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Update for 3rd March

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Posted: 03 March 2005 at 10:07am | IP Logged

The episode begins with Abhi's mother keeping the phone down crying, after she has overheard Simran shouting at Shaguna. Abhi's mother then screams at Abhi and tells him we will immediately go and bring back Gudiya. Simran said she will never accept Gudiya as Astha and told not to steal memories of Astha from her. Abhi says simran will definitely feel like that. We have to be patient in handling her. She will ultimately accept Gudiya, wait and watch. Abhi's mother says who will take care of Gudiya if Simran is not taking care of her? Abhi says there are other people there who will take care of Gudiya, and asks her to be calm. He says we have sent Gudiya to her mother Simran . Once sent is sent forever. So there is no point in bringing her back. He also tells his parents to avoid talking to Simran if she calls. He asks them not to pick up the phone. Simran will definitely call asking us to take back Gudiya. Let Simran get used to having Gudiya in her house.

SAurabh is very angry at Abhi bcos he has left his daughter here without Simran's consent. He is yelling at the top of his voice that Abhi wants to return in Simran's life. So he is taking the help of his daughter. The kid needs a mother, so he is using Simran for it. He is pressurising Simran to accept Gudiya which he thinks is too early and is wrong too. Rashmi gets angry seeing her father's reaction and screams at him saying that even before,he was not comfortable with Abhi. Now when Abhi is trying his level best to bring Simran out of depression, again he is angry at him. She asks him what on earth does he want Abhi to do? Saurabh is not convinced by this and goes on saying, previously, Abhi used to come her just to see AStha. Now he will continue to come her for Gudiya. He is such a person who cannot even take up the responsibility of his own daughter. Rashmi says that was a different situation and this is another. Saurabh says he cannot tolerate the things going on. I can see what Abhi is planning for his future by keeping Gudiya here. Gone are the days when there was Manas beside Simran and he used to comfort and advise her whenever she was in need of friendly advise. I used to feel so relaxed about her when Manas was around. No whe is also gone. I don't have anybody to take help from. Rashmi says she also thought that if Manas wwas here, it would have been helpful. Rashmi says i am sure Manas has no idea of what Simran is going thro'. SAurabh says he is not here. Above all, even if he is here, no friendship exists between them. Rashmi tells Saurabh to call Manas and tell him everything. Manas might just forget what happened between them and come forward and help them in this situation. Saurabh agrees at once and calls Manas. Manas's cell is switched off. So Saurabh is disappointed.

Manas is seated in Sonu's school talking to the principal. He is there to get the leaving certificates of Sonu. The principal says Sonu is a very bright child and the school will definitely miss him. She says he will have a bright future. Manas says since they are migrating to the US very soon, he wants Sonu's school leaving certificate along with other certificates soon. The principal says she has already informed the Administration Department about his urgency and he will be getting all the papers today itself. Manas is very greatful to her. Manas then tells her that since the preparations are going on for migration, it will take some time for them to actually go. He asks whether Sonu can keep coming to school till he leaves  India. The principal agrees to this and says he can take Sonu's school leaving certificate today. She then says keep us informed about Sonu's progress as they will want to keep in touch with Sonu.
Manas wholeheartedly agrees and leaves.

Rashmi and Shaguna plan to put Gudiya on Simran's bed thinking that this is the way to make Simran pull her attention towards the kid. They slowly place her on the bed and leave bcos they hear Simran coming. They just stand outside the door to see how Simran reacts. Simran enters the room and sees Gudiya there. The kid is cute and is smiling and is looking like a doll. Simran at once remembers AStha. She starts to cry and calls for Shaguna. Shaguna who is standing out tries to go in when Rashmi stops her. Simran keeps shouting for Shaguna. Simran then goes near the kid. She thinks to herself  that Gudiya you are very pretty , i was the person who held you for the first time after you were born. But you cannot take AStha's place. I can't do that. I am sorry , she says. She again yells for Shaguna. Shaguna and Rashmi slowly enter. Shaguna asks what the matter is? Simran says why is Gudiya here? I know what you both ate planning to do. But she cannot stay here. Rashmi says if Gudiay is here for few minutes, what's worng? Simran screams at Shaguna and tells her to take her out immediately. Rashmi says Gudiya is in this house just to be with her. Simran says ask the person who left her here to take care of her. She orders Shaguna to take her now and then asks her to give her milk. Shaguna takes Gudiya from the room. Simran says i will call Abhi and ask him to take her away. She calls .

At Abhi's place, Abhi and his parents are eating. Just then, Abhi receives a call on his mobile. It is from Simran. Abhi notices it and does not answer the call. It goes on ringing. He tells his parents that it is Simran. Simran is very restless to talk to Abhi. Rashmi is near her and she pleads. Simran screams at her and says please.
Simran then tries Abhi's landline. Abhi's mother gets up to pick up the phone, but Abhi stops her and says its Simran. Abhi's mother does not like this behaviour of theirs and tells Abhi that they are actually hurting Simran by not responding. She says Simran will feel that we have left Gudiya there just to wash off our responsibility. Abhi's father asks Abhi how long will he be doing this? Abhi says let her think whatever she wants to. She will realise later that this is for her good only . Abhi's parents are in deep thought.

Manas is trying to call Riya. But her mobile is on voicemail. Manas gives a message saying I am sorry .You must be with Chavi now. I called to tell you that we have decided to come there and i have started preparing for the same. Actually i have sent all papers regarding Sonu's schooling and it will reach you in 3-4 days time. We will come there soon. Love you and miss you,love to chavi too, bye.

