai... haila... humein toh pata hi nai thaROFLROFLROFL
cmon yr... anvi is not seedhi saadhi...shes innocent.. not seedhi saadhiTongueTongue
us din naz di ki jaise taang kheechi thi...and the way we enjoyed... and then next day she became seedhi saadhiShockedShocked lolz... anyways.. anvi is NOT seedhi saadhiTongueTongue chill anvi.. sab idhar aise hi hai

camerawomen saru k saath,
stuti reporting,
Chajje Tak!

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"If there's something that you're dreaming of then may it all come true, because you deserve it all...MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY."

I wish that all her wishes come true she achieve whatever she wants ...Hug


When sun shines,

And birds fly to the east

May your wishes come true

When moon appears

May you receive blessings

When night falls

May it takes away all the problems

May you live long and happy life

Happy Birthday.


*Saru Di*
I hope u enjoy n celebrate ur birthday very well with all ur frnds, parties n parents... dont forget us here... Wink... I remember all our chattings in cckp cc, n our yr cc as characters... we all used to have so much fun then... but missing all those now... but ur schools started naa... so have to wait for u till u get holidays again...

On your birthday, special one,
I wish that all your dreams come true.
May your day be filled with joy,
Wonderful gifts and goodies, too.
On your day I wish for you
Favorite people to embrace,
Loving smiles and caring looks
That earthly gifts cannot replace.
I wish you fine and simple pleasures.
I wish you many years of laughter.
I wish you all of life's best treasures.
I wish you happily ever after!
Happy Birthday!

Here r some of the dolls for u which r jst as cute n as innocent as u...



Here is the yummy and sweet Birthday cake for the sweet Birthday girl...

Gifts for u...


some cards were there... but the link is brokenOuch

chocolate birthday cake design

With a new year of your journey, shall come more challenges, opportunities and greater success. May God bless you. Happy Birthday.

With a friend like you, who cares and supports with such a vibrant zeal, life and world turns in to so much fun. Thanks and wishing you a very sweet birthday.

Happy Birthday to u
happy birthday to u
happy birthday to dear anvi di
happy birthday to uEmbarrassed
May God fulfil all ur wishes on this special day...just wanna say may this year get u a load of happiness n prosperityBig smile

Abhi Special Gift baaki hai...see n tell kaisi bani...Wink

happy birthday anvi diEmbarrassedmay god bless u have a blast toniteWink

*Avika Di*
Birthday Cake...

Happy bday may god bless you and this year brings in laods of happiness and colors of joy in your life and always keep similing

camerawomen seju k saath,
stuti reporting,
Chajje TakWink

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hii anvi... I'm here again to wish you a very happy birthday... Hug
Today u r becoming sweet 16... as sweet as u... Embarrassed
U always be smiling... n be happy throughout ur life...
I wish all ur dreams n desires come true...
have a joyous and most memorable birthday...
Enjoy a lot with ur frnds... have a nice party... Party
but haa please eat well n take care of ur health dear...
Please dont neglect...
All the best for ur studies... Big smile

haa... as I promised u yesterday I'll be coming to ur home tomorrow evng along with ur cw in our super fast jet plane ... so be ready for the party n the celebrations...
PartyPartyParty Cool

As I already sent the gifts through chotu in the above post, here I'll send u something to eat... yesterday I told u that I'll make lot of items for u to eat if u come to my home... for now I'll send u some through IF...

Birthday naa... so first meetha...


I hope u like my treat... Big smile... love u anvi... Hug

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Wish You Happy Birthday Anvi
I wish agreat year a head and all your wishes come ture
Happy Birthday Scraps, Happy Birthday Graphics for Orkut, Myspace
Happy Birthday Scraps, Happy Birthday Graphics for Orkut, Myspace
Happy Birthday Scraps, Birthday Graphics for Orkut, Myspace
Wisay Avi tum busy ho kay tum IF May dekati he nahi ho dear Tongue
stuti nice B'd post  Smile

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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HaPpY BiRtHdAy AnVi Big smile

On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;Wink
I hope all of your wishes come true.Big smile
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!Star

here is ur cake...

here r ur gifts...

once again i m wishing u many more happy returns of the day...Big smile
hApPy BiRtHdAyClap
happy bithday Clap

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