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Monday,  October 3rd

NO TELECAST .. as today there was a 2 hr special episode of K5..
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Tuesday, October 4th Episode 124
What an episode...superb...
Update & pictures by atina  

Prabu is in Abi's office with Revathy. After chasing everyone who were having a meeting with Abi..Prabu screams at Abirami,"Ivalai yaarunnu ninaiche..? Revathy yaaru?  My wife...who are you to tell that she should not give food to me...? are you breaking my rules...?nee yaaru...if you tell anything to my friend..konnuduven,,," 
 Abi is scared and shocked," dei nan unnoda ammaa daa" Prabu shouts again," no...nee en ammaa illeh...bad...very bad...Revathy nee summa iru..unalkku theriyaathu...she is not my mother"
Revathy pleads him ," vaanga veettukku polaam" Prabu still shouting," bad very bad...Revathy only should do everything for me...if you try to stop that I will kill you" Prabu holds Abi's neck and shakes..
.Revaathy raises her voice and stops him telling," Please Prabu...beleive me...there is no connecttion with her in this matter at all...neenga ponga...ingirunthu" Prabu leaves.
 Revathy," atheh...I have no idea how he came here nu" Here goes Abi," are using Prabu to take revnge on me illeh...marakka maatten..." Suddenlu Prabu comes in and takes Revathy with him telling," nee vaa...why do you want to talk to her"
Prabu and Revathy are standong in a temple ..Prabu refuses to come home with Reavthy. Revathy pleads him but he tells," Revathy can we go to Shanmugaraj Uncle's house?...everyone there is so good..." Revathy replies," we will go there but not now..someother time..let us go home now" Prabu finally agrees on a condiion that she should not leave him and go anywhere...and he will not talk to that Rakshashi..( ABi)vRevathy stops him and tells,," appadiyellam pesakoodaathu...ok I will not go anywhere but you must fight ith anyone sariyaa"
They both rech she ssteps in..another surprise awaits her. Her athai and Jothi are sitting in the hall. Revathy gets worried seeing them as the timing is so bad...she wants to know why they are here...Nirupama comes telling," naanthaan avangalai varasonnen" Revathy is shcoked to hear this..Nirupama comes to Dhanam and asks," yenna are staring at them like this...? aunty...shall I get you some tea or coffee? Revathy nee pesikittu iru ...I will get ome coffee for them" 
 Prabu sits with them...after the formal talks..Revathy asks why they are there thideernu...Dhanam smiles and tells," we wanted to call you both for I called here and Nirupama told that you both have gone to the office...and she only asked us to come as you would be back soon nu" Revathy sighs out of relief...Dhanam asks," yenna Revathy neengalum office kku poreengala?" Prabu's face chages...Revathy looks worried and Nirupama comes there with coffee and serves them," sollu Revatheee why you both went to the office nu...sari naane sollren... there was a borad of directors they both also went...illeh Revathee?" Jothi gets so irritated hearing her...Revathy quickly sends Prabu to his room to take some rest. Prabu tells Danam and Jothi and goes from there.
Niru continues," Aunty please have lunch  with Abi aunty...she will be back soon...avanga ungalai paarthaa romba santhosha paduvaanga, she has so much to talk to you aunty...illeh Reavtheee?" Danam tells," that case you go and help in the kitchen amma" Nirupama quickly tells," ayo vendaam ...Abirami aunty has told Revathy not to do any work in this work...illeh Revathee?" Revathy is so irritated and worried..Jothi too...Danam is happy that Abi is treating Revathy as her own daughter...Niru goes inside and Revathy takes Jothi and come to her room. Abi is on her way home...she goes on thinking about everything...and looks worried and confused...
Revathy pleads Jothi to take her mom soon and go away from there...Jothi asks why...Revathy tells that there is no time to talk...," you go with athai...I will call you and tell" But Jothi refuses and asks ," Revathy yenna nadakkuthu inge?" Revathy had no option but telling everything to Jothi. Jothi is so furious and tells," you come down...let us go and tell this to amma and let her explain everything to Abirami aunty...and chase Nirupama from here" But Revathy stops her telling," Jothi why do you want to kill maama ..athai's happiness like this...? they both are so happy thinkoing that my life is super good nu...please Jothi do not do this to me...moreover you have promised me not to reveal this to anyone...remember?" Jothi feels so helpless and tells," ok for now I will not open my  nouth...but not always..mind it" They both come down...Jothi tells Danam," amma let us go amma...I have some work in the computer centre...come amm" Danam tells," if you do not go just one day to the computer centre nothing will happen...let us sit and talk..." Revthy and Jothi are so tensed...Revathy keeps looking at the door...Nirupa enjoys seeing this tension in Revathy. Here comes Abirami.
