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Somewhere Along The Way - ArSh OS

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
This OS is especially for Sabz, she had requested me a long time ago and I finally got time to write and post. Sorry for the delay Sabz!Embarrassed


Somewhere along the way

"Hey baby'missed you" Shilpa went forward and hugged Armaan as he entered the room. His face looked pale and he seemed exhausted.
"Shona'I missed you too" He hugged her tight, burying his face in the crook of her neck. They stood in each other's arms for a while.
"Armaan, are you alright?" Shilpa asked stroking his hair.
"Am having a terrible headache Shona" he mumbled closing his eyes.
"Awww" She pulled back and kissed his forehead "Get fresh, I will get the dinner ready" She smiled placing her hand on his cheek.
"I don't feel like eating Shona" he pouted holding her hand.
"Thora sa toh khalo Armaan and take a pain killer" she kissed his cheeks and went to get the dinner ready. Armaan took a quick relaxing shower and headed downstairs for dinner. He hugged Shilpa from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder as she was preparing the salad. "How was the trip?" Shilpa asked.
"It sucked without you" he said rolling his eyes "Next business trip will be with you, I don't care what people think" he said kissing her neck.
"Armaan tum bhi na" Shilpa laughed and pushed him away. They had their dinner while catching up on things as they don't really get time for each other with their busy schedules. Shilpa told him about her work and how she missed him every day. Armaan ate a little and then Shilpa gave him pain killers so that his headache would go away.
"Come I'll massage your head" Shilpa said shifting Armaan's head in her lap. She massaged his head and then started stroking his hair with utter love and affection. She gasped as he wrapped his hands around her stomach tightly and she wondered if this was a good time to talk to him, but he seemed too tired so she thought to talk in the morning. Armaan soon fell asleep and she stared at him sleeping; he looked like a baby, sleeping so peacefully. She stared at him and realized how she misses being with him every day, she misses spending time with him. Their professional lives were so busy that they didn't get to spend much time together. She wants the old days to be back when they had all the time in the world just for each other. She fell asleep in the sitting position thinking about the old days.
Shilpa woke up hearing her pager beep, there was an emergency at the hospital and so she had to leave. Sometimes she hated her job as she hated leaving Armaan in the middle of the night. And today he wasn't even feeling well. She carefully got out of his grip making sure that he doesn't wake up and quickly got dressed and also wrote a note for Armaan so he doesn't panic. Giving him a kiss on the forehead she left for work.
Not finding Shilpa by his side in the morning, he called out for her thinking she must be in the bathroom, but not getting an answer he got up and looked around, he could still feel the headache. "Where did she go?" he sighed as he saw the note on the side table. He had already guessed that she left for work as he had seen similar notes from her before. He anyway picked up the note and read it.
"Sorry Armaan, I know we had plans for today but I had to leave. My patients need me. I hope you're feeling better'love you loads 'Shilpa
P.S ' There is a good news for you! ;)"
"What about me Shona? I need to you too" he threw the note on the floor and hid his face in his palms. His headache was increasing. Just then his cell phone vibrated and it was Shilpa calling. He was in no mood to talk with her right now so ignored her call and turned off his cell phone. Yes, he was mad at her, because she was never there when he needed her the most.
Taking a shower, Armaan went to the kitchen to get something to eat. He didn't have work today as both of them had plans and so he had taken a day off. But Shilpa as usual ruined all his plans. He made himself a cup of strong coffee and settled down on the table thinking about how their life had changed after they got married. Things were not the same anymore as they were before. They used to make time for each other no matter what, but now they got so busy with their careers that they only see each other at nights. Armaan's chain of thoughts was interrupted by the phone. The phone rang and he lazily got up to answer it.
"Hello?" He answered in his low voice.
"Good morning" It was Shilpa, his brain wanted to hang up on her but his heart wanted to talk with her.
"Morning" he replied weakly.
"Feeling better?" She asked noticing his voice.
"Do you care?" He said rolling his eyes.
"Armaan am sorry" She said closing her eyes in tiredness. She had not slept from past 2 days due to her duty.
"Sorry won't work anymore Shilpa'don't you realize that slowly'we're drifting apart?" he bit his lower lip in fear of losing her.
"I'll get home and talk about this" saying that she disconnected the call.
Shilpa headed home as soon as she got free as they needed to solve this issue before something big, something that shouldn't happen happens. When she reached home, she found him sleeping on the couch. His face still looked pale. She touched his forehead to see if he had any fever and unfortunately he did.
"Armaan'" She caressed arm.
"Hmm, you finally got time for me?" he asked sitting up straight.
"Why are you acting as if it's my fault?" She asked getting tired of his sarcastic comments and questions.
"Because it is your fault'you never have time for me. All you care about is your patients!" he yelled.
"And what about you? Do you ever have time for me? Even you are always busy with your business trips. You leave me for weeks for your business trips but I don't complain do I? Because I know how important work is and plus it was your dream to take your father's business further." She said calmly as she knew yelling will only make things worse. The tears in her eyes threaten to come out.
"You know what I am tired of all this'" He said grabbing his car keys and slamming the door shut before going away.
Shilpa panicked and followed him with her car. It was pouring outside and he was sick. He could get pneumonia if he gets soaked. She had been feeling weak but she had to go get him back.
"Armaan" She yelled before he drove off "Please come inside we can talk it out" She said placing her hand on her stomach feeling sudden pain.
