Vasant ki nahi, Meri hai!! Epi # 28

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Mein aa gaiOuch
and I put in a whole lot of stuff and was about to post it and the whole thing went kaboomOuch

Toh me again starting *sniff**sniff*

Toh this was the pioneer epi when the Saffron boy started his claim mantra on his lady in red..I mean the cake is still not out of the bakery and he says she is MINE...(As I had said earlier, Gulaal = the cake, Revji = the baker and Rashipur = the bakery)LOL

And I know it is Geeshy who is the comparision expert and me cant even imagine the comparision she thinks about and puts so brilliantly... but I could not help but posting this one...
When I saw MB laughing at Chhotu Kesu's claim of Gulaal being his, I was reminded of his face when the Motu Kesu had announced to al and sundry that he loved Gulaal when Gulaal had packed her bags to leave MB's house!!

Just look at the 'Now' and 'Will be' expressionsLOL

Waise did you see they have not changed the curtains in all the ten yearsLOL
Okie okie..chalo chalo aage badhte hai,,,me and my MB obsession toh pura hone se raha!! I mean it is so coincidental that whenever I switch on the tv I see him on atleast on ONE channel in a I saw him in Guru LOL

And before every one takes their chappals out...chalo camels le lo!!
Kyun??? Desert mein nahi jaana?? fly kar ke jaaoge kyaTongue

and bechara Dushty is sitting there with his heart on fire and the unt comes in to liberally sprinkle the salt on his wounds...and asks how does he feel about Gulaal...Wrong question ulti khopdi...what you should be asking is how does he feel about youTongue

And look at his expressions...sad, sarcastic, 'fine you win, just dont rub it in' wala expression all rolled into one...

And this unt ..his brains are so on a holiday!!

And the way he says ...'Tujhse Jalan ho rahi hai!' ...
Ironical hai na..Just few days he was laughing at Sudha and teasing her for being jealous of Gulaal, and right now he has had to admit the same feeling!

And what? did you think I forgot??

NahTongue, know na who is coming???
MY DOPEmbarrassed
Thanks Ramya...or I would have totally missed this one...
Ghor paapShocked

Boss !!.did I love this transition effect.!!!.where you could see TWO suns..and such brilliantly taken..I swear I am speechless!

Ooo!! No words!!

And MB's house ..early in the morning!!

And the love birds meet after so many days!!
I really wanted to see this equation between MB and PB..but with Vasant's death and the whole turn of events..this somehow got lost...but you can see where did Kesar's romanticism flowed from!!

and Dushty's expression after he touches PB's if telling her ARE the mother of all my problems!!LOL Actually what he did have in his mind was ONE problem...being Vasant..but in reality his bigger problem was which he actually ignored...and the one who became and the one he SHOULD have thrown in to the riverLOL

And PB telling Vasant he has fulfilled every dream of hers...
Vasant was that son na??
Fulfilling his parents' dreams even without them having to say so!

And again MY DOPEmbarrassed
you ask why??

Just look at the use of the mirror!

And Giga knows something is wrong with Dushty some matters, when he is not being the brunt of JK's taunts and blinded with jealousy, he does used his brain and can see through his sons. After all, he was the one who actually saw through Raman!

Oh I loved how PB took the thaali and beat it with a stick to gather the kids..and naturally the first one to jump in has to be the dhindhora himself! And Vasant likes this baahein felaying naLOL

And I just love love this equation..In fact every equation in MB's family is something I love!!
Vassy Kesu..soo sweet!!


and everybody climbs on bechara Vasant!
and I thought Sudha was going to join the hugging clan..but she did not.Thank God for that!

and I just love all of them in one frame...the future Generation of Talsagra, with Vasant towering them!

And MB proudly announces the two good news...End of enemity and beginnning of two relations!

And look at his laugh!!

It was such open if sharing a big prank of his with his siblings!

And I love how in her MB says good news and there Giga is asking what is the bad news??

And in here also..contrast of emotions!!

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And Reva for all her dumb looks, made the first guess I think...the way she teased Kesar saying that ab Gulaal Vasant ki humesha ke liye ho gai??

And aha!! 
Vasant ki nahi !! Meri!

And see he is laughing...even he could not predict how much truth Kesar's words would hold after 10 years!

And Devika says 'haa teri..teri bhaabhi!'

and just look at the change in the guy's face..
Ali, when would have been explained this scene..I wonder how would have reacted to thatLOL

And Vasant so knows this will offend himmm...see his expression as welll!

Awww...I just love this scene..Vasant is sooo affectionate!

and just look at his face..the happiness oozing out of him as he gets the gift from Gulaal!!

Show off...but still sooo cute na?

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And in comes the anti hero!!
He does look good na

and ofcourse his nikamma parents..all cranky and complaining!!

Poor MB..never has a COMPLETE moment of happiness na!

and just look at the nautanki..her taunts actually spoil his mind na?

And he swears revenge...

And I loved loved this everyone is gathered to write the marriage cards..and putting Swastika on it!

