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**R.O.L.I.T.S** [II] ||AR FF|| [Part 28 - pg 38] 28/06

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Hellooo frnds...Hug...

Welcome To....Tongue

**R.O.L.I.T.S** ||AR FF|| [II]

Hey My Lovey Dovey Readers...of R.O.L.I.T.S...Smile

Here we are on the "R.O.L.I.T.S" new thread'''..after making you all wait for ages'.i did it'made this brand new thread... with A brand new update of R.O.L.I.T.S...Embarrassed

Don't you all dare to run away straight for the update'Evil Smile...why???? Arre I have done so much hardwork on my thanx giving letter'.read toh karo'.Embarrassed

I shapt it's not lengthy and boring like my updates''.wink'ok now stopping not so funny jokes of mine lets come to the point...LOL.

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments you have posted on the last thread...i really appreciate all of them. '.your comments simply make my day  wonderful''From the day i started writing R.O.L.I.T.S i never expected it to be such a hit as it was my first ff ever. I am glad that after one year & so many late updates still I am getting such amazing comments.

Thank you so much for making R.O.L.I.T.S journey so special for me. Keep reading it ahead and do comment because i love them all''..i hope R.O.L.I.T.S goes on and stays for many birthdays and it can be done only with your appreciation'

As many of you know or may be many of don't know'yes '''s R.O.L.I.T.S Birthday today'.no problem if you have forgotten that coz I m also one of you in this case'''ya ya I actually forgot my baby's birthday but thanx to R.O.L.I.T.S 2nd mom i.e Geet aka sweetdesire'she is only one who remembered this special day when I started writing R.O.L.I.T.S'.hayye rabba such dedicated reader''.(so the most devoted reader of  R.O.L.I.T.S award goes to "Geet"'Thumbs Up...Day Dreaming'others don't be jealous'LOL.i will pakka host a proper R.O.L.I.T.S awards show for you all too'Party'.)though I m not fully satisfied with response of readers for R.O.L.I.T.S'Confused'..(I was actually hoping for this ff to be super duper hit'Blushing')

As this ff is very close to my heart'so do try to make this journey more and more special'' your breathtaking comments and remarkable support...i willy my best to entertain you all ya from now on R.O.L.I.T.S updates wil be with a heading or we say title...wid few more new changes...

Again Thank a lot and love you all so much...Tongue

R.O.L.I.T.S is about to turn into a Thriller, Action, Romantic & full of  Fun FF...Tongue

So, here is short intro of R.O.L.I.T.S again for new readers or the old one who wants to read again...Tongue


story is about Rainbow - group of friends...7 members...cast is from DMG season 1 & 2...their life, love story, interesting and shocking twists...
its not just a love story it will be a Grand Love Affair...Wink

A story about - Love, Passion, Action, Thrill, Wrath, Hurt  & Truth...

A story about True Soulmates  & Their Rhythm of Love...Tongue


7 are together just like a Beautiful Rainbow

"7 colors of life'' All have different nature, different lifestyle, different wishes but always together 4 each thing common b/w them their blind trust & love for each other...

But still there is one lope-hole RAIN IS MISSING

7 Friends living the best phrase of their life totally unaware of the biggest blunder just entered in their life's...

What happens when they cum to know whom they loved & trusted from the bottom of their heart is a big lier?? and was just using them...Confused ???

All phrases of life...whether its love, friendship, sacrifice or hate...Gonna decide the



"what happens when rhythm of love starts in b/w two people..."Wink

what happens when 8 true soulmates meets on earth???????

one truth can destroy their life but is it so easy to reveal a biggest truth of their life's?????

A truth which can take any ones life????

will d truth gonna destroy d rainbow group???

Or RAIN will save the RAINBOW at right time????


Story based on Arman-Riddhima , Wink

Siddhant-Shilpa , LOL

Rahul-Muskan , Embarrassed

Atul-Anjali Tongue...

I would like to thank ALL my readers from the bottom of my heart for all the comments, all the support and most of all bearing my heart attacking suspense I have given in R.O.L.I.T...and loving my FF so much! I can't thank you guys enough...Heart

Thank you to each and every single reader of R.O.L.I.T.S who felt I have the potential to write a ff and appreciated it...Thanx a lot...

