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Lounge@KTLK[3/10, Epi.1] Episode Discussion Thread

-tehreem- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 January 2007
Posts: 23231

Posted: 03 October 2011 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
This is the official episode discussion thread there won't be any other daily/weekly discussion threads. Don't get confused with the name. Unlike the other forum's weekly episode discussion thread our forum has adapted the new path of opening the discussion threads for every epsiode. Everyone is welcome to join in and discuss. 
Kritika Kamra and Mohnish Behl have come back to TV with a new story, and with something new to tell and give us. Kuch Toh Log Kahenge which is a love story about Dr. Nidhi who is a new intern and Dr. Ashutosh who is her senior. They meet at the hospital and slowly begin to fall in love with each other. Because of the age difference, there is a kashish between them...let's see how these two different people fall in love because of bound by mutual feelings, and distance from social norms.


As many of you know, we were in KMH forum before, as Mohabbat Lounge, but we have opened KTLBK (Kuch Toh Lounge Bhi Kehenga) to support our favorite actress, Kritika Kamra for her new show and one of the most amazing actors, Mohnish Behl.

Please feel free to discus the episodes and the threads will be opened daily.

1. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
2. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this show.
3. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show
4. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for kuch toh lounge bhi kehenge"

*Permission given from the Dev Team*

Mohabbat lounge and Kuch Toh Log Bhi Kahenge has a FB page, so join in & spread the word

To bring Kuch Toh Log Kahenge to the top in IF rankings, rate the Chaska meter everyday without fail here: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_topics.asp?FID=660

LOUNGE OPENERS: Pooja, Kavya, Shibz, Tehreem, Olly,Aanchal, Tanu (even though she's not here I'll add her name), Sanju, Pranii and Anjali

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-tehreem- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 January 2007
Posts: 23231

Posted: 03 October 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
This is to post a song according to episode's situation which you can post in your takes and if there isn't any song we'll post any random song lol
I really like this song :P
This is to welcome everyone officialy on the thread

As the title says this is for the rapchick scene of the day
 This can be only when one scene when nidhi came to know she passed the test and that too with A.I.R 14.Nidhi ko zor ka jhatka laga ROFL
Sabki Baja Di
The most powerful character of the day

Aushuosh and Nidhi both characters were powerful in their own perspective

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-tehreem- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 January 2007
Posts: 23231

Posted: 03 October 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged

 Lounge is back into action Cool I am hell tired and I need sleep but still I wanted to write as I missed writing/reading here Ouch 

Anyways coming to the show what do I do I know the story already D'ohIt was soo hard for me not to link the two shows together but what I loved is that in the beginning the credited DK Embarrassed.The opening was superb loved how ashutosh was thinking about the house and his attachment towards it shows his caring side Embarrassed
I loved every character shown yet but umm nidhi's dad was kinda making it obvious that he was acting Ouch I wanted to see some natural scenes b/w the daughter and the father but I didn't get that warm feeling much no offense to the actor I am sure he did his best this is just my opinion. Mohnish was at his best, he was just brilliant,superb,mindblowing he showed us the real emotion of what ashutosh was going through I loved his acting he can pull of any scene very well.
And what do I say about kritika she is just the best tho she isn't much experienced but this girl has shocked me to the core with her performance every time I just keep thinking how she manages to grab everyone's attention everytime she performs, she has a long way to go but I am very much sure that she'll become the super star which she is already :P Today she was bubbly but I have see the more bubblier side of her in other show I wanted more bubbly girl outta her I know she has the ability to do so may be it was director's decision to make her a bit less bubbly or something but I hope I see more of her fun/naughty side.But I loved her dresses and her expressions they were brilliant.
The end was perfect for the episode, dono ka takrao agay janay ke liye dekhiye agla episode LOL
The other character were pretty good especially that dadi bua ROFL 
In the end I would love to add that KITTU WAS LOOKING SOOO CUTE IN THAT LAB COAT SillyGosh I am crushing on her Embarrassed
Everything was perfect in the show the dressing, the directing, the lighting but well its the first episode only agay agay dekhte hain hota hai kya  Tongue 
Scene of the day should be one and only the one where nidhi comes to know that she passed ROFL Haye kya expression thay
Character of the day for me was ashutosh I just love this guy Embarrassed 

