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Teri Picture ka main Hero...ViHa-oneshot

HPmaniac IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
Hey allSmile Here's a one-shot on ViHa Smilewrote it in between classes...LOL and completed at home.
Got the idea when I saw a bts where Alisha said that she was a major fan of Kareena.

"Ye duniyaa... ye mehfil... mere kaam ki nahin... mere kaam ki nahin'"


"Arre yaar Vicky! Stop it! Subah se tere depressing gaane sun sunke main pak gaya hoon! Chal canteen chal'" an irritated Nilesh tried to pull Vicky off the staircase where Vicky had been sitting, resting his head against the wall and looking utterly miserable.


Nilesh was at the end of his patience. First of all Vicky had been singing sad, hindi film songs since the morning. Then for the past half hour he had been sitting in the exact same spot and had told Nilesh all about the time he had accidentally bumped into Neha near the staircase and how he had picked up her books for her, how they had stared into each other's eyes, how beautiful her eyes were, how every time he looked into them he felt like he was falling into a pool, how she had smiled at him, what a lovely smile she had'there really was no end to it! And finally when he was done, he had begun singing his songs again!


Poor Nilesh. He had tried both-consoling Vicky and yelling at him- but nothing worked. Now he really couldn't take it any longer. Plus, he was starving.


"Mujhe nahin jaana hai canteen. Meri bhook, pyaas sab mit gayi hai."said Vicky.


Nilesh felt like banging either his own or Vicky's head against the wall. But then he realized that he actually needed a break away from Vicky!


"Fine, you stay here. But I'm hungry so I'm going to the canteen. I'll get something and be back in 2 minutes. You want anything?"


"Haan. Zeher."was the reply.


Nilesh rolled his eyes and left thinking how glad he would actually be if Vicky and that,no(Thanks to Vicky, he couldn't even think of using that word on Neha!) if Vicky and Neha would get together, because if Vicky continued to be like this for a few more days...Oh God, what a nightmare!


Just after Nilesh left, Vicky decided that he could no longer sit there and began walking without really knowing where he was going. Now Vicky, lost in his own world, really did not care about where he was and walked by quite a few people without seeing their faces. If he had continued so, it would've caused a great loss to him. But then luck was on his side for the day, even though he did not know it yet, and his eyes fell on none other than the very object of his affection. Yes, it really was Neha; she seemed to be in a great hurry as she rushed into the library and she hadn't seen him. Vicky, of course, ran to the library but she was nowhere to be seen.

"Kahan gayi? Main khule aankhon se sapna toh nahin dekh raha tha?"


He searched through her favorite section first, and then all the other sections. Finally, he found her at the very last section of the library, which had scientific books with complicated names. Neha looked lovely as always in a light pink kurti, but Vicky could make out that she was tensed. She hadn't noticed him yet and he wondered if he should just stay there and look at her (which would give him great pleasure) or approach her and try to have a conversation without making a fool of himself. Finally, he decided he couldn't miss such a unique opportunity where none of their friends were around, and decided to go talk to her.

But just as he took a step towards her, she turned around looking scared.

On seeing Vicky, she looked relieved, but in another instant she was worried again.


Vicky really couldn't understand what was going on.


He smiled at her and said "Hi...woh main yahan se guzar raha tha...tum yahan kyun?"


Neha did not look like she was in the mood to talk. "Neha wanting book, so Neha yahan." And she grabbed a random book from the shelf.


"Yahan se? But yahan pe toh advanced Physics ke kitaabe hain" he said looking around at the labels on the shelf.


"Toh? Neha liking advanced Physics." And she opened the book and pretended to be absorbed in it.

Vicky, though greatly confused by her behavior, was determined to not be thwarted in his efforts and said "Oh toh tumhe bhi pasand hai? Mujhe toh bohut pasand hai! Kaunsa book padh rahi ho?" And he closed the book to see the cover page quickly and said "Accha, General Theory of Relativity, boht accha book hai."


Neha looked at him in shock. "Tumne padha hai?"


Vicky had never heard of the book before and felt slightly guilty about lying but he had no other option and said "Haan, bilkul. But mujhe kuch parts samajh mein nahin aaye. Tum itni smart ho, tum samjhaadogi?"