- And plz frnds if you reserve a post then please come back to edit it and do tell me when u edit it...its a request...

- And if you want to ask me about the update u are free to scrap me any time ...plz scrap me not pm as i get very less time to delete pm's or reply them...but I'll surely reply to scraps...

- and who didn't get pm plz check ur pm box its

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||AR FF|| [II]


Parts     -     Page No.

PART 23 -Commence of Fluctuations II - Pg 1

Very Important Note - Pg 9

PART 24 -What The #*$% - Pg 14

PART 25 -What The ... - DOUBLES - Pg 17

PART 26 - Unpredicted Blow - Pg 29

PART 27 - Breaking Apart - Pg 36

PART 28 - Awaiting Confession & Outcome of Betrayal Pg 38

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Take Care...

Lots of luv...


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**** PART - 23 ****


"Commence of Fluctuations II"

 After getting sleep of 4 hours here we are on the dona paula beach for the my foot...cant they just seat quietly but hell no why they would do anything which can please me...they are born to take opposite turns...

Armaan the arrogant jerk is playing with Muskan in water...why …..well as Rahul is not interested in playing in water thats when Mr. Main-Hu-Na came and pulled a saddy Muskan into water …...and now Mr. Majnu aka Rahul is dreaming about his one and only beloved Muskan …...watching her longingly...sach a majnu...but I like the way they both look at each other, understand each other...completes each other...and the worst Side no one needs a master degree to see the love connection b/w them...

Sid and Shilpa are dancing on a pappy number...Anji is drinking naahhh not the alcohol yar...its just damn lime soda...Atul ….the most harmless creature on earth …..well he is trying to protect the little plants which people are destroying while dancing

Sigh... I m telling you all …..they are paka sant mahatmas...i m sure...always dying for each other...crying for each other...and even ready to murder some one dat too for each other...but what I don't understand is what the hell I m doing here...

for heaven sake I m not their mummy ji...they all are getting on my nerves...some one please call me chance...Miss Riddhima...and now its time for me to get back on work...

Last but not the least ME...i m watching them like they are some cartoons and I m about to make some fab show on them

I m sitting little far from the I m not interested in getting wet...atleast that what I thought … thoughts broke by loud laugh...of Sid...and I followed his gaze to find out the reason of his laugh

Yeh Zindagi, Raftaar Se Chal Padi
Jaate Hue Raahon Mein, Humse Abhi Keh Ke Gayi

"Armaan sang while splashing water on Shilpa who came upto them to pull them out of water for dance...but ended up getting wet as Armaan had other thoughts and he splashed water on her with Muskan….Shilpa laughed and tried her best to win…"

Hamara Yeh Waqt Hamara Jo Ik Baar Gaya Toh Aaye Na Dobara

"Muskan twirled Shilpa and splashed water on Armaan with her……..he looked at her with his mouth open wide in mock surprise"

Samajh Lo Zara Yeh, Hawaon Ka Ishaara, Mere Yaaro

"Sid joined them in water...and helped Armaan to equal the scores…..both started splashing water quickly"


Apna Har Din Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho
Jiyo Toh Iss Pal Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho

"all four jumped up and down while hugging each other,…and danced in water"

Apna Har Din Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho
Jiyo Toh Iss Pal Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho

"Muskan pushed Sid into water who fell flat on his stomach making others laugh at his condition"

Whenever We Know, We Are Having A Blast, You Know It O O
Living Every Day, Like It's Your Last, You Know It O O
Living For Today, Letting Go Of The Past, You Know It O O
Give It Up, Give It Up, Everybody Say O O

"Muskan looked horrified at Sid when she felt herself being lifted from the water and next second she joined Sid in water but glared at Rahul who throw her in water..."

Hum Sab Jo Saath Mein Rahe
Khushiyan Sab Haath Mein Rahe

"Atul sang while coming in water...and joined "splash water" game"

Hum Se Bas Faasle Rahe Yun, Arrey Tu Ru Tu Ru

"Anji laughed and pulled Muskan up from the water..."

