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AN ANGEL OF MINE chapter 5 updtd page30 (Page 7)

shivanirajput Goldie

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Posted: 04 October 2011 at 12:43pm | IP Logged

                         CHAPTER 2- CONSOLING      

Pia came out wearing  a  black multicolour little Tee dress .It was a boatneck with scoopback and short sleeves,slim fit with straight skirt                                                                                                                                                                                                    

It was completely matching her troubled state of mind. Misha was waiting for her impatiently outside her room.Finally they left their house after Madhu forcefully make them eat a little bit of breakfast.They were coming at the main gate of their house to fetch their Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Misha finally said "Why mom always loves to torture us with her recipes"

"Come on mish she cooked that Italian cuisine especially for u and instead of showing ur gratiude u r calling it a torture"Pia says suppressing her laugh

Misha replies now irritated"Stop acting like a perfect obedient daughter now becoz u know u r not . Don't  ask me why?"

She continues " Mom knew that we were getting late she was so adamant on feeding us  that Italian or Mesopotanian or whatever dish it was that she didn't even noticed me almost vomiting it out. I guess she is suffering from daughter blindness" looking really concerned now

"What is daughter blindness mish a new disease discovered by our gr8 Dr. Misha Dobrial"Pia says now doubtful

Yes Pia  absolutely correct and the first serious case is reported in our home itself. Mom is mistaking her every daughter as Panchi who will eat every trash thrown at her .Trust me Pia if this will go for some more time dad will sure be bankrupted due to the uncontrollably high food expenses

Mish u r so mean

And finally they both burst into laughter

Misha is so relieved that at least she could lighten her sister's mood a little bit

Pia  is also feeling better now by this time they have reached their car. Then suddenly that cute smile vanished from Pia's face when she saw a blue car coming out of nowhere and stood in front of their main gate .Pia recognized it's Jai's car.

Sensing the seriousness of the situation Misha decided to leave the "lovebirds" alone .She finally broke the strange silence by saying that

Pia u know I guess I will take my bike .Ur car is suffocating me these days .

 With this she went away whispering "Best of luck" in Jai's ears

Jai just gave her a meek smile and move forward to talk to Pia . But Pia ignored him and almost open the car's doors .Suddenly Jai came and grabs her hand Pia simply shrug it off . Jai simply asked now "Where are u going Pia .I know u r heading towards the college. Let me drop u"

Now Pia really got angry " I know where it is .Anyways Jai if u can't see I have a beautiful car and u know what I m pretty good at driving .I will rather prefer my own company today"She says frowning

Jai is completely taken aback he could just ask "Why r u behaving so rudely Pia"

Now Pia couldn't hold anymore  she just burst out "U r asking this from me Jai after what u did last night and look at u ,u didn't even apologized to me for once"

Now he also get angry"because I m not feeling guilty for what I did. You know I love u a lot ." he said holding her shoulders now in a high pitch."And I can't see u with anyone else  especially that jerk Abhay Raichand who I know fancy u a lot. And u kissed him last night damnit in front of everyone, what do u expect me to do clap for u guys"his eyes turning red now

Pia is really out of control now she removed his hands from her shoulders and hissed "What do u mean ha if u have  forgotten that jerk is dating ur little sis with ur full permission whom u loved so much that u have entrapped her for many years inside ur house and what did I do did I smooched him passionately on his lips"

Jai could not believe his ears .His sweet Pia is spilling venom right now he could just shout like a wounded  lion (or u should say wolf)


Pia remain unmoved by his voice "What Pia ha, u behaved like a possessive useless boyfriend last night who is so insecure about his gf and his so called love that he can't see a difference between a game and reality . You don't own me Jai. You know what Jai I don't want to talk to u at least not right now  otherwise I will definitely utter something that will hurt u big time. Its better u leave we will talk about it later."

Jai was in complete shock now he never expected Pia to behave like this over a small issue he could just meekly utter"You have already hurt me a lot Pia"

He was so hurt that he left without uttering any single word. True he was damn angry and frustrated. Nobody has dared to talk to him like this if instead of Pia anyone else would have been there he sure would have snapped his neck off . It was his love(or obsession)for Pia that help him control his rage. He thought rightly that he should not mess with Pia right now otherwise situation will be worsened and he won't be able to get her back.He was really pissed off at Abhay now. That moron always comes in between him and Pia even now when Abhay is with his own sister. Abhay is now really getting onto his nerves.