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AmnaIsh Goldie

Joined: 07 December 2010
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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 12:46pm | IP Logged

Today's Episode Belongs To Kritika - Hands DownClap

What a fantastic beginning to the show...I have to say i was very nervous when the show started. I have watched DK, and unconsciously I found myself comparing each and every character. (rather annoying but i couldn't help it)

Dr. Ashotoush's introduction - Excellent..! (did he put on some weight from the last tiem he was on TV? Embarrassed) but he looked very well groomed..He's sure aging gracefully.! His acting is always superb, so i guess no surprises there - I LOVED the BG score at his introduction...Clap


Oye Hoye ' Kritika Came on sreen, and then Saiyaan...I swear My Heart Skipped a Beat..! She look absolutely FAB, Fresh, Energetic, Confident and completely into the character of Dr. Nidhi. I would realy like her to work more on her facial expressions in this show, cuz her character needs a lot of energy in terms of her face...I have no doubt she'll ROCK as usual and we'll be left with absolutely nothing but good things to say..! It seems a lot like Kritika her self on screen...this character seems to suit her perfectly fine..! Brilliant..Her comic timing is impeccable already, so this role will do her who load of good..! Loved her expression at the time of bumping with Dr. Ashotoush! LOL 'Kismat Takra Gai Dono Ki Aaj WinkLOL"

Ashotoush Gowarikar - I'm surprised at the role he's been given..i thought he would have a more longer role, but oh well..! i'm sure he'll do justice to what he's gotten..He is a brilliant actor after all..!

Dr. Nidhi's dad was good...(but i have to say, I find him lacking the energy for that role - His character is supposed to be full of life, very smily, very fun loving one..Current character did a good job none the less...Clap

Anji Was fun to watch. Her character has a lot to offer...i'm looking forward to seeing how she carries it out...but today she was good..

Anji's mom and dad - good actors, so obviously good work today..

Loved all the BG score on all the characters - The comic feel of the show as superb...Loved the Conversation of Dr. Nidhi with God, and then the so adorable convo with her dad..."parampara Agar Meri jaisi beti hoti...hahahah LOL Excellent dialogues today..Clap
But for me the dialogue of the day would go to Dr. Ashotoush's: "
Raat sabke muqadir main hoti hai, laikin neend sabke mukadir main nahi hoti.."
My Fab scene would have to be of Dr. Nidhi with her Dad where she tries to touch his feet..It was completely beleivable, loveable and relateable..! Kudos ClapClap

Overall - A Fantastic start to the show..loved it completely..! Looking forward to next episode..

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-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 January 2011
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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Haan toh finally mauka aa gaya...bohot kuch toh ab lounge bhi kahega...kyunki mount everest banana toh humari sadiyo purani aadat hai LOL

First things first


Bohot intezaar karaya...Phinalllyyy its here...ab toh hum bhi dekhenge saiyyaan naino ki bhasha kyun nahi samajhte and unhe samjhayenge bhi Evil Smile Kyunki humne toh ache acho ko samjha rakha hai Big smileCool

P.s Pleaseee CV's apne kaam ki izzat rakhlena aur hum aapki rakh lenge i've done enough of bashing in bashing loungeCry ROFL

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pari_15 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 November 2009
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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Res :))


yaaayyy!!! She came and how!
I'm sure jisne bhi kittu a.k.a would-be dr nidhi ko dekha hoga, wo uska fan ban gaya hoga.. After all, she's one of the bestest telly actress, ain't she?