Vicky was quite pleased with himself. He had complimented Neha and found a reason to spend a little more time together.

Now Neha was in trouble. She had no idea about the book she was holding and she couldn't tell Vicky why she had lied or why she was hiding here. Also she wasn't quite sure if Vicky was really praising her or teasing her.


"Uh, woh actually, maine book bas abhi padhna start kiya hai. Aur rehearsals, classes...Neha having no time. And waise bhi, tum dazzlers hum weaklings se kaafi zyaada smart ho na? Tumhaari insult nahin hogi, agar tum ek weakling se classes loge?"

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HPmaniac IF-Dazzler

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This made Vicky quite upset. He was trying so hard. Why did she have to bring up the whole Dazzling-Weakling bullshit every time?


"Neha, dazzlers, weaklings yeh sab mujhe matter nahin karte, aur tum yeh jaanti ho. Haan, pehle karta tha...but ab nahin. " Neha was looking quite shocked and she was incapable of speech just then, which was lucky because Vicky still had quite a lot to say.


"But ab nahin, Neha. Kyunki jab se...jab se tere naina mere nainon se laage re..." Yes, in the middle of his speech, Vicky had looked into her eyes and then forgetting what he was trying to say, he had begun singing. But soon he remembered, and after hitting himself on the back of his head he continued thus-

"I mean ke jab se main tumhaara diwaana ban gaya hoon, tab se nothing else matters. Mera poora focus tumpe hi hai...Tumhaare picture ka hero main banna chaahtha hoon...aur tum? Tum uss doosre ladke ke saath'" at this point Vicky looked quite heart broken and Neha was feeling very guilty.

"Tumhe pata hai mere saath kya kya ho raha hai? I can't sleep peacefully, I don't feel like eating anything and main poora ka poora Devdas ban gaya hoon! Well Devdas, minus the sharaab...and unlike Devdas mere paas toh Chandramukhi bhi nahin hai!"


Of course, at the mention of a "Chandramukhi" Neha looked quite angry but before she could say anything Vicky continued with a tender look on his face "Kyunki meri Paro and Chandramukhi dono tum hi ho."


Neha was touched. Right at that moment, she knew she had fallen for him and as much as she tried to make herself remember of what her friends had told her, her heart would not listen. Really, how could she have stood there, listened to everything that he had said, that too with such a look on his face that he had, and not fall in love with him? But she had to think. But, oh how was she supposed to think when she was lost in him?

And while all this was going through her mind, she suddenly heard someone approaching them which brought back her earlier fears to her mind and before she could stop herself she said"Ali!"

Vicky looking devastated, said " Neha, main Ali nahin hoon. Main Vicky hoon."


He looked so dejected that Neha's heart went out to him. She really couldn't stop herself, she had to console him and deciding to tell him the truth she said in a low voice "Shhh! Main jaanti hoon tum Vicky ho! Woh actually Neha hiding from Ali!"


"Kya? Kyun? Tum uske saath hide and seek kyun khel rahi ho? Wait a minute, kya iska matlab tumhe who pasand nahin hai" Vicky asked thoroughly confused, but very glad too.


Neha just placed a finger on her lips, indicating him to keep quiet, and looked around to make sure Ali was nowhere to be seen. The person she had heard earlier turned out to be someone else. Relieved, she turned back to Vicky and looking very embarrassed she said "Nahin...I mean haan, pasand hai, but waise nahin. But aaj kal woh...woh Neha ke aage-peeche rehta hai... kabhi flowers, kabhi gift, kabhi ghar tak lift...and Neha not liking this! Neha toh going to girls' room, hide karne ke liye, but Ali standing outside girls' room! Isiliye Neha hiding in library! "    


Vicky was furious and happy all at once. So Neha did not like that Ali!

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HPmaniac IF-Dazzler

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"Tumhe yahan par hide karne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai, uski toh main…"


"Nahin nahin, woh bura nahin hai…bas woh thoda, kya kehte hain? woh



"Obsessed?" Vicky asked.


"Haan, obsessed hai. Kaash main usse clearly keh paati, ke Neha not interested like that."


"Toh kehti kyun nahin?" Vicky asked quickly.


"Neha trying, but  not happening! Ali not understanding Neha."