Danam smiles at her and tells her the reason of her coming there and asks, so you dont mind right?" Abi replies," do as per your wish...ok?" SHe simply goes inside. Danam asks why Abi looks tensed...Nirupama replies," aunty...Abirami aunty kku offie tension that is why...she will be alright soon...illeh Reavtheee" Danam and Jothi say bye and leave from there. As soon they left...Nirupama asks Revathy," yei...unakku neram nallaa irukkudee...intha thadavai thapichukitteh" Revathy simply ignores and goes upstairs.
Revathy goes to see Abi..."thanks atheh for not telling anything to athai..." Abi is so angry and tells," aamaa...nee senjathu ellaarkitteyum sollikara maathiri nalla kariyam paaru...I keep up my decency but look at behave so are planning not to leave this house...and you are using Prabu as your Trump Card illeh?" Revathy tells," Athe you see everything with a wrong eyes...what you see is not true atheh" Abi screams," Do not tell the same thing again and again...po velliye and be prepared to leave this house too" Revathy simply walks out of the room with a sad face...
Nirupama is in a restaurant having dinner with her parents...she is worried that her plans may not work the way she wanted. She tells," ayo  you are going to die very soon...did I bring you here just to enjoy like this...I am scared that our plans will not work nu" Her dad is worried and tells," ennamma ippadi sollareh...all this time whatever we planned did not work very what to do?"
Niru tells,"Soon my marriage should take have to make Abi to tell that the marriage will take place soon nu...I have a plan for this" Then she explains to her parents...(muted dialogue)
Abi and Uma are ghoing to see a Joseeyar...Uma asks what is the necesity now to see a josiyar...Abi replies," Nirupama's parents want to see jathaga porutham ...after that days fire accident they both re so worried about it...I dont blame them after all they are ponnoda parents illiyaa let us go and the josiyar" Uma asks," what if the josiyar tells that...jodi porutham sari illainu?" Abi is shocked to this time the car reaches ...the josiyar's place...Niru's parents are there too...all of them sit in the pooja room with the josiyar...who goes conuting his fingers and finally tells," both jathagam beshaa set aayirukku my surprise all the pathu poruthamum porunthi irukku paarungo..." Abi and others are happy to hear this...then he asked whether there was ny fire accidents at home...and then he tells," in this case...their marriage shgoukld take place in the very next available mohurtham...then only thge couple will be happy..." he tells the next muhurtha day is coming just after fice days. Everyobe agrees to this and leaves. Josiyar takes the currency given to him and starts counting...
Revathy comes to his mama's house with her maamanaar VD. VD asks Danam for SR...Danam tells that he has gone to the library...VD requests Danam to ask SR to come there. Arunachalam, Jothi and Sangeetha come to greet VD and Revathy. Jothi and Revathy come to the room..Danam calls SR and tells that VD has come home and he is waiting for him, SR goes to his boss and gets permission and starts from there.  Jothi is so wrried about Reavathy and once again she requests Reavathy to tell the truth to her parents...but again Revathy refuses," If maamaa comes to know that atheh  suspects me like this nu...then axar manushanaaveh irukka maattaar...he will go and fight with atheh...then I will lose the chance of living with please let us wait for some more time...kadavul oru vazhi kaamippaar...all you need to do right now is...see that no one from here will attend that then if I can not prove my innocense,,...then on that wedding day I have to leave that house...thgen maama will come to know that abirami atheh suspected me nu...if he is present do something and stop them from attending the wedding"
SR reaches home and greets VD...VD gives the nmarriage invitation to SR and asks sorry for not bringing she is help up in the office with some important work. SR prmoises that he will attenbd the wedding with  everyone in the family. Sangeetha suddenly smiles and asks," maamaa neenga Revathy kitteh innum kekka vendiyathai kekkalai...?" Everyone is confused while Revathy and Jothi are worried...Sangeetha tells," Revathy innum oru nalla news um sollalaiyeh?" Danm asks," ithu enna kelvi maa...even you are married for the last four years...have you told that good news yet...?" VD takes leave...everyone comes out to send them.. VD tells ," Revathy can you drop me and then go home?as it is already late to the office" Revathy tells," illa can take the car and go I will go home by auto" VD leaves...Arunachalam gets an auto..Revathy leaves.
