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Update for TD - 2nd March, 2005

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 11:30pm | IP Logged

Okee guys, first things first…..Disha and DK do not have a scene, on top of that Disha completely pours water over poor DK's dreams……..but still a remarkable episode in terms of emotions & Disha realizing that somewhere deep-down she feels more than just emphathy for DK…..but it's a long way for Disha to realize that she is in love with DK! Overall, the performances were excellent, with DK, Disha & Gargi being as magnificent as ever and surprisingly Ranu, who excelled in the once scene she was!

The episode begins where it was left yesterday, in DK's bedroom where DK tells Disha that he is so in love with her and Disha is shown to be not stunned but very surprised (this only proves that Disha was aware of DK's feelings for her, but did not think that he will come out with it so openly) DK who looks slightly drunk and very emotional (and yes, exceedingly hot!) tells Disha,

DK – (Looks quite tipsy, but is not incoherent) Disha, please sirf aaj ki raat yahan ruk jao, mere liye.

Disha – (Looks confused, dazed & awkward) DK, tum hosh mein nahin ho, please mujhe jaane do. (DK has let go of her from his arms but has blocked her way)

DK – (Has this love-stuck expression on his face making him look all the more adorable and cuddly) Disha, I am in love with you, aur mujhe pata hai kit um mujhse nafrat nahin karti. Aaj ki raat mujhe sirf yeh pata karna hai ki kya tum bhi mere liye wahi sochti ho, jo mein tumhare liye mehsoos karta hoon.

Disha – (Now looks really awkward, but at the same time speaks softly with concern for DK) Yeh sach hai ki mein tumse nafrat nahin karti DK, magar yeh bhi sach hai ki mein tumse pyaar nahin karti.

DK – (Is staggered and suddenly looks in control of himself now) Disha, mujhe pata hai ki hamara rishta tum par thopa gaya hai, magar phir bhi itne dino tak tum yaha rahi, itna kuch seh kar. I know that I am a tough man to live with, phir bhi tumnein mere saat itna nibaya, mujh par itna vishwaas kiya. Kya meri soch galat hai, agar mujhe yeh ehsaas hai ki kahin tumhare dil ke kisi kone mein mere liye thodi si jagha hai? (This was such an awwww scene and such a lovely rendition of emotions by DK, completely bowled over!)

Disha – (Looks at DK with great pain and hurt in her eyes and tells him softly) – DK, tum aaj nashe mein ho aur mujhe se keh rahe ko ki tum mujhse pyaar karte ho, kal jab tumhara nasha utar jaayega toh shayad tum mujhe ghar se nikalne ke liye keh doge. Hamare beech jab bhi tanaav hua, tumnein mujhse hamesha yahi kaha ki mein jab chahe is ghar ko chod kar jaa sakti hoon. Tumnein kabhi mujhse yeh kyon nahin kaha, ki nahin Disha, mein tumhein is ghar se kabhi nahin jaane doonga.

DK – (Looks positively heart-broken when he realizes that what Disha is telling is the truth) Magar is baat se mere pyaar par koi faraq nahin padta hai Disha. I still love you, haan mujhe yeh baat realize hone mein bahut waqt lag gaya. Kya tum saare gile shiqve bhula kar ek nayi shooruwat nahin kar sakti ho mere saat, ek nayi zindagi ki.

Disha – (Turns her back towards DK and gets a painful expression on her face as she resolutely tells DK)  DK, mere liye risthey man se bante hai. Aur mera man abhi yeh manne ko tayyar nahin hai jo tum mujhse sunna chahte ho. Aur hamare beech ka rishta hai hi kya. Ek kagaz ke tukde par 6 mahine ke liye hum pati aur patni hai, hamare rishte ki sacchai sirf hum dono ko pata hain DK, phir bhi tum yeh sab keh rahe ho mujhese.