"I need some time alone" He said noticing her hand clutching her stomach. It concerned him a little.
"Ok fine, I'll leave from here but can you go back inside? You shouldn't'.you shouldn't be driving with that headache n fever" She was getting soaked and the pain in her stomach was increasing with every passing minute.
"What happened to you?" He asked concernedly getting out of the car.
"Nothing am fine'tum'tum ander jao" She was even having trouble breathing, the breathing caused more pain. Her voice was trembling as well.
"Come with me" He held her hand and took her inside. He made her lay on the couch "Shilpa?" he patted her cheeks as she closed her eyes. Armaan panicked not getting any response from her "Shilpa get up'" he shook her hard but she still didn't respond.
Armaan immediately called Muskaan, who was Shilpa's best friend and colleague. He had covered her with a blanket as she was soaked. Armaan sat besides her holding her hand whispering sorry till Muskaan came with her husband Rahul.
"What happened to her?" Muskaan rushed towards Shilpa and started checking her.
"She just fainted I don't know what happened" Armaan said moving away as Muskaan was checking her.
"Did she have any pain? Or did she just faint?" Muskaan asked.
"Um she was clutching her stomach before she fainted" Armaan informed.
"Oh god we need to take her to the hospital right away'" Muskaan said worriedly.
"What's wrong Muskaan?" Armaan asked holding her arm.
"I can't say anything right now'lets go"
They rushed her to the hospital immediately. Armaan was stopped outside of the emergency room with Rahul.
"Don't worry she'll be fine'" Rahul said patting his back.
"It's my fault. I was blaming her for everything'She was right, more than her I used to leave her for weeks." Armaan said running his hand through his damp hair.
"I think she just fainted due to fatigue, Muskaan was telling me that she had been in the hospital from past two nights'" Rahul said trying to make him feel better.
"Really? How come she never told me about it?" Armaan sighed and waited to see Shilpa again.
"Maybe she didn't want you to worry about her" Rahul shrugged.
Muskaan came out after a while with her head hanging down.
"Is she okay?" Armaan asked anxiously seeing Muskaan's expressionless face.
"She just had a miscarriage'am sorry" Muskaan mumbled as tears ran down her cheeks.
"She was pregnant??" Armaan was stunned. Shilpa never told him that she was pregnant. He wondered why she never said anything "how many months?" he asked.
"She was 1 month pregnant'" Muskaan informed "You can go see her'she needs you Armaan. And please be strong" she added.
Armaan ran into the room and saw her sobbing on the bed in the hospital gown. He took a deep breath and tried to act strong in front of her. He had his questions but it wasn't the right time to ask her. For now he hugged her tight and let her cry in his arms.
"Am sorry Armaan" She spoke between her sobs.
"It's okay'shhh" He rubbed her back with affection.
They went home after a few hours, Armaan insisted her to take a few days off of work and so she did. Muskaan had given him pills for him to get better as well. He was acting normal in front of her but dying inside as they lost their first baby and the fact that Shilpa hadn't told him about her pregnancy before. He strictly told her to rest and all the cooking was done by him. Shilpa was too quiet and would only talk when Armaan asked her something.
"I'll be home for the next few days as well'" Armaan said and sat beside her on the bed. Not getting any response from her he tried talking about other things but she remained quiet. Then he asked the question which he waited to ask. "Why didn't you tell me about it before?" he asked placing his hand on hers. She looked at him with her teary eyes.
"I was going to tell you'this morning. That's why I had called you but you'" Shilpa started sobbing once again and he calmed her.
"I am sorry I shouldn't have reacted that way'I was just worried about us. I don't want to lose you" He said feeling tears in his own eyes. "But I promise that I won't go on any business trips anymore, I won't leave you alone" he added and kissed her forehead.
"Even I hate it when I have to leave u in the middle of the night and sometimes I feel like I should just leave this job" She mumbled as her sobs subsided.
"No you can't leave your dream job Shona. Am sure we can make things work some other way" he smiled.
"But we lost our baby Armaan'It's my fault I should've been careful" She said resting her head on his shoulder.
"God had given us the baby and now he took it away, maybe because he thinks we should sort out things first? He will give us our baby back soon'don't worry" He caressed her hair lovingly trying to make her understand as if she was a baby herself.
Yes, they regretted losing the baby but they also had new hopes. They enjoyed the days that they had taken off and felt as if the good old days were coming back. Well that's what happened when they made adjustments to their schedules and had more time for each other now. From all this fiasco they learned one thing, that always make time for you loved ones or else there will be misunderstanding and you might end up losing your loved one.
After 3 months Shilpa was pregnant again. Armaan made sure that she doesn't work too much and he used to come home early from work and spend time with her. He would take her on walks and buy her any type of food she wanted, but only if the food was healthy. They even went on a mini vacation in Goa which made their relationship even stronger. Soon they were blessed with an adorable baby boy.

Uh sorry this came out kinda boring.. :/

@Sabz...I will write a better one for you for sure ok...I don't know when but I will! Wink

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great going .
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awwwh that was cute though <3

i really liked it <3
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Very sweet os Smile
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amazing os 
loved it 
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awesome dear
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It was nice.. Smile
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Lovely OS..
It was sweet and emotional as well..
Do write more..Smile

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