Auto is on the road...taking Reavthy a crowded street suddenly a man falls right infont of the auto...Auto driver stops and Revathy gets down...she is scared to see that man is bleeding heavily from his head. The driver tells,," vaangamma polam...why should we take trouble to stand here like this" But Revathy refuses to leave and asks others help to admit him in a hospital. She goes to that hospital signs the papers Abi's house address and phone number too before she leaves..
Revathy and Prabu are in their room..Prabu is very happy plying the mouth organ...Revathy is in some deep thoughts..Prabu asks what she is thinking...Revathy replies," Ungalai pathi thaan I am thinking...why are not going out of this room? why should you be always here in the should go mout and mix with every one...You should not be afraid of anything and should start living for should do what you like..." am scared...if you are with me...I can do all that
 If I am not with you...suppose if I die then what will you do?
naanum sethuduven... what are you to me...? are my you know a wife will always want her husband to be an independent to do be like that ...
you are no more a should behave like a man...without expecting me to do stuff for should start doing everything on your should do all the work...can you do all this?
mmm...mmm I will try... Ok...then it is a chaallenge for you...from today fourth dday I will go awy...and I will not be around you at all...for five days I want you to be on your should not think about me and ask for me...I want everyone tell" wow Prabu kku ivlo maatramaa nu"  until then I will not come in front of you... sollunga...will you take this challenge...
 I like you so I will face this challenge
Nirupama and Karthik are having some Nalungu ceremony...Uma is doing Nalungu...Abi murachufies Revathy...Uma comes to Revathy and asks her to do Nalungu for Nirupama. KM comes there and takes Uma with him inside. Revathy comes forward near Nirupama while Niru burns Revathy with her dirty looks..along with her parents looks...Abi pushes Revathy and does Nalungu for Niru...
Abi comes to her room...Revathy enters her room and tells that she wants to talk to her. Abi," you have lost that right long time back...if you do not get out..then I will" Revathy blocks her with her arm and tells," I will not let you go with out hearing what I have to tell are hurting me always...without any reason" Abi replies," Even I am hurt ...if you tell repeatedly that you are nallava..nallava think I will believe not act anymore..." Atheh..." why did you get me married to Prabu...? seeing my good character right...the same ozhukamaana Revathy thaan naan only do not understand...what is going around you...nambunga...unga anthasthu and perai kedukka oru periya sathiyeh nadanthu kittu irukku...for that they are using me.." Abi Shouts," Sabash nalla nadikareh nee...neethaan using my son to get back your marriaed life..and to be in this house...innum ore oru naal...get ready to go will lose the status as a marumagal of this family you get out and get post" Revathy cries and leaves,,,,, 
Nirupama is waiting near the Revathy climbs down...she muruchufies at her...," ayo paavam...what Revathy? did you fall on that ladys feet...ayo theryaama senjutten mannichirungannu kenjiniye...but antha pombilai will not listen to you at all...because that manthiram I put on her is like that...this like appochi in her intha poochi will go on kodanchufy her always...aamaa...have you paked your petty padukkai...? only one more day is there can do nothing...because as per Abirami...nee innoru than kitte thodarbu vachu kittu irukara..." Revathy can not take this anymore...she swings her hand across Nirupama's face...but Karthik comes there and stops it. Karthik tells," This is too much...may be our closeness i bothering you...but you knew about Prabu even before marriage right...? do not repeat this please" Revathy stands there and cries helplessly.
Danam is discussing with SR about their wedding present for KArethik's wedding. Danam goes on talking about this...but SR tells," look Danam...people in that house...will never espect anything from us..." Danam tells," atleast we should put a gold ring for Karthik...we should tell Prabu to give it to that Revathy will feel happy too" Sr agrees to this and tells that he will get money from someone next morning.
Prabu is ready to go to the kalyana mandapam...Uma shouts from outside...Revathy come soon only we four are here all the others have gone to the mandapam already come...Revathy and Prabu come out of the room Prabu asks Reva," why didn't you change yet...?" Revathy tells," orabu you go first with periamma I will come latter..." "no no neeyum vaa...we will go togehter..." Revathy reminds him about the challenge and sends him alone.
Prabu comes down with Revathy ...Revathy tells," neenga ponga atheh I will come later" But Km tells that how can Prabu come leaving Revathy...Prabu stops him and tells happily," is ok I can come with you alone without revathy...nalla jollyaa pesikitte polam..."  K M and Uma re happy to see thsi changed Prabu...he tells," romba Sanhtoshamaa have talked to me like this" Prabu tells," inimel...I will talk like this only okay vaa...?"