DK – (Tries to convince Disha) Disha agar tum chaho toh yeh 6 mahine ka rishta, is janam ka rishta ban sakta hai. Tumhain sirf ek aur kagaz par sign karne ki zaroorat hain, tumhein phir kabhi is ghar ko chod ke jaane ki zaroorat nahin hogi.

Disha – (Looks at DK with a ''Again you go on the same old track'' type of a defeated look) DK, yeh baat tum kab samajhoge ki rishtey kagaz par nahin, dilon par likhe jaate hain. Tum itne samajdaar ho kar bhi, kabhi rishton ke ehmiyat ko kyon nahin samaj paye. Aaj ek kagaz par sign kar diya, toh hamara rishta poori zindagi ka ho jaayega, kal tum kisi doosre kagaz par mujhse sign karwaoge toh hamare beech ke sab rishte khatam ho jaaenge. Nahin DK, I am not ready for this. Tum nein jo kehna tha who toh tumnein keh diya, magar shayad tumhein khud nahin pata ke tum jo keh rahe ho, uska poora ehsaas bhi hain tumhein yaa nahin (Fantabulous dialogue delivery by Disha and it shows her character so beautifully, Chhavi outdid all her previous performances here!)

DK has now given up and does not know what to say, just plops down on the bed with a defeated, weary expression on his face and tells Disha,

DK – Mein tumpein ko zabardasti nahin karna chahta Disha, agar tum aisa sochti ho, toh phir mein kuch nahin karsakta, sirf is intezzar aur ummed ke, ki shayad kisi din tum mere bare mein who sochogi jo aaj mein tumhare liye sochta hoon (Wonderful dialogues and lovely acting by DK, really felt like hugging him and giving a shoulder for him to cry on)

TRANSLATION – DK tells Disha to just stay back in his room for just one night, for which Disha tells him that he has had a drink too much and that he does not know what he is talking about. DK tells Disha that he is well aware of the fact that Disha does not hate him any longer, all he wants to know this night is that whether she feels the same for him as he does, for which she says that she agrees to the fact that she does not hate him but at the same time she is sure that she is not in love with him. DK tells Disha that even though their relationship was forced on her, Disha has put up with a tough man like DK for so long and maybe in some corner of her heart, she feels some love for DK. Disha tells DK that today he is drunk and not in his senses and telling her that he loves her, tomorrow when he is back to normal he might tell her to get out of his out. Disha says that whenever they have had a fight, DK has always told Disha that she can leave this house anytime she wants to, why has he never exercised his rights and told her that she cannot leave this house ever. Disha says that for her relationships are made by heart and anyway what relationship do they share between them, they are husband and wife for just a period of 6 months. DK replies back that if Disha wants, they can be together forever and that she has to just sign one document for that. Disha replies back that he cannot document relationships if and when he desires to, DK himself is not aware of his true feelings and whatever he is saying to Disha, does he really mean it. DK tells Disha that he cannot force anything on her and neither does he want to, he can only hope and wait that one day Disha will realize that whatever DK has said today was something that he truly and deeply feels for her and that hopefully one day Disha will feel the same for him.

Disha gives a quasi affectionate, quasi confused look at DK and just walks out of the room.

DK is now on his back on the bed and keeps repeating to himself, I love you Disha, I really do! (Poor thing, maybe he should take heart that Disha will also reciprocate in some days….at least she does not hate him anymore!)

Awesome scene, DK and Disha just ignited the scene with their on-screen chemistry, but, for the first time since I started watching TD, I have to say that Disha took-over the scene completely. DK was as usual, excellent in his performance and dialogue delivery, but it was primarily Disha's scene and hence she was more prominent! Disha looked ravishing in the lime green sari and DK was his usual sexy self. I personally felt that this scene in continuation with 1st March's episode was extremely romantic & sexy, but it was not intense! It lacked something, I can't exactly pinpoint, but I did not feel as passionately about this scene as I had felt for some earlier DK-Disha moment. My take on this is, I felt that DK was kind of awkward in the romantic scenes, his forte are the emotional, angry, brooding scenes which he does with such panache and effortlessness. But Disha was amazing with her expressions and dialogues and looked very comfortable in the scene, especially when DK holds her real close in her arms and gets his face near hers (I could swear that Ashish must have been damn embarrassed doing this, it just looked pretty obvious to me!)