Mohnish was really good, his potrayal of pain n loss were just so believable that u can feel his pain.. Fbs were ok.. Dunno why ppl r saying that the bg here was not good... I found it ok-ok..more towards the better side.. His dialogues were good esp that teerth one n that neend sabke mukadar mein one..
Mohnish as dr. Ashutosh was good..

Kittu was superb, mindblowin, awesum, fantabulous n it didnt seem she was acting...looked like nidhi was just a part of hers..

Her dialogs were so funny..i literally went into fit of giggles listening to them.. Agar main saare likhne baithi to mera post dekh ke bare bade bhaag jaenge...

All casting r good..perfect kind of..

All in all, the epi was bful, a lot covered in one epi but then it kept the epi moving..n even at one pt i didnt feel like 'oh man! When is this gonna finish?'; infact when the epi actually finished i wanted more of it n was drooling over it..

Thank God! Baaki saas-bahu dramas se bachane ke liye kuch interesting n worth-watching to aaya..LOL

i would give this epi a 10 as it was way above my expectations..

Star of the day-Dr. Nidhi Verma..no doubt..
Scene of the day- intro of nidhi
song of the day- saiyaa...naino ki bhasha samjhe na..

Ps- i know m late..bt i was busy with college...hope u like it

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arjuhi4eva IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 February 2011
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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 12:52pm | IP Logged

character of the day: Dr.Nidhi Verma ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..

aah...finally its 3rd oct...nd kittu is back Big smile had been waiting for this show ever since i have watched the first promo...or i shud say from the time i heard abt KTLK LOL

so the introduction..Mohnish Behl was fab as usual..Smile..his expression spoke alot of words for him...i m sure he will charm the serial with his presence..Big smile..really proud of kittu's choice to have chosen a show with Mohnish opp to her :D..i m sure it will take her to heights..Wink

coming to Nidhi's aka kritika's intro...aah..she was the star of the epi...what expressions man! Thumbs Up Star she really captivated me with her exp nd dialogues...Star Clap
nd her convo with hanumanji was superrb..ROFL..ROFL..
40 stanzas wali poem ROFL..ROFL..
I can get u a cd of the chalisa ROFL..ROFL..
Examiner ko students ka dil todne mein bahut maza aat hai ---though its true ROFL..ROFL..

Nidhji ke liye special 'red' alert lagwaya tha..LOL..is she that dangerous..khair wo toh waqt aane pe hi pata chalega Wink LOL

ROFL..Nidhi was expecting that she had failed her exam..nd she was on cloud nine..bt strange na..she scored A.I.R no.14...aisi kismat toh sirf nidhiji ki hi ho sakti hai WinkLOL..hehe nd wen she got to noe that she had passed..her shocked wala face was worth-seeing LOL

anji was also nice on her part..i actually liked that character nd actor LOL..other characters were nice on their part...guess that bua-dadi is gonna bring some comedy into the show ;)

one thing wich is not related to the show..why is kritika always paired opp chacters who are adopted Wacko... Jst a thinking...no offense to mohnish's character Smile

so the epi ended on their first mulaqat..wud love to see how our cute bubbly Nidhi wud face her boss wen she comes to noe of the truth..LOLLOL

btw did i write that kritika was actuallly looking pretty in that yellow kurti..Heart..nd i loved the saiyaan part played on her intro Big smile

all in all...a very promising first epi..it really lived up to my expectations..Big smile..once again..i m proud of kritika's choice :D

nd now me done...have fun climbing my MT.everest WinkLOL

SCENE OF THE DAY: the part wen she comes to noe that she actually passed her exam instead of failing ROFL..ROFL..kittu 's exp were amazing...:D

SONG OF THE DAY: saiyaan naino ki bhasha samjhe na...

Ps-thanx for the warm welcome tehreem..it feels so good to write a take after such a looongg time Big smile

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 12:54pm | IP Logged

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