After they leave...Revathy goes to her room and recollects every good moments spent with Prabu and also bad moments she faced with Abi...She goes to the pooja rrom and tells," I trusted you but At last nee ennai kai vittute illeh?" Telephone rings...that call is from the hospital and they tell that the man she got admitted ran away without telling ytou please come here immediately...First Revathy refuses to come then she agrees and goes...
In SR's house everyone is getting ready to go for the wedding...Sr calls Danam," I will go and get a gold ring for Karthik and all be soon as I come back we will leave...okay vaa?" He leaves...Hearing this Jothy is worried and as she wants to stop them going for that wedding...suddenly she notices an acid bottle kept there...she quickly pours that on her leg...and start much commotion and SR is called...even before he bought the ring...
Revathy reaches the hospital by an auto...and paid the bills and before she leaves they hand over that man's wallet...Revathy gets and opens it the picture made her speechless...quickly she long ago he lkeft...they said" half an hour" immediately she comes down and jumps into that auto and stops everywhere showing the picture she asks about that man...but she get all begative answers only..., the Kalyana mandapam everything is all set for the wedding...Nirupama is sitting happily in the manvarai with Karthik...ayer tells the manthrams...and he gives the muhurtha pudavai and asks the ladies to get the manamagal ready in that pudavai...
Here Revathy is still going around...the auto driver gets irritated and tells," amma plese cut and send me...I have to go...who are you looking you have any picture or address or anything at all" Revathy shows that picture to him and he shouts," amma naanthaan sent him to a nearby hotel here..." Revathy is happy to hear this...and jumps into the auto...
 Revathy meets that soon he comes there she introduces herself and he thanks her and tries to go away...but Reavthy stops him and shows the picture in his wallet and asks about Nirupama...That man's eyes popped out and asks whether she knows her...then he starts telling something ( muted dialogue) and Revathy also tells what happened to her due to Nirupama...( also muted)
In the kalyana mandapam...Niru's dad and Diva are discussing about their fortune..Uma comes there and Niru;s dad tells," it takes so much time for the bride to come in muhurtha pudavai ponga poi bring her soon" Here comes Revathy..."aunty one minute...give me your phone" She calls VD and tells," Uncle I am revathy can you please bring all of our family members to the first floor ecept Prabu" Niru's dad and Diva thiru thiru muzhi...Uma ," there is no time amma...we mush bring Nirupama to the manavarai as it is nearing the muhurtha time amma" Revathy stares at Niru's dad and tells," avalukku kalyana muhurtham illeh...dur muhurtham...naan vachu irruken" Niru's dad asks," ennamma pechu oru mathiriyaa irukku" Uma also asks the same...Revathy again," Aunty ivanaiyum...ivan pethaneh antha Nirupamaa...avalaiyum kaiyaleh adikka koodaathu...SSs" By then everyone arribves there and Abi screams," Revathy that is it...ini mel nee intha veettukku thevai illai...nee unnoda mattamaana buthiyai vachu kittu naadagam pottutu irikkiyaa...po veliyeh" SHe pushes Reva hard...and Revathy was about to fall but KM holds her...VD scold Abi," why do you behave like a saathaan" Abi shouts," ivathan Saathaan...if you all know about her you will seruppala adichu ivalai thorathuveenga" Revathy screams," A...b...i...raa...meee"  Abi shouts," Pallai udachuduven...calling me name?" Revathy replies," udaikalam...first get to knwo every body and everything then you can break my teeth" Prakash calls KArthik to come to the first floor...Karthik removes the garland and stands up...seeing this Nirupama also follows him with her mother.
Revathy starts," itho irukkaleh intha arumai Nirupama...after knowing her fully you can talk about me..." Nirupama and Karthik shouts at Revathy and Revathy asks Karthik to be quiet for some time."
Abirami you think all this I was porumaiyaa irunthen nu...illeh naan poruthu kittu irunthen...beacause I did not have enough evidence...but now I have...iva Selvi Nirupama illeh...Thirumathi Nirupama...and a fraud...She came into this fa mily to swindle the sothu and panam..." Abi gets angry and shouts at Revathy...but Reavthy stops her," were so blind all this let me bring everything to the light..." Nirupama shouts...unnai konnuduven...reva tells," after knowing the truth..everyone will kill you...Sanjay Sir..."