Dr. Brian and Janet are at Simran's place. Simran is there taling to them. Brian says your hospital is missing you very much and you have to start your work. Janet says hospital is another Astha for Simran and she should start caring about her patients. Janet says life has to go on .Simran says she is trying her best and probably she will even succeed in living. She says she cannot work. All my hopes are dead and my life has become meaningless. Brian says sometimes the meaning of life changes with time. Just then, Gudiya begins to cry and Simran hears this. She immediately calls for Shaguna who comes there. Simran is upset to see Gudiya cry. She tells Shaguna to make her quiet. Shaguna says she is not stopping. Janet says i will take her. Janet lifts Gudiya in her hand. Brian is telling Simran that he has appointed a new paediatrician. All the way thro, Simran is quite anxious about Gudiya and is constantly watching Janet handle the kid. She tells Janet to be careful. Simran looks restless as she feels Gudiya is not that comfortable with Janet. Brian then starts to tell that he has postponed the board meeting. Again Simran is not listening to this as her complete attention is on Janet holding Gudiya. She asks Janet to hold her properly, then Simran feels uncomfortable and asks Shaguna to take Gudiya in. Shaguna does the same.
Brian notices that Simran was very uncomfortable and says it was not right on part of Simran to send Gudiya in. In the same way, one day, Gudiya might go out of this house. He then begs Simran to accept Gudiya. Simran says sorry, i cannot do that. Janet says she had once told her fight with illness. She then asks Simran to fight her sorrows. Simran is feeling uncomfortable , Brian notices thia and stops Janet from advising Simran. Brain then asks Simran where his father is, and says he has postponed the board meeting and he wants her father's signature. Simran very reluctantly says she does not know where her father is.

Saurabh is at Abhi's place. He is screaming at Abhi that whatever he has tries is all useless. Take Gudiya away. Simran gets restless on seeing Gudiya and this is not good for her. He tells Abhi that his plan has failed miserably. Abhi gets angry at this and says this was not my plan. Pranay, being a psychiatrist had advised them to do so. Abhi says you have never ever placed faith in me, now atleast have faith in his son-in-law. SAurabh is taken aback at Abhi's reaction and says he knows to take care of Simran and he does not need his help. Abhi again retorts saying he thinks he is the only person who is concerned about Simran and can take care of her. All others according to him are good for nothing. I have undertaken such a painful act by sending Gudiya to Simran's place. I have put my daughter to all humiliations just for Simran's sake. He says Saurabh has to tolerate all this till Simran gets ok. SAurabh gets all the more angry and says in the process, if something happens to Simran, he will not tolerate this. He leaves, with Abhi growling with anger.

At Brian's place, Janet is making a sketch. Brian is there. Janet says such a confident woman as Simran is finding it hard to believe facts. Brian says she is a mother after all. Janet says i hope having Gudiya at Simran's place is correct. Brian says Simran will slowly realise that this kid in future is going to be Simran's support.

Simran is desperately trying to call aBhi. But in vain. She says Abhi why are you not picking up the phone, damn it. She is very musch frustrated. She can hear Gudiya crying in the background and tells Shaguna to make her stop crying. Suddenly no sound is heard from Gudiya. Shaugna comes screaming and asks Simran to open the door. Simran does so. Shaguna is crying and says to Simran see Bhayi, Gudiya has become unconscious. Simran looks at the kid in fear and is shocked. 

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Vini Goldie

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Posted: 03 March 2005 at 10:17am | IP Logged

Thanks for the update Sree.Clap


lakshmi_maruthi Goldie

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Posted: 03 March 2005 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Thanks Sree, nice update.. I think what Abhi is doing is right.. The more I read about  Abhi's character.. the more I like it.. and I think the actor is doing full justice to it..
alyssa Newbie

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Posted: 03 March 2005 at 10:29am | IP Logged
thanks for the update, though not sure about the leap :(
bystander IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 March 2005 at 11:08am | IP Logged

thanks for the update once again! Here in the US episode yesterday, Neha died! It is so ironical that on one hand they show advance in medicine in trying to help Janet conceive and on the other hand Neha dies after delivery! I feel it is rather sad!


anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2005 at 11:45am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update sree.

Saurabh only thinks of simran and says if something happens to simran...he will not be though Astha's kidnapping was planned by Abhi...

Simran is not a baby...Poor Gudiya and what abhi said was absolutely right. He has let his baby their which is going through humilations...even though she does not understand, but I guess baby's can feel the atomosphere...poor baby...

So what will Saurabh do if something happens to will he show his face to Abhi or Simran then.

I think Simran has always acted very immature at the time of trauma. Saurabh always treats like a kid and she too reciporcates the same way...

When she was advising Janet...she seems so matured and when it is her turn to listen...she is all uncomfortable...gosh...they are your well wishers...I hate this...

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 03 March 2005 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bystander

thanks for the update once again! Here in the US episode yesterday, Neha died! It is so ironical that on one hand they show advance in medicine in trying to help Janet conceive and on the other hand Neha dies after delivery! I feel it is rather sad!


Thought: Ajai Sinha is God. No technological innovation can be integrated into the annals of soapdom unless it receives his blessing. He is the creator and he is the destroyer. Ergo, Neha dies, Janet conceives, Kiran gets two abortions, Anandi dies, Simran survives complications, Kavita dies of cervical cancer. I think maybe Ajai Sinha should stop playing around with the infinite possibilities arising from the very existence of the female reproductive system.

Thought: Take the above wih a pinch of saltSmile.

Thought: It's all Karma.... sigh

Thank you for the update, Sree!!!!ClapClapClap
chweetweety Goldie

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Posted: 03 March 2005 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the wonderful update. Good Job Clap I hate this man Saurabh...I can understand his concern for simran...but he acts very immature.

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