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ArSha FF-Love the way you love me-Continued (Page 10)

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Originally posted by robinc07

Sorry guys for the late post--I promise to stay on top of it next just didn't turn out as I pictured it so I had to keep going back in order to make it sound right. I wouldn't say this is the best FF of mine...but for the next one there will be time spent and hotter romance...I promise

As for the people who have not read my previous one...please read it as this is a continuation. Also, leave your comments and Likes...Thanks

Shakti, Mukti, her guy friend(lets call him Arjun) and Amar plan a club night together to celebrate 
Shakti getting better. Mukti has a lot of plans instore for ArSha. Amar is unaware of whose all 
coming out...he thinks a bunch of Shakti's friends are coming out. Rather it is only the four of 
them...Shakti doesn't know either. Mukti plans to leave early and tells Shakti that she will meet her at the club as she is going to hang out with Arjun before clubbing. Shakti begins to protest, but Mukti 
cuts her off and grabs her phone and dials Amar's number. "Mukti tum kya kare ho?" Mukti ignores 
Shakti and continues with the phone call. Amar picks up the call and he is confused why Mukti was calling when they were going to meet in a couple of hours anyways. Mukti speaks "Amar can you please pick Shakti up...(Shakti is in front of Mukti shaking her head and trying to grab the phone...Mukti shakes Shakti's hand off)...Thanks Amar...see you tonight" she hangs up and Shakti is annoyed at Mukti..."Mukti I have a car...Kunwar ko kyun phone kiya?" Mukti says "You can't go to the club by yourself" Mukti walks out the room trying to hide her smile. Amar texts Shakti that he will pick her up at 11:30 (its 9:30). Shakti turns on the radio as she decides to get in the dancing mood while she gets ready.

She pulls out her red dress she stands by the mirror and puts it against her. She gets lost in Amar's 
thoughts with the song Khabar Nahi (Dostana) playing in the background. She stands there still and thinks of him hugging her in the rain...hugging her in the hospital and feeding her soup. She throws the dress on the bed and grabs the vase of roses that Amar had given her and twirls at the words of "Got to be love cuz its really got me going" She puts the vase and starts dancing "Jaane kab kahan kaise,Tere ho gaye kaise,Hum to sochte hi reh gaye,Aur pyaar ho gaya,Mere khawaab dil saaansein,Mil ke kho gaye aise,Tujko dekh ke aisa to kai baar ho gaya,Tu kahe dil yeh tera hi rahe,Aur kya kahun,Khabar nahi khabar nahi" Shakti stops dancing as she gets into her senses. She holds her head and tells herself that, "Kunwar sirf mera acha dost hai...Shakti get a grip of yourself..what is wrong with you" She turns off the radio as the romantic songs are putting images in her head. She gets dressed in her dress...she plans to leave her hair straight down...she does her makeup smokey eyeshadow (wanting to make herself look more sexy than usual).She stares at the clock waiting for the time to tick down to 11:30...she starts to fidget with her lipstick...not sure why she was getting so nervous...its only Kunwar. Amar wore all black... short sleeve shirt with the top button open and with a loose black and white tie wrapped around his neck. He knocks on the door and Mrs.Mohan and Keerti greet him...Mrs. Mohan is extra happy to see him as she is aware of Mukti's plans. She calls out Shakti's name and She tells Amar to wait in the hall and thatnShakti should come downstairs any moment. Mrs. Mohan and Keerti almost run out of the room to give Amar and Shakti privacy and they plan to watch from the kitchen. 

Shakti makes her way downstairs...Amar is at the foot of the stairs with his back turned to her. He turns around as he hears the sound of her footsteps...his jaw drops as he is taken back by her 
beauty. He is shocked to see how sexy Shakti looked...he could not remove his eyes off her. Shakti eyes latch onto his and stares at him as she makes her way down the stairs. Their eyelock gets broken as Shakti steps down the last step but right on Amar's foot. Amar snaps back to reality and yells out "Oww" Shakti apologizes and finally realizes how hot he was looking in black...his hottness was making it hard for her to resist from wrapping her arms around him in a hug. He hugs her back and whispers "Shakti you are looking beautiful" Both let go and smile at eachother. Keerti starts dancing around her mom as they both can feel Amar and Shakti's intensity from a distance. While dancing,Keerti knocks down a plate in the kitchen and Amar and Shakti's gaze breaks off. Shakti senses that Keerti was watching them...she tells Amar to forget about the noise and lets go. 

Amar and Shakti jump in his car and they drive in silence. Amar decides to break the silence and puts on the radio..he puts on a random station and Khabar Nahin starts playing and Shakti instantly grabs Amar's hand which is on the radio dial...trying to turn the station. Amar stares at her as she was holding his hand. Both get awkward and Shakti removes her hand off of his..and mumbling something on the lines of wanting to change the station. Both ride in silence only the sound of the car is heard. Finally they arrive at the club. Shakti calls Mukti(to ask her to come as soon as possible) as Amar pulls into a parking spot. While Shakti is on the phone...Amar gets out of the car and opens Shakti's door and puts his hand out...Shakti is confused. Amar looks her in the eye and then directs her eyes with his...towards the ground. There was a huge puddle of water next to her door. She smiles and takes his hand in hers. She gets her head out of the jumps over the puddle into Amar's arms. Both smile at each other and share another moment of look look hawa hawa (which they both agreed in there minds that there would be more to come as the night goes on). Amar and Shakti decide to enter the club and wait for Mukti inside.