In the next scene which was again lovely, Disha is shown lying listlessly on her bed, and the scene where DK had held her in his arms (& what arms, man! Disha must have one hell of a will-power) keeps flashing across her eyes as she tosses and turns to forget what had happened. A beautiful piece of song plays (it was the title song of TD, but the lyrics were appropriate to the situation, I could not get the entire lyrics but the gist of it was – That the relationship that was forced on me, has somewhere tied my heart and I don't feel like breaking it now, is it love?) Disha gets up in frustration as her cell phone rings and she gets a ''Oh, not now please'' look when she realizes that its DK calling . She picks up the phone unwillingly and DK says,

DK – (Looking so rad in a brown full sleeve formal shirt with the hands free on his ear-lobe, smiles gently and speaks to Disha in a quiet, romantic tone) Agar mein tumhein kal jaane se rok leta, toh kyat um mere kahe pe ruk jaati.

Disha – (Gets a sad look on her face and retorts back to DK in slight apathy and anger) Ab in baato se koi faraq nahin padta hai DK, mein ghar chod kar nahin gayi, yehi bahut hai.

DK – (Keeps quite for a while and  then begins saying something but Disha cuts him short)

Disha – (Who is very upset and clearly wants to be left alone) DK, mera baat karne ka koi mood nahin yeh. Mein phone rak rahin hoon. (She disconnect the phone, while DK looks lost and thoughtful himself as he plops himself on the couch and closes his eyes and says, ''I love you Disha, tum mujhe kyo nahin samaj paa rahin ho.'' Gargyole passes by and is shocked at hearing what DK just said and thinks to herself, ''Arre yeh love story kab se shuru hogayi. Jisse pehle Sunny Disha ke pyaar mein Devdas banjaye, kuch karna hoga bete aur bahu ka.'' (Excellent expressions and Gargi adds a lovely comical touch to it, very entertaining!)

Before updating this scene, I have to say that day by day I am becoming a huge fan of Krutika Desai who enacts Gargi, she puts such effervescence and verve in this character, that its just a delight watching her play the kittenish act! Gargi is shown to dabble some glycerine in her eyes as she tells herself that she will wreak havoc in Sunny and Disha's life a little later on, as of now she has to convince a special somebody to help her out and for that she has to get into the emotional mode.

Gargi is shown sitting in someone's room and a male hand is making a drink for her, its Vedant who looks disinterested and disgusted but just puts up with Gargi as she is shown weeping and getting emotional as she tells Vedant that why does he think that Gargi is putting so much effort to harass DK, its because she wants Vedant to have his right and that is a 50% share in the Kanaka Industries which is rightfully Vedant's as he is the legal heir and not DK. Vedant is completely disgusted by Gargi (loved him for this) and tells Gargi that just because she has some personal agenda against DK, she wants Vedant to do fraud against Brother. Gargi makes a bad face as soon as Vedant says this and tells him what brother, is Vedant referring to DK as his brother, the same man who had ruined Parineeta's life. As soon as Gargi says this, Vedant's expression changes from dull and bored to a painful, heart-broken one as Gargi cashes on it and tells him that it was her dream to see Parineeta become the bahu of Sehgal khandaan, but instead she became a victim of DK's dirty game and Vedant had to go away to the US. Vedant closes his eyes and says that he does not want any discussion on this, but Gargi goes on by saying that she is aware of the fact that Vedant loved Parineeta so dearly but DK separated both of them and that its payback time now. As Vedant listens to Gargi with a blank expression on his face, Gargi devilishly tells him that she has no axe to grind with Disha, but both Gargi and Vedant have to get together and make Sumitra and DK pay for all they had done to Gargi and Vedant. (I missed a little bit here, something happened between them here which prompted Vedant to say that, ''Too much Mom, you are just too much.'') It seemed that by the end of this scene, Gargi seems to have convinced Vedant to join hands with her in destroying DK. (Though I am sure Vedant will never do such a thing!)