On the other hand Pia is really feeling guilty for shouting at Jai for nothing because this anger was meant for Abhay, but she totally poured  out that frustration which was bottled up for quite a while now on Jai. She finally sat in the car but gosh her bad luck it didn't start."This is the last thing I want .Dad is not home even driver is with him and also the other car.Now I have to walk hopefully I will get a lift from someone"she fondly thought
She walked for almost five minutes thinking all through about Abhay. Now a days its like a custom for her.Her thoughts are all revolving around her super sexy vampire boyfriend who is her enemy in front of the world . He is getting under her skin these days because of the fake relationship he is flaunting with Alina who is her fake boyfriend's sister wow what a lovestory. Will her dream of getting a happy romantic life with Abhay ever come true .She feared to lose him to an extent that is mind boggling .What if he really falls for Alina.She can't even stand this thought. Although she trust their eternal love but a sort  of insecurity is engulfing her may be because of the distance he is keeping from her and the trouble they have to went through to get each other back.

She was deep into her thoughts when a black Mercedes stopped nearby,  window opened and she could see those hypnotizing blue eyes piercing through her soul .She can easily drown in them when suddenly she spotted Alina sitting next to Abhay holding his hand almost clinging onto him.This has really acted as oxygen in the fire burning inside her .Its not worth making a scene here so she ignored him and started to move

So Abhay just politely asked in his sexy voice "Pia u r going to college na .Comeon hop in"

"Thanks Mr. Raichand I guess I will walk .I don't want to ruin ur private moments"she says sarcastically

Now Abhay had no choice but to come out finally getting rid of Alina's hands which were attached to him maybe with a fevicol since they have left her home. She is really infuriating the hell out of him

He know  pretty well how to deal with Pia "Its not safe Pia .I m not taking a no for an answer now get in before I have to manhandle u in here"

Suddenly Alina popped in "Comeon Pia see Abhay is asking so politely how can u refuse him" she says giving those dreamy goo goo eyes to Abhay which makes Pia want to puke right there .

"Fine I wouldn't want ur grubby hands on me anyways"Pia added giving a hint of her utter disappointment

She went and sits at the back sit without even uttering a single word

Abhay was left heartbroken. Its like he was riding out a storm internally burning waiting to erupt like a volcano no longer dormant. He didn't know what to do with himself he was that annoyed. He finally somehow managed to cool off himself, went back  and drive the car to the college

The whole 10 minute ride was all silent from Abhay and Pia 's side with only Alina blabbering out things about her new bf keep on saying how lucky she is to have Abhay .This is really breaking all  barriers of Pia's patience    

Abhay and co finally reached the college. He is just parking the car in the parking area when ruhi came searching for alina."Hey Alina u r looking so fresh and happy  today oh Pia u r also with them"

"Ya my car broke down so I decided  to take lift from them"

"Abhay is so sweet na .He is always ready to help his friends."Alina says  pulling his cheeks which has really taken by surprise by both Abhay and Pia .

"Come Alina give ur bf some space I need to show u something" with this Ruhi drag Alina with her leaving Abhay and Pia all alone in the parking lot.

Pia began moving .Abhay  thought it's the right time .He take her arm and make her stand close and said "What's happening Pia why r u behaving like someone has exploded nuclear bomb right over ur head."

"Wow Abhay u think all this is  funny fine take it as u want to and go to hell. Now can I go ? Happy attending college and goofing around with Alina."

Abhay grabs her arm and turn her round to face him. Pia looks very upset and shakes off his sexy hand from her delicate wrist.Pia gives him deadly looks now.

Pia (bratty)-Whoa u never fell short of guts do u? How many girls have hung around ur neck in these 100 years of urs.  Alina was all over u since last night  and now what do u expect me to do To be happy for both of u and celebrate. She says fully hyped now.

Abhay (playfully)-Why don't u admit that u were jealous .You are acting irrational and abnormal all of a sudden becoz u didn't like seeing me with Alina. Admit it jealousy envy

Pia now shouts her heart out "Yes i  m jealous envied insecure so what. What do u want from me Mr Raichand . Yes I fear that I will lose u again and this time I won't be able to survive even if u will erase my memeory again. Go go away to that gf of urs and don't talk to me ever .Don't play these games Abhay it really breaks my heart out" some tears are sparkling down her eyes now.

Abhay( cornering her to a wall now as he has sensed someone coming in their direction) ( looking deeply into her eyes which always make her go week on her knees)  "Trust me Pia u r the only woman in my life .I love u like nobody has ever loved anyone. Please don't hurt urself by letting those useless thoughts inside ur head. I m only urs .I can't see u in pain.