The club is pumping to Pump It (by Black Eyed Peas)...which gets them pumped and ready to dance. Shakti walks ahead of Amar...he places his hand on Shakti's lower back and guides her through the crowd. Shakti gets goosebumps and slows down a bit so Amar's hand can fully touch her back as she wants to absorb every bit of his touch.They finally make it through the crowd and head towards the bar. Amar asks what she wants...she says "Kunwar I will have one shot, but tumko paata hai ke main thoda peeti hoon" He nods...and tells himself that he will stay within his limits and drink socially as this night is for Shakti. Both have a shot together and they watch the dance floor as people groove to Party Rock Anthem (by LMFAO)..Amar asks Shakti to dance...she agrees and both start dancing freestyling to the beat...the club is bumping..Shakti and Amar are having a ball as Amar is starts to do funny moves to the music (he decides to loosen up the moment as they were so awkward before)...Shakti bursts out laughing and pats him on the shoulder...he leans in and tries to whispers in her ear but its more like him shouting over the music..."Shakti now its your turn" She shakes her head as she doesn't want to embarrass herself..she tries to run away in a flirty way but he grabs her shoulders and pulls her back. Mukti arrives with Arjun and is happy to see Amar's hands on Shakti's shoulders.Shakti is saved from the embarrassment as Mukti and Arjun approach them. They 
greet eachother and Mukti introduces Arjun as her friend from her music video. They all head to the 
bar and grab drinks...minus Shakti who holds back (She does not want to drink too much because she does not want to show her emotions...which she is scared will leak out towards Amar).

Shakti and Mukti break into a dance to Tu Saala Kaam Se Gaye (Golmaal Returns) Both dance and grab Amar and Arjun's collars and pull them in the the chorus of the song (Tu Saala Kaam Se Gaye part) Shakti gives a tumka and Amar is on his knees twirling his head around as she gives the tumka...the dance is full of masti and the guys chasing the girls and the girls are giving attitude. Everyone starts cheering after the dance...Mukti is happy to see ArSha chipko during the dance and how Amar was dancing like he was fully looto over Shakti. She decides to get a romantic number in there she goes up to the DJ and tells him to put on Pehli Nazaar Mein (Race).Mukti is about to push Shakti into Amar so he would have to ask her. Just then a beautiful girl comes up to Amar "Oh my god!! Kunwar Amar!! The Kunwar Amar" Amar smiles at the girl and Shakti is irritated at the bimbo girl that starts jumping up and down in front of Amar...the girl asks Amar for one dance and he accepts. Shakti watches on as Amar pulls the girl into a close dance..being friendly and all. Shakti is getting mad and Mukti leans over and whispers.. "Amar woh bimbo ke saath kyun hai" Mukti smiles as Shakti is fuming...Mukti is satisfied that this bimbo is actually helping her plans. Shakti tells Mukti and Arjun to go dance...they leave..Arjun was about to protest as he noticed how angry Shakti look...but Mukti grabs his hand and drags him to the dance floor...she tells him the whole plan and he starts laughing and he agrees to go along with it. At the bar Shakti is standing still staring at Amar and how much attention he was giving the stupid bimbo. Amar pulls the girl close and his eyes meets Shakti as the song continues "Baby I love you, Baby I love you,Baby I love you so" Shakti shifts her eyes away from him. He notices how Shakti is alone and watches her. She turns to the bartender and orders 4 shots. To Amar's surprise he sees Shakti drinks the shots down one after the other without taking a break between each one. He is confused..thinking what has gotten into Shakti...How can she just shoot down 4 shots like that. Shakti feels the instance effect from the shots but is not drunk...but rather buzzing. Amar thanks the girl for the dance and heads towards Shakti...he stops in his tracks as she sees that she is heading towards the DJ. Right then two guys approach her to dance...the 
DJ puts on her track...Munni Badnam Hui. 

Amar, Mukti and Arjun watch in surprise as Shakti is carried down from the DJ area by her two dance 
partners and she starts dancing. Amar watches how she is letting these two drunk strangers touch her all over. Amar is getting upset and jealous at what was transpiring in front of him...he goes up to the trio and pushes the guys aside and grabs Shakti by the waist with both hand and aggressively pulls her close. She is satisfied at Amar's angry face and she smiles. Her smile angered Amar even more that he tightens his grip around her waist. He was hurting her but being buzzed she forgot the pain as she was lost staring at him. Her smile wipes off her face and she stares at him passionately. Amar angry look starts to fade as she slowly raises her hand and runs her fingers through his hair..her hands end up grasping the back of his neck and she leans and whispers in his ear.."Tumko kyun farke parte hai..tum jao woh bimbo ladki ke saath" Amar pulls away from her and leaves her standing still. Mukti senses the tension from a distance and goes up to Shakti. She tells Shakti..."Go and stop him Shakti..tum yahaan pe kyun karde ho?" Shakti nods her head and thinks she has gone overboard and should not have reacted that way. She runs to find Amar...she looks everywhere in the club but cannot find him anywhere. 