In the next scene where Ranu's performance was really good and so was surprisingly Inder's, they are both shown sitting in their room (this is after the slap thing) Ranu is majorly upset, when her cell phone rings and its Suhas on the line. Ranu is barely able to speak as she chokes up on her words when Suhas keeps asking her what is wrong with her and has Inder said something to hurt her. Inder looks at her pleadingly and folds his hand (felt so bad for him, poor chap!) and request her quietly to not say anything to Suhas. Ranu cannot control her tears now and pretends that she cannot hear Suhas properly and keeps the phone down abruptly, but Suhas gets a clear indication that Ranu was crying and that definetly things are not working out b/w Inder and Ranu. Suhas goes near Vijendra's portrait and folds her eyes and starts crying copiously and says that she now realizes how big a mistake it was by not letting Inder get married to Disha on top of that forcing Inder to marry Ranu. Suhas says that if Ranu comes to know about Disha and Inder's past, she will be heart-broken and that things will never be the same b/w Disha and Ranu then. Suhas says that why is this misfortune falling on her daughters, neither of them are happy in their marriages and that she fears a calamity might occur shortly. Sukanya hears a snippet of Suhas's self talk and comes and tauntingly asks Suhas what is bothering her so much. Suhas cuts short Sukanya's false sympathy and tells her that she can never understand what Suhas is going through as she is not the mother of a daughter. As Suhas walks away, Sukanya smiles vilely to herself and says that definitely there is a fire raging in the life's of both Disha and Ranu and that she has to find out where it is coming from.

Meanwhile at the Hotel room, Ranu gets up defiantly and tells a hapless Inder in no certain terms that when they get back home, she will no longer stay with Inder but go back to her Mother and that she has no wish to stay in a marriage which holds no hope or future for her. Inder is stunned to hear this and tries to convince Ranu who refuses to hear any more from him. (One word for Ranu, I just love this girl now. Though her character is shown to be childish, she is in no way immature or nave and I feel that she is so much warmer and loving than probably Disha is who is more of a dignified, aloof person. Ranu is someone with whom most of us can identify with!)

In the next scene, Disha is shown sleeping in her room, when a hand comes and touches her. Disha is startled out of her sleep and she turns around, a huge smile spreads on her face when she sees that it is Sumitra who has wheeled herself in Disha's room. Disha gets up and enthusiastically greets Sumitra, when Nurse Meera comes in and tells Disha that Sumitra herself wheeled into Disha's room and then attempts to take her to her room, when Disha stops her and tells Meera that today she will get Sumitra ready. Meera smiles warmly at Disha and leaves the room. Then the scene shows that Disha is dressing up Sumitra very lovingly in a Sari, putting a bindi and ear-rings while simultaneously, Gargi is shown to also deck up in a bright red sari. As Disha is adding some finishing touches to Sumitra who is sitting in her wheelchair facing the Mirror, Gargi comes from behind, Disha does not notice her, and pulls her Sari pallu up and down in a such a way that its shown flowing in air, Sumitra becomes agitated by the colour red and immediately gets violent much to Disha's shock, meanwhile Gargi slips out of the room. Disha shouts for help and Meera comes in hurriedly and tries to pacify Sumitra who is completely hysterical now, DK also comes in (looking OMG really cool, I wonder how he does this to himself in the serial, I don't think he looks all that hot in real life!) and gets equally hyper and shouts at Disha to get Gargi. Disha looks back at DK in hurt and daze and rushes out of the room to get Gargi who is shown combing her hair very deliberately, she has changed into a black sari now. Disha very worriedly tells Gargi that Sumitra has become suddenly hyper and that Gargi has to come and pacify her. Gargi gives an evil smile at Disha and tells her that its only when she is near that Sumitra loses her mental balance and that Disha must be doing something to bother the poor lady. Disha clutches her fists as if mentally resolving not to lose temper and they both go to Sumitra's room, as a weary DK and a concerned Disha look on, Sumitra is pacificed by Gargi, who tells DK that as long as Disha is upto her games, Sumitra can never be well. DK loses his cool with Disha and screams on her asking her why the hell does she go near his Mother when he has told her not to. Disha is taken aback and retorts back that it was Sumitra who came to her room and that she had nothing to do with it. DK tells her that he does not believe her and that she is unnecessarily creating problems for Sumitra. Disha is immensely hurt and moves back from DK who looks equally miserable, Gargi smiles crookedly at Disha as if to convey that she can never win from her. Disha thinks to herself that she has to find out what happens to Mummyji suddenly that one moment she is normal the other she becomes so violent.