Chaahe Kahin Kisi Bhi Modh Par
Bhigde Gi Bhi Koi Baat Agar
Milke Ik Dujhe Se Kahe Yun

"Armaan twirled Anji and Shilpa...pulled them back in his arms"

Yeh Baatein,

Hai Chhoti Moti Baatein

"Shilpa sang and slapped Armaan on his left cheek playfully "

Yeh Aaye Jaaye Jaise Ki Din Aur Raatein

"Anji pulled his right ear...pointed at sun and closed her eyes to make the night sign"

Na Aankhon Se Lagana Kabhi Yeh Barsaatein Mere Yaaro

"Muskan hugged Armaan from behind and sang along with them"

Apna Har Din Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho
Jiyo Toh Iss Pal Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho

"Atul, Sid, Rahul sang, while moving their shoulders back & forth "

Apna Har Din Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho
Jiyo Toh Iss Pal Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho

"Muskan, Shilpa, Anji and Armaan joined them"

Living For Today, Letting Go Of The Past, You Know It O O
Give It Up, Give It Up, Everybody Say O O

"all made a group hug and swayed their lower body with the rhythm of music"

Duniya Matlab Ki Yaar Hai
Iski Aadat Bekaar Hai

"Armaan sang loudly while running for his dear life...from Sid...whom he had punched in ribs"

Iss Se Kum Rakhna Vaasta Tu,

Turu Ru Tu Ru Tu

"Sid pushed him on ground and set on his stomach while singing"

Apno Se Rakhna Dosti
Inn Se Poori Har Kami
Inn Mein Hi Dhoondh Raasta Tu

"all of sudden Armaan cried when out of blue he felt sudden weight on him and his eyes widened when he saw one by one...Atul, Rahul, Anji, Muskan and Shilpa falling on him and Sid..."

Na Jaana,

Yeh Tune Na Jaana

"i stared at them in aww...while they all were busy in their own world totally unaware of my gaze..."

Yeh Manzil Teri, Inhe Tujhe Hai Paana
Hai Maine Kaha Hai Jo, Uss Se Mile Zamana Mere Yaaro

"i looked at Atul who was dragging her towards others out of nowhere..."

Apna Har Din Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho
Jiyo Toh Iss Pal Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho

"Riddhima -Atul, Anji-Sid, Shilpa-Rahul and Muskan-Armaan danced ….boys twirled girls"

Apna Har Din Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho
Jiyo Toh Iss Pal Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho

"couples changed Sid-Shilpa, Rahul-Muskan, Atul-Anji and Armaan-me stood in front of each other...others danced around Armaan and me we just stared in each others eyes..."

Yeh Zindagi, Raftaar Se Chal Padi
Jaate Hue Raahon Mein, Humse Abhi Keh Ke Gayi

"Armaan looked away and pulled Anji in circle...and hit her shoulder from back with his shoulder"

Hamara Yeh Waqt Hamara Jo Ik Baar Gaya Toh Aaye Na Dobara
Samajh Lo Zara Yeh, Hawaon Ka Ishaara, Mere Yaaro

"all boys ran while girls ran behind them to catch hold of their necks as they have pushed them all in water...and ran for their life's"

Apna Har Din Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho
Jiyo Toh Iss Pal Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho

"all girls pushed boys from back and they fall flat on their stomach...except Armaan as Riddhima didn't pushed him but Riddhima bust his bubble of dream by pushing him suddenly, Armaan who was more then baffled by her hard push looked at her with wide eyes...Riddhima smirked and joined the girls...all girls danced around them..."

Apna Har Din Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho
Jiyo Toh Iss Pal Aise Jiyo, Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho

"boys pulled them down with a hard pull...and the result... girls fall on their partners with a thud...and the song ended with eye lock of 8 pair of eye's...boys on their backs...girls on them..."

a guy ran into a dark lighted pub...he looked around madly search...his eyes red in panic ...he huffed in annoyance ...but sighed when he gaze fell upon a dark well built men sitting near the bar with a glass in his hand...

"Did...did you heard???? She...she is back..."the guy stammered gasping for air..