Oww,..and Revji getting emotional...

He looks at her with such loving expressions!

And Gulaal..she is so in sync with him..immediately knows something is wrong!

Oww..the way she wipes his tears!

Awww such beautiful hug!!

Oww everybody becomes emotionalOuch

and this is one of the best scenes...Revji asking for forgiveness for misunderstanding her...I just love his humility..not ashamed of saying sorry to his daughter in front of everyone!

Reminded me of the scene where MB does the same just before Gulaal comes for Janmashtami to MB's house..she shares such good bond with both her fathers!

oh and the way he just breaks ..see

And Gulaal is sooo humbled!

And I loved this scene where Revji comes to his room to get the precious things of his life! and hugs them tight
and full marks to the art director...such small but beautiful artifacts!

He still does not leave it if treasuring it...

Oh I love how he says that your mother was busy accumulating jewellery for you, and I was busy stealing your things!!

Oh  the slate!

and I love the reality touch..they used that cement chalk that children of old school used!

and she stares at sooo if it held the all the keys to her childhood!

And see him...I just love how is not ashamed of his tears..such strong tears as he digs out the most precious of his possessions!

The first letter Gulaal wrote...I loved how her friend read it...and how it brought a sad teary smile on everybody's face!

And Gulaal...owww she just realized what she will be leaving behind na??

and oww such emotional hug this is!

And the whole group hug...I love how her friends are also made a part of the family!!

Owww..and together they write the Kankotri!!

And in there also the same ritual is going on!!
a pooja before the first marriage card is wrote!

And dekho iss bandar ko!! all set to see what MB is writing...and I found that so endearing..there Gulaal is making her father write and in here Kesar is sitting on MB's head to write!LOL

Poor Vasant ..everybody is out to get him...somebody should tell Devika that her brother is gonna do the honours she should stop pressing Vasant's neck and let him be for nowLOL

And both the brothers were always a ladies man na?

And dekho ye bandar abhi bhi latka pada hai!

and he puts the card before Mawadi..sooo cute!

Copy cat!

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And  this I found to be significant! Kesar's bond with Raman..look at the way he lights up when he hears Ramu come!

Aha Keithu...Tera Chuha...errr Ramu!

And Sudha the despo waman!

Kesar is more attached to looks like that..and Raman too indulges Kesar..Raman always knew to be in good books of those who mattered!

And the way the chhotu tells Raman to scold the two sis because they tease him...I tell you one Bigada nawab he isLOL

And then Reva again hits the bull's eye as she teases him 'Gulaal ka Ladla'

And Vasant...the ever goody child!

And the ganda wala Nokia phone!! Ramu the cheap skateDead

Aur mere liye?? so asks the copy cat!

Ramu telling him that he will give him one when he gets someone with whom he can talk too...Arrey Ramu shut up!! you dont know anything!!Angry

And Dushty watches on as Ramu gets greeted by teh family...he is a bit jealous of him too na?? I mean Dushty never had Raman's  finesse of dealing with the things...Raman could get out of any situation while Dushty was just too proud to be the one to show his back!

And Kesar again 'Aur mera tohfa?'

hahah sabr is still gonna take ten more years!

And finally the two bros meet...isnt it ironical...??
Nobody from Raman's own family except the bin budhi Sudhi who was clearly redundant and Devdi..who is more on MB's family's side, came to greet him!

And Ramu unknowingly taunting Dushty that he need not be so sad, next is his turn! and the 'tired yes' smile of Dushty!

and ofcourse how can he be left out?

Mera lagan kab hoga!! My God..both of them are so desperate to get married..there Gulaal and in here this chhotu!

And Ramu again unknowingly hits the he says...your turn is going to come before DushtyLOL so true..infact Dushty just went out of the whole turn because of this chhotu motu!

and boy!! Besharam toh bachpan se tha motu!
Kya mera aur Vasantbha ka lagan ek ladki se nahi ho sakta??

Look at MB and PB...somebody should really tell them to take this guy seriously or they are gonna repent it soo muchLOL

And Raman saying that they can, but then they need to share the gift!!

And look at this besharam..who says YESShockedConfusedLOL

And Vasant niharoing the phone...abey jaldi ghuma..warna that whirlwhind is right at your feet!

The devil meets evil...
Ramu with his parents!

Okie so on Mon we will have the convo where in our chhotu will pretend to be the camelLOL
Tilll then bye bye!!Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Geeshani


Kyun confused hai??

Edit : Geesh put that scene na??? Where MB joins hands before Gulaal in her house to request her to come back and this one where Revji joins hands before her in today's epi ...

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Originally posted by -Srushti-

Originally posted by Geeshani


Kyun confused hai??

m still thinking about comparison scenes 

Edit :
@ Srush :  i'll try to make that GIF Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Geeshani

Originally posted by -Srushti-

Originally posted by Geeshani


Kyun confused hai??

m still thinking about comparison scenes 

I just edited the post before this one..Look upBig smile

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