Here comes Sanjay...the hospital/accident man...Nirupama's team oreh thiru thiru...Revthy tells," sollunga sir...iva yaaru enna nu sollunga Sir..." Niru oreh bayam...Sanjy opens his mouth,": ippo her name Nirupama? but efore this her name was malini..." Nirupama shouts," Mr you have mistaken me for someone" Sanjay shouts," Seruppu pinjurum...I have been looking for you all these...enna veshan [pottu intha appavi kudumbathaiyum cheating?" Abi asks," what is and Revathy together putting dramaa?" Sanjay tells," madam please wait...I will let you all know who is putting drama nu...yei solludee...dont you know me...?"
Yaar nee...?
Ennai theiryaathu? Palaar...he slaps her...yenna azhaga nee nadichedee...engitteh take my made me feel that you love me so much...but after the marriage when I lost all my ran away to London and now this drama here?
Niru's dad tells," Who is this...this fellow is a the ppolice..."adi yo adi sema adi he also gets from Sanjay and Sanjay asks Prakash to call the police immediately...we will know who are frauds...and Prakash calls...the police...Niru's mom now shouts but Sanjay puts her down and turns to Niru one more slap...and again he was about to slap...but Karthik stops him.
Oh neenga thaan Mr Karthik...?valikuthaa avalai adichaa...yes valikkum...becasue you love her sincerely as I are very lucky before bad things happened you are saved...let me get the truth out of her...yei solludee...sollu...he holds her neck and asks..seeing this Niru's mom gets scared and shouts..."naan sollren ellau unmaiyum naan sollaren" Hearing this everyone is shocked...
No...I want to hear the truth from her mouth...solludeee...Sollren...aamaa...ivar sollarathu ellam unmai...I pretended that I lvoed him and my parents were with me...after marrying him I thought of divorcing him..but...just after the wedding day...the business he was having ran into lose...
Tell them how did you get rid of me nu?
If we run away without telling him..he might look for us nu nenaichuttu...we planned some other way...We took him to him drunk...then we made a drama to look like some people came and took me maathiri...
The rest I will tell...I went to the police to seek help to find her...but when I went to police..I came to know that she is such a fraud and she has been doing this to many others too..everyone is shcoked...
Now you tell you made everyone to beleive that Revathy is a bad person nu...
Revathy thappanavathaan...
yei konnuduven...solludi unmaiyai...
Sollren...Revathy's presence in that house was such a disturbance to I wanted to get rid of her class mate Ashkum ivalukkum wrong thodarbu irukkunu Abiraamiyai namba vachen...
Karthik is so upset to hear all this...he comes to Niru and asks,"if you wanted my could have just asked me...I would have given...but in the name of cheated like this..."
Illeh Karthik I really loved y...
palaar...KArthik's hand is on her face...Niru murachufies Karthik...The police comes there and the inspector looking at Niru tells," Ithu inge irukkaa? I have looking for this everywhere...ada chee vaa"
Revathy stops Niru and tells," I really want to slap you...but athu veri naayai adikara maathiri ...Niru, Parents and Diva ellarum taken by the police...Sanjay looks at Revathy and Revathy thanks him with her eys and ith ker vanakkam hands...Sanjay also leaves from there.
Revathy looks at Abi and tells," IN Raamaayanam...Raman suspected Seethai but the mother of Raman...Kausalai..never did that...everytime time you suspected me...I can not prove myself by thee kulichu...vendaam...I do not want this life...I do not want to live in this house...for the next five days Prabu will never look for me or ask for me...within this period if you can change him as your it...otherwise if he comes to me as my husband..then I am ready to  live with him...Thank you for everything...
Vasu Devan stops her and turns to Abi and tells," You should fall at her feet and ask manippo to Revathy" Revathy tells," Vendaa Uncle...sorry ...vendaa now she must have realised who I am...appo she thought that I am a thappaanavannu...appave ennoda manasu broke into pieces...we both can not live in the same house any more...I will not be able to look at her and smile as before...I want to be happy...atleast for my maama and athai...who love me so much...I am not orphan...enakkum kudumbam irukku..." telling this she leaves from there with her vanakkam hands...Abi stands there shocked...and stunned...
Everyone stares at her...and leaves one by one...leaving Abi alone there...
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Wednesday, October 5th
No serials today as Vijayadasami progs are going on...
note from atina
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Thursday, October 6th
Today also no serials...
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Friday, October 7th
I was looking for the video in all sites...but nothing is there...finally I called my sister in law in India...and asked her..whether there was any show today...guess what??? the answewr was " yes they showed the same two hour episode..." ayo...kadavuleh...thaangallai we all have to wait until monday...