"SHE????? now who's this SHE???? ohhh …let me take a wild guess…some new s**t in market???? "Other men turned and asked in bored tone...least affected by the news...while taking sips from his drink

"Ri...Ri...Ridd...hima..gup...gupta" the guy whispered as if the name is acid or she herself is there to listen him...

"WHAT???" other men screeched... flabbergasted…..clearly baffled by the news


"Don't you dare to play any game with me she can be in Goa???" he roared in rage and still hoping for the news to be some prank...

"How the fu** I would know that Jack???? We didn't heard a single news about her in last 6 all of sudden she is here...last time she was in Mumbai" Kabir started in rage

"But that was 8 months ago damn it" Jack cut him off

"Yes...and now knowing that she is here...we should be alert...we need to find why fuc*** she is here... " Kabir suggested in grave voice

"even after knowing about think we can find any information about that bitc** ???? forget it men ...she is from one of those bit** who removes their own foot prints after walking ahead...she is back that's means nothing but end... end of bliss" Jack retorted and walked out the club leaving Kabir no choice but to follow him

i quickly got up from Armaan…may be little to roughly...the closeness with Armaan is affecting me i knew it and this tensed me...i cant let myself lose...specially when the time is correct...ready or not i have to do matter how much they gonna hate much i gonna hate myself after this... It was times like this I wished I had God on speed gaze fall on Armaan who was still lying down and was gazing at me….startled by the way I had pushed him...before his eyes could make me lose my mind again i looked away...they all got up as thanx to me their trance of heaven was broken

I looked at Sid who looked here and there ….silence increased awkwardly in the atmosphere …..


He felt butterflies tingling in his stomach...he groaned... he slowly lifted his gaze and glanced at Shilpa who was blushing…. his heart raced at erratic speed...seeing her slightly parted lips…...his eyes stopped on her slightly pink cheeks...he felt his heart thumping like crazy...


Suddenly Sid looked down at his own legs when he felt his legs slightly shivering...

"i'll be back" he mumbled and ran away from them as soon as he could...

All looked at Sid who ran away as if they had left a dog behind him...


Armaan laughed...and beamed at the chances of Sid and Shilpa's ending up as a couple ….. finally Sid is feeling something for Shilpa...he sighed and his gaze stopped on AJ who was helping Anji in getting up & looking at her without even blinking his eyes...

Armaan sulked...


"more than Shonna i m worried for AJ...he is more naive than her...i know Shonna can handle if Sid not fall for her but AJ...sigh...he is already far away..." thought Armaan

But this didn't went unnoticed from the eyes of Riddhima...

"Time for action"..." now i know what i have to what some outsider cant separate them??? They themselves surely can do this...after all they know each other so well they will get taste of their own their own hands..."

I stepped back and left them to let them enjoy few last minutes of harmony ...who knows... "Kal Ho Na Ho" i grinned at my pathetic attempt of being filmy...and left the place to do some arrangements for first show of my "Let Me Wipe You All - Out" series

after the hard work of half an hour I came back and joined them , gaze stopped on Muskan & Rahul who were sitting near a little bar on beach talking randomly where as others were busy in their own world...



Shilpa was making house with sand...but what bothered me Armaan...who was helping her in making her home...blocking water so that her home stays safe...sharing jokes to cheer her...something in my heart was breaching ...i ignored the feeling for time being...



I knew whom i wanted to see right now...Atul ...who was staring at Anji longingly first target...& Sid and Anji who were dancing on a nice yet Romantic Number...

"Hey Atul" i called Atul who turned and smiled at me...when he realized i m about to sit with him


"Where were you??? Armaan was looking for you" he unexpectedly asked me...though my heart jumped in happiness much to my astonishment...



i thought to answer Atul who seemed to be disturbed by my "i wanna have a chat with you" act ..but i so want to tell him that i m totally bored from his "my eyes set on you" session…….. Can't he speak to her???? May be no??? i guess so…….