Poor Neha really had tried very hard to make Ali understand that she did not like him like that but he just would not listen! His behavior was getting on Neha's nerves.


"But tum yahan kab tab rukhogi? Tumne lunch kiya?"


Neha shook her head sadly.


Vicky grinned at her. "Hmm…toh canteen is out of question….toh phir lunch ke liye baahar jaana padega…so deewani, what say….lunch ke liye chale?"


Neha blushed happily and nodded.


And so Vicky and Neha, happier than anybody else in that building, set out for lunch. Of course, they had to be cautious and keep looking around so that they wouldn't be caught, but that just made it a little more filmy and they were both on cloud nine.


But halfway through a corridor, Neha saw Ali coming towards her from the opposite side and before he could see her she turned quickly and tried to run but Vicky caught her hand and pulled her back.


"Vicky! Woh Ali aa raha hai…"


"Jaanta hoon, but tum kab tak aise bhaagti rahogi?"


"Toh aur kya karoon?"


"Usse bath karo."


To this suggestion Neha quickly shook her head.


"Toh phir ek hi rasta hai…but tumhe mera idea shaayad pasand na aaye."Vicky said hesitatingly.


"Kya? Bataao!"


"Tumne Jab We Met dekha haina?" Vicky asked, knowing that she must have, since Kareena Kapoor was her favorite actress.


That was all he needed to say. Having watched the movie a dozen times at least, Neha knew instantly what Vicky was suggesting. She stared at him with her mouth half open.




"Nahin, mera matlab…agar tumhe bath nahin karna hai toh…forget about it, I knew tumhe pasand nahin aayega…" Vicky did not want to offend her.


Neha knew Vicky was only trying to help. (He really was…the idea just happened to come with an added bonus to him…I told you it was his lucky day!)

Ali was approaching (with yet more flowers!), and Neha remembered all the times when she had unsuccessfully tried to talk sense into him. This was definitely not the best way, perhaps it was wrong of her too, but she was tired and this way it was easier...and well, what the heck!


Vicky was stepping away from her, when she pulled him back and standing on tiptoes she kissed him on the cheek and then hugged him.


Ali couldn't believe what he saw! He had no idea that he himself had driven Neha into Vicky's arms. Finally understanding that Neha liked someone else, he left looking dejected.


And it wasn't until after Ali had left that Neha let go of Vicky, though Vicky seemed to be in no mood to leave her and Neha had to gently push him away.

Vicky was very happily surprised…he felt like he had got a shock, a very pleasant shock, and he wasn't quite sure if he was dreaming or not.


Neha, blushing to a deep red, was almost too shy to look at him again, but after some time she was forced to because Vicky, with a dreamy look on his face, did not look like he was planning to move from there anytime soon.


Neha called out his name a few times but got no reaction. She snapped her fingers and clapped her hands right in front of his face but still got no reaction. Finally, she slapped him lightly across the very same cheek that she had kissed and Vicky came back down to earth.


And they stood there, gazing at each other, Vicky grinning from ear to ear, Neha smiling back happily. This was how Nilesh found them when he came looking for Vicky.


"Vicky yaar, tujhe kab se…" Nilesh started and then stopped when he saw who Vicky was with.


Vicky, not wanting any more interruptions, grabbed Neha's hand and began running. Neha, though initially surprised, actually liked the idea of running away from college for a day pretty well, and she ran with him, laughing happily. They ran past Nilesh to the nearest exit, Vicky only turning back once to wink at Nilesh and wave happily.


And off they went, in true bollywood style, away from all the college drama, to enjoy their day…a day they would always remember happily the rest of their lives.

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_sana.Magic_ IF-Rockerz

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wow this ws really nice. awesome

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.FunLuvingGirl. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 2:41pm | IP Logged
Wo !
After so many days, away from IF and then you get to read this as a first thing. Wo it really made my day..It was just too too good yaar..I luved write more, yaar. Big smile

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-Aicha- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 3:27pm | IP Logged
Awww!! <3 That was SOO cute! <3 I loved it! (: Keep writing more!

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the_writer_21 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 3:55pm | IP Logged
Aw this was so cute! Good job :D

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sweetapple2995 Goldie

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 4:00pm | IP Logged
awww yaar i loved that it was tooo cute just like a fairytale or something it was sooo sweet :)

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