Excellent episode once again, ya but nothing in front of the DK holding Disha in his arms!!! But seriously, if DK keeps psyching Disha like this, I don't think there is any chance of her falling in love with the dude….however hot he might look in the Red Sandoz! (Tee Hee on another note, when DK kept repeating ''I love you Disha'', I imagined as if he is addressing me……just joking yaar, don't raise your eyebrows like this!)

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Thanks much, Disha77 for the update, I greatly enjoyed reading & re-reading it with lyrics from the TD title song (I'm partial to the one rendered by Babul Supriyo) wafting in the background on my pc (thx to memsaab & http://www.tumharidisha.us/misc.html). It was well worth the wait, burning the midnight oil here. I wish I could listen to this new audio clip that you mentioned.

Hmm, seems like I can see the river forking and meandering away into another direction ... and more eddies & undercurrents coming along the way.

Guess, it will be many, many more twists, turmoils & episodes before we see the love (if at all ) strengthening in intensity and fervour between the Ds.

Here we are flung in different parts of this globe all fluttering like fire-flies to this forum & the yahoo groups to sip up the TD updates.

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Thanx Disha for such a beautiful update. Thanx for your time.
soapCynic Groupbie

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Lastly, this episode in a strange manner seems to have to a certain extent poured water over the intense flames of curiosity for updates from the next episode that have been burning within me.

I have been making frequent stops here to catch the next update.

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Posted: 03 March 2005 at 12:15am | IP Logged

Thanks so much, Disha! The episode was a let down, in a way, after the previous, intense scene... but from the sounds of it, it was a gentle, acceptable let down. Pretty much what I expected! I am satisfied, and am starting to think that the writers of this show may be trusted with it, after all! LOL! I got many wishes fullfilled- Disha went to DKs room of her own accord- though she is still confused. DK confronted her just enough about her feelings for him- enough to get her thinking seriously about what is going on in her own heart. She stayed true to the image I had of her, and quietly put DK off. He respected her feelings and wasn't an ass about it like some men are... Then we got on with the rest of the show! My, my, my!

Looking forward to the next small climactic tease......


P.S. could anyone with the knowledge and time translate the second batch of Hindi for those of us who still just don't get it??? Big smile

And Disha- your DH wouldn't ever come on this site, would he????Wink

(when DK kept repeating ''I love you Disha'', I imagined as if he is addressing me……just joking yaar)

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My mind wavered after reading the update & got reminded of these lyrics from Mora Saiyan(Khamaj) by Fuzon - a pakistani pop band, main singer Shafqat Amanat Ali does a wonderful job with this. Sharing it with those of you that enjoy good hindi lyrics. Certainly a must hear for those of you that haven't heard it before.


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Eh Dish,

you wrote "when DK kept repeating ''I love you Disha'', I imagined as if he is addressing me……just joking yaar, don't raise your eyebrows like this!"

U bet he was but not DK Winksomeone else and that makes all of us Dead.It crossed my mind too when the dialogues were repeated frequently.Wink

Love Lata

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