"Wo… i was just looking around ..." i replied and he just nodded rather than asking more questions...phew thanx to his "my eyes set on you" session on Anji




5 more min. and the first show will begin here only...i don't know why but ...i m not happy...this is not what i wanted to do...never...the way everything is going just according to me is making me tensed...i know no one can stop me not even I...what if everything went according to me???? will ….no i m sure Armaan will not let that its b/w me and Armaan...its upto him...whom he let succeed at the end

"so Atul...wat you think know Anji and..."i started and waited for Atul's response who at once looked at me "and???" he asked

"Well Anji and ...pause...Sid..." i was staring at Atul to see if i actually strike on the right spot



"BINGOOO"...Atul went pale as ghost...blood drained from his face…..i m sure he had never gave any thought to this part ……

"w..what??? Anji...and...S...Sid??? " he whispered more to himself his gaze went on Anji and Sid who were still dancing but the way wasn't like what Atul wanted to see...


They both were laughing over something...Anji's hands were on Sid's shoulders...where as Sid's hands were rightly placed on her waist...from far they seems to be greatly in love...a couple flawlessly fitting in each others arms...

"th..they are just fri...friends.." he mumbled i heard his voice but decided to ignore it...he himself wasn't looking sure

"ya ...but ...they can be more rather then...just friends...i bet...half of the people here would be seeing them as a couple ..."
i glance at Atul while talking, who was staring at Sid & Anji...pain clearly visible on his face...which i don't know why but pained me again...still its a mystery to me….. Why it hurts me so much to see them in pain. Why the hell i can't let them go...

"Main abhi ata hu..." my chain of thoughts busted by Atul's voice who walked at bar little far from Rahul & Muskan

But his eyes were still on Sid & Anji...i can bet where his mind could be right now...

That's what i needed...a little loophole in Armaan's perfect Rainbow...

Friendship matters the most but only…….. till you find your love ….

Atul stopped dead in his tracks...after drinking simple lime soda to calm his mind……when he was about to get up to make his way to Anji & Sid...he heard ...

"ohhh look at the couple...they look so good together... Made for each other" Atul staring at the girl who was pointing at Sid & Anji while talking to her friend...

Till he reached near Sid & Anji...his head was spinning...almost everyone was talking about Anji & Sid…could this actually happen???? They can be a couple???  …the way they both seem to be together, the way Sid is holding Anji, her glowing face in his embrace ...etc...

But his heart stopped beating hearing the words from Sid's mouth... he never thought it would hurt so much to hear  those 3 simple yet meaningful words from someone else mouth for Anjali

"i love you..." he gulped…. his eyes became damp seeing love of his life Anjali smiling after hearing "i love you" from Sid



"But Sid never said he love's Anjali….but……he just confessed his love for her…he must be joking…ya some prank…I m sure" thought Atul in hope that may be all this will turn out as some silly prank

"oh i know that..." he heard Anji's soft reply

All of a sudden he felt like someone is trying to knock his breath...he inhaled sharply ...



"She knew Sid love her…still she didn't think to inform me???"



He abruptly pushed back by a group who came and took the spot near Sid & Anji to dance...

Their voice wasn't much clear to him ...he knew they were still talking...

He was about to leave them alone...dreading to hear more...but may be he wasn't that fortunate ….



"What about Atul????" he heard Sid's voice ….he tried to leave but his feet didn't permitted him



Coz of loud cheers from other group he didn't heard what Anjali replied



"Oh come on he is not a men…" Sid's harsh voice boomed into his ears…..and the first thought came to his mind was …..Is he talking about me???




"Shut it Sid…he seems like a kid…his standard doesn't match with mine…….." Anji laughed


"ya may be coz his parents are not with him……he lack at your standard issues… " Sid joked



Atul stood their stunned…….taken back by their talk…..they were laughing on him…this piece of info shattered him completely ……..



"Oh come on he is not a men…"


"He seems like a kid…"



"His standard doesn't match with mine" their words rang in his mind……both were laughing on him??? He is the one who was mode of their fun


They were making fun of his parents????


"May be Ridz was ri...right??? i m the only one who is not seeing the other Side of coin"


"They are perfect for each other…..Whom I called my friends …….my life… were making fun of me, my parents, my standard …to…together???? How much more proofs I need???" he thought…

"they never saw him as their was all a lie...Sid knew i like her
& Anji also knew somewhere still...they did all this???"