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2 hour long episode on tuesday !!! Shocked

maybe only 1 without advertisementsLOL
Can Nirupama's poddu be bigger ?LOL

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I had been doing the whole day pictures and update for this serial...soooper episode...but I did not like the way Nirupama tells the whole thing without any guilt on her face...avasara avasar maa niru characterukku...full stop vacha maathiri irunthathu...
Whatever it is...super fast episode...I was watching sitting at the edge of the seat...

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Fantastic Update,keep going my friend.

And wonderful episode

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Thanks for the excellent update Gayathri. I watched it fully and really liked the last bit - about Kausalya not suspecting Seetha - Good decision Revathy - ok, now the PirivOm part is over - SanthippOm starts???

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Thanks Atina for taking full effort in doing an excellent update with pictures for the Maha episode! Thumbs Up


2 hours just went so fast! Loved the ending specially! Excellent decision by RevathyClapClap!

Sad for Prabhu. I think this 5 day seperation from Revathy should change him and he should go back to Revathy.
Let see how Abirami repents to Revathy and realise the changes in Prabhu is due to RevathyDay Dreaming.

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Originally posted by rojapooo

Thanks for the excellent update Gayathri. I watched it fully and really liked the last bit - about Kausalya not suspecting Seetha - Good decision Revathy - ok, now the PirivOm part is over - SanthippOm starts???
yenna maddie...golu vukku poga time aayduthaa...???? update was done by me amma...for about 8 hours...I was doing...
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Thanks Atina for the lovely update. Cant wait for the Karthik/Jyothi love story to start. Didnt like karthik in the begininng, but yesterday he was looking pretty smart! I hope they show a nice & cute story.

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