With this Pia again starts moving away from him. Abhay pulls Pia back to him  and holding her by the back of her head, drawing her closer to his breath, he presses his lips to her .The familiar current running through her every cell, Pia closes her eyes and putting her arms around him, just let go of all the restrain in her. Embracing Abhay as though never to let go , her arms tightened around his neck ,Pia kisses Abhay back as he almost suffocates her with his possessive and passionate hug. Pia feels the oneness with Abhay as though it has come after an entire lifetime. The familiar scent of his breath , his protective arm around her  as though shielding her  from all cold winds ,his tender on her mouth  telling her just why she can never get Abhay out of her . Abhay let go of her mouth and looks at her face with the most tender expressions on his rigid sharp handsome face

Don't kill me Abhay with ur love .Do something that can release me from this torrid yearning that I feel everytime I look at u( burst into tears)

Pia breaks down as she folds her arms in front of Abhay ,pleading him . Abhay is so moved and disturbed by her condition that he pulls her  into his arms and engulf her into a comforting hug.

Pia put her arm around his neck burying her face Abhay holds her shivering body close and kisses her hairs in a calming manner rocking her like a baby so that she can stop crying.

Abhay is now feeling her pain says "shh stop crying  okay'.fine' now look at me( distances her a little bit and wipes her tears from her blush pink face and looks into her bloodshot eyes) I m so sorry pia the last thing in this world I want is to hurt u its all my fault but trust me Pia I m bound by the duty towards my clan I m their leader and I can't turn my back towards my responsibilities. I can't explain everything to u but u should know that Alina has something which is required by my clan and just because of this I have to be with her. U don't have to be insecure about our relation Have faith in our love"he says almost pleading now

Pia is dumbfounded now "ok I won't ask u any more questions but just tell me one thing what will u do when Alina will come to know the truth she really loves u and she will be completely heartbroken then. Same applies to Jai as well .We can't just keep on faking our relationships .It will going to hurt all of us"

Abhay could only reply now "I know Pia what u r saying is absolutely correct but somethings are really necessary I promise u all this will end pretty soon. Moreover this time if I will defy my dad he will sure going to kick me out of his house and I will be rendered homeless I hope u don't want ur bf to spent his nights on the street"he now tries to lighten the mood

Pia giggled a bit "Don't worry Abhay I will ask dad to keep u in our house.  By the way, he is looking for a bodyguard for me these days and I know u r perfect at this job" she says raising her eyebrows

"Ya sure I would love that but only on one condition that he will allow me to stay with u in in ur room even during night" he says winking at her with a hint of playfulness in his eye

Pia blushed scarlet red now "Abhay u r just too  much "she says unable to look directly into his eyes

"By the way we should move now before ur fake bf will send a search party for us"

And they both move out of the parking lot feeling much better now having a hope of good future with each other sparkling in their eyes



Here I end chapter two. I wanted to write more but I m very bad at typing so couldn't. I wanted to introduce that new character in this update only but anyways I will do it maybe tomorrow .I m very eager that will be the turning point of the story .These two updates were totally to show the inner turmoil of  Abhiya I hope I have done justice to their character now please hit the like button and give me some big comments. Don't hesitate to point out my mistakes I would welcome any type of comment

Have a gr8 day




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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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wow yaar awesome update.I love the way u expressed Abhiya's inner turmoil.They both luv each other & wnt 2 spent their entire life but destiny always play a joke on thm.I hope soon Abhay tell truth 2 Alina & v can c happy AbhiyaEmbarrassed

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--Siva-- IF-Rockerz

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Hey Shivani.. Nice update.. It not long though but not short even!!.. I really loved it.. The way you conveyed Pia's feelings.. I felt the same while i watched the show.. Finally Abhiya had a moment there.. Embarrassed
I liked the way u narrated about Alina.. Her dreamy eyes, Fevicol..LOL

Pm me dear while you update next!! And eager to know the new character and the twist.. Please update soon!!

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shivanirajput Goldie

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Originally posted by pallavi_bs

hi dear i really liked ur starting pls do continue

thanks a lot
shivanirajput Goldie

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Originally posted by missglam

do continue!!
Plz pm me

thanks i will sure pm u
shivanirajput Goldie

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Originally posted by Sivaranjani

Hi Shivani!! Your FF has really a nice start.. But why did it became a dream sequence.. I wanted it in realEmbarrassed. No evil vamps.. so sweet!!
Please add me to your PM list..

the dream will soon be  real that too splendidly
thanks for ur sweet comment
i will sure pm u

-Sonia- IF-Dazzler

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awesome update. .
Even abhiya fight was superb. .ufff it was so romantic...
Piya ne to jeh ki class leli . . Aur bohat jaldi FEVICOL waale Alina ko sponsor karne waale hai . .
Abhiya- laila ko manao scene was full tu dhamaka. . Loved it.
Eagerly waiting 4 next update
thanx 4 d pm
continue soon .. Tc

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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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comment updated

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