He turned and walked away from them……After never considering there would be any day when he will have to question his friends….but little chat of Anji & Sid stunned him….he never thought they would be beaching about him…

this wasn''t what he had expected ever...does money matters so much??? Is his mother really failled in making him a good person???

he felt his head spinning with questions...slowly people around him disappearing...mocking at him at his state...

Sid laughed and looked around ……..his eyes spotted Atul…..



"Wow………..lagta hai your lover boy is missing you a lot..chalo lets get him" said Sid ad pulled Anji with him who was hitting him for his not so funny joke….



"Anji stop" Sid pushed her hand away and ran as fast he could



"Hey AJ……… .Stop dude" Sid called him loudly….shocked that Atul wasn't listening him…….and was walking aimlessly into the sea



"Ammy" shouted Sid in panic for Armaan and ran after Atul…..who was walking in water……….nearly his half body was in sea



Armaan looked at Sid…..still laughing as the waves of water spoiled Shilpa's home she made with sand………but his smile flattered when he saw the dread on his face…and his speed of running…….



Armaan turned his head swiftly in Atul's direction



"Fu**" he roared and ran towards Atul…..

"Have you lost it……" Before Atul could step more into the sea Sid pulled him back and barked in anger



Atul looked at Sid..staright in his eyes…….Sid gazed at him with wide eyes……..and stepped back at once leaving the firm hold on Atul's arm

Armaan came near them in water…….and felt something weird

"What was that???? AJ what happened??? Why you were so fuc**** lost??? Didn't your headlights realize your walking into a damn sea not some red carpet dude???" asked Armaan furiously

He waited for Atul to answer him……but he was greeted by his silence…..But out of the blue his eyes noticed the look Atul was giving to Sid ……what he dreaded to see b/w any of them


Rather than waiting for answer……..he decided

"Lets walk out from here….." said Armaan and pulled Atul out of water ..literally dragging him out…….Sid followed them wordlessly

Shilpa, Anji, Muskan and Rahul Stood there……waiting for them to come out…but they all groaned, when they saw Armaan dragging Atul …who looked nothing but lifeless ….. And Sid following them quietly …..

Riddhima looked at them…..and thanked her stars that Sid & Armaan pulled him out on right time…..and waited for the results

"what happened AJ???" I heard Armaan soft yet firm voice, after handling bottle of water to Atul…

"Nothing" Atul replied and looked away………his eyes seem empty……may be this act went to far……

"AJ but" Sid tried to speak but cut off by Atul's harsh reply that too not to him but to Armaan

"I want to go back…."Armaan looked at him in utter shock…..

But he shocked me

"Ok I'll book the tickets …till tomorrow's evening we will be in Delhi..." answered Armaan while observing Atul's expression


"Bangalore …i m going back to Bangalore…." Atul stated much to my horror and pleasure

"why???? Is aunty ok??? Koi problem hai kya??? " Armaan asked tensely……..He cares for Atul's mother too…

"maa theek hai…….sigh…...i want to be free …from….everything …. Armaan…" Armaan looked at him horrified with mouth hanging open….like others…..

"you??? What??? Armaan??? Since when??? " asked Armaan dumbly

"Don't make it hard……I know you cares….but plz " mumbled Atul and finally looked up in Armaan's eyes

"AJ…??? " Armaan whispered in astonish, seeing Atul's almost damp eyes…….he realized Atul is actually serious…..