She is cussing at herself for acting so stupid and jealous over just a dance. She decides to check the other side of the club that was closed off and she finds him  sitting on a bar stool.Amar is siting confused on what Shakti ment by her words...Was she jealous of him or was he jealous of her? She walks in and he ignores her. She takes a seat next to him and reaches for his hand. He looks up at her. [Shakti is unsure of her actual feelings and what to call it so she plays it safe] She apologizes and tells him not to be mad at her. Amar looks away trying hard to ignore her and goes and sits on the couch. She stands and moves toward him and grabs his tie and pulls his face towards her. He is trying hard to keep a straight face but can't ignore the intensity that was forming. Shakti moves closer and gazes into his eyes...he melts in the moment and grabs her by the waist and pulls her close as she ends up in his lap. Both feeling the intense passion as they hold one another. Shakti kicks off her shoes and leans her body against his as his back touches the couch. Shakti continues staring not sure whether to make the first move or whether to get out this situation before its too late. She ignores her second option and waits for Amar. Amar tightens the grip around her waist and leans down on her placing her down on the couch with him on top of her. He moves in to kiss her... but 
backs off her and gets off her... as he snaps back to reality. Shakti sits up and puts her heels back on and wonders what had gotten into her.They finally look each other after a long awkward period of silence. Amar decides to break the silence and tells her that they should go back as Mukti is probably looking for them. Shakti nods in agreement and both head back to the main portion of the club and catch up with Mukti-Arjun. Mukti is dying to know what had happened...she senses that they seem awkward around each other. 

All of a sudden Buttons (by Snoop Dogg and Pussycat Dolls) starts playing...Amar remembers Shakti's hot dance to this song in the DID auditions. Mukti forces Shakti to dance and Shakti starts dancing as she tries to forget what happened. She starts dancing in a sexy way and Amar notices the same drunks coming up to Shakti again...he moves behind her and puts his hands on her waist (the drunks finally give up and that Shakti is with Amar...they walk away)Shakti stops dancing when Amar touches her waist and she looks behind her to see who is holding onto her...only to meet Amar's eyes. Both stare into each other...Mukti and Arjun flee the area to give them privacy.The intensity forms again and Amar wraps his arms around her waist as he was hugging her from behind. The DJ plays-Tere Ho Na Lagao Hoon(from Aab Prem Ke Gazab Kahani)and Amar rocks Shakti side to 
side to the music. Shakti closes her eyes...feeling so secure and loved in his arms. She eventually 
turns to face him and wraps her arms around his neck as they slow dance. The song ends and Shakti tells him that she wants to leave. Amar agrees and they say their byes to Mukti-Arjun...with Mukti so pleased. Amar helps Shakti in the car and he starts driving. Shakti is unsure where they were heading or was Amar dropping her at home? Confused...but Shakti kept quiet and hoped she was not heading home. Both ride in silence as Amar pulls up at the beach.Amar eventually speaks "Shakti tumko paata hai ke main jab be pereshaan hoon or mujhe kuch samaj nahin aate...mein yahaan aate hoon" Shakti looks at him confused as to why he is telling her all of this. He continues.."Well I am confused right now and I do not want to leave from here without clearing up my confusing" Shakti nods and sits down on the roof of his car beside him. Shakti finally speaks.."Kunwar  main be confused hoon...mujhe paata nahin ke jo be hua woh kyun hua" Both sit in silence...Shakti finally gives in and faces Amar and says "Mujhe farke parta hai...I can't stand any random bimbo girl dancing all over you like that" Amar holds Shakti's hand and says "Is that why you took all those shots" Shakti gets embarrassed, she gets off the car to have her back to Amar. He gets up and faces her and grabs both of her hands..."Shakti we can't ignore what happened nor can we ignore the reason they happened" She stares into his eyes questioning him on what he ment. He speaks.."Shakti can I take you out on a date?" Shakti smiles and says "I would like that" Both smile at each other and Amar gives her a hug. They sit hand in hand on top of the rooftop of the car talking the night away as they sit there long enough to watch the sunrise..

[ArSha date to Be Continued]

WOW. this is interesting. i never read it before. but its soo fascinating.. going to arsha's date part :)

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HEy Robin, can u plz pllz PM ME ALL THE PARTS. cuz i cant seem to find them. SO PLZ PM ME ALL THE PARTS. i realy wanna know what happens furthre on ;) 

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Superb superb n superb. . . . . .i realy loved. . .i realy did. . . . . .plese update realy soon. . .:-D:-D
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Killer update...
Loved it...:)
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hey i really loved it...can plz anybody PM me d links of next part..thanks !
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its just 2 beautiful 2 b xpressed..
loved ArSha n loved it..
plx pm me ur next update ov the date :)
i d like 2 read this ff
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Hey plz update me also.
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plss update.and pm me...

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