"Atul first tell us what the hell happened??? You were fine few minute before…now all of a sudden this leaving thing" asked Sid angrily….he turned Atul towards him

"Don't you interfere…'s my life let me decide …." Retorted Atul and pushed Sid's hand away from his shoulder


"AJ plz tell us….kya hua???"  Now Muskan asked him softly she looked like she would cry any moment



"You know we are with you….in anything you want" Rahul tried too


"what have I done??? " asked Sid straight to Atul who groaned in response…Sid placed his hand again on his shoulder to calm him….little did he know he is actually pushing his luck too much


"Don't act Sid….its over….you don't have to hide anything from now on……you love her I know….and you know what today I realized ………She is actually for….YOU… need of this brotherly act towards me… damn you men" shouted AJ in anger while pushing Sid's hand from his shoulder again


"But AJ i don't …mean ...i can….really...plz trust me" Sid pleaded but got nothing more than a blank look from AJ who stood there with expressionless face

"U knew i loved her...than how your heart allowed you to cheat me??? How can you back stab your own friend??? you must be thinking i m angry because i liked her too??? but the truth is i hate you Sid coz you hide from me that you disgust me" Atul spitted in rage to Sid with hurt

Whereas other stood their motionless...gaping at AJ & Sid in shock

"But AJ…what I said was…." Sid appears so helpless…..


"you like her fine...bitching about me??? my family?? hiding from me?? ……sigh …….you were actually bitching about me that too behind my back when you were dancing with her...i don't need more were right may be ...I M NOT A MEN...Atleast NOT LIKE YOU " shouted AJ in fury

"its nothing like that dude...listen to me atleast??? hear me out than you are free to do anything" Sid tried again his own voice almost cracking...but cut off by Atul who lost his temper at once

"just cut it damn it...i don't want to know what you feel for her ...its over...u know what?? if you had said once just once to me that you love her too...i would have stopped myself then & know that...but don't worry i'll do that now.. i don't want to hear any of your bulshit...i don't shout that doesn't mean i don't have tough Sid...i don't know about the men thing but yes i m definitely not a kid..." he gazed at Anji with hurt " ..just stay... away from me..." stated Atul and before anyone could even blink their eyes…... he was gone...

Sid, Armaan, Shilpa, Anji, Rahul & Muskan stood there ...Gazing at his retreated back...with wide eyes...still shaken by his outburst…but he was gone……


"CHECK & MATE"... "1 down 6 left"...


"Good job to myself….. I never knew I can be so perfect in this plotting game…..." "Atul was gone…hurt, broken, wrath….now 6 left….."


"i m sorry...but i won't let you fix this Armaan……never...i'll bring out the best emotions out of you guys" Riddhima chuckled and smirked sadly at her first victory


plz do long comment frnds and if u reserve a post den plz let me knw when u edit it......tata -bye-bye sayonara

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na pasand ai ho update tab bhi like tab press kar dena...kitna time lgta h yar 1sec...LOL

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Take Care



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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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RHYTHM OF LOVE IN TRUE SOULMATES #2...You know ,what it means to me...its just like,My dreams comes true...OMKS...I am so so so Happy for you.. Seriously...I always want ROLITS #2, 3, 4, 5 and so on...and I know Its going to happen...After all this story has everything yaar...Emotions,trust,love,fights,nok-jhoke,unsersatnding and the most important ingredients  FRIENDSHIP...Do I have to say How much I love This ff...I think no...But still I will know why...Because Jitna bhi akhu utna kam hai yaar...A very HUGE CONGARSTULATION My love for this new Thread...I really wish and want that May  ROLITS have many many more threads like this...You are an Awesome writer yaar and I just love you to the death...and the most funny thing is that ...You already know this. Gosh you are a monster...Sachi...Kitna Tadpati ho yar Mujhe mere update ke liye...I so hate you for this...But again., Whenever You update all my gussa just flew from the window...Aur ye tumhe bhi pata hai that's why you always  use this not fair...Now stop grinning like this...OK...So where I was yaah...ROLITS...Ekksss..I am sooo happy...Sachi muchi...Cahlo lets see why I love this ff So much...hmm the most Important reason toh you already know...Right? So I will mention the secondary one...but hey they are also very Important...First of all toh its Title...So appropriate and attracting...Whenever I read this name, my heart filled with Pure warmth...Its story and the way you describe each and every know I am the biggest fan of ur writing.. (ye mera ek secret tha jo aaj meine disclose kar diya hai because I am so happy today par hey jayda hawa mein udane ki koshish mat karma...RAINBOW...I just love each and every member of this group...I know ki mein hamesha Angel ki hai babt karti hun but hey isme meri kya galti hai we both know ki Angel have that effect on me or we can say on WE...But I love RAINBOW as a whole...ATUL...So innocent and sweet...ANJALI...Full of attitude still gold-hearted...RAHUL...The mature one in the gang and always  do things for the betterment of his friends...MUSKAAN...todhi si wired and clumsy but Sweetest person on this earth...SID...Best friend, anyone can wish for, stupid but cute...SHILPA...My favorite person in RAINBOW ( Of course after Angel,,,,ye bhi koi kehne ki baat ahi yaar.)...Innocent like a small kid, Caring and cutest thing on this earth...RIDDHIMA...hmm mysteries girl...Good at heart but still hard to understand...Really looking forward to this character...That Princi...Or I can Say The world's best Princi...totally gone-case...And last but certainly not the least...In fact The most Important part of ROLITS and My Life also...THE ARMAAN MALLIK...Hayeee...ab iske bare mein kya khaun...jitna kahun kam hi hai...toh kuch nahi kahungi because If I started toh Jitna abhi tak kaha  hai wo bhi kam lagega...So I have to say  just one thing...JUST LOVE HIM TO THE CORE,AND WILL DO TILL MY LAST BREATH...


So This leave me to say Heartily Congratulations My bestest truly deserve it...I have just one request...Plzzz yar..Plzzz do update on time...It's my humble request to you...As alwazzz My Comment turned into A speech. But can't help it sweetheart...Itni excited jo hun...And you have to bear this excitement...Now scroll down for My comments on latest Installment ...Take care


Lots of Love


(ur jaana)

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Awww you refer me the second mom of ROLITS Star….It seriously means a lot to me…..And you also give the most Dedicated readers award,….well wo toh mein hun hiTongue…..So you are planning to held an award ceremony …..Its of no use my jaanWink…you know why because saare awards toh mijhe hi milenge…Confused?….ok let me explained it to youBig smile…..First Award…Fastest reserved award goes to meCool……Longest comment award also  goes to meEmbarrassed…..Most Awaited comments awards goes to me….The most Impatient readers Awards goes to me as wellApprove..…Dekha Jab sab mujhe hi milna hai toh why Award ceremony…..See I am so modest na?ROFL…..oyeee Stop Grinning like fool…..And read my Comment on latest installment…good humesha mujhe main point se Bhatka deti hoOuchLOL….So Update…Hmmm…..First you tell ki tumne mere dreams pure krne ka contract liya hai kya….gosh…you know jab se ROLITS came to my life I alwazzz Imagine RAINBOW Acting and Dancing to this Particular song.. "ye Zindagi"Day Dreaming…..Whenever I heard this song only one thing came to my mind and i.e RANBOW….And you describe all the masti an fun So beautifully…..You know…..Mazza aa gaya..But that Ridzy…arrgghhAngry….I so want to kill her…Kyae k khoon kar sakti hun main?Confused...Why she is doing all this yaar…On side toh she is feeling guilty and on the other side she is targeting Atul…ATUL?Shocked…Is she mad or what?….Armaan was so right…Atul Is more nave than Shona….But what got into Sid and Anjali….why they said all that rap in first place….I know they must be playing around but StillConfused….I feel so bad for Atul…He is so heart broken yaar…But you know I have full faith on Our AmmyBlushing…I am sure he will fix this problem soon…And that Ridhima…Girl, She is Something I tell you…Why the people of Goa scared of her ?….Really looking forward to more so you better update soon ….nahi toh you know recently  I achieved a degree on Spamming…jiska small sa trailer tumne kal dek h liya tha…So I am Warning you my jaanemanWinkLOL….you better update soon other wise Me my My Spamming gang member force you to open the 3rd thread of ROLITS very soonDancing…and you that I mean it….Chal ab daaro mat aur lagjao update ki  preparation mein….MuuhaaHug


Lots of Love


(Ur jana)

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Medha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey!  A big congratulations for the 2nd thread!  You deserved it!  OMG!  The part was awesome!  But why is Riddhima doing this?  It's too confusing.  Please update soon and thanks for the PM.


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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by gyanvi


I am First...yeeppie..As...alwazzzBig smile

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